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    HR 38: National CCW Reciprocity

    Thanks Jason for giving me the green light to post this. Please keep discussion civil. Basically, if you have a CCW in any state (including non-resident) it will be valid in all states. House of Representatives: PASSED Senate: Pending Here's a link to the bill...
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    Penn 6/0's for Kite Rigs?

    Checking the specs, it looks like they'll hold enough #150 hollow. But, would they have enough drag to finish the mission?
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    Offshore Swimming?

    So, say it's Summer. Water looks perfect. You're 30 miles offshore with your crew, maybe on a paddy. No mask / fins/ spear. Do you jump in to cool off?
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    Skipjack 25FB

    The original helm seats mount directly to the fb. I'd like to mount them on swivels with minimal height increase. Has anyone done this?
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    Fishing in a lightning storm?

    As much as I wanted to go out this weekend, the weather reports calling for thunderstorms kept me at the dock. Am I the only one thinking being out on the pond with lightning is a bad idea?
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    Gordo Banks Pangas - Boat Gear

    Does anyone have experience with their boat gear? How's the quality? Don't want to haul gear I don't need to.
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    Report from the corner

    Left MB at 6am with a scoop of tiny 'chovies. Stopped on a kelp outside the jetty for 3 macks. Then worked my way out to the corner. Furthers west and south I went, the warmer the water got (70deg). Very few birds, paddies, no ponies. Finally found one 25lb bluefin who wanted to die. Bit a...
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    Trolling Topshot - Flouro or Mono?

    These bluefin have me rethinking my trolling setups. Leaning towards 25yds of 80lb Flouro. Either Izor or Blackwater. But here's the rub. Trolling is a reaction bite. Is mono good enough?
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    Tunacrab for lobster?

    Has anyone tried this? Scoop 'em up now, grind, and freeze into blocks? What say BD?
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    WTB - 2 Tempress Elite Navistyle Helm Seats

    Looking for two elite low backs in white. Model 57020. Located in north SD county.
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    Slow trolling a Mac

    How do you rig a Mac for slow trolling? Bridled like a ballyhoo? What speed do you troll? How far back for BF?
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    Anyone sell their yacht lately?

    A little conspicuous coming in at 2am....
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    Evening Drinks?

    On overnight or multi day boats, do you have a go to drink you bring with you? I'm going on my first multi day trip soon and I'd like to have a couple after dinner drinks. After the day's done and a good meal, what do you prefer?
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    Tapatalk - Ignore feature?

    I use TT almost exclusively. Does this feature exist? If not, we really need one.
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    MX Bluefin Closure 2015

    Will MX open bluefin soon? I can't imagine the closure going much longer before the season starts winding down for them and causes serious impacts to their commercial fleet.
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    Shogun 3 day 5/15

    Anybody on this trip?
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    San Jose Del Cabo 7/11 & 12

    .Staying at La Marina Inn. How's the fishing this time of year? Hoping for some Dorado and Wahoo. Should I bring marauders? I've only ever fished SoCal. If anyone will be down the same time and wants to share a panga, hit me up. I booked Chame / Jamie (?) thru Gordo Banks Pangas both days...
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    San Jose Del Cabo - July 11 & 12

    Just booked our first trip to Baja. Staying at La Marina Inn. How's the fishing this time of year? Hoping for some Dorado and Wahoo. If anyone will be down the same time and want to share a panga, hit me up.
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    Wtb: Bait Receiver

    Prefer used ($$). Hard sided only. Min. 100gals. Located in SD.
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    Trailer Rebuilder in SD?

    I'm getting new bottom paint done in a few weeks and need to get the trailer redone at the same time. Any local recommendations?
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    Stuck Selonoid?

    2009 Merc 350Mag. Has been ran regularly. Went to start it and the motor turns but won't run. Checked fuel filter, clean. Anything else I should check? Any way to bench test the starter selonoid? Or throw a new one at it and hope for the best?
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    AP 24 Install

    Bought an AP 24 kit for the skippy. Installing this off season. I'm fairly mechanical, but does anyone have experience doing doing this? I've heard some complaints about installing the mechanical steering unit. Better to pay a few $$ to have professional install? Or am I GTG?
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    F#%^* Thieves - MB

    Had 3 hoop nets stolen Saturday night in the MB channel approx 3am. Assholes. Hope they're dumb enough to reuse them in the bay. Could not have been dragged under. Set on incoming tide with plenty of line for any depth in the bay.
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    So Cal Weather Friday 9/26?

    Calling for 4' wind waves? Yikes! Am I over thinking this? Would really like to get a trifecta: YFT, Dodo, and lobster in one day...
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    Jigstrike out of H&M?

    Not concerned about the age/ size of the boat. Is the Capt fishy? Is he in the "code group"? Or should we have a game plan going in?
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    Forward and possibly side lighting

    After spending so many years motoring out in complete darkness, and gearing up for my first lobster season, I'm thinking about mounting some flood lights facing forward and possibly on the side for avoiding stuff in the water and spotting buoys. I haven't seen very many boats with forward...
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    Friday 8/1 @ the 182

    Left MB with BD'r SonicEd and my son at 5am with a 3/4 scoop of hot dines and topped off with anchovies. Our alarm must have been set 15 minutes ahead of everyone else because there was one boat ahead of us at the receiver and maybe 10 rushing to line up as we pulled away. A couple miles short...
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    Patty fishing - how mnay drifts?

    Since fish don't always show up on FF under the boat. How many drifts do you make before you move on? I fished probably a dozen yesterday before I found one that went off. Wondering if I'm moving too quickly.
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    Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Left MB at 4am. Stopped at the receiver for a nice mix of 'dines and 'chovies. Found a few nice pattys above the 182. 1 Yft picked up on a natural cedar plug. Dropped a bait in on the slide and landed #2. Kept moving out towards the 43, trolling around and stopping on at least 6 good size...
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    PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    Left MB at 2am. Stopped to get a scoop of anchovies and headed for San Salvador Knoll. Passed over the knoll by greylight. Threw out the trollers and headed south from there. Lots of paddies out there but only a few had any yellows on them and those had lockjaw for everything we offered...
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    Saddle Tanks

    Looking at a set of poly saddle tanks for my skippy. Would like the extended range. Do they take up space? Any other drawbacks?
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    Splitting costs

    Taking my 12 yo son and a buddy out next week. When it's just the two of us we split all costs 50/50. What's the right split when I bring my son on my boat?
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    Stingray -edible?

    Goofing around at the boat slipped in MB and thought I'd get a line wet. Threw a strip of fresh frozen squid on a #2 hook off the back. Hoping for a bass, rod goes bendo and is peeling line. 20 minutes later I pull up the biggest stingray I've ever seen in my life. Thing had to be 6 feet...
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    NMEA 2000 Fuel Management

    I have a 2009 Mercruiser 5.7L and a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2. With the motor being computerized, do I also need to buy the Lowrance fuel flow sensor? Or does the motor comp already measure fuel rate and I just need to plug in the NMEA 200 backbone?
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    Boating License - SB941

    Don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this. Mods please move if not. Searched and didn't see any thread on this anywhere else... This bill would...
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    Playa Del Carmen / Puerto Aventuras in April

    Hi, Will be in PDC April 10th - 22nd. Planning to book a half day trip out of Puerto Aventuras. Will wait to reserve until I have feet on the ground to pick a day, but I'm looking at Capt. Rick's fleet. 35' Luhrs looks like a nice platform! As we also want to snorkel a bit. Any other...
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    Fish Dope Subscription - Fred Hall?

    After a brutal rookie season I'm ready to purchase my first subscription to Fish Dope. Should I wait for the Fred Hall - Del Mar or do it online? I see on their website there's a separate selection for subscribing with a FH certificate, but it's the same price. What's the benefit? Any...
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    WTB - Weaver Dinghy Davit yokes & pads

    Looking for a set of used yokes and unused pads for inflatable dinghy. Thx