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    For Sale Mercury 40-50-60hp 4 Stroke - NEW PARTS

    Ill take it all. PM me when you get a chance
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    It's Federal Now/All Mexican Ports closed March 29, 2020

    You can still go after them, just have to do it from the dock :-)
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    WTB WTB- Eskimo Ice Maker or Similar

    I am looking for an Dometic Eskimo Ice maker to make ice for my fish box. Salt water ice maker or other brand is fine too. Does not have to be running but does need to have all parts if parts are obsolete. Let me know what you have.
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    Huge Black Marlin caught yesterday with Captain Scooby

    definitely over 500, even if the cameral is exaggerating. I would guess 800. Heck of a fish on a panga, those blacks are mean!
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    Gotcha, I spent some time on the lobo vacuflush as well :-) Some day I'm going to spring for headhunter bravo toilets. my friend has them on his hundred footer and they spoiled me!
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    Vacuflush sanitation system service

    I thought all of your toilets were galley maids? My guess is old hoses at the connections. They are pretty simple and if vacuum is leaking its either bowl seal (will drain the water), bad hoses (most likely hardened amd leaking connections), or duck bills. Could also be a bad bellow in the pump...
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    For Sale ATL Fuel Bladder 500 gallon

    Total Scam, especially with a name like "Steal" and Time :D. She is parked next to me in Ensenada and I can confirm she does exist even if not always running LOL Hell of a deal on that bladder and with that great of a deal don't jerk a guy around. Especially with 4k posts.... Good luck with the...
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    Is this the M/V Passport?

    Bummer, but that looks like a pretty soft grounding and should be very little damage.
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    Drydocking Baja

    double post....
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    Drydocking Baja

    Not many places for drydocking in San Felipe since the only place to haul is used for smaller commercial boats. Most large boats are hauled on the rails and used frequently by the commercial fleet. Only places I can think of would be the Cabos, La Paz, Puerto Escondido and Ensenada. I think all...
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    Always good to get it up high! Thanks for the tip, i hhad no idea extensions are made.
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    Yep, slowly making progress when i have time & $$$$ :rolleyes:
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    Thanks everyone for your responses. The boat will do long distance but i think with the heights i have 6db should work fine for my use. I may still go for a 9db depemding on budget.
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    VHF Antenna Selection

    I am in the process of refitting my 60' boat with electronics and am having trouble with antenna selection. My plan is to have 3 VHF radios on board (forward helm (Standard Horizon GX2100 w/ AIS), rear helm (Icom m504) and extra at forward helm (Icom M504 with separate stand alone emergency...
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    Charter for 5- 6 folks in Ensenada

    Hit up Gamefisher on Facebook. Very comfortable offshore 48 and captain mike is very fishy
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    Nice Flatties Ensenada

    Nice catch! Did you catch them in the bay? Live bait? Red tide has killed most of the inshore around here, glad to see there still some fish around! Im hoping to get out this weekend.
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    Any recommendations on fishing out of Ensenada?

    You can also stay onboard Gamefisher for free. Mike is a good friend of mine, great guy and great fisherman. Boat is VERY big for 48' and he does open charters too.
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    Need a cummins mechanic in Huntington harbor

    Bob king is pretty local and a great Cummins mechanic. A google search or search on here should get his number.
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    F150 Ecoboost

    I have a 2013 f150 platinum Ecoboost that just turned 192k miles. No problems, great engine. Its no f350 for towing but should do fine with a 20-22' boat.
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    Vhf antenna question

    If the antenna is still working fine you could cut the end of the cable and slide some heat shrink over it to cover the cracked portion of the sheathing. probably a good idea for installing new as well.
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    Northern Baja Pacific side fishing

    Try Gamefisher here in Ensenada. He does open parties for inshore at less than $100 pp on his offshore 48'. Very roomy walk around and if there is room you can sleep on the boat the night before. Great guy and knows how to fish and regular limits. Best way to get ahold of him is thru Facebook...
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    Amber Jack and Trigger Fish Edibility

    There are no cases of ciguatera in the Mexican Pacific so no need to worry. I ate quite alot of AJ in Hawaii cooked and as sashimi. Both ways were awesome it was very similar to yellowtail but a bit more white. We only ate small ones like 5-10lbs because there were no worms. Bigger ones you...
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    Ensenada glass work recommendations?

    I have used this guy for a ton of glass work on my boats. About as honest as they come and very reasonable prices. He does not have a shop but has a few places he can work out of. Good English too. Jonny Orozco: 011 +52 646 161 2876. Tell him Corey from Reel Action sent you.
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    For Sale 40 foot Pacemaker sport fisher 2 stateroom Cat diesel 3126B

    There's no way that boat could go 15kts and not be on a plane. Numbers seem about right to me for that hull. Nice boat, GLWS
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    SOLD Raymarine EV100 Autopilot System Complete NEW!!!

    I installed this same system on my old mako and it worked great! GLWS
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    maz yesterday

    BS without pics... You know the drill :-)
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    Gamefisher charter Ensenada

    This time of year Mike runs open parties and the value is incredible. Mike is a great Captain and fishing machine. Gamefisher is a 48' walk around that feels way bigger and can handle some big seas. He's my neighbor and good friend so I'm a bit biased
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    Gamefisher charter Ensenada

    Mike is always killing it. Hard to beat the value and Game fisher is a fishing machine!
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    Ensenada this weekend

    Fishing has been pretty slow due mostly to weather as well as people afraid to travel south due the caravan so not many boats going out. I crossed the border on Saturday as well as Sunday and business as usual. Absolutely nothing to worry about in Ensenada besides good people, good food and good...
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    Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizers

    Can you post a link to the ones the are using in Nordhavens? As far as I know, no one is making the for boats kess than 70 or 80' and displacing less than 100k lbs.
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    Global Entry, Sentry pass?

    Global Entry can use the Sentri lanes so riding with your friend is not a problem. If you want to take your own car just go onto your online Global Entry account and add your vehicle. First time or two you cross they will send you to secondary to inspect your vehicle.
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    Towing big boat home - Best border crossing?

    I towed my 25' mako thru the San Ysidro ready lane a few months ago. There is a low tree that you want to clear by staying in the right lane. Other than that, a piece of cake. Otay standard and ready lanes are tight. Tecate should be easy like other guys stated.
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    Cost of Diesel in Baja

    $4 at the coral last week. $8+ at turtle Bay last few months and $6ish at San Carlos last few months. This is Intel I've gathered hanging out at the marina in Ensenada.
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    Powder coating a T-top

    I think the above is probably more durable than powder coating and can be done in place.
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    Side scanning sonar

    I have a Wesmar SS395 in my boat that functions but the previous never used it so it's seized up in the tube. I plan on fixing it at next haul out. When retracted, the dome barely sites below the keel so I don't think speed is an issue I talked to the guys at Wesmar and the new HD860 is a drop...
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    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Does any one know if California is a "Stand Your Patty" state?
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    Batchlor party success NLA

    Yep, and unless you know where to look, rarely do the strippers go over 200lbs there. Awesome trip, sounds like a great bachelor party to me!
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    Raymarine a128

    I've had two a98's and both have been great.
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    Boat Fire

    Thought I would bump this thread if anyone is interested in a cheap long term project :-) No affiliation!
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Boat is sold and new owner has taken possession. Trailer may be for sale if anyone is interested.
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    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    Depends on the charter but that has beaten to death on these and every other forum. Hawaii can have some excellent fishing but not typically fill your freezer stuff. If I was looking for dorado and a slim possibility of wahoo (and Cabo/ Mag Bay is not on the list) I would probably head to PV and...
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    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    You definitely fished Hawaii way more than me! I wasn't really recommending that he head to Hawaii just stating that it is the only place I know of where you can target ono/wahoo anytime of the year with success. As far as I know there is no place on the Mexican mainland that you can actually...
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA This is the official conapesca website. Everyone onboard regardless of age needs to have a license. That may not be enforced everywhere but that goes for all of Mexico.
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    Best Mainland Mexico Ports for Catching Wahoo

    Hawaii has more Ono/wahoo than anywhere I have fished. Whenever fishing is slow you can go hit the Ono lanes and typically catch. Only problem is fish are on the small side compared to Mexico. 10-15 fish days are not unheard of.
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    Mex fishing permit question for BOLA

    Yes. Everyone on board including infants needs a license if there is any fishing gear on the boat.
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    I'm 99% sure the boat is sold and should be closing on Saturday. No worries John on the Hijack. Sounds like a nice boat and definitely bigger!
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    Submarines, navy warships, sea shepard, Comedy fishing video 6-21-2018

    GREAT VIDEO! Local Knowledge better sign this guy on ASAP before he goes on his own or gets snatch up by another show!
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Thanks for the interest. I already have a deposit on it, sea trialed and now just waiting for a mechanic to check the engines. Also have a solid backup offer so I'm fairly confident it's sold. I will post here if the deal falls thru and its back on the market.
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    Adding a trolling motor to grandbanks eastbay 38'

    Are you locking down the shaft on the engine that's not running? that should give you some additional drag but not much. I think trolling valves are your best bet and simplest option depending on your transmissions. An outboard on your swim step or on a transom bracket could work but that's a...
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    WTB Ford Excursion Diesel 7.3 or 6.0

    A built 6.0 will run circles around a built 7.3. I wouldnt hessitate to buy an excursion with one in it and spend $8k bulletproofing it, for a motor that will go 300k miles. The 5 speed trans is leaps and bounds over the 4 speed.
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    Detroit diesel mechanic needed in long beach

    I second Glenn. Wish he traveled down here. Guy knows his stuff
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    Boat ramp ensenada

    Ramp as Cruise port is ok but a bit surgey and no dock. Launch and retrieve is a two man operation. If you have a long rig it's also a 300 yard backing up exercise. I have no idea on cost to use the dock and they will want to see your TIP and insurance as well. They charge $190 per month for...
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Bumping this thread. Boat is now located in the SD area and ready for viewing. Let me know if you would like to see it.
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    Pacifica 44 - Looking for Mechanic Help

    Hi Joe, The engines look very similar but typically a 903 is cast into the valve covers of a 903 and there is no stamping on the 370 valve covers. I would highly suggest getting a membership to and post over there looking for information on your engines. You will be hard pressed...
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    Pacifica 44 - Looking for Mechanic Help

    If I recall that boat had the predecessor to the 903 which was the VT 370. Much older and parts are harder to come by, hence the low selling price. Most marine mechanics should be able to work on it. From what I recall it was one of the first Pacificas if not the first. Nice boat and if the...
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    Cabo birthday trip

    Happy Bday Derek, looks like a killer trip. Very hard to find a captain as good as Jaime. You're a lucky guy, but you already know that! If you do any fishing down here towards Ensenada any time soon let me know. I need to get some fishing time while dealing with getting these boats dealt with.
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    Yacht transport

    Check with seven seas, it will all depend on the nearest Port for leading the ship which I would guess would be Panama. From the east coast seven seas will charge about $60k to Ensenada. I would guess about that from Panama as well since not a big demand. They are quick on getting back with a...
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    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    Should be no problem, but make sure 4,500 is the real weight not dry weight. My mako is 4,500 dry but with trailer, motors etc it's over 10k.
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Hi Shaun, Yes the rear bench folds down and has new upholstery and foam. Great place to sit and gets used a lot. No eisenglass installed, however the boat is pretty dry and not many times, even in some rough water have I wished I had it. Yes, there are fish boxes with a macerator pump...
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Just bumping this ad. Boat is still down in Ensenada and hopefully I'll get a chance to fish it a bit before selling it. If there's some solid interest I will bring it up to SD.
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    Autopilot issues , simrad Ap44 and Nac2

    Rudder feedback would probably help quite a bit. My raymarine evo works fine without it though in the conditions you describe, so maybe interference with the compass is the issue.
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    Autopilot issues , simrad Ap44 and Nac2

    Do you have the rudder feedback installed? Precision 9 compass?
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    Important links and instructions for private boaters that want to fish Mexico

    TIP can be done easily at any border crossing, just make sure you have two copies of everything including your visa, passport and drivers license. I did mine for the Mako at San Ysidro and it was simple after I got copies which was a nightmare! Cancelling is best done by the previous owner of...
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    Boat fire at Dana Landing Marina, 60ft 5/8/18

    Really sucks for the owner, hopefully he had a policy in place. The day I closed on Reel Action the boat in the closest occupied slip burnt to the waterline and sank. Huge mess, and boat is still there. Scary situation, I had to drag the owner off while he was trying to fight it. Very hard to...
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Thanks! Not perfect but clean, especially for its age. The 252 is a very nice boat as well. Every time I drive this boat I know I am really going to miss it. Hit just under 37kts yesterday with the new bottom paint, that 2kts faster than I've ever had it. The new electronics and autopilot work...
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    Crossing the border with a 40 foot boat trailer

    I think san isidro would be doable. I did it with a 34' trailer with plenty of room. Not sure if they xray it or move the gate to let you thru.
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Yep, that was definitely you in the pictures. I had no idea that Jack was the Hawthorne in Hawthorne Boats. Makes sense now though. I'll try to find the CD and send you the pics if I didnt toss it.
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    That's the boat, used to be called "Old Hatt". That was the owner before the previous owner. He was part of the Hawthorne Cat family. I found a CD with pictures from a Guadalupe trip before the enclosure was built, roughly 12 years ago. There was a boat with an enclosure on it very similar to...
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Few more pics from this evening.
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    SOLD Mako 253 Walkaround

    Selling our 1999 Mako 253 – 25’ walk around with twin 2006 Honda BF150’s with approximately 390 hours each. Cabin comfortably sleeps two, enclosed head, fiberglass hard top. Boat has recently been refitted with many new parts and systems. We’ve had the boat for 11 years and it has been a great...
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    New boat to me!

    If you guys haven't run to Catalina yet, I would run out there then down the east side of the island and stop in Avalon for lunch. then head straight to MB. a few miles offshore you should miss everything but watch your charts and for other boats and you'll be fine. Good charts are key.
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    Cockpit Freezer

    Those look like great systems and fairly compact. The condenser/ compressor section is about the same as the freezer unit I have. I assume you have the 880CW unit? Does the evaporator/ auger unit pump ice directly into your hold?
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    Cockpit Freezer

    Its nice having the amenities of a large boat :-) I have a grizzly 400qt that does the same and will probably use it to supplement my holding capacity if necessary. long distance to semi-remote areas requires some self-sufficiency and fish chilling and holding is a major part of that
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    Cockpit Freezer

    Thanks Rick, Do you have any pics of your icemaker setup? I really like the idea of saltwater ice! It sounds like your setup and methods will keep fish in excellent quality for up to two weeks before needing to fillet and freeze.
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    Cockpit Freezer

    Sending PM. I see a few smaller options out there.
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    Cockpit Freezer

    Pretty much the cost of an RSW system on a small scale. would be nice if I could figure out a way to make the system RSW. My freezer plates are galvanize not stainless so I think any saltwater in the freezer would be a bad idea. We are going thru the system right now and might have a leaky...
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    Cockpit Freezer

    It will freeze but I'm curious how it can be used for fish and rapid chilling. Typically I like to throw them right into brine (seawater on my ice) for rapid chilling. Also worried about freezing the fish solid then having to thaw for filleting and refreezing. RSW would be preferred but not...
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    Cockpit Freezer

    My new to me Hatteras 60c has a cockpit freezer/ cooler with about 400qt's of capacity and 3 pretty good size plates in it. The temperatures will go well below freezing but I have not idea of the cooling capacity. The manual that came with the boat states the unit is a 110v air to air Grunert...
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    Little help or thoughts on SeaRay 340 Sportfisher

    With 200 gallons, range will be very limited. My guess is you will be most efficient at 6kts and you would see about 1.5nmpg best case. Would be a great inshore boat but offshore will be very limited.
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    Thoughts on Remanufactured NSS Evo2

    If you have facebook would join Nick Garrott's sonar group. tons of excellent info available. Nick recommended that I go with the B285 HW for offshore. this would mean I would lose bottom at about 500' but then he said I can connect my old Furuno 1kw 50-200 ducer to my second screen for...
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    Thoughts on Remanufactured NSS Evo2

    I just ordered a reman nss16 evo2 from BOE that was substantially less $$ than everyone else and they have EXCELLENT support. Nick knows his sonar.
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    For Sale Brand new Lowrance electronics for sale

    Sorry to sidetrack your sales thread but I saw your transom lights. I have a pair of those same lights but have not yet installed them. How do you like them? feel free to pm if you don't want this thread cluttered up.
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    WTB Wtb Simrad Nss16 evo2

    I bet your letting them go cheap. No PM sent......
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    WTB Wtb Simrad Nss16 evo2

    Thanks Mike, I was able to pick one up for $2399! looks like I have my electronics handled.
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    WTB Wtb Simrad Nss16 evo2

    Thanks for the reply. I looked there and it looks like they are out of the 16" remans. I'll give them a call.
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    WTB Wtb Simrad Nss16 evo2

    Im looking for a 16" simrad Mfd to tie my system together. Could also use an ethernet hub, cables and gowifi module.
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    For Sale Simrad 16" radar with 10kw open array

    Very interested, Sending PM.
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    La Salina 2/17

    A few guys down here have been doing very well on the yellows but nothing close to 30lbs, that's a big fish! Guess I need to get out, hopefully they will stick around after the front coming in.
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    La Salina 2/17

    The weather was beautiful yesterday here in Ensenada, looked like a perfect fishing day. Too bad no yellowtail but a nice haul anyways!
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    Buying advice - 30-36ft boat, +/- flybridge, single or twin screw

    I have fished both quite a bit and it all depends how you plan to use it. If alot of over nighting, with a decent size crew, I would go fly bridge, just for the added room and comfort. If quick, fast day trips are your plan, then go express. Besides Albin, I'm not sure who makes a 35' single...
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    1986 Hatteras 36 Sedan

    The boat has been listed with Joaquin at Fraiser Yachts. I will post a link when the Yachtworld listing is online. I am moving up and selling my Hatteras that I bought last year. The boat has been great but we have found we use it more often than we thought with multiple family and friends so...
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    Ensenada Surveyor Recomendation?

    He seems great so far. I'll report back after the survey.
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    Ensenada Surveyor Recomendation?

    Thanks James. Andy, I am going with Kels, he's the only one not aprehensive of traveling to mexico.
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    Ensenada Surveyor Recomendation?

    Im looking at a boat in Ensenada and looking for a surveyor. Any recommendations for a local or an SD surveyor who will travel?
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    Nuteak or Plasteak

    I have plasteak, im not that big of fan for look and dont like the dents left from chairs. The dents heal after a few hours though. Very tough and cleans pretty easy.
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    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    Brought tears to my eyes thinking of my own grandfather. Wish i could go back in time to spend more time fishing with him. Thanks for posting this and sorry for your loss. Sounds like he was a great man!
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    Broken zirc fitting

    EZ Outs work great for broken zirk fittings. They are rarely siezed due tomthe proximity to grease so ive been able to get them oiyf with a small flat head screwdriver.
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    What’s it cost to own this?? 42ft Sportfisher?

    I would budget $2k per month as long as you buy the boat right and it doesn't need a bunch of work. Not counting upgrades I'm about $1,500 per month but my boat was a total refit just a few years ago with newer electronic diesels. Running at displacement speeds is the key to making fishing...
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    TJ Dentist

    In the defense of the US dentists, there is much more liability here and schooling costs around $500k. In Mexico they require two less years of schooling and the dentist told me 5 years cost him less than $20k for dental school in TJ. Still, that's no excuse for gouging. Every dentist I went to...
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    TJ Dentist

    Your buddy sounds crazy, no way I would replace my own good teeth. So far I love them. From a feel standpoint they feel no different than the porcelain bonded over metal that lasted 20 years. The dentist from Washington dental did a much better job fitting these ones and my bite is much better...
  101. sixty

    TJ Dentist

    Just had 6 zirconia crowns done at Washington dental a month ago. Best dental service I've EVER recieved and I've had alot over the years. They don't have the latest computerized modelling gimics but the dentist know thier stuff, communicate excellent and have no ego. Excellent bed side manner...
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    Rockpile Bluefin 11/5

    Thanks. The second bluefin pulled really hard compared to the first one but he did have some seal teeth marks on him so that could be why. :-) The rod is 50lb Chaos bait rod and that fish really loaded it up, I'm surprised the 25lb flouro leader held.
  103. sixty

    Rockpile Bluefin 11/5

    Thanks guys for your repsonses. After fishing dow here for 10 years this was my first personal bluefin! Sorry for the short report, I posted from my cell phone on our way back in after 18 hours on the boat with no sleep. Fished with one of the other Corey's from here and my girlfriend. this was...
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    Rockpile Bluefin 11/5

    Fished the rock pile today for a bunch of bonita and 2 bluefin pushing 30lbs. All on flylined deans. Then hit the 425 for 7 yellowtail about 8lbs ea. all on kelps. Great day on the water!
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    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Sounds like a great setup and you just need to collect a lot more data thru testing. Might be good to also have a six pack charter with 100-200 gallon tank provide testing. I like where you are going with this and could be very helpful to many of us even if it doesn't work out.
  106. sixty

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Great thread Rick, I think you are definitely onto something. If your system can be adapted to NMEA 2k and send data to an MFD it could be very useful. Sounds like you may already have this. If you crack the bait code you may need to start thinking about automatically feeding the bait :-) I...
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    It's October ... What to do? Just keep skipping Just Keep Skipping...

    Awesome report, love the pic with the island in the background. You guys are the kings of Bluefin!
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    Your opinion on a good budget sea worthy boat!

    If you have decent mechanical skills, a stout tow vehicle and decent fuel budget I would look at older Skipjacks that have been well maintained, with Volvo I/O'(s). Well within your budget and would take you years to grow out of. Most of us started out small like you and worked our way up...
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    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Well that explains everything. The sport boat was fishing in a residential area in the central part of town. Those people have no class. Only an inexperienced captain would fish there.
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    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    Great report! What were the numbers you guys were fishing?
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    Late report , sick day for my kid!

    Great report. Sounds like your daughter is a keeper!
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    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Posted a report in the report section. 1 BFT and lots of rough water. Still fun though!
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    New tuna tubes

    Very nice work! Did you make it from rolled sheet or tube?
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    SCI 9/31 & 10/1

    lol, you guys are right. No idea why I was thinking YFT. Definitely good to have the ID correct. DFG was in force out there for the lobster opening. Thanks for the heads up!
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    SCI 9/31 & 10/1

    Short: Fished the island last weekend for 1 20lb yft in the kelp about 200 yards off pyramid head on a live mac. Long: The 3 of us (My GF and new friend Corey Jones from the trip planning forum) left SD bay with 3 scoops of great bait around 6pm. Made it to Desperation Reef @ 3:30am and...
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    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Just leaving the point. Headed to SCI fir the weekend. Will report when back
  117. sixty

    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Still have 1 spot open or maybe even a pair that fish together frequently. May leave earlier tonight and head to SCI. Hit me up if interested.
  118. sixty

    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Marriott Marina downtown. I have one spot filled and a tentative on the second spot. Will let you guys know if they get filled.
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    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Left a message on your phone, call me when you get a chance.
  120. sixty

    Looking for two Saturday 9-30

    Looking for two experienced anglers to fish Saturday. Would leave the slip early Friday around 1am and come back late Saturday or could overnight on the grounds and return Sunday afternoon just depending on how it goes and everyone's schedules. The boat is a very comfortable and sea worthy...
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    Surveyor Bay Area Needed

    I bought my boat up there and captain Jim Elfers did the hull survey. Did a great job. Marty at bay marine did the engine survey on my yanmars and did a pretty good job. The yanmar dealer shops were a few months out for a survey which was worthless on a boat purchase. PM me if you want more info.
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    Need ac's serviced

    Bob @ captain frost is awesome. Very knowledgeable, responsive and and listens. He did warranty work on my new fridge and spent awhile talking to me about my ac units. His cell number is posted on his website
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    Need sd card for baja/cabo/mazatlan

    Do the maps you have state they cover Baja? My navionics platinum charts cover all of Baja and the detail a few miles south of the border is WAY less all the way to mainland mex. I think all charts south of the border are limited and not nearly as accurate as US charts. Look at the Navionics...
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    Biosphere Permits?

    What all do these permits cover? From what I researched, fishing can only be done at Cedros from a boat under 10 meter (33') and you can only fish with a local guide.
  125. sixty

    Facing Baja California hurricanes...

    There is a much more detailed account HERE. A lot more information presented. Sounds to me if the engine vents would have been better fitted the boat would have fared much better. it did an amazing job though and survived a beating structurally.
  126. sixty

    Facing Baja California hurricanes...

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing. Could have been WAY worse if they had not checked in with the coast guard and recieved a more accurate report. That was the year Iniki wiped out Kauai and from what I remember was a record year for Pacific hurricane activity. They got lucky the hurricane didn't...
  127. sixty

    Transom Wrap Installer

    Not sure if it gives license to be an asshole but you would definitely have license to throw all of your empty beer cans at divers and use the empty 36 pack cases to mark every patty you come across. LOL I'm thinking right over the Robalo logo and get a camo outboard wrap and you would be...
  128. sixty

    Transom Wrap Installer

    The name would fit even a new boat as long as the owner plays the part :-)
  129. sixty

    Transom Wrap Installer

    Thanks. With a name like Trailer Trash, the possibilities are unlimited :-) I think a play on the Miller High Life logo would say it all. "Trailer Trash III - The Champagne of Boats" LOL
  130. sixty

    Transom Wrap Installer

    Just updating this thread. Took forever to get anyone to call back or not throw some crazy number at it. Gary from Signarama in downtown did it the next day and did a fantastic job. Very good with communication and very professional. I highly recommend him for any sign or graphic needs based on...
  131. sixty

    871T running hot

    If the engines always ran at 170 below 1500 rpms and the temps above those under higher load only changed recently then I suspect its not the gauges. However, its a good idea to check them since faulty sending units do weird things. If you already don't have them, I would suggest installing good...
  132. sixty

    Bluebook value of boats accurate??

    NADA is BS on any boat over a few years old which is why its difficult to get a loan on older boats. Im pretty sure they use the original MSRP and deprciate it every year. This may work for a production lake boat but not much else. Same for older vehicles that have some collection value. I...
  133. sixty

    Looking for a bunch of mexico going ho's

    I'm in. Maybe all of us sportfisher guys can setup a "fishing pool". Might be nice to take time off of working on my own boat and hang out on someone else's :-) Where do you have it slipped for now?
  134. sixty

    Any mobile bolt extraction services ?

    That's a very tough bolt to remove, especially if it broke that low in the block and is very frozen in there. You will most likely need to pull the powerhead so it can be mounted in a mill or EDM, that's the best chance of getting it out without destroying the block. Before you go that far, I...
  135. sixty

    Transom Wrap Installer

    Boat is located at the Marriott Marquis Marina in downtown SD. Below is the wrap, it will run full height from the swim step to the bottom side of the gunnel.
  136. sixty

    Transom Wrap Installer

    I need a wrap installed on the transom of my Hatteras which is slipped. Does anyone have recommendations for an installer? The wrap is coming from the directly from the artist on the east coast so I only need an installer, not the actual wrap. Let me know if you have anyone you can recommend...
  137. sixty

    Need help finding hotel with boat parking in SD

    We stayed at the sea world travel lodge on rosecrans for going on 10 years. Plenty of parking, cheap and not very nice but its the closest you will be able to park a boat near shelter island.
  138. sixty

    Guadalupe Permits

    Thanks John, we will definitely be diligent in our planning
  139. sixty

    Guadalupe Permits

    I'm bumping this thread. We are having a hard time finding someone to handle the permits, so if anyone has any contacts it would be greatly appreciated. I may also have room for a couple of guys on my boat if this trip comes together. We are thinking late September to late October.
  140. sixty

    WTB- 40-60 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    Back to the top, I'm still looking! I should have jumped on the tank from Striketeam but lagged :(
  141. sixty

    Salt crystallizes at temps above 160? Fact or myth?

    Sounds like a myth to me. The water is cold when it hits the raw water pump so no chance of cavitation. then it hits the exchangers where it is heated to a temp less than the engine coolant temp. Then it hits the exhaust manifold where its super heated and injected into the exhaust and produces...
  142. sixty

    San Diego Marinas

    It all comes down to slip size needed. The bigger, the harder to find. Took me a few months to find a 40' slip last may. The farther you go into the bay, the longer the run is to the open ocean. I dont think marine growth will change much throughout the bay, you will still need a diver anywhere...
  143. sixty

    42' Chriscraft Convertible

    Awesome. Glad you finally closed on a boat. I think your going to absolutely love having a sportfisher. So what's the plan? Moving down south?
  144. sixty

    Guadalupe Permits

    I may be interested in a trip too, depending on timing. Buddy boating would be nice.
  145. sixty

    WTB- 40-60 Gallon Fiberglass Bait Tank

    Im looking for a fiberglass bait tank no wider than 30" and no deeper than 24". Let me know what you have.
  146. sixty

    Raymarine Radar for finding birds

    I have the 4kw 24" digital hd dome and can't really paint birds with it as much as I try. I have seen what looks like bird piles at 1.5 miles but the gyros don't show anything so not sure what the signal is. I have spotted bird piles in the gyros at 1.5 miles and can't get any radar signal so I...
  147. sixty

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    I bet its cage diving for you guys from now on! That's a once in a lifetime experience and one you will tell your great grand kids!
  148. sixty

    65 gallon Bait tank Fiberglass

    What are the dimensions, how does it mount? is it baffled? any interior pictures?
  149. sixty

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    Should be in the 12-12.5v range when not running. I suspect gauges and tester..... I've had this happen many times with cheap volt meters and only use fluke now.
  150. sixty

    Electrical charging issue, very confused

    I think most Napa can test them off the engine. However the chance of getting two bad regulators putting out similar high voltages is pretty low but possible. Check the grounds as suggested above. What is the battery voltage without the engine running?
  151. sixty

    Living and fishing in mexico full time

    Living the life! I'm planning something similar and already somewhat fluent in Spanish. Just have to figure out where and when. Jplant, learning Spanish is all about immersing yourself in it and not being afraid or embarrassed to say something wrong.
  152. sixty

    Rpt- Puerto Penesco Fishing and Vacation Report-05-27-17

    Happy Bday Cory! Great post, makes me really miss that place. I have never been to Mayan Palace but heard it was beautiful. Your pics confirm it. I have fished there a few times on my own boat, definitely have to know the place to do well. Tons of biomass. Glad you guys had a fun and safe trip!
  153. sixty

    6/10/17 - 189lb BFT on the Kite! @302

    Great Job! I bet if feels good after so many trips and hundreds of gallons burned. I'm sure everyone on board was pretty stoked!
  154. sixty

    Cow fishing this Saturday on our 52' Hatteras, few spots available

    Does it include someone to put the worms on the hooks for us? :rolleyes: $250 for a very limited private trip on boat like a 52 Hatteras seems like a killer deal to me! No elbow to elbow, passenger, deckhand, captain attitudes etc... I'm sure that will barely cover his fuel let alone a million...
  155. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Thanks guys, yeah shes pretty tough. Im a lucky guy!
  156. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Made it to the slip yesterday at 2:30 am. Had some strong south winds from San Luis south for about 4 hours which made things pretty bumpy. Rounded the point and made Catalina in about 24 hours. Stopped on a boil just off 2 harbors and hooked up on a sniper. Fish was really heavy but pulled the...
  157. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Yep, me and the Raiders :-) Made it to port san luis in 19 hours averaging 6.8knt for 134nm. Burned 58 gallons running the gen full time which equates to 2.3nm. Assuming the 8kw gen burned 19 gallons, the electronic gauges are pretty close at .9gph for each main. That equals 3.4nmpg if running...
  158. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Made it from Oakland fuel dock to monterey fuel dock running about 17.5kt and burned 178 gallons. The yanmar gauge is pretty acurate but doesnt keep track of amount burned. I guessed about 175 gal. Running now down to point conception at 6kt burning less than 3 gpm with the gen running. Plan on...
  159. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Gonna miss the scenery but not the weather!
  160. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Finally got a window and 18 hours later on our way! Wish us luck.
  161. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Probably should cut the throttle just short of the face....
  162. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    No idea why its still on there... maybe generating more leads :-) Pacifica's are nice boats but typically over priced in my opinion. if you can get a good deal , either of those would be great boats. after spending well over a week on my Hatt, I don't think I would want to go back to an outboard...
  163. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Thanks Kerry and everyone else for your advice. I'll post something up whne I have it moved.
  164. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Thanks James for the heads up. I've researched the Morrow bay entrance quite a bit and it does sound pretty sketchy. I'll try to avoid MB if possible and will keep your advice in mind if I do have to make that stop. from what I read its quite a bit easier to get fuel in MB than San Luis. If I...
  165. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    My displays show about 1.7 gph total at 7knts but does not include the genny. I'll know for sure when I'm about 1/4 way thru the trip. Hatts do pretty well at displacement.
  166. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Yep, planning on dragging few lines just because I can. I'll hit you up when I get closer to see if you are available for the ride and make sure your not on the sex offender list :-)
  167. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Definitely agree and will be stopping for fuel at least once but probably twice. I would never cut it that close, guess I should have clarified.
  168. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Definitely a lot of great info. I'll study it closely. Thanks Again!
  169. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Thanks Ali, Sat phone is a great idea, I'll research it. 3-4 mpg is based on the electronic displays which could be way off which I am aware of. I should have a pretty good idea of actual fuel burn by the time I hit Monterrey. Even at 1.75 nmpg I will burn only 300 gallons between SF and SD...
  170. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Thanks for the heads up. Figured not much fishing chances btu will keep my eyes out. When I bring it down depends on the fishing in SD and the slip situation. I'm having a bit of trouble finding an available 40' slip. If I can wait until June I definitely will and work may dictate it anyways.
  171. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    I studied the bay "bar" quite a bit. According the USCG its the second most dangerous bar (didn't even think it was a bar) on the west coast which doesn't make a lot of sense to me considering all of the sketchy bars up and down the coast. I actually sea trialed the boat in 8' seas running a few...
  172. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Thanks for the great info! I think my experience is pretty good but I'm always apprehensive of places and water I've never been to. My plan is to do just that, leave with a day or two notice when I can find a window. Thank you very much for the link. a ton of good info in there I will be sure...
  173. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    Sounds like you had a pretty easy trip. Thanks for the info!
  174. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    That's the plan, I can watch the displays and tell when I start to go past displacement speeds. One of the benefits of electronic diesels. I'm planning on staying deep water as much as possible. Up in the air on the jugs but would definitely empty them as soon as possible. I'm sure I'll have a...
  175. sixty

    Moving boat from Bay Area to San Diego - Advice Needed

    In the next few weeks I will be moving my new to me 86' Hatteras 36 from the bay area down to its permanent home in San Diego. The boat has new Yanmar electronic engines and I have gone over most of the systems and serviced them in anticipation of the trip. I have put about 10 hours on the...
  176. sixty

    WTB - Raymarine C140W or C120W MFD

    Found one - Thanks to everyone that replied. Will, Sorry for the late reply, only the Wide series can be linked and only two can be linked.
  177. sixty

    33' Knight and Carver

    Beautiful boat Will! I'm sure after all of the work, slaying fish on it will feel great. That walk around is very nice. You took a big risk and looks like its paying off. the diesel in the bilge was a big scare, glad it was just a fitting and not the tank. best part of a project like this is...
  178. sixty

    WTB - Raymarine C140W or C120W MFD

    Looking to add a second C wide series MFD to my current C140w. Only need display, and power cables. sun cover and trunion mount would be nice too. let me know if you have any leads.
  179. sixty

    WTB: Grady-White 28 or 30 WA with OBs under $70k

    I was slipped near that Grady last summer, nice boat. Don't be afraid to put in a backup offer, lots of broker boats don't close for various reasons. The 225 Yami's do have lots of corrosion issues so be sure to have that inspected by a very experienced Yamaha mechanic as its a very expensive...
  180. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Just a quick update on this. I closed on the Hat a couple of weeks ago and spent last weekend on her getting myself familiar with the systems and running the boat. Everything works great and you can see $$$ and pride of ownership everywhere. The boat was very well maintained, and in excellent...
  181. sixty

    Cabo on the Jessica

    Jaime is awesome. Looks like a fun trip even though it was slow. That yellow is beautiful! Looks like Jorge is growing up, i gotta get back down there.
  182. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    I wasn't aware either until I started doing research. The main benefit to the LLC is that there is no sales tax involved in the transfer of a business. However, there is a business tax on the LLC (even if out of state) which is roughly $800/yr so the state gets their money anyways. The only...
  183. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks Will, Unfortunately she is just for title transfer and can't handle transferring an LLC. I called a quite a few attorneys and am going with Wenthur Law Group out of SD. They are a bit more expensive than some I talked to but really know their stuff. There are a lot of potential pitfalls...
  184. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Engine survey went well, only very minor maintenance items were noted, none of which were really deferred, mostly thing needing attention at some point like older hoses. Overall the engines and gears are in excellent condition. Both surveyors state that the boat is an excellent value and the...
  185. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks JM, the instability occurs at right about 90% throttle which is way too much for the Yanmar 480's to have a long life span. I will not be running up that high and would consider that mostly un-useable. The 480's have a reliable long life span when run below 2800 RPM's (some say upwards of...
  186. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks JM for the tips. I did have the tabs down a little bit on the WOT since at cruise I picked up the most speed and efficiency with them almost all the way down. Pulling them up made a big difference I just didn't have them up all the way before I backed out of the throttle. I read earlier...
  187. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    JM, you are correct, the keel walking I read about was on the 46c's. It already has a battery bank and inverter with batteries under the cockpit. I'm not too worried, since its extremely stable at cruise. Great advice about people on the bridge, I'm sure that makes a big difference in high speed...
  188. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    looked like about half a tank but didn't look very closely, could be part of the problem. Keel walking as I have read it described is where the keel theoretically provides lift and the boat tilts to one side and starts to turn. Pulling the tabs all the way up really helped but feels like it...
  189. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Sea trialed the Hatteras yesterday and it went very well. The boat is a tank. Seas were forecast at 11-14' outside of the golden gate so I wanted to get it out there to get a feel for it. We went about a mile past the gate and the channel was what I estimate about 8' with some pretty steep...
  190. sixty

    What is the best way to polish Aluminum on a boat?

    If it is anodized which it most likely is, there is no way to polish it. You can use woody wax or other lanolin based wax, hit it with bronze wool and polish it up a bit but you will never get the pitting or deep corrosion out. If its not anodized, then it will polish up with aluminum...
  191. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Leadering green bill fish is always dangerous but I'm sure much more so, from a swim platform! maybe Kevlar chaps and a flack jacket :-) That's a good idea to use the platform though. I think the cockpit will be fine for 3 anglers and I really don't anticipate more than that. I'm sea trialing on...
  192. sixty

    wahoo jerky

    I used to catch and eat it so much in hawaii i got sick of it. The trick to grilling wahoo and alot of other palegics is keep them wet with oil while grilling. My favorite recipe is sea salt, pepper and olive oil. Baste it multiple times while grilling and dont over cook. Heat the bbq as hot as...
  193. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks guys for the pointers. I have done a lot of research on Detroits and actually looked at quite a few boats with them. I think I would consider them in boats in the low 40's and above as long as they are maintained. I found that most are poorly maintained because of their "run forever"...
  194. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Hey James, I'm a bit disgusted in dealing with that broker. I'm fairly certain he knew the boat had a lot of problems and was just crossing his fingers they wouldn't show up before the deal went thru. The boat is the owners problem and he should deal with it. The broker even admitted to me and...
  195. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks guys, I'll give Rick a call and pick his brain. I looked at their listed boats and see nothing that jumps out at me. Being out of town is tough, but I travel quite a bit for work, so a 4-5 hour drive is nothing as long as its productive. I'll have to try the seacock method of elimination...
  196. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks guys for your thoughts. I'm fairly familiar with the Cat 3208 specs and issues as well as the 3 series soft block issues. I would have those eliminated during the purchase process. The 3 series is a resale killer but also makes for a good buy if solid ones can be found and bought at the...
  197. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    I'm definitely glad I came to BD and listened to everyone's advice. I've been on here since 2005, met lots of cool people and have been helped, and helped out a few people too. I'm thankful this place exists! I'm fairly certain the broker knew the boat and engines had some issues..... Its hard...
  198. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks for everyone's guidance and advice. We sea trialed the boat last week and the engines only made 2800rpm, and the boat wouldn't get above 21 knots.I stopped the hull survey at about the halfway point and didn't do the haul out. The surveyor (Tim @ Bunker Hill) didn't find anything major...
  199. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks guy for your responses. I am having the boat surveyed and hauled on Friday and will be there personally for it. I've gone back and forth with the blisters and will talk to my surveyor and the boat yard to get their opinions. I am using Tim at Bunker Hill and everyone says he's extremely...
  200. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks Tom. Its actually quite a bit cleaner in person, which really surprised me after looking at so many boats that were just the opposite. I am not set on it, just want to educate myself as much as possible before cancelling or completing the sale. I'm going thru with a second survey and...
  201. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    By the way, the boat is a 1990 Pacemaker 37: I cannot find much info on the Seidelmann Pacemakers but overall the boat is very clean and well maintained. The engines...
  202. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks G & Tom for the insight and opinions. You may be right that my research is biased, so thanks for helping me stay grounded. I have scheduled a separate survey and spoke to the surveyor about the blisters and let him know that its a big concern, especially with consideration for resale. I...
  203. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks JM and Shad. The owner has accepted my offer and I will be contacting both tomorrow to set something up.
  204. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    That's exactly what I read which is why I'm not too worried about it. I'll keep doing more research as well as look into hiring second opinion surveyor.
  205. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Dave and Tom, Thank you both for your replies and insight. I agree with both of you and thanks for helping me see it from those angles. I figured the repair could run upwards of $10k at most yards depending on the full scope. I will plan for worse so in the event it has to be done, it wont be a...
  206. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    Thanks guys for the quick replies. I plan on calling the surveyor and picking his brain too if he doesn't mind. The survey definitely matched what I saw above the waterline. I am pretty good at reading people and the broker seemed straight forward and there was nothing fishy in his replies to...
  207. sixty

    Survey provided by broker

    I have an offer in on an early 90's 37' sport fisher (in the $60k range) and am expecting it to be accepted. When I made the offer, the broker offered up a recent survey (two months old) by a surveyor who has been recommended on this site as well as a few others. The survey looks pretty...
  208. sixty

    Northern Nevada Bull Elk

    Lol. In his lucky streak he shot it near their jeep, winched it in the air from a tree and set it down whole on the front tube stinger bumper. I whole heartedly believe in taking it out in pieces but this was the perfect scenario. We used our jeep winch to lift it off the bumper and hang it.
  209. sixty

    Northern Nevada Bull Elk

    Thanks everyone, ill pass on the compliments. The pic setup was a quick shot whike making lunch between elk chasing sessions. He's stoked and definitely getting it mounted.
  210. sixty

    Northern Nevada Bull Elk

    My 16 year old cousin and buddy both drew late tags for the Jarbidge area. My cousin dropped this on the first morning after a late start with our grandfathers 30-06 at over 200yds. 6x6 with little 3/4" nub that could make it a 6x7. Lucky kid and a hell of a shot. That's me in the pic and for...
  211. sixty

    Thru hull LED light - Killer deal

    Yep, 12v. the manual says 7.4a @ 24v and 3.2a @ 12v. I think they have it switched. Either way, its a pretty low draw for bright they are.
  212. sixty

    Thru hull LED light - Killer deal

    Received the light today. This thing is HUGE and HEAVY. I bet it cost them more to manufacture than what they sold it for. VERY nice even at full retail.
  213. sixty

    fujifilm techno stabi binoculars

    Nope. LOL!
  214. sixty

    fujifilm techno stabi binoculars

    I have the Nikon 14x40 which are identical and they are awesome. I would not get anything less. You can find the Nikons for about $800 refurbished on various sites if you keep your eyes open.
  215. sixty

    Thru hull LED light - Killer deal

    I just picked up a Bluefin GW16 - topaz blue, LED thru hull light for $443 from Hodges Marine. They typically run well over $1k and retail is upward of $1,700. Killer deal for a light of this caliber. it is also available in white for the same price. Just thought I would give everyone a heads...
  216. sixty

    Smaller Thru Hull Ducer Stem

    Thanks Pescaloco. That's the direction I'm heading.
  217. sixty

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Not even close to what happened. You believe a guy defending a crew that nearly killed 26 passengers and failed a breathlyzer????
  218. sixty

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Jarradg6, post it... My boat didn't end up on the rocks with 26 passengers less than 12 hours later. The patty wasn't poached, you guys literally parked on top of it. Not sober behavior. Im guessing you were working?
  219. sixty

    Smaller Thru Hull Ducer Stem

    I am upgrading my thru hull transducer and the stem is currently 51mm and the new ducer is 32mm. The new faring block is 55mm wide so it will overlap the existing hole slightly. What is the recommended method of filling the gap? Re-glassing the hole and then re-drilling seems like the best...
  220. sixty

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Does anyone have a contact for the CG involved in the investigation? I would like to report the behavior I witnessed (posted earlier in this thread) since I have never seen a captain act that way in the last 20 years I have been fishing in SD. PM me if it doesn't belong in this thread...
  221. sixty

    WTB: Furuno Gp 1850 Wf

    I have one I'm pulling off my boat in next week or two. it comes with the gps antenna and a 520st thru-hull transducer. Works great except the temp is reading about 25d low on the last two trips and the GPS antenna is broken at the base. comes with a Navionics card for western US I believe and...
  222. sixty

    troubled trip

    We were out there too with very lively dines, six lines out and not a single bite on the drift or the hook, baits from flylined to 8oz torpedos, leaders from 80lb flouro to 20lb, boats hooked up around and occasional busting fish. VERY frustrating so i know your pain! I had the radio turned...
  223. sixty

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Last night on our way in from the 43, between the 182 and the 9 we spotted a 10x10 paddy which was our first in 2 days. We started a drift and the Invicta seeing us turned heading from 1/4 mile away made a B-line straight for the us. I decided i was going to slow troll the deans past it before...
  224. sixty

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Awesome trip. That's how you fish a big Bert!
  225. sixty

    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    Heard San Pedro fuel dock was well under $2..... if I had a 42 Bert i would be out there for the next week. Im in if you need a deck hand!
  226. sixty

    Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    Very nice spearfish. That has to be a state record if there is one. VERY tasty! Looks like all of the dues are paying off, you have skills!
  227. sixty

    Report 7/18-7/19 - No Fish

    If only someone had the power to bring back BOTD or add a Sand Bar then maybe I could accommodate ;-) I'm sure the plane has some he could share with creative blurring, but then again maybe he's keeping those to himself.....
  228. sixty

    Report 7/18-7/19 - No Fish

    lucky and you were prepared. Heard you guys gloating on the radio, glad you guys did well! I've had a few opportunities at being the golden boy of the day, just never for blue fin. Those fish are my achilles heel, especially since I usually fish later in the season. Hope you guys keep it up!
  229. sixty

    Report 7/18-7/19 - No Fish

    Exactly like trophy deer hunting when you can see ten 34-36" bucks at 1200 yards every morning and spend 5 days trying to get an 800 yard hail mary shot :-) I knew that going in, was just glad to get some time on the water and see all of the life. Seeing 200lb tuna breezing is worth the fuel...
  230. sixty

    Report 7/18-7/19 - No Fish

    Brought the boat down Sunday afternoon to be slipped for the summer. Took 10 hours to get from Vegas to Point Loma with crazy traffic and a burnt semi outside of Baker. Got the slip situated by noon on Monday, grabbed a half scoop from EB with 6" dines and 1 6" mac and headed to N9, just me and...
  231. sixty

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    I'm out. Had some titling trouble on my boat trailer so couldn't get my TIP in time. Also, picked up some rush work so making $$$ forced me to completely call off my trip down there. Hope you guys all have fun down there, catch a lot of fish and take some pics for us guys stuck at home. Be safe...
  232. sixty

    Gonzaga Bay trip Fisherman needed.......

    Its looking pretty good that I'll be able to make it. I'll be bringing my Mako and will probably have extra room on my boat.
  233. sixty

    Fishing at Rincon De Guayabitos?

    Not sure how good the shore fishing but if you have your own gear im sure you could find a panguero to take you out for a very reasonble price. Theres a few small boats for hire there but we always made the drive into PV to do any serious fishing.
  234. sixty

    Cabo Panga Marlin Report 12-21-15

    It was definitely a fun trip. If you want to text Jaime, put a "+" before the 52. On a side note for cell sevice while down here. At&t is running a special for free phone, text ang 1gb data for a month in Mexico. I was actually sending work emails and texts right after landing fish.
  235. sixty

    Cabo Panga Marlin Report 12-21-15

    My girlfriend and I fished yesterday with Captain Jaime on the Yessica. Worked our way up the west coast until about 8:30 am when Jaime spotted a bird oile about 2 miles to the north with no Binos! I have no idea how he could see so far but sure enough when we got closer there were hundreds of...
  236. sixty

    Honda 225 4 STROKE repower

    Glad to hear Eric is still doing great work. He went WAY out of his way when we repowered our boat 8 years ago. Great guy, great service. I cant recommend him enough. Our twin BF150's were blems and still running great!
  237. sixty

    Good Day for Team Maverick

    Way late to this thread..... Our hotel (Hard Rock) had very slow internet and I got slammed with work the second I got home. My girlfriend and I fished with Juan this day and had a great time. Like Juan said, the weather was rough but atleast we got into some tuna and picked a few on poppers...
  238. sixty

    Anyone want to share a charter in PV 8/20-8/24

    PM sent. We'll be down there from the 17th to the 24th
  239. sixty

    Northern Nevada Antelope

    My buddy finally had a chance to measure the horns. The right came in at 14-5/8" and the left at 14-7/8". Not bad but I was hoping to be over 15. Got the meat all butchered the other night with the help of my GF's 11 year old daughter. That girl is a natural butcher and not the least bit...
  240. sixty

    Northern Nevada Antelope

    Definately a keeper. If he starts nagging I can always just put a blanket over him.
  241. sixty

    Northern Nevada Antelope

    Thanks! He looked big thru the scope and I was VERY happy with his size when I approached him.
  242. sixty

    Northern Nevada Antelope

    Very similar to deer so far. It was only slightly gamier than venison. Im planning on steaking the straps and turning the rest into jerky and sausage.
  243. sixty

    Northern Nevada Antelope

    This year I drew tag for antelope in an area of northeastern Nevada, just south of the Jarbidge wilderness. My tag was from August 22nd til Sept 2nd. Since the fishing in SD was hot I decided I would only hunt the last four days of my season and drag the boat to SD instead and get some fish...
  244. sixty

    Sat 8/25 Late report - Marlin

    Yep, bit on a live sardine. Total bummer!
  245. sixty

    Sat 8/25 Late report - Marlin

    Sorry for the late report. Didn't get back to Vegas until late last night. We left SI at 4:15 am with a half scoop of dines and headed for the east fly. I had my girlfriend, her 18yo son and 11yo daughter as well as a good friend of mine on board. They all have very little, to no offshore...
  246. sixty

    8/22 425 area

    Tired, so just a quick report from my iphone. Left SI at 4:30 got bait and headed straight to the 425. Found a current line about 3 miles north of the 425 and trolled it. Picked up a small rat and it was one after another for a few hours on bait. Had all newbies onboard so we farmed 5 and landed...
  247. sixty

    15"x19" Stainless Honda Prop Pair

    I have a pair of Honda stainless props in nearly new condition. They have about 200hrs on them in mostly fresh water. Model Numbers are as follows: Honda 58133-ZY3-A19S Honda 58133-ZY3-B19S (counter rotating) They were a bit big for my boat so I went back to 17's Asking $400 for the pair +...
  248. sixty

    Outboards in higher elevations....loss of power?

    Unless you have a turbo the engine will lose power and will most likely need a different prop even with rejetting. Best way is to do both. One or the other may work, but not achieve ideal performance. A prop change will atleast allow the motor to operate within the correct WOT rpm range. Ive...
  249. sixty

    Outboards in higher elevations....loss of power?

    Definately get a high altitude prop, it will make all the difference. You will probably need to adjust the carb too, but the prop will make the bigger difference. Check your Pm's
  250. sixty

    Penn Yan boats

    I have no experience with Penn Yanns, but with twins it should maneuver on a dime. Definately sea trial it and try to get some idea of the fuel burn numbers if it does not have gauges. If the engines are injected they should be decently economical. It should have plenty of power. Make sure it...
  251. sixty

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    I had no idea that Tony Hawk and Mark Gator set this site up. No wonder this place is so fawked up.
  252. sixty


    VERY tasty sashimi! We used to eat them when I lived in Kauai. We never got any large ones with worms but I've heard of guys cutting the worms out.
  253. sixty

    Boat permit regulations

    I believe that all boats that stay in Mexico over a week technically need a TIP.
  254. sixty

    For those who love omilu!!! :)

    I would love to get into some of those in central america, one of my favorite fish to catch and down there you don't have to worry about cigatera. I'd have a hard time releasing them though! Looks like fun, your a lucky man to do all that travelling and fishing!
  255. sixty

    WTB Box Steel Tubing

    OUCH is right! That right there is one of the only things that makes living on the mainland tollerable!
  256. sixty

    Mark White lures

    Unfortunately thats the best pic i have. It was a rainbow irridecent head with a sort of gay bob skirt configuration. Worked great! I bet those whipping plugs are awesome!
  257. sixty

    Mark White lures

    They are made of porcellin and WAY stronger than standard resin heads. My buddy used to do some landscaping work for Mark when he was first starting to sell his lures, and got a bunch of them to test. The first time I pulled one behind my boat we picked up a 185lb blue about 2 minutes into the...
  258. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    Sweet ride..... much better than the 24 and probably not much sacrafice on economy. I bet your totally stoked!
  259. sixty

    BIG, old amberjack...kan/kampachi?

    Great tasting fish....They make killer sashimi too!
  260. sixty

    2010 Elk Hunt- lots of pics

    Looks like a fun, COLD trip Drew! Those bull pics are great. I'm thinking I need to change in my 4 bull points for a cow... I'm getting tired of never drawing anything and we are all out of deer steaks. That stuck looks like fun! I have the 06' version of your truck and that IFS is about...
  261. sixty

    Poachers BUSTED and Recorded - Hate My iPhone

    Definately sucks. If you jailbreak your phone there are a few options that work alot better than the built in recorder. I think your best bet would be to get the cell numbers of some of the wardens on the island. I'm not sure about oahu but when I lived in Kona there were usually only 1 or 2...
  262. sixty

    16 Alii Kai Repower

    What did the Honda Tech have to say about the condition? any decent tech should be able to guestimate the hours just by wear on some components. Unless the motor was used comercially in a high hour application (where it could rack up lots of hours and still look new) it should be obvious just...
  263. sixty

    16 Alii Kai Repower

    If the Honda is in good condition you could skip the kicker and carry a VHF and 406 epirb. You could probably get your money out of the Honda if it doesn't work out. If maintained the Honda will go well past 2k hours. Don't forget to figure prop, controls and gauges into the costs.
  264. sixty

    Lake Mead massacre...4 yaer old sons first time on the big lake.

    Looks like a fun trip and great weather. We might be heading out on Sunday or Monday for the first time this year.
  265. sixty

    Trolling For Papio/Ulua Etc.

    For trolling I would just pull some Rapalas. I did best with 4-5" black and purple. We always did alot better by whipping plugs over structure... but thats alot more work.
  266. sixty

    Find me a WA...

    Top speed of 50mph..... either it has twins or the ad is lying. twin 150's would definately get it in that range.
  267. sixty

    Need Help on bending aluminum tubing for arch

    Nice work You bent that with the HF pipe kinker? Is that pipe diameter tubing?
  268. sixty

    bad luck or plain suck part 2

    Great story so far, I just wish you wouldn't make me wait. Keep it coming!.
  269. sixty

    2006 honda bf 150 problem

    Email sent
  270. sixty

    Monday 43 Report

    In Hawaii they load thier baits with Habaneros to get rid of problem dolphins... Might work with seals also.
  271. sixty

    Good day on magic paddy

    It was beautiful til noon then it got real bumpy 2-4 mixed chop with whitecap. Not to uncomfortable but it made for a long ride in. Thanks loren, the boat works great. This was our 2nd trip down here since having the boat and both times we habe done well. Last september we got 2yft right around...
  272. sixty

    Good day on magic paddy

    Quick report from my iphone..... Fished saturday and sunday for nada (farmed 2) hit a good paddy this morning just west of the 371 for an instant tripple yf on bait and worked for 6 more til the bite died. Everyone left but we stuck it out and worked the paddy by ourselves til 4pm for 16 yft...
  273. sixty

    This is some crazy S**T!

    Crazy Vid, If it was my boat or i got to keep the boat I would have attempted to board it, but I wouldn't put my self in danger to save someone else boat. Hopefully it was insured! Don't most outboard shutoff with an impact?
  274. sixty

    Anyone ever try NAPA for paint??

    The Napa paint is decent for the price, but you would be better off going with a 2-part industrial urethane. If you look around sometimes you can find the Dupont Imron 333 (I forget the new designation for the 333) for around the same price. It is 3x the paint the Napa stuff is. You might also...
  275. sixty

    Anyone Use The Online Repair Manuals?

    I like to use aftermarket manuals to suppliment OEM factory service manuals. OEM manuals call for alot of SST's and aftermarket manuals can give you ways to work around the SST's and can also offer easier ways to accomplish something. I have seen alot of bad spec's in aftemarket manuals (mainly...
  276. sixty

    Where do you buy your boating/rigging supplies?

    I'm fond of great selection and pricing
  277. sixty

    Honda Mechanic

    I'd make the extra drive up to Oxnard to see Eric at Specialty Marine. He's one of the only honest dealers around and really knows his stuff
  278. sixty

    Puertecitos 6/21 - 6/25 (Pic Heavy + Vid)

    That grunt is freakin huge! Has to be some sort of record. Ive always thought they would be tasty but we have only caught bait size. Looks like a great trip
  279. sixty

    A week in the sea of cortez

    AWESOME report! Thanks for the effort of typing it up for us!
  280. sixty

    need to power a 30 foot Force

    Those cummins on Kauai look slike a GREAT deal, but they will be HEAVY! From what I hear the D3's are a light duty block compared to a D4 and dont have the reputation either. If you are dropping the coin on a 30' Force you should definately go diesel. talk to the builder and see what he would...
  281. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    You'll probably find a better deal on a better purpose built boat. Sounds like the guy bought it without a sea trial and that might bite him in the ass. Keep cash handy incase a good deal pops up and you need to pounce on it. Force probably have the best resale in Hawaii, so right now is...
  282. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    Don't forget to bring atleast a rod and some equipment. Everytime I sea trial a boat we run into fish and have nothing, very frustrating. Don't trial with rose colored glasses, but don't be over critical either. I think with some effort building a cab it will be a great platform.
  283. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    Now its seems like a great deal. Best to get everything checked out and do a rigorous sea trial before pulling the trigger.
  284. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    I REALLY like twin screw just for the maneuverability. I can spin my 25' boat in in a 30' wide space with ease. The redundancy is nice too and will almost always save ytou from a tow in. As far as double the maintenance, its more like 150% of the work since you doing the same thing 2x and it...
  285. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    I would have to see the 50 knts to believe it. I would think that those motors would probably be putting a legitimate 230hp to the props so I guess its possible with the right hull design, conditions, props, trim etc.., but in my opinion not very likely. With some work it could be a great...
  286. sixty

    Belt Driven Washdown Pump Question

    I'm not familliar with belt driven pumps, but I have mounted alot of custom accessories to GM serpentines. As long as you have the physical space and can get a correctly sized serpentine pulley ($$$ custom $$$) you should have no problem fabbing up mounts. The problem is that if the pump ever...
  287. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    With EFI and straight shafts it should be pretty economical. 4gph sounds pretty good to me, which is about what I get withthe Honda 150's. The unfunctional part of that boat is the location of the helm (over the engines I presume) creats some pretty worthless space in front of it. maybe add...
  288. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    No problem, I feel stupid for not recognizing the the rudders :-0 . the Vortecs are great motors especially if they're injected.
  289. sixty

    Want your thoughts...

    It looks like a real wet boat to me and not what I would want in Hawaii. if those small round scuppers are for bailing the deck they are WAY undersized especially with an open bow. I bet that thing would swamp real easy. It would take ALOT of work to build a cab for the boat inorder to avoid...
  290. sixty

    Suzuki Warranty

    This happens on outboards where the shaft was not greased when changing the impeller for many years and are subjected to saltwater. A bad seal will defiantley cause this as well as other major corrosion issues. Was all maintenance followed in the owners manual? if so, I'd be on the phone with...
  291. sixty

    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    Maybe it was a grander and the captain just didn't want to deal with it.:ashamed: Thats why he said it was like a jackpot. :urno1: maybe he didn't want to get water on his deck? He especially should have backed down if he didn't have a chair. Maybe he was going to throw the lure away and...
  292. sixty

    How to re-seat a tire using WD-40

    Has anyone tried this with the new (less flammable) formulation of WD-40? I carry a ratchet strap and small mv-50 compressor. I have never had to resort to starter fluid or gasoline.
  293. sixty


    I second that. What kind of service do you need? Most service items on the Hondas are easily completed at home.
  294. sixty

    Looking for the narrative regarding trouble on the Hwy from San Carlos

    I have frequented the SC and RP boards for years and have never heard of this. that sounds ALOT like the incident in northern Baja.
  295. sixty

    Chery boats FS on CL guys

    My 18 footer would burn thru 25-30 gallons in 8 hours of trolling. It had a carbed yamaha 85. I never carried enough fuel for a long day of trolling so I would mostly troll between buoys and try to bait or jig at the buoys to save fuel. I could see where the twins on a displacement hull could...
  296. sixty

    Chery boats FS on CL guys

    oh yeah... be very careful working around the gasoline. gas vapors in an enclosed hull is a pretty powerful bomb:
  297. sixty

    Chery boats FS on CL guys

    I wouldn't worry about gasoline affecting the hull unless it sat there for a few years, even then fiberglass is pretty resistant to gasoline. If there is any damage it should be pretty apparent by looking at it. Boat fuel tanks are a common problem, my neighbors 19' Alii kai had a leak in the...
  298. sixty

    Chery boats FS on CL guys

    I fished once on my buddies 24' Alii kai with a Volvo diesel... We broke down half way back from south point. I had to swim to shore and hitch a ride back to town to grab my boat. They got it the rest of the way back with the kicker. It turned out to be a big oil leak that pumped all of the oil...
  299. sixty

    Chery boats FS on CL guys

    I like the Alii kai, although those evinrudes will drink some gas. The glaspar is nice if it was priced the same as the Alii kai! If it was me, I'd be interested in the Alii kai since it will hold its value better and you can fish it for a few years and get close to what you paid for it...
  300. sixty

    Crazy Haole Slays Marlin!!!!

    No flying gaff? Green marlin are no fun! Sounds like a good trip to me, even with all of the losses.
  301. sixty

    Shark Chum?

    Pretty much whatever fish you can get alot of, the more oily the better, and then grind it up. I've never heard of anyone targeting sharks in the SOC since there are not that many. Its pretty much if your lucky enough to see one, then try to bait it.
  302. sixty

    Hawaiian Marauders?

    I always got atleast double the strikes on the maurauders, but RJ is correct, the catch ratio sucks. Even when you hook them they still stand a good chance of pulling the hooks. It's very common to run them on a short corner. To me it really sucks to pull hooks, but some days its better than...
  303. sixty

    Rocky Point

    Good job on the fish Stuart, looks like the time off of work is paying off :Smoke_Emoticon: . I haven't been watching bouyweather lately, how was the weather?
  304. sixty

    Aloha! Ali'i Kai Question

    If your not inclined to do mechanical work yourself, then it wouldn't be a good boat for you. In the last few years I've owned an 18' hawaiian cab style boat and now have a 25' mako. The big boat is not much more difficult to deal with but it is much nicer in the slop, you get alot less fatigued...
  305. sixty

    Aloha! Ali'i Kai Question

    If I was looking for a boat on Oahu I'd be all over this, providing the hull is solid. 26' farallon Farallons are killer rough water boats.
  306. sixty

    Aloha! Ali'i Kai Question

    You might be able to get aold of one of the Berdon's in Waimea and they can tell you if it was built by Alii Kai.... Its possible. I woldn't worry too much about who built it, but instead look at the quality. Flush deck is a good option but it also raises the center of gravity which can make a...
  307. sixty

    Aloha! Ali'i Kai Question

    You could probably give starwind a call and they'll be able to tell you. I would definately look for something with a flush deck, although a good cabin design will deflect most of the water and keep it out of the cockpit. In my teens my buddy had 19' hobie console that we fished out of south...
  308. sixty

    Aloha! Ali'i Kai Question

    It looks like Starwind built the 18' Starwind Marine I never saw any of the starwind boats in person, but I heard they are lacking in quality.
  309. sixty

    Aloha! Ali'i Kai Question

    From what I remember, the Berdon's stopped building Alii's around 2001 and I believe Starwind bought a few of the molds and produced some starting around 04. I'm not sure where the 18 footer came from but the original bill of sale should give you a clue since the Alii kai name was not sold with...
  310. sixty


    We went out about 3 weeks ago and picked about 10 fish all less than a pound. Couldn't get any shad so it was all on Cut bait.
  311. sixty

    Car, boat and trailer through Mexico

    I just drove the road from mazatlan to Tepic last year and the 4 lane toll road was about 95 percent complete. Easy driving. I would definately not want to make the drive pulling a 24' boat with a rover even if it was rated for 8k. I would guess atleast some part of the drivetrain would let go...
  312. sixty

    Honda or Yamaha?

    Dont forgety that the Honda uses VTEC which allows the ECM to select between 2 cam profiles. This gives better economy at lower RPM's and more power at higher rpm's hence the lower displacement. If price was equal (hondas are usually $1500 more), I'd go for the Honda. The only downside to the...
  313. sixty

    Hawaii Fishing Island Video

    I sure do miss those shows... the biggest bummer was always too many comercials and not enough tv time (just like Inside Sportsfishing). I used to look forward to Sunday at 6pm every week when I was a kid!
  314. sixty

    Saiga 308

    I had one of the original 7.62x39 versions of this gun and for the price it was decently acurate. I shot 3k or 4k rounds thru it without a single jam. I have also owned the 12ga and still own the 20ga version (for my wife) of it and they are decent guns. I have killed alot of birds with it since...
  315. sixty

    The road to PV (11/22-12/2)

    Definately living the dream! I'm hoping to drag our boat down there one of these days. There are some Pemex's in the towns between Mazatlan and Tepic (along the free roads) but since the quota's are so new there is nothing along it. Good job on the marlin, I'm sure you'll get a cow on the...
  316. sixty


    Good job Drew! Were you hunting out in Pahrump?
  317. sixty

    Good rifle for Elk(in the timber)

    My uncle carries a Beouwulf 50 and has dropped a nice bull and a cow with it. Its a cool little gun and packs a punch, but I think I would use something else for the brush.
  318. sixty

    Furuno FCV-582

    That sounds exactly like the problem I had. All I was told is that there is a diode inside the unit itself that needs to be replaced. Furuno was of no help to me. This is who repaired my unit 5 years ago: Gentry's Kona Marina - Pacific Rim Fishing Supplies He said it was fairly common on these...
  319. sixty

    Furuno FCV-582

    What went wrong. My 582 died once, (turned on but did not ping) and it turned out to be a bad diade. Cost me less than $100 to have it repaired by a marine elctronics shop.
  320. sixty

    Older Model Furuno Fish Finders

    The 582 is CRT also, since it does not have the L on the end. I had one on my boat a few years back and it was a great finder that worked just as well as the new ones. GREAT sounders!
  321. sixty

    scampi jigs & grouper

    There is a book written by one of the famous grouper fishermen of Cholla bay, Wally Schmerfeld called "The Secrets of Super Grouper". This book details alot of techniques for catching big grouper on the northern Sea of Cortez. He has alot of techniquis for using giant scampi's, 10"+. The only...
  322. sixty

    Do you Eat Live/heart

    I believe Hartz makes some liver flavored chews that fixes that LOL I've eaten heart and its pretty good sauteed in butter. Its like very tender steak. Venison liver is pretty good too.
  323. sixty

    Late report - Lake Mead Stripers 10/24-25

    It was a good time, we went back out last Sunday and did pretty good (19 fish 3-7lbs). It was even more dificult to catch bait in the wind. We ended up with about 20 shad but fortunately the fish took cut bait as well. We even got 2 nice fish off of a late afternoon boil, where the stripers were...
  324. sixty

    Late report - Lake Mead Stripers 10/24-25

    October is a great month! The shad are actually pretty easy to catch, you look for signs on the surface and get you boat on them and throw a net. Unfortunatley you can only se a 3' net so it really limits your catch. The day we were out, they were spooking really easily. I threw on directly on...
  325. sixty

    Late report - Lake Mead Stripers 10/24-25

    Did a last minute overnight trip to Lake Mead to see if we could get into some stripers. We left the ramp at about 9:30 pm and made a slow trip in the dark to the mouth of the Vegas wash. Once we found marks and a little structure we dropped anchor and settled in for the night. BBq'd some...
  326. sixty

    Need a good butcher shop in N. County

    We butchered our deer in our garage using just hacksaws for quarting and fillet knife for boning and steaking. It took about 3 hours for 3 of us and 2 deer, including making burger. For the past few years we have been using a local butcher (in vegas) who did a great job, but you can really see...
  327. sixty

    Northern Nevada mule deer.

    Drew, I'll let you know about the grouse. I think the season ends towards the beginning of November. If I wasn't worried about spooking the deer, I would have pulled out the Beretta in my rig and easily limited. I came close to using the 7mm for head shots. :D The Rubies are a long range but...
  328. sixty

    Northern Nevada mule deer.

    Yeah, we hunted the Rubies. In total I think they gave out over 3000 tags for the area. I have been hiking and fishing those mountains since I was old enough to walk. This is the first time hunting them though. It is VERY beautiful country. I think I only saw 3 sets of lion tracks but it was...
  329. sixty

    Northern Nevada mule deer.

    Thanks, this is the first tag I've drawn but I've gone along on alot of hunts over the years. It felt pretty good to finally have a tag. I was suprised how calm I was when pulling the trigger, maybe cause I've killed alot of small game over the years. hopefully I can get lucky and draw again...
  330. sixty

    Northern Nevada mule deer.

    This year we managed to draw a tags (my first as well as for my wife) in the Ruby Mountains in Northern Nevada, along with 2000 other hunters. It was our 3rd choice, but atleast we drew. We didn't have very high hopes since the place was crawling with hunters, even saw a guy in all blaze...
  331. sixty

    The best way to spend your 13th wedding anniversary

    Congrats on the nice buck. We hunted the Ruby's along with over 2000 other tags. My wife and I both had tags but I couldn't get her to go up this weekend to try and fill hers. I'll post a report of our hunt soon.
  332. sixty

    Nevada Gun Shows

    Just about every table at the shows have a sign that says they will not sell to CA residents or even out of state residence in some cases. Maybe if you talk to someone, they might bend the rules but I doubt it. Most gun shops wont sell to CA residents either.
  333. sixty

    Fishing Peurto Penasco

    Where did you find a slip for $65 a week? Last I heard, Safe marina (only slips available since they bought out the marina next door) was charging around $50 a day + parking, launching and other fees.
  334. sixty

    San Diego- Lodging with boat parking

    I have a week off next week, and we are thinking about taking the boat down to SD (or San Carlos, but the 12hr drive is not sounding fun) and do some offshore/ inshore fishing. Does anyone know of a reasonable hotel or motel that would have secured or semi-secured parking for a 25' boat and an...
  335. sixty

    Which of these two paints is better??

    I say go with Imron, even though the Awlgrip goes on easier (just hearsay since I have no experience with Awlgrip). Imron industrials and automotive are great paints. One thing you might want to research would be buying the Imron out of state. I have heard that California requires Dupont to...
  336. sixty


    That's great you guys did so well, especially with bows. My friends mounts from Namibia are high quality and cost about 1/4 of what you would pay here in the states. Even the shipping was not that bad. It did take around a year to get them though.
  337. sixty

    South Africa Bowhunting Report

    Definately the trip of a lifetime. I know guys who went overthere with rifles and didn't do as well as you did. Definately an accomplishment with a bow! Did you carry anythng for protection? GREAT report and pics!
  338. sixty


    Nice catch... there is always cool stuff in the current lines. Thats a NICE glass ball, we found many but none that big.
  339. sixty

    Montana Bear Hunt Video

    You narrate like a pro. Thanks for the video, thats some beautiful country!
  340. sixty

    Video STRIPER BOIL Lake Mead NuTs

    Great video Jason! They were not nearly that aggressive when we were out there, just sorta rolling without the tail slapping. That was about the same area we saw them, but in deeper water. Looks like it was a beautful day out there. I can't wait for those fish to grow bigger & really go off.
  341. sixty

    Crazy Haole's maiden voyage

    I think you guys did pretty good. I always get skunked on my maiden voyages, I think its the boats way of humbling me :D. I know the feeling of fixing one thing and finding 2 more things to fix. we've had our boat for close to 2 years and that is always the story when I'm getting the boat...
  342. sixty

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    What were you using on them? I tried plugs, but didn't have any plastics. That sounds like what we saw. Windlass are nice until they fail. I use a claw anchor I built for reef anchoring in Mx, so it wouldn't be that hard to pull. I'm looking forward to the pics!
  343. sixty

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    It wasn't a typical striper frenzied boil, they seemed to just roll on the surface. The Furuno showed pretty much a huge mass from about 15-50' with fish moving in and out of it. I couldn't see any on the surface but I figured they were feeding on shad fry. There was no bird activity either, but...
  344. sixty

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    Thanks for the info Jason... If I would have read your post before we left, you could have filled an empty spot on our boat. We ended up fishing the wash and fish were everywhere. Right at dawn, at the entrance to the wash we came across a boil close to an acre in size. They ignored everything...
  345. sixty

    Striper Fishin LAKE MEAD

    Thanks for the report. We'll be out there by 4:30am, hope we can do as well!
  346. sixty

    emergency hydraulics

    The Seastar manual says that water can be used in an emergency situation I would think that after getting all of the water out of the system it should fine. Call the MFG and see what they say. How old were the lines?
  347. sixty

    Tigerlily's 1st Run

    One hell of a trailered console boat, almost seems like cheating! Good job on the pargo, I'd love to land one of those on my own ride.
  348. sixty

    Need to ship a couple of engines from the east coast.

    Score!!! That should save you a fortune.
  349. sixty

    Need to ship a couple of engines from the east coast.

    Forward air was the cheapest for me up until 3 years ago. They really jacked thier prices up and thier service went to hell. If they guy has a forklift and can fork them into the back of the semi from a buisness address it will be cheaper than even depot to depot for some reason. Same goes on...
  350. sixty

    what state's are you hunting

    I'll be hunting Nevada for mule deer, blue grouse and chukkar. Here is what can happen if caught falsifying residency info: NDOW - About NDOW - News
  351. sixty

    Need to ship a couple of engines from the east coast. the seller will need to crate them & be able to load them into the tractor trailor or drop them off at the depot. I've shipped some heavy stuff accross the country and they found the best price.
  352. sixty


    Good idea on the bait pump. You could probably have used a washdown pump if the boat had common rail diesels :D Glad you guys made it safely to Cabo
  353. sixty

    Chupu Charters 6-26

    Looks like alot of fun! If I ever make it out to oahu again I'll definately be looking Jesse up for a trip. The best part of spending the $ on a charter is all you learn. I bet those guys have alot to teach!
  354. sixty

    i need a honda outboard guy on oahu

    It's very easy to pull the lower unit to change the impeller. that would be the most likely reason they are not peeing, If you are using ear muffs on the lowers, you need a good set with very little leaking inorder for them to work. It's best not to use the ear muffs, but instead use a big drum...
  355. sixty

    there are a few jerks out there

    That REALLY sucks! Hope they catch the ice heads and get your stuff back. If you did not have homeowners or renters insurance, you might want to look into it. My wife and I lost everything when our house burnt 5 years ago. A $200 per year policy would have saved us. You might want to post up...
  356. sixty

    I am here bitches!!! HAHAHA

    Glad to hear you found a truck. David asked me for your email address, but I'll tell him you found one already. Those fish pics are making me want to quit my job and move to Panama!
  357. sixty

    I am here bitches!!! HAHAHA

    Were you able to get ahold of David? I heard Panama city is fun on the weekends, hope your having a good time!
  358. sixty

    I am here bitches!!! HAHAHA

    A sub-contractor not showing up for days? Must be a third world thing!:rofl: I'd skip the hilux and get a diesel landcrusier. They sell cruisers in Panama that some of us would chop off an appendage just to have. I know a guy into cruisers from Panama City who might be able to find a deal on a...
  359. sixty

    Verizon North America Choice

    I know this isn't Verizon, but over the last 6 months I've used my At&t (razor) with international calling ($5 per mo., $.59/ min) in Puerto Pensaco (Sonora), Monterrey, Guadalara, Tepic, Mazatlan, PV & a bunch of places in between. It was very rare, (even in the middle of nowhere in Nayarit)...
  360. sixty

    Getting permission

    All beaches in Hawaii are public property (except Barking Sands military base on Kauai) and you do not need permission to fish there. There are quite a few areas that the access is privately owned and posted no tresspassing, you would need permission to fish there or come in by water. If it is...
  361. sixty

    Puerto Penasco help

    When I was down there in November there was a guy name Julian who ran a few pangas out of the harbor. He's from the US and speaks perfect english. I talked to him for a while & it sounds like he runs a decent operation. I don't have any contact info unfortunately. There is also a guy that runs...
  362. sixty

    51# Striper, Willow Beach

    Nice fish! I've seen those bad boys down there a few times but it takes some serious skill and patients to catch them. You've got the touch!
  363. sixty

    Any thoughts on NOrthstar Fuel meters

    We have a Northstar F310 with a transducer on each engine. I can't even calibrate the damn things cause some times I get bizzare readings, no readings and other times it is close to what the fuel burn for the engines are from the factory. Alot of people have issues with bad transducers and...
  364. sixty

    Yama's ?

    I talked to Myron a few months ago and the store was still not open. He had no plans to go back to Kona (He lives on Oahu) but his son was thinking about moving over to re-open the store. I've been hearing this for years so I would suspect it hasn't happened yet and probably won't for a long time.
  365. sixty

    Help with my new to me Honda 4stroke

    The best part of doing it yourself is that you'll be able to diagnose future problems if you have them on the water or down in Baja, without reliance on mechanics. Gald you got it all figured out!
  366. sixty

    Third Time a charm?????

    Sorry for the threadjack. It definately looks beautiful, do you have anymore pics? I came real close to buying a rust free NV truck about 6 years ago for $5k. Still kicking myself. It would probably be running a big block on 40's by now and cost me atleast $30k :D I just put a stroker into my...
  367. sixty

    Third Time a charm?????

    Mac, Does that FJ45 in your avatar belong to you? That's definately a beautiful rig! I'm a huge cruiser fan and have owned 4 or 5 in the past. I currently have a built FJ60 and hope someday to get a 45LWB. Good job on the purchase, you must really love Blackman's to sell & buy the same model...
  368. sixty

    3D Sonar technology

    IIRC there were a few reviews of the older units over on thehulltruth. they weren't overly favorable. I think it would be fun to play with as a secondary unit but I wouldn't replace a nice furuno unit.
  369. sixty

    Bennett Auto Tab Control

    How well does it work in a choppy beam sea? I'd be afraid that it would over compensate. I can definately see the advantages to it.
  370. sixty

    hydraulic ram repairs/parts?

    if he has seastar cylinders, these guys have the best price on seal kits: you'll need to know the model#. if the shaft is damaged/ corroded, the seals wont last. They are pretty easy to replace.
  371. sixty

    4 stroke Honda Out Board

    Easiest to just clean the carb. Check your PM
  372. sixty

    Shore Fishing in Kona

    The only place I ever did well, was whipping at the 2 harbors (Keahou & Honokohau). I used Kastmasters & Rapalas, picking up some small Omilu's & Papios.
  373. sixty

    CA Wolverine

    My dad was raised in Truckee & spent alot of time in the Sierras, fishing, hiking working for the sawmill. He saw a wolverine about 35 years ago near some lakes about 10 miles north of Donner pass. My Grandpa had seen them before also, I always thought they were rare, but I've heard of alot of...
  374. sixty

    Brother went fishing

    Nice work on the bottom fish. That size Force is a fish raising machine. If you get a Kahala without worms, they make great sashimi. Ono is still the best sashimi in Hawaii though.
  375. sixty

    25 Skipjack Repower (6.2L 383 Magnum)

    If you already have an SBC than you can have a decent stroker built for less than $3k. Then all you need is to install an aftermarket EFI kit $2-$3k & you would be well below the cost of the Mercury. It would be more work than throwing a crate motor in, but then you could tune the injection to...
  376. sixty

    Hannibal Bank Report

    I love that pic of the crock with the Bonita! Awesome trip. Thanks for the report.
  377. sixty

    Macro view of Mexican Drug Wars

    I just spent 2 weeks down in Guadalajara and Mazatlan with my wifes family. They are the typical middle class mexican family and most have firearms in their houses legally (as do many Mexicans). Its legal to own firearms, just not buy them. They take a chance when they buy them, but once they...
  378. sixty

    mounting twin honda 50's

    It should be in the rigging manual. You have a PM
  379. sixty

    Making twin 350 gassers into fuel misers ?

    Affordable EFI makes a marine kit using a GM TBI system. They want $1500 for it, but you could source the parts and do it yourself (TBI is very simple) for probably less than $1k for both engines. The only custom thing they include is the harness, which you could source thru them, or rework a...
  380. sixty

    Mead Report - fish story

    Atleast you got some action! I bet it was a beautiful day out there.
  381. sixty

    power loss ? Yamaha v250 ox66

    Don't forget to replace the poppet valve when you do the thermostats, or atleast pull it & inspect/clean. I'm glad I lost the OX66 & went with Hondas!
  382. sixty

    power loss ? Yamaha v250 ox66

    OX66 is not HPDI, but still does have the VST tank. Definately check it out. if the Diaphrams on the low pressure pumps are old they will have a hard time filling the VST. My hunch is the LPFP's need replacing and there is something in the tank or fuel lines causing increased vacuum when the...
  383. sixty

    power loss ? Yamaha v250 ox66

    If it was a bad O2 sensor it would run bad all the time. definately sounds like fuel supply. Try pumping the bulb when it happens. If the low pressure fuel pumps have not been replaced in a while, replace them. They are best replaced every season on a boat with a lot of use & every other season...
  384. sixty

    puerto penasco report last weekend

    Thats the place. about 4 hours south of Phoenix. The run to the good fishing is close to 50 miles offshore.
  385. sixty

    puerto penasco report last weekend

    Thanks for the report Ric. Bouy weather was showing pretty nasty weather for Sunday, glad you guys got calm weather on the way in. Good job on the yellows, what were the water temps? I like your new webpage too!
  386. sixty

    Trim / Tilt indicator adjustment

    I looked in the rigging manual & there was nothing about trim sensor or guage adjustments. The service manual does not show any adjustment procedure for the sensor either. You have a PM for more info.
  387. sixty

    new to bloody decks

    I cant imagine handlining a150lb ahi in 14' seas, at 7 seconds, with a 30knot wind. I've heard of some of the comercial doing crazy stuff like that, but never that far offshore. I talked to my buddy yeserday on Kauai & it sounded like a hurricane over the cellphone. He said its been like that...
  388. sixty

    still looking for a room to rent in kona, me and autumn

    The only thing I miss from a price stand point in Kona, are the cheap bananas, and coconuts. I'm sure you're already aware of the local paper calssifieds, but incase you aren't, here is the direct link to rooms for rent: West Hawaii Today - Classifieds > Rentals there is also craigs list on...
  389. sixty

    new to bloody decks

    Sounds like you got on the right boat with the right captain. That haul is nice & the prices should be up this time of year ($2.50+). Keep up the hard work and you'll own your own commercial boat soon. That captain must have some balls and a seriously capable boat to head out close to 200 miles...
  390. sixty

    Trim / Tilt indicator adjustment

    I dont think there is an adjustment. Look on the back of he gauge, that should tell you. Our gauges did not need any calibration and both motors are spot on. If you don't get a rsponse by tommorow, I can look in the Honda rigging manual and see if there is anything in there.
  391. sixty

    I need advice on the the hell electronics to get!!

    I have a Furuno 1850 combo unit. It is a decent plotter & excellent FF but its a pain to use both at the same time. I would skip the combo units & get the Furuno 582l with a thru-hull and a seperate plotter and a Furuno radar. They can all be networked via NMEA but that doesn't provide much of...
  392. sixty

    San Felipe and Puerto Penasco fishing in Feb?

    I don't think you'll get decent fishing from Pangas in SF or PP. There are a few boats that offer charters to the 51mi reef from the harbor in PP but I'm sure the cost is high. You can go to Pompanos accross from the Harbor & they can hook you up with a boat. Puertocitos might be the ticket.
  393. sixty

    Fish Aggregating Devise Buoy?

    They have them all over Hawaii & are all maintained by the DLNR. It takes about 2-4 months after being placed before they really start to bring in fish. Their sole purpose is to attract fish for sport and comercial fishing and they are very useful, as there is almost always something under...
  394. sixty

    Green Day

    Good job Drew. Was it hard to get permission to hunt out there? I've made that drive a million times working on the schools out there. I used to cary the 12 & make some detours on the way home to chase some chukkar. I didn't see ANY sings of birds in all of the old spots. A bad year all over...
  395. sixty

    happy squiding this year!

    I'd bet that some if not all of the poles (bollards) are installed in sleeves and are removeable. Very common. this is not to say there aren't some dumb workers out there :D
  396. sixty

    oahu mahi

    That is a gasoline burning machine! I'd go with a single 4-stroke & you could probably cut your fuel in half. In my opinion twins aren't all that important Kona. I burned about 5gph with my single 85 at 9 knots, but it was a deeper vee than the alii's & glasspro's. I always wanted the range to...
  397. sixty

    oahu mahi

    I think the most jetski fisherman are on Kauai. Tons of guys over there who catch big fish in big water on Ski's & then do tow-in surfing when the waves are big. If the ferry starts running overthere, I'd hit up the southwest side. In my opinion the fishing is way better than Kona. Rj, What...
  398. sixty

    Weke are cool

    Weke is one of the best eating reef fish out there. Steaming is probably the best. Thats a very nice fish & they don't get much bigger than that. IIRC they are also one of the most frequent fish to carry the Ciguatera toxin. I've only caught a few on rod & reel but used to spear them all the...
  399. sixty

    D.I.Y. Tower

    Nice build! Are you planning on polishing & anodizing it? You could probably skip the anodizing if you store it in AZ. It definately looks like a buggy cage. Some people have success and some dont with the HF notcher. I got tired dull hole saws & just use my chopsaw for notching. I dont think...
  400. sixty

    Peacock Bass in Hawaii

    They'e called "Tucanre" in Hawaii. Kauai has the best fishing for them. They fight real hard & can get very big over there. Post up some pics if you get a monster. From what I hear they taste pretty good too.
  401. sixty

    South African Boats!!

    Miles, Thanks for all of the great pics & information! You definately have a great fishery at your disposal. In Hawaii I used to have a couple of trolling handlines like you show. They were great on small fish (Ono, Mahi etc.) but could not stand up to Tuna over 70lbs or Marlin. Do you tie...
  402. sixty


    I've heard that the Walmart Marine Maxx batteries are made by Exide. I cant confirm that, but for the price thats what I'll be using in my boat when I add a second bank of batteries & replace my originals. Lots of RV guys use them & have better success than Trojan AGM's. I've always had much...
  403. sixty

    Nee new prop

    Even if you whack an aluminum shaft you sdtill need to check for runout. I bent the shaft on my old Yamaha 85 on some reef without much damage to the aluminum prop. the shaft had about .030" of runout. A marine machine shop straightened it to about .001" for around $80. A total pain to get out...
  404. sixty

    Repacking Bearings

    Hardest part is dealing with the freeking drum brakes if you have them. If you can do a brake job you can repack bearings. Be sure to look for any pits in the race or discoloration that would indicate wearthru in the race surface.
  405. sixty

    Hi Temp Alarm is'nt Overheating.....Right?

    depending on where the sensor is mounted, you do not want to keep it below about 200d. damage occurs when the water boils off & creates hot spots. If you see steam coming out of the pisser, you've let it get too hot! :D
  406. sixty


    Run the parts and labor costs & then add atleast 30%. that should get you in the range of the real cost. Also dont forget that your boat will only be worth about the same as a diesel powered boat. Also dont forget the hassles that can arise with repowers. if you do the math and you'll be ahead...
  407. sixty

    Lake Mead 12/7/07 WFO on STRIPERS!!!

    Striper are definately one of my favorite fresh water fish. I'm glad you guys turned me onto it. It also makes some mean ceviche. Hung, Glad to hear you guys got into them. Nothing worse than battling horrible weather to get skunked. You guys are real troopers, that was some nasty weather!
  408. sixty

    Boston Whaler 25 Outrage Project

    Ed's wouldn't ship when we called. They said if we drove the boat out they would rig them, but we would have to pay tax. I would check out Specialty Marine for a Honda. Eric is a great guy & will work with you, unlike most other dealers. Looks like a fun project if there is no rot from...
  409. sixty

    Just got my winter project...

    no problem on the paint info. Just passing on what I learned while painting my Land Cruiser. I'm tempted to spray my hull black, but thats too much work! Booths are much nicer than garage booths (what I did) or painting outside. booths move filtered air accros your work to keep overspray from...
  410. sixty

    Lake Mead 12/2/07

    The weather was nice, but as soon as the air would move or slight cloud cover it would get cold... I forgot to mention we got checked by NDOW while on the water. He checked all of our licenses & asked if we had all of our safetey gear on board. He also said we did much better than anyone else...
  411. sixty

    Generato install

    You could probably mount a second alternator pretty easily also. Nothing like redundancy. You might also be able to mount a generator head to the engine for that matter. A Honda gen is the easiest way to go & they show up on Craigslist fairly often in the $600 range. Since your building the...
  412. sixty

    Just got my winter project...

    I've never used Awlgrip before, but Imron is designed to be used on heavy equipment, bridges, ships etc... In Kona they use industrial single stage paint (Imron is not available there, so they use Valspar LIC) all the time on boats & it holds up real well. Imron is Dupont's premium line & the...
  413. sixty

    Lake Mead 12/2/07

    My brother was in town and we had a calm but cold day (37d at the ramp & 31 @ my house) forecast so we decided to do a little striper fishing. The top water bite started right at dawn and went till about 9. There are still shad in the shallows but I could not get them with the net. The top water...
  414. sixty

    Just got my winter project...

    looks like a fun boat. You should be able to pick up some single stage industrial paint for less than $100. Look for the Dupont Imron 333 replacement (I forget the new designation). Its extremely tough, high quality (as tough as automotive paint and way tougher than gelcoat) and if your not...
  415. sixty

    Need a Broker

    Loren works for Qualified Yachts. We bought our boat thru him. Great guy to deal with.
  416. sixty

    Lake Mead Stripers 11/8

    Sorry for the late report... my computer literally smoked while I was out fishing! My buddy, my wife & myself fished the lake last Thursday & did pretty well. We left the ramp at 5am in the dark & made it to the wash just as the sun came up to make some bait. We made about 20 pieces of bait in...
  417. sixty

    moving boat to hawaii

    Depending on the type of boat you have, I would look for a local boat that is built in Hawaii, Force, Glasspro, Alii Kai Etc.. You can sometime find these very reasonbly priced wtih good maintenance. this can give you an extra $6k to deal with. I dont remember exaclty where I read it...
  418. sixty

    just got my licenses:)

    I've had a few autos over the years, and put out 50 or so rounds thru just about every mainstream auto on the market.... I love my 390, less recoil & its really well balanced. The 390's are a little difficult to find new but they still make the 3901's which is pretty much the same gun. I like...
  419. sixty

    Lake Mead Striper Report- 2 days late

    Thanks guys. Out of the 20 or so fish there was only one skinny fish probably 28". Lots of bait out there. Now I need to get out there and pay my dues so maybe someday I can get a big boy.
  420. sixty

    Lake Mead Striper Report- 2 days late

    Bryan, Yeah, the lake is really low & shorline seems to change daily. Hopefully the rockies will get alot of precip. in the next few years. Jason, Thanks for the recomendation, I learned ALOT from John. Chances are if you see a 25' mako out on the lake with twin Hondas thats me. (there is...
  421. sixty

    Lake Mead Striper Report- 2 days late

    Lake level is still down about 90'. I've lived here for a total of about 10 years and this is the first time I've fished the lake. Up to this point, bass fishing never apealed to me. That bait bag method sounds pretty nasty, but if keeps them in one place for more than 5 minuites I guess its...
  422. sixty

    Lake Mead Striper Report- 2 days late

    Sorry for the late report... I get lazy some times :gay:, hopefully the detailed report will make up for my procrastination. Based on Jason's (Lend-A-Fish) recomendations I booked a last minuite trip with John of so I could get good striper fishing instruction before I drag my...
  423. sixty

    Lake Mead Report and THANK YOU to Jack Flash

    Jason, If the trip comes together, I'll keep my eyes out for you. Hope you do well!
  424. sixty

    Lake Mead Report and THANK YOU to Jack Flash

    Thanks for the compliment.. Too bad she sits so much! I just got off the phone with John & it looks like me and a buddy will be going out with him tomorrow in the AM. Lake mead is a great lake & I know the lower half like the back of my hand, just never fished it :imdumb: I'll post up a report...
  425. sixty

    Lake Mead Report and THANK YOU to Jack Flash

    Thanks for the report. I've lived a total of about 10 years here & spent probably 100 days out at the lake and never even wet a line! :imdumb: For some reason bass & striper fishing never really appealed to me(I've seen some monsters out there). Since we bought the Mako I've been trying to get...
  426. sixty

    First Elk

    I'm sure it was nice up there! The storm really nailed us directly on, thankfully we weren't backpacking like planned. Your lucky on the horses, last year my younger brother got a tag in the same area & we backpacked it. The weather was even worse so we were hinking in 2' of snow at 11000'...
  427. sixty

    First Elk

    Nice job on the cow. Thats a beautiful area up there, I love Nevada high country. I spent last weekend north of Great Basin with my brother & uncles. It was freekin cold (less than 10d @ night). It dropped 6" of snow on us Friday night and didnt stop snowing until Sunday. My bro dropped a nice 3...
  428. sixty

    She has finally arrived, check out our new boat!

    Gorgeous ride! did you save alot by going to Florida? is there much corrosion from the Florida saltwater?
  429. sixty

    411 on fishing North of PV at Rincon de Guayabitos

    My wife is from La Penita which is the north part of Guayabitos (they still have some bungalows there). The fishing is about the same as the near shore in Punta Mita, but its a much longer haul to the banks as Manny points out. When we were there 2 years ago there were only pangas to rent &...
  430. sixty

    Suzuki dealers

    assuming your boat weighs 2900lbs (according to trophy) & you carry 1200lbs of people & gear + 55 gal., the mercury prop selector says you should be able to make 33mph with a 15p pitch prop. Te prop selector is pretty close on my boat. You have something seriously wrong! I wouldn't go...
  431. sixty

    Strange Oil Leak

    you should be able to pull the cowling off to see exactly where it is coming from. If the oil looks fresh (blue & still smells like 2-stroke oil) the it could be a leak in an oil line or your tank. If it smells like gas/ oil mixed & is a yellowish tint then it is leaking from the crank case...
  432. sixty

    Big Tiger of Nanikuli

    From now on tell all of your clients not to pet the large striped dolphins! If it would have been a great white it would have exploded on the dolphins from below. They have been reported a few times in HFN for stalking the porpoise schools.
  433. sixty

    tuna fantastic

    Nice fish! What is in the bait tank in that last pic? World record Cabalito, bullet tune or skipjack? maybe just a small bait tank on a midget boat
  434. sixty

    Kona Hawaii fishing report - July wrap-up

    Doesn't the DAR (in the HRS I believe) law say that every person aboard a boat needs to have a permit in order for any fish caught on the boat to be sold. I believe that is how the law is written. That would exclude all charters since the guests would all have to have permits. I remember reading...
  435. sixty


    "A California boy, who was the subject of a front-page Wall Street Journal article, went from being a star athlete and honor student to being unable to concentrate or catch a football because he ate canned tuna. " I think they have methyl mercury in tuna & crystal meth confused... Freaks
  436. sixty

    Throwing Plastics in Paradise

    Gotta love the Oama run. By far the best time of year to hookup from shore! They taste pretty good fried too, large weke are one of my favorite fish too eat. In my opinion well worth the cigituera risk :imdumb:. Hook up with midway, I'm sure you guys could kill em!
  437. sixty

    Viking 65 Updated Pics from Florida

    What a machine... 65' @ 40 knots, thats awesome!
  438. sixty

    Albi on the smoker

    Similar to the "3men" version I've had great success using this recipe: Smoking Fish - Introduction
  439. sixty

    24' Skipjack, Twin 350's $8k

    I saw this was just posted on the Phoenix Craislist. This thing must fly! 1974 24' skipjack I didn't know that it was possbile to fit twins in a 24' Skipjack.
  440. sixty

    fuel/water separator

    no problem... they have great deals on other stuff too. I picked up thier rebadged Johnson/Mayfair 750gph bait pump for $24. It works as well as the bait sentry it replaced & they are much easier to work on. Here's the link...
  441. sixty

    fuel/water separator

    This is by far one of the best deals out there. A really nice unit and pretty too.
  442. sixty

    Cutting speaker holes.

    I agree with the rotozip. Very easy to use & does a clean job. I use the cermic tile bits.
  443. sixty

    Whats a decene deal on this skipjack?

    Classic rookie mistake! Never add the reciepts, Ignorance is bliss.
  444. sixty

    Need Help on bending aluminum tubing for arch

    The only tubing bender that harbor freight sells is for 1/2"/ 7/8" light gauge tubing. Too light for a tower. They do sell the pipe bender but they do not work very well (I have one). You are far better off getting a draw type bender. This guy has the best deal on them ,but he builds them...
  445. sixty

    Best hand scrubber!

    I have the same white one (fine) & also have the red pad (medium) & black pad (coarse). They work great but be careful with the black one, it cuts like sand paper, I used it on my bottom paint & it worked great. you can get them all at Lowes. They work great in tandem with a pressure washer.
  446. sixty

    2260 Cat

    Nice Omilu! One of my favorite eating fish. Whats the story on the lightning strike? Oh yeah... nice ride :D
  447. sixty

    Ahi Strike No Tolerate.

    Nice fish! I can't believe you guys didn't give your bosses the middle finger & head out the next morning.
  448. sixty

    Twin honda 150 max speed 38 ?????????

    You want to get it closer to 6000rpm (max is 6200). Try 19" props. Also play with the trim while your on a plane & make sure you have your trim tabs all the way up to reduce drag.
  449. sixty

    Twin honda 150 max speed 38 ?????????

    is that 38 knots (44mph) or 38mph? I have twin Honda 150's on my Mako 253 and with 17 pitch props I could get about 42mph at 6200 rpms in 1' chop @ 1000' above sea level. Just put 19's on & I'm looking for 46+ on a flat day.
  450. sixty

    Floater report

    I can't confirm it but one of my friends and his dad from Milolii found a single wide mobile home floating about 10 miles off of the Kona coast. Said it was loaded with thousands of Mahi. Could just be one of those crazy Hawaiian stories though. When the fish weren't biting on the current...
  451. sixty

    Truck and Boat Ripped-off in Ensenada 6-3-07

    That sucks BIG TIME! horn toad is right, atleast you guys are safe. I was down in La Bufadora back in 97 when 2 guys from Reno (where I'm originally from) were killed in SQ for thier truck & boat. I've got my fingers crossed that it will all show up, they found those guy's truck at the house of...
  452. sixty

    Gotta Love It!

    Your closer to the ocean than me, although Long Beach is really only 4 hours from here :indabutt:I looked into the Texas gulf but I much more favor Mexico... maybe someday. I was pretty amazed at how easy it was to cast heads, but getting them perfect takes alot of talent and patients. I had a...
  453. sixty

    Tackle Stores Hawaii

    Yama's closed almost 3 years ago. The owner, Myron Yamasaki "Yama" was a good personal friend of mine. He was getting old (about 82) & could not compete with Walmart. Once Melton's opened, he decided to close the store. His dad opened the store in the 40's I believe. He had tons of good Kona...
  454. sixty

    Gotta Love It!

    Arizona????? :confused: I'll be in contact when the time comes LOL I would think that the porcelain lures would be much easier to make and therefore less $, but the materials must cost alot. I used to cast resin heads with my friend and it was pretty easy, but we never got very intricate. My...
  455. sixty

    Gotta Love It!

    I figured it had to be something like that, just hard to tell in the pictures. My buddy used to work for or with this guy: Hawaii fishing lures - made in Kauai by Mark White - Kauai, Hawaii , so he would get porcelian heads to try from him. I was skeptical at first but they work great! Within...
  456. sixty

    Gotta Love It!

    Purty lures, I bet they smoke like crazy! The Jinkai probably made the difference on that marlin. That stuff is hard. What does the inside (down the mouth) of the lure look like? Does the large diameter hole go all the way thru, allowing the head to wobble on the leader? I've never seen a lure...
  457. sixty

    Gotta Love It!

    Amazing, I can't wait to see the pics! What was the rigging on the lure? It always takes forever for a trip to come around & then the next thing you know your on your way back home. Have fun down there, I can't even get enough time off of work to go to Penasco. :imdumb:
  458. sixty

    Do i need new axel?

    Its too hard to tell from the blurry picture what the condition of the spindle is. The area under the larger bearing should be fine, use a dremel to partially cut the race & then split it with a chisel. Check the inner seal surface, it is probably bad causing water intrusion and that is...
  459. sixty

    Replacing brakes and leaf springs

    Also, you may want to look very close at the sealing surface for your inner seal. it looks like the grooves are pretty deep, so the seal may not work correctly. If it is not too deep (cant feel with your finger but you can feel it with your nail) you could carefully clean it up with emery cloth...
  460. sixty

    Replacing brakes and leaf springs

    You definately do NOT want to use standard grade 5 galvanized nuts with your ubolts. I highly reccomend that you get the proper grade 8 deep nuts with 1/4" washers to match your ubolts (they should be grade 8). if they are 5/8" grade 8 I would torque them to about 110ft lbs (about 80-90 for...
  461. sixty

    Hawaiin SLAY ride

    Not a ski boat built in the 70's, retrofitted with a full cab and a self bailing deck? Definately not a Hawaiian boat! LOL Nice ride though & should be great for Hawaii Kai, those large outriggers are nice too. You could put a large fishbox in the middle with a pad on top, then mount a...
  462. sixty

    Have Truck and Boat

    Welcome to Bloodydecks Mike (From the San Carlos board)! I'm not sure your in the right place to find women, but Im sure there some guys on this board who would gladly dance for a ride. :gay: Your going to have a great time in San Carlos with that cat! Do as much reading as possbile about...
  463. sixty

    taking care of your catch

    Gernsey, just out of curiousity, why did you use rod and reel for commercial & not handline? In Hawaii it was fairly manditory to use handline to keep from burning the meat (fighting too long) but they were generally much bigger fish. Was there a commercial regulation that said you had to use...
  464. sixty

    Mako 253 Twin Honda 150 repower

    I'm paranoid not to start it if its running, but I have shifted it into gear a few time without starting it :D Sea esta, Eric's prices are great but his service is even better! Well worth the 10 hour round trip for me. I would not want to have dealt with any other dealers. Jericho, I'm...
  465. sixty

    Mako 253 Twin Honda 150 repower

    Thanks guys for all of the compliments. It has been a ton of work and we have been regretting getting ourselves into up to this point. It sure was nice to see it on the water! As far a shooting a load on it...please do the right thing and bring a towel.. or atleast a sock :D
  466. sixty

    Mako 253 Twin Honda 150 repower

    Don't know yet... still need to get the props right as well as finish break-in. Internet prop calculators say about 45 mph. Hoping for about that but would mind 55mph :D
  467. sixty

    Mako 253 Twin Honda 150 repower

    I really have to thank Eric of specialty Marine. There were a few issues with the install & he stood behind his product the whole way (even drove a replacement outboard to Vegas!) If I had to do it again I would definately go with Eric (& most likely Honda) since the service has been...
  468. sixty

    Mako 253 Twin Honda 150 repower

    I posted up a few months ago (here) pics of our new to us 99' Mako 253. After tons of deliberation and shopping for used twins we ended up going with Eric @ Specialty Marine for a set of new 150's. We did all of the rigging ourselves short of hanging the motors. There were quite a few hikups...
  469. sixty

    150 vrs 175

    I'm not familiar with the Merc 175, but experience dictates that a 150 Carbed OB probably would not make much of a difference in mileage. In my opinion the Yamaha is probably a better motor, but I only have experience with the smaller and larger Yamahas. If your going to change your motor your...
  470. sixty

    Northstar Electronics

    Northstar bought Navman, you should be able to find a bunch of info under a Navman search. I have a Northstar 3100 (fuel management) & I've only tested it to see if it turns on. so far it works fine! A good feature of thier chartplotters is you can add fuel management transducers to them & it...
  471. sixty

    I go to Hawaii next week!! Cattle Boats? Diving?

    MMMM... Ta'ape, the minature Tilapia of the sea! :shake: You will be sadly disapointed fishing the reefs of Hawaii on a cattle boat. If you want to hook up, check out the charter boats in Haleiwa (The North Shore). They'll cost alot more but would be well worth it. Check out
  472. sixty

    Question on twin outboards

    I've heard of a jack plate that will allow a single 30" to be mounted in place of a 25". I've never heard of a twin bracket though but I would bet it could be fabbed or exists somewhere. One thing you may need to consider is that mounting the OB's higher, will raise the center of gravity and...
  473. sixty

    Question on twin outboards

    It depends on the transom height of the boat. Some larger boats use 30" twins while smaller ones may use 20". There is a specific distance that MFG's recommend for the cavitation plate to be below the hull.
  474. sixty

    Report 3-17, 3-18: Mitch's Sushi Tourney

    Nice job... thats balls being out in those seas that far from anywhere, in a 19 footer... you guys definately deserve some $$! No pics?
  475. sixty


    maybe you need to place one of these conspicuously on that boat: "No dock lizards" Definately the life!
  476. sixty

    What Boots do you wear?

    here's a post of mine from a 4wd forum I hang out on: I love these boots!
  477. sixty

    Sharks Sink Shrimper

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  478. sixty

    Oahu in June

    Rough water off California is what most locals consider a decent day. It's pretty common in the winter to have 30' swells mixed with 15' wind chop in the channels. Stuff that you would not feel comfortable in a 75' trawler. If your looking for a captian, I think you can do no better in Hawaii...
  479. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Oh, yeah... looks like I'm picking up a pair of 04' Evinrude DI 175's (only 94/95 hours, 70% of the the rpm profile below 1000rpms) this weekend. Should fit the boat just right (430lbs ea.) & give me about 48mph. I think we'll be happy with them & I can find not one negative comment anywhere. I...
  480. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Thanks JC for the tip... I've been a lurker on the San Carlos & Rocky Point boards but I do have a couple of post on the SC. Stuart is definately the king of RP! His lures are nice & May order a few. I still have a few friends in Hawaii that make lures & owe me so I'll be getting outfitted from...
  481. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Esquired, Thanks for the info. I saw your pics before (Nice ride by the way!) & didn't realize that was a factory option. I really have no need for a full enclosure but it would be nice to have some eisenglass in the front to catch spray. I'm sure I can find someone here locally to make...
  482. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Thanks guys for the comments! I'm still back & forth which route to go but I'm definately weighing my options (no pun intended). I'll keep you guys up to date. esquired, what are the specs on your enclosure, I hate being wet!
  483. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Thanks! Yours is not too shabby either! I live up in Summerlin. I don't mind trailering it all over & prefer the fishing in Mexico over SD (I have the worst record there) so thats why I own a saltwater fishing boat here in the desert. It will also be usefull on the lakes & river over the summer...
  484. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Troy, Yamaha must use some thermostats that are prone to failure after certain amount of time. Make sure you keep your 02 sensor clean, as well as VST canister & filter and then replace the low pressure fuel pumps($32 x 3) every few years. Hope all goes well & you take possesion. If you have an...
  485. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    I'm just not sure if that 200lbs is going to be a big deal or not, epsecially with the 30 gallon transom bait tank full & backing down on a Marlin (or 2 , hopefully San Carlos is generous to me ;) ) Yup Suzi's are going to be right around $23k with controls, & gauges. After looking at...
  486. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Nothing wrong with the motor & I'm a big Yamaha fan, but I think they are way overpriced compared to the Suzuki's and they don't make 175's just big block 200's. The OX66's are great motors but they do require alot of maintenance, oil & additives to have a long life.... I almost bought a low...
  487. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Thanks! I think there were a few BD'rs interested and in line behind us (we were #2). On our first sea trial the motor overheat alarm went off while idling at the ramp. We were worried that it could be clogged/ corroded water passages, but turned out to be thermostats. Robbie over at Boat...
  488. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Thanks Fishy! It still needs alot of elbow grease, all new upholstry, some powdercoating etc.. but is overall in good condition for the price. I've been dying to get a boat since I moved back from Kona almost 2 years ago. I'm pretty stoked Dealing with Loren was great & I highly recommend...
  489. sixty

    My new Mako (253)

    Its about time I post up. I'm sure some of you guys remeber the Mako 253 that Loren Dee of qualified yachts had a few weeks ago. I bought it with my dad and brother a few weeks ago. Here's a couple of pics after I got it back to Vegas and did a little cleaning/ flushing:
  490. sixty

    For Coffee Lovers

    The best coffee I have ever had came from a small 5 acre Kona farm that my friend owned. Its a total shame that coffee can be blended and sold as "Kona coffee"... Everyone should sign this petition since the majority of the world is missing out.
  491. sixty


    I'm fond of early spring. you still get alot of wrap off of the north swells that are fading & there is a good possiblity of a decent south swell. This creates great waves on the west side which has some of the best places to surf in Hawaii. If your goofy Pakala's has an AWESOME long left, but...
  492. sixty

    Pyramid Lake, NV 1-13 & 1-14 with pics...

    oh yeah, do the research (google) on the original lahontan cuthroat strain (now extinct). They used to grow to 60+lbs but the large DNA was lost when they were commercially fished to exticntion. Pyramid lake history is fascinating, We had to study it in school as part of our Nevada history...
  493. sixty

    Pyramid Lake, NV 1-13 & 1-14 with pics...

    Nice pics.... I grew up in Reno and your pics brought up a bunch of bad (but still good) memories of fishing with my dad, as a kid, on that lake, absolutely freezing my ass off! The fishing in that lake has gotten so much better than when I was a kid. I also have alot of memories of broken down...
  494. sixty


    Furunos are very nice units (FCV-662 is no exception). You would have no problem staying in the 40 Fathom area. Chartplotters (+charts $$) work alot better for finding and following the 1000, 1500 or staying right on top of the 40 fathom contours. In my opinion its not necessary to stay right on...
  495. sixty

    Aloha Kona Fishing Report Dec 18-Dec 27 2006

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That was great!
  496. sixty

    Santa brings heavy freight

    How do you keep a large anchor like that from being swallowed up in the reefs? Over the years we had to cut a few anchors that would not pull free and were beyond workable freediving range. I cant imagine an 80lb anchor on the reef. Excuse my ignorance, but I was rarely around boats larger than...
  497. sixty

    Kona 3 Pac info

    The Llanes family OWNS Kona! I used to hang out sometimes with Bomboy's cousin Duane who was a VERY successful ika shibi fisherman on his 19' Alii kai. I bet he landed more Cows in a year than most operations in PV and it was all handline & mostly solo. I think fishing skills run in thier DNA...
  498. sixty

    Haole needs info on big island

    Cause its under about 10' of white water! :rofl: Funny thing is, I watched these waves for 2 days & then it finally dropped to a consistant 4-8ft Hawaiian which looked sane & was very clean and glassy... my sponger buddy talked me into paddling out.. first set rolled thru at about a double...
  499. sixty

    Haole needs info on big island

    I lived 3 houses to the south of that white house for a year and a half.... There is a very fun surf spot that you could hit with an underhand softball from your deck. Its called "Tiki's". Fishing kinda sucks though, but you could probably cast from your living room. I miss it there, so here's...
  500. sixty

    Kona 3 Pac info

    If you want to catch fish, I'd go with Griz ( on this site. He's on Oahu though so you may not be able to schedule it. Capt Jeff Rodgers ( who also posts on this site seems to have a much better record than most other Kona charters, thats who I'd go with if I was...
  501. sixty

    Kona has arrived!

    Ok, sounds like Jack will get us some pics of the "wahine's" up in Haleiwa & Capt. Jeff will get us some Hooter's Kona pic's. Now we need some pics from the Aloha Towers Hooters & Capt. Josh needs to pony up with some PV hooters pics & we've got ourselves a thread here :cheers: Maybe I'll...
  502. sixty

    Raz-N-Kane gets a new Ride(New to Me)

    don't let buying the boat cloud your judgement. Make sure you cover your ass if the deal goes south. With the new donation laws its probably not worth it to the owner to doante it, but would probably work out better for him selling it directly to you. I wouldn't retain a lawyer, but you may...
  503. sixty

    Kona has arrived!

    They wont hesitate to cut you off either :finger: Atleast they give you some eye candy while your in the lineup. My guess is the Hooters girls wont be much better than PV. Now get those Digi cameras out & let the games begin!
  504. sixty

    For the boys in Iraq

    Griz, Nice pics! Not many captains would fish on thier "days off" :appl: You sir are hardcore Jack, You need to get that Bertram out there while the fishing is "on". You can work on the Egg later. :shake: Now that I live in the desert I regret all the time I skipped a hot bite to work...
  505. sixty

    OK the new boat to me

    Nice ride! I see the NWHI's, in your future, maybe even Midway :D I'm sure that Bert will sell well over there. You need to get your decks bloody before you get it real clean & painted.
  506. sixty

    the design of my new boat!!!(maybe i should put this somewhere else)

    Awesome deal on that Force... I'm always debating wether to buy a Force or Radon in Hawaii & ship it back over here to the mainland. They go for 1/2 of what the equivilent boat goes for over here.... Although a Radon would not be of much use here in Vegas & would be a pain in the ass to...
  507. sixty

    Freshwater Bassin in Kauai

    Not sure if its still open but there is a fairly large reservoir next to the "Tree Tunnel" that held some large Tuc's (Peacock bass) & small mouths, I think it was called Waita. Most of the reservoirs are private but hold tons of fish (we used to sneak in a fish some of them but the fines can be...
  508. sixty

    the design of my new boat!!!(maybe i should put this somewhere else)

    I'd definately go with some sort of cab... open boats & center console suck in Hawaii. I fished for a couple of years out of Kauai on my buddy's 19' center console & it was miserable when the winds were over 5 knots. it was constant spray on us, the boat & all the gear. My small 18' cabbed boat...
  509. sixty

    First Hawaiian Marlin and Ono's

    AWESOME report! Jumping in to free gaff a marlin is awesome... send that story into HFN. Now you gotta land some Ahi's.
  510. sixty

    Bluefin and Albies Fort Bragg

    Nice haul! If you interested in buddy boating or doing som BS'n this week PM me your #. I'll be up there from Wednesday until Sunday with my brother and uncle in a 24' Alumaweld... We could use some of your luck :nopity: :notworthy
  511. sixty

    Headed to Ft. Bragg Wed-Sun 8/23

    I'm headed to Fort Bragg on Wednesday with my brother & uncle to do some fishing & possibly some AB diving. We'll be in a 24' Alumcraft. We're staying Wednesday night at the Super 8 & then hopefully camping from there. If anyones gonna be in the area & wan't to hook up for some Beer & BS or...
  512. sixty

    If you were calling charter boats...Would you this?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: That is fawking hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs! Keep up the good work... sometimes I'm glad I don't deal with the public!
  513. sixty

    Preserving your catch

    Most fisherman in Hawaii (Big Island & Kauai atleast) deliver thier fish straight to the supermarket or restaraunt. Its usually done with fish boxes in the back of thier truck if there is any distance involved. I knew one guy out of Milolii who took his catch 1 hour to the airport & shipped it...
  514. sixty

    Fresh Tuna

    I think by friday it will probably be toward the limit of its use for sashimi but will be excellent for cooking. I stop using it for sashimi when its starts to turn brown and gets "fishy" smelling. The larger the filets, the longer it will keep in the fridge, just cut the browned portions off...
  515. sixty

    Mahi mania and a few small Big Eye

    Great job.... keep the roports coming, they're like an IV
  516. sixty

    good dive turned bad jun-3-06

    thats crazy!!!! damn lucky it was only your legs and not your heart or balls :eek: . that would hurt. good job nailing that sucker. DC shocks just as well as AC... according to Wikipedia they can deliver 1000 watts at 50 volts... thats 20 amps!!! thats some power!! next time point it out to...
  517. sixty

    The skunk is off, Doggie style

    Once you get used to those 8' hawaiian seas you'll be able to handle anything the california coast can hand you. Just remember that small craft advisory in Hawaii means the guys with 14' or less boats stay at home..... 31' bertram...... shoots we go Niihau in one hurriccane brah! good job on...
  518. sixty

    The skunk is off, Doggie style

    Nice!!!! it only gets better now that the skunk is off... now you need to start following Gris around & pick off his fish :-)
  519. sixty

    Keeping your catch in Hawaii

    posting a few pics like this one from may 3rd might send more fisherman your way! It would be vary rare to see a charter in Kona or even Mexico with reports like this. Hope you don't mind the link!! You Haleiwa boys know how to CATCH!
  520. sixty

    Preserving your catch

    Hope you have the common courtesy to atleast give it a reach-around :rofl: I would like to know how those guys in mexico treat thier Ahi's... I fished PV last year & only caught marlin & Bonito.... the 38' boat I was on had no fishbox and only carried a 10lb bag of ice for the bait.
  521. sixty

    Keeping your catch in Hawaii

    oh yeah & to answer your final question, I bet if you posted pics of your catch with a small report like on your webpage, many on this forum would be much more willing to take a fishing vacation to Hawaii to fish with you. I think that too many people that have fished in Hawaii don't realize...
  522. sixty

    Preserving your catch

    Griz's post finally got me to post a question I've been thinking about for a long time. Coming from Hawaii as private fishermen, We are very conscience of preserving our catch since alot of us sell to offset the cost of gas, Maintenance etc... I constantly see posts on this board from around the...
  523. sixty

    Keeping your catch in Hawaii

    Griz, I think that to most people being able to take home a few fillets is all they really want & most captains in Hawaii are willing to accomodate that... your 50lb policy is very generous in my opinion & I think the average charter client will end up wasting alot of that meat anyways since...
  524. sixty

    Trolling Marauders

    Tons of guys in Kona use them but the have the reputation of loosing as many fish as they catch. I tried double hooks and single hooks but half the time the ono would shake the hooks. They definatley draw more strikes though so it ends up worth it. A combo spread with jets & maurauders works...
  525. sixty

    Casting lures to Jacks

    Some guys do it but for the most part there are peleagics year round in Hawaii so most guys try for them instead of fishing the reefs. I've had some success casting large krocodiles or kastmasters into foamy shore/ reef breaks. I've also used small roughly 3" poppers & had good success with...
  526. sixty

    Hawaii billfishing, August

    Thats a great pic of the two of you :eyepoppin Who would have thought Ron Jeremy was on this board!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: someone has to give this guy a ride.... cause when his girlfriend finds these pics he's gonna be dead
  527. sixty

    Crazy Marlin Story!

    Crazy story..... I saw that in the HFN link I posted earlier today but forgot to check Rizzuto's Site. That had to be scary, that marlin could have easily killed one or both of them. I used to know a few guys, wonder if they are members. I would have been happy with the...
  528. sixty

    Kona surf/cliffs

    Its fairly common to catch Blues & sometimes Blacks (a few a year atleast) in the 150-200lb range. Not sure what the record is. They have one hell of a time landing them as they have to use slide gaffs & have a few guys climb down the 25' ladders to handle the fish. Hawaii Fishing News...
  529. sixty

    Kona surf/cliffs

    Most of the shore fishing in Kona sucks cause its pretty fished out. I've have good success whipping Kastmasters & Krocidiles in the Honkohau Harbor mouth & also Keahou harbor mouth. A great place to fish is off the west cliffs down at south point. Using a trash bag as a sail you can catch all...
  530. sixty

    One dead, 7 missing after Kaua'i dam burst

    You mean Engineers design projects in Hawaii? I thought they just stamped some contractors or owners drawings for a few hundred bucks..... Inspectors overthere are just there to collect checks just like the officials. When the big one hits on the big island there is going to be some serious...
  531. sixty

    honokohau harbor slip rates

    There are a few (DLNR/public?) small boat slips available for something like $20 a month. The guy I know who has one was on the waiting list for 12 or 13 years. I would imagine that list is probably a good 100 years by now. There may be a few moorings available in Keahou Bay but that has no...
  532. sixty

    Force Marine Boats?

    Force have been around for many years. Excellent boats but pricey compared to most of the locally built boats. They is usually a few for sale on the web, or Lots of info in...
  533. sixty

    Furuno 582L FAD use

    It sounds to me like you have it on the high frequency setting. that works fine in shallow water but very poorly in deep water. set it on low freq. & it will work much better in the deep. you probably have the combo transducer which is not very good. I recomend getting the low freq. transducer...
  534. sixty

    Furuno 582L FAD use

    Thats the finder I had on my boat. That thing was great for the FADS. It should be real easy to use. I kept mine set to about 80 fathoms & played with the gain until the fish appeared solid but you did not get any plankton. You should be able to see your baits & even jigs with it. one function...
  535. sixty

    Need Some Advice

    If I had my choice between Kona & Puerto Vallarta I would take PV, but that is only because I lived in Kona & PV is more exciting to me. In my experience the fishing is better in Mexico due to the fact that inshore fishing is better & charter captains are less "Grander" oriented. Kona is...
  536. sixty

    Thursday early

    Nice pics..... did you have a crimp in front of the lure to keey it from running up the leader? I love those stand still lure strikes!!
  537. sixty

    Midway Pics

    I don't think they have Cig up there but I guess it would be possible if some of the ULUA came from Hawaii (Ulua can travel far but maybe not that far). It is believed that the algae responsible for Ciguetera toxin is caused by all the fertlizers used in the cane fields etc.. Papio/ Ulua are...
  538. sixty

    Need Hawaii fishing info

    I talked with my friend over there & he said the guy is having to close his buisness in January since the law is changing & he can no longer lsub-ease the comercial slip he is using. if you get over there before then let me know & I'll get you the contact #.
  539. sixty

    Need Hawaii fishing info

    I think Kauai has some of he best fishing in the islands ( I lived/ fished there of a few years), but the water tends to be the roughest (VERY rough) also. I recomend getting a boat out of Port Allen since they seem to be the best captains. There is a guy named Nathan (Nate) who is a friend of a...
  540. sixty

    Tuna Tubes (yes or no)

    There were a couple of comercial guys that fished out of Keahou with homemade tubes & rule pumps & they said they would only keep the Aku for about 5 minutes. The best way to go would be with a comercially made tube. .... like Konared said, best to wait till you get there. you could probably get...
  541. sixty

    Tuna Tubes (yes or no)

    Tuna tubes can be nice but by no means are necessary. If you really want marlin & nothing else then you definately want them. I found it easier to just catch them as I needed them since space was limited on my stern. the best way to fish in Hawaii is watch the small private comercial...
  542. sixty

    Summer pics

    Nice pics, you guys nailed em!! Were you guys dropping for the tombo or did you get them on the troll? Is that boat a Fiberform w/ a fitted Alii kai cab? Thanks for the pics!!
  543. sixty

    What reels????? (Hawaii offshore)

    Ahhh, I thought maybe you were one of the "Keahou crew"... I REALLY miss fishing/hunting/living in Kona. Hopefully someday I'll be back if I ever win the lottery or house & rent prices go back to normal.
  544. sixty

    What reels????? (Hawaii offshore)

    I would jump on that deal for the 80's, you will not beat that (last I saw in Kona wallmart they were about $950 ea.) & they will be worth $$$ in Kona. In my opinion 130's are overkill in a small boat if your not after granders, although bigger is always better. I would string them w/ 130 Jinkai...
  545. sixty

    Hawaii-San Diego fishing????

    That trip sounds like a blast!! I don't think you will need anything over a 50 class setup & would run a range of lures up to about a 6" skirt & maybe add some Maurader/ Bonita's run 1 or 2 waves back for ono. If you have no way of keeping fish & you have 5 lines out I would make sure you...
  546. sixty

    What sites got the fish reports for KONA? Also a map of the fishing spots would help!

    I'm a little late on this one but heres some Hawaii fishing sites with reports that I like to watch in my favorite order: Jim Rizuto's weekly stories a great Oahu Northshore charter report (already...