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    For Sale Rockfish candy ... Shrimp flies for sale

    Like to order 10 of the 9/0. Can I send you a check or CC number?
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    Got me one !

    That's only 181? Huge.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Don't you know? Wrestling is FAKE!!. You twit.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Let's see a picture of a Biden Rally
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    Asshole causing traffic

    Says Washington real clear, if you can read.
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    Which one of you kooks is this?

    About mid-channel coming back from Catalina late one afternoon and spotted dye in the water. Upon investigation found two guys in the water in wetsuits, clinging to a small flotation devise, no water craft in sight. Got them aboard one was about 40 and his nephew around 16. They had left Newport...
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    Which one of you kooks is this?

    Looks can be deceiving from that far away
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    Wide Open Salmon bite in Half Moon Bay

    Love how helpful your buddies/clients are
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Why? They're only about 4% of the population, but they make 95% of the noise.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That guy ia s friggin asshole
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Sounds more like the democrat mantra
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    That's still way more that a Biden rally!
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    SOLD Nomad Buffalo Flatfalls

    Support your local tackle store.
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    Please send me 10 of the 9/0s and info on how to pay. What ever color combo you think best for...

    Please send me 10 of the 9/0s and info on how to pay. What ever color combo you think best for Central Cali fishing. Thank you, Randy Neilson (Navy brat) 1609 White Oak St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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    6-27-2020, zone 390-302, trip #6, BF #19

    Thats the way to do it if you're catchin the fish, as you are. Keep it up. Get that #300!
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    6-27-2020, zone 390-302, trip #6, BF #19

    Epic season. What are you doing with all that meat? Just askin'.
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    6/22 Bluefin at the 371

    One was 53 lbs. I know cuz I could see the scales
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    You have a degree in economics?
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Not one stolen TV in sight
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Really? David Crosby!?
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    BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    If you need super accuracy, buy a certified scale. Otherwise, close enough.
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    Marine Electrician for hire

    Do you do solar on RVs?
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    San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    It would cost about $100 including back n forth to Costa Mesa in my truck. Not a bad deal.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Helps have the FBI on your side doesn't it?
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    That's funny, your mom beating dad out of $89! I miss my folks.
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    Advise Wanted

    What would be the best area for a newbie to Texas offshore fishing. I'd like to target dorado, wahoo, etc.
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    Oh man!
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    How about crossing the border?
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    WTF is that supposed to mean?
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    WTB Topless frame for International 50

    I'm looking for a one piece frame for an International 50 with Cal's two speed conversion. Tiburon says they discontinued them a long time ago so I'm thinking there must be one laying around somewhere. I've got a cherry old reel I'd like to convert. Thanks
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    WTB Topless frame for Penn International 50

    Looking for a frame in excellent condition for my Int. 50 with Cal 2 speed conversion. Pick up preferred but I'll pick up USPS Priority if need be. Thank you.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I don't get it neither
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    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Diesel $2.69 in Costa Mesa
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    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    Same in Costa Mesa
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    Stolen Boat from Huntington Beach

    I just went through the same shit with Mercury. It's like buying a car now days. Soon as they get the money they don't remember your name.
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    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    The ramp at Newport Dunes is open
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    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    Went to JT last weekend and it was business as usual in town and at Pappy and Harriets. We stayed outside and maintained distance from others, but for most it was party on!
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    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    He is really talented, being able to talk out of his ASS, 100 % of the time. Hahahah! He learned well from Jerry Brown
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    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Necessary major overreaction? Yup. Los Angeles County is letting folks outta jail and he is talking about charging folks with misdemeanors for being too close to each other while outside and he told em to go outside. Mixed messaging if ya ask me. He's such a douch
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    New trip to PV - hotel, shore, charter recs please

    There is a cool hotel w/ restaurant-bar in the Chonchas Chinas area (south of town) called Lindo Mar Resort. All rooms are ocean view, one or two bedroom with kitchen. Reasonable rates and a 10 minute bus (under a buck) or taxi to town. The restaurant has good food and two happy hours a day. If...
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    For Sale XTRATUF 6" Boots

    My normal size is 10 wide. These are just a little narrow. I'm going with an 11 since they don't come in 1/2 sizes
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    For Sale XTRATUF 6" Boots

    Only 2 trips on these size 10 boots! Just a little too small for my feet. Asking $65. Pick up in OC. Thanks,
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    PV charter recommendations

    Thanks again.
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    PV charter recommendations

    Thanks you guys!
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    Majestic Eagle Lodge. Self guided. Check out the pricing, you'll love it. Petersberg, AK
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    PV charter recommendations

    I'll be in PV the 1st week in June and want to charter a panga or cruiser for a day. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    SOLD Albackore Reel case

    Thanks Mike. Thanks for keeping it simple!
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    SOLD Albackore Reel case

    Albackore six reel capacity. Used once, like new inside and out. Pick up in Costa Mesa or meet nearby. Text 714-686-4733 or PM. $40.
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    SOLD US Made Boots

    Servus brand, new boots, size 10. A bit too small for me. Pick up in Costa Mesa or near by. $65 OBO. Text 714-686-4733 or PM
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    For Sale Shimano TLD 20 in XLNT Condition Price drop to $90

    Lightly used TLD 20, recently serviced. This is a solid reel 10 mechanically, 9 cosmetic. Includes clamp, box and manual. Loaded with 40# green mono used one trip. Located in Costa Mesa. $100. Please text 714-686-4733 for fotos
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    For Sale Tiburon / TLD 30 ii Speed Reel

    Please call or text me at 714-686-4733
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    For Sale Tiburon / TLD 30 ii Speed Reel

    Could you meet me in SanClemente for the exchange? I live in Costa Mesa.
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    FEOCP Billboard Campaign Against Illegal Fishing In Costa Rica

    One down side of not having a military.
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    SOLD 2016 F250 Super Duty

    Thats a long bed gas powered right?
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    LeadBetter Beach kelp fishing

    Good halibut on the flats between Ledbetter and Henrys.
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    Worlds Largest.......

    Nice tender for the yacht.
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    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    I remember the skipper of one of the San Diego boats using an M1 from the wheel house window to shoot a pesky sea lion. Probably early 70s.
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    For Sale Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    Just sold all my stuff on CL. Hated to see it go but it was time. Got out after 20+ yrs with no serious accidents or injuries. And had a blast.
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    Fun on the Tomahawk

    Had a great time fishing in tough conditions at SCI Thursday on Tomahawk. The boats is in xlnt condition. The crew is top notch and the galley is run very well. Skipper Jeff went the extra mile to put us on fish. Nice YT bite in the morning and bruiser BFT at nite. Very fun experience all...
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    WTB Reel bag!

    I have a almost never used albackore 6 reel bag. Make me an offer
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    SOLD Xtra Tuff Boots $45 U.S. Made Servus

    I have one pair size 9 Xtra Tuff boots for sale. Bought for my son, used once. A little too small. Available for pick up in Newport/Costa Mesa/Huntington.
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    "The Shark ate my hat!" PENN's Vagabond 6-day scores big time

    Cracker sized sardine fits on a cracker
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    What's the issue?
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    Recommendations - CA Yellowtail setup

    There is a lot of really good lightly used stuff for sale in Classifieds at very good prices.
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    Diving for Lobster in SD

    "Muscle weight" ha ha that's a good one!
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    Is she Right?

    That wonderful woman was obviously brought up by truly great American parents. If more people shared her family's values we would not have to be having this discussion today. I hope she has lots of kids of her own because they will be an asset to our country and the world. Bless you lady.
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    So, no Democrat has ever gotten a dime from the NRA? You and your ilk are so full of shit.
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    None of that matters to the gang banger who simply goes to the trunk of the stolen gun dealers car and buys anything he wants
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    dana point

    Never give an Englishman whiskey.
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    Penn 49L

    Great reels. Xlnt free spool. Go to troller in the Caribbean for king fish, dorado and tuna.
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    Condor 4 day 10 /5

    Who's going and tackle suggestions please. I'm taking 25# to 100# in 6 rigs. Sound OK? Thanks, Randy
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    Drill Press - 5/8"

    Nice unit
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    Rodless Again

    Homeowners for sure, minus deductable
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    "Prowler" Sportfishing? Please help?

    I've fished Prowler quite a few times and had my best albacore day ever on that boat. Buzz is awesome. I always liked the middle bunk/center that you can enter from standing on the stairs on the way down to the bunk room. You also get plenty of fresh air there. Try to get or bring an extra...
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    Processing wahoo

    Make sure to cook it well to165 deg.
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    Bluefin bite all day @43 (except for us)

    If I'm not mistaken it's 43 fathoms.
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    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    So you're on of those assholes. Oh, it's probably legal in Colorado
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    Igloo 165 qt. cooler

    Why would they do that?
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    Dorado 8/3

    Some of the best eatin' out there!
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    Lobster hoops (6)

    Do those comply with the new regs?
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    Rockfish at San Clemente Island

    And great tacos!
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    Funny Boat Names

    How 'bout "Never Again II"
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    Not to mention thier lack of seaman skills. They would human life at risk to further thier cause on every show I watched. And the amount of beautiful equipment yhey trashed is insane.
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    where is the cheapest place I can get

    Try Minnie's in Newport Beach
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    Video Captures Boating Accident At FLW College Tournament

    Bass fishing team? Your tax dollars at work! Glad no one hurt.
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    How much fishing time is lost checking in and out of Ensenada?
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    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    What's a good model for home use. Can multiple bags be sealed at one time? Thanks
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    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Hey if you can't afford it, don't do it. Simple.
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    Terminal tackle for Alaska

    Thank you very much. All I'm taking is leaders.
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    Terminal tackle for Alaska

    Thank you. Yes the fish will come home as luggage.
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    Terminal tackle for Alaska

    My buddy went to on the trip last year and lost his biggest hali due to a bad crimp so I'm making up some leaders. Sounds like I need some bigger hooks though. Thanks for the info.
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    Terminal tackle tips

    Thanks. Looks like a blast.
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    Terminal tackle tips

    Thanks for the info. good stuff. I'm going to make up some leaders to take along, the lodge will supply everything else.Hope to have some pics to post upon return.
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    Terminal tackle for Alaska

    Thanks for the info. Can't wait, I'm a first timer
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    Terminal tackle for Alaska

    We're going to Majestic Eagle lodge in Petersburg.
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    Terminal tackle tips

    I'm going to Petersburg, SE Alaska next month. I could use any advise on terminal tackle sizing and rigging you guys can offer. Thank you
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    Terminal tackle for Alaska

    Going to Southeastern AK next month. Any pointers on terminal tackle sizing and rigs will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Lexa 400 hd

    Still have the fathom?
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    Pacific Queen has limits of bluefin today.

    You make $600+ a day? Doing what?
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    American Angler vs Independence

    Let me guess, you're really good looking too
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    Happy wife...

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    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Bad use of punctuation in your post too. I also recommend using proper punctuation in your post, so people can read it. Good luck on your next fishing trip, were all looking for the same thing.
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    See the red blob in the Gulf of Alaska? That may be our undoing.
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    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    Sorry sir, you are mistaken. Most of the Santa Barbara abalone and urchin fleet used Radons when I was in schoolthere in '74-'76. Personally knew at least three owners. Did you read the history you provided?
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    Go Chargers!!!

    Charger fans, please do every thing in your power to KEEP THE CHARGERS IN SAN DIEGO! Same for all you Raider fans up Oakland way.
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    Ride out to the grounds with Team Genie Aye. ..

    Probably doesn't have any.
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    Need auto upholstery in SD

    Take it to TJ
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    Dodo off HB pier

    I saw them tumping just outside the surfline last Friday at Dog Beach.
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    Patriot 7/25

    You got to try and find a spot on the street
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    Where do you go to purchase ice chests?

    Get in the car, we're goin' to Sears!
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    Daiwa Sealine X30SHA

    Love those reels
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    Blue Water Bait Tank Install

    Maybe you should think about a different hobby
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    Shatner's Plan

    Spoken like the true hayseed hilbilly you and your inbred kissin' cousins are.
  114. C

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    Hope you took a bunch of people with you!
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    The Prairie....

    She was polishin' Mr. B's helmet!
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    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    How do you lug that sucker around?
  117. C


    I'd be afraid to take that thing on a boat!
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    Skipjack 26 Flybridge Diesel

    Q Are those your skis? A Yes. Q Both of them?
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    My wife picks up cool stuff for me.

    Please, please don't come back to LA
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    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Took almost 3/4 of a day to read that!
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    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    Do these trunks make my ass look big?
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    R.I.P. Blitz

    Hate and love them. Dread the day I lose my pups. They bring alot of joy and entertainment. So glad to have them.
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    Slayed'em yesterday out of Bragg

    That kid is lucky to live in such a beautiful place and have good people around him to teach him to appreciate it all. If there were more families out there like yours, the world would be a much better place. Keep up the good work! God bless America.
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    L/XL Casta Designs Flexfit Hats

    Those are some pricey caps!
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    Super fishing tackle swap meet Feb. 22

    Please remind us in early February
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    CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    Hey Capt. With all due respect (and I do mean that) why run 2.5 dayers on a full moon? I know you're trying to make a living in a crappy economy, but you guys read the tables and know the odds are diminished but some of your customers may not. Especially early in the season. It's a lot easier to...
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    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    Very fun boat to fish. Good food too
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    And hot off the presses

    Those Aussie chicks rock!
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    Blessed be the peacemaker
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    Send me the jacket and 40 bucks and I'll get rid of it for you
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    Call Chris McClarey (sp) Construction, Costa Mesa. Honest, best subs, beautiful work reasonable. Good guy
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    Want to share a boat in PV?

    I'll be in PV from 3/14 thru 3/19. I'm solo, wife doesn't fish. I really want to fish while there, 8 or 10 hr. charter, panga or cruiser, I don't care. Split all costs. Send me a PM if interested. Thanks, Brewguy
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    WTS PV Charter in March

    I'll be in PV starting March 13 and I'd like to share a 1 day charter. Of course I'll split all expenses. Answer this post or send a PM or email. Thanks, Brewguy
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    CLOSED. Son screwed it up then quit
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    Going to PV want to share a charter

    I'll be in PV March 12-19. Like to fish a day. Anyone interested in sharing a charter? I'd be up for an 8 hour trip. I'll be solo. If you're in a group, cool. Split everything per person. Let me know so we can make arrangements. Thanks
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    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    Wake up call, that's a good one!
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    Need Help: Los Cabos Airport to Los Barriles bus schedule

    Try this guy. He runs back and forth all day. Comfy van with free beers, direct to the hotels: <[email protected]>;
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    Chargers/Raiders game time......

    Go get'er
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    Capt. Buzz is the real deal. Caught alot of fisk with him on 1.5 and 2 dayers. Only thing is, I hope you're on a limited load. Always has xlnt crew. Have fun.
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    Fishing with Capt. Hanson

    Another frustrated English teacher perhaps?
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    Epic weekend on the Vintage

    Will you marry me? No, really
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    Glen's Rod N Gun in Costa Mesa Going out of Business

    Wow, That's a shocker. That's my local store. Ithought they were doing great since they started wiyh the guns and ammo. It's a tough go out there for a small business. Time for some hope and change.
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    Fillet Knife (Bubba Blade)

    Check out the knives at Smart 'n Final
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    South Africa hunt report - Sept 2013

    What do you do with all that meat?
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    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    What your problem?
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    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    "What the fuck is this thing?"
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    sportboat name changes

    Searcher looks like the Prowler
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    Recommend Railing Fabricator 4 Whaler?

    S&S Metal fab in Costa Mesa. Kim Harding, owner. They do beautiful work.
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    Wake Up Texas!!!!! WTF?

    Texas Rocks
  150. C

    Helgren's Electra (June 16)

    Why did you name your boat "Cock Monkey"?
  151. C

    Chief 2.5 day tomorrow!

    Aer you supposed to sleep at work?
  152. C

    Frog Gigging?

    Great pics. Giggin' is soooo fun and tasty!!
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    baja special, Newell and a few rods

    Hey Billy, Randy here. I sent you a PM. I can come to LB on Friday if that works for you. That'll save the shipping hassle and I can give you the cash. Email per the info in the PM. Thanks
  154. C

    baja special, Newell and a few rods

    PM sent. I'll take the Baja Special
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    Need Help, stainless fabricator

    S and S Metal Fabricators in Costa Mesa. By far the most skilled and honest outfit in So. Cal. Owned and operated by the Harding family for decades. Custom brightwork of unparallel excellence. I am not affilliated in any way, just an admirer of fine work at a reasonable price. Check them out...
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    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    Can't go wrong with Buzz on the Prowler
  157. C

    This must be a joke

    That's the way it is. Same thing happened to me with my motoe home last weekend. You could go to a llanteria (Mexican tire shop) they'll fix no questions asked.
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    Old Glory 1 1/2 day (Fished May 4th)

    My buddy and I fished with Joe and crew about a month ago. Very helpful and friendly crew. Fishing was a little on the slow side but they tried like hell to put us on the fish. Very comfy ride and nice large bunks, good food and very important, the price was right. I'm up for a second ride!
  159. C


    Why even respond numb nuts?
  160. C

    Animal rights group has infiltrated California DFG

    What's going on in this state is it has been hijacked by the diversity at any cost left of left wing. These people are whores who seek a constituency of something for nothing, nanny state devotees. Thier political careers are all that's important to them. Look at the dramatic swing in the...
  161. C

    Kodiak report: 35lb. White King

    Sorry, but what's a White King?
  162. C

    Complete Set

    That box would go nice with your Bertram 30!
  163. C

    Will I be Ok using loaner gear on my first 14 day trip?

    Yes. You should go spend at least $5K at your local tackle store.
  164. C

    building construction contract lawyer

    You are correct.
  165. C

    building construction contract lawyer

    You should have used a moisture barrier behind the backer board.
  166. C

    It's not what you know, it's who you know!

    They are really good if you let them grow up.
  167. C

    my son attacked

    So sorry. The world is so f..... up now. Don't know the answer
  168. C

    Happy Birthday Sherm

    Colonoscopy Too! Ah, the golden years.
  169. C

    Fun with Parasites. Help ID this one from a Pismo

    Where the did you get that?
  170. C

    4 fenders

    I thought you meant Guitars
  171. C

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    You must have been really proud to take a picture of one of your greatest achievements and post it here. I hope you cleaned up after yourself. Disgusting!
  172. C

    It's Rant-thirty!!!!!!

    Be careful. Big brother may be watching.:doh:
  173. C

    It's Rant-thirty!!!!!!

  174. C

    What to expect in Acapulco next week?

    Just try and keep your head on your shoulders!
  175. C

    Remember when.......

    Please buy tickets so they don't move to LA
  176. C

    Best Socal Beach Camping

    You can almost forget about beach camping between Refugio and Carlsbad from Memorial Day to Labor Day unless you spend alot of time on the computer trying to book a spot. The days of spur of the moment weekends are long gone. We bought our first motor home about 20 yrs. ago and soon after...
  177. C

    Cheap place to get lead weights for rock fishing

    Try this guy. He had great weights in many sizes at a good price. Dan Stowe [email protected]
  178. C

    CONDOR 250 fish trainwreck 10/19=WILD

    Hey Rob, Maybe intereste in a trip the wkend of 11/2 wada ya think?
  179. C

    Dead Heads: A response to a readers inquest

    You sir, are a freaking dumbass.
  180. C

    BC Charter for next Summer

    I am thinking of going to Ucluelet, BC next July. I was looking at Canadian Princess Resort. Anyone have any input or possibly putting a group together for a charter? I'm thinking 4 nites/3days fishing. I can probably get up to 6 people. Lemme know.
  181. C

    Maximus Cow Slay Oct 4-7 Pic Heavy

    What do you do with all that meat?
  182. C

    Prowler 1.5 day, 7/25 - 7/27

    Had some of my best trips on Prowler. Buzz and crew work thier tails off all the time.
  183. C

    40 ft SPORT BOAT

    Yeah he must be tryin' to pull a fast one, why I otta .... oh wait , what's that you say? look on page 5?..... Never mind
  184. C

    What % Indian is an Indian

    Such tatonka shit
  185. C

    57 hawthorne giveaway price.

    Quite a jump from a 30" Skippy
  186. C


    Just got back from East Cape and no visa was required. On another note, DO NOT use the payphone outside the office at hotel Playa Del Sol. It's a total ripoff. $70 for two-1 min attempts at calling the US.
  187. C

    Rancho buena vista status

    I was at Playa Del Sol two weeks ago and heard it will close this month
  188. C

    In need of weekend or Summer Job

    That's funny! And true. BTW good luck kid.
  189. C

    BEES!! Lots of them!

    They'l move along on thier own
  190. C

    Charter Boats in Montezuma Costa Rica

    Rainy season is starting now.
  191. C

    When ya gotta go:

    What a piece of shit!
  192. C

    Anybody know of a paint paint and body resource in OC

    Try Billy's Autobody in Costa Mesa
  193. C


    I can't wait to see the film. I was fortunate to grow up in Long Beach and to have friends who were children of and/or internees at Manzanar. We took a trip through the camp and up to Shepard Creek retracing the steps of many of those folks. It was moving and beautiful at the same time. It also...
  194. C

    They punish Poachers in ID. !

    Anyone really think these mojados will stick around and serve thier time? They have shown absolute disdain for the laws of our land. I don't know for sure, but I have a feeling they entered our country illegally in the first place. Just sayin'.
  195. C

    Stone brew response

    Unfortunately, most of the craft brewing industry personnel come from the lefty eco-freak fringe.
  196. C

    Wife's New Ride

  197. C

    Ed's Jigs.........some will say they catch rockfish.

    Can I get them with single hooks?
  198. C

    1996 Hydra Sport 22' Ocean-- KEVLAR HULL!!

    You thinking about buying the boat? If not what do you care? Just askin'
  199. C

    Ruger Blackhawk .357 stainless steel

    No thank you. I was just curious. Thanks for answering my question.
  200. C

    Ruger Blackhawk .357 stainless steel

    I'm just wondering, is it legal to sell guns privat party to private party in California
  201. C


    Nail that ignorant and crooked bitch before she kills someone
  202. C

    GOOD old WFO days (1988) 1000+ YFT in one day!

    Just askin' "What's up with that avatar?" Not that there's anything wrong with it...
  203. C

    Polaris Supreme 8-Day Trip #1123

    Hey Tim, Missed you at CALBO today! Have a great trip. Randy
  204. C

    How much cash do I bring for a 7 day?

    You must be extremely thirsty!:hali_olutta:
  205. C

    BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

    Thanks for posting that. People in the maritime world have always come to the forefront in some of the worst conditions known to humankind. Never forget!
  206. C


    Thank you. Australia has always been and will continue to be a true friend.
  207. C

    Great white shark illegally, good for Pete!!

    Ignorant savages with no respect for the law.
  208. C

    Redneck wedding brawl

    Fricken hillbillys
  209. C

    Los Barriles info

    Hey Andy, Where in the U.K. west of London? We have a daughter in Wokingham, Berkshire and will make our 1st visit starting 19 Sept. Cheers, Randy
  210. C

    dodge ram '98 1500 ??????

    There's a good reason why Dodge is the third best selling American pick up truck.
  211. C

    Motor Cop with crazy/sick bike handling skillz.

    That is incredible! Just to know the course takes great concentration. I'd hate to be trying to get away from him.
  212. C

    ONE EIGHTY TOO #*&$^% WINDY! 7/29

    The older I get, the better I was.LOL
  213. C

    Best Tavern/ Pub names

    How 'bout "The Suck'm Inn"
  214. C

    Tamerack Report..Pics too!

    Looks like a fun day. Have a great summer vacation! Keep posting.
  215. C

    Reel Viking: The Long Run Home

    Are those pics of the trip you wrote about?
  216. C

    Name the next Long Range boat

    or "Impossible Dream"
  217. C

    Cobia On A Jet Ski!!

    A cross between humpback and spotted owl
  218. C


    Yeah, the Huffington Post sucks, but how about the Dugong on the beach awaiting the barby? That should give PETA a real fit.
  219. C

    Dispose of a Kayak

    I took mine to the dump
  220. C

    Deer eats bird?

    Global warming!
  221. C

    I'm in Miami for 2 weeks. Any suggestions?

    Make sure to have a Cuban "noche buena" sandwich. Killer
  222. C

    Crescent City Tuna Report 06/27

    ...... and possible bad news for us
  223. C

    Rechargeable flashlight

    I got a pack with 2 solar charged flashlites at Costco for about $20. They work great
  224. C

    Avet reels calstar,seeker,californian,daiwa rods sold as a lot only

    He said for sale as a lot only, why price seperately?
  225. C

    Military Kids Fishing

    How much for the dog?
  226. C

    Replacing Throttle Cable-should I be scared??

    Don't even THINK about it!
  227. C


    Yuo got cornholed? On which boat?
  228. C

    Trout Set-ups (Rods, Reels, Tackle)

    Try the headwaters of the Santa Ana river and Bear Creek up at Seven Oaks above Redlands. Good camping and I've never been skunked there. Nice Rainbows and a few browns mixed in.
  229. C

    Tsunami wave aboard ship video

    What a nerd!
  230. C

    The Thunderbird Rolls On!!!

    113? No way! Your brain would look like a walnut.
  231. C

    Its Official 405-pound Yellowfin Tuna New World Record

    That's ONE of the problems in our society today. So many people don't have any respect for rules or traditions anymore. Just look at the way people drive.
  232. C

    Going to Rancho Leanaro

    Oh si senor! Muy bien ingles.
  233. C

    Ever get there pictures of your boat???

    It costs a fortune to operate a helicopter
  234. C

    Getting smoke out of house???

    Try Service Masters and make any work you have to pay for a contingency that the seller has to pay for. Also, the realtor has to disclose wether the house belongs to smokers. Or find a house in Vermont.
  235. C

    Any Plumbers here? I have a problem

    That black stuff is sludge. You probably need to hydro-jet the line. Call a plumber. Get multiple estimates.
  236. C

    The Manzanar Fishing Club documentary film

    I grew up in Long Beach with many kids whose family members were persecuted and spent time in the camps. I consider it the most shameful acts ever carried out by our Govt. But, I'm told the fishing was great and was largely overlooked by the guards.
  237. C

    Opinions Please

    Thinking about a 1.5 day on Apollo or Grande for rockcod 2/11/11. Anyone have feedback regarding these boats? I'm leaning towards Grande 'cuz it's cheaper but it doesn't matter that much if Apollo is a whole lot better for food and bunks. Thanks in advance.
  238. C

    Great start to the New Year from Asuncion

    I've seen alot of posts from there. How do I get there?
  239. C

    Texas carnage (more pics and story added)

    How'd you cook the coon?
  240. C

    If the Chargers become Los Angeles Chargers

    The Raiders and Rams both had (have) quirky ownership. Fan support was there, but both moved to greener (cash) pastures after lackluster performances. We need an expansion team not the cast off Chargers. A new stadium would sell at least enough tickets to stave off black outs.
  241. C

    16 day sundry items

    Frikken public servants!
  242. C


    What area of Newport was that in? That is alot of expensive gear. Sorry.
  243. C

    Restrepo ...Nobody watching it?

    Awesome documentary.
  244. C

    superstition thanksgiving pic heavy

    I've got a spare hood and doors 4 sale
  245. C

    Kelly Slater best athlete ever?

    No. Seriously.
  246. C


    Don, I'd like the Squidder. How do we transact? I'll pay shipping USPS, in one of their boxes (like $5-6) Randy 714.241.8202 HM or 949.274.2995 Cell
  247. C

    90J another mermaid rod

    What Turks head?
  248. C

    This made me sick to my stomach

    You're a dumbass.
  249. C

    Just Sharing Info

    Young, dumb and full of S..t
  250. C

    Mexico hunting trip went bad

    F--king savages, SOBs and miscreants. Boycott Mexico!!!
  251. C


    I need pictures!
  252. C


    Did you notice how the one in the middle is "right eyed" and the others are "left eyed"?
  253. C

    We lost a really nice guy.. John Kormaru

    Condolences to his friends and family. Bless his soul.
  254. C

    77 Skipjack 20 Open

    Yeah, it'll do about 30.
  255. C

    I Need A Job!

    Try to get a govt. job
  256. C

    Lake Nacimento

    It's gonna be HOT
  257. C

    Calstar Failure

    Big deal!
  258. C

    Islander Sportfishing: 2.5 Day: 7/6 - 7/9

    I got my son into the sport a couple of years ago. He really loves to be on the water. It's great to see him enjoy the sport. Only problem is now my trips cost twice as much, but it's worth every penny.
  259. C

    I have never been so mad at BD!!!!

    Glad I'm not paying your wages.
  260. C


    Fight the good fight Dave!
  261. C

    New outriggers on the Skippy

    Smells like tuna
  262. C

    I Need a New Smoker

    Yes, I ordered the Bradley original from Melton's. Free delivery. Should be here by the Fourth. Thanks for the responses. Randy
  263. C

    I Need a New Smoker

    My old smoker finall rusted out after about 10 years. I'd like to hear advise on which ones you guys are using/not using and why. I want to stay with the electric models due to ease of operation. Other than that, I open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.:oinker:
  264. C

    The Official Glenn's Tackle Q-105 7-day Thread

    Now that you're in they'll catch up in no time!
  265. C


  266. C


    Go Lakers!
  267. C

    Maserati owner collected welfare benefits

    What are YOU reading into it?
  268. C

    We are sorry for your loss

    So, so sorry
  269. C

    Islander two day Openings

    What time do you leave on Friday?
  270. C

    Paul Pierce..........

  271. C

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    How high is it on the trailer?
  272. C

    Cabo early morning

    No, nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.
  273. C

    40 year sentence????

    Son of a f-----g whore
  274. C

    what's this called?

  275. C

    How to get rid of a one night stand...

    Wow, You sound like a real player. Knock 'em dead studly!
  276. C

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    Yeah, I've never seen the Mexican Permit that I pay for.
  277. C

    Newport Bait Barge is back in action

    What happened to the old one? It was in great shape. I used to run the barge used to put it on site and retrieve it.
  278. C

    Earthquakes - Just Sayin'

    Who installed that thing?
  279. C

    Does anyone know Gary Kawakami?

    I wonder why the guards couldn't take the yak
  280. C

    What boat does the OC sheriff use?

    Seaway. The life guards use Crystaliner
  281. C

    Ho Dads??

    Greaaate pictures! Now I know I'm going to OB this weekend
  282. C


    Yes they did
  283. C

    Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim

    You speak the truth!
  284. C

    Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim

    I just sent my Typhoons in after I stepped on them and they replaced both temples, and sent them back for $10. Excellent customer service and the lenses are the best, bar none. You can believe me, because I'm always right and I never lie.
  285. C

    Anyone know where to find these valves?

    They have EVERYTHING
  286. C

    what is the thing that you wished one of the old salts told you when you were young

    Don't even think about going into construction. Find something you really enjoy, then figure out a way to make money doing it.
  287. C

    Does Anyone Watch Whale Wars?

    Finally, a voice of reason. Thank you.
  288. C

    Does Anyone Watch Whale Wars?

    Bob Barker (Price Is Right) gave at least $1M to outfit them along with that commie wacko rich guy Sean Penn and a host of many others.
  289. C

    24'Skipjack FB w/Yanmar Diesel 19Kobo

    Bryan, Are you interested in buying the boat?
  290. C

    How will this El Nino affect San Diego sport fishing?

    In 1983 I moved from Newport to El Granada (near Half Moon Bay) to work on the San Francisco outfall pipeline at Ocean Beach. Morrison-Knuteson had a brand new 100'x400' barge with a Clyde 500 ton crane and all new diving gear set to go.It rained every day for a month, then we got a break so...
  291. C


    Where are you getting that information?
  292. C

    Crosslinked Polyethylene repair

    What kind of epoxy and where do you get it?
  293. C

    Accurate, Penn reels, various rods

    Do you still have the Slammer?
  294. C

    Penn 6/0 or 9/0 Reels

    How much will you pay for a 6/0?
  295. C


    What is the round weight?
  296. C

    Quit smoking

    Just Fricken Quit Already! I did it fours ago and it is the best thing I ever did. If I can, anybody can. All those so called aids are only designed to aid in a money making scheme.
  297. C

    $800,000,000.00 reasons why the Chargers.....

    Please, build the stadium and keep the Chargers where they belong. We're doing just fine since the Lambs left.
  298. C

    Trinidad 16

    He bought it used
  299. C

    Collector: Penn Squidder 140

    Please, PLEASE come back
  300. C

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    Mon da, This is a fishing website, not a macho beefcake website.
  301. C

    A shocking experence

    Unless it was an electric guitar fish
  302. C

    What A sick person would do this kind of thing

    It sounded like something they would write.
  303. C

    Congress is good for something...H.R. 1084

    Why is Congress wasting time on such BS as that?
  304. C

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    Right On!
  305. C


    Do any of you have any info on charters in Barbados? I'm going 11/5 for 10 days. Thanks, Brewguy
  306. C

    H&M Jig Strike 1.5 day

    WTG Randy. Did Mel get any?
  307. C

    FootBall SD Chargers LT out for opener...

    LT is history
  308. C

    New hooks on irons

    That sounds expensive
  309. C

    PB right of way_Death by freighter

    Nice research and info
  310. C

    PB right of way_Death by freighter

    Do you know how long it takes to turn or stop a ship?
  311. C

    First trip to Los Barilles-Any pointers?

    I heard they closed. Is this true?
  312. C


    You're lucky, it still looks blurry to me!
  313. C

    UPS Shipping Caused Damage To My Package, Need Advice

    We used to own a Mail Boxes Etc. store and the denied every damage claim we brought against them. You have to appeal it up the ladder and prove that they caused the damage. One time we took them to Small Claims court and they didn't show, so we won a default and got paid. Good luck.
  314. C

    Monster halibut on light tackle!

    Try Pacific Halibut Mr. Cousteau
  315. C

    Simplest rod we've ever done.

    How much for one like that with hypalon and a reel seat?
  316. C

    Carl's (sp) B-day Shindig and stuff

  317. C

    Loreto Fishing

    The Fourth of July was last weekend?
  318. C

    Local Fishing Newport Beach

    flat sandy bottom 40- 80' off Sunset Beach = butts
  319. C

    The Oceanside Chargers..........

    Please, anything to keep them from coming to LA/OC.
  320. C

    Josie Lynn 6/17 at 70m

    What's up with the zip ties? Just askin'.
  321. C

    PETA Che

    Her grandfather was a murderer.
  322. C

    Last Chance to Win! Lakers Vs Magic Game5

    Lakers 102 Magic 98 Big4+Superman 118
  323. C

    Rambler interior....

    Didn't those cars suck when they were brand new? Just askin'.
  324. C

    New Search Light and Battery Bank Monitor

    Jabsco 62026 Search Light made to be mounted to your boat. Complete with cable, and dash mount remote. Chrome plated brass. 12 Volt. $150 SOLD Link 10 Single Bank Monitor battery condition monitor, wire harness not included. $100. I won these items at the Make a Wish tournament raffle but I...
  325. C

    PV Info Request

    I'm thinking about a family vacation in PV this summer. I've never been there before. I will be taking the wife and my 16 year old son. Would you guys give me some suggestions on the best places to stay,eat, drink and who to fish with? Is July/August a good time? Thanks in advance for any tips...
  326. C

    What is your favorite scent

    fat free taco sauce
  327. C

    Senor Hefe

    You sleep while you're on watch?
  328. C

    Pacquiao Vs. Hatton 5/2/09

    Pacquiao at 2.50 in the second. Bet on it!
  329. C

    Starboard or Starboard alternative.

    Try "Plastic Sales" in Costa Mesa
  330. C

    Now this is a jigstick!!!!

  331. C

    Davis Dam near laughlin

    Lotsa cat fish caught right from shore in the camp ground during the wee hours on salt anchovies.
  332. C

    tuna on spring break at the islands

    What's the best place to stay in PV? You know, close to everything,
  333. C

    San Nicolas Island - Pacific Star 4/17/09 - 4/19/09

    A of us group of us were on a charter on the Pacific Eagle Sat.. We fished Santa Rosa with great results also. Limits all around. The boat has seen better days but the whole crew did a great job for us all day. The fish were handled first class and the filets are beautiful.
  334. C

    It's My Birthday!!!

    Screw work! Get drunk then go to to the desert tomorrow like me!
  335. C

    47.5lbs HALIBUT

    Where's all the "You shoulda put it back, it's a breeder" guys?
  336. C


    Moore Mesa, off the beach in Santa Barbara
  337. C

    any bd'rs familiar with 'special fire codes' ?

    Pay special attention to your attic venting. Embers are very prone to being inhaled to common eave vents and have been the cause of many losses even miles away from the actual fire.
  338. C

    New Job Opportunity

    Nay say I
  339. C

    How do you mix your cocktail?

    Try adding 2 table spoons of sugar. Now you've got a cocktail!
  340. C

    Late 1st Post - 35lb Catalina Yellowtail

    Nice fish Scott. You forgot to mention that 35lbs. eclipses the long standing boat record of 30lbs.+ caught by Calbrewguy on an epic day which also saw the first legal white seabass (20lbs. also by Calbrewguy) landed on your beautiful boat Cutting Edge. Hope to be aboard for many more.
  341. C

    fred hall deals (deals you saw at the show)

    The beer was a great deal
  342. C

    Pets on Long Range Trips

    Dogs everywhere! The mall, grocery store, Dr. office, job sites. Please not on the boat. I'm just say'n.
  343. C

    Chargers fire 4 assistant coaches today

    The whole team sucks. Just like the Rams used to.
  344. C

    New Years in the Dez ????

    we'll be at pole line rd. west of blue inn south of the dome home. drop by for a libation
  345. C

    Fight at Charger Bronco Game 12-28-08

    Charger fans will have plenty to be pissed about when they choke in the playoffs---- again.
  346. C

    Burial at Sea

    Try the Orca Out of Newport. Nice boat and they've been in business a long time.
  347. C

    Late pics for Cat

    what makes calicos so sacred?
  348. C

    SLAB LEAK!! What do I do? HELP!!!

    Call your insurance company. When mine leaked they refered me to a plumber that repiped the house in the attic for what insurance would pay for the repair plus $500
  349. C

    Foods you don't see at the grocery store anymore..

    flav-r-straws, chocolate, strawberry,vanilla
  350. C

    Foods you don't see at the grocery store anymore..

    Hostess Banana Dreams. Excellent with chocolate milk. Spike seasoning. Sweet breads, brains (my parents were from the mid-west). That real stinky cheese that came in a wooden box. Kippered heering
  351. C

    Sciatic nerve is flaring up, anybody get this problem?

    The exact same thing happened to me. It just takes time and as much rest as you can get away with. The doc gave me pills which did nada.
  352. C

    Need a 6' vanity for the bathroom

    Try Contractors Surplus in Santa Ana
  353. C

    If you weren't a fan of your team......

    And have been for so many years in the past
  354. C

    My Son's First Tuna

    Thanks guys, we had a blast
  355. C

    My Son's First Tuna

    We fished with the rest of the fleet on the 209 yesterday and my son, Scott, picked up his first tuna, a 25+ lb. YFT. Way to do Scotty Boy!
  356. C

    9/13 209 to 181 YFT

    I saw you while you out there yesterday. We were on the Tiara Flybridge. We were watching you fight and land the fish. Way to go.
  357. C

    Relentless Overnite Trip Monday 07/21/08

    Why did that guy splice your line?
  358. C

    Brett Farve is........

    Who cares?
  359. C

    Lobster Restaurant in SD

    Yeah, if you like deep fried lobster
  360. C

    Good L.A. Eats!

    Baby Blues rocks! Try the mac 'n cheese. Also the corn and everything else.
  361. C

    Is it alright to wait on the docks???

    HEY 60 is not that old!
  362. C

    how about them celtics

    BOSTON SUCKS! When you go back to N.E., please take somebody with you.
  363. C

    May have to sell her.

    Gas or diesel?
  364. C

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    When on the troll, go make a sandwich, eat it all through the quad hookup then claim the fish even though it was a boat rod.
  365. C

    Sometimes you read something unbelievable

    That's like a horror movie in real life. The world's going nuts slowly but surely.
  366. C

    best 1.5 or 2 day boat

    Pacific Queen, New Lo Ann, Prowler are all good operations.
  367. C

    The Universe is back in balance (NBA)

    BOSTON SUCKS !!!!!!!!
  368. C

    Re-power thoughts?

    Fishingboats Unlimited, Costa Mesa
  369. C

    New to SD

    Welcome Justin
  370. C

    House refinance???

    I just had a real good experience with Lennox Financial. I dealt with a guy named Barrett. Give them a try and tell them Randy Neilson sent you. I consolidated some debt and pulled out some cash and still lowered my monthly nut by a few hundred. Good luck and let me know what you think.
  371. C

    camping and shore fishing?

    No boats at Casitas right now
  372. C

    introduction to bloodydecks

    Whats a couple days fishing charter cost? We want to come to your beautiful country some day and when we do we want to fish both fresh and saltwater. Cheers
  373. C

    Bad Grouper

    Helium/oxygen mix. The helium is a substitute for the nitrogen in air because of its toxic effects.
  374. C

    Okay Time to Fess Up... who was it

    I thought the 55 went north and south, Just say'n.
  375. C

    Grateful Deadheads

    We really are. Those were some days weren't they. But now, just like then, it's all in your head. Peace out
  376. C

    Best Steak Joint?

    Greenfield in LB is great, but my backyadd rules.
  377. C

    Good, simple yellowtail recipes??

    lightly breaded in panko with garlic powder sauteed in sesame oil topped with lemon butter and capers side of sticky white rice with chopped scallions and a side of baked asparagus washed down with chilled Napa Valley Chardonnay and don't forget the baguette
  378. C

    used boat purchase

    The owner pays a broker to insulate himself from having to deal with directly with prospective buyers. The broker also has access to financing, survey and advertising services at his fingertips.
  379. C

    favorite bottom baits

  380. C

    who works on suzuki's?

    Mauer Marine om 17th in Costa Mesa
  381. C

    SuperSeeker Ulua "Reversing Chevron"

    got any more pictures?
  382. C

    What size boat to get?

    Mikelson 43
  383. C

    Panama to Costa Rica 2008

    Looks like someone did his homework. Livin' the life.
  384. C

    Bolts ~ Colts

    Dream on
  385. C

    Bolts ~ Colts

    Goodnite Chargers
  386. C

    Pacific Queen

    Had a great trip on PQ freezer special last year when Wahoodad caught the 1st tuna of the year. The food, crew and boat were all good . My only complaint is the exhaust blows right down on deck making standing in the stern while underway a gagger. The skipper keeps her in beautiful shape.
  387. C

    Titans team is hurting...Will Chargers Roll?

    One playoff win since '94. Chargers shall choke again!
  388. C

    Plumbers - On Christmas!

    ameri-serve, about $6,000 to $10,000. Sorry
  389. C

    Plumbers - On Christmas!

    You probably have a slab leak. That is, the pipe is leaking in the slab due to corrosion. It's a very common problem in So. County where I'm a building inspector. The best fix is a re-pipe of the entire house in the attic and walls. That tape is probably a pipe sleeve.
  390. C

    My new Puppy....Puggle

    Kent, Where'd you get him? We would like a small, cool, fun dog like him. Except we want a female. Thanks, Brewguy
  391. C

    Intrepid Picyures

    $400+ per day for a 5 dayer. It better be nice!
  392. C

    Suzuki dealers

    mauer marine in newport beach
  393. C

    40 # live bait outfit

    The Longfin in Orange usually has a good selection of used consignment stuff. I got a Blacksteel 6465H in xlnt condition for $109
  394. C

    Can anyone dive 190ft?

    Freetime (no decompression) at 190' is 5 mins on air. Don't know about "trimix" but I'd say your chances are better to buy a lotto ticket, win, then buy a new watch.
  395. C

    Check out what these guys caught.

    I went deer hunting one time and found a big trout that had aparently just jumped out of the stream. I carried it back to the bank, submerged it and worked it back and forth then let it go. I think it swam away but I'm not sure.
  396. C

    Shark Cages?

    There is a company in Ventura (I think). My company has a barge in Newport with which we put a cage on the Primadonna a while back. It was a rental, well made and big enough for two divers.
  397. C

    7/24 Paddy Pounding!!!

    What kind of masks are you sporting?
  398. C


    We're taking a trip to Barbados Nov. 1. Anyone have any info on charters and/or conditions for that time of year? Thanks in advance, Brewguy.
  399. C

    Great White hanging out at E/End Catalina

    I knew him, Jimmy Robinson. We went to commercial dive school together at Santa barbara CC. He had just entered the water and was waiting for his tender to give him the collection bags when the fish took his left leg completely off and half the right in one bite. Never knew what hit him. He bled...
  400. C

    Deshka River, AK!!!!

    How does the rotation work on the boats up there? In other words, who gets the 1st strike, etc.?
  401. C

    Eastern Sierra

    Thanks for the info. I'll try a few of these spots as they're not too far apart. We've been to Twin Lakes Bridgeport many times and loved it. We hope to do lots of fishing and exploring. Thanks again Bros.
  402. C

    Eastern Sierra

    Can anyone give me some suggestions for camping/fishing spots in the Sierra? We'll be going in mid August, driving a 24' motorhome with a Samurai tow car. I 'm thinking about Kennedy Meadows for the first stop then points north. I am concerned about road conditions. Any input will be greatly...
  403. C

    Is this a misprint?

    Isn't it 4.4 per hour ?
  404. C

    Owens River???

    Brown's Owens River Campground
  405. C

    dry dock??

    Larsons in San Pedro
  406. C

    Fishing is not a crime is it....I may need help

    No sweat Alec, just tell the judge you'll never do it again and he'll probably let you off. Your folks are right. The water guy was just doing his job.
  407. C

    Prayers and thoughts for my daughter....

    So sorry, but stay positive. Sure hope for a speedy and complete recovery.
  408. C

    1.5 to 2.5 Day Boats

    Put me on your list for a 2.5 day especially if you book on the Islander.
  409. C


    Thanks for all the comments.They were all positive and must all be true because its hard to book a ride for the dates I can fish.
  410. C


    I'm thinking about a 2.5 or 3 day on the Islander this summer. I've never fished the boat, any feed back? Thanks in advance.
  411. C

    Doing it anyway, but anythoughts!

    Trex is not designed for structural applications and should not span more than 16". Also, it's real slippery against fiber glass, especially when wet.