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  1. Canyon

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16
  2. Canyon

    WTB *HELP* Hawkins or Hobie Power Skiff Search

    If you want a Hawkins, order a JEM from the Anderson boys.
  3. Canyon

    For Sale Lookin to get my first boat. In Maui...Hows dis one?

    Hard to tell, but make sure it was not a 15’ Hull originally.
  4. Canyon

    WTB Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    Get a partner and buy this:
  5. Canyon

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Howie!!! Dual personality. Love it. Need a blog for your brother? Send him an email.
  6. Canyon

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    Love the commitment.
  7. Canyon

    WTB Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    What’s the price range, and what is “smaller”
  8. Canyon

    For Sale 2007 Osprey 24 Fisherman diesel

    He went from 90 to 32 to 40?
  9. Canyon

    It wasn’t me.

    It wasn’t me.
  10. Canyon

    For Sale 2004 Triple axle Trailer only

    Killer boat and trailer.
  11. Canyon

    SOLD Teak Swim Platform, ladder, mounts

    69” wide x 19” deep.
  12. Canyon

    How often replace Fuel/water filters?

    Every 100 hours, or at a minimum once a year.
  13. Canyon

    For Sale 86 Cabo Cuddycon 216

    better discuss with your aunt reducing the price by 50%.
  14. Canyon

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Wow, great numbers.
  15. Canyon

    WTB WTB 19 Defiance Yellowtail/Arima/Seasport/Radon/Wilson

    There are a couple of Greenough 21’s for sale on CL in SB right now.
  16. Canyon

    SOLD Teak Swim Platform, ladder, mounts

    I'm guessing somewhere around 5-6'. I'll put a tape on it tomorrow and let you know.
  17. Canyon

    WTB Dream boat for less than 100K

    If you’re fishing the islands...
  18. Canyon

    SOLD Teak Swim Platform, ladder, mounts

    I pulled this off my Anderson. Message me if interested. SOLD
  19. Canyon

    SOLD Radon 21

    What’s happening now? Rebuilding the 18?
  20. Canyon

    SOLD Radon 21

    Great opportunity for someone here.
  21. Canyon

    For Sale 1999 Davis Cortez for sale

    Damn. That’s terrible.
  22. Canyon

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    A lot depends on initial buy-in. Sounds like you are gong to scrap about everything that is on the boat, leading me to the conclusion you should start new; unless you are getting the boat for cheap. Even then, hull-up builds often exceed the cost of a new build.
  23. Canyon

    Anderson Greenough 21

    2k for a custom cover is a steal. Please send me the contact info. killer boat! If you want a swim platform/ladder/mounting brackets, hit me up.
  24. Canyon

    SOLD Radoncraft 18ft 1990

    Start a build thread. Great platform.
  25. Canyon

    SOLD Radoncraft 18ft 1990

    It will be pretty easy to know what tank you have when you pull the decks.
  26. Canyon

    Need Pilot house referrals

    805 Marine
  27. Canyon

    Boat Sat for a few years..

    Gas sitting for a couple of years, even if stabilizer was used...probably needs to get pumped out and replaced.
  28. Canyon

    WTB Radon, Davis, Anderson, Wilson There is a diesel Anderson 26 listed at the Chandlery. Also Nardo’s Anderson 25 w/ Yam 300 listed on this site and CL.
  29. Canyon

    WTB Radon, Davis, Anderson, Wilson

    There are a few nice boats for sale now that meet your title requirements. Post your desired price range.
  30. Canyon

    Repower Guidance

    Inflatable Boats Specialists will have the best prices on Yamahas
  31. Canyon

    Barn Find 2

    That would be rad with twin 90's. An extension would put you close to the same LOA as your current Radon, correct...or did you lengthen that hull?
  32. Canyon

    Barn Find 2

    Wow, nice find. Those early glass/ply hulls ride amazing. What’s in there, small block?
  33. Canyon

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    I’m forwarding this thread to my financial planner; thanks for the sound advice.
  34. Canyon


    Pacific Marine. X3
  35. Canyon

    SOLD Diesel Carolina Classic 25 in Central California needs a new home

    ^Unfortunately, that is not how “Use Tax” or sales tax is applied to boat owners in California. Wishful thinking however.
  36. Canyon

    SOLD Trailer no longer available.

    If you already have two, adding a third shouldn’t be that big of a deal.
  37. Canyon

    SOLD Trailer no longer available.

    No longer available.
  38. Canyon

    WTB Wanted 20ft Radon hull

    20's are pretty rare. Best example for a project would be the harbor patrol boat.
  39. Canyon

    WTB Radon/Davis 18-22 or Greenough 21

    You posted photos of your two boats, neither is what the seller is looking for? BUMP!
  40. Canyon

    For Sale 15' Radon

    Seems like this would be a good bay boat, what are you looking to move into?
  41. Canyon

    For Sale 2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    It sold a while ago.
  42. Canyon

    For Sale 2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    Lol. Who asked about gas prices at the dock? If you’ve been on one, you’d know that speed, rpm and range is a major issue, hence, my inquiry regarding performance numbers.
  43. Canyon

    WTB 2520 Parker want to buy
  44. Canyon

    WTB Need a boat
  45. Canyon

    For Sale 1995 22’ Davis / Radoncraft Cortez

    Post to Craigslist, should sell fast.
  46. Canyon

    For Sale 26' Anderson Custom Boat

    Bump. Great boat, Doug keeps her in perfect condition.
  47. Canyon

    Del Mar 13
  48. Canyon

    Nonskid stubborn stains

    Simple green, bleach and some elbow grease. Wear gloves and save the skin on your knuckles.
  49. Canyon

    Del Mar 13

    Wow, you’ve got a quiver now. 10, 13 and 20?
  50. Canyon

    43 Donelle

    Wow, what a boat.
  51. Canyon

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    What motor(s) did you decide on?
  52. Canyon

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Zuke has a new 300hp dp coming out this year, however the 350 would probably be the better motor, those Davis hulls are heavy.
  53. Canyon

    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson
  54. Canyon

    For Sale 26 Osprey Pilothouse Outboard

    Great boat. I’m assuming if this was in CA it would sell quickly.
  55. Canyon

    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    Looks like it’s half closed.
  56. Canyon

    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson
  57. Canyon

    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson or What is your budget?
  58. Canyon

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    ^^ What's with the websites on your bait tank?
  59. Canyon

    For Sale 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    Back up for sale
  60. Canyon

    WTB Wanted, Charter Boat

    With that budget, I’d order a new 31 Anderson or big Farallon or Radon.
  61. Canyon

    WTB Suzuki 350

    Check The Hull Truth
  62. Canyon

    REBUILD: Hawkins Performance Surf Craft

    Does this fit in the back of your Tacoma?
  63. Canyon

    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    if you’re sticking with Yam, get a 150 or 250.
  64. Canyon

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Thanks for sharing. I'm sure it will help a lot of us, especially Cabo owners, investigate their boat's vulnerabilities. It seems like all sport vessels, whether it's a 13' Whaler to a brand new 26' Radon can flip. Just requires certain conditions to come together perfectly, at the least...
  65. Canyon

    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    Check the comparisons between the Yamaha 150 and 200...then buy the Zuke, or Yam 150.
  66. Canyon

    For Sale Simrad RS35

    Great unit.
  67. Canyon

    Kelp cutter

    Tim at Coastal Trailer. He works out of the Pacific Marine lot in VTA/NARD.
  68. Canyon

    For Sale 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    nice rig. Post it on CL in Santa Barbara.
  69. Canyon

    WTB Simrad Radar
  70. Canyon

    Davis Boat Owners

    ^^ twins.
  71. Canyon

    SOLD 2006 Mercruiser Mag 350 MPI Horizon and Bravo 3 Outdrive

    Damn, you're giving it away. Put on CL, should go fast.
  72. Canyon

    For Sale 26' Radon project

    FJ’s and a giant Radon...jealous.
  73. Canyon

    Davis Boat Owners

    Everyone seems to be going twin 250’s. Last time I talked to Harold he suggested a single 300 G2 for a 22’, doubt he would suggest the same motor for a 25’er.
  74. Canyon

    For Sale 26' Radon project

    I think @sbsurfer and/or Jeff Hull might have the perfect DR Radon pilot house to glue onto that hull.
  75. Canyon

    Need a prop shop in the SB area

    Valley is only place to go.
  76. Canyon

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Anyone going to start a gofundme for this guy?
  77. Canyon

    16 ft radon

    If you’re going Yamaha, defiantly get a 90. Does the top part of your center counsel come off at the seam?
  78. Canyon

    For Sale 26' Radon project

    Whats the story?
  79. Canyon

    For Sale Rebuilt 280 drive

    Just swap the lower unit. Amazing drive.
  80. Canyon

    For Sale 26' Radon project

    Looks like some form of RadonCraft(ish) type construction based on the caprail and molded cuddy.
  81. Canyon

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    ^^ Not sure anyone is in the market for a river boat until the hoist opens back up.
  82. Canyon

    For Sale 20 ft Wilson good outdrive needs engine rebuild.

    Buy the 225 and get out there!
  83. Canyon

    For Sale 20 ft Wilson good outdrive needs engine rebuild.

  84. Canyon

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    There is one stored by me that never moves. If I ever see the owner down there, I'll see if he wants to get out of it.
  85. Canyon

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    Maybe have to wait for the Fed to raise interest rates, then it will drop to $28k. I think that boat is a 16' with a 17' LOA. It is not a real 17x8', that is for sure.
  86. Canyon

    WTB radon/radoncraft 16

    Was 30k two weeks ago. Price fluctuations must parallel the DOW.
  87. Canyon

    For Sale SeaStar MT3 Single Control Binnacle

    SOLD (for real this time)
  88. Canyon

    200hp Merc Outboard only getting 1.2 mpg??

    Your numbers don't sound that far off from the normal. Maybe try cruising at 22 mph instead of 38 mph.
  89. Canyon

    WTB Arima, cdory, steiger craft, c hawk 20-22ft 35k
  90. Canyon

    26' Wilson

    Without question.
  91. Canyon

    For Sale SeaStar MT3 Single Control Binnacle

    Sold. EDIT: Not Sold, buyer was a no-show. Back up for sale.
  92. Canyon

    For Sale SeaStar MT3 Single Control Binnacle

    I'm selling my: SeaStar MT3 Single Control CH5310P It was installed on my boat last year; it is in excellent condition, 9/10 only because it has been installed. Asking $200; $215 shipped. Message with questions.
  93. Canyon

    For Sale Floscan - Single motor /350hp MAX

    I believe this unit is specific to gasoline.
  94. Canyon

    Need to dispose of old fuel

    Grab 6 friends
  95. Canyon

    For Sale Floscan - Single motor /350hp MAX

    I'm selling my Floscan 7000-20B-1 SOLD
  96. Canyon

    Here we go again.........

    Cool boat. Looks like you’ve got a good foundation to build on.
  97. Canyon

    Parker 1801 or Scout 195

    I'd pass on the scout.
  98. Canyon

    For Sale 2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    Performance numbers?
  99. Canyon

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    That is how they valued my G17 as well.
  100. Canyon

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    22' boat? Make sure you are carrying 40-45' of 5/16" or 3/8" chain. Watch the weather; I'd recommend staying somewhere a bit more safe for your first time (string-line at Two Harbors). Never assume you can anchor off a large(r) boat [...pretty sure that was a joke].
  101. Canyon

    WTB Anderson Greenough 17

    I think the SB 18' hulls were all glass ply. Radoncraft/Innovator/Davis/Davidson made the molded 18's for a while, with varying success. The glass/ply 18's ride like a dream.
  102. Canyon

    WTB Anderson Greenough 17

    Not mine:
  103. Canyon

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    Got my bill yesterday as well. You should contest the value if it is more than you paid. They may have the sales record directly from the boat dealer, unless you bought it from a private party.
  104. Canyon

    WTB Anderson Greenough 17

    How much cash is in hand?
  105. Canyon

    SOLD 1998 Davis Cortez 22

    7500 with or without the trailer?
  106. Canyon

    Drum Anchor Winch - anyone have one of these? Review?

    You want a Lone Star
  107. Canyon

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Did you buy your motors yet? You might want to consider the Yam 150's over the 200s.
  108. Canyon

    For Sale RADON Signature 22' --- 2013

    Nice boat! Great day on the backside in that last photo. Always thought Don would turn that into the next Radon advertisement.
  109. Canyon

    Etec G2 experiences

    Call Harold, he is a huge fan.
  110. Canyon

    Boat fuel tank cleaning

    JB Marine 494 874 5645
  111. Canyon

    Problems at the pump

    I had a very similar problem. Change your fuel/water separators, but I’m guessing your problem is with the gas tank.
  112. Canyon

    For Sale 22' Pilothouse like new only 20 hours Defiance Admiral $75k
  113. Canyon

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    Lol, the 20’ Radon here is 75k, same price as the 21’ Robalo. You must be trust fund guy too?
  114. Canyon

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    LOL, I was basically going to say the opposite. In my experience, diesels are cheaper to operate, run faster (at comparable fuel economies) and are just as reliable (if not more) as modern OBs.
  115. Canyon

    Boat insurance recommendation

    Ex-Boats US, now AAA.
  116. Canyon

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    ^^Land Cruiser. But, my commute to the ramp is only 1/2 mile each way. If I needed a ‘real’ tow vehicle for the Anderson it would likely be a Tundra or a F150.
  117. Canyon

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    What boat did you end up with?
  118. Canyon

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    Cool boat, I imagine Don will sell a lot of them. Small enough to easily run solo or tow anywhere, big enough to feel safe when the wind picks up.
  119. Canyon

    For Sale —-

    This thing sell?
  120. Canyon

    Stereo system for a Davis Cortez

    Get a couple of UE Booms, and pair them. More than enough sound.
  121. Canyon

    For Sale My wife would say no but Radon Project anyone?

    If acquired for the right price, this could be a decent RadonCraft project. Just confirm original manufacturer.
  122. Canyon

    For Sale My wife would say no but Radon Project anyone?

    That’s not a Radon. Did you post the right link?
  123. Canyon

    For Sale BD should buy this!

    Good candidate for a bracket with outboards conversion.
  124. Canyon

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    There you go:
  125. Canyon

    27’ Sea Sport Adventurer

    That Volvo looks clean. I’d run it!
  126. Canyon

    WTB Anderson Greenough 17 or Smaller Radon

    You won't find one cleaner:
  127. Canyon


    Looks great!
  128. Canyon

    For Sale —-

    It had fairly large crowd of people checking it out over the weekend at the SB ramp; I'm surprised your phone hasn't been blowing up.
  129. Canyon

    WTB Anderson Greenough 17 or Smaller Radon

    Buy the old harbor patrol boat.
  130. Canyon

    For Sale —-

    Such a sick boat. My neighbor where I store my boat has a 26’ triple chine powered by a carb’d small block...he swears by it being the perfect power match for the hull.
  131. Canyon

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    How is the ride between the I/o and the OB?
  132. Canyon

  133. Canyon

    22 Davis Cortez Diesel possible unknown hours, need advice

    Best thing to do is agree on price, put deposit down pending sea trial and mechanical inspection. If the sea trial goes well, but the inspection is bad...either re-negotiate price or lawfully back out of the deal (get your deposit back).
  134. Canyon


    It really depends on how the boat is built, but yes, two grown men can easily sleep comfortably on a G17.
  135. Canyon

    Tow rig ??

    The land cruiser has a max tow of 8,100 lbs. It's a beast of a truck, the downside being it has a smaller wheelbase compared to the sequoia. The LX570 is a fancy 200 series land cruiser, which most people prefer to the Land Cruiser for towing because it has automatic height suspension. The...
  136. Canyon

    WTB Greenough, del mar, radon skiff

    ^^ Cleanest HPS on the water.
  137. Canyon

    Looking for some advise on a re power

    Stick with the diesel. If you do go outboards, I’d narrow your choices to G2’s or Zukes. Those f200’s are basically 150s, not ideal for your setup.
  138. Canyon

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Lower the ball height and/or get taller tires.
  139. Canyon


    I think Davis made molded 18’s, but not Don. You may be better suited looking for a 17’ or 19’ hull.
  140. Canyon

    For Sale Skip the Montauk: 16 Radon

    I thought the main issues with the Innovator built Radoncrafts was cracked stringers. For this boat, if the trailer was in good shape, something around $3-4k would be safe to pay. I would assume new transom, tanks and potentially stringers, depending what you found when you did the tanks...
  141. Canyon

    24 radon

    No, it is the first glass hull pulled from Don’s new mold.
  142. Canyon

    WTB Hobie Power Skiff in California

    Here is a 16'er, might be worth looking into.
  143. Canyon

    California boat trailer dealers

    ABT or West Coast. Stay away from Pacific.
  144. Canyon

    Anyone recognize this Wilson 26

    Seems like a solid platform, what are your plans? The Radon thread on Spearboard may be the best resource to locate the origins of your Wilson.
  145. Canyon

    Who would you goif you were repowering?

    I would go with a Yam 90. The 70’s are good motors, but lack power for fiberglass boats. They are designed to be run on light weight ribs. I had a 70, it lacked power on my 17’ boat.
  146. Canyon

    16 Radon

    So you’re a year out?
  147. Canyon

    24 radon

    I would guess around 75k, with one caveat.
  148. Canyon

    Simrad G4 Radar

    Not a rumor, it happened.
  149. Canyon

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?
  150. Canyon


    They insured my 1992 Anderson; AAA has excellent rates and coverage.
  151. Canyon

    2010 Radon Signature 22 or DR22

    Still listed at
  152. Canyon


    Just got my BoatUS bill, like others, my policy premium doubled. Anyone more suggestions to look into?
  153. Canyon

    SOLD Radon Sport - Price Drop

    Biggest 17 on the water.
  154. Canyon

    Old radon
  155. Canyon

    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    Your project turned out great. Big investment you’ll be enjoying for years to come.
  156. Canyon

    RADON 15

    There is 15' Radon for sale at 30k? Edit: I stand corrected.
  157. Canyon

    Parker 2320

    Probably one of the best riding Parker’s out there with that motor setup.
  158. Canyon

    1989 Radoncraft 22'--Now in Mission Bay

    I’m guessing this is gone by Christmas. Nice move brining it across the border!
  159. Canyon

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff
  160. Canyon

    20' Radon needs new motor

    What did you decide to repower with?
  161. Canyon

    WTB 20 foot Radon....
  162. Canyon

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff

    Those 15’ Radon’s were designed as river boats...I’d strongly consider looking for a Hobie Power Skiff. It has a far superior hull for ocean use.
  163. Canyon

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff

    That is not my boat, but the video you posted was of a 13’ Whaler, modified by Radon. The CL boat is a 13’ Whaler, apparently (according to the ad) modified by Anderson.
  164. Canyon

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff
  165. Canyon

    1989 RadonCraft Cortez 22

    This won’t last long. Great boat.
  166. Canyon

    1989 Radoncraft 22'

    Is there a legal strategy or loophole you are trying utilize by insisting on terms and sale be completed in Ensenada? I have a feeling if you drag the boat to any lot in or around SD and put a for sale sign on it; the boat would be sold in a matter of days...likely from someone on here...
  167. Canyon

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    ^^ Throw it up Bill. Lets see it.
  168. Canyon

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    If you don't need a pilothouse, you may want to check out this Greenough 21. Not a RadonSport or 22, however... Being sold here:
  169. Canyon

    What's a good new boat trailer to buy?

    I’d look for a used Trailrite if I were you.
  170. Canyon

    Stainless prop size

    Or contact Defiance.
  171. Canyon

    20' Radon needs new motor

    Z That sounds right. Probably an additional 4-6k+ to re-fab your transom area, depending how crazy you want to go.
  172. Canyon

    22 foot Seaway for was sold October 19th

    This won’t last long. Killer boat...and price.
  173. Canyon

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    Ditch the hull extension/bracket thing you have and install a proper splashwell into your transom. That should save you 2 feet off your LOA and would be way cheaper than getting a bigger slip...and/or buying a new lower unit for your brand new OB in 3 years.
  174. Canyon

    20' Radon needs new motor

    Your boat will ride better with another i/o, without question. If you have a lot of money to throw at the project and are seriously considering an OB conversion, you might as well add a few feet and put on a 250 or 300 as stated previously. Your fuel burn would be the same, if not a little...
  175. Canyon

    Anderson vs Radon 26 foot range

    A single 300 Yam is not enough power for either of the boats you are talking about.
  176. Canyon

    WTB: Handheld VHF

    Have an extra handheld you never used? I'm buying. PM me what you're looking to get rid of.
  177. Canyon

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    Damn. Lots of room to lounge in that pilot house!
  178. Canyon

    Catalina Launch

  179. Canyon

    Sold 1980 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk

    Solid deal HEX. Someone will be stoked!
  180. Canyon

    Radon - 22ft Don Original

    Great boat, the best riding 22'er Don has ever made. Many good trips to islands and Catalina on that rig. GLWS.
  181. Canyon

    [SOLD] Davis Boats Cortez 22, 1996 Pilothouse

    Super clean boat. I am assuming you're planning to put it on Craigs List. That seems to be place where boats are actually bought and sold. This shouldn't last long.
  182. Canyon

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    You must have looked at this one?
  183. Canyon

    53' Elliott $150,000

    Incredible boat.
  184. Canyon

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    Call Valley Propeller in Ventura.
  185. Canyon

    Underwater Light Color

  186. Canyon

    WTB 17-22ft greenough, anderson, wilson, radon This boat is clean (not mine).
  187. Canyon

    17' BW montauk re power

    Zuke or Yamaha. If you have shop close by which specializes in either, choose that motor.
  188. Canyon

    1974 Blackman 20ft Center Console

    Nice work and great back story.
  189. Canyon

    Show me your blackman boat

    Those are great numbers.
  190. Canyon

    Starting a new project soon

    What's the story here, I've heard a few. What are your plans?
  191. Canyon

    Show me your blackman boat

    Not mine, but she seems like a great opportunity for someone.
  192. Canyon

    Furuno GPS Navigator and Color Sounder

    Both units sold pending payment. If the deal falls through I'll update the thread. Thanks guys.
  193. Canyon

    Furuno GPS Navigator and Color Sounder

    all SOLD. Condition: Used and functioning properly. 1) Furuno GPS Navigator - GP-30/35 ) Comes with power cord, mount and Furuno external antenna (which mounts into vhf antenna mount (not included). 2) Furuno Color LCD Sounder - FCV-600L Comes with power cord, mount, transducer...
  194. Canyon

    Yamaha 9.9hp High Thrust 4-stroke

    ^^ I believe it has a 20" shaft. Model number is T9.9ELHX
  195. Canyon

    Yamaha 9.9hp High Thrust 4-stroke

    Not planning to head up your way soon. Let me know if you venture south.
  196. Canyon

    Yamaha 9.9hp High Thrust 4-stroke

    Bump, additional photos added.
  197. Canyon


    Im not sure if this is a HPS or a knock off.
  198. Canyon

    Davidson Boats?

    That is a brutal situation. Davidson must have had good insurance, I can only imagine the litigation costs that have been racking up over the years. I ran into a guy at MDR last year who had one, possibly the only 22'er made. It looked great, but the story about the build was nothing short...
  199. Canyon

    Yamaha 9.9hp High Thrust 4-stroke

    SOLD. Thanks guys.
  200. Canyon

    1978 Sea Ray built like a Radon?

    A good boat is one that gets used. Sounds like you'll be stoked with the 300; that's a big investment which you'll enjoy each time you're out there.
  201. Canyon

    1983 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk Rebuild...Picture Heavy

    Nice work! I bet shy flies with that Zuke!
  202. Canyon

    Pilot house in front of Dana Landing

    Zukes over Yamaha for a 200hp OB is a no-brainer. It's common knowledge the Yam 200 is an expensive Yam 150. Given the hull design, I bet it will do just fine with that motor package.
  203. Canyon

    2017 is On the Way.......

    Wow, another incredible story. I'd be pursuing more than a BBB claim if I were you.
  204. Canyon

    2017 is On the Way.......

    I hate to ask, but did you finally sort everything out with the G2's?
  205. Canyon


    Bump. Willing to ship if this doesn't sell locally.
  206. Canyon

    Honda 225 vs. 250

    Have Bryan at Valley re-pitch your 13 to 11 pitch. He did that for me on my Yam 70. It made a huge difference, and it saved me a repower to a 90 hp.
  207. Canyon

    Anderson or Radon Edit: Sorry, it appears that hull is a 26'er. You could also save 60k on a rebuild and start off with a solid platform:
  208. Canyon

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    You scored. What are the plans?
  209. Canyon

    4.3L mercruiser I/O hours

    The guys who recently worked on my i/o said one of the commercial boats they work on with a raw water cooled 454 just surpassed the 10,000 hour mark... still runs like a top. Scheduled/regular maintenance goes a long way...
  210. Canyon

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    My buddy used to have a 24'. It was a blocked 26'er, which that hull appears to be as well.
  211. Canyon

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    Wow, your Radon looks incredible. You've got a couple of sweet, and highly sought after boats. Is the swim step on your Radon powder-coated aluminum?
  212. Canyon

    2004 Farallon 2300 Sportsman Volvo D4/210 DPH Loaded! 915hrs

    This won't last long. Incredible boat.
  213. Canyon

    Need a project--Hawkins or del mar skiff

    Do yourself a favor and get a livingston.
  214. Canyon

    Valley Propellor

    Husband and wife operated business; one of the best prop shops in the US.
  215. Canyon

    Phone reception at SCI

    San Clemente or Santa Cruz?
  216. Canyon

    Update on My G2 Update

    What is the latest? Also, IBS is no longer Platinum certified, rather Silver, or Evinrude's lowest ranking which is defined as "meets standards."
  217. Canyon

    2001 Osprey 24' Fisherman

    Clean looking boat at a good price...but still people call you out? Incredible. Good luck with your sale, you've got a great boat.
  218. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    ^^ With a 4Runner you could tow two.
  219. Canyon

    Update on My G2 Update

    All that from a "Platinum Certified" Evinrude dealer? Just to be clear, the OB's you bought were brand new? Not a demo or returned motor?
  220. Canyon

    Update on My G2 Update

    Those look insane. Can't wait to hear how they go.
  221. Canyon

    1990 parker 2520

    Get a hold of Bryan at Valley Prop in Oxnard. Probably the best prop guy in CA, if not the US.
  222. Canyon

    Update on My G2 Update

    Are you dealing directly with Matt?
  223. Canyon

    Towing question...

    I think it would work, but not by much.
  224. Canyon

    Repowering Soon - Advice Wanted

    In what I've read from industry reports, is that the Yam 150 is an over-powered 150 and the new Yam i4-200 is a considerably under-powered 200. The 150 doesn't require premium fuel like the i4-200 as well. Just something to consider when you will have to pay a considerable price jump for the...
  225. Canyon

    Repowering Soon - Advice Wanted

    According to performance bulletins by Yamaha, the motors perform VERY similar, except the 200 offers a few knots more at WOT.
  226. Canyon

    Repowering Soon - Advice Wanted

    Besides for the fact it is basically a Yami 150, you're right, people seem to like them.
  227. Canyon

    19' Radon project.

    How goes that project??
  228. Canyon

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Great article in the Bight!
  229. Canyon

    WTB Davis Cortez 22

    Harold always seems to have boats at his yard that are either for sale, or potentially for sale that are never publicly advertised. Good idea to give him a call on a 22.
  230. Canyon

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    Pressuring washing game strong; incredible how much came off. Glad this thing worked out for you. Any photos of your 17 lined up next to the Rock Harbor to see the true scale of your upgrade?
  231. Canyon

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    How is that G2 treating you? Any issues so far?
  232. Canyon

    Barn find in Lompoc

    Nice to meet you the other day. Your boat came out insane. Looks a lot bigger than a 21'er.
  233. Canyon

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    ^^ Any updates on the G2?
  234. Canyon

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    ^^ Can't wait to hear your review.
  235. Canyon

    Meet Maverick.......

    Best of luck with your sale. Your best bet [if you haven't sold it yet] would be to park it in the Santa Barbara ramp lot for about a week or so.
  236. Canyon

    Clamp on rod holder help

    I use old bike tubes as well. However the "teeth" part of the rod holder controls the angle, which needs to be tightened internally with an allen key
  237. Canyon

    19' Radon project.

    Those are some impressive numbers for a 19' Radon and a 90.
  238. Canyon

    Great first run!

    Great boat! What are you powering her with?
  239. Canyon


    Here are a couple of Andersons from the past weekend.
  240. Canyon

    Barn find in Lompoc

    Funny thing, I ordered the same style of cushions for my boat a year ago, and, I'm still using my throw-away pottery barn patio coushins. Apparently some canvas guys take longer than others...
  241. Canyon

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Could you explain to us your methodology in the design of your hull?
  242. Canyon

    2012 Parker 2120 Sport Cabin, 4stroke yamaha, trailer & extras $42,000

    Great ad. Good luck with your sale. Your boat looks clean!
  243. Canyon


    ^ Looks like someone threw some money at it. New electronics and a new spray by the looks of it. Looks a lot better than the last time I saw it.
  244. Canyon


    ^^G17 with a huge walk around. Looks awesome.
  245. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    ^^ Did you hoist in at Goleta Peir??
  246. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    A few more photos from the recent launch detailing the Greenough hull's ability to deflect water out, rather than over.
  247. Canyon

    2016 23 Steiger craft Chesapeake

    Great boat with a great motor. I imagine you hardly hear the thing run when you've got the pilot house door closed.
  248. Canyon

    Barn find in Lompoc

    Did you pick up an outboard yet?
  249. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    I'm sure for some it would seem logical to throw on a 115 based on the weight comparison to the 90, would be completely overkill. The 90 is the ticket.
  250. Canyon

    12 Livingston w/ 15 Honda and Pac Galv Trailer

    These are great little boats.
  251. Canyon

    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Really nice work.
  252. Canyon


    I'd suggest picking up an ACR PLB instead.
  253. Canyon


    Bill, I want a 22' version of this; I'll trade you straight across for my 17. Deal?
  254. Canyon

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    ^^ Did you see a transom?
  255. Canyon

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    Here is what remains of that green Santa Barbara built Maui which was referenced earlier in this thread.
  256. Canyon

    WTB Sea Sport 24ft XL
  257. Canyon

    No longer searching...

    A lot of misinformation there. That hull is not built out of the Anderson mold, although it is a clear copy. Also, the beam is not 7'8.
  258. Canyon

    Paragon nokaoi 20'

    That looks very similar to what we in the Santa Barbara area know as the Maui Cruiser. The bow and deck seem very similar. Last I heard the mold broke and was tossed after four hulls were pulled in SB. I did a sea trial on this yellow one, the Mar y Sol. Great boat, and tippy as previously...
  259. Canyon

    Santa Rosa lings, rockfish and special guests

    Damn. I'm sure your guests were stoked...and you tired.
  260. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Badass boat + unreal fishing = Happy Captain.
  261. Canyon

    17' SurfSki

    The beam on the Tahiti Skiff is a foot less than the Anderson.
  262. Canyon

    17' SurfSki

    I hope you enjoy your boat, I'm sure you will. Not bashing you as the buyer, but I think it's pretty brazen of the Tahiti Surf Skiff Company to market their boat as a "Greenough Cathedral Hull Design." Attempting to copy a hull design is one thing, but then to go as far as advertising it as a...
  263. Canyon

    Please delete thread

    Great looking boat!
  264. Canyon

    24 radon

    ^^^ Such a sweet boat.
  265. Canyon

    Meet Maverick.......

    Your 26 has perfect lines.
  266. Canyon

    WTB geenough 17'

    Are those metal rivets holding the caprail onto the hull? You really bought one, throw some more photos up.
  267. Canyon

    WTB geenough 17'

    Buy Nate's panga Edit: My post should have read: Convince Nate to sell you his panga.
  268. Canyon

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Looks real nice with your bow rail, you nailed the lines.
  269. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    He went with the Yami 90; a 115 would not fit in his splashwell. Totally different boat with the 90. Same fuel burn as the 70 under 20 knots, except the 90 gives the boat the ability to hit 30 knots. With a 70, the max speed (mine at least) is about 22-23 knots in perfect conditions. That...
  270. Canyon

    19' Radon project.

    How are you planning to build it out? I'm guessing a 150 would push it just fine depending on your construction/use.
  271. Canyon

    18' radon

    Did this sell?
  272. Canyon

    19' Radon project.

    What's up the update?
  273. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Here is a Wislon up for sale with similar lines.
  274. Canyon

    WANTED: 21'-25' Cuddy Walk-Around, Outboard Preferred
  275. Canyon

    El Tiburon Report - Labor Day Weekend

    All shot with a 24mm 2.8 nikkor. The smaller the boat, the wider you should go, but 24mm does pretty well with no distortion.
  276. Canyon

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    Get ready for an epic response calbrewguy.
  277. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Finally had the chance to spend a day fishing on El Tiburon with Nick. The boat's entire set up came out insane. Everything Nick put into his boat was very calculated and the fishing results we had showed. That monster sized Yami 300 on the back is unbelievably efficient and super quiet. I...
  278. Canyon

    Mckee craft 18 pulse pilot house build

    I've got Lenco's on my 17' boat...they are amazing. They help tremendously, especially in rough water.
  279. Canyon

    Mckee craft 18 pulse pilot house build

    Cool boat, if it had a pilot house it would likely sell fast in CA.
  280. Canyon

    WTB Yamaha 50hp 4-stroke

    Not mine, but this seems like a solid deal.
  281. Canyon

    Aluminum Prop to SS Prop Question

    Like Mark said, talk to Valley Propellar. Their prices are better than most websites, and Brian's wisdom is priceless.
  282. Canyon

    WTB Faralllon or other diesel straight shaft.

    Not exact, but its close.
  283. Canyon

    Best place to purchase a new Yamaha?

    Inflatable Boat Specialists - Ventura.
  284. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Not really that cool of a picture, but it does show the size comparison between my G17 and Nardo's stretched Anderson 22.
  285. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    This G17 was out on the hunt this weekend. That color combination camos perfectly into the cliff faces while they were under.
  286. Canyon

    Hobie Power Skiff restomod...pic heavy.

    So clean (and safe), nice work.
  287. Canyon

    For all you Hawkins fans

    Fun little boat!
  288. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Nice work Nardo. All your planning came out beautifully.
  289. Canyon

    24 radon

    Edit: Deleted dup post.
  290. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    I could be wrong, Skiff will know the proper color, but I believe the Mas Olas hull color is actually a deep shade of purple.
  291. Canyon

    Little TLC on a radon 18'

    Really nice job bringing her back to life.
  292. Canyon

    24 radon

    ^ Itching for another project boat?
  293. Canyon

    24 radon

    This one has been sitting on CL for a while now.
  294. Canyon

    Goleta launch?

    Be aware, the Gaviota fishery is closed due to the oil spill. If you plan to head to the islands, you may be better served from SB, VTA or CI harbors. With the recent winds, you'd be best out of VTA or CI.
  295. Canyon

    24 radon

    How did you stumble upon that find?
  296. Canyon

    Meet Maverick.......

    Great find!
  297. Canyon

    WTB: Hobie Power Skiff or Calibogie Skiff

    Not mine:
  298. Canyon

    Full resto-mod on old school Radon 19

    Are those windows DS-G's?
  299. Canyon

    Little TLC on a radon 18'

    What's the latest?
  300. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Wait in line, just like everyone else.
  301. Canyon

    SOLD 1991 cabo 266 cuddycon I/O SOLD

    600+ mile range is crazy, amazing burn numbers. GLWS, you'll miss those numbers.
  302. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    The guys who own that boat use it all the time. I always see them out and about.
  303. Canyon

    Delta Marine 47' with twin 330hp Cummins

    I believe it was not sold (still sitting in the same SB Harbor slip), which means they'll have to put it in their next auction. Because it is a "public" asset, it has to be auctioned off. Easiest thing to do is call UCSB's marine research dept. if you are interested.
  304. Canyon

    Nice low cost rod holders

    Anyone try the Attwood branded rod holders from amazon? They seem very similar to the ones posted above.
  305. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Time to update your avatar photo.
  306. Canyon


    What did you buy?
  307. Canyon

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    This. Get the light indicators.
  308. Canyon

    WTB 15-18 foot Radon, Anderson, Hobie Powerskiff, Calibogie, Boston Whaler

    With your budget and desired use, I'd search solely for a Hobie HPS.
  309. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    The dash is moved back as well.
  310. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    You are right, the possibilities are endless, as long as you grasp the fact you are designing a 17' boat; everything is a compromise. I designed my boat to be used as a coastal/island exploration vehicle and family fun machine. My pilot house is a bit larger than some of the recent G17's...
  311. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Here are some photos sbsurfer took of my boat splash yesterday. The SB Harbor was a complete circus, but everything turned out great. I have to dial in my prop situation, but the boat ran smoothly regardless. Big thanks to the boys of Anderson Custom Boats. My boat is the 28th Greenough 17...
  312. Canyon

    27' Radon that needs some tlc..

    Just needs a little paint. The rest should just buff right out.
  313. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    ^^ I'm sick, no splash.
  314. Canyon

    Little TLC on a radon 18'

    Great boat! Looking forward to seeing this come back to life.
  315. Canyon

    Hobie Power Skiff restomod...pic heavy.

    Excellent re-build Mark. I imagine you'll get more use out of her than you originally expected.
  316. Canyon


    "Smaller" Anderson? That made me laugh.
  317. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Your Wilson is coming out great. Are you planning to rig it yourself?
  318. Canyon

    18' radon

    Great looking Radon.
  319. Canyon


    Bill Anderson makes a 31'x10'. This recent version they extended to 33', it's easily one of the nicest sport boats in the SB Harbor.
  320. Canyon

    16' hobie power skiff

    These boats handle rough conditions amazingly well for a 15'er.
  321. Canyon

    26' Radon for sale, won't find another one better!

    I saw this boat at the Harbor this morning. I'm sure the new owners are stoked.
  322. Canyon

    New/used boat advice wanted !!!

    I'd take a closer look at the Radon. There isn't a safer boat for you and the family, in the size parameters you listed.
  323. Canyon

    Custom Hawkins 10 skiff

    ...continued action on the Hawkins.
  324. Canyon

    Custom Hawkins 10 skiff

    Some recent action on the Hawkins.
  325. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    For the sake of keeping this thread on Greenough content or build questions here:
  326. Canyon

    Ideal Boat for So Cal Waters

    Here is another option, not mine.
  327. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Sounds like a proper boat build to me.
  328. Canyon

    Ideal Boat for So Cal Waters

    With your current budget, might be worth trying to pick up this:
  329. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Can't wait to hear about the electronics going into this boat.
  330. Canyon

    My Gonna Be Surf/Fish/F-Around Skiff

    ^You're thinking of the Hobie Power Skiff, not the Caliboogie.
  331. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Cool photos, did you shoot those with a drone? Glad you finally made it across, looks like you picked a good day.
  332. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Really looks nice.
  333. Canyon

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    Cool project. Radon and a new Wilson, I like your quiver.
  334. Canyon

    WTB Davis Cortez 22' Pilot house or Parker 2310 WAC
  335. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    That bracket is looking solid. Nice work!
  336. Canyon

    Custom Hawkins 10 skiff

    Doesn't get any better on a 10'er.
  337. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Good to see the Disturbance back in the yard! Looks like some solid progress.
  338. Canyon

    16'7" Whaler re-purpose project

    Looking forward to this post.
  339. Canyon

    Steigercraft for sale; 23 Miami DV

    Really sweet boat! Looks brand new!
  340. Canyon

    Radon with Yamaha Outboard - $25000 (San Luis Obispo)

    It's not the typical heavy Radon 17x8, so apparently the 70 pushes it just fine. My guess is the true hull dims are 16x6'6.
  341. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Surfseeker, who rebuilt that boat for your friend? Very sweet looking ride!
  342. Canyon

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Your build is amazing.
  343. Canyon

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    A dream boat for many. Looking forward to watching her come back to life.
  344. Canyon

    Whaler 17' Pilothouse

    Have you tried Santa Barbara CL??
  345. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Nardo, I believe that blue boat is the Excel (not sure of spelling). Looking forward to see how she turns out, the plans are looking good.
  346. Canyon

    20 Ft Wilson

    Another excellent candidate for a long pit stop at the Anderson yard.
  347. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    ^^ Nothing new to report.
  348. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Taylor- Same hull?
  349. Canyon

    F/V Rock Steady, new Anderson 31 x 10

    From the little Greenoughs to this monster 31', Anderson Custom Boats has been turning out some sweet boats.
  350. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    I just saw the Disturbance has made it's way to the Anderson yard. So what are the big plans?
  351. Canyon

    26' Radon for sale, won't find another one better!

    33 Custom rod holders....I take it you like to fish. Sweet boat!
  352. Canyon

    First time boat builder.

    Really nice work. Any updates?
  353. Canyon

    20' Wilson Hull with Trailer, etc. $6000

    Someone should buy this and have Anderson Custom Boats build it out. Off subject, let's see your other boats; a Seaway and Radon is a mean quiver!
  354. Canyon


    Have fun at R2R.
  355. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    ^^ Probably a good idea. Report back.
  356. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    That boat came out great. Killer burn numbers too!
  357. Canyon

    Tell me about Farallon Boats (the newer ones)

    What is your price range? Have you checked out this one:
  358. Canyon

    Pimped out my Anderson Greenough

    Very sweet ride Gernsey. I love those forward raked windows; have any issues with water sucking the windows from the seals?
  359. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    So how was the maiden voyage?
  360. Canyon

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    Need a house?
  361. Canyon

    WTB: Hobie Power Skiff or Calibogie Skiff

    This might do the trick:
  362. Canyon

    16'7" Whaler re-purpose project

    Great looking project. I love that open bow hatch, so cool.
  363. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    My wife's family used to be a part owner...the stories are a bit more tame than what you listed unfortunately. PM sent.
  364. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Sylvester is a true master of these little boats. That Anderson CC looks like it was a custom job for that Radon hull. Almost there!
  365. Canyon

    Custom 15' Hobie Power Skiff

    A little insight to the late Legend.
  366. Canyon

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    I heard some great stories about the Disturbance over this past weekend. Definitely a boat that has been on some adventures and can handle some very unruly conditions. Glad to see you are starting a new chapter with her.
  367. Canyon

    16' Radon rebuild and stretching

    Squidd - Start a new thread! I'd love to see what you have done to bring that 18 back to life. I say keep it yellow.
  368. Canyon

    Deciding on a good 17 footer

    ^^ Boat budgets are known to be dynamic.
  369. Canyon

    Deciding on a good 17 footer

    This is probably the most capable 17 you'll find, anywhere:
  370. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    ^^ Great update. Sylvester is a master of these small boats. Is he going to finish the project for you?
  371. Canyon

    17' Anderson Greenough

    Looks like this is back for sale:
  372. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    There are a couple of Greenoughs for sale right now in the SB area. Not mine, just passing the info along.
  373. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Too much talk... What's the status of your build?
  374. Canyon

    Rebuilding a crummy 15 foot 70's tri hull for the NW Pacific

    Killer job! Those forward leaning windows make it the meanest looking 15'er on the water.
  375. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Don't forget about the Goleta hoist. That may be your only bet if you are looking to avoid the full trip from SB.
  376. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Someone in the Radon family may hold a copyright to "Radon Team", you may want to double check before slapping that on your boat. Not sure those 15's made for the rivers have enough freeboard to pull it off regardless.
  377. Canyon

    WTB small surf vessel

    I'm fairly certain that the G17 SBSURFER has pictures of has sold. Interestingly enough, of the original picture posted in the top of this thread, the boat in the back right is currently for sale:
  378. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Have you considered going with no seat?
  379. Canyon

    WTB small surf vessel BUT, With your budget and usage, I'd hold off and wait for a HPS to pop up. Those little boats are amazing for a 15'er.
  380. Canyon

    Anderson Greenough 16' ?

    ^^Sea trial? Photos?
  381. Canyon

    Anderson Greenough 16' ?

    Pretty sure that is a 17, just measured incorrectly.
  382. Canyon

    Custom Boats

    Wow, looks great.
  383. Canyon

    Radon for Sale

    Sweet boat.
  384. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    Great progress. You scored with the Ando tear off. One thing you might consider: take off the seat all together. Look at all the deck space it takes up. You might be able to get by with a lighter weight removable cooler seat, positioned in front of the center helm, with a couple of tie downs...
  385. Canyon

    Custom Boats

    Great looking boats. Post a few pictures of your 18' and 22' when you get a chance.
  386. Canyon

    Radon 15 Rebuild

    If you get lazy, or just tired of working on it....there is always this option. Good luck with your build. Looks like a fun project. What are you going to power it with?
  387. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Greenough's come in many forms...the older, generally the funkier.
  388. Canyon

    New Build: Custom Greenough 21 by Anderson Boats

    That 21 really turned out great. Nice work to the men at Anderson Custom Boats.
  389. Canyon

    Want to buy Radon, Anderson, Wilson, Parker
  390. Canyon

    WTB-15 hobie skiff, 15-17 triumph, or 15 radon Radoncraft Bahia, excellent deal:
  391. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Attention all Greenough 17 seekers: (not mine)
  392. Canyon

    WTB Center Console 17-18 Ft
  393. Canyon

    Another Radon?

    Nice work!
  394. Canyon

    Want to buy Radon, Anderson, Wilson, Parker

    Link deleted, appears to be sold.
  395. Canyon

    16' Radon rebuild and stretching

    Epic thread, I can't believe it took me so long to find. Some great looking little boats in the thread.
  396. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    A little CL'ing over the weekend brought up this: If you are in PacNW, it might be worth looking into if you NEED a Greenough. Not my boat, so, not sure how motivated the seller is.
  397. Canyon

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Ron's Greenough turned out stellar. It seems much bigger in person, and that new Yami 70 outboard is nearly silent at idle. Amazing boat and build. Ed & Bill nailed this one.