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    Garmin ActiveCapt and Tablet for Deck and Tower

    Ive been wanting to do this for a year now. Have you had any issues with the suction mount in chop? Im not worried about damaging the ipad but it would be annoying if it constantly fell. Thanks for the post!
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    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Yup! That was me. Thanks man
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    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    posted the pics just for you dear. been fishing for 2 years.
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    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Kite fish, dead fliers. 2 of them were caught within 10 minutes of the bait hitting the water and about an hour apart.
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    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    2 big gaffs and a rope. Not easy.
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    Stainless steal prop vs aluminum

    If you’re running all the way out to the islands. Go with SS. As previously mentioned, it will pay for itself.
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    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    I got lucky. My first was 310lbs and my second the weekend after 285lbs & a 150lber. Although, I did have 7 trips without a single bite.
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    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Ive got a bunch of the G-Flys I dont need. $80 a pack, im in glendale.
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    Chase and I

    Did you score the bluefin on live bait or with the kite/balloon?
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    O'side to 181 7.30.19

    Did you try flying a kite at the 43?
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    Bechers WSB 6/22, 6/23

    What brand is that net?
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    6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    This was pretty much how Sunday went for me. Was a good time
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    Defiance 250EX Prop setup (30% slip currently)

    Gave him a call and put an order in for 2 15 pitch RXB4's.
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    Defiance 250EX Prop setup (30% slip currently)

    Im running twin 2006 F115's with a pair of yamaha 13 x 19 pitch stainless props. Im getting about 2.0mpg while cruising. It struggles to stay on plane under 23mph. Motors are rated for 5k-6k rpms. I can hit 5900 and have seen it hit 6000 a couple times before. At 4400 rpms my speed is...
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    Late Report: CLUBFISH Pacific Voyager charter Nov '18

    Easily one of the best reports I’ve read. Looks like you had a blast. Good stuff
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    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Has anyone launched out of oceanside the last few days? Is the water still green?
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    Wide Open Tuna Trip Aboard The Legend

    Are you still required to have an fmm and Tip if you're more than 10 miles offshore from the coronados?
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    Did not expect this

    I experienced the same thing today, launched out of Oceanside. It was nasty out there, temps down, color was off, it was nasty
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    southern texafornia BIGEYE tuna with video! ;-)

    These replies are priceless
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    WTB used MAK 30

    Title says it all. I’m located in Los Angeles but will pay for shipping
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    Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Thanks! What exactly is the barber pole?
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    Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Where exactly do you guys like to make Mac at Dana point and Oceanside. Seems like the macs are really outdoing the sardines
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    Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    I’d launch out of Oceanside if I were you. Also I’d recommend staying about 7-9 miles closer to the shore from the 181
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    TIP in 7 days

    fuc*in pain in the ass
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    Limits of YFT on the Poseidon 8/17

    I’m planning on going out tomo Thanks for the info! That’s a boat load of fish.
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    Limits of YFT on the Poseidon 8/17

    Looks awesome. What did you use for bait/lures? Approximately where were you?
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    7/21/2018 - Our First Yellow tail - 5 miles Out from Mission Bay + Small Great White

    how sketchy is it to hop in the water with a speargun by the paddy? Ive been considering getting a speargun for when the paddies are holding fish with lock jaw. Im worried about the Makos and whites.
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    ONE more tail

    Really?! If a license is all I need Id head down there tomorrow! I just bought a boat but due to the paperwork Ive been avoiding the coronados. I havent registered it yet either will they give me problems for that?
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    Any more details? How many hours? Hard top? Condition?