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  1. FishPimpII

    12lb downrigger ball mold?

    Somewhere over the last few years I lent out my 12lb downrigger ball mold and have no recollection who/where, but it is not in its usual spot incthe garage under the work bench. If there is anyone in the Bothell, Woodinville, Monroe general area I would appreciate borrowing one. And a 15lb if...
  2. FishPimpII

    Free KC lights

    Swapped these out. They work. Don’t seem bright compared to LED. But if someone has an 80’s Jeep they’d look perfect. Free to a good home. Or any of you guys.
  3. FishPimpII

    Panther T5 kicker steering with remote

    Another goodie the boat came with is a panther T5 steering system. (Saltwater version) Includes the wireless remote (although I’m told this likely needs new batteries) I was told the previous owner attached it once and didn’t like it so it looks like new. I’m just going to steer from main helm...
  4. FishPimpII

    Getting the boat set up...

    So I worked with sleepy Jay Inslee to delay the fishing season until I had my boat ready. Now that I’ve bought myself a couple extra weeks here my list of things to do/get for the new to me Whaler 255 conquest. I was a boat owner for about 15 years before taking the last 6 off to be a Ho but I...
  5. FishPimpII

    6 man life raft

    Boat I bought came with an 6 man raft in a plastic case. It’s expired and the case is cracked in the corner. Zodiac Costal model. No cradle. Was held on boat with a blue ratchet strap. How about 300$ or reasonable offer if the masses say that’s 300 is not reasonable. (Now $250)
  6. FishPimpII

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    After my attempted East coast boat buying adventure I have gotten quite a few friendly suggestions about boat options. None were exact matches for what I am looking for so I figured I could put on a detailed “wanted to buy” and see if anyone on here has any leads. I am looking for a 23-27 foot...
  7. FishPimpII

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    Anyone with good shipping contacts for towing a 25 Carolina Classic from hampstead NC back here to Seattle WA? Anytime after March 1st. New brakes, bearings, lights going on the trailer this week. Finally pulling the trigger after being a boat ho for 5 years. Heading back east Saturday to...
  8. FishPimpII

    PV offshore 1/23 with Danny Gomez

    Got my offshore fishing day with Danny Gomez as part of the annual family fishing vacation. This year my dad flew down to go out with me and as it turns out Danny has his son Daniel deckhanding for the day. It was a pretty special father son experience as Daniel hooked his first Black Marlin and...
  9. FishPimpII

    BD brotha in PV?

    I am down in PV with the family in conchas chinas and saw a car parked outside lindo mar restaurant with a BD sticker. Who is it??? tight lines!!
  10. FishPimpII

    WTB Parker 2520 DV open back or similar

    Looking for Parker 2520 with open back/drop curtain or a similar open back pilothouse boat such as Steigercraft 25/26, northcoast 23 hardtop... Also interested in a Carolina Classic 25 but only if I can find one with outboards. Open to other ideas but needs of be open back pilothouse or...
  11. FishPimpII

    Deer lake July report

    Fish are still biting off the “bloody docks” at deer lake... hoping to turn these ones in to crab instead of halibut though.
  12. FishPimpII

    WTB ASAP Chest Freezer

    After a productive weekend of harvesting my chest freezer now seems to be having trouble holding temp even after I moved things around. So I am looking for a 15 cu ft +/- chest freezer. If no one has one their looking to sell I’m open to buying a new one (today) so would like recommendations...
  13. FishPimpII

    Last minute neah moorage?

    Anyone have neah moorage they aren’t using this weekend? Have a buddy that decided to come out spur of the moment that is looking for moorage for 28 duckworth. They’re happy to pay their share if your not using it. If not they’ll wait in the launch line. Thanks! Jeff If so please call/text Steve...
  14. FishPimpII

    Deer lake carnage volume 4

    Got together with @Team Sency and family for the 4th annual “bloody docks” trout slaughter. Boys had a great time, moms caught a great buzz, and we are now stocked up for halibut bait. As usual Cado max got the biggest trout but there were quite a few holdovers mixed in with the hatchery...
  15. FishPimpII

    Split a day charter PV November 18-26?

    I'm headed down or PV in a few weeks with the family from the 17th-27th but the kids aren’t big enough to fish offshore yet so would be game of split a charter for a day if anyone is interested since I’ll be fishing solo. I’ve fished with Danny Gomez in the past and he was awesome and would go...
  16. FishPimpII

    WTB tuna jig rod

    Wife got me a Daiwa Lexa 400wn for my 40th bday.. now I need a rod to pair with it to throw some iron at the tuna. Whatcha got for sale? @Thrasherrods?
  17. FishPimpII

    Good news for a change :) See transients are good for something! Now the question is how do we keep these pinniped hunting transients around?
  18. FishPimpII

    Spring cleaning “value” combo’s...

    After a recent thread about “value” rods and reels I was inspired to go through my rod rack and pick out a few older combo’s that while perfectly functional just don’t get fished anymore since I’ve been able to upgrade over the years. All set-ups have scratches/marks and dust and have caught a...
  19. FishPimpII

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    Hit the boat show the last couple days.. once with the kids and once without. Putting together a short list for a boat purchase in a year-ish so was looking a little harder than previous years. Really liked the stabicraft for a great value fishing tank! The 255 (Or 275) Grady freedom will...
  20. FishPimpII

    DNR shutting down some net pens

    Hwy even if wdfw won’t look out for us at least it looks like the new head of DNR will. And that was supposed to be “shutting” down in the title. So...
  21. FishPimpII

    The fat lady?

    Team juicebox is looking at the crazy possibility of heading towards illwaco this weekend for one last shot at tuna... anyone that has the SST/chloro dialed had a good look in the last couple days? Anyone thinking of making one last run from illwaco or westport? Or do you hear the fat lady...
  22. FishPimpII

    Charter/boat ho options for my dad end of sept.?

    My dad will be in Hawaii the end of this month. In Kona and free on sept 27th and then in Honolulu sept 29-30 and oct 2nd. He'd love to split a charter or pay a fair share to head out with someone local any or all of those days as his significant other will be visiting her family in Hawaii those...
  23. FishPimpII

    Extra room at holiday motel thurs-sun

    Team juicebox (aka 5 Tuna prayer boys) booked two rooms at the holiday motel for Thursday-Sunday for the WTC but then a motor on the juice box died so a couple of us are jumping in with brother Dave's team so we only need one room. Chris took care of passing along the tourney entry so someone...
  24. FishPimpII

    Fuel sender and gauge

    Continuing the spring garage clean out and I found an unused tempo fuel sender and teleflex Morse fuel gauge. Bought these for the old boat but discovered I just had a loose wire so never installed. I see they were 31.95 each ten years ago so let's see if they anyone wants them for 30 total for...
  25. FishPimpII

    Used XL ez steer rod only

    I was walking through a local marine store and saw that ez steer rods were something like 171.99 and that looked like for just the rod.. (I see a bit cheaper online). I have an old ez steer connector rod (extra long) that came off my old boat. It's just been collecting dust in my garage so...
  26. FishPimpII

    WTB 16oz jig mold (or 16-20-24oz)

    Just throwing it out there before I buy one online... Anyone have a 16oz (or ideally a 16-20-24oz combo) bullet head jig mold (like the hilts big mojo) that they want to sell? (Or even loan out but I'd prefer to buy one) I'm located in north seattle and unless someone puts together a lead melt...
  27. FishPimpII

    Helping "Santa" choose an Electric Reel for Christmas

    So Santa is going to bring me an electric reel for Christmas and I'm trying to decide which one so soliciting the forum's advice. Option A is the tanacom 750. Seems like that's a pretty basic one that holds enough line and has enough...
  28. FishPimpII

    Used Magma marine stainless bbq

    Bump for BBQ season and price drop. Cleaning out the garage and I no longer need my magma marine stainless bbq propane grill. It has the rail mount as well. It is an older version with some corrosion and a small chip where the regulator connects to the propane bottle but the chip does not...
  29. FishPimpII

    1977 ez loader galvanized trailer with new axle, wheels, lights

    *****Sold****** Update with new pictures and specs. The kicker boat is sold after all so now I'm selling the heavy duty ez loader galvanized trailer that's currently under it. It's rock solid, it has a brand new 3500lb axle with new wheels and tires. Just put new lights on it as well Also has...
  30. FishPimpII

    Moving sale.. Honda Kicker, ez loader trailer, johnson 20 horse... Etc.

    All sold or off the market. Kicker boat project pics to follow eventually. My dad is moving so my storage is going away. (Located in north Bothell) Honda kicker Sold! 1980ish heavy duty ez loader roller trailer with brand new 3500lb axle from six roblees. Originally held a 19 foot trihull...
  31. FishPimpII

    Very very cheap moorage at big salmon

    have 30 feet of moorage on D dock at big salmon. The crew that was going to use it this weekend decided to pull the plug and not go. If you need moorage between now and Wednesday at noon at big salmon let me know as I'm sure you could work out a deal for my spot for much much cheaper than going...
  32. FishPimpII

    WTB offshore Anchor system for Hali fishing

    I will be buying/putting together an anchor system in the next couple weeks for anchoring while halibut fishing. Will be anchoring a 23 foot boat in 50-120 feet of water in relatively light current so would like an appropriate system with anchor & chain, ez puller, float ball, and rope...
  33. FishPimpII

    Opening day 2016

    Headed up to whidbey to our cabin on deer lake for opening day and my better half, my little dudes and I met up with Team Sency, Mrs. Sency and their boys and we put a hurting on the local trout population. The boys did great despite some less than stellar weather. Big fish of the weekend was...
  34. FishPimpII

    Area 7 south report

    Headed to the farthest south end of area 7.. Seemed unseasonably warm but what the hell. Decided to go out anyway. Didn't find any San Juan sailfish but found a couple amberjacks and a pargo. Would go fishing in the San Juans of Puerto Vallarta with Capt. Gomez again any day!
  35. FishPimpII

    Grady guys

    here's a chance to put those machines to the test.
  36. FishPimpII

    Share a charter PV Feb 20-28?

    I'm heading down to PV with the family feb 19th-29th and the wife is letting me book a charter trip out of PV for our 5 year anniversary. I've chased fish all over the pacific nw but up here our tuna options are limited to albacore so I'm pretty excited. She'll be on shore with our 20 month old...
  37. FishPimpII

    Chum Report. Hot bite area 9/10

    Not. No one is fishing for chum in area 9/10.. Seriously.. Hopefully you just clicked on this report for amusement. If you think anyone cares about targeting chum in the salt instead of blackmouth you must work for WDFW.
  38. FishPimpII

    WA Record Opah for ARSC?

    Since apparently he's not tooting his own horn on this figure he deserves props since its in the Seattle times.. Awesome catch Mark!
  39. FishPimpII

    NOAA killing Cormorants like a boss... WDFW might not have the balls, the jurisdiction, or the deep pockets to fight the environazis in court but the Feds do and they are winning and as...
  40. FishPimpII

    Neah bay to close for kings 8/1?

    Just saw that big salmon posted on Facebook that area 4 kings will close on August 1st due to burning through the quota but don't see anything on wdfw site. Anyone else know the situation? Big salmon Facebook posts havent always been 100% accurate (ie reporting that you can keep 2 halibut per...
  41. FishPimpII

    Early north coast halibut closure?

    I just read on big salmon's Facebook page that the state is considering closing Hali fishing after Thursday? Have those of you in the know heard anything about this? Here is what they posted: Big Salmon Fishing Resort in Neah Bay, Washinton All you halibut anglers that love to fish Neah Bay...
  42. FishPimpII

    Neah bay opener 5/14

    Here's the quickie neah opener report. Limits of lings and Hali for 5 guys. Location: Far from port. Depth: On the bottom. Lures: pipe jigs with salmon bellies or trout on a circle hook on a double dropper rig. Weather: awesome Good sized lings, average Hali's.. Special thanks to jbuck for the...
  43. FishPimpII

    Opening day 2015

    Headed up to The family cabin on deer lake yesterday to take our twin boys out for opening day. My dad came along to join in the fun and because twin one year olds could be a handful for the wife and I without the addition of flopping fish. Got a late start due to nap time (for the boys not me)...
  44. FishPimpII

    WTB Penn Fathom 25nld

    I'm looking for a good deal on a Penn 25n lever drag. If spooled with line full of 40-50lb braid would be a value to me other line would just come off. Don't really care if it is a 2 speed but not opposed to it if someone has one they are looking to unload. Thanks and open to just buying new...
  45. FishPimpII

    WTB Penn Fathom 25NLD

    Im looking for a good deal on a Penn 25n lever drag. If spooled with line full of 40-50lb braid would be a value to me other line would just come off. Don't really care if it is a 2 speed but not opposed to it if someone has one they are looking to unload. I'm Located in Seattle so unless you...
  46. FishPimpII

    Sitting on shore in PV... Split a day trip?

    I'm down here in south PV (conchas chinas) on a family vacation (with the wife and twin 10 month olds) for the next week leaving 3/2. With the babies being here an overnight trip is not an option but could get away for a day. Since it's just me going fishing don't need a boat to myself and...
  47. FishPimpII

    wtb and opinions wanted on new live bait tuna and halibut reel

    Here's a winter time thread starter.... I'm looking for a new reel to use for live baiting tuna (albacore) and fishing Hali's in Washington. My fishing partner has a fleet of talicas 8's for this purpose and just bought an avet to try. I love the feel of the talicas (8's and 10's) and their...
  48. FishPimpII

    Hali/tuna reel opinions?

    Ok.. Here's a winter time thread starter.... I'm looking for a new reel to use for live baiting tuna and fishing Hali's. My fishing partner has a fleet of talicas 8's for this purpose and just bought an avet to try. I love the feel of the talicas (8's and 10's) and their smooth drag is awesome...
  49. FishPimpII

    Fathers and Sons trip Westport 6/14

    Since Chris (team sency) only posts reports on big fish it is my job to post a report on a great trip. We decided to take our dads to Westport for a Father's day present and throughout the week the weather looked like it might be a little rough for the senior citizens, but when the biggest part...
  50. FishPimpII

    Fighting back guerrilla warfare style Looks like someone that didn't like the recent courtroom bullying of the sportsmen took it into their own hands to make sure that a few extra hatchery steelhead got released. Wonder if we will be able to fish for them...
  51. FishPimpII

    Quick CQ report

    Had a couple vacation days that I needed to burn at work so loaded up the boat and headed to CQ on thursday morning. Made it to the edmonds ferry and was the last rig on, unfortunately also noticed that I had a bearing that was burning hot. Called around to shops in Kingston and found a place...
  52. FishPimpII

    CQ wounded warrior weekend 2012

    Had the privilege of taking 2 wounded warriors fishing this weekend. Met up with John and Edward on Friday at the BBQ and we decided that they would join team Fish Pimp for the weekend. Saturday we started early with each of the Warriors catching a nice king that would have been a contender for...
  53. FishPimpII

    4 tuna virgins do westport 7/28

    Our crew of 4 tuna virgins left Seattle at 2:45am on very little to zero sleep and headed to Westport for an adventure that has had several years of research, planning, and a boat upgrade to my buddies 232 gulfstream behind it. Put the boat in the water and got some bait in the tank then headed...
  54. FishPimpII

    Neah Bay 7-6 to 7-8

    I've lurked here for awhile so figure it is time to share... Fished out of Neah Bay with some friends on my buddies grady gulfstream "juice box II" from 7-6 to 7-8 and two out of three days it was great fishing. We spent our time out at Swiftsure as we had heard good reports but we had heard...