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    WTB WTB- Eskimo Ice Maker or Similar

    I am looking for an Dometic Eskimo Ice maker to make ice for my fish box. Salt water ice maker or other brand is fine too. Does not have to be running but does need to have all parts if parts are obsolete. Let me know what you have.
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    I am in the process of refitting my 60' boat with electronics and am having trouble with antenna selection. My plan is to have 3 VHF radios on board (forward helm (Standard Horizon GX2100 w/ AIS), rear helm (Icom m504) and extra at forward helm (Icom M504 with separate stand alone emergency...
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Selling our 1999 Mako 253 – 25’ walk around with twin 2006 Honda BF150’s with approximately 390 hours each. Cabin comfortably sleeps two, enclosed head, fiberglass hard top. Boat has recently been refitted with many new parts and systems. We’ve had the boat for 11 years and it has been a great...
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    Cockpit Freezer

    My new to me Hatteras 60c has a cockpit freezer/ cooler with about 400qt's of capacity and 3 pretty good size plates in it. The temperatures will go well below freezing but I have not idea of the cooling capacity. The manual that came with the boat states the unit is a 110v air to air Grunert...
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    WTB Wtb Simrad Nss16 evo2

    Im looking for a 16" simrad Mfd to tie my system together. Could also use an ethernet hub, cables and gowifi module.
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    1986 Hatteras 36 Sedan

    The boat has been listed with Joaquin at Fraiser Yachts. I will post a link when the Yachtworld listing is online. I am moving up and selling my Hatteras that I bought last year. The boat has been great but we have found we use it more often than we thought with multiple family and friends so...
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    Ensenada Surveyor Recomendation?

    Im looking at a boat in Ensenada and looking for a surveyor. Any recommendations for a local or an SD surveyor who will travel?
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    Rockpile Bluefin 11/5

    Fished the rock pile today for a bunch of bonita and 2 bluefin pushing 30lbs. All on flylined deans. Then hit the 425 for 7 yellowtail about 8lbs ea. all on kelps. Great day on the water!
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    SCI 9/31 & 10/1

    Short: Fished the island last weekend for 1 20lb yft in the kelp about 200 yards off pyramid head on a live mac. Long: The 3 of us (My GF and new friend Corey Jones from the trip planning forum) left SD bay with 3 scoops of great bait around 6pm. Made it to Desperation Reef @ 3:30am and...
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    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Looking for two experienced anglers to fish Saturday. Would leave the slip early Friday around 1am and come back late Saturday or could overnight on the grounds and return Sunday afternoon just depending on how it goes and everyone's schedules. The boat is a very comfortable and sea worthy...
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    Transom Wrap Installer

    I need a wrap installed on the transom of my Hatteras which is slipped. Does anyone have recommendations for an installer? The wrap is coming from the directly from the artist on the east coast so I only need an installer, not the actual wrap. Let me know if you have anyone you can recommend...
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    WTB- 40-60 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    Im looking for a fiberglass bait tank no wider than 30" and no deeper than 24". Let me know what you have.
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    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    In the next few weeks I will be moving my new to me 86' Hatteras 36 from the bay area down to its permanent home in San Diego. The boat has new Yanmar electronic engines and I have gone over most of the systems and serviced them in anticipation of the trip. I have put about 10 hours on the...
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    WTB - Raymarine C140W or C120W MFD

    Looking to add a second C wide series MFD to my current C140w. Only need display, and power cables. sun cover and trunion mount would be nice too. let me know if you have any leads.
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    Survey provided by broker

    I have an offer in on an early 90's 37' sport fisher (in the $60k range) and am expecting it to be accepted. When I made the offer, the broker offered up a recent survey (two months old) by a surveyor who has been recommended on this site as well as a few others. The survey looks pretty...
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    Northern Nevada Bull Elk

    My 16 year old cousin and buddy both drew late tags for the Jarbidge area. My cousin dropped this on the first morning after a late start with our grandfathers 30-06 at over 200yds. 6x6 with little 3/4" nub that could make it a 6x7. Lucky kid and a hell of a shot. That's me in the pic and for...
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    Thru hull LED light - Killer deal

    I just picked up a Bluefin GW16 - topaz blue, LED thru hull light for $443 from Hodges Marine. They typically run well over $1k and retail is upward of $1,700. Killer deal for a light of this caliber. it is also available in white for the same price. Just thought I would give everyone a heads...
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    Smaller Thru Hull Ducer Stem

    I am upgrading my thru hull transducer and the stem is currently 51mm and the new ducer is 32mm. The new faring block is 55mm wide so it will overlap the existing hole slightly. What is the recommended method of filling the gap? Re-glassing the hole and then re-drilling seems like the best...
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    Report 7/18-7/19 - No Fish

    Brought the boat down Sunday afternoon to be slipped for the summer. Took 10 hours to get from Vegas to Point Loma with crazy traffic and a burnt semi outside of Baker. Got the slip situated by noon on Monday, grabbed a half scoop from EB with 6" dines and 1 6" mac and headed to N9, just me and...
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    Cabo Panga Marlin Report 12-21-15

    My girlfriend and I fished yesterday with Captain Jaime on the Yessica. Worked our way up the west coast until about 8:30 am when Jaime spotted a bird oile about 2 miles to the north with no Binos! I have no idea how he could see so far but sure enough when we got closer there were hundreds of...
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    Northern Nevada Antelope

    This year I drew tag for antelope in an area of northeastern Nevada, just south of the Jarbidge wilderness. My tag was from August 22nd til Sept 2nd. Since the fishing in SD was hot I decided I would only hunt the last four days of my season and drag the boat to SD instead and get some fish...
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    Sat 8/25 Late report - Marlin

    Sorry for the late report. Didn't get back to Vegas until late last night. We left SI at 4:15 am with a half scoop of dines and headed for the east fly. I had my girlfriend, her 18yo son and 11yo daughter as well as a good friend of mine on board. They all have very little, to no offshore...
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    8/22 425 area

    Tired, so just a quick report from my iphone. Left SI at 4:30 got bait and headed straight to the 425. Found a current line about 3 miles north of the 425 and trolled it. Picked up a small rat and it was one after another for a few hours on bait. Had all newbies onboard so we farmed 5 and landed...
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    15"x19" Stainless Honda Prop Pair

    I have a pair of Honda stainless props in nearly new condition. They have about 200hrs on them in mostly fresh water. Model Numbers are as follows: Honda 58133-ZY3-A19S Honda 58133-ZY3-B19S (counter rotating) They were a bit big for my boat so I went back to 17's Asking $400 for the pair +...
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    Good day on magic paddy

    Quick report from my iphone..... Fished saturday and sunday for nada (farmed 2) hit a good paddy this morning just west of the 371 for an instant tripple yf on bait and worked for 6 more til the bite died. Everyone left but we stuck it out and worked the paddy by ourselves til 4pm for 16 yft...
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    Late report - Lake Mead Stripers 10/24-25

    Did a last minute overnight trip to Lake Mead to see if we could get into some stripers. We left the ramp at about 9:30 pm and made a slow trip in the dark to the mouth of the Vegas wash. Once we found marks and a little structure we dropped anchor and settled in for the night. BBq'd some...
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    Northern Nevada mule deer.

    This year we managed to draw a tags (my first as well as for my wife) in the Ruby Mountains in Northern Nevada, along with 2000 other hunters. It was our 3rd choice, but atleast we drew. We didn't have very high hopes since the place was crawling with hunters, even saw a guy in all blaze...
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    San Diego- Lodging with boat parking

    I have a week off next week, and we are thinking about taking the boat down to SD (or San Carlos, but the 12hr drive is not sounding fun) and do some offshore/ inshore fishing. Does anyone know of a reasonable hotel or motel that would have secured or semi-secured parking for a 25' boat and an...
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    Lake Mead 12/2/07

    My brother was in town and we had a calm but cold day (37d at the ramp & 31 @ my house) forecast so we decided to do a little striper fishing. The top water bite started right at dawn and went till about 9. There are still shad in the shallows but I could not get them with the net. The top water...
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    Lake Mead Stripers 11/8

    Sorry for the late report... my computer literally smoked while I was out fishing! My buddy, my wife & myself fished the lake last Thursday & did pretty well. We left the ramp at 5am in the dark & made it to the wash just as the sun came up to make some bait. We made about 20 pieces of bait in...
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    Lake Mead Striper Report- 2 days late

    Sorry for the late report... I get lazy some times :gay:, hopefully the detailed report will make up for my procrastination. Based on Jason's (Lend-A-Fish) recomendations I booked a last minuite trip with John of so I could get good striper fishing instruction before I drag my...
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    24' Skipjack, Twin 350's $8k

    I saw this was just posted on the Phoenix Craislist. This thing must fly! 1974 24' skipjack I didn't know that it was possbile to fit twins in a 24' Skipjack.
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    Mako 253 Twin Honda 150 repower

    I posted up a few months ago (here) pics of our new to us 99' Mako 253. After tons of deliberation and shopping for used twins we ended up going with Eric @ Specialty Marine for a set of new 150's. We did all of the rigging ourselves short of hanging the motors. There were quite a few hikups...
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    My new Mako (253)

    Its about time I post up. I'm sure some of you guys remeber the Mako 253 that Loren Dee of qualified yachts had a few weeks ago. I bought it with my dad and brother a few weeks ago. Here's a couple of pics after I got it back to Vegas and did a little cleaning/ flushing:
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    Headed to Ft. Bragg Wed-Sun 8/23

    I'm headed to Fort Bragg on Wednesday with my brother & uncle to do some fishing & possibly some AB diving. We'll be in a 24' Alumcraft. We're staying Wednesday night at the Super 8 & then hopefully camping from there. If anyones gonna be in the area & wan't to hook up for some Beer & BS or...
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    Preserving your catch

    Griz's post finally got me to post a question I've been thinking about for a long time. Coming from Hawaii as private fishermen, We are very conscience of preserving our catch since alot of us sell to offset the cost of gas, Maintenance etc... I constantly see posts on this board from around the...