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  1. C.Bergs

    For Sale 275’ 3 Strand Anchor Rope

    Negative. I hosed it down and measured it today.
  2. C.Bergs

    For Sale 275’ 3 Strand Anchor Rope

    Asking $75
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    Hey dude. Never ended up completing the build. We managed to strap it in the bilge, but always...

    Hey dude. Never ended up completing the build. We managed to strap it in the bilge, but always bring it out to fill balloons. Not sure if it needs to be vertical. I doubt it, as it's under so much pressure. I don't think it matters, but I'm not entirely sure. Sorry I can't be of more help!
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    For Sale 1979 Skipjack 24 Flybridge

    How is it propped to make 20-25 knots at 2,500RPM? Seems impossible
  5. C.Bergs

    43 Donelle

    Very nicely done
  6. C.Bergs

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    I got my first this year, too. The tingles you're feeling right now will not subside for some time! EPIC!
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    Calstar vs Seeker

    It always impresses me how much you guys know about rods. The more I read posts like this, the more I realize I don't know shit from shinola.
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    Chickens walking by my stand... Shootem?

    Regarding gun shots spooking deer: Clearly this isn't the norm, but a couple times at Angeles Shooting range, deer have moseyed right onto the rifle range. There have to be hundreds of rounds going off per minute. Both times, I'm thinking these are the dumbest fucking deer in CA!
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    Broadbills Exist

    Thanks, Ali. It's been the best season yet.
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    Club Fish 3.5 - 11/14-11/18 PV

    If I would have posted about all the skunk trips this summer, it would have been embarrassing. Few good days made up for all the crappy ones.
  11. C.Bergs

    Broadbills Exist

    Don’t forget the super cow bro haha! But ya, no yellowfin. Am I the only one? Let’s go! Made some of the fish tonight on the Traeger. Fried rice, squash, and a Caesar salad. It was excellent
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    Broadbills Exist

    Thanks boys! Been a hell of a season!
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    Broadbills Exist

    Maybe I'm naive, out of the loop, or whatever else, but if you asked me 5 years ago if I thought I would catch a swordfish in the backyard I would have laughed. But here we are learning this new methodology, bouncing ideas around, and learning different techniques and trying to approve upon...
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    11/3-11-4 BFT

    Still haven't gotten to the paracord in my tackle box. Dropped it in my parents' garage and haven't been by. You'll be the first to know, Hector!
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    11/3-11-4 BFT

    Thanks boys!
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    11/3-11-4 BFT

    Shot out on my buddy's Whaler from MDR. Made macs out front of the harbor. Shot to west end of Cat to try for some yellows for a few for nada. Continued to west end of Clemente. Some big paddies holding bait in between, but no one else home. Set up 6 miles south of Cove Point. Put out kite and...
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    Last trip of the year for jumbos

    Now I'll probably have to cancel some commitments this weekend... Thanks for the report
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    You for sure could. Just mock it up first with cardboard, then ply, measure a couple hundred times, and then hope for the best haha. I don't have much of an opinion on mahogany vs teak on boats. Both have been used to build entire boats. What I can say is teak is very oily. Double edge sword...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    My boat partner and I are both proficient woodworkers. We've done a substantial amount of teak upgrades to our skippy (dash, footrest console, shelf along entire gunnel, blower cowls, cabinets inside, it goes on and on). Teak is such an awesome wood to work with. While some of the wood we bought...
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    For Sale Fuel Tanks

    Have any pics of the 25G? What are the dimensions? How old is the tank?
  21. C.Bergs

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Very impressive build out!
  22. C.Bergs

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Last year was a blast in Redondo. I was dating this girl at the time and took her fishing for her first time. She got all messed up on light line on one of those 7-8lbers. She landed the fish and was super excited. Resetting, I bait the hook and let it out in free spool and notice there's a ton...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    In my opinion, this is one of the major flaws of this boat. My '79 open has a lot of water ingress through that step from washing the boat. There is a bilge pump in there mounted to a 1x2 that I can see through the starboard hatch in the cabin. Problem is, the bilge pump will never get all the...
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    San Clemente, Tanner, and Cortez

    Nice. That damn 30 is my dream rig
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    Rigging dead flying fish for bluefin tuna

    Hopefully this stops at least 100 more threads on the topic. Nicely done
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    Heading to the barn is literally the last thing I want to do when I'm on fish. Recently had to head home while being on the cows/super cows because of lack of ice. Dichotomy of ultimate happiness and ultimate frustration. While filleting at sea is not allowed, it also results in a bruised, wet...
  27. C.Bergs

    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    This is my favorite part. Having a successful trip and being grossly under-iced. Then going back out with 400lbs of ice for a big ass skunk! It's becoming quite the pattern.
  28. C.Bergs

    Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Weird that some of you got to fish backside of SCI Friday. I checked the schedule at 0630 Friday and they removed much of the closures. I was surprised because the night before showed the biggest closures I'd ever seen. I shot out there all hungover as balls from Buccaneer Days to try for a...
  29. C.Bergs

    Fishing jobs for a teen?

    Dylan, I'm not going to tell you not to get a job on a boat or dock, but here's what I know: I've known a bunch of guys growing up that started as pinheads and moved on to become deckhands and captains. No doubt they are passionate about fishing and are absolutely the most hardcore fishermen I...
  30. C.Bergs

    Kite policy on sport boat

    Rig a strip of a pool “noodle” with zip ties down the the top of the flyer. No need to go down in leader size, as long as it’s a short leader. Then hold on for dear life.
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    Mediums Bft

    Hope you get to shoot one in the face
  32. C.Bergs

    Rigging Flyers for BFT

    You can do it either way. Sometimes the leader to the stinger is short, depending on who made it and their preferences. If the leader to the stinger is short, you will use both the J hook and stinger to find where the flyer lays flat in the water. Generally J hook somewhere around the gill...
  33. C.Bergs

    125/172/499 run on sunday 9/22

    And when you do, we gonna fuck em up together
  34. C.Bergs

    125/172/499 run on sunday 9/22

    As someone out of MDR, I really appreciate your constant reports on this area!
  35. C.Bergs

    I can die now.... 9/22 - Nine Mile Bank

    Incredible! All my buddies are doing it and now I have to jump off a bridge, go down a rabbit hole, and go insane learning a new methodology. I love fishing
  36. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Be rad to mash the cat out there! Let me know if you have a spot to split fuel, etc. You guys have been slaying the schoolie grade. Let's go chase the jumbos!
  37. C.Bergs

    Pappy takes a Plunge

    hahah, that's awesome. Good work. I had to chase a rod down for the first time at SBI this year. Had too much shit in my pockets and by the time I got to the setup it was 12 feet deep. Felt like a real life accomplished merman when I got it!
  38. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    What do you want to see? The rigging? PM me so we don't clog the feed
  39. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Thanks brother. Yea, I've received enough flack about not taping it right away, so I have tuna cord in my tackle box now haha. Fished yesterday and had two big blow ups, but they didn't stick. Fucking bluefin, mannn!
  40. C.Bergs

    Late report, sorry. 9/17 125/499

    I want to catch bluefin in that zone so damn bad. Thank you for the intel
  41. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Ende Thanks, Ali. Learned a lot from your posts man. Taped at 313 gutted
  42. C.Bergs

    Reliable Kill Bag

    Where is Kenmore? If it doesn't sell, PM me
  43. C.Bergs

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    A report and a poem. Good work!
  44. C.Bergs

    24' Skipjack FB ideas

    I've had to dick around with my vinyl quite a bit. I assume the vinyl is stapled to a wood backing? I've found that the wood backings on my vinyl had no holes drilled in the wood. Because of that, the water trapped between the foam and wood sits and can't really breathe. So the backings start to...
  45. C.Bergs

    24' Skipjack FB ideas

    What did you use on the pads? Mine need some love
  46. C.Bergs

    9/14 bluefin

    They lied to you and now you know the truth! Good work
  47. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Thank you, Sir! I never mentioned that wasn’t the biggest fish, it was the second biggest. The bigger one has my hand on it in one of the other pictures. The fish were all brought to a friends walk-in chiller. I spoke to him this afternoon and he said the big fish taped out at 313 gutted...
  48. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    I know, I knowww. Maybe I'll kick myself in the ass later! I guess I shouldn't have prefaced breaking the 200 mark and not taped it. Just that two of them were so far over 200 it wasn't even a question. The small one was 170ish. Thanks for the words! It was a day to remember
  49. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    We brought a couple hundred pounds of ice. I couldn't tell you how much it takes for the grande models because we ran out of ice on the first fish basically. We had salted ice that did really well, but were just completely under-iced for what happened. I know some guys use rock salt (ice cream...
  50. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Broke both zippers on the kill bag and came back with the inside completely ripped to shreds! Anyone got a huge kill bag for sale??
  51. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Late report here. It was a goal of mine to catch a 200 pound tuna this year. I've had too many skunk trips, small tuna, boat problems, you name it over the years. Seeing reports here of people catching the big dogs and wondering if it'll ever be my turn to connect while we have this incredible...
  52. C.Bergs

    Interesting video

    Whoa. Cool!
  53. C.Bergs

    catalina 9/6 am

    Looks sashimi grade to me. Good work
  54. C.Bergs

    Rigging up trolling setups w/ Rapalas - lb test, swivels, knots, etc?

    A lot to consider here. Like you said, I'd start with two Rapalas to keep it manageable for you. Pick two that swim at different depths. The true depth of them will be dependent on some factors, but I think at this point you should just be considering your speed. I troll Rapalas between 6.5-7.3...
  55. C.Bergs


    I took the day off to handle some things around the apartment, but reading this thread inspired me to head to the shooting range instead.
  56. C.Bergs

    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    I'm out of MDR, too. Fished SBI 3/4 day Saturday for nothing but calicos (released) and bottom feeders. Green/brownish water 68-69.5 degrees. Went a few miles off the island in different directions scanning with the gyros for lost tuna, but didn't see squat. Headed back to Cat Saturday late...
  57. C.Bergs

    Catalina Island Advice

    Launch from Dana. Since you're staying at Cat, I'd probably just fish there. Clemente isn't exactly close. Depends on weather, your target species, and how much time you want to spend at Catalina. For me, those are two separate trips. You can always fuel up at the island, but it's $7/gallon.
  58. C.Bergs

    Looking for a helium tank for the boat! What’s a good one to get? Thanks for the help!

    I got mine through Evergreen Midwest, out of Ohio. It's a 122cf aluminum tank, but fills to 110cf (guess it has something to do with the pressure of helium). The tank, balloon valve, and contents gauge was $345 delivered. Gardena Welding Supply is $115 to fill 110cf, as of last week. Don't get a...
  59. C.Bergs

    MDR launch fee raised

    Had to pull my boat out today. Can confirm it is still full of bird shit.
  60. C.Bergs

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    I've only flown with firearms twice, and one time was an absolute clusterfuck. It's been about 6 years since this happened, so maybe protocol has changed. You have to declare the guns upon check in, obviously. In my case, the person checking my rifles apparently didn't file the declaration I...
  61. C.Bergs

    Fuel tank for a 20 Skipjack?

    I think my 109 gallon tank was $1,400
  62. C.Bergs

    Fuel tank for a 20 Skipjack?

    Call Berry's Sheet Metal in Santa Ana. Cliff, the owner, has been building tanks for skippies for years, and has diagrams drawn up for your boat. He did mine for my 24 quickly and pretty cheaply.
  63. C.Bergs

    SCI Closure? HUH? HELP? WHAT?

    Heard the whole island is closed through December 1.
  64. C.Bergs

    Secure gun storage now a law

    I grew up in Venice Beach and Mar Vista, in Los Angeles. Venice growing up was really seedy. For better or worse, it has substantially gentrified in the last 12 years. Now, Mar Vista (a pretty nice neighborhood), where my parents currently live, is turning into a full on homeless breeding...
  65. C.Bergs

    WTB Drop in 5.7 Engin with F/I & closed cooling sys.

    I have one. I bought it as a package deal with an outdrive. I repowered my boat with a crate motor and thought I could use the motor that came with the outdrive as a spare if something happened. Basically, I spent a bunch of extra money for something that is sitting and I don't like that it's...
  66. C.Bergs


    These guys are going to get what they having coming. Go fuckin' gettum!
  67. C.Bergs

    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    Firetiger and bonito x-rap mag 20 and 30 have been producing for me at Cat. this year. Firetiger has been killin' it.
  68. C.Bergs

    Found my jig stick - now need a reel!

    Matt, you clearly want the Talica! Tell wifey to get a 12ii and pay it forward to your anniversary gift! Alternatively, stop eating like a BBQ king every single night. Should have the money in about 3 weeks!! Hope you connected at the island, brother!
  69. C.Bergs

    Flesh eating bacteria on the rise

    I got staph three times from surfing River Jetty in Newport when I was young and dumb. Once from a cut on my chest that was exposed and twice it got into hair follicles. It get's bad veryyy quickly. 12 hours after one of the sessions my armpit felt warm. The next morning, I woke up and had a...
  70. C.Bergs

    WTB Gun Safe

    Thanks guys. After quite a bit of shopping around, I found a Stack-On 18 gun safe online at Walmart for $400 delivered. While it's surely not the best safe out there, it should work for the time being. Keep most of my guns at my parents' house anyway. Just trying to be a bit more responsible at...
  71. C.Bergs

    WTB Gun Safe

    Looking to purchase a used gun safe that can accommodate a handful of long guns and a handful of pistols. I'm located in Los Angeles. Want to spend around $300. Doesn't need to be fancy, but trying to avoid a basic cabinet.
  72. C.Bergs


    Since Matt is being bashful here, he also sells Ike Jime spikes. They're super high quality and affordable. I always have one in my plier sheath on a sport boat or on the bait tank on the deck of my boat.
  73. C.Bergs

    For Sale For Sale Raymarine Electronics

    That would be REALLY helpful
  74. C.Bergs

    For Sale For Sale Raymarine Electronics

    Ever come across that adapter cable?
  75. C.Bergs

    From Mayday to You’re Bit! 6/24

    Seacock will save your life
  76. C.Bergs

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Damn, that is an insane deal! Looks great. Looking forward to seeing the progress
  77. C.Bergs

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Did you do any of the prep work on the hull as far as fairing and sanding? If you don't mind me asking, what do you think it will cost to paint the whole boat after all is said and done?
  78. C.Bergs

    For Sale Anchor Chain/ Rode 1/2" 3-Strand

    $75 I have 270+ feet of 1/2" 3-strand anchor rope with line markers up to 270' (there's probably 10-15' after the 270 line marker, but wasn't paying too much attention) attached to 40+ feet of galvanized chain. I do not know what the chain dimensions are, but I know it's not G4, as the...
  79. C.Bergs

    For Sale Stock Skipjack 25 parts.

    No chance you have the bow rail laying around?
  80. C.Bergs

    Cat. June 14-16

    Thanks for the accolades, dudes! Hope to keep this momentum going.
  81. C.Bergs

    Catalina serves up humble pie – and fish tacos

    I've had too many days like that. Solid reds though. Way to improvise and put some meat on the boat
  82. C.Bergs

    Cat. June 14-16

    They were very prompt in moving their boat to stay clear of the line when it really mattered. When they pushed off, they even warned us of a seal heading towards our boat, then I went full drag, 2nd speed, and cranked a 25lb fish to the boat in short order. Better to pull the hook and lose it...
  83. C.Bergs

    Cat. June 14-16

    We decided to take out the west coast bait tank and put a kegerator on the deck, Barney! It's super slick looking and now we don't have to worry about where we're going to put all the bottles and cans!
  84. C.Bergs

    Cat. June 14-16

    Long story long, my boat partner's new wife gave him the go-ahead to fish last weekend. Hell ya, we're out there. Decided to brave the crowds at Cat for the weekend. We knew Saturday was going to be a full on shit storm there, and it was. My novice roommate came, too. Left Friday and tried to...
  85. C.Bergs

    Pena knot questions....

    It can be frustratinggg learning new knots! I agree with the uni finish from above. You have to cinch it down pretty good. Lately, for me, the Seaguar knot for anything 30 and below and FG for anything above. I'm not worried about the size of the knot though, my leader is rarely that long.
  86. C.Bergs

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Thanks for the report. I suppose I'll see 90% of BDer's there this weekend. I'll bring donuts, who has a Keurig?
  87. C.Bergs

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    We've all seen a bluefin, show us a pic of the gal from Paso! Great story. You are not alone in any of this.
  88. C.Bergs

    Plano 3700 Tackle Bag at Costco

    FYI, I stopped by Costco near my office today in Burbank and this was not there. The look of confusion on every employee that I asked was really something special.
  89. C.Bergs

    A tool for haywire twists

    That's pretty cool. Thanks for posting
  90. C.Bergs

    For Sale Blackman Sport Fisher

    That is a badass rig
  91. C.Bergs

    Going to Nevada for work and shooting?

    Firstly, I'm no lawyer. My grandfather is in Henderson, Nevada. I frequently head out there and shoot with him and, if I'm not flying, bring a couple handguns and a rifle. Just use normal protocol: guns in the trunk, unloaded, locked, and ammo separate. NV has much more lenient gun laws, as you...
  92. C.Bergs


    Bump for a good seller. Got a pile of new and slightly used fishing gear for CHEAP. Thanks bro!
  93. C.Bergs

    4/29 East End Backside Report

    Thank you for the report, sir.
  94. C.Bergs

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    I've only ever thought about how I might throw the rod in the water during a long fight, say fuck it, and drink a beer. This is epic.
  95. C.Bergs

    Looking for Custom Fuel Tank builder

    Berry's Sheet Metal in Santa Ana
  96. C.Bergs

    Albacore 2019

    For what it's worth, I saw a ton of those off Newport two days ago.
  97. C.Bergs

    Freedom now booking at....

    Thank you
  98. C.Bergs

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Now that I think about it, it's time for a BD BBQ! What's the address? Nice work!
  99. C.Bergs

    Two Harbors?

    hahah shit.
  100. C.Bergs

    Two Harbors?

    I was fishing for WSB there last weekend and had dinner on Saturday.
  101. C.Bergs


    I was wrong, there is no wood.
  102. C.Bergs


    So far that pilot house only has 8 stainless steel screws in it and almost no wood. Pretty mind blowing
  103. C.Bergs

    For Sale 17' ALII KAI IN HILO

    Sick rig! Good luck with the sale
  104. C.Bergs

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks

    I bought a 45G from CJ. Super nice guy and the tank is quality! He was prompt in answering any questions I had. I'd definitely go with him again if I needed a tank.
  105. C.Bergs

    SOLD Volvo Penta Duo Props

    Pending sale on B3's
  106. C.Bergs

    WTB West Coast Bow Rail for Skipjack 24

    Oh wow! Bought a whole extra boat for parts. If I was you, I’d take off the flybridge from your parts boat and make a pilot house out of it! That would be the only “part” I think I need right now
  107. C.Bergs

    WTB West Coast Bow Rail for Skipjack 24

    I appreciate you reaching out and trying to help. I have a stock bow rail. It’s just too low to be any good trying to fight a fish on the bow if there’s any swell. Are you rebuilding a Skipjack? I’ve been slowly restoring mine in my free time.
  108. C.Bergs

    WTB West Coast Bow Rail for Skipjack 24

    A west coast style bow rail is a tall bow rail - Something like the one below. The stock bow rails were much lower. Can you have him send me a picture of his bow rail? 310-486-8223
  109. C.Bergs

    WTB West Coast Bow Rail for Skipjack 24

    Anyone parting out a Skipjack 24 with west coast style bow rail?
  110. C.Bergs

    SOLD Volvo Penta Duo Props

    Edit* The second props are B3's not A3's. Used for 280/290 drives
  111. C.Bergs

    SOLD Volvo Penta Duo Props

    I have two used sets of Volvo Penta duo props for different outdrives. Hubs on all props look good. I have one set of D4's that are in really good shape: $400 D4 3851424 D4 3851444 I also have one set of B3's for 280/290 drive - The paint is too thick on the props to take a picture of the...
  112. C.Bergs

    For Sale extra parts

    Any chance you have a west coast style bow rail?
  113. C.Bergs

    SOLD NIB Raymarine SR100

    New SR100 Sirius Satellite Radio Weather Receiver. Provides up to the minute weather data and forecast data for your E-Series MFD. Please note this is only compatible with E-Series Raymarine MFD's. Includes antenna, receiver, cords, and instructions. $100 OBO Will ship on your dime -...
  114. C.Bergs

    1970 Skipjack Open

    Just dumped a new fuel tank from Berry Sheet Metal (Cliff is great) in my 24 Open. After spending way too many hours talking to people about the "right" way to install, I went with Skipjack's advice - foam the thing in again. We put a half inch strip of cork on the keel and 5200 it down. Foamed...
  115. C.Bergs

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    Looks like you've made some substantial headway in your resto. I pulled the aluminum tank in my 24 Open this weekend. It was a nightmare with all the foam. If you or anyone else here on how to properly bracket the new tank to the stringers, I'm all ears. The tank came out with a 1/8" to spare...
  116. C.Bergs

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    I can't see how it's a waste of money. Catching big bluefin under balloons/kites has been one of the most productive methodologies. Why have a helium tank rolling around my cabin instead of stowed securely and safely below deck? Because I didn't want to spend a little time designing and...
  117. C.Bergs

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    I'm going to do that regardless!
  118. C.Bergs

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    There are a bunch of gas supply companies in LA that can refill it. The tank itself isn't terribly heavy and will be able to come in and out of the hatch as needed. Yes, absolutely.
  119. C.Bergs

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    That's a good idea! I'm thinking a right angled mounting plate that can be through bolted through the stringer. Weld the riser clamp on the top. That could be pretty trick!
  120. C.Bergs

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    I'm trying to get a jump on some maintenance before the season starts back up again. I'm looking to install a below-deck helium tank on the 24 Skippy Open. Tried to search the forums, but couldn't find anything regarding an install. Going to put a 150cf tank below the starboard hatch and have...
  121. C.Bergs

    Oregon Killing Sea Lions

    Interesting thread. People always talk about the "tax-man" being sharks. 90% of the time I'm taxed, it's by a sea lion. The BB guns and sling-shots aren't a solution. The legislative process regarding this in CA would be an absolute joke. I think we'd have a hard time with the data...
  122. C.Bergs

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    Desperation 3.0 really has a ring to it! OP with the intel! Thanks for the report
  123. C.Bergs

    What was your fish of the Year?

    I don't think I'll be forgetting anytime soon!
  124. C.Bergs

    What was your fish of the Year?

    Was lucky enough to be invited on a private boat for a 2.5 day a little while back. First day, my buddy caught and released a stripey. Second day, headed out to Cortez and caught 20+ BFT. Last day, I caught my first marlin ever. Probably never been so stoked on a trip in my life! Can't wait for...
  125. C.Bergs

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    Keep us posted on the results, Matt! And in the unlikely chance you need help drinking those beers, hit me up
  126. C.Bergs

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    Man, that would have been a blow! Stoked to hear others have had the same experience with the Freedom and 22nd St
  127. C.Bergs

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    For sure. Kudos were in order
  128. C.Bergs

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    The post isn't about pointing fingers at boats that might. It's about putting some appreciation out in the ether about some folks that went out of their way to protect someones gear.
  129. C.Bergs

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    Just wanted to give thanks to Damian Barranco and Jeff Jessop at 22nd St. Landing here on BD for maintaining integrity around the fishing community. I got off a 1.5 day on the Freedom last week all early and still half asleep, and like a full blown turd I grabbed my rods and backpack and left...
  130. C.Bergs

    2.5 SA80 11/10-11/11

    Thanks for the intel
  131. C.Bergs

    Cortes Bank - 11/10/18-11/12/18

    Epic. Thanks for the report
  132. C.Bergs

    LJ 10/10 Veterans Fish

    Thank you for your service
  133. C.Bergs

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Fishing PV now. Bonito on the sardine
  134. C.Bergs

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    I see you found that forecast via NOAA. Windy and Buoyweather both have epic conditions forecasted for your Sunday trip home. Frontside Catalina is a go for sure this weekend. Worst case scenario, you get a little wet. It doesn’t sound like you have much experience though, so please go slowly...
  135. C.Bergs

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    No shame in going slower and saving your wallet. Cat ain't going anywhere. Have fun and safe crossing. Make sure your radio works
  136. C.Bergs

    Catalina 11/10 saturday

    Don't bother trolling the channel, it'll be a waste of time. Just get to Cat and anchor up on a high spot. Make sure there's current. Soak some bait. Get bit. Drink a beer. Repeat.
  137. C.Bergs


    Absolutely. Those guys were a rugged bunch. Gramps was good buddies with many of the skippers of the sardine fleet in Monterey in the 50's. From what he said, the fishery was having a hard time with cannery fires and storms that really disrupted the ability for the industry to stay afloat...
  138. C.Bergs


    Thank you, sir. I think it's beautiful too. Gramps is white. I'm fairly certain that style was popular to deflect water away from the pilot house. I'll shoot you a PM with his response.
  139. C.Bergs


    My grandfather built steel tuna boats from scratch here in Santa Monica and Marina del Rey. The first one he built was in his mom’s front yard in Santa Monica - you know, when you actually had some space in these parts. I talk to him almost everyday and everyday he has another badass story about...
  140. C.Bergs

    SOLD 2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    This boat started at 89K or so, then it was reduced to 87K, then reduceeeddddd to 95K?
  141. C.Bergs

    My 2018 Colorado buck

  142. C.Bergs


    I got through a couple episodes, but the upside down conventional thing and the amount of meth those dudes were on ruined it for me.
  143. C.Bergs

    Conquest on the New Lo An

    Way to get one on board
  144. C.Bergs

    Light weight scope for modern hunter.

    I, too, have been researching a new scope for my 30.06. I have been running a 3X9 Buckmaster for many years, but found I'm just uncomfortable with longer shots. While not made in the USA, the Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16x42mm has a lifetime warranty and it's 18 ounces. I was initially skeptical...
  145. C.Bergs

    D11 - opener report- no buck sightings

    I'd be happy to join you on the private land you hunt haha It was good to get out and take a long walk with a gun though. Realized I'm out of shape!
  146. C.Bergs

    D11 - opener report- no buck sightings

    Did close to 20 miles on bike and hiking back roads/ fire roads last weekend in D11 and didn't even see a doe! Glassed and glassed and glassed. Would love to have some better intel for you guys
  147. C.Bergs

    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Enjoyed the read. Good work on the bull
  148. C.Bergs

    For Sale 2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    Wonder how scary it would be going 80mph on a boat.... That's the onlyyyy reason I'm not buying it, Zach!
  149. C.Bergs

    The shoe

    I gotta hot cup o’ cocoa and a cold McDonald’s hashbrown on the skippy. Welcome aboard!
  150. C.Bergs

    The shoe

    I'll be sure to bring extra donuts and coffee on the skippy for all my closest 2,500 anglers at the shoe tomorrow
  151. C.Bergs

    PV or Sayulita 3/4 day boat recommendations

    Please PM their number. Thank you for the reply!
  152. C.Bergs

    PV or Sayulita 3/4 day boat recommendations

    Thank you for the great info! I appreciate your time in writing the response!
  153. C.Bergs

    PV or Sayulita 3/4 day boat recommendations

    I'm going down to PV and Sayulita on a bachelor party sometime in March or April. Although I'd love to go out on a 2-3.5 day cow trip, this vacation isn't about me. A few of the guys fish a lot and the others are, well, as green as they get. They'll probably be about 10 of us, which is another...
  154. C.Bergs

    Braid line and backlash

    VERY relevant information here. Thanks for the insight. I'm in MDR, too. If you ever see a 24' Skippy Open "Pau Hana" say what's up.
  155. C.Bergs

    Braid line and backlash

    I wouldn't say it's ruined, depending on test. Personally, if I'm worried about something like that, I'll just cut off a few feet of braid and retie. If you think it's really substantial, change it out all together for the peace of mind. My preference for casting braid: I pretty much solely...
  156. C.Bergs

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    How's that soup?? Monday bump for your quality spikes
  157. C.Bergs

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Thank you, sir.
  158. C.Bergs

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Hey guys, Just got all this gear. To confirm, the sequence of filters goes: Binos --> Step-Up Ring --> Polarized Filter --> Amber? Does it matter if the polarized or amber are in different sequence?
  159. C.Bergs

    Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    That's funny, my plans seemingly never go like that!
  160. C.Bergs

    SOLD Shimano Terez Rail Rod - Please delete

    Yes, sold. Sorry about the late replies
  161. C.Bergs

    SOLD Shimano Terez Rail Rod - Please delete

    No, supposed to hear from Robbie this morning.
  162. C.Bergs

    SOLD Shimano Terez Rail Rod - Please delete

    This ain't a charity, Mario! Reasonable offers considered.
  163. C.Bergs

    SOLD Shimano Terez Rail Rod - Please delete

    SOLD PLEASE DELETE - Don't know how to do that or mark as sold Shimano Terez Rail Rod: TZCR-72XH-BLKA Length: 7'2" Braid Rating: 100-150 Power: Extra Heavy Action: Moderate-Fast Shimano Aluminum Reel Seat Guides: Fuji HB SJC Insert Blank Material: TC4 Condition: Like-new. It was on three boat...
  164. C.Bergs

    For Sale Raymarine i70 System Pack

    I was gifted a Raymarine i70 System Pack. I don't have a sailboat, so it's useless for my Skipjack haha but I thought someone here might know someone in need. They retail for like $1,100 but I'm willing to sell it for $800 before I put it up on Ebay. It's brand new, never installed, in box...
  165. C.Bergs

    Cow BFT - Labor Day - San Clemente

    Appreciate the details. Thank you
  166. C.Bergs

    Slaybor Day

    All my friends are Zach's, but none of them are lucky! Thanks for the report
  167. C.Bergs

    Fortune 1.5 report

    Fortune's gotta good crew. The guys work hard and there's good food! Thanks for the report!
  168. C.Bergs

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    I can vouch for Matt's work. I bought a stainless spike and it's badass! Super easy transaction. I've only caught dorado since I got it, so still waiting to stick it in a tuna!
  169. C.Bergs

    WTB Looking for Skip Jack Interior hatch closure

    I have a 24' Skipjack open. You might be able to call Skipjack and see if they have the dimensions or if they are the same for our models. If they can't offer you dimensions, I can measure mine and send them to you. Should be a pretty straightforward build
  170. C.Bergs

    New lo ann 2 day this Thursday

    ^^^ Price would be good
  171. C.Bergs

    Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    Goddamn! Hope they stick around a few days until this wind knocks down
  172. C.Bergs

    Livewell Advice

    Did you put yours on the deck? I have two bait bags off my transom. I want to change up the system, but I'd hate to lose deck space, especially with the engine cover taking up so much room. I've heard Bluewater keeps bait really well
  173. C.Bergs

    Yummy vs Frozen Flying Fish

    I always get them under the squid light. Come right up to the boat and can pretty easily scoop them. As far as the difference between yummy and frozen flying fish: People have been catching jumbos on the yummy for so long now, and they're so much easier to mess with. I guess the goal is to get...
  174. C.Bergs

    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Always appreciate the details, Matt. You're one to help people get on the fish instead of the normal brag situation. Good on ya
  175. C.Bergs

    Ever had your prop blown?

    I was flying the kite the backside of Clemente for 7 hours on Friday the 10th for nada. Brought in the kite at 5pm, stowed everything for the trip back to Avalon where we were going to spend the weekend fishing for yellows, put the skippy in forward to head around backside of west end of...
  176. C.Bergs

    From Bad to Worse To Pretty Fantastic - 8.6.18

    I love shaking the skunk off. Makes you feel fuckin' invincible!!
  177. C.Bergs

    Outrider SCI 8-6

    Thank you for the report
  178. C.Bergs


    Owner Hyperwire split rings are marketed as way stronger than the regular Owner split rings for the same size - Maybe that's it?
  179. C.Bergs


    Dude, when I was trying to do it by myself, I had a butter knife wedged in the split ring and almost shanked my thigh! haaaha I bet so many people have had similar experiences. I found that when I was rigging the split rings by myself, it would take too long having something wedged in the split...
  180. C.Bergs


    I can attest to the split rings being a nightmare, especially if you're trying to rig them by yourself. I had to take a pair of needle nose with one hand and the split ring pliers in the other and have a buddy start the hooks in the split ring. Also got myself in the hand a couple of times I...
  181. C.Bergs

    Secret spot for yt

    Oh no, not the pinnipeds again!!!
  182. C.Bergs

    Local Offshore & Le Pew 7-29!

    Dues! Thanks for the report
  183. C.Bergs

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    Looks like fun either way!
  184. C.Bergs

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    Thanks for the report! Unless you were fishing 15-20lb leader, I'd tighten that drag a bit to keep them out of the structure.
  185. C.Bergs

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Feels good to get the skunk off, huh?? Have some fun and thanks for the report!
  186. C.Bergs

    SCI Bluefin 7/25 and 7/26

    Epic. Thanks for the report
  187. C.Bergs

    7-27-18 Covered some ground

    Thanks for the report!
  188. C.Bergs


    Anyone interested in getting this going?
  189. C.Bergs

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Thanks for the report, Matt. Solid yellow
  190. C.Bergs

    “The Year of the Cow”

    What a fun read! Felt like I was there for a second, but then I realized I was still in my office, so I just got under my desk and cried for awhile
  191. C.Bergs

    Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    The stoke is alive, Mark! That was hilarious. Ali, please please please get Mark on Local Knowledge!
  192. C.Bergs

    Biscuits & yellows 7-22-18

    Fun times! Thanks for the report
  193. C.Bergs

    Catalina YellowTunas

    Thanks for the report!
  194. C.Bergs

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    Thanks for the report. Going to be a little swell this week, but wind permitting, probably hitting Cat Thursday late afternoon or worst case scenario 0 dark 30 Friday am. It's time to do some prospecting around the 152 and 277, paddy hop my way down from Avalon and hope to god I see some lost...
  195. C.Bergs

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    "If I'd had a yummy flyer I could have underhand lobbed it into them lol." Hahah! Well, fuck me ammiright?? Good story and thanks for the report!
  196. C.Bergs

    Prospecting mission

    Thanks for the report! Afternoon's have been helmet
  197. C.Bergs

    Emergency small craft missing

    What a relief! Hopefully going forward they'll keep their radio on. Help them put together a ditch bag with all the safety equipment mentioned already, waterproof handheld, flares, dive light, and a couple 4/3 wet suits. Would probably help you sleep better at night, too! I keep mine strapped to...
  198. C.Bergs

    Backside of Catalina

    Thanks for the report
  199. C.Bergs

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    Give it a kiss, Jesse! Keep me posted on how the day pans out. Thanks for the report!
  200. C.Bergs

    WTB Clamp on SS rod holders

    The Amarine's I mentioned do have the gimbal bar
  201. C.Bergs

    WTB Clamp on SS rod holders

    I've had the Whitecap rod holders on my boat for 3.5 years and my boat's in a slip. Not saying that there isn't better American-made product, but they're holding up well so far
  202. C.Bergs

    WTB Clamp on SS rod holders

    I needed 4 more rod holders on my skippy. I was reluctant at first to purchase them on Amazon, but I got "Amarine-made Stainless Tournament Style Clamp on Fishing Rod Holder for Rails 7/8" to 1" Rail Mount Rod Holder" and they're actually really good. it was $40 for a set of 2. They look good...
  203. C.Bergs

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Haha Well, it was a little less than $400, but it was still like $6.79 or something a gallon! Pretty hard to save for a fuel flow sensor when I'm paying that kind of money for gas! Skippy holds 80 gallons and I get 2mpg if I'm keeping it under 20 knots. It's a slug of a boat, but I feel pretty...
  204. C.Bergs

    Rigging A Yummee Flyer For Kite Skipping

    Thanks for your time
  205. C.Bergs

    Rigging A Yummee Flyer For Kite Skipping

    Quick question for you - I understand many people use 80lb braid for their kite setup. I have a Tiagra 50W spooled with 130lb JBHC - Do you think this would create too much drag and bring the kite down? Brand new to the kite over here! Thanks for your help.
  206. C.Bergs

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Good on you guys! I’m sure the kids were stoked!
  207. C.Bergs

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Fuel sender has been giving me problems in the lasting couple weeks, so had little idea where we actually were with all the prospecting. Put 55 gallons in the tank at Two Harbors to be safe and paid $400. I just started laughing!!
  208. C.Bergs

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Thanks for the intel!
  209. C.Bergs

    Catalina Report 7/14-7/15

    Can’t come soon enough!
  210. C.Bergs

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Accidentally posted this in the Offshore Thread, so I'll repost here: Short Report: Too much bait at Cat. Skunk City. Took the skippy out from Marina del Rey around 3:30p Friday in pretty blustery winds. Made some small macs on the frontside under huge bait balls of chovie north of Eagle Reef...
  211. C.Bergs

    Catalina Report 7/14-7/15

    Noticed most of the BD reports are for SD area (and rightfully so, that's where all the fish are), so I thought I'd throw up a short report from Cat last weekend for anyone interested outside of SD fishing. By the way, stoked you guys further south are starting to get into some tuna. By "stoked"...
  212. C.Bergs

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    Quality entertainment this morning!
  213. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    I think we're all on the same page here
  214. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    I'm good for one buffalo milk, but then I require something with much lower viscosity, so I can drink it faster and the alcohol can more quickly dominate my liver!
  215. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    Let me know when you guys head out. If I'm there, we'll link up for a beer!
  216. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    Stoked for you on the new boat. It's the most expensive and fun time of your life, for sure! I replied above that hoofing it is absolutely not advised from Two Harbors to Little Harbor. It's a farrrr hike - Around 6 miles! Just moor in Two Harbors. You can hail the shore boat on 9 and it's $3-$4...
  217. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    Yea, seems to be some confusion about morring in Two Harbors and "hoofing it" to Little Harbor. It isn't easy or recommended. The hike from Two Harbors to Little Harbor is over 6 miles through the center of the island. I ran it one time while training for a triathlon. It was a million degrees...
  218. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    I don’t mean to offend you, but you’re clearly not comfortable anchoring your boat. That’s a recipe for shit going south really fast. There are many things to consider: depth, tide, swell, wind, how much rhode you have out, if there are other boats anchored near you, etc. There are no shore...
  219. C.Bergs


    I mean, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t totally stagnant. Released probably 10 barracuda while jigging, a ton of calico (including one of the biggest calicos I’ve seen in real life and accidentally dropped it in one of the bait tanks while trying to release it - must have been heaven and hell of...
  220. C.Bergs


    Caught a 30+ pound WSB on the island last week. Only took 10 hours to get bit after sitting in the same damn spot allllll day
  221. C.Bergs


    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help get it going
  222. C.Bergs


    Is this event happening in 2018? Would love to rally some skippies at the island this summer!
  223. C.Bergs

    Camping at Catalina

    You taking a boat or heading over on the Cat. Express? You can camp Little Harbor on the backside and anchor your boat out front. If you take the Express, you'll have to take a shuttle from Two Harbors to Little Harbor. This can get expensive because they they charge you per person, per bag...
  224. C.Bergs

    SOLD 20x72 kill bag.

    Is the bag still available?
  225. C.Bergs

    Squid Boat at Catalina May 2018?

    Thanks Mike! Good luck out there
  226. C.Bergs

    Squid Boat at Catalina May 2018?

    Heading to the island tomorrow. Anyone been able to get squid from the Pacific Carnage? I don't think the Mary Clarie is fishing this weekend. Thanks in advance
  227. C.Bergs

    Help with Skipjack 24 Transducer

    I checked out the B175hw Scout had mentioned, but it was not outright compatible with my Raymarine C97. I would have needed to buy the Raymarine black box to make it chirp compatible (another $1,100 or so). I just don't have the money at this time to do it. I ended up getting the B164 ducer...
  228. C.Bergs

    Help with Skipjack 24 Transducer

    Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. Did you go with the HW because you're fishing in 800+ feet of water? From what I know those have a very small cone, but go deep as all get out
  229. C.Bergs

    Help with Skipjack 24 Transducer

    I'm new here. I appreciate any insight you guys might have. Thanks for your time, in advance! I have a 24' Skipjack. According to specs, it has a 18 degree deadrise. I have a Raymarine C97 display. I bought the Raymarine B-60 transducer with 20 degree tilt. Installed with arrow pointing towards...