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  1. skipjack

    Engine electrical help."05" 250 e -tec

    Another thought is the neutral safety switch,maybe unplugged? Did you try moving the gear shifter?
  2. skipjack

    Engine electrical help."05" 250 e -tec

    Unplug the ignition switch and check for power,ground,and use an ohm meter to test the starter wires. Too bad your so far away,I would help if you were closer. (Retired Toyota Master Diagnostic Tech)
  3. skipjack

    For Sale 2004 Triple axle Trailer only

    Nice trailer,less than half the price of a new one.
  4. skipjack


    Was that on Scotty’s boat?
  5. skipjack

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    The video doesn’t work for me,does anyone have the YouTube link?
  6. skipjack

    For Sale 2000 Davis Rock Harbor 25 ft long cabin

    This already sold to Sam in San Luis Obispo county.
  7. skipjack

    WTB- Santa Maria style BBQ

    It’s a oak wood pit BBQ.
  8. skipjack

    Normal amount of corrosion between heads and intake manifold?

    It mainly looks like gasket material,normal corrosion. I would scrape it off with a razor blade,then lightly use a sanding block to finish. Clean with brake clean or carb cleaner.
  9. skipjack

    TRADE PCH Rod Swap

    I have a PCH-C-741xxxxh,same thing,couple of boat rides. Im willing to trade.
  10. skipjack

    How do I get my ID name changed?

    You have to fill out the name change form and submit it for review.
  11. skipjack

    For Sale SOLD Furuno 1622 Radar Display and Dome

    I have a brand new cable for$50
  12. skipjack

    Installing new shift cable-skipjack 24 Volvo penta

    A very easy way to install a Volvo Penta shift cable. Find a approximately 1/4” plastic tube 6-8’ long. You can push this tube into the hole for the shift cable from the outside the boat (into the O/D) easily. Now get inside the boat and push the threads of the shift cable into the hollow...
  13. skipjack

    Charkbait customer service

    JK47,I called today (Thursday) and that’s how I found out it’s still at the shop.
  14. skipjack

    Charkbait customer service

    I wish I had the same experience with charkbait. It took 8 days to receive my last order.(fishing line in stock,two months ago). I ordered some in stock line Saturday,they will ship it tomorrow (Friday),I guess another 8-10 days to receive,and I’m in Santa Barbara county. I used to get stuff...
  15. skipjack

    Trailer axel Santa Barbara

    You can order them from Pacific trailers. measure your old one,they can make one the same size.
  16. skipjack

    ETEC 300

    Wow,Evinrude quits making boat motors,That’s crazy! I wonder what’s going to happen on the parts situation.
  17. skipjack

    Pacific Halibut in Eureka and Trinidad

    Nice video and fish! I’ve caught a few up there,plus some Petrale sole on the same rigs. Thanks for the video!
  18. skipjack

    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    Everyone should call that phone number and voice their concerns,this is ridiculous. I just called and left my message.
  19. skipjack

    United Healthcare Pop Up

    One time is fine,2 more times is a pain.
  20. skipjack

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Don’t be a pussy,just do it,go catch some fish.
  21. skipjack

    Monterey bay boat launch injustice

    But they allowed golf courses. You need a rally to get attention to this BS. Newsom is over reacting,make phone calls,demand an answer. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  22. skipjack

    For Sale Skipjack 20/24 parts

    Those EZ-Steer units are nice for great kicker steering control.
  23. skipjack

    Best Day Ever...

    I took my son fishing years ago just like you are. He ended up getting a degree in marine fisheries, now he works for NOAA
  24. skipjack

    WTB Bait-O-Matic Lure

    I have a bunch,pm me if you still need some.
  25. skipjack

    SOLD Okuma pch xxh

    Would you want to trade a Okuma PCH 741 c xxxxh rail rod, in same condition? (One boat ride)
  26. skipjack


    Another Covid19 case, just when the numbers started going down.
  27. skipjack

    Question on Wave height and Period vs comfort.

    Any swells 3’ and larger,I like it to be at least 12 seconds apart.
  28. skipjack

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Welcome to communism. Thanks Newsome.(not)
  29. skipjack

    Stumped w/electrical issue. Help!

    First of all,I believe you need to research how to properly use a volt/ohm meter.
  30. skipjack

    8 LB, deep drop mold

    A buddy and I made a few using 12 ounce beer cans and a few with smaller Red Bull cans. The smaller cans were 8 lbs,the 12 ounce cans were 10 lbs. just completely remove the top of the cans,fill with lead,and stick a stainless (welding wire) eyelet in it. When cooled,remove the aluminum can with...
  31. skipjack

    Yamaha F80 Water In Oil (Mystery)

    It just runs too cool.
  32. skipjack

    Yamaha F80 Water In Oil (Mystery)

    I’ve seen this before. It was caused by your old thermostat. What happens it gets stuck open,causing the engine to run too cool,causing condensation in the crankcase.
  33. skipjack

    NYC reopens waterways

    Awesome,and they were affected way worse than us. Hopefully we are opened back up soon.
  34. skipjack

    Morro Bay Halibut info

    The ramp is closed unless you are commercially licensed,good luck if you are.
  35. skipjack

    Swordfish Caught on Sportboat

    Because they are the king,the toughest fish out there.
  36. skipjack

    For Sale gone no more ceya

    Any pictures? (beside the odometer) what’s the blue book value?
  37. skipjack

    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    I second “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood “ Brad Pitt was awesome in it.
  38. skipjack

    just a distraction

    With Port San Luis and Morro Bay closed,I hope Santa Barbara Harbor stays open.
  39. skipjack

    just a distraction

    That looks like Santa Barbara harbor Joe. Am I wrong?
  40. skipjack

    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    Second the Tundra. You can’t go wrong with Toyota. My 5.7L engine has 381 hp,towing package has 4.30 rear end gears. Rated for 10,200 lbs towing. My boat and trailer weigh 8,000 lb,it tows with ease.
  41. skipjack

    Goodbye LOLA

    Chocolate labs are the best! I miss my boy.
  42. skipjack

    For Sale Oak Long Range Tackle box $150

    I’ll give you $22 and pick it up.
  43. skipjack

    Downrigger Upgrade

    If you fish deep with spectra and a 15-20 lb weight,the Scotty spools will break. Reel Steel sport fishing out of Humboldt Bay has a set of Magnum Metalz.
  44. skipjack

    What Rod for a Lexa HD 400 HS-P?

    Perfect on the Phenix Black Diamond 809H,or 809HXF. A real light weight,powerful set-up.
  45. skipjack

    Skipjack 20 Mod V vs. Deep V

    20’ Skipjacks ride very good for a 20’ boat,you won’t be disappointed.
  46. skipjack

    Klamath CC Redo

    Doesn’t that remove the anodizing of the aluminum?
  47. skipjack

    Okuma Pchxxxxh on amazon

    I just ordered one. Now the price is $179,but still a bargain.
  48. skipjack

    (El Sueno) Offshore Looking to add to my call list!

    Very good Doug,lol! You could add,don’t take any of the captains tackle home,it’s not included.
  49. skipjack

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Congrats on catching Elvis! I’ve got 2 try’s in with being short bit once.
  50. skipjack

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    Great job finding the leak!
  51. skipjack

    Found goop on spark plug threads during replacement

    It looks like the spark plug wasn’t properly tightened. The gasket doesn’t look crushed like it should. As long as you tightened the new one,I wouldn’t worry about it.
  52. skipjack

    Lobster hunting in the rain ???

    I second the rough weather. Bigger swells get them crawling.
  53. skipjack

    2019 20th After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Results

    It looks like a lot of fun,congrats to the winners,great job putting it on.
  54. skipjack

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Buy what you want and be sure to test drive it first.
  55. skipjack

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Bunch of haters posting,my 2320 inboard rides better than my 24’ skipjack. And stay away from the semi vee 25’ Parker,and the wine and cheese Aquasports.
  56. skipjack

    Old Glory Hole

    This reminds me of a tuna trip my son and I took in the early 90’s. Our boat left early,but I noticed all the others passing us up. I asked the deckhand why are we so much slower than the other boats. He said one main engine was broken,we were running only on one engine,they were going to...
  57. skipjack

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    They call them tippy skippys for a reason. 8’6” beam vs 8’ beam. A fast boat vs a slow boat,take your pick. Diesel engine repairs are very expensive.I’ll pass.
  58. skipjack

    Broadbills Exist

    Great job on catching Elvis!
  59. skipjack

    SOLD Calcutta 7ft gaff

    What a bargain, I would buy it if you were closer.
  60. skipjack

    For Sale Daiwa Lexa WN400 HS-P

    Nice reel,casts a mile. I really like mine,good luck with sale.
  61. skipjack

    For Sale New VOLVO Penta Duo emergency props!

    They appear to be for Volvo penta DPS outdrives. 1996-2004?. The O/D is gray - silver in color. Bump for a good seller!
  62. skipjack

    Scotty Receptacle Wiring

    Just push the bare wires in.(twist first) There’s a Phillips screw to tighten for each wire on the side.
  63. skipjack

    Fuel lines from tank to fuel pump to Carb.......hard line or hose?

    You should have a metal line from the fuel pump to the carburetor. Buy a tubing bender,it’s easy. Safety first!
  64. skipjack

    ID on Clear Popper?

    What popper?
  65. skipjack

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    Great job! We gave it a try,had a few bites,but nothing stuck.
  66. skipjack

    WtB: Avet HX 4.2 right hand. has them on sale for $199
  67. skipjack

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 4/02, US FREE SHIPPING

    Free,and free shipping,I’ll take it. Thanks a bunch.
  68. skipjack

    FREE Intel on stolen engine!

    I had a 2004 15 hp Mercury 4 stroke. It weighed 129 lbs,the same weight as a 9.9 hp. I bolted it to the kicker bracket after one trip when the screw holddowns loosened up. These things (129 lbs) move around a lot with our freeways in poor condition. (Crew member told me while he was following...
  69. skipjack

    FREE Intel on stolen engine!

    Were the lines cut clean,or did they snap off?
  70. skipjack

    FREE Intel on stolen engine!

    Or it bounced off on the freeway.
  71. skipjack

    KFBK Bob Simms Outdoor Show Large Albacore

    There’s a group of 50 boats heading up there,thanks for the info.
  72. skipjack

    SOLD Enchilada Azul $1,500

    Must great enchiladas for $1,500.
  73. skipjack

    Daiwa lexa 400 HD question

    I have 2 WN400’s 7.1 ,they cast a mile! I like the 7.1 ratio. I also have 2 Komodo’s,463 and a 471. Love them all.
  74. skipjack

    Komodo SS

    I would buy at least two. I have a Tranx 500HG and might have to buy another,unless Okuma makes a 563,571 Komodo. Listen to what the customer wants!
  75. skipjack

    SOLD please delete thank you

    Are these for bird watching?
  76. skipjack

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    I kinda feel sorry for you. The previous owner must have known about the fuel smell/tank problem as well as the bellows leaking. Volvo has a prop puller for that prop. It’s a round tube that’s got slots cut on the end,that fit into the exhaust holes on the prop. Push it in,then turn to hook the...
  77. skipjack

    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    There’s something in the carbs,clean them again. Push a fine wire threw all the carb jets. It’s running too lean,when you push the key in,your making the fuel mixture richer,making up for the lean run condition.
  78. skipjack

    Volvo Penta Duo Prop Leak

    The gimbal bearing is the part the drive shaft slides into. (Inside the bellow boot with the grease mess) Just put your fingers inside and turn it. This is the DP-S / SX design.
  79. skipjack

    SOLD BNIB Penn Silver 12VI $280

    What’s the gear ratio?
  80. skipjack

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    A buddy just bought the newer model 463P (improved handle). The new handle is sweet, with 2 different mounting holes. Normal hole and a power hole (longer). Also,they eliminated the counter weight on the handle. If I needed another handle,I would buy one of these.
  81. skipjack

    WTB Wanted a used Parker 2530

    The 2530 has a 9.5’ beam making it more stable than the 8.5’ beam Davis. I’ve fished a 2520 with the 9.5’ beam many times. I’ve also fished on Davis boats. I would take the 9.5’ 2530 because it doesn’t rock near as much while drifting or anchored Compaired to any 8.5’ beam boat. It will...
  82. skipjack

    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    I don’t think it will work idling. O2 sensors need to be warmed up. Current cars use heated oxygen sensors. Older fuel injected cars didn’t use heated O2 sensors. Non heated O2 sensors will cool off while idling and not work properly. (These cars you need to run at about 2,500 rpm’s to warm the...
  83. skipjack

    Trailer issue

    Judging by what happened, the 7 leaf springs might be the best solution,up grade. I would buy the springs from Pacific Trailers,(don’t shop for cheaper priced,unknown quality). I have a set from them currently without any problems. They are easy to replace,good luck.
  84. skipjack

    SOLD shimano saragosa 25000 - price lowered

    I have the same rod. It’s plenty stiff,and casts poppers great! The stiffness helps picking up the slack line just after casting. I haven’t hooked anything on it yet,but it’s surely up to the task. Good luck with the sale.
  85. skipjack

    WTB Looking for rod to pair with Lexa 400 HD

    Black Diamond 809H is nice with a Lexa 400 or Komodo 471.
  86. skipjack

    New lo an dodo

    Looks good Bill Clinton!
  87. skipjack

    Bait Tank as Fish Hold?

    I use mine also. The salmon bleed out good in the water. Then we gut and gill,then place them back in the tank.
  88. skipjack

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    What’s next,a GoFundMe account for the Ranger 85 captain?
  89. skipjack

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    Maybe now you have to sign a release of liability form before boarding.
  90. skipjack

    Charger question

    I wouldn’t do it. I’ve experienced a battery blowing up,it sounds like a gun shot,acid flying everywhere,15’ in the air. This happened while it was being charged. Why do you need 4 batteries?
  91. skipjack

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    I have 3 Black Diamond 809’s. 809H,809HXF,809XHJ. I guess I’m partial to the slightly heavier rods. I’m hoping to use mine on tuna.
  92. skipjack

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    I would think that the 809 would be better if you want to throw irons and use as a live bait rod.
  93. skipjack

    old skool mentality vs...

    fishing can get very expensive.
  94. skipjack

    old skool mentality vs...

    Can you cast that hot rod 6/0 or 600H 75 yards?
  95. skipjack

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    Adjust the transducer angle and or raise higher/lower.
  96. skipjack

    Preferred retrieve on a lexa 400 ?

    7.1 without a doubt.
  97. skipjack

    SOLD Snap-On 6 point crows feet FRHM 12mm and 14mm

    I have a FRHM14 mm. What’s Snap-on charging for them now? Make an offer. Retired technician. Best tool for replacing a Toyota fuel filter. I have the 17 and 19 mm as well.
  98. skipjack

    Albacore season

    Its hard to go looking with the good salmon bite going on. Nick,do you have a video with the bait balls that the salmon are on? There were some big spots .
  99. skipjack

    Leaky compression

    Slater and plj46 nailed it. I’m a retired Master Auto Diagnostic technician.(30 year Toyota tech) I had the same exact thing happen,my Snap-on compression gauge’s shrader valve leaked. I changed the shader valve in the hose and it read properly after. This could happen to anyone,but I knew...
  100. skipjack

    Down rigger weight question

    This is for fishing reports. Next time post in the fishing chit chat board. I use 15 lb weights up here at Port San Luis. Salmon are deep right now.
  101. skipjack

    Need Help HPDI Regulator/Rectifier bad?

    I'm sure the rectifier is way cheaper and easier to change. I'm not sure about the newer 4 strokes,but on the older engines,if you turn the battery isolator switch while the engine is running,it will cause a high voltage spike,ruining the rectifier. Be sure to check the fuses for that engine first.
  102. skipjack

    Anyone use the Komodo 463 SS for bft?

    Come on Okuma,we NEED Komodo ss 563 and 571 size reels made. You can do it!
  103. skipjack

    SOLD BNIB Lexa WN 400HS-P

    Awesome casting little reel that holds 300 yards of 50 lb spectra. Max drag 22 lbs. I have 2 of them. Good luck with sale,bargain price too.
  104. skipjack

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    I bet the batteries weigh 5,000 lbs. The high voltage battery for a Prius weighs around 70 lbs.
  105. skipjack

    Albacore season

    My boat out of Port San Luis or Morro Bay within the next 2 weeks.
  106. skipjack

    Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    Not so good of a report,next time add the details and pictures.
  107. skipjack

    Line to line knot vs. Swivel for mono to flouro connection

    Next time post in the Chit Chat or tackle section. This section is for reports!
  108. skipjack

    Best 2-Speed Lever Drag

    Penn 16 vsx
  109. skipjack

    SOLD Fish sticks

    Bargains,I wish I lived close to you.
  110. skipjack

    SOLD Honda 3000 Generator Price Drop.

    You might want to save it for when PG&E cuts your power off this summer when it gets windy. Generators maybe hard to find at that time.
  111. skipjack

    stun gun for halibut

    Never drop a live halibut on the deck. Not unless you want a jumping fish flying around bruising the meat. Gaff the legal halibut,break some gills to bleed, and then put into the ice chest upside down (white side up) with ice on top.
  112. skipjack

    Reel for grinding balls

    I use a Tiagra 12,filed half way with 50 spectra (500 yards). Only filled half way kinda changes the gear ratio. I also have a Tiburon power handle on it. It cranks in a 3 lber easy,been using it for at least 6 years,it's never been opened up. I'm almost 65,not as young as most of you.
  113. skipjack

    Constant request for “My Location”

    It's pretty annoying. BD big brother tracking our every move.
  114. skipjack

    MDR Halibut Derby - A White Seabass wins it for the First Time

    WSB wins a halibut derby? Sounds fishy,or smells like
  115. skipjack

    Anyone have issues with their tern?

    Have you used it after the latest repairs?
  116. skipjack

    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    My buddy used to own a battery shop. He said he had more warranty problems with Optima batteries than any other brand. "Optimus are great for airplanes because they don't leak,but nothing else."
  117. skipjack

    Older Grady’s white

    Congrats on the new to you rig. Enjoy,your new fish slayer. Perfect timing,the fishing season is about to turn on! Are you going to name it?
  118. skipjack

    Older Grady’s white

    Grady Whites are good boats. OMC sea drives are no good. It would be by expensive to replace them. I would keep looking.
  119. skipjack

    2510 parker dv diesel vs. true world marine 242 diesel

    My buddy had the 25' DV with the Volvo Diesel. It got 2 mpg consistently. With the 173 gallon tank we went out as far as 90 miles. The deck space on a 25' Parker is huge even with the engine box,it even was handy to place our tackle boxes on. I liked the 9.5' beam,when drifting or anchored,it...
  120. skipjack

    Pacific Voyager 6/1 to 6/3

    Great report and pics Min!
  121. skipjack

    Phenix Braid

    I have the 50 or is it 55 lb on two Lexa 400's. I've caught bonito up to 12 lbs with it,no problems at all.
  122. skipjack

    Okuma service Dept!!!

    I called them about 6 weeks ago and was on hold for 35 minutes. When the guy finally answered the phone,he said "please hold" I said I've been holding already for 35 minutes. He said "wow, I didn't know." When you sent a reel in for repairs,your supposed to get a return number first. What a...
  123. skipjack

    Beat This Local Knowledge (Pic Heavy)

    Ali had a better looking deckhand!
  124. skipjack

    Open eye Siwash hooks-what gives?

    Those are very good salmon hooks. Most are made of stainless,great hooks,but if used they should be changed every year. The stainless hooks will have fine cracks in the bends,which are not a problem until they get rust inside over a year. They will break easy after that. Knowing that,changing...
  125. skipjack

    Poseidon sport boat review ?

    Do a search,other reports available on this boat.
  126. skipjack

    Daiwa LexaWN question

    I have 2 wn400's,no problems yet!
  127. skipjack

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Still doing it on my IPhone. WTF tracking my every move.
  128. skipjack

    For Sale Betts Deep Hole 7’ Cast Net

    They are legal north of Point Conception.
  129. skipjack

    SOLD Lexa-wn 400-hs-p Brand New! $220

    Nice reel,casts a mile. I know,I have 2 of them.
  130. skipjack

    HELP!!!!! Oil extractor hose broke off in MOTOR!!!!!!!!

    They are right,the oil pump picks up oil from the screen.
  131. skipjack

    Release Truth Seigler Star Mag Review (Don't buy one)

    Ill give you $100 for the POS.
  132. skipjack

    Constant request for “My Location”

    It's happening on my IPhone.
  133. skipjack

    Cory update Thursday

    Good news he's up and walking. The fish are getting a chance to grow before he's on the water again!
  134. skipjack

    Cory update Thursday

    Hope all goes well and your out fishing next week with a report!
  135. skipjack

    New boat Hull failure

    I would bet it's a Sea Fox. My buddy had a similar thing happen to his 19' CC.
  136. skipjack

    SOLD Lexa 300 5/11/19

    What gear ratio is it?
  137. skipjack

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    A buddy bought a "buy it now" Diawa LexaHD400 for $68 from ebay. What he got was a Lexa keychain. He sent it back and filed a complaint with ebay. Got a refund.
  138. skipjack

    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    Great video and catch Nick. Halibut and BFT videos next?
  139. skipjack

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    I saw a pic today of a BFT that was caught there today.
  140. skipjack

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Fish reported on today. 40-50 lb BFT.
  141. skipjack

    We found them!

    Awesome,great effort and nice BFT!
  142. skipjack

    Becher's report

    There were 2 of them Friday. They left Friday afternoon. They are gillnetting,my buddy boat knew one of them,he had over 1,600 lbs. It was tough staying away from the nets,but we did alright.
  143. skipjack

    Becher's report

    I heard there's 3 gillnet boats working it out there. They are 1 mile off the island. I thought these were outlawed?
  144. skipjack

    Mercruiser MPI troubleshooting tool? Diacom?

    Check out They have engine gateways that plug in and transfer the data to your nmea2000 gps/fishfinder. All engine data available.
  145. skipjack

    Becher's report

    Nice fish and report Jose. That's my favorite area to fish. We are catching salmon up at PSL,maybe we will see you up here.
  146. skipjack

    Halibut Harpoon recomendation

    I don't think it's legal in California to harpoon a halibut (fish) unless you have a commercial fishing license.
  147. skipjack

    Boat fuel tank cleaning

    Before filtering your fuel,I would take your fuel pick up tube out. Some have a fuel screen on the end. If yours does,it could be semi plugged. My pick up tube was threaded,easy to remove. Good luck.
  148. skipjack

    Custom built suspension seat?

    There is a few brands out there already. "Sueno",a member on here sells them.
  149. skipjack

    Problems at the pump

    I had a simular problem with a 24' Skipjack. The fuel pickup tube in the tank had a fine crack near the top,just below the threads. It was sucking air instead of fuel.
  150. skipjack

    For Sale Large crocks 7 OZ and 5 OZ

    They were $10 each at the Oxnard swap meet today.
  151. skipjack

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    My 2320 weighs 8,000 lbs on the trailer,with a full tank of gas (150 gal). I have a 2010 Tundra 5.7 w/towing package (10,200 lbs max.) It tows my boat great.
  152. skipjack

    WTB VMC Treble Hooks 4x

    The VMC permasteel treble hooks are awesome. The 4/0's are the same size/hooks that's on the Raplala CD 18's.
  153. skipjack

    WTB VMC Treble Hooks 4x

    I bought 50 on eBay for $30.
  154. skipjack

    Fish Id SMB

    Petrale sole,they taste excellent!
  155. skipjack

    471 Komodo pre-purchase

    That's the only difference,the newest ones come with Okuma's improved power handle. Most on ebay have the old style power handle.
  156. skipjack

    Anyone have a Kia Soul?

    I've never fished out of one.
  157. skipjack

    Some Wobbling Plugs - Deconstructed

    Nice job,I would like to see a Rapala deconstructed.
  158. skipjack

    Okuma Tesoro 12 clamp nut failure

    I would cut the studs (screws) shorter.
  159. skipjack

    Okuma Tesoro 12 clamp nut failure

    I can see the screwdriver marks on the good one,and the broken one. Don't over tighten the new one. It's not made out of aluminum.
  160. skipjack

    Caution navigating

    Customs found 225 lbs of cocaine in two boats at Port Hueneme today,maybe they missed the motherload.
  161. skipjack

    Apres-fish report

    That's the best fish cleaning assembly line I've seen! Your buddy whacked them good.
  162. skipjack

    New Phenix braided line

    I’ve used the white 55 lb line. No problems with it.
  163. skipjack

    Catalina bugs 1-7-19

    Sweet,hope you limited out. Thanks for posting.
  164. skipjack

    Noyo Harbor Fishing Options - Non Report, Sorry

    On the corner of hiway 1 by Noyo Harbor there's a Harvest Market. They sell breakfast by the pound (sausage,bacon,eggs,hash browns) in the morning. Another place if you like Mexican food,is Ricarda's Mexican restaurant. It's a tiny place,but good food. There's also a couple good Italian food...
  165. skipjack

    15lb do-it downrigger mold

    2nd in line if the deal falls thru.
  166. skipjack

    Thoughts on Skipjack FB 25s?

    Nice boats with an 8' beam. Most newer boats have an 8.5' or 9' beam.
  167. skipjack

    Lead Business

    If he doesn't,I do. I have 10 rockcod molds,1-2-3-4-5 pound sizes.
  168. skipjack

    Hunting with a Falcon

    Nice video. I have a buddy that is a falconer also. He has a breeding pair of Harris hawks,2 working hawks and 7 falcons. I've gone rabbit hunting with him and the hawks,they are amazing hunters! He uses the falcons when he works the vineyards.
  169. skipjack


    That was awesome of you for doing this! Congrats to the winners!
  170. skipjack

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    A few personal on-line web stores in the classified section. I don't mind the sinkers for sale,but I think a time limit or a limit on bumps might work.
  171. skipjack

    R U Ready?

    I'm hoping one of the Wicked Tuna boats use one.
  172. skipjack

    Noyo Harbor Fishing Options - Non Report, Sorry

    Another idea,the salmon season might be open. Fort Bragg can be awesome for large salmon (30+ lbers) One operation had crab trips,they cooked them when the boat got back to the dock. The few times I went out,I didn't favor one place over the other. Good luck!
  173. skipjack

    WTB Wanted rod holder fillet table

    I have one that mounts on 1" railing.
  174. skipjack


    It looks like the oil rigs are on high spots.
  175. skipjack

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I know Toyota and Lexus use direct injection,it's the latest system. Good article on the Etec engines,but they only mentioned carbon dioxide.
  176. skipjack

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    I read they are not allowed on lakes,no way can they run cleaner. Any engine burning oil can't compair to a 4 stroke.(emission wise)
  177. skipjack

    5.7 gsi pwtr possible overheat gremlin

    I believe you found the problem. Air entering cooling system. I replaced the same #18 and o-rings on my rig. (Not broken,maintainace)
  178. skipjack

    Membership is free

    "Money for nothing,chicks for free"
  179. skipjack

    For Sale SKB Tackle Boxes 7100 & 7200, WFO Large Reel Bag

    This is a great deal on indestructible tackle boxes. I have one and love it,strong enough to sit on.
  180. skipjack

    WTB Penn Int 30 or 50

    A buddy has both,a 30W and a 50W,$400 for both.
  181. skipjack

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    My Tundra's rated to tow up to 10,400 lbs,I don't know where you get your info.
  182. skipjack

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    My 2320 on the trailer weighs 8,000 lbs loaded with a full gas tank,150 gal. I have a 2010 5.7 Tundra w/tow package that tows my rig very easily.
  183. skipjack

    How to remove fine/ light scratches on the exterior of my Trinidad reel?

    What's with the soft scratchable surface on these reels (you can scratch them with your finger nail). I like the hard anodizing other reel manufacturers use.
  184. skipjack

    First stupid question of the year!!

    April fools?
  185. skipjack

    Another Skipjack 20

    Wow,lots of work Ross,looking good! I know of a 1979 20' Skipjack east of Paso,maybe your next one? Lol
  186. skipjack

    Questions on making squid

    They all work good. I have a buddy that's the best squid fisherman I've seen. He can slay they with any color,different shaped rigs.
  187. skipjack

    Questions on making squid

    You can catch squid during the day,we do all the time.(in season) Look for meter marks on the bottom,jig squid jigs when you find the marks.
  188. skipjack

    Bass Pro Shop - What gives?

    The 400WN is a very nice reel. (I recently bought 2) I like the handle.
  189. skipjack

    Refugio State Beach

    Halibut should be around at that time of year. Good luck!
  190. skipjack

    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    A Lexa 400 would be perfect. They have cast control,and they are very easy to cast a long ways.
  191. skipjack

    How to pick rock crab meat

    I use one of the pointed ends of a crab leg on the dungies,should work on the rock crabs.
  192. skipjack

    Online deals right now

    Charkbait has $100 off Okuma Andros 12Sii,metaloid 5nii,5ii,12ii on sale.$60-$80 off
  193. skipjack

    Reel comparison

    I just recently bought both,PerplexedAngler post is right on. The Komodo needs an upgraded handle.I put a Cortez 10 handle on it,$22.(Check the thread in the Okuma section). The Komodo feels slightly larger,and it's max drag is 30 lbs,compared to the Lexa's max 25 lbs. Also the Komodo has a...
  194. skipjack

    WTB used Volvo 302 or 351 Manifolds -Wanted

    Shocked that you would risk your engine on used exhaust manifolds. Fix it right or not at all.
  195. skipjack

    Lexa 400 hd on a Graftech

    Got a Lexa 400 on a Graftech GIS80H (30-40) I haven't caught anything except bait on it,as I just got the reel. I like the action of the rod,lots of backbone to it.
  196. skipjack

    best small reel

    Lexa 400 and Komodo 463 and 471.
  197. skipjack

    Trailer tires,bias or radials?

    Good choice. You get what you pay for.
  198. skipjack

    Favorite Saltwater Fishing Mag

    Another vote for Pacific Coast Sportfishing. It's great because it's local,southern calif fishing.
  199. skipjack

    GMG V's Traeger

    I have the Louisiana LG 900. You are going to like it. The temp setting goes up to 600. I've done steaks at 450,and get nice grill marks from the cast iron grills. Smoked pork shoulder butt roasts,turkeys,beef jerky,plus shrimp at higher temps,it does it all. Enjoy!
  200. skipjack

    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    Nice 3 week old report! Great catches. Thanks,a little earlier reporting would be great!
  201. skipjack


    Is it a 2 day event? Good luck to those fishing in it.
  202. skipjack

    BOAT OF THE DAY! 25ft Steiger Craft DV MiamiExpress SF 2018!

    I've fished on one of these. Pure badass fishing boat.
  203. skipjack

    Trailer tires,bias or radials?

    I put the new Goodyear Endurance tires on my trailer. Redesigned side walls,awesome trouble free tires so far. They are radial tires.
  204. skipjack

    Suggestions on bounce ball/ rockfish setup

    It's hard to come up with a combo set up.
  205. skipjack

    What's a hot bait?

    Are you casting the bait far away from the boat? I just bought a few Lexa's and Komodo's to help with my bait casting.
  206. skipjack

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I just got my 2nd Cortez handle from Okuma, p.n.#15000454 Grind (Dremel tool) the side closest to the retaining screw and everything lines up perfect!
  207. skipjack

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Looking at the new one,the Cortez handle may be the better choice. Got my 2nd one coming in the mail from Okuma.
  208. skipjack

    bugging in LB - help!

    Lobsters live in the rocks. Set your hoops tight to the rocks.
  209. skipjack

    Okuma Komodo

    I got a similar,but slightly shorter black/gray Cortez handle,(part number from Tunareeltroubles,15000454,$21 shipped,for my Komodo 463. It feels more natural than the original handle. Ordering another for my Komodo 471. The original screw fits the handle.(for the nut retainer)
  210. skipjack

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Thanks,but I already ordered one from Tuna Reel Troubles.
  211. skipjack

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Where can I get a Cortez 10 handle? I did a search for,but it's just an advertisement. It sucks that I can't just call them like Avet and Shimano.
  212. skipjack

    Danger boat

    I have a set of the Volvo bronze manifolds in the garage.
  213. skipjack

    Morro bay bonita??

    Picked up 12 Bonito 5 miles straight out of Port San Luis Wednesday. We were checking out a rumor of BFT in the area.
  214. skipjack

    For Sale Brand new Phenix ESW C 668MH REDUCED

    I looked it up and Phenix doesn't show pics of the guides. A pic would help.
  215. skipjack

    Tow rig ??

    My 2010 Tundra w/tow package (10,300 max towing) tows my 23' Parker great. My Parker on the trailer weighs 8,000 lbs. The Tundra has a 5.7L 381hp engine,4.30 rear end,with a 6 speed auto. I never lose speed on grades,couldn't be happier.
  216. skipjack

    Bluefin off of Santa Cruz

    Went out Friday evening looking around. Stayed the night at Bowden point,caught macs,plus almost a flying fish. Saturday went out looking 8-10 miles,didn't see or meter anything. Stopped on a few empty patties. That was it for us.
  217. skipjack

    Shitty days of fishing is better than a ticket

    My buddy got one,after the court fees,it was $1,200.
  218. skipjack

    Starter baitcaster combo?

    The Lexa 300 is pretty small,casts a mile. I know people that use them on party boats too. A little more versatile than a smaller reel.
  219. skipjack

    Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463

    I would go for the Komodo. Easy,long casts every time.
  220. skipjack

    Tundra fuel tank drain plug or ??

    It looks like a non factory tank.
  221. skipjack

    Okuma Tesoro 5s or Komodo 463

    You can customize a Lexa clamp to fit the Komodo.
  222. skipjack

    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    Nice report,at least the skipjack fight good.
  223. skipjack

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Maybe the o-ring fell out during installation of the OD. It fits in between the OD and tilt housing
  224. skipjack

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Same here,1997 5.7 Volvo dps 1.95
  225. skipjack

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    Mine is also the 1.95,we must have identical boats.
  226. skipjack

    anybody else kill their outdrive from water in the oil?

    What O/D? I have a used 2,300 hrs DPS dual prop O/D
  227. skipjack

    SOLD SKB box used 1x-Price drop

    How much are the boxes? I saw some at Bass Pro Shop for around $9.89,that would be $40+ Are they cheaper somewhere else?
  228. skipjack

    Phoenix rod warranty

    Calstar has a warranty replacement fee also.
  229. skipjack

    Best spinning rod to catch big tuna

    Check out the Phenix Megladon MPX-S 800H 8' PE 6-10 It's very stiff,great for casting poppers.
  230. skipjack

    WTB Starboard 35”x35”

    Check a restaurant supply store. They sell different sizes of cutting boards.
  231. skipjack

    My guess is this reel is junk.....

    Lots of people still use stainless wire for salmon trolling.
  232. skipjack

    For Sale Reel parts- tib, newell, pro gear, etc

    Do you have a Tiburon handle for a TLD 20? If you do,I'll take it.
  233. skipjack

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    TPS sensors have idle points inside. It's possible your idle points are not set at idle. I would check the TPS sensor with an Ohm meter. If your timing was set with the TPS not in the idle position,it's not correct.
  234. skipjack

    SeaFox Boats... Offshore capability? Comments?

    My buddy had a 19' center console,around a 2001 model. We went albacore fishing out of Port San Luis,got back in to find out we had 200 gallons of water in the bilge. The way this boat was built,the stringers ended about 4' from the front of the boat. The front of the boat where the stringers...
  235. skipjack

    Okuma metaloid two speed review

    I have a 12ii that's been great,no complaints! I would buy another one.
  236. skipjack

    2000 5.7 gsi pewter help

    I have a 97 volvopenta throttle body injection. It starts in neutral with no throttle and idles up when cold.
  237. skipjack

    Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    I have the Goodyear Endurance tires. No problems,highly recommend them.
  238. skipjack

    Salmon in July

    Awesome fish Frank, fish of a lifetime!
  239. skipjack

    HMB tuna run

    Bayside marine reported a few caught at the Pioneer sea mount.
  240. skipjack

    Looking for good new trailer tires! Anyone have a HOOKUP?

    I second the Goodyear Endurance tires,they have been great so far!
  241. skipjack

    Residential Resurfacing Technician... AKA House painter...

    Nice boat,you did a great job on it. Your hired! JK (Only If I had some work needed on the house or boat).
  242. skipjack

    Residential Resurfacing Technician... AKA House painter...

    Let's see pics of the finished product.
  243. skipjack

    Halibut report 07/02

    Nice fish,50 lb class for sure. The shrimp look like spot prawn,very good eating.
  244. skipjack

    Distributor question?

    Mismatched cap and rotor. You should always replace them as a set. I would check the ignition timing after replacing both.
  245. skipjack

    1999 Boston Whaler Montauk 90 hp E-Tec

    Best deal on a 17' whaler..a few thousand bucks spent on the railing alone.
  246. skipjack

    Garmin 741 input, please.

    I'm sure it's a great unit,but since it's discontinued,they stop servicing (repairs) them after the warranty period.
  247. skipjack

    Trolling speeds for salmon

    I've caught more fish with the bigger flashers.
  248. skipjack

    Customer service question / issue

    Either send it in or take it in. Being an retired mechanic,I've seen people order parts and supply the wrong info (description,model,generation info).
  249. skipjack

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Hamburgers,hot dogs,chicken,steak,shrimp yourself a small portable propane BBQ (I got mine at Albertsons for $20),it's easy and hot food is the ticket out there!
  250. skipjack

    Yamaha New Big Motor..... 425hp425hp.....

    952-999 pounds without engine oil,lower unit oil or!
  251. skipjack

    New prop has in/out play on shaft

    I would put the old prop back on and see how it fit.
  252. skipjack

    Outside look out of morro bay

    It's looking good,hope this wind doesn't roll it over.
  253. skipjack

    Lobster Card Reporting Deadline April 30 2018 to avoid fee

    Thanks for the reminder.
  254. skipjack

    Central CA Halibut tips

    Get ahold of some charts,look for sandy bottoms.
  255. skipjack

    SOLD Brand New OEM Volvo Penta Propeller

    What Volvo O/D does it fit?
  256. skipjack

    Saturday April 21 First Launch of the Year..

    Good luck,hope it lays down for you.
  257. skipjack

    For Sale 1986 Cabo 216 - Barn Find!

    I've heard multiple reports of dipping the front into swells,taking on gallons of water.
  258. skipjack

    How to fish the Yummy

    Spam. This is for reports only.
  259. skipjack

    Need a quick measurement of Scotty mounting bolt?

    Get a security bolt for the swivel bolt also.
  260. skipjack

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    An old friend had a SeaDrive. Lower unit shaft was frozen to the crankshaft. It didn't look pretty after cutting various holes to get it apart. I would pass on that rig.
  261. skipjack

    kill bag dimensions

    I would get a bigger one. I have the 24" x 60" and can only get 4-5 35 lb WSB in it.
  262. skipjack

    Upgrade Older Internationals?

    Spend $500 to upgrade them and you still have a $300 reel. Buy current reels,they have better resale value.
  263. skipjack

    Here's one for This Tough Crowd...

    I would check the connections for your fuse box and ground strip.(both ends)
  264. skipjack

    opinions on Metaloid 12ii

    I have a Metaloid 12ii. So far my biggest fish on it is a 55 lb WSB. No regrets on buying it,I would buy another one.
  265. skipjack

    For Sale $9500 1984 wellcraft with 200hp Suzuki (Valerie Jean)

    There's a chance that your thermostat is stuck open,causing condensation inside the crankcase. (Water in the oil,combined with a fuel smell from running cold,rich) The thermostat is easy to remove,inspect and replace.
  266. skipjack

    These risers and manifolds look ok?

    Pressure test and if good,have the gasket surfaces resurfaced by a machine shop.
  267. skipjack

    Skipjack 24 open question

    My 1979 24' open has the same factory screw down cover over the gas tank.
  268. skipjack

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    whats the towing capacity?
  269. skipjack

    Blowing fuses

    Possibly the switch is grounded or wired wrong.
  270. skipjack

    Deck boots other than Xtra Tuff

    Check out Boggs boots.
  271. skipjack

    1st Offshore Season in New Rig

    Eureka Marc has the same boat and motor. Awesome rig!
  272. skipjack

    SOLD: Penn 50 VSX

    That's a solid reel,I have one myself. Good luck with sale.
  273. skipjack

    2002 Volvo 4.3 V6 Weak Spark ? LA/LB/OC mechanic around ?

    My money's on one of the fuel pumps went bad. (Water in the fuel)
  274. skipjack

    Bored Winter Pics Goleta Pier

    The weight limit used to be 3k,have you had your rig weighed? My buddy's 21' Bayrunner weighed in at 2,700 lbs
  275. skipjack

    Bored Winter Pics Goleta Pier

    We used to tip Dave for his hard work. Rumor of Gaviota pier repairs to start soon.
  276. skipjack

    Bored Winter Pics Goleta Pier

    Nice! Does Dave still do the launch? I haven't launched there in 10+ years.
  277. skipjack

    Ventura Fire

    Lots of smoke and ash up in Santa Maria.
  278. skipjack

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    I have a Louisiana pellet grill,with the digital temp control. Thanksgiving we also had 3 turkeys,one roasted,one deep fried and one smoked at 170 degrees. The smoked turkey was hands down the best,followed by the deep fried one.
  279. skipjack

    Selling tackle

    Blue chip stamps,that was a long time ago! Lol,I remember going to the Blue Chip store as a kid. I still have most of my stuff too.
  280. skipjack

    21' Bayrunner Baja

    Nice boat Ross,I bet it gets good fuel economy.
  281. skipjack

    What rides better then a parker 2520?

    Forget 26' Stripers,worst boat going up swell,too light. Skipjacks suck going down swell.
  282. skipjack

    Catalina lobster and fish ID help

    Looks like a petrale sole. Excellent eating.
  283. skipjack

    Boat trailer parking on public streets

    Congrats on figuring out how to deal with the enforcement cops.i know of two different people who have had to deal with them.
  284. skipjack

    You want to catch Albies NOW no further...

    There hasn't been any good counts in that area. Go to Eureka and go with EurekaMarc. Not that far of a drive to get into them good.
  285. skipjack

    Eureka albies thick

    Nice Marc,hope they hang around.
  286. skipjack

    New here...

    Nice rig,welcome aboard!
  287. skipjack

    Northern Michigan Fishing this Summer

    Nice report and pics,thanks! I haven't been back to Michigan in years.
  288. skipjack

    Goat Themed Outriggers

    Too bad their the washigoogan style. How about $15
  289. skipjack

    Follow the sport boats?

    I've been reading that the Coronado Islands have been good. sometimes gives the location of where they are fishing,and you can check I've had boats following me before,and I'm not too keen on it,sorry. Good luck.
  290. skipjack

    Possible range?

    I have two similar boats that get 1.9-2.0 mpg.
  291. skipjack

    Follow the sport boats?

    Would you want someone following you?
  292. skipjack


    Check They have discounted prices,unheard of for marine parts.
  293. skipjack

    Looking for fishing/leisure boat, help...

    I would try and get the wife and girls out to make sure they don't get sea sick before finding a boat that suits needs.
  294. skipjack

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    Maybe you could drill a hole and place an inspection cover over it.
  295. skipjack

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    My Skipjack is the Open model. I removed the floor cover that was screwed down and sealed. You have to get that shut off valve off,then the pickup tube. Its threaded into a welded on the tank thread. It was 15-18" long. It maybe too long to get out without removing the tank floor cover.
  296. skipjack

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    My Skipjack had a problem on high loads. I finally pulled out the pick up tube to check the screen. Mine didn't have a screen,but looking at the tube I noticed a fine crack just below where it was soldered on. I bought the same size copper tube and soldered it to the top fitting.
  297. skipjack

    Terrafin is crap !

    They have no control over cloud cover. Temp break colors in what they guess is there. I don't care for fake info.
  298. skipjack

    want longer oil life/synthetics?

    I would look for a cheap trailer or ask buddy to borrow his.
  299. skipjack

    Which reel for poppers

    I have the Penn Spinfisher Ssv 9500. It has 375 yards of 80 spectra,plenty of line. The rod is a Phenix Megladon popping rod. I first had it on a non popping rod,and that was a mistake.(too flexible) Popping rods are very stiff,helping you take up the slack line quick after casting.
  300. skipjack

    What gear am I lacking my Parker 2320 ?

    You need a big reel or two in case if you fish the kite for the big BFT. My bigger set ups are 2 penn 16 vsx's,avet 30w,penn 50 vsx and an avet 50w. Fishing the kite,you could have 200 yards of line in the air.
  301. skipjack

    Metaloid12ii vs fathom ??ld2

    I have the metaloid 12II. It gets over 30 lbs of drag,not sure where previous poster got his info. I have 500 yards of 65 spectra on it with 40 lb fluorocarbon on top. It would handle 50 lb no problem. My best fish on it yet is a 55 lb WSB. The Penns are good,but this is a solid reel.p,I would...
  302. skipjack

    Spinfisher 6500ll vs 8500ll

    Stick with the 8500,I bought the 9500 because of the line capacity (375 yards 80 lb spectra).
  303. skipjack

    Losing bottom on my Garmin 7607 xsv using a gt51 transom ducer

    I agree with B-MAN. I would try loosening the screws on the transome and raising it up. It should be even with the bottom of the hull.
  304. skipjack

    Why Does My Tuna Look Funny?

    Your gain adjustment appears turned down. I would turn it up until you start to get a little clutter, then turn down slightly.
  305. skipjack

    1999 Parker 2520

    Nice rig!
  306. skipjack

    Found a Couple

    Good job Captain Dan!
  307. skipjack

    Anglers Journal reviews, please

    Check out Pacific Coast Sportfishing,screw the rest.
  308. skipjack

    Lower gearing available for Metaloid 12?

    The 2sp 12II is an awesome reel,buy one and you'll see.(lower gear ratio) I once had high speed single speed reels and I hated them,especially bait fishing tuna.
  309. skipjack

    Any word of albi''s yet?

    Only out of Fort Bragg. 32-37 miles out.
  310. skipjack

    What is this sea creature

    It's a pyrosome. They have been caught in northern Calif reciently.
  311. skipjack

    $2500 Fishing budget how would you spend it?

    Use it for a down payment on a new boat! Or go partners with Sueno on his boat.
  312. skipjack

    Need a carb'd 5.7 Guru

    That engine was designed to use a crank sensor. The 8" crank pulley hub that goes inside the crank seal is shorter than the 6 3/4" pulley hub. The timing indicator that fits in front of the crank timing chain gear acts as a spacer. If you don't have this on,your 8" crank pulley will go in too...
  313. skipjack


    Finance it yourself and still be the captain! Buy that motor out of state to save some money.
  314. skipjack

    Northern California Fishing

    Pacific halibut fishing out of Humbdbolt Bay.
  315. skipjack

    Monterey Salmon 7/2 & 7/3

    Great job Nick and Steve!
  316. skipjack

    SC Salmon 7/2-7/3 2017

    Nice fish Derby,the season is about to close.
  317. skipjack

    BBQ'S! Who uses gas, Charcoal, or wood pellets?

    Louisiana pellet grill. BBQ,smoke,it does it all!
  318. skipjack

    9th inning stretch

    That's a very nice fish,congrats! Persistence pays off big time.
  319. skipjack

    Sea Deck or not?

    Put a BFT on it tomorrow. Good luck!
  320. skipjack

    New Real Estate

    Nice,pimped out big time!
  321. skipjack

    New 2320 cabin door improvements.

    We want retrofit sliding doors!
  322. skipjack

    San Diego boat suggestions

    You got to do an overnight trip (24 hrs). Yellowtail,tuna and possible dorado. I would book a trip on the New LoAnn.
  323. skipjack

    AM vs PM fish trips

    Go down to San Diego and go on a 1-2.5 day trip. There's more than rockcod out there.
  324. skipjack

    Giving Away A Yeti Hopper

    Congrats Monique,a person can't have too many Yeti's!
  325. skipjack

    jigging/popping rods vs standard conventional

    A popper rod is very stiff. Not sure what your looking at. PE is spectra. PE 8 = 80 lb. PE 6 = 60lb etc.. Like Mike said,28 grams equals an ounce.(lid) lol
  326. skipjack

    Kill Bag 30x60

    Where are you located at? I'm just north of Conception.
  327. skipjack

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    Sent you a PM in my earlier post. Possible chance of bypassing the real problem with no side effects.
  328. skipjack

    25' Skipjack Fisherman prop size?

    Go see Brian at Valley Prop in Oxnard, he will get you dialed in.
  329. skipjack

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    I've experienced the same exact thing on a car. Problem was in the harness like I was saying. Disconnect all the wires off the alternator. Turn the key on. Check the voltage at the wires that are disconnected,one will be less than battery voltage. The low voltage wire has a bad connection...
  330. skipjack

    Does Tifoso post too much?

    Nice fish Lou!
  331. skipjack

    Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    Awesome,you guys have it dialed in! Good decision leaving La Paz.
  332. skipjack

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Pacific halibut at the Hitching Post in Casmalia. Cooked over oak wood,simply awesome!
  333. skipjack

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    The field wire has high resistance going to the alternator. It tells the alternator the battery voltage,having resistance in it,it's telling the alternator the batteries low on voltage. Sent you a PM
  334. skipjack

    Monterey salmon try 6-8

    Nice fish and great Report! Next time you'll bag them all.
  335. skipjack

    Albion River Campground (Northern California)

    Nice report,you can catch dungy crabs right off the boat dock.
  336. skipjack

    Reliable Kill Bag RF1836

    Is that 18" X 36" ?
  337. skipjack

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    I have a Lousianna LG900 grill. I can smoke meat at 170 degrees and cook up to 600 degrees. I like steaks cooked at 420 degrees. The better smokers have a digital controller,5 degree increments. Very happy,but you have to vacuum/clean out the ash build up in the fire box about every 5-6 time...
  338. skipjack

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Shoguns latest update report 13 YFT up to 100 lbs and still fishing.
  339. skipjack

    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    Maybe NADA doesn't include the extras.(electronics,Bait tank,accessories.)
  340. skipjack

    Sea Lion Snatches Little Girl

    Someone should have shot that f n thing!
  341. skipjack

    Just add white deck booties.......

    Is that Wils charter group?
  342. skipjack

    Parker 2320

    Nice boat,enjoy it!
  343. skipjack

    Okuma Updating the Makaira Series?

    3 speed with overdrive.
  344. skipjack

    The Fury, SCI, Saturday Wind

    Father-son trips are the best! Great report,and keep on going!
  345. skipjack

    Help with Halibut gear...

    I like to use D Dock specials and Barn Door Rigs. Check The blinking lights with the rattle seams to draw them in.
  346. skipjack

    Pacific Halibut season starts great

    Nice fish and report Marc!
  347. skipjack

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    I call them worm hotels. The bigger they are,the more worms.
  348. skipjack

    Lobster Report Cards Due April 30

    Don't forget to mail in your lobster report cards. The deadline is April 30,2017 I read you can log in to the DFW web site and report your catch,but I just mailed mine in.
  349. skipjack

    Make Your Old Ritchie Compass Look New Again

    Thanks,that's a very good tip. I have a big one with a big bubble in it.
  350. skipjack

    Braided line of choice ?

    I second the Sufix 832
  351. skipjack

    17' BW montauk re power

    A buddy has a 17' Whaler with a 90 Etec. It does 35 mph and gets 5 mpg. I not a fan of 2 strokes but it runs sweet.
  352. skipjack

    Non-diesel trucks

    I have a 2010 Tundra ,5.7 engine,w/tow package.(rated to 10,400 lbs towing) My 23'Parker weighs just over 8,000 lbs. The Tundra tows it with ease,I get 9-10 mpg towing. I previously had a Chevy 3/4 ton,350 engine. Night and day difference in power,mileage and comfort.
  353. skipjack

    Larger Handle Option on TLD25. Who is willing to pay for a larger handle?

    I think the handle arm is too short,not enough leverage.
  354. skipjack

    Poll: What new product would you most want to see from Shimano?

    I wish they would support parts for older reels.
  355. skipjack

    Dealer ground my skegs

    I would drive back and ask them about the skegs.
  356. skipjack


    Good overnight boat for sure.Glws
  357. skipjack

    Just how old are you bastards anyway ??

    My dad drank Brew 102 but smoked Tarentons (would rather fight than switch) in the 60's.
  358. skipjack

    Looking for a closed cooling system for Volvo penta 5.7

    I'm putting a San Juan Engineering system on mine. I have one on my Skipjack,never any problems.
  359. skipjack

    Fuel problem I think???

    Had a problem with my fuel pick up tube. It had a fine crack in the tube near the top,drawing air.
  360. skipjack

    2015 39 Yellowfin

    Nice,what's the top speed?
  361. skipjack

    Issue with Andros 5aii Skipping, 4th time returned to Okuma!!

    Maybe your not winding the spectra or mono on tight enough.
  362. skipjack

    Little bit of solace

    Is this the Central Valley area?
  363. skipjack

    I A C Component on Suzuki DF 175

    On cars,they can carbon up and stick. You can clean the mechanical portion of the valve with carb cleaner. All they do is allow air to by pass the throttle plate,using an electric motor connected to an adjustable air bypass.
  364. skipjack

    Flock of birds, boiling fish, What lure do you throw?

    Throw a bait,iron,plus I like a crew member to drop a sabiki rig down,to catch what they are feeding on.
  365. skipjack

    beef jerky recipes

    I use London broil (same as round steak).have the meat cutter cut into 1/4" thick strips(1/4" thick, x 1" wide x 4"-6" long) Soak over night in worcestershire sauce,Tabasco,or teriyaki sauce in the fridge.Remove the meat in the Worcestershire sauce,put on a paper towel and grind some fresh...
  366. skipjack

    Fiberglass vs Aluminum strength?

    Good advise about the insurance. How would a person get it recertified?
  367. skipjack

    Hello I'm new member.

    Thanks for posting and the pictures of your local fish. It's nice learning about fishing in different parts of the world.
  368. skipjack

    Will the Albies come

    The albies historically show up after heavy rain years that usually occur every 10 years. This might be the year.
  369. skipjack

    Daiwa Tanacum 1000s

    Pm sent
  370. skipjack

    New pup

    Awesome dog,is the mother a lab?
  371. skipjack

    What is the best way to polish Aluminum on a boat?

    Doesn't polishing remove the anodized coating?
  372. skipjack


    That's just awesome,I need my Parker deck done just like yours! I like the colors.
  373. skipjack

    Late but good fishing report from Seychelles

    It's hundreds of miles off South Africa,in the Indian Ocean.My neighbors wife is from there. Nice catch,report and pics,you are a lucky guy!
  374. skipjack

    WTB Spreader Bars

    Also check out Cool pics and a great product.
  375. skipjack

    Garmin 94sv

    West marine outlet has the 94sv on sale for $919.99. Just got the email today.
  376. skipjack

    Squid and Fin Bait catchers

    I'll take them. Sent PM
  377. skipjack

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1.Tomcod on Pismo pier 2.White sea bass 3.Pacific halibut 4.Costco king crab
  378. skipjack

    seahawks vs lions squares

    Go Lions!
  379. skipjack

    New Trailer Axles

    Check with Pacific Trailers. They have a smaller shop in the Bay Area,they are very helpful there.
  380. skipjack

    FISHING BOOKS-Great Gifts

    I'll take the thresher shark book.
  381. skipjack

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Opps,double post.
  382. skipjack

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Who won and did anyone take pics? Congrats to the winners.
  383. skipjack

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Who won and did anyone take pics? Congrats to the winners.
  384. skipjack

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    I wish they made a wide model,kinda narrow for my swim fins.(feet)
  385. skipjack

    Icom M-604

    What's the price?
  386. skipjack

    How much does this weigh?

    You can take it to a truck stop and get it weighed for $10. When I do it I disconnect the trailer from the hitch.
  387. skipjack

    Reel deal gone bad

    In a near by city a lady was caught on camera following a UPS truck and picking up the packages that had been delivered.
  388. skipjack

    Smoked Fatty Brisket That Lasts All Year

    It looks very good,thanks for the write up. I have a Louisiana smoker and haven't done a brisket yet. I've done beef jerky, pork butt roasts and other cuts.
  389. skipjack

    WFO Lobster all you wanted.......

    Nice looking dinner! Costco has New York strip on sale. Choice $5.29 lb. Prime $10.23 lb minus $25 They are about 12.5 lbs each
  390. skipjack

    Popping Rod Setup: What length butt grip do you prefer?

    I was using the lighter rod and noticed I had to crank more line to get the line tight,(rod loaded) to work the popper. A buddy had the heavier set up and could cast his further,with the same 2.5 ounce popper.
  391. skipjack

    Popping Rod Setup: What length butt grip do you prefer?

    I had a 30-60 lb rod that was too light. I exchanged it for the 30-100 lb Phenix Megladon.
  392. skipjack

    Looking for furuno 1623 radar monitor

    Sent you a PM
  393. skipjack

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Could a person (team) spend the night in the parking lot? is there over night slips avail? I'm about 5-6 hrs away and have never been there.
  394. skipjack

    17th Annual 2016 Halibut Classic.... It's ON!!

    Can some real halibut fishermen enter it?
  395. skipjack

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    My sister passed away unexpectedly so I named it after her. "Donna Marie"
  396. skipjack

    Service turn around time

    It's best to call a few times to check.
  397. skipjack

    why is there no daiwa forum like

    I sent some TLDs in and got them back 2 months later after a few phone calls. It sounds like if you take them in you get much better service. I also had a couple of high end bass reels become obsolete.
  398. skipjack

    81# BFT Morro Bay Landing

    It was on a 3/4 day rockcod trip.
  399. skipjack

    Metaloid/Andros Gear Fix

    I have a metaloid 12II that works fine,no problems.
  400. skipjack

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Champagne Red
  401. skipjack

    WFO October Tuna

    Great report! The ISC valve only controls the idle speed. Maybe the electric motor (for the ISC) was shorted.
  402. skipjack

    Sailfish 2660 WAC

    Nice rig Ben!
  403. skipjack

    Stacked some clips for my wife...

    Cool wife,you lucky guy!
  404. skipjack

    FROZEN....update Mikey has a new Johnson!!

    Good for you! Enjoy your boat.
  405. skipjack

    No more anchor

    What model was it?
  406. skipjack

    Norcal to Cat Island on Lobster Opener Qestions

    A radar and a radar reflector would be good to have at night in the high traffic area.
  407. skipjack

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Fricken googans strike again.
  408. skipjack

    Sure Would Like To Post Some Good News!

    Sorry,but had to laugh about the video. Spot on luck. Hope it gets better for you.
  409. skipjack

    FROZEN....update Mikey has a new Johnson!!

    Because the motor has been worked on,I highly recommend checking and adjusting the base timing (at idle),then NEXT check and adjust the max advance timing..all you need is a timing light and the specs for the motor. There could be other issues but these basic settings are critical. After doing...
  410. skipjack

    Fishfinder question

    I just bought one. Trying it out this afternoon and night. 9" screen,chirp and side view should be sweet!
  411. skipjack

    Okuma andros A-5IIa

    Is it the original style or the new model?
  412. skipjack

    Santa Cruz 9/3-9/5

    Nice yt and report Matt. I thought something would be happening coastal.
  413. skipjack

    Carl caught a fish today!

    Great song but BS without pics.
  414. skipjack

    Okuma Makaira Problem. Help?

    Get rid of it,it could be a lemon. I'll take it off your hands.
  415. skipjack

    Where to get Fuel Polishing Performed?

    Buy six filters and change them as needed. Don't add any fuel until almost empty.
  416. skipjack

    troubled trip

    One current report said the crew caught 50 pieces of squid at San Clemente island which they caught their BFT on. Maybe next time go back to the island and try and catch some bait.
  417. skipjack

    MADRUGADOR finally gets a cow.

    Nice catch and report. Did Carl rig your Yummie?
  418. skipjack


    Codletts for tacos.
  419. skipjack

    2510 Walkaround

    Nice boat and nice fish to break it in!
  420. skipjack

    Update on My G2 Update

    Yikes! I hope you don't have some new damage after its all back together.
  421. skipjack

    Moving from LA to San Diego Lobster season prep

    You will find them
  422. skipjack

    80# setup advice / recommendations

    I third the Calstar 770XH with a Penn 16 vsx
  423. skipjack

    ? Kite rigging a mackerel for bluefin

    Do a search on YouTube,lots of info on there.
  424. skipjack

    Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    Nice fish and report! Congrats !
  425. skipjack

    Aftco Fishing Kite $100.00...

    This is what they are using to catch the big bluefin with. If I didn't already have one I would buy it. Glws
  426. skipjack

    I hate Bluefin

    1-0 here,if I lived closer it would be much higher.(20-19) haha.
  427. skipjack

    What to get - Simrad or Garmin ?

    I would go with the Garmin.
  428. skipjack

    Aftco Fishing Kite $100.00...

    As long as I can medicate
  429. skipjack

    Aftco Fishing Kite $100.00...

    what kind of kite rod and reel does it come with? Are the Yummies BFT rigged?
  430. skipjack

    Anacapa tails 8/17

    Nice yellowtail and report!
  431. skipjack

    Update on My G2 Update

    Im glad I started following this thread. The undisclosed damage to the cowling plus it looks like they didnt flush it sucks. They sure didnt win me over. Good luck,you need it.
  432. skipjack

    FS: Stainless Jump Rings for Jigs

    Are they split rings or do they need to be soldered or welded?
  433. skipjack

    Props for Penta DPS 190?

    Go to Valley Props in Ventura,hes the best!
  434. skipjack

    What Happened?

    Congrats on hitting 1,000 posts. You can buy a kite and some rigged Yummies now!
  435. skipjack

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    My guess is you knocked the starter solenoid wire off the starter.
  436. skipjack

    Boston Big Game Fishing Kites..........

    I just ordered one from Charkbait for $49.99 I think they have a shop in San diego.
  437. skipjack

    I said it then and I'll say it Again

    That's great service. I sent some reels into Shimano's factory repair shop a few years ago. After a few months,I called them and they said they were just getting to them. They used to have a week turn around on repairs.
  438. skipjack

    Yummee Fly'n fish - Back In Stock!

    14.99 each
  439. skipjack

    Towing with Isenglass up?

    Good way to thrash it. I have in the past with bad results.
  440. skipjack

    2004 DAVIS BAHIA 25' ONLY 200 hours on NEW engine and outdrive

    Congrats Greg! Congrats to Chris,nice rig!
  441. skipjack

    How much do you think this weighs?

    Judging by your flip flop,it looks 38"-40". My estimate is 25 lbs,nice fish.
  442. skipjack

    Update on My G2 Update

    Id be pissed off.
  443. skipjack

    Towing question...

    Don't do it. Your front wheel drive Highlander is probably a 2wd unit. The hitch weight will make the rear end bottom out lifting the front end up. You will have no traction going down or up the ramp. I watched my buddies 28' Skipjack drag his 1 ton ford down the ramp with the tires skidding all...
  444. skipjack

    Anything NEW at ICAST..???

    You can have the bait casters,I'll stick with reels that I'll have a better chance of landing a fish of a lifetime. Yes,I have owned bait casters in the past and learned their limitations.
  445. skipjack

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    Do you have insurance on it? If you do file a claim. If you don't,you should consider it. It's not that much a year.
  446. skipjack

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    Time to upgrade to an offshore boat. (Parker,defiance,whaler,Davis etc) You only live once and the BFT are here now! You can do it!
  447. skipjack

    18' Precision outriggers with maximizer bases

    Would you sell the Maximizers separate?
  448. skipjack

    Thursday on the Amigo

    That was a great trip,report and pics!
  449. skipjack


    Whats the best field of vision (5x35,12x40,10x50) on a private boat?
  450. skipjack

    Gotta love owning a heavy trailerable boat.

    Your having a tough time getting your boat out! The Port San Luis Halibut Derby is this coming weekend.
  451. skipjack

    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    It seems you have zero hydraulic assist. You already replaced one end of the system (pump) so it must be the slave unit.
  452. skipjack

    Consolation prize

    Nice fish,usually you get 50% of fillets off a halibut. Bet it weighed 26 lbs.
  453. skipjack

    Battery Question

    There's a saying "if it works,dont fix it" you got great life out of your batteries,no need to switch to a different system.
  454. skipjack

    Whats the best channel for up to date fishing while out on the waters

    If I lived down there I would get Fish Dope. Don't depend on radio fish.
  455. skipjack

    what has happened to SOCALReels? - Captain Robb ?

    If the warranty sucks or takes forever why try a cheap priced reel. What kind of reel is it?
  456. skipjack

    Battery Question

    I think you might get 6-7 years out the the AGM batteries and 5 years out of the wet cell batteries. Not worth double the costs. Not unless you have money to burn or costs is no object.
  457. skipjack

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    Check out the Garmin 74sv or the 94sv. I was told Lowrance/Simrad do not have true chirp yet. The new Garmin units do have the closures on them.
  458. skipjack

    My latest capture 100 plus

    It's a fat blunt!
  459. skipjack

    Gotta love owning a heavy trailerable boat.

    Sorry to say I think you would have been better off buying plain steel lug nuts. Different metals together in saltwater create electrolysis,corrosion. Crome lug nuts are not the best either. If you get new brakes and hubs from Pacific Trailers,they usually include new lug nuts.(plain steel)
  460. skipjack

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    Take the power head (engine) off. (Usually around 8 bolts) the hard part is lifting it off. First try turning it or the shaft to the lower unit to pin point which part is frozen. If it's the engine,split the case halves apart. The side with the reed valves will come off. Take a good look at the...
  461. skipjack

    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    Did you try pushing the OD right and left from behind the boat?
  462. skipjack

    A Good Yamaha mechanic...

    i don't think the factory digital tack is a universal unit.(fits anything). All newer engines have high speed comunication,usually thru one or two wires. A twenty year old wiring harness clearly will not work. Bust out another thousand for the correct harness.
  463. skipjack

    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    Where did you disconnect the steering cables? Check for grease fittings on where the OD pivots. I'm sorry I'm not experienced with Mercruisers but we can figure it out.
  464. skipjack

    steiger craft??

    They are as good as any Parker,Davis,Radon boats.
  465. skipjack

    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    There should be another linkage arm attached to the pivot arm.
  466. skipjack

    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    Yes,I would try turning the out drive. You should be able to turn it by hand with medium force,by pushing one side of it. It's possible that the lever (pivot arm) where the cables mount is tight. There should be a grease fitting where the lever pivots,I would try greasing it. I had the same...
  467. skipjack

    The new ride

    Nice fish killing machine!
  468. skipjack

    The new ride

    Pics or BS
  469. skipjack

    I cant find the regs on this.....

    Well,you don't have to worry about it in Oregon.
  470. skipjack

    Avet LX Question

    An LX is similar to a penn jigmaster size
  471. skipjack


    Nice rig for sure! Built like a tank.
  472. skipjack

    WTS Makaira 10 SEa *Silver*

    Nice reel Hoss! A little more than I can spend. Good luck with the sale.
  473. skipjack

    OMC Chevy 307-What is this part?

    I would replace the distributor with a Prestolite electronic distributor. No more points,condenser,ballast resistor. Your boat will be more reliable eliminating the points. The new distributor comes with the cap,wires,coil and internal resistor.
  474. skipjack

    Anybody else headed out this weekend

    I'll be out there friday/Saturday.
  475. skipjack

    F/S: 15* Stainless rod holders

    That cheep,15 for $20!
  476. skipjack

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Wow,a great trip for sure! I would love to hook Elvis.
  477. skipjack

    WTB Lowrance fish finder/plotter

    Good luck,Lowrance seems to be the most resold unit around for some reason. There's plenty on here for sale.
  478. skipjack

    Introducing Sticky Business 4

    Nice boat for sure! That's a big upgrade from your Aquasport,lots more room. It seems like when we get older,the creature comforts are more important to us old farts.
  479. skipjack

    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    Take it off and take it to a parts store to match up. I would look for a Delco Remy (GM) wholesale store. I can't think of any reason an automotive part wouldn't work with no safety compromise. Beware of cheep rebuilds,good luck.
  480. skipjack

    What Are The White Markings On The Bait Ball?

    I think it's the Bottom White Line that you have turned on. The bait marks are so solid that the unit interprets as the bottom.
  481. skipjack

    Kill Bag for sale

    I'll take it. Sent you a pm
  482. skipjack

    Garmin combo units. echoMAP vrs Gpsmap

    I've been looking at the Echomap chirp 94sv . It comes with the chirp transducer with side view for $1299.99 The difference is the Echomap 94sv doesn't support the radar system. Another thing the GPSMAP doesn't come with the transducer. The GPSMAP is a faster unit with more functions and power...
  483. skipjack

    First bluefin cow

    Congrats on the whoppers!
  484. skipjack

    Quick Father/Son Venice Swordfish Report

    Great report and pics,thanks! Awesome trip.
  485. skipjack

    Shimano Forcemaster Electric Reels

    I have corporal tunnel syndrome in both wrists,I need to buy one of these.
  486. skipjack

    First Impression on Accurate Valiant 300

    I had a TLD 15 do that and it bugged the hell out of me. Send it in,I'm sure they can fix it.
  487. skipjack

    The latest from the top of CA - pac butts salmon tuna bla bla bla

    That a nice one Marc! I used to think I would have to go to Alaska to catch a Pacific halibut.
  488. skipjack

    Parker 07 2120 yam. 200

    Looks like you got it dialed in pretty good. I'm trying to get mine set up for local fishing.
  489. skipjack

    Trailer Woes

    It looks like the rest are going to break off. I would just break them off and get new rotors or hubs. You could just replace the studs,but I bet the hub is pretty crusty.
  490. skipjack

    HHelp! Need to rebuild a ZF 80a Marine Transmission

    Is that a Chevy manual transmission?
  491. skipjack

    The new ride

    Do you have a name for it yet? I named mine after my sister that passed a couple of years ago.
  492. skipjack

    2004 225 Aquasport Explorer Tournament Edition $27,500.00 (Price Reduced)

    My buddy has one just like this. Nice boat and good on gas,good luck selling it.
  493. skipjack

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    2010 2wdTundra 5.7L 381hp,400lbs of torque,with tow package,rated to 10,400 lbs towing. Tows my 2320 Parker just fine,maintains speed on grades. I get about 9 mpg towing 8,000 lbs (boat and trailer)
  494. skipjack

    The new ride

    Nice! Are you getting the deep vee or the semi deep vee?
  495. skipjack

    Carl is a dick

    That small one is a fat 18" fish. (JK)
  496. skipjack

    Deck Re-Surface

    What material is that? It looks pretty good.
  497. skipjack

    Praise for Charkbait San Diego

    Same here,I couldn't do it because it just isn't the right thing to do. Bet the problem with the reel is you over rinsed it. My Shimano's and Avets do the same if I over rinse them. I just lightly spray the outsides. And yes,I do have a Metaloid 12ii with no problems. Another thing,you fish...
  498. skipjack

    Sancha aka 1983 glastron v216 Seafury

    Congrats on the new rig,I had one 25 years ago,enjoy.
  499. skipjack

    Eureka Salmon Limits - it begins

    Nice fish and great report!
  500. skipjack

    Sancha aka 1983 glastron v216 Seafury

    He sold it a few months ago.
  501. skipjack

    PSL May 21 & 22 weekend report

    Great report and pics Nick,looking foreward to seeing the video.
  502. skipjack

    New 4 Pack in town

    Good luck,nice boat and bait tank.
  503. skipjack

    2001 5.7L VP Dual Prop Stern Drive Making Clunking Sound in Reverse

    Maybe the shift cable is out of adjustment. I would try this first.
  504. skipjack

    My "new" boat!

    Congrats on the sweet rig. Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz Islands have some awesome fishing if you like halibut,WSB,yt and rockfish.
  505. skipjack

    Saluki's alive?

    Wow,very nice! Those flesh lights must work.
  506. skipjack


    2-3 mph
  507. skipjack

    Help reading fish finder!

    Bait or fish
  508. skipjack

    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    A size 10vsx or 8vsx
  509. skipjack


    Someone on here has a Simrad system with an extended warranty. He said he's on his 7th head unit.(mostly all different reasons) That's why I'm going with Garmin.
  510. skipjack

    Attention skipjack owners-fiberglass wheelhouse

    I have a 1979 24' open,can one be modified to fit?
  511. skipjack

    Santa Cruz same day report

    Nice fish on your new boat!
  512. skipjack

    Questions for the Guys who Use *Terrafin on IPAD while on the Water

    Sweet,how much is fish dope? I've had Terrafin since it started.
  513. skipjack

    Glastron V216 SeaFuryII for sale

    Congrats on selling your rig.
  514. skipjack

    input on striper boats

    The ones I have been on feel a little light in the front.
  515. skipjack

    Questions for the Guys who Use *Terrafin on IPAD while on the Water

    I'm also interested.i already have Terrafin and an IPad,it would be nice to have all the prior days to see the temp trends.(chlorophyll also) I've been printing the latest images.
  516. skipjack

    Closed Thread

    Thanks Rick,I sure don't need to get stressed over something I order. Good luck to you and your buddy.
  517. skipjack

    just serviced my motor but it won't go passed 2000 rpm

    It could be the end of your engine. It's very Possible your rings are stuck on your Pistons,(carbon) and what happens is instead of the rings mostly only contacting your cylinder walls,they are stuck on the Pistons allowing the Pistons to drag on the cylinder walls,scoring them. This happened...
  518. skipjack

    Tuna gate

    That's off the hook! You have a talent for sure. What do you use to cut it out with?
  519. skipjack

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    I've done a v6 evenrude. The rod bearings are roller bearings without cages,make sure you don't loose any. The rod caps and rod are the outer bearing race. When you put the rod cap back on,there are no locating pins,you use a scribe to align the cap and rod.(all three sides) then torque down and...
  520. skipjack

    just serviced my motor but it won't go passed 2000 rpm

    Is there any abnormal noise at 2,000 rpms?
  521. skipjack

    Engine Won't Start

    I would check if you have power at the fuel pump while cranking. If you have power there,try tapping on the pump.If no power,check the fuel pump relay. I hope you have checked all the fuses,even if you have,I would recheck them. It maybe just a blown fuse.
  522. skipjack

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    That was awesome! Great job on kicking Elvis's ass!
  523. skipjack


    Don't know what brand of truck you have,but if you have a electrical convertor box it could have a bad diode.
  524. skipjack


    A dead battery will not come back to life using a trickle/maintainer charger. You need the charge it at a higher amperage to get it to come back.(20-40 amps for an hour and then trickle charge it). Leaving the lights plugged in didn't kill your battery,either your battery was bad or you still...
  525. skipjack

    Policy Question Re: BD Advertisers

    what a bunch of BS for 10% off. Putting you at the back of the line? MFers. I'm looking for a Garmin chirp unit but I'll shop elsewhere. Thanks for posting.
  526. skipjack

    New 1st time Boat Owner - What should I do to better be prepared?

    I would take someone experienced with me the first 5-6 trips. The boating safety class is a good start.
  527. skipjack

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    I have and caught bonito on them.
  528. skipjack

    Looking for small cheap fish finder

    I have a sea view fish finder with the transducer,bracket,power cord and operating manual in good working order. I'm willing to ship it also. PM your cell number and I can send pics.
  529. skipjack

    Parker 07 2120 yam. 200

    I think I saw you salmon trolling Monday. We caught two to 20lbs
  530. skipjack

    Xtra tuffs

    I have a pair of Boggs that are the best boots that I have ever had. No more sore feet at the end of the day. When I had Xtra Tuffs I couldn't wait to take them off.
  531. skipjack

    PSL Salmon May 1st

    Nice video and fish Nick. You need to buy the old man a new hat,haha.
  532. skipjack

    Best fishfinder??

    I've been checking out the Garmin Echomap Chirp 94sv. Priced at $1299 with the chirp/side view transducer. 9" screen,includes coastal maps.
  533. skipjack

    18 foot team Baja terminator $1 OBO

    You might need a survey to get the loan.
  534. skipjack

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    Unforchantly,I think that engine is toast. You might bend a rod or damage the needle bearings hammering on the piston. I would start looking for a new or used motor.
  535. skipjack

    CA Towing Limits

    Did you have your rig weighed? That's pretty light,I take my boat and trailer to a truck stop and unhook it from the truck to get the true weight. ($10 cost) My Skipjack weighs 7,200 on the trailer and my Parker weighs 8,000 on the trailer. These weights are with a full tank of gas.
  536. skipjack

    Anyone try this for leaks?

    Most of that snake oil is expensive,I would try tightening the fittings.
  537. skipjack

    Any Feed back on DP-S Drives

    I have one on my boat that I've only had for 7 months with 2200 hrs. Works fine although the inner prop was frozen on the shaft. I've been told it's best to remove the props and grease every 4 months to prevent them from getting frozen. Other than that, it works fine.
  538. skipjack

    Okuma metaloid 5ii

    Sell that problem child to me. Haha.
  539. skipjack

    Engine Won't Start

    Good thought,a voltage below 11.5 volts will cause the Ecm to shut down.
  540. skipjack

    BD and Ipad troubles

    I have the same problem that just started today.
  541. skipjack

    Engine Won't Start

    I would first check for moisture inside the distributor cap.(condensation)
  542. skipjack

    25' Steiger Craft 17K

    That's a sweet boat.
  543. skipjack

    1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk - Completely Rebuilt

    That's a bad ass boat,I read all of the 44 page rebuild. Glws
  544. skipjack

    ELITE 7 Chirp versus Garmin 74dv Chirp

    Read the post about the guy getting burned on his Lowrance rebate.
  545. skipjack


    Thanks for posting it. This is why I like Garmin. You should send them a link to your post,this is the worlds biggest fishing web site.
  546. skipjack

    1982 24 Skipjack, open, My steering broke on 280 OutDrive: Any Advice?

    I have the same set up. I'm not sure what part broke,but I'm pretty sure you won't have to pull the engine. There's lots of Volvo 280's out there,plenty of parts available. If anything,maybe the upper gear case will need to be removed. Your tilt relays might be bad. The times mine quit...
  547. skipjack

    Shimano Rods Dispute

    What a POS! Thanks,I'll never buy a shimano rod. They should have thought it out before rejecting your warranty. Good thing you posted it,I hope they read your post.
  548. skipjack

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Wow,that's one hell of a story. Looking forward to seeing it on the show.
  549. skipjack

    Wtb: Parker 2120 ready to buy

    I hear the 228 Grady and the 2120 Parker are the same length on the trailer.. Maybe you need an 18'er.
  550. skipjack

    WTB Magma Grill BBQ Propane control valve / Regulator

    I have a whole grill I'll let go for $60 with a rod holder mount. It's the round shaped model.
  551. skipjack

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Did the lawyer cost more than the ticket?
  552. skipjack

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby April 9&10

    What does it cost to enter?
  553. skipjack

    wtb 12 gallon gas tank

    I have an 18 gallon rectangular tank if your interested.
  554. skipjack


    Nice boat. It looks to be a semi vee hull,should be good on gas.
  555. skipjack

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Voted again,haha.
  556. skipjack

    Downrigger Identification

    Those were there cheapest ones they sold back in the 80's,I got one for $99 bucks. They work very good,but the newer ones have a larger diameter stainless tubular boom instead of the solid 1/2" diameter boom like yours. I used 10 and 12 lb weights with no problem although my boom bent a little...
  557. skipjack

    Outrigger questions???

    I have fiberglass 12'ers on my skipjack. The lines on the outriggers run just outside of the wake,in the clean water. Trolling for albacore,they get 50%+ of the hits. Your trolling spread will be way wider,I like using them.
  558. skipjack

    Recommendation for stainless work in Oxnard/Santa Barbra area

    That came out real nice,I like the belly hoop.
  559. skipjack

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Been voting all day,thanks for putting the link on the last page.
  560. skipjack

    Gunnel height

    My buddy had a 25' deep vee and never had water come over the side.
  561. skipjack

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Voted a few more times.
  562. skipjack

    20% Discount -- Good deal?

    Where is it?
  563. skipjack

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Voted. I wouldn't want my daughter around him.
  564. skipjack

    WTB: Pilot House (Parker, Blackman, Stringari, etc.)

    Sent you a pm with a link to the listing. Look here,the boat and info is on the left. Redwoodcoastspreaderbars
  565. skipjack

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    I think Conor is going to have trouble with fighting 2 weight classes higher. I hope he wins.
  566. skipjack

    Friendly Trailer Reminder

    Bearings should be removed and inspected every year. If not,you should at least jack up the wheel and spin it. You will hear a growling noise if it's going out. Another thing you can do is tow it a few miles and pull over and feel the hubs for heat. A hot hub has bad bearings,warm hubs...
  567. skipjack

    Underwater LED lights

    Are they 12 volt dc or 110 ac?
  568. skipjack

    Conor Mcgregor gets punked once again!!!!!

    I think Pettis would have been a good fight.
  569. skipjack

    Glastron V216 SeaFuryII for sale

    Mine would do 35kts with the 150hp,plenty fast. I bet you could get some decient money for your good running 250hp.
  570. skipjack

    Glastron V216 SeaFuryII for sale

    I had the same boat with a 150 OB. Nice riding boat and fast. The deck had a lot of room. Not a bad boat guys!
  571. skipjack


    Sorry to hear. I lost my 13 year old chocolate lab Tucker this summer.
  572. skipjack

    Non-high thrust kicker on 24Skipjack?

    I have a 15 hp merc big foot that pushes my 24'er 6 kts.
  573. skipjack

    Metaloid goes boom

    Which model were you using?
  574. skipjack

    Busted at Miguel by Dfw, Sort of

    Thanks for teaching them the law!
  575. skipjack

    I need a mobile trailer mechanic ASAP

    Your brakes applied but didn't release. More than likely your wheel cylinders are frozen,brakes are trash. You can remove the backing plates (4bolts) and remove the drums with the backing plates. Now install Kodiac disc brakes to do away with the drum will have to remove a on way...
  576. skipjack

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    Agree that the axles shot. The surface where the seal rides/seals is have ground off the stainless steel seal surface on the axle. Water enters the hub every time you launch,ruining your bearings. Look up Pacific trailers and measure your axle like they show you. They will ship it to...
  577. skipjack

    25' sea ray hard top 3000$

    Cheep price for a large running boat,should go fast. Chance to take advantage of the El Niño .
  578. skipjack

    25' sea Ray hard top $4000

    Good price for a good boat.
  579. skipjack

    WTB Steiger craft Miami DV

    I was looking for a Miami,it's hard to find a used one.
  580. skipjack

    Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    Nice catch! Pass the popcorn please.
  581. skipjack

    WTB- McMahon Clips

    Just mailed you 5. Good luck fishing and pay it forward! (Like the movie)
  582. skipjack

    WTB- McMahon Clips

    I can send you a few.
  583. skipjack

    WTB- McMahon Clips

    Englund Marine in Eureka has the McMann clips. Maybe you can call and order them. I have some,I could send you a few. Check your pm
  584. skipjack

    New Trick For Cleaning Fish

    I've done it with a box cutter,works good!
  585. skipjack

    All Sold

    I'll take the outriggers.
  586. skipjack


    The captain should have gone with the "A" crew... Hope you feel better.
  587. skipjack

    Furuno Color FCV 600L $150

    I'll take it.
  588. skipjack

    "check engine light"

    Check your "OBD" fuse.
  589. skipjack


    Do you have pics of the parents?
  590. skipjack

    First trip out tomorrow with kids-suggestions?

    Caught some small macs on the right side of the oil rig Friday.
  591. skipjack

    Snap On Bolt Grip Puller Set

    Steering wheel works great on other stuff,pulleys etc. I have one and it's a great tool with a life time warranty from Snap-on. Glws
  592. skipjack

    Stuttering Yammie

    This is probably your problem that your experiencing
  593. skipjack

    Top Two Choices of fish finders for Tuna and why?

    Look at page 6. Garmin 7600xsv. They are high power chirp units that are awesome. I have a Furuno unit but I want a Garmin chirp with side scan.
  594. skipjack

    Gregor trailer tires Bias vs Radial?

    Derby has sharp eyes. Your lug nuts are on backwards. The tapered end of the lug nut goes against the wheel. The wheel lug hole has a matching tapered surface.
  595. skipjack

    4 Heavy Calstar Blanks for sale

    Can you tell me something about the btg655tss. I cannot find any info on it.
  596. skipjack


    The LRS has higher drag settings,for fishing heavier lines. 80+lb test lines.
  597. skipjack

    Anyone have a review on the Andros a 5ii?

    Set the drag to 10 lbs at the strike setting.
  598. skipjack

    Man Loses Wallet and Passport in Mexico

    Good one
  599. skipjack

    july 11 lsland trip

    Congrats on the win Curt! You guys did very good.
  600. skipjack

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    I know of some guys getting fined $500 a person (4) on the same boat.
  601. skipjack

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Thanks for the story and your very lucky to notice the lighted balloon.
  602. skipjack

    Favorite hook for live squid?

    7/0,8/0,9/0 and 10/0 octopus hooks
  603. skipjack

    need boat mechanic or engine advice urgent

    Does it look like lower unit oil or 2 stroke oil? Lower unit oil is thicker (75-90w). Check the lower unit oil level and if it's full,more than likely its 2 stroke unburned oil.(from not starting right away) I would clean it off and restart it.
  604. skipjack

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  605. skipjack

    Need advise on new gps/fishfinder combo purchase

    The chart gives you detailed bottom structure,depths,bottom composition identification (rocks,sand,mud,etc).
  606. skipjack


    What are you looking for,I may have some that I'll give you. I have some surface iron,I want to help you out. Sent you a PM
  607. skipjack


    Was it from the last post you looked at?
  608. skipjack

    slang for small fish?????

    Codlett is a small rock cod.
  609. skipjack

    Saltist 35BG on 40# good for bluefin?

    If you hook up to a 120 lber,the odds of landing it isn't good.
  610. skipjack

    6-1-15 Dana Point Swordfish

    Elvis in the house! Great catch of a life time. I would also like to know what kind of hook and what size did you use.
  611. skipjack

    Oxnard Speed Twin, Worst Fishing Experience

    That sucks that they took your fish. Thanks for the report.
  612. skipjack

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    There's some good advise already. Only other thing I would try is tapping on the bolt with a punch and hammer. Also impact air tools have a hammering effect,sometimes breaking frozen bolts loose.
  613. skipjack

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    I didn't see that it is a converted gas engine,but was surprised that it's a 2 stroke Diesel engine.
  614. skipjack

    Pacific Trailers in Chino what a joke!

    I've used the on line ordering without a problem a few times.
  615. skipjack


  616. skipjack

    1998 Kencraft 220WA

    First person with cash takes it. Man up!
  617. skipjack

    OKUMA ANDROS 12S Special Edition

    I want an Andros 12 but with all the delays the Accurate Fury's lowered prices are starting to look good.
  618. skipjack

    Not a political Joke

    Two thumbs up!
  619. skipjack

    Sheephead Recipe?

    What brand of detergent do you use?
  620. skipjack


    Nice catch and report! I try to not gaff halibut in the back,I aim for just behind the head near the belly.
  621. skipjack

    Skipjack 25 Sport cabin

    Does it come with the trailer in the picture?
  622. skipjack

    Salmon...Off of Eureka.

    Salmon fishing is usually wide open out of Humbolt bay,not to mention the quality pacific halibut fishing.
  623. skipjack

    For Sale: Garmin GPSMAP 5212 System

    Can you hook it up to a chirp or panoptix transducer?
  624. skipjack

    American fisherman missing in the Philippines....

    Bummer for sure.I hope they find them.
  625. skipjack

    Garmin really opens up the playing field....Panoptix forward Scan

    Is the panoptix a chirp unit or does it use different technology?
  626. skipjack

    Garmin really opens up the playing field....Panoptix forward Scan

    How much are these units with the transducer?
  627. skipjack

    Bigeye tuna in the Azores (May 17-19)

    Nice,awesome trip of a lifetime!
  628. skipjack

    Watt for 7mm dive suit

    i have one. Sent you a private message
  629. skipjack

    Opinion on Transmission Shift Kit

    If it has electronic shift solenoids (computer controlled) I wouldn't use the shift kit. You could cause all kinds of check engine light "shift solinoid codes". On non computer controlled transmissions I would consider the kit.
  630. skipjack

    Epic video of the Florida Mullet Migration

    Awesome video for sure!
  631. skipjack

    Engine Issues

    Post number #5 gets my vote! Weak idle=idle circuit in carbs restricted with dirt,corrosion.
  632. skipjack

    Sea Fox 199 Commander

    The Fiberglass cracked and it was leaking. We went out 40 miles tuna fishing only to find out there was about 30 gallons of water in the bilge . He had it repaired twice with no luck. His only had a 5 year warranty and the boat was a few years older than that. Maybe the new ones are...
  633. skipjack

    Sea Fox 199 Commander

    I would check their hull warranty. My friend cracked his 19' ft. Wasn't covered. The stringers ended about 3' from the front of the boat and that's where it cracked. He had it repaired by a boat builder,but it cracked again.
  634. skipjack

    Nice Mako on the Hello Kitty rod.

    No,I didn't get any of your bargains. Nice mako!
  635. skipjack

    Nice Mako on the Hello Kitty rod.

    That's why you sold all your heavy tackle!
  636. skipjack

    Blue caven MPA busted

    Heard of $500 per person tickets for the same violation in a different area.(morro Bay Area)
  637. skipjack


    I have one that I put a Tiburon handle one. What a difference in leverage.
  638. skipjack

    How do I fish for salmon... Help!

    He said he switched to a mooching trip. I answered freeze his raw salmon first before eating it raw.
  639. skipjack

    How do I fish for salmon... Help!

    Freeze it first! Good luck!
  640. skipjack

    Halco Max 130's In Stock... finally

    What's the price if you don't mind me asking?
  641. skipjack

    Off shore boat 2500 obo

    No trailer needed for this one.just put it on top of your car (camero etc) and tie it down with a long extension cord.
  642. skipjack

    Avets at Charkbait

    . Right on the money. Others offer price matching,but when I called them on it,they didn't include a newer hot lure.(halco Max 130) Charkbait is great! One time I had a problem and it was handled right away.
  643. skipjack

    Postal Hate Crime?

    Install the new box and be over it!
  644. skipjack

    Tracy at Melton is the man

    I got my halcos from Charkbait for 14.49 each... They now have Avets for sale again.
  645. skipjack

    Taking the CA Bar Tomorrow

    Good luck Tony!
  646. skipjack

    Pinhead in JP

    I wonder if he even paid to get into the jackpot. What boat was it?
  647. skipjack

    Need to replace brake lines on trailer...where should I get them?

    Go to pacific trailers on line. Located in chino. I second getting the plastic lines. Non corrosive,no brainer.makes metal lines obsolete! Plus the easiest to install!
  648. skipjack

    before you throw out all your tuna gear.....

    You gave up your old honey hole.
  649. skipjack

    Big BFT North 9

    Nice catch and great size blue fins!
  650. skipjack

    26' Radon for sale, won't find another one better!

    This boat rides great and is very good on fuel. Someone's going to get a gem for sure!
  651. skipjack

    Pacific Warming Does Not Meet El Nino Criteria

    It all ready started! "El Niño"
  652. skipjack

    Late report 20140622 43 lb Sting Ray

    Good article on cooking and eating bat rays. If someone wants to eat one it's ok with me.
  653. skipjack

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    I hope the Lions beating the Bears twice last year didn't have something to do with it.
  654. skipjack

    Sick and tired of bad sellers and buyers

    I strongly agree with Rodless_Jim and NachoOne,I think buyers should be buying for their own personal use.
  655. skipjack

    Avet Maketing

    If they tacked on the price of some expensive marketing,you would be complaining that they are too expensive.
  656. skipjack

    Show dads and grads some gear love THIS SATURDAY!!!

    Too bad your offers are not good on-line. I live too far away.
  657. skipjack

    Accurate Boss Magnum 665 E Series

    Drill and tap larger threads or order a new frame if they still make them.
  658. skipjack

    Please help my Daughter help a kid.

    Way to go guys,my hats off to you!
  659. skipjack

    How hot is it?

    105 in Santa Maria today.
  660. skipjack

    OK YOU ASKED FOR IT.........

    Wow,100 hp!
  661. skipjack

    With their first pick, ##### selects......

    Detroit picks Sammy Watkins
  662. skipjack


    About 4/8 months ago some posted of a trailer being broken into filled with Phenix rods,beware.
  663. skipjack


    I dont fish for rock cod anymore.
  664. skipjack


    All the ones I ever kept were loaded with worms."worm hotels" I throw all of them back.
  665. skipjack

    Anyone else hoping for an AVET levelwind reel???

    Don't build one for me! I've had my fingers pinched enough!
  666. skipjack

    Santa Cruz salmon opener

    Nice fish and numbers for sure!
  667. skipjack


    I would use EurekaMarc,Coastline charters. He has a report about 5 reports down. Check him out! Phone # 1-707-601-fish
  668. skipjack

    Rob Sanford, San Diego Boats......Here I am!

    Man up and reply to those trying to contact you. Make good on your word.
  669. skipjack

    Staying in SLO, Charters?

    The salmon season starts April 5th. It should start off pretty good. PM just before you get here and I will give you the scoop.
  670. skipjack

    Accurate out of Boss 665H 2 Speed Gears

    That's too bad. I'm glad I didn't buy one.
  671. skipjack

    2008 Farallon 28 Whaleback REEL STEEL SOLD!

    I fished on this boat with Tim. It was a great trip,the boat handled great,ran great and we caught some pacific halibut! My first legal pacific halibut! This boat is awesome,someone is going to be happy with this rig...
  672. skipjack

    Any auto air conditioning guys on BD ?

    I've replaced a number of shorted out clutches. Unplug the ac compressor clutch wire connector. put a fuse in,turn it on and see if it still blows. If it doesn't,it's the clutch.(clutch disconnected,isolated). Simple as that.
  673. skipjack

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    Being made in China,I'm surprised they are so expensive. High profits??
  674. skipjack

    Any auto air conditioning guys on BD ?

    Try turning the ac compressor by hand. Grab the center,not the should turn with some resistance. (This checks to make sure your compressor is not frozen up). If it turns the problem is most likely the magnetic clutch is could check this with an ohm meter.
  675. skipjack

    A kid honors his dad and his memory

    A very good story!
  676. skipjack

    Chargers draft pick is someone who the fans can relate too.......

    He could convert to a tight end or a wide receiver!
  677. skipjack

    Monster Bug

    Another 18 lber. Haha
  678. skipjack


    That was great!