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  1. bobsled

    For Sale iPad Air

    Selling my 1st gen Ipad Air a1474/MD788LL/A 16GB silver. Works great, running latest IOS. Comes with protective case and charger and cable all in the original box. Original owner, only reason I'm selling it is I'm an android guy. Replaced it with Samsung tablet. Comes from an adults only...
  2. bobsled

    For Sale Daiwa 24 can soft sided cooler bag

    Brand new with tags attached. It's the large 24 can size. Perfect for traveling to Mexico and bringing back your catch. SPFs I can text you pictures.
  3. bobsled

    SOLD Penn Fathom NIB 40NLD2

    New Penn Fathom 40NLD2 reel. Brand new in sealed box. Pickup at 90240 (or 90245 work) or ship at your expense. SOLD
  4. bobsled

    Fathom reel seat screws question

    Anyone know if Penn make available longer screws for the reel seat for a fathom 25NLD2 reel? The stock ones (7/8”) are just too short for my needs. TIA
  5. bobsled

    Penn Fathom 40ld2 options

    Let me just leave this here.
  6. bobsled

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    Sorry for the newbie question, but at what # test mono/fluoro do you switch using the Tony Pena knot to the FG knot? TIA
  7. bobsled

    Full day boat out of San Diego

    So, I live in the Los Angeles area and will happen to be in the S.D. area this weekend. I had hoped on Monday 8/6 to jump on a full day boat and try to see what we can scratch up. But it's like all the boats flipped a switch and will switching over to fishing Coronado Islands. Sorry, but...
  8. bobsled

    Advice with setup.

    Going fishing next week and hoping to run into some willing BFT. Anyway, I have these two setups that have me questioning if they are optimally paired up. 1) Calstar 700H with a Daiwa Saltist LD-40 2 speed (loaded with 65# braid and 50# mono TS) 2) Phenix PHD809XH with a Mak 10SEa (loaded...
  9. bobsled

    For Sale "Monster" Mini Fridge

    Selling a used monster mini fridge. Just like this one. Perfect for the man cave. Runs great. $160 OBO. I can text you pictures. I'm in 90240.
  10. bobsled

    Yeti and its anti 2A position

    So it seems that Yeti has recently caved to the liberal mindset and dropped any business with the NRA claiming gun ownership is bad. Maybe it's time we speak with our wallets and tell Yeti to go kick rocks. RTIC has stepped up and made their pro-2A position know besides making an awesome...
  11. bobsled

    San Quintin general questions ?

    So, I've been wanting to fish SQ for several years but 2018 looks like it might be the year it finally happens. Looking at last week in March (not really flexible w/ the date). Possibly spending 4 days there w/ 2 days fishing or even 5 days there w/ 3 days fishing. Plan to drive down in an SUV...
  12. bobsled

    My visit to Bob Sands Tackle (Van Nuys)

    I live in Downey about 35 miles from Bob Sands Tackle. So needless to say with L.A. traffic, I've never been to the shop. On Saturday, my wife had a function in Panorama City so drove her over to her thing while I escaped to Bob Sands. I had contacted Jamie and gave him a heads up that I...
  13. bobsled

    One of my favorite gun ranges caught fire.

    Yup, Angeles shooting range fell victim to the fire. Hope they rebuild.
  14. bobsled

    PMC 9mm 115 gr ammo for sale

    All gone. Thanks BDers.
  15. bobsled

    New xtra-tuffs

    So it seems xtra-tuff has made "improvements" to their old style dairy boots.
  16. bobsled

    Questions about traveling to and fishing SQ.

    So I'm really interested in driving down to SQ to fish for WSB. Any recommended time frame for WSB? What documents would I need when driving down to SQ? I have my annual Mexican fishing license (valid to June 2015), I assume this will work? Where to stay (saw the deal at The Old Mill Hotel)...
  17. bobsled

    Question for Okuma Rep.

    I see you guys will be at The Longfin on the 13th. Any chance you will have demos of the Metaloid and new Andros there? Robt.
  18. bobsled

    United Composites

    What's the deal with UC? Are they back in business and currently producing blanks under Randy Penny?
  19. bobsled

    Day @ the Docks

    Is it too early to talk about day @ the docks? I have yet to see anything on here.
  20. bobsled

    FHS question

    Will Penn have their own booth this year or share one again like last year? They didn't have a display per say. Hoping that's not the case this year.
  21. bobsled

    Glock Store input

    Looking to get a Glock 19. Any input on the glock store LINKY. They have some mixed reviews, but seem to have a Gen 4, 10rnd 19 at a decent price. Figured maybe better to drop by the store vs. online.
  22. bobsled

    1st time rockcodding in a loooonnnng time ?s

    Thinking of rockcodding this weekend. I haven't been in some 10 or 15 years. Not sure what to do (seriously). Any pointers? Do I use ganions (sp) or like diamond jigs or something else? What weight sinkers do I need? Going to use my Penn 113HLs with nice stiff rods. Probably going out of...
  23. bobsled

    Phenix blanks source

    Any reccomendation on local shops (in L.A. or Orange Counties) to buy a PHD-809XH blank? I see Acidrods has them but their hours are kinda limited and only open everyother Saturday. TIA
  24. bobsled

    Mexican fishing permits

    So I'm thinking of just buying an annual Mexican fishing permit to use on the 2 to 3 day boats out of SD rather than paying each time. Good idea or not? Also, are Mexican annual permits good from Jan to Dec (like in the US) or one year from time of purchase?
  25. bobsled

    Blank recommendations . . .

    Looking for blank recommendations for an 8' 50# stick for live bait. On my short list are (in no order): Phenix PHD809XH UC 80 Wahoo (I know, maybe impossible to find) UC 80 Monster (have source for one) CS GF800XH Any others I may have missed? TIA
  26. bobsled

    MAK-10 and Phenix

    I just bought a MAK-10SEa and did a fit check on a CS GF700H rod w/ reel seat I have. I could not use the bolts (or reel seat clamp) with this rod because the gap was not wide enough to clear the reel seat. Anybody know if it is possible to mount the MAK-10 on a PHD-809XH and still use the reel...
  27. bobsled


    So, any news coming out of ICAST? What's the latest and greatest? What's in store for us in the future, electronic auto-shifting reels?
  28. bobsled

    Bearings shot?

    So I have a ProGear 551 that I used this weekend and while casting out it made a squealing noise. Deck hand next to me said "looks like your bearings are going out." So, my question is, if I pull the bearings out and remove the sheilds and apply TSI301 will they be good to go or should I just...
  29. bobsled

    BNIB Asus TF300T 10.1" Tablet

    Asus TF300T 10.1" Tablet Brand new still in shrink-wrapped box. Specs below are from 32GB flash memory NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core CPU with 12-core GPU for lowest power and the highest performance Crystal clear 8MP auto-focus camera with 5-element lens, large F/2.2 aperature and...
  30. bobsled

    Fathom 25N question

    So I just bought a new fathom 25N and I really like the reel but I do have an issue with it. I'm not here to bitch or bad mouth Penn and no I have not contacted them as they're closed for the weekend. Anyway, so I went to mount it onto my Calstar GF800M deckhand style rod but one of the two...
  31. bobsled

    Anti-salt solution

    So I'm looking to buy a solution to spray my reels with once I get home from a trip to eliminate salt corrosion (besides soapy water). Looking at salt-away, salt-x and salt terminator. Which do you guys use and why? TIA
  32. bobsled

    1998 Honda Civic LX

    1998 Honda Civic LX SOLD Rob
  33. bobsled

    Calstar GF Blanks

    So it seems that Calstar makes two versions of certain GF blanks, the standard GF and a GFX (i.e. GF700ML vs. GFX700ML). Anybody know what the difference is if any? TIA
  34. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 day trip

    Well, since no one has come on here to post about our trip, I guess I might as well even if it is a tad late. Headed out on the OLs on Sunday 7/29 at around 8PM. Some of the other boats headed out at the same time were having trouble getting a load they can live with so they cancelled. Not...
  35. bobsled

    Outer Limits 2 Day July 29th

    Anybody up for a 2 day trip on an open party on the Outer Limits? Boat so far has 6 confirmed limited to 22. I really want to go fishing and would hate to see this trip cancelled due to lack of interest. I have 2 of those six spots. LINKY Boat and Capt. Paul have a great rep and are fish...
  36. bobsled

    Fishing shorts

    Besides Fishworks, who else makes board style fishing shorts? I'm going on a trip later this month and I wanted to pick up a few shorts so any suggestions are appricated.
  37. bobsled

    New reel questions

    So I'm looking for a new reel to add to my arsenal. I'm thinking an Avet MXJ 2 speed to fish 50# spectra w/ a short FC leader for bait fishing tuna and YT. At 25% that puts me close to the 14# drag maximum the reel can handle. Will I be ok with this or should I spring for the Raptor? Is M.C...
  38. bobsled

    Idea for Daiwa Satlist

    I know everyone is displeased with the new Daiwa saltists only coming with the high 6.1:1 gearing (30 and smaller) where as the older discontinued models came with a 4.9:1 gear ratio. So, I was thinking if anyone has tried or asked Daiwa customer support to see if the main and pinion gears from...
  39. bobsled

    Newell reel ?

    So to get ready for the local bite I was replacing the drag washers in my Newells (229, 332, 533). Lubing the bearings I pulled them out and noticed that on some, there was a small clear plastic washer between the bearing cup and the bearing. There was only one and some times it was on the...
  40. bobsled

    TSI 301 vs. Reel-X

    So I know TSI 301 is the shitzz but how does it compare vs. reel-x (which is what I currently use)? TSI 301 is a little harder to get and it comes with a premium price. Anyway, is it that good? Should I just bite the bullet and get some or continue w/ reel-x since that is available...