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    For Sale 24' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    Please disregard my message I messed up had the wrong thread!
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    For Sale 24' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    Is your Skippy still for sale I never got a call from you. Probably my fault didn't hear the phone ring bad ears. If you still have it where can I look at it. Will bring cash!!
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    SOLD you snooze you lose suckerrrrrr

    Where can the hull be looked at?
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    SOLD you snooze you lose suckerrrrrr

    What was the power on this rig?
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    For Sale Fujinon Stabi Binos (14x40)

    Hello I sent you a text at around 8:00 AM this morning I will give you the $850 you said you would accept from another BD member. Are the binos sold? Thank you.
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    SOLD 17' Gregor w/ 40HP Evinrude ETEC

    Where are you located? VERY INTERESTED!
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    For Sale "Project" 1980 Skipjack Sport Cruiser

    Sure wish you were closer to San Diego! Elkton to San Diego is about 1200 miles round trip. Thanks for the reply.
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    For Sale 1986 24’ skipjack 10,500

    Thanks for the come back life got a little complex will have to check out your boat after the weekend.
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    For Sale Skipjack 24 Flybridge w/ Diesel Power - $16K

    I'm here in San Diego got three (3) boats to many I think I need yours.Like to talk to you and see the rig. Tomorrow afternoon would be good for me, Let me know if we can get together'
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    SOLD UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    Hi Jordan I got a PM from you but there was no contact information I am new at this I am still interested in a spool of the 130 how do we get the sale done? Thanks.
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    For Sale Furuno Electronics

    Hi Frank I live here in Bay Park and would love to buy GP-7000 I am working to day but could pick it up after 6:00PM if that's OK with you.
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    SOLD UPDATED Seaguar premier, blue label,threadlock,maxcuatro

    I would like to buy one (1) spool of your SEAGUAR 130lb braid. how do we get this done? Thanks
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    Cory update Thursday

    Cory always loved your La Salina reports prayers for a fast recovery and long fishing life.
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    For Sale Furuno display and airmar ducer

    The outfit looks great how old is it? I live in San Diego how much would shipping cost? Very interested. Thanks
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    SOLD Furuno fcv 582l bottom finder

    Hey Steve I'm headed up your way to day if you still have it let me know. Chris Phone# 1-619-895-4181. TXS
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    For Sale 1986 24’ skipjack 10,500

    Would love to take a look at Hanna what would be a good time for you. Thanks my # 1-619-895-4181 (Chris)
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    SOLD 22’ Livesay price drop 7000

    Hi Tim didn't get your message don't know why try 1-619-895-4181. Thanks
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    SOLD 22’ Livesay price drop 7000

    I would really like to take a look at your Livesay I start work this coming Monday and will be tied up until the middle of July. If you have the time maybe this Saturday or Sunday? Here is my phone number 1-619-858-4181. Thanks Chris
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    SOLD All these heads, tails, swivels, grubs

    If you still have the stuff I'll take it I live in Bay Park let me know were to meet. Thanks
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    SOLD 22’ Livesay price drop 7000

    Mark built a great boat fished a 20ft Livesay for years bought it new in 73. Flat bottom some times wet but a great boat! Is yours still on the market? Thanks
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    Ed's Jigs.........some will say they catch rockfish.

    Just put a post on your other site. I live in San Diego and would love to meet you to purchase the WONDERFUL EDS' JIGS. If you need some lead I have some. Thanks Chris
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    Castros Fishing Place

    Just got back from a trip to Castro's left Sunday back home Wednesday. Man is Baja green all the weather we have been having has been not so good for fishing but it has been great for Baja. To the point had huge surf and wind fishing so so. The good news is that Fernando has NEW or rebuilt...
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    Furuno 582l

    Hey Cory did you get my e-mails let me know how you want to get this deal done. Thanks Chris (let me know on my hotmail address)
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    Furuno 582l

    Do you still have the meter?
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    Suprize at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada

    Coming home from my place at Castro's Camp last night Sunday the 8th ran into the heaviest traffic I have ever seen south of Ensenada. Been traveling in Baja for 50 plus years this was the worst. It took two hours to go from just South of Madenero to the Hotel Coral where I called Uncle and...
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    Trinidad TN30 Gold FS/FT

    Where are you located?
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    4 BFG Rugged Trail p265/70r16 like new

    These tires were sold awhile ago this post should be removed.
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    20ft Hydra Sports CC

    Whats the asking price?
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    Drive from Bahia Asuncion to Punta Abreojos Question...

    Check out Hotel La Bocana it is a bed and breakfast run buy Les& Blanca Heil. Its a great house up on the hill north of town. They are great and Les cooks you a breakfast. They have a refrigerator for your use and a kitchen.
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    4 BFG Rugged Trail p265/70r16 like new

    Do you still have them and would you take $450. Thanks
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    FS: TN 30 with clicking anti reverse upgrade

    Do you still have the reel?
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    6/0 Penn (sold)

    Where are you located?
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    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P -Price reduced

    Didn't hear from you and my Son found a unit like yours in a shop going out of business in Costa Mesa picked it up Saturday. Sorry we couldn't get together. If the price was right I would consider yours to work with and the one I now have as a back up. Once again Sorry we didn't hook up. Lost at...
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    2 New Kill Bags Available

    Sorry did not see your come buy now post. I am on my way. About 30 minutes away.
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    2 New Kill Bags Available

    I will buy one let me know where we can meet and when.
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    Miller Tig Welder Dialarc HF-P -Price reduced

    Do you still have the unit? If so I am interested.
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    2 New Kill Bags Available

    Like to buy one where are you located? I am in Bay Park.
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    2015 Hobie Pro Angler 14'

    Sorry I looked closer and found it bottom left of picture.
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    Hey Manny still waiting for your call Chris.
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    I'm interested I get off work at 11:30 today. I am working at the San Diego Convention Center so I'm close. If you still have it and its as good as you say I'll buy it. My phone number is 619-895-4181. Thanks Chris
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    2003 Shamrock 246WA For Sale - SOLD.

    Sorry found it on the corner of the photo.
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    2003 Shamrock 246WA For Sale - SOLD.

    What is your asking price??
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    Heading to The Ranch

    Hey Rat great advice sitting here waiting for the weather to make up its mind just ain't fun. There was finally some road work about 25 miles above La Paz the road down is getting better and better unfortunately if and or when this thing comes on shore there will be lots of road work.
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    Heading to The Ranch

    Sitting at Hotel Los Barrilles waiting for Friday morning to flee or stay.
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    Heading to The Ranch

    Crap not El Rosario Santa Rosalia one to many last night.
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    Heading to The Ranch

    Whoops hit the wrong key should not have tried to write this with out my glasses on. The road conditions are are good to great no road work except in Ensenada. Spent Monday night in Vizcion. Ran into La Bocana to Less and Blanca's Hotel La Bocana Hotel dropped off some school supplies for the...
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    Heading to The Ranch

    Heading to the Ranch for the Lets Talk Hook Up tournament left Sunday afternoon after checking NOAA hurricane pictures. I knew about Andres but was suprized to see a second disturbance called Blanca which now is predicted to be a pretty good blow aimed at the Cape. I rechecked my calender to...
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    What a change!

    GREAT what a wonderful catch. Maybe my timing is right this year heading to the Ranch today will be fishing the LETS TALK HOOK UP tournament next Sunday will post results. Are we there yet?
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    FANTASTIC!!! only problem is the kids will be disappointed with every other fishing trip, they hit the top with you and they will expect you to do it again. FANTASTIC!!!!
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    18ft commercial lobster skiff 2010 yamaha f115 $7500

    Hey Leo I figured if I got the woodward we both would last as long as each other. I always wanted a woodward when I was a bit younger and fishing off the beach at Shelter Island in the early 60's I looked at these cool skiffs with the Johnson 35 Sea Horse engines and the cool guys in hip boots...
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    18ft commercial lobster skiff 2010 yamaha f115 $7500

    HI my name is Chris and I am interested in looking at your skiff. I had a Culberson 18 for quite a few years and my old diving buddy Vern Fleet had a Woodward. I'll see if my friend Bob Stringari can come along. I had one of his skiffs for 15years. My e-mail is [email protected] If you still...
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    Mexican Immigration stop!! 3/4/15

    Got stopped yesterday about 2:30 PM heading home from Castros' Camp. The Mexican Immigration folks had a roadside stop South of Maneadero where the Army used to have their check point and the Federal Police still have theirs. Its by the Water Park and Camp ground. They were very professional and...
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    1994 Blackman Express 20 ft

    Gypsy and my wife are out shopping for beads and stuff me stuck in San Francisco unable to buy your boat. Once again in my life a dollar short and and 5 days late. Happy for your sale unhappy for me.
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    1994 Blackman Express 20 ft

    Hi Craig my friend Billy-O and Gipsy have a place in Chivato and I played a game of desert golf on your course. VERY INTERESTING!!!! I am out of town (SAN DIEGO) until the 23rd if you still have the boat I would be very interested in looking at it.
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    Shimano Trinidad Gold 16 Completely Redone

    Hi Jeff interested in your reel good price call me and let me know where we can meet. I live in Bay Park and am available tomorrow. Ph. 619-895-4181. Thanks
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    16.5' 1973 Starcraft Super Sport Aluminum Hull

    Hi is the boat still for sale? If it is give me a call I would really like to look at it. My #619-895-4181 Thanks
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    Boat Recommendations for Los Barriles??

    Check out Awesome Sport Fishing fished the Lets Talk Hook Up fun tournament placed 2nd great boat great crew. Contact Theresa Comber Bajas Awesome Sportfishing | East Cape Baja, Mexico. JenWren is great but if there booked try Awesome you won't be disappointed.
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    October La Paz or Los Bariles?

    Just got back from the EAST CAPE and the Lets Talk Hook Up fun tournament at Rancho Leonero. If you want fishing and night life La Paz. If you want seclusion and the beach 100 ft. from your dinning table with no one on it The Ranch would be my choice. Either way you can't loose. The Ranch has...
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    Baja Snow

    Sorry Rex I got excited and went to the site I usually look at for Baja info. The SNOW was so novel to me I thought it would interest others. My friend Jimmy Edwards fished in the channel behind the camp for caught nothing.
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    Baja Snow

    Just got home from the Mexicali valley from the last days of hunting season Dove and Duck. Before leaving the camp for home (SAN DIEGO) was told by the owner of the camp that La Rumarosa was closed do to heavy snow fall. So my buddy and I headed south to the Valle Trinadad High Way 3 and crossed...
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    Stringari 18, with custom Radon Pilot house

    I'll call you tomorrow Jim thanks.
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    Stringari 18, with custom Radon Pilot house

    Hey Jim got your PM but my computer blocked it. I could not get the thread to open please try again and I'll have my daughter help me unblock it. Me not so good with with these computer things. Thanks Chris
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    Stringari 18, with custom Radon Pilot house

    Do you still have the Stringari? I had an 85 for 12 years and loved the boat just wondering about the deck and fuel tank. Would love to see the boat and pay for a sea trial. Thanks the boat looks great. Chris
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    15' Flatbed trailer

    Hi Rich I have a buddy who is looking for a flat bed its 5:45 AM and I have to get to work I'll call him and let him know about your trailer. Chris
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    Mexican Visa News Released

    So if I want to go fishing at Castro's where I own a house and support the local economy I must get a fishing visa at the border. The cost of which is determined by the length of time I fish or the length of time I will be in country. I have a Visa already for travel in Baja but will need...
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    La Bocana and Hotel La Bocana

    This is a picture of the front of Les and Blanca's Hotel La Bocana. This is Joaquin the chef who prepared the following: Breaded Scallops and the hand on the plate is Clint Dunn's. To show perspective of the size of the scallops. My cousin, Hector Lopez, and beautiful lobsters...
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    La Bocana and Hotel La Bocana

    My daughter is here and she is going to help me get the pictures posted. Chris
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    La Bocana and Hotel La Bocana

    Thanks for getting the info Shari Les and Blanca took care of it for us so I don't know how much the filleting cost. We took down some dog food for REX and they took care of the filleting cost.
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    La Bocana and Hotel La Bocana

    Sorry for the late post will try and get photos up on next post. Four of us left San Diego on Tuesday the 9th of August got free 7day visa at TJ and cleared the boarder at 5:30 am. Arrived at Gruerro Negro 4:30 pm. Got our rooms and great dinner at the Malirimo Hotel and restaurant.Road...
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    Tony Reyes Trip - May 1-6, 2011

    Hey Scott great post say Hi to Dave our room mate. Glad you guys choose to spend the night in San Felipe. To Mike the Cabrilla, Grouper was 28# on the boat scale. I know the fish looks small but Paul is 6' 3'' and 285 to some where north of that number.
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    what is it?

    I see your picture and it looks like an angle shark.
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    K&M Offshore Sportfishing, San Quintin,REPORT

    Hi Kelly I am very interested in a Sac reef run I have a house in Castros Camp and reds and lings I'm used to but a little different water would be a great trip. Cost for a run to Sac reef approx, do you provide lunch or do we? Can your boat handle four large guys? Thanks