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  1. oniedab

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    Just checking to see if anyone has an update on the Shelter Island launch ramp progress? Like an idea on when it will be completed, etc. Latest update is months old.
  2. oniedab

    Why do we keep going fishing?

    9/13 We keep going because of the chance to get lucky! I Looked at recent fish reports and could not stand it any more and make a late call on Monday to head down south. I picked a beautiful weather day and off we went. We made a run to Dana and our goal was to try to get into the Yellowfin...
  3. oniedab

    Lucky is better than good!

    Went out Saturday to the 181,209 and back to 10 miles off Oceanside, saw nothing that looked like Tuna. Second trip so far with nothing in the way of Tuna down south. Did not even see a boil. So, we talked about going to Catalina for Yellowtail or Sea Bass. Then decide what the heck, we came for...