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  1. muledeer07

    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    Sealine 20 is the cheapest, swap the drag washers out for CF and it lasts forever. I have the 20,30, both with CF washers go to reels for bait fishing. There still going strong after 15 years.
  2. muledeer07

    Tranx 500 vs. a Trinidad 20A

    You can get 400yds of 65 max cuatro on the trance but take it from experience don’t do it it doesn’t cast for crap. Backlashing nightmare I wish I would have put the 80 max on it. I’ve tried everything to correct it. All brakes on extra tension control. You name it either I got a bad one or its...
  3. muledeer07

    Adjust baler flip resistance

    That's a slippery slope there. If you were to loosen the bale resistance, then you run the chance of the bale closing when you try to get that extra long cast. Snapping off whatever jig your trying to rip out there. If you tighten it up too much you run the risk of damaging the internal...
  4. muledeer07

    New Seaforth - 9/8 Full Day Report - YFT

    Great Capt and crew fish them religiously. They do get the bulk of the newbies, everyone wants to ride the San Diego. But 50 people on that boat is entirely doable. Don't let that keep you away. Plenty of room to fish that boat and RJ will be on deck the whole time helping out hook and hand, of...
  5. muledeer07

    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Simply !!!! Thank you for that amazing detailed report. It gets no better than that.
  6. muledeer07

    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Yes they work for Yellowtail but really I've only had them work a little farther north, up around SC or CI. I've tried them at Coronados on a good Yoyo bite and nothing. But caught a bluefin on one a month ago.
  7. muledeer07

    Line for my Stella 18000

    80 MC white or yellow. That reels a beast what rod do you use with it?
  8. muledeer07

    Tranx 500 line options

    Exactly as Ripped said, only difference I filled mine with 65 MaxC and got 420yds.
  9. muledeer07

    Fathers Day Weekend - Bluefin & Yellowtail - Video - 2 Days on the Excalibur

    That was an amazing video. Father and son what a perfect day for both of you. Congratulations.
  10. muledeer07

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Thank you very much, LOL now I need one of those.
  11. muledeer07

    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Very nice great job on the popper. What is the rod you have the tranx on if you don't mind me asking.
  12. muledeer07

    Shimano Tranx 500 on sale.

    Wow great find, I ordered one and went back for a friend and the price had went up. Just called Reeds and it has already shipped. Unbelievable price and free shipping and no tax. Thank you PabloB
  13. muledeer07

    Conventional Reel Recommendations

    For your price point, the old reliable Daiwa Sealine. For what you want either the 40 or 50. Easy casting lasts forever I would recommend the SHS high speed model at 6.1-1. I have the 20,30,40 and 50 there going on 15 years all I've done is replaced the drag washers with Carbon fiber. They've...
  14. muledeer07

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    I wake up in the morning praying that when I come to work Nebraska has added another read. Sir I hope you know how amazing your words are. I would read your articles every single day. Thank you.
  15. muledeer07

    Spectra for Penn 12 Reel

    I would avoid the mono topshot. you lose capacity, its harder for the bait to swim. Try powerpro or like above the maxcuatro. I have 30 jbraid on my lexa 300 it casts a mile.
  16. muledeer07

    Lexa 300 strong enough?

    Use mine for it all the time so far yellowtail to 20lbs and dodo to 24lbs.
  17. muledeer07

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Very good report, I sincerely hope you find that killer boat. Use to love the Pacific Star and Mike. Rode it many times, guess I'll cross the poseidon off my list. Thank you sir.
  18. muledeer07

    Condor light hot summer sun rocker! 7/31

    Very Happy for you Ron to finally see you back out on the bird. Take care of that shoulder and I'll see you out there soon.
  19. muledeer07

    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    Now that's a fishing report. Amazing read, thank you.
  20. muledeer07

    ???Video tour of a Tackle box??????

    Well done, Engineered to perfection. Beautiful piece of well thought out craftmanship.
  21. muledeer07

    Flat Fall Rigging

    Afraser thank you for posting that originally. I copied that design and have used nothing else since. I use a 10/0 and I bridle the 300lb braid closer to the flatfall, only for the specific purpose of hopefully not missing a bite on the retrieve. So far 4 for 4. Nothing huge but nonetheless no...
  22. muledeer07

    Good YT fishing at the Islands today 6/3

    Great Job, was out there Saturday on the San Diego with a light load. Non Stop action, Seals were voracious though. Think the boat had 62 seals got close to that amount. Very fun day with log barracuda, bonita and toad calicos throughout the day. Islands are starting quality fish as well.
  23. muledeer07

    Late Report: Combat fishing on the Liberty 5/4/18

    My hats off to you for trying it. But that was painful as all hell to watch. Gotta love it.
  24. muledeer07

    Flatfall techniques

    I agree you run that risk with this rig, Actually my only fear with this rig is that. I tend to fish it differently that I normally would a normal flatfall. I get it to the depth of the fish and then long sweeps with the rod, then let it fall again. But eventually I'll get a short bite. But I do...
  25. muledeer07

    Hopkins with buck tails

    Just be careful tieing directly to the jig. Some times that hole has burrs on it. I soldered a ring on both of mine. Doesn't hurt the action actually helps it.
  26. muledeer07

    Flatfall techniques

    The above way of rigging a flatfall I got off of an unknown fisherman on here and I have modified it a little. I tie the hook closer to the front of the jig. I'm using a 10/0 instead of a 13/0. So far 4 for 4. I just didn't need crimping pliers and all that go with it in an already packed bag...
  27. muledeer07

    Tomahawk 4/21/18

    Nice report and thank you for that. Thats why its fishing. Until the seiner pressure stops its going to be hit or miss for awhile. Still gotta try.
  28. muledeer07

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Well after seeing all of these beautiful works of art. I thought I would throw my first attempt out there. Basic old 1/2" plywood stainless hardware and 5 trays with dividers. I wanted it as light as possible. [/ATTACH]
  29. muledeer07

    Quantum Cabo CSP80PTS

    Is your reel the PTSE? Reels only limit is the rod you put with it. I have a 60 with an 8' Abyss H rated to 50 and I fish 50 on it all the time with surface irons and poppers. I'd probably put the 8' proteus XH on it and then you could go 60.
  30. muledeer07

    J braid for casting?

    I've got my Lexa 300 filled with 40J and it casts as well or better than any other braid I have. I will be buying more J braid in the future.
  31. muledeer07

    Your biggest fish on a Fathom 25?

    2 many fish to count so far on my 25n2sp. 2 bluefin both about a 100lbs same day. Did have an issue with the shifter not going into low after the 2nd 100lber that day. Quick trip to penn all better. 65PP to a short leader of 50fc. Alberto knot for connection of braid to Fluoro. At least 10...
  32. muledeer07

    A bird and some fish 12/29

    Paddyman wouldn't happen to be the famous Pitdog would he. Happy New Year
  33. muledeer07

    Do you smell that!?! 12/3/17

    Happy Holidays christmas is a mess with that skunk smell all thru the house. Glad you got it off.
  34. muledeer07

    2.5 day on the Pacific Queen

    Johnny is the chef on the Queen, TOPNOTCH all the way. And he'll keep you laughing the entire trip. Quality operation all around.
  35. muledeer07

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Nebraska absolutely without a doubt the finest read I have ever had in any book or website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The longest trip I've ever taken was a 5 day to Lupe 30 years ago. My lifetime goal is this trip!!!!!!!! Your adventure and tales were amazing and much appreciated.
  36. muledeer07

    Relentless 2 Day 9/18-20

    Excellent post, very good read thanks for details.
  37. muledeer07

    9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Great to hear thank you. Congrats again.
  38. muledeer07

    9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Congrats on a personal best, any info on the gear you used?
  39. muledeer07

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    Excellent post, so good to see buzz on deck kicking some bf ass. I'll agree with the prowler and her crew. Rode her earlier this year after swearing never to get on her again after the crew years past. They were amazing and on top of every thing. Very courteous and wanted passengers to have a...
  40. muledeer07

    Outer Limits Huge Bluefin Epic Drone Footage

    Congrats on an amazing trip and that video. BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR. Amazing footage.
  41. muledeer07

    Dodos and Yellows on the 43 8/16

    Congrats doesn't get any better than time with your boys and catching fish. Best write up of the year!!!!!!!!! Well Done.
  42. muledeer07

    OPHA caught while fishing for BFT

    WOW congrats! Thats it for me, my number 1 bucket list fish.
  43. muledeer07

    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Well done dad. Congrats little man you have a fishing buddy for life. Well done Capt, smart man you have a loyal customer check that 2 loyal customers for life. Big props to the rest of passengers as well. When ever I see the little ones on the boats I always try to keep an eye on them and...
  44. muledeer07

    CONDOR 2.5-day: Light Load + Paddies = FUN!!

    You take care Ron, be great to have you back out on the water. Stay away from those giant bluefin.
  45. muledeer07

    CONDOR 2.5-day: Light Load + Paddies = FUN!!

    Great report, love the Condor. I'll be on her Friday night.
  46. muledeer07

    Chartered the Pride leaving on 7/21 and fishing 7/22.

    Great post! First I've really heard of the yellows and dodo's being caught on something other than bait. Congrats on a great trip.
  47. muledeer07

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    Thanks for the laughs. Been there done that. The bow is your friend with the kite.
  48. muledeer07

    Bluefin around the 43

    Great day with your Dad, Congrats.
  49. muledeer07


    Great report can't forget about our moms. Very happy for you that this is how your mom wants to spend her time with you. Very special.
  50. muledeer07

    Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    WOW 80 bluefin on 20lb test. It will take a long time for your brother to top that feat. Never mind an 80lb fish the fact he did it on 20. Congrats to you and your brother and your dad for taking you all fishing. Well written EPIC trip for sure.
  51. muledeer07

    Saltwater spinning gear

    Even without absolutely perfect technique, (Which truly helps) its more than doable with today's quality equipment. Either the twin power, or Cabo 100-120 or Stella if you want to spend big bucks. But you need that quality rod. And most of all the Harness and lugs on your rod. If that fish does...
  52. muledeer07

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

    In it to win it.
  53. muledeer07

    Sorry sir forgot to say I'm looking for a conventional rod in the 7'6"-8' length rated to 80lb mono.

    Sorry sir forgot to say I'm looking for a conventional rod in the 7'6"-8' length rated to 80lb mono.
  54. muledeer07

    Good morning Jamie. Sir I will be at the Del Mar show opening day on Thursday. I would like to...

    Good morning Jamie. Sir I will be at the Del Mar show opening day on Thursday. I would like to pre-order some of the JRI jigs,7 & 8s a couple red crabs, mint and chovy. I am also interested in finding a 7'6" to 8' rod rated to 80lb mono. Any suggestions on the rod would be appreciated sir. My...
  55. muledeer07

    How does Penn rate there line rating on there rods? In Mono or Braid

    Thank you very much exactly what I was looking for. Have a great season sir.
  56. muledeer07

    How does Penn rate there line rating on there rods? In Mono or Braid

    I guess I just worded the question wrong but thank you both for your answers. I guess what I'm asking is on the Penn website the rod is rated for Heavy 30-80lb line. What Line? Braid or Mono. If that number is in Braid then the rod is a 40lb mono rod but if that 30 to 80 is a Mono rating then...
  57. muledeer07

    Rpt.-02-26-17 2 day Relentless and my first Tails of 2017!

    Cory I look forward to your reports everytime. Congratulations on a successful trip and excellent report. Thank you.
  58. muledeer07

    Pacific Queen 1.5 Day – February 25, 2017

    Great post and congrats on a safe trip. Don't get much better than the guys on the Queen. Johnny, bobby, mike and Austin. First rate.
  59. muledeer07

    How does Penn rate there line rating on there rods? In Mono or Braid

    For example the Rampage 3080c76 its rated 30-80lb, Braid or Mono guys. Also anyone have any suggestions on rods. I'm looking for some thing 7' 6" to 8' thats rated to 80lb MONO. For this years big bluefin. I'm pairing it with a Fathom 40n 2speed. Thanks for the help guys.
  60. muledeer07

    Top water and Jigging Action in Papua New Guinea

    Amazing report and photo's, bucket list for sure one day.
  61. muledeer07


    Wow now that looks like a fun trip. Congrats, per the red crab question. Was out at LJ on Saturday red crab were everywhere. Birds were crashing on them every bass that came up was stuffed.
  62. muledeer07

    Hooks for Flatfall Jigs

    Here's another option especially if your targeting toothy critters. I use mine for Bluefin, really the best way to fish them.
  63. muledeer07

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    The daiwa sealine reels have a cast control knob as well. Open it up all the way and those reels cast with the best of them. Tighten it down until you get use to it. No magnets to play with just turn the know tighten or loosen until you figure it out.
  64. muledeer07

    Daiwa sealine 50 question

    I have four of the sealine models,20,30,40 and the 50. You have the original model with the 4.9-1 gear ratio. Not a bad thing at all,all of mine are 6.1-1 but I love that particular gear ratio. You can fit a lot of 80 braid on that reel. Just remember that reel only makes 17lbs of drag. Use...
  65. muledeer07

    CAIVO tackle customer service shout out.

    I've had the same experience. I ordered 2 of there surface irons after reading some reviews. They swam amazing, I immediately put in an order for 4 more. Couple days later I received 5 new swimmers, with a note from Jimmy personally thanking me for my order with an extra jig on him. By the way...
  66. muledeer07

    CONDOR 10/22 SCI backside big tuna rocker!

    Great report Ron. Miss fishing with you guys. Hope Rob stays at the helm next year. Good luck with the eyes. Modern medicine and all you'll be up in the nest spotting patties next year with out Binocs. Take care my friend and rest for the 4 day.
  67. muledeer07

    9/14 liberty heading out at....

    Great report thanks for the info. Good luck
  68. muledeer07


    Congrats sitting at the dock waiting to leave tonight on the queen for hopefully 2 days of arm burning fun
  69. muledeer07

    Big Bluefin on the Sea Adventure 80 Aug 31

    What was the guy doing that caught 5??????
  70. muledeer07

    70lb plus Yellow Fin all you want

    Congrats! Klay is killing it this year. Appreciate a captain that stays on the bite for his fisherman.
  71. muledeer07

    Old Glory August 30th

    Congrats I'll second the Old Glory, Other than rod storage height limitations they run a great operation. Dang looking at all those lights wonder how bad its gonna be Friday night on my two day out there. :jig:
  72. muledeer07

    Late Report - Sauerfish 2.5 Day 6 Pack

    Excellent report, big time operation for sure. Congrats.
  73. muledeer07

    Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Cory your reports are amazingly detailed and picture heavy. This report went beyond that. Thank you so much feels like I've been to that part of Panama now. And by the way, Damn nice fish.:appl:
  74. muledeer07

    CONDOR 8/23 Big Tuna Trainwreck at the 43

    Exceptional report as always Ron, Happy Birthday and congrats Norm. Wouldn't expect anything less from Scott, Condor and crew. Good People.
  75. muledeer07

    Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    I'll second the front page post X3. You are a great fisherman who is humble, and works his but off, and shares. Rare qualities and you are to be congratulated on them. As far as your season, one can only dream of seasons like those. But you went too far with your recipes this time LOL. DANG I'm...
  76. muledeer07

    New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    Great read, well done. Fishing buddy for life.
  77. muledeer07

    I need longer reel clamp screws for a25n

    No I'm not putting the stock clamp on top of the Cork puppy. But I will admit a mistake I made especially since everyone is so willing to help around here. I actually need shorter stud screws on the reel clamp instead of longer. Dumb mistake. But I will definitely try Ace for those as well...
  78. muledeer07

    I need longer reel clamp screws for a25n

    Are these even available. The stocks screws are too short to mount my cork puppy on my rod I just need a longer screw. Help please
  79. muledeer07

    Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    I agree what tuna? I'll take that action every single trip. Congrats beautiful grade.
  80. muledeer07

    Old Glory Overnight 8-6

    Saturday report on the old glory. Fishing was SLOW to say the least, 30mph winds 6-8 swells all mixed up, not good. Especially with 36 mostly first timers on the boat. I got a Dodo on a colt sniper early and then at the end of the evening a yellowfin on a shimano orca popper. Bait was good, 4-6"...
  81. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    100 % better those hooks won't straighten half of the cords on my flat falls are frayed from fish
  82. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    100 % better those hooks won't straighten half of the cords on my flat falls are frayed from fish
  83. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Rings were stainless tig rods and the solder is 56% silver solder white flux paste the rods I'm using are 308, 313, and 316
  84. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Leaving tonight for an overnight hopefully something to write about tomorrow night
  85. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Well here goes let's see if I can get the pic
  86. muledeer07

    Diawa Lexa HD reel clamp

    Daiwa makes a clamp now just for the Daiwa reels. You can find it on Charkbait.
  87. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    Will be on my way home in awhile and then I'll take the pics and post but I welded all of my rings. Thanks to some great people on here that showed me how easy it really is with just a little practice and the right silver solder.
  88. muledeer07

    Oside/Cbad 8/4 YFT

    So many stories of lost fish with those little trebles on the snipers, I'll have to put some pics in of how I've fixed this issue, welded solid rings on the front and back and replacing the small treble with a inline single. Be up later this afternoon.
  89. muledeer07

    2-Day in honor of my Father....

    Your pops would have been very proud of you. Excellent way to honor him on his day, Great post and thank you.
  90. muledeer07

    First local super cow bluefin

    Amazing fish and season your having and X2 with what fishkilr posted
  91. muledeer07

    Chief 2.5 Day – July 21-24, 2016

    Always enjoys your detailed reports Pam. Will give the Chief a try here coming up. Thanks.
  92. muledeer07

    time to fish

    Very tough to read your families loss. We lost our daughter at 8 1/2 months. Stay strong for your wife and do what your doing. Cherish the time with your older son. I would love to be able to tell you that time eases your pain. But sadly its not true. Every year on her birthday is a rough day...
  93. muledeer07

    rings for Tady 45s

    Just want to say thanks to all of you that have added info, but just so everyone is clear that's just starting out doing this. When your soldering the rings don't get the ring super hot. And Holi e Mackerel. Do you mind me asking why every diagram I see people doing of this, they hold the ring...
  94. muledeer07

    7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    Not a lot to say that hasn't been said already. Props to you for even still fishing at 69. As far as doing battle with that giant solo. Damn fine job. You've earned your Bluefin. As far I'm concerned that's a caught fish, that'll hopefully live a while longer and spawn. :appl:
  95. muledeer07

    7/16 - BFT Foamers All Alone

    Very well written, felt like I was there the entire time. Congrats and awesome looking boat.
  96. muledeer07

    Dumb Question of the Day!

    So that you know what tools go with what reels. And when you send them back to the factory for service write your name and address on the outside of the box. Makes it easier for the company to know who's reel there working on.
  97. muledeer07

    BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Great day on the water, don't forget one of the best chefs in the fleet.
  98. muledeer07

    Giant Bluefin Video..

    Very nicely done, Fish of a lifetime. Congrats.
  99. muledeer07

    Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Great attitude sir, my hearts breaking for you as well. We all know how much we cherish our gear and to hear this breaks my heart. I pray your insurance covers this for you. Now for the old lady next to you. Can't say what I'd like to do just keep up the great attitude. See you out on the water.
  100. muledeer07

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    Thank you thought the same thing till I put some extreme force on it in the back yard. Time will tell.
  101. muledeer07

    Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    You still had a great day Lou, Way over thinking it, It's fishing prepare as best you can and have a blast. Sounds like your knots held fine, luck of the draw next time completely different story. So how'd you like that Proteus? I leave today gonna be putting that exact same rod thru the test...
  102. muledeer07

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Great read amazing day. You can only dream about days like that. Thanks for sharing.
  103. muledeer07

    Rpt.-2 Day Grande trip ending 06-28-16.

    I always look forward to your posts and this one didn't disappoint. Glad you had a great trip. Nice tails.
  104. muledeer07

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    Nice fish and nice job posting. Have a great season
  105. muledeer07

    The Chief - 6/27/16

    Hustler if you don't mind me asking. Were the yellows line shy and were there any iron fish. Nice fish by the way.
  106. muledeer07

    Another jumbo bluefin. PB.

    I think it's more like 90% great fisherman 10% luck. Thank you for all the information you've passed on this season. Great Job.
  107. muledeer07

    0-3 BFT 3-3 yellows 06-22

    Nice tails, great report thanks for the info.
  108. muledeer07

    Rpt.-Wed.-06-22-16 312,209,181,182 and the corner!

    Sorry for the down day, on the bright side beautiful day on the water out with friends. You've paid your dues for sure. When it happens for you its going to epic. Really looking forward to reading that report sir.
  109. muledeer07

    Vagabond 1.5 day 6/17-6/19

    Nice job I have the gosa 14000 and the proteus. Perfect combo for this type of fishing. Nice fish
  110. muledeer07

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    Simply amazing. The family pictures should be up on the wall. Excellent post, thank you. The amount of fat in those steaks is unbelievable.
  111. muledeer07

    New Lo-An 1.5 Day (11JUN16), Fished: Colonet

    Thanks for the heads up will be heading down there shortly. Nice fish.
  112. muledeer07

    Tuna Grounds Tues & Wed (June 7/8)

    Great report and Intel. Tough luck on the two lost at the boat tough way to lose two giants. Personal experience,They only haunt you until you finally get that big one!!!!!!!!!!!.
  113. muledeer07

    Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    All the amazing research our scientists and biologists are doing for our migratory game fish is devastated by countries that have no quota no limits. Kill as much as they can make as much as they can as quick as they can. I still applaud the work your doing with the Bluefin and an excellent...
  114. muledeer07

    Rpt.-Wed.- 06-08-16 Chasing Big Blue!

    Great read as always sir. You gave it 110% that's for sure.
  115. muledeer07

    OPAH on the WET-O's

    Fish of a lifetime for sure. Congratulations. Bucket list priority 1.
  116. muledeer07

    Personal Best BFT on Flying Squirell 6/5

    Great story and pictures. Nice read and congrats on your PB. Great grade of fish.
  117. muledeer07

    5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    Awesome detailed report and pics. Much appreciated gentlemen.
  118. muledeer07

    Surface Iron Analysis

    After reading this last week I ordered a couple of the Caivo's in the 3.2 size. Took them to the pool and was quite pleased with the results. Even with the thick heavy front they kicked very well. I ordered 3, the first two definitely were a slow retrieve kick. The third one you had to speed it...
  119. muledeer07

    Quantum Cabo 60 ptse (Drag loosens on itself) Brand new reel

    Well I inspected it last night very closely, The spring is definitely in the housing, So I guess I'll call quantum and see what they say. I have a good friend that just bought the 120, I think I'm gonna take a ride down to San Diego and look at one at a shop and compare. Other than that I guess...
  120. muledeer07

    Quantum Cabo 60 ptse (Drag loosens on itself) Brand new reel

    Thank you John so much. I'll look tonight for the spring. Underneath the cap is a rubber saucer seal that gets pressed down when your tightening the cap down. The drag sets well. It seemed to hold drag as well. After filling it up with braid I took it out front and set the drag and walked off a...
  121. muledeer07

    Quantum Cabo 60 ptse (Drag loosens on itself) Brand new reel

    Had no idea how to word this but hopefully somebody will recognize this issue and it will be an easy fix. Probably something simple I should have caught myself, but for the life of me I can't figure this out. Just bought the reel, took it out this last weekend running and gunning for shy...
  122. muledeer07

    Hurricane ... Pick me up on the "Other Side" Tailwalker .....

    So sorry for your loss, sounds like one incredible person.
  123. muledeer07

    Local islands Spinning rod suggestions. HELP !!

    Can't go wrong with that reel, been using a saragosa 14000 for the last 5 years paired with a 7'2" XH terez. Amazing what that set up will do. Figured I wanted a smaller lighter rig with the 8' for lighter poppers and such. Those cabos have such a smooth drag cannot wait to get that rig hooked up.
  124. muledeer07

    Local islands Spinning rod suggestions. HELP !!

    I just got a Cabo 60 ptse and went thru the same dilemma your going thru. I looked at the black diamonds and there was just no way I was dropping that kind of money on that rod. Finally narrowed it down to the phoenix abyss 8' 15-40 rod and the Proteus 8', 15-40 both under 200.00. The abyss is a...
  125. muledeer07

    go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    Congrats on a fish of a lifetime. High fives for releasing that beauty. honestly do not think you over estimated the size of that monster at all. Fish of a lifetime for sure.
  126. muledeer07

    Knock down on the troll 11/23

    Really great video, congrats on an amazing year +2 on the giant sea bass, trophy's for sure this year.
  127. muledeer07

    CONDOR Wahoo Thursday pics

    Nice fish Norm, Congrats buddy. Did you get him on that wired chrome jig you had rigged up on our trip?
  128. muledeer07

    Spinning reel service

    Don't send it to Daiwa, not happy with there service at all.
  129. muledeer07

    Wahoo crimps - these really hold tightly!

    Thanks for the tip MMayo. Just ordered some for my 90 seven strand.
  130. muledeer07

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Great story and pics as always Ron. So happy to hear your shoulder held up. Great to see Scott back on the boat as well. So basically not many jig fish?
  131. muledeer07

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    No need to justify it Ron, less people that want to ride the big bird the better.
  132. muledeer07

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    Big bird, I'll be on the labor day trip as well, Scott and Mike and the guys will take care of you.
  133. muledeer07

    In Memory Of My Brother

    A toast to your brother JIM! My most sincere condolanses to you and your family.
  134. muledeer07

    7mm mag Ammo Recommendation

    All good responses but I second everything that CaptJgray said, I know of 2 friends that love there 7's and they both shoot copper. One barnes TTSX and one federal Trophy copper. And remember with Copper speed kills. I'd go with which ever pattern best in the 130 to 140grn. Range.
  135. muledeer07

    Oside daycare program Tuesday

    Doesn't get any better than that Dad. Great job.
  136. muledeer07

    Massive failure of Fin Nor Lethal 100

    Got a buddy that bought one about the same time. He's caught some big fish on it, not to make fun of your plight but hopefully just a manufacturing defect. They'll replace it no problem.
  137. muledeer07

    I have a carbon drag washer question

    Just talking about the drag washer on the very bottom. You all answered my question. I just didn't remember seeing any thing mentioned from Alan when installing that particular washer. Thank you all very much for your quick reply's
  138. muledeer07

    I have a carbon drag washer question

    I guess this is relative to all reels, I understand all the carbon fiber drag washers get greased with a liberal amount, but I haven't seen it mentioned yet. Does the the bottom washer underneath the gear housing also get greased or does that washer not need it. And if I did grease it would that...
  139. muledeer07

    Metered fish below, dropped down a camera to see them

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing. Kinda hard to watch it all the way thru though.
  140. muledeer07

    daiwa sealine-x 30 shv rebuild

    Thank you very much for the fast response, I know dumb question coming. How do I fix that? Never had this problem with the felt washers. I did something wrong I'm assuming.
  141. muledeer07

    daiwa sealine-x 30 shv rebuild

    Thank you very much for all of your tutorials Alan. Just got done with my 4/0 converting it to the carbon fiber 5 stack washers. So smooth only way I could have possible done that is with your tutorial. Well I have the Daiwa sealine 20/30/40 and 50 Xsha reels. So I decided to switch over the 20...
  142. muledeer07

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Awesome day! Perfect post great pics. Loved the pic of kids out cold at the end of the day. remember those days vividly.
  143. muledeer07

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Awesome day! Perfect post great pics. Loved the pic of kids out cold at the end of the day. remember those days vividly.
  144. muledeer07

    8/10/15 yellowfin delight

    Awesome day! Perfect post great pics. Loved the pic of kids out cold at the end of the day. remember those days vividly.
  145. muledeer07

    Daiwa Sealine X30 & X20SHA drag issues

    I know for sure the washers were well greased with Cal's thought maybe I had over greased them but looked just like the pics,Looks like I'm taking them apart again. For not being a mechanical person I understand everything you're talking about. Thank you very much, I'll let you know.
  146. muledeer07

    Daiwa Sealine X30 & X20SHA drag issues

    Thank you for the quick response Noa. Unfortunately I put both reels back on there rods and tied the line off to the mail box and started walking up the street increasing drag pressure as I go. I might just try that a bunch of times today and see if I can seat them properly. I'm hoping that's...
  147. muledeer07

    Daiwa Sealine X30 & X20SHA drag issues

    Well I finally broke down and bought some of the smooth drag carbon tech washers for both reels. I used the Alan Tani tutorial (perfectly illustrated I might add) to take the reels apart service them and install the washers with Cal grease exactly as specified. Everything went back together...
  148. muledeer07

    Pacific Queen 08/02-08/04

    Glad you a good trip with Drew and the guys. Been fishing with Drew since he started as a deck hand. Many PB's on that boat.
  149. muledeer07

    Condor staff

    Love the big bird fish her often will be on the labor day trip. But did you say 40 people. Just a tad much unless it was a charter of some kind. Even then too many people.
  150. muledeer07

    Anybody know whos boat this is?

    Were all good buddy, dad misses your Honda at Mendota LOL. I'll PM my number.
  151. muledeer07

    Anybody know whos boat this is?

    Great picture Reuben. How have you been buddy? Wade
  152. muledeer07

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Amazing pics worth the trip right there.
  153. muledeer07

    Condor 7/23 Yellowfin, YT, Dorado out SW rockin funtime

    Glad to see a condor report again from ya Ron. Miss ole Sharif's harmonica music.
  154. muledeer07

    Is Dana Point the New Cabo?

    Priceless great day with your son.
  155. muledeer07

    South of DP

    Very nice Stef business as usual ha buddy.
  156. muledeer07

    BFT on the Lexa 400 and Phenix ultra swimbait classic throwing poppers

    Way to stick with the popper, congrats well deserved
  157. muledeer07

    Tin can tuna

    Outstanding Tanner and Josh, glad to see you guys getting out and getting it done. Wade
  158. muledeer07

    Shogun 1.5 day 6/30 departing Meals on Wheels charter

    Thanks for heads up, sounded like a great trip.
  159. muledeer07

    3 day Dorado Yellowtail Tuna trip on the Dominator

    Hey B! I'll give you a call when I get in Saturday morning off the New Lo Ann.
  160. muledeer07

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Awesome report, Can't think of a more perfect Dad. Tallon will be a bad ass. Were going to be reading about his exploits for years to come.
  161. muledeer07

    Videos and pictures of BFT the last 5 days & 168# fish dead

    Congrats that was amazing. I have to agree best post I've ever seen on BD.
  162. muledeer07

    June 11 at the 209

    Nice yellows, shouldn't be too much longer now.
  163. muledeer07


    If Still available I'm interested in the TZ-78-PW 50-100, Cash or trade Calstar J100 excellent condition. 760-803-3389
  164. muledeer07

    6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    WOW amazing fish, gonna be some good eats there. Congrats.
  165. muledeer07

    Great start cut short!!!

    Encouraging news, still sending prayers for Amy. It can happen so fast tell them you love them every day and mean it.
  166. muledeer07

    St. Valentine's Day Massacre Tribute 2015

    Great write up, enjoyed the read.
  167. muledeer07

    Fortune 10/11, Magic Kelp, Wahoo, Limits in an hour (video)

    Definitely the best video of the year. That bite had poppers written all over it.
  168. muledeer07

    Condor 8/7-8/9

    I've trusted Mike many a nights with my safety driving that boat and god willing I'll be trusting him a lot more times. Next time Monday night.
  169. muledeer07


  170. muledeer07

    More than just limits 8/12

    Great post and tell your son thank you deepest respect and gratitude to you and your son for his service.
  171. muledeer07

    CONDOR 7/17 Big Yellowtail/limits & Nice yellowfin fun time

    Great report once again Ron, thanks for all the updated info. Hope it stays that way thru the weekend. Riding the pacific queen Sunday night looking forward to hammering some yellow. Ron you wouldn't of happen to seen Sharif lately have you. Miss those tunes on the harmonica..
  172. muledeer07

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail 7-14 ( Video )

    Great Video controlled Chaos love it.
  173. muledeer07

    Shogun on the Bluefin 6/10

    Anybody know what the shogun had for bait. Did they make it prior or special bait just for the long range boats.
  174. muledeer07

    4/11/14 Oceanside 95 Overnight report

    Nice to hear, having grown up not far from there it would be nice to be able to start fishing Oceanside again, instead of having to drive all the way down to San Diego. GREAT NEWS.
  175. muledeer07

    CONDOR 10/22 Non-stop ripper for Yellowfin to 35,Limits of YT to 24, 9 Dorado

    Thanks for the right up Ron and the pics. I'll give Rob a call this week and wish him all the best with his Family in OHIO. Wish only the best for him he will be sorely missed on the condor.
  176. muledeer07

    CONDOR 2.5Day Oct12-13th Big Bluefin, Limits YT, YF, Dorado TRAINWRECK

    Great Stuff Ron, can't ever go wrong on the big bird. Deckhand Rob I hope everything works out with you and your family in OHIO. You deserve it brother.
  177. muledeer07

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    John and Dodo nothing but respect for you guys for releasing the gal. You did it right.
  178. muledeer07

    CONDOR Kick=butt Bluefin, Limits Yellowtail, Wild Dorado ROCKER!!

    Great report, looking forward to fishing together soon.
  179. muledeer07

    CONDOR 200+fish Grand Slam trainwreck 9/6

    Congrats Ron The Condor Rocks, gotta get back on that boat before Rob hangs it up. That boat is as close to a sure thing as it gets.
  180. muledeer07

    Monster 60 - 102 lb. Bluefin on Dolphin II overnight

    Damn now thats a report and one hell of a trip. Congrats on the big boys. There out there guys go get you some.:hali_olutta:
  181. muledeer07

    Pacific Queen Carnage

    Weather was beautiful slight swell light breeze absolutely gorgeous. We fished thursday of last week before the blow was expected. Muledeer are coming 26th and fishing ends deer begins for me.
  182. muledeer07

    Pacific Queen Carnage

    Since it's a little late but I don't see any other reports for them I'll throw this in. Fished on the queen 8/30 Drew was on fire we had 34 people and you would of never knew it. Hit the pens first off for 24 BF then motored west, hit the first paddy picked up some nice dodo's and a few more...
  183. muledeer07

    Caught Bluefin and prepare a good meal

    Another tuna belly recipe, if your not in to all that salt put the belly in a ziplock with some garlic olive oil, brown sugar and worceshire sauce hot smoke with hickory chunks for about 3 hours, heaven.
  184. muledeer07

    CONDOR=Grand Slam carnage 8/7 insane!!

    Nice report once again Ron, love that boat. There's a reason Scott is always looking for that 1 paddy. Hope to fish with you again soon.
  185. muledeer07

    CONDOR, Dorado, Bluefin,Big Yellows 7/19

    Nice report Ron and it was great meeting and fishing with you. Take care of that ankle and arm buddy. Hope to see you out again real soon. Eddy, Sharif and the rest of the gang great meeting you all. We had 34 people on the boat but we had one heck of a good time. Thanks to Rob, Mike and the...
  186. muledeer07

    07.15.11 - 07.17.11 - Amigo - Yellowtail

    Great read and fantastic pics. Makes for an enjoyable story and trip.
  187. muledeer07

    Trailers, Washerboard, 5 Bluefin

    Very nice Reuben, you earned them buddy. How's the family?
  188. muledeer07

    Late report from Freedom 8/26

    Very nice Reuben, if you ever need a deckhand on your boat buddy give me a call. Wade.
  189. muledeer07

    Long Range 1.5 Day

    I was on that trip as well, hats off to the crew and Bill for one of those days you don't soon forget. Gets old hearing about them all the time or just missing that trip where all you hear is you should of been here yesterday or last week. Not this trip this was the trip. Took a few pics enjoy.
  190. muledeer07

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    33 lb 7oz La Jolla
  191. muledeer07

    7/31 Condor Albie searching, with an Opah bonus!

    Congrats again on the Opah Nate, I rode on the Condor with you that trip, I have some pictures of it filleted if you want them. I know everyone had a blast trying to figure out exactly how to cut that fish up. Did you ever eat any of the darker muscle meat under neath the lateral fin? Once again...
  192. muledeer07

    Red Rooster III 8 day Report

    Great trip, one of the best reports I've ever seen as well. Congrats.
  193. muledeer07

    8 Baits limits of White Seabass in 20 minutes

    Nice Haul Stef, still waiting for that phone call though.:nutkick:Sorry for the double post will call you later Stef.
  194. muledeer07

    8 Baits limits of White Seabass in 20 minutes

    Nice haul buddy! Still waiting for that phone call though. :nutkick:
  195. muledeer07

    Amazing 3 day Trip to Catalina Island

    That's the way it's done right there. Amazing trip.
  196. muledeer07

    Legend vs Pac Star vs Aztec?

    Just got off the Pac Star, Mike, Paul, Jr and Dave can't forget Tim were awesome. Food was awesome crew very friendly very courteous and they work there butt off. These deck hands fish for 1 reason to hand off fish those in need. Boats clean and the captain finds fish.
  197. muledeer07

    BLUE FIN TUNA ON THE ISLANDER 6/12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the irons, I'm leaving Sunday and it's gonna be a lot of sleepless nights waiting to depart.
  198. muledeer07

    Yellowtail 6/10/10

    That's how it's done guys, great video's. I can only imagine how packed it'll be this weekend.