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    Secret spot for yt

    Fished with some of my home boys Monday at the secret spot for Mexican yellowtail. El Capitan Kiel rocked, lead us to the promised land for the Willy Yellowtail. The tax man (pinniped) did his worst but the crew came home with double digit yellowtail. Gotta remember to always trade the with the...
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    For Sale Hundreds of fishing lures (Bass, Trout, & Salmon) for sale

    Have hundreds of fishing lures in 3 large tackle boxes and 4 smaller tackle boxes. The following is a partial list of some of these unused lures: *Mepps (various sizes)- 30-40 *Rooster Tails-20-40 *Rattle-Traps- 20-30 *Panther Martins -20-30 *Wiggle Warts -35-40 * Crocodiles- 10-15 *Acme Little...
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    Tiagra 16 worth

    I have a Tiagra 16 with a Baker topless frame, t-bar aftermarket handle, high end bearings ( Kens Custom Reels) 80# spectra (400 yds). What is this thing worth?
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    For Sale Calstar gf 760L

    as new grafighter 760L fished once (sat on the rail for 5 days) purchased last year.$185.00. Ace $2
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    Spectra recommendations

    Have a new diawa 300 and will be matching it with a 20-25 # trigger stick(7ft) that will be used as my traveling rod for east cape surf and light tackle rod and for calicos at Cedros . Will be using a 20-40# 1.5 to 2 ft fluoro (john Collins knot) and/or wire leader Mainly will be tossing...
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    Hobie mirage kayak for sale

    Hobie mirage for sale $1350 Perfect set-up for costal fishing Acechanley Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wax wing lure?

    So last month fished Cedros with Cedros Outdoor adventures for calico and yt. Focused on some weed /boiler rock fishing for calicos. Used Reeb lures and various fish trap swim baits which were very productive! Switched to my one wax wing (1 oz ~6 inches long blue mac pattern) and doubled the...
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    Cedros island

    Six days at Cedros outdoor adventures. Got back Tuesday from a 6 day trip. Lodge was great, excellent accommodations, good food and a great location. Fishing was relatively slow for Pelagics as it was windy for a few days. On Friday/Saturday there were 4 long range boats fishing the high spot (...
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    Knots for heavy fluorocarbon

    Can anyone suggest a knot to tie 150# fluro to hooks and iron to fish for wahoo? Would like a loop knot to allow the hook some freedom to move? Ace
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    40# reel Penn Fathom 25nld 2 speed what else?

    Have been a Shimano, Newell and Pro Gear guy for years. Have a 7 day on Excel coming up and a little $$$$ burning a hole in my pocket. My shimanos are 16 (50-60#) and 30 (80#) Tiagras, the venerable 20 TLD II (50#) Three Pro Gear 625's a 5.5:1 (Heavy Iron/Bombs) and 2x3:1's for 40#-50# bait...
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    Calcutta 400TE how strong is this reel?

    Have a Calcutta 400TE gathering dust. Was thinking of making this a 25 # schoolly Tuna/Yellowtail reel. Will use a Loomis Backbounce 8' Rod rated to 25 #. Thinking of filling it with 30 or 40# spectra and a 2 to 3 foot or a 15 to 25 yd fluoro top shot? Live bait chovies (if they are around) and...