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    Volvo DP-290 won't go into gear

    Did you get it sorted out yet?
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    Is BO missing?

    We cruised by BO yesterday and it was dead but there!
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    2019 Ahi Shootout

    These People? Seriously what is wrong with you? You make comments about Karma and a hook in a fisherman? Another Haole here emarassed by you!
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    Hi Kai - late post

    Alex How did you fish the buoys?
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    South Side Shutdown Mahi Axtion

    That little boy holding the Mahi is so cool! Is that your son?
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    Steve. We are looking for some Ballyhoo. I believe you had some in the past. Any chance you are...

    Steve. We are looking for some Ballyhoo. I believe you had some in the past. Any chance you are still selling? Mahalo
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    Waianae 6/20/18, a first for me....

    That is one helluva nice catch. Nice bloody bilge! Are you sure that was a Blue? Those pectoral fins look awfully rigid which makes getting that fish in the boat all the harder!
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    Banks - 3/18 - mahi, ono, and an a-hole

    I have had my center rigger run over at crazy corner with no response from the entangled prop of the guilty boat! Of course I thought I was hooked up until i saw the boat only trolling away! He most likely cut his outdrive seal and suffered far more damage than my lure and a few hundred yards of...
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    There are many different lures, bait and techniques to use at the buoys. Its best to go prepared...

    There are many different lures, bait and techniques to use at the buoys. Its best to go prepared for as many as possible as there is no sure fire way that the fish will cooperate every time. As posted the "coin" works great. You will see the fish suspended in 50' to 200' of water and the best...
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    Diesel Fuel?

    The Tesoro station in Pearl City on Kam Hwy is by far the cheapest Road Diesel at $4.19/Gallon.
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    Very old fuel

    Kewalo Harbor has a Oil disposal site which may or may not take Gas.
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    Matching set of Penn 80TW International II

    I sold the 80's and decided to also part with a set of Penn 50's 2 speed reels. They are mounted on a nice set of Calstar rods that I would be willing to part with or keep. Whichever as long as the offer is fair. They are in great condition. Thanks, Steve
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    Matching set of Penn 80TW International II

    Selling a matching set of Penn 80TW International II single speed with matching 5' poles with straight aluminum butts. Reels are 8 out of 10 and Poles are 9 of 10. $500.00 each prefer to sell as a set and would consider selling reels without the poles.
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    new boat owner - any insight on fishing spots/techniques?

    I suppose the first question would be what make of boat do you have and what type of gear do you have. A 17' boat can get you out there and back. You just have to choose your battles.
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    Hook up

    Jeff, I hope thats an old picture!
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    Best Cell Phone Coverage

    Kekoa, Thanks for the thread. I have found that Nextel (Sprint Owned) has by far the best coverage. Unfortunately Sprint is shutting down the Nextel side of the business this Fall. Because of the poor coverage out at sea I will not be transferring over to Sprint and will be shopping for another...
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    Very nice! You can see the pride in the detail!
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    prefered Tackle store on Oahu?

    Regarding Butch at Hobbietat, he may sell you something but guaranteed its going to get bit. At first I looked at him through the corner of my eye and then ran or worked what he suggested and Bam plenty fish in the Box. Very Knowledgable Fisherman.
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    Combo Seafood Mix Plate

    Supporters and haters! Why dont you both support your LOLO comments. What a shame to waste time and energy just bashing. Ahana Koko Lele!
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    Looking for a charter captain-Waikiki

    Anthony, As Tony mentioned, it is definitely best to map out your day before you show up to the dock. With the price of fuel and the cost to maintain a respectable charter boat the boat needs to catch and sell the majority of their catch to make any profit. As for who to recommend for...
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    12/14 buoy action

    Congrats on your catch! Hope all of your catch went to good homes. Some look a bit small. Then again I suppose its better to catch a non breeding size. Some nice size shibi in the mix.
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    waianae surf

    I have limited experience with the Waianae Harbor. However my experience was that it can be a damaging pain to launch Solo when there is a surge in the harbor. Good luck to you if you go.
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    Jetski run off North Shore 12/04/11

    Congrats on the Mahi Catch. However if you dont ice your fish, Karma will catch up to you.
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    Should we be worried?

    LongRigger thanks for comparing Ak to Hawaii. We would be standing on the riverbank catching King Salmon and if you didnt "tag" your king as soon as it was secured, a casual fisherman who was fishing next to you for the last 4 hours would either ticket you or strongly suggest that you tag your...
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    Trolling speeds / lure distance

    Well in my extremely humble opinion! I like to watch my lures work. If they are lazy I bump it up a notch. If they are jumping all over the place Ill slow it down a bit. Every boat, like previously said, bites different. Depending on your power and your hull only sea time will show you the way...
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    This Is Why I don't Normally Pole Spear...

    OK Paul, I have to say speak my peace. I am sure you know your limits and attempt to share your safety skills with your diving partners. Diving 90' after someone shows signs of SWB does not seem safe to me. I freedive rarely these days. Even when I did I rarely dove to half of your depths...
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    Garbage Dump

    Or are you done Chckenshit!
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    Garbage Dump

    Done? Cant say anything else? Should I call you a Liar? Alright, we know retirarded. We also know you drink far too much coffee at noon and or are doing far too much tea early in the day to get yourself going. Relax, take a deep breath and post some actual facts or post some thought provoking...
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    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    I think Independently Wealthy would be more accurate. Dont misunderstand me, I agree with you on many levels. However, if you have an "opinion", you should start your own thread. I for one would like to hear your thoughts and Im sure it would be popular and thought provoking. Thanks
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    31 mahi's !!! show me the money!!!

    Bryan! Maybe you should start your own post instead of spouting your opinion on another fisherman's post. Isnt it obvious that hopu Kahi is fishing commercially? Your Bio states that you are retired. Unlike the other 90% we both know that you can fish for fun.
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    Fishing Report Waianae-Kaena 5/19

    Nice Slab of fish. Congrats
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    A day with the Foxy Lady

    Hell Yah
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    First AHI This Year for me. 5/18

    Russell, The Westside was totally flat all 33 miles South. Your boat could handle. CO and Kaena point might be a little rocky, but if you usually drop in @ HK you can handle.
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    First AHI This Year for me. 5/18

    Aloha, Until Rob gets a chance to post some of his pics. Here is one to shut up the Aliens. It worked guys, hope you got your fix. Had a blast with Rob. Its always good to fish with someone new to learn a few new tricks. Like Rob mentioned, the Ahi never did tire itself out. The light leader...
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    First AHI This Year for me. 5/18

    Thats how "we" roll in Cali? This is Hawaii! The taunting wont make a difference. Youll get your Pics soon. By the way, nice Big Eye!
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    How light is too light for Ahi

    Of course everyone has an opinion and a preference. Ive been spooled by a donkey on an 80 with 100Lb. Today we picked up an Ahi 160+ on an 80 spooled with 130, but the kicker was that we were running a light 5 inch lure with 130 lb. leader. One of the lessons learned today was that unless your...
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    4/23 small kine LL action

    I Second that and would also like to add the foreign longliners to the list.
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    Got wind?

    The waves in my toilet are breaking! Hoping for some good Mahi action when it settles down a bit.
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    Mike, Forgot to mention that saying. Makes me second guess running 80Lb. Flouro on my peanuts during flat days.
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    Thanks Pat, A little like Foreplay!
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    Aj, It was hard to get some good shots of it but we tried. Did I read your vessel correctly? 23 Seacraft? Nice! Looking at your Bio it looks like your into a project. Good going, looking forward to seeing it completed and if you wouldnt mind maybe I could take a peak at it during the process.
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    Thanks Captain Clay. Also minus the Sharks.
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    We headed out of Maunalua Bay on Tuesday. The Plan was to head to the Banks and follow the ledge South. However the current seemed to be running the "wrong way" so we decided to head East and look for open schools of Mahi in the channel. We had set lines and my fishing partner Mark decided it...
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    Why Tuna hang with porpoise

    So what your saying is that your wife also checks out this website. Niiiice!
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    Why Tuna hang with porpoise

    Is it possible that they work together? The porpoise find the food and the Tuna help chase it to the surface. Then the porpoise chase the tuna away after we show up to pick a couple off. They have an interest in protecting their resource. Thoughts?
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    19ft Glasspro or 18ft Alii Kai

    I saw that you are looking for a brand spankin new Boat with twin outboards. However, there is a 20.5' Edgewater for sale on craigslist that looks to be in the $ that youd be spending. From what Ive heard from current owners, they have a great ride and are built solid. Good Luck
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    Waianae update ?

    Out of curiosity, why are the westside boys launching out of Keehi if the bite has been good at CO?
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    HH Status

    Still Gone! Ran by the former location on Sunday and its gone baby gone.
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    Kaneohe Bay Channel Closing Out?

    Thank You to all of you who gave your input and advice. Channel was WIDE open. I have never been through Kaneohe during any significant swell and wasnt totally comfortable "winging" it. LL was dead other than rat shibis. Had live Opelu, poppers, and palu. After a while we had the buoy to...
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    Kaneohe Bay Channel Closing Out?

    Well I was planning on heading out of Kaneohe Bay Tomorrow (Sunday) and Im looking for a little input on how the channel has been at high tide. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Mahalos in Advance. Steve
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    so noel went fishing in maui........

    I was running Solo on the blue and white boat name "Margo". Went out to II no one Home. Then through J, no one Home. Then to X and still no one home. I did get lucky and picked up 2 Mini Me Mahi at X. Did anyone pick up the big Shibi on Thursday? LL?
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    so noel went fishing in maui........

    Mike was that Tuesday? I thought I recognized you at the shark cage.
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    Alaska pics

    Hey Franky and Spikey, Maybe you guys should keep your comments to your boyfriends. Those are some nice eating fish that were obviously caught through a guide who is not in business to take out a single angler. LoLos
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    Where to service props?

    Keeping the local shops in business as well as keeping the money in Hawaii just makes sense.
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    Where to service props?

    I dont have his contact # however the ladies at Keehi marine center can point you in his direction. Also Pier 18 has a guy that they sub out to. Steve
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    what can i catch......

    I agree, better safe than sorry. I am also involved in a comprehensive study involving Mercury poisoning from Marlin. I would appreciate donations and would prefer a mild smoke. Thank You in Advance.
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    Renting a boat this week (11-5,6,7-09)

    Kona has great fishing. I rented a boat from Kona a few years ago. They do not have outriggers and the Depth Finder does not show the deep fathom ledges. Therefore, if I were you, I would run the ledge (40 fathoms) up until you want to run out to the FADS. Pick up sum bait at the local shops and...
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    kaneohe 10/23

    Hey Russell, It sounds like you checked your PM/Fish Box. Good going on the fish! Oops wrong Russ.
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    Fishing magazines???

    Chicks holding sticks is always Nice
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    our taxes like I like to see them...

    With prop wash like that you would need some serious outriggers. That beast looks like it was made to plane or plow through the seas like it was a hybrid sub. Cool Pics Eric Steve
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    Diver Down

    Thanks Cappy for the Humble statement. What we dont need is more enforcement occifers. They only patrol after the fact. They will be in Moanalua Bay in Force. What we do need is more education for our fellow boaters. Just because you can afford a boat doesnt mean that you have the right to do as...
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    our taxes like I like to see them...

    This is a Hawaii Fishing Forum. Maybe we should keep it that way.
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    Why We Have No Fish

    Everyone has an opinion. The Shibis/Aku seem to come back to the buoys in the fall. Can anyone argue the fact that fish follow the food source. Do you truly believe that the local shibi that show up at the FADS travel far enough away from the FADS to be picked up by the commercial boys. How...
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    I have never had to deal with a leak on my boat. However I do deal with hydraulic cylinders and I bring mine down to Moos Machine Shop, Hydra Air Pacific, or D&S? on Koapaka. They all typically have all the seals needed to repair cylinders or manufacture/repair shafts. Good Luck
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    Thunderbirds @ Hickham

    Sorry, I jumped the gun a bit. It brought me back to all of your unsolicited opinions from past posts. tight lines
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    Thunderbirds @ Hickham

    Thats funny. With all due respect? You base your opinion on what? You just observed a great show, shut the hell up and give some respect. Maybe you should critique something you have some experience in like a broken shaft.
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    Thunderbirds @ Hickham

    Go Navy, Beat Air Force? Thought we were on the same team. JAFO
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    Lets go fishing West Side

    Good advice. Ill get on it.
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    Lets go fishing West Side

    Hello, Id like to go fishing tomorrow and I dont have a partner lined up. Id go solo however Id prefer a partner that is seaworthy. The boat is iced up and ready to go. The plan so far is to troll out to CO buoy and jig and/or palau at the buoy depending on how it looks. Then we'd troll out or...
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    In my opinion it "the rescue" should never be charged to the folks being rescued. If the mariners in trouble knew that they would have to "pay the bill" they might not be so quick to call the Coast Guard for assistance. Which could result in a larger loss of sort. Thank You for the Coast Guard...
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    Makau 23

    Funny how everyone has an opinion. New trailer boat with a great deeper V radon design. You could not touch a new boat at that price. Seaswirl maybe! Blah Blah Blah!
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    Makau 23

    Funky? What kind of seas were you in. 23' VS 33' Kami and tracking/safe in rough water. Apples to oranges. You cannot compare the two.
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    Need a tackle tip

    Hey Jens, A common mistake is to crimp the sleeve right on the edge which eventually pinches and chafes the leader. I recently had a problem with a crimping tool and lost a couple of fish. The crimps looked good and hand pulled good but when I put the heat on at leader the line pulled through...
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    Would be very interested. Do you have a system to keep the little morsels swimming?
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    Ok guys (Lures for sale)

    Cappy, Are you the Cappy that is a friend of Phil B? I heard you bought your own boat. Although I was looking forward to bringing you onto my boat and sharing some tips, congratulations on your boat. Steve
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    Do I need a fishing permit?

    Sorry Tom I meant to say Hawaii does not require a Saltwater Fishing License. Steve
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    Do I need a fishing permit?

    Tom, Hawaii does require a fishing license for Saltwater fishing. However there are areas that are off limits to fishing depending on what the year is. Its not too complicated. Just pick up a fishing reg. book at any tackle shop. Hobbietat on 10th Av. is a great place to get started. Good luck...
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    New Boat Prices

    Like many previous posts. Choose your boat wisely. You can pick up a low maintenance boat for $25K but it might not suit your needs. It sounds like you are looking for a good/safe trolling boat. I have a 23" Seacraft that I have total faith in. The Saltwater and Yellowfin have similar hulls that...
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    New Boat Prices

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    Want your thoughts...

    Pat, Everyone has an opinion. Heres mine. Although I dont have enough boating experience in Hawaii to offer any real advice regarding the Black Fin. I can say that it is most important to have confidence in your boat when you have to get home. It sounds like youve already made up your mind and...
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    Lahaina Harbor, Maui Hawaii 5-12-09

    Come on guys. The original rant started with a 17 year old kid from Cali. Nuf Said!
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    The Banks

    What race? I suppose that could be the determining factor. I dont want to fight the crowds fishing their way to Molokai. I worked all the way around the point and back over to the HK side 2 weeks ago. We picked up 4 nice Mahi and had 4 Ono strikes with none in the box. I was hoping the Ono bite...
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    The Banks

    Howzit fellow fishermen. Im planning on heading out to the Banks on Saturday and was wondering how the bite has been lately. The waters been flat so Im not expecting much Mahi. Has anyone found any Ono out there lately? Thank You for any info good or bad.