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    Caught my Personal Best Salmon 37" 32lb king salmon off Muir Beach!

    Nice job. They'd call that one a "tyee" up north.
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    Wow. Darwin Award material, right there.
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    Seeing Ghosts on The Mirage 7/27

    I don't know what it is about that boat, but the Mirage has been one of the best sport boats to fish WSB on for a lot of years now. Just super fishy. Good for you, being on the right boat at the right time!
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    Grunion at so cal beaches report?

    Update - grilled 'em up over a VERY hot chunk charcoal fire. First time I've had them. Me and my daughter both loved them. Very white flesh, had expected them to be more like sardines (which I also enjoy). My wife prefers her fish not to look so much like a fish by the time it gets to her...
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    Grunion at so cal beaches report?

    I hit a local beach in my area last night, which was the second night of a new moon run. The fish were there, but not in huge numbers. Some waves brought dozens into flashlight range, interspersed with waves that were empty, at least in the area of the beach that I was on. Grabbed a couple...
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    Proper tipping

    My rule of thumb is that the guys on the boat work a helluva lot harder for their money than I do. Sport fishing is a luxury, not a necessity. Tip generously if you're able to, especially these days. Tough times for those guys.
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    More of a biology question

    If populations of fish had become isolated millions of years ago, there would be unique species and subspecies of rockfish, calicos, etc. all endemic to the islands. There aren't. Fish swim. A lot, in some cases.
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    Had and hour and a half in Panama City Beach, FL... made it happen!

    Yes, it does. Looks like you had fun!
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    Southshore launch ramp 7/3 who is this cool kid?

    Misunderstood what was involved in a "drag race".
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    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    Another obvious one is make sure you're in neutral. Inshore, set your anchor to give yourself one less thing to think about while you troubleshoot. Offshore, if you're on a drift near other boats, hail them and let them know you don't have power to maneuver. Depending on sea state and how...
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    Izors and a Swordie!

    Methinks that wouldn't have a happy ending for whoever shot him. Those things don't f'k around.
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    6/21/2020 Horseshoe and Izors report - with underwater footage

    That was a metric shit-ton of calicos! Awesome to see!
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    Channel Islands 6/20

    There are some big bastards out there, along with a lot of structure. A couple of years ago, I was on the Aloha Spirit with my regular charter group. The yellows were slurping up macks the size of your forearm on 40, 50, and 60, and there was a still a high casualty rate. There was a lot...
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    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    If you have a sous vide machine, use that to do olive-oil poached tuna. Incredible warm, or use cold for tuna salad, salad nicoise, etc. It's like the most luxurious oil-packed canned tuna you can imagine - soft, rich, and seasoned to your taste. I use a bit of lemon zest, salt, and pepper in...
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    Baja 2020 Not to Be?

    There is literally exactly one report of somebody who has crossed the border to sport fish in Baja recently (Sonora is mainland): Definitely looks amazing! Pretty damn small sample size, though. I don't see there being any more...
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    Snaking for Catfish........Ever done it?

    I've obviously been doing this all wrong. Time to sell the boat.
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    SOLD SOLD 15.5 Livingston warrior. 2019 70hp Yamaha

    Sweet boat. Those little things are awesome. GLWS.
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    Local King Salmon?

    No. The Stardust is a rockfishing machine, with some occasional surface fishing for bass, yellowtail, and seabass. Santa Barbara does not have a reliable salmon run, just a few fish caught every year, with an occasional better year. Our last good run was like 20 years ago. There is...
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    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    I was just looking up what you originally posted. The site you posted doesn’t exist, but I found another pretty scammy-looking one. I’m not looking to hire or work as a protester, so I didn’t go any further than that. I don’t doubt that there are jobs like that out there. If you think...
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    Rioters are cheaper than protesters? WTF!!

    Either that's not a real site, or it's been taken down. Where did you hear about it? Asking for a friend. Edit: Turns out there actually is a It sure looks like it's just a bad joke site designed to stir up people on both sides (i.e., "fake news"), but you never know these...
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    Local King Salmon?

    They may be stretching the definition of "local" a bit. Central coast seems to be where they're at, from Morro to Monterey and up. There are some fish caught off SB every year, but it's been a lot of years since there's been a great run. Longer than albacore, lol. I'd love for it to...
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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    May as well quit now. Doesn't get much better than that! Congratulations, that thing's a slob!
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    All E-TECS discontinued, RIP

    Probably a couple of reasons: Plenty of other mfgs. making 4-strokes, and 2-strokes have some inherent advantages over 4-strokes: low-end torque (hole shot to get up on plane), a lot fewer parts, and less maintenance required. Used to have a pretty large power-to-weight advantage, too...
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    All E-TECS discontinued, RIP

    Bummer. I've been happy with mine.
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    Gopher problem

    Gopher Hawks are a game-changer. Little f'rs used to just destroy my yard. Now, at first sign of 'em, I set a couple. They usually work within hours, and you can see from across the yard when they catch one.
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    Anderson Greenough 21

    Badass. Enjoy it!
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    Your odds of catching COVID are less than 3%

    Statistics are agnostic, but those who use them rarely are. People routinely cherry-pick data sets to support a conclusion. I agree that assumptions are critical. GIGO.
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    Your odds of catching COVID are less than 3%

    So what? She has no idea what she's talking about. Her area of expertise, from the school's website: Area of Expertise: Business/Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth, Technology Management, Business/Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth Her...
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    Your odds of catching COVID are less than 3%

    I'm not sure that somebody who thinks it's 2018 is the best person to get advice from. Less than two minutes in, she's proven she can't reason her way out of a paper bag. This would get her an "F" in basic critical thinking, If my kid had her as a professor, I'd want my tuition money back.
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    BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    My thoughts exactly! How spoiled have we gotten, lol? Next it's going to be, "the school was mostly 150-200 lb'ers, so we went looking for some decent-sized fish". :D Seriously, though, nice job to the OP!
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    Morro Bay Salmon 5/17 VIDEO

    Awesome report, thanks for sharing! Looks like a perfect day out there.
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    How many trips did it take to land your first 100# tuna?

    Been fishing the salt for 30+ years, been on plenty of trips both local and offshore. Never really made it a priority to chase the giants, but finally busted the century mark on the Tomahawk last October. 110#, on the flat fall, 60# test, HX Raptor.
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    Who Pointed You to the Blue?

    Small world! I just had Mitsu replace a couple of guides on one of my rods a few months back. He lives a short walk from my place. Have a couple of rods he wrapped, too, including my first custom rod from back around 1989 or so. It was a college buddy of mine (who also knows Mitsu!) that got...
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    Custom BBQ!

    Shit like that just makes me happy. :D
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    Rock fishing Channel Islands ?

    As others have said, you're better off going out of Santa Barbara for rockfish. Stardust Sportfishing is first class, and they specialize in rockfish. Both the Stardust and the Coral Sea are great boats, though I prefer the lighter loads and bunks on the Coral Sea, personally. They mostly...
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    5/14 Cat 3 B's with a special Ghost

    Gotta love the 3 "B"s. Nice biscuit, too!
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    WTB WTB lower engine covers 2006 40hp ETEC

    Anybody happen to have an ETEC that they're parting out? I need the lower engine cover (both sides) for a 2006 40 hp long shaft. For that year anyway, the 40-50-60 were all the same unit, so any of those would work. I know it's a reach, so any ideas where I might find these things? The...
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    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Cool, thanks! Must've missed that. Still crazy early, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? That's awesome!
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    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    Isn't it way early for "yellowfin tuna on our local banks"??? I don't remember ever seeing them in May. BFT and albies, yes, but YFT? Not saying they're not there, just that it seems VERY early, and this is the first I've heard of it.
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    San Diego Boats opening

    So much for that, I guess... :rolleyes:
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    San Diego Boats opening

    Sorry if somebody already mentioned it, but the Shogun is running as of this weekend. Ultra-limited, one passenger per stateroom. Sold out for first couple of trips.
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    Buddy boating today with member Split172

    Getting stabbed with your favorite knife? Glad to hear someone got out and got some today. Thanks for posting!
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    What's next? Players can play? Haters can't hate? :rofl:
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    Will my UV flashlight kill the Wuhan Virus bug? Is it a sanitizer ?

    The answer is “no”. At least to the OP’s question...
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    Fishing is now cancelled

    I posted this in another thread, too, seems relevant though, so excuse the double post. FWIW: Ocean, lakes, rivers and streams are all open to fishing – in season, according to fish and wildlife. They...
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    “Fishing is essential”

    FWIW "Ocean, lakes, rivers and streams are all open to fishing – in season, according to fish and wildlife. They continue to stock trout and our wardens are out to enforce all limits and fishing...
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    No need to say anything. Firemen have their ways: Free entertainment for you! For bonus points, they'll probably get a ticket, too. And yes, you are turning into a grumpy old man after only a week! Still better than me, I started off that way. ;)
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    Coronavirus A Must Read

    So much disinformation and misinformation in this post that it should simply be taken down by the mods. This is just dangerously bad informaion. I'm not going to bother going through the whole thing point-by-point, but how in God's name can 77 degree F temperatures kill a virus that reproduces...
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    Scrap Plywood Project

    Nicely done!
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    Anyone used the cross border xpress?

    It's awesome. Only way to go. Even better is if you use it to fly on a private charter, like Rosie's to Cedros. No fuss, no muss. Never even see the inside of the airport.
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    SOLD Rockfish candy ..News

    I can vouch for him, as well. Haven't had a chance to fish the flies yet, but they definitely look better than any of the commercially made ones that I've bought in the past. Good communication, quick shipping. Good deal overall!
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    What we see locally are Mola molas. The "hoodwinker" sunfish is Mola tecta, a different species, and is considered extremely rare in our waters. I'm thinking that most of us couldn't tell the difference between the two. Almost like the bigeye vs. yellowfin thing that happens every year...
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    new website sucks balls

    I missed the part that says how to get it to suck my balls. Of course, I'll spend all day here if I ever figure it out... :rofl:
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    processors who can fish

    Read the subject a little differently, first though was "Drew (@ 5-Star) can fish! He's a freakin' captain!". Apparently not the information you were looking for...;)
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    Honest Mistake

    Reminds me of one of my Dad's old groaners: "I like to smoke fish, but it's hard to get the tail lit." :rofl: Right up there with, "I tried fly fishing once, but it takes too damn many flies to make a decent meal." Ugh. :rolleyes: To be clear, I may have inherited my dad's sense of humor... :D
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    I got one Dad

    And he bounced it! Awesome.
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    For Sale Del Mar 13 hull and trailer

    Sick little micro-skiff! GLWS.
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    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    Which is exactly what I said, and what the OP said in the "2020 Updated" post at 12:50 this afternoon. I guess it would be a good idea for the OP to edit his original post to make it clear that THOSE regulations are old, and that the current ones are way down on page 4. Or, better yet, kill...
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    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    He posted the current regs two posts above yours. Pretty sure bass is still 5 @ 14" min. as noted, isn't it?
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    For Sale Stainless Steel Fish Mounts

    Really nice stuff, but how can you not have a BFT in your gallery yet??? Seems like they'd be the hot ticket for the past few years. BTW, love the shark-bit YFT - that's awesome!
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    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    If you can’t get a deckhand to lob a bait out for you, try just dropping one over the rail. As long as you choose a lively air, and it swims away from the boat, you’d be surprised how effective it can be.
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    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    I'm gonna say that fewer people have done that than have won $100M in the lottery. Insane. You da' man!!! :appl:
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    For Sale 28 Scout ABACO $37,500

    That seems like a heckuva lot of boat for the money! Doubt this one lasts the weekend. GLWS
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    Thawing our bluefin

    I thaw in the fridge (takes a day or two) if I have time, but the sink full of water trick works in a pinch. Either way, don't rinse the thawed fish, just pat dry with a paper towel. Enjoy!
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    Fish processing

    Mario's aka Sportsman's is located at Seaforth. As long as you're coming back in the morning and let them know in advance, there shouldn't be an issue. If it's an overnight or two-day it might take a little more arranging, I don't know if they have a night drop like Fisherman's does.
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    FREE PSA Mustad Hooks Sale 75% Off

    Thanks! Some smokin’ deals!
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    Question about what operation at Cedros.

    I'll second Cedros Sportfishing. Went with them last year, no complaints at all. The CBX/charter flight combo just makes life so easy and stress-free, can't imagine doing it any other way.
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    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    About the third or fourth time that I went solo, I had a sea lion destroy my all of my cages within minutes of me getting my last net down. Completely ruined that trip. Got home, ordered tubes from a guy here who used to make them, have never looked back...
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    Link working now. Thanks, Styx!
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    links not working for me...
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    Weather next week?

    Steve, you know possession limits for Canadians are 0 yft, 0 bft, and 0 of all other species combined, right? :rofl:
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    Weather next week?

    My bro and I bailed. It was a tough call, we were both stoked when we booked, and were really looking forward to it. Our boat (the Excalibur) did not report a count when they came in. Per the landing, that means they had nothing to report. :( Considering that another boat reported...
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    Weather next week?

    Too funny. Careful what you wish for!
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    Weather next week?

    My brother and i are gonna make the call tonight. He said the guy at Fisherman's was seeing 17kts+ over slop everywhere, and was expecting his boats to cancel tomorrow night's trips, but you never know who he spoke to or whether that guy had any idea what he was talking about.
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    Weather next week?

    Thanks, guys. Appreciate everybody's input!
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    Weather next week?

    Steve, That's actually a big part of why I'm asking for opinions. I've looked at a bunch of sources, but you never actually know where you'll be fishing, so you have to look at a pretty large area. I'm sure other people know of better places to get info, but these are some of the ones I...
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    Weather next week?

    Not about the counts at all. Just asking for opinions about how fish-able folks consider this kind of forecast. Mixed seas to 10ft, and 20+knts of wind. Seems a tad sporty.
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    Weather next week?

    Right now, it looks like Monday and Tuesday are going to be the worst part of it.
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    Weather next week?

    Hey all, just looking for your thoughts. My brother and I are booked on a 2.5 day leaving this Sunday, coming back Wednesday. Forecast is looking like a bit of a shit-show. 20+knts of wind both Monday and Tuesday, plus a good sized mixed swell. Not ideal conditions to find fish or to catch...
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    For Sale Prehistoric Shark Teeth

    Anybody home?
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    Aloha Spirit 9/30/2019

    Bump for a great boat and crew. Shawn fishes hard, definitely a gamefish hunter.
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    For Sale Prehistoric Shark Teeth

    I'd like the one in the second and third pictures (same pic, I think) - the $50 brown one. Shoot me your PP, let me know what to add for shipping. Thanks!
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    For Sale Prehistoric Shark Teeth

    pm'd you
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    For Sale 27' Phoenix - Twin Straight Inboards

    Not sure I’d post a pic of that wsb. Seems like a ton of boat for the $$$, though. I’m sure it will sell fast.
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    Whale breaches near skiff

    Fresh underwear for all on board, I'm thinking.
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    Parker Center Console...found a good one for somebody...

    Guys, thread is from 2010. Been some issues with an update to the boards dragging up old threads.
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    Channel Island cod

    Thanks for the info, Rich. I hadn’t heard they were up in this neck of the woods. Miguel is awesome when the weather lets you fish it.
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    Channel Island cod

    What landing are they fishing out of? What island(s) did you fish? Some nice quality right there!
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    Fyi, ciguatera is NOT broken down by cooking.
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    WTB WTB 21ft Boston Whaler Ventura

    When I was looking for my Hobie Power Skiff, I used: Allows you to search all of Craigslist (nationwide, or within any given radius) with one query. Took me a few weeks to find the one I wanted, but in the meantime you get a really good idea of what's out...
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    Fileting Yellowtail - Japanese style

    At around the 11:25 mark, I suddenly developed a splitting headache...
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    What is this worth - Walk-around Cuddy Osprey 1989 1800

    I won't claim to know the value, but it seems like a pretty interesting hull configuration with potential if it's in good condition. Ospreys are well-regarded AFAIK, and how many 18' walk-around cuddy cabins are there?
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    Oil platform Hondo. Harmony, too, in the second shot.
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    Marriage is like Halibut Fishing

    Am I the only one who sees the irony in the title of his book, as it relates to the story??? -Proud member of the decade-plus club
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    Big tuna on the Andros

    I got a 50# bft a few weeks ago on my first gen (orange/black) 5ii, 30# test and #2 hook. Took 15 or 20 minutes, was the first fish landed that day after a couple of other guys farmed theirs. Made the captain happy.
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    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Def gets my vote for post of the year (so far!). This pic is awesome. You guys are my kind of idiots, lol! Long rod, small reel, giant fish, sure, why not??? Love it! Glad you got one, broken gaff and all!
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    Bogo Sabiki Rods

    Thanks, Bob. They actually refunded the second one within 15 minutes or so of my email. All good! And, thanks to the OP for pointing this one out! I'd banned sabikis from my little skiff years ago, but now I can have a few aboard at all times without getting bit by the damn things all the time.
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    Bogo Sabiki Rods

    Yeah, I'm having to deal with a screw-up, too. Even though it showed the BOGO deal in my cart, they charged my PayPal account for both rods. I've emailed them, hopefully it will be taken care of quickly.
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    Bogo Sabiki Rods

    Try cancelling your order, then re-ordering by placing two in your cart. There will be a credit for the price of one of them automatically. I just did it, the deal is still valid.
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    Opihi carnage style

    They're edible limpets. Some folks eat them raw, right off the rocks.
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    For Sale SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    Just want to chime in as another satisfied customer! Good to meet you (and Toby and Charlie!), Jose. See you again once you have the 3lb balls, super-bananas and weedless Poison heads for me. Thanks! -Mike
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    Will they Bench Ball?

    Good call on Gasol and Howard being trades. My bad - was really thinking more in terms of drafted vs. acquired after already being a star. You're absolutely right, though.
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    Will they Bench Ball?

    Seem to be forgetting Pau Gasol? Helped the Lakers a shit-ton more than Malone or Payton ever did. And then there was the Dwight Howard/Steve Nash debacle, aka the beginning of the end...
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    Mirage? or Pacific dawn?

    Agree with the above. Both great boats/captains/crews, but the Dawn has much more comfortable accommodations.
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    Week three of GIANT Albies

    Am I the only one who wants to know how the hell it takes 15 to 30 minutes to land a 30# albacore? Delicious fish, but the weakest freakin tuna there is. Not that I'd know - been about a thousand years since we've seen 'em down here. Last one I got out of Santa Cruz was 40, took about a...
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    I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    It's been pretty much wfo for the bay area landings lately, look at yesterday's counts: (edit: looks like this is a live link that updates to the current day's catch automatically, but you can search past dates as well) You're close...
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    Awesome Surf Fishing with Good Friends

    Fun shit right there!
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    Some pretty strong Mark Knoffler/Dire Straits vibe going there! Sounds good!
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    Fred Hall Roll Call

    Good to know, thanks!
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    Fred Hall Roll Call

    I'll be there on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm such a ho that I'm not really looking "for" anything, so much as "at" everything. I always drop a bit of cash, but I mostly go just to check out what's new, pick up a tip or two from the pros, and see friends that I haven't fished with since last...
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    Not true for salmon down here - that's only north of Pt. Conception. And again, keep it in context - the thread is about one specific incident. If there were rockfish or salmon on that boat, they were in violation regardless of how many rods they were fishing. Assuming they were only...
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    POACHERS!!! Page 45, 28.65 (c). Also mentioned in the individual species regs.
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    Well, if they had any of those on board, they were DEFINITELY poaching!
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    That's freshwater rules only. Salt - no limit, unless pier fishing.
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    Lifetime fishing license

    I haven't heard anything about any special deal. No real reason why they should offer one, but maybe somebody else has heard differently. I assume that you've already done the math, but payoff time varies according to how old you are when you buy it, and how much license fees go up over the...
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    Mantis Shrimp in San Diego Bay...

    He wants you to tickle his belly!
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    Storm Craft Boats?

    Reminds me of the old Wellcraft Airslot, like this:
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    Calibogie 15' motor recommendations

    These are basically the same as the Hobie Power Skiff, which was originally envisioned by its designer as a 25hp boat. I've got a "center cockpit" model, and with 12g gas, two batteries, two 200 lb+ guys, and gear, it does just a tad over 30 knots at WOT with a 40hp ETEC. 30hp will make that...
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    Another mystery fish plus cold and grumpy weather

    Based on the tail, it sure looks like it to me (i.e., not WSB).
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    1966 Whaler

    All you ever wanted to know, and then some: Also: (This one's not whaler specific, but tons of info if you search)
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    Epic Dana Halibut 01-18-17

    :appl: Pretty nice to have a day like that (asks buddy, "what's the limit on these things again?"). Good attitude about that big hen you "released', too!
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    2016 was fun

    Very cool! I had no idea that puffers made it so far up the coast, and that's the tiniest damn Shoevelnose guitarfish I've ever seen! May well have been born that day. My buddies and I have a spot locally that we've caught over twenty species from over the years, standing on the same patch...
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    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Strong work! I see you've got a PowerSkiff - is that one of the new Razors? Is the t-top custom, or factory? Got any full-boat pics?
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    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    Sweet sled, for sure. Giant dance floor! Love those fat cabbies, too. I take it you were fishing shallow - so fun. Looks like a pretty darn perfect trip. Miguel rocks!
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    1985 Hobie Power Skiff 15' CC Fisherman PROJECT

    Gonna be a great boat for someone with the skills to bring her back. I love mine, awesome little skiff.
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    Santa Barbara Coastal Rockfish Report

    Gawd, feel like I saw a freakin unicorn! An actual, honest-to-God, coastal SB report! Thanks for the write-up, and nice job on the reds.
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    How Not to enter Ventura Harbor

    Yeah, this is just wrong in so many ways. I know that spot well. WTF was he thinking? Way too close to people in the water, kids wearing adult life preservers, bad angle of approach, and entering the harbor from the wrong end of the breakwater. Just lucky nobody was hurt or killed.
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    1970 47' custom Seaway

    'This vessel has been well taken care of and runs great to take her new owners cursing for many years to come....." What do you know - truth in advertising? Might be all you need to know, lol!
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    For you Greenough fans out there

    ^^^probably nobody in the world that knows better^^^
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    Trophies only 6/8

    Awesome job! :appl: In answer to your question, looks like a jack crevalle. Really dark meat, usually not considered good table fare, though some people eat them. If it was nice light meat, like a YT, then amberjack. Very good eating.
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    Santa Barbara Bait

    Fwiw, I heard recently that the bait barge is selling bait Fri-Sat-Sun, basically until they run out each morning. Guy who told me has actually been working it part-time, so it might be worth a try.
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    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Any idea what the total (i.e., "wet" - full gas tank, etc.) towed weight is?
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    Pacific eagle or pacific island spirit

    Sorry guys, my bad. I'm usually a lot better about reading a post carefully before I reply. Saw where he was looking to fish, and the boats he was considering. Completely missed the parts about "Mom" and "rockfish". I agree that the Island Spirit is a great choice, given those key factors.
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    Pacific eagle or pacific island spirit

    I'd avoid the PE unless the bite's hot and all the other boats are sold out. Smelly head, terrible bunks (many are doubles with no bunk boards - I'll pass on spooning with another guy, thanks!). Island Spirit is a good 3/4 day boat. Keep in mind that CISCO's is right down the road. Aloha...
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    Parker Boat question

    I have a similar relationship with a Farallon in my neighborhood. My conclusion has been that I could probably buy something pretty dang nice for what it would cost to restore a boat that's been sitting unused in the weather for ten-plus years (in the case of "my" boat). In your case, if...
  137. E

    if you have kids in the public school system MUST READ

    Not correct. You seem to be making an assumption based upon who the Plaintiffs are. Read the "Request for Documents" on page two of the "Notice of Disclosure" that I linked to above. It clearly states "...children who are attending, or have attended, a California school at any time since...
  138. E

    if you have kids in the public school system MUST READ

    Yeah, Bill, it's not paranoia, it's just reality. Robert's 100% right about this. I didn't say that I personally had given my kid's SSN to the school, but if it was required at the time of registration, I would have. After all, you're registering for a government-provided service, so they can...
  139. E

    if you have kids in the public school system MUST READ

    Well, birth dates and their social security numbers (SSNs). That, combined with the info you mentioned, is all it takes for identity theives to apply for credit in your kids' names. Major PITA to untangle once it happens.
  140. E

    if you have kids in the public school system MUST READ

    Pretty sure that filling out the form only registers your objection, doesn't actually stop it from happening. Which sucks. IMHO, it's ridiculous that SSNs still have the power they do as the key piece of the puzzle for identity theft. At least half of our SSNs have been compromised in one...
  141. E

    Crab Season is finally open south of Point Reyes.

    Yeah, hoping for the best. It'll be their first crab trip of the year, and only the second day of rockfish season for them. Since commercial still isn't open, I'm hoping that we can whack 'em pretty good. Really, as long as the weather is decent, I'll be happy. I love my time on the...
  142. E

    Crab Season is finally open south of Point Reyes.

    Just meant that, per, the sport boats that are fishing them (and reporting, anyway), seem to be ten around every day. I've always assumed that they have a bunch of pots soaking at any given time, and just pull until they have limits or run out of either pots or time...
  143. E

    Crab Season is finally open south of Point Reyes.

    Seems to be straight limits up there.
  144. E

    HEY! You're not a Calico!!!

    Used to catch them off Carpinteria (Horseshoe) some summers. Great eating, ceviche or fried for fish tacos. Nice to know they're either back, or still around.
  145. E

    I have a bulging disc, now what?

    If all else fails, surgery can be a viable option. I went though hell for years, avoiding it at all cost. Eventually, the pain, and weeks at a time of lost work due to being basically crippled by pain, beat me down enough that I went for microdiscoctomy (sp?) L4-L5-S1. That was 20 years...
  146. E

    What happened to LB lobster? 2-19-16 report

    Good for you for sticking with it. I would've been skunked. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between being patient and persistent, vs. simply beating your head against a brick wall...
  147. E

    C.I. Bugs

    Good for you for getting out. Been since before the holidays for me. You didn't mention whether you kept them or not, but spider crabs are much tastier than the local rock crabs, IMO. Ugly as hell, and a bitch to get the meat out of that thick, spiny shell, but worth it. Tons of meat in the...
  148. E

    74.2lb So Cal White Sea Bass--Still Can't Believe It!

    That, sir, is one hell of a first post! :worship:
  149. E

    16' Livingston PROJECT

    Rare find, with a ton of potential. GLWS.
  150. E

    Bloodhound Info

    Hounds put their nose to the ground and follow wherever it leads them. Their ears literally turn off - it's ridiculous how hard it is to get the attention of a hound that's on a scent. Kind of funny, actually, but only if it's somebody else's dog. They also are in love with the sound of their...
  151. E

    Dockwise Heavy Lifters in Port Angeles Harbor

    Pretty damn cool. Thanks for sharing!
  152. E

    G. Loomis Pelagic

    Well, they're definitely a fast taper. Not what I use for pitching chovies or swimbaits.
  153. E

    G. Loomis Pelagic

    I was a Calstar and classic Sabre guy from way back, but those are mostly my loaner rods now. Aside from a few Grafighters, I fish my Loomises almost exclusively. I really like the action on the Pelagic series for tuna and yellowtail.
  154. E

    Need lobster bait?

    Opening weekend sucked for a lot of guys. Probably not your bait that was the problem. I froze couple of 5g buckets worth of the frames and heads of some of my smaller tuna this summer. I use an old sawzall that I bought cheap just for the purpose to cut up the frozen heads. Still a bit of a...
  155. E

    Overnight boat?

    PD and Mirage are both very fishy boats. PD has a much more comfortable bunkroom, in my opinion. Some of the bunks on the Mirage are downright brutal if you have any kind of weather at all. Haven't fished the PI, so no comment there.
  156. E

    Bonito, bonito, bonito......

    Those are all lobster buoys you're seeing. We don't have a Dungie fishery here. Some guys fish rock crabs, but it's minimal compared to what's in the water for bugs right now.
  157. E

    goin to baja next week...think again

    That's ridiculously cool. I just gave it it's own, (possibly permanent) window on my desktop.
  158. E

    Crab Warning - Lobster?

    "These actions would apply to each fishery from the Oregon border to the southern Santa Barbara County line."
  159. E

    Crab Warning - Lobster?

    I've been wondering the same thing. I'm in SB, so in the affected area. At least I haven't been eating the tomalley. There was a warning about that last year, for the same reason. FWIW, wife and I shared a 3 1/2 pounder for dinner the other night, with no ill effects. Well, for us...
  160. E

    1996 Grady White Adventure 208 - San Diego

    Doug and Foster: Or, if you've ever seen the movie "North Shore": "when are you gonna stop calling me barney?" "When you stop being a barney, barney" Classic flick...
  161. E

    Tuna & Wahoo Madness

    Seeing that title in this forum had me going for a minute there. Hell the way this season has been, it seems like anything is possible...NorCal wahoo, sure, why not?
  162. E

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    Ocean regs are different than freshwater.
  163. E

    Pacific Voyager- 1 Blue Marlin... And a call to DFG.

    I'm probably just pissing into the wind here, but... "Except as provided for in this article, fin fish may be taken only..." Is the key phrase. There are two things going on here: First off, it's telling you that there are other legal methods of take, and that they are provided for in the...
  164. E

    Simrad go7 versus Ray Marine dragonfly

    I can't answer your question, but I did see today that West Marine has the unit you're looking at $300 off right now. $649 including transducer and Navionics+ maps. Seems like a smoking deal for a7" touchscreen.
  165. E

    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    Totuava don't really belong in this conversation. We're the main culprits on that one - the larval/juvenile habitat for them was the Colorado River delta, where it flowed into the Sea of Cortez. Little, if any, water makes it there anymore. No water=no habitat=no totuava.
  166. E

    Sea Star-Joe Cacciola in Lawsuit Facing Eviction by Helgrens

    Caught my first tuna on that boat, back in '88 or so. Be a shame to see him have to move. I had gone out on a 1.5 day on the Oceanside 95 chasing BFT at the Cortez. We we a day late - the seiners had shut the bite off. I fished hard all day, and was rewarded with a 20# YT (my first) to win...
  167. E

    Its a turtle... no its a baby whale... no its a flounder... its a TUNA

    I think most of the guys here know it's a mola mola, aka ocean sunfish. They're pretty common, though the one that guy was wigging out on was pretty good sized. They get huge - they're the heaviest bony (I.e., no sharks or rays) fish known. 2000 + lbs. Supposed to be bad luck to kill...
  168. E


    Don't cook it at all. Excellent sushi/sashimi!
  169. E

    6 bft from 120-175 lbs on New Lo Ann today

    Unreal. Got a 1.5 day on the Eclipse coming up in a few days...can't come soon enough!
  170. E

    18' Team Baja Terminator Custom

    How the hell is this thing still available???
  171. E

    Oceanside Score

    On the other hand, I was on a three-day last week that charged 200 miles past all those quality local fish to chase football-sized YFT that didn't want to bite anything but the trollers. Wasn't thrilled about that go figure. Sometimes you just can't win.
  172. E

    Mirage out of Channel Islands YFT

    The Amigo got them in overnight range. Nice quality fish, too. This could get fun...
  173. E

    WTB Boat Rails

    Try Railmakers. They're local, and I've found them pretty responsive. They're OEM for a lot of boats, and they'll custom fabricate anything you can draw up and pay for.
  174. E

    New Use for Coho's

    In Hawaii, they use salmon for lomi lomi instead. Salmon poke sounds great, though. Freezing it first is a good call.
  175. E

    Cabezon ??

    Same basic bone structure as a ling - you end up with either two "Y"-shaped fillets, or four fillets, two larger than the other. They're delicious - down here in SoCal, pretty much every one I've ever cut open has been stuffed with crabs. You are what you eat, and all that... Not that you...
  176. E

    Yellowtail Bite at Anacapa...

    :daman: :eek:. Holy flurging snit, Batman!!! Nice homeguard:appl:
  177. E

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Ridiculously cool. Love it. Pretty damn solid first post!
  178. E

    How to surf cast unweighted Rapala-like lures?

    Kastmasters are your friend down there. Not a bad idea to have some short wire leaders, too. Some of those surf critters are toothy...Sierra, triggers, etc.
  179. E

    27' Radon that needs some tlc..

    Radon Craft is NOT the same as Radon. Not that anybody here seemed in danger of jumping on this...
  180. E

    Anyone have a few good poke recipes???

    I keep it simple: Cube yer tuna (or whatever you're using), re-hydrate ogo. Drizzle tuna w/sesame oil, sprinkle with chopped ogo, hawaiian sea salt (pink kind), red pepper flakes, and finely sliced maui (or vidalia) "sweet" onion. Stir. Eat. When I do it for a crowd, I serve it with...
  181. E

    Anyone Try Sous Vide?

    I love my Anova. Made hosting Thanksgiving and New Year's pretty stress-free, and got rave reviews. Highly recommend the chefsteps website - tons of sous vide info there.
  182. E

    YF TUNA Recipes?

    That's so far beyond wrong, it just might be right! Gonna have to try that craziness.
  183. E

    Let the lobster wars begin

    "The hourlong dive yielded seven “bugs” weighing about 12 pounds altogether. They could have made about $300 from the take if they sold them, but Romanowski prefers sharing his kill with friends and family. Derry said he doesn’t even eat lobster, though he hunts them most seasons." Love how...
  184. E

    Had an idea for my tuna belly.

    Tuna belly...hard to believe that twenty years ago nobody even kept them. Delicious!!!
  185. E

    'unatttractive to men'

    My guess is all she needed to do was speak.
  186. E

    going 2 tfhe mack bk 2 east clemt kill fisfh

    Ummm, pretty sure he shot them. Unless he's very fashionable.
  187. E

    Save $100 Okuma Andros 2-Speed Blowout

    Seems to be the entire Turner's site that's down at the moment.
  188. E

    Aug 12th, aboard the Stardust

    Jason runs a very clean boat, and loves what he does. If you're serious about getting into some nicer fish, though, fish their 3/4 day runs. Most often, you'll go to Rosa (or up the coast if it's blowing in the channel) for some very high quality reds, chuckles, lings, etc. pretty unusual not...
  189. E

    Tribute overnight trip?

    You're fine. Don't over-think it. Just get on a boat and kill some tuna.
  190. E

    REDUCED TO $500: FIRST STRING, 3-day Limited Load, leaves Sunday night (7/20)!

    Cool. Pending to Brian. I appreciate the feedback from everybody else that responded, too. Definitely thought about just taking advantage of some down time, whether or not I fished...
  191. E

    REDUCED TO $500: FIRST STRING, 3-day Limited Load, leaves Sunday night (7/20)!

    Yeah, tried that. They're willing to send people my way, but it's not like they get many calls asking to get on 3-day private charters. I'm just amazed that it's been hard to find a buyer. This charter always sells out before New Year's, I'm surprised that nobody on the waiting list was...
  192. E

    REDUCED TO $500: FIRST STRING, 3-day Limited Load, leaves Sunday night (7/20)!

    Spot available on limited load private charter on the 93' First String out of H&M Landing. This is a huge boat for 26 anglers! Good group of experienced guys. Trip cost me $760, but recent surgery means I can't go. I'll take the first $500 (via PayPal). Includes food, but not the usual...
  193. E

    Mirage butts

    The Mirage has been incredible on cbass and flatties for many years, pretty much since the gill net ban. Something about that boat, and her skippers...
  194. E

    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    Fishiest damn boat in the fleet, when it comes to ghosts and big 'buts. Has been for as long as I can remember. Started with Joe, but Tucker's been on fire the past few years, too. Exceptional catch though, even for the Mirage!
  195. E

    SEA bass

    Nice fish! The flatty in your other post, too! Were these recent catches, or are you just getting around to posting? I know where you were fishing, just didn't realize the cbass were still in the area. Might have to paddle out again if they're still there...
  196. E

    Canned Bluefin?

    Yes, and I loved it. Very similar to YFT, maybe a little richer tasting.
  197. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    Cool, thanks for the tip!
  198. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    Definitely wasn't saying the Torque was a knife! Just was saying that that's why I started this thread, that I want to avoid the knife/gunfight thing. Been there in the past, didn't enjoy it. Again, totally appreciate all the advice I'm getting here. I've got a lot of experience (and gear)...
  199. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    Don't get me wrong - I'd be happy with some fish in the 50# class. Just don't want my heart broken if we get into the better class. I've learned not to bring a knife to a gunfight!
  200. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    Was there yesterday! He isn't carrying that much in the range i'm talking about. He pointed me towards the Raptor, but didn't have one to sell me.
  201. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    I'd like to think I could handle that fish with my JX 2spd - more trying to gear up for the 80-150# class. I know I used to be able to get them to deep color on my Jigmaster years ago.:imdumb:(Referring to the fish in the picture, not the bruisers!) Nice fish, though! And, I'm not saying the...
  202. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    Cool, guys. Thanks for all the good feedback! It sounds like what I need to do is just bring the rod down with me, and hit a few of the big tackle shops on the way to or at the landing. Just get a few in my hands and see what feels right on that rod. Up here in SB, we just don't have the...
  203. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    The Torque looks like a good additional choice. I'm trying to be prepared, without being totally over-gunned. In other words, an reel that is fishing within it's specs at 50/60# topshots, appropriate line capacity for the bigger fish, but isn't going to be so heavy and/or bulky that I don't...
  204. E

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    Hey Guys, Heading out on a three-day next week. Got 40# and below covered. Looking to add a 50/60# outfit in case we get into big BFT that want to die. I have a CS 7470H (30-80) that I picked up on BD this past off-season. Seems like it might match up pretty well with any of the reels...
  205. E

    how much for panga ?

    Seems like that happens once a month around here, usually smuggling pot instead of people. Kills me that we pay to destroy them instead of selling them at auction. Gotta wonder what the reasoning is...
  206. E

    2spd Question

    Great for when the fish is at deep color and won't budge. That's when a lot of fish are lost. Downshift and winch 'em in.
  207. E


    :worship: Looks like all of us who think of WSB fishing as boring have been doing it wrong! :rofl: Nice job doesn't begin to cover it...
  208. E

    over night on the Apollo 4-12-13

    You really think that that's the post that's gonna piss her off?
  209. E

    Channel islands Salmon report

    Gotta be 24".
  210. E

    over night on the Apollo 4-12-13

    Wow, guys, harsh! I've fished with Jessica on many, many trips. Never seen any evidence that she couldn't keep up, in any way. Don't think JJ would've kept her around so long, or Jody would've hired her, if she couldn't pull her weight. Plenty of guys out there that would love to have...
  211. E

    Max Size Fish For Reel

    You're also limited by your skill, what you're fishing from, and what you're fishing for.
  212. E


    All old, but still good. I actually have #2 on my wall in my office. (Yes, I'm a PE, Civil.)
  213. E

    How long fish on ICE?

    I saw this here awhile back, and was surprised by the answer: According to the info in the link, which is a manual for commercial fishermen, sashimi-grade tuna can be on ice for up to two weeks! That's on...
  214. E

    Considering APOLLO

    Crushing! Never fished with Jody, but my group has had one or two charters a year w/JJ for almost ten years now. Just emailed my chartermaster to see what's up - we're supposed to have that boat twice this year. Hope we still do. Gonna miss JJ if he's really gone, really fun guy to fish...
  215. E

    Ensenada 3-15 to 3-21-13-Bottomfish and a 17 lb King Salmon

    That's what makes fishing the salt so great - on any given day, you just never know what you're going to catch. Awesome!
  216. E

    3/10/13 PB TROUT

    Holy shit, dude! Nice feesh! Congrats! :appl:
  217. E

    What sets the hook in a fish...???

    Sharp hooks! BTW, your drag should only be set to 30-40% of the line rating for most types of fishing. How that relates to the amount of drag available depends on the reel and line you're using.
  218. E

    shrimp fishing?

    My guess is commercial guys selling ridgebacks. If so, that's a good price - I usually pay $5/lb. direct from the boat up here. The only downside is, once you've had them, you won't be able to eat the farmed stuff from the store anymore.
  219. E

    Way too easy to taste this good

    Beat an egg white or two, and fold the salt into it, and then apply the resulting paste to the fish. Then, after it's cooked, you just give it a crack or two with a mallet and the whole salt crust lifts off in a couple of pieces. Very impressive presentation, and less messy than loose salt...
  220. E

    3rd grip style surf rod holsters

    Got mine yesterday. Thanks! Now just need to hit the beach...
  221. E

    Loomis Cal Star Rods

    Received my rods today, all as advertised and in good condition. Thank you, Pat, for a smooth transaction.
  222. E

    cool rockfish video

    Yeah, I was surprised nobody had mentioned Jason and the Stardust. Big +1 for them - the only 3/4 day boat that goes to Santa Rosa on a regular basis. Super clean boat, great captain and crew. Plus, a few years ago, their cheeseburger was named the best in Santa Barbara. Might just mean we...
  223. E

    Rockfish opener

  224. E

    What a joy to fish on the "Pacific Voyager" 2.23.13

    Anyone here know if that boat is a twin of the Pac Dawn? The PD is the only boat that I've fished with that bunk arrangement - I've always liked it.
  225. E

    smb sanddab and an alien fish

    I don't think it's considered part of the "RCG complex". See complete regs here:
  226. E

    smb sanddab and an alien fish

    Re: two hooks - you're thinking of rockfishing. Doesn't apply to sanddab fishing.
  227. E

    smb sanddab and an alien fish

    Not necessarily rare, just rarely caught by sportfishermen. Milton Love's book "Certainly More Than You Want To Know About The Fishes of The Pacific Coast" says they're "fairly common as far north as Southern California". Apparently, they like fairly deep water and soft bottom, so sanddab...
  228. E

    smb sanddab and an alien fish

    Looks like a sea robin. Better known on the east coast, but we do have a local species, the lumptail.
  229. E

    Wicked Ahi

  230. E

    rockfishing jigs/weights

    I know the OP asked about jigs, but he also mentioned just wanting to get away from the 2-hook bait rig. Don't forget about big plastics. The trick is using a big enough leadhead to get them down. Obviously, what "big enough" means depends on conditions - I use anywhere from 4oz to 16oz...
  231. E

    line size for Avet MXJ

    I honestly use mine as a 30# rig. I mis-remembered the max. drag, which I admitted when someone else caught my mistake a few posts later. Given the 14# max., it seems like you should be able to fish 40# on it, no sweat. I have read posts here that if you button things down too tight on these...
  232. E

    Matching Phenix Hybrid 887ML and 888MH for sale

    Shot you another PM with details. I want them!!!
  233. E

    line size for Avet MXJ

    ^^^ He's right. 9# that I was thinking of was max. at strike, not full.
  234. E

    line size for Avet MXJ

    Max drag on the MXJ is 9#, IIRC. I'd say it's more of a 25-30# reel.
  235. E

    The true meaning of stress

    Mostly a warmer water thing: "tropical and subtropical" according to the link above. Our water locally is anything but warm!
  236. E

    Calico Bass in Watercolor

    Very nice! Email sent.
  237. E

    Advise needed for boat trip this year

    First off, if you haven't gone rockfishing in 20 years, it's changed quite a bit. 300' depth limit, two hook maximum - no more 3 lb. cannonballs, rail plates, and gangions. It can actually be fun! Especially if you fish braid with a lighter outfit and plastics or jigs, conditions permitting...
  238. E

    275# yellowfin on a cane pole.

    Seriously badass! :appl:
  239. E

    Channel Islands Boats.

    Aloha Spirit. Shawn is a hunter. And his dad might even make lunch for you, if he's in a good mood, and you're patient...:rolleyes: Oh, yeah, watch your head - that boat was built for short people!
  240. E

    Possibly My last trip of the season

    +1 on the sand dabs - my personal favorite way to target lings! Not always available, but they're freakin' ling cod candy. Other ways: huge curly tail plastics on 6 oz. heads, or ask the crew to slab out a small rockfish and pin that on. If nothing else, you'll tend to end up with fewer...
  241. E

    Need help getting some "butt" love

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of other opinions around here, but I've never been a huge fan of the "trap" rig. I just fish one hook for flatties, seems to work fine. I don't know that I've ever seen a flattie on a sportboat that was only (or even primarily) hooked on the treble of a trap...
  242. E

    BD Screen Problem

    To the OP: Try switching which browser you read BD on. It went screwy for me (like you describe) on FireFox with their last update, several weeks ago. Switched to Chrome, have no problems now.
  243. E

    Shore fishing near cabo

    Castmasters are my go-to in the surf down there, especially for sierras and jacks. I've caught yellowtail snapper on them, too, but that was in the Caribbean.
  244. E

    Eating it Raw?

    See my handle.
  245. E


    Alex, pretty certain that the OP was on the Princess. The Black Pearl is running some of the trips, too. As for price, they did dial it back from $200+. Personally, I don't know of anywhere else that I can fish albies for less $ at the moment, at least not with a good chance of getting...
  246. E


    Thanks for the info. I guess they've added a last-minute trip tonight, too.
  247. E


    I've been thinking about going Saturday night or Sunday night out of Morro. Did they have bait? Mostly troll fish, or some on plastics/megabaits/whatever? I assume you were on the Princess, what'd you think of the boat/crew?
  248. E


    Ty - the reason is supply and demand more than taste. Maine lobsters are available year-round, and since the collapse of the cod stocks, are more plentiful than ever. "Soft-shelled" Maine lobsters (which are too fragile to ship) were as low as $3.99/lb. RETAIL this year on the east coast...
  249. E


    Whichever is fresher. My entire family is from the northeast - I grew up on Maine lobster. Have had more than my share of our local bugs, too. They're both excellent. For that matter, some of the best lobsters I've ever eaten have been in Mexico and the Caribbean.