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    For Sale iPad Air

    Selling my 1st gen Ipad Air a1474/MD788LL/A 16GB silver. Works great, running latest IOS. Comes with protective case and charger and cable all in the original box. Original owner, only reason I'm selling it is I'm an android guy. Replaced it with Samsung tablet. Comes from an adults only...
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    Newell 332 + Bryan Young drags...

    Everybody says grease the drags, but I am never sure how much grease is too much.
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    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Good to know. Thanks!
  4. bobsled

    Reel Clamps that fit big butt Uluas

    Any update on the reel clamp?
  5. bobsled

    Californians,You can buy ammo online , no background check

    This might be ammo freedom week. So, I would not wait. Many places were already hit hard by CV-19.
  6. bobsled

    Cannot buy ammo?

    ^ L.A. County sheriff got knocked back down to reality.
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    Jamie, What would you recommend of these new rods for like 40# bait (Penn Torque 15LD2). Oh, and this thread is useless without pictures. ;)
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    Black Friday heads up

    Definitely a YMMV situation. Not sure if it's special hard to come by reels or what? For me, I ordered a Penn Torque 15LD2 in silver during the sale. About a week ago, they called me to ask whether I wanted it spooled or not. I told them what I wanted. Reel arrived via USPS on Sunday (yes...
  9. bobsled

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    I have mine on a 9' Proteus (I want to say heavy). Haven't actually fished it yet as I went out once this year (I know) and the BFT were no smaller than 90#.
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    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    How do you like the RUS 76 HP? How are you fishing it? I'm thinking of getting one.
  11. bobsled

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    You can't just tease us like that! Details and ETA. BTW, I only have two. :( But they are both awesome (a 76 Predator and a 76 Centaur). Looking to add another UC for a newly acquired Penn Torque 15LD2 (open to suggestions).
  12. bobsled

    Black Friday heads up

    I know they took a beating a couple years ago, but prior to that they had been SOLID. Pelagic Outfitters is still a paid sponsor on here. They, along with all the other great paid sponsors have treated us well over the years. I personally appreciate all their efforts to make this otherwise...
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    Thanks Jamie.
  14. bobsled


    Sorry, what are your store hours for this? TIA
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    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    Can't have 1A without 2A.
  16. bobsled

    Mak 15T Questions

    Dang dude. What rod you pair that up with?
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    For Sale Daiwa 24 can soft sided cooler bag

    LINK Mine is the large 24 can version. Also, if you wish, you can PM your # and I can text you pix.
  18. bobsled

    For Sale Daiwa 24 can soft sided cooler bag

    Brand new with tags attached. It's the large 24 can size. Perfect for traveling to Mexico and bringing back your catch. SPFs I can text you pictures.
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    Kook of the Day - Caught on Film

    Yeah, he probably already knows, with all the antics he pulls, he’s going to get shot at some day. He’s prepared.
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    Best Open Party Deep Sea Fishing?

    Hi Brian, Welcome to BD. I see you live in Downey. I live in Downey too. Anyway, for “deep sea” fishing, yes, San Diego is the place to go. There are lots of boats down in SD with good reputations. After awhile, you will get to know which ones are they. Once the BFT move up to SCI, having...
  21. bobsled

    Aztec 1.5. Fiancé first BFT.

    Nice his and her’s bluefin. Way to go!!
  22. bobsled

    Poppers for yt?

    Let me just leave this here.
  23. bobsled

    Shop Closing

    I remember back when Frank and the whole RP gang (Rollo, Brian, others) would do the annual seminar at Yo's Tackle in Gardena. It was the Who's who of sport fishing. Good times. Best of luck Charkbait. And I too frequent the HB store.
  24. bobsled

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day

    Kinda looks like a Salas 7x (because of the lines). Maybe he'll come on here and let us know.
  25. bobsled

    Professional Pics for fishing

    ^ yes, it does look very photogenic.
  26. bobsled

    Prime BFT?

    So that last paragraph is interesting. If they consider our west coast So. Cal fish at the lower spectrum, what are all the tuna pens all about? After all, it is rumored those fish go to Japan.
  27. bobsled

    Anybody know where the deals are this 4th?

    4th of July Deals?
  28. bobsled

    Anybody know where the deals are this 4th?

    May have to wait until Amazon Prime days.
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Are you looking at the correct landing?[]=1068&month_filter=&mode=table&submit=Search+Now
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    Pacific Queen suddenly got ultra popular?

    As Glenn mentioned, seem once people realize fishing is getting good, The PQ gets booked solid. I remember this happening last year too.
  31. bobsled

    Any Tribute or Aztec intel ?

    Only thing with the Aztec is they seem to be counting more on their charter business than open trips this year. At least by looking at the schedule. Oh, and don't forget about Paul on the Outer Limits as another option.
  32. bobsled

    Today at K&M Sportfishing Bluefin on the poppers!!!

    Nice! I need to go fishing with you guys some time. ;)
  33. bobsled

    Bft fishing- why wait to go?

    So, should I go fishing now or wait?
  34. bobsled

    Mexican money

    Not picking on you, but, I always thought that unlike in the US where the vendor eats the 3% (or what ever) CC fee, vendors in Mexico pass that cost to you.
  35. bobsled


    Congrats and good job on releasing her too.
  36. bobsled

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Well, you guys have one less worry to worry about. Mexico has agreed to President Trump’s condition to secure their southern border in exchange for no added tariffs. MAGA
  37. bobsled

    What makes UC rods so special

    ^ I'm still waiting to break in my 76 Predator/40NLD2 combo. ;(
  38. bobsled

    SOLD Penn Fathom NIB 40NLD2

    New Penn Fathom 40NLD2 reel. Brand new in sealed box. Pickup at 90240 (or 90245 work) or ship at your expense. SOLD
  39. bobsled

    Fathom reel seat screws question

    ^ thanks .
  40. bobsled

    Fathom reel seat screws question

    Anyone know if Penn make available longer screws for the reel seat for a fathom 25NLD2 reel? The stock ones (7/8”) are just too short for my needs. TIA
  41. bobsled

    BFT tuna tackle

    BFT fishing is very situational. For the deep flatfall type fishing I like a Mak16 on a UC 76 Centaur w/ 100# mainline. Flylining, I use a Penn Fathom 40NLD2 on a UC 76 Predator and 40 to 50# mainline and a Penn 25NLD2 on a UC Terminator with 30 to 40#. Of course you can use "or equivalent"...
  42. bobsled

    Rod for Fathum 40 ld2

  43. bobsled

    Penn Fathom 40ld2 options

    ^ yup. This is in reply to the other thread that got locked. It's a tiburon torque2 handle. Bought it at this year's FHS. I dropped by Cal Sheets' booth and they had a couple fathoms there they blue printed and installed this handles. I loved the feel. So I searched around until I found...
  44. bobsled

    Penn Fathom 40ld2 options

    Let me just leave this here.
  45. bobsled

    South Florida Freshwater Super Slam

    ^ I saw your page, that's pretty crazy all the exotics.
  46. bobsled

    South Florida Freshwater Super Slam

    OP, that largemouth bass looks out of place. ;)
  47. bobsled

    South Florida Freshwater Super Slam

    Last one looks like a very dull colored flowerhorn cichlid.
  48. bobsled

    Florida Peacock Bass and more

    OP, There are all kinds of exotics in FL in the neighborhood creeks and lakes. Such as knifefish, Oscars, plecos and various cichlids.
  49. bobsled


    Always working. Enjoy your vacation Jamie.
  50. bobsled

    TRADE Penn FTH25NLD2 trade for LH

    Dude, Even after your second attempt, you still come off as an ESL candidate. Example, when was the last time you saw a car advertised with a 5-speeds manual transmission? Dumb ass! So yeah, you should shut the fuck up and crawl back under your rock.
  51. bobsled

    For Sale Penn, Okuma, and Seigler Reels, UC RCE Rods

    Did the Predator sell or fall through?
  52. bobsled

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree this year.

    ^I thought that’s what their carnage II series rods were.
  53. bobsled

    The Last Tough Guy

    Those are nice. Are those the MK-IIs and the T-Bar Lites?
  54. bobsled

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    Thanks guys! Jeff, yes, I only use Seaguar premier.
  55. bobsled

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    ^ It's not so much about appearance as much as it is about functionality. I tried tying a Tony Pena with 80# Fluoro and it turned out horrible (maybe my technique).
  56. bobsled

    PENN FATHOM 60LD2 for $160sh...on EBAY Deal TODAY ONLY!

    Are they any good? Thinking about picking up a 40LD2.
  57. bobsled

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    Sorry for the newbie question, but at what # test mono/fluoro do you switch using the Tony Pena knot to the FG knot? TIA
  58. bobsled

    Has anyone pulled the trigger on the Century Arms PSL?

    Is it manufactured by CAs or do they just slap their name on it? If they're making it, I would pass.
  59. bobsled

    Traveling with reels to Cabo

    Just got back yesterday. Carry-on there is OK. Place in checked bag coming back. Four per person on rods and reels. Flew Southwest without issues.
  60. bobsled

    Reel box’s

    I keep my reels inside their box. I have a few that are 20 years old (Progear and Newells).
  61. bobsled

    Maui Jim Discount Card

    Are you a Costco member? They carry MJs at a great discount. Limited styles but you should be able to find SOMETHING.
  62. bobsled

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Terrible news. RIP to the fatality.
  63. bobsled

    Sharing a lure that brought me Bluefin Success plus a few pics from SoA 6day

    That's kinda what I'm discovering too. I think I'm going to order a bunch in the hot colors (4.25").
  64. bobsled

    Sharing a lure that brought me Bluefin Success plus a few pics from SoA 6day

    It might be this place. Shoot, I'm considering buy some direct from Hogy. Maybe we should start a group buy. Lol.
  65. bobsled

    Using Daiwa Lexa 300

    :gay: JK, nice catch.
  66. bobsled

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    I have a Butch Green box I bought from Yo's tackle back in the '90s. I'll see if I post pix.
  67. bobsled

    Anyone know what these are just got 4 of them

    Piqued my interest. And, what do you catch with them?
  68. bobsled

    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    OP, You're not alone.
  69. bobsled

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    FYI, for the Columbia PFG fans, Columbia has a store at the Citadel Outlet mall in City of Commerce. I was able to buy a couple long sleeve SPF50 shirts for like $25 each. They have a bunch of other stuff too. Also, right down the street on Telegraph Road, there is a 5.11 outlet store as...
  70. bobsled

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    I just wear whatever so long as it doesn’t make my ass look big.
  71. bobsled


    Lemme know when you find some 15Ts stashed away in the corner you're going to blow out.
  72. bobsled

    Tern Clamp

    I though all the Terns except the 300 came with clamps.
  73. bobsled

    Teen review?

    Common guys, admit it, that's what drew you in.
  74. bobsled

    Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    Aww, I thought this was going to be about Orcas doing what they do best.
  75. bobsled

    Starter baitcaster combo?

    You got a steal because they're up to $178 now. I would be all over that for 135.
  76. bobsled

    Five Star Bluefin Processing

    That's not a fact Mike, "receipt said 163 lbs (I think this is without the head and guts)." Maybe best to call them.
  77. bobsled

    October 2.5 - 2.75 day Bluefin trips - Tomahawk

    Steve, Yeah, seems like once the kids go back to school, people settle back down to their regular routines. Probably even burned though their vacation time? But your right, last year was great even into November. Personally, I'm keeping an eye out for those two trips and I'll see what the...
  78. bobsled

    Freedom overnight 9-6 BFT

    Nice fish!! How big were the other 8?
  79. bobsled

    Tranx or lexa 400

    Not to bash anybody's rod choices, but yeah, I do favor the thin-walled rods for the Lexa 400. Since it's a low profile reel my anal retentive side of me just thinks the guides line up better with the thin walled rods. That being said, besides the UCs, there's the Proteus, PCHs, and Axis to...
  80. bobsled

    Tranx or lexa 400

    Thanks guys.
  81. bobsled

    Tranx or lexa 400

    Nice fish! I just picked up a Lexa 400. I'd like to hear what rod you paired yours up with. Of course, don't think I'll be pulling a fish as big as yours. But still nice to hear what you paired it up with.
  82. bobsled

    100% Crimped Connections

    Tagged for later reading.
  83. bobsled

    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    ^ That's 27.3 lbs? Looks bigger than that. Thanks again for sharing.
  84. bobsled

    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    Oh, and wahoo and bare feet make me nervous.
  85. bobsled

    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    Thanks! I may have to pick up an extra one or two.
  86. bobsled

    Wahoo Tournament Tactics - Prefish or Not

    Nice. Thanks for the report. Heading over to San Jose Del Cabo in early Nov. Already grabbed a Purple Mack 40' and a Fluro Pink Halco MAX190. Heard both are killer. Plan to use mine with a wire harness like this Or...
  87. bobsled

    eBay 15% off everything

    ^ I can't believe that comes out of the vendors' pocket. I figured Ebay makes up for it with all the additional income from the increased sales. So 15% out of their pocket in chump change.
  88. bobsled

    Thunderbird up for sale.

    Group Buy?
  89. bobsled

    Accurate Sponsored Open Party 1.5 Day Aboard Tomahawk!

    Are the cows within 1.5 day range? I keep reading 2 day minimum. But what do I know.
  90. bobsled

    Nomad Lures Are Here. These Lures Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^ Thank you. I'll keep an eye out for them.
  91. bobsled

    Nomad Lures Are Here. These Lures Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last set of lures in post #1 of this tread.
  92. bobsled

    Nomad Lures Are Here. These Lures Are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And that would be? Sorry, don't want to be a pest, just want to order everything at the same time. I realize it's somewhat out of your control, but at soon it one item comes in, another becomes OOS. :(
  93. bobsled

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    What do you guys do for the removable end?
  94. bobsled

    Wahoo trollers

    Tagged for future reading/purchase.
  95. bobsled

    Will Fish Tackle TLD2 Frames - 20s and 30s Available

    Damn, this is tempting. I already have the TLD30II and really doesn't get used because of the limitation of the reel in it's stock configuration. It sure does look pretty. They reuse the handle-side side plate where the rest of the frame has been replaced (including rod clamp?)? TIA
  96. bobsled

    Squished It.......New Tuna Killing Erratic Flutter Jigs

    Sorry, I didn't read the whole thread, but what's wrong with the hooks they come with that they need to be replaced? I picked up a couple of them last week at Turners. I have to double check size and color.
  97. bobsled

    Prowler vs Aztec

    I was on the Prowler a couple weeks ago. I didn't like the heads up in the front on a dark bumpy ride home. Otherwise all else was ok. No experience on the Aztec.
  98. bobsled

    Rpt-Liberty 08-01-18 Tuna and Tails.

    Nice write up. I'm going to try them on Monday. Oh, did you use anything other than the 20 or 25# rigs?
  99. bobsled

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Ok, I guess I was basing my reply on Calstar, Seeker, Phenix, and UC.
  100. bobsled

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    ^ Never heard of a fish rod having a S/N. That's :gay:
  101. bobsled

    Full day boat out of San Diego

    It's all a moot point now that the Liberty has now switched all their trips (at least for next week) back to offshore.
  102. bobsled

    Full day boat out of San Diego

    Yeah, I know there are no guarantees in fishing, but if the website says "Fishing offshore, Passport not required" and that morning they decide to go to the islands, some folks are not going. Their website shows offshore pretty much all the way until Sunday then switches to the islands. :(
  103. bobsled

    Full day boat out of San Diego

    So, I live in the Los Angeles area and will happen to be in the S.D. area this weekend. I had hoped on Monday 8/6 to jump on a full day boat and try to see what we can scratch up. But it's like all the boats flipped a switch and will switching over to fishing Coronado Islands. Sorry, but...
  104. bobsled

    Yeti and its anti 2A position

    ^ I think your tin foil hat is on too tight. It's cutting off your circulation.
  105. bobsled

    Bluefin are starting bite just in time for the 4th!

    Thanks for the report. And great picture too.
  106. bobsled

    New Shimano Flat Falls Colors in Stock-Custom Bluefin Rigged!
  107. bobsled

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Nice fish. If I had to guess, I'd say on the kite.
  108. bobsled

    Yeti and its anti 2A position

    Just like Dick's sporting goods, they decided to be do-gooders and several gun vendors decided to sever ties. Good, they can keep their over-priced crap.
  109. bobsled

    Baja Fish Gear closed?

    Ed closed shop but has an online store. Someone bought and reopened at the old location.
  110. bobsled

    Pacific Queen 4/20-21 Overnight..

    Damn, too bad. Thanks for the write up. Heading out on Monday.
  111. bobsled

    976-Tuna 2 day on the Prowler 6/17-6/19

    Nice write up. Going out on Monday. Hope we get them.
  112. bobsled


    Wrong section I'm guessing.
  113. bobsled

    Advice with setup.

    Thanks guys.
  114. bobsled

    Advice with setup.

    Going fishing next week and hoping to run into some willing BFT. Anyway, I have these two setups that have me questioning if they are optimally paired up. 1) Calstar 700H with a Daiwa Saltist LD-40 2 speed (loaded with 65# braid and 50# mono TS) 2) Phenix PHD809XH with a Mak 10SEa (loaded...
  115. bobsled

    Buying FFM in TJ

    ^ I thought it was accessible right at the border as you drove across. Is this still the case? Can a ped access it since the ped entrance has been reconfigured?
  116. bobsled

    Heading out on the Condor 1.5 day this evening...

    Sounds like hardware wise you have you bases covered. Except I would probably replace the 50# bait w/ a 40# bait. Good luck and don't forget to report back.
  117. bobsled

    did anybody see this?

    Good News!
  118. bobsled

    Decent shorts for 15$

  119. bobsled

    Decent shorts for 15$

    Available in store?
  120. bobsled

    did anybody see this?

    ^ Ok, so pretty much straight out of the CA handbook. Thanks
  121. bobsled

    did anybody see this?

    Did they define what an AW is?
  122. bobsled

    Best value on Fluro

    One of the Amazon comments said the same thing.
  123. bobsled

    Best value on Fluro

    ^ Thanks for the info. I loaded up on seagaur at FHS, but, I'll keep this in mind.
  124. bobsled

    Best value on Fluro

    I've seen that, anybody have real world experience?
  125. bobsled

    Best value on Fluro

    Plus jig fishing is more of a reaction bite unlike fin bait fishing.
  126. bobsled

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    ^ sorry, I thought we were just posting irrelevant shit. I'm currently pooping for the 2nd time today tho so there's still time.
  127. bobsled

    Catalina on Friday 5/25 out of LB. Two seats available.

    Aw, that's too bad. Better luck next time! Hope to be able to join you sometime.
  128. bobsled

    Shimano Day at The Longfin

    I last went a few years ago. I need a couple things so thinking of going. Just wondering if only Shimano merch. will be on sale or other brands too?
  129. bobsled

    Shimano Day at The Longfin

    Any updates?
  130. bobsled

    Brand New Fishdoggary Surface Iron

    Yes, they are highly regarded. That's why I mentioned they are JRI just that the OP had painted with his custom colors. Although, I always thought Jerry did an awesome job with both the quality of the paint job as well as color selection.
  131. bobsled

    If this back door gun registration passes, ammo back ground check

    Prop 63 is already going to do that for us here in Kommiefornia.
  132. bobsled

    Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Not only that, but it was recently reported CA got 60.2M for the first 1/4 of 2018 in Marijuana sales tax. That's 240M for doing nothing.
  133. bobsled

    For Sale "Monster" Mini Fridge

    Price drop.
  134. bobsled

    For Sale "Monster" Mini Fridge

    Selling a used monster mini fridge. Just like this one. Perfect for the man cave. Runs great. $160 OBO. I can text you pictures. I'm in 90240.
  135. bobsled

    I get we were hacked.

    Are you sure it doesn't say "Me luv you long time"?
  136. bobsled

    Yeti and its anti 2A position

    So it seems that Yeti has recently caved to the liberal mindset and dropped any business with the NRA claiming gun ownership is bad. Maybe it's time we speak with our wallets and tell Yeti to go kick rocks. RTIC has stepped up and made their pro-2A position know besides making an awesome...
  137. bobsled

    We have been hacked???

    And that's no Joke either.
  138. bobsled

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    I might have an SL30SH. Let me look once I get home.
  139. bobsled

    Galveston Poaching Pier Report

    Yeah, looks like a giant carp.
  140. bobsled

    Galveston Poaching Pier Report

    Are those good eating?
  141. bobsled

    Melton Tackle Customer Appreciation Event 2017

    ^ Great. Thanks.
  142. bobsled

    Melton Tackle Customer Appreciation Event 2017

    Quick search of their website didn't produce anything. :(
  143. bobsled

    SOLD Shlopniks

    Where in LA are you located? I would be interested in a M or L. I'm in Downey.
  144. bobsled

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    Yeah, that's usually what I do. I've seen guys come on late and then start moving people's tackle box/bag out of the way to make room for theirs. Not cool. If they don't have manners enough to not do that, then they'll pretty much do anything.
  145. bobsled

    Flat Fall jigs

  146. bobsled

    Soft cooler for airline travel

    Tagged for the future. Now, are you guys buying the canvas bag or the WR vinyl version for AO coolers?
  147. bobsled

    PCH Custom - Any Fred Hall Deals?

    Intended purpose? Where did you acquire such a fine fishing rod?
  148. bobsled

    SOLD Newell Stuff

    Old school. I like it.
  149. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid 5II 2

    I think I'm running a Calstar GF700M.
  150. bobsled

    For Sale gun colection

    BT, per the rules, you have to have prices on these. Otherwise, I'll start at $101. ;) Too bad I'm in 1-30 mode for the hand guns.
  151. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid 5II 2

    Other than them fixing the drag curve, no improvements that I know of.
  152. bobsled

    Hunting Optic Recommendation

    ^ yup, and the Tavor is a bullpup.
  153. bobsled

    Accurate 9MM Carry Options

    How about a CZ 75 P-01?
  154. bobsled

    A new addition to the family

  155. bobsled

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Because people are completely clueless when in comes to firearms and all they know is what mis-information they have been spoon fed. Plus they are perfectly fine twisting the truth to further their agenda. Check out this jackass. Skip to 1:00 for shits and giggles.
  156. bobsled

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

  157. bobsled

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Are you talk at the state level or at the national level? Because CA already has some of the strictest gun laws already. That Victor Cruz kid should never had had access to firearms. LE dropped the ball on that one. Unlike the kid here in Whittier, which I believe was handled appropriately...
  158. bobsled

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    Great write up.
  159. bobsled

    Super Value In A 4-Day

    How much is the surcharge for beer? ;)
  160. bobsled

    60 hr wahoo-tuna trip on Dolphin Express

    ^ Port Aransas.
  161. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    Thanks guys for all the great tips. Need to get off my butt and start working on this.
  162. bobsled

    PCH Custom - Any Fred Hall Deals?

    They any good?
  163. bobsled

    FYI from Buds Gun Shop (online retailer)

    Correct, certain WMs will continue to sell ammo. The other more menacing issue is brick and mortar gun stores (Turners, Ammo Bros, Rifle Gear, etc.) getting set up to receive online orders for people*. Those procedures have not been created by the CADOJ. *This might even be a pipe dream since...
  164. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    ^ Perfect, you left the 23rd open which is my birthday. :) Just kidding, most likely won't go in July.
  165. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    Thanks. Update, I guess late March is a no go. Probably do it in summer. Thanks for the input guys.
  166. bobsled

    FYI from Buds Gun Shop (online retailer)

    While Buds is GTG on firearms, I wouldn't consider them in the same league as SGammo, TSUSA, or Cabela's (pre-BPS buyout) to name a few. Also, since CADOJ has dragged their feet on doing anything related to this new law, I don't believe any FFL in CA is accepting out of state ammo transfers to...
  167. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    Thanks for that. Yeah, I am a gun person and I have found an empty shell casing after going shooting. I'll have to go though that truck with a fine tooth comb. Thanks for all the great advise.
  168. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    Thanks guys. I need to start on this if I plan to make it happen. @denis, bass meaning Calicos or WSB? I'd like to catch YT, WSB and lings.
  169. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    So, I've been wanting to fish SQ for several years but 2018 looks like it might be the year it finally happens. Looking at last week in March (not really flexible w/ the date). Possibly spending 4 days there w/ 2 days fishing or even 5 days there w/ 3 days fishing. Plan to drive down in an SUV...
  170. bobsled


    I'm in Pats 27 Eagles 17
  171. bobsled

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    On a spinning reel? ;)
  172. bobsled

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    NO permits for YOU!
  173. bobsled

    California Ammo Laws 2018 - No more private ammo sales

    500 rounds per month (not transaction) and must go thru an FFL.
  174. bobsled

    Just wondering if...

    This is not all. Once CADOJ pulls its head out of its ass, we will need "permits" ala a FSC to buy ammo. Best guess is 7/2019 when we see what they really have in store for us.
  175. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Yup, reopened yesterday, but not to full capacity yet. Office and restrooms need some work.
  176. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Yeah, saw it on their website. That's good.
  177. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Is that Pala?
  178. bobsled

    My visit to Bob Sands Tackle (Van Nuys)

    Yeah, he's not only very knowledgeable, he's very willing to share that knowledge. I already owned a few JRI jigs that I picked up at a shop near me, just that Bob's has a huge selection.
  179. bobsled

    My visit to Bob Sands Tackle (Van Nuys)

    I live in Downey about 35 miles from Bob Sands Tackle. So needless to say with L.A. traffic, I've never been to the shop. On Saturday, my wife had a function in Panorama City so drove her over to her thing while I escaped to Bob Sands. I had contacted Jamie and gave him a heads up that I...
  180. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Lol, motivation to become a better shooter.
  181. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Yeah, hard to tell on the first pic. They say for sure the Skeet shooting (Moore and Moore) is a total loss.
  182. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Yup, Angeles shooting range fell victim to the fire. Hope they rebuild.
  183. bobsled

    Simple question

    00 shells?
  184. bobsled

    Cabelas bull shit mailer, total lie

    Yeah, I'm trying to be optimistic, but I think they won't want to bother in an attempt to sell you theirs.
  185. bobsled

    Pickup Bed Rod Transport Ideas

    I saw one of these attached to the front bumper of a pickup truck in North Carolina once.
  186. bobsled

    Cabelas bull shit mailer, total lie

    ^ The whole motivation of our wonderful government is to make it such a hassle to buy guns/ammo that folks just give up and take up knitting.
  187. bobsled

    Cabelas bull shit mailer, total lie

    Yeah, this will soon become the norm. Even once all the bullshit gets sorted out, you’ll have to get a “permit” (like fsc) and pay a fee to the receiving ffl for online purchases. Then, there’s no guarantee FFLs will even participate in the receiving portion of the process since they’re in the...
  188. bobsled

    PMC 9mm 115 gr ammo for sale

    ^ Thank you Kevin. Likewise. Enjoy!
  189. bobsled

    PMC 9mm 115 gr ammo for sale

    All gone. Thanks BDers.
  190. bobsled

    Fitness for cow trips

    It usually does.
  191. bobsled

    Komodo problem solved

    So what was the problem that a new handle would fix? Inquiring minds wanna know.
  192. bobsled

    Shimano authorized reel maintenance shop

    Shimano is located in Irvine. Otherwise, maybe some where like Sav-On tackle.
  193. bobsled

    WTB Fishing Sand Spike/Rod Holder
  194. bobsled

    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    ^ So catch anything?
  195. bobsled

    got caught w/my pants down

    I would try anyway. I've done that with other products and as long as I could produce a receipt all was good. Worse that can happen is they say nope.
  196. bobsled


    Seem to have a good following.
  197. bobsled

    GoPro: Advise Me!

    Don't forget to mention besides the free gopro editing software there is also a free cell phone app that allows you to control the camera, frame your shots, and view back your videos. As far as mounts go there are all kinds on amazon or ebay.
  198. bobsled

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Yeah, I'm seriously considering cancelling my order that is 11 months in the waiting. Not so much the wait as much as the unknown. possibly getting stick with a POS that will require me to send it in for warranty work to get the bugs out. I was a little less then impressed with my 2 M-5II and...
  199. bobsled

    New xtra-tuffs

    Yeah, I haven't seen them locally. Going to keep an eye out for them.
  200. bobsled

    New xtra-tuffs

    So it seems xtra-tuff has made "improvements" to their old style dairy boots.
  201. bobsled

    News on the Andros 12s

    Me too. 8/19. Here's hoping. :hali_olutta:
  202. bobsled

    News on the Andros 12s

    I hope so. I ordered from them as well. I was seriously considering cancelling me order it had been so long.
  203. bobsled

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Oh, and they are now talking the truckers may go on strike at the ports (if you believe the reels are waiting to be unloaded at port).
  204. bobsled

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    How long was the delay on the Mak 16 and 50? I doubt it was anywhere near this one. Besides you would think they learned from that and got the kinks ironed out. Guess not. I ordered my 12S back on 8/19/14. Lucky for me, I've been busy with other tasks so it has not been that bad but it is...
  205. bobsled

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Yeah, I guess it would.
  206. bobsled

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    I was told in about 3 weeks when I asked on 3/5.
  207. bobsled

    looking 4 a smooth 20lbs class reel...

    Diawa Saltist 20BG.
  208. bobsled

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    ^ Four rods total for two people? I'm going to need at least 6. ;) I'm going to contact Vagabundos Del Mar to do insurance and visa. Hope they attend the LB FHS. Thanks!
  209. bobsled

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    Found it.
  210. bobsled

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    Yeah, I have some 4" ones from back in the day I almost sold but decided against it I'm sure will come in handy.
  211. bobsled

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    Thanks, as far as documents go, so besides the passport, fishing license, and visa I pick up at the border, will I need my vehicle registration? Is it recommended I get Mexican auto insurance for my SUV? How many rods/person are we allowed to bring across?
  212. bobsled

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Welcome to the club.
  213. bobsled

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    So I'm really interested in driving down to SQ to fish for WSB. Any recommended time frame for WSB? What documents would I need when driving down to SQ? I have my annual Mexican fishing license (valid to June 2015), I assume this will work? Where to stay (saw the deal at The Old Mill Hotel)...
  214. bobsled

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    This raise more questions than it answers: Which models in the Metaloid series are affected? Is Okuma going to "recall" the affected metaloid models to make them right? What is your affiliation with Okuma? TIA
  215. bobsled

    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    I hope they are not on the ships sitting out in LB harbor.
  216. bobsled

    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    I've got you beat. Pre-ordered mine Aug. 19th.
  217. bobsled

    Anyone get the new Andros 12 a yet?

    Waiting on my pre-ordered A12Sii too.
  218. bobsled

    WTS Daiwa Seagate BG20H

    Wrong place dude. Try the classifieds.
  219. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    ^ good job! ! Keep us updated please.
  220. bobsled

    Okuma vs Avet.

    The internet is so informative. :rolleyes:
  221. bobsled

    Christmas came early!!!!

    What is it? Obviously an andros, but which one? I'm still waiting for my 12SII to show up.
  222. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    How high is high? I'm not to concerned about binding at high drags as much the issue described above. I'll be fishing 40# on my M-5S which equates to 10 to 13.2 pounds of drag. Regardless, Okuma being the consumer oriented company will make any wrong right.
  223. bobsled

    THE MOTHER LOAD IS IN AVET Reels 10% off and must go

    ^ Yeah, know what you mean. I ended up getting four new okuma reels in the span of about 3 months this year. So far I've received two.
  224. bobsled

    THE MOTHER LOAD IS IN AVET Reels 10% off and must go

    Lol. Missed the Pelagic Outfitters BF sale did you?
  225. bobsled

    Gun cabinet advice

    Can you provide more details? Thanks
  226. bobsled

    Best Black Friday deals on Reels?

    Ok, that's understandable. Thanks.
  227. bobsled

    Best Black Friday deals on Reels?

    Just to confirm, are they doing the spectra for .01 cent filling or something else?
  228. bobsled

    Best Black Friday deals on Reels?

    Oops, also Pelagic Outfitters. 20% off, free S&H and no tax. Just got my MAK16Sea in Gunmetal.
  229. bobsled

    Best Black Friday deals on Reels?

  230. bobsled

    New Generation Makairas?

    There you go. Why change a good thing?
  231. bobsled

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Since you insist on the metaloid, I would use the M-12 or better yet the new high speed andros A-12.
  232. bobsled

    Thanks from a Veteran

    Thank you and all the other vets on the forum!
  233. bobsled

    Has anyone fished the Success in PV?

    I'm sure the airlines love you too for that extra baggage.
  234. bobsled

    Has anyone fished the Success in PV?

    So the Maximus charges you extra if you take your fish home?
  235. bobsled

    My new set

    Tooth pick? Nah, prolly replacement brain spike.
  236. bobsled

    Updated Release Date for Andros A's ???????????

    Well, the weird part is, I have 2 M-5IIs and a A-12SIIa on pre-order from J&H and while pretty much EVERYONE has received some stock of the M-5NII and M-5IIs J&H still list the M-5II as pre-order with and over due date. What's up with that?? BTW, J&H list expected date of 1/29/2015 for the...
  237. bobsled

    7 day maximus in march

    Good info. Tagged for future use.
  238. bobsled

    Ensenada fished 10/25/14

    PP is required any time you cross the border.
  239. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    Yes, but in order for that to happen somethings gotta give. There are several other threads on here already discussing the differences. There are even a couple threads that provide the spec sheets in PDF format for your reading pleasure.
  240. bobsled

    information for the serious ghost addicts?

    The inevitable WSB are :supergay:
  241. bobsled

    Seeker White Tiger Blanks

    Before folks start scoffing that it's not a SS, remember John Petruescu's 445 lb cow was caught on a black steel rod. Well, in the tip it is. Starts out black in the butt and slowly transitions to all white as you move up to the tip (as shown in your pictures). Very nice actually. I have a...
  242. bobsled

    Seeker White Tiger Blanks

    Going to have to drop by to check them out.
  243. bobsled

    What Next???

    Duracoat? Is that the same as plastidip?
  244. bobsled

    Okuma Andros 2-Speed A-Series Lever Drag Reels

    Are you on the Maximus or another boat? Please post a trip report over in the Mexico section. PV is on my bucket list.
  245. bobsled

    Spooling the New Andros A 2-Speeds

    50# on the 5, either 60# or 65# on the 12.
  246. bobsled

    Okuma Website to include New Andros???

    What do you need to know? I have the Okuma 2015 catalog.
  247. bobsled

    Prowler scores a local wahoo!

    Hey Jim, Not yet. Bought it online and for some reason they have not received there supply of the M-5II yet.
  248. bobsled

    Prowler scores a local wahoo!

    Dang! I'm on a 2.5 dayer tonight. What are people catching theses 'hoos on? Going to have to bring my marauder.
  249. bobsled


    Cool. I did not know that.
  250. bobsled


    Sorry, my question was regarding free service and maintenance within the reel's specific warranty period. Is this available on all your reels?
  251. bobsled


    So is that all reel lines, as long as they are under warranty, or just the makiaras?
  252. bobsled

    First new Metaloid reel in SD!!

    Keep us posted.
  253. bobsled

    When on new Andros A's ?

    Gotcha. Yes, for the single speed.
  254. bobsled

    When on new Andros A's ?

    Justin, They're releasing a new "a-series" Andros. All new 5, 5N, 12s and 16.
  255. bobsled

    Any New News on the Azores Spinning Reel?

    So what's so special about the Azores? I know it's highly anticipated. The Raw II looks to be the top dog, capable of 50lbs of drag, of course it's $45 more. Just wondering.
  256. bobsled

    When on new Andros A's ?

    So I see some of the single speed A-series andros are starting to be available. Can we count on the 2-sp being closely behind or sticking to your Nov. estimate?
  257. bobsled

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    Yes, I understand angler's choice is the only B&M shop to carry them. I called them up this morning and talked to them. I'm dropping by on Tuesday to pick some up before my trip. Thanks!
  258. bobsled

    New Metaloids in Stock at Melton Tackle

    Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking I'm going to run 50# spectra w/ 40# T'S once I get mine.
  259. bobsled

    Accurate Fury Blowout at Melton Tackle

    ^ if past history is any indication, probably not.
  260. bobsled

    New Metaloids in Stock at Melton Tackle

    How did you rig it up?
  261. bobsled

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    Don't despair, there's another thread asking he be brought back.
  262. bobsled

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    That's what I was thinking. I'll call but I don't want to call too soon tho. Things can change in a matter of 3 or 4 days. Thanks again! I found this to be helpful too and pretty much agree with what you've said.
  263. bobsled

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    Thanks Jim. One last question, so are they all the same size/style (excluding wahoo bombs)? Tady for example has 9s, 45s, AAs, Cs, etc. etc.
  264. bobsled

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    So I have a 2.5 dayer on 9/23 that leaves late evening. Rather than fighting traffic I'm going early, which means I'll have time to kill. I plan to stop by Angler's Choice to pick up some JRI jigs. So, if I were to pick up 3 or 4 jigs for tuna and tails what do you guys recommend? TIA
  265. bobsled

    Bring back the Bieber

  266. bobsled

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    Yeah, $400, I can see why.
  267. bobsled

    New Metaloids in Stock at Melton Tackle

    No MC on Metaloids, so, yeah, consider it permanently turned off.
  268. bobsled

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    You got new life now. The slate has been cleaned.
  269. bobsled

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    People would get all worked up getting biebers and bad spelling ratings. Like this shit means anything in real life. After all, it's not like one's FICO scores or anything. It was just make believe. BTW, if you like Patron, you should try Don Julio (anejo of course).
  270. bobsled

    For My 100th Post I Want To Give Back...

    Jesse, I'll take one if you still have any. I'm right down the road from you in Downey. I can pay cash in person. Let me know either way.
  271. bobsled

    Question for Okuma Rep.

    Sweet. I'm going over later today.
  272. bobsled

    Gearing On Upcoming Andros 12II???

    ^ Sorry, I misunderstood. Thanks for the link. Might be worth a trip to the Longfin tomorrow hopefully Okuma will bring along demos of the new andros (and metaloids).
  273. bobsled

    Gearing On Upcoming Andros 12II???

    Still looking like early October. Problems? Where exactly are you reading this? Inquiring minds want to to know.
  274. bobsled

    Just curious...

    How does it compare to Bonita (table fare wise)?
  275. bobsled

    $5 dollar knot at Turners!!!

    Just announced, Turner's is doing away with the $5/knot fee.
  276. bobsled

    Save $100 Okuma Andros 2-Speed Blowout

    Even though you weren't talking to me directly, something that really has not been discussed is "tieing your own knot". The scenario plays out something like this; You go to a tackle shop to get some reels spooled and the employee loads the spectra per your request onto the 1st reel. As he is...
  277. bobsled

    Question for Okuma Rep.

    Any updates? Just curious.
  278. bobsled

    Save $100 Okuma Andros 2-Speed Blowout

    Try the other one in the okuma section.
  279. bobsled

    Help a brother out!

    This did not go in the direction he intended to.
  280. bobsled

    Help a brother out!

    I hear the Fishing Wahini is looking to squeeze in one more trip. ;)
  281. bobsled

    $5 dollar knot at Turners!!!

    Yeah, but it's $5/reel that most place will do for free!
  282. bobsled


    ^ Careful what you ask for.
  283. bobsled


  284. bobsled

    for sale or trade

    Free? I'll take it.
  285. bobsled

    $5 dollar knot at Turners!!!

    Yeah, there are other places. Turner's is not alone.
  286. bobsled

    Fake Newell's From Thailand ??

    Russ, So did it say "Made in Thailand" or just a sticker in Thai? Too bad no picture.
  287. bobsled

    Fake Newell's From Thailand ??

    Was it NIB? Is the seller a BDer?
  288. bobsled

    Flat Fall - Advice

  289. bobsled

    Flat Fall - Advice

    Where did you find them? Seems everyone is OOS.
  290. bobsled

    BFT on iron - Flat-Fall, other flutter jigs?

    Great. I just picked up one of the pink ones they sell over at Island tackle with the single hook and welded rings. I still have another 3 weeks before my trip tho.
  291. bobsled

    Question for Okuma Rep.

    Yep, waiting game now. But the news about possibly having the metaloids available in a couple weeks is encouraging.
  292. bobsled

    Question for Okuma Rep.

    Cool. I have two M-5IIs on pre-order so it would be nice to see what I bought. Thanks for the info.
  293. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    My bad, fixed my post above. Yes, per the spec sheet, A-16IIa will be 4.3:1 and 1.3:1.
  294. bobsled

    Question for Okuma Rep.

    I see you guys will be at The Longfin on the 13th. Any chance you will have demos of the Metaloid and new Andros there? Robt.
  295. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    ^ ^ ah, I see you found them?
  296. bobsled

    Reel selection advice

    I would probably keep the seeker setup the way it is for live bait and get a Penn fathom star drag (30 or 40) for tossing iron. Or if you want LD than I would again look at the new 2-speed fathom LDs or the new A-series Okuma Andros A-12SIIa for iron. There are LOTS of choices.
  297. bobsled

    BFT location

    Wouldn't that be the Cortez or Cortez adjacent at least?
  298. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    Great thanks Fishy.
  299. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    Hey Fishy, Yeah, and it's only late August. Hey Fishy, you've had an opportunity to use the new A-series Andros. Why don't you enlighten us with a few words on your take on these? No pressure tho. Thanks. Robt
  300. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    One would assume (yes, I know) that the new Andros 12 is going to be the exact same size as the Cedros 12 (star drag). Maybe someone from Okuma and chime in? I would think they would want to keep all model sizes across all series the same.
  301. bobsled

    Anyone know about this lure

    Yep, here's the real thing I stumbled upon in my tackle box.
  302. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    ^ Well, I preordered mine from J&H Tackle (NYC). Their website shows them with an ETA of 10/1.
  303. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    Conner, The Andros 2-speeds will be 6.4:1 & 3.8:1 for the A-5NIIa and A-5IIa. The A-12IIa will be 4.7:1 & 2.1:1. The A-12SIIa will be 6.4:1 and 2.1:1 while the A-16 will be 4.3:1 and 1.3:1. The metaloids will have the same gear ratios except an M-12SII is not offered. I have pre-ordered 2...
  304. bobsled

    WTB seeker ulua white tiger

    ^ That's a whole combo deal (rod and reel). OP is just looking for the blank.
  305. bobsled

    new andros differences?

    ^ Yep, 12, 12S (high speed gearing), and the 16. Should be very nice once the are released.
  306. bobsled

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    "WTF! You mean this isn't a sun tanning platform?"
  307. bobsled

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    "What are all you people doing here? We were here first!"
  308. bobsled

    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear!

    "Let's see if they notice us laying down here."
  309. bobsled

    WTB seeker ulua white tiger

    Yep, Sam has a bunch at the moment. Picked two of them up myself on Saturday. Go see him, he's a good guy.
  310. bobsled

    When? New Andros A-12IIa

    ^ No, They're also introducing a new 16II as well. There is a thread in this section that contains a PDF spec sheet that you might find helpful and should answer your questions.
  311. bobsled

    When? New Andros A-12IIa

    I have a 12SIIa on order along w/ a couple M-5IIs. Waiting game now.
  312. bobsled

    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    I'm sure since they lure you in w/ the groupon discount they have to make it up by hitting you with a bogus fuel surcharge.
  313. bobsled

    Larger T-Knob on Andros 5 II???

    Tagged for future reference.
  314. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid 5II, 12II

    Um, interesting. Might be worth a call.
  315. bobsled

    Okuma Metaloid 5II, 12II

    Seems pretty much only staffers and a few select individuals (Fishy, Alan Tani) have gotten to play with these. According to Normslanding, "The Metaloid should be out in ABOUT a month. The Andros will probably be out in October/ November." There are a few places that I know of doing pre-orders...
  316. bobsled

    MK SEa Black in Stock!

    Chris, Please don't forget to add the metaloid and new a-series andros. That's what I'm waiting on.
  317. bobsled

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    And then there's Matt: "Matt currently lives in Chicago with his cat Bernice. He plays the banjo, but mostly listens to hip-hop. He is allergic to beer." :food-smil :drunk barf
  318. bobsled

    2 Tiburons and a Newell

    Nice reels. Good job on the photography too. GL
  319. bobsled

    Avets at Charkbait

    I've been to Charkbait several times and have never run into Mark at his store. Might be that I always go on the weekends. I live just down the street from Savon and go in there whenever I need something quick.
  320. bobsled

    Avets at Charkbait

    ^ Pretty obvious, you cancel the order and buy it from your local tackle store (wherever that might be) that has it in stock. :rolleyes:
  321. bobsled

    xtratuff, this just in.

    Did you try trolling a Halco?
  322. bobsled

    Okuma's new Metaloid Reels catching local YFT

    As with everything else, there is a pecking order. From over-sized handles to dual force drags to the number of bearings. This is reflected in the price. Of course this is a simplified analysis. For more details please consult the data sheets Bennett has provide for both the Andros and the...
  323. bobsled


    Thread is 2 years old BTW. Thus "a tad late".
  324. bobsled

    Question about andros 12II

    Thanks for the updated info. Is the release date still mid to late Sept?
  325. bobsled

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    So I dabbled with the idea for a awhile then got busy with other projects, but, you can also use an aluminum pool skimming pole too...
  326. bobsled

    GoPro underwater mounts, what do you use?

    Andy, Nice, how's the stability? Does it get squirrely?
  327. bobsled

    Question about andros 12II

    ^ Yes, there is a 5 and 5N in the new A series that matches the 12 and 16s. Pretty sure the A series will replace the original series as it gets discontinued the second the A series get released.
  328. bobsled

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

    Not according to one guy on here, he chimed in on the other cousins thread. Said he broke one high sticking and was told to go pound sand. 8-)
  329. bobsled

    United Composites

    Yes, I provided a link to it above with the words "LINKY". Thanks tho.
  330. bobsled

    United Composites

    Yup. Found them. Guess I'll have to take a trip to CB. LINKY Thanks.
  331. bobsled

    United Composites

    What's the deal with UC? Are they back in business and currently producing blanks under Randy Penny?
  332. bobsled

    newell P533

    Some folks say the market value is based on obviously condition but also which series a Newell is (i. e. No letter, P, S, etc.)
  333. bobsled

    Looking for some NL Newell 533's

    Are you still looking?
  334. bobsled

    Okuma's new Metaloid Reels catching local YFT

    I'm going to say they will sell a ton of these. 8-) Can't wait to check them out once they are available.
  335. bobsled

    How to prevent your reels from thieves

    Soooo, are the reels for sale?
  336. bobsled

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    Ok, maybe not hookers then. :rolleyes:
  337. bobsled

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    The lack of a reel clamp was the only thing keeping me from buy them. Clicker is not a big deal for me. Going to have to keep an eye on this one. Anyone know if the SLX20SH handle will fit a SL20SH? Figured some one would have tried by now.
  338. bobsled

    Looking for crew for my 38' Tollycraft in Port of L.A.

    I would be interested. Located right down the road from you in Downey.
  339. bobsled

    Metaloid ?

    Jim, J & H has a video on YouTube. Brief introduction but no hard specs.
  340. bobsled

    Metaloid ?

    Price drop? Reel hasn't even been released. I'm sure what he meant was once you see the metaloid you'll forget about the diawa 40 LD.
  341. bobsled

    Fathom lever drags

    Nope, just manual cast control.
  342. bobsled

    Pelagic Outfitters $.01 Spectra Spooling Sale

    Thanks, I was going to use my 10sea with 50#. Maybe that's too heavy?
  343. bobsled

    505HS Questions

    Or Sav-on Tackle.
  344. bobsled

    Pelagic Outfitters $.01 Spectra Spooling Sale

    How did you guys spool them up?
  345. bobsled

    Show dads and grads some gear love THIS SATURDAY!!!

    Awesome. I'll be there. For the $20 off $100, do I need a coupon (print it out from here) or just mentioning it is good enough?
  346. bobsled

    4th of July Tuna Party on the Eclipse!!

    Hoping another spot opens up. Already have 2 spots but neighbor now wants to go.
  347. bobsled

    Thieves on long range boats?

    That really wasn't abandoned.
  348. bobsled

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    And you will still probably get a few "do the right thing" posts after this. Reading comprehension just isn't what it used to be. Oh, and yes, I'm sure her box will be full.
  349. bobsled

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    ? ? fisherman, PAGING ? ? fisherman!
  350. bobsled

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    Ok, then that means at least $150.00.
  351. bobsled

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    Yeah Cristin. Handle on here is even 2Mayetoes.
  352. bobsled

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    I think I remember seeing the girl who cooks on the Eclipse post a pic of that setup once. What's her name kristin?
  353. bobsled

    Thieves on long range boats?

    Ooooorrr, you can just jizz on your money. That way your DNA is all over your bills. But seriously, best way is to just carry it on your person. Wouldn't it be cool to see everyone on the boats with fanny packs?
  354. bobsled

    Thieves on long range boats?

    I'll need some help.
  355. bobsled

    Thieves on long range boats?

    Did you not read post #82? Says it was never reported to him. Doubt Mark G. would come on a public forum and flat out lie. The alleged theft was reported second-hand by the way. Maybe his friend didn't want to tip at the end since he got skunked and fabricated the story? Who knows at this...
  356. bobsled

    Stugeron Forte (Cinnarizine) Sea Sick Pill

    Long golden locks.
  357. bobsled

    WTB Xtratuf Boots (Made In USA) Size 8

    John, I may have a pair for you. Let me check once I get home.
  358. bobsled

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    OTHER END! OTHER END! Dude, you really have to look through those binoculars through the other end.
  359. bobsled

    No West Coast evidence of Fukushima radiation yet

    Godzilla hits movie theaters May 16th.
  360. bobsled

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    Helicopter pilot to co-pilot: "We need to land this thing pronto!" Co-pilot to pilot: "Look! There's a boat right there. I'm sure they won't mind."
  361. bobsled

    Drone guy at the SD Fred Hall Show?

    Check this out.
  362. bobsled

    line winder

    What? I'm not looking for fishng gear, I'm looking for a line winder.
  363. bobsled

    line winder

  364. bobsled

    Kudos to Doc Ski

  365. bobsled

    It is Salty Dawgs birthday again.

    Looks like it. I guess the rod building is just a side business. Damn.
  366. bobsled

    AVET Pro 3-speed 50s - Topless vs. Not - Wide Modle - What's the Benefit?

    When in doubt, topless is ALWAYS better. I would add visuals but I think you get the message. ;)
  367. bobsled

    Ultra Swimbait 800H

    x2 That's like the Whitman's Sampler of grips. :D
  368. bobsled

    Isn't it what we all really want?

    Nice bachelor pad. Not to make light of a life altering event, but you know why divorces are so expensive? Because they're worth it!
  369. bobsled

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    I remember those Zebras. Never owned one tho. My first rod was an old Sabre spinner. Still have it.
  370. bobsled

    Shade question

    Sounds like they're effective at the strip club. 8-)
  371. bobsled

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    Michelle, is that you? I didn't recognize you behind those Costa shades!
  372. bobsled

    Day @ the Docks

    ^ I know, but usually by now it's posted up in the "Spotlight" section.
  373. bobsled

    Day @ the Docks

    Is it too early to talk about day @ the docks? I have yet to see anything on here.
  374. bobsled

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW-700 H (2 rods)

    I"ll take one too. Spoke on the phone.
  375. bobsled

    custom rare unused Kencore rods

    Come on everybody, say it with me. Build off, build off, build OFF!
  376. bobsled

    WTB I NEED 2 MORE Wahoodad Rods 2X model

    That was the lowest I have seen them for new ones anyway. GL
  377. bobsled

    Beware of the Post Office

    Try asking your neighbors. I had that happen to me once. Showed delivered and USPS was sticking to their guns. It never arrived at the house. Turns out it was delivered two streets over (same house number, different street name). Dude came by on the weekend (4 days after) and dropped it off...
  378. bobsled

    how to save a newell bearing cup

    Alan, have you ever tried liquid wrench penetrating oil? Just wondering.
  379. bobsled

    how to save a newell bearing cup

    I bought one from Aaron as he's local to me. Very nice and I have used it several times as I do most of my own maintenance but nothing that looks like what Alan was up against.
  380. bobsled

    Modern Anchovy Reel

    Would Newells be considered "modern" reels even of they are out of production? I realize there are a ton of them out there (I own 3). Also, if the company that bought them ever decided to start up production would people still buy them (assuming quality was as good as or better than before)?
  381. bobsled

    Bill W strikes....again

    Good job Bill!! Looks like a beefy setup he has there.
  382. bobsled

    Hollow spectra for 40lb top shot?

    All the long rangers say solid sinks better. For what it's worth. I had Ken install Izor 65# to fish 50# on my MAK 10. Like you said, lots of way to skin that cat.
  383. bobsled

    WTB/Help Pro Gear 255 Lever that puts it into/out of gear

    That was a Penn jigmaster replace? Doubt they had PG parts still. Just wondering.
  384. bobsled

    Fishing the Anchovie

    I recently bought a PG255. After I put my "touches" on it, it spins what seems like forever. That thing is a tank too.
  385. bobsled

    Pro gear 545

    Hey Kyle, I'm interested if you include the clamp. Please send me a pm. I'll give you my phone number and we can talk. I called you but you don't accept messages.
  386. bobsled

    Pro gear 545

  387. bobsled

    Pro gear 545

    Does that silver one have a clamp?
  388. bobsled

    Critique my reel inventory

    I was lucky enough to grab two of the build kits Batson was selling at the fhs. Just need to get them built now.
  389. bobsled

    mak's extended shift button

    This is something Okuma should pick up as standard. Afterall, it's just a push button not much different than what's on there now. Bet someone with a 3D printer can produce.
  390. bobsled

    FHS question

    ^ Awesome, thanks for the clarification Steve.
  391. bobsled

    FHS question

    Will Penn have their own booth this year or share one again like last year? They didn't have a display per say. Hoping that's not the case this year.
  392. bobsled

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    Yeah, heard a lot of good things about TT. Too bad John doesn't advertise on here as much as he does on 360Tuna.
  393. bobsled

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    ^ ^
  394. bobsled

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    Yup, my two favorite stores to shop at in person are BFG and CB. I buy a lot of stuff from each but on the Okumas, it's Chris.
  395. bobsled

    Info on Mac 20 at FHS

    Wrong! As a CA resident, we don't need to pay more taxes, bureaucrates need to do a better job of spending what they already get. There are some cities in L.A. county where the sales tax is 10%. Compare that to where you live.
  396. bobsled

    Glock Store input

    Thanks guys. I'll check it out.
  397. bobsled

    WTB: Gopro 3+ accessories

    ^ ^ Any footage? Which one did you get? B&H has one right now for $399.
  398. bobsled

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Bob's Fishing Tackle in Norwalk back when it was owned by Bob (early '90s). Helped me out tremendously when I was starting to do 10 dayers.
  399. bobsled

    Glock Store input

    Looking to get a Glock 19. Any input on the glock store LINKY. They have some mixed reviews, but seem to have a Gen 4, 10rnd 19 at a decent price. Figured maybe better to drop by the store vs. online.
  400. bobsled

    WTB: Gopro 3+ accessories

    Careful, you will quickly find yourself owning all kinds of accessories.
  401. bobsled

    All Set With My Maks

    Yeah, he needs at least a 20 and maybe a 16. ;)
  402. bobsled

    Coral for fishing gear?

    Sounds like he wants an avet mxl and/or Calstar 800.
  403. bobsled

    Long Range at Fred Hall Show next year

    Nice. One of my favorite shops. Sure will.
  404. bobsled

    1st time rockcodding in a loooonnnng time ?s

    Ok, I guess we're not then. Thanks.
  405. bobsled

    1st time rockcodding in a loooonnnng time ?s

    Thinking of rockcodding this weekend. I haven't been in some 10 or 15 years. Not sure what to do (seriously). Any pointers? Do I use ganions (sp) or like diamond jigs or something else? What weight sinkers do I need? Going to use my Penn 113HLs with nice stiff rods. Probably going out of...
  406. bobsled

    Long Range at Fred Hall Show next year

    Jeff, Did this work out for you? In other words, will you be at FHS selling your book(s)? TIA
  407. bobsled

    Pelagic Outfitters has Just Received.....Week of 1/5/2014

    Hey Chris, Images didn't work so well for us lazy folks.
  408. bobsled

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    Yeaaaah, I would have to ramp up gear-wise before I can do that. Longest I've done are 10 dayers. In the middle of a life changing event so I have to let the dust settle. After then, hope to extend my range.
  409. bobsled

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    It would be nice to see some East Coast folks since we seem to buy from the 3 or 4 East Coast vendors w/o hesitation. Kinda put a face to the name. And yes, I realize it would be strickly as spectator as that would be a MAJOR undertaking.
  410. bobsled

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    Any plans to make it out here? Just 8 weeks away (at least for the L.B. show).
  411. bobsled

    Mak 30IISE

    I saw that reel deal when it 1st appeared back on BF. Though about for a second. Figured with tax and the cost getting it filled with something I would actually want not to mention the worthwhile upgrades, it would be cheaper to get it from Chris. Just my .02.
  412. bobsled

    Whats up with Phenix quality control???

    I had a small issue with my brand new PHD-809XH rod and the Phenix rep, John, went out of his way to correct the problem. It's still sitting unused in it's protective plastic sleeve. I'm sure I'll break it in this upcomming tuna season.
  413. bobsled

    Where's the discount?

    Agh, man. Salt in the wound.
  414. bobsled

    Help with "Bed Bugs"

    Yeah, cause again, land lords love it when you do that. I would just replace the mattresses. I have also heard that you should not make the bed in the morning as bed bugs like a warm damp environment.
  415. bobsled

    *Garage Sale* Reels, Lures, Swimbaits, and More. *CHECK IT*

    Yeah, that's cool and all but you'll have to go pick it up because he doesn't ship. Oh, and free bump.
  416. bobsled

    Introducing the Don "Big Daddy" Burnside Sinature Series Rail Rods

    ^ Nice. Is that black on black? That's what I think I would do, kinda boring but stealthy. Any chance you have pics of the guide wraps on that beauty?
  417. bobsled

    Christmas came early for me this year...

    Congrats! What rod you pairing it up with?
  418. bobsled


    ^ Ok, thanks. Yep, heard the same things but have yet to see them in person or pull on one.
  419. bobsled


    Do you own the Wahoodad rods yet or still looking to pick them up? If so, looking for input on the wahoodad rods. Looking to expand my range at some point in the near future with Maks in the 16 (80#), 20 (100#) and 30 (130#) flavors. Lots for great options out there for rail rods now!
  420. bobsled

    Okuma Makaira Special Edition

    Thanks for the heads up.
  421. bobsled

    Okuma Makaira Special Edition

    Really? Looked like MSRP to me. If you're on the east coast, there's only 2 places to get your reels.
  422. bobsled

    Best Cow Reel

    None if the reels listed in the actual poll above are 50# reels. The others are just suggestions.
  423. bobsled

    PENN Fathom Stainless Steel 4.8:1 Gear Set

    That, and because the people want it. LINKY
  424. bobsled

    PENN Fathom Stainless Steel 4.8:1 Gear Set

    Email sent. By when should you have a good idea on the price? Thanks
  425. bobsled

    Pelagic Outfitters Okuma Reel Sample Sale

    ^ yeah, I like my gun metal.
  426. bobsled

    Phenix blanks source

  427. bobsled

    Pelagic Outfitters Okuma Reel Sample Sale

    The gun metals are nice. Everyone perfers the silver.
  428. bobsled

    Phenix blanks source

    Any reccomendation on local shops (in L.A. or Orange Counties) to buy a PHD-809XH blank? I see Acidrods has them but their hours are kinda limited and only open everyother Saturday. TIA
  429. bobsled

    Shimano TLD 25/30II

    As long as you don't exceed 18 lbs of drag (w/ stock frame) you'll be fine. I have one that I've had for years now, going to do use 60 lbs on it.
  430. bobsled

    Mexican fishing permits

    So I'm thinking of just buying an annual Mexican fishing permit to use on the 2 to 3 day boats out of SD rather than paying each time. Good idea or not? Also, are Mexican annual permits good from Jan to Dec (like in the US) or one year from time of purchase?
  431. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 day

    Great crew!
  432. bobsled

    Avet HX 5/2 Bearings

    Boca Bearings. You have to pull out your old ones and measure them to buy the equivant ones tho.
  433. bobsled

    looking to buy a couple new accurates. retailer/online recommendations?

    Rumor has it you can call and ask they use something else (for a couple bucks more). Don't forget Baja Fish Gear. You just missed their big sale.
  434. bobsled

    New Arrivals

  435. bobsled

    new toy - the torque trq25nld2

    Wow, you come prepared. Good luck on the trip! Talk to you when you get back Alan about those parts. Rob
  436. bobsled

    Boss 270 Repair

    I guess the other solution is don't let go of that handle when on a fish. ;) I still have my 870 Boss Magnum. I gotta use that thing more often.
  437. bobsled

    Rods for Sale (Truline D8...couple Ugly Stick Customs)

    Is there a phone number? You can PM or just post it here.
  438. bobsled

    Any Update on Fathom Gear Possibilities???

    Any estimate as to went they will be available? I assume we will go thru you?
  439. bobsled

    Need Good Custom Rod Builder In L.A. Area?

    I was surprised Brent's name hadn't been previously mentioned. Also Wiseguy who post on here a lot seems to be missing. Decisions, decisions.
  440. bobsled

    FS: Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 809XH

    Oh, tempting. Tell me, is there x-wrap on both sides of the reel seat? Some guys just put it above.
  441. bobsled

    Boss 665H Drag Preset...

    Set the drag the same way the fish will be feeling it, with the reel mounted on the rod and a bend in the rod. SOP is 25% of the test pound you use. 25% S/B accomplished prior to the detente. Place the reel in freespool and keep adjusting the drag until you get the desired drag setting (always...
  442. bobsled

    hotrodding a shimano tld 20/30 two speed

    Jeff, It's best to contact him on his website
  443. bobsled

    Tell Us What You Want To See From PENN on BDO

    That's already been addressed. Penn is not going to do it! But they are working with a guy so that he can manufacture some per Penn's specs. LINKY. Look starting on post 12.
  444. bobsled

    Penn Fathom 25N Freespool Lever Jam

    Dude, "Load [even 2 pounds] on the Live Spindle is the cause; easy solution is to slightly 'thumb' the spool backwards about 1/4 inch to take some of the pressure off. Once you get used to it, you don't even think about it.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->" Maybe you should sell your Penns.
  445. bobsled

    Blank recommendations . . .

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'll have to look into these and go to a shop and check them out.
  446. bobsled


    If you click on the link they provided it looks like it is.
  447. bobsled

    Blank recommendations . . .

    Looking for blank recommendations for an 8' 50# stick for live bait. On my short list are (in no order): Phenix PHD809XH UC 80 Wahoo (I know, maybe impossible to find) UC 80 Monster (have source for one) CS GF800XH Any others I may have missed? TIA
  448. bobsled

    Accurate Boss 870 2 speed reel identification needed

    I have an 870 single speed with original clamp and hardware. I hate it. I'm going to replace it with a tiburon TC20 clamp and hardware first chance I get.
  449. bobsled

    Fishworks Gear

    LOL Maybe he's hooked up with somebody else now and needs to move more gear?
  450. bobsled

    HX Raptor vs Mak15II vx Penn 12VSX, or...?

    That MAK-15 is a wide reel. MAK-16 might be better. Anyway, I just bought a MAK-10SEa after reading this. Also, over in the BFT bring the right gear thread in the SD LR section, there is lots of talk of gear that works for these bigger units, including a high schooler that landed a 124lber on a...
  451. bobsled


    Good to know. Thanks guys. Heard Seeker is coming out with some new rods (or new line of rods)?
  452. bobsled

    MAK-10 and Phenix

    Thanks Glenn. Maybe Phenix's reel seats are slimmer in diameter. Anyway, the problem was the reel seat bolts where kissed up against the reel seat to the point I could not get the nuts screwed on even without the clamp.
  453. bobsled

    Makaira 16 SEa

    ^ Per P.O.'s website and a few threads here, they are on vacation until 7/21. Plus he posted that the shipment to them was delayed until mid to late July.
  454. bobsled

    MAK-10 and Phenix

    I just bought a MAK-10SEa and did a fit check on a CS GF700H rod w/ reel seat I have. I could not use the bolts (or reel seat clamp) with this rod because the gap was not wide enough to clear the reel seat. Anybody know if it is possible to mount the MAK-10 on a PHD-809XH and still use the reel...
  455. bobsled


    So, any news coming out of ICAST? What's the latest and greatest? What's in store for us in the future, electronic auto-shifting reels?
  456. bobsled

    Live bait wahoo fishing

    Back in the late '80s and early '90s when I use to do 8 to 10 day trips on the AA, right after the troll stops everyone would let the bombs fly and we would bring up 4 or 5 fish. It would be rinse and repeat. Anyway, I would try my hand with the bombs and jigs using straight mono (50lbs) on a CS...
  457. bobsled

    Looking for a smoker

    I have a cheapy Char-broil that I like.
  458. bobsled


    Jerry, I think you got that backwards. He's got a 5.5 and is looking for 4.6.
  459. bobsled

    Which Makira

  460. bobsled

    20lb reel

    Yeah, I love my BG20 too. Caught lots of fish on it from BF, YT, and WSB no problems.
  461. bobsled

    Which Makira

    Well, that's up to you, but for the $20 difference between the two series I would get the SEa if it meant increased performance (even if slightly). You'll find out when you send the Penns to Cal, $20 is nothing for a hotrodded reel out of the box.
  462. bobsled

    Which Makira

    ^ ^ The SEa versions are Special Edition. Basically all that means is they come hotrodded from the factory, i.e. open spool bearings with TSI301 for smoother feel spool, lager handles, more clearance between spool and cross bars and stuff like that.
  463. bobsled

    Reel clamps w/ eye ring

    Heard the Tiburon ones fit, I think TC2 or something like that.
  464. bobsled

    Big thank you to EddieG2012

    That was mighty generous of him.
  465. bobsled

    Lets see pictures of your fish caught on Makaira reels

    Nice pix guys, even better fish.
  466. bobsled

    Great results during 8-day Penn trip aboard Shogun!

    Good job! My Fathom 25N is still sitting in it's box. I need to change that.
  467. bobsled

    How fat is too fat?

    Not singling you out but, fat guys can be pricks too.
  468. bobsled

    How fat is too fat?

    Me too. 5'9" 175#.
  469. bobsled

    Makaira 16 SEa

    LINKED for ya.
  470. bobsled

    2 day, $305 Fathers Day weekend incl meals & permits

    Anyway, how's the fishing these days within the 2 day range? I bought 2 of those FHS specials (wife and I). We're kinda holding out to go in July or August but we're itching to go.
  471. bobsled

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    Or dare I say it? The seiners show up and start to wrap everything in sight.
  472. bobsled


    Didn't make the seminar but plan to go to the sale!! These are not to be missed.
  473. bobsled

    penn carnage for fathom 25N?

    I say CARBW800M.
  474. bobsled

    Bearings shot?

    Thanks guys! Yeah, I've removed shields before. I'll give it a try. And then hit up Boca Bearings if that doesn't work. I'm using break cleaner in a spray but I think it does leave residue so I'm going to have to switch.
  475. bobsled

    Bearings shot?

    So I have a ProGear 551 that I used this weekend and while casting out it made a squealing noise. Deck hand next to me said "looks like your bearings are going out." So, my question is, if I pull the bearings out and remove the sheilds and apply TSI301 will they be good to go or should I just...
  476. bobsled

    Local tackle shops

    Keep in mind Squidco is closed Sundays.
  477. bobsled

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Is this still going?
  478. bobsled

    6oz torpedo sinkers

    Try CL. I've seen dudes on there.
  479. bobsled

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Noir Series
  480. bobsled

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

  481. bobsled

    Need help in picking 30/40# reel

    Yeah, I would say the Fathom 25N for 30 or 40 # w/ either of your Phenix rods.
  482. bobsled

    Best offshore foot ware?

    What color? I have the blue ones.
  483. bobsled

    Tru line 1x

    How much?
  484. bobsled

    Newell p533-5.5 ($150)

    Turner's also has new old stock. I saw one there. Being in Hi doesn't help tho.
  485. bobsled

    Xtratuf boots, size 8

    Turned out to be size 7s. GL
  486. bobsled

    Xtratuf boots, size 8

    I may have some. Have to check once I get home. The Made in the USA flavor too.
  487. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    Thanks to Tunanorth and Tom!! Ready for action (well, after I spool it up). Rob
  488. bobsled

    Blank recs for 40# and 50# rigs for Wahoo

    Yep, CS 610 w/ 40# for bait and 610H w/ 50# for iron. Caught wahoo in the 80 to 90 pound range back in the day.
  489. bobsled

    BNIB Asus TF300T 10.1" Tablet

    ^ ^ Unfortunately no. Just the tablet. But it is a great tablet even on it's own. If interested shoot me an offer via PM and see where it leads.
  490. bobsled

    BNIB Asus TF300T 10.1" Tablet

    Asus TF300T 10.1" Tablet Brand new still in shrink-wrapped box. Specs below are from 32GB flash memory NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU with 12-core GPU for lowest power and the highest performance Crystal clear 8MP auto-focus camera with 5-element lens, large F/2.2 aperature and...
  491. bobsled

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Probably mean SD card w/ MP3 songs?
  492. bobsled


    Yeah, they're definitely running smaller than I last remember. Back in the mid to late '90s, I used to go on 8 to 10 day trips on the American Angler. Wahoo were pretty much all in the 70 to 90 pound range. I have a couple photos on the wall. I'll see if I scan them and post them up.
  493. bobsled


    Just curious, how big were the wahoo running (typically)?
  494. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    ^ ^ PM sent. Thanks!!
  495. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    One last question, do those rod clamp screws come in different lengths or just the one length as supplied? TIA
  496. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    Oh, no doubt. I got mine and couldn't stop fondling it. Couldn't wait to get it mounted on my rod and that's when I had my discovery. But no worries tho.
  497. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    TN, Will do for sure. Thanks!!!
  498. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    ^^ Well, I hope it's just an isolated case and a new screw and nut will solve it. But not sure, that's why I asked if I was the lucky one.
  499. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    So I just bought a new fathom 25N and I really like the reel but I do have an issue with it. I'm not here to bitch or bad mouth Penn and no I have not contacted them as they're closed for the weekend. Anyway, so I went to mount it onto my Calstar GF800M deckhand style rod but one of the two...
  500. bobsled

    5 star

    good to hear that.
  501. bobsled

    First of the season - HUGE Opah

    Yup! Posted back in post 113 of this thread.
  502. bobsled

    Newell G235-F Reel $100

    that fell right into your lap. : )
  503. bobsled

    Best Cow Reel

    And most of them are left handed.
  504. bobsled

    Shimano Trinidad 16A Narrow

    New or used?
  505. bobsled

    Seeker equivalents?

    Good advice. And when you go to the tackle shop to pull on rods, have an employee help you with that. Doing it by yourself doesn't really simulate fighting a fish and usually you just end up with a broken rod tip. Good luck.
  506. bobsled

    Anti-salt solution

    Yeah, the water thing is not working out so great for me. I go back several months later after they get stored and I'll see salt residue in cracks and cervices. Most of this stuff is really cheap considering what it does and that you use an ounce or two with a gallon of water.
  507. bobsled

    Anti-salt solution

    Umm. Where have I heard that combo before? Thanks guys. Of the 3, saltx seems to be the hardest to find.
  508. bobsled

    Anti-salt solution

    So I'm looking to buy a solution to spray my reels with once I get home from a trip to eliminate salt corrosion (besides soapy water). Looking at salt-away, salt-x and salt terminator. Which do you guys use and why? TIA
  509. bobsled

    Penn senator special 113h 4/0

    +1. Kinda reminds me of my old school Lee Pro 113H 4/0 I have.
  510. bobsled

    Broke my brand new rod. Can I return it? Repair it?

    +1 Not sure what kind of car you have, but most cars these days have backseats that come forward to reveal a passage between the trunk and the backseat area. You should look into it.
  511. bobsled

    Rod Building Noob

    Hey CT, I'm not a builder (maybe one day) but I still like to browse in here. Since you're in SD you should check this out I know it's a bit dated, but contact the OP and maybe...
  512. bobsled

    Big Game 90 now the Chief

    Looks good! Another vote for 2 to 3 day trip.
  513. bobsled

    The newest Avet...SXJ!

    Do you mean Sav On Tackle?
  514. bobsled

    Pair of Gladiators

    I really like your marble work. I'll have to get in touch with you some day to get a graphfighter 700ML done up.
  515. bobsled

    1998 Honda Civic LX

    Sold. Thanks everyone for your interest. Nelson, your PMs are turned off BTW.
  516. bobsled

    1998 Honda Civic LX

    PMs answered.
  517. bobsled

    1998 Honda Civic LX

    1998 Honda Civic LX SOLD Rob
  518. bobsled

    Post Party update

    I posted on the other thread, but yes, a good time was had by all. Thanks again Rocky, Vicki, and Doc.
  519. bobsled

    It is Finally time.

    Thanks to Rocky, Vicki, and Doc. Very kind of you to open your home to all the folks that attended. Even though the wife and I had to leave early we had a blast and really enjoyed ourselves. Meeting everyone was great and the food was awesome. Thanks again!! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  520. bobsled

    Docs House Warming

    and here Looks like it's going to be a Who's who of master rod builders!!
  521. bobsled

    It is almost Party Time.

    Getting close. I hope this heat lets up a bit.
  522. bobsled

    OC rods

    Never heard of them.
  523. bobsled

    setting drag to max!!

    Knots, hooks, etc.
  524. bobsled

    penn 113h high speed gears

    I have a set (Main and pinion gears) made by Newell. I haven't considered selling them.
  525. bobsled

    Probably a stupid question

    Getting a BJ on a regular basis is never stupid. Getting caught, well that's a different story. But yes, torque = force x distance.
  526. bobsled

    It is almost Party Time.

    Thanks. I asked the wife and yes, got the green light. So please add 2 more to the count. For sure!
  527. bobsled

    Calstar GF Blanks

    thanks folks.
  528. bobsled

    Calstar GF Blanks

    So it seems that Calstar makes two versions of certain GF blanks, the standard GF and a GFX (i.e. GF700ML vs. GFX700ML). Anybody know what the difference is if any? TIA
  529. bobsled

    Small single speed lever drag vs. star drag

    I have both lever drag and star drag reels. The issue I have with lever drag reels is that every manufacturer has a different convention on how/where the strike position is and the first notches that indicate different drag setting. Some have notches before "strike" while others have them...
  530. bobsled

    It is almost Party Time.

    Thanks I found it. Eventhough I don't build rods, I do appricate beautifully crafted fishing rods. And to be able to rub elbows with some of the greats, well, that opportunity only happens once in a great while. That is if the wife and I are welcomed?
  531. bobsled

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    It's good to have friends when you need a helping hand.
  532. bobsled

    It is almost Party Time.

    Am I missing something?? El Monte is just up the road from me. I don't want to feel left out.
  533. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 day trip

    I started with 2/0 Eagle Claws then moved to 3/0 Mustads. I'd be fighting the fish, and in some cases be at deep color, then boom, he's gone. Wind in and the hook is still attached just no fish. I thought maybe my knots sucked but no. I was using a new rod and reel tho I wasn't completely...
  534. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 day trip

    Well, since no one has come on here to post about our trip, I guess I might as well even if it is a tad late. Headed out on the OLs on Sunday 7/29 at around 8PM. Some of the other boats headed out at the same time were having trouble getting a load they can live with so they cancelled. Not...
  535. bobsled

    FIRST STRING killing them right now!

    Wow. You're not kidding. Time to go rockcod fishing!!
  536. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 Day July 29th

    Got a call from the OLs this morning because I had called them. After talking a bit he said they really want to go out and the minimum number is 9! We are at 6 right now so this is a good chance to go out and fish with a great boat and possibly a light load. Come on folks, let's go fishing! !
  537. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 Day July 29th

    Anybody up for a 2 day trip on an open party on the Outer Limits? Boat so far has 6 confirmed limited to 22. I really want to go fishing and would hate to see this trip cancelled due to lack of interest. I have 2 of those six spots. LINKY Boat and Capt. Paul have a great rep and are fish...
  538. bobsled

    Can someone tell me the Specs on The Outer Limits?

    ^ ^ Thanks for all the fun facts. Impressive indeed, but all I know is I'm one of the 6 confirmed anglers for this Sunday's 2 day trip. I really hope we get a few more bodies so I can check all this out for myself and we can go out and kill some fish!
  539. bobsled

    Problem with line getting caught in Newell

    I know this doesn't help you, but, I have 3 Newells (229, 332, and 533). On my 533, sometimes line will get caught between the spool and the reel seat. This never happens while I have a fish on, only when the line is slack. I've come to learn to live with it. The 533 is the only one that does...
  540. bobsled

    Offshore Fishing Weather Update 7/25

    Thanks Chris, a little encouraging for my 2 day trip on Monday.
  541. bobsled

    Preserving your catch

    Welcome to the forum. There is a section entitled "Fishing chit chat" where this would fit perfectly. Prolly get more replies too.
  542. bobsled

    Weather Update for the Weekend

    Any word what it will be for 7/30 and 7/31?
  543. bobsled

    Islander 1.5 day - 7/22-7/24

    Thanks for the report. Seems like a great boat to fish, which many on here have said.
  544. bobsled

    What is working on Bluefin grounds?

    I admit, I didn't read fishy's report only bits and piece here. As always, listening to the advice is a good way to go. Thanks again.
  545. bobsled


    Plus the cost of food.
  546. bobsled

    What is working on Bluefin grounds?

    That sentence is kinda contradictory. I'm on a 2 day starting Sunday and was looking around to see what is happening on the water.
  547. bobsled

    Aztec 2.5 day 7/15 to 7/18

    You're absolutely right, But, that is where a 2-speed comes in handy. Seems to be the only way to get anything lower than a 4:1 these days. Of course they don't cost $75.
  548. bobsled

    Aztec 2.5 day 7/15 to 7/18

    Well this blows! Reports like this make it very difficult to sit here at work and read them (and they're starting to appear everywhere) knowing I still have another 9 days before I can get out on my 2 dayer. Great report and great pics.
  549. bobsled

    Pacific Voyager 2.5 day 7/14-7/17

    Great report and thanks for the tackle info.
  550. bobsled

    They're Out There

    Looks like instagram. Thanks for the report.
  551. bobsled

    "Factory Blemishes"

    Where would one find these factory blems?
  552. bobsled

    Newell sighting

    The turner's by my house has about 2 or 3 NOS.
  553. bobsled

    Seeker Stealth

    I have an 8030 DHS. Very nice, lots of back bone.
  554. bobsled

    Any word from the tuna grounds?

    I'm leaving the 29th.
  555. bobsled

    Daiwa LD Reels

    I have an LD40 2 speed I have yet toc take out. Also loaded with 65# spectra & 50 ts.
  556. bobsled

    Is there an 8ft fishing rod travel case

    Yeah, that was funny pre 9/11. Not so much now.
  557. bobsled

    Newell S533-5.5

    Great price on one of the best wahoo reels out there.
  558. bobsled

    What is working on Bluefin grounds?

    Thanks for the info guys!! Headed out @ the end of the month.
  559. bobsled

    Fishing shorts

    They're not the kind where the white pockets are longer than the shorts are they? That's just wrong on dudes! barf
  560. bobsled

    Fishing shorts

    Great minds think alike! But I'm concerned they'll clash with my Xtra-tufs? (hope the sarcasm font is on).
  561. bobsled

    Fishing shorts

    Besides Fishworks, who else makes board style fishing shorts? I'm going on a trip later this month and I wanted to pick up a few shorts so any suggestions are appricated.
  562. bobsled

    Smoked Rat Yellowtail...

    That smoker looks awesome. I may have to get one of those bads boys.
  563. bobsled

    Yamaha marine grease

    Pretty much, Alan uses reel-x or TSI 301 on bearings, Cal's grease on gears and drag washers, and Yamaha marine grease on internals strictly for corrosion prevention.
  564. bobsled

    Kudos Baja Fish Gear

    There are a few tackle stores still around that really go all out to make the customer happy (not that the customer is always right).
  565. bobsled

    Magnets in San Diego

    Don't folks use rare earth magnets from Michaels? I thought someone once posted an DIY guide on that on BDs?
  566. bobsled

    TSI 301 lubricant and Cal's Drag grease

    Got my stuff today. Thanks. Just need to label it now so the old lady doesn't think it's a urine sample and toss it in the trash.
  567. bobsled

    New reel questions

    Thanks guys. Yeah, I knew I was going to be pushing the limits on the MXJ that's why I was thinking it may have to be the raptor model. Anyways, I'll take a look at the JX and maybe even a Diawa saltist 35 2-speed as they have a a limit of 17.6# @ strike and 26.4# full drag.
  568. bobsled

    New reel questions

    So I'm looking for a new reel to add to my arsenal. I'm thinking an Avet MXJ 2 speed to fish 50# spectra w/ a short FC leader for bait fishing tuna and YT. At 25% that puts me close to the 14# drag maximum the reel can handle. Will I be ok with this or should I spring for the Raptor? Is M.C...
  569. bobsled

    Reels for sale.

    PM sent.
  570. bobsled

    Best Wahoo Bomb reel?

    I'm late to the party and not jumping on the bandwagon, but, yes Newell 533 5.5.
  571. bobsled

    Punishment .700ML Caliber.......

    Very nice. I like the wrappings in that 2nd to last photo.
  572. bobsled

    Idea for Daiwa Satlist

    I know that seems like the obvious thing to do, but I just hadn't seen it discussed before. Thanks.
  573. bobsled

    After-market frames for Diawa SLOSH Reels

    Yeah, I know. I already own a CS551. I was just being polite and didn't want to rain on anyone's parade.
  574. bobsled

    Idea for Daiwa Satlist

    I know everyone is displeased with the new Daiwa saltists only coming with the high 6.1:1 gearing (30 and smaller) where as the older discontinued models came with a 4.9:1 gear ratio. So, I was thinking if anyone has tried or asked Daiwa customer support to see if the main and pinion gears from...
  575. bobsled

    After-market frames for Diawa SLOSH Reels

    ^ ^ Yeah, looks like a viable solution. Thanks!!
  576. bobsled

    Selling Longrange Gear

    Paypal and if you don't do PP then USPS money orders. Local pick up with COD always works. Just be honest in your descriptions with pics and you shouldn't have a problem selling your gear. Good luck!!
  577. bobsled

    Megabait lures ?

    I just picked up some 4oz models in a couple different colors at my local tackle store. The dude at the tackle store said the same thing about swaping out the stock hook. Question is, they come with a split ring on the nose for your line and one at the butt for the hook. Should I remove the...
  578. bobsled

    After-market frames for Diawa SLOSH Reels

    Looks nice but you lose the reel clamp. Not good for me using the cork tape.
  579. bobsled

    Help Identify my Pro Gear

    ^ ^ Mystery solved. Enjoy your reel PF.
  580. bobsled

    Help Identify my Pro Gear

  581. bobsled

    TSI 301 vs. Reel-X

    Hey Bryan, That's very generous of you, but I think I'm just going to stick with the reel-x. Thanks again.
  582. bobsled

    accurate reels no longer supported....

    I just checked my 870 magnum and it has a S/N on the lower left side plate. So I guess I'm good until those get dropped.
  583. bobsled


    ^ ^ What pound test? Maybe it wasn't heavy enough, or it could have been that it just sucks.
  584. bobsled

    Newell reel ?

    Thanks John. That 1st link answered my question. hlf, it was U-1LS on the 1st alantani link.
  585. bobsled

    TSI 301 vs. Reel-X

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm always looking to improve performance out of my equipment. Having never used TSI 301 I had to ask.
  586. bobsled

    Newell reel ?

    So to get ready for the local bite I was replacing the drag washers in my Newells (229, 332, 533). Lubing the bearings I pulled them out and noticed that on some, there was a small clear plastic washer between the bearing cup and the bearing. There was only one and some times it was on the...
  587. bobsled

    TSI 301 vs. Reel-X

    So I know TSI 301 is the shitzz but how does it compare vs. reel-x (which is what I currently use)? TSI 301 is a little harder to get and it comes with a premium price. Anyway, is it that good? Should I just bite the bullet and get some or continue w/ reel-x since that is available...
  588. bobsled

    Tuna Feeding Frenzy

    Look like he lost his fish at around 3:12.
  589. bobsled

    Cal's Drag Grease

    I'm interested if you get some more.
  590. bobsled

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    ^ ^ That's funny. His attitude was like you're making this **** up! A little thank you goes a long way.
  591. bobsled

    Newell parts wanted

    Maybe using liquid wrench to soak will help?