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  1. bajapaddyhopper

    School is back in

    Marvel, Dodgers, and kids with fish! That's a Win!
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    Grace of God.....

    Could that go any more perfect? Outstanding, Aden and Chris!
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    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    You're still badass Ray! Great to see a report from you.
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    Shogun 6/19-6/27 First Wahoo of the season

    Great fun! And good to see the wahoo starting to show at the rocks.
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    My first White Seabass...seriously!

    Obviously you were saving yourself for that one. Fantastic!
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    4 a healthy mental state

    Just stay away from certain toxic threads. That kind of back and forth doesn't help this situation what so ever.
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    Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    While fishing for local calicos on light line, I hook into a TANKER and get towed. A few years ago in Newport Harbor, the giant zebras went WIDE. The bite was so crazy I was laughing out loud to myself.
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    Post your last fishing Pic!

    Donkeys are delicious!
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    New gear for CHRISTMAS!!

    Absolutely incredible generosity in this place! Wow! I'm sure your actions will almost ensure this young man stays on the right track. Hopefully Dylan, as you get older or even now, you understand the meaning of "pay it forward."
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    How to Crimp Properly

    Very informative Ali. Best of all, you speak clearly.
  11. bajapaddyhopper

    new lo ann 3/13/20

    Just understand that March is early spring where the water temp is very low and the weather very unpredictable. Is booking a trip so far in advance worth the risk? And why go all the way to SD to fish Cortez or SCI when you live in Seal Beach? Just something to consider.
  12. bajapaddyhopper

    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    OK, Dylan I'm going to try to match your studliness of yellows, wahoo, and bay bass. 30 lb yellowtail on the Pursuit also. 2 recent donkey spotties. And my first wahoo ever years ago on my first long range trip on the Islander. Not the biggest fish but certainly got my stoke on!
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    Best On board fish handling??

    Here's an example of a large yellowfin being gill and gutted aboard my trip on the Independence last year. I assume all long range boats do this. It's a lot of labor for the crew that really go out of their way for every big fish.
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    And also a friendly and genuine likeable person.
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    Baja Coast Quick Trip

    Proven baits catch big fish!
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    Beautiful is FREEDOM (1.5 Day 11/7)

    Decided at the last minute to drop everything and head out on the Freedom for their next 1.5 dayer. Asked a few people but no one else could make it. I was almost questioning my decision to go. At least the weather forecast was looking positive. Capt. Dave informed us during the seminar that we...
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    November Catalina Tuna

    Damn Jon. Those things are just waiting for you. Excellent grade!
  18. bajapaddyhopper

    Condor 11/4 Bluefin being bluefin but Mission Accomplished!

    You're a good guy Ray for making sure your buddies landed a fish. Hope to see you on the rail again soon.
  19. bajapaddyhopper

    Dropper Loop Alternative

    That is a very effective method. Nothing wrong with that unless it's really deep and the current is ripping. Then using 6 oz. or more torpedo will get it more in the desired zone.
  20. bajapaddyhopper

    Quick change clip

    These are great when you have straight spectra to a short leader and you change jigs often. Prevents you from getting a shorter and shorter leader from constant clipping. Only issue I have is with thick, large rings on jigs. They can create a permanent separation in the material in the clip and...
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    Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Good to see you having success Jon! Great quality!
  22. bajapaddyhopper

    Nuthin But FREEDOM- 1.5 Tuna 9/09/19

    Mostly flylined baits. Heavier line landed big fish. Light line (20-25) got bit when slow, but didn't land big fish. Only one caught on jig: Flat fall. Hey Ray! SMASH IT! Haha!
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    Nuthin But FREEDOM- 1.5 Tuna 9/09/19

    For the last month I've been itching to get out and target the biting bluefin. A buddy and I have been trying to plan a trip but our schedules never matched. I finally said screw it, I'm going solo on the FREEDOM! As we headed south from 22nd St. Landing, there was a residual lump from the...
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    Pride incident

    Whatever happened before the camera started rolling does not ever justify throwing a heavy object at someone and seriously injuring him/her. Total BULLSHIT!
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    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    16th Annual BAJA PADDY HOPPERS (aka Sherman's Tuna Runners) INDEPENDENCE 7 Day July 13-20, 2019 The following report is a photo and video chronology of our 7 day vacation of fishing, food, and fellowship on the Long Range boat Independence. It's pretty extensive, so if you have some time, sit...
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    Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    Jon you're such a popper HO! Haha... And btw, what's up with your hat? It's actually forward? Huh? Splain!
  27. bajapaddyhopper

    Considering Indy 5-Day Xmas Special for first LR Trip?

    Yes, the INDY has Lupe permits. Whether or not they fish it during that time depends on fishing conditions at the island and IF the fish are biting.
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    1st Trip aboard the Indy in Nov 2019

    Ben is still on the Indy. He is in this photo of their recent trip. RP has not updated their crew page in years; notice John Collins and no Jeff?
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    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    What an awesome adventure. Nervous at times, but mostly exhilarating. Makes you feel alive!
  30. bajapaddyhopper

    Info on yozuri lc minnow?

    Since you have a 8:1 gear ratio, medium fast is sufficient with occasional pauses. When you pause and that bait stops, it actually cuts hard to the side so be ready for a violent strike. And if you are targeting bigger game, remember your 8:1 has very little torque. Just to add, the Yozuri...
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    89 and counting...

    So you saw all those 90 passengers boarding and you didn't turn around and get a refund? Expecting a fun relaxing day fishing on top of someone's shoulders? Haha...
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    Fun Day of Spotty Fishing With Ty Ponder

    Great spottie action Dave! That A-rig was HOT!!!
  33. bajapaddyhopper

    3 day compared to 5 day

    Depends on destination and travel time. If the fish are close, then more fishing time. If the fish are far and you're on a 3 day, you might only have 1 day of fishing.
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    the wall/newps 3/9/19

    Mighty fine day of catching!
  35. bajapaddyhopper

    Is the Independance at the dock at the Fred Hall show .. Long Beach

    Unfortunately no. Because of rainy weather they are catching up on off season maintenance. They are however docked at 22nd St Marina if you want to check her out and kick the tires.
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    Current xtratuf sizing

    While I was at Fred Hall show last year, I tried on the Xtra Tuff deck boots and shorties before I bought them. Both were a size higher than my old pair that were made in the USA. I decided on the shorties and they are far more comfortable that my old ones.
  37. bajapaddyhopper

    7 day fishing trip for 2 needed

    I have a long standing 7 day charter on the Independence if July '19 suits you. I more than welcome a father and son duo on our trip. We have an incredible family atmosphere on our regular group and you are welcome to join us. Trip #1912
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    180' or under, with not too much drift, this is MONEY! Big Pancho with 3-4 oz shad head
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    New Podcast

    Double check that website Matt. I don't think it's functioning.
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    Can't get any better Tommy. You and Nicky did great!
  41. bajapaddyhopper

    Been Way Too Long...SCI 11/5/18

    Nothing like a little jaunt to SCI for some bass n cod fun.
  42. bajapaddyhopper

    Wahoo is always a hot topic....things I learned

    Epic trip on the Indy! Wahoo are such a blast. They're are one of my favorites to fish for. And topped off the trip with jumbo Bluefin, what more could you ask for in a trip?
  43. bajapaddyhopper

    Surface Iron - Tips and Opinions wanted

    I prefer the 40 size over the 50. Because there's a lot of casting and retrieving when dealing with jig throwing, the narrower spool will be easier to cast and also won't wobble as you wind since the handle is closer to the rod.
  44. bajapaddyhopper

    Best Skip Jigs + best technique

    I would use the surface iron I've never caught a fish on or doesn't swim good. Now there's a use for it.
  45. bajapaddyhopper

    Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Jonathan, great to see you at it again. And that is a SWEET rig.
  46. bajapaddyhopper

    Polaris Supreme 7 day 8-1 thru 8-8 report

    Thanks for the report. And Alec is quite the pro and also runs the boat. They're lucky to have him.:)
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    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    I have very sad news to report. David Shay, a passenger on our recent trip in the red cap, has passed away as he was returning home from our 7 day. Dave was a dedicated angler and family man. This was a trip of a lifetime for him and his son in law Ryan. I want dedicate this trip and report to...
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    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    Yes we did. Baited up and left SD Harbor at 12:30p. Arrived in Ensenada at 5:30pish same afternoon. Check in and check out was easier and faster than I expected. Arrived at The Lupe at 1:30-2:00p next day. So the whole process does not delay you much at all. 7 days of incredible weather helps.
  49. bajapaddyhopper

    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    "When you're on a golden sea You don’t need no memory Just a place to call your own As we drift into the zone" "On an island in the sun We’ll be playing and having fun And it makes me feel so fine I can’t control my brain" -WEEZER 15th Annual BAJA PADDY HOPPERS (aka Sherman's Tuna Runners)...
  50. bajapaddyhopper

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    Joined Roy today on his skiff as we launched out of Davies at 6 am. Pretty flat conditions and heavy marine layer most of the morning as we started to hop the local stones for bass. Some current in some spots and slack in others. Roy started to hang some target species on smaller baits so I...
  51. bajapaddyhopper

    3 Spots Open INDY July 7 Day

    OK, one spot left. Come and get it!
  52. bajapaddyhopper

    SM - Nice Morning Plastic Bass

    Scribby, you should get Evan his own boat!
  53. bajapaddyhopper

    3 Spots Open INDY July 7 Day

    A great trip with spots still available. Come join us and have some fun.
  54. bajapaddyhopper

    What Kind of Glue?

    Just leave it off. It'll probably swim better without it.
  55. bajapaddyhopper

    Going Hard 5/23

    Got the invite to join Roy and Frank on Frank's 21' skiff. Our main goal was to fish Catalina and try out these new 170 size Hydro Minnow hardbaits made by Yo-Zuri. Nice weather going across and pretty much all day with not much wind. We exclusively threw the hardbaits most of the day to test...
  56. bajapaddyhopper

    Going Hard at the Isle 5/23

    Got the invite to join Roy and Frank on Frank's 21' skiff. Our main goal was to fish Catalina and try out these new 170 size Hydro Minnow hardbaits made by Yo-Zuri. Nice weather going across and pretty much all day with not much wind. We exclusively threw the hardbaits most of the day to test...
  57. bajapaddyhopper

    3 Spots Open INDY July 7 Day

    How would you like an opportunity to fish on one of the top Long Range vessels in the fleet during peek season? Well, 3 spots just opened up on our 7 day trip on the INDEPENDENCE. Now is your chance to fish on this incredible platform with one of the very best captains, Jeff Debuys. Young or...
  58. bajapaddyhopper

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    Yes, Gus and John run a great operation. And the deckhand's name is Jeremy, a very hard working young man.
  59. bajapaddyhopper

    The Perfect Lipless Crankbait?

    Dave, you have a new blog? Now I can see what you're up to.
  60. bajapaddyhopper

    Santa Rosa Island Really Shallow Water Rockfish Report 3/31

    Every single one of those is a great eating fish. Tasty!
  61. bajapaddyhopper

    Long Range boats at Fred Hall

    UPDATE Indy will not be docked at LBFHS this year.
  62. bajapaddyhopper

    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    King Taco on Long Beach Blvd. and PCH. About a mile from the show so you have to drive, but cmon, it's King Taco.
  63. bajapaddyhopper

    Long Range boats at Fred Hall

    As of right now, the Indy will be docked in Rainbow Harbor for open house during the show.
  64. bajapaddyhopper


    WTF? Ryan, I hope they get those sobs.
  65. bajapaddyhopper

    To Kill A Ling...

    When fishing shallow, depending on current and drift, I like using big swimbaits such as Big Pancho, on anywhere from a 3-5 oz leadhead dragging it slowly on the bottom. Deeper depths I prefer bouncing jigs up current right on top of the rocks.
  66. bajapaddyhopper

    Any YouTubers?

    Had my channel up for over 9 years and its pretty much all fishing related from bay bass to tuna. Check it!
  67. bajapaddyhopper

    is 1 scoop of bait for two fisherman chasing YT enough ?

    As long as you don't have a massive die off and you don't over chum, that's plenty of bait for 2.
  68. bajapaddyhopper

    30 BELOW- 6 Days on the INDEPENDENCE 2017

    JULY 17-23, 2017 It's summer time! So once again we were reunited with 30 old friends, new friends, acquaintances, and family for our 14th annual Baja Paddy Hoppers trip as we headed south below the border. After everyone walked away with some cool swag, grand prize winners Luis and Brian...
  69. bajapaddyhopper

    Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    This is so fantastic! I bet as a dad, you are just beaming!
  70. bajapaddyhopper

    La Jolla Calico Fishing - July 8

    Holy crap! That is a trophy!
  71. bajapaddyhopper

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    I'd like to say something constructive. The woodwork is beautiful but I think the box is too tall and slender. And with the jigs hanging so high in the box, it might topple easily. And maybe add a hinge support for the lid. When it opens all the way, the weight of the lid will eventually rip...
  72. bajapaddyhopper

    Catalina - 7/2

    Nothing wrong with one stop shop Jon. Those are some brute calicos too. How about a Mexico report?
  73. bajapaddyhopper

    We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    I think it's just exciting to get bit hard.
  74. bajapaddyhopper

    SMB - Needed Food & Bass Reports

    That last pic of the two of them is a lifetime bond.
  75. bajapaddyhopper

    SCI 5/21/17

    Good catching there Matt. One of my favorite fisheries.
  76. bajapaddyhopper

    Stardust or Channel Island Sportfishing??

    Fishing the same areas on a 3/4 day trip, here's my experience from a boat ride perspective out of both landings to Santa Rosa Island: Channel Islands Sportfishing /Ventura: 4.5 hours Sea Landing /Santa Barbara: 2.5 hours Drive time between the 2 landings: 20 minutes Service is great from both...
  77. bajapaddyhopper

    Beastie Boy

    That belly is full of golf balls!
  78. bajapaddyhopper

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    Just saw the vid and it makes me wanna throw up. I am stunned!
  79. bajapaddyhopper

    6-7-8 days; when, where and what boat?

    I have 2 spots open on my 6 day charter on the Independence July 17-23. Possible destinations are offshore Baja, Cedros Island, the Ridge, Alijos Rocks, etc.You are welcome to come join our fun and friendly group that's been going 14 years. Let me know. Sherman Chartermaster
  80. bajapaddyhopper

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Our Help!

    It's great to see your response Frank. Take care, we're all rooting for you.
  81. bajapaddyhopper

    Happy New Year

    Thanks for letting us fish with you this year Ryan. You run an outstanding operation. See ya again soon.
  82. bajapaddyhopper

    Thank You Darin Dohi of 310 Rodworks

    That was super cool of Darin. There's some awesome people out there.
  83. bajapaddyhopper

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    Thank you Sarah for all your hard work and dedication to your customers. You fought the good fight and I guess it was time to move on. -Sherm
  84. bajapaddyhopper

    spirit of adventure - october 6-14, 2006

    Excellent time and good fishing. Fantastic!
  85. bajapaddyhopper

    W.E.S.T. Fishing Tournament-San Diego

    Good luck to you Matt and everyone participating. Get a big un!
  86. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day Trip on the Indy 9/10-9/17

    Thanks for the report on the Indy. Wahoo are my favorite fish and Indy my favorite boat. Btw, Indy is docked at Point Loma Sportfishing.
  87. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy 9/3 - 9/10 short report

    Seriously, some passengers were questioning Capt. Jeff's decision on safety first?
  88. bajapaddyhopper

    Is tuna fishing slowing down

    Think about this for a sec. Bluefin limit is 2 per angler. If you had 20 anglers on the boat and you land twenty it might not look like a high fish count, but these fish are going upwards of 100 lbs or more which means HIGH casualty rate. If you caught just 1 of those fish, it's an incredibly...
  89. bajapaddyhopper

    Bottom of the 9th, 2 Outs (8/24)

    After almost an entire season of catching small grade yellows at Catalina, I was itching to get into some bigger models. Recent reports showed great signs so "calico killer kevin" and I jumped at the opportunity to hang some on the Native Sun. We encountered some big rollers going across but...
  90. bajapaddyhopper

    Catalina Island Yellows Tips

    Flyline 20 lb. fluoro. Bait has been small sardines and anchovies.
  91. bajapaddyhopper

    Triton 7/27

    Sorry I couldn't make it on that one Ryan. Def gonna try to fish your rig again soon. -Sherm
  92. bajapaddyhopper

    The ice breaker!

    I like your shooooz!
  93. bajapaddyhopper

    SCI 6/28

    SCI is one of my faves for dark and gold models. Haven't been there in 2 years.
  94. bajapaddyhopper

    PB Spotted kind

    Oh yes! Major DONKEYS! I'm looking for those.
  95. bajapaddyhopper

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    Nice toad yellow Dan! Even better that you're a Dodger fan!
  96. bajapaddyhopper


    Stellar trip Jerry! Can't wait to see my passengers use your jigs on our trip. They're jig throwing whores!
  97. bajapaddyhopper

    The Maximus

    That video made me extremely emotional. Man!
  98. bajapaddyhopper

    Hooks Landing and the New Hustler?Commander sportfishing?

    New Hustler used to be the Tide Change out of LB. For a smaller vessel, it has one of the best deck layouts of any boat. Extremely roomy and easy to move around for 20 ppl and uncluttered. Chris is a marvelous skipper and it's always a pleasure to fish with him on his rig.
  99. bajapaddyhopper

    SCI Run

    I love that island, especially when it wants to bite.
  100. bajapaddyhopper

    SD Bay 4-4-16

    The night time is the right time!
  101. bajapaddyhopper

    Coral Sea 3/4 day 3/26

    I had the same quality of service from the Coral Sea. Watching kids catch fish is a blast.
  102. bajapaddyhopper

    Fishing pliers, which one?

    Same here. Craftsman + Corrosion X = $15.00 + $10.00 = FOREVER
  103. bajapaddyhopper

    Great Fishing Today In Long Beach

    Bet they're happy they called you Dan.
  104. bajapaddyhopper

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    Winter time quality!
  105. bajapaddyhopper

    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    7.5 lb. wreck roller. Harbor donkey. -Sherm
  106. bajapaddyhopper

    Avet "mc" feature advantage ?

    If you are experienced in casting conventionals then MC is not necessary and sometimes a hindrance. But since you have one, then I would personally recommend using the MC for casting jigs. Casting a jig creates a lot more speed and force on the spool which creates a bigger backlash, if that is...
  107. bajapaddyhopper

    2015 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    Unforgettable moments and great pics!
  108. bajapaddyhopper

    newport harbor/ newport jetty

    Yes. Tie on your favorite bait, look for favorable conditions, and cast. Then it's all about presentation. Bigger models are biting now that the water has cooled.
  109. bajapaddyhopper

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    On my charter every year, I become cart pusher cop. I give the younger, able bodied guys a earful and drag their asses down to help. It doesn't take much to get a rotation and we're done in no time.
  110. bajapaddyhopper

    Long Range Dudes I have a question

    Every time I have been on trip where wahoo was caught, the water was clean blue and at least 71 degrees. Ranging from under 100' deep at the Ridge, Alijos, and Guadalupe all the way to deep offshore on paddies.
  111. bajapaddyhopper

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    I was following along on this trip via FB and saw the epicness unfold. Fantastic! Hope my buddy Bill wasn't too much of a pain in the ass. J/K Bill!
  112. bajapaddyhopper

    Better Late Than Never....

    Great effort gentlemen. You deserve a cigar.
  113. bajapaddyhopper

    8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    This report just makes me smile from ear to ear. Tallon's a badass!
  114. bajapaddyhopper

    Oside report 8/6 and tuna ID needed

    Fantastic grade of yellowfin. Bluefin have shorter pectoral fins. Yellowfin have pectorals that reach all the way to their dorsal fins like yours.
  115. bajapaddyhopper

    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    Braid straight tied to a short leader of 30 lb. fluoro. No drift...butt hook so it swims away from the boat. Faster drift... either butt hook or nose hook. Tend to nose hook on the long soak then slowly crank it in while "swimming" the bait back. Long soak worked but sometimes they came close...
  116. bajapaddyhopper

    The Steel Breeze (7 Days on the INDY July 2015)

    "Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun..." "THE STEEL BREEZE" JULY 18-25, 2015 Every year, mid summer at the end of July, we all eagerly anticipate and yearn to explore the Eastern Pacific during our voyage on the... It's hard to believe this is our 12th year that we've...
  117. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 3 Day 07/10 - 07/13

    Sweet 3 day! Matt and the INDY are on it!
  118. bajapaddyhopper

    SCI Run 7/12

    That island is bass heaven!
  119. bajapaddyhopper

    Show me your BASS...

    5.7 on the digi hooked on a deep crank.
  120. bajapaddyhopper

    Jig stick????

    Brandon, there are many things to consider when choosing a jigstick. Mostly it's a decision of "feel". On sportboats, I would tend to lean towards the longer end like 9' since the boat is not as mobile in getting close like a skiff. If it was strictly for a skiff, maybe lean more towards...
  121. bajapaddyhopper

    Crank Kills! 6/30

    After a late morning doctor appointment, I got a call from Capt. Vin. And of course it was at the 11th hour. The plan was to bass and crab. I said sure. I haven't fished at night in quite a long time. As we headed out to the zone, there was quite a bit of heavy drizzle and even lightning...
  122. bajapaddyhopper

    DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    So super cool! That's what it's all about.
  123. bajapaddyhopper

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    "It was either this or the ankle tattoo."
  124. bajapaddyhopper

    bass slaying

    That's a nice quality sandy out of the bay Max. Keep it up!
  125. bajapaddyhopper

    Pending World Record from the beach.

    Brandon, you got skills! Better get more records. You won't be a "junior" for long.
  126. bajapaddyhopper

    Jack N Grump on the Drum 6/5

    Got the call on the eleventh hour from Vince to see if I wanted to go chase some tail on Fri. Had to work later that day, but sacrificing sleep to take advantage of the opportunity wasn't even a debate. So after a quick launch, we were armed with just surface and yoyo jigs. We were eager and...
  127. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Don, yes I do have a say. Last year we had a discussion in the wheelhouse before we headed out what our options were and coordinate our time. We had several viable things to consider which were... bluefin close to home, Alijos Rocks, the Ridge, or Cedros. Because the bluefin were so close...
  128. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Hope you can make it Jerry. It would be great to have another person in the Indy family on board.
  129. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Come and join us in our 12th anniversary on the INDY for 7 days in July. Not too late to sign up! Prizes, great people, awesome food, incredible fishing, and the time of your life. -Sherm
  130. bajapaddyhopper

    monday and tuesday (25th and 26th) 1 day trips

    Oh my Lord! My Asian eyes just popped out of my head!:eek:
  131. bajapaddyhopper

    Crankbait question?

    I don't believe brand matters as much as working the bait the right depth, which is mostly near the bottom and near the structure. A shallow crank won't be as effective in deep water and a deep crank in shallow. Just increase your chances by getting it front of their face. Experiment until you...
  132. bajapaddyhopper

    5/1/15 Newport report

    Very nice bassin there Brandon!
  133. bajapaddyhopper

    Barrett Lake Report

    Dude, do you catch everything?
  134. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Have a few left. Still time left to join us! Let me know.
  135. bajapaddyhopper

    RIP LR Brother Sam Lewis 4/20/2015

    I am sincerely sorry for your loss Big Ed. You're a good guy for celebrating his life. At least he got to enjoy being on the water as much as he did.
  136. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Due to some recent cancellations, we have a few opening on our July 7 day trip aboard the INDEPENDENCE. So it's not too late to join us. All signs point to another spectacular year or even better than the last, so we have a spot for you and your friends. C'mon down, here's the opportunity to...
  137. bajapaddyhopper

    Newport 4/10/15

    All it takes is that one fish and you'll be back for more. And btw, I think you were the one going in opposite direction during the day when I saw you. Next time I'll say hey and compare notes. If it was you, send me a pm. -Sherm
  138. bajapaddyhopper

    3/20 New PB

    Excellent job Mr. Moyer!
  139. bajapaddyhopper

    In Pursuit of Mossback 3/16

    Decided to take the day off and try for some of those yellowtail tuna that have been appearing at CAT. I've been putting this off forever, but I haven't fished on my regular day boat in a loooong time and made a overdue appearance on the ... We stopped off at San Pedro Bait and took some...
  140. bajapaddyhopper

    Yellowtail Bycatch

    Hi Jon. Howz everybody?
  141. bajapaddyhopper

    Lb inner harbor 3-13-15

    Excellent inner harbor critters!
  142. bajapaddyhopper

    Mint - Boston Whaler 19 Outrage - SOLD

    I've also fished this rig many times. It's a stable fish killin machine owned by an awesome guy who is meticulous in taking care of her. Just doesn't look right with no stickers though.:(
  143. bajapaddyhopper

    Wood Rail dimensions on Indy?

    The rail on the upper deck is not wood but aluminum and much smaller than the wood rail on the deck. If you can wait a couple of weeks until the FHS, I can give you the exact dimensions. -Sherm
  144. bajapaddyhopper


    Smaller fish, treble. Bigger fish, single (siwash, depending on the size of the bait) . One way to decrease the likelihood of flying hooks is, as soon as the fish is gaffed, freespool and release the tension on the line. If the hook comes out, it doesn't come flying into someone's eye. And most...
  145. bajapaddyhopper

    Show me your BASS...

    Out of da lil bay, 18"er tryin to swaller me hand.
  146. bajapaddyhopper

    boat reccomendations

    I have a few spots open on my trip on the Independence July 18-25. If that time suits you and you would like to go, I can personally help you out on the trip. Any beginner or experienced angler is always welcome in our fun group. Here's last years report...
  147. bajapaddyhopper

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Wahoo on a 7 day aboard the INDY.
  148. bajapaddyhopper

    Sunday @ Cat

    That sure is a big 'un Matt! Did you get her on the the "secret" bait at the "secret" spot?;)
  149. bajapaddyhopper

    Wahoo Newbie Dream Trip: RRIII Dec. 13-23, 2014

    Wahoo are my fave to catch. Put on your running shoes!
  150. bajapaddyhopper

    Peacocking the Amazon

    So freakin awesome! That's on the top of my list is to hang huge peacocks on giant plugs (and see wild birds mate).
  151. bajapaddyhopper

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 10 COUSINS

    "Dan suddenly realizes that he is not going to win the head butting contest."
  152. bajapaddyhopper

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Where ever Peacock bass and GTs are caught.
  153. bajapaddyhopper

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    "Fishing today was total HELMET!"
  154. bajapaddyhopper

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    No FB but present HERE!!!
  155. bajapaddyhopper

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    Let's see. What should I do with my bait? Nose hook? Butt hook? Or tendon hook?
  156. bajapaddyhopper

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    I think if we can get one more in, NASA will hire us?
  157. bajapaddyhopper

    Gloomy Day 12/1

    Occasionally I have appointments in the OC and almost always bring my spottie rod. After a quick meeting I still had a few hours to try to hook some bass before I headed home. Fortunately the rain had not begun yet but it was dark and gloomy. At the start, it was slow on the spinnerbait. Only...
  158. bajapaddyhopper

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    So incredibly EXCELLENT!!! He was probably dreaming of the trip while he napped at school the next day.LOL Worth it!!!!
  159. bajapaddyhopper

    Mutant on the Sand 11/12

    Had some time this morning to hit the sand in the SAMO bay and visit the calico grounds that have been biting so well. Pretty much threw the new MUTANT swimbait exclusively at the bass that were given to me to try out. Got to the zone and swell was down, water had good clarity, hardly any salad...
  160. bajapaddyhopper

    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    Good to see MC evolving their baits. Where is this SCI at? And JB, damn your legs are very WHITE! Get out once in while.:eek:
  161. bajapaddyhopper

    Which Boat?

    The INDY is an exceptionally dry boat but still rides low in the water.
  162. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy Veterans?

    Yes, Shea McIntee will be on board for an episode or 2 for STOKED ON FISHING!
  163. bajapaddyhopper

    Which boat has the best food?

    They did have a cook off at the 2014 FHS in LB. Ed from the INDY won it all.
  164. bajapaddyhopper


    Nice quality spots! Love how they hit the crank HARD!
  165. bajapaddyhopper

    Jeff Logandro Memorial Charter Report

    That was beautiful. Enjoy every moment!
  166. bajapaddyhopper

    Twilight Fatheads 10/13

    Just to liven this place up, I wanted to see if there were any biters in Newps. Started looking for the spotties in the late pm the other day and the bite went into the evening. Started off slow, then found the bite. Changed baits constantly depending on the environment. All were hooked on $2...
  167. bajapaddyhopper

    Spring/Summer 2014 Recap

    I can vouch that Mutant Baits catch Mutant fish! (Especially that last one. Damned poacher!LOL)
  168. bajapaddyhopper

    Trip Report: RR3 Calstar 6 day 09/26-10/2 - Hero or Zero

    Excellent time! Must be nice to get away from Vegas for at least 6 days.
  169. bajapaddyhopper

    Dep's Slideswimmer 175

    With a price tag like that, I can go on an overnight in SD, have a terrible time, then complain about it on a thread.LOL
  170. bajapaddyhopper

    SBS Finals

    Matt, my motto is, "Win if you must. Lose if you must. But whatever you do, always... CHEAT!"LOL J/K! There is great satisfaction in consistent effort.
  171. bajapaddyhopper

    SEPTEMBER BASS CONTEST- Spotted Bay Bass- Throw up a PEACE sign-Presented by Okuma

    Landed this skinny 16" fella in Newps on 9/26. Junny got his first, so his still stands. Got a bigger one a couple weeks ago, but forgot the peace sign. DOAH!
  172. bajapaddyhopper

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Wow, that's awesome! And that sled is pretty cool too.
  173. bajapaddyhopper

    Tuna Popper to Straight Braid?

    Yes, you can tie it straight on because most of the line is out of the water and the action of the lure makes them react and strike quickly. But I prefer to tie a leader of some kind whether it be fluoro or mono because of the fact that when the fish turns it rubs the line on it's fins and gill...
  174. bajapaddyhopper


    Nice nocturnal toad Matt! Tell JB I said hey! And I've got some wahoo waiting for him.
  175. bajapaddyhopper

    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    Great job Jon! Don't ya wanna just pinch those rosie cheeks?
  176. bajapaddyhopper


    Oscar, a crew member on the Independence, was making a bunch leather sheaths and spikes on our recent trip. Very professionally crafted and durable. Call Judy at the office to get a hold of him. -Sherm
  177. bajapaddyhopper


    That's a beautiful looking rig Ryan. You guys know how to do it right.
  178. bajapaddyhopper


    Great job with Season's!
  179. bajapaddyhopper

    Damn, I love fishing. Back from 7 days on Indy.

    Great trip right there. Sucks you went long and didn't stay with the fleet for 7 days.:rofl:
  180. bajapaddyhopper

    RIPPERS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD- 7 Days on the INDY (July 19-26)

    It's July. Which means it's time again for the 11th Annual Baja Paddy Hoppers on the Long Range vessel... Our score board explains it all. DAY 1 (departure day) We arrived to the bait receiver an hour early as the crew gently loaded up the tanks with primo sardines. Soon after, the...
  181. bajapaddyhopper

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    Pacific Promfret- Bluefin Grounds Pacific Porgy-Cedros Island
  182. bajapaddyhopper

    1 Spot Open 7 Day INDY

    Because of a last minute medical issue, we have 1 spot open on our 7 day on the INDY. If you or anyone you know would like to join our fantastic trip, give me a holla... QUICK!! INDEPENDENCE 7-DAY ALIJOS ROCKS/RIDGE BAJA FREELANCE Depart. Sat. July 19, 2014 11am Return Sat. July 26, 2014 7am...
  183. bajapaddyhopper

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    I prefer to fish the slide with swimbaits on a 1.5/2 oz leadhead and a longer rod. I usually have the rig ready in hand when we are in the zone where a jig strike is imminent. As soon as one hits the feather, I drop the bait back on the corner of the stern on the outside of the turn as the...
  184. bajapaddyhopper

    Fishing For Science! 6/27

    The four of us quickly departed on the Chubasco II out of Seaforth Sportfishing for another quality adventure tagging the checkers. The Motley Crew today would be fellow SCSFers Kevin (calico killer), Neil (1000 steps), Neil's guest Matt, and myself. We loaded the tanks with some decent chovies...
  185. bajapaddyhopper

    Hoo at the Rocks...

    Great results for a June trip. They really scored! If anyone is interested, I have 1 last minute cancellation on my 7 Day on the INDY. July 19-26. Gimme a shout or a PM quick! -Sherm
  186. bajapaddyhopper

    Father's Day Point Loma

    There are lessons in every session Matt. Can't beat the fact that you had the opportunity to be out there. And are you actually glowing in the first pic?
  187. bajapaddyhopper

    catching WSB on glow in dark jig??

    If you are using these jigs for either tanker seabass or big bluefin, I suggest going with the single hook. Bigger fish have thick mouths so you want better hook penetration. Especially with seabass, they shake their heads frequently which causes a treble hook easier to pop out.
  188. bajapaddyhopper

    Point Loma calicos, June 13

    You're doing an awesome job Lyall! See ya in a couple of weeks.
  189. bajapaddyhopper

    Half a day in Huntington

    Stellar day! I love those Candybar jigs. They swim so goooood! Nothing like hooking fish on the iron!
  190. bajapaddyhopper

    Two Trips One Week

    Nuthin but FUN!
  191. bajapaddyhopper

    SM - Bass w/ Side Of Red & Brown

    Brown and red are my favorite colors!
  192. bajapaddyhopper

    Royal Polaris Trip report - Big trip 1

    Excellent trip! And EPIC long report!LOL
  193. bajapaddyhopper

    where to buy fake crocodile lures?

    Jimmy Caivo. He has a shop in LB and Huntington Beach.
  194. bajapaddyhopper

    Metal-Rubber-Plastic 4/30

    You don't sound stupid. It's not too complicated. 1. Cast (to your target) 2. Sink (to the bottom) 3. Wind (at a pace that gets bit) 4. Repeat
  195. bajapaddyhopper

    skinner 5/3 spawners

    Healthy stock.
  196. bajapaddyhopper

    Metal-Rubber-Plastic 4/30

    I think 3 oz? Da big one.
  197. bajapaddyhopper

    Metal-Rubber-Plastic 4/30

    Got a call on the 11th hour from Vince to join him and go slay some bass for a few hours. So I dropped any non-vital responsibilities I had for the day. I was a little nervous about the 15 kt Santa Anas though. But he told me not to worry. Hm. Arrived at the launch and it's blowing like a...
  198. bajapaddyhopper

    NPH on 4/17

    Beauties. Why didn't you throw the tape on the biggest one for whopper of the month spottie?
  199. bajapaddyhopper

    Cat 4/14

  200. bajapaddyhopper

    The Spoonman Strikes! 4/13

    While I was watching the last couple of hours of the Masters on Sun., I got a call to go saltwater bassin for a few hours. Let's see, watch millionaires play golf or go catch fish. What to do? Got to the launch by 4 pm and made haste of our departure. Had some wind chop as we went out, which my...
  201. bajapaddyhopper

    How much wind is too much wind?

    With gusts up to 25, the boat probably won't even choose to go to Nic. Just keep an eye out on the forecast. It can change at the last minute.
  202. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 5 day july 5th anyone else going? Any advice or info?

    I would bring some light gear too. 20,25,30 lb. Maybe even a bass rod for calico fishing. Jigs-surface and yoyo. You are very likely to spend most of your time offshore and maybe a day at one of the islands. Unless the offshore scene just slows to a crawl then you'll spend more time inshore...
  203. bajapaddyhopper


    Great to see you expanding your business Ryan. That rig has a lot of history.
  204. bajapaddyhopper

    Doing The HUSTLE 4/4

    So we gathered a few friends and their guests and headed off towards the Channel Islands aboard the New Hustler. The weather was improving and we were optimistic we weren't going to get bashed by the wind. Although it was a bit breezy, conditions were better than we anticipated. Started off in...
  205. bajapaddyhopper

    SMB multi-species trip 3/39 w-pics

    Damn, look at those conditions. Where is that grease calm when we're out there?
  206. bajapaddyhopper

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    Very cool. Thanks for all the intricate details.
  207. bajapaddyhopper

    OCEE Dock Dwellers 3/14

    We haven't fished for spotties for a long time so today we decided to look for some big fish in the little harbor. Everywhere we went the conditions looked good- light winds and stained water. So I was very optimistic. First donkey was 16.5" on the mini blade. Then fellow BDer Kevin (calico...
  208. bajapaddyhopper

    LB Harbor PB

    Awesome guys! Someone's gotta teach Will how to fish, riiiiiight?
  209. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy Staterooms

    The INDY will not be docked at the show this year. It's already back in SD finishing maintenance and getting ready for the next 16 day trip in a couple of weeks. However, the booth will be inside. Come in and say hi.
  210. bajapaddyhopper

    Bassin Before Hoopin

    Went for a evening hooping trip with Vince on Sat. But before we dropped the nets, we thought maybe we could catch something first. Slowed to the first stop and I asked Vince where the pile was. He pointed and I made my first cast and started cranking. The Yo Zuri got stopped hard and landed...
  211. bajapaddyhopper

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    badbass is badass!
  212. bajapaddyhopper

    Where is she now? Q105

    Wow, she looks awesome. At least she didn't die a horrible death. Still being useful in some way is great.
  213. bajapaddyhopper

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    Great attitude Matt!
  214. bajapaddyhopper

    Newport Bay spotties

    During the winter in NPH the bay is plagued with clear water. To increase your chances of hooking fish, focus on stained water that isn't too muddy and wind as close to the structure as possible, then hang on.
  215. bajapaddyhopper

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Thanks for the effort to revamp the forum. I think it's been a lack of participation from those who used to post. I am guilty of that mostly because of laziness. I def will contribute more in the future.
  216. bajapaddyhopper

    Spanish Landing Float Tube Session

    Spotties are tons of fun!
  217. bajapaddyhopper

    Great Winter Fishing in San Quintin!

    Awesome fishing and a great time!
  218. bajapaddyhopper

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    I'm really surprised there isn't more damage. Guess those old woodies are hard to sink.
  219. bajapaddyhopper

    ChuckLing on the Hustler 12/21

    We've been planning to get on a codding trip to the Channel Islands for weeks and finally a window of opportunity arose. So we gathered 13 friends and their guests, jumped aboard the New Hustler out of Hook's Sportfishing at 2am, and off we headed to Santa Rosa Island. It was a slightly bumpy...
  220. bajapaddyhopper

    First over night trip

    Sunflower seed shells clog the bilge pump. This would be a bad thing.
  221. bajapaddyhopper

    First over night trip

    The boat has an open galley that serves hot food and drinks for you to purchase or you can bring your own. Most boats have a "no ice chest" policy. The open berth has bunks with blankets but if you are the kind that gets really cold, then bring a sleeping bag. And bring layers of clothing so as...
  222. bajapaddyhopper

    Lady Angler with a super cow.

  223. bajapaddyhopper

    Check out my Bass Fishing Video!!!

    Skillz, enthusiasm, and charisma- a great combination.
  224. bajapaddyhopper

    Kids Catches His Very First Fish!

    That's awesome Dan! And right in our backyard too! I get as much, or more, of a kick from watching someone get excited about catching fish than hooking one myself.
  225. bajapaddyhopper

    Irvine lake

    Check out them boots! They're AWESOME!!!
  226. bajapaddyhopper

    Lucky Louie's Lobster Loveshack 10/26

    Got the call to go buggin and fishin from Vince. And with a bit of effort, I pretty much dropped everything to go. Met up with the capt. at the ramp mid-afternoon, set up the nets, performed a little maintenance, and off we went. The skipper said we were going to try an area he hasn't been in in...
  227. bajapaddyhopper


    I have been fishing on the INDY for the last 10 years and have my own 7 day charter on the vessel. I can honestly tell you that all deck level staterooms, like the pic shown by Rickshaw, are a bit small for a larger person. Most bigger bunks are in the bow which are staterooms A, B, and C (2 man...
  228. bajapaddyhopper

    Jigging / Yoyoing...same thing?

    Generally in the west coast, "yo-yo" style jigging is casting a heavy type of jig down deep and straight winding and dropping back down. Hence the term "yo-yo". Although we also do the up and down pumping, but mostly it is just winding in various speeds at a vertical or diagonal angle. "Jigs"...
  229. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy 09/14- 09/21- Fish report- "Victory at sea"

    That's why we go on long range. Sometimes it takes a whole trip to find the right one that just want to bite nails. And all that time well spent will create a memory for a life time. Capt. Jeff and the INDY are the BOMB!
  230. bajapaddyhopper

    Tackle Talk - Weedless

    Sage advice from a seasoned pro. Who says an "old dog" can't learn new tricks? I'd like to try out your experiment. (hint, hint ;)) Awesome win there too JB. You and Doug must be STOKED!
  231. bajapaddyhopper

    Got em again at Catalina

    WTG Reed!
  232. bajapaddyhopper

    BPS spotty rod

    Neil, do you really need another rod? Well, me too!:rofl:
  233. bajapaddyhopper

    Copper Clean Up - 9/1 w/pics

    WTG Vin! Good to see you and Big Daddy get 'em!
  234. bajapaddyhopper

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Summer Species Photo Contest ends August 26th

    A few years back while on the INDY we got into an EPIC yellowfin bite at the LUPE while Sean photo bombs behind me. One of the best pics I've ever taken from the upper deck of the INDY.
  235. bajapaddyhopper

    Catalina and San Clemente in One day to find Biters!

    What a fun trip and excellent pics Ben!
  236. bajapaddyhopper

    3 Days of Fun

    Your first trip to SCI this year really paid off!
  237. bajapaddyhopper

    BATTLEGROUND BAJA- A 7 Day Chronicle on the INDY-July 20-27

    It's that time of year again where the Baja Paddy Hoppers gather together for their annual ritual as we journey through the waters of Baja. This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary with the San Diego LR boat INDEPENDENCE. She' been a great friend to us through all our adventures...
  238. bajapaddyhopper

    Monster spottie

    Spotted slob!
  239. bajapaddyhopper

    Short Report - Li'l Al's Oil Patch Special - 7 day EXCEL

    I seriously don't think summer long range trips can get any better than what's going on right now. Really don't miss albies as much when the bite is off the richter. Still have a couple spots open on my 7 day trip on the INDY leaving 7/20 if anyone wants to get in on this action. -Sherm
  240. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 4 day july 10th - 14th

    Great trip for the brute bluefin on a great boat. July 20th here we come!
  241. bajapaddyhopper

    Wahoo bombs

    On one trip many years ago the wahoo fishing was so good I caught multiple fish on the same bomb until there was no skirt left. Then caught some more skirtless.
  242. bajapaddyhopper

    calico tagging charter yesterday aboard the Sea Watch...wide open!

    It was awesome to participate in the project. Everyone was fantastic! I don't think I've ever caught that many fish in one day in my life! "Fishing for science" was our motto. Thanks to the crew of the Sea Watch and the researchers from Scripps. It was a pleasure to be a field research...
  243. bajapaddyhopper

    Spotted Bay Bass: Toads only! Video and Pics

    Great quality there Will!:hali_olutta:
  244. bajapaddyhopper

    Two Spots Available June 30th 4 Day on the Intrepid

    Tim, sorry about the bad luck for you and Cory. But you can still jump on my INDY trip by yourself.;)
  245. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    If you are looking to get into this kind of action on the INDY, I have room left on my July 7 day. Details on this forum.
  246. bajapaddyhopper

    Indie get 20 over 100!!

    If you are looking to get into this kind of action on the INDY, I have room left on my July 7 day. Details on this forum.
  247. bajapaddyhopper

    Spotty Fever

    Great Job! Love dem spotties!:hali_olutta:
  248. bajapaddyhopper

    Open Spots Summer 7 Day INDEPENDENCE

    A few spots left! Looks like a banner bluefin year again!
  249. bajapaddyhopper

    How to use bolt thrower

    Cast out and let it hit the bottom. Wind just fast enough for it to skim the mud or hard bottom. When you feel a sudden vibration on your line, wind that hook into it's lip. Because the bait is so large, you are more likely to catch bigger fish than smaller ones that's why you have to be...
  250. bajapaddyhopper

    High School Graduation Present on the Intrepid

    Your lil boy Cory is all grown up. Have fun you guys!
  251. bajapaddyhopper

    Rail vs. Harness

    Although both have pros and cons... RAIL, for a few reasons: 1. I don't have to worry about "wearing" the rail. A harness gets a little clunky and sometimes in the way. 2. More mobility. If I need to get around, under, over, whatever, I can do it more easily. 3. I can put more...
  252. bajapaddyhopper

    Open Spots Summer 7 Day INDEPENDENCE

    Baja Paddy Hoppers 2013 7 Day Extravaganza Due to recent cancellations, we now presently have several spots open on our 10th anniversary charter aboard the long range vessel- INDEPENDENCE Alijos Rocks/Ridge Baja Freelance NOW is your opportunity join us on one of the best long...
  253. bajapaddyhopper

    Open Spots Summer 7 Day INDEPENDENCE

    Baja Paddy Hoppers 2013 7 Day Extravaganza Due to recent cancellations, we now presently have several spots open on our 10th anniversary charter aboard the long range vessel- INDEPENDENCE Alijos Rocks/Ridge Baja Freelance NOW is your opportunity join us on one of the best long...
  254. bajapaddyhopper

    Big Largies!! Swimbait Fishing

    Those are some nice big greenies! And hey Will, is that my old buddy Al? And were you fishing in the local "Arm" Lake?:rolleyes: There are some double digits in there. Looks like you live near me. We should go whack 'em some time. -Sherm
  255. bajapaddyhopper

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    One day a couple of springs ago, the toad spotties were chewing with reckless abandon in Newport. Managed to wrangle a donkey over 18" out of the structure and lost many that were much bigger. Do I look surprised?
  256. bajapaddyhopper

    How Do I Fish These Things?

    I usually fish those on the slow bump and wind. Let that huge tail do the work. Also, I tend to rig the Magambo with the tail pointing down away from the hook. This will make it less likely that the hook will entangle or hook itself to the point. Another reason is that if you are slow...
  257. bajapaddyhopper

    Lures for Rockfish?

    For deeper applications where there is decent current and wind to drift the boat, the Jax Jig gets my vote too. It's fun to feel the cod thump the iron through the braided line that deep. For shallower drifts with little wind and current, then the Mega bait type jigs, the Lucanus type jigs...
  258. bajapaddyhopper

    San Pedro Bait

    They are in the process of finding more distributors. Hang tight.
  259. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence @ Fred Hall Show

    Spoke to Judy at the Indy booth and she said they didn't bring any down but to go speak to her if you would like apparel. And if you come by the boat before the show on Fri, Sat or Sun, I have $2 discounts to enter. Just remember to ask me. I have a limited supply. -Sherm
  260. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence @ Fred Hall Show

    You can show up a bit before the show starts as long as rail is open to enter. There will be a crew member on board the entire time. Yes, it will be open to the public during the entire time of the show Weds - Sun. I will be on board Weds. briefly before the show opens then Fri, Sat, and...
  261. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence @ Fred Hall Show

    It's that time again for the west coast's largest fishing, tackle and outdoor show. And once again one of San Diego's premiere long range vessels INDEPENDENCE will have an open house at the show in Long Beach. She will be docked in Rainbow Harbor right next to the pedestrian bridge across from...
  262. bajapaddyhopper

    looking for summer trip

    Hey Justin I've been running a 7 day trip on the Independence for the last 10 years now in the last week of July. We have a great group of people and have a couple of spots left. You're welcome to join us on our adventure into baja. Send me a pm if it looks good to you. Last years trip...
  263. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    AWESOME trip on an AWESOME boat.
  264. bajapaddyhopper

    Surf and Bay Combo Day 01/27

    Got a call from my buddy AJ and he asked if I wanted to do a surf and bay combo Sun. Before CKK and AJ arrived, I scouted the N.O.C. Conditions were not very good at the first spot. In fact, they were horrible so I told them to meet me somewhere else. Luckily conditions at the second spot were...
  265. bajapaddyhopper

    DOs and DON'Ts on a long range trip.

    It's great to get advise from other passengers that have made these trips before. Listen and try to make sense of everything you hear. But I think the most important thing to do is make friends with the crew. They are out there trip after trip. They know how the fish were caught the last trip...
  266. bajapaddyhopper


    Quality fat ones!!!:hali_olutta:
  267. bajapaddyhopper

    Huntington harbor fishing

    Hey Alec! What up buddy? How come you aren't in school?
  268. bajapaddyhopper

    PETA Wants Memorial

    Goes without saying how absolutely ridiculous this is! Maybe we should put a memorial on the deck of every sportboat and commercial vessel. Even better yet, stick it right in the ice in the fish market.:finger:
  269. bajapaddyhopper

    Mission bay spotted bay bass

    3 words. Structure, Structure, Structure. Look for any kind, be it eel grass (MB is full of this stuff), vegetation, pilings, docks, moorings, rocks, boats, etc. Spotties are ambush predators and like to hide behind all these to attack their prey. Good luck.
  270. bajapaddyhopper

    Epic Night Topwater Only

    Cheney, you shouldn't take baby faced children out to fish so late. Is that kid about 8 years old?:rofl: Way to whack 'em man.:hali_olutta:
  271. bajapaddyhopper

    Night Bite Spotties

    Nice lunker fathead!:hali_olutta:
  272. bajapaddyhopper

    Spottie Slaying (video)!!!

    You guys kick ass!!!:worship: SUBBED!
  273. bajapaddyhopper

    BFT on Artificials

    On our recent 7 day we caught more bluefin on the troll than I can ever remember. What got bit were the smaller feathers in black and also mexican flag. I also got a few on the slide fishing with 5" MC swimbaits (didn't matter what color) and a 1.5 oz leadhead. My buddy was puttin the wood to...
  274. bajapaddyhopper

    Intrepid or Independence

    Many of you have said that the INTREPID is like a home to you. Well, I have to say that the INDY is not "like" a home to me. The INDY is my home. The atmosphere is always like fishing on my buddy's personal vessel. I don't ever feel like a customer. All I can really say is go with what you're...
  275. bajapaddyhopper

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    A good business is willing to lose a little off the top than to lose a regular customer. Here's to FIVE STAR!:hali_olutta:
  276. bajapaddyhopper


    Positive I.D.
  277. bajapaddyhopper

    Pit Stop at Cedros July 21-28

    Just a segment of our long range trip on the INDY last week. First drift at the island I decided to bounce a Mega off the bottom and hooked this scrappy grunt. That's a first for me. Then we moved up to the kelp beds and it was calico heaven. If you could cast a swimbait right into...
  278. bajapaddyhopper


    Welcome to the 9th Annual Baja Paddy Hoppers on the Super Deluxe Long Range Sportfisher: We dedicate this trip to long time Paddy Hopper Mike who we recently lost. We miss our friend dearly. The obligatory bait receiver pic. Fill dat swimmin' pool up boys! VIDEO: Paddy Hoppin' 101 w/...
  279. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 7/14/ -7/21

    Hey Brandon! Great trip and awesome video. The INDY is an incredible fishing vessel.:hali_olutta: My charter trip (Baja Paddy Hoppers) on the INDY was right after yours. Too bad I didn't bump into you. We could have compared notes. -Sherm
  280. bajapaddyhopper

    7/11/12-7/14/12 Pacific Voyager 3 day

  281. bajapaddyhopper

    A Few Biggens

    Awesome TOADS! Looks like the MAYHEM baits did a number on the nocturnal dwellers.:hali_olutta:
  282. bajapaddyhopper

    6/29 Izor Reef

    Awesome Dan! It's great to be able to do something that makes people smile.:hali_olutta:
  283. bajapaddyhopper

    Bajapaddyhopper Bite-Fest!! 6/30 w-pics

    Vince, you are one top notch guy and so are your angling skillz. Fishing with you is always a blast. Catching quality game is just a bonus!:hali_olutta:
  284. bajapaddyhopper

    Calico Bass: The Collapse is Undeniable

    Your sarcasm is very humorous. And are those dickheads wearing asshats?:rofl:
  285. bajapaddyhopper

    Cedros Isalnd June 9-12

    Not just AWESOME bass fishing but a nice quality rig they set you guys up with. I would fish on that.:hali_olutta:
  286. bajapaddyhopper

    'nother seabass report

    Ryan, that's badass dude!:hali_olutta: I would change my avatar too.:rofl:
  287. bajapaddyhopper

    JULY 7 DAY

    3 SPOTS OPEN! Baja Paddy Hoppers 2012 7 Day Extravaganza Welcome to the 9th annual charter aboard the long range vessel- INDEPENDENCE Alijos Rocks/ Baja Freelance Join us as we venture down the waters of Baja as we test our angling skills and do battle with summer time...
  288. bajapaddyhopper

    July 7 Day

    3 SPOTS OPEN! Baja Paddy Hoppers 2012 7 Day Extravaganza Welcome to the 9th annual charter aboard the long range vessel- INDEPENDENCE Alijos Rocks/ Baja Freelance Join us as we venture down the waters of Baja as we test our angling skills and do battle with summer time...
  289. bajapaddyhopper

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Barrett, that ride is so cherry! Great job restoring it. If boats could smile...:D Here's some more pics from that day. Awesome job! -Sherm
  290. bajapaddyhopper

    The Bolts take a beating...

    That's the way to really whack 'em! We're gonna head down there soon.
  291. bajapaddyhopper

    5/31 HB flats

    Ryan, you need a good luck charm: me.:rofl:
  292. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day INDY- ONLY 3 Spots Left!!!

    Still available. Don't miss out!!!
  293. bajapaddyhopper

    excel 15 day 5/10-5/25

    Awesome job Donna! You did great! Wahoo fishing is one of my favorites so you were on a trip I envy.:hali_olutta:
  294. bajapaddyhopper

    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    There are certain areas in the bay that are posted restricting public access between 10pm and 5am. Perhaps you were in that zone?
  295. bajapaddyhopper

    First seabass trip for 2012, coastal limits 5-20

    Purple haze on the beach models!:hali_olutta:
  296. bajapaddyhopper

    Some fish caught on my baits

    Conrad, I knew your baits catch fish. They look so "fishy".:hali_olutta:
  297. bajapaddyhopper

    K&M Eric Landesfeind "Calicos" Day 1

    Those baja bass are quality.
  298. bajapaddyhopper

    whats the biggest fish you have landed with Your Diawa Sealine reels?

    150 lb. black seabass on my 30. Took me 45 minutes and I didn't think my reel could handle the pressure. But it did. One hour later hooked a 28 lb. yellow. So this little graphite reel is pretty darn tough.
  299. bajapaddyhopper

    Fishing was good

    That's a big fat turd...:shithappens: ...roller. Nice!
  300. bajapaddyhopper

    Favorite tackle shop

    It's a bit more than that. It's actually their annual salt water bass seminar. Some of the top anglers from the SWBA will be speaking and teaching some of their techniques.
  301. bajapaddyhopper


    Been whackin the crap outta the spotties on the blades the last few months. There are many methods and colors. Since I mainly fish from shore I use a 1/4 oz bait ($2.00 bargains) and straight wind. Also, please ignore the eel grass on my blades.:rofl:
  302. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day INDY- ONLY 3 Spots Left!!!

    Baja Paddy Hoppers 2012 7 Day Extravaganza Welcome to the 9th annual charter aboard the long range vessel- INDEPENDENCE Alijos Rocks/ Baja Freelance Join us as we venture down the waters of Baja as we test our angling skills and do battle with summer time yellowfin tuna, bluefin...
  303. bajapaddyhopper

    7 Day INDY- ONLY 3 Spots Left!!!

    Baja Paddy Hoppers 2012 7 Day Extravaganza Welcome to the 9th annual charter aboard the long range vessel- INDEPENDENCE Alijos Rocks/ Baja Freelance Join us as we venture down the waters of Baja as we test our angling skills and do battle with summer time yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna...
  304. bajapaddyhopper

    Satwater Bass Series, Long Beach results

    JB is a badass. Congrats!!!:hali_olutta:
  305. bajapaddyhopper


    Every year this event at SAV-ON gets better and better. I recommend anyone who wants to have a great time and learn a lot about saltwater bassin get yer ass down there.:hali_olutta: see ya there!
  306. bajapaddyhopper

    Paint For Jigs

    Really no need to repaint those jigs. The reason they are so effective is because they are small and heavy. They get down to the bottom fast and when they bang against the rocks, the cod crawl all over them. And to avoid the rust, I religiously rinse my jigs off with fresh water after every...
  307. bajapaddyhopper

    Where do you like your reel on your jig sticks?

    Pretty much like Erik. I have most of my reels with my thumb comfortably resting on the spool and the butt even with my elbow. Because my jigstick is longer than most rods, I raise it about a half an inch for a little more balance.
  308. bajapaddyhopper

    Stateroom TVs

    Politely or rudely ask him to go watch TV in the salon.
  309. bajapaddyhopper

    WIN A Free Multi-Day Trip on the INDEPENDENCE

    The INDY will be there during the entire show. C'mon down.
  310. bajapaddyhopper

    WIN A Free Multi-Day Trip on the INDEPENDENCE

    Once again the super deluxe sportfisher INDEPENDENCE will have an on the water open house at the 2012 Fred Hall Show in Long Beach CA. The boat will be docked within easy walking distance at the Shoreline village next to the Yard House in Rainbow Harbor. You can take the bridge over Shoreline...
  311. bajapaddyhopper

    Incredible 45min of Spottie Fishing

    Awesomeness!:worship: So where exactly is this place at?
  312. bajapaddyhopper

    Twilight of the TEBOW 1/14

    Yep, it's such a perfect IM8 rod for the bay. Very light, great action to cast light baits, enough backbone and extremely affordable. It was either get a Gucci rod for $200 or this one for $45.
  313. bajapaddyhopper

    MDR - A Beautiful Day On The water

    Life's rough when you live in SoCal huh Scribby?:hali_olutta:
  314. bajapaddyhopper

    Twilight of the TEBOW 1/14

    Got a message from Spottie Killer Kevin about hitting the bay at twilight. When I got NPH, the skies were cloudy, the water was pretty clear, and there was a slight breeze from the NE. Right before sundown I tried using the blades again to see if last time out was a fluke or just plain luck...
  315. bajapaddyhopper

    US State Department Will Adress Visa Issue with Mexico

    Does this mean an actual letter to a Congressman got some attention?
  316. bajapaddyhopper

    6 day to guadalupe

    Because of the clear water, abundant forage and other conditions, the fish are usually line shy at the Lupe so lighter line and fluoro is recommended for flylining baits.
  317. bajapaddyhopper

    Mexican Visa News Released

    Does this mean Guadalupe Island trips won't require a pit stop in Ensenada anymore?
  318. bajapaddyhopper

    Fishing Christmas Eve with my Son

    Memories like these last a lifetime. There are no ordinary moments.:hali_olutta:
  319. bajapaddyhopper

    Video: Surfboard Fishing SD Bay

    Hardcore and primal. But very effective!:hali_olutta:
  320. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    Ed, it's great to see you had such a wonderful time without me!:finger: Seriously though, it's hard to have a bad experience on the INDY. Hope everything is well. I miss you my old friend.:hali_olutta:
  321. bajapaddyhopper

    LB Coddin 11/25

    Great job filling the sacks there.:hali_olutta:
  322. bajapaddyhopper

    New Moon Ripperz 11/25

    A day after my tryptophan coma, I decided to burn the calories off with a little bay session. This month's new moon brought some extreme tides and as I arrived in Newport it was about to slack at an astronomical negative low. There would be over an astounding 8' swing before I got there...
  323. bajapaddyhopper

    Shimano TranX

    This is actually the selection on next month's "reel of the month" club. Shoot, if Dalhberg uses it then I'm gettin one! So how many candybars do I need to sell? As soon as one of the local guys shows it on a vid, all the cool kids will have one too.:rofl:
  324. bajapaddyhopper


    Seeing kids have fun fishing is a highlight to anyone's day.:hali_olutta:
  325. bajapaddyhopper

    dock fishing

    There are other options besides the docks. Plenty of big bass, corvina, etc. can be caught off the rock jetties and from shore in the eel grass in MB.
  326. bajapaddyhopper

    Indy 10-day Oct. 12-Oct.22

    Awesome report! I felt like I was there! It's great to hear you had a fine time with my friends on the INDY.:hali_olutta:
  327. bajapaddyhopper

    Nocturnal Cherry Popper 10/11

    One commercial, coming in hauling a bunch of empty traps. KC=my buddy Ken.
  328. bajapaddyhopper

    Nocturnal Cherry Popper 10/11

    Headed out tonight with KC and hoped to hang some spotties in NPH. Wind was way down and water was clear as we fished the incoming. Really didn't get any love until the sun fell. As we explored the shallows, I hung the first on a twin tail grub. Knotch finally made it down and joined us but...
  329. bajapaddyhopper


    I love the remix of the old Pete Gabriel song with the great footage and quality edits.:hali_olutta:
  330. bajapaddyhopper

    Newport Harbor Ninja Fishin'

    The night time is the right time. You must be stoked! When the water cools off and the bait starts to disappear in the bay, the bite really turns on.
  331. bajapaddyhopper

    Whales, Squid, and Goats - 9/24/11

    Hey Jon. Are you gonna use those huge squishies for bait to catch a giant seabass?:D
  332. bajapaddyhopper

    Ninja toobin!

    Oh my! Those are some incredible toads from the donut. Wow. And I like the hat too.
  333. bajapaddyhopper

    "Big Bass Specialist" Pt. DEUX....

    HOLY CRAP!!! That thing looks like a cowcod.:oinker:
  334. bajapaddyhopper

    Fishing The LB Wall and Teaching a kid he catch catch a fish

    Awesome mentoring Dan.:hali_olutta: I'm sure he'll pay it forward some day soon. -Sherm
  335. bajapaddyhopper

    Friendliest Harbor Seal Ever!!!

    An intimate encounter with a wild marine animal is an experience no one will ever forget. So awesome!
  336. bajapaddyhopper

    SMB Funfest Rpt. 8/6 w-pics

    Sunburned is a small price to pay when you whack 'em and stack 'em!:hali_olutta:
  337. bajapaddyhopper

    Aug. 6th Mardiosa

    You mean for the hundredth time?:rofl:
  338. bajapaddyhopper


    You know what this means right? MORE TEQUILA!!!!:hali_olutta:
  339. bajapaddyhopper

    YR 8- Paddy Hoppers' INDEPENDENCE / July 23-29 (pic tonnage)

    8th ANNUAL BAJA PADDY HOPPERS There's a crap load of pics and video so I'll say very little. (besides, i lost my voice) So here we go... After we quickly boarded the INDEPENDENCE and unloaded our gear, it was a short jaunt to the bait receiver where the crew efficiently armed us for battle...
  340. bajapaddyhopper

    SM 7/14 Excellent Local Bass Fishing w/ Some Humblers Mixed In!

    I love it when the big boys hit the iron.:hali_olutta: Maybe it's time to use some heavier line Scribby.:Exploding_Smiley:
  341. bajapaddyhopper

    Douglas/Jamison Baja Fish; Excel Sold

    Thanks for the report Bill. See ya on the INDY on Sat. -Sherm
  342. bajapaddyhopper

    FDBU WINS SWBA Rd.5 with 35.68lbs

    Congrats Matt and Randy!!! A well deserved win for taking a chance and going for that long run. That's a bag limit that will be almost impossible to surpass. :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta: that's right, 3!
  343. bajapaddyhopper

    Kimura's Fishing Tackle Chino,CA

    I heard that he went out of business. Sign of the times I guess.
  344. bajapaddyhopper

    Cory's PB Yellowtail.....

    You must be beaming with pride papa Tim. Didn't Cory used to be younger?:rolleyes:
  345. bajapaddyhopper

    Outrider - WSB and Halibut Fish Report!

    Absolutely unbelievable fishing right:hali_olutta:.
  346. bajapaddyhopper

    San Quintin Inshore Slam....K&M

    Fishing adventures rarely get better than this.:hali_olutta:
  347. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 8-day Trip, June 11th to June 19th

    The INDY is TOP notch. The very top.:)
  348. bajapaddyhopper

    6/4 - 6/12 Shogun; Fish of a Lifetime

    Long range adventures create lifetime memories. You did a great job. How can you NOT have a good time?:hali_olutta:
  349. bajapaddyhopper

    Ultra Seabass for Cory...

    Hey Tim. You seabass killa! -Sherm
  350. bajapaddyhopper

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    That is truly a prize of a life time. That thing is so old, I'm surprised you didn't hook it's stroller too.:rofl:
  351. bajapaddyhopper

    Killed Them on the Thunderbird 6/16-6/17

    Great job there Kevin! That's a trophy croaker indeed.:D
  352. bajapaddyhopper

    Rail Dawg rolls big tuna

    looks like you had an EPIC trip Alec. did you get my text? i wanna hear the details of your adventure. -Sherm
  353. bajapaddyhopper

    PB Calico!

    Ditch the yak. Shore fishermen rule!:rofl:
  354. bajapaddyhopper

    Bay Bruisers 6/9

    Had to do some quick business in the OC this morning, so on a whim I decided to take my rods with me in case I had a chance to do some bass fishing. Well, the meeting didn't take as long as I expected, so it was a short drive to Newport. When I got to the bay mid-morning it was actually...
  355. bajapaddyhopper


    The NIGHT time is the right time.:worship:
  356. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence 8 day May 21-29

    Thanks for taking the time out to write a detailed report. Too bad about the weather but at least you were on the "battleship" to get through it.
  357. bajapaddyhopper

    Saltist LD 20 2spd

    bump still for sale. reel: $200 rod: $65 combo: $250
  358. bajapaddyhopper

    Long Beach Slug

    That's not a toad. It ATE the toad!:rofl:
  359. bajapaddyhopper

    Channel Islands Report

    Life is rough fishing so much huh Dan?:rofl: Get 'em!
  360. bajapaddyhopper

    Fatheads and Flathead 5/19

    Got to Newport right after daybreak and only hooked a couple of small ones. It was slow going for a while in the post storm murky water. Then this chunky fathead brightened up my morning. Then I hung something with some weight behind it. At first I thought it was a ray that was pulling so...
  361. bajapaddyhopper

    Hammer time with pops!

    She looks so excited!
  362. bajapaddyhopper

    MDR Bass, Brownies and Barries...oh my!

    Quality, quality, quality. Did I say quality?
  363. bajapaddyhopper

    Checkers and rattles, but no slimers 5/13

    Jeez dude. You fish too much!:rofl: Good job Justin.:)
  364. bajapaddyhopper

    Independence: Where'd Kyle go ?

    Rooster has a family that needs him to be home instead of out to sea for days on end. So he chose to find a gig that would accommodate that.
  365. bajapaddyhopper

    [email protected]

    Great to see you found some good conditions and had a blast.
  366. bajapaddyhopper

    Another one passes away

    My good friend Paul has been fishing on my charters for some 13 years now. When I last talked with him over the phone, he was sorry to tell me he wouldn't be able to go hang some tuna with us this year because of his disability. I was very sad to hear that. I am sadder still to find that my...
  367. bajapaddyhopper

    C R A N K B A I T kooktorial

    Great bass crankin!!! If you ever need a co-pilot or a cameraman...:cheers:
  368. bajapaddyhopper

    Saltist LD 20 2spd

    I only used the reel and rod once on a 2 day... the reel is in new condition and has 40 lb spectra on it ill part with it for 225$ and i also have a jiggin rod that will go along with it.. its 6'6 Medium heavy medium fast and the jig weight is 110-200... Ill let that go for 75$ PM...
  369. bajapaddyhopper

    PL and LJ Calicos 4/30/11

    Any day catching calicos is a great day indeed!
  370. bajapaddyhopper

    Dana Prefish for SWBA Rd.3

    A beaut of a bull.
  371. bajapaddyhopper

    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    HOLEEEE Crap! Congrats on the tanker. Damn! OK, here they come.
  372. bajapaddyhopper

    Utah in the Bay 4/25

    Corbin92 was back in town for a few days from school in UT and wanted to take advantage of our fine fishery and catch up on some shore bassin. Got to Newport in the early a.m. to pretty good weather. Very little breeze and warm. Water was a tad murky though. The young lad was the first to score...
  373. bajapaddyhopper

    Little Drum, Big Trophies 4/23 (abridged)

    Got the call from Vince on Fri. and asked if I would like to take a ride on the Drum for some local stone hopping. I think I said "yes" before he even finished his sentence. The Big Drum was in the shop so he took out the little one. We started out in slightly overcast skies with a barely a...
  374. bajapaddyhopper

    Open Spots- 6 Day July INDEPENDENCE

    Still a few spots left. bump.
  375. bajapaddyhopper

    Open Spots- 6 Day July INDEPENDENCE

    BAJA PADDY HOPPERS 6 DAY This is our 8th year on board the INDEPENDENCE and due to few cancellations there are now 5 spots open. So now is your chance to fish on one of the best long range boats and probably one of the most stable rides in the fleet during the peak of the season. And with the...
  376. bajapaddyhopper

    First Time Fishing Newport Harbor

    Cast as close to the structure as possible. And if you can, wind it into the shadows. Early morning and late afternoon has the best lighting conditions where the shadows are the longest. And of course if the current is going right into the shadows, even better. Night fishing isn't too bad either.
  377. bajapaddyhopper

    San Clemente Island Trip 3/4,5,6

    Watching kids have fun fishing is the best.
  378. bajapaddyhopper

    a few munsters for sealbeachkid

    That's what Shrek would call a "donkey"!
  379. bajapaddyhopper

    The calm after the storm.

    It's great to see one of the old pavilion boats get a new lease on life. I'm sure she was happy that you put some nice fish on her.:)
  380. bajapaddyhopper

    2/17 spotty/lmb adventure

    Hardcore salt and fresh. Does that make you brackish?:)LOL Big 'uns!
  381. bajapaddyhopper

    INDIAN FEB 12th report

    Quality codding on the INDIAN.
  382. bajapaddyhopper

    The Number of the Beast (2/12)

    After debating for a while whether to hit the surf or the bay, we decided on the bay. My last session there was filled with stress LOL as I lost a couple of line busting grumps to the structure that I could barely wind on. So vengeance was on my mind. Decision wasn't too difficult at that...
  383. bajapaddyhopper

    ...End of the Line For 2010 (12/31)

    Tried to squeeze in one more session before the end of the year and before corbin92 had to return back to prison... um, I mean school in Utah. Early morning high winds were predicted in the OC so we debated until the last moment to pull the trigger. But we said what the heck. It was our last...
  384. bajapaddyhopper

    Where to cast your bait

    If the current is going straight back behind the stern then it's probably best to cast a hot bait from either side of the rail away from the boat and follow it into the current to the back rail. This way you stay in line with the person next to you. If the current is quartering the back port...
  385. bajapaddyhopper

    7th Annual Baja Paddy Hoppers/INDEPENDENCE 7/23-7/29

    It's that time again for our 7th annual baja charter trip on the long range vessel INDEPENDENCE. We usually have a 5 day but with the early season trend of biters at Alijos Rocks we decided to extend our trip to make that possible. It's a good thing too because the offshore scene just shut down...