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    An organization to get behind
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    Tired of losing fishing opportunities? Do something Its going to be a long expensive fight. If its worth keeping the opportunity to fish then its worth the money to fight for it. Lets show some support
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    Anyone else order some? Couldnt resist, and its for a good cause.... cant wait for the nasty looks from his sheeple.
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    Dog training pistol

    Anyone train dogs for hunting that could use one of the blank guns? I was going to train a golden retriever for duck hunting.... turns out he couldnt figure out how to chase a tennis ball so i gave Up $50?
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    Anyone reload Shotgun shells?

    I sold my progressive reloader several years ago and I have leftover powder/lead shot/primers for reloading shot shells. Anyone do reloading that can make use of it? Not interested in shipping though.
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    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 June 18, 2018 A portion of the Skagit River to close four days to all fishing Action: Close a portion of the Skagit River to all fishing. Effective dates...
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    Axiom update

    anybody else update software and lose all use of the navionics chip?? Looks like at least one other person had this problem. I cant find a place to download the older version till this gets fixed.....
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    Autopilot set up

    just hooked up my tr1 to my axiom pro in hopes that charting a course for trolling contours would actually work. The garmin only takes the nmea 0183 “in” off the chartplotter. When i try to select the autopilot enable in the settings on the axiom it is greyed out so i cant select it. Is this...
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    Slightly older Electronics

    Upgrading to some sweet raymarine gear so the older stuff has to go. Raymarine c80 classic with updated firmware and navionics charts Raystar gps antenna Dsm 250 sonar module (1000watt) Radar dome $800 Garmin gpsmap 498 sonar/gps with transducer $200 Both units work great and in good...
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    Anybody for a group buy??

    kinda like a timeshare....... Jumped on this beaut at the vancouver boat show, what a gorgeous yacht! Twin 2400 hp cats burn 220 gal/hr at 40 knots!! Anybody??
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    Mfd question

    ive been thinking of upgrading my dated electronics. I currently have a c80 classic/dsm250/tm260 at the helm and an older garmin sounder for the back deck. My hope would be to get a 7-9” back screen integrated with a 12” front screen and be able to use the tm 260 50/200 transducer along with the...
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    Wdfw reaching too far!

    Why are we having fish checkers asking about fish we caught and released in canada??? What are they going to do next, sit at the border and ask if you were fishing on any lakes or rivers up there either?? This is going too far, anyone know who the best person to contact about this is? And before...
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    “Biteme” signing in issues

    jason is awesome and i really appreciate my current avatar :D :picknose:
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    9.9 yamaha tr1 throttle actuator.

    Works great but had to replace my ecu. The new ecu has a different style actuator of course so the older ones only work on older autopilots.
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    Tuna spot?

    anybody short on crew middle of the week and need a ho with money wed or thur? Shot in the dark. Or a charter short on customers for that matter.
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    Intermittent wiper upgrade

    All right, i know people have done it, i have the afi 1 speed motors but get tired of switching on and off, whats the best solution without breaking the bank?
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    Area 7 "on fire"

    Fishing Rule Change Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife February 9, 2017 Marine Area 7 salmon season to close temporarily Action: Marine Area 7 (San Juan Islands) will close to salmon fishing Feb. 11. Effective Date: Feb. 11, 2017, until further notice. Species affected: Salmon...
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    Some yayhoos

    Wow.... blast from the past for some of you? You can find anybody on youtube these days
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    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    in a 1 ton, 2012 or newer...... i know i know this could get out of hand
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    It was time

    ok so ive been wanting a new reel (of the mooching variety) so i finally pulled the trigger today. I didnt want to just match the status quo of the islander even though it has a proven track record. I wanted something that you didnt see on every other boat out there. I think i found it. These...
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    Which one of u jokers...... I might sell mine for $10 a piece :D
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    Turducken day

    happy thanksgiving!! :beerbang: Drive safe if youre traveling
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    Theeeeeeyre baaaack!! A7 in danger
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    Tommy liftgate

    Just picked up a 1 ton flatbed that has a nice condition tommy liftgate on it. Its the original series with a 1000 lb capacity. Pm for more details
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    Vehicles from up north

    Anyone bought a vehicle from up north? What all is involved as far as paperwork and documents? Seems like a no brainer with exchange rates
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    Oldie but always good

    Mother in law The guys mother in law comes to live with him. She's been living with him for about a week and one day he comes home to find her lying on the floor. He calls 911 and the ambulance comes and takes her to the hospital. Later he's waiting in the emergency room and the doctor comes...
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    Deck repair

    I can probably be characterized as having ocd. That being said, i need a solution to this that is fairly easy to keep clean. The deck has small cracks around the outside, probably from removing the top to replace the fuel tank. The deck also has some multi colored nasty areas that dont come...
  28. “biteme”

    Bow fuel tank

    No issues with it.... I just dont need it. $25
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    Furuno radar

  30. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    They were just born. And as an added bonus they work awesome as a kicker theft deterrent device. Looks like 4 male and 2 female $1500
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    Ma7 down to one chinook

    nuff said
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    Salmon for soldiers

    roll call.... Who is going to be there? I will be tied up friday night with my oldest and two tap for deckhands saturday. Looking to get some prefishing in on friday with two tap.
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    So easy an 11 yo can do it

    all right first i will say this..... I rarely post reports........ But....... Went out today with the whole family (all 7 of us) The 11 yo reels in a stink, ok, i will show him how its done, a 12 lb king, whatcha got now son. I look over to his rod doubled over and freight training. He...
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    Fish or die tees and hoodies

    allright. Here they are... The prices. Talked with danny a while back and came up with a plan, the wifey did the legwork and here it is. What danny and i wanted to do was provide tees for the vets he takes out fishing. The pricing on the these items allows for with every purchase of a tee or...
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    Anybody have one of these?

    i disconnected the wiring on my spotlight to do my top yank and figured i could find the wiring diagram..... No such luck. If anyone has access and can post a picture of the back of the switch i would appreciate it greatly...
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    "Bamf"izing the osprey

    kind of figured i was done with major boat projects. This osprey was the only one ever built with saddle tanks due to the huge holding tank in it. The tanks have been replaced once in 2001 and were foamed back in when replaced. Guess what..... Water intrusion into the foam on the port tank and...
  37. “biteme”

    Freeze protection

    ok, i wont call it winterizing..... I dont believe in that when there are still fish to harvest...... But....... What is the general idea of freeze protection on an i/o. I just ran 2 gallons of rv antifreeze through a hose into the raw water intake with the engine running. The last gallon i saw...
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    Anyone missing this?
  39. “biteme”

    Time to play nice

    The seiners will be out in force this thursday through saturday and possibly sunday monday too. Play nice
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    So when the troika sells, part of the proceeds will be new electronics for the osprey. I dont want to spend a ton of money but i want good gear. I am leaning towards simrad nss12 in the cabin nss7 for the deck, the b60 transducer and a 4g radar it looks like those should integrate together well...
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    Bellingham derby

    After getting back from the other side of the continent i figured i would fish the derby out of the uniflite.... Then i took out the osprey, saw the dancefloor aaaannnnd the floscan results. So i franticly started outfitting her for the derby. I knew my bro in law mark (chumsalmon) and the...
  42. “biteme”

    The new fish killer

    My dad and i headed out fri at 5:15 pm... Rolled into virginia beach sunday night 7:00. Picked up the boat and were on the road by noon monday (with a severely overloaded tongue (2000lbs)) pulled her back behind my expedition which never skipped a beat. Got back to this side of the continent...
  43. “biteme”

    Custom 23' uniflite sportfish diesel ***sold***

    All right, this is going to kill me, 1967 23' sportfisher uniflite. Completely gone through, converted from 307 ci omc to a 250hp detroit diesel with a zfhurth vdrive. Dripless shaft seal. Deck washdown, bennett trim tabs, hydraulic steering with a heavy duty 9" of travel hydraulic ram. Custom...
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    Taunting in the correct forums Feel free to taunt on their forums!!
  45. “biteme”

    Collin who???

    I am sure theres all kinds of reasons you kali fags will come up with but..... We won!!
  46. “biteme”

    Anyone missing a suzuki 15hp?
  47. “biteme”

    How long??

    How long do you sit on an area when your screens look like this I have had a couple trips lately that after pounding away till the current was unfishable.... Still not a bump. Nobody else in the area got bit either. Ive always been of the opinion you dont leave fish to find fish... But...
  48. “biteme”

    Weird issue

    So when i click on my notifications it takes me to biteme's profile instead of "biteme". Go into the users list and click on "biteme" ... Same thing. I cant access anything! I tried sending ali an email but not sure if it went through. Anybody have issues like this? To prove im not crazy...
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    Lowrance gps puck

    Anybody have a spare one laying around their garage? Mine just started going haywire. Its got the blue plug (lgc-2000?)
  50. “biteme”

    Bellingham derby roll call

    Who is in it??? Chumsalmon #1boatho and i are in it. Rumor is theres a bd $50 sidebet....anyone??? we are in for the side bet!!
  51. “biteme”

    Shipping a boat from virginia?

    Anybody shipped a boat from the other coast? Its a 26'er sitting on an aluminum ibeam tandem trailer. Weight is under 10k but its 3000miles away. Curious if anyone knows how much $ i would be dropping to do this.
  52. “biteme”

    Coronet bay launch question

    How deep is the launch?? I have launched at squalicum launch and only had issues on a negative 1.5' tide. I dont think washington park is even a slight possibility for floating my boat. Anybody launch something at coronet that sits high on a trailer? The beauty of an inboard i guess. I would...
  53. “biteme”

    About to take my .460 magnum to my 9.9

    Ok. So help a brother out before i use my kicker for target practice. Its a yamaha high thrust. Has the electric choke solenoid. Its been running rough lately. Middle to high rpm it runs great but when i try to idle it down it either surges really bad or just flat dies. I replaced the fuel pump...
  54. “biteme”

    T8 tr1 throttle controller

    Dont need this as i have a 9.9 model. Ive been told these have a lifetime warrantee so if you wanted a nice shiney new just send it in??? Not sure about that. But i can hook this up and test it if someone is interested. $80 or give me an offer
  55. “biteme”

    Twin disc transmission

    If anyone knows of anybody that may need a spare.... This was mounted on my 8.2 before i got it. 1000 hrs on it 1.54:1 Rh rotation Mg502 These things are pricey (if you can even find them) but the trick is finding someone who needs this model Asking $1650
  56. “biteme”

    Who is hitting the weather break?

    Looks like a little weather break. Whose hitting the salt???
  57. “biteme”

    What to do with flashers

    Ok so heres the deal. Ive got a ton of flashers in the boat....80 % i dont use because they are old crappy inline flashers. But "biteher" sees them as part of my collection and therefore they negate the need for more qcoves so i HAVE to diminish my supply. Help a brother out!!! What do you do...
  58. “biteme”

    Led spot light suggestions?

    At some point i want to mount 1 or 2 super bright led lights forward facing for heading out in the dark. Anybody have some and like em? Is it better to mount on top the flybridge facing forward or mounted on the bow rail? I have also seen halogens that can be flush mounted in the hull by the...
  59. “biteme”

    Tons of fish!!!!

    My buddy and I caught this one and 25 others all over 15 lbs. fishing the middle of deception pass. Middle of the ebb on a dicknite. Trolling in 78' of water 15' on the cable :finger: Anybody need more info, its allllllll free lately. Bring em on! :rofl:
  60. “biteme”

    A rant of a different kind

    What companies have you gotten outstanding customer service from?? I put a post up a while ago about the exceptional service i received from pyi shaft seals, a company that completely stands behind its products regardless of where they are bought or how old they are. Furuno has...
  61. “biteme”

    The troika kills fish too

    Headed out in the fog and with some intel from an unnamed informant we killed some fish today. It was a good feeling being able to bloody the deck instead of just releasing fish. First was a thick 13lb and second was a 10lb. Had to prove the troika II can catch legal fish not just wild or...
  62. “biteme”

    Troika II is fishy!

    So calvin, the two older boys, and I headed out for a crab and fish expedition. The motor ran 175 degrees all day long and the water was glass. Pulled in and got the gear down....wondering if the boat would be fishy.... 20 min later we brought a 10-12lb wild to the boat. Before the gear was back...
  63. “biteme”

    Roll call for the derby

    I am amazed nobody has started this yet. I know jay will be there. As will team "bite the black grady" Or "velvet me grady" or ...... Who else???
  64. “biteme”

    Area 7 opener!!

    Roll call for who is hitting it this weekend. Sat looks a bit rough so i think we will be waiting till mid morning sunday to hit it. Look for the troika II out there! Anybody else braving the weather??? :finger:
  65. “biteme”

    Radar help

    Got my radar wired but theres no picture coming back. I can hear the radome spinning and the display is powered up. Any advice? Anybody have a similar model to the furuno 1621 that would be willing to pop the cover off the radome and click a picture of the wiring harness connector so i can dbl...
  66. “biteme”

    Wtb anchor

    Looking for a bruce, plow, cqr anchor. I should get a 25lb i think. Anybody have an extra they want to sell?
  67. “biteme”

    A little help please?

    So along with the new name decision for the boat i would like to get 2 stickers made up that say "It's In The Blood" buuuuut it would be sweet if it was in the bloodydecks font! Of course it will also be tagged in true bloodydecks stickers but i thought it would be sweet for the double...
  68. “biteme”

    Teds the man part II

    Got the invite for round 2 so i decided to bring michael (the calm focused one) and peyton (aka tank) i arrived to the dock and promptly gave woodrow andy the salute, then walked to teds boat to find a goat sniffer on board as well. We hit the grounds and after a while with no hits we got some...
  69. “biteme”

    Huge shoutout for ted!!

    So ted graciously gave me and the older two boys an invite aboard his killin machine. We pulled into the parking lot behind a no trailer lights goat boat :rofl: (i forgot to tell ya at the launch goat) spotted flasher and plumbwolf (who slayed em) while on the water. Despite my lack of practice...
  70. “biteme”

    Ruin your day

    Many of you remember my friend brandon and his mishap last year. Just thought it was a good time for a reminder. A mid 20's friend with wife and 4 mo old son decided to partake in shooting fireworks last year. He was wearing a fire resistant big coat and safety glasses. At the very instant his...
  71. “biteme”


    So i was planning on welding up aluminum for my engine cover and then using a do it yourself rhino product for anti slip and noise. It is approximately 3' by 5' and has a step down on the last foot of each end to flat across the deck. The concern would be noise with this option. I was going to...
  72. “biteme”

    Several hundred lbs of lead

    Have a commercial fishing friend that has several hundred lbs of clean lead. He would like to get .60¢/lb for it. I will have it at my place in lynden if interested or i can deliver to the lead pour if we end up making it. Let me know if interested and how many lbs.
  73. “biteme”

    The goats new party boat!!

    Sitting at work and came across a picture of johns new boat I know youre loyal to the tin but rilly??? You just couldnt pass up the "tin gertrude" could u? Whens the maiden hali voyage?
  74. “biteme”

    Boat and trailer

    Sellin the biteme. It will include a dual axle galv trailer in excellent shape. The boat has new flooring a new 43 gallon fuel tank. An offshore mount for your choice of outboard. The transom was glassed in before i bought it. Custom big seatboxes with storage/swivel seats. Steering is included...
  75. “biteme”

    More catching

    So its not killing but its fishn. Went with my brother in law on his boat last sat. I lost a good size one halfway to the boat. Then he proceeds to school me with a 17 wild, 14 wild, and a 20" hatch. O well i can take comfort that i showed him where to go and when to fish there before he put me...
  76. “biteme”

    The new ride

    The "bite me too" :finger: See if these pics work
  77. “biteme”

    ma7 good to me again

    so with the closing for salmon nearing I decided to head out once again. All the usual ho's were busy so I took my trusty sidekick son michael age 7 out with me. The two of us dropped 4 pots by eliza and headed for a day of fishing. We hit eagle bluff at about half an hour after high tide. There...
  78. “biteme”

    area 7 once again

    so I finally got out again and amidst bad reports of no fish I decided to target some blackmouth and see what I could find. I was armed with two of the kiddos, all my gear, and...... the secret weapon, Hammy aka gilligan. He was out with me last blackmouth season the week before the anacortes...
  79. “biteme”

    How to beat a dead horse

    :deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse Ok, so, here's my dead horse. Recently there has been quite the discussion on posts, and more importantly what to put in them. It's quite the conundrum because 1. you want to share info to not be labeled a lurker 2. you want to share...
  80. “biteme”

    ma7 shrimp

    Ok, so I brought back some shrimp from area 7. Yes, I know it's aug 13th and it's not open. Heres the story. Brandon has been itching for some more "biteme" therapy and it worked out perfectly today. I went to work at 6 and was done by 9 to head to the waiting boat and truck with brandon and...
  81. “biteme”

    A different kind of rant

    Ok, so here is my rant. Many of you know about my friend brandon and my quest for a left hand reel for him. It all started out a week ago when I called travis (blackmouther) for info for a left hand reel. Not only did he give me his very best intel to try to get us onto fish but he offered...
  82. “biteme”

    Levelwind reel

    My good friend brandon has recently become left handed I am looking for a left handed level wind. Something like a penn 321gt2 i would love to get a setup on the boat for him but dont have...
  83. “biteme”

    buddies broken cherry!!!!

    So heres the story, A buddy of mine had a major freak accident on the fourth. He was lighting a mortar and as soon as he touched the fuse the stupid thing blew up. Major issues sent him to harborview where it was determined that they would have to amputate his right hand. He had all of the...
  84. “biteme”

    Great derby!

    So I was able to get out with a friend of mine (#1BOATHO!!!) and my two older sons michael and casey for the derby. We headed out super early friday morning and got out fishing by around 7 because of the nasty weather and some other navigation issues (long story) Trolled around until 9am when...
  85. “biteme”

    Bellingham derby

    I realize this is the wrong section but it needs the attention. One of my fishing buddies had a major firework accident on the fourth it was in the bellingham herald but consequently wont be able to make the derby. He already has a ticket and with hospital bills and time off im trying to sell it...
  86. “biteme”

    New top speed

    Well me and the family hit samish on sunday afternoon to put some hurtin to some kokanee. I decided to air out my opti 200 being the first trip out after replacing a bad coil and cleaning some ground connections. She hit 47 mph by gps at 5900 rpm. The issue is my wot is supposed to be between...
  87. “biteme”

    bugs and ling

    So I bent some arms at work to get friday and saturday off. I had to severely bend another arm to get the wife (heather) to agree to come with friday with the three boys after dropping daughter with grandma. Heather has had a bad experience with me in a little starcraft in nasty water so it is...
  88. “biteme”

    yup, pretty much sums it up

    Ok, so it's pretty bad that my reports are so expected that travis calls to see if I made it in because of no reports. :2gunsfiring_v1: It's actually appreciated that guys on here look out for each other like that. So.....Saturday the 7th of may. Wake up at the hour of 250 am to see that the...
  89. “biteme”

    bad turned into good

    Okay so I didn't catch a marlin but shoot after looking at the prefixes i figured it might get some attention!! Had today (the 7th) off of work so I hit the water. As soon as I left the breakwater of bellingham I hammered down and got on plane. As soon as I did though.....the boat listed to one...
  90. “biteme”

    Ready to drink a tall glass

    So i just picked up three glasses of koolaid but without fishing them before im wondering if theres any reason to put the pin in a certain direction. Not sure if one side affects lure action more or not. :finger:
  91. “biteme”

    Eagle fishmark 480 fishfinder

    Good unit. All hardware paddle wheel and transducer included. In good shape $125
  92. “biteme”

    Like new garmin 440 gps

    Decided to keep never mind
  93. “biteme”

    6 fish hooked!!

    So I decided I better try a little harder to get some fish in the boat before the derby so despite nasty currents we braved the water. (We) referring to myself, a friend from work nicknamed hammy, hamster, spanky, and numorous other names, and two of my boys. We dropped lines in the water at...
  94. “biteme”

    good to be back

    So I decided to take out a couple friends that have helped tremendously putting in the new floor in the boat. The three of us and two kiddos headed out of bellingham friday at about 7 in the morning headed for eagle bluff. It was a fiasco of other boats. Just about got ran over by a big ass...
  95. “biteme”

    motor issues anyone with optimax???

    So my check engine has been on recently. Found out I've been running a dead number six cylinder which was cured by a new coil. The boat now hauls even more ass then it did before (it's amazing what all six cylinders are capable of) but the check engine is still on and now I've had two occurances...
  96. “biteme”

    9 salmon and 7 crab

    Well we decided to brave the three foot waves that looked more like an indoor swimming pool (dead flat). Set pots at Blaine by 1020 am then headed for pt Roberts. Marked some big kings deep so set one rigger at 160. One at 140. And the new electric out the back at 100 with the newest rod on it...
  97. “biteme”


    Y bother
  98. “biteme”

    yet again ma7 is good to me

    So I decided to hit ma7 again after about 3 wks off and based on reports figured i would hit indian village at around 10am to start fishing. we dropped our pots at a new location for a test soak and were fishing by 10, Saw one silver caught right off the bat and with 12 other boats there I...
  99. “biteme”

    Sockeye for the freezer

    So we hit baker lake Friday morning at crack of dawn and ended up with five sockeye and a snapped downrigger rod ( luckily under warranty ). Lost another one at the boat. Michael my six yr old reeled in his first salmon by himself. Overall awesome fishing day. Some boats were doing real well...
  100. “biteme”

    my derby fish

    Well, decided to do the derby this year for the first time with a good friend of mine who always seems to pull more fish into my boat than I do. Not a problem since meat in the freezer is more important to me than bragging rights. So a week ago friday while at eagle bluff within 5 min of...
  101. “biteme”

    did almost all for the nookie

    I love it when the fish obey signs...They're better than canadian drivers :rofl: :finger: Nitty gritty pre derby details, location....salt water.... more info?.....area 7 Depth.....more than 0 less than 150 Gear.....lures and flashers mostly. Weight.....just under 20 lbs
  102. “biteme”

    show us your ink!!

    So I recently received some ink from one of our brothers (fishnazzi) and planted them on the boat and new tow rig pronto. Here are the pictures, figured if you've got similar pictures you could show off as well.
  103. “biteme”

    Lake samish

    Heading to samish 28th and 29th. Gonna see any BDer salutes? I was there a couple weeks ago for the shrimp off week and ended with 17 kokanee. The downriggers were set at just within sight so probly 12 ft or so. It's nice not spending a bunch on fuel so with limited saltwater species being open...
  104. “biteme”

    friday the 21st halibut potential???

    So I'll be setting my pots at iceburg around 7am and am thinking weather permitting of trying a close by hali spot. What are my chances of a hookup if I head toward hein or smith island and for all you who have been catching what should I use for gear. It'd be my first time and just wondering if...
  105. “biteme”

    whos going to be in area 7 tomorrow (the 1st)

    I'm meeting the brother in law at o' dark thirty and seeing how far we can get. Looking like the weather is such to make it a good idea to scrap iceburg pt so hopefully get there this next week. Seeing how far we can make it tomorrow out of bellingham will we have company???? We have to at least...
  106. “biteme”

    Skinny on Washington park launch

    Never used it and looking to save fuel by using it instead of Bellingham for shrimpin. 19' seaswirl double axle trailer. Certain tides I can't launch? Not afraid to launch without a dock I'd just like info before o dark thirty may first. By the way what time should I get there to beat the masses.
  107. “biteme”

    Poll on pullers

    Gas puller. Ace line hauler. Or endurance puller looking for inexpensive.
  108. “biteme”

    my bellboy for sale

    1970 bellboy 17.5' boat and trailer been a great little boat but got replaced by big brother seaswirl and can't afford to keep it (although it did much better cutting through chop). Asking $1500
  109. “biteme”

    ma7 strikes with a vengeance (again)

    when we headed out saturday the 20th we were blessed with wonderful weather. Headed out of bellingham by 7am and were fishing eagle bluff by 730, before the three downriggers were all the way to depth the first one in the water hit (hard) My buddy from work (calvin) reeled in a nice wild...
  110. “biteme”

    horrible fog but a fish was clubbed

    Started off the morning headed out into the abyss of fog. Got halfway to eliza out of bellingham and decided to turn around into clearer waters until the fog burned off a little. The fog cut out just enough to get to eliza so I fished the south end of eliza through horrible fog with really bad...
  111. “biteme”

    MA7 anyone?

    Anybody going out on Saturday and where too? Weather might cooperate and tides look decent so I will most likely be going Sammie hunting. Not sure whether to hit Parker reef or thatcher/flats I guess the wind direction will determine. Any reports other than quans?