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  1. C.Bergs

    For Sale 275’ 3 Strand Anchor Rope

    Asking $75
  2. C.Bergs

    Broadbills Exist

    Maybe I'm naive, out of the loop, or whatever else, but if you asked me 5 years ago if I thought I would catch a swordfish in the backyard I would have laughed. But here we are learning this new methodology, bouncing ideas around, and learning different techniques and trying to approve upon...
  3. C.Bergs

    11/3-11-4 BFT

    Shot out on my buddy's Whaler from MDR. Made macs out front of the harbor. Shot to west end of Cat to try for some yellows for a few for nada. Continued to west end of Clemente. Some big paddies holding bait in between, but no one else home. Set up 6 miles south of Cove Point. Put out kite and...
  4. C.Bergs

    Big Girls 9/13

    Late report here. It was a goal of mine to catch a 200 pound tuna this year. I've had too many skunk trips, small tuna, boat problems, you name it over the years. Seeing reports here of people catching the big dogs and wondering if it'll ever be my turn to connect while we have this incredible...
  5. C.Bergs

    WTB Gun Safe

    Looking to purchase a used gun safe that can accommodate a handful of long guns and a handful of pistols. I'm located in Los Angeles. Want to spend around $300. Doesn't need to be fancy, but trying to avoid a basic cabinet.
  6. C.Bergs

    For Sale Anchor Chain/ Rode 1/2" 3-Strand

    $75 I have 270+ feet of 1/2" 3-strand anchor rope with line markers up to 270' (there's probably 10-15' after the 270 line marker, but wasn't paying too much attention) attached to 40+ feet of galvanized chain. I do not know what the chain dimensions are, but I know it's not G4, as the...
  7. C.Bergs

    Cat. June 14-16

    Long story long, my boat partner's new wife gave him the go-ahead to fish last weekend. Hell ya, we're out there. Decided to brave the crowds at Cat for the weekend. We knew Saturday was going to be a full on shit storm there, and it was. My novice roommate came, too. Left Friday and tried to...
  8. C.Bergs

    WTB West Coast Bow Rail for Skipjack 24

    Anyone parting out a Skipjack 24 with west coast style bow rail?
  9. C.Bergs

    SOLD Volvo Penta Duo Props

    I have two used sets of Volvo Penta duo props for different outdrives. Hubs on all props look good. I have one set of D4's that are in really good shape: $400 D4 3851424 D4 3851444 I also have one set of B3's for 280/290 drive - The paint is too thick on the props to take a picture of the...
  10. C.Bergs

    SOLD NIB Raymarine SR100

    New SR100 Sirius Satellite Radio Weather Receiver. Provides up to the minute weather data and forecast data for your E-Series MFD. Please note this is only compatible with E-Series Raymarine MFD's. Includes antenna, receiver, cords, and instructions. $100 OBO Will ship on your dime -...
  11. C.Bergs

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    I'm trying to get a jump on some maintenance before the season starts back up again. I'm looking to install a below-deck helium tank on the 24 Skippy Open. Tried to search the forums, but couldn't find anything regarding an install. Going to put a 150cf tank below the starboard hatch and have...
  12. C.Bergs

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    Just wanted to give thanks to Damian Barranco and Jeff Jessop at 22nd St. Landing here on BD for maintaining integrity around the fishing community. I got off a 1.5 day on the Freedom last week all early and still half asleep, and like a full blown turd I grabbed my rods and backpack and left...
  13. C.Bergs

    PV or Sayulita 3/4 day boat recommendations

    I'm going down to PV and Sayulita on a bachelor party sometime in March or April. Although I'd love to go out on a 2-3.5 day cow trip, this vacation isn't about me. A few of the guys fish a lot and the others are, well, as green as they get. They'll probably be about 10 of us, which is another...
  14. C.Bergs

    SOLD Shimano Terez Rail Rod - Please delete

    SOLD PLEASE DELETE - Don't know how to do that or mark as sold Shimano Terez Rail Rod: TZCR-72XH-BLKA Length: 7'2" Braid Rating: 100-150 Power: Extra Heavy Action: Moderate-Fast Shimano Aluminum Reel Seat Guides: Fuji HB SJC Insert Blank Material: TC4 Condition: Like-new. It was on three boat...
  15. C.Bergs

    For Sale Raymarine i70 System Pack

    I was gifted a Raymarine i70 System Pack. I don't have a sailboat, so it's useless for my Skipjack haha but I thought someone here might know someone in need. They retail for like $1,100 but I'm willing to sell it for $800 before I put it up on Ebay. It's brand new, never installed, in box...
  16. C.Bergs

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Accidentally posted this in the Offshore Thread, so I'll repost here: Short Report: Too much bait at Cat. Skunk City. Took the skippy out from Marina del Rey around 3:30p Friday in pretty blustery winds. Made some small macs on the frontside under huge bait balls of chovie north of Eagle Reef...
  17. C.Bergs

    Catalina Report 7/14-7/15

    Noticed most of the BD reports are for SD area (and rightfully so, that's where all the fish are), so I thought I'd throw up a short report from Cat last weekend for anyone interested outside of SD fishing. By the way, stoked you guys further south are starting to get into some tuna. By "stoked"...
  18. C.Bergs

    Squid Boat at Catalina May 2018?

    Heading to the island tomorrow. Anyone been able to get squid from the Pacific Carnage? I don't think the Mary Clarie is fishing this weekend. Thanks in advance
  19. C.Bergs

    Help with Skipjack 24 Transducer

    I'm new here. I appreciate any insight you guys might have. Thanks for your time, in advance! I have a 24' Skipjack. According to specs, it has a 18 degree deadrise. I have a Raymarine C97 display. I bought the Raymarine B-60 transducer with 20 degree tilt. Installed with arrow pointing towards...