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  1. bajadog

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    Pangolin stew is much better than rooster.:D
  2. bajadog

    Longfins yet?

  3. bajadog

    Into the Depths 6/16

    Fantastic! Big yellows too.
  4. bajadog

    Oregon Offshore Software Testers Needed

    I sent the link to my Tillamook guide.
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    SOLD 1984 Valco Bayrunner 16' CC w/Yamaha 40hp San Diego

    There was a cover for the center console to hide the wiring. It flew off while trailering. It was just smoked acrylic.
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    SOLD 1984 Valco Bayrunner 16' CC w/Yamaha 40hp San Diego

    1984 16' Bayrunner aluminum center console. $4500 OBO 2010 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke (all fluids changed, new impeller). About 800 hours on engine. Using synthetic Yamaha fluids (as previous owner did). Garmin GPS West Marine VHF Lights all work. Bilge pump and bait pump work. I installed an hour...
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    Online Mexican Fishing Licenses 2017

    Darn, same error Got Bait? says, "Service not available. / Servicio no disponible."
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    Oregon fishing

    Nice! How is the Fall King run so far? I'm fishing Tillamook early next month.
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    Garibaldi this weekend?

    I look for him several ways and never found him. He's for sure on FB and Linkedin.
  10. bajadog

    Garibaldi this weekend?

    I fished Garabaldi with Pat Abel (guide service) last Thursday and Friday. We caught and released about 8-9 native Coho, and kept 3 9-12 lb hatchery Cohos. You might see if Pat is out there (ch 72 I assume).
  11. bajadog

    San Quentin panga fishing

    If you can book with Capt. Kelly or one of his three sons (Oscar, George or Christian) you'll be in good hands.
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    Charter for 5- 6 folks in Ensenada

    I fish twice a year with Louie on his Parker (has a flying bridge). He's a ex-pat Los Angelino and also has a sports bar near the fish market (we meet him here the night before for the planning part of the trip). He also has some great Spotify play lists.
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    Coast Guard Rescue 2 in Netarts Surf

    Thank God for them! Water temps in the mid fifties, yikes.
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    Tuna 24/7/19

    Nice! Damn I miss Albies down here.:D
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    Huli Cat Salmon 7/14

    Beautiful fish!
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    For Sale Auto Gaff

    Did you sell it? If not, can we meet halfway (PB area)?
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    For Sale Gaffs for sale ho made

    I'll take a short (4' ish) for $25 if available today or tomorrow.
  18. bajadog

    For Sale Calcutta gaff

    Can't tell if you still have the gaff. Thanks.
  19. bajadog


    Impressive. Thanks for the post.
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    First time bahía delos Angeles

    Since the fishing gear has been covered, I'll just mention that you will be cooking in the sun while fishing. Make sure you get your son a buff and a lifeguard hat.See link as an example below. Keep you tire air pressure up, as that asphalt can get 143°F. Lot's of water, and have fun...
  21. bajadog

    Mexican money

    I've found that my credit card company give me the best exchange rate at Mexican gas stations. Plus less cash I have to have (save it for beer).:hali_olutta:
  22. bajadog

    BOLA 5/27-29/19

    Great report thanks. Would you still recommend Hwy 5 with the washouts to Hwy 1 through San Quintin - El Rosaurio?
  23. bajadog

    Bola 5/27-28

    Great report thanks. Heading down 6/6 - 6/12 fishing with Igor. The road construction is still going on in the Santo Tomas area?
  24. bajadog

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Fantastic report! You have a knack for writing.:D:jig:
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    Bahia de Los Angeles May -17 -18-19

    Great report thanks!:D Is that photo San Borja? If so that road looks worse this year.:eek:
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    5/23 offshore 2017 Parker 2320 (please read all)

    Have enough on the boat now.
  27. bajadog

    For Sale 2 Speed Accurate Xtreme 400 Lefty

    If you are planning any trips out of San Diego soon PM me.
  28. bajadog

    Any intel on the 43?

    Fish may be there, but ran deep apparently.
  29. bajadog

    Runnging out of Mission Bay 5/10

    Probably going to bail on tomorrow. Sound like the fish have spread out and gone deep. Good luck!
  30. bajadog

    So...How did BD Forums get so messed up ?

    It's still kind of neat seeing all the Albie posts from back then.
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    Runnging out of Mission Bay 5/10

    Planning to leave Dana about 5:30 AM. Boat name Paddyshack. Unless things change thinking of hitting 302-371-425 area. Will be monitoring 72.
  32. bajadog

    Tony Reyes for 2019??

    Since you fish an early session and after lunch session you can skip either or both. If you panga mates (3 plus skipper) are down with spearfishing, I've seen it done this past August trip.
  33. bajadog

    240 tons of BFT released from pens off Ensenada.

    I know it's not in English, but the gist is that because of a math issue, the BFT was over harvested last year. I think that's close to what it says. Bottom line, a few more drops in the ocean...
  34. bajadog

    For Sale 1999 Sea Pro 190cc reduced to $9000

    If you are around tomorrow (4/5 Friday), I'd like to look at your boat. Please email me [email protected]
  35. bajadog

    For Sale 23’ cuddy with flybridge 20,000

    Nice boat. Interested, but I'd have to come over and get some measurements to see if it would fit my side yard. I will PM you as well.
  36. bajadog

    Castro's Camp info.
  37. bajadog

    Tony Reyes trip questions.

    Thanks for the information denis, surfgoose, 2gordos. I am going for the fun, if I catch fish, that's a bonus!:D
  38. bajadog

    Tony Reyes trip questions.

    I'm going back out on this trip after not going since the late 80s. Limitations now on gear brought aboard. For instance their website says "No ice chests over 86 qt. can be handled". I suppose that means it would make sense to bring two 50 quart or? How about personal gear, like a small...
  39. bajadog

    Igor in Bahia de los angeles

    Igor will reply to texts after 5 PM or so. 0115212001249271
  40. bajadog

    Old Mill/Don Eddies contact information.

    Admins, Mods, please close/delete this thread. Nevermind, the Old Mill answered this afternoon.
  41. bajadog

    Old Mill/Don Eddies contact information.

    I've been trying to call the Old Mill and Don Eddies for the last few days. The phone numbers to the Old Mill just ring, but no one picks up and there is no voicemail (their website seems to have downgraded to text only). Don Eddies numbers don't even ring, just silence and then it hangs up...
  42. bajadog

    US mobile phone in Loreto area?

    I've also noticed that Movistar seems to work better than Telcel south of GN. This map shows cell towers I think. It defaults to Mexico City and Telcel, but you can pan around and change the provider to Movistart or ATT at bottom.éxico/telcel-cobertura
  43. bajadog

    Looking for recommendations for fishing Cabo - East Cape

    There is also this "upscale" resort in Los Barriles: Did Punta Colorado get the water rights issues solved? I assume so if they are open.:D
  44. bajadog

    Ensenada Recommendations.

    I've fished twice with it's4reels. Louie is an ex Angelino and a SUPER nice guy He also owns the bar Tequila sports bar. We are fishing with him the 22-23 this month. Fished last month (one day offshore) and got limits of YT. The boat is a set up Parker enclosed cockpit. He plays his iPhone thru...
  45. bajadog

    Alfonsina's resort at Gonzaga Bay any news?

    Did the Alphonsinas air strip get rutted?
  46. bajadog


    Nicely done! How'd you get the fish floating in air photo?
  47. bajadog

    It's all happening here on the East Cape!!

    Here is the wahoo from Sunday.
  48. bajadog

    It's all happening here on the East Cape!!

    That was our boat with Ramon that got the 60 lb wahoo near the light house. The funny thing is it was snagged in the side with a rappala. Photo is coming. Wooohooooo.
  49. bajadog

    Tony Reyes 7/10 to 7/15/ 2016

    Thanks for the reply. That was the one I was asking about. I fished on that in the past, but am glad to hear all the boats have A/C now.
  50. bajadog

    BOLA next week 7/29 what to bring?

    Just from personal experience, really be careful with sting rays in the shallows. Shuffle.....:D
  51. bajadog

    Tony Reyes 7/10 to 7/15/ 2016

    Nice grouper. Great report thanks. Any idea if Tony Reyes is still running the non a/c boat?
  52. bajadog

    Baja 1000

    We are going down the 19th and will be watching near check point 5. Staying at trailer just north of Puertocitos.
  53. bajadog

    Cedros Spring fishing?

    Anyone one have any information (other than calicoes) on if there can be any yellowtail at Cedros before June? Thanks
  54. bajadog

    BOLA TIME !!

    Heading down next Friday (8/15). What is 29-5?
  55. bajadog

    FREE (yes damn it free) Gryo stabilized monocle (it's Russian).

    Can't be sold but gone to the first email from Steve.
  56. bajadog

    FREE (yes damn it free) Gryo stabilized monocle (it's Russian).

    I've upgrade to a binocular and am cleaning out my dusty den closet. This is a 1993 vintage gyro stabilized Peleng 7 X 55 monocle. I'm sure it worked 3 years ago when I used it last, but I'm too bored to try to charge it and use it. It can be seen on I will meet at the...
  57. bajadog

    American cel phone in Mexico

    I don't see the need to call if you can text. Tmobile has free text and data (albeit 2G) in Mexico.
  58. bajadog

    More bay of la

    Oh forgot to mention I go in late July - Mid August.
  59. bajadog

    More bay of la

    I keep the fish on ice in zip lock bags and then drain the water the day we leave and cover the bags in fresh ice. I use a Pelican cooler, but Yeti makes some too. These are the bomb...
  60. bajadog

    Please help us add Dorado from Mexico as an IUU at risk species

    I commented and forwarded this thread to 10 fellow fishing and Baja lovers.
  61. bajadog

    Captain Recommendations

    When you get to Leonero, ask John Ireland (part owner and fishing NUT). He usually is in the bar TV lounge right before and after dinner. John will set you up. We are down there for "Let talk hookup" tournament in June 6 -10...
  62. bajadog

    Turtle bay/ Mag bay two weeks in nov

    Mid October sounds better for my schedule.
  63. bajadog

    Anyone ever driven Baja after a hurricane?

    Snorkel exhaust and intake for those deep vados. Try following a big rig. We did it in 1974 with my dad in his FJ40, The worst part was Laguna Salada. It was like driving down a bridge with water on both sides. Made it to San Felipe and waited out the rest. Good luck.
  64. bajadog

    Fishing Buddy needed for early July 2013 Baja Trip

    Vince, Left you a voice mail in case you decide to do an October trip with Joe. Marco
  65. bajadog

    Red Fuel in San Diego????

    Quik Trip on Mollison El Cajon also carries red dye.
  66. bajadog

    Any Pemex open overnight in San Felipe

    The Pemex about 1/4 miles North of the right turn (traffic circle) to the airport was open at 11:50 when we left the Rockodile heading back to our trailer.
  67. bajadog

    Ban on fishing tuna pens!

    Bring a couple of cartons of cowboys killers and when they send the inflatable out to your boat viola, no problems.
  68. bajadog

    Tuna Fishing on a SeaDoo- Video

    FUGGIN'A Nice video and great setup!
  69. bajadog

    Night time driving in Baja

    Don't forget you are much more visible to corrupt police at night since there is less commuter traffic.
  70. bajadog


    Villa Bahia was great! Salvadore is a true gentleman! Clean, A/C work when we hit the racks at 8:00. Only issue is they had a shortage of food to cook. If you can bring them fish, they can really cook it well. They ran out of yellowtail and two guys had to eat scallops. :D Fishing. Sunday...
  71. bajadog

    BoLA panga prices?

    Just returned from 2 days with Igor Galvan and son Evon. $380. Just hearing Igor on the radio is worth every penny, not to mention the fishing.
  72. bajadog


    You got it Mark! If I can get a wifi connection I'll post something Sunday night.
  73. bajadog


    Hi Jesus. I'm Marco and we will be in a silver Ram 2500 diesel and a white Chevy 2500 single cab. We will head to Guillermos straight away to make sure our rooms for Saturday - Monday nights are set, then go to our room for Friday night a Villa Bahia. See you at the bar in Guillermos Friday...
  74. bajadog


    You are aware about the lack of mackerel being made, right? It sounds like dorado on the troll and jellows with yo-yo iron (someone said put strips of squid on the hooks of your iron). We will be there the same day. Might see you at Guillermos...
  75. bajadog

    Tony Reyes Fishing?

    +1 on Scallywag. The guy at longfin said they might have some trip this fall. Summer is out.
  76. bajadog

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Thanks for the 411 Matt! See you in SQ with the JC's!
  77. bajadog

    First Dorado bite at BoLA

    Nice report! Did you guys make any bait? I've been reading no bait last dozen BOLA reports. We are heading down the 18th - 22nd with Igor. Any special tackle recommendations?
  78. bajadog

    Any reports of dorado near BoLA yet?

    Good luck Matt. And all the JCs'!!!!
  79. bajadog

    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

    Worked fine with Firefox. Turn off the block pop ups. You can save the license as a PDF and print a copy for tackle box, glove box etc. Thanks for the link!
  80. bajadog

    Did this happen ?

    Here is an acknowledgement of Dr. Aceves death in Gonzaga.
  81. bajadog

    Did this happen ?

    Thanks for the reply and confirmation Dave. I am sorry that there was loss of life. Looked up that doctor, and he is one of the biggest weight loss surgery doctors in Mexico. I wonder why the media has not reported this yet.
  82. bajadog

    Did this happen ?

    I've searched the web for a few days now, but no word. I have a pilot buddy that says a plane crashed on take off from Alphonsinas in Gonzaga Bay the last week or so. He said they tried taking off in 105F heat fully loaded with 6 passengers. The claim was they stalled into the lagoon North of...
  83. bajadog

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    My condolences. Rest in Peace. I have to do a sanity check when driving past BOLA in one day. Is it worth it or just smell the roses and split the drive.
  84. bajadog

    Tourist Visa

    The 7 day visa is free and good for Baja Norte. Get it at the San Ysidro crossing right after you get thru the customs red/green light right side. They don't open until 7:00 AM.
  85. bajadog

    San Felipe fishing

    Great to see Roca Konsag fishable again. Is it really 40 miles off shore? I thought it was 20......:confused:
  86. bajadog

    Santa Rosalia report with pic

    This link has a lot of the Santa Rosalia fishing grounds in it. Might be of interest.
  87. bajadog

    BOLA June 1 Need 2 more

    Interested. Are you looking for someone to convoy in another vehicle or ride with you? Total $ (PM if you want).
  88. bajadog

    Trailering and Launching a 30' Grady in Gonzaga

    If you launch in the back estuary of Alphonsinas you really need those extended trailer tongues. We still have a hard time with the 20' Boston whaler there. Puertocitos is preferred.
  89. bajadog

    San Diego to LA Bay Road Conditions

    Thanks for the report. The big rig traffic on the Tecate road (did you see the signs changed to Puta del Vino?), is that because of the Ensenada toll road detour?
  90. bajadog

    Baja Driving Question

    The road to Gonzaga is paved now all the way to the Rancho Grande/Alphonsinas area. From there to Cocos corner is nice if you stay on the sand side road (not the main wash board). The only dodgy section is about the last 12 miles to Hwy 1. It's not super bad, but I would not take my boat that...
  91. bajadog

    Is this a spear fish?

    Squared fin stripped marlin.
  92. bajadog

    BUGZ!! Light Load in Dana Scores HUGE Numbers

    Great report. Might have to make the trip up North. Not sure why so many cheese dicks are ragging on the poster.:shithappens:
  93. bajadog

    Passport for fishing below the border?

    Take it in a ziploc bag, can't hurt.
  94. bajadog

    Blackjack Sportfishing Report Sep 18

    Dan Hernandez gives you 3 chins up!
  95. bajadog

    San Quintin or Bahia de Los Angeles

    Go for San Quintin and Kelly's Parkers. Some tuna, some dodo, some YT, yet only 5 hours or so down.
  96. bajadog

    East Cape is hot!

    Nice report Sean. You missed Tropical Storm Lorena by a week (we got hit in Leonero a week ago Friday).
  97. bajadog

    My Friend Loren

    I'll pray for him and for peace and strength for his family. God Bless them.
  98. bajadog

    San Quintin Report - 8/21 - 8/24

    Fun trip! Thanks for posting.
  99. bajadog

    Pacific Dawn or El Capitan?

    El Cap is a HARD fishing machine. Alan takes fishing VERY serious. That being said, it means he will do everything possible to get fish on the boat. Including yelling at anglers that don't follow their bait.
  100. bajadog

    Bola or gonzaga?

    Can't beat Guillermos (closest to the best ramp too).
  101. bajadog

    137lb on the pride!

    He fishes accurate.
  102. bajadog

    137lb on the pride!

    Ross E. Mr. Accurate in off shore circles. :notworthy
  103. bajadog

    Fishing in October

    Mid-October last year was WFO for YT, Dodo YFT (at least for us). Congrats on the soon to be bambino or bambina.
  104. bajadog

    Mexican fishing licenses

    I can see my previous permits, but that doesn't help.
  105. bajadog

    East Cape early Sept. tackle recommendations.

    Thanks for the replies gents. Hope to be posting some reports and hopefully fish pix Sept 9th.
  106. bajadog

    East Cape early Sept. tackle recommendations.

    Heading down to Rancho Leonero Sept 5th - 8th. Fishing 3 days. Plan on just using the rods and reels on the boats there. I do want to bring just a few feathers,or mega baits. Any particular trolling lure effective down there that the boat might not have? We are "hoping" to try for dodo and...
  107. bajadog

    Question about the Local BFT meat.

    Well just check you testicles for Fukushima glow.:D
  108. bajadog

    Possible to fish tuna from Ensenada to San Quintin

    10 - 30 miles. K&M in San Quintin can run out there with their Parker 23 and 25. Capt Kelly is da bomb.
  109. bajadog

    6 Pack info needed

    Slaughtered the BF, Dorado and YT on the Josie Lynn last August, great skipper and crew (beer is included in price....)
  110. bajadog

    Bluefin virgin still :(

    Next time you're due!
  111. bajadog

    How safe is Baja Mexico?

    Don't drive a new $200K RV towing a $50K boat you'll be fine.
  112. bajadog

    Hotel Buenavista,East cape fishing report

    Just don't catch all the bulls. Heading to RBV in Sept with the boyz.
  113. bajadog

    Paddy BS

    Hopefully the got the skunk all day for that move.
  114. bajadog

    BOLA Fishing Trip..June 21,22,23

    Thanks for the report. Taco meat!
  115. bajadog

    Highway 5 to Chapala pulling a boat ?

    Went thru Chappala early this month. Only real bad sections are South of Coco's. Just past Rancho Grande you can start running in the sandy right track instead of the wash board.:hali_olutta:
  116. bajadog

    62 lbs.............................................

    :boobies: ya ya. Did you see the remora on the marlin?
  117. bajadog


    Citibank charged me $6.65 for transaction fee on a 2000 peso withdrawal.
  118. bajadog Capt kelly

    Nice. The secret spot.....
  119. bajadog

    Death at La Salina

    Peace be with Doug, his family and friends.
  120. bajadog

    Fishing Buddy needed for early July 2013 Baja Trip

    Is Joe just looking for a co-pilot, or does he mind another vehicle tagging along?
  121. bajadog

    A couple Tijuana Border Crossing questions

    Very true. We went down to Millers Landing two weeks ago, with 3 vehicles and 2 boats. Just took turns right there at the parking area near the bank/visa booths (right side of the secondary) watching our stuff, while each group went in a did the dance. Don't forget the FMM is free for 7 days...
  122. bajadog

    ERENDIRA 3-4

    Nice lingusaurus!
  123. bajadog

    Driving to Loreto from SD for the first time

    +1 on Desert Inn. This place is nice too may be too foo foo .....:rofl: Casa Lereé :: San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, México
  124. bajadog

    Rest in Peace Pescador Amigo

    Adios Jorge. Dios te bendiga.
  125. bajadog

    Alternate surf fishing spots in BOLA.

    I always drive up to Punta Gringa to surf fish for cabrilla, triggers etc. Any place closer to town or South of town worth trying? One more question. How far does the pavement go on Hwy 5? I've heard Alphonsinas, half way to Cocos. Thanks.
  126. bajadog

    Kids and the East Cape

    Buena Vista definitely. Nice grounds too.
  127. bajadog


    Cocos corner to hwy 1 is still pretty rough washboard and some big ass rocks.
  128. bajadog

    Surf Doc's Birthday

    RIP Stan.
  129. bajadog

    Late spring fishing BOLA

    Thanks for all the replies!:hali_olutta:
  130. bajadog

    BOLA gas prices

    It worked out to $3.60 per gallon in San Felipe Easter week (not premium).
  131. bajadog

    Late spring fishing BOLA

    Never having done this before we are fishing with Igor May 18 - 19. Last year we heard about WSB toward the inside of Smith Island. Any truth in that? Also too early for YT? Thanks.:hali_olutta:
  132. bajadog

    Southern Oman & The Quest for The Monster 60kg GT!

    Insanely brutish fish. Beautiful reefs and back grounds (thought it was BOLA at first).:rolleyes:
  133. bajadog

    Heading down to San Quintin in May

    WSB were being caught toward the end of April last year. WWIW.
  134. bajadog

    Guides for BOLA / email addresses

    I cancelled a June 8th and 9th Daggett's reservation on Monday. Have you tried since then?
  135. bajadog

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending November 13th, 2012

    Now available in Hot Spiced Rum.....
  136. bajadog

    Gonzaga Bay Oct 28th to 30th

    Fantastic report and photos. The boiling fish photo (last one) is sweet.:jig:
  137. bajadog

    Albies 100 miles West of Oxnard

    Fantastic report! At least you had rod belts.....
  138. bajadog

    2 spots this weekend.

    Maybe he's not clear on how to create his on post????:finger:
  139. bajadog

    What is the weather, and wind

    Just keep hydrated....:hali_olutta:
  140. bajadog

    Nearest to jig squid at Point Loma, SD?

    We made some a few weeks back (lot's of bright lights) just North of Point Loma (~1 mile) just outside the kelp.
  141. bajadog

    10/13 MB to 390 & Upper

    Great report. Your son looks very proud.
  142. bajadog

    RUSSIAN HOOK'S 1,5 day MAYHAM on Condor!!! PICS heavy

    Great photos!!! Condor always gets fish......
  143. bajadog

    Gonzaga Bay and the Baja 1000 !

    Any sierra running in mid-November.....???
  144. bajadog

    Tecate Border Returning

    Pass the Patron....
  145. bajadog

    Oarfish washes up in Cabo

    Very cool. Good eating????:rofl:
  146. bajadog

    New diesel truck ?

    A few links that might shed some white light on the subject....
  147. bajadog

    Tecate Border Returning

    Same deal in Mexicali. Told the traffic cop lets go to your station or whatever. Well that meant he would no be able to shake down more gullible tourists and lose some revenue. He finally just wrote down our plate, and warned us he'd be watching.:shithappens::shithappens::rofl::rofl:
  148. bajadog

    catch fish

    :supergay: Thay.....boyz..... :lux:
  149. bajadog

    Cold weather coming next week

    Fish or cut bait! It's still on.:hali_olutta:
  150. bajadog

    Pacific Voyager 1.5 day

    Sounds like one hell of a trip! Too much :hali_olutta: sucks. Especially if you don't tank down a bunch of water before hitting the rack. :appl:Congrats. Any idea where you were (paddies)?
  151. bajadog

    Has there been any difference in bait quality/survivability between SD and MB?

    We've had much better luck when we run out of Mission Bay. That's about 10 off shore trips so far, 4 out of MB, the rest SD. Last MB run to the 1010, we had live dines left coming back at 8:00 PM (left at 10:00 PM night before).
  152. bajadog

    9/22 Waxwinging and my 17 footer at 1010

    Great way to improvise!!! Well done.
  153. bajadog

    Big Game 90 9/14/ to 9/15 THE REAL STORY

    Mission Bay's bait lasted us the whole 24 hours plus, and that was in that snotty ass conditions Friday at the 1010 trench area. We had at least 20 dines we let go back in the channel.
  154. bajadog

    Gonna Need A Bigger Kill Bag

    Awesome photos! :hali_olutta:
  155. bajadog

    No Bueno...

    God Bless the Coast Guard, and all our military members. I hope the evacuee is okay. Great video, thanks for posting.:appl:
  156. bajadog

    cattle vs private for tuna

    Pay the extra an get a six pack. Less lost fish, more fun with less inexperienced anglers. I'd recommend the Josie Lynne out of Pointloma sportfishing. If Mike has an open party trip with 4 of you and two fellow guests, it's only...
  157. bajadog

    Late 1010 Go The Distance report 9/14

    :rofl: Trust me..they are in the trash now brah.....:waglleybooty:
  158. bajadog

    Late 1010 Go The Distance report 9/14

    Met Ray at his BEAUTIFUL 35' Cabo "Go the Distance". We had 4 plus Ray the owner. Left last night at about 10:45. Got some GREAT bait (dines) at the Mission Bat receiver. 8-10 knot drive (rotating crew every 2-3 hours), except Ross who could not handle being up on the flying bridge (slept the...
  159. bajadog

    mission bay fines

    With the state budget in the red, and DFG's budget being cut, you'll not get out of paying.:shithappens:
  160. bajadog

    Hidden Bank to 371/425

    :cheers: Good work!! :cheers:
  161. bajadog

    Pig Albacores

    Nice. A bit over kill on the rod and tackle though...:rofl:
  162. bajadog

    Tuna Trip - San Diego

    That might work. Not sure if I like coming back in on the 9//11 anniversary...but. Seems likes diesel is skyrocketing, any talk of fuel surcharge yet Dan?
  163. bajadog

    97 Bigeye Tuna on 2 Day Apollo???

    Must be a typo....:shithappens:
  164. bajadog

    Sat 8/25 - MAW Tourney

    Great job! Guys end up using that live squid?
  165. bajadog

    How does the Legend lose my YT?...

    :boobies::boobies::boobies::boobies: It can corrupt the toughest of us......:shithappens:
  166. bajadog

    6 pack Recommendations

    Try the Josie Lyne out of Point Loma sportfishng. It's ALL inclusive (beer food cleaning etc). We went out on the 12th of August and limited blue fin and dorado.
  167. bajadog

    Tuna Trip out of San Diego,CA 8/28

    Dan's gonna slay some tuna. Make sure to get some good videos of the bikini clad anglers too.:boobies::boobies::boobies:
  168. bajadog

    Josie Lynn Open sunday aug. 19

    Ditto Matt. I was on that trip with my son Mateo. #1 crew, skipper and boat. WELL WORTH the cost, plus not having to deal with the cattle boat crowd.:hali_olutta:
  169. bajadog

    Josie Lynn 8/12

    Thanks Mike! That was an epic trip that has been too long in coming. Great boat, crew and cold beer.:hali_olutta:
  170. bajadog

    aug 9th BFT

    Going out with Mike tomorrow night..going to introduce my 15 year old son to the blue fin arm pump.....:drool:
  171. bajadog

    N. Nado-302-182-9 Mile....Nada!

    Guys need to bring your fins mask snorkel and gun when the have lock jaw. Drop in about 100 yards from the patty and ninja in for the kill....:2gunsfiring_v1:
  172. bajadog

    18 ft Westcoaster Bayrunner aluminum center console

    pibilo seems to ask questions but that's it. Never wants to see boat. Window shopper.:finger:
  173. bajadog

    1991 Trophy 20' Center Console outboard

    More photos.
  174. bajadog

    South to Upper Finger - 101, west of Nados

    Shit, then October better be the new August....:Exploding_Smiley:
  175. bajadog

    6 pack out of Ensenada

    Most of the online prices for 6 packs out of Ensenada are $1000 for the off shore tuna runs. Can anyone recommend a charter/skipper that you have personally used? My buddy and our sons want to fish tuna, but not on a cattle boat out of San Diego. What kind of hidden costs are there besides...
  176. bajadog

    Tragedy and Triumph in Baja

    Great report from some Good Samaritans.:urno1:
  177. bajadog


    News just keeps getting better and better....:shithappens::shithappens::shithappens:
  178. bajadog

    Cedros fly in report 7-24/7-26

    Very nice report and pix. :hali_olutta:
  179. bajadog


    Took one for the team, thanks. Never heard of a mola getting cleaved. You'd think they can hear that prop sound underwater for miles...
  180. bajadog

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

  181. bajadog

    Sea of Cortez

    Dodo's in Gonzaga? He's not going to BOLA.
  182. bajadog

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    +1. Badger, sorry that PT is not the class act I've heard them to be. I can't afford a $12k artificial reef, SO I guess I'll check out Aros. If you check PT on BBB, the have an F rating.:shithappens:
  183. bajadog

    Sea of Cortez

    80°f water....nothing will be on the surface. What are you targeting?
  184. bajadog

    Islands |Bay and Customs Shakedown* Beware

    If you get a chance watch this video.....
  185. bajadog

    7-22 Went west

    Good work gents!
  186. bajadog

    Mexican Visas?

    We were fishing Sunday down off the "bull ring". Saw a (grey 26' or so cuddy cabin) boat approaching us (3 other boats with us). 3 men with dark blue one piece cover alls. Two with side arms. The pulled up to the guy farthest South. Saw the fisherman handing over a paper. The guys on the...
  187. bajadog

    SUCKS (just venting)

    It's no competition anymore. At least Cimmaron (sp) gave it a go back years ago.
  188. bajadog

    Hurricane Fabio

    Fabio got it.....:rofl:
  189. bajadog

    Where are the albies???

    Just wait for them to start glowing with Fukushima juice.....:rofl:
  190. bajadog

    US West Coast to receive dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation

    What's next? More three eyed mola molas.:finger::rofl:
  191. bajadog

    Gonzaga Bay fishing info please!

    You can get pangeros at Papa Fernandez, or at the hotel at Alfonsinas. Sierra are gone until the water cools, might try deeper for cabrilla or trigger.
  192. bajadog

    Puerto Santo Tomas resort

    55 F water in August. That current just wraps around Punta China and through Roca Soledad. I've dove there, but only seen sheaphead and calicoes in the kelp areas. Freaky cold water.
  193. bajadog


    Nice work Capitan Juan. Green and yellow. In BOLA it was blue and white
  194. bajadog

    K&M Kids Trip! wt Capt Oscar

    Great report. What were those seiners wrapping?
  195. bajadog

    Bay of L.A. "going off" 6/16-6/19

    Ya we use #60 top shot. Anything less could not fight the tidal currents plus the fish.
  196. bajadog

    Bay of L.A. "going off" 6/16-6/19

    Nice trip, and flattie. We were at Guillermos 6/16 - 6/19 too. The JC classic. Got our fill with Alberto (Guillermos thru Igor) on one trip on the 18th. Filled both our 64 qt coolers, so we left Tuesday.
  197. bajadog

    Help*Driving to bola*

    Alfonsinas/Rancho Grande have a Pemex. No high test gas or diesel, just regular.
  198. bajadog

    Help*Driving to bola*

    Go for it then. Just air down the tires a little (5-10 psi) for the wash board.
  199. bajadog

    Help*Driving to bola*

    Go around like Juan said. Are you towing a small aluminum or inflatable, if not.......:shithappens:
  200. bajadog

    Help*Driving to bola*

    The road into Gonzaga (Alphonsinas) is pretty much just wash board past the end of the pavement. Pretty easy up to Coco's. After Coco's corner up that gnarly hill, it's still bad. Big rocks, lot's of 6" high wash board.
  201. bajadog

    BOLA 6/16-6/22

    Thanks for having us Gary/Matt & the rest of the JCs. Sorry about the snafu with the panga reservations last day. Robert and I will make it up to you all next trip (dinner,drinks etc.).:hali_olutta: Had a blast, and came back with 80lbs filleted of YT. BTW. Made it thru Tecate with no drama...
  202. bajadog

    WARNING:San Quintin's El Jardin

    Fug an A guys. You all need chewable valium.:rofl:
  203. bajadog

    Bloody Decks Convention in BOLA ....

    I heard Phil is flying in an assortment of $100+ tequilas for us to sample (small price to carry his gear):rolleyes:
  204. bajadog

    Anyone gonna be in BOLA 6/16-6/24?

    6/16 - 6/21 at Guillermos. The ground part of the flying circus.:rofl:
  205. bajadog

    Puertecitos Launch Ramp Info

    I launch my 21' (DEEP VEE) Trophy center console there all the time. Do you have a tongue extender on the trailer (for low tide)?
  206. bajadog

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy

    Best offers being accepted.
  207. bajadog

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy

    Boat engine has 857 hours, and gets about 2.25 MPG with 3 people fully loaded.
  208. bajadog

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy

    Bump. Price drop. $13K OBO (plz don't lowball).
  209. bajadog

    San Felipe Next Weekend

    We went out on a panga toward Roca Konsag last weekend. Wind picked up about 4 - 5 miles out, and we chickened out just fished the flats. Lead heads with squid strips caught a bunch of spotted bay bass. Mackerel on smaller 6 oz silver spoons. FYI. The road through Mexicali is being repaved...
  210. bajadog

    Ensenada 11-29-11 (Pt 2)-Squid

    Nice work on ridding the deep of those pests!
  211. bajadog

    Stripers In The James

    Those bird pix are national geo quality!
  212. bajadog

    for those of who had to work

    Your swim step is pregnant now....:rofl:
  213. bajadog

    Tuna Pens 9/17/11

    What a drag...
  214. bajadog

    Butterfly 9/17

    Not the end of season WFO report I was expecting. Have fun in Mag Bay.
  215. bajadog

    Traveling back from Baja

    Alcoholic Beverages: One liter (33.8 fl. oz.) of alcoholic beverages may be included in your exemption if: <table><tbody><tr> <td> </td> <td> You are 21 years old...
  216. bajadog

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy

    The book says 106, but close enough.
  217. bajadog

    Seward wrap up 2011

    Just can't help it.... These were in the lingosaurus's stomachs.
  218. bajadog

    Independence 8/20- 8/25 Outstanding

    Sounds like a great trip.:jig:
  219. bajadog

    August 23 Victory at Sea

    Condor is a great boat. Nice YFT, put that in the Avet contest.:hali_olutta:
  220. bajadog

    PACIFIC STAR 2 DAY 8-23 - 8-25

    Sucks about the fishing. At least you have taco meat. Your report sounds fair enough to me at least.
  221. bajadog

    Any Tuna within 50 miles

    If we entice them with US welfare, them tunas' will come.
  222. bajadog

    Ensenada Airport Closure

    Cool. We are flying through there on the way to the Old Mill.
  223. bajadog

    8-7 Hidden Banks

    15 seiners! What next, a Japanese floating cannery? Sucks about the bait too.:shithappens:
  224. bajadog

    Salmon reported at SI Ramp

    Wow an attorney not turning in a poacher?
  225. bajadog

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy

    1998 Bayliner Trophy 2352 walk around cuddy cabin, 5.0L Mercruiser, Furuno GP-1850 plotter/sounder, VHF radio, autopilot, 26 gal. bait tank, outriggers, Bimini Top, galvanized trailer, new boat cover. Outdrive serviced along with all fluids and filters. $13,000 OBO (619) 219-1309
  226. bajadog

    100 miles for zip

    Did the same last Friday. Paying dues I guess.:shithappens:
  227. bajadog

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    Will keep praying for all of them.
  228. bajadog

    cedros fly in

    Nice :shithappens:
  229. bajadog

    Just in case you missed this.

    Don't know if this site was posted already (searched for it but did not find it). Here is the site that the missing Erik fishermen's family started. Pretty moving.
  230. bajadog

    mexican navy stopped us

    Duh, maybe they are trying to change their image so queers like you aren't scared away.....:rofl:
  231. bajadog

    Starting to feel like last season

    Plenty o' parking this AM at shelter, and no lines at the bait barge. Went out to the 182 at 3:30 AM, NOTHING on the meter. Stayed on a huge patty below the high spot for one 8-10 pound rat YT. Nothing on the troll. Water temp was 66.7
  232. bajadog

    Butterfly - 60 mile bank

    7/9 Running to the butterfly banks, then up to the 60 and maybe the 43. Leaving at 2:00 AM. Call sign same as BDecks name.
  233. bajadog

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    I was thinking Tony Reyes at first. Thanks all for clearing that up. Will pray for their safe return.
  234. bajadog

    11 Pound Calico

    Friggin looks like a Cabrilla!!!!
  235. bajadog


    Fantastic video. The mouth on that BSB !!
  236. bajadog

    Ensenada 5-6-11-Offshore for nada

    Hopefully you get WFO bite next time.
  237. bajadog

    California Fishing License Unbelievable

    Welcome to Mexifornia amigo....
  238. bajadog

    Japan Radiation in our Offshore Waters?

    Nice. So now we will need to bring a geiger counter on board?
  239. bajadog

    San felipe report

    Last weekend was blowing like crazy in Gonzaga. Water temp was around 71-73F.
  240. bajadog

    fishing with Tony Reyes in early august

    Bucktail jigs killed the cabrilla last year.
  241. bajadog

    The ultimate Baja Fishing/Surfing exploration vech !!

    Nice. If it still has the original leaf spring suspension...ouch on wash board.
  242. bajadog

    Gonzaga Bay.... roll call !

    We are flying in on the 7th. Fishing the 8th and 9th, leaving on the 10th. Staying a Graf's house (about 10 houses south of the hotel). Blue/white Cherokee Six. Flying in some cold un-shaken beer....come by.
  243. bajadog


    Believe it or not, we killed the dodo's with a pink silicone skirted squid type tuna feather. I ended up giving it to the skipper. Good luck.
  244. bajadog

    When do San Felipe Mothership Operations start running & which ones are still around?

    I've done Tony Reyes only. Went last May, awesome trip. The road is good from Mexicali, some detours due to bridge replacements, and lane widening. And yes San Felipe has grown, but it is retains some of it's charm.
  245. bajadog

    WARNING!!! Beware of... ATM in ENSENADA

    Any word if he got stuck with all the charges?
  246. bajadog

    Pangas around Alfonsinas (Gonazaga).

    Do tell. Are you a "local" with connections?
  247. bajadog

    Pangas around Alfonsinas (Gonazaga).

    We were quoted $150 for 4-6 hours in a 26' panga (that was at Papa Fernandez).
  248. bajadog

    Hwy 5 paved past Puertocitos? & Gonzaga?

    Take it slow even on the new paved sections. We were coming back up from BOLA 2 weeks ago, and a huge rock slide on the new section almost took out my truck. It was on the down hill (over the crest) side of a hill. One rock was at least 2 feet in diameter.
  249. bajadog

    Pangas around Alfonsinas (Gonazaga).

    I know there are pangas at Papa Fernandez, but we are flying in to Alfonsinas April 8th , fishing the 9th. Without a ground vehicle, can I get a panga around the Alfonsinas hotel area? Looking at 4 guys total fishing just one day, yellowtail, sierra or cabrilla. Thanks in advance.:hali_olutta:
  250. bajadog

    February 28, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui

    Ever heard of releasing billfish? That's been happening in Latin America for years.
  251. bajadog

    4+ Gas this summer

    5+ gas easy. Get your mast mounted to your deck now. Sail power.....
  252. bajadog

    Humbolt run

    Lot's of cheese dicks with pent up rage.:rofl:
  253. bajadog

    East Coast to West transition

    Get good at finding kelp patties on the horizon. Especially June onwards.
  254. bajadog

    La Paz Manta Ray Slaughter

    And so goes the further decline of a once beautiful sea of Cortez.
  255. bajadog

    Sadness at Don Eddie's in San Quintin

    Peace be with you Don Eddie. I was my honor to have met you. God Bless you, and my condolences to your family.
  256. bajadog

    12/24- satellite tells the story...

    Watch the friggin palm tree just south of the OB pier about 1 mile out. It's a whole 20' queen palm.
  257. bajadog

    SOA 10 day

    This topic is called " Offshore Underway Schedules/Ride sharing & Trip Planning" you dolt!:rofl:
  258. bajadog

    east of 302

    You guys train in Mexican waters? Oh, thanks for your sacrifice!
  259. bajadog

    Hidden Area Friday

    Callsign EOS We will be there at grey light also
  260. bajadog


    Okay with me.
  261. bajadog

    Yellowfin, Marlin and 2 mako in the mix

    Awesome. The 20 lb flouro leader worked for us on Thursday too.
  262. bajadog

    Tell me how to get a mako?

    Definitely not like catching thresher.....
  263. bajadog

    Ensenada 8-19-10-L500 to Plan B-Shallow Water RF

    Good job on the fish. Thanks for making the run and reporting.
  264. bajadog

    Bird School Bigeyes on the 14!!!

    Great memories... That's when the OB pier got major damage. 1996-1998 was a good El Nino too if memory serves me.
  265. bajadog

    Condor out of Fisherman's Landing

    Very good crew. Deckhands work. VERY stable fishing platform. Galley makes great poke...
  266. bajadog

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    Thanks for the 411. I actually am planning a March trip to Maui to fish a little. I guess I know WHO not to go out with. What a cheese dick...:finger:
  267. bajadog

    It really is "That bad"

    Regardless, it might be a short window offshore.
  268. bajadog

    Castro's Camp?

    Anyone fished Castro's within the last week. Just seeing if the surface action has picked up at all. Thanks.
  269. bajadog

    Yesterday's special 8/6: Skunk a la mode.

    Amen! Still was better than being at work....:jig:
  270. bajadog

    Yesterday's special 8/6: Skunk a la mode.

    We left SI 3:45, got scoop of dines and one net of chovies. SW in light swell to towards the hidden bank, then 1010. Water was low 60's even reaching 59.8 a few times. LOT'S of seiners South and West of the 425. A few dumpster size paddies between hidden and 1010. No molas, no blue perch, no...
  271. bajadog

    from Don Eddie

    Sounds like a lot of guys with big hearts helped out.
  272. bajadog

    You know the fishing sucks in SD when...

    And I am down to the last two vacuum sealed packs of fish from last summer...:eek:
  273. bajadog

    Last couple weeks of fishing

    :cheers: on getting the BSB back down.
  274. bajadog

    Where are the paddy Yellowtail?

    It's Slobama and the wicked witch of the West Pelosa.
  275. bajadog

    no shark 267-209

    Good try. If the offshore thing happens....
  276. bajadog

    Fishing on the Gallilean

    Heard nothing but good things about Harlan and company!
  277. bajadog

    6/30-7/4 Top Gun No Fun

    At the least, he can vent for $1900. Get over the CYA shit now.
  278. bajadog

    Good four or six pack

    San Diego Sport Fishing Charters
  279. bajadog

    Going to San Francisco next tuesday, Looking for a good 1/2 charter.

    Just don't get off the BART at the wrong station.:supergay::hali_ruahahaha:
  280. bajadog

    Fuel in san quintin

    Yes you can get fuel. Just remember that it will be in drums, and not 91 octane. Might have water in it too.
  281. bajadog

    Todos Santos Island 4/8/10 Wide Open Jellos !!!

    Great report. You guys need to use that photo editing on your ugly faces too.:rofl:
  282. bajadog

    Welcome Home!! 3/28/2010 ULUA!!!

    Damn was Joe's 50 lber in one eye and out the other? FUCKNA
  283. bajadog

    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    I guess in our lost world of Kalifornia political correctness is does..:1041677399:
  284. bajadog

    Matzatlan or Puerto vallarta

    Are they in Baja now?:picknose:
  285. bajadog

    DFG Ticket advise for 2 Stupid guys

    How is it $1000 for 4 rock fish, but the douche bag cocksucker Omid Adhami that speared the 200 lb black sea bass in the La Jolla cove preserve got two misdemeanor $1000 tickets and no slammer time?
  286. bajadog

    Quick question...

    Not in my 25mm flare gun. Let us know how it goes for ya...:Death_To_Above:
  287. bajadog

    how much

    :supergay: Oh no, turd chasers on deck....
  288. bajadog

    200lb plus Mako caught 1/21-saw on SD news

    In San Diego, you would be surprised....barf
  289. bajadog

    Christmas Mud Marlin

    Cool. Merry Christmas!
  290. bajadog

    Some Squids "LADY LUCK"

    Great post. Merry Christmas.
  291. bajadog

    pull skin vs filet

    I found that the pulled skin method on tuna leave a lot of that white stringy connective tissue on the outside of the fillet. This stuff must then be trimmed off as it is quite hard to eat.
  292. bajadog

    Any Colonett rockfish advise?

    I use a five hook gannion and squid (by it at the Ensenada fish market $6 a kilo frozen). 10-16 oz weights.
  293. bajadog

    West Coast guy nails Montauk Stripper

    Bigun! I was out on business in Newport RI early this month and go to go tautog fishing with a co-worker that lives there. We pulled in 8 or 9 good ones, one came in at 9 pounds. Good eating.
  294. bajadog

    Open Party (FULL DAY) 6 pack for Oct 30 and 31st $225

    Called you today about Friday Nathan, just keep me posted. Next spring.
  295. bajadog

    Last trip of the season

    Nice bluefin.
  296. bajadog


    We saw the Condor Saturday near the 60 mile bank. Looked like A LOT of bent rods. Sorry your trip sucked.
  297. bajadog

    Mushroom Bank 10-23-09

    Crackhead IV:idiot:
  298. bajadog

    Mushroom Bank 10-23-09

    OK, your a Mexican National then?
  299. bajadog

    SHARKING @ the 209

    Mako beats thresher IMHO. Flame off.
  300. bajadog

    Relentless 2 day 10/23 rollcall

    H&M Landing Online Booking Office
  301. bajadog

    mex limits of YFT and 5 rat yellowtails

    Sounds like a promotion to me!!!!!!!!!!!
  302. bajadog

    Any report about fishing this weekend?

    Kurt you is da shit!!!!!!!!!1
  303. bajadog

    Outside the 43!

    We ON manana!
  304. bajadog


    Talk about getting a late start and still making the bite.
  305. bajadog

    Share Experience on El Captain or Grande ???

    Alan on the El Capitan always put me on fish last 5 times I've fished with him. FYI. He does fish HARD, and does not have a lot of patience for noobies tangling each other up (IMHO).
  306. bajadog

    Condor Report from the 17th

    My buddy Jim was on that trip also, said "follow your fish" was not enforced enough.
  307. bajadog

    Patience Paid Off

    Killer!!! I hope the paddy charger got skunked.
  308. bajadog

    Sat trip to 425, got boat, need anglers

    I'm on if we get 6 by this Friday, or next Friday either one.
  309. bajadog

    12 Year Olds Austins First Marlin

    Kudos. I guess the freezer is stocked for the winter.
  310. bajadog

    9/15 fish report 425 to the Hidden

    Fish do make their "rounds" to other patties and such. They do come back.
  311. bajadog

    3/4 day charter w Yellowfin LIMITS before lunch.

    I'll let you know when my Predator UAV spot's them....:frehya2:
  312. bajadog


    Right on.
  313. bajadog

    what is it?

    Rotten angel shark.
  314. bajadog

    8/27 Yellowfin Tuna Close in

    Thanks for the report.
  315. bajadog

    Long trip, Great ending!!!!!

    Thanks for the report. We had the same luck in the same area last week.
  316. bajadog

    Weekend Weather Forecast ...Be careful guys...

    But if someone spots a smoldering 12' aluminum can offshore please post pix.:rofl:
  317. bajadog

    Condor 1.5 Aug. 17

    Condor always rocks.
  318. bajadog

    outer limits 8-12

    You guys did great! Heading out tomorrow.
  319. bajadog


    Cool. Great report.
  320. bajadog

    Jigging Bluefin Tuna NJ Style

    Great report! Spinners are so under rated here in Kalifornia.
  321. bajadog

    cookie porn and our first tuna on the seahorse

    Great report! Some real ugly guys there.... ;-)
  322. bajadog

    SD to Loreto/La Paz

    Santa Rosalia Morro Hotel
  323. bajadog

    Do you need a passport for land travel to Mex?

    Passport needed to enter US. I did not get mine in time, and had a copy of my birth certificate, and a drivers license. I was in secondary inspection for almost 3 hours (they were punishing me). Not worth it.
  324. bajadog

    Sea of Cortez with Tony Reyes

    Overfishing? Nahhh...we said that about the toutava in the '70s and now look..:rolleyes:
  325. bajadog

    Where the ??? is Hidden Bank

    <table align="center" bgcolor="#57ffff" border="1" cellpadding="1" width="90%"><tbody><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff">Hidden Reef</td> <td align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff">33° 43.60'</td> <td align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff">119°...
  326. bajadog

    Hotel coral question

    Gas is $2.11 per gallon for green pemex.
  327. bajadog

    Boat sunk at Old Mill?

    Thanks Marita! I just was passing by the area from El Rosaurio and picked up on the radio traffic. Just wanted to find out the guys were safe. Cheers!
  328. bajadog

    Is the term "Mexican" derogatory?

    What a bunch of PC bullshit!!!
  329. bajadog

    Boat sunk at Old Mill?

    Does anyone have any news on the guy that broke his arm on 7/24 fishing out of the Old Mill? We caught bits and pieces of the "rescue" on VHF. Sounds like the boat rolled in the big swells and the guys made it to shore on the tip of the Northern point.
  330. bajadog

    Any Reports from Castro's ??

    Just got back from Los Cabos last night with a stop on Friday to Castos. Tried the surface in the AM, but after about 3 or so bonita each, we just went deep. A lot of cod and lings. Was hoping for the YT but no joy. Rough as hell too.
  331. bajadog

    Help passports

    Well put.
  332. bajadog

    Help passports

    I thought the deadline for land travel was June 2009? Passport Requirements for Land Travel to Mexico Delayed
  333. bajadog

    Barracuda and Bonito Frenzy 05 / 20 w/pics

    Is that Dan Hernandez's brother in that 1st aside?
  334. bajadog

    5/21 9 mile to to the 425

    Thanks for the scouting report. That's good Karma.
  335. bajadog

    large threasher off laguna

    Awesome you released it!!
  336. bajadog

    Fish I.D. what the hell are these?

    Damn nasty ass looking things.
  337. bajadog

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Great fish. Good on you for releasing it!
  338. bajadog

    425 on 4/20

    Bonie jerky.....
  339. bajadog

    THEE BEST fish/shrimp taco you will ever have

    I'll try it today on some ling cod. Wow so you were 11 when you found this taco stand?
  340. bajadog

    WSB Trip Yields Striped Bass??

    Nice!! Nasty looking water though.
  341. bajadog

    wormy lincod

    When I worked 3 summers in college in Cordova Alaska in the fish processing plants, we used light tables and tweezers to pick out the worms from halibut and cod fillets. That's were I developed my preference to salmon.
  342. bajadog

    Dry Ice in La Paz

    Thanks all. I will bring my vacuum sealer.
  343. bajadog

    Dry Ice in La Paz

    Thanks Vern. I plan on driving back to San Diego in ~24 hours.
  344. bajadog

    Dry Ice in La Paz

    Driving down to La Paz this July. Planning on bringing back some frozen fish in coolers. Can you get any dry ice in La Paz? I'd hate to lose all that fish driving back up.:picknose:
  345. bajadog

    Good Weather=Good Fishing???

    Too many bodies in the acid.
  346. bajadog

    Smoked Bonita Recipes

    Bonito make great jerky too.
  347. bajadog


    Yepper.:D Back in the late '60s down there with my folks, guys would come by in the afternoon with a potato sack full of bugs and abs for $20. Ahhh memories.
  348. bajadog


    This island is about 11 miles South of Punta Baja. Google Maps "San Geronimo Reef is known for its large, abundant calico bass, present year round. You can also find rockfish, lingcod and halibut year round. In summer you will find yellowtail and white sea bass, as well."
  349. bajadog

    castros camp

    Last time at Castros they had re-powered all the boats with newer 4 strokes (4/2007). Never had an issue.
  350. bajadog

    La Paz advice

    July is a good month for La Paz. I was there in 2005, we nailed the yellowtail.
  351. bajadog

    Morro Bay

    We tried out of Virgs in October, he said just bottom fishing.
  352. bajadog

    Alligator fishing

    Do they taste like chicken?
  353. bajadog

    YT and Dorado

    We did not finish filleting that bag and cleaning the boat until after 5:00 PM. Lot'a fishina. Got the boat keys, I left my gun on the boat.
  354. bajadog


    Many parts are NOT edible.....buuuuuuuick
  355. bajadog

    Hobie drive vs paddle

    Hobies can get you out to the fish faster, and they are the only way to troll. That being said, I bungie my drive with the fins against the hull during landing or when near kelp beds, and us the paddle. I would not trade my revolution back for my fishndive or 160i for anything.
  356. bajadog

    7/24 Morning bay action

    Nice report. Looks a little lumpy in that bottom photo.
  357. bajadog

    7/19 WSB 2-3 miles out from Nacho's

    MPLA mafia will love that picture.
  358. bajadog

    7/19/08: Travel Way South, or Save Your Fuel !

    Great report Mike, thanks. We hit some huge patties this year, that in years past would have been limits of YT. That is the $64000 question: Where did all the yellowtail go?
  359. bajadog

    1.5 Day on the Condor (7-9)

    Dan, What feathers/jigs did they hit? Ya, I know, when it's on they will hit a barbie doll with a hook in it.
  360. bajadog

    2 day boat opinions

    Fisherman's Landing the Condor is a great ship, with a great skipper and crew. This labor day trip will be fun, I'm on. <table class="MojText" width="100%" align="center" bgcolor="#1b4b9f" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr bgcolor="#ffffff"><td align="left">Condor</td>...
  361. bajadog

    371 & 302 for nada 7/5

    Thanks Tom. We are on tomorrow!
  362. bajadog

    Foamers, wrong kind 7/3

    Smoked bonito jerky, da kine.
  363. bajadog

    Radio Control

    This happened all Friday too....
  364. bajadog

    Albies & Bluefin 371 6-27-08

    Fucking blue fin YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  365. bajadog

    Swordy at the 224 6-21

    Nice pix...:drunk
  366. bajadog

    Bahia de Los Angeles Casita for Sale

    That's a nice place, $55K is not unreasonable. How many sq. feet? We took down 20 4 x 8 sheets of 3/8 marine plywood for our over head veranda. The charged us $190 for the damn import tax at Mexicali. I guess nafta only works out of Mexico.
  367. bajadog

    Mission Bay 6/14 catayakin

    Eric, I think I saw your boat (Tornado) on SCI Saturday morning. How did you guys do?
  368. bajadog

    Do It Yourself Bait Tank / Livewell

    Looks like a commercial model...nice!:beerbang:
  369. bajadog


    Thanks. Unfortunately fuel cost is going to change scouting trips this season.....:eek2:
  370. bajadog

    Yakin Northern Cal style

    Thanks. I never knew there was launches like that up North.
  371. bajadog

    fastest kyak out there?

    I guess it becomes a kelp cutter at some point.
  372. bajadog

    5/4/08 Cabrillo The seal and el tiburon

    Nice report. At least you got out.
  373. bajadog

    Thresher Shark La Jolla

    Is that Dan Hernandez with Mr. T?
  374. bajadog

    Attacks on tourists, economy pull plug on Ensenada event

    Scary part is you can't tell the good cops from the bad. I haven't run into that in the states yet....
  375. bajadog

    Show your ride!

    How much is fuel dock diesel now?:rolleyes:
  376. bajadog

    Looken to get in to a yak

    My 2 cents: Go down to Fastlane Sailing/kayak center on Mission Bay or OEX in Oceanside, and test drive a few kayaks. Try a wilderness kayak also. There is no advice any can give you, until you find a kayak the suits your paddling style, and abilities.
  377. bajadog

    Cobra or Tarpon?

    Listen to your inner child.
  378. bajadog

    Cobra or Tarpon?

    I paddled my buddy's Tarpon 14 angler. Fast boat. It seemed as stable as my revolution. I am 6'2" 205.
  379. bajadog

    Raymarine A60?

    Scitex Profish II A fishing buddy of mine has this in his center console boat. He loves it, and it has not let us down. I found one under $600. ->SITEX PROFISH II W/ BTH D/T PROFISH II Map/Sounder
  380. bajadog

    Looking for a kayak

    Here is one. 160 tarpon kayak
  381. bajadog

    pl kelp

    Nice....toad going for the hip hop fisherman look?
  382. bajadog

    Memorial Day Weekend

    tuna, I did the 2006 Memorial day trip on the Condor. WFO Yellowtail and albies. Great skipper and crew.
  383. bajadog

    Fish & Game in Mission Bay

    Wow, not something I'd expect to read on BD.
  384. bajadog

    118.4 lb Wahoo

    Oh my! Scary big.
  385. bajadog

    are blue sharks good eating???

    Then drink the cider and shit-can the shark?:picknose:
  386. bajadog

    are blue sharks good eating???

    Many parts are edible...Yule
  387. bajadog

    Bat Rays??????????????

    Just don't eat it raw (ceviche) they are FULL of parasites. I catch them near the bridge at Mariners Point.
  388. bajadog

    My first fishing yak

  389. bajadog

    Inshore Day @ OEX Oceanside

    Save me that used grey outback you told me about!
  390. bajadog

    Going to LJ Thurs, Fri or Sat, can I hang with anyone?

    Fog, We will be out in LJ at greylight Friday. I won't be on the yak, but on my buddy's 18' aluminum, Ch 72 Jimbos Brew. Got a 30 pack of miller light.
  391. bajadog

    new kayak

    Check out this cool self contained bait tank with aerater. Cabela's -- Marine Metals Cool Bubbles Minnow Bucket
  392. bajadog

    Offshore Venice la. 2-9/2-13

    Insane winter fishing.....
  393. bajadog

    10-26-07. 425/101

    @-ez We were out there Friday too. No love on the troll, caught a few rockfish near the Nados. Flat calm day though.
  394. bajadog

    BG90 9 Oct?

    Good luck, you lucky dog!
  395. bajadog

    cancun first week of october

    Mainly sailfish when I was there last October.
  396. bajadog

    Cabo in September

    Gordo Banks Pangas!
  397. bajadog

    BD Midriff Trip next year...

    Yes sir! I'd go for $800 I did a TR trip in 2002, October, filled a 70qt cooler with fillets.
  398. bajadog

    Anyone in Cabo August 12-19th

    Chad, I am at Playa Grande too, August 18th - Sept. 1. I am planning a few trips also, at least one to Gordos Banks, and a few cruisers out of CSL. I will be taking my ten year old son, as he is DYING to get some dodos, and yft (maybe wahoo). I'm game for a few shared trips. How can we get a...
  399. bajadog

    Condor Sportfishing ( Albacore Fishing ) 7-24-07, San Diego, Ca Link to Video Inside

    Wicked video. We slayed the YFT, DODOs last October on the Condor 2.5 day! Great guys.
  400. bajadog

    No Love Boat Ramed at the Dock

    Not hate, fear.:drool:
  401. bajadog

    6/28 Forty Mile Bank

    Lake Mojave!!!!!!!!!!!! The deadly mojave brown trout!
  402. bajadog


    Nice! Me next tomorrow........
  403. bajadog

    Puertecitos area trip report 6/9-6/15

    Nice trip! Baking potatoes baking in the sun......
  404. bajadog

    We lost a Great Friend and BD Member 5/7/07!

    We are praying for Ed's family at this difficult time. RIP
  405. bajadog

    zelina reels

    Are those Chinese made?
  406. bajadog

    octopus is awesome

    Yummy heavy metals!
  407. bajadog

    Charter Question Mazatlan or Cabo?

    Mazatlan is mostly sails and some BIG dodos.
  408. bajadog

    I ran it over

    While the flesh of the ocean sunfish is considered a delicacy by some, it contains neurotoxins similar to those of other poisonous tetraodontiformes. Interestingly, the rough and leathery skin (a fibrous tissue up to 15 mm thick) of the ocean sunfish is host to more dermal parasites than that...
  409. bajadog

    Gallilean Marlin

    What a bonehead thing to do.
  410. bajadog

    Afternoon SLUG...pic

    Nice KING!
  411. bajadog

    New to bloodydecks

    Cheers Scott!
  412. bajadog

    Pacific Star 2 Day

    Nice tequila collection John!!!!!!!!
  413. bajadog

    SCI 4-25 Yellows

  414. bajadog

    04-24-06 Gay Cruise CUDA & GAYDOG

  415. bajadog

    first albies in counts

    Great 2 hear! Fish Daddy or Fish Tale 2, just curious, how much was the fuel surcharge?
  416. bajadog

    Cat 4/21-4/22

    Right on Manny!
  417. bajadog

    4-22 Richards B-Day trip

    Happy Birthday to him and good luck.
  418. bajadog

    4/19 Cat-no fish-squid repot

    Come on ice cream.......
  419. bajadog

    Dreamer Report 4-19, pics

    Awesome pix. Beaucoup sheephead!
  420. bajadog

    Red Tide

    Time to get a raw clam cocktail down in Enenada!
  421. bajadog

    Cat Rpt 4/12

    Great report!
  422. bajadog

    Late Report from Atlantic Beach NC

    Great camera work! Cheers!
  423. bajadog

    WSB WFO at Catalina

    Leave a few for us mortals...............
  424. bajadog

    SCI Smelly Salmon Grouper!

    :cwmdie: Just no monkey, dog or goat pussy.................
  425. bajadog

    Loreto 4/2-4/6

    Beautiful pix! WICKED SICK tails.
  426. bajadog

    More on Aero Cal for Sunday April 9

    FYI. Alaska Air is $339.00 San Diego to Los Cabos, weekdays through May.
  427. bajadog

    SCI Smelly Salmon Grouper!

    The worms cysts in the fillets are crunchy....
  428. bajadog

    4/08 Freelance 3/4 Cat

    I used to soak the fillets in red wine/garlic for about one hour before grilling. Also try the "Old Bay" seasoning. Looks like better than being at work!
  429. bajadog

    Isla San Marcos report 4-1-06

    Sweet, keep 'em coming!
  430. bajadog

    Albies Spotted

    They'll probably be 120 miles outside us again this year, and dip in close near the central coast. I f**cking hope not though.
  431. bajadog

    SCI Smelly Salmon Grouper!

    Those things are as wormy and nasty as Alaskan Tomcod! Try drinking a case of beer before you clean or eat the Salmon Grouper!
  432. bajadog

    Any Good Deals on Airfare going South?

    I wonder if La Paz from LAX would be an alternative?
  433. bajadog


    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! It's on..........
  434. bajadog

    Any Good Deals on Airfare going South?

    It still amazes me that flying out of Tijuana is no cheaper than flying out of the US.
  435. bajadog

    Any Good Deals on Airfare going South?

    It's still around $500 non-stop. If you don't mind traveling 2-3 stops (11 hours) you can get to Cabo for under $400. We are in the same boat. Just waiting till oil drops again.
  436. bajadog

    Albacore 1025 n.m. away

    Never be able to hold that fish down in those seas....
  437. bajadog

    Cat March 25-26

    Beats mowing the lawn...............
  438. bajadog

    Tourist Card

    FYI. On effective dates below, all travelers to or from the Americas, the Caribbean and Bermuda will be required to have a passport or other document that establishes the bearer&#8217;s identity and nationality to enter or re-enter the United States. On December 31, 2006, the requirement will...
  439. bajadog

    Doheny surf fishing

    Nice! Any pix of the hotties?
  440. bajadog

    Buena Vista help

    Kelly, We stayed at Playa del Sol in October '05. Our shuttle from the airport to Los Barriles was $90 one way. We met some guys from Ventura there. They rented a little 4 door from budget for $185.00 for the whole week. They made a bunch of trip into Cabo and Pulmo on the off days. That's...
  441. bajadog

    Codding 2 day 3/18-19

    Spanked the lings!
  442. bajadog

    Fishing Mazatlan in August - Need Help

    We were in Mazatlan (Mayan Sea Garden) last August 12 - 24. Fished out of the Aries fleet twice. Water was too warm the skippers said, no tuna, one 20+ dodo, and tons of released sailfish. The consensus is Sep - Oct. Just my 2 cents.
  443. bajadog

    Giant Humboldt Squid WFO

    Calamari a la Marsala! Yummmmmmmm!
  444. bajadog

    Redondo 3-13

  445. bajadog

    Erendira castros camp

    Sweet! Have a blast........ Going there in May.
  446. bajadog


    Getting closer............
  447. bajadog

    Ensenada Trip - Looking for Help

    Let us know how you do Bill.
  448. bajadog

    Best skippers in San Quintin

    Great to have a few names.
  449. bajadog

    March 3rd & 4th Fish Report in Ensenada

    Great trip. That's one for the memory bank! Amazing they haven't pulled that container ship off the beach yet....
  450. bajadog

    Avoiding toll road to SQ

    Then smile as you take that first bite of your ling taco.:notworthy
  451. bajadog

    2/25 390

    Very soon my pets.........
  452. bajadog

    Seven Sisters Info

    We caught lot's of mojara off of Millers landing.
  453. bajadog

    Independence 15 Day

    Wow! Nice work...
  454. bajadog

    Feb 28 Pac Voy Chrtr RESULTS...

    Wow! You slayers.... Truely Bloody Decks!
  455. bajadog

    DP-it's why we go

    Nice flatties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  456. bajadog

    Avoiding toll road to SQ

    The Tecate border closes at 10:00 PM . Unless it's changed......
  457. bajadog

    Tons of Perch Hanging Deep

    I always picked up rays there. Nice report!
  458. bajadog

    Tradgedy strikes Condor crewmember

    Scott, I am sorry to hear that. We will keep Alan in our prayers. Marco
  459. bajadog

    San Quintin 2-17 thru 2-20

    I ran into you guys down there, including Dr. Evil and his party. We were off-roading (dirt bikes), but I got a few picts of the damage you guys did! Was that tote full of the Saturday's catch only? What a hangover Sunday morning..................:nopity:
  460. bajadog


    Ahhhhhh, memories of yesteryear............ Good Luck in '06
  461. bajadog

    San Quintin Feb 17 - 20

    Do we need passports South of Ensenada?
  462. bajadog

    LA bay will never be the same

    You hit the nail on the head. Maybe the Jetset like a developed Baja, but they got Cabo, PV, Acapulco or Cancun for that. Just can't leave well enough alone.:nopity:
  463. bajadog

    Jackpot for the San Quintin tourney Feb. 18 and 19, 2006

    Were staying at the old Mill (motorcycle trip). We'll hoist a few with ya'll Saturday night.
  464. bajadog


    Awesome fish!
  465. bajadog

    Colnett 1-22 & 23 Awsome!!

    Wow! I'll be at Castro's the 17th. I hope our panga looks like your boat.
  466. bajadog

    Pesca Panama 02-03-06

    Must suck having to fish so hard.
  467. bajadog

    Exploritory (no) Albacore Run Rpt

    There's gold in them thar hills!!!!!!!
  468. bajadog

    red rooster

    Tuna tacos!!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  469. bajadog

    Gasoline in Puertecitos? 1/17/06

    Thanks, FishBert! That's kind of what I expected. I used to buy gas down there from a lady behind the gated drive to the hotsprings. :eyepoppin
  470. bajadog

    Gasoline in Puertecitos? 1/17/06

    Thanks, FishBert! That's kind of what I expected. I used to buy gas down there from a lady behind the gated drive to the hotsprings. :eyepoppin
  471. bajadog

    Gasoline in Puertecitos? 1/17/06

    I am going with my buddy, and his 16 ft aluminum boat to Puertecitos/Gonzaga this Friday 1/20/06. I heard that Gonzaga has gas, but does Puertecitos? 5 years ago they had built a new two pump gas station there. Thanks!:_portable
  472. bajadog

    700 pound mako

    Lemme' see!
  473. bajadog

    good day on the pond

    And shit...... Merry Christmas klingons!
  474. bajadog

    Puerto Penasco

    Great report! I been hearing that the Mexican Government is going to make a 4 lane road all the way from Mexicali to San Felipe, for the last 20 years also. NOT.
  475. bajadog


    Awesome photos! I love the bucket o' flying fish.
  476. bajadog

    Ranger 85- Sat. 10-29

    Awesome report. You did better than we did on a 2 day in September. :High_Five
  477. bajadog

    105 miles and below Cortez!

    That's where we hit pay dirt in the begining of October. Wow, where do they sell CLAM tacos?:Pillow_Fi
  478. bajadog

    I Know where the fish are !!!!

    Sounds like our season! Pure S**T!
  479. bajadog

    Alaskan fishing

    Erik, We tried this place a few years back. Not the Ritz but.......... Alaska had flight out of LAX for $216 R/T (bought in May). The Fun Moose: 7 nights lodging, 5 days guided Alaska fishing (1 flyout fishing trip, 1 saltwater charter and 3 Kenai River fishing trips) only $1095 per person...
  480. bajadog

    The Wife booked an East Cape trip for our "20th"

    Lucky stiff!:High_Five Remember East Cape Smokehouse, they do the best vacuum seal/blast frozen fish processing. BTW. That is the most digusting avatar.:smoking33
  481. bajadog

    cabo san lucas question

    Trigger fish from shore. But not down in San Lucas. Try going down to Hotel Palmillas. I've caught trigger right off of the old brick structure sticking out of the water. Not sure when roosters shut off (water temp). :smoking33
  482. bajadog

    Has The Orkin Man Come Or What?

    I remember back in the '80s, taking out of town guests down there. $20 for a BIG half lobster, bucket of beer, and all the sides. Yummmmmmmmmmmm!
  483. bajadog

    Has The Orkin Man Come Or What?

    How big are Puerto Nuevo bugs now?
  484. bajadog

    Skagit River Salmon 10/15 &16

    I've got two weeks at a old Army buddy's cabin right on the Russian river, near Kenai June-July 2006. Has to be better than this outer banks season! I haven't caught salmon since '87. Woooooooooohooooooooooo!
  485. bajadog

    Skagit River Salmon 10/15 &16

    Nice Yellowtail avatar YakAtak.
  486. bajadog

    BD/Senortuna 2 day pre-report...

    Now that looked like a FUN trip...
  487. bajadog

    Skagit River Salmon 10/15 &16

    Wow! Your still getting bright silvers in October? Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  488. bajadog

    Monday and Wed.

    What happened to El Nino?
  489. bajadog

    9/30-10/1-mushroom bank yf

  490. bajadog

    Mako & Blue Shark Showdown-An afternoon on the 14 Mile Bank

    Awesome video! What MAC software did you use to edit it? (not PC I'm SURE).
  491. bajadog

    nasty, nasty nasty

    We got that snotty stuff near the Worm bank Sat night too. The boat rocked a beam ALL night. NO sleep, needed seat belts in my bunk.
  492. bajadog

    9-30/10-2 El Capitan YFT

    Got back last night on the El Capitan out of Pointloma Sportfishing. Great boat and the skipper Alan found the school on Saturday 10/1. We were in clean blue water between the worm and the Cortez bank. 100+ miles out. Lot's of skippys on the troll. Finally around 1 PM we got a double jigstrike...
  493. bajadog


    We are heading out tonight 2 day on the El Capitan! Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
  494. bajadog


    I don't see the fat lady yet...
  495. bajadog

    9/26 Save your fuel 181/209

    Beats work! Where's the love?
  496. bajadog

    recommendations for a cabo charter boat

    I fished Reeldanger with 5 other guys 2 years ago in October. Great skipper and crew. Put us on some nice 70 lb YFT.
  497. bajadog

    Grande 3 day gets limits of YFT!

    I heard the 2 day boats are also into YFT.
  498. bajadog

    9 Mile and LJ

    Great report. We found ugly brownish water off of PB point. Got out to the fleet near the Cove, but no joy.