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  1. ror_sal

    Spar urethane over cord grips

    Did some tarred twine for a buddies new set of rods, he didn’t want the stock cork so wrapped over it. He is asking to have them “spar urethane” coated for a tackier feel. I have never done this to any of my tuna cord grips. Any input on this? I feel like it won’t stick the the tar coat on the...
  2. ror_sal

    Muscle sticker

    Got my new registration sticker, but how do I get the new muscle sticker? I only fish the ocean but just in case I decide to take it elsewhere, would like to have it. Also what does it run? Thanks!
  3. ror_sal

    Turkey hunt 3/30-4/1

    Short story: shot a turkey Headed out to a property I’ve been cutting down trees/stacking firewood for the owner the last couple years. Hunting wasn’t even in my mindset with everything going on. Got the call on the 29th “We are at our other place in AZ, could you take a drive out to the...
  4. ror_sal

    WTB 60# 8’ bait stick

    Looking for a 60# 7’6”-8’ stick. Something to put my 40nii on. Maybe a calstar 800xh? Blank would be better so I could put my own touch on it, but a factory or prewrap would do just fine. Thanks my dudes.
  5. ror_sal

    For Sale Kayak

    Selling my kayak. Nothing special but have fished LJ and both bays no problem. 12’ long 29” wide. Stable and easy to fish. Has a little storage bucket/ bait tank that will keep a handful of mackerel Alive for slow trolling. Comes with paddle, seat, life jacket, 3 rod holders, and fish finder...
  6. ror_sal

    For Sale /trade Newell S338-5

    Letting go of my last Newell. Works great. Tiny bit of wear but overall great shape. Works perfectly. Bearings are getting a little bit noisy but has the Bocas that where installed a couple years ago. Maybe have them replaced but I bet a little bit of lube and use would quite them down since...
  7. ror_sal

    For Sale Pro Gear CS600

    Selling my older model Pro Gear CS 600. I’ve had this reel for 10+ years. Has been a solid performer for me. Mainly used as a slow troll reel. Everything works as it should. Bearings and drags where replaced two seasons ago with hardly any use after. Definitely has its cosmetic issues with boat...
  8. ror_sal

    Thomas Ave 9/22

    Snuck out of the house at 5:15am. Grabbed a rod and my pack and made the long three block drive to the beach. A little early so waited for the sun to peak out. Around 6 I got my feet wet. First fish came early. A few spread out in the next couple hours. Ended at the pier with a nice 19” Corbina...
  9. ror_sal

    Old Fenwick help

    so I’ve never owned an old Fenwick. Sabre’s Calstar sand seekers I can identify pretty well. This one has me stumped. A co worker asked if I wanted an old rod he had laying around from his dad or grandpa. Didn’t think anything of it until He brought it in and I saw the Fenwick logo. No specs...
  10. ror_sal

    MB 4/23/19

    Ive been working on the skiff the last couple weeks. Getting it dialed for summer. ( side note, Shelter Island Inflatables was awesome and had my lower unit rebuilt on my 4 stroke Yamaha 25hp in a week or so. They contacted me through the process to keep me informed on price and what work was...
  11. ror_sal

    Yamaha 25hp

    Looking for a Yamaha mechanic in San Diego. Noticed some gear oil mixing into my water pump housing. It’s a 2009 Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke. Gear oil was milky. Even if someone could chime in with a ballpark price so I don’t get ripped. Any info on this would be much appreciated. I know it’s either...
  12. ror_sal

    Mission Bay 3/13

    After a very long day at work, I decided to hit it when I got off. Got to the spot at about 10pm and fished for an hour. Wrecked them the entire time. Wasn’t counting but in the area of 15 fish, between 10-13”. Lots of missed ones. Except the last fish, that one went 18”. May have been a bit...
  13. ror_sal


    Fished out of Mission Bay. Hit a couple a bass spots that have been producing the last couple weeks. Slow bite. Headed north to try some rockcod spots. Steady pick at average size cod with a lingcod kicker. She hitch hiked her way up on a barber pole. Wasn’t hooked, just trying to down the...
  14. ror_sal

    The last couple months

    The calico fishing has been off the chain lately. Certain tides and times BITE! Heavy swimbaits for the most part, flat falls for the deeper stuff. Sandies deeper, that eventually turns straight checkers as you go over the bump. Really close to home!! Get out if you can dodge the weather...
  15. ror_sal

    30min from the driveway

    Took the day off to get on the water at the last second today (2/28). Hooked the boat up at about 10:30 after a trip to the dog park to tire out the pooch. Launched from Dana, on the water by 10:45. Get to the spot at 11. Went to a little bump that’s been producing recently. Bass where fired...
  16. ror_sal

    SOLD Newell G235-F $75

    Used Newell G235-F. I have had it for 18+ years as one of my main Halibut reels and slow troll for yellows. Great reel. Perfect for inshore. Drags are new in the last two season and haven’t really fished it. I’ve always cleaned and greased my reels religiously. This one just been on every...
  17. ror_sal

    San Diego - Phoenix

    Headed to Phoenix in March. I’d really like to camp on the way. Any recommendations for a good site in the desert? Most like just 1-2 nights.
  18. ror_sal

    LJ 1/28

    Decided to take the right towards LJ. Water leaving the channel was green and little visibility. Once past crystal pier, blue and clear. Temp was between 58-61 all day. Warmed up on the incoming tide around noon. That’s when someone hit the switch for the bass to start stirring it up on the...
  19. ror_sal

    MB 1/27

    After checking out the Dana event, I had to get on the water. Not enough time to launch the skiff so I rolled the kayak down to the bay. Pretty consistent spotty bite. Couple decent ones. Lots of clones but fun none the less. Water was 58.8. Fished an area that rises from 20’-8’. Throwing a 3”...
  20. ror_sal

    Santa Catalina Island

    Hunted a couple weeks ago. The conservancy just so happen to not have buck tags on opening day for local season.... bastards. One of there ways of trying to kill all the deer. So ended up with two doe tags in my pocket. Fuck it. Meat is meat. Anyways, shot four deer between the three of us...
  21. ror_sal

    Free bug bait

    im defrosting my freezer. Have a milk crate of skipjack for lobster bait. I’m not gunna make it out this year. If you want it come get it. If not it’s going in the trash this afternoon.
  22. ror_sal

    PV 11/17-21

    Headed down for my honeymoon Nov 17-21st (this month). Looking to do a 3/4 day style trip with the wife. Something that could accommodate just us would be nice but not necessary. Any recommendations? Bring gear or not? What’s going down this time of year fish wise? Tips on bringing...
  23. ror_sal

    WTB VHF + antenna

    Looking for a radio! Need it for my 14’ Livingston CC. Anyone have an opinion on the smart antennas as opposed to the standard? I’d rather not sword fight the standard with my jig stick anymore.... Thanks
  24. ror_sal

    Adding a battery

    just purchased a 14’ Livingston CC. I want to add another battery since I’m introducing an fish finder and VHF. I have a 4 stroke Yamaha 25HP that charges the battery while running. Questions is, how do you set up an auxiliary battery and a battery dedicated to the motor? Or do I even need...
  25. ror_sal

    WTB CC 5k

    sold my 18’ CC a year or so ago. Got approved to spend around 5k on another boat. Figured I’d throw this out there to see if anyone finds something I might miss. Thanks!
  26. ror_sal

    MB Night 5/22

    Fished a dock after work for an hour or so. Bite was steady with some better fish mixed in. 3/8oz underspin and 3”MC. Got bit on the pause 99% of the time.
  27. ror_sal


    Looking for a good 2-4 day pack for hunting. Any opinions on the subject? Don't want to spend a whole lot of money but don't want anything super cheap either. Something comfy while the rifle is slung over my shoulder. Thanks for any suggestions
  28. ror_sal

    For Sale 97 GMC Savana 3500

    As title states, I have a GMC van for sale. 77,000 Miles. Very low for a 1997. 1 ton, could tow just about anything. I used it as a camper for local campgrounds. Runs awesome. Set up with a bunk for two with storage under bunk for boards and rods or whatever you desire. Has locking shelves...
  29. ror_sal

    TRADE Fishing kayak for hunting/fishing gear

    looking for all types of fishing gear and hunting. Rods, reels, packs, Binos etc...
  30. ror_sal

    For Sale Bow

    older Bear archery bow. 45# draw. New sites and arrow rest. Used as a fun target bow while camping. Comes with release and arm gaurd. $50 obo
  31. ror_sal

    FS: kayak

    getting rid of a kayak that is taking up too much room in my garage. Set up for fishing. Ain’t no pro angler but have had it out in LJ and MB plenty of times. Has fish finder but you’ll need to remount transducer. Comes with paddle and seat, has three rod holders, little storage bucket that I...
  32. ror_sal

    MB 3/13

    Fished from 10pm-1am. Bite was funky. Definitely getting bit but getting one to eat the whole jig was tough. Couple smaller fish here and there. Finally set the hook on a good one. Ends up being the biggest spotty I’ve ever seen in person. Big ass head like it was part sculpin. My bud and I...
  33. ror_sal

    MB 3/12

    Fished two different sessions yesterday. Bass where out to play for sure! Hit mid and front bays from 2:00pm-5:30pm for the first outing. Nothing stand out except one decent one on the watermelon fluke at my first stop. Hit a few more areas for a bunch of the 8-13” stuff all on the t-rigged...
  34. ror_sal

    MB 3/7

    fished from 10pm-12:30am. It bit. Really good. T-rigged flukes and brown swimbaits with 3/8oz yellow warbait. Caught about 20 fish all in the 10-13” range. Most being right around 12”. Lots of bait in the water. Get out there!
  35. ror_sal

    MB 2/28

    fished from 10pm-midnight. Tons of fish but all 8-10”. Still fun, got bit on everything cast I think. All fish caught on 3” MCs and BH with a 3/8oz VMC boxer head.
  36. ror_sal

    For Sale rods&reels price drop

    First up, I have three older rods for sale. One (older,better) Sabre 6’6” 20-50# rod. I rebuilt this rod a year ago but first trip a guide insert got cracked. Still needs to be fixed. Sold One Seeker American A 270-7’ 12-30#. This rod can be fished. I fixed a couple guides on it and could use...
  37. ror_sal

    SD Bay 2/18 and 2/26

    ive been lucky enough to get out on the water a couple times the last couple weeks. Fished moving tides in the afternoons. The bass bite was pretty steady. All averaging 10-13 inches with maybe a legal or two mixed in. One pig sculpin. A tonage of short halibut but managed a handful of legals. I...
  38. ror_sal

    WTB 90j blank

    Looking for a 90j blank or something equivalent. Interested in any blanks 8-10’
  39. ror_sal

    MB this week

    Showing a lot better sign over the last couple weeks. This week the numbers have gone up and a lot more action. A lot of smaller fish with a few good ones in between. Underspins with baitfish patterns during the day. Straight swimbait at night.
  40. ror_sal

    Manual meat grinder

    Anyone know where I could pick one up in San Diego?
  41. ror_sal

    Turkey Hunt

    Spending Thanksgiving in Gold Country. What a place! Got super lucky and was allowed permission on my sisters friends property. 30 acres of Gobbler heaven. Oaks and acorns and pines as far as you can see. Pulled into the place around 5:30am yesterday morning. Waited for the sun to peak out a...
  42. ror_sal

    Favorite LF Ammo

    Particularly 30-06. Doing a hunt in a lead free zone. I know nothing about lead free ammo.
  43. ror_sal

    any east coasters?

    so my uncle needs me to wrap a ton of rods for him to give to his brother in laws for christmas. Im a die hard fisherman but live in san diego where we do things a little different. He needs 7 trout rods for fishing the rivers, so those I'm assuming a 7' 2-6# rod wrapped for spinning gear, or...
  44. ror_sal

    need help on the west coast

    so my uncle needs me to wrap a ton of rods for him to give to his brother in laws for christmas. Im a die hard fisherman but live in san diego where we do things a little different. He needs 7 trout rods for fishing the rivers, so those I'm assuming a 7' 2-6# rod wrapped for spinning gear, or...
  45. ror_sal

    Trolling motor

    I have an 18ft CC and looking out put a trolling motor on for fishing the bay and kelp lines etc. what size will I be looking for? Boat weighs in around 3k. Powered with a Honda 90hp 4 stroke (probably irrelevant) hull is a 87' seaswirl 18ft CC.
  46. ror_sal

    FS: pre 64 Winchester 94 hardware

    wasn't paying attention when i purchased. Its all the hardware for a PRE 64 winchester model 94 30-30 from brownells. Spent $45 on the kit asking $25 or a case of beer, box of rounds or something similar.
  47. ror_sal

    WTB Honda throttle control

    As stated in title. Looking for a outboard throttle control for my Honda outboard. Thanks
  48. ror_sal

    Valley report 11/14

    Picked up a couple buddies at 4:30am and headed towards IV. Game plan was to hit a couple ditches on the way to an empty feed lot I usually do pretty well at. No ducks at the first few ditches. Went to the lot to find out that it has been bought and posted by a club. Damnit. My bud knew another...
  49. ror_sal

    Blank coloring

    Could I use a marbling pigment to, let's say make a giant yellow banana rod?... don't ask
  50. ror_sal

    Bait tank drains

    I have a 25 Gallon tank I'm about to put in. Looking at a 700gal pump and I'm wondering what size drain I'm going to go with. If anyone knows the math on that or if its just a general size and could throw me a bone, it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  51. ror_sal


    looking to rent or borrow some boat jackstands so I can move the bunks to the proper location. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be much obliged. Thanks. Will trade case of beer or a fishing trip or something along those lines...
  52. ror_sal

    marbling products

    bought some stuff and thought one of them was white powder but its called "mud". its a paste and not a powder. Whats it for?
  53. ror_sal

    18' boat trailer $200obo

    Cross members need to be replaced asap. Rusted through. Got a new trailer so this one needs to go. Has boat winch and trailer jack. The jack has seen better days but works. Had a 17.5 CC that weighs in at around 2,500lbs on it. Lights are toast. Will throw in magnet lights for an extra $30...
  54. ror_sal

    boat weight.

    buying a 17.5 seaswirl CC w/ Four stroke honda 90. The guy says it was around 2500lbs. Does this sound right?
  55. ror_sal

    Wanted 17' boat trailer

    looking for a trailer that will work with my 17.5' CC. Runs about 2500lbs.
  56. ror_sal

    FT Newell g229

    looking for a Newell 220 or sealine 20 or similar reel. Also interested in rod blanks.
  57. ror_sal

    Old sabre rehab

    First time I've fully rebuilt a rod(minus reel seat, left the original one.) Xtube gribs, Refinished blank, replaced all guides. Pretty stoked how it came out for my first one. Definitely learned some things during this. Happy the way my machines turned out. Built everything for about $50...
  58. ror_sal

    WTB plotter/finder combo

    looking for something in the price range of $200-$300. Gps/finder/plotter. New to the electronics thing so any input on what i should be looking for please let me know. My brother and I are done "winging it" haha
  59. ror_sal

    Winchester Model 94

    Looking to trade for a speargun. Preferably a Riffe but open to hear offers on other types or other fishing/hunting gear. The rifle has seen better days but shoots straight and is very reliable. could use a little love as far as looks go but operates smooth. I own a 30-06 now and it never...
  60. ror_sal

    rod finish

    Im in the process of revamping an old sabre rod that i like alot. What is used to refinish the actual blank? Is it Flex coat? Thanks for any info!
  61. ror_sal

    Rod suggestion

    just picked up a TLD 25 and wondering what blank would match best to this reel, fishing anywhere from 50-80#. has anyone fished 80# on this reel? Is it too much? I'm novice to bigger gear cause I only fish local waters and up until last summer, I didn't see any reason to fish anything over...
  62. ror_sal

    Clemente overnight

    booking a overnight to San Clemente March 26th. Need ten more guys and just wanted to let you guys know. Seems like a lot of good dudes in this forum. Want experienced Fisherman who know how party boats operate when fishing. Or at least a someone who can learn quick and is fun to be around...
  63. ror_sal

    Overnight Clemente in March

    Planning a trip for my brothers bachelor party in March (when rock cod opens). I've never charted a party boat before but have fished them many times. We have about 10-16 guys who would go depending on price but willing to have up to 20 people on the boat to bring the price done. 90% of us...
  64. ror_sal

    Overnight Clemente in March.

    Planning a trip for my brothers bachelor party in March (when rock cod opens). I've never charted a party boat before but have fished them many times. We have about 10-16 guys who would go depending on price but willing to have up to 20 people on the boat to bring the price done. 90% of us...
  65. ror_sal

    fish finder/gps

    looking for a combo that wont break the bank but will suffice. My brother and i are rebuilding his boat and want to replace the current older depth finder. any suggestions? looking to spend around 200 on the right deal.
  66. ror_sal

    Brawley Dmv hunting trip

    So the decision to go worked out well. Shot some dove before the DMV appointment and also jump some ducks(didn't take a shot because I was scared I wouldn't be able to retrieve them where they were flying). The DMV appointment went flawless, and out in 10 minutes. Checked out a little spot...
  67. ror_sal

    Brawley DMV

    has anyone ever been? Have to renew my license and I'd rather go do some hunting for the day. Any wait there? I'd have to spend the whole day at the one in San Diego.
  68. ror_sal


    anybody give the ditches a shot yet?
  69. ror_sal

    Clay shooting

    Anyone know of any public land where this is ok?
  70. ror_sal

    Local paddy hunting.

    Anyone been out in the 9 mile bank area? Wanted to go look for some dorado and yellowfin one more time before the season ends. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  71. ror_sal

    Dove hunting Laguna MT

    was wondering if there was any good dove hunting up there saw them at the campgrounds a couple weeks ago. Not in huge numbers but a few here and there. The only thing detouring me is that deer season seems to be in full gear right now and don't want to be blasting up the joint if people are out...
  72. ror_sal

    Ready for rat and mouse season?

    Thought I'd share my rat gun with everyone. Hunting, last night, was good around my chicken coop and under the house. Put the light on it today so I won't have to shoot one handed with a flashlight. I almost have as much fun as anything else. Cold beer and a pellet gun shooting rats out of a...
  73. ror_sal


    anyone seen any?
  74. ror_sal

    where can I, where can't I?

    I was up in the Mt. Laguna area doing some hiking, I was in the store grabbing a beer and talked to some hunters while I was in there. They said rifle and archery where open up there. I was under the impression that it was archery only. Any enlightenment on this? I've looked for info online...
  75. ror_sal

    2014 Deer season/hunting San Diego

    Hey guys, new to hunting San Diego. Born and raised here but had the luxury of hunting Catalina Island my entire life. But with now pigs or goats for the last 10 years, I'm looking for a new hunt. I do hunt deer on the island still but want to change things up and hunt new land. I have been...
  76. ror_sal

    Shooting areas?

    I was wondering if anyone was willing to point me in the direction of a place to go shoot/sight in some rifles. The only place I have been able to shoot is on Catalina Island (Im lucky to have my dads side of the family from there) without having to go to a range where there are 30 people...
  77. ror_sal

    Thompson Center Venture Rifle RECALL...AGAIN!

    Does anyone else here have the TC Venture rifle that was recalled AGAIN! I have left numerous messages with the head of customer service asking if I could swap out the rifle for something else with no response. Seeing as how I have sent it in already due to misfire issues and they sent it...