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  1. The Peddler

    ARSC is Bloody!

    Reported on Instagram, 7/2/2020. Tuna blood on the deck. (No pic)
  2. The Peddler

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    How much it too much? Long story short, I'm working to replace a fender on my boat trailer, along with all four tires. This has me replacing all the U-bolts holding the axles and fenders to the trailer frame. In doing some of this work, I got to looking at the load arms of my axles. One...
  3. The Peddler

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Did anyone use this ramp yesterday? How bad was it? It's usually very busy, but pretty civil. Trying to decide how-bad I want to go shrimping on Monday.
  4. The Peddler

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    So, my SeaSport was built new with the factory outboard bracket, but for some reason they still installed the louvered vents for ventilating the inboard engine space. Over the years, they’ve gotten bent-up by crab and shrimp pots. I was thinking about just having some stainless plates cut to...
  5. The Peddler

    Someone here NEEDS a project

    C'mooon! Who'll it be? (Not my boat, not my ad. I have no interest in the sale. I just want to see the build-thread.) New Rauch Aluminum Boat - $62000 (Bellingham) image...
  6. The Peddler

    My Covid Clean-out

    Like the rest, I’ve found a few things I don’t need. Here’s the deal; make a monetary donation to your local food bank, NW Harvest, Children’s Hospital, or The Salvation Army for what you think the item is worth, and I’ll ship it to you. (Except the trike, that’s a pick-up in Tumwater only.)...
  7. The Peddler

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    I'm just going to park this here.... if there's "Allowable Resource," will they allow us non-tribal folks throw our pots later this year, or close us out as they have for the past two years? FILING ORGANIZATION: PUYALLUP TRIBE OF INDIANS REGULATION #: SCr20-21-4.6 This is a 4.6 regulation...
  8. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker Rod Holders and Extensions

    I have a pair of Scotty Striker rod holders with side mounts, and two extensions I no longer need. SOLD I also have a pair of Rough River Marine Products Rod Stations. These are pretty neat, and mount behind a Scotty side mount. I switched to Burnewiin, so these won’t fit anymore. $50 via...
  9. The Peddler

    2015 Chevy K1500 Crew Cab Truck with Canopy

    Posting for my dad. He’s got an extra truck he’s ready to sell. 5.3L V8. 66,500 miles. 4x4 Z-71. LTZ trim with Heated/Vented Leather seating, XM/OnStar Tech package, etc. Navigation, No sunroof. Approximately 15,000 miles on the tires. Clean. Ready to go/tow. $25,000 This truck is owned free...
  10. The Peddler

    35-gallon fuel storage tank with pump

    I bought this for a specific need, but no longer have the need. Had diesel in it, but empty now. Arksen 35 Gallon Portable Gas Caddy Fuel Storage Tank Large Gasoline Diesel Can Hand Siphon Pump Rolling Flat-Free Solid Rubber Wheels Boat ATV Car Motorcycle Was $270 new. Asking $120, located...
  11. The Peddler

    2 pair of Under Armour Hunting Boots

    I'm a sales rep for UA for the Hunting/Fishing channel. I bought these to use as samples and planed to keep them for myself, but I don't really need them. They're new, unworn. Never had a foot in them. Both pair are Men's size 10.5. - I live in South Olympia, but travel I-5 between South...
  12. The Peddler

    26-gallon Campbel Hausfield Air Compressor

    I bought this new in 2008. I haven't used it for a while now, and it just takes up space. I liked this one because it can be used vertical or horizontal. Includes 50-ft of hose with Q/D's on both ends. Works perfectly. I live in South Olympia, but travel I-5 between South Seattle and Eugene...
  13. The Peddler

    5000 watt Honda-powered generator

    This generator has been kicking-around the family since the big Y2K scare. LOL. It's really only been used during a multi-day power outage in 2006. Has only 35 hours of run time. Honda power, 120/240 capable. Use for a whole-house power set-up, RV, or ??? The "Auto-idle" feature doesn't...
  14. The Peddler

    Yamaha Stainless Props (pair)

    I have a LH/RH pair of 16-pitch painted stainless props, I don't need. The paint has been removed via media blasting. Generic sales blurb from Yamaha; PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL SERIES An excellent general-purpose choice. Stainless steel construction allows for a blade that is thinner, more...
  15. The Peddler

    Group fishing opportunity, end of October?

    2-part question: 1) Is there a decent, somewhat reliable fishery (fish/crab/etc) at the end of October, anywhere in Western Washington, you can think of, where 8 guys could go have fun for a day? We’re all avid outdoors/fisher men, and have the gear for cold/wet weather. 2) Are you aware of a...
  16. The Peddler

    ACR EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement?

    My EPIRB is due next month, and my PLB in March 2020. Is there anyone in the Puget Sound region that does this? If so, or if not, who do you recommend?
  17. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    Pic says it all. 2 Strikers, 4 extensions, 4 round flush mounts. 2 of the mounts are missing the rubber cap and have an extra hole drilled in the flange. $200 worth of stuff at retail, new. Asking $100, shipped to your door. I finally got with the times, and have a PayPal account, or you can...
  18. The Peddler

    Burnewiin Rod Holders?

    Does anyone know if the RH5710 (self-adjusting) rod holder will hold a Hali stick with a Tanacom reel? Or should I just get the RH3740? Also, has anyone found something to use as a drain hose off the tube of the composite mount bases, or s cap to cover the hole?
  19. The Peddler

    Solas Rubex 15P props for borrow?

    Does anyone have a set of left and right Solas Titan or Rubex 15P props they’d be willing to let me try? I can lend my Reliance 17P 3-blade props in exchange, while I have yours.
  20. The Peddler

    BRAND NEW Honda 9.9 Longshaft/Electric Start

    Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association (NSIA), a champion for sportfishing opportunity in the PNW, has a received a donation of a BRAND NEW Honda 9.9 with Electric start (no electric tilt) they're looking to sell to further their fights on-behalf of sportfishers. The motor is located in...
  21. The Peddler

    Crab Seasons Announced Hope you weren't planning to crab in Area 11, 12 (South of Ayock) or 13 this Summer....
  22. The Peddler

    Mixed bag, fish and hunt

    All gone.
  23. The Peddler

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    Just in time for TUNA! season! 1-pair Brand New PR6000 6” Titanium pliers with lanyard and sheath. MSRP $314.99. Asking $175, shipped to you.
  24. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    After running my buddies boat to/from the halibut grounds last week, (2700 NorthRiver OS with twin 200’s). I think I have room for improvement with prop selection. Or maybe there’s another aspect that can be improved? Currently running 17P Reliance props on my 2400 SeaSport with twin Yamaha...
  25. The Peddler

    Stihl backpack leaf blower

  26. The Peddler

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    I'd like to add some copper pipe jigs to my tackle box. The sizes you killers all use out of Westport/Ilwaco/Neah Bay for ling, halibut, etc. I don't really have the time or equipment for building my own. Anyone have 4-6 they'd sell?
  27. The Peddler

    Dog transport crate - FREE

    When I was looking for one of these a few years-ago, a fellow BD brotha gave this to me, FREE. I don’t have a need for it any more, so willing to pay it forward if another brotha can use it. The interior measures; 36x23x24, and the storage bin on top is 4” deep, so it’s 28” tall overall...
  28. The Peddler

    50-gallon electric water heater

    FREE, Tumwater pick-up. Approximately 17 years-old. Newer heating elements and thermostats. “Tall” model, only 20” diameter. Works fine. No leaks. Just felt I was kind of on borrowed time, and didn’t want it to go out while I was traveling this winter.
  29. The Peddler

    WTB Plastic Barrels

    Wondering is any of you guys have a barrel or two you don’t need. Maybe you were going to build your own bait tank, but never got-around to it? I’m going to build a couple rain collectors. They don’t need to be food grade, but they need to be clean, and they need to have lids. I’m willing to buy...
  30. The Peddler

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Curious if anyone tows roughly 10,000-lbs with a K2500 series Suburban or Yukon XL. If so, how does it work out for you? What engine/trans combination do you have? What is your average MPG and range empty/loaded?
  31. The Peddler

    Paint my Yamaha?

    So a few years-ago, when my boat was new to me, I hadn’t yet learned how far-back the motors really were. I managed to scuff/gouge the paint on the cowling and pan on a barnacle-encrusted piling. I’d like to get this cosmetic damage repaired this off-season. Does anyone have a recommendation for...
  32. The Peddler


    Thank goodness this didn't happen in Washington. Some of you guys would be licking the highway!
  33. The Peddler

    Spray-on bed liner?

    Thinking about having my 10 year-old utility trailer shot with bed liner. Anyone do this, or have a referral? Prefer somewhere within an hour-drive of Olympia, but willing to go a little farther, especially if you're willing to work on a trade for FinNor and/or Quantum reels, (new, your...
  34. The Peddler

    Ritche Compass, Guest Remote Spotlight

    I’ve got a used Guest 501 halogen remote spotlight that I no longer need. Works like new. Wireless remote included. Was $350 new. Will sell for $125. I have a Ritche B-81 compass I also no longer need. It’s back-lit. Works as it should. They go-for about $115 on Amazon. Will sell for $75.
  35. The Peddler

    Looking for test props to borrow

    I’m currently running 14.25” x 17P Reliance props on my twin F150 Yamaha’s. I’d like to try a pair of 15P or 16P 4-blade props, if anyone is willing to lend them short-term. I’m willing to leave my Reliance props and/or other collateral, and sign a statement that I’ll repair/replace in the...
  36. The Peddler

    My boat's turn at "Bob's Boat Bottom Spa"

    The bottom paint on my SeaSport was in rough shape. It's been that way since I bought her, but since I don't moor her for long periods, I've never addressed it, using the funds for other upgrades along the way. The time had come, the ugly had gotten to me, and I put myself on Bob's list. Her...
  37. The Peddler

    My kids got new boats for Christmas!

    Some if you guys might appreciate this. Grandpa Dan (my dad) was busy in his workshop leading up to Christmas. He built a replica of my real-life truck and boat, complete with functioning crab/shrimp pot puller and a ferry boat with cars and trucks.
  38. The Peddler

    WANTED: old buoys/floats/corks

    Wife wants to add a beach/marina theme to the back deck. Looking for old/used buoys, floats, and corks. Willing to barter or buy.
  39. The Peddler

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    Yesterday, I noticed a tiny puddle of l/u oil on the floor of the shop under one of my Yamaha 150's. Traced it up to the vent screw at the top of the gear housing. The screw was slightly loose. I was able to crank it about 1/2 a rotation to tighten it. Total spilled volume was probably 2...
  40. The Peddler

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    Considering a trip to the SanJuan's in late July. In the past I've used Cap Sante and Deception Pass as access points. I'm not set-up for a sling launch anymore, so Cap Sante is out. I'm guessing I could run from Everett to Deception Pass in about an hour, which is about the same as it'd take...
  41. The Peddler

    "Fishy" Craigs List Ad, anyone missing a Honda kicker?

    This seems fishy to me; 8.8 horse? Appears to have a cut fuel hose.
  42. The Peddler

    Took the boat/trailer across the scales today;

    NB I-5 DuPont Scales Truck Steer Axle: 4500 Truck Rear Axle: 4400 Front Trailer Axle: 5100 Rear Trailer Axle: 4540 Both Trailer Axles: 9160 Weird that weighing both axles simultaneously nets a lower result than the combined weights of the two individually? I rolled front onto the scale, wrote...
  43. The Peddler

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    As-of today (4.17.2017) there's not yet a Spot Prawn season in Areas 10, 11, or 13 for 2017. The tribal "co-managers" are pushing-back (surprise-surprise) against the sport fishery and planning to pound this resource like never-before. The seasons should be identified by the end of this week...
  44. The Peddler

    Yamaha 17P Stainless Props (Lefty and Right)

    These are the OEM painted stainless props, but have had the paint media blasted off. This pair will fit the In-Line 4 cylinder motors. Here's the generic sales blurb from Yamaha; PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL SERIES An excellent general-purpose choice. Stainless steel construction allows for a blade...
  45. The Peddler

    FinNor Offshore Reel OFS6500 NEW

    Brand new, in-box. FinNor Offshore 6500 Spinning reel. MSRP is $169.95, typically see them online for $149.99. I'll sell for $100.
  46. The Peddler

    14" Alloy Truck wheels with Mud/Snow tire (pair)

    I have an older pair of nice alloy wheels with mud/snow (studded) tires. They've had very little use, should have lots of life left. I used them on a 1991 Ford Ranger. Sold the truck, don't need these. I can not find the center caps. I do not have lug nuts. They've always been stored in a...
  47. The Peddler

    Polyform A-2 Buoy Bags

  48. The Peddler

    Dog kennel wanted

    Looking for a heavy duty crate for a 70-lb lab, for use in the bed of the truck. Have cash or will trade with new Quantum or FinNor rods and or reels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  49. The Peddler

    Has anyone rebuilt a SeaStar helm pump?

    So, ever-since I bought the boat the forward helm pump has been finicky. The boat will "creep" to Starboard, it takes more effort and more revolutions of the wheel to turn to Port than to Starboard. Now it's getting a little "chunky" feeling. Every other boat I've driven with hydraulic...
  50. The Peddler

    Get a jump on the New Year's Resolution

    I have an older (15 years), but Top-of-the-line for the era and 100% functional, full-size treadmill. Pacer Wesland Cancence SL25, sold at Costco at the time. Digital controls, power incline, walk surface can tilt-up to shrink it's footprint when not in use. It was my mom's, but she switched...
  51. The Peddler

    Reports/Classifieds not showing in Tapatalk?

    Does anyone else still use the Tapatalk ap to view BD? They updated something, and now the upper-most thread categories are no longer visible. (Fresh/salt reports, hunting, classifieds, etc.) Anyone have a solution? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  52. The Peddler

    Bait freezer...

    Older but functional upright freezer. New in 1982, not frost-free, outside dimensions: 28 wide, 29 deep, 60 high. Bait freezer, kegerator, or ??? You haul, pick-up near Auburn Black Diamond and Lake Holm Rd. Available Tuesday the 13th. FREE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  53. The Peddler

    Islander Reel parts?

    I need a couple replacement cam springs for my MR2's. I can not find any schematics or sellers of Islander parts on line. Any suggestions?
  54. The Peddler

    Nootka/Critter Cove Aug 2016

    Returned Friday night from Nootka/Critter Cove. A crew of four seasoned anglers spent 40+ hours fishing in 3.5 days, and returned home with 5 "Springs." Most of that time at Bajo Reef, though we got blown back inside Wednesday. Marked lots of fish in all the usual places. (Lighthouse, Camel...
  55. The Peddler

    Full size van for towing?

    With a growing family (me, wife, a toddler, another on the way, and two 65-70lb dogs) the crew cab 2500HD seems to be shrinking. Wife doesn't like the idea of the dogs in the bed/canopy for their safety and due to weather extremes. We do travel as a family often-enough, and we like to do...
  56. The Peddler

    WTB: 4x4 Quad

    Looking to buy a nice, used, 4x4, 4-stroke quad. Will be used around my folks' acreage and for fun. Have up to $2500 to spend. Willing to travel within a couple hours of Auburn, WA to deal with a BD seller. I honestly don't know a lot about them. Is it feasible to tow a tree-chipper trailer...
  57. The Peddler

    Point Defiance Trailer parking??

    It's been over a year since the last time I used the ramp at Pt Defiance, which was before they started to big construction project. What's the trailer parking situation these days? Is it still at the top of the hill, or do they have the "new" trailer parking area finished/open? Is it...
  58. The Peddler

    Any BD Brothas who build fences??

    Keep it in the "Family" right? Looking to have upto 1500 linear feet of field/no-climb fence installed, approximately 200-ft of cedar fence replaced. Need one electric driveway gate designed/built/installed, and three man gates. Might have you do the other 600-ft of high-tinsel wire fence...
  59. The Peddler

    StairGuy - Please check your conversations/private messages

    Trying to get the wiper motor to you, if you still want it.
  60. The Peddler

    Miscellaneous Stuff that's been taking-up space

    I have a few things I don't really need on the shelf any longer. Scotty drink holders (x2), Scotty Bases (x2), Waterproof roll-top dry bag, Knife/Plier holder (fits rod holder mount), Johnny Ray MFD mount, Wiper motor and Arm, Suction cup dring/tool/accy holder, Scotty mounts (x3) Scotty...
  61. The Peddler

    Boat stand rental?

    Does anyone know of an outfit in the Puget Sound region that rents boat stands? We need to paint the bottom of the keel on my dad's blow-boat, and cannot figure out a safe way to elevate the boat over the trailer. We'd need some pretty tall stands, but only need 4-5 inches clearance under the...
  62. The Peddler

    A few things that go "Boom!"

    I've got a few things I don't need, that I'd like to sell. First: 68 rounds of 500S&W Ammo. $125 retail value, will sell for $60. 45 rounds of Ultramax 330GR Round nose/Flat Point 12 rounds of CorBon 275gr Barnes X 11 rounds of CorBon 440gr Hard Cast Also, a Traditions Mini Napoleon III...
  63. The Peddler

    Brand New Lamiglas Rods and Quantum Reels

    I've got a couple of rods on the rack that I never have, and likely never will use. First is a Lamiglass G1384-T. It retails for $250. I'll sell for $150. (SOLD to FIREBALL) Second is a Lamiglass XCC934. It retails for $230. I'll sell for $130. (SOLD to FIREBALL) I've got some brand...
  64. The Peddler

    Two tropical saltwater aquarium fish

    These two are very healthy, but we're downsizing our tank. Cow fish - approx 7" tip to tail. Puffer - approx 8". Fish only, no tank. Free.
  65. The Peddler

    RV sales and/or service?

    Any BD Brotha's in the RV sales and/or repair biz? I've been burned twice on leaking RV trailers. Need honest help and/or assistance. Is my current rig worth repairing? Should I punt, and sell with full disclosure? What manufactures put-together a rig that won't break the bank and won't fall...
  66. The Peddler

    Anyone in the auto upholstery biz?

    Looking to have a 1973 Ford Pickup bench seat rebuilt with new foam and new skins. Not looking for "factory correct" necessarily, but would like something that looks-like it belongs in the truck and could have come from the factory. Would like to support a BD Bro, if available. The seat is...
  67. The Peddler

    How to remove old thru-hull transducer?

    I can not get this thing to BUDGE. Any ideas?
  68. The Peddler

    New gas tax kicks-in on Saturday

    If you have low fuel in your tanks, might-as-well fill-up by Friday night. I'll cost you $0.07 more per gallon on Saturday. F-ing politicians. Income is exceeding forecast, yet they vote to raise taxes. Nice.
  69. The Peddler

    FinNor Reels, as new

    Hi Guys - I've got a few FinNor rep sample reels I'd like to sell. They're like new, never fished, still in the boxes. They've been shown trade shows, and to dealers, but never "used." Marquesa 16 - MA16 - Pending/TTCustomZ Marquesa 30 two-speed - Pending/TTCustomZ Offshore 55 spinning reel -...
  70. The Peddler

    WTB: Tonneau Bed Cover for Ford Sport Trac

    This is a shot in the dark, but I'm looking-for a bed cover for my first generation (2004) Sport Trac. First Choice would be for the factory style 1/2 folding type, then a solid fiberglass type. I'd consider a "soft top" style, if it is basically like new. This is not a widely popular...
  71. The Peddler

    EZ Loader Bunk Slicks

    I have 8 sections of 18" long bunk slicks for 2x6 bunks. 2 of them have been cut to fit the sling-notched bunks I had on my last boat trailer, but I have the pieces, and these were never installed. The cut sections are 12" and 3". Stainless steel mounting screws are included. They sell for...
  72. The Peddler

    Free upright freezer

    I've got a 5 year-old 19 cu-ft Frigidaire freezer. It quit running yesterday... It seems the compressor took a dump. The part is on back-order for two weeks, so I just went ahead and bought a new one. Anyone want this thing for salvage or repair? I'm in Tumwater, delivery may be an option, if I...
  73. The Peddler

    Great day on Hood Canal!

    Took my mom for her first Spot Prawn trip yesterday. It was an awesome day on the water. My dad and a friend of mine went as well. Early launch, and morning raft-up with friends to watch the sun come up. Motored up to our Spot spot, and set the pots at 0900. Pulled at 10 to find we were 1...
  74. The Peddler

    Be careful wrangling those "Fisherman Killing" halibut!

    This cracks me up! Almost as bad as his Columbia River sturgeon segment.
  75. The Peddler

    Recommended Battery for EOH Brake System?

    What are you guys using for the battery on your EOH systems? I think the little sealed battery that came with my kit has worn out. Is it better to use something like a motorcycle or mower battery? What say you?
  76. The Peddler

    Ballard restaurant suggestions?

    I need some recommendations for a good place to take a group of eight business associates to dinner in Ballard next Wednesday night. Good food, good drink, casual type place that will take a reservation. Something "local" preferred, not a chain type place. Any ideas? I'm not very familiar with...
  77. The Peddler

    Airmar B260 transducer, brand new

    Has blue Lowrance plug, but it's pretty easy to splice on a different connector. This is brand new, never installed, and includes the high performance fairing block. These retail for $1000. I'm asking for $750. (Negotiable) I'll pay for shipping upon receipt of money order or cleared personal...
  78. The Peddler

    Thru-hull transducer installation question/opinion

    I'm going to replace an Airmar P744 transducer with a B260. The 744 has a 2" diameter thru-hull shaft. The 260 is 1-1/4" diameter. Should I fill and re-drill the hole, or will the 3/8" gap around the shaft really be a problem? What about some sort of shim, like a pvc pipe or ??? I only want...
  79. The Peddler

    Oh no! A recall on FIREBALL?!?!

    Good thing you drinkers of this stuff don't live in Finland or Sweden, huh? Mmmm. Love me some propylene glycol!
  80. The Peddler

    NFR - Riding Lawnmower Suggestions?

    OK, so my JD LA125 took a dump with only 200 hours. It would have cost me almost $1000 to replace the engine, and it still needed two new desk spindles. At that point, I'd be at $1300 in repairs, on a mower for-which I paid $1700... so I sold the mower for parts, and I'm shopping for a...
  81. The Peddler

    2004 Subaru Outback Limited Wagon

    My brothers Mother-in-Law passed-away in February, and in settling the estate they need to sell her car. I've seen it, it's clean, and it runs/drives well. It's taking-up room in the driveway, and it needs to go. It's the perfect car for leaving at trail heads or along the riverbank, for...
  82. The Peddler

    Halibut Dates, the official release!

    Y'all probably got the same e-mail as I, but here-goes; WDFW adds options for coastal halibut fishing, shortens Puget Sound season OLYMPIA - Anglers will have three fewer days to catch halibut in Puget Sound when the season opens in May this year but will have more opportunities for halibut...
  83. The Peddler

    FinNor Tuna Live/Swim Bait Spinning Rods

    I've got eight (8) BRAND NEW FinNor "Surge" series rods that I don't need. These were demo/sample rods that have never been fished. Model FSS701M; a 7-ft one-piece spinning rod rated 12-25lbs. They're a little light if you like to really put the screws to the fish and get them back to the...
  84. The Peddler

    Winter Puget Sound Crab Report, Friendly Reminder

    Just a friendly reminder for those that had a "Winter" crab card. The reports are due by Friday the 31st. The state would rather have your catch info than your $10, please report if you haven't already.
  85. The Peddler

    Trailer rollers for sale, or trade for bunks

    I'd really like to replace the rollers on my trailer with bunks. Not here to argue the merits either way, I personally prefer bunks. I've got a tandem axle EZ Loader TEZR 23-27 7000 trailer. Does anyone have a 2006 +/- vintage TEZB 23-27 7500 who'd want to switch-out for rollers? Is anyone...
  86. The Peddler

    Can anyone help me with a compression and leak-down test on my "Hot Rod?"

    So, a couple months-ago my wife and I picked-up a sweet little 1970 Nova for a song. It was restored about 10 years-ago, and babied ever-since. It's been more-or-less sitting (garaged and covered) for the last 5 years. I am not a familiar as I'd like with this car as I'd like to be. I...
  87. The Peddler

    Can anyone help me with a compression and leak-down test on my "Hot Rod?"

    So, a couple months-ago my wife and I picked-up a sweet little 1970 Nova for a song. It was restored about 10 years-ago, and babied ever-since. It's been more-or-less sitting (garaged and covered) for the last 5 years. I am not a familiar as I'd like with this car as I'd like to be. I...
  88. The Peddler

    WTB: Tandem Axle Flat Bed Car Hauler Trailer

    Looking to buy a 7x16 flat bed trailer. I want something that was designed and built to carry autos. I don't want a converted RV trailer. I am looking for something with a 7,000-lb or higher rating. I'm hoping to find something that's upto 10 years-old, that someone just doesn't need...
  89. The Peddler

    Buoy 10 REPORT!

    I fricken (thanks T.Hoffman) LOVE this fishery. It's been an annual event for my family to spend a day or two fishing with Eric Linde every year at Buoy 10. We've probably been doing it for 10 years+. Some years are better than other, and this year did NOT disappoint! Day 1 - August 16th -...
  90. The Peddler

    Three Days at Nootka Sound!

    Finally getting cleaned-up, and caught-up enough to get this report filed properly. Rumors have been flying, but let's set the record straight. LOL Left Olympia with 2/3 of my crew at 0400 on Tuesday 7/16. Stopped in Federal Way to pick-up the last guy, and we rolled North. We loaded onto...
  91. The Peddler

    SeaStar Steering Problem

    OK, this is really starting to bug me, and I'm running out of time before I take the boat to Nootka. At slow speed, the steering works fine. When running; to alter course to port, I have to spin the wheel about 1.5 revolutions before the motors move. To Starboard, the reaction is almost...
  92. The Peddler


    Thinking about getting a SPOT GPS before my Nootka trip, so I can at-least let my wife know I'm OK periodically. She worries, doesn't sleep when I can't/don't check-in. Does anyone have any experience with these things? Good/Bad, or other suggestions? Thanks in-advance!
  93. The Peddler

    Kicker steering tie-bar?

    What's the best way to tie my T9.9 to my F150 for steering? I like the bars that are on the front vs EZ Steer type. I want to be able to easily disconnect it, if I want to steer with the tiller vs the wheel. BlackVelvet, someone mentioned you might have an answer?
  94. The Peddler

    BD Stickers?

    OK, so I thought I had some stickers, that I'd picked-up from Tower Todd at one of his tuna seminars, but now I can not find them... or don't have them. I want to represent, but don't really have the room for the BIG stickers that are for sale in the "SHOP." Does anyone have a couple they can...
  95. The Peddler

    How to: "Raise the Roof;" fitting a 12-ft tall boat through an 8-ft door

    When I moved into this house 5 years-ago, it was a thought of mine to someday install a taller door in my shop. The Trophy I had at the time fit under the 8-ft door with the rag-top down, so while the project was on my "want" list, it was never a priority. -- All that changed when I sold the...
  96. The Peddler

    A few miscellaneous boat items

    Cleaning-up the shop, getting ready to "raise the roof," so I can park my boat indoors. Came-across my box of assorted boat-related items. I've accumulated these over the past few years, but don't use/need them. Prices INCLUDE shipping via USPS. Adjustable height pedestal.(SOLD) New style...
  97. The Peddler

    Have twin Yamaha main's, want to add kicker

    So, I want to add a kicker, but I'm not 100% sure which side I should put it on; Port or Starboard. The boat has a slight list to STBD already, when at rest. Not noticeable while on-board, just when looking at the boat tied to the dock. Something a kicker on the other side would level-out...
  98. The Peddler

    Garage/Shop Doors?

    Looking at remodeling my shop to accommodate the SeaSport. This means I'm going to need a new door. I'm going from a 8-high x 16 wide to a 13 or 14-high x 16 wide. Does any BD'er do this sort of work, or have a recommendation? I'm in Olympia.
  99. The Peddler

    Puget Sound Shrimp Dates Posted - NOT what was expected? After all the work that was put-in on-behalf of the recreational shrimpers, I had been left with the impression we'd see more days on the water this year. (I'm speaking primarily about MA10 and MA11.) Hopefully this will change over the coming-years.
  100. The Peddler

    Furuno Sonar/Radar/GPS RDP-149 NavNet vx2 Combo Unit

    This time, it's for REAL. Taking the boat to 3Rivers on Thursday March 14th, when they'll be removing the old and installing the new electronics. This unit was HIGH-end in 2006 when it was installed, I priced it out at $11,000+. It all still works, but since I'm "building" my dream-boat...
  101. The Peddler

    Sportsmans Warehouse, to buy-back their former stores

    Publicly announced yesterday, Sportsman's Warehouse is buying the U.S. Wholesale Sports locations. UFA, parent company to Wholesale Sports, acquired the former Sportsman's stores through a failed buy-out a number of years-ago. Now under new ownership themselves, Sportsman's will buy-back all...
  102. The Peddler

    Hydraulic Steering Question, and Propeller Feedback?

    I really like my new boat. I've had her out for three short rides, and now have 11 hours and 100 miles on the new motors. Throughout most of the RPM range, I'm getting 2.0 to 2.3 MPG. That's with only me on-board, but nearly full fuel. No other gear. The electric over mechanical...
  103. The Peddler

    Any Furuno NavPilot experts?

    My "new" SeaSport is rigged with a Furuno NavPilot unit, which is not working properly. First time out, when engaged it just carved a wicked-tight slalom course, back and fourth. I poked-around through the menus and found a couple of tests I could perform. The rudder test returned the result...
  104. The Peddler

    Need some suggestions for my new boat...

    1) I want to get the boat fully detailed. It's already been cut/polished/waxed, but want someone to clean the mold/mildew out of the compartments, shampoo the upholstery and carpets, etc. 2) I need to get a chart-chip for the Furuno. Where's the best place to find a C-Map NT MAX SD card for...
  105. The Peddler

    Here's why I'm selling my Trophy

    Just picked-up my "new to me" SeaSport. I've wanted one, for as long as I can remember, and I've finally been blessed with the opportunity! She's a little bit of a fixer, but hopefully she'll be looking and running like new by Christmas. I towed her straight from the brokers' pier to the...
  106. The Peddler

    Shrimp Pots

    I've got three pots, each with a basic buoy and 400-ft of line. These are proven shrimpers. You'll need to add your own weight and bait containers. You'll probably want another buoy for each too. $50 for each, or $120 for all three. I'm in Olympia. PM or call 2O6-499-O84O.
  107. The Peddler

    Spot Prawn Opener - Days Changed

    Changes are coming for the popular inner-sound spot-shrimp fishery this spring. The season again will open on the first Saturday in May (May 5), but unlike past years, won't reopen on the following Wednesday. Instead, it will reopen on May 11, a Friday. Mark O'Toole, a state Fish and...
  108. The Peddler

    Electric over Hydraulic Trailer Brakes?

    It seems a while back GoatRam helped someone convert to Electric Over Hydraulic trailer brakes, and posted the "How-to" on here. I can not for the life of me find the thread. I need to overhaul the brakes on my trailer and I'm considering this upgrade while I'm at-it. Any suggestions from the...
  109. The Peddler


    Guys, I don't recall seeing this here yet, and since it's a matter of safety, I thought I'd post it. Click the link to see if your Mustang PFD is affected by a recall of some select models. I've got two vests in the boat I need to go check myself...
  110. The Peddler

    WTB: 9.9 or 15HP short-shaft kicker, two-stroke preferred

    Looking to pick-up a 9.9 or 15 hp motor for a 12-ft inflatable. Prefer two-stroke, to save weight. Have cash. Will consider any make and vintage, if its in good condition and working-order. Budgeted upto $1000 for now. I do have an early 80's 7.5 HP Johnson I'd trade or sell. Bought it...
  111. The Peddler

    Non-ethanol gas

    I know my boat, and especially my Merc kicker run WAAAAY better on non-eth gasoline. Here's a link I just found for a list of WA stations selling "the good stuff."
  112. The Peddler


    Anyone have $70k to spare? Seven Marine Reveals 557-HP Outboard at Miami Boat Show | Blog
  113. The Peddler

    WA Sportsman Show; a BIG Thank You!

    Hey Guys, thought I'd just post a BIG Thank You to the Bloody Deckers that stopped by the Fin Nor/Quantum booth at the show last week to shoot-the-bull, talk gear, buy gear, and DO WORK. :finger: I'm sorry I can not remember all the names of guys that were by, but I know there were quite a...
  114. The Peddler

    "Old School" Auto Mechanic Needed, South Sound

    OK, here's the deal. I've gotten myself in over my head, and my project as "stalled," no pun intended. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someone to help me out. I'm trying to do a restoration job on my dad's 1973 F250 Camper Special. I've removed the 360cu in V8, and mostly dismantled...
  115. The Peddler

    Buoy 10 - Friday/Saturday REPORT

    Spent Friday and Saturday aboard Eric Linde's "Crown Jewel," out of Astoria. We had a great couple of days on the river, participating on one of my favorite annual trips. Friday, left the dock at 0630, and headed to the Washington side, above the bridge. Spent the whole day between "The Fort"...
  116. The Peddler

    TUNA! Report of my own finally!

    Hopefully Tommy won't bust my balls too much, since this is the WA forum and technically this is an OR report, but I'm a Washington 'Decker, so here I post my report. My dad, my brother and I had the opportunity to fish for tuna out of Garibaldi last Sunday with Del "Tuna Dog" Stephens and his...
  117. The Peddler

    kayaks for sale, 8 different models, rep demo samples

    See the link. My boss (known to me as "Dad") is selling his demo samples.
  118. The Peddler

    RV at Westport

    Does anyone know how the Port would feel about an RV trailer in the boat launch parking lot overnight? Was thinking about dragging my little trailer out there vs sleeping in the back of my truck tonight.
  119. The Peddler

    One more (final) Area 2 halibut day

    Will be open one final day to coincide with salmon at Westport on Sunday June 28.
  120. The Peddler

    WDFW Budget Cuts

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife May 13, 2009 Contact: Joe Stohr, (360) 902-2650 Budget cuts lead to WDFW layoffs, service reductions OLYMPIA - A $21 million reduction in...
  121. The Peddler

    Device to reduce effects of barotrauma

    Sitting in my booth here at the Anchorage Sportsmen's show today, and flipping through a "Fish Alaska" magazine, I came-across an add for a device that returns a fish to depth, hopefully minimizing the effects of barotrauma. Something's got to be better than nothing, right? I may pick-up a...
  122. The Peddler

    I guess it's official... end of summer.

    Saw the "Iso Kala" wearing her steel-belted street gear on I5 yesterday. Summer's over. SonuvaBITCH. I was headed SB when TT was NB. Saw him from a mile away, no mistaking that craft heading toward you, even at 120MPH.
  123. The Peddler

    Englund Marine; The Peddler eats crow.

    Not one of my finer moments. In the Avets @ Englund Marine thread, I posted some comments that I never should have. It's not what a professional sales-representative would or should do. I got carried-away. I should have known better. While I have not done business directly with Englund Marine...
  124. The Peddler

    Anyone Fishing "Buoy 10" this year?

    We'll be there Aug 27 thru 31. Three days of fishing. Mooring at the West Basin at the Red Lion in Astoria. Annual trip, hope the fishings' good!
  125. The Peddler

    Neah Bay Report from Green Wasabi

    I talked to the members of "Team Quantum" aboard the "Catchin' Hell" this evening. Tuesday was an absolute bust... 0 fer 2 on salmon. Yesterday was a grocery day, fishing for rock fish, limited the boat! They're going to hit the "First Light Bite" for chromers tomorrow. I'll call for...
  126. The Peddler

    New Launch Rates at DesMoines

    Don't know if any of you use the slings at DesMoines, but I found myself in the area yesterday afternoon so I took a cruise through the marina. They have new rates that went into effect on 6/1. $33 for boats under 22', $38 for 22' to 28'. Just though I'd give the heads-up in-case you're headed...
  127. The Peddler


    Found this site, through the stickers on Green Wasabi's rig. I've been fishing in Washington as long as I can remember, but still "green" to the off-shore game. Looking-forward to spending more time on the "Catchin' Hell" this summer, chasin more 'butts, and some tuna! See you on the blue!