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    Fish ID help 7/19

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    Trolling ledge for ahi

    Learn to read conditions, birds, bait etc. Make friends and share intel (it’s a good practice to keep a log). These fish will drive you nutz cause they don’t always play by the rules (caught plenty fish inside the 500). Most of all have fun and be safe! Aloha, Justin
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    I love it when a fresh lure gets the bite! Cheeeee
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    4/18 &

    Glad you had action!
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    WTB WTB Fujinon Technical's-stabi 14X40

    WTB Fujinon Technical's-stabi 14X40 Thanks
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    Reel servicing?

    Anybody on Oahu service AVET reels? mahalos, Justin
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    WTB WTB Talica 25

    Looking for a Talica 25, lemme know what you got Thanks
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    For Sale Rods, Calstar, Phoenix, Shimano Saber $300 for all

    Can you pm me some better pics of the 2 Shimano. thanks
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    WTB WTB poppers and stickbaits

    Looking for some extra jigs for a trip. Let me know. Thanks
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    TRADE WTT Talica 16ii (bribers) for Talica 25

    Just throwing it out here: I have a brand new Talica 16ii and I really wanted the bigger one, Talica 25. Willing to put up cash with trade. Aloha, Justin
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    Saturday 11/30/19

    Damn Pat, you are hardcore! Good to see you are getting better.
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    Good goin Pat!
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    North Shore Storm Surge

    Glad all was good with the Kai’Nana. Looks like everyone weathered the storm.
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    North Shore Storm Surge

    Pretty unreal conditions up here today. Just wanna offer help to anybody that needs it. Be safe! Aloha, Justin Shoot me a PM
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    Carnage or work? Hmmmmm

    That sucks, sorry to hear that!
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    7/24 way too much lightning But worth it

    Glad ya made it home safe! Was a little crazy out there yesterday!
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    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    try rig the hooks at the back end of the skirt, mid body get too many short bites.
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    Friday 7/21/17

    Thanks for posting. Always like reading your reports. Mahalos
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    Soon to be Hurricane Fernanda.

    Mahalos for the updates
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    Carnage 7/14

    On fire!
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    Alittle Monday morning carnage

    Consistent Ahi killer! Thanks for the report
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    Fathers Day Came a Day Early

    monsta solo ahi! Cheeehuuuuuu
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    Finally made contact

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    Which cellphone service provider has best coverage on the ocean?

    Had AT&T and it was better than T Mobil is, at least on north shore Oahu.
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    4 Banger Ahis

    cheeeehuuuuuu gottem! Mahalos for the report
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    Mega Mahi

    great fish
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    19 fiberform with twin 40

    I got twin suzuki 70's on mine and I get around 2.5 - 3 gallons per hour trolling. Nice to have the extra power when the boat is full of ice and fish. Top speed 25mph. I know that twins are a bit more weight. I have separate batteries for each motor "just in case". Lemme know if I can help...
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    West Side Action 3/4/17

    Looks like a great day on the water!
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    show me your lures!!!

    Great thread! I've added yet another addiction to my spreads, homemade lures! I started making my lures about a year ago and by the end of the summer my spread mainly consisted of 5 of my own. Best season I have had yet! Hope this next year is even better for all of us! Aloha, Justin
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    Need to get out more

    Glad ya got out there and got some action!
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    Got another boat:)

    Congratulations! I am a little jealous, haaahaaaaa. Great looking boat
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    Leeward Coast - 6 August

    Way to go! Gotta love bird pile action and the blind strikes even more! Aloha, Justin
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    Prayers for the lost fishermen

    Been pretty rough up here on North Shore, praying for a miracle that they find the crew of the Iwa safe and sound. This has definitely been a wake-up call for me (I fish solo alot). I will be keeping my epirb in my pocket, texting my game plan for the day to my wife, and keeping up on...
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    Not big, but plenty, Kanehoe side.

    Plenty of good eats! Plenty of Aloha on this board!
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    Got lucky yesterday in Haleiwa "broke a little cold streak" lol

    Congrats on a nice fish. Great report. Aloha, Justin
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    Big Country Ahi

    GOTTEM! Nice job
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    First Tuna for 2016

    Stoked ya got a nice one!
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    Great job! Sounds like you made a plan and it worked. Look forward to your next report. Aloha, Justin
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    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Congrats on the first one! and thanks for the report. Aloha, Justin
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    Best day yet!

    Way to get your season started! Hopefully many more to come! Aloha, Justin
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    Report this past Thursday WBH

    Thanks for the report!
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    Hawaii fad program

    Did a sea trial after some motor work yesterday. Ran to "II" one bird pile on the way, saw malolos and dolphin, but no breaking fish or fish on the meter. Moved on to the buoy and had a short bite. No bait or life at the buoy. Ran back to the ledge and worked from Kaena to Haleiwa, it was...
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    Monkey off the back, small one but early 24 April 16

    Great Job and mahalos for the report!
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    April Ono's

    Looks like a great day! . Thanks for sharing. Aloha
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    Ocean is active

    Stoked for ya! You been killin it lately! Thanks for postin
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    Big Birthday Ono

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    Haleiwa 25 April 2015

    Looks like an epic morning!
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    4-10-15 and 4-11-15 Waianae: A weekend of firsts, but hopefully not lasts!! Still no mahi...

    Try 2-3 small single hooks with bait or single tail plastics. When you do catch, take them to the bait tank (hold by the weight at the bottom for more control) and then run a butter knife (dull side) up the leader to the bend of the hook, then put your thumb on the shank and pinch the shank to...
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    Another Banks Report 3-11

    Right on!