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  1. Salmonater

    north river eye candy

    I talked to the guy at NR that test drove that boat, and those numbers are waaay off.
  2. Salmonater

    north river eye candy

    It's copied after my boat, the owner was crawling all over it last year. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? I do think it needs a bigger fuel tank with those motors.
  3. Salmonater

    north river eye candy

    That boat will be in Ilwaco this summer and was build to the buyers specs. The boat isn't for sale and Clemens is just trolling for customers.
  4. Salmonater

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    I like the color choices.
  5. Salmonater

    29 Almar Walk-Around Rebuild

    That's Money!
  6. Salmonater

    Winter boat projects...

    Let us know what you think after a few trips. Wise move on putting in a second one, you want the co-pilot on station instead of watching for the next spine breaker.
  7. Salmonater

    Westport to anacortes 4/13

    Technically, the border is closed due to Covid-19.
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    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Yes, but the permits are only $20 and if you get in a wreck or something, you my as well have your bases covered.
  9. Salmonater

    Daiwa reel parts source?

    To late, but for the future, here's a couple of other options. Mike's Reel Repair TunaTroubles
  10. Salmonater

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    You will want both motors turning with a tie bar. It works well. Do a Google search, you should find what your looking for.
  11. Salmonater

    Pursuit Refit

    That's normal
  12. Salmonater

    Pursuit Refit

    Volvo Pentra, has a interceptor style trim tab system also, I've been running theirs since 2014. I've been happy with mine.
  13. Salmonater

    Tapatalk or bd app?

    Thats much easier, Thanks
  14. Salmonater

    Saltwater Series II stainless props

    Almost new set of props, 9 out of 10. $600.00
  15. Salmonater

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I stand corrected, I do remember the drag stack being smaller on the older red Japanese models now, is the OD of both sets of gears the same? It looks like it from the picture, if thats the case they may still be interchangeable. I'll have to check that next time I take a red one apart.
  16. Salmonater

    More stuff for sale....

    Whoever buys the bait tank, good price by the way......I would recommend using bigger pumps with magnetic drives. I'm running 2 1600 GPH in mine.
  17. Salmonater

    WTB 23-27 foot pilothouse or express boat

    Their a pain in the butt to launch and retrieve with the direct shaft, and set high on the trailer.
  18. Salmonater

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I've worked on at least a dozen Japanese direct Daiwa's and I haven't noticed any part differences. You can just order the needed part # from a American counterpart schematic.
  19. Salmonater

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I still think it was you:-)
  20. Salmonater

    Any intel for Tanacom in japan

    I've serviced both and their the same inside.
  21. Salmonater

    Westport marina notices

    Jason it's more convenient to have permanent buoys attached along with dock lines. That way you don't have to drag things out each time and it's faster to tie up with the lines at station. I have another set in the boat for gas dock, emergencies, etc.
  22. Salmonater

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    Raft doesn't deploy until the boat/raft is 3 meters under.
  23. Salmonater

    Anybody running Gibbs breakaway flashers?

    I'm having trouble finding these, anyone found a link?
  24. Salmonater

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    I'm towing with a SRW 3500, towed with a SRW 2500 for 1 1/2 years previous. My boat crosses the scale at 16,100 + 1250 TW. No problems towing with a little common sense. I drive my truck as a daily commuter so I didn't want duals. The only issue is going too fast down hill on a corner( the boat...
  25. Salmonater

    Joining the 30' plus club (New NR 3100SXL build)

    Airbags on the 2500 and your good to go.
  26. Salmonater

    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    Don't hurt my feelings, I'll have to break your kneecaps!
  27. Salmonater

    Lingcod Charter Recommendation?

    You won't find any better for Lings, he's hands down the best. They don't call him Lingcod Todd for nothing. Look up Todd's extreme fishing.
  28. Salmonater

    42' defiance?

    Go to the other thread
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    Hi Bob, I have a friend that needs bottom paint redone on a 31' NR, whats a good phone # to call?

    Hi Bob, I have a friend that needs bottom paint redone on a 31' NR, whats a good phone # to call?
  30. Salmonater

    Kingfisher 2528 Weekender/Destination search

    This is good advise, CroizerCraft builds a great boat, NR makes what your describing, both of these boats are twice the boat IMO. The boat show is just around the corner, take your time and get it right. Let me know if you want help.
  31. Salmonater

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I had mine sprayed with bed liner when mine was built, it’s been 5 years and no issues.
  32. Salmonater

    He says, "You fish poorly".

    You’ve come far Pilgrim....Seems like far.
  33. Salmonater

    Hydraulics anyone?

    I like it!
  34. Salmonater

    Garmin G3 worth it?

    Wait for the boat show, I don’t think it’s supporting this area.
  35. Salmonater

    Reel Service

    If your doing your Shimano's, you can do the Tanacoms. If you want to drive to Tacoma, I can walk you thru the first one.
  36. Salmonater

    Opened up the winch

    I would logon to and ask there.
  37. Salmonater

    Airmar Wide Chirp & GSD-26 decisions

    Just trying to think of something to spend the extra money on. Good choice on radar, how about AutoPilot. I wouldn't want to leave home without it.
  38. Salmonater

    Airmar Wide Chirp & GSD-26 decisions

    Maybe bigger displays, what radar are you installing.
  39. Salmonater

    42' defiance?

    Is that a cousin to a Flounder?
  40. Salmonater

    Airmar Wide Chirp & GSD-26 decisions

    Depends on blowback and side currents, 50'-150'. The medium chirp will give you a more detailed/accurate look at the bottom because of the narrower cone. I usually run the HW and medium side by side, the different frequencies will give you different detail, depending on the fish your looking at.
  41. Salmonater

    Airmar Wide Chirp & GSD-26 decisions

    Theres no doubt that theres better transducers for deep work and running, but the HW with track bottom at 25knots to 1000' all the time on my boat and marks bottom well past that, I use that in tandem with the narrower cone angle Medium, for more detailed bottom contours.
  42. Salmonater

    Airmar Wide Chirp & GSD-26 decisions

    I installed mine mainly for see tuna off to the side when trolling and I feel I get a more accurate representation of whats down there withe the HW. I have not been able to see the value of it compared to the HW when trolling for salmon or Tuna.
  43. Salmonater

    Airmar Wide Chirp & GSD-26 decisions

    So I'm running Garmin 8612's(old style), GSD 26, SS175HW and SS175M tilted elements, and Panoptic Transom mount. I have the GSD26 because the older units didn't have the drive unit built in, I don't think you will need it unless you plan on installing something larger than I KW. I had Fairing...
  44. Salmonater

    reel grease, and Oil, bearings

    We need to get together, I’m pretty sure I can figure out what your freespool issue is.
  45. Salmonater


    Oh well, it bears repeating!
  46. Salmonater

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Nope, the boats still at Ilwaco.
  47. Salmonater

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Thats a lot of horsepower!
  48. Salmonater

    WP live bait - the real scoop

    That doesn't look good.
  49. Salmonater

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    That could show up in my Christmas stocking.
  50. Salmonater

    Osprey 28

    Outboard or inboard? You need the weight down below in this one.
  51. Salmonater

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    This looks photoshopped Pat, are you teasing me?
  52. Salmonater

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    Back on topic....What a bummer! I love everything I see on that boat, including the wrap. I would love more info on this boat. Who's willing to get dirty and come up with more info on this beast.
  53. Salmonater

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    I know that :-), but you got to admit, your answer is always the same.
  54. Salmonater

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Yada,Yada, Yada
  55. Salmonater

    Best fish sealer

    The Vacmaster VP215 is far from bullet proof, and probably won't last a lifetime as some have alluded too, also I don't believe the the newer ones have a sealer bar that will do retort bags. They are made in China and mine started going south with fairly heavy use, after 2 years. I traded mine...
  56. Salmonater

    Ilwaco fuel

    That would be about right, after calculating it.
  57. Salmonater

    Ilwaco fuel

    Not the majority, it's like 10%, and the fuel is marked up more than it needs to be.
  58. Salmonater

    Question about a simple Tuna troll spread.

    I never leave the dock without them.
  59. Salmonater

    Flew my drone around the 32' Liberator.

    Its was a beautiful day, with some great veterans! It was a pleasure.
  60. Salmonater

    Which Garmin Radar

    I love mine!
  61. Salmonater

    Best DR replacement braid

    I've been using 200# Jerry Brown, with good results.
  62. Salmonater

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    That's one nice boat!
  63. Salmonater

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    The new VP's dont do retorts anymore. For the record, I love my Benchmade for half the price. I'm sure it's a great knife, but I'm been real happy with the Benchmade.
  64. Salmonater

    When Pigs Fly

    I wouldn't change a thing.
  65. Salmonater

    questions for engaged experts: Struggling with 4-halibut annual limit

    I was at the Halibut meeting two years ago, as was Dave Johnson, when it was being pushed. The big Charters were pushing for a 2 fish limit, go figure. I got up and made the the same basic arguement that Dave used above and wrote letters to everybody involved including the commissioners to no...
  66. Salmonater

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    No offense meant here, but your dreaming on the fuel mileage.
  67. Salmonater

    Will these make my Boats ass look Phat?

    Have a buddy that swapped 150 Hondas for 200 Zuks on a 26' NR, more power and better fuel milage. He ended up at the same dealer.
  68. Salmonater

    North of falcon lawsuit

    Imagine that.....Naa, that makes too much sense.
  69. Salmonater

    North of falcon lawsuit

    It's way past time
  70. Salmonater

    Looking for a new suspension seat

    Just loose some weight!
  71. Salmonater

    Next Tow Rig?

    The wide load signs are missing, someone write him a ticket.
  72. Salmonater

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    More of them, i might add.
  73. Salmonater

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    A guy could go to Costa Rica on your refund!
  74. Salmonater

    Highway 101 closure

    If that's the case, you better stay at Sekiu, It's just the warmup for the trip to the Praire.
  75. Salmonater

    ***** RIP *******

    Some people are just smarter....Only been there once in 2011, I'm still recovering.
  76. Salmonater

    Highway 101 closure

    Same as it has been, I've been thru there a couple of times lately.
  77. Salmonater

    Splashed the North River 29

    Educated guess would be 9.5 x 24 degrees
  78. Salmonater

    Octane rating at WP dock

    I looked in the octane booster, if it’s bought in bulk, it’s .10 a gallon. I believe Suzuki actually recommends 91 octane but they will run on 89 ok. When the knock sensor kicks in they go to 275 hp. The 300 Suzuki takes 87 octane.
  79. Salmonater

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    He may be a good guy, but he"s got some stupid ideas, and I don't want him setting policy. He's already done me enough favors.
  80. Salmonater

    The boat show, the boat show, the Great Miami Intl Boat Show

    Talks Cheap, put your money where your mouth is.
  81. Salmonater

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    I totally oppose his appointment, he’s responsible for the 4 fish limit. He is now pushing for a 50” maximum size limit on Halibut. I clicked the link provided and opposed his appointment. Whatever his intentions may be, the 4 fish limit is only helping the charters, and Wdfw has already...
  82. Salmonater

    Shimano Tekota Reel Service

    You can get a whole set for $15.00 at smooth drag. 10 minutes and I would have them replaced. Pretty simple.
  83. Salmonater

    Rebuild begins

    She looks great Jason!
  84. Salmonater

    Fuel Dock open Sunday after WTC

    Ilwaco had the cardlock machines in and ready to go, before they backed out. The Liability insurance was too high. It makes a big difference when your on a reservation, and in control of your own destiny.
  85. Salmonater

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    I run a 3' length of tuna cord. The swivel at the top od the cord is where I attach my release and I put a Dummy Flasher off the ball.
  86. Salmonater

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Got my 9/16' speargun rubber. tried it out today, it was painful, but i ran it up till it crashed 2 times, I still got my balls.
  87. Salmonater

    Garmin Reactor 40 Kicker Autopilot!!!

    They work good on a sled with a pump, but anything with a deep V and a large rudder ot two, and your always fighting the boat in all but the calmest conditions. I'm a big believer in a kicker with a tie bar to your mains, with the autopilot on the big motor.
  88. Salmonater

    Garmin Reactor 40 Kicker Autopilot!!!

    Don't do it! It's a trap! :D
  89. Salmonater

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Thanks :-) I just ordered some to try it out.
  90. Salmonater

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Whats the OD on the tubing?
  91. Salmonater

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Dustin are you on P dock at Ilwaco? We may be moorage neighbors.
  92. Salmonater

    They are Real!!

    Ahh....Where's your line counter?
  93. Salmonater

    Liferaft inspections

    They aren't required on a recreational vessel so the 3 years is a best by date, and is not required. It's up to you to determine if it needs it. Viking rafts need to go to Viking and they know it, be prepared for $600.00-$1000.00 depending on the model.
  94. Salmonater

    WTB Neah Bay Halibut Moorage

    Get moorage at Sekiu and run up, it takes 30 minutes.
  95. Salmonater

    Winter Derbies

    Ha.....I got you by 1 knot.
  96. Salmonater

    Winter Derbies

    I'd like to see documentation of a 2820 Parker doing 55-60 knots. I may be wrong, but that sounds like the salesman in you talking.
  97. Salmonater

    Boat Sinks

    Granted he did a lot of things wrong, mostly from inexperience I believe. That doesnt excuse the sloppy manufacturing and poor customer service from the dealer. I might be wrong, but i think this started as a on going blog , and it just blew up with all the difficulties encounterd. I don't think...
  98. Salmonater

    Boat Sinks

    Why do you say that?
  99. Salmonater

    Boat Sinks
  100. Salmonater

    DR Clips...

    I've been using the same offshore release for 11 years, i must be living right or something.
  101. Salmonater

    Use AP24 for salmon trolling??? Before I say goodbye to my TR1....

    Using the main AP for trolling is the way to go for sure.
  102. Salmonater

    Want to buy/borrow/rent pressure canner

    Thats a good one, I have the same one and a All American.
  103. Salmonater

    Buying boat from Canada

    Charter also.
  104. Salmonater

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    Boat building is a competitive market, and i doubt that they will be using that percentage straight accross the board, at least not if they want to keep their market share.
  105. Salmonater

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    I new a guy that had a 30' Osprey with outboards, The hull really needed the weight of a inboard down low. The boat was seriously top heavy.
  106. Salmonater

    New North River Seahawk OS2700S Build

    Wow, you didn't mess around on the mast! I kinda wish I had mounted my transducers that way. I had onr go out a few weeks ago. I've got a major project ahead of me now. Very Nice Boat....Congrats!
  107. Salmonater

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    There are a lot of really good manufacturer's in Florida, I would buy a trailer down there, and than ship it.
  108. Salmonater

    Garmin finally gets Navionics

    It looks like this is integrated into new mapping cards, i don't think it's a software update.
  109. Salmonater

    Boat Pictures

    I heard Chuck bought a boat out of Alaska, and he's going to do some commercial crabing out of it.
  110. Salmonater

    CC vs pilothouse PNW

    I launch and dock by myself all the time. I have 2nd-station steering with big motor controls, and a walk thru side door. It's pretty easy with a second station. I wouldn't consider a pilot house without it, doesn't matter if your docking or fishing, I want to be in the middle of the action.
  111. Salmonater

    Boat Pictures

    probably, I spend a lot of time up there.
  112. Salmonater

    Deck Boot Reviews

    How warm are they, I've got winter boots, the perfect boot is light weight, cool,comfortable, with good traction. So far, extratuff gets me the closest to that. The Under Armour's sound good if not too hot. I'm looking and don't see any rubber under armour boots.
  113. Salmonater

    Halibut season setting meeting

    Dave is correct, the dates given are wrong.
  114. Salmonater

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Hopefully they have improved the sole, I tried a set and didn't like them. The traction was terrible, and the two piece innersole moved around a lot with any side to side movement. I promptly took them back.
  115. Salmonater

    Cost of New Outboards?

    It would be wise to listen to the input from the guys that put more hours on their motors in a year than a dozen weekend warriors.
  116. Salmonater

    Cost of New Outboards?

    Do yourself a favor and listen to Pat, he speaks the truth.
  117. Salmonater

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Thread file and a small three sided file, and a lot patience. It's savable.
  118. Salmonater

    Electronics Question (Garmin Yamaha Command Link)

    Once again, Pat is right....I hate it when he does that.
  119. Salmonater

    Whatever Happened to Delta Divers?

    They've always been pretty unresponsive.
  120. Salmonater

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    The added cost gets passed on to the concumer, so your still subsidizing.
  121. Salmonater

    Sugar-free smoked salmon

    The 45 min covered in rock salt dry brine works pretty good. Rinse off really good after brining.
  122. Salmonater

    Neah was.... "good"

    i'm beginning to think your the smart one.
  123. Salmonater

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    Is there a link to the food bank, I want to make sure I donate what is recommended.
  124. Salmonater

    Neah was.... "good"

    Great job Dave, it was nice talking to you at the Breakwater.
  125. Salmonater

    Tanacom Bull service

    My memory is short, so you will have to remind me this winter,
  126. Salmonater

    Tanacom Bull service

    I know a guy.
  127. Salmonater

    Tanacom Bull service

    I zip tie the cord to the handle, make a outside loop and tie to the foregrip. I tore the side off a reel setting the hook with my foot on the cord. I'm using cords 8 years old.
  128. Salmonater

    New North River Seahawk OS2700S Build

    Boats up at Neah/Sekiu till mid July and than down to Ilwaco until December.
  129. Salmonater

    New North River Seahawk OS2700S Build

    NR builds a great boat and I'm sure you make many memories in it. I had one built 4 years ago, and have never regretted it. They build a very sea worth boat with top of the line products.
  130. Salmonater

    Tanacom Bull service

    I get back from Hawaii on Sunday, and then I will be headed back up for a week or two.
  131. Salmonater

    Tanacom Bull service

    Yes, the Carbonex washers from smooth drag will fix that. I have a few sets and can help you out.
  132. Salmonater

    Tanacom Bull service

    Steve, I've serviced over 50 of these for friends. I'd be happy to help you with this. Bring it over and I'll walk you thru the tear down and hopefully the repair.
  133. Salmonater

    purging hydraulic steering - ultraflex UP Series Helms + AP Pump

    Thanks Bob, for putting this out there. It's been a big help to many of us.
  134. Salmonater

    purging hydraulic steering - ultraflex UP Series Helms + AP Pump

    I have the same system as you, this was posted on here before and it worked for me. Bleeding of Seastar outboard hydraulic steering systems Set-up a gravity feed steering fluid fill bottle Cut the bottom off an empty SeaStar steering fluid bottle. Securely mount (or hang) the bottle upside...
  135. Salmonater

    Any Garmin experts?

    Dave knows what he's talking about, Josh.
  136. Salmonater

    2009 North River 26ft Seahawk Offshore

    It's a 24', alway has been, and always will be. Take the 26' off the add.
  137. Salmonater

    FS: Glock 19 -Gen 4 - 9mm

    I think you mean a model 26
  138. Salmonater

    auto pilot question

    Bite your tongue, I'm running Garmin.:-)
  139. Salmonater

    auto pilot question

    For what it's worth, I only installed a head unit up front. I use the wireless remote in the back. It comes with a cradle that i mounted just above the steering wheel at the second station. I haven't ran across a situation where I wished I had a 2nd head unit in the back.
  140. Salmonater

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    You made the right choice....Brad is definitely the expert when it comes to Navico.
  141. Salmonater

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    This one has worked good for me.
  142. Salmonater

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    I had a few of the green impeller ones, and they still didn't last.
  143. Salmonater

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    Mark, you need to switch over.
  144. Salmonater

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    No a walkaround
  145. Salmonater

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    There are no additional restrictions on a boat that size. If your pulling oversize for recreational use there are not more requirements like a CDL, etc. If your pulling as a business a CDL is required at 24,000 and change GVW(combined weight of tow vehicle and boat/trailer)
  146. Salmonater

    Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    That is true, but you can't bring bottomfish into washington if the season is closed here.
  147. Salmonater

    Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    That is correct, the rules changed this year, and i was going to pm you if you left from Washington. I was just trying to help out if needed.
  148. Salmonater

    Oregon long leader Fishery report 2/7

    Did you leave from Ilwaco
  149. Salmonater

    boat show ticket

    I don't see any of you farts offering free tickets....Even if they aren't any good.
  150. Salmonater

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    Everybody's different, but I didn't like them. They don't have the traction(non-slip) like what you have now. I have a pair of the china boots,and they have held up for 3 years, and I fish more than most. The Grundens are cushy, but i didn't like the insole design. There's two insoles inside...
  151. Salmonater

    Big surf at Long Beach

    High Tide today. Noon time.
  152. Salmonater

    Big surf at Long Beach

  153. Salmonater

    Need a bigger boat, this one needs to go 1st

    Good Luck with your sale....You will love the 31'
  154. Salmonater

    Deck seating

    I have one regular that is all of 350#s, and spends most of the time in a lawn chair when running, he probably has 50 hours in a cheap costco lawn chair, and their both still living. A lot of this is atributed to having the chair on the back deck, where the ride is much softer.It might not work...
  155. Salmonater

    Area 7 Advice

    Ahh yes, the brotherhood at it's finest.
  156. Salmonater

    Deck seating

    Contrary to what John said, I have found lawn chairs to work ok. They fold up and out of the way better than bean bags, don't cost and arm and a leg, and you will be more comfortable than in a foldup seat. Bean bags are nice, but not for everyone.
  157. Salmonater

    Suzuki 9.9

    Kurt, beings that your a moocher, how much have you used your kicker? Not trying to start anything, just trying to stay current with different power choices.
  158. Salmonater

    Some off season fabrication

    That's a good one.
  159. Salmonater

    Some off season fabrication

    Safe-T-Hauler won't work with cutting the Davit, because it mounts in-line. The Safe-T-Puller will work, and it's awesome. Look at the pictures at the bottom of this page.
  160. Salmonater

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    The chain is the main culprit. Mine is coated with bed liner, and is large enough to drop a heavy duty rectrangler plastic strainer that I store the chain in.
  161. Salmonater

    aluminum boats and anchor lockers

    Yah....Just don't drop your anchor on the floor.
  162. Salmonater

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - November wrap-up.

    Is the value there, lots of fish, being able to keep your fish, etc. There's a lot of things a family can do for a lot less money.
  163. Salmonater

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    My understanding is that the stabilization will take care of that.
  164. Salmonater

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    Thanks Mark, I have a set of Fujinon's on order.
  165. Salmonater

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    Thanks everyone, this is just the type of input I was looking for.
  166. Salmonater

    Stabilizied Binoculars

    Who's got them? What brand? Are they worth it. Pros and Cons, anything to look for.
  167. Salmonater

    auto pilot question

    What Laurence said. The most used piece of electronics on the boat.
  168. Salmonater

    Thanks, I would love to go out with you. I'm available any day between the 11th-19th.

    Thanks, I would love to go out with you. I'm available any day between the 11th-19th.
  169. Salmonater

    Check This Out

    You lost me with the IG. Thanks
  170. Salmonater

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    If you want in floor fish storage, less upkeep, bigger cabin, better ride, go with the NR. Just make sure you chose what you really want the first time.
  171. Salmonater

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Nothing official, but it was what WDFW recommended. I heard that their proposal was accepted.
  172. Salmonater

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Thats correct, and they are going to a 4 fish limit that screws us retired guys that actually have the time after working our butts of all our lives so that we could afford to buy a nice boat, and take advantage of out retirement.:mad:
  173. Salmonater

    Check This Out

    I had this over in the boat Ho section with no reponse. I thought I would try it here. Jeff Norwood Age: 65 Boat: FV Salmonater Insland: Big Island, Kona area Days available: 1-10-18 thru 1-22-17, can fish multiple days Ref: Look on the Washington Forum Experience:, Been captaining my own boat...
  174. Salmonater

    Has anyone upgraded to the new Suzuki DF 350As?

    It's hard to keep up with you young guys.
  175. Salmonater

    Has anyone upgraded to the new Suzuki DF 350As?

    John, are you talking about the 300's or 350 Zukes? I'm confused by the 2 year delivery.
  176. Salmonater

    Pacific marine expo

    There was one of these totes in the auction the Ilwaco OTC last year.
  177. Salmonater

    Pacific marine expo

    They havent actually built one that works yet, it's still in concept mode.
  178. Salmonater

    Avet MXJ with MagCast

    Thank You for the kind words.
  179. Salmonater

    Has anyone upgraded to the new Suzuki DF 350As?

    Talked to a guy at the expo from Florida, that has done 50 or so repowers. Most of the repowers have been Yamaha 350's to Zuke. Impressive numbers if he's a straight shooter.
  180. Salmonater

    Pacific marine expo

    MSRP is $32,000.00, intire drive train is at the front of motor, keep the extra weight close to the transom......WANT
  181. Salmonater

    Avet MXJ with MagCast

    Sold, pending funds
  182. Salmonater

    Avet MXJ with MagCast

    This reel is 5 years old and has been serviced every year. $140.00 with line. This reel is $250.00 new See below post.
  183. Salmonater

    Johnson Bilge and Bait Pumps

    I have 2 Johnson Bilge Pumps, and 1 Livewell/Bait Tank Pump. All items are brand new. Retail on Bilge Pumps is $85.00 ea., will sell for $45.00 ea.[/IMG Retail on Bait Pump is $115.00, will sell for $75.00
  184. Salmonater

    PhotoBucket Alternative

    Anyone come up with replacement program for posting pictures.
  185. Salmonater

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Trying to learn something here, how does the release work, and what does it look like? The viking maual release cannister rafts that I have had only had a manual release lever.
  186. Salmonater

    Why you don’t cross a bar in a flats boat

    Hydrostatic release doesn’t go off until it’s 3 meters under. It’s next to useless on most small boats.
  187. Salmonater

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    They put a cardlock in at Ilwaco and they never ended up using it. The liability insurance was off the chart. The insurance company was concerned about a spill.
  188. Salmonater

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    I've had 2 different snug tops on my trucks going back to 2003. Great canopys and they have held up well. My last 2 trucks have been white, and I just swapped the last one to the new truck. This one is 8 years old and still no leaks and going strong.
  189. Salmonater

    Northriver vs. Duckworth Offshore

    North River, and you don't need a 25hp kicker. I'm running a 9.9 and it does all that a kicker is designed to do.
  190. Salmonater

    Lazy shooting

    Let us know what you think after you've tried it. I'm interested in buying one. Thanks
  191. Salmonater

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    I don't know if will make a difference, but I emailed everybody I could get an address for at wdfw.
  192. Salmonater

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    The worst part is that we're just bending over and taking it.
  193. Salmonater

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    I was at the meeting, and it was all about what the charter guys wanted. They pushed for Sundays, so they could book bottomfish trips on Saturday. They are pushing hard for a 2 fish limit, so that they get a bigger piece of the pie. I gave my opinion, and than they wouldn't call on me again...
  194. Salmonater

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    Your just bashing because your a Ford guy, you have no idea what my political views are, and you apparently don't care about the thousands of people that still have a job because of the goverment's help.
  195. Salmonater

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    If someone offered you the money, what would you do?
  196. Salmonater


  197. Salmonater

    Stinky clothes

    Money! Soaking overnight works for me.
  198. Salmonater

    North River Walk Around

    Your welcome.
  199. Salmonater

    ProTroll II Help Needed

    I had the same unit and went thru 4 servo's and 2 controll heads and finally gave up. Three years with this and no problems.
  200. Salmonater

    Croziercraft maiden fish haul 9/10-11

    Your new boat looks like a winner, and a great choice in electronics.
  201. Salmonater

    Ocean Sport boats now being built by Nordic Tug

    My 31' NR is 17,350 on the trailer.
  202. Salmonater

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    I have the same transducer running off a GSD 26 also, and the performance is excellent
  203. Salmonater

    Boat pricing?

    I really liked your boat.
  204. Salmonater

    Boat pricing?

    90K would be top dollar price, 70-80 is more realistic.
  205. Salmonater

    This is killing me

    It's funny that you said that. We were joking around on the boat Saturday. One of the crew said his daughter said it looked like a military boat, and we were talking about what machine gun to mount up front.
  206. Salmonater

    Globalstar Sat Phone

    Sale fell thru on this phone and is up for sale again.
  207. Salmonater

    Ilwaco OTC

    Old age and treachery.
  208. Salmonater

    Ilwaco OTC

    You Westport girls don't stand a chance.
  209. Salmonater

    Globalstar Sat Phone

    Used 3 times, this is a almost new up to date phone. $300.00 <img src="">
  210. Salmonater

    Raymarine installation in process

    Your supposed to do that before the season starts...Slacker
  211. Salmonater

    Things not to do while fishing

    I hardly ever turn my radio to 68 anymore.:imdumb:
  212. Salmonater

    Qcove Breakaway Flashers

    Sold to BJP.
  213. Salmonater

    Qcove Breakaway Flashers

    SOLD I have 15 of these for sale. Buyer take all for $75.00 Click on the link below. <img src="">
  214. Salmonater

    Neah this weekend

    I saw you on the road near Gig Harbor. Ill be fishing the Ocean out of Sekiu starting Saturday for 10 days.
  215. Salmonater

    Etec 300 lower unit

    I'm probably wrong than, it's happened before, and will probably happen again :-)
  216. Salmonater

    Etec 300 lower unit

    Light House has went above and beyond for me on a number of occasions. Everything I've taken there has purred like a kitten when I got it back. I dio most of my own maintence, and they are always willing to steer me in the right direction when I cant figure it out. That being said, I don't...
  217. Salmonater

    Insurance 32 powercat

    X2, been very happy with them. I've insured the last 3 boats thru them.
  218. Salmonater

    How do the BAMF boats in a following sea, quartering sea?

    You really need to talk to Mark Youngblood as stated. He can fill you in.
  219. Salmonater

    Suzuki 350a. Duo-prop

    I want some!
  220. Salmonater

    Bluefin Boredom

    So I'm bored and started reliving old memorys.
  221. Salmonater

    Yamaha decals

    Maybe, I'm lucky, but I'm on my 3rd set of Yamaha's and I havent experienced this. My boats are stored inside, maybe that's the difference.
  222. Salmonater

    Tr1 vs rear station steer??

    Had this going on 3 years, with no problems. It's a lot less money than the Itroll.
  223. Salmonater

    Croziercraft 28.5' x 9.5' Walkaround build

    My boat is 15,350 with no ice, water in bait tank, or people. I don't think your estimates are right.
  224. Salmonater

    sharkhide who uses it?

    I ordered mine direct from Sharkhide.
  225. Salmonater

    1st world problem with motor storage

    Would be nice to see one of those boats running in serious water....I can do that in my 10' skiff.
  226. Salmonater

    sharkhide who uses it?

    I didn't tape and couldn"t tell where it overlaped, but you probably should test a small area.
  227. Salmonater

    sharkhide who uses it?

    Great product, I clean with acetone, apply with clean cloth. Touchup is the same. I bought 2 quart cans, 10 years ago, and I still have 1/2 a can after doing a complete 25' boat and all exposed aluminum, on 2 more.
  228. Salmonater

    What's in you're offshore 1st aid kit?

    This is what I use for cutting trebles. Theu cut right thru Rapala trebles with one hand.
  229. Salmonater

    Something for the notebook if you fish Westport

    You guys are first class, thanks for looking out for us all. This is a bit corny, but...."ONE FOR ALL, AND ALL FOR ONE"
  230. Salmonater

    Good Riddance

    i use mine as a daily driver and I'm happy with SRW. I'm towing 18K, just slow down on the corners going down hill, or you will get pushed over the line.
  231. Salmonater

    Good Riddance

    Long bed is fine if you have a country block to turn the sucker around with a boat in tow.
  232. Salmonater

    Good Riddance

    Do yourself a favor, and take a serious look at chevrolet/gmc.
  233. Salmonater

    Construction around Lake Crescent on Hwy 101

    The return route northbound around lake crescent is really rough so be aware.
  234. Salmonater

    Northriver opinions wanted

    Pumps and valves are in transom storage box, there are 2 drain holes in each fish box, one goes to the pump and is pumped out with a setup just like your bilge pumps( above the water line). The gravity feed are below the waterline, just like you have on the production offshore NR's.
  235. Salmonater

    Northriver opinions wanted

    So, on my boat I have 2 drains, one goes to the diaphram pump and one is a gravity drain with a gate valve. Jason pm'd me wanting to know how I accessed the valves.
  236. Salmonater

    Suzuki owners please chime in

    3 gages out of 650 sets doesn't sound like much of a problem. Quote;Out of about the last 650 we have installed and sold, we have had about 3 that have had issues. That is not bad. G, you are good to go I would not anticipate any issues. If so we can just swap it for you. Mike
  237. Salmonater

    Northriver opinions wanted

    Do the best of both worlds. Diaphram pump and flood. Use a gate valve for the flood and don't mess with the rubber plugs. I have a pump on my main tank, and another for the 2 side boxes, with a y valve.
  238. Salmonater

    Suzuki owners please chime in

    Most of the guide boats in Canada also on the WSVI
  239. Salmonater

    Suzuki owners please chime in

    Yah, and there both dead and off the boat.
  240. Salmonater

    I have Jeff Norwoods phone

    I bet he had to zoom that baby way in LOL
  241. Salmonater

    I have Jeff Norwoods phone

    I'm glad some of you yahoo's didn't find my phone.
  242. Salmonater

    I have Jeff Norwoods phone

    i got my phone, thanks to the brotherhood for keeping track of the old man.:imdumb:
  243. Salmonater

    Anyone Know a good machine shop in the NW

    In the trade for 45 yrs, try MACHINIST INC in Seattle.
  244. Salmonater

    What happened to Cap'n Poon?

    Witness Protection.
  245. Salmonater

    The Goat Ranch!

    Looks Tippy.
  246. Salmonater

    New kicker yamaha/Honda?

    9.9 is plenty big, that's what i have on my tank, and have never wanted, or needed more.
  247. Salmonater

    12/0 Treble Hooks

    Check ebay, lots of them and less money.
  248. Salmonater

    Any Stihl dealers?

    Stihl always has a sale right before Fathers day. I waited until Fathers day, and bought in Oregon.
  249. Salmonater

    Live bait rods

    I have one left.
  250. Salmonater

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Defiance Marine
  251. Salmonater

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    Words of wisdom......Ive got two lids for mine. The fancy Defiance one with the cup holders, and one I fabed up that nests over the top of that one, that i use as a fillet table.
  252. Salmonater

    Garmin maps, bummed

    i may know what's going on here. In order to get detailed bathymetric data, you need to be using the fishing chart option, than go to menu options, and you should be able to adjust the detail.
  253. Salmonater

    Tuna Gear, Lamiglas and Shimano

    TTT for the american made rods.
  254. Salmonater

    Garmin maps, bummed

    i'm running te 8000 series, it may be different.
  255. Salmonater

    Garmin maps, bummed

    I'm running the G2 vision card also, the boat is down at NR, when it gets back I will try to map oyt the key strokes, Kurt did you find the contour adjustment screen.
  256. Salmonater

    Garmin maps, bummed

    Yes, it's been a while since I went there, but there is a number of different levels.
  257. Salmonater

    Garmin maps, bummed

    I've ran both and Garmin's just as good as Navionics. There's an adjustment in the menu section where you can turn the contour lines up and down.
  258. Salmonater

    Tuna Gear, Lamiglas and Shimano

    Reels sold....Pending funds.
  259. Salmonater

    Tuna Gear, Lamiglas and Shimano

    2 ea. Lamiglass Tri-flex rods, BL7030 C 7'..........$130.00 ea., retail is $225.00 These rods have 4 years use on them, and have some boat rash. Here's a link. 2 ea. Shimano Torium 16HG, high...
  260. Salmonater

    Winch question

    I hate steel cable, it gets wedged in the spool and damages itself, and is hard on the hands. It also uncoils when you back off the tension. I switched to this...100% improvement.
  261. Salmonater

    Help me scratch an itch

    There's a few of my good brothers that need a poke in the nose.
  262. Salmonater

    Help me scratch an itch

    Does he have good gear?
  263. Salmonater

    Help me scratch an itch

    first hand recommendations for Venice.
  264. Salmonater

    Help me scratch an itch

    I have the time, and the money. Where can i go catch some Yellowfin Tuna, without going on a long range boat, or learning how to speak spanish?
  265. Salmonater

    Another BD'r gets his NR balls removed.

    Lets see you do that on a plastic boat you Googan. LOL
  266. Salmonater

    lease help us..sign this petition for the Cowlitz

    I signed this before this link was up. I used to love fishing there. I started fishing there in 1982, all my kids have spent a few weekends on the Cowlitz, TCL and WDFW have given us the shaft again.
  267. Salmonater

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    Greg and Spencer getting it done.
  268. Salmonater

    Cannister Life Raft With Hydrostatic Release

    Mfg 6/14, i bought it 2/15. There is no expiration date stamped on the canister. Vikings recommendation is every 3 years, but there is no CQ requirement for repacs for recreational user's, same as inflatable life vestss. There is also a new hydrostatic releasse that goes with it, and the cradle...
  269. Salmonater

    Cannister Life Raft With Hydrostatic Release $1000.00
  270. Salmonater

    Canning tuna newbie

    Just so you know, don't go and buy retort pouches unless you have a vacumn chamber machine, and one that will do retorts.
  271. Salmonater

    The Journey

    Thats a great idea John.
  272. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    The visibility is awesome for sure.
  273. Salmonater

    Cat fight at Centurylink

    My understanding is that Cats are pretty sensitive to the width to length ratio.
  274. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    Finally got my lifeproof case, here's the pictures I promised.
  275. Salmonater

    Accepting Applications: WTC

    I don't think you can afford me....Just saying.
  276. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    I have my setup mounted, and I'm waiting on the lifeproof case now. I'll put a picture up when its all here. I went with the c size mount also.
  277. Salmonater

    The Journey

    I need a couple of those, let me know how it comes out.
  278. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    Mine 10", this is what I ordered.[product_line][]=Tab-Lock#wizard
  279. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    Ordered a lifeproof case and over a $100.00 of ram mounts, today. The Garmin Helm app is impressive.
  280. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    Plan on using as extra screen, and it will be moving from front to back, so i also asked for protection from slippery fingers and a drop.
  281. Salmonater

    Waterproof pad case for boat use

    I'm familiar with Lifeproof, are there any other viable options? Something that isn't as heavy or bulky, but still waterproof, and afford protection from being dropped? Thanks in advance
  282. Salmonater


    You guys need to step up your game and fish more, the state needs your taxes. I've done it for 3 years and got $400+ back last year.
  283. Salmonater

    Set of Yamaha 4.2L 250's

    Fly by wire, another member is looking at the length issue. He got a quote for a bolt on bracket, $800.00
  284. Salmonater

    Set of Yamaha 4.2L 250's

    Come on, you know you want these.
  285. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    I don't know anyone that hasn't been treated right by NR in the last few years.
  286. Salmonater

    The Journey

    I've enjoyed the blow by blow, haven't said anything because your not missing anything. Your gonna like the flappers on your drains
  287. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    That boat is probably heavier than yours. Knowing what mine weights, I'm guessing 20K
  288. Salmonater

    Set of Yamaha 4.2L 250's

    Left and right hand motors, selling as a set. 2015 3 years of warranty left 600 hours 30" shafts Book is $30,000.00, asking $26,000.00
  289. Salmonater

    2011 North River Seahawk OS 24' *LOADED*

    That's great, l would love to take a look at your new one when it's done.
  290. Salmonater

    Mola Mola

    You mean one these8-)
  291. Salmonater

    Wallace Heater issue

    The fuel will degrade over time. I talked to the Wallas rep at the boat show a couple of years ago and he said the things to do/not do, were to leave the fuel in to long (more than a year), and not run it enough. He said it was best to run it a few times during the winter and summer.
  292. Salmonater

    New Garmin 7610xsv with B-175HW

    You won't be sorry.
  293. Salmonater

    Full Wood

    That takes things to another level.
  294. Salmonater

    Combo deal - (1) full tote w/ (1) 1/2 Tote, fully insulated

    No drains and price, we have several used totes that we have bought with drains for $250-$350
  295. Salmonater


    Nice try rookie
  296. Salmonater


    No way will you beat me there.
  297. Salmonater

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    My understanding is that you lose 20hp when using 87 octane, do you have any documentation on this? I'm swapping my 250's for 300's this winter.
  298. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    I've seen good results with that location, you may have to tweek it a little bit.
  299. Salmonater


    You won't be sorry, works great.
  300. Salmonater

    Lifetimes boats?

    It's a trade off, step down cabin gives the boat a lower center of gravity.
  301. Salmonater

    Lifetimes boats?

    Eagle Crafts are nice, but spendy.
  302. Salmonater

    NR 27'

    Whose got the 33' NR?
  303. Salmonater

    NR 27'

    Test drive the 27 with 200's, I think you will be surprised. That shoul be plenty of hp.
  304. Salmonater

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    WHY? Lack of fish isn't the problem, it's the quota distribution with Alaska and Canada thats the problem.
  305. Salmonater

    Tin Temptations...

    The 2nd boat was moored by me up at Sekiu, looked really good, nice welds and good layout.
  306. Salmonater

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Actually, area 1 is different.
  307. Salmonater

    You know it was a good birthday party when...

    That is just plane stupid there.
  308. Salmonater

    2nd Radio location

    I run 2 radios, one is over the passenger seat and is always on 16. The other is over the helm, and is the one I use for general communication. I have a remote Mike like Pat suggested next to my second steer station.
  309. Salmonater

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    The top one is closer, but not near as robust, the pad on mine is 3-4" thick. The trailer is at Ilwaco, so no closeups.
  310. Salmonater

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    Howard, check out this bow stop, it's killer.
  311. Salmonater

    Prop info

  312. Salmonater

    Giant using Black Hole Giant rod in PEI

    I've fished with Greg and Spencer a few times, and was really impressed with the Black Hole, Giant Killer. Lots of power, but easy on the body, with the parabolic design. Acid wrap is the only way to go with that much drag.
  313. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    I've been real happy with it and all my Garmin gear. GSD 26, SS175-C-HW and SS175-C-M Tilted Elements. Nothing wrong with this picture.
  314. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    Fairing block thru-hulls are nice, I've ran those and the tilted element. I prefer the tilted element, flawless picture and nothing hanging from the bottom of my boat.
  315. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    I'm not sure it will make any difference if theres not a support under the extension. Depends on what your comfortable with of course...Sure can't hurt anything to extend the bunks.
  316. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    It won't hurt anything if its hanging behind the bunks a little.
  317. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    You need to take it to a truck scale and find out what your tongue weight is.
  318. Salmonater

    gone to the dark side...tin

    Nice upgrade, take some time and research electronics, there's a lot out there to choose from. I spent a year researching and decided on Garmin after running Furuno for many years. There's killer deals on the Garmin 8012's right now.
  319. Salmonater

    Changed gear oil, does this look right?

    It's not uncommon to loose a seal, and checking it more frequently helps monitor this. On heavy boats, where there is a lot of load and torque involved, especially the counter-rotating side, the oil is ready to be changed at a 100 hours, I know someone that changes his every 50 hours.
  320. Salmonater

    Changed gear oil, does this look right?

    Change per Manufacturers recommendation, most, if not all specify 100.
  321. Salmonater

    Commercial Crabbing in the Ocean (Open?)

    It's closed, but there are still a number of lost and abandoned pots out there, I saw them on most of the trips I took offshore.
  322. Salmonater

    Building A Custom 28' Aluminum Boat

    Great job on the build, it's a beauty. The only concern I have is your fuel capacity, your way under tanked for Tuna.
  323. Salmonater

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    With you gigling in the background.
  324. Salmonater

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    My wind gage was saying 28 knots and we were running 20+ knots to beat the deadline.
  325. Salmonater

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    This is how a NR runs in rough water, I've been in at least 6 different NR's from 24' to 31" and they all handle well going into the waves and in a following sea, They are not tippy.
  326. Salmonater

    Some Tuna Action

  327. Salmonater

    WTB Bait Pen

    Thanks, what type of bait did you hvae in yours, I had 20 pounds of Anchovies in mine and one 8" Black Cod, 95% of the Anchovies died in 4 days and the Black Cod was still going strong.
  328. Salmonater

    WTB Bait Pen

    I built one this year and it just didn't work that well, do you know someone down there that has one that is working?
  329. Salmonater

    Big Ass Ice Maker For Sale

    I believe his name is John, not Jesus.
  330. Salmonater

    tuna run on saturday the 1st

    You all should of went Friday.....That is all.
  331. Salmonater

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    So, when you go to do a job, do you grab the $5.00 chinese tool, or the more expensive tool that won't strip out under heavy loads?
  332. Salmonater

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    Both shops doing the same builds?
  333. Salmonater

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    I'm confused, why 2 different Armstrong's?
  334. Salmonater

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    I've got a 2016 1 ton Duramax with 26,000 miles, overall mileage is just under 18 mpg, towing included and my boat is a little over 17,000 on the trailer. 22 mpg on the freeway with good conditions, 11 mpg when towing, Truck is stock and pulls like a champ, and I don't need airbags etc, the...
  335. Salmonater

    Ilwaco tuna trip on 9/17-18?

    Its been extremely slow the last couple of days on the full moon cycle, I haven't got reports from today yet, but some very good fishermen have been scratching for a couple of days. There is also the big ebb that will cut down on time available to fish.
  336. Salmonater

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    I spent a year researching what units to buy after having Furuno for 8 years, learned my lesson with Lowrance before that. Love my Garmin suite.
  337. Salmonater

    New tow rig recommendations

    I'm on my 3rd Duramax, staredt with a 03( its still going as a work truck, then a 09, son-in-law has it now, and a16 that is now a year old. They have all been nearly trouble free, I wouldn't consider anything else, I'm towing 17,350#'s like a boss.
  338. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Jeff, your boat looks really good, you gotta love the Garmin performance, which transdcucers did you go with.
  339. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    You will continue to be impressed, I was.
  340. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Just launch at Sekiu.
  341. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    You did it right, I know you will have many awesome trips in the Lillian V.
  342. Salmonater

    Prop repair

    Tacoma Propeller is another good one.
  343. Salmonater

    CR anchorage

    Probably not, I've been running out of Illwaco for 20+ years and never seen it done. The whole bay is a giant mud flat except for the dredged navigation channel.
  344. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    If I remember right, he was cruising to Alaska, so he might not respond for a while.
  345. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    I like it, you changed colors.
  346. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Because it's his boat and he wants to look like me.:p
  347. Salmonater

    Fuel Tax Refunds

    Going on the 3rd year, got $500.00 back last year.
  348. Salmonater

    Honda Outboards Fix

    washing where the salt water congregate's and wiping other areas with a damp rag, than spray after it drys.
  349. Salmonater

    Honda Outboards Fix

    I know, just feeling ornry. There's a lot of good products out there, the main thing is to just use one.
  350. Salmonater

    Honda Outboards Fix

    No :-)
  351. Salmonater

    Honda Outboards Fix

    I have the 4.2's and because of my transom configuration they take a lot of spray, no problems after 450 hours.I'm cleaning my motors with salt away and than spraying with CRC 6-56, at each oil change. The CRC is inexpensive, and does a good job, I'm buying a gallon can of it and applying with a...
  352. Salmonater

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    I've looked at it in the past....nice boat, f350's are a problem motor, GPH is scarry.
  353. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Yes, mostly his blood.
  354. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Jeff, your going to find that trailering your boat is not that bad, just take your time and it's a piece of cake. I've found that docking and manuvering is actually easier with a bigger boat, the movement is more predictable and actually your not pushed around by the wind as much, just go slow...
  355. Salmonater

    Ice Machine

    I have 3 in different locations, and wouldn't want to not have at least one. It's nice to hsve and get ice when you want it, even though the salt ice is top of the line, for what i do plane old ice is great. I always have ice left at the end of the day and all my fish are cold.
  356. Salmonater

    SST Time

    Man! You get cranky when your transom is loose.
  357. Salmonater

    What hull would you use?

    Pete Hanson, he used to charter out of Neah and Alaska.
  358. Salmonater

    Need pot puller help

    The Hauler is a good one, It's what i have. I use it to pull commercial size pots.
  359. Salmonater

    If your going to lose a wheel bearing?

    Mines 17,350 on the trailer.
  360. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    I have a couple as well, i'm not sure on the battery or button, but I'll take a look. I was concerned about leakage, but so far they have been solid.
  361. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Jay, what's the size on the scupper tubes. NR bult a bracket for my Davit under deck that works great, mines 3 pieces also. They hung the tubes along a bulkhead, and nested the wheel and motor on a bracket on the floor.
  362. Salmonater

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    I talked to Jambo, he heard the call, it was a real quick mayday at Strawberry Rock and than all was silent, The last i heard the boat rolled and they climbed on top.
  363. Salmonater

    Boat capsized Strawberry Rock Neah Bay

    Captain of the capsized boat is the pastor at my brothers church. I was told that a large wave hit the boat and that they were in the water for 45 minutes before the CQ arrived.
  364. Salmonater

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Ordered 6, Thanks
  365. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Your giving me the itch to have a boat that I can take to Alaska...LOL
  366. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Jay, your boat is looking amazing, I love my boat, but I'm still a little bit jealous of your build, and the excitement when doing a build.
  367. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Jay, that boat looks huge in the first picture with the guys standing there. I love those welded on name plates, they add a custom touch to your boat.
  368. Salmonater

    macerator vs diaphragm pump for fish box?

    One of the first things I did was to spray all connectors with Fluid Film, Thanks for the suggestion.
  369. Salmonater

    Pacific Dream

    I believe it's the old Steeler out of Westport. Look forward to fishing beside you Troy, I'm moored down there.
  370. Salmonater

    macerator vs diaphragm pump for fish box?

    Here's a shot of my pumps and a Y-Valve.
  371. Salmonater

    macerator vs diaphragm pump for fish box?

    I'm running two Jabsco Diaphram pumps, they pump 5 gallons per minute. They aren't as fast as a maserator, but way more durable and I think Diaphrams are the way to go. I would put one on each fish box.
  372. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    I have the 6 KW, and it works well but haven't used it in Bird Mode.
  373. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    The fish won't stand a chance.
  374. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    I for one wasn't going there, just giving other options. You both have down a great job designing your CUSTOM boat:lux:
  375. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    You can accomplish the same thing with a side door, my transome is full with pumps, batteries, etc. I Love my side door. I just took another look at your drawing, it looks like you have a side door.
  376. Salmonater

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    Jeff, I can't wait to climb on your new boat, it is going to be fish killer. We need to make a offshore run side by side, better yet throw Patrick in the middle.
  377. Salmonater

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........

    Oh, it can get lower, talked to a guy that just got in from a Tuna trip on that boat a couple of years ago.
  378. Salmonater

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........

    I checked that boat out a couple of years ago, it's a beast! Don't believe the posted MPG.
  379. Salmonater

    Trailer Build Question

    Mine are bolted.
  380. Salmonater

    Looking for someone to tie leaders and other gear

    Time to put scout to work.
  381. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    That is correct, my boat is listed as a 31' by NR, but the certificate of origin from them lists it at 34.5
  382. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Mines registered at 34' 6".......... Just saying.
  383. Salmonater

    Pole barns.......

    He just doesn't know any better.
  384. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Very Nice Jay, NR is awesome to work with, Told You So. When are the trim tabs going on?
  385. Salmonater

    Anyone interested?

    Time to get the duck tape out....Thanks.
  386. Salmonater

    Razor Clams

    That's better than I thought you would do....Well done.
  387. Salmonater

    Im having Twins Soon.. Need Help With Shoes.

    Mike, NR does a pretty good job of picking the right props.
  388. Salmonater

    Razor Clams

    Be careful, there will be a heavy surf.
  389. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Jay, your boat is looking amazing, NR does some awesome work! My boat is very stable,I'm sure the extended transom helps this, but with all the weight of your motor down low, yours should be even better.
  390. Salmonater

    Anyone interested?

    4 for me.
  391. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Boats looking real good Jay, well thought out, and she will serve you well.
  392. Salmonater

    Bayside Or Jacobsens?

    Sounds Good, keep me posted.
  393. Salmonater

    Bayside Or Jacobsens?

    Howard, if this is something you want to do, I can give you a hand on the service. It's not hard at all, and I have all the tools.
  394. Salmonater

    Boat Show Report

    I stand corrected, it's all in the details. Nice boat none the less.
  395. Salmonater

    Boat Show Report

    I figure by the the time you add motors, trailer, electronics, head, etc a guy would be pushing 300K. It didn't even have the gas fill cap in.
  396. Salmonater

    Boat Show Report

    Actually the NR on the custom side in that size class has a much bigger fish box. My main box holds 1 tote, and the 3 smaller ones hold another tote.
  397. Salmonater

    Boat Show Report

    That boat will be 300K easy, once it's rigged, it doesn't even have wipers on it.
  398. Salmonater

    North River Build completed

    No Way, I call BS!
  399. Salmonater

    20 pound balls

    I blew up a spool last summer with 500' of Spectra, running 20# balls. Scotty said not to put more than 400' on it. We all know that's not enough for fishing deep water. I hope someone comes up with a solution.
  400. Salmonater

    Snow Creek

    I'm having lunch with him tomorrow, I will try to remember to ask him.
  401. Salmonater

    North River Build completed

    Same basic design, just bigger(6" ID).
  402. Salmonater

    North River Build completed

    Those scuppers will work, I've seen them in action.
  403. Salmonater

    North River Build completed

    I believe the boat is 29 x 9.5. My 29' Norvelle was 16,000 on the trailer. my 31' is 17,350 with 250 gallons of fuel.
  404. Salmonater

    North River Build completed

    I might be wrong, but it looks like your fuel burn is only registering one motor. The numbers look to goo to be true.
  405. Salmonater

    North River Build completed

    I think you will be around 14,500# on the trailer. Did you go with the same insulated configuration that I did?
  406. Salmonater

    OTC different weekend this year

    Ihave a crew lined up as well.
  407. Salmonater

    FYI the stories are true- dont buy off brand spectra

    This place has JB, quick delivery, great service and decent prices.
  408. Salmonater

    A couple of alloy boats that caught my eye

    Good point, if I had to guess, i would expect the price to be around 240-270K new.
  409. Salmonater

    A couple of alloy boats that caught my eye

    SeaWolf looks just like a SilverStreak. Armstrong looks like a nice boat but probably is a little overpriced.
  410. Salmonater

    Tanacom Electric Reel

    I have a number of these, the red and blue tanacom bulls, and a couple of the new ones. There are differences, the red has more bearings and a stronger motor rating, Blue has a stronger motor rating. I have limited time on the new style and don't know how they will do in the long term. I have...
  411. Salmonater

    SJI Area 7 at 62%. ?

    Tell us more!
  412. Salmonater

    Does the Direction Matter...

    Don't ask me why, but I've done it both ways. Right hand is the winner.
  413. Salmonater

    Warm under layers...just sharing my expierence

    What weight are you using....the stuff is spendy.
  414. Salmonater

    Warm under layers...just sharing my expierence

    Thanks Mark, I'll check iot out.
  415. Salmonater

    Mark Youngblood Sportfishing (AKA Pacific Addiction)

    I wouldn't wait long, Halibut goes fast.
  416. Salmonater

    Fishing recommendation, Puerto Vallarta, early April?

    Chris, I'm fishing on the Journeyman out of there in the beginning of Feburary for Yellowfin.
  417. Salmonater

    Big Salmon Moorage

    You mean I'm not going to see your grumpy face this year?
  418. Salmonater

    Big Salmon Moorage

    The gamies told Olson that last year, but that's not how the regs read. You need to offload in area 4 unless it's open in area 5 also.
  419. Salmonater

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    Makes sense to me.
  420. Salmonater

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    Looking good, nice meeting you and Greg.
  421. Salmonater

    Halibut Date Rumors

    Whats the dates for Seku?
  422. Salmonater

    Center Cut winter Project start

    250's trim out on my boat also with XL shaft.
  423. Salmonater

    Christmas Pics from North River

    Now that's a good salesman.....Covering all angles.
  424. Salmonater

    Christmas Pics from North River

    Thats what they originally recommended, than after the sales guy talked to the engineers, they switched over to a 20 degree.
  425. Salmonater

    Christmas Pics from North River

    MWhite on this board has a 32' with the 24 degree, I've stood in the corner of his boat and it does list over a noticable amount more than mine. It isn't bad but there is a difference. That being said Mark loves his boat and how it handles.
  426. Salmonater

    Acid wrap

    Your definitely an over achiever.
  427. Salmonater

    Acid wrap

    I fished them on heavy standup rods for BFT and they really worked well. I was running 40-50# drag and the spiral wrap took all of the rod twist out.
  428. Salmonater

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    I'm not worthy of the Goat comparison.
  429. Salmonater

    Christmas Pics from North River

    Wow! That boat is a thing of beauty! I want to climb all over that thing when it's done. Is the side door a change since we talked?
  430. Salmonater

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    Here's what I did Jeff. [/URL I have 2 full sets left over. Each set will do 8 rods, I have 14 on my roof. I paid $23.50 per set including shipping and will sell for $20.00
  431. Salmonater

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    I have some DuBro overhead mounts left if your interested, I will post a picture later.
  432. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    With what I have experienced with the 20 degree, i see no reason to run a 24 degree. I believe you will have more drag with the 24 from what I have read. Jordan at NR talked to their engineer's because i was up in the air on which hull and they recommended the 20 for what I was using it for.
  433. Salmonater

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    This is going to be one awesome boat Jay, can't wait to check it out.
  434. Salmonater

    Twin vs Single

    I run twins, and almost always use my kicker when trolling, if setup with a tie bar to the mains you have the best of both worlds. You save wear and tear on your mains and it costs less to run. With the kicker tied to the mains you have 3 rudders in the water giving you plenty of contol. I run...
  435. Salmonater

    Twin vs Single

    Even if the horse power is the same(example 300hp single verses twin 150's), you will have more power and torque with almost double the prop in the water, plus all the other advantages of twins.
  436. Salmonater

    Rough Water WTC

    The 29' Defiance's have proved themselves over and over.
  437. Salmonater

    Rough Water WTC

    You heard the crew laughing and gigling, and the ride was just fine.
  438. Salmonater

    Rough Water WTC

    The boat is totally amazing, I had the autopilot on and hardly had to touch the throttle. We never were on the edge or felt unsafe all day. I'm blessed to be able to afford such an amazing boat.
  439. Salmonater

    Rough Water WTC

    I think we were 45 miles out.
  440. Salmonater

    Rough Water WTC

    Short clip i just got. Fished as long as we could and had to come in pretty hot to make the deadline. Winds out of the south at 30knots on my wind meter, we are running SE at 20 knots. Turn the volumn up to get the full effect.
  441. Salmonater

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Keep in mind with a Buddy heater you have an exposed heat point, they go out when running(they have a motion shutoff on them), hard to store when hot, under foot, and they fall over when rough.
  442. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    Looking Good Chris!
  443. Salmonater

    6 pole license for sale SOLD

    Him or a 100 other guys.
  444. Salmonater

    Are your lights up yet?

    Don't try to hold that over me Patrick, you have an unfair advantage, and besides that, you sound like my wife.
  445. Salmonater

    Oil and DEF - where/how do you buy yours?

    Thanks, already discovered the mess if not cleaned correctly.
  446. Salmonater

    Oil and DEF - where/how do you buy yours?

    Thanks, are you filling into a jug or straight to the truck.
  447. Salmonater

    Oil and DEF - where/how do you buy yours?

    I just bought a new Duramax in Enumclaw, and they only supply the oil. Between the distance to drive there and their inflated costs, i plan on just continuing to do it myself.
  448. Salmonater

    Oil and DEF - where/how do you buy yours?

    Who buys the filters?
  449. Salmonater

    Oil and DEF - where/how do you buy yours?

    Stock pile oil from Costco when on sale, def from Walmart.
  450. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    I'm on my 5th boat and I was impresssed with the level of detail and know how that NR brought to the table on my build.
  451. Salmonater

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Now, that's impressive, I'm a chevy guy, but I won't forget this!
  452. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    Chris, there's a lot of good information here and I'm not trying to discredit Patrick, he knows his stuff. There are a lot of options out there, just do the research and choose whats best for you.
  453. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    Garmin and Navionics both have versions of this also.
  454. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    I agree Patrick, anyone who has truly used their units have found areas where the charts are off. The charts for ther new Furuno units have to be specifically coded for these units and the bathometric charts are the worst that I have ever used. I begged and pleaded with Furuno in Camas over a 2...
  455. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    You will get the same results with a tilted element if installed in the right locationa and not have a 12" piece of plastic sticking out under your boat. I have ran both and I like the tilted element. Furuno makes good stuff, I've had 2 full blown systems in the past, but didn't go that route...
  456. Salmonater

    "updated pics" Gooch's NR Build

    Looking good Chris!
  457. Salmonater

    Great news!!!!

    Been the plan all along, the state has little control over the so called co-managers we're in bed with.
  458. Salmonater

    Washington Swordfish!!

    Had some for dinner on Friday for the first time. Do yourself a favor and try some well you can get it!
  459. Salmonater

    In the intial "bigger boat" looking phases - pros/cons outdrives?

    Although not ideal, boats in the 28-32' range are plenty towable with the right setup. I'm pulling a boat thats 35' overall, wherever I want to go in Oregon and Washington, and love the ability to move the boat accross the road as needed. I'm running outboards and for me, their a perfect fit...
  460. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    Chris my setup is a little different. My tank is 115 gallon Defiance. There's two seperate tanks encapsulated in the overall tank. I have two separate 1100 gallon pumps, this way when one goes out I at least still have one tank to transfer bait into. My pickups are 1", the same siaze as the...
  461. Salmonater

    Electric reel question

    Been doing it for 8 years, running 4 to 6 reels all day long with no problems. Sounds like they are trying to sell batteries now.
  462. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    I need to come up with something else, I had the shaft go out in 3 and 3 more overheated with a bulge in the top, some right out of the gate.
  463. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    Patrick, did you have any pumps fail this year?
  464. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    That's good advise, I have the cartridge style and they suck.
  465. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    Leave it in, I had intended on taking mine out on my last boat, and after having it, it was so handy as already mentioned, I never did take it out.
  466. Salmonater

    is AIS worth it?

    Their not showing on my screen, so to me there not sending. Is it possible to receive/decode their signal?
  467. Salmonater

    is AIS worth it?

    Most of the time they aren't sending.
  468. Salmonater

    is AIS worth it?

    In a busy area with commercial traffic, yes I think it is worth having. I'm running a unit that sends and receives, with a shutoff switch for transmit when wanting to disappear. I fish out of Ilwaco about 40 days a year, nothing like going or coming in from the Ocean in the fog, after dark, or...
  469. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    If you go that route, we really need to talk.
  470. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    Who's your rep?
  471. Salmonater

    Said goodbye

    Your going to love your new boat. You can't have too many rod holders, fish boxes , or fuel capacity.
  472. Salmonater

    Some video!

    Nice Job!
  473. Salmonater

    Radar Recommendations

    I'm running a Garmin radar, pretty happy with it. Previously I was running Furuno, the performance with the Garmin is every bit as good, and much easier to use, and the overlay, for me at least is far better. If your looking for help, take the advise already given, and call Dave at J and G.
  474. Salmonater

    Hydraulic or Electric Trim Tabs?

    The good news is tht they are mounted on a flat surface, I used this style because conventional tabs would of interferred with the kicker because the bracket is full width. They work well, almost too well, you can' adjust them as much as standard tabs. when you tap the button they move to the...
  475. Salmonater

    Hydraulic or Electric Trim Tabs?

    I hoope your wrong, I have a set on my boat with 300 hrs on them, we will see.
  476. Salmonater

    New Washington boat builder

    When doing the 100 hr service myself, I dsicovered water in the lower unit so they are replacing the seals. Thanks, I'm loving the boat, it handles as good as it looks.
  477. Salmonater

    New Washington boat builder

    Was there today, the boat belongs to the Coast Guard.
  478. Salmonater

    Best tuna video yet!

    Amazing video, painful setting in my chair when your doing this.
  479. Salmonater

    Sportcraft Marine in Portland?

    Bought a set of Honda 225's a couple years ago from them, great prices, service, and easy to deal with.
  480. Salmonater

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    Don't tell your wife where you got that kill bag.
  481. Salmonater

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    you can get the permits for a month for $20.00 and drive anywhere.
  482. Salmonater


    we had one jump along side the boat twice off the CR on Wednesday.
  483. Salmonater

    New additions for the aquarium from the 126 line

    Look at those cute little Bluefin.
  484. Salmonater

    Electric reels

    Thats because I go thru them every year, overall they hold up pretty well, that being said I have 6 of his right now, He has a combination of Seaborgs(red ones), Tanacom bull(blue ones), I have the same as well as 2 of the black ones, they don't have as much low end power but they are adequate.
  485. Salmonater

    How do you share position info?

    John, when a credable user comes on like you and talks about a product its believable, but when the only time someone comes on this site they are pushing one of their sponser products, it doesn't set well.
  486. Salmonater

    How do you share position info?

    It's not all about Navionics, NavX does the same thing with free world wide maps.
  487. Salmonater

    Crab Sour Cream Enchiliadas

    Holy Smokes, that looks good!
  488. Salmonater

    Landing net for tuna...update

    I'm netting also, what Mark said as well as the added benifit of the fish not slaming there tails and splashing blood everywhere, keeps from brusing the meat and keeps the blood out of the water, did I mention how bad the sharks are this year, We net, hang the head over the bleed tank, cut the...
  489. Salmonater

    Pulling the trigger on NR 25 OS Build

    I'm running a medium chirp and a high wide at the same time on my Garmin unit with no interference. I checked with Airmar when ordering trnasducers and they said it wasn't a issue because the frequencies don't overlap.
  490. Salmonater

    Big Thanks to Jambo!!

    Mike is one of the good guys!
  491. Salmonater

    Steering system expelling hydraulic.

    Kurt, let me know if you need a hand with this, I'm almost a expert at replacing helms now.:-)
  492. Salmonater

    TUNA/SALMON RUNs - Open Seats

    That, or somebody hacked his account.
  493. Salmonater

    lost and found pole

    It was Mark Abetz, don't know the complete story, but I striped down his brand new Tekota that went for a swim. It soaking in a oil bath now. Killer Bee was with him, I will let him fill in the details.
  494. Salmonater

    Anyone one heard from Jailer1

    He sold his boat and bought a Harley....Go figure.
  495. Salmonater

    Steering system expelling hydraulic.

    Come say hi next time, I owe you one!
  496. Salmonater

    Steering system expelling hydraulic.

    I replaced my 2nd station helm this last week, the U-Flex helm had a bad seal on the main cylinder end cap straight from the factory. I bled the system after replacing, using the method that Bob shared with us and it was actually quite easy to do, and early indications are all positive. Thanks Bob!
  497. Salmonater

    Reel Repair?

    Grease everything but the 2 spool bearings, you will have a great freespool and the other bearings will be happy, the bearings just under the handle do get salt water in them a lot and the grease keeps them happy longer.
  498. Salmonater

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    Same type of post over on the other site.
  499. Salmonater

    2007-2010 Duramax anybody driving one?

    Mark, 2009 with 127,000. zero problems thru 105K. Put 3K in it since than. I get 17-21 mpg when not hauling. I get 9mpg hauling the Salmonater.
  500. Salmonater

    An ocean captain's tale

    Brad is definitly the man when it comes to Lowrance.
  501. Salmonater

    Gas Warning

    I filled up also, with no problems.
  502. Salmonater

    Has Any Tried the new Navionics Chip for Garmin?

    I've used Navionic in northern Oregon, Washington, west coast Vancover Island and so far Westport to Neah with the Garmin. There are many places where the Navionics shows humps and ditches that are non existnt and I'm still playing with the Garmin bathy maps, but I like what I have seen so far...
  503. Salmonater

    Has Any Tried the new Navionics Chip for Garmin?

    From what I have seen and used, it's no better than the bathy charts already installed on the Garmin units. I have no affiliation with Garmin by the way.
  504. Salmonater

    Clalum bay butts

    Nice talking to you, and fishing next to you....Nice Boat Too
  505. Salmonater

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    It has to be in your home residence freezer.
  506. Salmonater

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Fish was frozen at camp. No ticket, it was the year they changed the the possesion regs, and started requiring people to punch fish. They said they we instructed to give people a break the first year. We were boarded on the water.
  507. Salmonater

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    I've had this very thing happen, all they have to do is look at your punch card, if you have 3 fish punched a row like I did, they will start asking questions. My main point to them was that I had already processed the fish, and they said that it had to be in the freezer at your established...
  508. Salmonater

    Neah Bay Shake-Out 4/25-26

    That would be me. :-)
  509. Salmonater

    Visit to Weldcraft

    I like my paint.....Just saying. Your paying for it, so do what YOU like.
  510. Salmonater

    Whats the best VHF antenna

    I had Morad on my last 2 boats and went with digital this time. The biggest thing with Morad is that with the extension on they are heavy. Its hard to keep mounts in one piece, and the extensions take a lot of abuse. They are good antenna's, but take a lot of upkeep.
  511. Salmonater


    I looked into it, but there were just too many obstacles to overcome.
  512. Salmonater

    Oregon Court of Appeals affirms Columbia River gillnet rules

    It would be nice if the gillnetters weren't doing test fisheries all week long at Cathlamet, and who knows where else almost everyday of the week.Than they keep us off the river on Tuesdays and give the river to them. As long as they continue to do their so called test fisheries, there not off...
  513. Salmonater

    Anchor rope and windless

    1800' of 7/16 long line cord, 50' 5/16 chain, anchor ball and stainless ring.
  514. Salmonater

    Anybody trailering a 14-15K pound boat?

    I'm pulling with a SRW, 3/4 ton Duramax, and haven't had any issues with the boat pulling the truck around. The new boat is probably pushing 15K when loaded and full of fuel and I was concerned that I might need more truck, but so far everything has been good.
  515. Salmonater

    School me on small gas or electric pressure washers

    Bought a gas one at Costco 10 years ago, I probably have 200-250 hours on it. It makes quick work of driveways, cars, and boats.
  516. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I read and studied everything I could get my hands on for 6 months trying to come up with a combination that would give me wide coverage and good target definition in 400' or less(primarily for salmon and tuna), and a deeper pentrating transducer the would give good bottom definition, and be...
  517. Salmonater

    Limits on Albacore Tuna!!!!

    AGREE I do!
  518. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I think it will, I was marking fish just off the bottom in 400' on Saturday.
  519. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Garmin GSD26, Airmar SS175C-HW/SS175C-M Chirp Transducer
  520. Salmonater

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    Kurt, it's not much of a picture, but it gives you an idea, there is another bar at the back of the trailer also. My support bars were just like what jbuck decribed above.
  521. Salmonater

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    If you order the back post for the side bunk guideons you can just put a piece of pvc pipe over it. I did that on my old boat and it worked great. I've had bottom paint on the last 2 boats, and always power on. If you have slick bunks it doesn't wear that much. Be careful when using any type of...
  522. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I had a couple of last minute fixes done, so I haven't left with the boat yet. I will be sea trialing in the morning and than hopefully I will be heading north. Here's a short video, it's not very good but gives you a quick view of the boat. Click on the picture. Another look!
  523. Salmonater

    Water separator change interval

    I've been changing mine between 100-150 hours.
  524. Salmonater

    Duckworth vs Weldcraft

    Keep in mind when comparing a single to twins adding up to the same HP. The twin will have more power, especially when loaded down because you will have 2 props in the water, you won't gain hardly anything with going with a larger kicker either because a 9.9 and a 25 won't go any faster than...
  525. Salmonater

    Wide Load Permits

    I always permit mine, if you were to get in an accident, you may have insurance issues. A non-Divisable Load permit is $10.00 a month. 14' width, 61' long
  526. Salmonater

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    Power should be no problem....Either way, i will know this week.
  527. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Picking the boat uo on Tuesday. Yes It's the 30" Spot/Flood Combo. Your welcome to take a look if you like.
  528. Salmonater

    Lingcod Todd on Ocean [email protected] PSA 2/19 +Salmon U. Raffle

    You will just have to book a trip with him.:-)
  529. Salmonater

    To lube or not to lube ..........New Avet

    No, the spool bearings with corrosion X, and the remainder of bearings with grease.
  530. Salmonater

    To lube or not to lube ..........New Avet

    I have a number of these and service all my reels. I've had 50 or so of these a part, and the level of lube varies from reel to reel. I take mine a part right out of the gate and lube all bearings, grease the drag washer and than wipe off with a clean cloth until you can't see any grease. If...
  531. Salmonater

    Seawolf boats

    Did you have this at Ilwaco last summer?
  532. Salmonater

    Seawolf boats

    I saw a new 28' SeaWolf last fall in Ilwaco with Outboards, looked like the deadrise at the back was 16-18 degree.
  533. Salmonater

    Westport Electricians?

    Looks like it has new siding.
  534. Salmonater

    Westport Electricians?

    Thats great news Josh, congrats. You might talk to Dan.
  535. Salmonater

    Anybody use Avet HX5/2 for Tuna?

    Bill, it's to big. I have one and have used it for Halibut, Wahoo, and Tuna. It's sweet spot is 50# to 100# fish. It would work obviously, but it's pretty heavy. I do use it as a troll reel when Albacore fishing.
  536. Salmonater

    Vacuum sealers and retort bags

    I used a VP215 for 2 years, and did around 300 retorts and 600 bags. I give away alot of fish and I was concerned that I would give away a retort bag that wasn't sealed correctly. The VP215 did the job , but it was a struggle to get the bags to seal consistently. Shortly before I traded it in...
  537. Salmonater

    Vacuum sealers and retort bags

    The last couple of VP215's I looked at didin't have the High,medium,low heat switch on them. You will need that for Retorts.
  538. Salmonater

    Vacuum sealers and retort bags

    I had a VP215 for a couple of years and wasn't satisfied with the results on retorts. I got ahold of Thom and upgraded to a mini-pack. Night and Day difference.
  539. Salmonater

    Purchasing a Boat Hull from Canada????

    Great boat, but expensive.
  540. Salmonater

    Purchasing a Boat Hull from Canada????

    I've done it twice,with no issue's. Have the manufacturer takethe boat to the border, sign the paperwork at customs and be on your merry way. When I did it last(2006), there were no additional fees.
  541. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I will take a bunch next week when I pick her up.
  542. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I'm not sure because I went in knowing what I wanted, my guess is 180 - 190 K, with motors and trailer.
  543. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I purchased all of my electronics from them, North River is installing it.
  544. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    The boat is almost done. Generator Box and seat
  545. Salmonater

    LIFERAFT Research: Viking Wins

    Karen is great to work with, I've ordered 3 rafts from her over the past few years.
  546. Salmonater

    Patriots gear locally?

    I hope you get pulled over on the way to the party.
  547. Salmonater

    Prescription sunglasses

    You might check Costco, I have had 3 pair from them. The selection of frames is limited, but the price and quality are top notch.
  548. Salmonater

    Who uses siriusXM weather offshore?

    That is what I was told from a good fisherman, that had it for a while also.
  549. Salmonater

    Hailer/PA Horn

    I've used one enough to warrant putting one in my new build. The logic of not needing it because I've lived without in the past doesn't work for me. We all have fishing gear and tools that we seldom use, but we have it because there are times when it makes our task easier or puts another fish in...
  550. Salmonater

    Screen shots of Garmin GSD 26 Chirp with HW ducer

    I paid $1350 for SS-HW, and $1115 for the SS-M
  551. Salmonater

    Screen shots of Garmin GSD 26 Chirp with HW ducer

    Bill , it looks like you were running in Auto, have you played with the manual settings much, or is auto ding it for you?
  552. Salmonater

    Screen shots of Garmin GSD 26 Chirp with HW ducer

    Bill, I'm sure glad you posted that, it makes me feel much better about my choice as well. I can't wait to put mine to the test along with the M version for bottom fish.
  553. Salmonater

    2015 25' North River OS -- Hit 65 mph!

    NICE.......Very, Very, NICE!
  554. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I It sounds like you have a great system, in the past when we were in a hot bite, the fish were still put in a bleed tank, but no ice. When things get crazy they might set in the tank for extended length of time, the ice is being added to give us more time before having to stop and transfer...
  555. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    It is double wall insulated, I plan on throwing some ice in it, than add some salt water. When we catch a tuna we will brain spike, cut gills and than throw in the bleed box to cool down and bleed out.
  556. Salmonater

    Discussion on thru-hull for tin boats

    Go with the stainless, that's why Airmar offers it. There's a fair number of Alaska guide boats that have installed the thru hull ducer on the transom, I chose the thru hull route, I think it gives a lttle better performance, think clean water.
  557. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Defiance 115 gallon tank. Two seperate tanks with seperate pumps.
  558. Salmonater

    Win a Tannacum 1000 electric reel/rod with Todd Girtz bottomfishing presentation! Feb 12

    You won't want to miss this guys, I've fished with and around Todd for years, and he knows his fishing. Being able to fish with him has improved my success immensely!
  559. Salmonater

    Got my Slip~

    Your an animal! :o
  560. Salmonater

    Got my Slip~

    Just make sure you offload your fish in area 3. I'm going to trailer from WP straight to Neah.
  561. Salmonater

    Got my Slip~

    I'll be towing it up there.
  562. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Nothing, if all goes well. The open array may not make it in time, so that would be the only thing the J and G may have to do. North River is doing a good job of organizing and installing an array of items, for example they've managed to plumb, fit, and install 11 different pumps.
  563. Salmonater

    Got my Slip~

    I'm in D1
  564. Salmonater

    The Journey

    If you keep add things, you going to need bigger motors.
  565. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    That's the idea, by the time the tuna figure out what's happening, it will be too late!:smash:
  566. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    The boat is in rigging now with a scheduled delivery date of 1-30-15.
  567. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Thanks for the kind words, it seems we think alike. I have admired Ottercrafts ever since I saw one up at Neah Bay around 5 years ago. I tried to find one that would fit my needs with no luck. That's great news on the transducer, I've put a lot of time and effort into the transducer install...
  568. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Will do, see you at the Sportsman Show.
  569. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I've added a lot of my ideas and they have been very receptive to anything I have requested on this build. They seem almost as excited about the boat as I am. Thanks for the kind words John.
  570. Salmonater

    Used Seawolf on the market

    Seems like a lot of money.
  571. Salmonater

    35gallon bait tanks?

    You won't be disappointed, if you get a defiance tank, I'm on my second one.
  572. Salmonater

    The Journey

    How much weight are you adding up front? I don't know how she balances out now when she's running, but that will be putting more weight up front. You've probably already thought of that.
  573. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Private boat. There are 4 downriggers mounted on the boat, I know of one other boat with thisconfiguration. I have talked to him and he has had good results, time will tell. Depending on the conditions, you want 3x's the scope when anchoring. I sometimes anchor in 600' and the line comes in...
  574. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Was applied to bare sand blasted surface and it should be just as good as a truck bed. I know of 2 other vessels that have done it, with good results.
  575. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Boat just got out of paint and will be in rigging for the next 4 weeks. Here’s what she looks like so far. Interior Shots.][/URL] Exterior Shots Front Deck , anchor...
  576. Salmonater

    Shorepower and Aluminum

    I checked with NR and the boat will have an isolater installed. Boat just came out of paint, I will post up some pictures tonight.
  577. Salmonater

    Shorepower and Aluminum

    On my last boat, i still had zincs, and used them as a indicator only.
  578. Salmonater

    Shorepower and Aluminum

    It looks like I messed up earlier, this is what I specified on my build. What do you think?
  579. Salmonater

    Shorepower and Aluminum

    What do you think of this Howard? I specified this on my new build.
  580. Salmonater

    Honda 225 vs 250

    I put aftermarket Glendenning on my Honda 225's, $6K upgrade, OUCH!
  581. Salmonater

    Someone Snap This Damn Thing Up....

    I talked to someone on the boat, and he said that they were getting .6-.8 when tuna fishing.
  582. Salmonater

    Someone Snap This Damn Thing Up....

    This boat was at Ilwaco last summer getting bait for the Garibaldi tournament. The boat was really impressive. The fuel burn wasn't even close to what the add said at cruise.
  583. Salmonater

    Robot Tuna

    you might stand a chance with a 50w, not so much if you hook a sub.
  584. Salmonater

    Robot Tuna

    It's being developed by the military....let your imagination roam.
  585. Salmonater

    Robot Tuna
  586. Salmonater

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?
  587. Salmonater

    The Journey

    All you need is some snow and you will have an Outboard powered sled.
  588. Salmonater

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    Howard, this is what is going on my boat.
  589. Salmonater

    The Journey

    Be careful with the bow chine, too much can be a curse.
  590. Salmonater

    Open Boat Party

    I'll see if I can drag Todd down there with me, what time?
  591. Salmonater's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    Wow, that's a nice boat! Is that the boat that has been up in Everett for a few years with the blown diesel in it?
  592. Salmonater

    Rigging Pics in Post #87 -- NR Seahawk OS 25' Build

    Kurt, my boats is in paint as of yesterday, I'm going with the same paint scheme as my sig picture. 2 weeks in paint and 2 weeks for rigging. I will post up a bunch of pictures after paint.
  593. Salmonater

    Rigging Pics in Post #87 -- NR Seahawk OS 25' Build

    Hey Kurt, I crawled all over your boat yesterday. Looking Good! Mine goes too paint this week.
  594. Salmonater

    My #1000 post New horse in the stable

    Definitly a keeper, I've looked over a couple of those, and liked what I saw.
  595. Salmonater

    Anybody Running a Garmin Ghp10 Ap with twin outboards

    There is a fix for that without upgrading to the ghc20. Lingcod Todd had the same issue's. Get a hold of Dave at J and G. I also had the same controller and had no problems.
  596. Salmonater

    Anybody Running a Garmin Ghp10 Ap with twin outboards

    Ran it on my Norvelle with twin Honda 225's. It's a good unit,
  597. Salmonater

    Quality matters vacuum gone?

    I've used bags from both places with the VP215 with good results. It's all in the heat settings, and packing your canner tight so that the bags don't expand to much. Let the canner pressure go back to 0 slowly before opening the container.
  598. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Thanks for your help on the bait tank. Your guys did an awesome job on it.
  599. Salmonater

    Furuno EXPERT needed...

    I admire your skills and patience.
  600. Salmonater

    Scotty 2106 help

    Same thing happened to me. It was a gear, also.
  601. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    High speed Scotty's. There' s another boat that runs this configuration out of Ilwaco with good results. The back rigger will be swung back at an angle, and the front ones straight out the sides.
  602. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    There are 2 pickups. Thru hull, shutoff valve, bait pump with 2 outlets. The main outlet goes to the bait tank and the secondary to the washdown. This configuration worked well on my last two boats.
  603. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    4.2 Liter 250 Yamaha's with 4 blade props, 9.9 high thrust with tie bar. I will troll with kicker, using the AP from the big motor.
  604. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    2000 Honda, it fits in box on the aft port side of the cabin
  605. Salmonater

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    I let the cat out of the bag on Kdubinwa’s 25’ OS build and i didn’t want to hijack is thread so I though I would share a little more. Well I’ve been working on a new build since spring and this is the final design...
  606. Salmonater

    Rigging Pics in Post #87 -- NR Seahawk OS 25' Build

    There are actually 2 tanks here. 115 gallon overall, 57.5 gallons each turned sideways with seperate pumps for redundancy. Hopefully Vance will approve.
  607. Salmonater

    Rigging Pics in Post #87 -- NR Seahawk OS 25' Build

    Sorry for the brief hyjack. Dave and Ken at J and G know there stuff, and are fair and honest.
  608. Salmonater

    Rigging Pics in Post #87 -- NR Seahawk OS 25' Build

    They told me December, but it looks to me like early January.
  609. Salmonater

    Acid wrap a 775XXXH

    You will Love it. I've landed Bluefin in the 600-1000 range on conventional and acid wrap. Acid wraped rods will eliminate the twisting inherent with conventional rods with wide reels and a lot of drag pressure.
  610. Salmonater

    Reel Repair: Help Needed

    Boy!, it's sure hard to get a straight answer around here, it took 25 posts to get anywhere. If I didn't know better, I would say this must be a federal goverment sight.
  611. Salmonater

    Canning tuna - duration??

    You can add a weighted gage with out much effort. Just google it. Took me less than 5 minutes to convert mine.
  612. Salmonater

    BD group hug... Hoghunter to hand pumps

    Most of us already have enough stress in our lives and don't want to come on here and be riped a new one, or see it happen to someone else.
  613. Salmonater

    Fishing south Ledbetter point

    The Gillnets went in Monday night.
  614. Salmonater

    Thank you Lingcod Todd and crew...from Pacific Addiction and crew!

    I'm glad everything turned out ok. My Hats off to Todd and crew, I'm proud to call him my friend and fishing partner. It's good to run with guys you can depend on.
  615. Salmonater

    20# Downrigger Mold

    SWEET! Thanks Ducker
  616. Salmonater

    20# Downrigger Mold

    SWEET! Thanks Ducker
  617. Salmonater

    20# Downrigger Mold

    Looking to purchase a 20# mold with a fin. I talked to do-it and they don't sell one. Any ideas or sources?
  618. Salmonater

    Fourth of July in Westport

    Sportco had them for around $38.00
  619. Salmonater

    Aluminum or galvanized trailer?

    I bought a tuff trailer for my last boat, when pricing different brands of aluminum trailers, Tuff wasn't even close to the most expensive. Not sure why people are commenting about them being expensive.
  620. Salmonater

    Waiting to launch at Neah Bay

    I have thought about it since I have a place at Seku, but there is no way to justify it money wise. You will burn over a $100.00 in fuel on a round trip with the boat.
  621. Salmonater

    Good luck to the fleet!

    Thanks Buddy, and we will see you out there.
  622. Salmonater

    Free Crab/Shrimp/Halibut bait

    Bill set me up last Friday with some killer salmon bellies. Thanks a bunch!
  623. Salmonater

    Vac master VP-215C

    Just repack in the original box and haul it, I don't take mine for the weekend, only on extended trips.
  624. Salmonater

    New outboard service DIY or dealer

    I can help you with this Howard, done it for years and glad to help.
  625. Salmonater

    DEFIANCE BOATS - *Allied Boat Project Update*

    Looking good Bo. What's the deadrise at the bow and stern, Chine degree, and size? Lifting strakes?Beam?
  626. Salmonater

    Cool Boat

    Now thats funny!
  627. Salmonater

    Outboard jet grease fitting question

    Mark, on my pump that hose is just the overflow, old grease comes out as you put new grease in. I believe the fitting on the end is just standard grease zert fitting.
  628. Salmonater

    Canadian halibut

    You will find that Swiftsure fishes better later in the year, the fish move up on the bank.
  629. Salmonater


    My last boat had shark hide on it for 5 years, No in season maintenance, I would wait to the end of the season and buff bad spots and reapply those areas in my spare time in the winter. It took about 3 hours to do it all.
  630. Salmonater


    The canadian builders are using Nylac. I've had a few aluminum boats and have used both with good results. It's not that hard to keep up and your not supposed to be hitting the dock anyway.
  631. Salmonater

    transducer help

    I believe the dff1 is the highest level black box you can use with Navnet ZX2.
  632. Salmonater

    transducer help

    Just don't run both units on the same frequency, they don't play well together when you do that.
  633. Salmonater

    pressure canning tuna

    The main concern that the manufactures have with glass top stoves is the weight of the canner and the chance of breaking the stove top. I use a Coleman camp stove out in the garage.
  634. Salmonater

    Rooster fiver 12/26-31

    Enjoy your trip Steve, wish &#8203;I was there.
  635. Salmonater

    Is it worth getting knives professionally sharpened??

    I started doing this a few years ago. You can put a razor sharp edge on all your knives quickly with this method.
  636. Salmonater

    Here we go...the build

    Curious, what's the build time on that awesome boat?
  637. Salmonater

    Vessel Assist Westport

    Wouldn't hurt to check your insurance policy, mine has $1000.00 tow coverage with no deductible.
  638. Salmonater

    boat sinks on the Columbia

    They were too close to A jetty, that is the rock jetty off to the right of the river entrance at the end of the harbor channel.
  639. Salmonater

    Night running big spill / projection lights

    Treat the lights like you would your high beams, don't use them when around other boats coming towards you. Last time I used mine, I ran 30 miles in the dark going to camp at Notka. That being said, I don't think large lights are that practical on boats our size. The only way to get rid of the...
  640. Salmonater

    PFMC catch sharing plan for Neah Bay and La Push halibut season remains status quo.

    Great News! I sure hope we can get deep water Ling Cod back in May.
  641. Salmonater


    Great Report, the word is that their still there.
  642. Salmonater


    It was well worth the price of admission!
  643. Salmonater

    Wdlfbio started a trend

    Very Nice Patrick!
  644. Salmonater

    bait stop crashers!

    He also replied when we we politley requested that he not get to close, that we were in his predetermined troll route and that we were encroaching on his area.
  645. Salmonater

    Cast net for Bait approved in Ocean! Thanks Commission

    Is the harbor considered part of area 3?
  646. Salmonater

    8 cows and 1 Super on the RP First Morning

    I fished with the guy on the right ( Clyde ) on the Royal Star in February. He's a good fisherman and a great guy, Way to go Clyde!
  647. Salmonater

    Springer fishing with new boat.

    Makes you want to take a wave over the bow.
  648. Salmonater

    Help! I lost an old friend!

    Check out the BLADE-TECH belts. I was at the factory today, they are heavy duty and appear to be quality belts.
  649. Salmonater

    WSP- keep'n Olympia's highways safe from....

    Simple, just do the speed limit.
  650. Salmonater

    If I was to wear a pink dress?

    Actually there was another post after yours that I was referring too. It got pulled. I did read the whole post and contributed a page or two back.
  651. Salmonater

    If I was to wear a pink dress?

    Where did that come from?
  652. Salmonater

    Scotty Question

    Not sure it's worth the trouble, by the time you swap them and the difference in resale of the 1106's and the 1101's.
  653. Salmonater

    Proud father/daughter moment

    Good job DAD!. You should be proud, I pray that she continues to enjoy fishing with you. There is something special about that kind of relationship. I have 2 daughters, one goes :-), one doesn't :-(
  654. Salmonater

    If I was to wear a pink dress?

    I've been using the Tanacum Bull 750's for 6 years. I bought all of mine on ebay, and a lot of the parts are interchangeable with the ones sold in the US.I have serviced all of mine and it's not that hard. The only thing I haven't been able to find are the electric motors, but I haven't looked...
  655. Salmonater

    Boiling BLUE FIN! Must watch!!

    We fished 5 days, $3300.00 each. There were 3 of us.
  656. Salmonater

    Boiling BLUE FIN! Must watch!!

    Lingcod Todd, his dad, and I went there last September.
  657. Salmonater

    Roll Call Intrepid trip #29 -Jan 20th !

    One day ahead of you on the Star......Haa!
  658. Salmonater

    Unloading fish

    I was at the Landing last year, after all the fun and games. 5-stars fish was gone and fisherman's bin was still sitting at the top with the top fish getting cooked in the sun........Just saying.
  659. Salmonater

    pounds of drag for albacore

    Hey Kevin. I'll get you dialed in, give me a call.
  660. Salmonater

    Break Out Another Thousand(s)

    Honda has a well deserved reputation of standing behind their products, warranty or no warranty.
  661. Salmonater

    Long Rangers?

    Hi Rob, Todd told me about your big one, Congratulations ! I'm going to catch a 260 in January so you better get busy :2gunsfiring_v1: