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    Need Help With My Boat - Towing/Battery Switch Install

    So ive been sick. Ill just get that out of the way. Not life threatening. I have a 18 Outrage. It just sits in my slip. I guess its been over 6 months since ive used it. Went down a month ago and cleaned it. Went to turn it over and the battery switch backing had fallen off. A bronze plate...
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    SOLD Selling All My Gear - All Sold - Thanks And God Bless

    And eventually my boat. As we often see when it comes to health the boat and gear goes first. lol Those here know how obsessed i got when i bought my whaler. I was always here talking gear when i first took that dive into the fishing abyss. Anyways im selling all my gear. These are just some of...
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    Kodiak 32 Gallon Oblong Question

    My boat is slipped down in MB. I live up in Solana Beach and instead of driving down to get some specs i thought i would ask here. Ive looked online and cant find the info. I need to know the diameter of the outake hose? I have Shields Multiflex now and i simply want to replace it with a new...
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    Anyone Ever Use Tactical Angler Power Clips?

    Just curious. I like to use multiple different types of jigs when i fish. It gets a little annoying tying off various irons/poppers etc when time is of the essence while fish are under the boat. Not too mention it can eat up topshots. I usually just have 4 rods set up with various irons etc for...
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    Shimano Calcutta D CT200D Rod Pairing

    Im looking for straight Calico action here. Im set up already with gear that can handle calico and YT if that happens. Or WSB etc. I really dont have a Bass set up other than a Lexa 100 and a Phenix Maxim(More freshwater). Im fond of Phenix rods but dont know their inshore gear to well despite...
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    New Lexa 300HD HS-P

    Never used - Loaded with 30# Suffix - $190 firm
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    Aftco Fish Ninja

    So i use one of these when i fish. I really like it but i dont like the hood. Does anyone make a performance shirt with the neck gator attached to the shirt? So essentially a Ninja without the hood? I dont mind wearing a long sleeve shirt over a neck sleeve/mask but im sort of surprised i...
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    2 New Phenix Axis Rods Available

    HAX-720H Never Used - $200 HAX-720XH Never Used - $225 X2 brand new Penn senator 113 H2LW w/ new 60# CXX Line - $75 each Never even been out of the house. - Donated
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    Flags At the 9 Mile Bank

    So i never really fished that area last summer. Yesterday i worked the area underneath the 178 in the afternoon and it was really good fishing for BFT. Lots of life out there. Bonito underneath shitloads of baby porpoise mixed in with Seals working bait. Headed over to the upper 9 to see how...
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    Your Most Memorable Day Of Fishing

    This was a good day for me. My most memorable for sure. Size of the fish caught that day weren't that big but it was wide open with money on the line. It wasnt really about individuals. If someone on your boat hooked up you were trying like crazy to help that person. It was a team effort with...
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    Saltist BG30H on Proteus 76MF

    Used on one trip. 250$
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    Tiny Conventional Reels

    No levelwind or baitcasters. Smallest i can think of are the Fathom 15LD2 and Pro Gear CS550. Can it get smaller than that 550?
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    Mint Tady 45 New Color?

    Ive been adding to my iron collection and ordered a few Mint Tady 45 that came in the usual light mint color. At a local tackle shop yesterday they had this darker color and i was told its mint. But its darker. Treble hook is heavier as well. The Green Sardine is much darker than this darker...
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    Phenix Rod - Proteus Rods - Daiwa Saltist Reels - Shimano Rods - Penn Senator Reels

    Still Available Proteus 76 MF with Daiwa Saltist 30 with 300 Yards of 20# CXX Used one trip. $250 for combo. Penn Legion Inshore Rod1530C70 - Used once $50 2 Brand New never used Penn senator 113 H2LW w/ new 60# CXX Line - $85 each
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    PSW-909XHJ vs PSW-809XHJ

    I own the 809. I was wondering if anyone owns both of these or would know how much heavier the 909 is. Its a 30-80 rod compared to the 809 which is 25-60. Im actually moving my Lexa 400HD to the 809 and wanting something bigger(Heavier) for my Tranx. Especially with the bigger BFT running...
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    FS Phenix M1 Rod - Penn Bluewater Carnage XH - New Senator Reels

    Phenix M1 SMX-711ML - Use 2 Times - $130 Brand New Penn CARBW700XH Bluewater Carnage -75$ 2 Brand New never used Penn senator 113 H2LW w/ new 60# CXX Line - $85 each NWT Daiwa VIP 6455XXH 40-130 Rod - $75 Penn Legion Inshore Rod1530C70 - Used once $50
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    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    Target is 150# - 200# Tuna. Im looking at new reels. Thinking Tac25ii. Also looking at the 16VSX. Talica is lighter. What would you guys suggest. What is it you break out when you are in the thick of a school at that size?
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    FS Proteus 76XH and Torium 30HG - Older International 50W

    Proteus 76XH is new with wrapper still on handle. 165$ Torium 30HG loaded with 80 PP Yellow - Used 1 day - $165 2 New Penn senator 113 H2LW w/ new 60# CXX Line - $100 each NWT Daiwa VIP 6455XXH 40-130 Rod - Paid $160 at Tackle Direct - Asking $85 Shimano Trevala TVC 70L Never been used -...
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    New Penn Senators 113H2LW - Penn Intl 50W - Shimano/Daiwa Rods

    I have too much gear. New stuff i bought when i got my boat and i wont use. Or have not used yet. Id like to sell some stuff because id rather use the money on 1 high end reel like a Talica. Heres what i got. All is new and never been fished accept for the Penn Rod which was used once and never...
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    Boat Fuel Tank Replacement

    Ok i think after the summer ill cross that bridge of putting a new tank in my 87 Outrage 18. My buddy seems to think its something we can do together etc. Hes a marine mechanic. I would be paying $50 an hour on top of all the materials etc. Its probably a lot more at a place like WOT in...
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    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    For the day. Local offshore grounds. Tuna/YT/Dorado. Anything from 15-65 pounds. Whats the 1 reel you would use for all of these? Line etc. Im thinking i need a new conventional reel. And im leaning towards a Penn Fathom II 25N. Ive got the 40 and 60 already. I have a couple Saltist BGs...
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    Todd Leaning Post Cover

    1987 Outrage 18. Ordered the center console cover today from Mills. I asked about the leaning post covers and they said they only make the reversible leaning post cover. So now i need to find a cover for the standard Todd leaning post. Preferably dark blue. Any ideas?
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    Limits Of Bluefin Caught

    60 miles. Didnt see this mentioned here. Tuna are coming.
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    Tips On Labeling Your Reel Line

    Just going through all my gear getting ready for the spring/summer and putting on new top shots. Probably have close to 25 rods/reels im setting up. Whats a good way to label each setup from 10# to 80#. The heavy stuff i obviously can tell but i have a lot of rods with 20/25/30 and i get them...
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    Poor Shark

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    Yesterday Afternoon Mission Bay Jetty

    I tried to head out at around 2pm. And there were huge waves at the end of the jetty heading outside. Surfers on the inside of the jetty. I had a wave break over my bow. There were a few boats just sitting there looking at the waves deciding what to do. A couple turned back and didnt go out. I...
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    Penn Fathom 60 LD2

    So just for shits and giggles i bought one of these because they are practically being given away these days and i love my 40N. Just thought i should have on in the aresenal. I read that these are being used a lot as trolling reels. Just curious as a live bait reel what would be the target and...
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    Any Whaler Owners With Trolling Motors?

    Ive got an 87 Outrage 18 and ive been reading that they are tough to fit a trolling motor on because of the bow rail. Thing is most of the discussions ive found are older and its possible theres a newer trolling motor out that has solved this issue by being more maneuverable. Im not sure. I just...
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    Sinus Congestion Everytime I Go Offshore

    Anyone else have this issue? Im starting to think im allergic to salt air or something. Its usually when its a little windy. My eyes also swell up. I dont have this problem on shore. Anyone experience this? Its no biggie ill just starting taking something before i go offshore.
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    Is Anyone Fishing Offshore US Waters Right Now?

    Reports are non existent. Most everything seems to be in Mexico. Have any of you had any recent luck offshore of SD-North County coastline?
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    Great Morning Of Fishing

    Out at 4:30 done by 9:30. Finally got into it.
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    Nice Boat Rental
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    With School Now Back in Session

    Does it cut down on private boating/fishing traffic this time of year? Or can you expect constant bait shortages and long lines to even get it at 4am? I told my buddy getting bait Thursday may be tough. And he seemed to think that since school is in session it may have an impact on the amount...
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    Yamaha 4 Stroke Fuses

    So i blew a couple fuses in my outboard yesterday. I had a dead battery and when i tried to get my car battery to start the boat at 330 am i must have blown the fuses. My question is they didnt look like the same fuses that are on fuse block. Which look to be standard atm fuses. They were...
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD

    Anyone have experience with this reel? Main application? Would hold a bunch of 80 braid with a 50 top? Bigger Tuna?
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    Ringed Circle Hooks

    My local shop is out. Been using gamakatsu circle hooks for a little while now. Im just going to order some ringed circle hooks. Can any of you guys suggest a ringed circle hook for me that i can use for sardines and the local fishery here in Diego. YT/Tuna/Dorado/Bonito etc. I should have...
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    Have Any Of You Smelled The Gas Offshore?

    I was heading south from outside of Del Mar around 10 miles out and was hit with a really strong smell of Natural Gas. Lasted for a few miles and went away. Then read reports that local coastal beaches are also getting the smell. Fire stations have said its coming from the water. I actually...
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    Albacore Caught Today

    In local waters. Just one from what i heard. First of the year?
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    So ive really only used my boat in the local waters. I havnt gone offshore yet. The boat came with a VHF. Is there some sort of activation process i need to go through? Or is it just already activated from the former owner? Im going offshore tomorrow and want to make sure i have my radio...
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    Oceanside Bait

    With Mission Bay seemingly always out of bait i was thinking about running up the coast on thursday with my buddy to fish the kelp beds. And just get bait in OSide. Have they been out of bait as well? Anyone having problems with the bait availability? Taking an old friend out that i havnt...
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    The Dead Bait Issues Continue

    Went out again yesterday and half the bait was dead within 30 minutes. After an hour the pump stopped working altogether. Brand new Rule 800. Another electrical issue similar with the bilge pump that stopped working a month ago. But when the pump was working the last couple trips the sardines...
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    Hyatt Islandia Fuel Dock

    Well apparently the Marina is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. And the hotel operator couldnt connect me to the fuel dock. There is no information on the internet regarding hours of service. Anyone slipped in the Quivira Basin have any details as far as when they open? I know Dana Landing...
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    I Think Im Gonna Need a Fishing Buddy On Occasion

    I bought my boat with my best friend and long time fishing buddy in mind. However hes the busiest commercial real estate guy in Diego with 2 young kids. He simply can never get a hall pass. I wont go to the 9 mile bank or offshore without someone else on the boat with me. Local fishing by myself...
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    Brand New Shimano Teramar TMC80H Deckhand For Sale

    I ordered this online. Put a Saltist BH35H on it but never used it. Its never even gone out on my boat. I just cant stand the deckhand grips. I ended up getting a Lexa 400 and putting it on a M182H. Im keeping the reel and using it as a loaner 30 pound reel on a Proteus for friends. Tranx is on...
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    Gotta Love Squidco

    Ordered a Phenix Black Diamond 809XHJ a few days ago from an online retailer. They notified me today it would be a couple weeks before Phenix had them in stock. Called Phenix and they said it would be a month. Called Squidco and they had 2 in stock. Last week they only had the deckhand's. I...
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    Spyanid Raider Irons

    Anyone use these? Im always adding to my tackle collection. Just obsessed. I saw this package of irons for $25 and though it was a good deal. Just not sure what they are used for. Are these Wahoo jigs?
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    Another TranX Thread

    Ive been salivating over one of these for days now. And i have yet to even try out my Lexa 400 on big fish. Ive got it rigged at 65/40. Its on an M1 8'2 Heavy. I dont consider it a big Tuna set up. Im not seeing the Lexa as a set up for over 50 pound fish. Can it handle them? Maybe i dont know...
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    Mission Bay Sardines

    I havnt had any problems with my bait tank or with the bait out of mission bay until yesterday. Id say half of them rolled after around 4 hours. Right when the bait hit the water in the tank the cloud of scales was the worst ive seen to date in my tank. Has anyone else had bad quality sardines...
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    185 Pound BFT

    Buddy caught this 10 miles out today.
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    Pulling The Bilge Drain Plug

    And then running the boat at full speed....will this drain a boat? I still dont have my Bilge pump fixed. I want to head out to the 9 mile area. Is going out there with just a hand pump bilge safe? Worse case scenario can i pull the plug and drain via hauling ass? LOL
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    Anyone Ever Ordered a Phenix Rod?

    I went through an online tackle shop to get the rod i wanted. They told me that Phenix is making the rod? But that they dont have any updates. Its been 11 days since the order. Just curious if you have had a non custom rod made from them and has it taken this long? Tempted to just cancel the...
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    Half Day Boats Are Catching Tuna

    What the fack? Thats crazy. I havnt heard this sort of thing in over 30 years. Ive been out of the loop so maybe its happened in recent years? I keep looking to the sky to see if Jesus is on his white horse. Where are they catching them? They must be going out a few miles and looking for patty's.
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    Picked Up a Penn International 50W

    There has gotta be a lighter way to land big fish. LMAO I picked this up in the event i ever run into 100 plus pound fish. I had no idea it was so damn heavy. I thought my Penn Senator 6/0s were big. I just bought a boat so i needed trolling gear. New to trolling to be honest. As strictly a...
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    Just Picked Up a Lexa 400

    Anyone use these? Thoughts? Putting it on a 7'6 Teramar. What re your line specs? I was thinking 20 on top of 50?
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    Best Way To Use My Whaler As a Ski Boat?

    My whaler dosnt really have a pole to hook a ski rope up to. My kids want to go tubing this weekend. Whats the best way to attach a rope without have to drill into the hull? I have a flag holder. But its on the starboard corner. I could probably stick something in there? Where do i attach a rope?
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    Anyone At Driscoll Marina Mission Bay?

    I finally got in there. Right next to the jetty and bait. Good deal. Thoughts on the Marina?
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    Mobile Mechanic For Electrical

    Coming into the harbor the other day washing the deck of my whaler and the bilge pump just stopped working. Its a brand new pump put on by the previous owner. I think it may be electrical. Is there a fuse possibly? At any rate i may need a mechanic to come look at it. Anyone know of a guy?
  58. Fleet

    Weight Distribution on a Whaler

    Need some ideas. Hate to also sound like a noob. But i am. lol Put the 32 gallon bait tank on my 87 Outrage 18. Located behind the lean post. I know what i should have and could have done as far as installing a leanpost/tank combo etc. Boat runs great with the new Kodiak. Thing is when my son...
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    Pro Gear 440

    Just picked up a really nice condition 440 for cheap. Not sure if this is the Albacore Special or not. Dosnt say. I strung it with 50/80. Probably a yoyo reel. Just wondering if any of you have this reel and how you use it. What type of Rod etc?Im probably pairing it with a Daiwa Proteus 80HF...
  60. Fleet

    Where Are the Local 3/4 Day Boats Fishing?

    Are most of the Point Loma 3/4 day boats going to the Islands?
  61. Fleet

    Need a Rod For Saltist 35TH

    Just got a new 35H for 150. Ive spent over 2K on new gear in the last week and saved a surface iron set up for last. With a boat and truck ive spent a ton in the last week. So im limping across the finish line on a budget with the last few things i need. I need good iron stick to match this...
  62. Fleet

    Bottom Painters

    Looking for someone who can paint an Outrage 18 bottom here in North SD. Most places i talk to are 3-4 weeks out. Or prefer to not do that type of job.
  63. Fleet

    Proper Bait Tank Size for a Whaler Outrage 18

    Hi im a rookie boat owner and never thought about researching bait tank size before i purchased the boat like an idiot. It came with a 18 gallon tank and a pump(800) for a larger tank. I just wanted to look at new tanks so i went into west marine and they had a 30 gallon what looked like a...
  64. Fleet

    Best Place To Get a Bait Tank Installed in Central/North SD

    Getting a Whaler today. Just want to add a 30-40 gallon kodiak or something. I believe the pump on there now is a 500 but will most likely have to upgrade that to 800/1000. Best economical way to go about this is to DYI im sure but i want it done right. Cheers So excited to be a part of the...
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    Boston Whaler First Time Boat Buyer

    Ive been fishing all my life. Tired of Cattle Boats. My son will be heading off to college to play Rugby so its just me and my little girl and she wants to pick up fishing with me. My question is ive been looking for smaller Whalers. Found a late 80s 18 Outrage with a newer Yamaha at a great...