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  1. blowncar

    Info needed on electric reels

    Those are kool but looking for rockfish reel.
  2. blowncar

    Info needed on electric reels

    Fishing in 200-400' for bottom fish and wife is not happy cranking all that line back in. Looking to get her a decent little electric reel but have no experience with them. What do you recommend? Also I might as switch out the kite rod to electric while i'm at it, tanacom 750 looks about right...
  3. blowncar

    Anyone moving a boat to PV from USA?

    Bull can you legal buy and or drive a mexican plated vehicle on a tourist visa? I thought you had to be temp or perm resident?
  4. blowncar

    FREE EpIrb your boat

    You're like #7 but yep :-)
  5. blowncar

    FREE EpIrb your boat

    That didn't take long , Beer_good is on the clock and another member is standing by just in case.
  6. blowncar

    FREE EpIrb your boat

    This Epirb came with the purchase of my boat. The battery is long past expired and needs replacing before use. I'm offering it to someone who needs one on a budget. Battery replacement if you send it in is about 60% the cost of a new one. I know some people change out the battery themselves and...
  7. blowncar

    Epirb battery replacement time

    It's marked RLB-35 cat 1 dom 2006
  8. blowncar

    shipping help?

    Thanks for the offer i really appreciate it , but new owner opted to ship fed ex as he needs them asap.
  9. blowncar

    shipping help?

    thanks we got it handled
  10. blowncar

    shipping help?

    about 3x3 ft
  11. blowncar

    shipping help?

    Need help getting a set of props (100 lbs each) from central ca. to Olympia in the next 2 weeks. Who do you recommend for pallet delivery? Of course if someone is making the trip already and wants to pick up a few $$'s that could work too.
  12. blowncar

    La Salina update

    I didn't share any of his tales of the crazy shit that occurred there. However, it was interesting to hear. Not even tempted to drive into and look around, just keep passing by without slowing down. lol
  13. blowncar

    Epirb battery replacement time

    Anyone know of a rea$onable place/person to swap out the battery on my ACR global fix? The few on-line places I see are around $270. At that cost it's pretty much time to just trash can it since a 10 year vs 5 Epirb can be had for just a couple hundred more. Thanks
  14. blowncar

    La Salina update

    A new sailboat pulled into cruiseport marina yesterday. We chatted and he said he and his buddy had just gotten out of La Salina. Apparently they personally funded the dredging of the channel in order to get out, wasn't cheap. It will be interesting to see how long it remains passable.
  15. blowncar

    Anyone moving a boat to PV from USA?

    Not sure if you are aware; its different having a car there than baja or northern Mexico mainland. After you go south past Sonora on the mainland you have to get a vehicle TIP, cost $300 deposit or so but is only good for 6 months. Within that 6 months you have to take it back out of the...
  16. blowncar


    Smart & Final was stocking some Bud Light yesterday and some Tecate light but other than that its pretty well dried up around here. Town seems busy tonite a lot more people out and doubt 9pm curfew is in effect.
  17. blowncar

    Anyone moving a boat to PV from USA?

    Maybe me :p Actually Abel might have a delivery, I'll call him tomorrow.
  18. blowncar

    For Sale Bait tanks need them gone please... make offer

    Rules require you post a price or mod will delete your post.
  19. blowncar

    SOLD Shimano. Avet. Daiwa. San Diego

    Bump for solid seller, held the 2 rods for me for 2 weeks while I was traveling,:cheers:
  20. blowncar

    Ensenada Lock Down South Bound

    I came down on 3 from Tecate headed to Ensenada today. 30 miles out from Ensenada the Covid-19 stop was in acton. I was asked reason for travel and I said I lived there. Officer asked what street and I told him a boat in the Marina. I pulled out my slip contract and he said no problem and...
  21. blowncar

    An auto-jigger machine

    sucks, buy an ad
  22. blowncar

    SOLD Avet HXW 5/2 w/ 500yds 80#

    Arrived on time and in the condition advertised, thanks.
  23. blowncar

    Should I get a Avet sxj

    I've bought 3 sx's off this site in the past 10 months and $150 is high.
  24. blowncar

    Regular Westport boat ho offering services and facilities

    Not sh*tting on the boat brag, classy and actually a big plus/selling point.
  25. blowncar

    WTB Avet sxj 2 speed

    How about a raptor?
  26. blowncar

    SOLD Avet HXW 5/2 w/ 500yds 80#

    I'll take it. pm me your paypal
  27. blowncar

    Big bluefin first try

    Dave Hansen's site has a great video of how to rig it up and fly it effectively.
  28. blowncar

    Buying a boat in Florida

    jeez drama much? I said the boats live a harder life never mentioned people. The climate in Florida vs SoCal is vastly different, we rarely see sustained temps over 82-85 at the coast in the summer and or winters are mild. We always have very low humidity and our storms are nothing compared to...
  29. blowncar

    Place for group trip in San Lucas?

    If you were satisfied with the hotels in EC then I'd look at the Mar de Cortez. Old style mexico hotel in the heart of things, fisherman's favorite for over 40 years.
  30. blowncar

    Fishing Captain Needed

    $2000 a day wow, if he can get it good for him. I've felt bad collecting $125 ea from 2-3 guys for their share of fuel after a trip on our boat.
  31. blowncar

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    You posted something (that's most likely fake) to draw attention to yourself. You got challenged a bit on it and you fall bitch titties apart. You probably need to hang out on your snapchat page, facebook and twitter where you can post stuff about yourself for attention and likes. This is...
  32. blowncar

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    It's okay Karen, you're just posting stories from a "somewhat" friends facebook page and passing it off as first hand knowledge yet not knowing if its true or not . Thank you for the friendly reminder/warning us on the dangers of carbon monoxide poison, since after all that was your intent.
  33. blowncar

    Question for large center console owners

    38 fountain te, lx or sportfish, trailable and can mow down 3-4 footers at speed. Better than 1/1 cruising @ 40+ knots
  34. blowncar

    Buying a boat in Florida

    Florida boats are cheaper then west coast boats for several reasons, two of which is; there are more of them and they live a harder life. I doubt you could save enough on buying a 10k boat in florida and getting it back to justify not buying a boat locally. Also unless you spend some money to...
  35. blowncar

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    You talk to your friend who was on the boat but they don't share if new/old or size of boat and you don't ask? Sleeps 6-7 people suggest its a bigger boat. Therefore its was probably surveyed and lack of cm device would've been flagged. Out in the sun all day and then they had headaches...
  36. blowncar

    WTB Avet sxj sx or mxj

    Any interest in a sxj raptor in silver?
  37. blowncar

    WTB AVET SX6/4 2 speed SILVER

    Interested in a little Raptor sxj?
  38. blowncar

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    Story sounds goofy for several reasons
  39. blowncar

    SOLD Used Bimini Top sorry nomore bikini

    great deal just too wide for the dingy
  40. blowncar

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Raptors followed me home today, 2 nice used with 65 power pro for cost of 1 new one.
  41. blowncar

    SOLD Shimano. Avet. Daiwa. San Diego

    I will take the 2 rods per our text. thanks
  42. blowncar

    WTB Looking for 4 20-40# Jig sticks/Bottom Rods

    If op passes contact me re 7' varmacs
  43. blowncar

    i'm interested in varmacs

    i'm interested in varmacs
  44. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo - Puerto Los Cabos - Launch Ramp Question

    They have a ramp; packed dirt and concrete. Last year is was $20. Problem is they have a chain across it and no one to open it until Marine Group yard opens up around 8-9. Around 3-4 they relock it. It isn't very practical for day use, you need to launch and then put it into a slip. The docks at...
  45. blowncar

    La Salina trip planning? Thinking of towing the boat down and launching at the marina?

    No tow service company just have to use radio and ask for help. Last time I drove by the entrance it looked like it was 95% sandbar.
  46. blowncar

    TIP (temporary import permit) application question

    Nope that's not correct, the info above is for a car/truck/motorhome etc. For some reason it's not required for boat TIP's
  47. blowncar


    Travel back and forth from the States to Ensenada has been pretty much business as usual. They do have a check station several miles outside of town on both hi-way 1 & 3. They ask why you're traveling, a simple I live their response has gone unchallenged. One thing that's f'd up is the CBP is...
  48. blowncar

    For Sale 25’ Rupp Outriggers

    Still for sale? btw thanks for making me turn my tablet upside down :p
  49. blowncar

    Temporary Import Permit???

    pm me for phone number. I've gone through this twice before.
  50. blowncar

    Rule Tournament Series Bronze as Washdown Pump

    Yes, i had one that ran my tuna tubes and we used the washdown port. Had good pressure and hardly noticed a drop to the tubes when we used the washdown at the same time.
  51. blowncar

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    It's sort of a waste of time. The time driving to the store to get it could be better spent doing the things noted before. If it gave you a positive reading then what, you'd need to do the items above anyhow. If it gave you a negative reading then what? Still have to find the problem. btw op...
  52. blowncar

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    Don't do that ^ even if it smelled something you'd still need to find the problem. 1st, Is that engine missing coolant and if so how much? Is there a bunch of coolant in the bilge from being blown out the recovery bottle/overfill? 2nd , Is the oil milky, even a little? It may not have mixed...
  53. blowncar

    loma dorado in ensenada?

    loma dorado in ensenada?
  54. blowncar

    Just going to miss you, headed back to the states thursday for a couple weeks.

    Just going to miss you, headed back to the states thursday for a couple weeks.
  55. blowncar

    Sudden onset white smoke after short overheat with kelp in raw water intake

    Join right now! Ask and get answers from real experts. While there have been some good suggestions here you need better info. My 2 cents says head gasket, delays in getting it addressed can = $$$'s btw; whatever you do don't try and start it now. If water has settled in a...
  56. blowncar

    I hear Mara's is good. You could catch a ride on the gamefisher 48' when he takes a charter out...

    I hear Mara's is good. You could catch a ride on the gamefisher 48' when he takes a charter out . Maybe even boat ho on my 52 ' hatteras.
  57. blowncar

    WTB triple spreaders

    Need to upgrade from my fiberglass outriggers. Prefer triples might take doubles. Have cash, must be nice condition or better. thanks
  58. blowncar

    Full coverage insurance for mexico, year round stay?'s

    Looking to get full coverage/year round insurance for my 52' sf that i want to be keep in PV/Cabo for next 2-3 years. My current coverage only covers me to a few miles below Ensenada. The company I use doesn't even offer insurance past that point. Lot's of nice boats stay down there year...
  59. blowncar

    SOLD Furuno DFAX

    Price slashed
  60. blowncar

    Match me a reel for new rod

    Picked up an okuma cedros 6' jigging rod 90-200 gram lure. I have a new daiwa bg4500 i could put on it with 50lb braid. Is this a good match or are there better choices (sorry no stellas or $800 spinners) .
  61. blowncar

    Upgrading trolling reels, what do you think?

    tld30's plenty enough for wahoo * before anyone corrects me; if you were fishing florida and hi-speed trolling for wahoo then I'd say upgrade
  62. blowncar

    For Sale Misc rods for sale from madrugador

    Thanks for storing the rod. Its always nice to buy something sight unseen and find it to be in better shape than expected!
  63. blowncar

    SOLD Furuno DFAX

    Just removed my Furuno fax-207 and looking to move it along. Works just needs paper, comes with mounting bracket. Pretty clean unit. I see them on ebay asking around $300. How about $150 to a good home? NOW $50 to bad home
  64. blowncar

    Sad morning in Ensenada

    Well that didn't last long. A couple hours after i posted the die off pretty much stopped. Today we woke up to cloudy green water rather than rust red. Seals are feasting today on fish that must have died and sunk. No dead fish on surface and smell is letting up.
  65. blowncar

    Sad morning in Ensenada

    We are on our 5-6 day of red tide inside Crusieport Marina and just starting a mass die off. Within the past 2 hours ton's of fish have began dyng off, sand bass, macks, perch and even halibut. F'n seagulls are in all their glory, getting so fat they can't fly. Only wish it had same effect on...
  66. blowncar

    For Sale *Accurate ATD/ Boss Magnum 2 speed Reels-Pictures Added

    Whats left? where are you located? up for face to face transaction? i'm corono free :)
  67. blowncar

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    We've got it here in Ensenada as well.
  68. blowncar

    For Sale Sorry NLFS

    Well Norcal seems like you're the only one. Over 800 views and not a sniff on a great reel that's offered for $50+ less than others have sold for on this site. Just going to keep both and buy 2 rods to put my new reels on.
  69. blowncar

    For Sale Sorry NLFS

    btt These reels look better in person then in the super close up's.
  70. blowncar

    Cameras and monitors for the boat??'s

    I would like to add cameras on the boat, couple in engine room, cockpit and flybridge. Would also like a split screen monitor in the helm and salon. Would like the ability to record as well, more for fun and monitoring underway than security. Ideas? Recommendations? Cost? thanks
  71. blowncar

    For Sale Sorry NLFS

    Cleaning out a few reels that I only have singles in. Tiburon conversion TLD 30 2 speed, very nice condition. Has 50lb mono, Has been used 2-3 times in past year. $240 Accurate 665H single speed 6/1 ratio very nice as well. Used 1 trip last year. $220 Great reels just outfitting the boat...
  72. blowncar

    For Sale Misc rods for sale from madrugador

    Paypal on the way for the seeker trolling rod, thanks
  73. blowncar

    WTB sd micro chip compatible with lowrance

    Need a chip for my dingy's Lowrance elite 5 dsi that covers from so cal down to cabo. thanks
  74. blowncar

    For Sale All Rods Sold!

    can you pm me some close up pics of the seeker troller , guides wraps etc thanks
  75. blowncar

    FREE Beware this scammer!

    just outed "on the hull truth" site
  76. blowncar

    Best offer. 40 ocean yacht sportfish

    No wonder shes ready to move on.
  77. blowncar

    Ensenada YT today

    Rule "today" is private boats can fish no charters, site seeing, whale watchers etc. This was not on my boat but the deckhand on Gamefisher went out on a smaller boat for some fun. Looks like a few of us will try our luck tomorrow.
  78. blowncar

    Ensenada YT today

    Caught on jigs around the island
  79. blowncar

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Who has bluefin/kite experience and is knowledgeable with electronics? Ready to chase some tuna right now?
  80. blowncar


    Can't make the drive up right now, glws
  81. blowncar


    Any chance of getting the rod dropped off in San Clemente? I'm in Ensenada currently and not planning a drive back up soon.
  82. blowncar

    Hotel Coral/Border Closing

    I'm in Ensenada now on my boat. Crossing back and forth is not restricted currently. The port is open for transit. Pm if you like, I have a good amount of useful information.
  83. blowncar

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Who else was 100% sure there was going to be a problem with the reels when they got back? Poor pics sent, buyers original ask due to poorer condition was a 11-12% discount. Seems it should have been handled right then.
  84. blowncar

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Wait a second,, you got all your reels back and buyer ate a $300 loss??? Or he got back the whole $750 and then when you got the reels back you opened a complaint and got a $300 refund because he damaged them? If that's the case,,, they took that action within a single day?? I'm smelling some...
  85. blowncar

    For Sale Sabre Stroker Rod

    Sorry can't make the drive out, glws
  86. blowncar

    For Sale Sabre Stroker Rod

    where are you located?
  87. blowncar

    Teaser birds

    Last year a small bird 6 ft in front of medium purple cedar plug was our saving grace. In a 5 lure spread it caught 40% of our fish (cabo/mazatlan) . I ran it back 100-125 ft (past longest line ) straight down the middle.
  88. blowncar

    It's Federal Now/All Mexican Ports closed March 29, 2020

    Well if they boil in the marina i'll be on them lol
  89. blowncar

    It's Federal Now/All Mexican Ports closed March 29, 2020

    That sucks we are sitting in Ensenada on the boat with a load of small maks and were waiting for wind to die. Was going to go after bluefin this week. Luckily we have plenty of beer on hand.
  90. blowncar

    For Sale Pompanette Fighting chair with additional rocket launcher $2000

    Wow, that's going to make for a tough sell. GL
  91. blowncar

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Those reels look rough to say it nicely. What did the original ad say about condition? I'm not up on the value of those particular reels. Is $750 a fairly discounted price on what those same reels in nice "cosmetic" condition would bring if bought in a lot?
  92. blowncar

    Ensenada curfew

    Went downtown tonight and it's a ghost town. About 5% of the restaurants are open, all bars are closed even Hussongs :hali_parkutuli: Understand it's currently a "soft curfew" no penalty 9pm-6am. Sad but probably a good call. Either way; as soon as we get some good weather it's blue fin time...
  93. blowncar

    Kodiak bait tube hardware needed

    Yep having them made today, thanks.
  94. blowncar

    San Diego Border Crossing/Corona Virus Status

    My dock neighbor here in ensenada crossed this morning headed north, only 5 cars in line to cross. Only asked custom questions not why he was crossing. He returned a couple hours later no questions , no line.
  95. blowncar

    Kodiak bait tube hardware needed

    I bought a set of used tubes and the beveled spacers that the tubes hang on are shot out. Anyone know where I could buy some new ones? Kodiak's website and number don't work. thanks
  96. blowncar

    Crossing US/Mex border by water

    So Abel's bringing her up? Right now it might be best to use Corral's shuttle service to catch a ride down, it's considered commercial traffic . Taking boat back up should be no problem. If things change before then and you get hung up; there's several open slips 60-65 here on our dock in...
  97. blowncar

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    I currently have a boat in Ensenada and have had 2 previous imported boats (TIP) as well. I have shared a few tips and answered questions as to the process. I have enjoyed both smooth sailing and hair pulling frustration dealing with the paperwork. Not being fluent in Spanish doesn't help. As...
  98. blowncar

    For Sale Moving out of state selling all my rods

    Sorry but I passed by your area today headed to mexico for a couple months. glws
  99. blowncar

    For Sale Avet and penn reel

    Thanks for good deal on the avet
  100. blowncar

    For Sale Moving out of state selling all my rods

    Nice, would like a couple should you decide to break up.
  101. blowncar

    What caliber after.22 need suggestions

    7mm-08 wife has one, excellent round, light on recoil, boar and deer killer no problem
  102. blowncar

    Westport Ling Opener This Weekend

    Saturday looks sporty with winds up to 35knts, Sunday much better and Monday looks nice.
  103. blowncar

    cover your ass

    contact #?
  104. blowncar

    Best month to fish Cabo ?

    Late October all November
  105. blowncar

    Taxman don't bite my swim step 3.9.2020

    Just a hitchhiker, you can gaff them.:rolleyes:
  106. blowncar

    1999 Vermeer chipper

    Great, i didn't know what a Vermeer chipper was so i clicked the ad. Now if my lovely wife ends up missing,,,, they always check your computer history:oops: next time please list as nsfmm * not safe for married man
  107. blowncar

    Furuno radar, gps, sonar

    Arrived today safe and sound, great job on the packing!
  108. blowncar

    pv overnite ?s

    Are the boats fishing the tres maria's anchoring at night or a using sea anchor to control drift? Advantages of doing either?
  109. blowncar

    Ensenada summer trip

    Actually every marina requires it. Yes you can buy it for short term pretty cheap. Mexican car and boat insurance works differently than US insurance. It is more of a guarantee bond that you can pay for damages. If you don't have it, there is a good chance you go to jail while its sorted out...
  110. blowncar

    For Sale Tuna tubes - Kodiak

    If available please pm me, thanks
  111. blowncar

    Furuno radar, gps, sonar

    I will take it! Will pm address and PayPal you today
  112. blowncar

    Ensenada summer trip

    Cruiseport marina is where we keep the big boat. Its le$$ than corral and is 1/3 mile walking distance to hotels, eats and entertainment. Corral is out by itself a few miles from town and pricey. We have friends stay at Hotel San Nichols . It has a casino attached, usually around $50. You can...
  113. blowncar

    Which city in August?

    Hot Hot & humid but if you can deal with it, pool and ac i'd vote PV
  114. blowncar

    For Sale Bait Pen - Rod Holders - Anchor - Tackle Bag - Downrigger

    Interested in bait pen if i could pay now and pick up in a couple weeks?
  115. blowncar

    Furuno radar, gps, sonar

    If not sold please pm me
  116. blowncar

    For Sale Parker chair

    This is not ebay put a price on it per the rules
  117. blowncar

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Got them back from being re-wrapped @ $65 a piece . Looks great just need to clean up the rollers , my job not the rod rebuilders
  118. blowncar

    For Sale 25’ Rupp Outriggers

    Where are they located?
  119. blowncar

    Little engine trouble..

    Time to buy a can of Seafoam fuel system cleaner. Google seafoam shock treatment and pick a day with a bit of wind :)
  120. blowncar

    San Jose del Cabo Marina

    Gordo banks pangas, I think he can book you on a smaller cruiser. There are 2-3 older 28-31ft cruisers in the panga fleet, not fancy but more comfortable for sure.
  121. blowncar

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Woodfish, i'm not interested in trying to buy old tackle to flip. I got these in a nice bundle so i have no $'s into them. They look and feel identical to a pair of older Kaufman 30 igfa's i had rewrapped a few years ago. Thought maybe wrapping the same and having a quad of light trollers for...
  122. blowncar

    For Sale ATL Fuel Bladder 500 gallon

    I will take it provided you deliver it to the boat slipped directly off your port. :)
  123. blowncar

    Looking for a few good Ensenada ho's

    Looking to build up a list of good fishing ho's for 2020. We are staying on our 52' sf in cruiseport marina (Ensenada) this coming year. We (wife and I) fish 1-2 times a week, usually with hired help so we can fish and kick back. At 52' we have a lot of extra room. Would prefer taking 2 that...
  124. blowncar

    Mexico Fishing License

    Discover Baja is no longer selling lic. Go on-line pay & print takes a whole 5 minutes max.
  125. blowncar

    For Sale Lures & Fighting Belt for sale

    I have bought a lot of used/new marlin lure packages the past few years. Unless they are really special you can expect $10-15 rigged each if bundled together. Add the belt and harness and maybe $100-150. Others might have a different opinion. GLWS
  126. blowncar

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    So let me make sure I understand, they offered up some close out reels, you placed order and order went through, they charged your cc and after 3 weeks you get this notice?
  127. blowncar

    For Sale Lowrance elite 5 dsi

    buy on thursday evening, shipped and in my hands saturday, nice !
  128. blowncar

    WTB plotter/fish finder for dingy

    no longer needed thanks
  129. blowncar

    Boat transport to Cabo?

    Baja Wheeling google it . gl
  130. blowncar

    WTB done delete

    That's odd usually the seller wants ff payment to save the 3% not the buyer.
  131. blowncar

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Yes perfect for sailfish
  132. blowncar

    Starman candy bar jigs?

    Thanks guys :jig:
  133. blowncar

    Starman candy bar jigs?

    As in earlier post; I bought a bunch of older stock and I've been going through it. I found 3 Starman 112 jigs. These jigs are very light and are also stamped "candybar" on the back. Fish them or?
  134. blowncar

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Winner! After reading both post i decided to bring the pole inside and really look. With some very gentle cleaning and better lighting I was able see the original sticker. So now that we know what they are they worth anything/rewrap cost?
  135. blowncar

    Scabbler jig?

    Thanks it is in the rotation now.
  136. blowncar

    Scabbler jig?

    Sorry meant straggler
  137. blowncar

    Scabbler jig?

    Came upon this jig in a collection of old salas's. Never heard of it before. Anything special or just another one to tie on and send down? thanks
  138. blowncar

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Just picked up a pair of older trolling rods. They are 2 piece with Varmac stainless steel butts, round ball cut for rod holder. What are they? Worth anything? I was going to rewrap if worth it. Thanks
  139. blowncar

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    Last year we lived on our 42sf boat for 5 1/2 months in Mexico, loved it. Just upgraded to a 52 Hatteras s/f and we are going to try 1 year straight.
  140. blowncar

    For Sale 2 Penn International 30's (inexpensive)

    Picked up 2 Penn older 30 internationals with some rods I wanted. I have no use for the reels so I'd like to move them along. They are functional just not beauty queens. Line is old mono so no value there. $100 each. Oxnard Ca.
  141. blowncar

    WTB 30 or 30w 2 speed

    Penn 6/0 would be a good start.
  142. blowncar

    Drydocking Baja

    San Carlos is dirt cheap and is safe storage.
  143. blowncar

    TRADE Little help with inventory

    Okay it looks like we have 4-5 BD ers in line to check it out/buy the lot. Giving her your contact info, hopefully someone can get it at a great price.
  144. blowncar

    TRADE Little help with inventory

    Hopefully this is an okay spot to place this. A real estate lady I know helped clean out an older gentlemans estate and ended up with a bunch of gear. She does not know what she has but the written list from the owner looks like penn international 12, maybe 2 30's on roller trolling rods plus a...
  145. blowncar

    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    I've done this several times its not an easy trip with a boat that size but very doable if you are a careful. You can order your TIP (import permit) online with Banjercito, cost around $60 and good for 10 years. I'd cross the border around 4am and take toll road to Ensenada. Lot's of fuel on...
  146. blowncar

    For Sale ATL Fuel Bladder 500 gallon

    Can't believe this is still available. I don't need it but I want it lol. Need extra tackle for the 53'? I'm headed down next Friday and parking next to you guys.
  147. blowncar

    TRADE Onan MDJF parts

    Onan MDJF 20kw parts Rebuilt starter with new relay Raw water pump Coolant pump Sold boat so they are just gathering dust now. Always looking for rods and reels.
  148. blowncar

    For Sale Filet board and assorted jigs

    I'd like it if i could figure out how to pick it up.
  149. blowncar

    For Sale Pair of Wise Captain seats, one new one used!

    do you have the bases and pedestals?
  150. blowncar

    For Sale Avon 310 dingy 9.9 hp Honda

    No longer Available
  151. blowncar

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 4/02, US FREE SHIPPING

    Yes I bought the 42 and his 30. Trying to buy his 60 :) As to the reel I have a few 4/02's and would like this one. No way would I do anything other than a face to face with a seller who has just joined and then immediately post a couple items for sale. Offering for sale on a Tuesday when he...
  152. blowncar

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 4/02, US FREE SHIPPING

    I'm fairly close to you, available to meet today?
  153. blowncar

    For Sale Shimano TLD 30, 2 speed

    where is a good meet up place?
  154. blowncar

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 4/02, US FREE SHIPPING

    Humm? joins 2 days ago, immediately list 2 items for sale today, no other post, after i asked about face to face transaction he doesn't respond. I smell something cooking :(
  155. blowncar

    For Sale Avet Pro EXW 4/02, US FREE SHIPPING

    where are you located at for a face to face transaction?
  156. blowncar

    2002 Rampage

    Diesel just a little cheaper here than Mexico for the 53'
  157. blowncar

    For Sale 15' para-tech sea anchor

    15' para-tech sea anchor, has never been used. Complete with bag, trip line and float. The 15' is rated for 30'-40' boats @25k pounds. Great safety item to have on board if caught in bad weather or disabled. Also slow your drift to a crawl if you like. $350 (which is less than 1/2 of new) Will...
  158. blowncar

    Labor Day = Penn Level Wind Weekend

    Great to hear you are happy. I always try to be as accurate as i can as to an items condition if I'm selling. Much rather hear its better than i expected vs i'm not happy. Now go get you some flaty's !!
  159. blowncar

    For Sale Avet 50W TR-X Quad

    You have a price in mind?
  160. blowncar

    Labor Day = Penn Level Wind Weekend

    John, moments before you posted I accepted an other from another member for 2 of the Penn 330's. If for some reason that doesn't happen by tomorrow you got a deal.
  161. blowncar

    Labor Day = Penn Level Wind Weekend

    Making space, sell by Tuesday or I will have to leave them in storage for the winter. Penn Squall SQL30lw LH (left hand) comes with box and clamp, spooled with 50-60lb braid. Solid 9/10 $75 ***** into storage :( no longer available 3 Penn 330GTI reels. 2 are in pretty nice condition **(SOLD) 1...
  162. blowncar

    For Sale Backing down on saltwater fishing.

    Post in Washington forum and put a price on your stuff, easy rule to follow.
  163. blowncar

    60’ Egg Harbor convertible for sale

    That's a nice looking boat. Whole lot to push with 8v92s.
  164. blowncar

    Fishing advice for Ensenada

    You won't get off the ship at 0800, it will be later. You might be able to catch a boat over at the docks by baja naval but it will be little pricey for 1 person. Might have time to run out to the banda bank but probably closer to the island and a little north. Bonita, bottom fish and an outside...
  165. blowncar

    Sold boat have extra stuff

    Approximately 60' 50 amp 125 v 3 wire cord $75 2 used Marinco 50 amp male plugs (1) 50a 125/250 (1) 50a 125 $40 1 new Marinco 50 amp 125 female plug 6360 crn $60 2 new never removed from package (box's are worn) Stewart Warner oil pressure gauges $30 each or both $50 2 new SW water temp gauges...
  166. blowncar

    Average Size Of Blue Marlin Caught In San Carlos?

    I meant during the mid October time frame he asked about. I know they get a few during mid summer.
  167. blowncar

    1999 Lindell 36 Sportfisher for sale

    1/1 is great cruise for a boat that size, glws
  168. blowncar

    First Tuna Trip a BUST!

    Sorry to hear but definitely a silver lining moment; better the dock then 20 miles out.
  169. blowncar

    Looking for Fishing Captain

    Setting up a fall schedule.
  170. blowncar

    Planning Trip to Quepos, Costa Rica

    pm member Bays90 he has a boat there.
  171. blowncar

    Safety gear; sea anchor & immersion suits

    Sea anchor is pending now as well.
  172. blowncar

    Safety gear; sea anchor & immersion suits

    You own them Jay :food-smil
  173. blowncar

    Anything but Tuna!

    Mazatlan has dorados and marlin but no hoos
  174. blowncar

    Safety gear; sea anchor & immersion suits

    Sold my boat before I had the chance to put these on board; 15 ft para-tech sea anchor (never used) with trip line floats and manual. Rated for up to 40' 25 ton boat. Only weighs about 22lbs complete, doesn't take much room. If you are going offshore this really should be part of your...
  175. blowncar

    For Sale Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    I will bring you the stainless steel pig tails when i get down your way. We'll make me 1 and see how it works.
  176. blowncar

    Looking for Fishing Captain

    Thanks Bull but most of that thread is a decade old. I am looking to hire someone to go on my boat with us on a few multi-day trips this fall.; not looking for PV charters.
  177. blowncar

    Looking for Fishing Captain

    Looking for a Captain who has a lot of experience fishing the tres marias. Leave Mazatlan on my sportfisher and stay 2 days on the islands then return home.
  178. blowncar

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    I'm open to some kind of trade.
  179. blowncar

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    Metro arms .45 1911 commander size seems like a fair trade
  180. blowncar

    SOLD 13 misc Marlin/Tuna Lures Reduced price

    If i buy them can you hold on to them till i travel through Cal in October?
  181. blowncar

    SOLD 13 misc Marlin/Tuna Lures Reduced price

    $60 shipped, let's do it :cheers:
  182. blowncar

    For Sale Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    You made me a great gaff a year or so ago and everyone comments how nice it is. I am now looking for a bamboo style 4ft dehooker. Is that something you can do?
  183. blowncar

    Hooks for medium sized lures?

    Fishing in area with sailfish and medium stripe marlin, rare but possible 300lb marlin and of course dorado. Need to rig up 25-30 new lures, large feathers and medium sized marlin. I have a enough Mustad 34007 8/0's on hand to do the job. Will these do they trick or do i need the mustads 7791s...
  184. blowncar

    Avet HX

    got it thanks
  185. blowncar

    Sailing down to Cabo San Lucas this summer

    btw you can get fuel in bahia auscion they will ferry it out to you by panga 50-100 gallons at a fair price. You can also get fuel in mag bay as much as you want; same way @ $6 a gallon
  186. blowncar

    2’ itis Ballin style

    While not my cup of tea these boats are badass and more than capable. I seen many traveling up and down baja. I had one parked near mine in Mazatlan this winter. The owners were great brits and they brought it across the atlantic then down the east coast, through the canal, up all the way to...
  187. blowncar

    Sailing down to Cabo San Lucas this summer

    I made this trip last fall in my 42'. We caught a great weather window so it was 3 ft or less the whole way. I carry 520 gallons on board but i added 3 55 gallon drums that we were able to secure rather than using my 200 gallon bladder. We stopped in turtle and turned down their $10 a gallon...
  188. blowncar

    Avet HX

    I want it , pm sent
  189. blowncar

    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    San Nichols adjacent to the casino. Nice older hotel very nice $50-60
  190. blowncar

    For Sale REDUCED MORE-custom 80's Yacht rods

    If you change your mind about shipping let me know I might take all.
  191. blowncar

    Sport boat out of Ensenada

    gamefisher, check facebook for contact
  192. blowncar

    Any recommendations on fishing out of Ensenada?

    Mike on the Gamefisher 48ft yachtfisher (check facebook page). Stay at the casino hotel 2 blocks away
  193. blowncar

    survival suits cheap

    gone in 15 mins to pnw bd members
  194. blowncar

    survival suits cheap

    Just bought a sea anchor from a guy on 'the hull truth" website (private seller thread). He is also selling off several new survival suits for $50 each. Seems like a great deal , just passing the info on since many around here should have ss' on board.
  195. blowncar

    Rods and reels tuna

    info on the 2 roller rods that don't have reels on them and asking price, thanks
  196. blowncar

    TIP Questions

    Do you have a departure doc from mexico? If so they will accept that. If not it looks like a trip to port captain's office in Ensenada is in order. There is u$$ally someone there that can "help" providing you got a couple hours to wait. btw whoever bought your boat is now totally screwed by your...
  197. blowncar

    10 foot stand up paddle board

    Sold , thanks BD
  198. blowncar

    ryobi table saw

    Bought this saw for a project and no longer need it. $80 with the stand included. thanks
  199. blowncar

    10 foot stand up paddle board

    10' Kuko Hoe stand up board in nice condition. Comes with leash and paddle. We are going with inflatables to save space on the boat. $300 Would take nice Avet reel or heavy tuna stick in trade, up or down
  200. blowncar

    For Sale Saragosa 10k and avet hx

    Can i get a pic of the Avet? thanks
  201. blowncar

    wtt ammo or firearms for rod building

    thanks, i am good now
  202. blowncar

    Full kitchen

    How much for the island?
  203. blowncar

    wtt ammo or firearms for rod building

    Would like to find someone local to build up my offshore rod arsenal. pm please
  204. blowncar

    WTB Avet reel pairs

    Looking for a matched set of each; hxw's 30/2's 40/2's must be pretty clean, thanks
  205. blowncar

    For Sale Three Roller Trollers 40-100 lb Various

    yep might as well get these too,
  206. blowncar

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    Already have, thanks
  207. blowncar

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    Delete please, thanks
  208. blowncar

    For Sale 7-12" marlin tuna dorado lures #3

    Wow even better than i thought they would be, thanks
  209. blowncar

    For Sale Roddy prototype 2 speed lever drag reels

    I bought one of these last year, awesome reel 40lb yft's got worked.
  210. blowncar

    For Sale 7-12" marlin tuna dorado lures #3

    per our text I will take them :)
  211. blowncar

    For Sale Quicksilver new fuel strainer kit

    Left over from outboard days, brand new. If you have a merc you should always carry a spare, don't find out the hard way like i did :(. $25 free shipping thanks james
  212. blowncar

    2 new mercury quicksilver flo-torque II pro hubs

    I have 2 new prop hubs left over from my outboard days. $30 for the pair, ocean shores James
  213. blowncar

    Sea Anchor overnight?'s

    Of course we would have a night watch rotation.
  214. blowncar

    Sea Anchor overnight?'s

    Looking for a little insight on those who have used a sea anchor/drogue to maintain their sportfisher's position overnight. My boat is 42' and I want to do several overnight trips. Wondering how much drift to expect, less roll, etc?
  215. blowncar

    For those running Sportfish cruisers to the tuna grounds

    My previous boat was pro-line 2950 with a transom bracket 2x 225 cruise mid 30's. Great boat with a good cabin, bathroom, walkaround, big fish holds, trailable and not a lot of $$. We never went slow out to the grounds even on bumpy days. Only downside was 1 small bench seat that fits 2 but...
  216. blowncar

    Went Fishing PV last week

    If you actually read what he wrote; he was very clear in that he was speaking specifically about the fishing charters. He did not say or infer all mexican people.
  217. blowncar

    Went Fishing PV last week

    Mr. G nothing wrong with your report, you were there, it was your experience and its fair that you share your story in your own words. Funny how people get on here and challenge you for reporting the "misinformation" giving to you by the operation and their lack of boat maintenance. I find it...
  218. blowncar

    Went Fishing PV last week

    Yes boat sleeps 6 easily, will throw out sea anchor at night. Wife is awesome cook so we travel well. May relocate to PV for 1-2 months to shorten trips.
  219. blowncar

    Show your boat name-logo

    Our winter home
  220. blowncar

    Went Fishing PV last week

    My boat is sitting in Marina Mazatlan right now and we will be headed back down Oct/Nov and stay till April. I have a great Captain and mate who have fished the islands quite a bit. We will be doing a couple 3-4 day trips this winter. I have everything needed including cold AC. Willing to take 2...
  221. blowncar

    For those running Sportfish cruisers to the tuna grounds

    cant go wrong with that fountain. They are fast even in snot, fuel efficient too. If i buy a boat for up here it will be a fountain 38 sportfish.
  222. blowncar

    People, jeez

    Forecast called for "sporty" ocean conditions at Ocean Shores today. Went down to the breakwater to take a peek. Blowing 30+ and big 14-20 waves at time. Of course some dumbass parents are allowing/participating with their kids; climbing on the breakwater. Several got a good soaking, luckily...
  223. blowncar

    Insurance Question

    You will need a mexican liability policy independent of any US policy. Good news is that most US full coverage polices extend down past (slightly) ensenada.
  224. blowncar

    Maz today

    There hasn't been a debris line at least not within 32 miles in the several times we went out that far. The other day we were 1-2 miles offshore 14 miles north to a known rocky area.
  225. blowncar

    Rod, reel, line, leader recommendations?

    I agree bypass taking a rod. you don't need the most $$ line that's made. I use hi seas grand slam mono and dyneema braid; cheap on ebay. I have never lost a fish due to breakage of either. You don't need a 2 speed but if you want one that's fine. Avet S series is a little small get an L or...
  226. blowncar

    Rod, reel, line, leader recommendations?

    A mid sized avet L/M spool with 60 braid 2/3 and 40 mono on top. Take some cf in pink and clear 20/30/40 just maybe several 10 foot pieces in a glad bag.
  227. blowncar

    Maz today

    Well we were headed out for bottom fish and to try our new mexico style anchor for the rocks. First off weather forecast was a lie lol. Was supposed to be 2ft @12 second and 6-9 knots till noon. Add 10 knots to that estimate and double the swell at half the time, sloppy. We managed a few nice...
  228. blowncar

    Gamefisher charter Ensenada

    Mike is great at his job I've even hired him to take us out in my boat. They leave early and come back late so you get a real full day of fishing rather than a boat ride.
  229. blowncar

    Port Authority Check In ????

    Make sure you get your mexico departure paperwork taken care of at Coral marina on your way home.
  230. blowncar

    Repowering a 27 Jupiter in Los Cabos area

    I'm sure he could schedule a day if needed. I had a 2950 proline that i got tired of waiting to have worked on in plc/sergio. I called him and he came with his truck and towed it up to La Paz for $180. He did the things i wanted addressed for less than 1/2 of my local "quote" in 4 days and that...
  231. blowncar

    Repowering a 27 Jupiter in Los Cabos area

    Run don't walk away from PLC marine group. When I had my boat in their storage my guy who cleaned it and ran the motors every month or so called me to say one of my power tilts stopped working. I asked the marina to look at it. They billed 2 hours and gave me a report/estimate that the entire...
  232. blowncar

    maz yesterday

    Well you cant buy live bait except there is a guy you can order live shrimp from if you are looking to bottom fish. I am told you can make bait at a few spots but we haven't invested the time as its been a long ride offshore to the grounds.
  233. blowncar

    maz yesterday

    OKay, now if i claimed 30-50lbs dorados I would have posted pics for sure. I hope i can be trusted on fishing claims of small and medium fish. :)
  234. blowncar

    maz yesterday

    Took the boat out, flat seas and beautiful weather. Fishing has been 24-35 miles off shore so we had a bit of a cruise. Picked up a 20lb dorado early and a double dodo hook up 14/10 a bit later. Too bad we didn't have some live bait as a few bigger dodos came to the boat as we reeled the pair...
  235. blowncar

    Need Detroit diesel mechanic

    This post deserves a second. Glenn is awesome and very skilled. He also has a good selection of harder to find dd parts as well. Call him, do it now! :)
  236. blowncar

    Maz; fishing turns into catching

    With a favorable weather/sea report and recent catches of yellowfins by a few locals we decided to head out yesterday morning. Reports had tuna 25-35 miles out. The weather was great low 70s with slight breeze. Ocean was water ski flat 5 miles offshore. We worked our way out to about 35 miles...
  237. blowncar


    I've been traveling up and down baja since 1985, almost always driving it. Last 5 years i've had a boat in country. I have pretty much lost interest in driving into baja past ensenada. The trash is strewn everywhere, price gouging at all marinas south of ensenada, dirty cops etc. I do enjoy the...
  238. blowncar

    2019 FIRST SUPER COW!!

    Okay I'm ready to fuel up and pull out of Mazatlan tonite. Please provide me location and bait to use :-):-):-):jig::cheers: great job guys
  239. blowncar

    WTB 50a 125v shore power cord

    Looking for a 25ft or longer 50 amp, 125 volt power cord. pm please thanks
  240. blowncar

    Epic Magdalena Bay trip on the Mi Novia

    Chris is a monster on the reel, nice work!!
  241. blowncar

    fishing areas around mazatlan

    Already caught trophy :)
  242. blowncar

    fishing areas around mazatlan

    Crossing from Cabo to Mazatlan this weekend, should be offshore mazatlan about 20 miles at day break. I can't find any info on banks or good fishing areas, any suggestions? Might as well fish half day before pulling in.
  243. blowncar

    Sjdc headed out Monday have room

    Just a few more days, waiting for better weather to cross over to mazatlan. It has been pretty windy here and when it has been nice, fishing hasn't been very productive. However, Cabo has been off the hook.
  244. blowncar

    Sjdc headed out Monday have room

    we went out today and it was almost lake conditions around the Imen bank. only 1 20lb dorado though. i saw a big big dorado come through the pattern and nail our ballyhoo, unlucky not to hook it. Neighbor in a 30+ gradywhite went to the finger, they got 25 marlin on bait.
  245. blowncar

    Sjdc headed out Monday have room

    Anybody around wanting to fish Monday?
  246. blowncar

    What’s up San Jose Del Cabo?

    My friend who is 4 slips down ran a large center console from jsdc marina to finger yesterday. They landed 25 striped marlin in half day. Could have had more but they had a guy on board fly fishing for them as well.
  247. blowncar

    What’s up San Jose Del Cabo?

    i am parked on c dock in plc, today was breezy. I fished 2 days ago out to the iman bank nothing really happening, went in closer to shore got a nice rooster and some bottom fish. Saw a 225 black hanging up a couple days ago and a big tuna 250+. we are going out wed if weather is nice and use...
  248. blowncar

    Mex a car/FOX rent a car Los Cabos Scam

    Chris I've used Uber 4x this week in sjdc. Nice little cars, good AC and every driver has been super friendly. I had to do some running around so I asked them to take me off the Uber clock and I'd pay them without them paying commission. Couldn't catch in the marina but a 13.5 peso bus ride into...
  249. blowncar

    WTB pair of bent butt rods

    We just pulled into Cabo wish I'd heard from you earlier. Thanks
  250. blowncar

    Need Ensenada Update !!!!

    banda bank still holding some yellowtails. bonita on san miguel reef. xraps and dorado colored rapalas did it for us.
  251. blowncar

    For Sale Allison M (L) 20 transmission

    Running take out off my boat, case had corrosion at the canister filter boss and needed a patch. It was running fine at the time and upon removal the transmission internals look great. $1800 can deliver to so cal. Will take fishing gear in trade as well. thanks 559-901 24 eight2
  252. blowncar

    WTB pair of bent butt rods

    If I cant find locally I plan on going with Pinnacles lot of rod for the money.
  253. blowncar

    WTB pair of bent butt rods

    looking for a matched set if i can find or 2 singles 80lb up 130lb. Not interested in super hi end just a good solid set. thanks pm please yes i have cash
  254. blowncar

    Boat Pictures

    42 Chriscraft sportfisher cruising Baja
  255. blowncar

    TRADE quality stuff wts/wtt

    It is for diesel, sorry should have put that in ad.
  256. blowncar

    TRADE quality stuff wts/wtt

    All gone......... thanks
  257. blowncar

    need part drop off spot in SD

    handled, thanks
  258. blowncar

    need part drop off spot in SD

    looking for a BD'r to lend a hand. sitting on my boat in Ensenada and making a parts list. Nothing big or shady just zincs , overhead rod rack etc. most of the stuff i need to order and have shipped. after everything comes in i could drive up and pick it up. favor is good for a free marlin...
  259. blowncar

    For Sale 42' chris craft tournament sport fish

    I have a 1980 CC sf and it is one tough boat, heavy build. They handle rough water well. yours is layed out differently and you have an inside station. great set up for coldwater sportfishing. Your gph number is per engine correct? GLWS
  260. blowncar

    Mexican License Fees

    Bought mine today from Discover Baja. Face value cost $46.20 and they tacked on an extra $9 for their fee.
  261. blowncar

    Cost of Diesel in Baja

    You can get diesel in bahia asucion for about $1 over pump price. They will panga it out to you.
  262. blowncar

    Expired Transderm Scop patches

    My buddy turned me on to (Ariel tdds) patches on ebay. He says they have worked great for guest on his boat. They run about $2 each. Apparently scopolamine like the name brand ones. Got a box coming to try out
  263. blowncar

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Glad everyone ended up safe. Now that's said i find the heat directed to the Salvage Captain to be pretty unreasonable. Maybe he could have done a few things more technically correct but jeez some of the crying is over the top. That boat was lost to the owner when they stepped off it. I mean...
  264. blowncar

    Curious, marina questions PV

    Leaving 2nd week of November
  265. blowncar

    I am bringing my boat down in early November and would like to get some diesel fuel from you...

    I am bringing my boat down in early November and would like to get some diesel fuel from you. Probably 200 gallons, is that doable? Also how is the anchorage 42 ft boat, if we want to hotel it a night or two?
  266. blowncar

    Little bit of a Craigslist Nightmare... Asking for a little advice please.

    My first new boat was an 1987 18ft marlin center console. I abused that little boat, when you are 23 its fun to go fast all the time. It rode great and was a solid build but not nearly has heavy built as Sea Ox and Makos of that same time period.
  267. blowncar

    Curious, marina questions PV

    Thanks Chris, maybe we will catch a bus or flight from Mazatlan and visit with you guys before you head to CR.
  268. blowncar

    Curious, marina questions PV

    Okay I've been reading about saltwater crocs in PV. If they are in the harbor who in the heck is getting in to the water to clean the bottoms of the boats? Also can I get some feedback/ratings on the local marinas? If we were wanting to to stay 5-6 months on or boat what's the best choices? Thanks
  269. blowncar

    Educate me about February in Cabo

    Mid hi 70's 68 at night. Yellowfins will be around, sierra's too.
  270. blowncar

    Are you fnn kidding me?

    From what I read you cant have a wood pellet grill in Lacy and Tumwater either
  271. blowncar

    Are you fnn kidding me?

    Just saw a notice up at the Ocean Shores post office. Seems whoever is in control of fire restrictions has made it illegal to use charcoal in your BBQ at your own home. I thought it was just poorly written but upon checking with the local fire department and the Greys harbor fire captains...
  272. blowncar

    Kite on downrigger?

    Looked it up. Retrieves 200ft per minute pulling 15lbs , tad faster with less drag.
  273. blowncar

    Kite on downrigger?

    About $700 faster Lol. Actually I think if I can add some material to the spool to make the diameter larger, then spool on the braid it would be fast enough. Wasn't too concerned about speed as I can just hit retrieve and not have to mess with it till its in.
  274. blowncar

    Kite on downrigger?

    I have an electric programmable downrigger. I am consider spooling it up with some braid and flying the kite off of it, anyone else doing it? Rather not have to spend $$$ for a dedicated electric reel.
  275. blowncar

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    I wasn't talking about you fishy, I was referring to the sellers actions.
  276. blowncar

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    Wow interesting sales approach. I know we aren't supposed to knock someone's ad/pricing so I will not comment on value. I do however think its totally unacceptable and lacking in the spirit of BD and its members to pull this stunt. I bought my last 2 boats from the same BD member. Everything...
  277. blowncar

    Fuel prices on the water from here to Magdelena

    When are you going? I may be able to loan you my 200 gallon bladder.
  278. blowncar

    7 day to Mazatlan need 1 maybe 2

    Leaving Ensenada last week of November headed to Mazatlan with experienced Mexican delivery captain. So far its captain plus me and wife in well outfitted 42sf. Plan on running straight through but if fishing is good at magbay we might layover a day or so. Looking for experienced fisherman who...
  279. blowncar

    50 gallon ATL fuel bladder

    Too good of a deal to pass on, I will take it. Thanks Eric
  280. blowncar

    50 gallon ATL fuel bladder

    That is a really good price someone should snag this. I just picked up a 200 gallon bladder or i would own this one by now.
  281. blowncar

    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    Yes I have plenty of regular lifevest on board to cover all sizes so these are for the times as described above. I see a ton on eBay but good to know about the offshore rating . I will definitely get that rating.
  282. blowncar

    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    Thinking about adding a few to the boat. I want whoever is going to the bow while underway to always have one on and anyone on deck when running at night. What brands and models do you suggest?
  283. blowncar

    Smoking Fourstroke Kicker - Should I buy?

    It might work for the tiny one on top??
  284. blowncar

    Smoking Fourstroke Kicker - Should I buy?

    Pm sent on Honda kicker.
  285. blowncar

    Mini 14 for gear

    $650 with all the extras. 511 tactical bag , mags etc
  286. blowncar

    Mini 14 for gear

    Have a nice mini, wood stock, tripod, scope , tactical case and about 8 magazines. Looking for a 4-6 person liferaft and a 4-9 Hp 4 stroke outboard for my dingy. Would consider trades for Avets and Accurates as well. Cash up or down, thanks
  287. blowncar

    Dorado Shoot Out

    Sorry to hear that you guys didn't get what you paid for, thanks for sharing though.
  288. blowncar

    SOLD 2009 68' Little Hoquiam Long Range Yachtfisher - Sold in Just 53 Days

    I want it but wife doesn't like the interior. Anyone have an easier going wife??
  289. blowncar

    Ensenada offshore report?

    Go with Mike on the Gamefisher. Fair price, great platform to fish from. I've hired him to run my boat before, put us on great fishing and had a guy at the dock to fillet and clean up.
  290. blowncar

    WTB para tech

    Pretty sure that's a bit small for us but thanks.
  291. blowncar

    Best Shipyard in Southern CA

    I had shelter island do my 42sf bottom last fall. Very good price, no up sale attempts, done on time and a good amount of photos (before/during/after).
  292. blowncar

    Yacht transport

    I have a great Mexican Captain contact that moves boats from panama to the US throughout the year. He and his mate are very affordable. Pm and I can share his number and he can give you great insight on what's involved.
  293. blowncar

    Black Bart/ Moldcraft/ Pakula/ Big Game Lure Package

    I would like the black Barts, I have too many moldcrafts already. Please give me a pm if you would separate. Thanks
  294. blowncar

    SOLD 2 SDS 50 Avets. Both in great shape

    Actually that's a great deal, if I didn't have too many already I would be all over this. Glws
  295. blowncar

    SOLD 2 speed lever drag reels-proto type

    Got mine today and I am impressed. The quality of finish and tolerances are great. Free spool is very nice. By inspection alone I put it up there with my avets and pretty close to my accurate 665. Hopefully we can test it on some tunas soon and really find out if its got the goods. Thanks for...
  296. blowncar

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Had 2 of my wife's cousins join us in SJDC for a day of fishing. Told them night before bomine or similar. Headed out and it was a bit swellie but no wind chop. Start chumming for tuna on Gordo banks and within minutes was hooked up. By now 20 minutes from breakwater they are both throwing up...
  297. blowncar

    SOLD 2 speed lever drag reels-proto type

    Nice talking with you, payment for larger reel is on the way.
  298. blowncar

    Baja Adventure Co. Fishing Reports

    Welcome, where is the fish repot? :)
  299. blowncar

    Stand up fighting harness / plate

    I will take seconds if first offer doesn't work out.
  300. blowncar

    WTB para tech

    Looking for para tech or similar for 42 35k sportfisher. Thanks
  301. blowncar

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    I canceled 1 on my first Mexico boat by simply surrendering it to the LaPaz port captains office. As stated above I got my buddy/prevoius owners canceled the hard way in Ensenada. Since its a trailer boat I doubt he checked out with Hotel Corral harbor master last time it was in Mexico. I...
  302. blowncar

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Make sure he cancels the tip before purchase. I purchased my boat from a friend who had a current tip, nightmare to fix. I listened to discover baja and brought down my bill of sale and new coast guard doc to port captain in ensenada in order to cancel his and get my new one. Bill of sale and cg...
  303. blowncar

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    Yes and it was a big hassle. Couple questions first. Is it your own tip or did you buy a boat with an existing tip?
  304. blowncar

    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    If you are in SoCal just make a quick trip down to Ensenada with your paperwork. The whole process at the port captains office takes 1 hour at most provided you brought the required information. Uber from border and return is about $120 or take the bus for $12
  305. blowncar

    Vonny fleet Ensenada price

    Not sure when you plan on coming but the wind will not stop, blowing 20+ all day with big gust . Forecast looks like same pattern for several days.
  306. blowncar

    Ensenada Trip Advice

    They are not on the Banda bank for bft they are 55-65 miles off shore. It's been windy and very unfishy past 10 days. We may run out to chase bft Monday
  307. blowncar

    Ensenada Trip Advice

    What days are you coming? I have a 42ft sportfisher in crusieport and if we are still here and the weather is good we could probably hook you up. I would also suggest you contact Mike on the Gamefisher 48 sportfisher yacht. He is a charter in cruiseport , English speaking with great deckhand...
  308. blowncar

    Fishing in san carlos 6/15-6/22

    Okay , not known as great marlin area but any spot can get hot. Sailfish used to be good, yellowtail hot and cold, bottom fishing almost non existent. Again check out their own local forum pages the place is dying. Last visit there you just see shrimper after shrimper going in and out of guymas...
  309. blowncar

    Fishing in san carlos 6/15-6/22

    Fishing has been pretty poor over there the past 2 years. Its a great little town with fantastic and inexpensive restaurants. Google San Carlos forum and you can see the fishing reports for yourself.
  310. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Will do , unfortunately we will be fishing the month of may in Mexico for bluefin tuna and returning June 1 to Washington.
  311. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Of course it is. I mean I won't pay for your flight down of course but going out is no problem.
  312. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Well we decided on OS and close on our home end of May. Thanks for the feedback. Now I just need to buddy up with someone to fish with. Take me ling and crab fishing and I will take you marlin and tuna fishing in Mexico.
  313. blowncar

    Revere Coastal Commander 6 person life raft and mount

    Can you pm me a contact number? Maybe we can put together a deal. Thanks
  314. blowncar

    Quick Quepos Report

    Awesome Chris
  315. blowncar

    WTB boat fenders and covers

    Looking for a few fenders for 42' boat. Would like covers too. Thanks James
  316. blowncar

    Product testers wanted

    I'm interested, we will be fishing in Ensenada the next few months. I think they could work on yellowtail and dorado. I've caught nice yellowfin on hoochies alone, the attractor might entice more action. Anyone try trolling at 6-7knots yet?
  317. blowncar

    your go to trolling lures

    Purple , red and black jet head with ballyhoo tucked up under the skirt.
  318. blowncar

    Boat Loan Advice

    I used sofi. They will loan up to 100k unsecured loan so you have title. My rate was pretty good, no appraisal bs, don't have to carry full coverage insurance if you don't want to.
  319. blowncar

    How did you last get Spooled?

    Years ago fishing the back of Morro Bay at night. Me and a few buddies were drinking beer and catching bat rays. I had landed an 80 lb ray on Penn 6/0 with 60 dacron after a 1/4 spool run and quick fight. An hour later I get hit on same set up. We were only in 10 feet of water. First little run...
  320. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    I had an interesting and fun trip. Thanks to Chuck for taking me around OS I appreciated that. Saw Westport, enough said. Aberdeen wasn't bad and a few homes that we looked at on the hill above seemed to be great values. Hoquiam, something Westport can feel good about. Ocean shores was a nice...
  321. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    When we were at Everett the weather was amazing and she liked the harbor area. I want no part of the big city crap. We wont be bringing the boat up as the fuel bill would exceed what ever i would spend locally on charters. We will hit Vancouver and some cities on our way up. Thanks again.
  322. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Yes I want no part of the Seattle life style bs. I have a good stock of noise makers already. My wife loved Everett when we were looking at boats up there but not interested in spending that kind of money for a house that's going to see use 6 months a year. We would rather use the saved $$ to...
  323. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    My main goal is to have a modest home that we can live in April-October. The rest of the year we will spend in California with our kids and on our boat in Mexico. I am tired of paying state income tax. The savings would be enough to cover the monthly mortgage of a home in Washington. I am...
  324. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Interested in possibly getting a summer home near the ocean. Prices seem pretty affordable. How would you rate Westport Ocean shores Aberdeen Hoguiam Any other nearby places to check out? Thanks
  325. blowncar

    Tuna Charter

    Will do, called last week and they had a slip for us.
  326. blowncar

    Tuna Charter

    Well I'm from Star Idaho so were neighbors. We are considering bringing up our 42sportfisher and putting in at Westport for the summer.
  327. blowncar

    Another "need advice on gear thread" for Baja thread.

    There's another tackle shop Ferrea Mar (spelling) in town. Less expensive but they don't carry as many lures as Jensen's but they have what you'll need.
  328. blowncar

    Brass questions

    Yes and no. When the brass is reformed it will be fine, the case isn't going to blow out the side. That said 223 brass is so cheap if you don't like the looks of it for any reason trashcan it.
  329. blowncar

    Wahoo stuff

    I will take it. Please pm me your PayPal info. Thanks
  330. blowncar

    Rock fishing Ensenada

    We went out to Punta Banda yesterday on my boat. No yellowtails but we killed it on red snapper and whitefish. Weather has been great and no one else was on the bank.
  331. blowncar

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    So a rod in "new condition" you are selling for $300 is worth in your eyes no less than $250 when it fact it is in severely f'd up condition. The fact that the buyer was only asking for a third off was very nice on his part. You sir, lack honor. You'll never sell an item on this board again...
  332. blowncar

    Taxi or Car Rental

    Yes they have Uber. Substantial cheaper than US. Usually a nice car as well. For a day trip it would be a great option. Standby time isn't much, if your Spanish isn't great you're covered there too. Want to kill some beers with lunch , no worries.
  333. blowncar

    Registering Mexican panga in Mexico

    Ask this question on the San Carlos Mexico forum, you'll get the correct info.
  334. blowncar

    Puerto Los Cabos - San Jose Del Cabo - Launch Info needed

    Last time I was there it was $15. Only problem is its not practical for single day use. You'd be hard pressed to get launched by 830 and you'd need to be out by 300pm. Saturday service might be less reliable, Sunday they are closed. You wouldn't be able to tie up to their docks overnight either...
  335. blowncar

    WTB Onan mdjf parts

    Looking mainly for coolant pump and raw water pump. Thanks
  336. blowncar

    WTB reverse y power adapter

    I need an adapter, 2 30 amp dockside plugs to a single 125/ 250 plug. James 559 901 2482 or pm. Thanks
  337. blowncar

    Ensenada Surveyor Recomendation?

    I am a dock across from where the boat you are looking at is parked. On Monday I will do some leg work for you . Tomorrow yellowtail hunting
  338. blowncar

    2006 61' Viking $995,000 - SOLD!

    Pretty sure she'll be gone before Christmas
  339. blowncar

    Simple question

    I collect S&W N frames, 357mag, 41mag and 44s. I even have a SW 500 in 4 inch. I also like 1911 style 45s. Last year I picked up a SW 44 scandium frame. This gun is so light weight it has brutal recoil with 44 mag loads. I changed it to x frame grips and load with 44 specials. Now its a joy to...
  340. blowncar

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    I had the worst luck with getting work done on my Mercury's. Only 1 guy in cabo/sjdc , Sergio. So many wasted days. Ended up having it fixed at Pingos in Lapaz at 75% less. Seems Suzuki has decent service and parts. Not many 2 strokes on the locals boats mostly Suzuki, Honda and yamaha 4 strokes.
  341. blowncar

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    Almost forgot if lapaz is an option i stored my 30ft at Pingos marine for $80 a month plus $15 for a wash. When I came down to use he would launch us for $20. Yard is a few blocks away from ramp. Yard has high fences with razor wire cameras and yard dogs.
  342. blowncar

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    You could store it at the airport storage (anchor) . my buddy and I left our trucks down there and it was safe and fairly priced. They had a couple boats in the yard and and a guy washed them every 2 weeks for $15-20. Also my guides father has a large yard 2 blocks from the dry stack , $150...
  343. blowncar

    who wants to go 50/50

    Ummm, we're try to keep our dreams in the 1 million dollar zone
  344. blowncar

    Recommendations on San Jose fishing guides?

    When I had my boat there I used a few local fishing guides until I found the right guy. His name is Omar and is phone is 011-52-1-624 171 2046. He lives a half mile from the dry stack. This guy is as honest as they come, takes great care of your equipment , always on time, speaks good English...
  345. blowncar

    who wants to go 50/50

    Unless you have about 57 extra kidneys that's not going to work.
  346. blowncar

    Dry boat storage in Cabo San Lucas

    Don't have a direct number to share but a mid 20s boat won't be tough to store. There are many storage yards around. Best to slip it the weeks /months you are there and when gone store on the trailer. I had a 30 ft boat in the dry stack for 3 years and can't recommend it anymore. Almost $600 a...
  347. blowncar

    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    I own a 42 sportfisher and she is slipped in SD. Slip is $895, boat bottom cleaning is $85 per service (16-18x), a couple bucks for elecrtricty , insurance $120 a month and $40for parking pass. Assuming that you are keeping it clean and not paying someone else that's the minimum it cost for it...
  348. blowncar

    Another "need advice on gear thread" for Baja thread.

    Ok you asked for advice but seems you want to go to LaPaz and take a bunch of rods. While there are no guarantees LaPaz at that time of year is likely to have windy conditions. Jonathan is a great guy and has great service but his charters are on the higher end. Any decent panga will have...
  349. blowncar

    Wtf is my engine doing?

    No that's a good indication your problem is before the engines. Both bulbs don't pump up? Can you connect a separate portable tank to the engine that cuts out?
  350. blowncar

    Another "need advice on gear thread" for Baja thread.

    Make it simple fish with Gordo banks pangs in SJDC 1 day and roll the dice for eastcape another. I wouldn't bother with rods especially since you aren't targeting big blue and black marlin. I would take some of your favortive reels loaded with 25, 40 and possible 60 lbs line. BRING fluro in 20...
  351. blowncar

    Wtf is my engine doing?

    Its a fuel delivery problem, a screen somewhere is clogged or you have an air leak. I'd check the line coming out of the tank and work towards the engines, bulbs etc.
  352. blowncar

    Dock /boarding steps

    Have a set of steps I no longer have a use for. Nice condition made of heavy fiberglass. $70 or trade for fishing tackle. Located in SD.
  353. blowncar

    The TIP tap dance,

    Sorry Gray but he wouldn't be able to assist unless you were there in person. I didn't end up having him "help" me. I think getting the coast guard inspection post sale if the previous owner can't supply an original mexico departure doc is the way to go.
  354. blowncar

    The TIP tap dance,

    No it was a rule/procedure book. What's funny is they have you do all this paperwork but they don't have an electronic system to archive or the ability to search within their system. The whole cancelling TIP and getting a new one after a sale is to ensure you don't sell the boat in Mexico...
  355. blowncar

    The TIP tap dance,

    Ts I think the Coast Guard inspection doc will be helpful as they asked me if I had one, sounds like they would accept it. They wouldn't except marina slip receipts. They did have a guy that they work with who does copies adjacent to their building. For an extra $125 he "thought" he could fix...
  356. blowncar

    The TIP tap dance,

    Went to Ensenada yesterday (by taxi) to get my boats TIP. I wanted to get it done before taking the boat to Cabo a few weeks from now and to avoid any snags that would delay us. Glad I did. Boat had an existing TIP that previous owner provided to me during the sell. I had my coast guard docs...
  357. blowncar

    Do I Need to Register a Documented Vessel in CA

    Trust me they ( sorry can't remember name but not franchise tax board) will send you a letter. Coast guard notifies them of the title transfer and sales price noted on document. You will get a notice to pay and they give you a month or so before steep penalty's apply. I was had just moved out of...
  358. blowncar

    Do I Need to Register a Documented Vessel in CA

    Of course you will have to pay the California use tax which is about 10% of purchase price.
  359. blowncar

    New tuna tubes

    T304 I plan on fresh water rinsing after use and will have them easy to remove for inside storage when not fishing.
  360. blowncar

    New tuna tubes

    They are a bit smaller. I followed the lead of another member who has successfully sorted out the plumbing for his. Velocity over sheer volume. They are going to Mexico to fish tuna this winter so we will know for sure one way or the other. I can easily weld a bigger nipple on if that's what...
  361. blowncar

    New tuna tubes

    Thanks for the kind words. I have them packed in my vehicle and leaving Idaho for SD tomorrow. Since pic was taken i added a shutoff valve in betweenthe tubes. To answer your questions. I can make them shorter no problem. They weigh about 12 lbs, I didn't want to go with thinner material...
  362. blowncar

    Flat falls 250g Glow

    Got mine today, almost to pretty to fish with, almost
  363. blowncar

    Osuna's backyard

    Closer to Mazatlan then PV?
  364. blowncar

    9.9 Mariner outboard SOLD

    Still available?
  365. blowncar

    Any fishing reports for Puerto Los Cabos?

    Great, I miss fishing with him. I will be there 12/1 with the new boat.
  366. blowncar

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Got mine, thanks.
  367. blowncar

    Any fishing reports for Puerto Los Cabos?

    Check Gordo bank pangas website. They update it weekly with their catch report.
  368. blowncar

    Kicker motor ?

    By all means put the kicker on it. All major manufactures seem to make a good 8-10 Hp kicker. Let the kicker do the work and save the big engine hours and hours of idling time.
  369. blowncar

    Help planning a Pacific Baja itinerary

    Which LaPaz marina are you going to slip it in? Already got your reservations? We considered LaPaz because we enjoy the town but fishing there hasn't been all that good past few years. I wish La Riberva (spelling) was open.
  370. blowncar

    Help planning a Pacific Baja itinerary

    42 Chriscraft sportfisher. We will be carrying 660 gallons when pulling out. Boat gets close to 2/1 @7 knots.
  371. blowncar

    Help planning a Pacific Baja itinerary

    We are leaving 11/23 from SD headed to Mazatlan. We will hit Ensenada first day, get checked in and get new TIP. We will then load up with ice and beef ( not supposed to bring from US) and plan to leave 3-4am so we can hit cedros 28-30 hours later. Maybe we can buddy boat it?
  372. blowncar

    Dream boats

    38 Fountain Sportfish. 40+ cruise getting better then 1/1 , able to haul ass in nasty stuff. Trailerable and attracts hot girls
  373. blowncar

    Dredge/ teasers

    More interested in fish attractor/ teaser to start. Thought I'd run it off a corner attached to the downrigger. I picked up a set of 10 purple/black 9in squids going to try it and see what happens.
  374. blowncar

    ATL Fuel Bladder

    Where are you located?
  375. blowncar

    Dredge/ teasers

    Looking to add some dredges to the arsenal. What seems to work, squids, ballyhoo, the tuna flip flaps? Colors? Thanks
  376. blowncar

    New tuna tubes

  377. blowncar

    Quick Report CR FADs

    SD to Ensenada November 4th, Ensenada to Cabo November 22nd if weather window is good.
  378. blowncar

    Quick Report CR FADs

    Chris can I get some info on the teasers and dredges you are running? Thanks
  379. blowncar

    New tuna tubes

    I got tired of trying to buy a used set of tuna tubes, not cheap but I couldn't stand to pay $700 plus for a new pair of kodiaks. They don't look that nice and certainly seem overpriced for what they are. Decided to make my own complete with mounting and plumbing for what a pair of plastic...
  380. blowncar

    What kind of boat to buy for cruising a bit and fishing more....

    I like lapaz it has a lot to offer. So you want to live on land and own a boat big enough to spend a couple days at a time on correct? If you keep it in a marina expect to pay $15-18ft per month. I had a pro line 2950 with 225 outboards and it could do what your asking. It can be stored in...
  381. blowncar

    Jersey Boats??

    There was one listed on CL in San Luis Obsipo with Cummins 6bs for around 40k
  382. blowncar

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    Fishing off Morro Bay in my boat. Dropping frozen anchovies in 60ft for rockfish. Nice bite but fish doesn't fight like a ling, starts taking line and coming to surface. Takes me around boat 3 times. Suddenly buddy yells its "silver" what????? Then it breaks the water and its a 28lb salmon...
  383. blowncar

    Colt sniper questions

    Thanks for the feedback, bought a dozen.
  384. blowncar

    Colt sniper questions

    I'm going to have to buy them on line, what's the correct name for these jigs? These aren't the flat falls are they?
  385. blowncar

    Colt sniper questions

    I have read a lot if reports of people catching tuna on these jigs. However I am not familiar with them at all. I will be fishing in cabo/ mazatalan area for yellowfin /amberjacks and white bonito. Jigging is usually 75 -200ft down. What would be a good assortment to start off with?
  386. blowncar

    Cabo Advise

    If a 31 Bertram works for you don't pass up going out on the "Fin Addict".
  387. blowncar

    SOLD Reels - Avet EX 50 / 2 SDS, Shimano TLDII 30 & 50 PRICE DROPS

    The pro EXW 40/2 was in mint condition and shipped immediately, great seller.
  388. blowncar

    East Cape & Gordo Banks fishing

    I haven't been their lately but fished there a lot and recently spoke with my guide who lives in La Playita. Bring the larger raps in mackerel and dorado patterns, may want steel leader if wahoos are biting. Definitely bring marauders orange with black back is best producer , then red or...
  389. blowncar

    Striped Marlin for sale?? WTH?

    I live outside Boise Idaho and went to my local Winco (like Food 4 Less) today. Passing by Seafood counter and I see that they are selling striped marlin for $12.98 lbs. Since when are they selling Marlin? At that price it makes a pretty good deal for whoever is catching them, only encouraging...
  390. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    No doubt, I've used him before and he is always in demand.
  391. blowncar

    Need ac's serviced

    Looking for someone who can come to the boat in SD and service the Ac units. I believe they just need to recharged but want to make sure there are no other issues. Thanks
  392. blowncar

    Need sd card for baja/cabo/mazatlan

    Thanks guys as luck would have it WM just put that chip on sale for $139, saved $50 while waiting for feedback. Thanks
  393. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    Its really none of your business is it?
  394. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    Sure if he ever answers.
  395. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    42 chriscraft tournament sportfish 6v92s, in SD across from airport. Bought it a month ago. Survey came out perfect and we just completed a 150nm fishing trip last week with no issues.
  396. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    November 1 or so. I have a date at baja naval for bottom paint. Have passport , mexico insurance, fishing license, fmm. Boat has previous TIP so I can't get one on line , I have to return old one then get new.
  397. blowncar

    Need sd card for baja/cabo/mazatlan

    I have an Simrad EVO 2 and I am headed south this winter. It doesn't look what's loaded on it has detail much south of SD. What do i need? I see that navionics has a sd card Msd 644p that looks like it covers the right areas. Any other options? Thanks
  398. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    If wrong forum sorry about that. I need a Captain to help me move my sporty to Ensenada. Leave late night arrive in am and grab shuttle back to SD. Boat is rock solid with all safety gear on board and in great shape. Pm please. Thanks
  399. blowncar

    For Sale Calcutta gaffs! These make awesome Christmas gifts! Many sizes available! Beautiful Turkshead Knots!

    Just gotta say thanks for the gaff. It is a work of art and the price was right!
  400. blowncar

    Saw a big fish today, he was hungry.

    Sent 2 videos to Jason, quality is so so but you can see he wasn't a baby.
  401. blowncar

    Saw a big fish today, he was hungry.

    About 35 northwest of SD harbor we saw something odd on the water. As we got closer it looked like a very big sea lion had given up the ghost and was floating. About that time we saw Mr. Ghost appear and claim a couple really big pieces of meat. As we got within 100 feet he began his patrol...
  402. blowncar

    Headed out at 10 tonight from sd

    Need 1 guy, 42ft sporty. Going 40 out or so. Be back to dock by 6pm Saturday . non smoker. Pm thanks
  403. blowncar

    Honda 7.5 4 stroke short shaft for parts.

    Picked this up for my kicker. Put new impeller in and went through carb . Unfortunately seller forgot to mention he had ran it with completely shot impeller and cracked block. My loss maybe somebody can gain. I am going to part it out if anyone needs pieces . pm what items you might need, thanks.
  404. blowncar

    Avet sx and mxj

    You've got a deal
  405. blowncar

    WTB Tuna Tubes

    I need a set as well, Mr cash ready to buy.
  406. blowncar

    Avet sx and mxj

    Will you will ship usps flat rate box?
  407. blowncar

    Looking for a bunch of mexico going ho's

    Well our plan is to leave Ensenada November 21 and get to Mazatlan before December 1. We will be in Marina Mazatlan. We are staying about 3 months. We anticipate fishing 2-3 days a week on our own but if we had some folks who wanted to go and understand that these boats use some fuel we could...
  408. blowncar

    Coming to Mazatlan need some boating info.

    Sounds good won't need a fuel tanker for a tender.
  409. blowncar

    Looking for a bunch of mexico going ho's

    Taking our 42 ft sportfisher down to Mazatlan this winter. Wouldn't mind adding a few ho's every now and then to help cover the cost. We have plenty of tackle on board so no need to bring anything provided you treat it properly. Fair share would be a lot less than a charter. Couple drinks =...
  410. blowncar

    Coming to Mazatlan need some boating info.

    Closed the deal on my new (to me) 42 sportfisher. We plan on coming down last week of November. I have a small arsenal of tackle but no kite or tuna tubes yet. I've been fishing San Jose Del cabo past few years in smaller boat but want to try something new. So I have a few questions. Marina...
  411. blowncar

    Wtb killbag for the skiff

    Ebay is your friend here. I just purchased a 22×60 highly rated bag for 125 delivered. Of course smaller bags were a lot less. When you value new over used plus no driving around to pick it up i don't think you can get a better deal. GL
  412. blowncar

    Buying a boat takes longer than expected so I was unable to stop by. We will back in a week to...

    Buying a boat takes longer than expected so I was unable to stop by. We will back in a week to take possession so if you still have them maybe we can stop by. Would you be interested in a trade for pistol?
  413. blowncar

    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    Headed to Cabo/Mazatlan in November
  414. blowncar

    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    Move along nothing to see here anymore, between visa gift cards, Applebee's store credit, foodstamps and some cash we got it done. Second boat I bought from Jake, you can't go wrong working with someone as honest as this guy. Thanks Jake!
  415. blowncar


    Worked out after all , thanks for the good deals.
  416. blowncar


    Where are you located? Would like to work this out.
  417. blowncar

    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    See you Saturday , bringing amex black card.
  418. blowncar

    Tuna tubes for sale

    Did you ever sell these?
  419. blowncar

    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    I got dibs on this boat
  420. blowncar

    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    Can you take Paypal?
  421. blowncar

    Bertram 38III Convertible $69,900

    Bound to get an offer soon I expect.
  422. blowncar

    Bertram 38III Convertible $69,900

    Pics of engine compartment please. Also will this boat hit rated rpm in gear? Do you have maintenance records and oil samples?
  423. blowncar

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Great news glad you got her down without any real problems. Just the 2 of you? Wow must have a tough girl
  424. blowncar

    For Sale: Marlin Lures

    Are the skirts in good shape, not sticky?
  425. blowncar

    Anyone on board do AC installs?

    Been looking at 2 36ft sportfishers neither has AC. Both have big enough generators to run 1-2 AC's. Boat will be going to live in Cabo /Lapaz area and wife demands a cold cabin to sleep and cool one during the fishing day. I see the kits for sale and they don't seem too pricey. What would be...
  426. blowncar

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Well according to yachtworld i can still buy yours ;) I will travel back to Florida late in the year to look at some bigger expresses with outboards . However there is a 36 and 41 pacifica in socal that have caught my interest.
  427. blowncar

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    I lived in Morro Bay for several years and fished there in my 20 cc. AVOID going into the harbor unless its a flat day , especially since you haven't been in/out of there before. In 4-6 seas and an outgoing tide a big boat (slow) can get caught in a bigger than expected set. In a quick boat you...
  428. blowncar

    Advice on selling small collection of 9 rifles/ shotguns

    Don't consign you give up 20% or better. Don't bundle either if you want full value. Join gunbroker and list individually, take good pictures. GB is real simple to use. Your biggest hassle will be shipping. If you have quality firearms you'll get good money but if you have 2nd tier stuff...
  429. blowncar

    Loreto in June - Pangas Prices etc

    The pangas are pretty much the same. Most have a shade cover and are like 22ft but not fancy like most super pangas you see.
  430. blowncar

    Loreto in June - Pangas Prices etc

    Average price $225 , you can bargain some. Last time down I simply went down to the marina and talked with people returning. Pretty easy to find someone who speaks some English and has a good rep.
  431. blowncar

    Survey provided by broker

    Jake we missed you as we passed through socal. We are in San Carlos now. If the timing works out we might take your boat off your hands. Couldn't have asked for a better experience then buying your previous boat
  432. blowncar

    Survey provided by broker

    I was looking at this same boat online but since you had an offer in i passed on inspecting it in person. After your deal went away the broker recontacted me. Told me boat had no issues. I asked him about blisters and failing engine survey. He told me it didn't fail and that your engine guy was...
  433. blowncar

    San Jose del cabo

    Between several stores you should be able to get some. You want calamari fillets not just squid. They sell it in big slabs 15 lbs a day should do the trick.
  434. blowncar

    San Jose del cabo

    Buy your weights at Ferrea Mar in town, cheaper get some hooks there to and leave with your captain when you leave. Pink flouro 30lbs. Bring your yozuris purple and orange for possible wahoo.If tuna are around you might want to buy a slab of calamari at Walmart/mega in town.
  435. blowncar

    cabo report!.....TUNA

    I've been on this boat and the crew is a cut above!!
  436. blowncar

    Wow it looks like I am now Being threatend with violence lol

    Bitchtitties nothing but Bitchtitties here
  437. blowncar

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Yes Paul that would work. The 2 in and then out was enforced in the high season, pretty sure the rest of the time it is not an issue. I really liked the location and basic launch/storage service and their staff. I spent 3 years there. However there are some issues. Pm me if you'd like a little...
  438. blowncar

    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Expect to pay $16 a foot for dry storage only and a couple more bucks a foot if you use it. Early this year they went to a max 2 days in the water then you got to be out for 1 . But that 1 out is really more like two days since you can't get launched before 9ish on the second day. I was paying...
  439. blowncar

    Delivery/ fishing captain to cabo recommendations?

    Yep having the boat might help. Just trying to put some dollar figures in my head. Figure 600 gallons of fuel or so. Captain $300-500 day. Have also seen the figure of $3 per nautical mile ? Comparing cost of buying a boat in California vs Texas where it seems you get more for your money. Truck...
  440. blowncar

    Delivery/ fishing captain to cabo recommendations?

    Still in the market for a new boat . Looking at 35 cabo express, 36 luhrs convertible or similar. Would like to find a few options on a delivery captain. Looking for someone to teach us as we go. Thanks
  441. blowncar

    Satellite tv on your boat?'s

    I know several of you have boats in Cabo, PV etc. I am wondering what type of satellite you are running and what service. I know there is a direct tv Latin and sky mexico? We are getting a larger boat with a salon and plan to stay 2-3 weeks at a time on it when we come down. I don't want to...
  442. blowncar

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    Yep that's the yellow boat I mentioned, sad for sure. The 10 people going down on a sailboat just 4 miles off cabo seemed bogus from the start.
  443. blowncar

    Missing charter boat out of Cabo

    Word I got is there are two situations going on. First the yellow boat was sold and was being relocated to lapaz . It has been missing for a few days. The second is a large sailboat broke off its mask and sank off cabo. This is the one that is reported as having made contact with port then lost...
  444. blowncar

    Best captian/operation to fish with out of San Jose Del Cabo

    I'm just a fisherman not a charter business. My boat is in LaPaz currently and is pending sea trial before sale. We are moving up to 34-38 footer later in 2016. My guide and his family are awesome, there are a lot of good guides in SJDC and you don't have to go with the two biggest operators...
  445. blowncar

    Best captian/operation to fish with out of San Jose Del Cabo

    I understand your point and getting less than you should for the money spent always sux ,, hopefully you'll have better luck next time out.
  446. blowncar

    Best captian/operation to fish with out of San Jose Del Cabo

    A marlin a day plus a few extras doesnt sound too horrible to me. I assume you fished right in front of Gordo point about 1/2mile off shore? I have found that most panga guides want to make sure the guest gets something hooked and would most likely pick a spot that is producing decent fishing...
  447. blowncar

    Best captian/operation to fish with out of San Jose Del Cabo

    I have a guide i use on my boat, Omar. He has 3 brothers and a father all of which are awesome to fish with. Good English and related to bait boat so we also get the best bait and no waiting. They can pick you up at airport and get you all set up.
  448. blowncar

    Which side of los cabos, Pacific or Cortez for this warmer water

    Sjdc is improving. We caught several tuna everyday with an 80lb best. Last day there after catching a few we tried the Iman bank. Had 1 big blind strike and double wahoo hits and landed a 40 lb. All within 20 minutes of trolling at 1230. If you want a panga the pacific was not for you last...
  449. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Loerto to Ensenada in one pull, made harder as tons of kids were near the roads from San Quentin on. Bonus ensenada is crazy on Halloween . crossed border and of course got slowest lane lol
  450. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Well life happens, we were really starting to get into the groove and we got a phone call. My wife's father suddenly became gravely ill. We booked her a flight for the next day but even that was too late. Of course she is heartbroken. Had to make some quick decisions and actions. Got the boat...
  451. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    45lb wahoo today plus tuna pompano and trigger, good day
  452. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Today was good. Hit punta gordo this morning and snagged a 30lb yellowfin and a 12 lbs. Had two wahoo or sierra strikes that cut through the floro. Decided to try inner gordo, good choice. Found some porpoise and slipped back a live bait that got hammered. 30 minutes later I got my biggest yf...
  453. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Yesterday was great. Decent fishing with a 45 lbs yft, amberjack and a huge trigger among the catch. Nice breeze with a little cloud cover and lower humidity. Hurricane showing no impact here, no swells or wind today.
  454. blowncar

    Cabo San Lucas Oct 14th and 15th

    Fished Monday out of cabo and went to golden gate area, very rough. Within 10 minutes of getting there we were in tunas. We put 18 on board in under 2 hours. Trolled back and added a striper. We had an awesome captain and mate on the Fin Addict and other boats were not doing as well. We caught 1...
  455. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Just got back from the fish cleaning stations in Puerto Los cabos. Good news the tuna are here again. 1 boat I talked to had limits of 25-30lbs caught off gordo point. We are going tomorrow, hopefully they will still be hungry tomorrow.
  456. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    What a difference a day makes. Got an invite to fish on the fin addict in cabo .We went before dawn and headed towards the golden gate. IT WAS ROUGH. REPEAT ROUGH. As a guest I was worried I might get sick although I haven't been in over 100 trips. Well I made it just fine and fishing was good...
  457. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Spent the day on a truly perfect Bertram today. Cruising for marlin only, scouting trip for Bisbee's. No luck other than a curious sailfish. It was flat calm today and you could have water skied if you wanted. Weird thing, I must have spotted 6 dead full size turtles today. Never seen more than...
  458. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    After too much sun yesterday and wife taking a pass i woke up and decided a good boat cleaning and organization morning would be a good choice over fishing today. New outrigger lines and clips, downrigger cable and some barkeepers friend on the stainless took up several hours. Now we are ready...
  459. blowncar

    Anyone want to fish jsdc tomorrow??

    Wife is taking the day off to shop,,, so I have plenty of room.
  460. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Okay made it this morning and boat was doing its part. Everyone was fishing off punta gordo and we managed a big skippy. A wahoo tore thru my florcarbon while waiting a tuna. The guy next to us hooked a big stripe marlin and it greyhounded 30 times at least on its first run. Decided to try inner...
  461. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Well,,, mechanic showed and had him service the lower ends and change plugs while he was at it. Boat in the water at 2pm and it wont steer. Apparently the seal gave out over the summer. MG all over it to help us get going and pull the boat out of the water and get two guys on it. Pull out of...
  462. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Thanks guys. I did get an email after closing hours that the mechanic will be there at 930am to finish, keeping the faith.
  463. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Well nothing good to report. We keep our boat at the Marine Group dry storage in SJDC. Before coming down they said it needed an injector service. Since I really don't have time to mess with it i authorized it. Boat was supposed to be ready last Thursday and in the water waiting. Flash to today...
  464. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Well rolled out of lapaz @ 730 and had breakfast at hotel California in todos santos. Rained the whole way. Continue to sjdc and raining even heavier. Not much to do so head down to la marina hotel for lunch and beers. Much improvements taking place. The road around marina is now cement...
  465. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Started our trip Thursday morning from Chula vista. Hit the border at 430 am and was able to get immigration paper work done within 5 minutes. Easy drive to Ensenada but takes forever to clear the area. No real travel issues and we make it to Santa Rosalia before sunset. First time actually...
  466. blowncar

    FIshing was really slow Cabo and SJD

    Wow that's not the news I was hoping for.We will be there Sunday and my boat is supposed to be at the dock and ready. We got 7 weeks to fish hopefully it will pick up. See you down there.
  467. blowncar

    Christmas in Cabo

    Striped marlin tuna and dorado
  468. blowncar

    1980 42' Chriscraft Tournament

    Take a smaller trade? We are going bigger.
  469. blowncar

    Little help / info please

    Sorry for posting in wrong forum. I only cruise to the fuel dock so I am looking at fishing only. Many years back i fished out of Morro Bay in a 20cc and I enjoyed rockfishing in 65-90 feet with live bait and a few trips for abbies when they were within 25 miles. My boat gets 1 to 1 @ 20mph...
  470. blowncar

    Little help / info please

    Considering bringing up my 30 sportfisher from cabo. Looking at leaving it in a slip in Washington during summer and fall. I live in Idaho and would come over and fish 2-3 days a couple times a month. What area/marina would you suggest? Paying $ 650 for dry storage now and it looks like it is...
  471. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    We are arriving Oct 20th so we should be fishing within 2 days of getting there. Warning about fishing with Chris,, he hooked 5 marlins when he took me and I had to pull in 4. He doesn't believe in handing it off either so be ready! :):):):jig:
  472. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    I plan on being in the Wahoo derby. I will update when we get down there. Hopefully we can all make some new friends and kick some tails.
  473. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    My wife and I plan on coming down mid October and staying 2 months. I have a 30ft sportfisher in pureto los cabos and we will be out,, alot. If a BD member would like to join in and help offset fuel some, we have room for you.
  474. blowncar

    Finally headed south

    Great to hear you got her over, see you in OCT/NOV.
  475. blowncar


    and they shouldn't?
  476. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    No more CC at the marina, just atm card at fuel dock in SJDC now and even that is sketchy.
  477. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    In 1991 I paid at the dock with a CC in Cabo. It was a Friday and we flew home next day (Saturday) Unfortunately, I paid for fishing with CC the following Sunday, Monday and Tuesday :eek::cussing:
  478. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    Seems he was happy with fish count, nice tuna and a bunch of other stuff clearly mentioned at start of post. Not sure why you are bagging on his experience. No ice, warm drinks, poor tackle and spoiled fish upon returning to dock should not be acceptable on a paid charter. I think we paid $360+...
  479. blowncar

    Looking for Lapaz storage info

    Jig, its closer to $700 if I am using it. Anyhow, yes I 'd like to dry store it for 9mos a year and put it in a a slip when I am down. I have a few leads now. My boat is 13 1/2 tall on the trailer with the tower down so not hopefully I will find inside or outside shaded storage.
  480. blowncar

    Looking for Lapaz storage info

    Actually looking to stay in Lapaz this year (2-3 months) rather than SJDC; trying something different.
  481. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    I have fished that boat before (great trip) and I would be dissatisfied with the service you described. They should always carry at least 1 block of ice (20-30 pesos at the dock) and fillet your fish and bag for charter cost. No excuse for poor tackle either. Don't know where you were staying...
  482. blowncar

    Looking for Lapaz storage info

    I have my Pro-line 2950 in SJDC dry storage. They have raised the rates and it is over $525 a month with no service other than storage. Goes over $600 for 2 launchs per month. I have noticed places in the Lapaz charging about $125 or less for 30ft boat storage. I remember seeing an offer to...
  483. blowncar

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    MTB; one thing I can not stress enough is YOU MUST ALWAYS have at least Mexican liability insurance enforce anytime the vehicle is being driven in Mexico. I think I pay around $160 a year for a Mexican liability policy. If you do not have a Mexican policy in place and you get into an accident...
  484. blowncar

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    In the case of my Tahoe it is a 95. It is too old to get full coverage with a Mexican policy so it has liability only. I think their cutoff for full coverage is 10-15 years old? Anyhow whenever/if I bring it back to the states I email my insurance agent a few days before crossing the border and...
  485. blowncar

    Fishing in Cabo for First time~ Gordo Banks Pangas

    Large Rapalas, 6x salas blue and white, scambled egg. If you have a few marlin lures bring them as well. Your panga will have a few items and you will likely be using live bait. but it never hurts to have options.
  486. blowncar

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    I have my Tahoe that I leave in Baja for a few months at a time regs in SD although I live in Idaho. When it is in the states I notify my insurance company and it goes back on my policy. Insurance company doesn't care about out of state regs.
  487. blowncar

    Good looking Everglades for Sale

    I was fortunate to fish on this boat in JSDC with Chris one day. 5 marlins and cruising @35 mph through chop while using 50% less fuel than my proline 2950 made me want to throw rocks at my boat. This boat is pristine and over-maintained.
  488. blowncar

    So Dakota Vehicle Reg.

    SUPER EASY TO DO! You can go online to fill out the SD DMV form, mail it to the address above with your title and fees. Their form has a few odd notations/info request but you can call them and they will tell you what boxes to ignore. Got my plates and regs back within 5 days from the time I...
  489. blowncar

    great eats in or around cabo

    In San Jose I like the Retro Bar in the central district. Happy hour; liters of Modello spec or negro are 35 pesos. I take fresh fish in and they cook it 3-5 different styles. Always great and very good service. They also have the UFC fights and never a cover charge.
  490. blowncar

    Puerto Los Cabos Live bait

    Grab your own calamari fillets at Walmart, 20 kilo box was $50 or so. Cut into 2x2 chunks and throw 4-5 over along with a baited one on the gordo inner/outer bank. If there are tuna around you will get bite!
  491. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo hotel - fisherman welcome

    Great place, almost always stop for chips and beer after a day of fishing. The hotel was hit pretty hard by the hurricane but 2 weeks ago when I was there they had about half the rooms open and were working hard on the roof to get the others done. If you stay there you are only 75 yards from the...
  492. blowncar

    San Jose del Cabo fishing

    Careful fishing with Bays90 he will hook into 5 marlin and make you reel them in. :-):jig:
  493. blowncar

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    Was there Saturday, very windy and the few boats that I saw come in were blanked. Talked to a few locals who said that bottom fishing has been good when the wind is calm.
  494. blowncar

    Fishing is hoooottttt in Cabo

    We are headed back tomorrow unfortunately. Mostly stripers but a few blues too. You can get the calamari fillets @ walmart for the tuna. Some mornings they have live sardinas. Iman bank was good for 35-40lb wahoos if you get there at 730 or so. They just killed our solid orange mauraders, not...
  495. blowncar

    Fishing is hoooottttt in Cabo

    Yesterday we took 6 good yellowfins (25-30lbs) at inner Gordo banks and could have had many more but newbie got very sick and we went back in @9;45. Bar trip to Cabo today and we watched the fleet come in. Average was 2-5 marlin and 4-8 dorados. Some boats had 5 marlins plus dorados and one boat...
  496. blowncar

    Cabo on The Rebound

    No its pretty clear , you are way to picky. Walking down one flight of stairs is a real ball buster. AC working yesterday. My kid flew in and it took 20 whole minutes to de-plane, walk down a flight of stairs, clear immigration, clear customs and walk out to the bar. Cost me 20 pesos to park.
  497. blowncar

    Cabo on The Rebound

    Not sure what you mean by airport is a mess. We flew in last week and although they are working on ceiling tiles etc we processed through as fast as ever. One of my visitors flew back yesterday and had zero problems/delays.
  498. blowncar

    SJDC fishing this week

    Small whitecaps in the morning and the sea is choppy as you get past La Fortuna. Wind builds all day and seas are 5 ft but the waves are super choppy; not dangerous it just beats you up after a full day. No way to hold bottom or jig. We had live Sardinas first day but couldn't use them. No live...
  499. blowncar

    SJDC fishing this week

    After the storm passed Tuesday we got out, Wed, Thurs and today. Went to Iman bank and payed the price, very windy and rough. 1st day Lobo took our first Wahoo, had to fight to get the head and Maurador back. Picked up a 40lb Wahoo a bit later, bite died @ 830. Wed was better 4 wahoo @...
  500. blowncar

    Looking for a Partner or Two to Share a Bisbee Black and Blue Charter Hook Up Boat

    Larry I wish I would have heard about this earlier. I would love to fish it off my boat.
  501. blowncar

    Looking for recommendations

    A member here did the same for me when delivery of my boat was delayed. It would be great to get 2-3 more (BD members) on board as we have a good platform to fish off. I have a regular Mexican Captain/Mate, we treat the bait guys good and have a store full of tackle on board. Bryan check your...
  502. blowncar

    Looking for recommendations

    I will be fishing out of Puerto Los Cabos on my boat (SeaWolf) during that time. If you are easy going and like to have fun while fishing we have room.
  503. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Spoke with marine group today. They say the dry storage is currently secured and being watched to prevent any looting. So far there has been no loss of property on site. I also contacted my insurance company and spoke with my agent (nice guy). He told me they are picking up the tab to fly a...
  504. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Chris if you get to fish and there is a shortage of fuel you can borrow from my boat I had 300 gallons on board when I left.
  505. blowncar

    La Paz

    link no work
  506. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    When I talked to the Marine Group the other day they said that they were informed that all "big boats" in the marina were okay and made it through. Only a few boats in the shipyard that were on jacks were damaged.
  507. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Was your Jersey parked in that spot in May? I remember a nice Jersey there (thought it was a 36), heard it was for sale?
  508. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Mike which boat is yours, name, make and size?
  509. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Yes, she specifically said that "big" boats in the yard were not blown off their tripod stands so he should be golden. We are flying in Nov 3 and staying a month. Please look over my boat if you have a chance, thanks
  510. blowncar

    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    Contacted Marine Group a few minutes ago. As relayed to me; the dry storage facility boats that where on their bunks/inside are okay. A few small boats in their repair yard area were damaged. No "big boats" lost in marina but harbor and surrounding area hit very hard.
  511. blowncar

    Skipper's license required in Mexico?

    I am in Puerto Los Cabos and we have only been stopped once going out. They checked for Lic and since I had hired a local Captain he produced his Captain paperwork as well. They also asked to see my Coast Guard documentation and TIP. I did not have them on board (copies in marina and at home)...
  512. blowncar

    Cash Withdraw at ATMs, Max amount allowed south of border?

    We grab 6,000 peso each; every time wife and I hit the bank. We pay for food and shopping with our Discover card. Many places in California refuse Discover but the Mega, Walmart etc in bigger towns are happy to take it. As a bonus the exchange rate is way better than any bank ATM.
  513. blowncar

    Looking for a 24-30' walk around or express fisher on trailer, outboards preferably 4 stroke

    How about a 1998 2950 Pro-line. Actually 30 footer with outboard bracket so it fishes bigger. Twin dfi mercs 225 hp, spotting tower, auto pilot etc,,,, etc,,,, The boat is in Cabo & ready for marlin sea trial. 32k
  514. blowncar

    wanna fish SJDC? share expenses?

    I will be headed back down around the 2nd week of September and staying for 2-3 weeks. My wife and I will be fishing or 30ft sportfisher out of Pureto Los Cabos several times each week. I have a local Captain, tons of gear and the boat is safe, fast and dry. Looking for 1-2 persons max who...
  515. blowncar

    Rock Cod rigs

    I have 24 new in the package Rock Cod rigs. 80lb, (5) 6/0 hooks with swivel and snap swivel. I'll take $45 and ship for free. james 559-nine01-2482 thanks
  516. blowncar

    Cabo Riviera ?

    Put my boat in today, Talked with Benito and your boat is ready. I will probably follow you around tomorrow since you two are fish salyers. See you at the dock
  517. blowncar

    How's the detour road at La Mission for towing a boat on Mex1

    I guess you are talking about taking the scenic route 1 and the detour around the slide area? If so I made the drive 2 days ago and it was easy going. I crossed TJ at 5am and got through the detour with no traffic delays or issues.
  518. blowncar

    anyone used Baja Wheeling for transport?

    I had him bring down my 30 ft. to SJDC 4 months. The price was fair and we emailed back and forth many times to set dates etc. The trip down from SD started good but my tires began blowing out. At Santa Rosailia 2 tires went out and trailer/boat went into a ditch. Boat was scratched a little...
  519. blowncar

    Cabo Riviera ?

    Chris when I left SJDC 2 months ago I went to check out Cabo Rivera. No fuel (would have to by at Pemex and hand carry 5 gallon jugs to boat) , slip fees higher than SJDC. No easy access, guard at gate has to let you pass to get to docks.
  520. blowncar

    JSDC fishing May 2-13

    My wife and I will be fishing out of SJDC on my 30 ft sportfisher 7-8 times during the next 2 weeks. Anyone interested in fishing and sharing some fuel cost?
  521. blowncar

    La Playita fishing Info needed

    Punta Gordo is only 4 miles east of harbor. I see pangas everyday 20 miles east of the harbor and 6-8 miles out; even if a bit windy. If your panga floats you should be fine :) There is a good tackle store "Jansen's" right near the fuel dock. It is well stocked and fairly priced.
  522. blowncar

    La Playita fishing Info needed

    We have been fishing 2-3 times a week out of SJDC on my 30 ft'r. Today was perfect but we have had off and on winds. Dorado are hitting trolled ballyhoo 5 to 1 over trolled lures 1/4 mile offshore in front of Punta Gordo. Sierra can be caught 3 mintues outside harbor. Buy a bag of sardinas and...
  523. blowncar

    Marlin on

    After several days of strong wind off San Jose Del Cabo it finally laid down some yesterday. Since the weather report looked good we headed out. Put lures and ballyhoo in 2 miles off Palmilla. After an hour or so we landed a Dorado (12lbs). A few hours later a Marlin hit our outside lure and...
  524. blowncar

    Great hotel in San Jose Del Cabo for fisherman on budget

    I walked from hotel down to hwy 1 hopped on bus for 10 pesos. got off downtown and grabbed 4 dollar cab ride. Catching ride back to town from Marina is the tricky part. There are several nearer by but Zippers is only 1/3 mile stroll.
  525. blowncar

    Where to retire in Baja

    I retired this Jan after 29years in Law Enforcement. I only know a few words of spanish but I am getting by without a problem. Seems like they appreciate any effort you make. I would say about 30%-40% of the mexican people here speak at least enough english that you can conmunicate. Also you...
  526. blowncar

    Great hotel in San Jose Del Cabo for fisherman on budget

    We just spent 10 days at the Maria Mar hotel and it was an outstanding bargin (even in high season). The hotel is in Terrace of Azul right across from Mykonnas. It is up on a hill with views from Punta Gorda to Los Cabos. 1.5 miles to the mega store and beginning of downtown area. This place is...
  527. blowncar

    insurance questions

    Jim can be reached @ 619-222-2560 [email protected]
  528. blowncar

    Where to retire in Baja

    I am living your dream in San Jose Del Cabo. We just made a deal to lease a nice 1 br suite with full kitchen for 1 year @ $1000 a month with cable tv and water included. Great ocean views with pool and bbq/outdoor kitchen area. My boat is going into the dry storage (think 3 stories high 3...
  529. blowncar

    great fishing action @ SJDC

    He is BD member and we fished his personal boat.
  530. blowncar

    great fishing action @ SJDC

    Fished with Cris today, he is a fishing machine. Made our own bait and managed 5 stripers, 2 small ones and the rest 120lbs or so. Only missed one strike. Another great day on the water, great weather too.
  531. blowncar

    great fishing action @ SJDC

    Trust me, if they had been big; you'd seen some pics, lol. Nice Wahoo!
  532. blowncar

    great fishing action @ SJDC

    Fished out of JSDC today. Good crew and great weather. Nothing big but good tuna bite near San Luis bank and a several smaller Dorado hitting Rapalla's and Ballyhoo's on the way there and back. Struck out on Wahoo but others didn't. Doesn't get much better!
  533. blowncar

    insurance questions

    roughly 1% of value.
  534. blowncar

    insurance questions

    Thanks again for the great advice. I bought a US policy from Jim Oberg. Covers me in Mexico for towing storage, theft (-$10,000 deductable) sinking etc full coverage. However, I understand I also need a Mexican liabiltiy policy to satisfy the marina. Getting that from Discover Baja.
  535. blowncar

    wanted fuel bladder gas

    Was looking for a good used unit. Ebay is back up plan.
  536. blowncar

    WTB Tandem Galv. Trailer

    I have a 30ft triple 7,000 pound axle trailer with fresh brakes. Might be too big though.
  537. blowncar

    wanted fuel bladder gas

    Looking for 100-200 gallon unit. james 559-901-2482
  538. blowncar

    insurance questions

    Thanks everyone. Chris I look forward to seeing you down there in 2 weeks.
  539. blowncar

    insurance questions

    So you have full coverage through a mex company? I own boat so no finance company to satisfy in US. Our boats are probable close in comparison; what kind of rate do you guess to it would be? Do they have someone survey it? Deductible? Theft /fire sinking etc all covered? thanks
  540. blowncar


    Sounds familiar,,,, like I heard it just a few days ago. Weird?
  541. blowncar

    insurance questions

    Bought a Proline WA 2950 (30 ft) and a trailer. Looking to take it to San Jose Del Cabo and leave year-round in dry storage facility. Which insurance company(s) would you suggest for full coverage? thanks
  542. blowncar

    san jose del cabo 11/16-11/25 want to fish

    Wife and I will be in SJDC for 10 days and we are looking to charter a small/med cruiser for 3 days. Would not mind spilting with 1-2 others on 2 of the 3 days. Who should we book with? thanks
  543. blowncar

    Zuker Marlin Jigs

    Thanks for the great deal on the marlin lures and all the extras.
  544. blowncar

    wtb aftco roller bearings

    Mudhole works, thanks
  545. blowncar

    Zuker Marlin Jigs

    i will take them, pm me your info
  546. blowncar

    wtb aftco roller bearings

    Looking for new wheels, axles, sleeves and screws. Where is the best place to find them at?
  547. blowncar


    Breakwater yachts in Oceanside has one (26). I looked at it and it was very clean.
  548. blowncar

    Trailer Help - rusted nuts

    x 100%
  549. blowncar

    looking for Captain/fishing guide

    About to buy twin diesel boat in 32-36 ft range. Would like to take to Ensenada to have a few things done first. Afterwards I wish to take it to the East Cape. Looking for a Captain to take it down and train me to operate it while we go. Also want to learn how to properly rig and fish for...