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  1. Skeeter Nate

    Excel 9 day 1/2 price Leaves 9/9

    I can’t wait for the report! Tight lines and sharp hooks!
  2. Skeeter Nate

    One spot available on the vagabond

    Passports required? Mine is expired but I’m going Monday to try and renew it. Seriously interested let me know
  3. Skeeter Nate

    Open spots on pac voyager?

    looking for a spot on the pacific Voyager for this summer if anyone has a open spot.
  4. Skeeter Nate

    Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Boils down to you signed up for a open party trip and you don't have a say in where you fish.
  5. Skeeter Nate

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    If you haven't looked at the counts lately no one has been targeting the bf. The wind has been howling and the captain did you a favor but keep complaining about your limits of yft. Do some research aztec and tomahawk both have bf trips on the schedule
  6. Skeeter Nate

    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    Im pretty sure that's what fishdope is for
  7. Skeeter Nate

    19' Lowe pontoon boat

    I'll take the motor and controls right now
  8. Skeeter Nate

    Beastie Boy

    The must have been one hell of a battle on that light tackle!
  9. Skeeter Nate

    Any open spots on the Pac Voyager this year?

    Does anybody have a charter they need to fill a spot let me know. I've been on sportboats my whole life so I know the routine. I fished the boat last year and im really interested on getting back out on this ride.last May on the Pacific voyager at collonet
  10. Skeeter Nate

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Crazy thing is you can still book trips on the eclipse website
  11. Skeeter Nate

    BD formate change??

    Same on my end. can't stand it
  12. Skeeter Nate

    Official Chargers Post

    I missed the end of the Broncos game what was the score ?
  13. Skeeter Nate

    Official Bronco thread

    :deadhorseBroncos suck :deadhorse GO CHARGERS
  14. Skeeter Nate

    Official Chargers Post

    I hope the donkeys get beat up at the black hole tonight :deadhorse GO CHARGERS :hali_olutta::Smoke_Emoticon::hali_olutta:
  15. Skeeter Nate

    Official Denver/Charger Thread

    :deadhorseGO CHARGERS :deadhorse
  16. Skeeter Nate

    Ocotillo this Halloween weekend

    Don't take beer out of camp and watch out for idiots
  17. Skeeter Nate

    Show me your BASS...

    That smallmouth is a chunk! If you don'tmind what lake is that
  18. Skeeter Nate

    Problems with seaguar floro?

    Im slowly switching over to Blackwater
  19. Skeeter Nate

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    Yeah I'm just down the street and im busy Saturday but im free Sunday
  20. Skeeter Nate

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    Im in Temecula so if you need a hand with finishing up the boat let me know we can trade labor for fishing trips.
  21. Skeeter Nate

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    After October 15th im ready to go just let me know
  22. Skeeter Nate

    San Vicente resivor

    Definitely the best bass fishing I've ever seen it was non stop all day! Caught them on everything I threw at them. We ended up with 90 in the boat for the three of us and only 20 of those were under 3lbs but nothing over 5lbs. We decided to fish next to the launch ramp for a last stop before...
  23. Skeeter Nate

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    So if im reading it correctly September 9th and 10th area D looks closed
  24. Skeeter Nate

    Skiff fishing SCI Tuesday-Wednesday

    Where can I find the closure schedule for sci?
  25. Skeeter Nate

    San Vicente resivor

    So who got tickets for opening weekend? I got Thursday and Saturday but had to give up Saturday because your only allowed one ticket per household for opening weekend.between my 3 day sixpack charter in two weeks and san v opener im not getting much sleep
  26. Skeeter Nate

    Repeal the latest gun laws

    I just signed all of them at Faith Armory in Temecula. The guy told me they need 285 thousand signatures in two weeks so go now
  27. Skeeter Nate

    Needle Crook leather sheath

    Where do I get mine?
  28. Skeeter Nate

    anyone been to DVL this week?

    There is definitely a bloom going on but not too bad
  29. Skeeter Nate

    anyone been to DVL this week?

    I was out last week and got five lmb. The water is coming in so fast the fish are scattered. Topwater in the morning and then drop shot and don't forget the blade when the wind picks up.
  30. Skeeter Nate

    Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    Awesome catch! Where can I get one of those shirts?
  31. Skeeter Nate

    Labor Day 2 Day on the Voyager.

    Is there a RSW on the voyager?
  32. Skeeter Nate

    Colorado River between Laughlin and Havasu

    Im not to familiar with that area but I do fish parker a lot. Lately anything that resembles a crawdad has been the ticket and the crappie jigs have been working well also
  33. Skeeter Nate

    Pacific Voyager Memorial Day 5/27 to 5/30

    Thanks for the report and congrats on the bluefin score. I leave next Tuesday on the Pacific Voyager for a two day this will be my first time on the boat and im already getting pumped up! I put together my tackle twice now and broke it all down again. Im starting to think I have an addiction
  34. Skeeter Nate

    Pacific Voyager 1.5-day leaves May 20th Friday returns Sunday 22

    I just signed up for a two day in june and I've never been on this boat so im curious on how your trip went.
  35. Skeeter Nate

    2008 Evinrude etec 115

    Is it a 4 stroke?
  36. Skeeter Nate

    ...and so it begins

    Once that fire is lit it rarely goes out
  37. Skeeter Nate


    When Rancho water bought it they started dumping water out waiting for el nino to fill it back up. My membership ran out in January and I could barely get the boat off the trailer
  38. Skeeter Nate

    F/S Avet mxj 6/4 Raptor

    Dont won't to sell it but im in a pinch.bought it last year used it twice no scratches.65lb spectra 30lb mono $300 pick up only I live in Temecula 760 712 9015
  39. Skeeter Nate

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    Well it's definitely on my bucket list now. Great report and pics to match, the one of the beer tab is classic
  40. Skeeter Nate

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Football Giants Thread

    Wow....that was a good game no matter how much I hate Brady I would rather see both the Manning brothers loose
  41. Skeeter Nate

    OMAHA!! or not...

    Im loving it :deadhorse:deadhorse:smoking33:
  42. Skeeter Nate


    Nice fish! What landing does that boat run out of?
  43. Skeeter Nate

    New jigmasters only $9.95! Yes its an ad from the 60s.

    High speed ratio at 4 to 1...we sure have come a long way
  44. Skeeter Nate

    Shogun 10/9

    What did I miss?
  45. Skeeter Nate

    Bolts sign two offensive linemen

    Alright you got a good laugh out of me on that one....but:finger:
  46. Skeeter Nate


    I took it to your location in Irvine but they didn't say anything about a evaluation
  47. Skeeter Nate

    Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    So awesome we can go out and target wahoo but next time you should think about the jig stick. I was fishing yesterday (9/26) around the 302 in wfo football bite when the who's came rolling in and I hooked one on a raider jig at the boat but came unbuttoned almost immediately. I think watching...
  48. Skeeter Nate


    Never said I didn't use it just never caught anything on it. Pulled it out of a padded rod holder and it fell apart.
  49. Skeeter Nate


    No not really but if you want to buy it I'll give you a smoking deal
  50. Skeeter Nate


    Yup I brought in a brand new spinning rod that broke and they told me it was not under warranty. I never even caught a fish on it! I'll spend my hard earned money else where
  51. Skeeter Nate

    Noaa survey

    So for some reason I gave the lady that was walking around the landing my information but now im starting to wonder what there using it for. They sent me a packet to fill out but I haven't done anything with it. Have any of you guys filled out this paper work?
  52. Skeeter Nate

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    Didn't somebody free gaff a opah last year at the docks?
  53. Skeeter Nate

    I think I have a problem

    I think I have a problem
  54. Skeeter Nate

    NOAA killing Cormorants like a boss...

    That's awesome! Those things eat more large mouth bass then you could shake a stick at. I hope it helps with there salmon population and then we will start with the seals
  55. Skeeter Nate

    Bronkettes WTF?

    I'm not to worried about the donkeys if that offensive line keeps giving up sacks old stiffneck won't last long:deadhorse GO CHARGERS
  56. Skeeter Nate

    Temecula fishing

    Most of the ponds around have turned to mud holes. Even Vail lake is so low it's taken a toll on the fishing. You can still shore fish but it's $30 a day
  57. Skeeter Nate

    Bronkettes WTF?

    Yes!! stiff neck just threw a touchdown pass to other team:cheers:
  58. Skeeter Nate

    Equipment operator

    Anyone looking for a equipment operator? I have 15 years experience in pipeline and grading. I just got layed off so im looking for a side job big or small until I get back to work. Or if you know someone that is hiring that works too. Thanks
  59. Skeeter Nate

    Islander 2.5 day 8/28 -8/29

    Almost forgot to mention the wahoo we saw 30 miles south of the border. Two wahoo were just cruising under the bow while I fished a popper they were a least 4 ft long. Get the wire out there here :D
  60. Skeeter Nate

    Islander 2.5 day 8/28 -8/29

    This was my first time on the islander and definitely not my last. Great old boat with a awesome crew and captain, staterooms were clean and the ac was blowing cold. I was stoked my dad and I got a room to ourselves witch was nice for storage Friday 8/28 we started out with half the fleet in...
  61. Skeeter Nate

    THE ISLANDER - This ain't your grandpa's tuna boat!

    I leave for a 2 1/2 on Thursday:-) can't wait I probably won't sleep much this week. First time on this boat how were the bunks/rooms?
  62. Skeeter Nate

    My new Tub...

    Nice rig! If you don't mind what did it cost to get it here from Florida
  63. Skeeter Nate

    Anyone fished Diamond Lake in Hemet lately?

    They rent a decent bass boat with a trolling motor and fish finder and now there is no launch ramp the lake is all yours. I was out there a couple weeks ago and did pretty good on the t-rigged senkos.