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    Background check delayed?

    If your background check is delayed beyond the 10 days you might want to do Some research or contact one of the gun rights groups. I don’t think they’re allowed to delay beyond the 10 day wait.
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    For Sale Skipjack cooler/ice box

    Interested, but, I have a flybridge and I’m trying to picture where this goes on deck.
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    Tulum Charter Recommendations & Advice

    Researched it hard the last time we were down there a few years ago. There’s plenty of charters of varying size boats from pangas to yachts. However, the fishing sucks in the channel between The mainland and Cozumel. Reef fish and barracuda. Better fishing is found on the backside of...
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    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Fished the Bitterroot last week up around Darby. Flows have receded to the point it’s all fishable. Ants were the hot fly.
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    Early 2000's Ford 7.3 help

    My dad has a 2001 4x4 crew cab with 300k miles. He's had to replace the front hubs at least twice on both sides and a tranny rebuild.
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    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    Can you still overnight at Fiesta Island?
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    More laws like the Gun Free Safety Zone act? Yeah, how’s that working out?
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Doesn’t matter if we were there. What was the department policy on active shooter? The officer either followed dept policy or not. Cut n dry. Nationally, dept policies changed 20 years ago after Columbine to not wait for SWAT but to immediately rush in and engage the shooter. I would bet...
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    4 X 4 Diesel pros and cons

    Running in a crosswind with a camper you'll want the DRW if you like staying in one lane.
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    Fishing in Jamaica?

    Rent a car and head to Rick’s Cafe. According to locals, stay on the coastal highway and you’ll be fine. Do not cut across the interior routes. Driving through towns with heavy foot traffic at the intersections was intense but we lived. The party catamaran cruise to the falls was fun too...
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    Simple question

    Great advice so far. To add: Increase deterrence. Most burglaries happen when the residents are not home. Security cameras, lighting, thorny bushes, dog(s). These will also help your case if there is a shooting. If you decide to purchase a handgun: Personal preference is a 1911 in 45acp...
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    Some Words About Depression

    I've had three friends "opt-out" within a span of 2 years. All different ages: Friend #1 :used pills Friend #2: a rope Friend #3: a gun The one thing they all had in common was really nasty divorces with kids involved.
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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    Arizona takes applications by mail too. Here's what I needed to get my AZ CCW which is recognized by NV, UT, ID, MT, and many other states: Online CCW course completion certificate Hunter Safety card Fingerprint cards (completed for free at local SDSO satellite office) AZ application Mailed...
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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    This bill is tied to the Democrat's "fix NICS" bill to improve federal background check reporting by federal agencies. If Democrats vote no, they're also voting down their own bill on background checks. Reports are they're "close" to having the 60 votes to prevent a filibuster. Including 6...
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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    Thanks Jason for giving me the green light to post this. Please keep discussion civil. Basically, if you have a CCW in any state (including non-resident) it will be valid in all states. House of Representatives: PASSED Senate: Pending Here's a link to the bill...
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    How much of this is speculation $$$ or pump and dump? It's hard for me to wrap my head around something that has zero intrinsic value. The only justification I can find is the cost of mining the coins. Similar to traditional mining, the true value is whatever it costs to extract the commodity...
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    Possible range?

    Learning how to use the trim tabs will also change your burn rates.
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    Wind forcast this Sunday 8/5

    Looks like it's going to be a lake out there:
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    Big bull dorado

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    San Diego Marinas

    There's simply too many to give opinions on all of them. Also, most are fully booked with waiting lists. It would be better if you called the marinas to check availability for the size slip you're looking for. Then post up the list and we can give feedback on those specific marinas.
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    A few points from a volt owner: 1) Plugs into a regular 110v outlet 2) A fully charged battery in the 2016 model is good for 50-65 miles 3) KWh rates vary from $0.25 to $0.50 I do see the article you posted is from BC. All electric / hybrid cars perform poorly in colder climates.
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    Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    Oh, they're here. 12 miles off MB last weekend.
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    What do I need to fish offshore mexico

    Be sure to always be at least 12 miles off the islands. Even when in transit to/from another area.
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    Looking for fishing/leisure boat, help...

    Skipjack 25?
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    Thursday 7/20/17 at 43, to Clemente island.

    Forget the seiners. Ban their spotter planes and see how they do.
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    homeless tweeker thief gets a dose of reality

    Not a good idea to advertise there may be guns in the house for the taking.
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    Inflated Counts vs. Internet Anglers

    Link not working
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    Penn 6/0's for Kite Rigs?

    Checking the specs, it looks like they'll hold enough #150 hollow. But, would they have enough drag to finish the mission?
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    It's an opah!
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    How many sporties today vs 10 years ago in SD?

    Theres a fleet of boats waiting to absorb peaks in demand. Landing owned boats generally get filled first.
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    Pros and cons of registering?

    There's a giant thread on Calguns if you want more insight
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    Pros and cons of registering?

    There's no way to know what the benefits might be as the regs aren't even out yet. One thing to consider is if you purchased your rifle in 2014 or later it's already registered.
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    Decal removal help

    600 grit orbital sander will get it off. The rest of the hull looks pretty oxidized. I'd buff the whole thing with compound, then wax to make it look even.
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    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    Who did the work on your trailer?
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    25' Skipjack Fisherman prop size?

    It's been a while since I looked, but I think mine is 19x4 on a bravo2.
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    My vent thread...... don't do this to people!!!

    If you have an air compressor you can DIY. Even buying the hopper, a couple tools, and materials you'd be in it for less than $200
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    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    Squidco does good repairs also.
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    Helium - where to buy South OC

    Walmart has tanks too
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    5/27 nados 425 hidden rockpile

    Thanks for the report.
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    Glacial Building Year

    Meh. Politicians will continue to declare a drought.
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    Wtf auto pilot Help

    I had the same boat/setup although with a different outdrive (bravo2). Started with a Simrad AP24 w/ mechanical helm but upgraded to hydro when the power assist pump took a shortly after the install. The steering upgrade was about the same price as replacing the power assist pump and I feel is...
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    Removed the Android BD App

    Can the Fishdope app be enhanced to include BD forums?
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    Armored hull boat liner?

    Before you go this route, hull liners have a life span. What is the plan for disposal when it eventually falls apart? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thoughts about San Diego launch ramp closure

    And the bait dock doesn't open till 8am Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boat's been sitting for 6 months, what do I do?

    I recirculated the fuel back into the tank. Here are some pics. Not the most elegant thing but it worked. The one thing I wish I had included was a primer bulb. I saw at the FHS that Racor has a housing with an integrated primer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Boat's been sitting for 6 months, what do I do?

    I had the same issue. Full tank, been sitting for 6 months. Even before that I only left the harbor once last year. Built a DIY polisher using a 12v fuel pump and Racor filter. Ran it for 4 hours (35gph x 105 gals). Started right up. It was probably overkill, but piece of mind. Sent...
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    May 1 Oside report

    My wife swears by the electric wrist band. Nothing else has worked for her Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    West Marine fishing tackle in Olympia

    How the fuck is this a fishing report? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Private Transfer of Firearms

    All requirements apply except the handgun roster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need Revolver Scope Advice

    Maybe try a bore sight? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Avalon on foot, suggestions?

    Safari bus can take you around the island and is an adventure in itself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Salvaging broken rod

    Kite rod? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Roller rods obsolete now??

    There's nothing wrong with using them as intended. My understanding is in the past rollers were needed to keep mono from flattening on the guides under heavy drag. With the advent of spectra, rollers became unnecessary. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    San Diego shore fishing near Paradise Point Resort

    There are also small skiffs for rent at Seaforth with a live bait dock in the same basin. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    On the few sportboats I've stepped on over the years my normal tip is 20% of the trip cost. I'd tip more if some "above and beyond" assistance had occurred. Which hasn't happened yet. I get the same help as anyone else on the boat. Deckhands bust their ass on any trip. But guess what? I...
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    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    They're confused by the thread title. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    The guys at Dana Landing can steer you in the right direction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SEX.....BOOBIES! and MPA updates

    Was CCA rep in attendance? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I need a Mexican getaway...

    Without a price range it's hard to recommend resorts, but Cabo is cheap, clean, safe, and has incredible fishing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Savage arms 308 feedback/advice

    Rem 700 will have more aftermarket parts available Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Legend reputation

    Chuck Taft = Slumlord Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SIMRAD A P 26 iSSUES ???

    If there's no slop in the helm steering, I would look for a way to bench test the pump. Internal seals may be going bad and fluid is bleeding back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    California MPA Meetings Upcoming

    I'd be interested to know if CCA reps will be participating. I usually renew my membership at the FHS.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fishing in the Cabo Area in July

    July is a great time to fish Cabo. Try posting in Fishing chit chat or searching previous posts for charter recommendations Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fred Hall Roll Call

    Looking for a kite, rigging, and pole. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best Joke of the Day

    Moonbeam was on TV last night highlighting the $158 Billion in deferred infrastructure maintenance. Talked about the need to raise taxes. Not a word about a single cut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found a boat on the street

    Hell of a place to park your Striper. [emoji857] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mission Bay Lifegaurd has your lost dingy...

    Interesting. Posting from a hospital bed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fishing in San Felipe?

    ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First Boat...Help Please

    A few things to think about: Anchoring - no windlass means you're pulling by hand. Easy in the bay, but could be an issue off the kelp beds. Especially if you snag a pile of kelp or bury the anchor deep. No bow pulpit means anchor line is rubbing on the rail. Wearing through the gel coat...
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    Reel Repair in San Diego

    Dropped mine off with Ken's last year at the FHS. Walked around, drank a $13 beer and picked up. Done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's working!!!
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    262 Skipjack Cabin leak?

    I've had the same problem. In mine the water comes in through the cabin lights. Keeping the bimini and eisenglass on seems to solve the problem.
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    Preferred Tackle Storage

    I prefer a hard box since I don't ride sporties. No need to move it around too much. Have you looked at the SKB's?
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    Winter camping spots needed - family friendly

    Lots of campgrounds in Shelter Valley (part of Borrego State Park). It's dry camping and no ground fires allowed. You can use a metal fire stand like you see at Home Depot or pickup an old washing machine tub off CL. Be sure to check out the Borrego mud caves...
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    Chargers to move to LA

    Fuck Spanos and his BS farm team mentality. "Oh this guy performs"? Let's trade him.
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    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    Just make sure you can reach the trigger. I carry an S&W 500. The first 4 rounds are for the bear, the last is for me. No interest in being eaten alive.
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    Yamaha F60 Fuel Injected Outboard Four Stroke

    Ugh. If it wasn't so close to Christmas. GLWS
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    Chunk Bait Maker?

    5 gal bucket and a sharpened flooring scraper
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    Gearing up for my new boat and have questions for trolling reels.

    Used: Penn 6/0's are the old school standard. Bullet proof. New: I'd go with Penn Fathom 40 lever drag 2 speed
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    Lobster ?

    Got it. Stay safe out there
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    Lobster ?

    Do you have a link?
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    LAX Hotel/Motel recommendations

    We've stayed at the Hilton LAX. There's a shuttle and you can pay to leave your car there too.
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    Pm sent
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    Navigating MPA's via I-phone or I-pad

    It's easy to add MLPA's to your chart plotter. Once you get the coordinates of the boundaries ( I bought a paper map from Turners for something like $4) chart a course starting with a waypoint on the beach, add waypoints, finish back on the beach. Then name the course MLPA - (description).
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    Wanted - Quiver for compound bow

    Where you located in SD? There's still a few good archery shops around
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    Kenai/Homer trip

    Yep, the strict regs and high charter prices for what you can keep have kept me from going to AK.
  88. *****

    Sneaky bastard with this EO bullshit

    So if I finish an 80% lower in my garage I'm supposed to pay a $2250 fee?
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    15 - 20 lb Smelt

  90. *****

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    3 separate docks in Marina Village got hit. So whoever it is came in by boat.
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    Best sushi near San Diego Conv Center

    There's some good sushi in the Gaslamp quarter. All about the same quality IMO, but definitely none being the among best in San Diego. Yelp is your friend. I like RA sushi on Broadway but YMMV
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    Well there you go, San Diego is screwed

    But feel free to smoke all the pot you want.
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    Just wondering..Where...

    MB barge had macs last weekend
  94. *****

    La Jolla Iron Yellow

    Ah. The old hamburguesa rig.
  95. *****

    La Jolla Iron Yellow

    Do you have a pic of how you rigged the crab?
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    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    The MX consulate is in little Italy. India St. I believe. Some very nice condos within walking distance.
  97. *****

    FMM Permit Info

    Isn't there a company that will submit everything? I tried searching, but I can't find it.
  98. *****

    Kite Rig - What are you using?

    Doing some research myself. Guide(s) need to be big enough to wind in the swivels.
  99. *****

    Slow Slow

    Shit is getting ridiculous
  100. *****

    Slow Slow

    Shit is getting ridiculous
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    Nobody is trying to take your guns....SURE

    Come and take 'em. You can have the bullets first
  102. *****

    Rhino lining as decking?

    X2 for the texture gun. Works great.
  103. *****

    Yamaha Mechanic for On Water Maintenance

    VA will tow you from slip to trailer/haul out....
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    Panga fishing in San Jose Del Cabo, May 9-10

    Nice catch! Where did you stay? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just wondering ???

    Wouldn't know. Use Tapatalk on both my iPhone and IPad. Always logged in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Playa del Carmen / Cozumel

    Has anyone fished with these guys? They're highly rated on TA but would like to hear from some experienced fishermen compared to what tourists...
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    bottom liners pros and cons?

    Where did you source the material? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Everingham price increase.

    Hard to justify a 36% price increase. I'll probably cut down to a 1/2 scoop as I can't remember the last time I ran out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    setting up a trailer to

    Inverter, solar panel, sat dish, battery charger, air compressor, MIG welder. We sourced all the kitchen stuff from thrift stores. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best overall trolling set up for SoCal

    When/if my 6/0's ever die they'll be replaced with Fathom 40ld2's Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Plumber (I think) for Sidejob - Temecula/Murrieta

    Post a pic? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  112. *****

    Negril, Jamaica 4/16-21

    Idk about the fishing but be sure to visit Rick's Cafe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Insurance for MX Waters

    BoatUS covers to Ensenada
  114. *****

    Mucho Bug limits at the Nado's. Solo trip 3-29

    Ok, I know this is a joke post, but does anyone know how to legally catch lobster in MX?
  115. *****

    Ice Machine

    Must be a rookie as anyone with half a brain would have written a compelling business case on the employee safety benefits against heat exhaustion and got that shit paid for out of the department budget.
  116. *****

    San Jose del cabo fishing

    X2 for Chame. Take a drive to the panga dock the day before fishing. Far East end of the marina. The main road was closed construction last year.
  117. *****


    Oh man, I just dropped off a couple rods to be rewrapped. I'll be sure to convey my condolences when I see Joey & crew.
  118. *****

    Questions about a 1990 Johnson 200hp 2 stroke

    I had desert quads with the same setup. The risk is if the oil line gets clogged you smoke the motor with straight gas.
  119. *****

    Deckhand jobs southern CA?

    If this is your dream, what did you do today to make it happen? Wherever you live now doesn't matter since (ideally) you'll be round tripping all season.
  120. *****

    Insurance comparisons.......who do you use?

    Progressive looked good. Agreed upon values for both the boat and equipment. Need to go back and compare the hazmat coverage in cases of sinking or fuel spill. Surprised BD's "Sherm" hasn't chimed in yet on where he steers most of his customers.
  121. *****

    Cobia Heading This Way?

    Sound delicious. Without a limit I'm sure we'd fish them into submission.
  122. *****

    Deckhand jobs southern CA?

    Have you tried the following? Visit the office and ask if they're hiring. Be dressed ready to work immediately. Whoever you meet, give a firm hand shake and look them in the eye.
  123. *****

    Insurance comparisons.......who do you use?

    This has not been my experience with BoatUS. They would only do coverage on my 25' Skipjack for the purchase price, not an agreed upon value. So I'm under replacement value even before upgrades. The fishing equipment & electronics coverage limit doesn't come close to what it would cost to...
  124. *****

    Insurance comparisons.......who do you use?

    Good topic as I'm ready to shop too.
  125. *****

    Best Marina in Mission Bay, Shelter Island, harbor Island

    Quivira basin = Fishermans processing, bait dock, Fuel dock, closest to open water
  126. *****

    How long is Specta good for?

    Good for 10+ years
  127. *****

    Offshore Swimming?

    That's what I'm saying. Wife thinks I'm paranoid.
  128. *****

    Offshore Swimming?

    So, say it's Summer. Water looks perfect. You're 30 miles offshore with your crew, maybe on a paddy. No mask / fins/ spear. Do you jump in to cool off?
  129. *****

    Playa del Carmen / Cozumel

    Links? Looking for a good spot in Belize...
  130. *****

    Heres an almost unbelievable scuba story

    Idiot looking to get paid.
  131. *****

    Gluv It?

    Keep caulking until you find the source of the leak.
  132. *****

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Where's Tito Ortiz when we need some professional insight?
  133. *****

    Viking Life raft

    Pm sent
  134. *****

    Awesome Lobster Trip To Catalina

    That's brilliant. I was wondering how to avoid buying a line hauler.
  135. *****

    if you have kids in the public school system MUST READ

    This is only for school districts involved in the lawsuit. Not statewide.
  136. *****

    Last year's Tuna rods

    $150 for both? Ship on my dime?
  137. *****

    Chargers want Downtown......

    Haha. Like he has a choice on location. What a prick
  138. *****

    Anyone else having trouble around prime time

    Tech work is never done.
  139. *****

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    I would say ... If you panic easily the ocean is not for you. People are breathing today because they got caught in a shitty situation and had the presence of mind to get out. Spend enough time on the water and YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN A BAD SITUATION. It's the actions you take that will...
  140. *****

    Apollo Puerta Vallarta

    Cool! How are you getting the meat home? This trip is on my bucket list.
  141. *****

    New Car Advice Needed

    You could discuss this with one of the shops that specializes in doing the swap. They may have an established buyer for low mileage take outs. Could offset some of the expense.
  142. *****

    New Car Advice Needed

    What about a Duramax Suburban?
  143. *****

    custom Bow/Keel guard?

    Interesting topic. I have a 15' whaler I'd like to put a keel guard on for the same reason.
  144. *****

    Good express sportfish for California?

    Luhrs Tiara?
  145. *****

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    I can't make the trip, but man, that's a standup offer from someone with so much success. Gotta lot respect for you bro. Good luck
  146. *****

    Parker Boats & West Coast Marine

    No new/used inventory listed on website?
  147. *****

    Urgent help needed for Carl...

    I heard Billy V crashed it
  148. *****

    Barrel Brake in?

    From my research and talking to gunsmiths I respect as being knowledgeable in the AR platform, the break in I performed was only moderate. Focusing more on the warming and cooling of the barrel vs an extensive cleaning regimen.
  149. *****


    I'm in. Carolina 42 Denver 10
  150. *****

    7.62/.308 Debate

    I went with the Rock River Arms LAR8
  151. *****

    Simrad Electronics

    AP24 with different trolling patterns was one of the best upgrades I've done. The Lowrance AP wasn't available at the time.
  152. *****

    Need work space

    Shelter Island boat yard allows owners to DIY. Check Driscoll's too.
  153. *****

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    Always renew FD for a free tshirt
  154. *****

    Scenes from the Road - Baja

    Liked the first episode. All fishing and BS. Not an infomercial of sponsors products.
  155. *****

    Local Knowledge TV Show starring ALI

    Channel 286 on San Diego Directv
  156. *****

    Staying in San Jose del Cabo & fishing Cabo?

    +1 for Gordo Banks. Where you staying in SJDC? La Marina Inn is 50 yards from the panga docks and has a killer shrimp cocktail.
  157. *****

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Rigged. 13 seconds!? I was waiting for Don King to come running out.
  158. *****

    Gun Permits to carry

    2 weeks until we go to Montana for the holidays. Everyone carries. Houses and cars left unlocked. Everyone is polite. Whenever I visit a free state it astounds me how much we give up to live here.
  159. *****

    Gun Permits to carry

  160. *****

    Gun Permits to carry

    Better than standing around with your dick in your hand. If I could establish residency in OC I'd have one....
  161. *****

    Gun Permits to carry

    Orange County issued over 7300 ccw's in the last 2 years....
  162. *****

    Armored hull liner free!!!

    I'll take it! Sending a pm
  163. *****

    Best captian/operation to fish with out of San Jose Del Cabo

    Capt Chame with Gordo Banks did a great job for us. I appreciated the fact Eric met us at the marina the morning of our trip to make introductions. It was kinda hectic and confusing in the predawn scramble of guests and captains...
  164. *****

    How to seperate frozen fish?

    Salt water has a lower freezing point....
  165. *****

    Need some WiFi Help!!

    If the iPhone is connected, the issue is with the iPod. Go to the settings and see which wifi signal its trying to connect to.
  166. *****

    Turbo Repair Shop?

    TurboMasters in San Marcos
  167. *****

    Volvo penta 280 seastar steering

    Are you sure you have the correct ram for your outdrive? Their guide chart is bullshit. First Watch Marine installed mine last year.
  168. *****

    10 y/o son's first king is off a kayak! Thanks to the Homer Elk's Lodge Derby!

    Is he wearing some sort of cold water suit in case he rolls out?
  169. *****

    Not a rebuild but wanted to show her off!!

    Too clean for lobster season.
  170. *****

    Once Again the California Spiny Lobster Beckons

    Hoping all the tuna crab makes for a banner year
  171. *****

    Toyota hookup???

    Check Toyota of Carlsbad. Best buying experience I've ever had. Bought my first Tacoma there. Few years later traded it in on a Camry for the new wife. Negotiation took all of 10 minutes. What kind of car do I want (Camry)? How much do I want to pay (dealer invoice)? How much profit am I...
  172. *****

    Looking for Promar Ambush Lobster and Crab Hoop Nets

    Squidco has good deals. Picked up some of the knock off brand fully rigged. 10% off if you buy 5 or more.
  173. *****

    Proper etiquette

    Pull up within 5' of the hooked up boat and ask if you can join them, is there any fish, what are they biting, do they have any extra bait?
  174. *****

    (Pic heavy, post 1 of 2) Boston Whaler rebuild and an epic shakedown trip 9/20/2015

    Nice skiff. What size is the motor and who did the rails?
  175. *****

    Stalling Mercruiser 5.7

    Disconnect the the throttle cable attached to the carb. How many hours on the motor and cables? Pm Just-InTime on here. Great guy & mechanic.
  176. *****

    what will wind do to the tuna bite this weekend?

    When the weather is up, fish stay deep
  177. *****

    Stalling Mercruiser 5.7

    Step one should be to disconnect the throttle cable from the carb and see how it runs. Along the lines of keeping it simple, have you tried adjusting the idle setting to the correct RPM? I have a newer Merc 5.7, but the idle air flow is controlled by an external unit on the side of the throttle...
  178. *****

    my dad needs your help

    Done. Trucks move America
  179. *****


    Free BD coozie for every thousand. PM the mods when you've achieved the required level.
  180. *****

    Read this if you need boat service, beware

    True, but communication is key. I like to know the reasoning and analysis used to come to a decision. There are too many mechanics up selling unnecessary repairs to blindly accept every recommendation made.
  181. *****

    Rain monday

    Swells look ok for a sporty. Bring rain gear.
  182. *****

    Shelter Island 530 launch

    His boat and the gaff fell apart? That's on him.
  183. *****

    Boat US or Vessel Assist Towing Question

    I had BoatUS on the phone and reconfirmed with the customer service rep. VA gold covers all the way down to Ensenada.
  184. *****

    Trash from La Jolla West to Oceanside

    How far out were you? At some distance from shore its's legal to dump trash. Sucks to see it though.
  185. *****

    Boat Salvage place in SoCal

    The only two I'm aware of in SD are Hughes Marine Consignment and San Diego Marine Exchange
  186. *****

    Questions for those who have a 7mm Rem Mag

    All of the calibers op mentioned are capable of taking any big game in North America and are commonly avalailable. And many others as well. For me, it comes down to comparing the ballistics curves.
  187. *****

    Light stick?

    Yeah, not replaceable. But lasted 10 trips.
  188. *****

    Light stick?

    You're welcome.
  189. *****

    Avet blem reels

    Or buy the blem at Squidco. Discounted and spooled.
  190. *****

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    My next. Who's' the breeder?
  191. *****

    disposal of leftover fish

    I drop the carcasses on my lobster spots. Like money in the bank.
  192. *****

    25ft 1991 Skipjack FB

    Your math must be off. Cruising at 21 mph you're roughly burning 1 mpg. Probably slightly more efficient at 18 knots.
  193. *****

    Gonna be in San Diego next week...

    Where are you staying? There's lots to see, but most involve driving. Most locals refuse to go to Seaworld. Take your daughter on a whale watching trip out of Seaforth landing instead. She'll see hundreds of Dolphins and whales in their natural environment. Check out the Dana landing tackle...
  194. *****

    If you could fish anywhere in February/March....where would it be?

    Check Puerto Vallarta for cow tuna... The Apollo out of Seaforth is down there about that time.
  195. *****

    The tax man!!!!! N

    Wife couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her swim offshore a few weeks ago. Now she gets it. [emoji44]
  196. *****

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    6/0's have never let me down. Hand me downs from my dad. Been catching tuna since the 80's. I'm waiting for them to blow up before I buy modern 2 speeds.
  197. *****

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    Shut off quick last year too. Few trailing schools and it's over. Surprised no ones caught any wahoo yet.
  198. *****

    Disabled trailer question

    BoatUS with trailer coverage sent me a 40' wrecker truck & articulating trailer. Towed my 10k lb boat and 30' trailer 65 miles home for $0.00
  199. *****

    WOT for a skipjack 25

    Merc has the exact specs, but If memory holds I want to say 4800
  200. *****


    Some boats sell bulk days at a discount. Check the next "Day at the docks"
  201. *****


    If you have invoices for work to be performed and money paid, seems like a simple small claims case.
  202. *****


    Do you have anything in writing?
  203. *****

    DumbAss kayakers
  204. *****

    DumbAss kayakers

    We all need to take responsibility to operate safely. Kayakers operating in poor visibility or at night should have navigation lights. Too many times I've seen these jackasses out there with nothing more than a head lamp or a glow stick.
  205. *****

    Sunday oside tuna and rant

    I would have stopped for you. Also look at getting a drift sock or storm anchor. If radio reception is limited, you want to be as close to the coordinates you transmit as possible. There was a thread on here last year where someone called in their gps coordinates after dark, but then the...
  206. *****


    Check on CL
  207. *****

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

  208. *****

    Retrieving gear from the bay.

    Dropped a full handle of Fireball off the back in our slip. But it's 20' deep...
  209. *****

    SB-350: All boats will be on sale

    Revolutions have been fought over less
  210. *****

    Go Chargers!!!

    And now blacked out on NFL channel...sux
  211. *****

    Hyatt Islandia Fuel Dock

    Hyatt locks the pumps after 10. Haven't tried in the AM. Luckily I had a bunch of cans with me. Couple trips to the gas station and I was gtg.
  212. *****

    Getting blood off the deck

    What do you think is in those hull liners? Fairy dust?
  213. *****

    Mastering the art of chunking

    Save all the dead loss from your bait tank in a bucket. When you get to a fishy area, cut into chunks. Someone will be along shortly to explain technique in more detail.
  214. *****

    Newbie needs advise for Cabo trip this fall.

    You'll regret paying for an AI when you realize how amazing the local food is and how safe it is to travel on your own. I'd save the AI experience for a destination where you don't plan to or it's unsafe to leave the resort grounds.
  215. *****

    Auto PFD

    Mustang and handheld Vhf w/ DSC
  216. *****

    25ft 1991 Skipjack FB

    I have a 1992 FB. Great family boat. What are you moving up to? I've had a hard time finding anything comparable for less than double the price.
  217. *****

    Fish DP area for Tunas or run to Island??? 8/5/15

    It doesn't matter where they were... Roll the dice on where you think they will be.
  218. *****

    Skipjack 25FB

    The original helm seats mount directly to the fb. I'd like to mount them on swivels with minimal height increase. Has anyone done this?
  219. *****

    So Cal tuna Help

    I think we're on the same page. Be polite and be ready to fish when the capt makes the call. My point was that bluefin don't normally stick to the boat.
  220. *****

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    Bring a depot bucket. 1/2 in the bucket for chunking.
  221. *****

    So Cal tuna Help

    I've fished a few sporties over the years. Spent 3 days on the Shogun recently taking my time. Consistently watching the same 5 guys pulling in 90% of the bluefin on every stop. They were the same ones always ready at the tank with hook in hand.
  222. *****

    Dave Hansen Incredible Fisherman

    Bait fear him. Everingham bros love him.
  223. *****

    Still need stuff for my new/used boat.

    I have a set of 55w halogen deck lights. Live in Valley Center work in Kearny Mesa. Pm me if interested
  224. *****

    what antenna for a 2 meter...?

    You'll burn up your radio. Ham Radio Outlet on Clairemont Mesa Blvd has antennas.
  225. *****

    wtb anchovies rod

    YouTube making a PVC sabiki rod.
  226. *****

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    Careful double dosing. My wife tried it once. Doesn't remember most of the day, came home and slept for 20 hours straight.
  227. *****

    So Cal tuna Help

    Be ready at the bait tank and always be the first bait in the water.
  228. *****

    Looking for better way to store irons

    Big coffee can?
  229. *****

    duramax question

    The bushings in the front idler arms wear out. Starts out as a barely audible wobbling sound when driving over uneven asphalt. The oil pump is inside of the transfer case. The vibrating oil pump eventually wears a small hole through the magnesium case. Look for a small pinhole on the...
  230. *****

    duramax question

    The bushings in the front idler arms wear out. Starts out as a barely audible wobbling sound when driving over uneven asphalt. The oil pump is inside of the transfer case. The vibrating oil pump eventually wears a small hole through the magnesium case. Look for a small pinhole on the...
  231. *****

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    I imagine it being used like a "smart" kite.
  232. *****

    Jumping Dodo Oside

    Slow trolling a sardine has been working for us...
  233. *****

    Which would you pick?

    Where do you plan to keep the new ride? In a slip O/B is better. But a 10 year newer trailer boat? Given the options, Striper takes it.
  234. *****

    To those hauling a truck camper

    I'm planning a road trip to Alaska. You guys just sold me on a dually. Be careful, I learned from my desert days, there's mobile scales. And if you get in an accident its on you for being overweight.
  235. *****

    I need Trailer Hubs.

  236. *****

    duramax question

    I have a 2002 federal emissions dura max. Never had a problem smogging it. There are some known problems. Injectors, front end, and if 4x4 the oil pump in the transfer case will wear a hole in the case.
  237. *****

    What trolling lures are hot?

    They will fo sho. I was in Cabo last week and the pangeros were complaining they never returned last year. Hopefully, they're chasing the smaller YFT coming up the line. For now though, it's tuna time.
  238. *****

    PSS Dripless Shaft Seals

    Yeah, especially when the slip is 100 yards away...f'em.
  239. *****

    PSS Dripless Shaft Seals

    SI boatyard did my bottom paint. Reasonable price and on-time. Driscolls didn't even respond to emails and voice messages requesting a quote.
  240. *****

    What trolling lures are hot?

    Ppl/black Halco & Cedar plug
  241. *****

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    BD group discount?
  242. *****

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    Sorry, you didn't exactly disprove his point. Is the discount $0.65 per gallon every time?
  243. *****

    22 ft. Vs. 24 ft. Boat

    Hull length equates to wheel base in a truck. Longer = smoother ride. Same with beam on the drift.
  244. *****

    WTB 24-26 Skipjack

    The under gunnel rack looks nice. How did you secure the mounts?
  245. *****

    Fishing in a lightning storm?

    Yeah, was looking at the huge line at the bait dock in MB with lightning overhead. Thinking to myself, no fish is worth my life. Or worse, my crew's. I had a close call last year coming down swell and stuffing the bow into a cross swell. It seems like the more time I spend on the water the...
  246. *****

    Fishing in a lightning storm?

    As much as I wanted to go out this weekend, the weather reports calling for thunderstorms kept me at the dock. Am I the only one thinking being out on the pond with lightning is a bad idea?
  247. *****

    It took me 57 years exactly. Epic Bluefin fishing on my Birthday

    Awesome! Tip on the chum: sharpen a tile scraper and get a 5 gallon bucket. Cut a piece of wood to fit in the bottom. Makes a bucket full in 5 mins
  248. *****

    OffRoad Tires - Best Source?

    I've had good luck with Coopers on my Dmax.
  249. *****

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    I need to fill up Friday if anyone's interested.
  250. *****

    East Cape 7/4-7/13 Lots of Variety!

    Thanks for an awesome report!
  251. *****

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    If the trailer tracks straight the airbags should fix the swaying. As for pushing... If possible, increase the gain on your trailer brakes. A half ton truck doesn't have the transmission or braking power for large loads. The truck "tow rating" is never the same as the "stopping rate"...
  252. *****

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    Calling on Carl for a BD group discount!!!
  253. *****

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    How do you get discounts on fuel at Hyatt?
  254. *****

    What type and color lures do you troll for tuna

    Cedar plug and a Halco
  255. *****

    Report? No. But I give one every year I fish so help me out

    ^^^this. Better for kids. Fish are close and easy to find this year.
  256. *****

    WTB 24-26 Skipjack

    If you want the pilothouse stay away from the Flybridge models. Too much weight up high makes a tippy skippy worse.
  257. *****

    WTB 24-26 Skipjack

    Get a surveyor & mechanic to inspect. Love my 1992 25fb. Remember you're buying the hull and motor. For $30k I'd almost be tempted to sell you mine...
  258. *****

    Picking the right day's

    I got an app on my iPhone. Marine weather by Accuweather. Gives you the NOAA forecast. I'm no expert, but I combine the swell and wind wave height for an overall wave height. Short interval swell of less than 10 seconds and a combination swell acts like a washing machine. Wind speed I play...
  259. *****

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    South Shore is a good ramp to first practice walking your boat off the trailer to the dock. Dana landing is a good low traffic ramp to next learn how to launch your boat and motor to the nearby dock. Shelter island should be reserved for only the most practiced or insane.
  260. *****

    couple of radar and simrad questions

    What model is the radar? May be time for an upgrade...
  261. *****


    Has an Opah ever been caught so far north?
  262. *****

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Pfd's are always a good idea. But no mention of maybe some swim lessons?
  263. *****

    CABO Restaurants?

    I've heard good things about "The Office"
  264. *****

    polaris supreme

    Staterooms and the quality/quantity of food is well worth the extra money. Your wife may never let you go fishing alone again though.
  265. *****

    5.56 ammo question automatically shops multiple websites. BVAC ammo runs good in mine.
  266. *****

    Bait issues.

    I have a PF32 mounted on the swim step. Fills in 8 minutes. Keeps a full scoop of sardines with little dead loss. Scoop of anchovies with almost no dead loss all day.
  267. *****

    What are your best upgrades?

    #1 is radar. Autopilot if you're planning long offshore runs
  268. *****

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    The rods and reels looked ok. Bring hooks, some weights, and leader material. Check on Someone may have a recommendation for a good capt.
  269. *****

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    That's weird. Couple years ago BoatUS dispatched a 40' wrecker truck and trailer for me. Think of a flatbed tow truck with hydraulics and a winch. Only it was a 40' trailer.
  270. *****

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    I had the same situation a couple years ago at the SI launch ramp. Radar arch has to be unbolted and rotated down or removed to get under 14'. There's no way you're fixing the trailer this weekend. Do you have some heavy duty ratchet straps? You could take the tire off the bad hub and strap...
  271. *****

    Playa Del Carmen/ Cancun charter

    I have family in PDC and was looking for a charter last year when we visited. Puerto Aventuras is the only local marina. We visited the marina and I was hesitant. They have cruisers, but when I spoke to locals and other vacationers at our resort. They're boat rides for tourists. If you do...
  272. *****


    I looked at the boat website. Looks like a Chuck Taft special. You get what you pay for I guess...
  273. *****

    Carry on reels with line to and from Los Angelels (LAX) to San Jose Del Cabo (SJD)

    From my recent research (going to Cabo next week) it sounds like the real headache is MX customs on the return flight.
  274. *****

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    This shit kills me! The whole launch ramp needs to be reconfigured. I've given up. I'll launch and retrieve at MB regardless of where I'm headed.
  275. *****

    Newbie moorage question

    First, make sure it runs. Easy to do on a trailer with a hose. PM me to discuss...
  276. *****


    But did you catch fish?
  277. *****

    Recording footage on board

    12v adaptor and 32gb card. Done.
  278. *****

    Good hulls for projects...

    Can you be more specific on the type of project you want to take on? Skipjacks and Radons seem to be popular projects...
  279. *****

    Fireworks over Marine Protected Areas.

    Ah jeezus! LOL.
  280. *****

    just a stupid observation??

    Would you rather buy a boat with a high hour, burned up motor? There's plenty of those too. If the seller can't afford a repower, then rebuild is the next logical step. But the age of the hull should be considered too. Is the boat newer and possibly under powered or just old?
  281. *****

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    ^^^when you have a hot model who likes to fish does it matter? Tito, you're living the dream.
  282. *****

    62 lb yellowfin

    What a pig! Nice fish!
  283. *****


    Mike, I've never met you. Only seen your posts on here but your post hit me hard. Lost my dad last year. Sorry for your loss. The greatest thing any of us can do is to honor our parents through our lives. How we live, the children we raise, the choices we make. God bless.
  284. *****

    Possible Opportunity

    Is this a live aboard position? Seems like a lot of responsibility for a part time college kid.
  285. *****

    leaving a boat overnight

    Try Marina Village, Driscolls, Seaforth, or the Hyatt Mission Bay marinas. In that order. Last year from our slip at MV we watched the SeaWorld show then walked across the street for the Ocean Beach and San Diego shows.
  286. *****

    leaving a boat overnight

    Mission bay or San Diego bay?
  287. *****

    Gordo Banks Pangas - Boat Gear

    Does anyone have experience with their boat gear? How's the quality? Don't want to haul gear I don't need to.
  288. *****

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    Get the extra coverage on the trailer too.
  289. *****

    First setup

    For one local overall setup spectra is the great equalizer. I'd start with a Penn 25ld 2 speed loaded with 65 spectra. Easy to change out top shots for whatever you're targeting.
  290. *****

    6/26 Report

    Nice fish! Sounds like the long soak worked.
  291. *****

    Thru Haul Question

    Notify the shipyard of your intentions ASAP prior to hauling out. They should be able to tell you who will be doing the bottom paint and whether they'll also be installing the new thru-hulls. Unscheduled work can cost you daily lay days waiting for the work to be performed totaling more than...
  292. *****

    9 mile bank 6/25/2015

    @ 7-8 knots I prefer Halco's, cedar plugs, or feathers.
  293. *****

    Blackman Fishmachine for sale. Pristine $39,000.

    Yeah, should be the one next to BillyV. It was getting detailed last Friday.
  294. *****

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    That's what I'm talk in' about...
  295. *****

    One bad ass Jagdterrier

    Yotes are full of diseases. Never let you dogs near them. Hope your dog stays healthy.
  296. *****

    I'm doing something right

    Spend some time fishing US waters first. This is how the sport fleet creates their alibi. YMMV.
  297. *****

    Cooking fish advice

    In El Cajon there's the Tortilleria Salsa Market, In Escondido there's Esperanza's Tortilleria.
  298. *****

    Cooking fish advice

    Driving or flying? MB is more for tourist oriented area.
  299. *****

    Cooking fish advice

    Yellowtail and tuna are a mild fish that need to be filleted into four loins (plus the belly and collar if you're interested). Your deckhand can do this for you. Here's what I do. Take one of the loins, slice it into 3/4" steaks and sear it in a pan with a Tbs of olive oil and blackened Cajun...
  300. *****

    Drones for fishing? Let's discuss...

    I'd be happy with a remote camera on a kite. If drones were feasible, commercial operations would be using them.
  301. *****

    New Boat, Lots of nothing to start

    I had the same experience my first year. Fishdope has helped.
  302. *****

    Saturday yellowfin

    Thanks for the report
  303. *****

    Report from the corner

    I've been trying for a bluefin for three years. Happy to get one finally. Fish were down about 40'. All the patties were dry and didn't see a boil all day.
  304. *****

    Report from the corner

    Left MB at 6am with a scoop of tiny 'chovies. Stopped on a kelp outside the jetty for 3 macks. Then worked my way out to the corner. Furthers west and south I went, the warmer the water got (70deg). Very few birds, paddies, no ponies. Finally found one 25lb bluefin who wanted to die. Bit a...
  305. *****

    Boat Loans?

    You're a loan consultant and you're looking for advice from BD?
  306. *****

    Two new Fish and Game Commission members

    Aren't they all democrats? I don't know, just trying to weigh what change, if any, this brings to the commission. From their bio's, sounds like these are political handouts (no background in wildlife management). Meaning they're being rewarded for voting the party line.
  307. *****

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    So run up a MX flag when in their water. Problem solved.
  308. *****

    Flowscan troubleshooting needed

    How many gauges do you have?
  309. *****

    Where do you go to purchase ice chests?

    Yep. 100qt, wheels, telescoping handle, and stainless hinges
  310. *****

    Tuna Speared In Dana Harbor

    Is this a legal catch?
  311. *****

    Anybody lose a HO @ SCI....?

    Must have been weighted to be found on the bottom.
  312. *****

    metaloid or mxj?

  313. *****

    Trolling Topshot - Flouro or Mono?

    Improved Albright is my go-to knot. I wasn't looking to upgrade my spectra to hollow. Yet. If I get smoked, I'm going full cow status. Specifically asking about Flouro to mono in a trolling setup
  314. *****

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    Somebody got a cool dog for cheap ( no such thing as a free dog)
  315. *****

    Trolling Topshot - Flouro or Mono?

    These bluefin have me rethinking my trolling setups. Leaning towards 25yds of 80lb Flouro. Either Izor or Blackwater. But here's the rub. Trolling is a reaction bite. Is mono good enough?
  316. *****

    probably stupid ? but...

    What about staying in the harbor?
  317. *****

    San Jose Del Cabo - July 11 & 12

    Yep. Wife doesn't fish. Sending you a PM
  318. *****

    2 e-tickets to the Disneyland Resort- good thru 12/31/2016

    Any way she could get some Club33 passes?
  319. *****

    San Jose Del Cabo - July 11 & 12

    Hi Weldon, Yes, I booked a 26' super panga with Capt Chame thru Gordo Banks Pangas for July 12th.
  320. *****

    06/12/2015 No YFT today :-(

    Most important question. What were they caught on?
  321. *****

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    Good call on the life vest. Hoping for a good ending.
  322. *****

    Tunacrab for lobster?

    I agree. Not sure they'd put off enough scent. But it's free and I'm cheap. That's why I'm asking.
  323. *****

    Tunacrab for lobster?

    Has anyone tried this? Scoop 'em up now, grind, and freeze into blocks? What say BD?
  324. *****

    My Solutions for a drippy Skippy and clutter on the deck

    Good job. Some good ideas there. How's the ride fully loaded?
  325. *****

    Scopoline, for Sea sicknes

    That explains so much
  326. *****


    How far is the ridge? 100 miles?
  327. *****

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Due to major shortages of bait this season some people have gone to extreme measures.
  328. *****

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Should I use a spreader bar with this bait?
  329. *****

    Slug life

    No power bait?
  330. *****

    Opinions please

    In that case, you'll have to decide on the drive system. Traditional gas impingement or piston? I'd want a muzzle break too.
  331. *****

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    How to slow troll a Mark
  332. *****

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    This one time, I was spearfishing a kelp patty....
  333. *****

    Slow trolling a Mac

    Do you add any weight to get them deeper?
  334. *****

    Eclipse Package - Anyone else dissatisfied?

    If you're looking for a sanity check, it sounds like you have a legit complaint to settle with the landing. The end.
  335. *****

    WTB - 2 Tempress Elite Navistyle Helm Seats

    Looking for two elite low backs in white. Model 57020. Located in north SD county.
  336. *****

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    Wow. Let's just breathe for a minute. I love dogs. Would never harm a wandering soul. But I've also had to pay vet bills for damage done to my dogs on my own property.
  337. *****

    Bulk icein San Diego

    At 200lbs. might be worth buying an ice machine
  338. *****

    Slow trolling a Mac

    How do you rig a Mac for slow trolling? Bridled like a ballyhoo? What speed do you troll? How far back for BF?
  339. *****

    Opinions please

    AR10's are notoriously heavy. I have a RRA Operator and I wouldn't carry it farther than from the car to range bench. I have bolt guns for hunting.
  340. *****

    American cel phone in Mexico

    Since I don't plan to use my phone in MX much (check in a couple times) I went with the Verizon pay as you go option. 1000 minutes for $10.
  341. *****

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    You're funny. Not going to happen. I have the right to defend my property (the dog) doesn't matter where. Dog park, public, private property. Now, the area where I live, the discharge of firearms is legal. In talking to several neighbors there is an understanding. If your dog comes on my...
  342. *****

    Cooler Size for Pig?

    DO NOT take your game to T&H. Ive known several hunters who did not get all their meat.
  343. *****

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    I have a Bravo2 also. The hydro ram replaces the power steering actuator. Are you sure you got the right ram?
  344. *****

    New to SD

    1)Spend the money to go out on a local sportboat. Fisherman's landing, point Loma or Seaforth. You'll learn a lot about local techniques and tackle. 2) Make sure you have a bait tank on your boat with a functioning pump. 3) Familiarize yourself with the bait barge locations. Run by Everingham...
  345. *****

    Man Bites....err Thrashes Dog

    230 grains of justice would have ensured that dog never left my property.
  346. *****

    Costa warranty?

    Bought the lifetime no questions asked guarantee through Gander Mtn
  347. *****

    Windfarm FAD??!!!

    Those FADS are bird killers
  348. *****

    any tips on auto pilot install?

    If there's an AP pump, needs to be bled also.
  349. *****

    Skipjack 24 galley/interior improvements and modifications

    Mine was really sticky after refinishing. Applied a thin layer of grease. Maybe a finger tip worth. Always wanted to replace with the door from a 262.
  350. *****

    Anyone sell their yacht lately?

    A little conspicuous coming in at 2am....
  351. *****

    Cooler Size for Pig?

    Tiptop meats in Carlsbad does wild pigs.
  352. *****

    What line do you prefer?

    Really like Izor line extra limp. Needs to be paired with a quality circle hook for a complete setup.
  353. *****


    Didn't happen without pics of said debauchery.
  354. *****

    Fantastic Fishing with Gordo Banks Pangas

    Thanks for the report. Fishing with them next month.
  355. *****


    Can I get a water temp at the 43? Stfu.
  356. *****

    21 Bayliner Explorer

    That thing looks bad ass. Somebody is getting a deal. Low hour motor (maybe fuel injected?), clean electrical, hard top... I'd relocate the bait tank, but other than that, sweet setup. Maybe post some pics of the cabin.
  357. *****

    Steering system expelling hydraulic.

    When my Seastar steering and Simrad AP24 were installed, the mechanic didn't know how to cycle the AP pump. Has to be cycled stop to stop in the setup. Took another 1/2 qt of oil.
  358. *****

    sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    SD multi day sporties have been catching BFT in Mexico all season. Just fish both sides of the border. Plausible deniability.
  359. *****

    kodiak 42g bait tank question

    Always better to use a higher volume pump and valve down if needed.
  360. *****


    You'll want to make sure your AP will connect to your plotter. I have the Simrad AP24 with hydraulic steering. Simply amazing.
  361. *****


    Do you have a chart plotter?
  362. *****

    HD Video Polarized Glasses w/ Bluetooth

    Can you get black polarized lenses? How does the quality of the lenses compare to Costa, Spy, Oakley?
  363. *****

    Local SD gunsmith?

    Fuck Duncan's. Hate those pricks. Ambrose armory did the tune up on my 1911 ( trigger, slide, feed ramp, etc) in 3 days at a very reasonable price. They moved to a bigger shop a few months ago and now offer in-house cerakoting.
  364. *****

    Shogun Today

    Are you slammin' me? It's just my screen name... Are you on the trip?
  365. *****

    Gordo Banks tackle/lure advice? or Los Barriles?

    I'm going in July. Fishing with Chame on their super panga. Picked up some Catchy Tackle wahoo bombs just in case...
  366. *****

    Are they any "all inclusive" resorts in Cabo to bring the family

    AI's are a safer way to visit a country you may not otherwise. Would I do one now? Depends on the country... Jamaica, yes. Dominican Republic, hell yeah. Cancun, no. PV, right now, probably. With my only MX experience previously being TJ, it was a good way to get past my fears for my...
  367. *****

    Evening Drinks?

    Wow. This took a turn. Cazadores and a bud light chaser sounds good. Bring some to share...done.
  368. *****

    Was EL NINO last year or this year??

    Does it really matter? Go Fishing! But I did buy some wahoo bombs....just sayin'.
  369. *****

    Are they any "all inclusive" resorts in Cabo to bring the family

    Yes, lots of them. Check Costco travel for best resort packages. Plenty of reputable charters here in the Mexico section. You can arrange for transportation to and from your resort to the marina either thru the charter or your resort. When are you planning to go? If you're fishing alone or...
  370. *****

    Shogun Today

    On the Shogun 3 day this weekend!!! Come on Friday!
  371. *****

    HD Video Polarized Glasses w/ Bluetooth

    Very cool. What's the BD promo?
  372. *****

    HD Video Polarized Glasses w/ Bluetooth

    Are they heavy? Can you wear them all day?
  373. *****

    Evening Drinks?

    On overnight or multi day boats, do you have a go to drink you bring with you? I'm going on my first multi day trip soon and I'd like to have a couple after dinner drinks. After the day's done and a good meal, what do you prefer?
  374. *****


  375. *****

    Tapatalk - Ignore feature?

    Crap. Ok... I even tried marking users to ignore from web view to see if TT would copy the settings. No luck. My expectation was the third party would copy my web view settings
  376. *****

    Tapatalk - Ignore feature?

    I use TT almost exclusively. Does this feature exist? If not, we really need one.
  377. *****

    Shogun 3 day trip

    Is this a report or a hopeful guess?
  378. *****

    THANKS from the CCA-CAL !

    Were you in attendance at the national meeting? Ali was. Hence, I'd like to hear his report on how it went. Dude, you sound angry. We're all on the same team. I'm as skeptical as anyone but offer a viable alternative. An organized lobbying group is the most effective way to influence policy.
  379. *****


  380. *****

    MX Bluefin Closure 2015

    Strange, since they were netting yellowtail recently.
  381. *****

    Local gun powder?

    Try this place in La Mesa. I've never been there but heard good things.
  382. *****


    The rental boats out of Seaforth are just as bad.
  383. *****

    MX Bluefin Closure 2015

    Will MX open bluefin soon? I can't imagine the closure going much longer before the season starts winding down for them and causes serious impacts to their commercial fleet.
  384. *****

    Word on the street...

    3 fish to #50 for 31 anglers is hardly a handful IMO. Hopefully they were the only boat brave enough to post such a low count as any count at this point is exciting.
  385. *****


    Google - Googan
  386. *****

    THANKS from the CCA-CAL !

    Waiting for a report from Ali's trip to Texas
  387. *****


  388. *****


    Thanks guys!
  389. *****


  390. *****

    Fish dope .com

    There was a $20 off coupon in the CCA-Cal membership bag at FH.
  391. *****


    Hard to tell how big it is... How much does it weigh? Dimensions?
  392. *****


  393. *****

    Fish or Die logo for hoodies

    Duplicate the hoodie design for the tees. I personally hate having people stand in front of me to read my shirt.
  394. *****

    San Jacinto Wildlife Area Could Lose Its Water Supply Because Of DFW Bungling

    Politicians on both sides make it political. Releasing 4.8 Billion gallons into the San Juaquin delta to save 6 fish...
  395. *****

    San Jacinto Wildlife Area Could Lose Its Water Supply Because Of DFW Bungling

    I knew the water shortage was man-made. Just look at the huge amounts released this year on the Colorado river and others. But I couldn't figure out the end game. Thanks for putting the pieces together.
  396. *****

    Closest source for starboard nearest to Corona / Riverside?

    MGM Plastics in San Marcos
  397. *****


  398. *****

    What Compound Bow should I purchase

    Great advice right there
  399. *****

    thirsty for yellow blood

    8' swell? In a Bayrunner? Wow.
  400. *****

    Fish or Die logo for hoodies

    I'm in for a tee
  401. *****


  402. *****

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    Look at using an interior texture hopper to spray the liner versus rolling. I applied Herculiner to a project this way with good results.
  403. *****

    For sale Skipjack 262 diesel $44,000.00

    This won't take long. What's the beam? AP model?
  404. *****


    Your logic is seriously flawed. She needs a phone more than investment advice. More importantly are the opportunities available to CITIZENS previously incarcerated. Either misdemeanors or non-violent felons.
  405. *****

    Recommendations for a few days fishing, anywhere!

    International or domestic? There a ton of places all over the world I'd love to fish. Asuncion island Panama Cabo Alaska Hawaii
  406. *****

    chargers draft melvin gordon

    Hell yeah!
  407. *****

    97 Jeep Wrangler Sport TJ

    That is a great price on rig built right. GLWS
  408. *****

    Staying Overnight In Mission Bay Area

    There aren't rooms at Marina Village. Only slips.
  409. *****

    Staying Overnight In Mission Bay Area

    My son (12) has caught spotted bass at the slip. Or go out the channel and head south (maybe 20 minutes) to the Point Loma water tanks. Anchor just uphill of the kelp. Lots of short calicos to keep the kids interested. Please share a report with pics on your experience when you get back.
  410. *****

    Staying Overnight In Mission Bay Area

    Mariners cove if you want to anchor up. Marina Village if you want a slip, bathrooms, showers, etc. It's in the Quivera basin with the bait barge. Go to their website and download the guest slip form. Call the office before you arrive and you'll want to talk to Larissa.
  411. *****

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    Is this normal? (With rod bent and line screaming)
  412. *****

    Lowrance Elite 7 Does Not Mark Arches Troubleshooting/Installation

    I used that transom mount tducer for a season before I upgraded. Way better IMO.
  413. *****

    Lowrance Elite 7 Does Not Mark Arches Troubleshooting/Installation

    Install a through hull Airmar tducer.
  414. *****

    Fucking Carl

  415. *****

    What I like!

    Black Butte Porter or Obsidian Stout. Sounds like Stone took a spanking and learned a lesson. Good enough for me.
  416. *****

    Mooring at Catalina

    1) Don't run over the fiberglass mooring stick and break it. $$$$ to replace. 2) Don't let your wife pull the mooring line up while you're in gear and foul the prop.
  417. *****

    Looking for San Diego boat dealer??

    There's a ton of brokers on Shelter island. They can walk you through the buying process. It's kinda like buying real estate. Whatever your choice, be sure to have it hauled out, professionally surveyed, and inspected by a licensed mechanic. A broker will have references for these. For 65k...
  418. *****

    Need advise on surf fishing NW Nicaragua

    Send a pm to BD'er "TAP"
  419. *****

    WTB Fuel meter and lowrance transducer.

    What kind of motor do you have?
  420. *****

    Bluefin @ The 182....from another site

    Whistler buoy? That's a new one for me... Is this close to a high spot?
  421. *****

    Fish Dope Membership

    I just renewed my FD. Can I use the cert to upgrade to a 2 year?
  422. *****

    Shogun 3 day 5/15

    Anybody on this trip?
  423. *****

    For sale Benelli M3 Convertible Tac shotgun

    Does it come with the glass @ $3500?
  424. *****

    Mooring at Catalina

    You'll need your CF number handy when you request a mooring.
  425. *****

    40# 2 speed for bait and yo-yo

    Picked up the Fathom 30ld2. Smooth as silk. More drag and better internals than my Avet.
  426. *****


    Not in BD swag...
  427. *****


    Id buy some too
  428. *****

    THANKS from the CCA-CAL !

    When is the first SD meeting?
  429. *****

    Authorized Mercruiser Service in San Diego

    First Watch Marine @ Shelter Island
  430. *****

    Marine Sta-bil, good or bad?

    I use it whenever fuels going to be sitting for more than 2 weeks. Don't know if it works, but I've never had fuel related issues either.
  431. *****

    Buy a Penn Torque 2-speed at Fred Hall, get a FREE Bluewater Carnage rod!

    Ken's rod & reel hooked me up with an 8' carnage deckhand with purchase of a Fathom30ld2 @ 2015 FHDM...may have more...
  432. *****

    looking for advice on a good shark/bat ray rod and reel

    Penn 6/0 paired with an old school trolling roller rod.
  433. *****

    putting a truck motor in the boat?

    I would never run my car motor at 3400 rpm's for extended periods of time. Just sayin....
  434. *****

    How to clean a BFT

    Is there a reason to start breaking at the tail? I usually start at the collar.
  435. *****


    Lol. That's what forums are for.
  436. *****

    Watch your kickers

    Cameras are cheap. At least plant a thorny bush
  437. *****

    Captain Needed

    Good opportunity for someone with a Capt license to add hours to their resume
  438. *****

    Contest-Show us your Bloodydecks Sticker

  439. *****

    boat batteries

  440. *****

    Tip of the month

    How often do you need to change your bait on these?
  441. *****

    fs: bnib skb 7200 tackle box

    Box was delivered USPS today. Great BD'er, awesome box, smokin' deal!
  442. *****

    Internet on LR Boat?

    Charge for Internet and eliminate the fuel surcharges
  443. *****

    April fools?

    Metered them deep. How did you fish them?
  444. *****

    Smallest but safest size/type boat for fishing the local banks?

    I'd feel relatively safe in a Parker 2820 in most weather. Heavy, low center of gravity. But, it also depends a lot on the experience of the captain.
  445. *****


    Its_ about_to_go_down
  446. *****


    Cucumber watah fo customers only!
  447. *****

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    There was a report on the local news yesterday about how with the lack of bait fish in SoCal, the record number of sealion rescues SeaWorld has done this year are all being relocated to Northern California. You're welcome!
  448. *****


    Talk to Dick Simons. I don't remember the name but whoever they recommended did a great job.
  449. *****

    why don't the life guards at...

    Need more back story. Did they say you couldn't?
  450. *****

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    Don't overlook filing a complaint with the BBB. Sometimes it makes a bigger impact than Yelp.
  451. *****

    San Jose Del Cabo 7/11 & 12

    .Staying at La Marina Inn. How's the fishing this time of year? Hoping for some Dorado and Wahoo. Should I bring marauders? I've only ever fished SoCal. If anyone will be down the same time and wants to share a panga, hit me up. I booked Chame / Jamie (?) thru Gordo Banks Pangas both days...
  452. *****

    San Jose Del Cabo - July 11 & 12

    Just booked our first trip to Baja. Staying at La Marina Inn. How's the fishing this time of year? Hoping for some Dorado and Wahoo. If anyone will be down the same time and want to share a panga, hit me up.
  453. *****

    FS Avet JX 6/3 Gunmetal Grey

    This should go quick. GLWS
  454. *****

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    Has the POS been named yet? For the prices we pay to have work done you'd think SOMEBODY would get the idea to charge a reasonable price for good service.
  455. *****

    Small reels vs big Reels

    Isn't the rental gear on LR boats pretty good quality?
  456. *****

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    No, I'm surprised it's still closed.
  457. *****

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    after about 5 minutes it was pretty evident that they both hooked 2 big bluefins. My buddy also missed a hookup. The guy Ron fought his fish for over 20 minutes and had it to close color and almost gaff distance. We all saw the 60-70lb class bft. Finally ,just out of gaff distance it chewed...
  458. *****

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    I'm surprised a sportboat Capt. would target BFT if they're supposedly closed...
  459. *****

    Accident waiting to happen!

  460. *****

    Half-price inflatable PFDs

    Good deal. Ordered two.
  461. *****

    HI to Astoria, OR

    Visited the CG museum in Astoria. Thank you for your service. The mouth of the Columbia is an incredibly dangerous place. Stay safe.
  462. *****

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    Mechanical fuel pumps are extremely reliable. Verify there isn't a problem with the lines first.
  463. *****

    How many pounds of preset drag on your tuna trolling rods

    ^^^this. Trolling is a reaction bite. All of the trolling setups I've ever used either on cattle boat or PB's are setup with line (80lbs +) way heavier than the available drag of the reels used.
  464. *****

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    How was the fuel supply stopped when the engine was removed? Mine has a small shutoff valve at the tank. You could always disconnect the inlet fuel hose at the pump and manually siphon some gas up to the pump.
  465. *****

    Question about an engine swap (no fuel getting to carb)

    Check the fuel filter
  466. *****

    Reloading Gear

    Post this up over on Calguns. Take pics of the powder cans. Should go quickly if the price is right. Sorry for your loss.
  467. *****

    credit card info stolen.

    Wow... Guess I'll be leaving the CC at home. That sux, I wanted the points.
  468. *****

    Important info, read this....

    Buried 3 friends in 2 years....all over 30. All had kids. Still run into one of the daughters regularly. Fucks me up every time..
  469. *****

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton truck

    Everyone's holding onto their old diesels like their gold. 2005 duramax's for $22k
  470. *****

    Tradewind Inflatables

    From what I've gathered, drive fluid needs to be replaced every 2 years. Oil every 100 hours. I'd do it myself. Plugs only if it's running rough.
  471. *****

    LED Spreader Lights

    Link isn't working...
  472. *****

    Tradewind Inflatables

    What exactly is included in a 100 hour service?
  473. *****

    Wtb: Bait Receiver

    Prefer used ($$). Hard sided only. Min. 100gals. Located in SD.
  474. *****

    Rods for sale

    Willing to ship on my dime?
  475. *****

    Going commercial

    Tagged. Where did you start the process to get a comm license? DFW?
  476. *****

    What boat would you get with a budget of 15k?

    If my budget was 15k, I would start looking at 20k and work from there.
  477. *****

    What would you offer?

    If you talk to him again, have cash in your hand.
  478. *****

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    There's whites but then why are you snorkeling 300 yards off shore? Stay close to the beach and you'll be fine.
  479. *****

    Boating to Catalina to camp and fish?

    Yep, exactly. Close to shore. Made for small boats. Two Harbors is awesome. They also have heavy duty moorings a little further out ( no anchor required). There's a water taxi you can call on VHF to take you back and forth to shore. But gets expensive. Better to bring a dinghy or kayak if you...
  480. *****

    GPS Chartplotter/FF for Skipjack 24' Flybridge

    If it's a modern motor, you might be able to tie in the motor & fuel rate to the multi function display through NMEA 2000. Eliminating the need for the floscan. Also, to save $$$ later I would make sure whatever unit you select can also overlay radar on top of the chart plotter.
  481. *****

    Trailer Rebuilder in SD?

    Still a BD hookup? Ali?
  482. *****

    AP 24 Install

    Yeah, I had to make a bracket out of starboard to hang the computer vertically.
  483. *****

    Trailer Rebuilder in SD?

    That's perfect. I thought I'd heard before they only sold parts. And now they're in Escondido. Even better.
  484. *****

    Trailer Rebuilder in SD?

  485. *****

    AP 24 Install

    Update - installed the steering box and realized the morse cable isn't compatible. My fault for not checking. Replacing obsolete Morse steering cable 300622 264in. With Teleflex ssc29022 from Marine Engine
  486. *****

    Deciding on the 28-35 Sportfisher

    Is AC really necessary? The genset and bait tank seem costly but doable.
  487. *****

    Trailer Rebuilder in SD?

    I'm getting new bottom paint done in a few weeks and need to get the trailer redone at the same time. Any local recommendations?
  488. *****

    Calstar 870 with Diawa SL250h

    I'll take the Calstar. Sending you a PM
  489. *****

    AP 24 Install

    Talked to David Lawson at Seaside. He happened to have two kits in stock. Worked out the details and he's shipping me one today. Great guy to deal with. As an FYI.... Simrad tech support knew exactly what part# I needed. It's not included in the AP kit and didn't have a clue where to source...
  490. *****

    Food for thought for BDoutdoors ( future idea)

    Maybe we should all write in text talk? OMG I kot a [emoji226]!!!
  491. *****

    Calstar 870 with Diawa SL250h

    PM sent for the Calstar
  492. *****

    any feedback on raymarine autopilot??

    If you go this route. Make sure the drive unit comes with the new bezel and mounting plate. [emoji3]
  493. *****

    any feedback on raymarine autopilot??

    NMEA 2k compatible with adaptor cable. Any modern AP should be. Drive unit extends about 8" deep behind the dash.
  494. *****

    AP 24 Install

    I'll give em a call. Thanks. Anyone closer to SD?
  495. *****

    AP 24 Install

    Necroing the thread, looking for some help. Started the install and realized the drive unit doesn't come with mounting hardware. Found the part number for the bezel kit. oc15suk10, but not in stock anywhere. Thought about fabbing my own plate. But finding bolts with the correct threading and...
  496. *****

    any feedback on raymarine autopilot??

    Mechanical steer, hydraulic assist. Morse cable runs from the helm back to the hydraulics in engine bay. The drive unit replaces the steering box in the dash.
  497. *****

    Marbled Rainshadow...

    How much does something like this cost?
  498. *****

    Blue Fin Limits and Filleting News

    I'll be joining CCA at the FH show in Del Mar. And I will be asking them the same question. I do believe we need to fight. BUT, I've also had enough experience with other national associations heavily recruiting membership in California ( NRA?) while delivering very little action at a state...
  499. *****

    Blue Fin Limits and Filleting News

    And where is the CCA? My concern being another national assoc. Taking money from California with minimal actions being taken on our behalf.
  500. *****

    any feedback on raymarine autopilot??

    I have the same steering, motor, drive setup. At 25' The boat size limitation worried me. Went with the Simrad AP24. Today, I'd look at the Lowrance AP
  501. *****

    fs: bnib skb 7200 tackle box

    See you in a couple weeks!
  502. *****

    Buying Diesel Truck in Nevada question

    My '02 duramax came from Missouri. It falls under federal emissions rules. Still gets smogged, but no cat required.
  503. *****

    Fred Hall Show Deals

    I'll be renewing my FD subscription for a free tshirt and hat. Looking for a new fathom 30 2 speed w/ free izorline fillup.
  504. *****

    Penn Fathom FTH25NLD2

    I've been looking too. Can you post a link or PM? Thanks
  505. *****

    Oh my, what to do ???

    Duracoat bedliner has a smooth finish
  506. *****

    Bottom Paint Recomendations

    Tagged. I'm due for new paint too. Tried contacting Driscoll's?
  507. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    Finally found the problem. The idle air control valve on the port side of throttle body was clogged. I had shredded a belt during the season and some of the debris must have clogged up the small filter to the valve body. Took it apart. Cleaned the filter material, mesh screen, and the...
  508. *****

    Need Service on 34' Motorhome North SD County Only

    Temecula Valley RV replaced a tank and serviced our generator.
  509. *****

    Seeker classic series price drop!

    I'll let everyone else have a chance first.
  510. *****

    Seeker classic series price drop!

    Wtf! I pm'ed you in your original posting 2/11. You were "firm at $130". And you also got another offer for $125.....
  511. *****

    Teak Swimstep Repair

    Drill it out and use a through bolt
  512. *****

    HEY HOMEOWNERS........

    Insurance could be very subjective...
  513. *****

    HEY HOMEOWNERS........

    The escrow payment is your property taxes, right?
  514. *****

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    Open tapatalk settings ( gear icon top right of home page) Clear cache
  515. *****

    Upgraded Forum Software -List Bugs, Problems, Questions

    Tapatalk = Access Denied. Contact admin?
  516. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    Yeah, no kill switch on my Skipjack. Tried disconnecting the grey wire from ignition to tach. No change.
  517. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    I will. Been busy with work. Next step is testing the ignition relay. Justintime (Richie) has been a huge help.
  518. *****


  519. *****

    What autopilot do you use on your skip jack?

    I have the HDS7 gen 2 using the Simnet to NMEA adaptor cable
  520. *****

    What autopilot do you use on your skip jack?

    Looks like a watered down version of the AP24. Made by the same corp. there's an adaptor cable to convert the simrad cable to standard NMEA2k. For connecting to your MFD Edit. Yes, my skippy has a morse cable for steering to hydraulic assist. Not sure the exact part#
  521. *****

    Avet Mxl 5.8 single speed for sale

    Pm'ed for SD or shipping
  522. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    Replaced the alternator, checked main breaker (50A) to motor, fuel pump is coming on with ignition. Sent a pm to Justintime. Hopefully he can help.
  523. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    No spark. Can I use any OBD2 scanner?
  524. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    Got fuel to the pump and plugs are wet. I'm thinking spark. It's EFI , need to a good mobile mechanic.
  525. *****

    Best advice you ever got?

    "If you're going to break the rules, don't get caught. Then I don't have to be the bad guy" " People don't appreciate being made to look stupid" " In marriage, love has to be a two way street". Which, at the time, he saw something in my current relationship that I couldn't.
  526. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    It's EFI, I'll have to check on the fuel pump....
  527. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    It's fresh gas treated with Stabil marine. So I'm thinking ignition . I removed the alternator today and it needs to be rebuilt, but not sure it's related...?
  528. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    Well, that's a relief and a frustration...
  529. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    Engine turns over and sputters like it wants to start.
  530. *****

    Stuck Selonoid?

    2009 Merc 350Mag. Has been ran regularly. Went to start it and the motor turns but won't run. Checked fuel filter, clean. Anything else I should check? Any way to bench test the starter selonoid? Or throw a new one at it and hope for the best?
  531. *****

    What autopilot do you use on your skip jack?

    Simrad Ap24. Could only find it for mech steer at WestMarine
  532. *****

    Went to chase bugs then this happened!

    Had the same thing happen to me last year. All new running gear. Now I check lugs prior to every trip with torque wrench.
  533. *****

    Break-IN & ADT Security Systems

    While I'm a big advocate of 2A, deterrence should be the first priority. Easier to justify any further action during the ensuing police investigation.
  534. *****

    Break-IN & ADT Security Systems

    I have a Logitech Alert Commander system. Night vision, customizable motion sensing, smart phone monthly subscription required.
  535. *****

    $1,500.00 budget for a plotter / sounder. What would you buy?

    Have a Lowrance HDS 7, wish I had known more about Simrad. World of difference.
  536. *****

    Let the lobster wars begin

    Thank you for trying to be a spokesman for the sport. I've experienced environmental attacks on several of my past hobbies, hunting, desert toys, rock crawling, etc. The one thing I've noticed about the SoCal fishery is a lack of a united LEGAL front. Keep up the good fight to get the word out.
  537. *****

    25 skipjack sportcruiser- icebox and stove question

    My switch is inside the fridge. It's a Norcold 12/120. I'm assuming was stock in 1992
  538. *****

    Found hoop nets in San Diego Bay

    I lost 3 -36" promar eclipse. Tried to pm you but got a server error
  539. *****

    Can anyone tell me where to buy a pair of 3 pt white tail deer antlers?

    eBay. Definitely not illegal. Taxidermy friend buys them all the time...
  540. *****

    AP 24 Install

    Bought an AP 24 kit for the skippy. Installing this off season. I'm fairly mechanical, but does anyone have experience doing doing this? I've heard some complaints about installing the mechanical steering unit. Better to pay a few $$ to have professional install? Or am I GTG?
  541. *****

    Lost nets please help if possible

    Out going tide until 1am that night...
  542. *****

    F#%^* Thieves - MB

    Had 3 hoop nets stolen Saturday night in the MB channel approx 3am. Assholes. Hope they're dumb enough to reuse them in the bay. Could not have been dragged under. Set on incoming tide with plenty of line for any depth in the bay.
  543. *****

    Which boat?

    Is Farallon DD or OD?
  544. *****

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    Goes with the territory. Buy your own boat
  545. *****

    live Bait Pens?

    I had the same question in Mission Bay. Answer: Home Depot in Tijuana has poly Cisterns. But no way I'm making the trip though.
  546. *****

    San Diego - How far does your VHF Broadcast? Can you reach SD from the 371?

    Adjusting your squelch down = further range. What size antenna and mount location?
  547. *****

    IBEW 77 question

    Like I said in my PM, you'll be a pawn for their "real" union base negotiations. Seen it too many times...
  548. *****


    Bellicheat's walk-off at the press conference was priceless!
  549. *****

    Anyone know what this floating blob is?

    Any space peanuts in there? Beat me to it...
  550. *****

    Iphone GPS APP?

    iPhone gPS will work. Doesn't require cellular connection. Just not as good as a dedicated device with a topo map loaded...
  551. *****

    MLPA ticket? How to take care of it

    Go to court! You'll shit when you see the bail schedule on the ticket. Appear and it'll be reduced for first offense. And it will be in a criminal court, not traffic related. When you receive the summons in the mail it will have the court to appear at. Good luck!
  552. *****

    Chem lights

    Digging up an old thread... With the Promar LED's at almost $6 each, how are you attaching them to the buoy? I drilled some holes so they stand up, but thinking I should tie them off in case they fall out... any ideas?
  553. *****

    D14 zone big black bear

    I hope your son runs faster than you...
  554. *****

    So Cal Weather Friday 9/26?

    Calling for 4' wind waves? Yikes! Am I over thinking this? Would really like to get a trifecta: YFT, Dodo, and lobster in one day...
  555. *****

    Running Without Twins or Kicker-an incoherent rant

    I never go further than my VA gold covers me
  556. *****

    re powering my 24' FB Skippy

    My sea core has a CCS and EFI
  557. *****

    re powering my 24' FB Skippy

    I'm no expert either. But I've seen skippys this size with dual 350's. Single diesel can't weigh more.
  558. *****

    Be Careful at Night - Junk in the Water

    I've been looking for lights like this. Post up the link plz.
  559. *****

    re powering my 24' FB Skippy

    I have a 2009 Mercury Seacore 350mag and Bravo2 OD in my 25' skippy. Looking forward to connecting motor to my NMEA this off season. Bravo2 is good for heavier boats. If I were to repower, it would be a single diesel...
  560. *****

    Fish dope or 976bite?

    FD is the shit. More then paid for itself in fuel savings
  561. *****

    Jigstrike out of H&M?

    Ok, here's the follow up report, weird trip. Not bad, but definitely different. No safety briefing, no fishing tutorial on what's been working, Fished the area between SCI and Cat for: Zero tuna, 20+ rats, and one hen dodo Captain worked hard to put us on fish. That's just the way it goes...
  562. *****

    Spectra...What is it?

    Been making compound bow strings out of spectra since the 90's
  563. *****

    The Best Fish & Chips In North County SD?

    Beef 'n Bun in El Cajon / Lemon Grove area
  564. *****

    What's up with the boats parked off of San Diego at night?

    Commercial Crab maybe?
  565. *****

    Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    NBC News tonight reported it was a Russian spy satellite falling out of orbit.
  566. *****

    Jigstrike out of H&M?

    I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express
  567. *****

    Jigstrike out of H&M?

    If the numbers looked better I would. But unsure if it's the crew or the customers keeping them down in such an epic year
  568. *****

    Jigstrike out of H&M?

    Not concerned about the age/ size of the boat. Is the Capt fishy? Is he in the "code group"? Or should we have a game plan going in?
  569. *****

    Condor Jackpot YFT

    Slumming on a sporty?
  570. *****

    What Fillet knife do you use?

    +1 for Kershaw. A blade made by a knife mfg co.
  571. *****

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    I cut the loin same as pic above. 4-6" chunks ( serving size) seem to absorb more smoke flavor without drying out
  572. *****

    Smoked Yellow fin Tuna Question !

    Comes out excellent! The smoked is always first gone in my house. Buy a smoker. You'll want to run it for about 3 hours at approx 200 degrees. There's a ton of brining recipes. I smoke it plain. Served with some lemon slices. Or put it on bread with a good tartar sauce. Best tuna sandwich...
  573. *****

    High school fishing club?

    Have you approached the landings with your plans? At the very least you should get a group discount or maybe even a few free trips...
  574. *****

    High school fishing club?

    Talk to Joey. Family owned in SD for generations. Not sure about sponsorships, never asked.
  575. *****

    High school fishing club?

  576. *****

    Forward and possibly side lighting

    After spending so many years motoring out in complete darkness, and gearing up for my first lobster season, I'm thinking about mounting some flood lights facing forward and possibly on the side for avoiding stuff in the water and spotting buoys. I haven't seen very many boats with forward...
  577. *****

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    "So what's the water temp over there"? Look at a fuckin SST chart asshat
  578. *****

  579. *****

    California's Ten Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

    Outstanding! A win for common sense!
  580. *****

    Electric smoker - beginner needs advice

    DON"T DO IT! Spend a little more for the propane two door cabinet. The first time you need to add water or chips, adjust temp, etc. you'll understand why.
  581. *****

    Lowrance HDS-7

    I have the HDS7 gen 2 with SS. Wish I had got the Simrad for integrating radar and AP. IMO the Structure Scan is useless offshore.
  582. *****

    If you had 40K what boat would you buy?

    Skipjack 262 with a single diesel
  583. *****

    Coast Guard Dfg boardings

    CG was at the entrance of MB last weekend boarding private boats as they came in. What they're looking for? IDK. But they were busy. Got done with one guy right inside the jettys and then zipped across my bow and lit up the PB to my right.
  584. *****

    Unfreakingbelievable for the Scorpio. In a bad way

    Fishdope was a game changer for us this year. Maybe it's just being able to visualize on the charts where the fish are being caught. Then anticipating the direction they'll be moving...
  585. *****

    mercruiser 5.7 power loss

    Bad valve?
  586. *****


  587. *****

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Northcounty Spring in Esco
  588. *****

    Dana point 15 mile out. YFT 8-4

    I nominate for BD West Coast Fishin Chick!!!
  589. *****

    raymarine autopilot ripoff

    I'm no expert but from the pics in the ad it looks like you're missing the main processor between the compass and drive unit.
  590. *****

    raymarine autopilot ripoff

    So what do you want to do with it? Besides return it. Fix it or sell it?
  591. *****

    raymarine autopilot ripoff

    What's wrong with it? Might be interested...
  592. *****

    Has this happen to you?????

    I call BS on the coordinates. If you were in radio contact and gave him your correct, updated #'s, he would have been on you and you wouldn't have needed to shoot any flares. How do I know? Had to call in last weekend. 23 miles out. Gave my numbers and 1 1/2 hours later the guy pulled up...
  593. *****

    Bait Receiver at my Dock

    Home Depot in TJ
  594. *****

    Chovie Setup

    Add a sliding water ball to your line. More weight to cast, weightless in the water.
  595. *****

    Friday 8/1 @ the 182

    Came up in the sea anchor. Wish I knew what it was...
  596. *****

    Friday 8/1 @ the 182

    Left MB with BD'r SonicEd and my son at 5am with a 3/4 scoop of hot dines and topped off with anchovies. Our alarm must have been set 15 minutes ahead of everyone else because there was one boat ahead of us at the receiver and maybe 10 rushing to line up as we pulled away. A couple miles short...
  597. *****

    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    Before you start pulling things apart. Go on Amazon and buy a used copy of the repair manual for your motor. Welcome to your first money pit. There's no such thing as a cheap boat.
  598. *****

    Lure for trolling

    Natural cedar plug has been killing tuna this year
  599. *****

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Check front u-joints connected to wheel hubs. Designed to be a weak point. Rock crawled for any years. Could have chipped a gear in the front diff too. But less likely
  600. *****

    Bow bait tank on a 26 Skipjack

    Skippy 26 on our dock has one. Installed a storage box for rode and rope. Plumbed through (hatch / portal?) where line used to go below deck. Probably where pump is mounted also.
  601. *****

    Fishermens Processing Discounts???

    Yep, that's him.
  602. *****

    Fishermens Processing Discounts???

    Don't forget FP is owned by the same guy that owns most of the sport boats and the dock at H&M. Coincidence they don't clean fish on the boats anymore?
  603. *****

    lightning hit a guy on catalina golf course

    Thunder & lightning was directly overhead at MB today. Set off car alarms in the Seaforth parking lot. Twice.
  604. *****

    Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Typo. 65 degrees. I was really tired when I posted.
  605. *****

    Patty fishing - how mnay drifts?

    Since fish don't always show up on FF under the boat. How many drifts do you make before you move on? I fished probably a dozen yesterday before I found one that went off. Wondering if I'm moving too quickly.
  606. *****

    Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Maybe I'm referencing the wrong area. The dumping ground area east of the 182.
  607. *****

    Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    The end of the line looked to be chewed off
  608. *****

    Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Left MB at 4am. Stopped at the receiver for a nice mix of 'dines and 'chovies. Found a few nice pattys above the 182. 1 Yft picked up on a natural cedar plug. Dropped a bait in on the slide and landed #2. Kept moving out towards the 43, trolling around and stopping on at least 6 good size...
  609. *****

    big patty

    Pic from jet ski?
  610. *****

    Got to fly my flags today

    What is 49/39? Coordinates or fathoms?
  611. *****

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Same thing happened to me at 4am about 5 miles out of MB. I must have ran over a patty in the dark. Kelp fouled the prop. :doh:
  612. *****

    Repercussion for having a bluefin in Mex?

    I asked the same question over in the main thread. Boat impounded and small fine. Never see your boat again.
  613. *****

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Any idea what the fine will be for possession of BFT?
  614. *****

    WTB: Half Day Trip vouchers...

    I have a voucher for a free 1/2 day from Dana Wharf in DP you can have. I had a bunch of 2:1 coupons too I'd have to look around for...
  615. *****

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    Fisherman was not targeting sharks.
  616. *****

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    INAL, but I play one on TV. Besides, if GWS are a protected species, I wouldn't be surprised if at least shark fishing the area doesn't become restricted during the specified "pupping season".
  617. *****

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    Yes, you created a situation that might not otherwise have existed. I would suggest targeting a different species. Or sharking at night when they're more active. Isn't swimming/ surfing within so many feet of the pier already restricted?
  618. *****

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    Chumming for sharks off a pier with people in the water probaly isn't a wise decision. I can see where the fisherman was at least partly responsible for attracting sharks to the area.
  619. *****

    NMEA 2000 Fuel Management

    How did you plug into the wiring harness? Mfg also states the system protocol has to be converted from mercruiser system language to NMEA?
  620. *****

    What to get: boat electronics

    Navionics app on iPhone. Best $10 backup plotter.
  621. *****


    The permanent coating also maintains a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, lotions and sunscreens. That's cool....
  622. *****

    Adrianna on the Board

    Thanks for the great report!
  623. *****

    NMEA 2000 Fuel Management

    For future reference, and anyone else who may find this thread, Mercruiser requires a SmartCraft Gateway adaptor to connect engine output data to an NMEA system.
  624. *****

    PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    Left MB at 2am. Stopped to get a scoop of anchovies and headed for San Salvador Knoll. Passed over the knoll by greylight. Threw out the trollers and headed south from there. Lots of paddies out there but only a few had any yellows on them and those had lockjaw for everything we offered...
  625. *****

    CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    Everybody needs to back up off the big bird. That boats the reason I became a PB'er. If I'm going for a skunky boat ride I'll drive myself.
  626. *****

    Sport boat on fire?

    For Sale
  627. *****

    Eisenglass Replacement-Please Help!

    Can leave the boat with them or find someone local to O- side who has access to the marina ( check with the office for a list of approved contractors). In my experience replacement requires multiple visits to the boat to measure, test fit, mark, etc
  628. *****

    Eisenglass Replacement-Please Help!

    I'm 90% done replacing all canvas and eisenglass glass. You're best bet is to either find a shop with storage where you
  629. *****

    Eisenglass Replacement-Please Help!

    Where is the boat?
  630. *****

    Need help in estimating costs on updating an older boat

    Too many hours on a gas motor. Expect to do a rebuild soon. If it doesn't happen, you're lucky. Gas or diesel, I'd look for the most modern, fuel efficient running gear you can find in your budget.
  631. *****

    Saddle Tanks

    Sent you a text
  632. *****

    Saddle Tanks

    2- 25 gal, above deck. Looks like they'll fit against the gunnels, but I wouldn't be able to open the deck hatches past verticle.
  633. *****

    Saddle Tanks

    Nobody uses saddle tanks?
  634. *****

    Saddle Tanks

    Looking at a set of poly saddle tanks for my skippy. Would like the extended range. Do they take up space? Any other drawbacks?
  635. *****

    BD broken ?

  636. *****

    Splitting costs

    Probably not a big deal to my friend either way. Just want to do what's right. Judging by everyone's responses I'll probably cover bait and ice. Split the fuel.
  637. *****

    Splitting costs

    No change in plans. Adults are going fishing. We make plans and the boy can decide to get on the boat or stay home.
  638. *****

    Splitting costs

    Taking my 12 yo son and a buddy out next week. When it's just the two of us we split all costs 50/50. What's the right split when I bring my son on my boat?
  639. *****

    Bait situation

    Get to the dock early. They run out of PB'er stock. Sportboat share is held in reserve. 6/1 both SD and MB docks were turning away PB's by 6AM.
  640. *****

    What caliber next???

    300wsm or 7mm flat shooting big game calibers
  641. *****

    What caliber next???

    What do you like / not like about the calibers you already own? Off hand, I'd recommend a 17hmr ( great for bobcats) or a 45lc for close range big game
  642. *****

    Anyone fish with go pros?

    If you're going to mount to a rail or somewhere it won't get wet there's also the skeleton case that allows you to plug into a 12v adaptor = no battery life
  643. *****

    Stingray -edible?

    Goofing around at the boat slipped in MB and thought I'd get a line wet. Threw a strip of fresh frozen squid on a #2 hook off the back. Hoping for a bass, rod goes bendo and is peeling line. 20 minutes later I pull up the biggest stingray I've ever seen in my life. Thing had to be 6 feet...
  644. *****

    Fun game to play when driving.

    Anal Fit Anal Mirage Anal Juke
  645. *****

    Guess the Weight - Contest Ends September 3rd, 2013 - Win an AFTCO Ninja Shirt

    Sometimes I wonder if the mods keep these threads open for the comedy :jig:
  646. *****

    So Cal boat slip for 30' to 35' boat, cost $$$$$

    Also need to factor in maintenance costs of a 100% slipped boat. If you can trailer it out when needed and do your own wrenching save big $$$ versus a ship yard haul out. Slips don't allow you to do much maintenance on the water. To me, this is the biggest detractor of an untrailerable boat...
  647. *****

    NMEA 2000 Fuel Management

    Sweet! Thanks for the quick response!
  648. *****

    NMEA 2000 Fuel Management

    I have a 2009 Mercruiser 5.7L and a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2. With the motor being computerized, do I also need to buy the Lowrance fuel flow sensor? Or does the motor comp already measure fuel rate and I just need to plug in the NMEA 200 backbone?
  649. *****

    So Cal boat slip for 30' to 35' boat, cost $$$$$

    We slipped ours in Dana Point last season and Mission Bay (Marina Village) this year. MB is $75 per month cheaper. But it depends on travel distance from home and where you want to fish if it's worth a little extra $$
  650. *****

    Boating License - SB941

    Don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this. Mods please move if not. Searched and didn't see any thread on this anywhere else... This bill would...
  651. *****

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    Some day :rolleyes:: 2007 LUHRS 36' convertible boat yacht sport fishing OBO - $225000 (San Diego) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) (yahoo map) condition: excellent size / dimensions: 36' Newest Luhr's 36...
  652. *****

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    It would be interesting to hear a captains perspective on giving the JP to deckies vs straight tipping. Personally I think they should be kept separate
  653. *****


    There should be a forum for fish recipes. Mods? Ali?
  654. *****

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    First, as you've probably already noticed, the Pacific is much colder than Florida. And it isn't going to get much warmer this summer (maybe 5-10 degrees). So it's your call on how cold & wet your comfortable with. Second, do you plan to do any overnights at the local islands? Check out...
  655. *****

    Dana Point Harbor boating in danger!!! Need support

    This has been coming for a longgggg time. Plans have been posted for years
  656. *****

    moving my boat

    Height limit is exactly 14'. Anything over must be removed or requires a permit from CHP. Ask me how I know...
  657. *****

    Free Bait Tuesdays

  658. *****

    Playa Del Carmen / Puerto Aventuras in April

    Hi, Will be in PDC April 10th - 22nd. Planning to book a half day trip out of Puerto Aventuras. Will wait to reserve until I have feet on the ground to pick a day, but I'm looking at Capt. Rick's fleet. 35' Luhrs looks like a nice platform! As we also want to snorkel a bit. Any other...
  659. *****

    Looking for "THE" Spots

    Thanks. Here's another resource
  660. *****

    Bye Bye Yee

    Firearms trafficking
  661. *****

    26 Blackman Express Advice

    Have it surveyed
  662. *****

    Fish Dope Subscription - Fred Hall?

    Sorry, that's not how I get down. Not that there's anything with it...:gay:
  663. *****

    Camping on Catalina question

    We always stay at Two Harbors...
  664. *****

    Fish Dope Subscription - Fred Hall?

    After a brutal rookie season I'm ready to purchase my first subscription to Fish Dope. Should I wait for the Fred Hall - Del Mar or do it online? I see on their website there's a separate selection for subscribing with a FH certificate, but it's the same price. What's the benefit? Any...
  665. *****

    WTB - Weaver Dinghy Davit yokes & pads

    Looking for a set of used yokes and unused pads for inflatable dinghy. Thx
  666. *****

    Boat Insurance

    Do they cover the haz mat clean up? This seemed to be a major selling point for BoatUS when i was shopping around.
  667. *****

    So Cal Canvas - SD

    $1600 for all new in sunbrella fabric. The enclosure with new eisenglass and hardware was the most expensive piece @ $900...
  668. *****

    Boat Insurance

    Made a claim with Boat US last season, no problem.