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  1. whammy

    Talica 25 or 20 for BFT?

    get the 25, esp if you plan on using it with a sinker rig or flat fall in the future, you lose a lot of line at the start before even hooking a fish on the talica 20
  2. whammy

    No Fishing Problems

    Haven't been able to get on the water for awhile but hasn't stopped me from spending unnecessary money haha. Freddy @sea_sicario on Instagram and from Island Tackle wrapped my 14th, 15th, & 16th rod and they came out sick! Seeker OC blue F100 LB green glass F90 LB green glass painted white...
  3. whammy

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    Thanks man, yeah the YT was 55lbs from Alijos fish of a lifetime for me. Good luck this weekend.
  4. whammy

    Parking Davies Launch Ramp LB

    you will get a ticket at Davies if your car/truck is not attached to a trailer. With that said I parked there a couple months ago with no trailer and got lucky, but have gotten a ticket once. I think the ticket was $60 which again isn't too bad for peace of mind haha
  5. whammy

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    Usually pretty calm crossing at night. Most nights you can see the lights from Pedro/Long Beach. Just go at a comfortable speed, main danger is hitting debris that's tough to see and submerged boiler rocks at the island.
  6. whammy

    Glass or Graphite for Yoyo?

    check out the UC Tilefish 8'. Its a beast of a rod and works great for the YOYO
  7. whammy

    For Sale Accurate Tern, Talica 20, Saltiga 30t, Sabre , Lexa 400

    Thanks for a smooth transaction Tim. Enjoy!
  8. whammy

    For Sale Accurate Tern, Talica 20, Saltiga 30t, Sabre , Lexa 400

    No trades. Looking to thin out the pile.
  9. whammy

    For Sale Accurate Tern, Talica 20, Saltiga 30t, Sabre , Lexa 400

    Sorry bd won't let me post says file is too big. Shoot me over your number and I'll text you pics of the us 85 mega
  10. whammy

    For Sale Accurate Tern, Talica 20, Saltiga 30t, Sabre , Lexa 400

    added a UC US 85 Mega factory wrapped split grip with reel seat for $200.
  11. whammy

    For Sale Accurate Tern, Talica 20, Saltiga 30t, Sabre , Lexa 400

    1) Accurate Tern 500 used once looks brand new $275 2) Talica 20 few scratches on the left frame. Mechanically in great condition spooled with 100lb power pro SOLD 3) Saltiga 30t with tib clamp. Spooled with power pro slick SOLD 4) Lexa 400 Winn used once with box it's really clean $180 5)...
  12. whammy

    Green Saber identification help

    i have a bad ass green 7' one as well that you can fish 50# no problem. Definitely cool rods
  13. whammy

    For Sale New Cousins 95J MAG Blank

    bump. not looking for trades at the moment thanks tho
  14. whammy

    For Sale Seeker CJBF100 blue glass only 12!

    freddy is the man! buy with confidence and his wraps are CLEAN!
  15. whammy

    For Sale New Cousins 95J MAG Blank

    Have a brand new blank in the wrapper that's just sitting. No rush to sell but $800 takes it.
  16. whammy

    Yamaha Mechanic

    Looking for a new place to service my boat. Is there a good Yamaha mechanic in North OC that you guys recommend? Boat is slipped in HH for the summer and back at my place in Fullerton during the winter. Thanks s
  17. whammy

    Vintage Truline Rods

    Not much value in those rods as the two that would have value (d8 & 36) are cut rods. Might want to PM Jiggyn on the boards to see as i have not seen or heard of any of the other model numbers before. I would keep them and fish them cause your grandpa gave them to you
  18. whammy

    For Sale Talica 20II, 25II, & Penn Fathom 25n II Star Drag + Shikari and Truline

    1) Talica 20II a little rash on the left side plate, mechanically in good condition with 100 lb spectra $400 2) Talica 25II Very clean reel, taken 1 time no fish with spectra to the brim SOLD 3) Penn Fathom 25n Star Drag II This is the newest model brand new in box still in plastic wrapper...
  19. whammy

    20# 25# Setup Q??

    for 20-25# you want a reel you can fish finesse. Talica 10 though a great reel is still a lever drag which means the spool is heavier and it takes a little more to cast a small bait on light line, it is a better 30 light 40# reel. I would recommend a trinidad 14a to fish 20-25#. It's a smaller...
  20. whammy

    TRADE Super seeker f100 LB

    can vouch as well. bought way too much stuff from hookem in the past few weeks. one of the good guys for sure!
  21. whammy

    cut monster or terminator

    I have the US Terminator and its stiff for 30, its even pretty heavy for 40. Check out the 76 Tilefish JR, can definitely do 30-40.
  22. whammy

    SOLD Seeker ex Ulua 93h 10’

    Good dude to deal with
  23. whammy

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    yup chriscraft if i remember correctly, thing is bad ass and the guy basically started from scratch. sucks big time!
  24. whammy

    For Sale Makaira 15T SEA Gunmetal NIB

    after tax you're looking at a $600 reel? Selling mine for $480 in the same condition you'd get at a tackle store, even with braid of your choosing and not charkbaits generic braid you are still saving money. reel is pending btw
  25. whammy

    For Sale SS delete

    jerr has all the good stuff. should move quick!
  26. whammy

    Fishing jobs for a teen?

    i had a great time part timing at a tackle store while I was getting my degree in college. Great learning experience and got to play with tackle I couldn't afford and talking to some real nice customers I still fish with. Like the others say though, keep it part time and stick with getting and...
  27. whammy

    Plastic Swordfish??? WTF!

    ask erik and decker
  28. whammy

    New jig stick

    just don't get a CEX Ulua or a Cousins 95 Mag otherwise you won't have money leftover to fish
  29. whammy

    WTB Cousins 95JMAG

    just got another blank myself. They're out there but definitely looking in that $500-750 range
  30. whammy

    First Custom Rod

    check out freddy at islands tackle in carson, very clean work and a nice guy to deal with. He wrapped 13 rods for me this year already. goes by seasicaro on IG
  31. whammy

    FREE Box of flakes

    At the end of the day it's just a rod. Next time if distance is the reason why just let me know. I asked if you come to the oc and you said yes which is why I never offered to meet you half way or drive to you. I also have buddies who live out that way who could've picked up the rod for me...
  32. whammy

    FREE Box of flakes

    Definitely are two sides. I asked you if you were firm on the price and if you ever come to the oc. You said yes and that you'd meet me in the oc at the asking price of $550. I said I could meet at 10 am because I was meeting a contractor at my place or I could meet you after work. You said 10...
  33. whammy

    FREE Box of flakes

    Thank you you for posting this bro couldn't agree with you more! If you agree on a price, meeting spot, and time don't flake (95 mag ) esp if you're the one selling shit! :supergay:
  34. whammy

    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    could be bigger reds on the bank during the winter when they spawn as well. We usually do well on bigger reds during November
  35. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    THANK YOU! prefer to deal with guys that don't flake, win win
  36. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    there is a reason i haven't responded to you. not waiting around again for you to have funds in 2 weeks only to have you buy the reel somewhere else. not interested in selling to you also not that it matters in your case but there are pictures on the ad and graya already answered your...
  37. whammy

    Pls help I need info

    second ken, don't put a lever drag on a jig stick.
  38. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    pms replied. shikari, torque, trini, 4x, and gusa still available
  39. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    Trying to stick with a local sale will let you know if I decide to change my mind
  40. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    It's a 4x good 20-25 lb stick
  41. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    Lexa is sold moon rod is pending
  42. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    pms replied. not looking for trades
  43. whammy

    For Sale Seeker truline gusa shikari + reels

    1) Tough to find Shikari 8030 Cosmos wrapped reel seat $275 2) Moon wrapper Seeker 670xh glass deckhand style great 40-50lb yoyo stick SOLD 3) UC GUSA US85 Mega factory wrapped $250 4) Truline Chocolate 4x Blank. Measures 7'8" $150 5) Shimano Trinidad 40 filled with 80lb Spectra Sold 6)...
  44. whammy

    WTB Cousins 95J

    Same reason as to why those LB seekers are fetching the kind of money they are... no more production = hype/demand. Plus they really are a great jig stick, luckily I got one as a wedding gift haha
  45. whammy

    Equipment Check for Full Day Trip

    just got off yesterday. you'll be fine, just fish something you feel comfortable casting smaller dines with 20# and a #4 hook.
  46. whammy

    Fished 8/28/19 on the Fortune

    seems like a good day. Buddy and I fished the Voyager yesterday full day and we had maybe 15 fish for 26 guys, never once complained, Capt had a solid game plan just wrong place at the wrong time. I ended up going 2-4 with one nice 40lb bluefin and a smaller yft. Tough landing these med...
  47. whammy

    New Lo An Two-Day 8/25 - 8/25 Light Line, Small Hooks

    That's good fishing. Not easy catching bluefin on 15#, nice work. Fish eating the jig at all?
  48. whammy

    For Sale BLUE Glass Seeker 70xh

    I'll take it if it's not sold
  49. whammy

    Season is shaping very well, BFT report

    Was out there with Vue, 60# was a bait fish
  50. whammy

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    he was over at islands fishing tackle yesterday, might want to give them a call to find out
  51. whammy

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    get either a fathom 25n, torium 16 or 20 and call it a day. don't buy a 400 size baitcaster for a surface iron reel, its a beefy bass reel and not meant for the jig.
  52. whammy

    WTB Cousins 95J Mag

    Hope you find one cheap but don't think anyone's selling it for under $380. If fisherman's landing has a new one for $380 that's a good find in my opinion. It's a really nice stick
  53. whammy

    WTB Saltiga 40

    I'm assuming you don't need me to hold my saltiga 40 while you're reviewing your budget now??
  54. whammy

    WTB Saltiga 40

    i have the original saltiga 40 with new braid and a tib clamp. reel is in really good condition. Pm me your number and ill take some pics of it tonight after work.
  55. whammy

    WTB Saltiga 40

    old one or the newer one?
  56. whammy

    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    glad to see you guys got a few. we were anchored right off you guys in the pathfinder bay boat. ended up going 7-10 until we ran out of bait and had to leave.
  57. whammy

    Need help from some BFT guys

    borrow or rent gear, you will get smoked
  58. whammy

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    Can definitely relate Harnell 542 Super Seeker Greenie F100 Calstar GG90J Cousins 95 Mag Sabre 550 Calstar 100J Sabre 690J
  59. whammy

    Which UC rod for Talica 12?

    what lb test? Just got a US Terminator that would be perfect with a talica for 40-50lb test the Predator US 76 is also a nice fit for 50
  60. whammy

    For Sale Talica 16II New & Sabre Cinnamon 550

    Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping
  61. whammy

    For Sale Talica 16II New & Sabre Cinnamon 550

    Pics attached and I have the box
  62. whammy

    For Sale Talica 16II New & Sabre Cinnamon 550

    sold Sabre Cinnamon 550 solid 40-50lb jig stick, brand new wraps. Bought it a few months ago decided to go a different route. Pending Pick up in Fullerton after 5pm or Paramount 8-4pm.
  63. whammy

    Trueline rod ID

    looks like a cut 1580. Not worth much. Guys are only into the heavier 7' (VBG XR7 TNT etc) or the 8' rods. that rod would probably be hard to sell for $100
  64. whammy

    WTB Custom Fishing Rod Builder !!!Wanted!!!

    Sergio just wrapped me a set of 6 rods, good dude, good prices
  65. whammy

    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    There are pics on FB looks like 2 batches of fish 5-10 and 15-20
  66. whammy

    For Sale UC US 76 Predator FACTORY Talica 10II

    Sorry not interested in shipping
  67. whammy

    For Sale UC US 76 Predator FACTORY Talica 10II

    Have a UC US 76 Predator Factory Wrapped, taken on 1 trip no fish caught on rod. Good condition $300 Good condition Talica 10II 50# braid to the brim taken on a few trips no fish on it. $350 Both pending
  68. whammy

    Can Newells fish a higher line rating?

    just be careful spooling spectra if it has a graphite spool
  69. whammy

    Talica 12- VS Yellow Tail

    it's not overkill at all. fish 40# tie on a yoyo jig and youll be good
  70. whammy

    For Sale Vintage Rods Trulines Sabre Conolon

    pms replied. couple stuff pending
  71. whammy

    For Sale Vintage Rods Trulines Sabre Conolon

    1) Chocolate 4x thick walls 7'10" shuts off quick nice 20-25lb bait stick .$150 Says 4x on the butt 3) Conolon 8'3" solid 25 lb stick refinished by Randy penny, glass is beautiful. Previous owner inserted some cork in the butt to balance it. Rod is perfectly balanced would make a great bait...
  72. whammy

    For Sale Factory Truline Caramel BM100

    pms replied, still available
  73. whammy

    Trini 14a line capacity?

    Just put 50 lb spectra. It's a 20-30lb reel, don't think you need more than 300 yards of line fishing 25#, if you do you're using the wrong reel
  74. whammy

    WTB JRI Jigs jigs jigs

    if you're in la habra, go to fishermans access in brea, they have ton on the shelves
  75. whammy

    WTB Hershey Smooth Glass Truline D8

    If you want to sell let me know
  76. whammy

    WTB Hershey Smooth Glass Truline D8

    Looking for the later smooth Hershey Truline D8. Let me know what you have.
  77. whammy

    Harnell Rods

    this was from 2010...
  78. whammy

    Tony The Tiger

    It will look cooler with bite marks. fish it
  79. whammy

    For Sale Bunch of Rods/ Talica

    Sup jeff. Tucked away haha
  80. whammy

    For Sale Bunch of Rods/ Talica

    Raptor is back up. Please dont make an offer if you're going to flake. Price is firm at the moment
  81. whammy

    For Sale Bunch of Rods/ Talica

    all pms replied. A lot of the stuff is pending, will let you guys know if it sells, if not will go down the line and give the next guy a shot. thanks
  82. whammy

    For Sale Bunch of Rods/ Talica

    All rods are sold thanks
  83. whammy

    Fisherman's access sale

    Local shop is having a sale. Figured it might be worth it for some of you guys
  84. whammy

    Flying Fish?

    he's asking about frozen flying fish not yummies
  85. whammy

    Flying Fish?

    Island Tackle in Carson is the only shop around here that has them. Not cheap $30.each he had around 60 pcs 2 days ago but might be sold out now.
  86. whammy

    WTB Smooth Hershey Glass Truline D8

    Still looking for that smooth late glass hershey Truline D8.
  87. whammy

    UC CE900XF

    You’ll like the UC 900xf it’s a fun rod for flylining 20lb caught a couple schoolie bluefin on it last December
  88. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Still looking for a Hershey newer d8
  89. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    It’s the one on the left
  90. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Nope they fish extremely well
  91. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Yes the smooth Hershey glass with the silver truline decal
  92. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    I’m talking about the late late smooth stuff
  93. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Looking for that smooth glass truline
  94. whammy

    WTB Hershey Truline D8

    Sold one a while back that I wish I never sold. Looking for that new hersey color D8 preferrably a ORD8 Let me know blanks or custom wrapped doesnt matter to me.
  95. whammy

    For Sale Bundle of Jigs

    16 random jigs $40 pick up in paramount or HB
  96. whammy

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond 808mh 809hxf UC US 80 monster Saltiga 20

    saltiga 20 sold. I’ll do $300 for both Phenix Rods matching factory wrapped
  97. whammy

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond 808mh 809hxf UC US 80 monster Saltiga 20

    pms replied, everything is still currently for sale.
  98. whammy

    For Sale Super Seeker 70h & Conolon

    Any pics of the Conolon?
  99. whammy

    SOLD Phenix and Irod bass rods

    Sold thanks
  100. whammy

    SOLD Newell 322 size Reelman special

    Bought this from reel man. It’s a 322 size Newell, super unique parts. Reel is I’m prime condition and looks and feels like it’s never been used. A lot of P and G series parts, spool is aluminum and full of spectra $250
  101. whammy

    SOLD ---+++---

    Thanks tim for the 84xxh, your work is clean and delivery was super fast.
  102. whammy

    For Sale Bass Gear Rods and Reels

    please contact the # and not pm thanks, still lots of good gear for sale at a fair price
  103. whammy

    For Sale Bass Gear Rods and Reels

    Sold thanks
  104. whammy

    WTB WTB Sabre 670H

    Thanks Mike
  105. whammy

    WTB WTB Sabre 670H

    anyone? blank or wrapped rod doesnt matter
  106. whammy

    WTB WTB Sabre 670H

    Looking to buy a Sabre 670 H , let me know what you have
  107. whammy

    St Nicolas Island tonight! 3-2-2018, 1 help out needed

    Stay safe out there, Saturday night is going to blow
  108. whammy

    Talica 20 or the larger 25 for blue fin

    Get the 25, I recently bought a 25 after fishing my 20 last year and realizing it's not enough line if you're on a long soak
  109. whammy

    shogun 12-26 12-31

    fished this trip 2 years ago. Lots of good regulars on this trip.
  110. whammy

    How’s the Pot Situation From Alimitos to Izor’s?

    couple weeks ago it was at all the usual spots, 100 yards off the breakwall and going towards HH
  111. whammy

    Limits bft. But that was not was special. 11-30 video

    so sick! can't beat that. What was working on the trip 40lb? 3/0? sinker rig? flyline?
  112. whammy

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    use to get sick all the time as a kid, redondo special 1/2 day boat throwing up 10-15 times a trip but would always be excited to go the next time my dad took me out. Still can't eat mcdonald's breakfast because it reminds me of throwing up on the special but can't get enough of fishing...
  113. whammy

    Pathfinder bay boat Self bailing drain issues

    Having some drainage issues with my Pathfinder Bay boat self bailing drains. I have a 2008 pathfinder 2200 and drains were working fine when I bought it but not sure if they’re clogged but now the water collects and won’t drain. Not sure how to unclog the drains as the boat is currently in my...
  114. whammy

    Preparing for next years tuna bite, need suggestions...

    your local stuff is fine for the schoolie tuna. Probably want a dedicated 20 30 40 lb outfit which im assuming you have if youre fishing local. the bigger tuna get a uc raptor and a talica 20-25 or something in that class
  115. whammy

    150 YFT?

    we saw a big ass hammerhead out there Saturday
  116. whammy

    How to install zinc anodes on trim tabs

    I need to install zincs on my lenco trim tabs but can't find any info on how or where to install them. Can someone point me in the right direction. Boats currently in the water and noticing a little electrolysis
  117. whammy

    Any info on the 150 or horeshoe..

    Was slow today. Just small barracuda near green buoy
  118. whammy

    WTB Super Seeker FL75

    Looking for one wrapped with a reel seat. Let me know Thanks
  119. whammy

    Another notch in the old

    lets go friday vu
  120. whammy


    Vessel Assist. Most affordable insurance you can buy for the boat. Weather is supposed to get shitty
  121. whammy

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    Opah on the Shoe fishing Yellows
  122. whammy

    Bottom paint

    looking for a recommendation for a bottom paint guy near seal beach. Got a slip and looking to put the boat in the water thanks
  123. whammy

    Rods & Reels

    8-25, Its a 20lb bass rod
  124. whammy

    Rods & Reels

    Selling some gear that doesn't get used too much. 1) Sabre 690j new wraps $100 3) SOLD 4) SOLD 5) pro gear V50 with spectra used a handful of times same size as the Trinidad 20a $150 First with cash gets it. Not holding anything Pick up in Fullerton or Gardena
  125. whammy

    Boat Covers

    Does anyone have any recommendations for guys in the OC/LA area that can do custom boat covers. Just need a cover to cover up by console and leaning post, leaving the boat slipped and my current cover wont work
  126. whammy

    Trinidad 14a & Trinidad 30a

    lowered to $270
  127. whammy

    Trinidad 14a & Trinidad 30a

    Selling for $270 each. Located in Brea. Outside is a little rough but just got serviced from shimano so internals are good to go Call at 626-483-0711
  128. whammy

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    40-60 no need to go light, it's a reaction bite
  129. whammy

    Boat Shipping

    do you have a number?
  130. whammy

    Boat Shipping

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a shipper? Looking to have a boat trailed or put on a flat bed from Sacramento to Seal Beach.
  131. whammy

    Phenix Double Duty Rod Suggestion...?

    Both of those rods are way too soft for what you're wanting to do
  132. whammy

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    Good to know thanks
  133. whammy

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    Wanted to take the boat over in a few weeks and spend the night at the island. Tried to reserve a mooring online but its saying 3 night minimum? Is there a better way to reserve a mooring can?
  134. whammy

    22' Whaler Guardian

    Pmd you interested in the boat
  135. whammy

    United Composites Jig Stick

    I like my 900 ce wahoo
  136. whammy

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    As good as it gets. I've been to Cedros multiple times, fished Alijos, Guadalupe and what we saw this weekend was the biggest school I've seen like that, they were pushing up so much water and hitting the jig violently! it was incredible, lots of respect for those fish, ive caught a 55lber at...
  137. whammy

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    luckily no, we went 10-10 all of us had fresh 50lb line and buttoned drags
  138. whammy

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    Just finished cleaning a bunch of yellows. My buddies Jerry, Daniel, and I left at 3 am today to fish sea bass on the East end of Cat. Got squid from the Pacific Carnage and set up like everyone else for the greylight bite that never came. Decided to round the island and stop by Farnsworth and...
  139. whammy

    United Composite CE 800 Monster Factory

    United Composite CE 800 Monster Factory Rod Deckhand style. This is new, just had a reel mounted but never fished. $225 OBO Located in Fullerton or Gardena during the week
  140. whammy

    How far would you go?

    I agree with most of what you said but I think we all agree that the weatherman is not always right or should I say rarely right. An 18' whaler does not have the freeboard and all it takes is a bad wave or mixed swells to make things really unsafe out there especially for a new captain on a new...
  141. whammy

    WTB SS6485 O US85 Monster blank

    FD85, is a Fishermans Depot 85. Moon use to have seeker make special blanks for his old tackle store Fishermans Depot. If I remember correctly its 8-1/2' 25lb bait stick. Its a different rod than the 6485
  142. whammy

    How far would you go?

    Tanner/ Cortez on a small whaler would be a stupid decision even with the fuel range. Weather can get shitty in a heart beat and like others mentioned you are still 50 miles from cover. Weather dependent too can also change the mileage capabilities on a boat. I have a 17' outrage and pick my...
  143. whammy

    United composite 80 monster

    pms replied , no reel seat it is a US not CE
  144. whammy

    United composite 80 monster

    Sorry guys misread the label rod is a US NOT UC it's all graphite
  145. whammy

    United composite 80 monster

    pms replied, only reason why im letting it go is that it is that I have 2 of them
  146. whammy

    United composite 80 monster

    Brand new custom wrapped United Composite 800 monster rated 30-50 wrapped by jackpot rods in Gardena. Brand New never fished Edit rod is a us model not ce Rod is 8' Asking $275 Located in Fullerton or Gardena
  147. whammy

    Shotgun Recommendation

    ended up really liking my buddies beretta a300 outlander. shot roughly 100 rounds at raahauges and had such a great time that I ended up heading over to turners to spend some $$, now the hard part of waiting 10 days
  148. whammy

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Thinking about going for the Beretta Outlander A300. Buddy happens to have one and going to take it out this weekend to shoot and see how it feels. Thanks for the advice guys.
  149. whammy

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Thank you guys, lots of good advice appreciate it.
  150. whammy

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Thanks for the recommendations, lots of homework for me to do before I decide
  151. whammy

    Shotgun Recommendation

    My buddies have been trying to get me into dove hunting and I finally caved and want to purchase my first shotgun for dove. I have a $800 budget and wanted to pick your brains about what guns you guys recommend for a novice hunter. Appreciate all the advice. Thanks
  152. whammy

    Newell Sabre Super Seeker Terez

    Terez, Super Seeker, and Newell are sold. Thanks
  153. whammy

    Newell Sabre Super Seeker Terez

    its currently pending, will let you know if it falls through
  154. whammy

    Newell Sabre Super Seeker Terez

    its yours if you want to meet in fullerton haha
  155. whammy

    Newell Sabre Super Seeker Terez

    all pms replied, super seeker is sold
  156. whammy

    Newell Sabre Super Seeker Terez

    You got it Kevin it's yours
  157. whammy

    Newell Sabre Super Seeker Terez

  158. whammy

    Tanner bank weather?

    Looks nice for Tomorrow and Sunday morning. Looks like the wind is coming up in the afternoon though. We're still debating ourselves if we should make the run Sunday. Swells are 10-12 at 15 sec
  159. whammy

    Last tuna trip for "knot reel", tanner carnage

    nice work Vu, lets take the knot reel out one more time for tuna haha
  160. whammy

    Bluefin 100lb's on Freedom Nov 5th - Tanner Bank

    we fished there this past weekend, no bluefin just yellowtail
  161. whammy

    Looking to swap/ trade a few surface iron type jigs

    you're going to have a hard time getting someone to send you proven swimmers, a lot of money and time on the water is spent to get proven jigs. Like SouthBayKiller suggested JRI Jigs all swim great right off the rack, I know Angler's Choice has them online.
  162. whammy

    Help with first saltwater fishing boat

    Like arima bob said, if you plan on fishing the harbors and real inshore like the horseshoe you should be fine, just know that those bay boats slap the water pretty good.
  163. whammy

    What reel for Phenix 809XH hybrid

    talica 12II Freddy, Used this at the rocks for some monsters
  164. whammy

    Lack of lobster reports

    islands been good to us. We're going again tomorrow
  165. whammy

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    went to oc boat repair and they do good work, had it done in a day
  166. whammy

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    Thanks guys, lots of good advice here.
  167. whammy

    Sabre 670 Psychedelic Rod

    they are definitely cool rods, I have a 670H that is bad ass. I've noticed that the ones that pop up are majority 670's, was there a reason for this? did they make these in other models?
  168. whammy

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    appreciate the advice, do you guys know anyone who can professionally fix this fiberglass? Don't want this to be my first project as well as this boat is something that I plan to keep and use for a long time
  169. whammy

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    water is not leaking from the damaged area, we were washing the boat down when i took the pic
  170. whammy

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    Took the whaler out today out of Long Beach and was having a great day until I hit something on the bottom of the boat which later I found out took a chunk out of my fiberglass. Pissed off and not happy but I need to get it fixed. Any advice on how hard this is to fix (no experience with...
  171. whammy

    The Bight

  172. whammy

    The Bight

    yeah thinking about that option. really want the latest edition and could use it this afternoon as a read on my flight
  173. whammy

    The Bight

    Does anyone know which shops have the magazine the bight in stock near south bay/ LA?
  174. whammy

    9/11 Liberty yellowfin

    Nice report, that's a long ass run though for a full day boat
  175. whammy

    Shimano Trinidad 40 For Sale

    weeekend bump price lowered.
  176. whammy

    Shimano Trinidad 40 For Sale

    pms replied, still available
  177. whammy

    Shimano Trinidad 40 For Sale

    Selling a Trinidad 40 in good condition some scratches on the left side plate $320 FIRM pick up in Fullerton or Gardena during the week
  178. whammy

    Catalina Channel

    Check buoyweather or sailflow and plan your trip accordingly
  179. whammy

    Catalina Channel

    this weekends supposed to be snotty. I would definitely check before you head out, that channel is not fun during weather. We're trying to head out to cat Saturday as well but might need to make a change of plans depending on that wind
  180. whammy

    Looks like Billy's at it again!

    Billy Vu and Jerry caught that beast 2 days ago while on a school of big bluefin. Bluefin wouldnt bite but that shortbill came on a sardine cast right into the foamers by Jerry. Jerry fought the beast and they didnt know what it was as it fought on the surface the entire time. Could have been...
  181. whammy


    where are you located? interested
  182. whammy

    WTB New or Mint Trini 16A

    Ended up getting one
  183. whammy

    WTB New or Mint Trini 16A

    got it
  184. whammy

    Local Long Beach Fishing Spots

    Horseshoe has been kicking out some bass and cuda
  185. whammy


    Still available, pms replied not interested in trades
  186. whammy


    pms replied. Will sell without spectra for $475 for those who are not PowerPro fans
  187. whammy


    Looking to sell my Penn Torque 40N LD 2 speed with 80 lb Powerpro Super Slick 8 Bkue braid filled and the tiburon aftermarket clamp with box. Reel has been used 1 time and shows, no fish caught, and no scratches $500 or $475 with no spectra Reel is clean not a scratch
  188. whammy

    Good Mechanic Near Long Beach

    Need to get my Yamaha 115 4 stroke serviced. Anyone recommend a good, reputable Yamaha Mechanic near Long Beach/ Seal Beach?
  189. whammy

    Info about my vintage rod?

    seems like a fair trade for a few free passes. It looks like a silaflex
  190. whammy

    Spike somewhat a Hero....

    sad situation. We were at the island and rounded Ben Weston and saw the Coast Guard and chopper and thought they were doing a drill, didn't know about the accident till we got back. Fished next to the Pacific Quest too probably right after this entire accident.
  191. whammy

    Klamath Swimbait Series Fishing Boat

    pms replied, call Frank with any questions
  192. whammy

    Long Beach Area 6/4

    same shit yesterday, saw a tank of squid but he said he didn't have any. went to pedro for a generous half scoop
  193. whammy

    Fishermen's Depot

    what are their hours? I've been trying to call them as they still have not returned my deposit or my buddies but can't get a hold of them.
  194. whammy

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    straight up donkey Vu! wish i took the day off and went with you guys
  195. whammy

    Phenix Axis 72XH or 78XH for 50-60

    I fished the 720xh on my 5 day to Guadalupe and landed a couple nice tuna up to 100 lbs on the rod fishing 60 and it worked great
  196. whammy

    Boat launching Long Beach

    Davies Launch off 2nd street
  197. whammy

    Looking for Diawa saltiga 20

    he's looking for a saltiga not saltist
  198. whammy

    Truline D8 cobra glass

    damn that's a shame they cut it
  199. whammy

    Cancun Fishing?

    yeah I fished the lagoon directly behind the hotel zone with Cancun Tarpon Fishing Charters and it sucked! lazy captain, caught some sea trout and some small jacks. we were extremely disappointed with the fishing and the service. Loved Cancun though, our hotel was awesome and the all inclusive...
  200. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot?

  201. whammy

    Inshore Fishing - Best electronics????

    I love my HDS 7 touch screen unit.
  202. whammy

    Surface iron gear

    it's not ideal but it will work
  203. whammy

    Surface iron gear

    Definitely don't get the ULUA for a yak, i would get a United Composite CE800 Monster or Wahoo and fish 40-50lb string. If you're on a budget get something like a used calstar 800m. not easy throwing iron on a kayak though
  204. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot?

    it's sad how everything is being handled. Went last Friday with my buddy to see if we could use our deposits as store credit so that the business does not have to pony up any cash and they were closed. Called Andy to figure out what's going on and no answer. This shop will close at this rate...
  205. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot in Bellflower CLOSED with my UC rod!!!

    think we;re going to get screwed they owe me 150 and my buddy 655 and all the new ownership does is give the run around. guarantee they're going to liquidate everything and bounce.
  206. whammy

    WTB 17' Whaler Outrage

    good luck with the search! they are awesome boats I love mine.
  207. whammy

    Klamath Swimbait Series Fishing Boat

  208. whammy

    New 1st time Boat Owner - What should I do to better be prepared?

    Get Vessel Assist!!! cheapest insurance you can buy for any unforeseen problems on or off the water. Get familiar with your GPS and VHF. buy all the necessary safety equipment ( ie life jackets, flares, fog horn, fire extinguisher, etc) practice at the launch ramp getting the boat in and out...
  209. whammy

    Heading to Catalina for the first time

    you guys should be fine, just look at the weather and plan on leaving the island by noon as that channel gets nasty in the afternoon.
  210. whammy

    Black Shimano Terez 80MH For Sale

    nope will be there 4th of july weekend for a 2.5 day but hope this sells way before
  211. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot?

    has anyone had any luck getting there deposits back or being able to use them for store credit?
  212. whammy

    Like to rent a Rail Rod 2x4 for a GuadaLUPE TRIP

    I think a 2x4 is overkill for the lupe. Fished a 1x3 which was overkill and a Phenix axis 720xh which was more than enough.
  213. whammy

    WTB Shimano Terez 80MH and

    i have a 80mh in black for $170
  214. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot?

    little worried about what's going to happen as well. Spoke to Andy, Moe's son, who is now in charge of the shop and wanted to use my deposit money for credit in the shop but he gave me the run around. At first he said give them two weeks to make things right and now he's saying he has no idea...
  215. whammy

    Phenix 809h deckhand and Shimano terez 80mh

    Pms replied. Firm on the terez or trade for a tn16a or talica 8 or 10 plus cash on my end
  216. whammy

    Phenix 809h deckhand and Shimano terez 80mh

    bump terez still available
  217. whammy

    Windy conditions. Worthwhile?

    if its 16 kts I personally wouldn't go. hopefully if you do go they anchor on a spot because its going to be hard to get down to the bottom drifting that fast
  218. whammy

    Windy conditions. Worthwhile?

    Where are you guys fishing? long beach? islands?
  219. whammy

    Truline 36

    cant believe this hasn't sold. one of the heavier ones right Jerr? I have one and it has more guts than some of my d8s
  220. whammy

    Wtb united composites ce1000delmar

    nope sammy is just moving. talked to him last week and hes trying to move a block or so from his old location. guess the landlord sold the property and kicked all the tenants out.
  221. whammy

    Phenix 809h deckhand and Shimano terez 80mh

    sweet arthur, good to see you again, enjoy
  222. whammy

    Phenix 809h deckhand and Shimano terez 80mh

    Selling two rods that don't get much use anymore 1) Shimano terez black blank 80mh older one that still has lifetime warranty used one season. Has a little guide rust under the flex coat that most of these rods get but doesn't affect anything $170 2) Phenix black diamond 809h deckhand used one...
  223. whammy


    Pics are up
  224. whammy


  225. whammy

    Cancun Fishing?

    I appreciate that. thanks!
  226. whammy


    Looking for an older Phenix Ultra Swimbait 868H rated 20-40. Let me know if you have one for sale
  227. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot?

    hey aaron thanks for filling us in. This is all shocking news to me, Moe has always been a stand up guy with me and has wrapped a bunch of rods for me over the years. Thanks for doing what you're doing and trying to get his customers like me our rods and deposits back. Really a terrible...
  228. whammy

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Anyone have any info on what's going on over at Fisherman's Depot? Shop has been closed all week and a buddy and I have 6 rods that were paid in full that were supposed to be ready for us this week. Tried calling Moe but no luck, anyone have any luck getting in touch with the shop?
  229. whammy

    Cancun Fishing?

    Going on a family trip to Cancun late April and wanted to know if there is any good fishing to be had there. Can't seem to find too much info on fishing in Cancun, guessing it's not that good? Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  230. whammy


    no need to fish anything lighter than 40#
  231. whammy

    Penn Fathom LD40N2

  232. whammy

    Harnell 702

    seemed to be close to the ball park you're looking for. 9ft maybe 15-30, good 20 lb stick
  233. whammy

    Harnell 702

    theres a 704 at fishermans depot in bellflower
  234. whammy

    Can't make up my mind Guadalupe 80/100lb reel

    before this year a talica 12II sized reel would be perfect to fish 40-50 on a long soak. I was there the last trip of the year and there were many different setups that worked. Guys were fishing Avet HX Raptors, Accurate 600, Penn Torque, Penn Fathom 40N, Talica 20II. I fished my talica 20II...
  235. whammy


  236. whammy

    Mak 10 SEA Gunmetal & Phenix Hybrid 700xh

    Mak 10 SEA 2 speed Gunmetal $ 380 brand new 65 lb Power pro Spectra Phenix Hybrid 700xh 7/10 cosmetically Factory wrapped SOLD Pick up in Fullerton or Gardena
  237. whammy

    Shogun 12-26

    Ill bring some squid as well for us to use at night. Cant wait man few more days. See you guys at the dock
  238. whammy

    Shogun 12-26

    ill be on the trip. should be a good time!
  239. whammy

    Talica 20ii or Makaira 20ii which casts a sardine best?

    Hey Luan, how did that combo feel for the LUPE? ill be on the next shogun trip and plan on using the same setup talica 20 on a phenix axis
  240. whammy

    Truline Info COBRA 7'

    Picked up this Truline Blank that says COBRA 7' on the butt. No other model # any clue what this is? feels like a great 30# tuna stick which thick walls
  241. whammy

    JRI Custom Jigs 3day Yellowtial Special on the Vagabond

    do you know how many spots are available? going to try and get some buddies on
  242. whammy

    JRI Custom Jigs 3day Yellowtial Special on the Vagabond

    might have to join you guys. do you guys fish lings and rockfish as well?
  243. whammy

    Found some unicorns at Longfin in Orange

    I know Fishermans Access in Brea has had both for weeks
  244. whammy


    if i didnt just buy a talica 20II i would buy it
  245. whammy


    john keeps his gear in mint condition. This reel is basically brand new. $400 is more than fair.
  246. whammy

    WTB Talica 20II

    only looking for the 20, not interested in anything else
  247. whammy

    WTB Talica 20II

    Let me know what you have
  248. whammy

    FS or FT Talica 12II

    where are you located
  249. whammy

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    i like my gg90j for 7x's and 45's and my 690J for my C's and smaller jigs
  250. whammy

    WTS Truline D8

    Purple glass?
  251. whammy

    Diving in Long Beach Harbor

    If that's the case why do they allow hooping?
  252. whammy

    Diving in Long Beach Harbor

    sea launch
  253. whammy

    Diving in Long Beach Harbor

    they told me its never been open
  254. whammy

    Diving in Long Beach Harbor

    Do you guys know if diving inside long beach habor is allowed? We never had any issues since they opened the harbor up to hooping a few seasons ago, but were stopped by Long Beach Police Saturday night because we had a diver in the water.
  255. whammy

    Newell P440 Narrow with tib frame

    a 522 is a conversion that ReelMan did
  256. whammy

    Roddy BR80

    Pms replied. Pick up in Fullerton or Gardena
  257. whammy

    Roddy BR80

  258. whammy

    Boston Whaler 17' Montauk or 17' Outrage

    Love my 95' Outrage. Redid everything and it's the perfect little big boat
  259. whammy

    What Boat Should I Get?

    I would try and save up a little more and get something with a reliable low hour 4 stroke. Boats are expensive, have to figure after purchasing the boat, you still need to pay for insurance, vessel assist, registration, recommend getting a service as you never know what the previous owner did...
  260. whammy

    TN16 gold with gold clamp

  261. whammy

    daveys launch long beach parking question

    You'll get a ticket
  262. whammy


    its a green truline d8 its a 30-40 lb 8ft bait/jig stick
  263. whammy

    Truline ORD8

    Not shipping. Local pick up in Fullerton or Gardena. Blank is 8'
  264. whammy

    Truline ORD8

    SOLD Thanks Jeff
  265. whammy

    WTB Andros 5A ii

    looking to buy an Andros 5a II
  266. whammy


    id be in let me know
  267. whammy

    Trailer Wiring

    go to walstrong trailers in gardena, they have everything you would need. Dealt with pacific once and will not again
  268. whammy

    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    was out there today too. there were too many idiots on the water but we managed to get 26 yellows which wasn't easy. Had boats 10 yards from the bow and had boats running over fish and picking up our lines in their props. With fish this close its going to be a shit show every weekend, just...
  269. whammy


    got one thanks
  270. whammy

    trinidad 40N

    if theyre brand new in box, you can get 450-500 bucks
  271. whammy

    Auto PFD

    i have a mustang as well. Just bought a handheld vhf and had a ACR unit.
  272. whammy

    Boaters overboard in dana point

    Praying for a miracle. From now on, I am definitely wearing my life preserver and ACR unit no matter what
  273. whammy

    HDS 7 Question

    Thanks guys, time to mess with my electronics
  274. whammy

    HDS 7 Question

    Having some issues with my Lowrance HDS7 Touch screen finder. Took it offshore today and could not read anything on the meter. I set the settings from 0-120ft on 50kHz. We ran over a huge pod of dolphin and had dorado under the boat as well off a kelp but all I saw was a blank screen. When we...
  275. whammy

    Yamaha 2 stoke oil

    Unused Yamaha 2 stoke oil 1 gallon $20 Unused Westmarine Left Trailer Lights $10
  276. whammy

    Wtb Talica 20

    let me know if you guys have a talica 20 for sale
  277. whammy

    Good Trailer Shop in Orange County

    just spoke to Bob and can tell he's a class act. taking the boat there tomorrow morning. Thanks guys
  278. whammy

    Good Trailer Shop in Orange County

    Thank you! there shop is right down the street from my office. Appreciate it!!
  279. whammy

    Good Trailer Shop in Orange County

    Does anyone have a good trailer repair shop in Orange County or close to Long Beach? I've left my boat and trailer at Pacific Trailer in Chino to get new lights, bunks, and brackets installed for my 17' Outrage and the guys there are a joke. First they tell me to bring the boat in right away...
  280. whammy

    Whats a 2000 F115 Four Stroke worth that needs work

    that 4th cylinder doesn't look too good. Compression is way low, maybe that could h ave something to do with it?
  281. whammy

    Phenix/Toriums/ Penn/ Calstar

    My buddy said to take down the ad as everything is pending will let you guys know if anything falls through thanks
  282. whammy

    Phenix/Toriums/ Penn/ Calstar

    everything is pending
  283. whammy

    Catalina Yellows 7-3-15

    we were out there to and had them chewing for full limits. Went out yesterday to much tougher conditions. Slack current made for very tough fishing ended up with 4
  284. whammy

    WTT Trinidad 40N

    Pms replied. Pics up. Like the ad says not interested in selling or trading for anything else
  285. whammy

    WTT Trinidad 40N

    Just throwing it out there but i have a duplicate 40n that I would be willing to trade for a Talica 12II. The reel has some rash but has new 80lb spectra, clamp, and was recently serviced. Not looking to trade for anything else at the moment and don't mind keeping 2 40Ns
  286. whammy

    What would you do?

    going over to the shop in the morning to talk and have him make it right. Appreciate the insight and help
  287. whammy

    What would you do?

    asked him and its already on its way to san francisco so no
  288. whammy

    Just Picked Up a Lexa 400

    i caught my 100+ lb opah on this reel. Been fishing it hard the last few months i've had it and am happy with the reel. Biggest yellow so far is 34#'s and the opah. It definitely has the guts to bring in the nicer grade fish
  289. whammy

    What would you do?

    Last week I purchased a 2010 Yamaha 115 4 stroke motor for my 17' Outrage and dropped the boat off last week to have it rigged. The owner of the shop made an honest mistake and called me today and said that he had two Yamaha 115's for sale a 2002 and a 2010 and mistakenly sent my cowling which...
  290. whammy

    Bait Wraps

    fishermans access in brea had a bunch of em yesterday
  291. whammy


    let me know what you have
  292. whammy

    Phenix Abyss 1009

    Brand new with tags. Bought it from a friend who won it on a charter, so its factory wrapped but has a decal on it saying it was from the mahalini charter. Never used or even had a rod on it. 10' 24-60. Good jig rod. $180 Pick up in Fullerton
  293. whammy

    Steering Cable for my 17 Outrage

    Do you guys happen to know the correct steering cables I need for my 17 Outrage? Going to repower her this week and want to order the correct sized steering cables for the new motor and don't have access to my boat at the moment. Thanks
  294. whammy

    Phenix Talon Sabre rods

    updated phenix swimbait rod is back up for grabs
  295. whammy


    Looking for one in good condition. Let me know Thanks
  296. whammy

    Phenix Talon Sabre rods

    ALL PMS REPLIED. As of now the two sabres are left
  297. whammy

    Phenix Talon Sabre rods

    Looking to sell a few rods to make room for new gear 1) Phenix hybrid 888mh $ SOLD 2) Sabre grafast 196 8' awesome Chovy stick $120 3) Sabre not sure of blank but it's 8' and 30-40lb feels like a 6480. $ 100 4) Phenix ultra swimbait 711 ml in ok shape has been fished hard $80 5) Talon 10'...
  298. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    The aluminum plate was used as a base for the quick release bracket. The Outrage has a lip thats 1-1/2" taller than the deck so I had to custom mount the quick release to the plate and the plate to the wood backing deck in order to allow the motor to sit level... it was a pain in the ass but it...
  299. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Need to thank Andy "bigderel" for pointing me in the right direction and Nate from KillerInstinct for helping me as well with ideas for the custom bracket.
  300. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Here is the picture of the bracket
  301. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Here it is. Installed the motor few weeks ago. Going to splash her in tomorrow, see if we can get lucky three weeks in a row for those yellows. Had to relocate the bow lights to the console which I actually prefer and made a stand so that the shaft doesn't bounce around so much in rough weather
  302. whammy

    boat storage in OC

    call darren at accurate storage in seal beach. That's where we keep our boat... really good dude
  303. whammy

    This looks to good. Boston Whaler

    I'm sure his brother is an Ethiopian prince as well
  304. whammy

    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    the 229 is a bait reel, not ideal for throwing iron. The 332 and 338 are good local all around reels for throwing the surface iron while a lot of the long range guys prefer the bigger newell 533. I fish a newell 332 locally and a tn 16 or 20a for bigger fish.. My go to yoyo reel is a trini 40n
  305. whammy

    Stainless steel caps?

    anyone know where I can find some stainless steel caps to fit my 7/8" railing? Had to cut a piece of my railing off for my trolling motor and the caps I got from eBay don't fit
  306. whammy

    More 150 reports 6/11

    looks like a shit show. should be an interesting day tomorrow
  307. whammy


    Didn't get it on a scale, we're thinking 90? It does have different meat, some of it looks like yellowtail others look like bluefin/ liver. Real interesting fish
  308. whammy


    Thanks guys for all the kind words! Can't wipe the smile off :-). Just cooked some up and had some sashimi and it's awesome
  309. whammy


    Guys I am still shaking and can't believe that this happened today..... My buddy Jerry and I decided to take a friend and his kids fishing locally at the 150 to catch some sculpin and rockfish as it was many of their first time. We loaded up on the rockfish in the morning at the 150 with the...
  310. whammy

    WTB: Calstar GG 690 J or Sabre 690 J

    Looking for a GG 690J or Sabre 690J. Thanks
  311. whammy

    Merc 4 Stoke Tiller Motors

    looking for a 90 or 115 for my whaler. let me know if you run into any of those. Thanks
  312. whammy

    Recommendation for a good Electrician? OC/ Long Beach

    Need to have some electrical stuff done to my boat and wanted to know if there were any guys or shops you guys recommend in the OC/ Long Beach area. Basically need to relocate some nav lights, rewire my speakers, fix some issues with my side scan, and wire my trolling motor. Appreciate it...
  313. whammy

    WTB Salas 6X ****PLEASE CLOSE***

    fishermans access in brea just got stock this past week
  314. whammy

    WTB Phenix Black Diamon 809xfh

    thats the one thanks!
  315. whammy

    WTB Phenix Black Diamon 809xfh

    Looking for a factory wrapped with reel seat 809h xf Let me know Thanks
  316. whammy

    Which do you prefer?

    Are those the only two you have to throw the iron? Both are bait sticks and aren't really suitable as a jigstick as they both have a pretty soft tip for flinging bait. If i had to choose, I would pick the longer rod to throw the surface iron
  317. whammy

    Pacific Voyager JRI Custom Lure trip to SCI

    where around north oc can you get some jri jigs?
  318. whammy

    20' Whaler pilothouse for sale

    someone buy this thing so that I dont make any rash decisions
  319. whammy

    Question: Help with yellowtail bellies.

    did you get the belly or the collar? the collar is a V shape
  320. whammy

    Are the squid nests anywhere near the beach?

    might be tough this year with all this warm water around.. but if they are there no one's going to tell you on the boards, best bet is to go look for yourself
  321. whammy

    D8 - Carmel Glass Fuji SIC Guides - Price Drop $225

    looks like the newer hersey glass
  322. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    i have a 17' outrage and I got an 80lb thrust. you could probably get away with less but always nice to have more in shitty weather
  323. whammy

    dream blank for 30-40 bait.

    phenix 809xh or h is a good one
  324. whammy

    Newell P533_5.5F

    come on man this is from 4-1/2 years ago
  325. whammy

    W T B Swimbait/ Inshore rod Found it Thanks

    I have crucial 711 xh for 100 bucks if you want. I pass by cerritos everyday
  326. whammy


    Saw the boat back at marina sportfishing this past weekend. looks like she got some work done
  327. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    hey freddy, yeah it was lots of work and money but got her ready just in time for hopefully another epic season. Ill definitely take you up on your offer when im up in norcal.
  328. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    yeah i want to repower her too, going to turn into a long term investment haha probably wont ever see my money back but she rides well for a 17
  329. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Thanks for the comments guys, stoked on how she turned out, Ill be mounting the vhf antenna on the SS railing along the console.
  330. whammy

    Go to rod for local

    truline d8 with trini 20
  331. whammy

    Fred Hall Show Day One

    Fishermans Landing had deals on some Shimano Terez rods $124-150
  332. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Got the 80 lb thrust
  333. whammy

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    Bought this Whaler Outrage 17' off a member a 5 months back and it needed a lot more work than I expected. After rewiring the the boat, repairing holes, repainting the outside and inside, refinishing the console, and engine service, I am proud to say that this is my boat. Can't wait to get her...
  334. whammy

    2008 Blazer Bay 1860 "Snook Hunter" for sale

    killer rig guys! this thing should go fast!!! If i knew about it 6 months back , it would be sitting in my garage.
  335. whammy

    Planning 1.5 day out of SD Sunday 15 Feb

    If youre going to colonett you're good, if the boat is going to tanner you want to bring a 20# outfit with flouro and small hooks
  336. whammy

    13' Whaler Help

    I had a 13' whaler for many years, rigged up with a small center console, trolling motor, fishfinder, livewell, and had 2 24V batteries in the console and weight was never an issue.
  337. whammy

    Eclipse 2.5 1-29 to 2-1 EPIC!! PICS ADDED!!

    SICK! I cannot wait for my trip this weekend on the Eclipse. Any hot jigs or colors? Guessing if fishing is that good it does not matter
  338. whammy

    Long Beach yellows still biting 1/31

    nice one erik, you guys are on em!
  339. whammy

    Greg from the Aztec here to tell you about our up coming Yellowtail 1.5 day trips.

    $260 for limit style winter yellowtail fishing + rock fishing over scratchy tuna fishing seems like a good value to me. I'll see you guys out there!
  340. whammy

    Trolling Motor Wanted

    sorry to hear about your buddy. Let me think about it, looks like it will work, just looking for a saltwater version. Thanks
  341. whammy

    Trolling Motor Wanted

    is it in new condition?
  342. whammy

    Lost Gear at Crystal Cove

    thanks guys, he was on a night dive and not sure why he just left it drifting without any lights but guess after the dive he obviously couldn't see it.
  343. whammy

    Lost Gear at Crystal Cove

    Hey guys, I know this the wrong forum for this but I know most guys who go out regularly look at this Forum. A buddy of mine went diving last night out of Crystal Cove and lost his banksboard and new omer speargun in the dark that he just got as an early gift from his parents. If anyone sees...
  344. whammy

    Trolling Motor Wanted

    Looking for a Saltwater Motorguide 80# thrust 24V trolling motor, must be remote control or hand control. have cash in hand
  345. whammy

    Local Turkey Day Yellow

    Thanks guys yeah its Frank from Fishermans Access
  346. whammy

    Local Turkey Day Yellow

    Got out on Thanksgiving and went 2 for 2 on the local yellows out of the LBC. Ate the iron and the dine. Good grade fish!
  347. whammy

    2 lobster hoops

    ill take em
  348. whammy

    Newbie needs help with hooping

    oh and 7 bugs per person is the limit
  349. whammy

    Newbie needs help with hooping

    you all need fishing licenses, lobster report cards, everyone needs a gauge, 10 hoops max per boat, 5 nets max if fishing solo, fish the tides and use macs as bait
  350. whammy

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    a good friend of mine has this exact same boat, not the best ride but definitely a fair price for what youre getting. I think your price is more than fair
  351. whammy

    WTB 17 whaler

    took me awhile to find my whaler as well. ended up buying a 17 outrage from the boards and love the ride, just needs some cosmetic work to her and she'll be sick
  352. whammy

    RE Gel Coat/ Painting Recommendations

    Looking to either Re Gel Coat or LP the interior of my Boston Whaler Outrage and wanted to see if you guys had any recommendations locally around the Long Beach/ OC area of shops or guys that would be able to prep & paint the boat for me. Thanks
  353. whammy

    Engine Issues

    Thanks guys I really appreciate the info
  354. whammy

    Engine Issues

    Was hooping close to structure so when i would pull up to my pot I would throttle in reverse hard to stop the boat and keep it in neutral as were we pulling up the nets but unless I slowly put the boat into neutral it would kill the engine. Not sure how else to better describe the situation...
  355. whammy

    Engine Issues

    Took my boat out last night and my engine would die on me when I would throttle hard from reverse to neutral. The engine is a V4 Yamaha 2 stroke 115. Any ideas what is is causing this? Never had this issue on any of my other boats. Thanks
  356. whammy

    Prep Work for Painting a Boat

    Thanks, thats the plan, to spend some quality time on the prep
  357. whammy

    Prep Work for Painting a Boat

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback, going to start prepping next weekend.
  358. whammy


    Looking for a new or good condition 75 lb Thrust trolling motor. Preferrably a Motorguide Saltwater Series remote control.
  359. whammy

    Prep Work for Painting a Boat

    Im thinking about repainting my console which has already been patched with marine tex and painting the inside of my boat next weekend and want to know what kind of prep work is necessary. The plan is to sand the console and the inside of the boat lightly ( any recommendation on what grit sand...
  360. whammy

    Motorguide 36V 109lb.TM

    Ben can you post some pictures?
  361. whammy

    Boat Decal

    Does anyone know who can do boat decals? Using one of Matt Kotch's awesome artworks for the side of my new whaler and want to get it done right. THanks
  362. whammy

    Need Some Fiberglass Advice

    Bought a boston whaler outrage from a fellow BDer this past weekend that needs some work done. There are a couple dime sized holes in the bow where the old navi light was and holes in the fiberglass where the old stern light was. Can you guys give me some advice on how to plug these holes...
  363. whammy

    For Sale Makaira 16 SEA

    Makaira 16 SEA for sale. Bought new a few months ago, been on 2 trips just trolling. In great condition spooled with 100 lb braid to the brim. Asking $500 obo Need to free up some cash for some boat upgrades. Thanks
  364. whammy

    1995 17' Boston Whaler Outrage 115hp PRICE DROP

    That's awesome. Hopefully Freddy will take my offer and I can take you up on that offer for the seat cushions, only thing the boat needs is a trolling motor
  365. whammy

    WTB: CC Boat

    gluck with that man, been looking for 3 months with a $12000 budget and have not found what you are looking for
  366. whammy

    Nav hazard east of the 51 + nice Dodo 8-30

    That's what we thought, had 74 deg water found the pallet first thing in the morning and there was also a nice patty 25 yrds from it with birds flying over head but not one fish! we couldn't believe it.
  367. whammy

    Nav hazard east of the 51 + nice Dodo 8-30

    there is a huge pallet or a piece of a dock off the 14 mile. had to be 6'x6' and maybe 10-12" thick. be careful esp in the dark
  368. whammy

    9/1/14 Dana pt BLEW

    we went out yesterday to from long beach and it sucked going all the way to the 267 and back to the 14 mile. got our asses kicked
  369. whammy

    8/22 Catalina Personal Best!!!!!

    looks around 40#, long skinny fish. way to go man thats an awesome fish
  370. whammy

    Trinidad 40N

    definitely a fair price, bought mine off ebay 6 months ago for 420 but had to put on 60 bucks worth of spectra. best yoyo reel ever, will never sell mine again
  371. whammy

    WFO Catalina Yellows - Saturday 8/16

    NICE! we got them too on the east end
  372. whammy

    For Sale: Lamiglas 528

    awesome rod, one rod that i regret selling, would buy it back from you but have way too many 30-40# sticks. Great hard to find stick. good luck with the sale Larry
  373. whammy

    NEW BOAT OWNER! so stoked but so much to learn

    B reak O ut A nother T housand
  374. whammy

    WTB: Whaler 17' Montauk

    Looking to buy a 17' Montauk with 4 stroke or newer 2 stroke cash in hand.
  375. whammy


    Looking for a Galv single axel boat trailer that will fit an 18' Whaler Outrage. Need one asap please let me know if you or someone you know has one for sale. Thanks
  376. whammy

    Grady White 18' Center Console Info

    Interested in buying a 1999 18' Grady White CC with a 130 Honda 4 stroke. Wanted to know if anyone had this boat and could share some pros and cons with me. Will be hiring someone to inspect the hull and motor but wanted to get some feedback from guys that have this boat or have fished on one...
  377. whammy

    WTB Boston Whaler 16-17ft CC

    saw that, a little out of my price range
  378. whammy

    WTB Boston Whaler 16-17ft CC

    Looking to buy a Whaler 16-17' CC with a newer 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine. Pm me with any details Thanks
  379. whammy

    Halco 130's.............

    they work well! for 13 bucks it's not that huge of a dent
  380. whammy

    Local 3/4 day tuna, where?

    mid channel 14 mile bank might be a good starting place
  381. whammy

    Any Info on a Carolina Skiff Sea Chaser?

    good to know! Thanks Ali, guess I will keep looking for my Whaler
  382. whammy

    Any Info on a Carolina Skiff Sea Chaser?

    Looking into a 2005 Carolina Skiff Sea Chaser 18' CC. It's powered with a 90HP Merc 4 stroke. Anyone have any experience with these boats? Pros and Cons? Looking for it to basically fish bass inshore and a couple trips to Cat
  383. whammy

    Nice little bay boat for sale..

    boat seems underpowered, if it had a 60 it'd be in my driveway right now
  384. whammy

    anchovy set up whats working and whats not?

    I fished a sabre grafast 196 8' with my trini 14a and it worked flawlessly for chovy fishing. Just no more long soaks, have to constantly change baits
  385. whammy

    Nice little bay boat for sale..

    thanks for the find, just emailed the dude exactly what i am looking for
  386. whammy

    Shad style Jig Heads for tuna

    I know they make a tuna tamer shad head made i believe with cadmium which are impossible to straighten out and work great for the slide
  387. whammy

    Jig question.

    3.5 -4.5 oz Megabait in the mac, sardine, and black and silver colors. Swap out the hooks for either a single hook or the owner stinger 4x hooks
  388. whammy

    7 Truline Rods for sale. Need help to ID. Make fair offer.

    you're probably looking at anywhere from $100-$150 ea for the ones you have. Anything under 7' is generally undesirable unless its a VBG, btw try asking Jerr Jiggyn, he should be able to help you out but it will be hard to tell what they are without striping the handle
  389. whammy

    Gail Force 6/24

    had the same thing happen to us this past season inside the harbor. Was hooping a spot a couple hours before the gail force decided to fish the same area which was cool with us but the deck hand then starts cussing at us and giving us the finger. I understand that a lot of pbers follow them...
  390. whammy

    Cedros Star Drag 12S free spool?

    i have two of the CSD 10S and they are awesome! Great freespool and 28#'s of drag. They kind of feel like the daiwa saltiga star drag reels. Would make an awesome surface iron reel.
  391. whammy

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Aaron that is beyond bad ass! Congrats bro you deserved that fish :appl:
  392. whammy


    Tito Ortiz!
  393. whammy

    Truline Octy 1580

    yeah erik, couldn't agree more, easily a $400 rod a few years ago
  394. whammy

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    same here got mine at Turner's too
  395. whammy

    Truline Octy 1580

    Selling a Truline 1580 octy red glass 7ft nice chovy stick says B1580 on the butt. Only difference is I changed the handle from hypalon to cord and took the reel seat off. $200 obo Pick up in Fullerton/Long Beach/ Gardena
  396. whammy

    Help. What kind of phenix is this?

    they're prototype blanks that phenix decided they did not want in their lineup. They are not the 809xh phenix hybrids or anything they currently produce. i got a few at the fred hall too, they were 20-30 bucks each
  397. whammy

    Bad rod or good rod

    it's normal, just the flex coat
  398. whammy

    Sweet Lingcod/Nicer Grade Rockfish Lure?

    savage makes great baits! I got a couple of those to try for lings as well.
  399. whammy

    WTB Trinidad 40n

    Let me know if you want to sell one. Thanks!
  400. whammy

    Vintage surface iron!

    any news on the killers?
  401. whammy

    Vintage surface iron!

    how much for the killer jigs?
  402. whammy

    Old Glory 1/31-2/1

    I was on the trip as well. Capt explained to everyone during the meeting that the quantity at Colonett dimished after 5 boats fished it hard for the past few weeks which is why we fished the baja coast instead. If you check the counts you can see that we did pretty good compared to a lot of the...
  403. whammy

    Daiwa Saltist Black Gold Failure

    Next time try putting grease on the screws before screwing them into the frame, same thing happened to me with a trinidad before
  404. whammy

    Does anyone know Rickycg?

    it probably means he sold the reel
  405. whammy


    Moving out this week to a smaller apartment and don't have room to bring this along. Works Great 53" SamsungTv Asking $50
  406. whammy

    bugging tips for LB?

    have the anchor out ready just in case your rope gets stuck in the prop or your engine dies
  407. whammy


    we lost 2 nets on saturday as well. Not sure if it was the seals or this small boat that was right on top of our string of nets as we were setting our last pot
  408. whammy

    bugging tips for LB?

    Good luck out there it's been real tough the last few weeks. Make sure to zip tie your bait cages good as the seals have been ridiculously thick out there. I would personally set my nets far apart on the initial set (set some deep and some shallow) see what works best and once you find a...
  409. whammy

    Pool Table Cheap

    Sold thanks Bart!
  410. whammy

    Pool Table Cheap

    i will get some measurements when I get home later tonight. I believe it's a 6' table but will confirm later. Thanks
  411. whammy

    Pool Table Cheap

    I have a pool table that I need gone as I am moving out of my place to a smaller apt. In good shape not new but no tears just a few dings and scratches on the legs. Asking $150 bucks. It's small enough to move in the back of a pick up . Located in Brea.
  412. whammy

    18.5 ' Center Console Klamath fishing boat

    that is one clean rig!! Gluck with sale
  413. whammy

    For Sale Newell P220

    Thanks Ben will send it today
  414. whammy

    For Sale Newell P220

    sorry sold for asking price
  415. whammy

    For Sale Newell P220

    final price lowered, need these sold
  416. whammy

    For Sale Newell P220

    lowered take both for 230
  417. whammy

    For Sale Newell P220

    Lowered price, will do 250 for both
  418. whammy

    For Sale Newell P220

  419. whammy

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    bump for the curado
  420. whammy

    Calstar GF 800M 850L Torium 16 & 20 For Sale

    Please call or text the number in the ad it's a buddy's rods and reels
  421. whammy

    Calstar GF 800M 850L Torium 16 & 20 For Sale

    Torium 16 & 20 with spectra used one time Calstar Factory Wrapped Rods 800M and 850L Toriums are pending Calstars are pending Everything is pending
  422. whammy

    Penn, Shimano, Newell and custom wrapped rods for sale.

    Ill take the tn 16 - - - Updated - - - Ill take the tn 16
  423. whammy


    Went to Catalina with 2 buddies. Fished the Front side and the West End for around 10-12 fish, nothing spectacular and had a sketchy moment when our engine throttle snapped in HALF! Had to MacGyver it home all the way and had to cut the trip short. Got one good bite which resulted in this...
  424. whammy

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    bump curado is still for sale lowered to $140
  425. whammy

    Jig stick reel

    trinidad 16-20, newell 332-533, avet jx, saltist, torium 16-20, sealine 30-40...make your decision any easier? best bet is to go to a tackle store and see what fits best for your needs. You live in fullerton, Fishermans Access in Brea has all of the reels mentioned above
  426. whammy

    Jig stick reel

    try the search function, this topic has been covered numerous times
  427. whammy

    Spooling my Okuma's

    Make sure you put some flex tape on the spool before spooling up your spectra
  428. whammy

    Long Beach Breakwater 8/25/13

    depends on when we can get out, early morning, night, evenings have always been good and if the outside too windy the inside harbors and walls always produce
  429. whammy

    Long Beach Breakwater 8/25/13

    my buddies and I have hit the wall religiously for the past few months and it's been good fishing for us, 20-100 bass days
  430. whammy

    Pacific Star Overnight Aug 15

    good to know Ron, appreciate the insight, we leave today at 7 on a two day, hopefully Buzz takes us to that 120 mile zone
  431. whammy

    Pacific Star Overnight Aug 15

    are all the boats fishing that 80-90 mile stuff right now? have a trip out on the prowler tonight for a 2 day and it seems like some boats are whacking em while others are struggling. Are they all fishing different areas? Islander had 120 bft while the prowler came back with 20?
  432. whammy

    WTB Phenix Inshore M1 Rod. Have Cash in hand if the price is right.

    Fisherman's Access in Brea just got some in as well
  433. whammy

    WFO BFT!!!!

    damn thanks a lot, i can't concentrate at work now... leave tomorrow on a 2 day hopefully they continue to bite
  434. whammy

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    still for sale as of now
  435. whammy

    Rods and Reels for Sale

  436. whammy

    FS: Brand New In Box Cedros LD 8s with 50lb blue Power Pro Super Slick 8 Spectra

    awesome reel, basically a single speed version of the makaira 8. gluck with sale!
  437. whammy

    Anyone have a Shikari 7950 for sale?

    Different rod 7950 is a 7'9" 50 lb stick. Tough to find
  438. whammy


    From 8-1am
  439. whammy


    just one of those nights where you had to be patient and really work for your fish
  440. whammy


    Hit the wall on Sunday, windy and crappy conditions. Water temp was 61-62, fishing was slow and the fish wanted it low and slow....painful fishing and the bites were subtle. My buddy and I managed 45 fish on the creature baits and SAVAGE GEAR Sand Eels. Couple of the Nicer ones for the...
  441. whammy

    Upgrade Makaira with SEa Features - Question

    Try asking BENNETT here on the boards.
  442. whammy


    you most likely wont hit any 100-200 lb fish on a 5 day unless you guys go to the lupe. Most 5 days fish offshore for tuna and then head into Cedros Island to catch yellows. 7-8 day spring trips go to the rocks or ridge for yellows and tuna up to 100+ lbs and the fall 7-8 day trips hit the...
  443. whammy

    Wall Bassin

    we'll be fishing sunday from 3-9am
  444. whammy

    Looking to take friends of a friend out 8/3 LB

    can always rockfish and sculpin fish, those are always biting
  445. whammy

    Spectra capacity on the Makaira 2spd please..

    No problem. I have a mak 10 sea and I had no problem getting 300+ yrds of 65# PP Super Slick 8 on that reel. Awesome 40-50 lb reel!
  446. whammy

    Spectra capacity on the Makaira 2spd please..

    the cedros ld 8 is the same size as the makaira and i got 305 yrds of 50# spectra so i doubt you can get 300 yrds of 65
  447. whammy

    Wall Bassin

    sounds good cesar, we try to get out once a week
  448. whammy

    Wall Bassin

    Fished Saturday night with a buddy of mine from 10pm -3 am and it felt like winter bassing. Water was COLD! 59.8-60 deg, 6-7 deg drop since last month. Hit the usual spot with creature baits and Savage Sand Eels and managed to capture 40+ bass which was better than what we expected, even...
  449. whammy


    Have you had the opportunity to go to a tackle store and hold both in your hands to see how they feel? I personally love the okuma makaira 10 2 speed it feels a lot better built that the Daiwa Saltiga 40 and if you do a search on the boards I think you will find that many on here are very happy...
  450. whammy

    Truline D-8

    40 lb rod?
  451. whammy

    Truline D-8

    Was it cut from the tip or the butt?
  452. whammy

    Heavy calico !!!!

    I fished anywhere from 3/4-1.5oz warheads with a 5" swimbait, the bigger 7"-9" swimbait's tails seemed to get chewed off pretty good with all the followers trying to eat the bait
  453. whammy

    Heavy calico !!!!

    just bring whatever you fish the wall with here i fished a termar 800mh at cedros and used it as a beater rod, i think anything mh, h, or xh will work well at cedros just fish heavy flouro and buttoned drags and you'll be fine
  454. whammy

    BFT Meat vs YT Meat. Help a Somewhat New Guy Out.

    American Angler is a class act operation! Lori is the nicest lady you can ever deal with, glad they went above and beyond to hook you up with another bluefin!
  455. whammy

    Catalina crossing advice

    any reason why you guys can't leave later?
  456. whammy

    LB Wall

    Thanks, yeah the waves were going over the wall in the early morning, a lot of water movement
  457. whammy

    LB Wall

    Took the Whaler out Sunday with a buddy. Fishing was average, water temp was a little cooler at 65-66 deg. Fishing started off good but slowed waay down to a pick bite, ended up with maybe 20-25 fish between the two of us for 4 hrs of fishing. Got 2 good bites but was only able to get one...
  458. whammy


    pmed you back
  459. whammy


    BUMP has powerpro super slick 8 green spooled to the brim
  460. whammy


  461. whammy

    My first set up for Bass

    i would have filled that reel to the brim with spectra and fished a 5 ft top shot of your choice
  462. whammy

    Daiwa Lexa 300 Power Handle

    Selling a good condition Daiwa Lexa 300 Power Handle with PowerPro Super Slick 8 blue to the brim. Asking $120
  463. whammy


    Fished 6 solid hours for 100+ fish between my buddy and I. It was definitely the best session I have ever had in terms of quantity. It went WFO for a solid 2-3 hours and decent grade. A lot of the 13-15" fish but had probably 15 fish in the 3- 6.5 # range. 5 biggest bass went 24# lbs...
  464. whammy

    On the water report

    you guys catching and cuda/bass in between?
  465. whammy

    Newest Saltwater Baits

    They will for sure get bit! Nice job
  466. whammy


    ask dennykrb, i know he had some
  467. whammy


    thanks for the heads up, launching tomorrow, will definitely avoid that lane
  468. whammy

    Best Jig Stick reel?

    I like the newell 332 or tn20
  469. whammy

    Bassin Trip Advise

    where are you going to be fishing?
  470. whammy

    Freshwater Gear For Sale

    1) G Loomis 783 GBR 6'6" 1/4-5/8oz Crankbait Rod $65 2) Shimano Compre Trout Rod 7' Ultra light $60 3) Shimano Compre Trout Rod 7'6" Light $60 ( buy both Compres for $100) 4) Rogue Swim bait Rod 807 1-6oz 15-30 $100 5) Tiburon G50F65T 6'6" 50 lb stick $80
  471. whammy

    Shikari and G.USA Rods

    Thanks Ruben for the 8030, killer deals on nice rods!
  472. whammy

    Curado 300E

    still for sale
  473. whammy

    Curado 300E

    pms replied
  474. whammy

    Curado 300E

  475. whammy

    Calico Bass

    Looks like the Damiki knockout, sick baits and nice fish
  476. whammy

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  477. whammy

    Shimano Crucial

    Shimano Crucial 72MA 6-12lb $80 used 2 times Pick up in Brea/Gardena
  478. whammy

    Bass Gear

    pms replied, Have the crucial left thanks
  479. whammy

    Phenix M1 Inshore 20-45 79h

    Fisherman's Access might have that one in stock right now. I know they had a 7'9" MI Inshore not sure if it was the heavy tho, I got the 7'11" mh M1 inshore and it's sick
  480. whammy

    Big Game Hunting

  481. whammy

    Bass Gear

    sent you a text dan
  482. whammy

    Bass Gear

    sounds good Jack, dude says he's gonna pick it up tonight if it falls through it's yours
  483. whammy

    Bass Gear

    all pms replied
  484. whammy

    Reel Cleaner/Painter

    probably not going to get many answers on the classified board, try moving it to the fishing reels board
  485. whammy

    Bass Gear

    on the boron not sure what guides, they look fuji, silver frame ceramic insert, clean wraps, almost new, I bought it from MOON and used it 3 or 4 times?
  486. whammy

    Bass Gear

    fuji alconites, wrapped black on black
  487. whammy

    Bass Gear

    Thats the Boron Phenix
  488. whammy

    Bass Gear

    Selling some bass gear that have not been used in awhile 2) The NEW Teramar 711MH 15-30lb Used 2 times $110 Pending Inshore Assassin 5) Shimano Crucial 72MA 6-12 $100 6) Daiwa Lexa 100HS with 50lb Spectra Used 3 times $90 pending
  489. whammy

    Hybrid bass species? You decide!

    looks like a grass rockfish to me
  490. whammy

    Long Beach

    Hit the wall tonight with two buddies for 4 hours of fishing and it was GOOD! Water was 57-58 deg with good current. We had around 40 fish for the 3 of us, fished the savage gear sand eels, creature baits, and swimbaits for most of the fish. Had a couple toad calicos mixed in.
  491. whammy

    Sabre 540

    Did Sabre ever make a 9ft 540 or were they all 10ft from the factory?
  492. whammy

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    those aren't them. They just came out, Fisherman's Access in Brea just got them in last week, sick rods esp at a good price point I think they're going for 170-200 really nice and light
  493. whammy

    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    I personally like the Calstar GG90J after fishing Uluas and Harnells but like everyone said it's all preference, you can ask 10 guys the same question and have 10 different answers, best bet is go to a local tackle store, pull on a few rods, and see what you can handle
  494. whammy

    tld 5 or 10 in good shape

    check out fishermans access in brea he has a really nice 5 with all of the lettering for $100
  495. whammy

    Butch Green Yellowfin Tackle Box

    Have a Butch Green Yellowfin Tackle Box with decals in good shape. It has some tackle (misc old jigs, feathers, etc..) the only thing that needs to be repaired is one of the trays needs a little wood glue but other than that it is in really good shape. Asking $100 local pickup in brea
  496. whammy

    Comment on Okuma Customer Service

    Okuma and Mike are both class acts!
  497. whammy

    Curado 300ej or Daiwa Lexa 300HSP???

    I have 3 curados and 3 lexas both work great out of the box but after a couple months of fishing the curados seem to hold up better to saltwater than the lexas. 2 of the 3 lexas I have had frozen bearings and squeak like no other. If youre not in a rush check out the new Okuma 350 size...
  498. whammy

    LB Wall

    outside and inside, both were really scratch fishing at best
  499. whammy

    LB Wall

    Fished the wall last night, it was cold and slow. Managed maybe 7 bass and 10 misc junk fish (sculpin/rockfish) Fished everything from hammers, gulp, creatures, and savage sand eels. Water was 56 deg.
  500. whammy

    A little Winter fix

  501. whammy

    New Weedless Head! Pic Heavy!!

    looks good, will they be selling them at fred hall?
  502. whammy

    Mak 8II & 10 II

    Thinking about picking up these two reels, have heard nothing but good things about them. Wanted to see what you guys are setting your 8II with? Thinking about fishing them with a short 40 and 50# top shot.
  503. whammy

    TALICA 12 II

    PMs replied
  504. whammy

    TALICA 12 II

    added pics
  505. whammy

    TALICA 12 II

    all pms replied. will try and get some pics up tonight
  506. whammy

    TALICA 12 II

    Selling a Talica 12II with White power pro Braid to the Brim w/ box. Been on 2 trips in great condition. $380 OBO PENDING
  507. whammy

    Long Beach Night

    Awesome! Fished last Sunday and it was slow for us on the wall, swell was up and made it unfishable, glad you guys got em!
  508. whammy


    that looks sick mike!
  509. whammy


    Fisherman's Access will have savage gear at their both this year. I believe there will be a tank as well next to Fisherman's Access to demonstrate some of the savage gear product
  510. whammy

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    NICE GOING TOM! I have to fish with you guys again soon! you guys killed em
  511. whammy

    What are good crank baits for calicos ,sand bass and spotties

    i just stocked up on the savage gear finesse 65 cranks today, they look promising
  512. whammy

    Winter Bass Colors and Sizes

    try throwing creature baits or smaller swimbaits. I went out this past weekend and did pretty good on the savage sandeels, maybe cause it looked a little different?
  513. whammy

    Long Beach Night

    Yeah no big calis, I was using the power handle chris, awesome reels!
  514. whammy

    Long Beach Night

    Just got off the water and it was cold. Fished the Long Beach Breakwall with a couple buddies for around 30 mixed fish. Water was 53.5 deg and it was COLD! Was able to throw the Savage Gear sand eels in the 1 1/2 oz black gold flake which worked well for me, a slow and low was what they...
  515. whammy

    June 8-Day Gear List

    Hey Josh my first 8 day was in late June. June is always weird, its a crap shoot, could have nice weather and 100# tuna at the rocks or rough cold windy weather with bleak fishing. Hopefully for you its the first and not the latter. I basically brought 1 30# rig for your offshore tuna, 2 40#...
  516. whammy

    quantum reels

    the quantum smoke is nice, i have one and i like it as much if not better than my e7
  517. whammy

    Anyone fish the new Teramar line-up yet?

    they're nice, feels like the old termars minus the handle section. I got the crankbait rod 8ft mh and im happy with it
  518. whammy

    Torium 14 or Jigmaster for Rock fishing

    doesn't matter it's rock fishing, just make sure you fill either one with spectra all the way
  519. whammy

    Trinidad 14???

    tn14s' are awesome reels, good local 20-30lb reel
  520. whammy

    june 8 day fishing trip

    the 8 day i went on late June was a trip to the rocks, crap shoot. Yellowtail and tuna
  521. whammy

    Bait Tank PF-12

    pm sent
  522. whammy

    BASSKING. Round 2

    that last 20 secs is incredible
  523. whammy

    Roddy Rootbeer Trolling Rod Value ???

    to be honest its not worth much. If it really is a Roddy Rootbeer blank, the collectors are really looking for 71/2 -8ft rods that are more of your 30-40# bait/jig sticks, not much of a market for 2 piece aftco trolling rods. And if it is a roddy not sure why it would say American Tackle Co...
  524. whammy

    Fly In Cedros Trip...Should I Go?

    we went in late july/aug and it was phenomenal yellowtail fishing. Im pretty sure the calico fishing is always epic there
  525. whammy

    Rod ID ? Old Truline Brown ???

    looks like a roddy to me
  526. whammy

    Rod ID ? Old Truline Brown ???

    doesn't look like a truline from the pic. maybe a conolon or roddy???
  527. whammy

    Fly In Cedros Trip...Should I Go?

    I went with Duane and Adrian last year and had nothing but good things to say about their operation. Food was excellent, all the beers you wanted to drink for $20, and all the fish you could possibly want to pull on 20 min outside the harbor. Youre fishing pangas so dont expect the amenities...
  528. whammy

    Need New Breakwall Rod

    any 7 1/2 -8ft mh 12-25, 15-30 lb rod will work. teramar 80mh, phenix 807. 806. 711, crucial 711mh, ha, xh
  529. whammy

    Roddy H8

    it says 250
  530. whammy

    Stomach contents of fish

    you ask dumb questions, you get dumb answers :)
  531. whammy

    Fishing Wisdom: What Reel n Rod....

    find a saltist 30T and a calstar 800m used on the boards all you need
  532. whammy

    Giant Lobster

    got a big one on the opener, my first lobster ever. thinking its close to 10 lbs
  533. whammy

    Curados, Lunas, Lexas

    updated list
  534. whammy

    Curados, Lunas, Lexas

    its all preference i prefer the lexa
  535. whammy

    Curados, Lunas, Lexas

    all sold thanks
  536. whammy

    Dan Hernandez

    fake or not, he gets paid to fish... i'm sure a lot of us wish we got paid to fish
  537. whammy

    Lobster Opener report

    hey tom, yeah thinking about friday night to hoop and fish, you guys going out too?
  538. whammy

    Lobster Opener report

    Buddy and I decided to join the madness of hooping opening night ended up with 2 keepers which was cool for our first time hooping we were ecstatic that one of them was a monster bug
  539. whammy

    What inshore braid?

    daiwa samurai or the power pro super slick 8 is nice
  540. whammy

    Am I out-gunned?

    if thats an older d8, you could sell it for a few hundred bucks and buy 2 set ups
  541. whammy

    tn20 tn16

    pms replied
  542. whammy

    Hoopnetting Question

    cool thanks for the heads up
  543. whammy

    Hoopnetting Question

    Is it illegal to drop the nets down at 1130pm Friday Night and pull them up at 12:01 on Saturday Morning?
  544. whammy

    tn20 tn16

    pms replied, no trades at the moment
  545. whammy

    tn20 tn16

    pms replied, still available
  546. whammy

    lobster bait

    damn, i guess 99 ranch it is.. is there a limit on macs on the pier?
  547. whammy

    lobster bait

    anyone know of any cheap places to buy macs or salmon heads for bug bait?
  548. whammy

    tn20 tn16

    pms replied
  549. whammy

    tn20 tn16

    pics added
  550. whammy

    tn20 tn16

    1) TN 16 with tib clamp in excellent condition with spectra $250 2)TN 20 with spectra in good condition $225 Pick up in Brea BOTH SOLD THANKS
  551. whammy


    why dont you just use proven fish scents like uni butter or hot sauce?
  552. whammy

    Good jigstick reels

    by a sealine 40 if youre worried about budget a tn20A if you're not
  553. whammy

    Legend or New Lo-An for 1.5 trip

    NEW LO AN!
  554. whammy


    Looking for a pacific edge chovie master bait tank or something similar 20 gallon tank. Thanks
  555. whammy

    Trinidad 14

    anywhere from 190-225
  556. whammy

    Daiwa Lexa 300

    jerr they're really nice reels, been fishing them hard lately for bass and cant put them down, makes my curados less desirable. Very smooth excellent drags and feels good on a fish
  557. whammy

    Truline Rods

    Both pending to MOON
  558. whammy

    Truline Rods

    pms replied
  559. whammy

    Truline Rods

    thanks jerr
  560. whammy

    Truline Rods

    Selling two really nice Truline 4xs 1) Factory wrapped purple glass, thick walls truline dynamo butt cap 2) Green glass 4x thick walls nice 20-25# stick Both rods are 7 1/2 ft 20-25# Asking $120 each OBO or 200 for the pair. open to trades as well. Both rods are located in Brea or can...
  561. whammy

    Fish Lost - Line Broke - Yellowtail

    when a fish dives under the boat put the rod up out and at an angle so that the rod tip is almost touching the water so that the line does not rub against the bottom of the boat. also use a reputable line manufacturer and a strong knot, i like the double san diego or san diego
  562. whammy

    Best SW trolling motor on a budget?

    i think its too light of a trolling motor for that sized boat esp if its a heavy boat. might want to consider getting a higher thrust motor
  563. whammy

    15 foot Boston whaler!

    should go fast
  564. whammy

    Teramar 80mh

    pics added and reduced
  565. whammy

    who ever smelt it dealt it!!!

    i know a lot of guys use bread by docks to catch them
  566. whammy

    Teramar 80mh

    Selling a used Teramar 80mh in good condition good bass rod with trigger grips. Only thing is i tapered the cork on the bottom in order to get a better grip. $90
  567. whammy

    Cedros gear for the uneducated thumb...

    Trust me you can hook a 5# bass while picking a nest just wind it through the nest haha
  568. whammy

    Cedros gear for the uneducated thumb...

    cedros is the best place to learn to cast a baitcaster, even when you mess up you are rewarded with a 5# fish
  569. whammy

    Cedros gear for the uneducated thumb...

    you want a curado 300 style reel matched with a heavy 71/2-8ft rod that you can fish 30-50 lb flouro carbon. you probably want to fish with 50-65 # spectra backing to a short 3 ft flouro top shot. That with a bag of big swimbaits a lot of war heads or weedless heads and a bunch of surface...
  570. whammy

    Calico bass rod

    Looking for another bass rod to fish the wall (calicos&sandies) Crucial 711H or XH Phenix 806L or 807ml Jaws ( something 8ft 12-25) will even consider some of the lighter terez rods ( white blank ) let me know if you have anything for sale
  571. whammy

    WTF I Quit this Crap !!!

  572. whammy

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    lets see a picture of how bad they are chipping. were you fishing structure?
  573. whammy

    Typical 2.5'-3' topshot Fluoro Why?

    use a tony pena knot for short topshots
  574. whammy

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    warbaits were designed to throw in the nastiest terrain, if they are not getting chipped you're doing something wrong
  575. whammy

    new to boating

    time to get a new gf
  576. whammy

    Looking for a boat, need advice

    for 5k its going to be tough, that invader just looks like a lot of work. especially since that motor is almost 30 yrs old and a new outboard would put you out of your budget. I would save up some more and look into getting something in the 15ft range with a nice 4 stroke to get you started.
  577. whammy


  578. whammy

    Truline (Refinish Blank or Not?)

    Did you get this from Larry?
  579. whammy


  580. whammy


    I have a hard to find CEX Ulua 10ft uncut deckhand style with perfection guides wrapped in black and turquoise. $200 Located in Brea
  581. whammy

    Opinions on bayrunner bajas

    depends on what youre going to use the boat for. if youre planning on taking it offshore to fish tuna and tails youre going to get beat up in any boat for the price youre looking to spend. If its more for inshore bass, islands, local yellows you'll be fine with the bayrunner or any fiberglass...
  582. whammy

    Good low profile reel?

    get a curado 300E if you want to throw the bigger plastics or get a 200E7 for the spotties
  583. whammy

    My first cuda

    whyd you take down butterscotch iron? next time though it's called scrambled egg, nice fish btw!
  584. whammy

    My first cuda

    butterscotch iron
  585. whammy

    baby ulua

    its a little too whippy in the tip for throwing iron in my opinion, id rather stick with the standard Ulua. Sold my Baby Ulua cause it was waay too light to sling an iron
  586. whammy

    Options, Spectra, or Tailchaser?

    all i know is the options and the dreamer absolutely kill fish. haven't heard about the spectra or tailchaser recently
  587. whammy

    Surface Jig Casting Reel Question

    Anything from 8'-10' is perfect. reel wise i like the newell p332, 338, 533 or trinidad 20
  588. whammy

    40-80# rod, what are my line options?

    it will not be hard to cast with 40# if you're proficient in casting. Pick a good bait and you just need a little lob and the bait will do the work for you. Those ugly sticks are generally pretty parabolic so it might be rate 40-80 but its probably more of a 40-50# rod. You should be fine...
  589. whammy

    40-80# rod, what are my line options?

    if youre talking about flylining on your typical overnight to 3 day type trip then 40# is really all you need but you will definitely be fishing more of that 25-30# line and fish 40-50# when it gets wide open. YFT are like any other fish sometimes they are line shy or something they bust wide...
  590. whammy

    1962 Boston Whaler Refit (Picture Heavy)

    karl i believe he sold this boat awhile ago
  591. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    new ride, eventually i want to add a bait tank for SWBA fishing, might convert the cooler into a live well if possible
  592. whammy

    Boston Whaler 13' Side Rails

    Looking for whaler 13' side rails. let me know if you have something for sale thanks
  593. whammy


    fish dope, or buy mark wisch's book has some coordinates for wrecks and such
  594. whammy


    thats a 2 stroke. And yes I would listen to the advice of the others, there is a huge learning curve to boating esp big boats. We got a 24 ft striper cuddy 3-4 yrs ago and its way too much boat. Though the same thing about taking my mom in it and using that cuddy to sleep or rest but since we...
  595. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    gonna buy my buddies 13' whaler thats turn key. My pops is buying a 21' center console so I figured for the wall and inshore/ bay fishing the 13 will be fine plus save me some cash. Thanks for all the advice guys!
  596. whammy

    Rods and Reels

    reels are gone, pms replied. Make an offer on the rods, motivated to sell!
  597. whammy

    Long Beach Wall

    the water was 66 yesterday
  598. whammy

    Rods and Reels

    all prices also have been cut
  599. whammy

    Rods and Reels

    updated and pms replied. make me an offer on whats left buddy is trying to buy a boat
  600. whammy

    Ulua & Phenix

    pms replied phenix dropped to 90 bucks
  601. whammy

    21' Glastron CC / 150hp Evinrude Etec - $6500obo

    Left you a voicemail interested an would like to see it today thanks
  602. whammy

    Rods and Reels

    updated the list thanks
  603. whammy

    Ulua & Phenix

    yeah i know its clean too
  604. whammy

    WTB: Whaler

    Checked it out yesterday
  605. whammy

    WTB: Whaler

    Looking for a whaler 15' with a newer 2 stroke or 4 stroke motor, something that is turn key or wont require too much $ to look pretty. Let me know if you or someone you know is selling. Also open to other center consoles as well price range is $6-7k Thanks
  606. whammy

    Ulua & Phenix

    its second from left
  607. whammy

    Ulua & Phenix

    1) CEX Blue rare 10ft Ulua full length wrapped in black a turquoise $200 2)Phenix boron 7'6" 10-15# rod $100 reduced to 90 Moon wrapped pick up in brea
  608. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    thanks Mike definitely something to consider.
  609. whammy

    Which Boat?Grande, Prowler, New Loan, or Condo For this Friday

    i would go condor or nla, the prowler is a tippy ride and the grande has the worst bait tank handwells ive seen
  610. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    Thanks guys for the help, going to check out the 15ft tonight, hopefully it's clean and ill be able to pick it up
  611. whammy

    yellowtail advice for a new jack

    do it
  612. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    i feel you there but wanted to ask the question because of the size difference and the 15ft is turn key just not arranged like I would like
  613. whammy

    Boston Whaler

    Finally sold my aluminum and now im looking into buying a Boston Whaler but im torn btw 2. 1) 13' Whaler clean little ride with a 40 hp 4 stroke yamaha all the bells and whistles. Previous owner, buddy of mine, added a center console, new fishfinder, really nice trolling motor, ice cooler...
  614. whammy

    yellowtail advice for a new jack

    no need for flouro when fishing iron, its a reaction bite the reason why the yellows bite the jig is because they see something fast moving in front of them and are not paying attention to line which is why you can get away with fishing heavier line. Also if you use spectra to mono to flouro...
  615. whammy

    Rod and Reels

    updated whats left
  616. whammy

    Rods and Reels

    Post is for a buddy of mine on BD, Please give him a call and do not send a pm otherwise he wont get it. Thanks! RODS: Phenix x-10 custom acid rap all black fuji guides 10-20lb 7' -$120 reduced to $100 Rogue Byron Velvick Sr Swimbait stick 8' 20-40lb 2-10oz lure- $120 reduced to 100 Quantum...
  617. whammy

    Rod and Reels

    800m is sold still have the Phenix let me know
  618. whammy

    Rod and Reels

    pms replied
  619. whammy

    Rod and Reels

    all pms replied
  620. whammy

    Rod and Reels

    1) CEX ULUA 10' Wrapped in blue and black really good condition $200 5) Phenix Boron Bass rod 7'6" sweet 12-15# stick wrapped by moon like new condition $100 Pick up in Brea will ship the reels on your dime PM me Thanks!
  621. whammy

    Great Cedros Adventures

    did this trip last year, you get to take home 30# of fillets which is more than enough
  622. whammy

    Davies Launch Ramp--Water?

    it was working this past weekend. usually at nights they turn off the token machine
  623. whammy

    Advise a 2-day tuna first-timer

    Hey Andrew you pretty much have everything covered all your rigs will workout fine. Instead of bring a yoyo rig, I would try putting a megabait or swimbait with a big 2-2.5 oz head with a plastic to fish the slide and definitely fish flouro on your bait rigs if you have it. Also you can borrow...
  624. whammy

    yellowtail advice for a new jack

    exactly what duke said, never fish anything less than 40 imho for yoyoing yellows. also set the the drags to 30 % of the line rating and if the fish takes drag let him run thats what the drags were designed to do. Also make sure not to set the hook on the jig, just keep straight winding
  625. whammy

    Newell P332

    fishermans access services reels in house, the only thing they do outside is rod wrapping
  626. whammy

    Newell P332

    fishermans access in brea. they do a good job servicing my newells
  627. whammy

    Old School P338 F

    Thinking he wants an old p series newell which were the best ones. The blackies tended to crack around the screw holes and not hold up as well
  628. whammy

    Phenix Rods & Surface Irons

    get a calstar gg90J if you want a jigstick to throw the 45's and 7xs, i think phenix rods are better bait sticks that jigsticks
  629. whammy

    Daiwa Lexa

    The curado 300 series definitely has a better look and is prettier than the LEXA but the LEXA's drag and shifting in and out of gear makes it a real nice buy for $50 cheaper than the curados. We'll see hopefully they make the production model prettier with a better paint job