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    Thresher post from a decade ago?

    Anyone know where the thread is from that big T that took the dude for a ride into the night and he posted on here for backup? Was sharing inflated fish tales tonight and that one came to mind but can’t find it.
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    SOLD Tarpon 160 kayak

    just got this tarpon 16 around January, it’s well used but still in good shape overall. Needs a new front and side handle and probably just replace all the straps. I was slowly modifying it and turning it into an offshore rig but wasn’t able to get out and test it fully loaded. Turns out I’m...
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    Reel clamp nuts

    This is what came in my box with my new EX80. Obviously they do not fit and are not from avet. Or maybe they are?
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    Patriot reels

    What’s the deal with the patriot reels? Do they always take a long time to get? I ordered an EX80 in patriot on the 21st, hoping to be able to fish it this coming Monday, and it’s no where to be seen. Talked to customer service from the dealer and they keep saying they’ll get back to me. should...
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    For Sale Trolling lures. Tado and fish whistle.

    Used coggins tado marlin teaser/lure. Runs great and has raised several marlin and caught a dozen or so wahoo. $80 Live wire fish whistle XL. Great long corner lure and have ran it alone on the shotgun for wahoo. This ones still brand new and untrimmed. $40
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    For Sale Kayak, $300

    Selling my Aqua terra swing kayak! 13ft long, comes with seat, Dolly and paddle. It’s an older boat but in good condition. If you’re under 225lbs it’s a fast ride! I’m 275 and at its limits especially with a big fish on board. No this has nothing to do with killing or being killed by makos...
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    Cord split grip help?

    how would you recommend doing the transitions from cord to marble or decorative wrap? I want to do a split grip with cord as the rear grip but am a little put off by the transition process.
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    Inshore Mako (part II)

    went out and set a slick and drift for about an hour until this Mako showed up. My buddy Ed got the hit and took about 25 mins to get it yak side. I had the pleasure of gaff and tail rope. The fish made about a dozen appearances and runs before we got it tamed The damage? Broken seat Broken rod...
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    For Sale Manbika 10ft jigging rod

    Manbika 100XXH spinner Still new, kept it in my van as a backup Incase i blew up my main rod while targeting GT, tuna and Mahi from shore. Great speed jig rod and throws surface irons and wahoo bombs really well. If you’re looking for a spinner jig rod this is it! New is in the $350 range...
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    80lb stand up rod

    while In japan I stocked up on a bunch of blanks for tuna/shark fishing. Finally got a place established I can wrap and been knocking out the majority of them in different styles (I posted some of the pier, rail rods here). My buddy back in Florida hit me up and said he found a cherry 10/0 and...
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    For Sale Aluminum rod butt, size 6

    silver size 6 butt. $80 Ordered it from a company as an alps but it wasn’t alps, not even marked. Never used. Has the ferrule and collet $80 New they’re $120-$180.
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    Fresh Tuna heads wanted

    for the guys who bring their catch home, I’m looking to try a new project and want to preserve a tuna head like a shark jaw but with the gills and jaw. You can take the collar and any meat but if anyone has a couple fresh heads I can play with I’ll come get them. OC/SD area.
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    Inshore mako

    set a slick and waited about 3 hours for them to show up. Had 3 come up and a pelagic Ray, two babies and one about 5ft. Hooked one of the babies and the others took off. Bite marks on the little guy. Lol. Maybe next time I’ll get an eater.
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    Classic coat

    new product for me, mixed it 1:1 per usual and could not get it to mix clear. Then did a 1.2r:0.8h mix and same deal and tacky 10 hours later. Both batches dried yellow too.
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    80lb shark/rail rod

    i know these aren’t the kind of builds everyone is into on here, but here’s another, lighter build I did last week. Just putting some practical customization out there. 80lb blank, Aftco ferruled seat, 26” aluminum butt, rubber butt cap, Cord wrap top and bottom and blacked out. 8’1” overall...
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    Unlimited rod build

    Mike Garrahan hooked me up with some Varmac reel seats (the biggest ferruled seats available but not made anymore, Cmon Aftco and Alps!) while I was at his place he showed me a glass unlimited rod he had and I was able to take it off his hands. Built it to tackle monsters. Soaking only the...
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    LTB and Trade (Aftco tip and Alps bent butt)

    Located in Oceanside I’m looking for a silver Aftco roller tip in size 26 (big wind on style) that i can hopefully pick up over the weekend. I also have a black UB6 bent butt I’m looking to trade for a silver one or sell. I wasn’t sure if I should post this in the fishing gear section but...
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    Removing ferrule with quick bond?

    attached a ferrule for a reel seat with 10 min quick bond. Looked straight but turns out it’s a little canted. I can’t for the life of me get it off. Usually I heat it up in boiling water and it’ll slip off but this stuff isn’t budging or melting.
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    WTB ISO truck bed rod holders.

    there was a guy who made them and sold them here but he hasn’t responded to my PM’s Looking for anyone who makes, has, or will make a set of these before I go to the local fab shop.
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    3rd gen ram 2500/3500 bed rails $200

    ive had these back rack 3/4 bed rails on for almost a year and need to get rid of them due to my 5th wheel. They're too high for uneven mountain roads (highway and city is fine). Originally paid $350. They're used so they have some marks but no exposed metal or rust. All hardware included...
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    Alps UB6 bent butt FS or trade.

    posted in the classifieds. $100 or I'll trade for a ferruled seat the same size.
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    Alps UB6 bent butt, black. $100

    never used Alps UB6 aluminum bent butt. Had plans for it but decided to make a custom butt. $100. Located on Pendleton so oceanside and Temecula are good meeting point since I travel through Temecula on saturdays but if you want it delivered in SD or OC add $20. Small chip in ferrule from...
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    Ram 2500/3500 03-13 sport mirrors

    just replaced my sport mirrors with tow mirrors on my '06 2500. Had to use the bolts from the sport mirrors so you'll need to use the hardware from your old mirrors. They're black, minor scuffs, power with heat (automatic heat). Perfect for replacing a broken mirror or ugly chrome. Takes...
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    700-1,000lb mono in socal?

    is there a commercial shop or anywhere in socal that carries 700-1,000 lb mono and crimps? Long line clips too?
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    ISO Truck bed rod holders

    anyone know of a shop in socal that makes them or get a set fab'd for their truck locally?
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    Titanium wire ring tip top?

    looking for a tip top, size 12 wire ring made in titanium. Want it to match Hilo guides.
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    Makaira 20II SEA casting?

    how well does this reel cast? I've heard before these are the best casting large lever drags able to toss sardines and mackerel to tuna no problem. Has anyone thrown irons with it? I want something heavy to put on a 13ft rod and throw a significant distance with heavy line. Currently I'm...
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    WTB slide buckles and rock rod holders

    lookin for a supplier for slide buckles (one way or cork screw style) and also stainless rod holders for the rocks. Not many options to order and building them has proven a bigger pain than necessary
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    Safe drag setting for US senator 113?

    whats the safe drag setting for the 113 US line? It's advertised at 27lbs of max drag but I hear a lot of people say it's perfect with 50lb line which would be fished at 15-17lbs of drag and many says if you use heavier you run the risk of problems. I'm using my 113W for shore casting and slide...
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    Custom Slide bait rod.

    Built this up last week. I designed it for slide bait fishing from shore on the rocks and pier but can also use it from the beach. Super excited to fish it. 36" polished stainless butt (towel rack rated at 55kg), ferruled reel seat (#2 size), 6'6" glass blank, alps guides with Fuji tip...
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    IGFA surf rod classification?

    per IGFA rules a rods butt cannot be longer than 26" from the center of the reel. (Maybe 27?). Surf casting rods, however, are exempt from these standards and can have longer butts. I've been having trouble finding what classifies as a surf rod. I'm building a slide bait rod for shore, bridge...
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    Morris Lures

    anyone here use Morris lures? I have a couple and like them. One is a Marlin Magnet. Browsing his page and he makes quite a few different heads and colors, wondering what you guys prefere of his for Tuna vs Marlin and what, if any, have been universal. Anyone run his Kraken?
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    Duratin vs SS hooks?

    in regards to the mustad 7691 series hooks in 10/0, 11/0 and 12/0. The duratin is much less expensive than the stainless steel but both seem strong. Has anyone had any issues with either bending out under heavy drags? 40-60lbs.
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    Been searching for a big girl with no luck. Dropped one in the 275-300 range but nowhere what I was looking for. Got a small stripe and a 230lb blue out of 4 hookups out of 6 knock downs. Saturday is the last trip before a business trip then trying again in the fall. Both fish came on a Morris...
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    A new blade.

    The Katana. All alps rollers, ALPS UB6 straight butt, 130lb blank, 7'9". Born an LBSF rod but may identify as a Marlin or tuna rod on weekends. Backwards guides and all.
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    tuna, mahi and shark, Japan!

    a little late getting this up and I don't even know where to start. such an eventful day. First tuna on the topwater which was cool. biggest tuna on spinning gear. first tuna on the mini rod. 6 tuna tipping 40lbs in one trip which is almost unheard of here for the Salty rods charters. most large...
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    Red, White and Blue 80lb land based tod

    80lb blank. 7'6" overall. Re used butt off a pen trolling rod that got scraped (never used), Alps guides and BB roller tip, poly cord wrap with a Turks at the bottom. Left the top blank without a Turks tie off or a wrap because I fully expect to have to change the cord after fishing bridges...
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    WCLB 870?

    A guy posted on a rod building page that he has a blank with the designation WCLB870. Anyone know what this blank is? I know the CLB is composite live bait , but we haven't found anyone with a "W".
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    Rainshadow RCJB 84XH. Fuji HB SiN II guides. 20,16,12,10. Alps seat, cord wrap. "White" golden habu snake skin (harvested for the rod).
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    Going to try white again

    I have a heavy 130lb white blank I'm putting in an all black bent butt. I want to do black under wraps with white over and bring the white all the way to the blank and do silver trim. I'll be using aftco BF rollers. I'm thinking the best way to do this is do my black under wrap then wrap the...
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    Tuna fishing the east china sea/pacific.

    my buddy Kaipo, myself and two others went out a few nights ago to do some tuna fishing somewhere in the vicinity where the ECS and Pacific meet. Caught a bunch of squid for bait and dropped them down around 60 meters. we had a few hit and misses and then Kaipo finally hooked up and landed a...
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    reel display case?

    wondering if anyone has a display case set up for their reels? I have quite a few and live in an apartment at the moment with a baby graduating to toddler. he needs his own room so i have to give up my Den and lose some furniture along the way. I'm going to look for some kind of large, locking...
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    Makaira spinner

    Been watching the mayhem unfold with the new Mak. spinner. looks like a solid reel. well Okuma, whats the specs on this thing? water proof? sealed drag? real drag numbers over 25lbs?
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    Rainshadow surf blanks

    im posting this here for two reasons. 1. Maybe I'm blind or dumb and just missed something and someone can point me in the right direction ....or... 2. Maybe there's enough demand to get more blanks produced. Back when I started getting into custom rods I fished the surf heavily. Mostly in...
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    alps rollers help

    what does the "L" on the guides indicate as in 2L vs a 2 or 1L? im building another Land based rod, at 7'9" and am trying to order a set of rollers for it.
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    80w and 130's

    just wondering when the last time someone saw an 80w or 130 being used on a LR boat. I want to get my dad and myself out on a 14-16 dayer and try for a super cow on that side of the pond. I have enough gear for me but he'd have to buy his or rent it and if he bought it it's about the only time...
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    Toro tamer braid

    looking for real world feedback on the TT braid. I have a big reel that needs filled and have been considering trying the TT 16 strand HC. I noticed te diameter is a bit bigger than competitors like JB. Has anyone noticed less line capacity while using it? How's the splicability? Any input...
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    customizing bonita style lures?

    anyone here custom paint or decorate their bonita style lures. was on the subject of the sashimi bonitas tonight and how they changed. One thing I noticed about them when they were in production is I've never seen so many tuna caught on the marauder/bonita style lures until they came out with...
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    12/0 vs. Marlin

    trolled up a marlin the other day. was doing 14+ knots looking for wahoo. video after hookup : fishing/trim.690B3B3D-8BA0-4983-A6CF-F6F9306CC8BD_zpsbdg1bsdd.mp4 and the picture for the wall.
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    Makaira 80W TDC?

    when using the TDC would I be limited to 40lb at full overall? not much info online about the TDC. wondering what the max strike and full are while using it. also, where can I buy one?
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    Blue Printing 80W for 130lb

    I kind of understand the process of blue printing from a thread I created awhile ago. never did have it done because I just used my reels to much (not much down time). thinking about getting my Makaira 80W blueprinted for 130lb line. browsing Cals site it says that they print it for 25-30% of...
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    Pics of white rods?

    interested in seeing pics of your builds on white blanks. I want to build a few 80 and 130lb rods for various uses (railrods, standup, land based etc) and have some white blanks. hard to pick and envision colors. the first 80lb rods im doing will be for my 12/0 and have a silver unibutt and...
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    Makaira 80W and Fin Nor IGFA 80lb rod

    Makaira $650 (MSRP $850) Rod $250 (MRSP $650) Combo $850 halfsies on shipping. (around $50) selling my Mak 80w. its used, no doubt about it. in good condition. just serviced by Okuma and still under warranty. comes with box. selling it because I've been using my Senator 12/0 more and I want a...
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    7'9" 130lb Land based game rod

    finally got all the parts in and was able to start on this build. took about a week to complete. Overall length is 7'9" 5'11" glass blank ALPS UB6 butt custom colored red hoods. (thank you Batson and Getbitoutdoors) ALPS Ball Bearing roller tip Fuji BHBNG (SiN) guides. 25,20,16,12,12,12,12 +tip...
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    Who can Hydro dip rods?

    I have a local builder here in Japan looking to ship blanks to the states be dipped. I know a couple guys who have done it and do it on the side, but can't really keep up with what he might be requesting. he wants Camo, the marble look, granite, bubbles etc. gear is a big deal around here and...
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    Decal opinion

    honest opinions here. this is the only thing besides thread on the rod (no writing, specs, etc). I showed my wife and she says "wow, it went from looking totally badass to 'I just got this on sale a walmart'!" .... so as I stood there in disbelief I started to wonder if it really does make it...
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    What are Deckhand rods?

    what are they? Why do we call them deck hand rods? Why do most have all cord or cork tape grips (no reel seat)? How did all this come about?
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    Polyblend grips

    picked up 3ft of a polyblend cushion material. its NBR/PVC blend. easy install (stretches and is easy to work down the blank) and pretty comfortable.
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    ALPS custom trolling butt

    received my Custom trolling butt today. UB6, black and red. ordered it through Getbitoutdoors and extremely happy with the experience. this is going on a 6' 130 class tuna blank (7'9" overall) to make a LBG Marlin/shark rod. with HB guides and an ALPS roller tip (already had the Fuji's...
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    I'm going to order several Gaff kits to outfit our deckhands with my buddies charter business. anything you guys can offer up before I start? I'm not sure how the gaff hook is supposed to stay in the blank, i'm assuming epoxy, but that seems sketchy to me. just looking for a few pointers is all.
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    Who has torque spinners?

    Anyone know which shops in the LA to SD area carry the torques on hand? Went to one fairly large store today and they had never heard of of the spinners.
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    Avet 50 w/ rod. $500

    FOR SALE, $500: blue and black Avet Pro EX 50 2 speed on 6' black and blue custom stand up/trolling rod. All aftco big foot roller guides and unibutt. Reel has 450yrds 130lb jerry brown hollow core braid (needs 100lb mono topshot.). I personally opened the reel before any use and greased all the...
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    Shibuki and CB toro tamer lures

    Anyone use the shibuki shallow divers and stick baits or charkbaits toro tamer clone? I have two toro tamers on the way and am going to pick up a couple shibukis after they get here (they're only $35 here vs $50-$60 in the states). Wondering how you guys rig them (hooks and leader). I'll...
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    14ft hammerhead vs. Everol 12/0

    Eventually landed by Earnie Polk. One of the largest land based sharks ever.
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    Double and triple wrap guides.

    When you double wrap a guide do you just double back and go down the guide foot or start a new wrap on top of the previous one?
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    Makaira 130 almost spooled

    This video popped up on my news feed. Not sure what the drag was set at but it wasn't light. 55 degree water, fishing off the beach. 18/0 lindgren pitman circle hook gave out at the end.
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    Rapala X raps

    Is there any difference besides the hooks on the x-rap sxr14 and the XXX rap cast 14. The XXX is an Australian lure with single VMC hooks. Description is all about casting long distance to big fish. SXR is American, uses treble hooks, describes the same magnetic casting weights but stops there...
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    Makaira corossion

    Stripped the line off my makaira and the finish has worn off one side of the spool, bubbled up and the metal has pitted about half way down. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Blank recommendations

    This ones going to be for a specific purpose. Pulling giant sheephead out of the kelp and rocks on a kayak. But if the angler strikes out it will probably pull double duty as a yoyo rod for yellowtail. Specs: 6ft 16lbs of drag (50lb) Sensitive tip for bite detection but it needs to be moderate...
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    Custom reel seat good colors?

    Anyone have any luck getting custom colors on reel seat hoods from the factory? I'm looking to get a uni butt with red hoods. Batson seems to be ahead of the game with some blue hoods in stock but nothing else other than your standard gold, silver or blacks. Sorry for the title misspelling...
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    Diamond wrap.

    Went out on a limb here and tried to give this rod a little more detail. I keep taking close up pics and tightening up the gaps but these were the first ones. Who knows, maybe on my next rod I'll have a weave done ....
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    I found a fiberglass rod that had the tip broke off. Not sure what these rods are used for but they are solid glass and have about 10" of very flimsy tip. The local hardware store and tackle shop carry them. Anyways this one had the tip broke off and was $4. I cut and sanded it down to 40" and...
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    Rating a rod?

    I made a glass blank and wrapped it up and am now trying to figure out how to give it a rating that would be understood across the board. My initial thoughts are to load it until the tip is pointing at a 45* angle from the butt and multiply that by 3 but I can still load the rod further until...
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    Liquor bottle cap butt caps?

    Which liquor bottle caps/ corks have you used for butt caps? So far I've got Captain Morgan black label, private stock and patron cork/caps but haven't put them on a rod yet.
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    Glow/reflective cord vs varnish

    Also asking about reflective thread and clear coat. Anyone use a reflective cord and/or thread on a build? Were the reflective properties affected by whatever you treated it with? Thinking about using this cord for a land based big game rod...
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    New contender for the wahoo line up

    Release reels is releasing the SM (star mag I'm assuming).
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    Fin Nor Typhoon 80lb trolling rods

    I have two Fin Nor Tycoon trolling rods for sale. 7ft, straight detachable butts. they retail (retailed*) for $600 each new. have been used several times and both are loaded with fish mojo. very good condition. I Greased on set of rollers but never did the other set (learned this trick last year...
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    Guides for 130lb rod?

    I just picked up a 130lb blank that I'm going to build for land based shark fishing. I've only ever used 80-130lb rods with roller guides but have seen plenty of rail rods built with conventional ring guides and some guys put a lot of pressure on fish from the rail. I'll be putting a 130 size...
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    Rainshadow Surf rods?

    I used to have a list (about 5 years ago) of all the surf rods I wanted from rainshadow. Now that I have my own place and the means to build my own rods I can only find 2 blanks still in production on their site. am I missing something? what happened?
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    First dragon scale on a blank

    Did my first dragon scale on a blank. Did it free hand and turned out to be a little more difficult than when I practiced on a wooden dowel. Here's how it turned out. 1st is the cross wraps 2nd is first layer 3rd is second layer. I bought brand new spools of thread before starting and ran...
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    Best urethane for cord?

    As the title says, what do you guys use? What do you recommend in bulk? Also I'm going to use some camo baseball bat grips on an upcoming rod (the rubber/leather stuff for aluminum bats). Wondering if anyone who has used it used any kind of coating to protect it further?
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    Reel for jigging large tuna and amber jack

    Just wondering what reels you guys use to jig up larger grade tuna and amber jack. 80-100lb setups. I've seen a lot of references to the past of yoyo ing cows with tady-15's and similar jigs but it doesn't seem like many do it anymore and I want to give it a shot out here on some 100-150lb...
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    Isis vs. Cedros 400

    Looking at these for light line kayak trolling (10-12lb mono) for fish such as sails and kings. They look really similar on paper except the color, handle and a few drilled holes. Which would you chose and why? What sets one apart from the other?
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    white over wraps?

    just wondering if I can see some pics of any white over wraps you guys have done. I recently did white over metallic green with no CP (turning it transparent) and I liked the way it came out but haven't seen any other builds without CP.
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    looking for a certain report from several years back

    I remember a report on here that featured a reel that had the foot snapped off. I'm pretty sure the guys were catching threshers. the reel foot snapped (or maybe it was the reel seat?) and I think they landed the fish. I've done several searches for nada.
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    Makaira warranty and service question

    I have an 80WII that I have opened up to clean once. Since it needed whipped down and the gears needed cleaning I replaced the old grease and corrosion X with grease. Does this void the warranty? Also, I'm going to be selling it soon and wondering if a manufacture service is under warranty or...
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    Rod for deep Amberjack (heavy iron/dropper loop)

    I'm looking at different blanks to pair up with a Penn Baja and run 50-60lb line for big Amber jacks in 200-350ft of water. I'll be using heavy irons like the Tady15, Salas pl68, salas 6x and also dropper loops with live bait. here's what I've narrowed it down to: Rainshadow RCJB84XH, 7ft...
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    Local Marlin.

    Lost. Lol. Found this on my news feed, figured id leave it here.
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    Tokara Vs. Komodo

    these rods keep staring at me every time I walk into the shop. They're screaming at me to pick them up every time I go in. lol. thinking about picking one up for the fall GT fishing. will be tossing large poppers and stick baits. I've heard the Tokara is a little more forgiving with stick baits...
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    black tip challenge

    Here's a video of the 2013 black tip challenge. an annual land based shark tournament held in South Florida.
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    Sell me a 130VSX

    A couple buddies and I were going over our reels and talking about which ones we want to add to the line up. We went over pros and cons of each reel we own; Okuma Makairas, Avets, penn Senators, older model Penn 50W.( I forget which model but it does not have the rounded edges.) and Everol. we...
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    sea doo carts?

    has anyone found a way to cart their sea doos for beach launches? similar to a kayak cart. I know some weight upwards of 1000lbs, but im sure it could be done.
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    Japan. Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo...

    I got a group together from work and put chartered a boat. we also had 2 guys from the Japanese Army with us. They are engineers and doing an exchange program with our unit. We've been teaching them our ways for the past 2 weeks. Among other things they did, they caught their first fish! I...
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    Irons and Wire?

    I caught my first wahoo on an iron this past weekend (salas 6x). after that I proceeded to get bit off on the Salas and also got bit off on two sumo Jr.s. since the irons I'm using seem to be working (the floro not so much) im not going to go out and buy a bunch of fancy wahoo bombs or chrome...
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    Fin Nor Santiago

    Eventually (by December) I will be buying a 130 size reel. I've gone over all the reviews and breakdowns, have used most of the brands in 50-80W sizes but have never held or seen a review for the Fin Nor Santiagos. does anyone on here fish them? can you give any feedback? ease of maintenance...
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    Avet 130?

    Will Avet ever release a 130 size reel? There was a thread about a year and a half ago on a land based shark fishing site about Avet looking for committed buyers to do a limited production of a 130class reel. I emailed the representative listed and never got a reply. Was there a limited...
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    Makaira 80W noise?

    There's a strange noise coming my from makaira. When I turn the handle to retrieve lures or just take up line it sounds like something is bouncing around or grinding. It's still really smooth and with pressure on or if reeling fast it doesn't make the sound. I'm thinking it's a bearing and going...
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    Varmac SR 6h reel seat

    Im looking for an old Varmac SR 6H reel seat with ferrel. I've been looking for about a week for it or one similar. any help is appreciated.
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    Braid 10 Pin

    I was hoping there was a section dedicated to trolling (maybe I missed it?) but it is a marlin lure so i'll give this a shot. I recently acquired this lure and was wondering how you rig it and where to troll it? its really one of those "ooh, that's cool, ill take it" buys. lol. do you use a...
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    HXW 4.2 for casting?

    I'm not familiar with this reel but I want to replace my saltist LD 50 on my 13ft ulua rod. Reason being is that I prefere at least 300yrds of line and I run 50lb with the ulua. I need to switch to straight mono since sliding swivels like to get hung up on connection knots. The LD50 won't hold...
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    Ball Bearing in parts bag (Pro EX50/2)

    I just got my first Avet, a Pro EX50/2, and in the parts bag, aside from the reel clamp, lube, multi tool and allen wrenches is a ball bearing in its own little bag. What is this BB for? I took a look at the CD included and I didn't see it mentioned. could have overlooked it.
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    Lobster, lobster, lobster! butt not or us.

    my buddy and I hit up the big bay. landed my first legal from the yak at 25" on sunday then monday we hit it again. took home 6 fillets each monday night. first legal in the yak zac hooked up on the first legal on monday.
  103. lowprofile

    haters gonna hate

    but my wife can probably outfish you :rofl: caught on perch about 90 yards out just before high tide.
  104. lowprofile

    Prepare Hiramasa?

    Kayaking is the new extreme sport. :waglleybooty: 38.5" fork length my buddies on the back for the trip in, 40" fork
  105. lowprofile

    surf shark fishing

    been awhile since i posted a report, too much drama on the surf board. anyways, been out with the long rods chasing the big game. No WSB lately but the shark fishing hasn't slowed down. these were from last week. caught on mackerel. 50-52" 54" hit the beach last night with some buddies. we...
  106. lowprofile

    this weeks surf report.

    only made it out twice, monday and tuesday. i think... could have been sunday... anyways. wed got tied up, thursday went to topaz lake for the weekend and back tonight. last weeks surf fishing was pretty good. good number of spotfin all around. highlight was this girl my buddy pulled out...
  107. lowprofile

    Pounding the surf

    haven't thrown up a report in a couple weeks. figured id share some pics. not much to go with it besides i've been getting out for a couple hours about 3 times a week after work. not all days report or even picture worthy but still out and on the water/sand. bigger fish are caught on perch or...
  108. lowprofile

    its a jungle out there

    been hitting the local sand in the "spare" time i have from everyday life... you know, hangin with the wife, playing with the dogs, going to the beach... all those things that get in our way of enjoying ourselves. ;) yesterday was the last day of our 4 day weekend here on Camp Pendleton. met...
  109. lowprofile

    north SD surf fishing

    last thursday we took the dogs down to the boat basin in oceanside harbor. i took the swimbait rod and threw the 4" big hammer. i found a spot i can wade around and think im some cool guide in florida wading around the flats. lol. got up to chest deep and pulled in a 12" spotie and a 21.5" butt...
  110. lowprofile

    sharkin for free

    tired of buying bait and driving to locations south of me, so i've been hitting my back yard here in oceanside. bring a perch rod and one of my surf rods with 20lb mono and a daiwa sealine 30sha. no bait. find sand crabs, catch perch on crabs, use perch for bait and catch sharks and rays...
  111. lowprofile

    a little background, lots of pics.

    just giving an intro. my names Chris, im stationed at Pendleton and you might see me at the pier there catching macks for bait. also im 6'7" and around 240, so not all the fish i hold look the size i claim... its just the way it is. i try to get tape shots on everything but sometimes its just...
  112. lowprofile

    Gothom beach, new PB.

    figured since i've actually been watching and readint this board the past month i should contribute something. well, i went out this evening, so here it is. had a plan to use perch for leopards.. and perch only just to see how it faired. loaded up my 11'6" rod with my sealine 30sha and...