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    shifter/throttle control

    Any thoughts? bump for a reply.
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    The 31 Bertram Build

    Thank you x2
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    The 31 Bertram Build

    Did you install the carpet in the cabin? If not, who did it for you? Very nice job.
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    2005 2305 trophy pro $20,000 obo

    Please more pictures of the interior of the boat. Thx, John.
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    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Will, Just curious, did you tell Budget that you were towing a boat? Can you change the vehicle's ball or did you just get lucky to have the right trailer coupler size? It appears that most truck rental companies don't allow boat towing. Thx, John
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    ? whos best to Crimp battery cables

    Check out this video on You Tube. Very informative. Sorry, I can't figure out how to link to the video. Electrical Systems - Part 2 JamestownTV
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    WTB: Grady White 180 Sportsman or 209 Escape

    FYI, there is a clean 2007 209 Escape up in Oregon for $35K with a 200 hp Yamaha with 56 hours. Expensive but looks like a new boat. The dealer's website is They also have a nice looking whaler for $16K 1998 Boston Whaler justice Series Center Console $15995
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    New/used boat advice wanted !!!

    Sent to you a PM. Good luck with finding a boat.
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    I'm not affiliated with the seller. Though I'd pass along an nice boat for sale. 02 Parker...

    I'm not affiliated with the seller. Though I'd pass along an nice boat for sale. 02 Parker 2120 Pilot House NEW
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    Learning more about boats

    Cypress College has a great course available. Marine Service Program The Marine Service Technician program will train you to work on marine engines and drive systems for personal watercraft and recreational boats. It will qualify you for employment with marine manufacturers and repair shops...
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    Need used 250 Yamaha(preferably late model)

    Maybe buy a donor boat and swap motors? Resale the donor boat. Just a thought. Hydra Sports WACC 25'
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    Need used 250 Yamaha(preferably late model)

    New close out in the Pacific Northwest? Food for thought. Suzuki 250 & 150 - Close Out!
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    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Awesome! Don't forget the little guys down the road. How about a true 21 foot CC with an outboard bracket & large console for electronics. Something that would perform well with a 150/175/200 Yamaha. Exciting stuff, best of luck.
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    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Awesome! Don't forget the little guys down the road. How about a true 21 foot CC with an outboard bracket & large console for electronics. Something that would perform well with a 150/175/200 Yamaha. Exciting stuff, best of luck.
  15. W Used 90hp yamaha listed on clist in San... Used 90hp yamaha listed on clist in San Francisco. Just thought I'd pass the info along. John
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    Stringari Repower

    Who made the new tank? Any pictures of the starboard strips on the tank before the install? Looks nice!
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    Best Havasu / big water crossover boat?

    Depending on your budget, you could look at the Edgewater 280cx dual console boat. Good fishing area, bowrider & cabin. Just a thought.
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    Rigging for my new folding tower conversion?

    Really nice boat. Where did you purchase? Looks like a Florida type aluminum trailer.
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    Sold my skipjack 24 purchased a Parker 2520 Diesel

    Very nice boat. Did you have to travel far or did you find it locally?
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    Should I buy a re-manufactured powerhead or rebuild existing?

    Some good deals on new motors like this brand new etech 150 for $10,781.00. I'm not affliated with this motor or sale. Just passing it along.+++++++++++++++++++Selling a brand new 150HP Evinrude E150DPX that we purchased as a demo that we are looking to blow out. Evinrude produces the only...
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    Help Me Pick Between a Furuno GP1870F a Garmin 740S and a Lowrance HDS-7

    Gil, I'm interested in the FCV587 to target halibut in less than 200' of water. Can I use a transom mount transducer like the 525TID-TMD? I realize you get this question all the time but I really appreciate the help.
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    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    The boat looks killer! Any thoughts of building up the dash area above the steering wheel so electronics can be flush mounted? Keep the pictures coming.
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    Arima 17' sea ranger resto

    James, the boat looks vice nice. Who did the wet sanding for you?
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    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    What is the story behind this hybrid? Did Jack build it? Gas or diesel? I assume it has a big block Chevy. Cool boat.
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    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Wow, that truck looks really clean. I assume it's a 7.3L diesel. What are the details? Where did you find such a nice used truck?
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    Thinking about a new boat.

    My buddy had an 377 Intrepid walkaround with triple yamaha 250 hp outboards (2 stroke). Awesome boat, bought in Florida and shipped to Huntington Beach. Florida is the place to shop for a big CC fish boat. Good luck.
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    defiance boat { yellowtail }

    Shawn, Sorry to bring up an old thread. Did your boat come with the fiberglass boxes under the seats or did you add those? How do you like having the bait tank on the port side instead of in the middle of boat? At 4 to 6 mpg, is the 50 gallon tank sufficient? Thanks, John
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    Trailer for 32' Luhrs

    Saw this ad on the Orange County Craigslist today under boats. Maybe Bob could help. I'm not affiliated with this ad.....good luck. We have a Marine Hauling Service serving the West Coast and East Coast. We deliver boats from Washington/Portland area to LA area weekley. Looking for runs...
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    1965 Glasspar Newporter 21 Runabout For Sale

    Didn't know they made a 21 ft boat in 1965. Very cool, thanks for sharing. Too bad they installed the outdrive upside down....just kidding.
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    WTB 21 - 23' Bayrunner

    Check out craigslist in Salt Lake City Utah, 1997 23' Valco Bayrunner with twin 90 hp Honda(s). Mostly a freahwater boat for $18,000. Good luck. [email protected]
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    New to me 1996 Skipjack 24

    I saw that boat on Craigslist in the IE and almost called. Is it gas or diesel? A great boat with duo prop, radar arch, galvanized trailer, yada, yada, yada. Keep us posted on your clean up & projects. Enjoy.
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    Skipjack parts

    pm sent.
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    need skip jack floor hatches

    The Skipjack website gives a part# SK-H124-1 for a new 24 open cockpit hatch - cost $275.00.
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    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    The new deck hatches without the aluminum trim give the boat a more modern look, very nice. Who made the black plastic piece for the gauge cluster? Does the bait bag work ok? If so, which brand is it? Thanks for sharing.
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    Project Skipjack 20 Open

    Sold to BD Member fishforfun2. Nice to meet you Dale, thanks. John
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    Project Skipjack 20 Open

    PM returned to fishforfun2
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    Project Skipjack 20 Open

    PM returned to dkd711
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    Project Skipjack 20 Open

    I believe the gross weight would be about 5,000 lbs with boat, trailer, gas & gear. I tow this boat with a 97 Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4 with a 5.7 motor. It does just fine and the boat stops great with the new disc brakes. Fuel consumption 6cyl vs. 8 cyl, not sure because I have never run this...
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    Project Skipjack 20 Open

    1971 Skipjack 20 Open for sale, ** $1,750.00 OBO ** I purchased this boat last year from BD Member TRS. TRS removed the MerCruiser 165 hp straight six motor and replaced a rotten port side stringer. The motor was reinstalled in the boat but the accessories need to be reattached, i.e...
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    Our New Toy!!!

    Nice looking boat! Not sure if your truck likes the new purchase. Enjoy.
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    Bloody Decks discount at Trailrite?

    Thanks guys for the help.
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    Bloody Decks discount at Trailrite?

    Does anybody know if we get a discount at Trailrite? If so, how much? Does it apply to parts and labor? Thanks, John
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    Trailer needed.

    Someone is selling a nice used Escort Galvanized trailer on Craigslist in San Diego for $760.00, guy's name is Mike (760) 471-9466. You can also call David Gottstein at Hipp marine in Newport Beach. David (Hipp Marine) typically have new trailers for sale. People buy a new Bayliner and don't...
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    Trailer tires

    Kumho Radial 857 205/75/14 comes in a load D, $120 at Tire Rack. This is the only load D tire that I know about in that size. Nice to have a heavy duty tire option.
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    Diesel Blackman 23' center console $6,000.00

    Saw this boat for sale on Craigslist up in Sacramento. Listed for sale on 9/8/11. Looks like a nice boat for somebody. ***Not affiliated with this boat, just FYI*** Good Luck, John [email protected] Blackman 160 hp 6 cylinder volvo turbo diesel.2 way...
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    looking for a v6 volvo penta vortex duo prop drive package for 18' stringari

    Watch craigslist for a donor boat. Somebody was selling a 16 foot bowrider with a v-6 duoprop (1993 vintage) with a very nice galvanized trailer for $1,500.00. The motor had not been run in awhile but it probably just needed a little TLC. You could have taken the drive train and ditched the...
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    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Barrett, It looks like you sanded most of the primer off the console. Does the primer fill in the little imperfections in the fiberglass? Being a novice, I would be tempted to sand the fiberglass and then prime. I'm getting excited to give my project a try. Keep up the good work. John
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    24 Skipjack Flybridge project

    Don't know anything about this boat but thought it had great potential for a Bloody Decker. The boat is listed on the San Luis Obispo craigslist page. Good luck, John Twin engine, 4cyl volvos New fuel tank, refrigerator, head, 4 batteries, vhf radio, depth finderk gps, achors, rod...
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    volvo penta duo prop help

    Darren, Thank you for the info regarding the lower unit difference in gear ratios. Do you think that the Swedish drives from 1988 to 1994 will fit my 1985 290 drive?
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    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Barrett, Very cool that you remembered to include pictures of the console build for me. Just curious, do you put resin down first and then the fiberglass or the fiberglass then resin? Or does it really matter? You've got a real keeper of a girlfriend. She looks to be enjoying the build, you...
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    volvo penta duo prop help

    I'm thinking about upgrading to a duo prop on my 1985 290 drive. Is there a difference between a v6 and v8 duo prop lower drive? I know the gear ratios are different but don't know if the lower units are the same. My thought was that the upper portion of the drive is different (gear wise) but...
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    Sterndrive is ruined

    Sorry to hear about the drive damage. I would recommend watching Craigslist. A guy in Chicago has a brand new in the box complete Volvo Penta Sx drive, 1.97 gear ratio part# 3868391 listed for $3,800.00. Expensive but less than $7,200.00. Good luck.
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    Stringari 20 rebuild

    Ron, What size fuse do you run in the maxi fuse? The boat looks very nice. Thanks, John
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    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Barrett, Thanks a bunch for showing pictures of the materials being used. It helps me a great deal. I also appreciate the pictures detailing the steps involved to make the finished product. Please post some detailed pictures of the steps involved to finish the console. The boat is coming...
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    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Barrett, When it comes time to fiberglass the console, can you please list the specific products used to finish the project? For example: 1) Resin used, how may coats? 2) Fiberglass used, cloth/mat/woven roving & weight? How may layers of fiberglass? 3) The use of bondo, regular stuff...
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    Major work needed, any suggestions?

    Check out Sacramento Craigslist. This boat was listed yesterday & looks great. Not affiliated with this posting. Just passing along a different option. 1987 CARVER 32 FT. MONTEGO - $19500 (RIO VISTA) Date: 2011-07-12, 11:28AM PDT Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]...
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    Need a good marine mechanic for mercury 250 efi in garden grove area.

    Call Bill @ Dick Sherrer Marine in Norwalk (562) 286-7677. Exellent service.
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    Trailer shop in OC, No. County San Diego, or Oceanside?

    You might try Rick's Trailer Supply in San Clemente (949) 498-2342. John
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    Advice Needed...Bad Day Just Got Worse

    Nice motor. Just curious, why would somebody sell a great motor like that? Was the boat damaged? Is the seller going bigger or smaller? They have a ton of cash and want a new motor?
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    Need some boat info

    I don't think Mariner (aka Mercury) made a 4 stroke in 1997. This person really doesn't know much about boating. Stay away & purchase a boat from a knowledge individual who maintains their stuff! Good luck in your search.
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    Shift and throttle cables

    Gregg, Check out the following link: This link may not work. Cut and paste in google and it should come up. Or, go to the Skipjack website and click on parts. Then click on control cables (near the bottom of the price list) and a complete chart will pop...
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    Final piece to the puzzle needed!

    Andrew, Volvo packages are out there. Saw this one listed up in Vancouver. Too bad it is the wrong gear ratio and $$$$$. Don't give up, a drive will show up! Volvo Leg, Transom Package - $7800 (Mitchell Island, Richmond) Date: 2010-09-28, 7:36AM PDT Reply to...
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    WTB Galvanized or Aluminum tandem axle trailer for 23' boat w/bracket-mounted O/B

    Contact user DC1. He posted this under another thread on 10/12. "i have an aluminum trailer. used it for my 23ft parker. 2005 magic tilt with new bunks"
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    wtb 2802 or 2950

    1993 2950 Proline - $44500 (Portland) <hr> Date: 2010-10-16, 1:01PM PDT Reply to: see below <hr> Let's go fishing, nice clean fishing machine, repowered engines and drives. Trailer included. MAKE OFFER See details at...
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    wtb 2802 or 2950

    TROPHY 2802 2000 - $58000 (EVERETT) <hr> Date: 2010-10-19, 6:01AM PDT Reply to: [email protected] <sup>[Errors when replying to ads?]</sup> <hr> COOL TEMPERATURES, CALM WATERS, WINTER BLACKMOUTH!! FISH IN COMFORT WITH A GREAT BOAT AND DIESEL HEAT, TWIN OPTI-MAX 225...
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    28' Skipjack bow pulpit...

    Plug in "bow pulpit" on Ebay. Check out auction number 260637191361. Outlawman installed one (or one very similar) on his 28' Skipjack and it looks great. Made by C & M Marine Products in Florida. Good luck.
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    Looking for a good boat mechanic in the LBC or close by.

    Go see Bill at Dick Sherrer Marine in Norwalk if you have a MerCruiser or Volvo Penta motor. Excellent shop IMO. 12328 E. Firestone Blvd. Norwalk, Ca. 90650 (562) 868-9809
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    Above deck fuel tank in an enclosed box. Bad idea?

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I'll contact Berry's for a quote and also check into a fuel bladder. John
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    Above deck fuel tank in an enclosed box. Bad idea?

    Is it safe to mount an above deck gas tank (red plastic) in an enclosed box? I would like to increase the range in my Skipjack 20. Here is what I'm thinking. Pull out the back to back seat and build a box to enclose an 18 gal plastic gas tank. Mount a pedestal type seat on top of the box...
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    Life goes on......... & Inboard to Outboard Transformation Thread

    Just curious, did you run the Skipjack before removing the OMC motor to get some baseline performance numbers? What size (hp) is the Mercury outboard? Should be fun to see how the Skippy performs with a bracket/outboard. Keep with the great work.
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    Final piece to the puzzle needed!

    Andrew, Is there a difference between the duoprop E drive used with a diesel and the duoprop used with a V-6 gas motor? I believe they both use the 2.30:1 gear ratio but is one stronger? I have noticed that same duoprop diesel drives drop the exhaust below the cavitation plate & the gas...
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    1987 20' Skipjack Open

    Damn, nice boat. It makes me want to sell my 20' Skip because you have all the extras! This boat should sell quickly at that price. Good luck. John
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    Duoprop Shift Cable....DIY?

    Just curious to see if you made an attempt at this repair yet?
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    GLM exhaust manifold, spark plug interference

    Need help guys. I have a 5.7L small block Chevy in my boat (Volvo Penta 570). Bought the boat with a set of GLM exhaust manifolds. I tried to remove the spark plugs today and could not get a small 5/8 inch spark plug socket on the middle 2 plugs. The GLM manifold dips in the middle and...
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    Skipjack 28 "Paddy Hopper II" gets a new fuel tank

    Thanks for all the info & pictures. You can't stop now, time for a custom built fiberglass swim step! Did you replace the auxilary tank with a new one?
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    20' Skipjack rear railing

    Does anybody have an original rear railing for a Skipjack 20 open? If so, please send me a pm with your asking price. Thanks, John
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    Yeah, so now it's time for a new fuel tank

    David, Keep us posted on how you're going to install the tank. For example, are you going to install some type of block under the tank to allow air to circulate under the tank to dry water? I assume no foam! Thanks, your posts are always very informative.
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    Outboard motor service

    John's Custom Marine in Stanton (714) 827-7920 is the best Johnson mechanic that I know of. Beware of cheap mechanics....penny wise, pound foolish!
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    Mercruiser TR outdrive & Borg Warner trans

    email sent with a couple of Craigslist postings. Good luck with the project.
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    Help Help! 1972 Skipjack 20 open

    Even better, the complete SE106 drive replaces the Mercruiser MR drive and is cheaper at $1,195.00!
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    Help Help! 1972 Skipjack 20 open

    Google Sterndrive Engineering. You can purchase a complete new drive for around $1,395.00 and get a 3 yr no fault warranty.
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    Skipjack trivia, proof of the Wellcraft Skipjack

    Thanks for providing the link. Very cool to see the brochures listing the 24 & 28 Skipjacks. Max horsepower for the 24 was listed at
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    Skipjack trivia, proof of the Wellcraft Skipjack

    Cheap Wellcraft Skipjack for sale in New York for $300. Wellcraft Skipjack 24 I believe Wellcraft made the 24 flybridge in 1977/78 and also the 28 footer. Sellers on Ebay will list magazine ads for the 24 flybridge from time to time. Anybody got a Wellcraft Skipjack?
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    TRS Outdrive - Need Opinions Please

    TRS drives are beefy. A transmission is used because the drive itself does not have a clutch. A buddy of mine had a 377 Wellcraft Scarab with 700 hp motors and ran TRS drives with no problems. TRS drives were used with big blocks before Mercruiser developed the Bravo drive.
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    And now to clean out the gas tanks... ?

    Dave, Just curious, how did you connect the pump to the electrical supply? Did you use battery clips? Does the pump have an on/off switch or did you just disconnect the power supply to disable the pump? Thanks for sharing your fuel cleaning results.
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    Looks great. Just curious, how thick is the plywood used? Did you use regular plywood or marine grade? Did you use special putty to fill the nail/screw holes? Again, nice work!
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    Anyone Looking For An Off-Season Project?

    Just curious, did somebody pick this diamond in the rough up? If so, lets see some before pictures.
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    Aux fuel tank setup.

    "An aluminum tank under the seats enclosed in a box with the seats mounded above. Might be better tank material and will lower the center of gravity. Could be plumbed into your main tank to eliminate the hand pump for the rough days." I was thinking about this very same idea. Can you purchase...
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    6.2 humvie desil

    Google Sweden Marine Diesel, very cool engines based on the 6.5L.
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    What to do??

    Ebay, item# 370207498851 $699.99 for a complete 1998 lower unit, 115 hp. Maybe this could save you some coin. Good luck.
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    What to do??

    Call John's Custom Marine in Stanton (714) 827-7920 for a second opinion. They know Johnson outboards inside and out. Good luck. Maybe a used lower unit from ebay?
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    Skipjack info

    Just saw that boat listed on craigslist for $3,500. Not a bad deal especially since the trailer is a newer galvanized trailer. A brand new galvanized trailer would cost you about $4,300 plus tax. I believe the Mercruiser 470 has about the same horsepower as the old Merc 6 cyl (170hp vs 165hp)...
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    Seeking Johnson Mechanic

    John's Custom Marine in Stanton is the best Johnson mechanic in my book. I don't know about affordable but they'll fix the problem correctly the first time. John's Custom Marine 8437 Katella Ave Stanton, CA 90680 Phone: (714) 827-7920
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    Anyone running Volvo 31Ps or 40s?

    Drew, Somebody added a post today on Craig's list in San Diego under "boat engine diesel". Completely overhauled 41A, 6cy 200hp turbo diesel. The guy is asking $12,000, phone number (619) 232-4040. Hopefully this helps. John
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    She's back... Skipjack 28 progress

    David, Nice meeting you & the other guys yesterday for a little Skipjack "on the job" training. Make sure to put another coat of teak oil on the swim step to finish the job. I forgot to ask where you got the Skipjack metal insignias chromed? Can you give me the info. Thanks, John
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    24' Skipjack control replacement question

    Beta, Which control replacement did you go with? Awesome halibut seminar last thursday. I learn a lot and can't wait to give the technique a try. Thanks, John
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    Bait Tank

    Jarrett, I'd be interested in something like that for my Skipjack open. Keep me posted on your research or update this thread with your findings. Thanks - John
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    Skipjack aluminum trim/rub rail help?

    Thanks guys for the info. I'll contact Jack/Jeff Cole and check out Llewellyn Marine Supply for parts.
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    Skipjack aluminum trim/rub rail help?

    I'm looking to replace the aluminum trim on the inside of my Skipjack. The trim is about 1/2" to 3/4" wide and was stapled to the fiberglass/plywood just below where a coaming bolster would be installed. Most of the new boat manufacturers use Taco flex trim but Skipjack used aluminum. Does...
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    I have been Inspired project Skippy

    Roy, let me know if you decide to remove the bow pulpit for something different. I'll give you a fair price the for the pulpit. Thanks, John ph# (714) 270-4091.
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    Custom 24' Skipjack

    Mike, The guy that bought your boat upgraded the motor/drive package from his old boat (20' Flybridge) This Skipjack keeps getting better & better. The boat now has a fuel injected small block chevy (most likely a 5.7L) and a dual prop Volvo Penta drive. Plus, it looks great on the new...
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    Custom 24' Skipjack

    Mike, Thanks for the reply & info. I'll get in touch with Skipjack up in the Victorville area. Have a great Labor Day weekend.
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    Custom 24' Skipjack

    Mike, I saw your previous (not old) boat at Dana Marine Cener in Dana Point. I said to myself that's a nice looking Skipjack and then realized it was the same boat posted here. Can you answer some questions regarding the bow pulpit? Did you install the pulpit or was it on the boat already...