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    Golf and Boating?

    For sale “Recent haul out, hull polish and inspection”
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    Yamaha F150

    Might be a little dusty if its been sitting for 9 yrs.
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    Evinrude oops

    Theyre already used to constantly being disappointed :_portable
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    best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Use fish scraps too, the more fish scraps i stuff in the pot the more shrimp i get, and they clean it to the bone.
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    Pop ups....

    I am all for the ads for the 12 ga pistol, might be useful if rioters show up... But rilly?? Covid mask ads?? Cmon man
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    Seattle on fire

    He is from LA. Must be the smog killed his one brain cell he was born with
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    Seattle on fire

    As i asked my son a). Should hardworking people have to give their money so you can sit at home and have free handouts Or B). Be hard working and support yourself. He picked B, i said congrats your not a liberal. My 5 yr old can understand this but a full grown adult cant, thats the PROBLEM!!
  8. “biteme”

    Seattle on fire

    Interesting that the surgeon says its not helpful for healthy people to wear facemasks but the fake news says he was mis understood..... back to the topic at hand, i cant go to church but its ok to go riot and protest, theyre handing out facemasks instead of handcuffs for destroying peoples...
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    Seattle on fire

    NO!!! It only proves what a fabrication this “pandemic” is
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    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Green mountain has a little slide gate on the hopper to dump pellets as well. Nice for winter storage.
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    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    Green mountain
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    Tired of losing fishing opportunities? Do something

    At this point money is the big help. Multiple lawyers working with them capable and willing to go as high up the food chain as necessary. There has been so much talk for so long about our own permit, more hatchery production, and a 50/50 split. These are all on the table but putting money where...
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    An organization to get behind

    Maybe clarify why not? I have been told there has been a complete redirect of this organization from the past structure you may Have experience with. All new leadership in line with psa and their agenda. Do some research on them, talk to ron garner about them, make an informed decision either way.
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    An organization to get behind
  15. “biteme”

    Tired of losing fishing opportunities? Do something Its going to be a long expensive fight. If its worth keeping the opportunity to fish then its worth the money to fight for it. Lets show some support
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    Anyone else order some? Couldnt resist, and its for a good cause.... cant wait for the nasty looks from his sheeple.
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    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    But im sure inslee will be making that comparison constantly once this is “over”.... all based off “science” of course
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    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    Free drinks for not changing a thing.... done
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    No holds barred opinion

    I have gone back to normal. We are having friends over for meals and going to town WHEN we want to. Go ahead try to stop us inslee... next will be my second amendment right, good luck with taking that one!!
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    No holds barred opinion

    One question.... do we have a vaccine or cure for the flu...... then why does waiting for one for this prevent us from living our lives unless its a viable excuse to have even more government oversight. Whats next, unless you've had a vaccine or proved antibodies meaning you've had it you cant...
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Rubber ducky wudnt half too quarrntine, theird bee knowone inn his quarner. :starwarskid5:
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    I am just now getting discharged from the hospital and same thing, lots of empty rooms.... but my nurse said dont tell anyone because everyone is staying away because of all the sickies lol. that being said i wasnt on the covid side of the hospital so take that as a grain of salt
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    More new applicants for crew

    That about sums it up he caters to “odd ball needs”
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    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Youre saving lives though.... just ask rubber ducky
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Theres plenty of articles where residents there think its the right move. Easy to find either side of every story
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    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    can you get worse than you are in print? Who wouldve thought
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    Pop ups....

    Annoying that they take up the entire screen
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    lamiglas customer service is awesome!

    The opposite of my experience... maybe things have changed... good to hear.
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    N 95 masks

    Trust me rubber ducky .. my family wont fit on your soda can :finger:
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    N 95 masks

    And his boat to another homeless individual to live on in proper quarantine on the water. :Beat_Them
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    Good day with wild bill and travis
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    March blackmouth in area 7 multiple years ago kiddo reeled this in himself
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    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    Need to get some sort of understanding of the situation to the general public but its a little difficult to get unbiased news out when every news show you watch is littered with casino commercials. We say we need our own permit every year but it never happens.... maybe when everyone quits buying...
  34. “biteme”

    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    I guess i missed an emoji to fully communicate my sarcasm :gay::indabutt::mad:barf:spank::Backstab_emoticon: That about covers it!
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    Salmon Season areas 5-13 Comments When/Where?

    Area 7 chinook opportunities.... july 1st-aug 15th ——2 hatchery Mar 1st - apr 15th —-2 hatchery what more could you want?
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    Loop prop

    Miss eliza should get off her wallet. C’mon man
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    BOLO stolen kicker in west Bremerton

    Oops. i have a sign in my boat.... “No whiners”, maybe try that here
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    ISO Garmin TR-1 ECU

    Just a heads up. Unless it has a stud coming out next to your throttle control plug (to keep the old right angle plug from fitting) you will need a new throttle actuator as well. That prompted me to install an itroll.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas all
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    Works great for me but watch out.... theres a certain bob That will tell you how its all wrong. :D
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    Opened up the winch

    hey ducker..... Whatever trevor
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    Dog training pistol

    Anyone train dogs for hunting that could use one of the blank guns? I was going to train a golden retriever for duck hunting.... turns out he couldnt figure out how to chase a tennis ball so i gave Up $50?
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    Anyone reload Shotgun shells?

    One in line before you but if he doesnt end up wanting it you can have it. 800 of the 209 primers, 3/4 of a quart jar of powder and a quart and a half of lead shot.
  44. “biteme”

    Anyone reload Shotgun shells?

    I sold my progressive reloader several years ago and I have leftover powder/lead shot/primers for reloading shot shells. Anyone do reloading that can make use of it? Not interested in shipping though.
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    Downrigger advice

    Hey now...... I resemble that remark!
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    Steering issue

    Ive replaced a cable on an old bosses boat that had the same issue, super easy once you get to where the cable is routed on the side of the boat.
  47. “biteme”

    Downrigger advice

    Is this considered a “derailed” thread if he didnt once ask for advice on whether to sue the shop or take his downriggers off next time? I bet he has already figured out to leave them at home next time :D
  48. “biteme”

    Steering issue

    You can either try to get some grease back in to the steering cable or just buy a new cable. Not terribly expensive, they corrode internally over time, yank the old one out or get a good measurement first so you can match it. West marine or any other marine parts place will have it. Once you...
  49. “biteme”

    Downrigger advice

    A couple years back i was fishing a derby, this sweet boat pulls up, has 4 of the top of the line cannons, proceeds to drop them to depth, next time we passed them they had all four downriggers malfunctioning and couldnt get their gear back up, i will stick with scotty’s
  50. “biteme”

    Downrigger advice

    Get the 2106’s and never go back. You will find yourself annoyed fishing on friends boats with the old slow ones
  51. “biteme”

    WTB: Fetha Styx downrigger rod 10’ 6”

    I would put money on the fact that rod got a piece of your mind on the way to the depths though!!
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    Winter boat projects...

    Do you have any flat surfaces under a seat to cut a hole for an 8” or 10” woofer?
  53. “biteme”


  54. “biteme”

    The future...

    Lake padden just got an extended season for our fishing pleasure...... we should feel privileged
  55. “biteme”

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    Yes, and increased seal time to max. As far as the sous!!! I sealed some steaks with teriyaki and cooked them, the best steaks i have ever had, tender and teriyaki flavor throughout
  56. “biteme”

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    merely telling those interested what worked for us, like i SAID, not ideal but it worked just fine. That doesnt mean there is some”wrong” with the unit, i am getting more out of the unit than it was designed for..... go spend $2k for the ease of not resealing, your choice. The quality of my seal...
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    Take a look at the green mountain if you are looking in the pellet category. The jim bowie with wifi is what we have. Very happy with it and the ability to start/stop/control/monitor it from anywhere via my phone is a huge plus. I have smoked a bunch of fish with it and it will maintain a 150...
  58. “biteme”

    Costco Chamber Sealer

    We did retorts with ours. The trick is to chamber seal up the bags and then use a hair flat iron to get a good seal. The seal bar wont seal good enough on its own. All in all not ideal but worked fine, 3 or 4 canner loads and lost 4 bags, all of them blew out the side of the bag On the factory...
  59. “biteme”

    Winter boat projects...

    My “winter” project was the install of the fell marine mob+ system linked in to both my mercruiser and my yamaha kicker through two relays and a safety bypass switch in case something fails.... the only complaint so far is the range wasn’t adequate and was killing the main when i was at the back...
  60. “biteme”

    Winter boat projects...

    I never thought of bazooka products as much in the way of quality. Ive found the polk products with a kicker sub on the boat put out plenty (and more) and are all marine rated as well. A lot of the polk speakers are rated waterproof but not marketed toward marine. All the marine speakers ive...
  61. “biteme”

    Checkin in

    Best advice on area 7 fishing is dont post reports about area 7 with backgrounds or location. Just get to know the guys on here that fish it and when it is clear the knowledge that gets passed on will be kept to yourself you will get plenty of info. My .02 cents and i am sure there will be...
  62. “biteme”

    In case you have't heard.. Coho rule change

    I wonder if our conservation minded co-managers will be off the water after the 30th. It would be nice if we could shut down their fishing like they do to ours. :Beat_Them
  63. “biteme”

    Downrigger Rod Holders

    Does 2short have anything for sale?
  64. “biteme”

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Did you split the sand dabs with the crew? :D
  65. “biteme”

    First Plugging

    Perfect fishing hat
  66. “biteme”

    Weekday fishing buddy needed but I split everything even-steven.

    I wonder who will get a passenger first :D
  67. “biteme”

    Speeding Boat Crashes into Another Near Edmonds, Injuring 3

    Thats not nearly enough of a charge, he fled because he was scared? No clue whether the people he just ran over were dead or going to be dead without immediate help and all he can think about is saving his own ass from the aftermath of his own actions? Old enough to know better, throw the book...
  68. “biteme”

    6.7 EGR/DPF Delete?

    I deleted my 6.7 powerstroke with the ez lynk tuner, a sinister egr delete, 5” stainless downpipe back exhaust no muffler, and an afe cold air intake. The truck has ridiculous power now and better economy. I did the delete myself in a day, not too bad. I can get you the details of where i...
  69. “biteme”

    MA-11 King

    Nice work laying some fresh fish on the table. Very clean looking boat and good choice on power, i bet its quite economical.
  70. “biteme”

    Portable bait pump

    Publik skool math
  71. “biteme”

    Bad news for WestPort

    Good news pat!!
  72. “biteme”

    Area 7 salmon is hot today.

    I would bet they arent the only ones........ 50/50 and all :cussing:
  73. “biteme”

    Free appliances.

    What’s happening to the old cabinets?
  74. “biteme”

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    Somebody needs to change their name to “nobody” so on threads like this they can “like” it :D
  75. “biteme”

    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    Is this the future of the bd washington page? Tribes take away our fishing and we revert to a vacuum discussion? :_smack_:
  76. “biteme”

    Misguided commitment

    Go to the store and grab a multi colored pack of sharpies. When you click on a little yellow smiley face you can color it the way you want. Or really mess with people and color their emojis!! :ele:
  77. “biteme”

    Some Advice on antenna and placement

    We can only lead you to the beer, when you decide to drink from the puddle instead..... well thats your fault :gay:
  78. “biteme”

    Some Advice on antenna and placement

    Take a walk on the commercial docks, look at what brand antenna most have, then make the good decision and call morad and order one up. :D
  79. “biteme”

    Painting a Hull?

    I dont think a camouflage paint job will hide that beauty
  80. “biteme”

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    Member since when with 1 post looking for a handout? The welcoming party will be along shortly i will start making popcorn :D
  81. “biteme”

    Stiches replacement...hmmm

    I was under the same thought process till an er doctor shuttered at the fact my open wound was subjected to that all day, saltwater is actually full of things that will give you a nasty infection.
  82. “biteme”

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    Who would want a 9mm?? 9’s are for girls :D I love my kimber crimson trace ultra. Kimbers are great guns. Glws
  83. “biteme”

    When you realize your ISP/TV provider doesn't have the Superbowl on

    Theyre like a run of the mill liberal, waiting for a handout.... most times for them its from the refs. Hate us cause they aint us?? In middle school again? Thats weak!
  84. “biteme”

    BOL biteme Brian

    Tell me what i was wearing the last time you saw me to prove its you and maybe we can grab a coffee sometime :D
  85. “biteme”

    BOL biteme Brian

    I called ya back on the number you left a couple days ago and left a message. Not sure why you didnt get it pat. Maybe you blocked me :D
  86. “biteme”

    12-1 Blackmouth

    Do we really need to see 25” fish though? :gay:
  87. “biteme”

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Somebody is bitter about the coal in their stocking?? :nopity: Nice trucks blake, but i love my ford :urno1:
  88. “biteme”

    Boat Sinks

    Showing up to the party 2 hrs late and mad theres only bud light left? Snooze u lose :pee:
  89. “biteme”

    Load question with lumber

    :starwarskid5: Whether this post was for the pure entertainment value..... it sure ended up that way with the typical 2-3 know it alls and everyone else being “morons” in those individuals minds. Classic winter sidetrack. :picknose:
  90. “biteme”

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    The real question is why we dont have pictures of either of your life upgrades..... cmon man!!! That sucks about the downriggers.
  91. “biteme”

    Shimano Moiching reel drag upgrade

    Dont you have to use reels to have them wear out gabe? :frehya2:
  92. “biteme”

    Diesel heat

    Dont be afraid of mounting it below the rub rail, either way though make sure there is a bend up somewhere before the pipe gets to the furnace, even if it bends back down it prevents water intrusion. I mounted mine under a seat and everything is hidden, drill the hole where it works for you, I...
  93. “biteme”

    We need your help Washington

    Where do i send my address for the reel :D
  94. “biteme”

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    You have it backwards... seattle wants rid of boats and the more homeless the better
  95. “biteme”

    Bait Tank, 1/2 Tote, Rods, Fenders & Fireboy Extinguisher

    Convergence for a kiddo? I have five such kiddos who would love to call it their own! I would just have to figure out which one got it :smash:
  96. “biteme”

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Thats what i have and love them. Lots of leg room and comfortable
  97. “biteme”

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Looks like he was on here again at 6:19 pm :turkey Couldnt help myself........ and neither could he :food-smil
  98. “biteme”

    Question on Boat Electronics

    Looks like the navionics that is bundled in with them, includes sonar charts..... love mine!
  99. “biteme”

    Question on Boat Electronics

    Because not everyone wants to rack up a ton of trolling hrs on a $25k main. :gay:
  100. “biteme”

    Question on Boat Electronics

    No navico junk!!! Get a good raymarine axiom pro and never look back. Send me a pm, you should jump on with me for a trip and check out the raymarine system. Until you see the electronics on the water and play with them its hard to tell what you like. Itroll is 10 times better than pro troll...
  101. “biteme”

    Box of old plugs FREE!

    Ill take em!!
  102. “biteme”

    MA 7 Salmon Bank...

    Give the guy a break..... you can clearly see his liquor glass in that picture that HAD to have been filled (and emptied) at least 5 times before hacking those fish up :_portable
  103. “biteme”

    New electronics advice needed

    Raymarine Axiom pro!! I wouldnt have anything else after having one.
  104. “biteme”

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    Its absurd to think we are bothering them trolling around when on any given day in the san juans you can spot the orca pod from miles away due to the fleet of boats chasing them down. My personal opinion is shut down these boats and the research boats tagging the whales first, then a close...
  105. “biteme”

    cockpit / deck coating?

    I used kiwi grip before, works great but not easy to clean ground in dirt in the pores, maybe doing less aggressive finish would be better. I also used some homedepot deck coating that fills in all the little cracks and has sand mixed in, waaay cheaper, easier to clean, and they will match...
  106. “biteme”

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    You dont think local arizona folks spell it phonix? Unites state seems legitimate
  107. “biteme”

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    I think i would have backed out from underneath that ugly thing and been on my way home...... one eye sore behind me. :D
  108. “biteme”

    Fish report, dont remember what area...

    Nice work blake. Doesnt surprise me a bit seeing your fish box full.
  109. “biteme”

    Area 7 closure on map.

    The new update shows a total area 7 closure as of july 5. Dont get caught fishing out there. :jig:
  110. “biteme”

    Anybody here to do security camera systems?

    Ive been eyeballing that for a while..... wouldnt need shells, the offenders would run faster than you could get a shell racked in!!
  111. “biteme”

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    :starwarskid5: Somebodies got hurt feelers :gayfight:
  112. “biteme”

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    A wave cant come over the bow..... that little piece of welded tin on the bow keeps waves and spray “at bay” Never been on one but they look more like a river boat than ocean boat, pretty low to the water.
  113. “biteme”


    Wasnt there a discussion about changing that?
  114. “biteme”


    WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 June 18, 2018 A portion of the Skagit River to close four days to all fishing Action: Close a portion of the Skagit River to all fishing. Effective dates...
  115. “biteme”

    How many of you throw a hook for pots?

    Amazing how fast it goes from a simple question, that the op should know will go south, to a schoolyard “my dad can beat up your dad, and my wife pulls pots better than you” in all honesty ive thought it would be fun for the kiddos to throw a hook but in the end..... even with a single screw...
  116. “biteme”

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    Illegally detaining a criminal sounds like a lawsuit..... rottweiller protecting his property with beware of dog and no trespassing clearly posted......... thats fitting punishment :D
  117. “biteme”

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    A lot of talk but when it comes down to it are you willing to take a life and go to prison over a kicker motor? Pretty hard to convince it was self defense when the “attacker” is armed with bolt cutters and is shot in the back next to your $2500 outboard.
  118. “biteme”

    Fuel tank tits up

    Dont let him loose around your boat....... all the things youve thought of doing.. or havent thought of yet.. will be done before you know it.
  119. “biteme”

    Could have been bad

    Ingenious method for making a short tie down strap work!
  120. “biteme”

    Well this happened...

    Op must not have been impressed with the feedback about the “better than your average bottom paint” :_portable
  121. “biteme”

    Well this happened...

    2011 with all new paint topside and bedliner for bottom paint screams of boat being trashed or someone owning it that didnt have a clue. Kind of like a car from florida being “cleaned thoroughly inside and out” (in a hurricane) just have to know how to word things. Hopefully for your sake it...
  122. “biteme”

    Metabo Cordless grease gun

    The dewalt one is the bees knees when greasing excavators, holds a charge waaaaay longer than the lincoln and more break out power for gummed up fittings and pins.
  123. “biteme”

    Humble thyself

    My question is what did it take to get him to go away the first time....... Hoping for dejavu :Beat_Them
  124. “biteme”

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Great reasoning skills right there. :gay:
  125. “biteme”

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Or we let this whole thread die
  126. “biteme”

    North End Lead Pour

    Cant push it back to past t/a? I would be there if i wasnt in the middle of my “little” turnaround.
  127. “biteme”

    Where to go near Bellevue for F350 radiator leak?

    Newer diesels require the coolant system to be put under vacuum to achieve proper filling after a big loss of coolant, just filling it to the cap will leave air pockets and BIG problems. On a side note new power steering is the same way. You can find a vacuum filler for a diy project.
  128. “biteme”

    Puget sound salmon season

    I guess i will be clueless then. Never done it and honestly i dont have the desire. I go fishing to keep fish. I get the point of throwing back fish i cant keep in hopes of catching one to take home and eat. I dont go fishing expecting to bring something home but with no chance of keeping...
  129. “biteme”

    Puget sound salmon season

    On a side note i just got notification of another “grand opportunity” for us....... catch and release steelhead on the skagit and sauk..... sweet :gay:
  130. “biteme”

    I could use a bit of advise with my Dragonfly Sounder...

    Look up captain decent. Might have just the chip you need in classifieds
  131. “biteme”

    Hoping tocharter a boat in orca island

    All fishing from the columbia river north has been cancelled until further notice due to orca intimidation.
  132. “biteme”

    I could use a bit of advise with my Dragonfly Sounder...

    Not impressed with no demo mode? Who needs a demo mode anyway? The model you ordered should show whether it is just basemaps (which ALWAYS suck) or other charts. Not much reason to write it off just yet. Just an observation
  133. “biteme”

    9.9 yamaha tr1 throttle actuator.

    Youre good lee. Thanks for the help. 2 for the price of one? Anybody with an older tr1?
  134. “biteme”

    9.9 yamaha tr1 throttle actuator.

    I guess this has turned into a flea market post for tr1?
  135. “biteme”

    9.9 yamaha tr1 throttle actuator.

    It has a 90 degree bend in the plug in (male) end. The newer style have a straight plug in for the throttle and 90’s on all the other 3 connectors.
  136. “biteme”

    9.9 yamaha tr1 throttle actuator.

    How about $60. Works great
  137. “biteme”

    WP bottomfish 3/29/18

    What reports should be about!!!! Awesome work! :cheers:
  138. “biteme”

    NWfishaman still around?

    Depending on the trade you had going i might be able to make the exchange...... for him
  139. “biteme”

    Looking for help on Marine Area 8-2

    Seriously, how many times do we have to look at that pic?? We get it, you won.. big deal. Its like the guys at work that are 65 telling you about their hay day in high school basketball.... get over it already. :D
  140. “biteme”

    Haul Skiff from So Cal to Washington

    I would but you would have to wait till the 2nd week of november. Guessing you need it sooner :D
  141. “biteme”

    Who had trouble at the launch ramp in Ilwaco?

    All fine and dandy till youre going by yourself or with two younger kids...... not so much. I do the same turning the wheels to the dock
  142. “biteme”

    Axiom update

    Nope, didnt save em... but some dude running a little ferry service by deer harbor is wondering what all those red x’s mean :turkey
  143. “biteme”

    Axiom update

    No idea :D But its working now and thats all i care about. And i didnt know what the live sonar was till michael explained it. Quite the upgrade from the c-80 classic, and it helps the tm260 returns too.
  144. “biteme”

    Axiom update

    Should've called deep magik sooner..... doh. So it kinda fixed itself but michael also worked me through some other questions i had...... and I completely forgot about the downvision i was so wrapped up in all the other goodies..... now i cant wait to try it out again.
  145. “biteme”

    Axiom update

    So by making a copy of the navionics card and putting both of them in the unit it at least shows some of the contours. The chart update and sonar charts arent working still though. Fingers crossed for an update coming soon. Other than this small issue i am loving the new unit.
  146. “biteme”

    Axiom update

  147. “biteme”

    Axiom update

    anybody else update software and lose all use of the navionics chip?? Looks like at least one other person had this problem. I cant find a place to download the older version till this gets fixed.....
  148. “biteme”

    Getting to the Tuna Grounds on the DL

    Wouldnt see any illegal chovie swaps!!
  149. “biteme”

    Autopilot set up

    It wont allow a “follow route” or “go to” without autopilot enabled. Its a raymarine thing not a tr1 thing.
  150. “biteme”

    Autopilot set up

    just hooked up my tr1 to my axiom pro in hopes that charting a course for trolling contours would actually work. The garmin only takes the nmea 0183 “in” off the chartplotter. When i try to select the autopilot enable in the settings on the axiom it is greyed out so i cant select it. Is this...
  151. “biteme”

    Yami 9.9 Trolling speed control

    Or just dont let it sit for 3 mos. i use mine regularly with no issues whatsoever :nutkick:
  152. “biteme”

    Spring Cleaning!!

    Sell it to ya for $10 :D
  153. “biteme”

    Spring Cleaning!!

    Too late :D spoken for
  154. “biteme”

    Spring Cleaning!!

    Flashers, spoons, anchovie helmets, Will you ship? Or hold them if i paypal?
  155. “biteme”

    Trailers and rust/corrosion

    Fogging goes in the intake.... protects internals
  156. “biteme”

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Probably stands on the back deck smoking cigars at the dock. :Smoke_Emoticon: High roller!
  157. “biteme”

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I use them as an extra on my shrimp pots, not too many people have them so it makes picking them out easier.
  158. “biteme”

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    I should put mine on for $10 ea :D
  159. “biteme”

    Slightly older Electronics

    The garmin also includes a gps antenna. Garmin $125 Raymarine $750
  160. “biteme”

    Slightly older Electronics

    I believe so, never knew what all those red x’s meant in areas i dont fish
  161. “biteme”

    Slightly older Electronics

    The tm260 is an integral part of the new sweet raymarine setup :D
  162. “biteme”

    Slightly older Electronics

    Upgrading to some sweet raymarine gear so the older stuff has to go. Raymarine c80 classic with updated firmware and navionics charts Raystar gps antenna Dsm 250 sonar module (1000watt) Radar dome $800 Garmin gpsmap 498 sonar/gps with transducer $200 Both units work great and in good...
  163. “biteme”

    Boat show thoughts/recap

    That just means you need a bigger boat! :D
  164. “biteme”

    33' North River for Sale

    Glws jay, beautiful boat!
  165. “biteme”

    Raymarine Axiom 12

    What ducer is it?
  166. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    Too kind gary o_O
  167. “biteme”

    Unsworth is out.

    Dont let the door hit ya!!! Wait...... outstanding job? Who are we talking about?
  168. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    If it was an axiom pro yes it would
  169. “biteme”

    Anybody for a group buy??

    kinda like a timeshare....... Jumped on this beaut at the vancouver boat show, what a gorgeous yacht! Twin 2400 hp cats burn 220 gal/hr at 40 knots!! Anybody??
  170. “biteme”

    Fishing Canadian waters

    Someone is ready to take their ball and go home. Good riddance :D
  171. “biteme”

    Superbowl predictions

    Yes times 10. Cant stand either of them
  172. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    Does the axiom pro have an internal 1kw 50/200 sounder as well or just the 1kw chirp the online info is confusing.
  173. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    Any chance of getting back on subject? LOL What are the differences between the axiom pro and the es series?
  174. “biteme”

    Suzuki 9.9

    How old? Zuk was Bought new last year. My yammie is about 4 yrs old. 2- 4d batteries and a standard group 31 gel? You can keep your amps/noise and vibration :D
  175. “biteme”

    Suzuki 9.9

    Friend of mine has a 20hp suzuki, tiny prop/lots of vibration/loud. I would take my yammie any day of the week over that hunk of junk.
  176. “biteme”

    Area 7 Advice

    Take another hit off the pipe.... must be feeling good already
  177. “biteme”

    Area 7 Advice

    No fish here, dont waste the fuel
  178. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    Anyone running both broadband and chirp off a unit without a sounder module?
  179. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    Just trying to see sand dabs better.
  180. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    And here i thought there was a 5% chance this would stay on subject :hali_ruahahaha:
  181. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    I thought i had read it will only power the chirp or the broadband, not both unless you get a broadband or chirp module..... could be wrong tho
  182. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    The tr1 gets a new pump and ecu every 5 yrs and i have a bravo 2 not the nemesis dp. But who is keeping track :D
  183. “biteme”

    Mfd question

    ive been thinking of upgrading my dated electronics. I currently have a c80 classic/dsm250/tm260 at the helm and an older garmin sounder for the back deck. My hope would be to get a 7-9” back screen integrated with a 12” front screen and be able to use the tm 260 50/200 transducer along with the...
  184. “biteme”

    Osprey Boats

    I try to not advertise what she was used for pat :D it was also used for bay water sampling, thats the part i emphasize
  185. “biteme”

    Trooper hits deer.

    To the question from Ryan Whenever they are driving behind me....... (after i spot them in my mirror) :D
  186. “biteme”

    Wdfw reaching too far!

    An email i received back WFDW staff at the boat ramps check all fish that are landed in the State of Washington, regardless of where they were caught. Fishing location is one of the questions that the samplers ask of anglers and there is a category for fish caught in Canada. The sampling...
  187. “biteme”

    12/15 crab run

    Looks like somebody is getting ready to he torched in the back of the head? Hope that wasnt lit :D
  188. “biteme”

    Wdfw reaching too far!

    Ive seen a checker sitting at the bellingham launch over the last month too, stupid waste of funds, good thing licensing is costing more these days. Just emailed several individuals at wdfw, we shall see if they respond. I may have come across as less than excited about this.
  189. “biteme”

    Wdfw reaching too far!

    Why are we having fish checkers asking about fish we caught and released in canada??? What are they going to do next, sit at the border and ask if you were fishing on any lakes or rivers up there either?? This is going too far, anyone know who the best person to contact about this is? And before...
  190. “biteme”

    New Lamiglas waterproof jacket

    Does it snap in half on the first use like the lamiglas i have had?? o_O
  191. “biteme”

    December is starting off pretty bad or the why some people really suck thread. Spot at the bottom for reviews
  192. “biteme”

    December is starting off pretty bad or the why some people really suck thread.

    First off I dont do bookface. ....... but......... a quick google search brings up their bookface page. All it takes a lot of times is some comments on social media to “change” an owners views on their unethical decisions. I worked for a guy one time that had an operator of his claim he had...
  193. “biteme”

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Anybody else think charter quota across the board should get taken out of commercial quota? Theyre getting paid to fish..... sounds commercial to me.
  194. “biteme”

    Has anyone figured out how to buy from Canada, Canadian made products ans NOT pay huge import fees

    I have the nautilus (i believe the silver king?) mooching reel and love it, extremely smooth and strong drag.
  195. “biteme”

    That'll buff right out!!

    Those two gals are inspecting for invasive aquatic species..... “nope, looks good, thatll be $7 have fun on the lake sir”
  196. “biteme”

    That'll buff right out!!

    Typical thunder jet owners :D
  197. “biteme”


    Somewhat ironic that boat owners and fisherman are being asked for financial advice. o_O
  198. “biteme”

    Wallis Heater

    I was looking into a wallas for a while. Might check out the wallis though as it sounds cheaper :D
  199. “biteme”

    Safety - Extinguisher Recall

    Thanks for the info. 1 of my 3 on the boat was affected, new one on the way!! Hope their insurance covers this, that could be crippling if it wasnt such a big co.
  200. “biteme”

    Kitsap CCA discusses derelict nets and crab pots Nov 8th

    Not trying to start a debate just curious..... Is the cca supporting their efforts? The last time I listened to one of these folks was at the fidalgo psa and i know we donated a large chunk of money and they could tell us how many nets they were removing with that money. Its eye opening to...
  201. “biteme”

    Looking for My Next Boat I will just leave this here
  202. “biteme”

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    How have you kept your yak and lowe from leaking? o_O Should we plaster them with 5200 or add fiberglass? Typical kali driveby
  203. “biteme”

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    All derbies do is overpressure an already tightening quota based fishery, my opinion they should all be shut down and saved for the summer. :_portable
  204. “biteme”

    Looking For a Home

    Yep, another downright evil breed, they go nuts on a moments notice and eat schoolyards full of children....... and the fedex guy You can see the evil in her eyes!!
  205. “biteme”

    Looking For a Home

    I would be all over this if we didnt already have a golden and two rotties, good luck, good lookin dog.
  206. “biteme”

    Trailer VIN Location?

    Mine has a manufacturers stamped tag on it on the drivers side near the front. I would imagine they are all different but i would think it would be on a tag of some sort. Good luck to ya! Maybe strip some paint off toward the front of the trailer and stamp one on if you cant find the...
  207. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Same team farva, not cool pat
  208. “biteme”

    Coyote's and Pets

    Clueless? o_O Kali :gay:
  209. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    What complaining? My post says nothing of the sort :D By the way....... how do i delete threads
  210. “biteme”

    Coyote's and Pets

    So i looked at my x-frame and cant figure out where to string it up to? And my assumption is there wouldnt be anything left to string up!!
  211. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    I’m back!!!!!! Big thanks to jason for fixing this for me. :D:hali_olutta:
  212. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Still no luck. Tried jason... no response. I can send myself a pm and see it in my email but keeps telling me user not found when i try to login.... even trying to reset a “forgotten” password by email.
  213. “biteme”

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    Also..... another one to add to the list, a fuel tank that isnt foamed in!!! THAT is what required heavy equipment, not wood in the boat fred :D
  214. “biteme”

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    Sea trial as many boats as u can in nasty water. Osprey, seasport, parker, defiance, grady. I am extremely impressed with the ride and stability of osprey and gradys. Never been on a defiance but they seem tippy (ask two tap he has been on a ton of different boats o_O), seasports and skagits are...
  215. “biteme”

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    A person can also put a big kill bag up on the bow of those defiance boats.... lots of room :D
  216. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Now its getting out of hand :gay:
  217. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    Just found the thread buried in the fishing rods for sale folder....... Hmm, what are the chances of getting it fixed?
  218. “biteme”

    Only warning about multiple usernames

    I had created a new username quite a while back due to this one being inaccurate. I only recently logged back in to this one because the name i always use was not found. Can u delete this old one and reactivate “biteme” I had no idea this thread even existed.
  219. “biteme”

    “Biteme” signing in issues

    jason is awesome and i really appreciate my current avatar :D :picknose:
  220. “biteme”

    9.9 yamaha tr1 throttle actuator.

    Works great but had to replace my ecu. The new ecu has a different style actuator of course so the older ones only work on older autopilots.
  221. “biteme”

    Any open seats for WPnext week?

    I am still stuck on the "good looking" part.
  222. “biteme”

    Westport Weather forecast report?

    People actually think saying wind or weather affects the ocean???? LOL Thats hilarious about the calm weather talk, or no wind discussion, or weather chatter, i hear tomorrow, sat and sun will be glass :git:
  223. “biteme”

    WANTED: old buoys/floats/corks

    It closed down a couple years ago unfortunately
  224. “biteme”

    WANTED: old buoys/floats/corks

    I have about 20 of those little orange ones, brand new, $10 a piece? :D
  225. “biteme”

    Combo Trip

    Had an omega sighting today, beautiful boat!!
  226. “biteme”

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Hows the tongue weight? Looks a little light maybe with that hunk of hp on the stern
  227. “biteme”

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    :cheers: I would still think about some way to get that diamond plate white. I have a small strip of that on the osprey by the door and it gets HOT!!!! That thing will scoot, congrats
  228. “biteme”

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Is it your first rodeo on diamond plate because i can tell you in the summer thats going to cook anything that touches it. Might want it powdercoated. There are a lot of guys on here with a lot of experience, i wouldnt just blow off suggestions or you might not get the one that counts. My .02¢
  229. “biteme”

    Be safe out there.

    It was outboard powered from what ive heard. It was on step when the stern started sinking, sounded like a thru hull fail or transom fail from what was described.
  230. “biteme”

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Classic.... the tribes are devastated and concerned about them getting up the river, heres a thought.... do nothing and keep netting the river, they wont get up it. :mad:
  231. “biteme”

    Area 7 report

    Nice work gabe!! Looks like a blast
  232. “biteme”

    Open tuna boat

    Planning on wed as well? :D I would be all over wed
  233. “biteme”

    Pursuit 3480

    Trade ya an osprey :D Beautiful boat and great price glws
  234. “biteme”

    Shout out to you Gingers in MA10,11

    Thx for the intel, definitely worth the trip with how slow its been up north
  235. “biteme”

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    Next they will want to know what was caught and that info will magically go into our yearly quota. I wont be complying with this stupid rule.
  236. “biteme”

    4 stroke kicker concerns

    In that case have TWO kickers!!!
  237. “biteme”

    IO Mechanic Edmonds Area

    I had same problem a year ago. Pull dist cap, if it looks like it snowed inside thats the problem.
  238. “biteme”

    This is killing me

    Badass beast!
  239. “biteme”

    Product testers wanted

    Do they catch bigger fish or just those little tiny barely legal ones? :hali_ruahahaha: Wish ya the best with it man!
  240. “biteme”

    Fishfinder cable Holes near the water line...

    Wasnt there a certain aluminum builder who had manufactured their own multi piece "waterproof" clamshell?? :Smoke_Emoticon:
  241. “biteme”

    Considering making a couple fun rides before Norm/Carrie's party

    I dont think thats what he meant pat. And around this place thats dangerous to agree to :D
  242. “biteme”

    Tuna Hats

    Congrats on becoming a bd vendor, i hear its pricey, hopefully you can make your business work out. :supergay:
  243. “biteme”

    Gulf islands:

    Only a matter of time travis..... pretty soon the only thing open to fish for will be farm raised rainbows in the lake and these guys will be the ones asking what happened to all the great fishing barf
  244. “biteme”

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Bouncing ball = theft is wrong unless its to your benefit. But you would be all sorts of pissed off if i stole your kicker..... but wait.... it benefits me..... follow the bouncing hypocrisy Nice train of thought alice
  245. “biteme”

    In Season Management for Puget Sound Crab?

    Good for them.... protecting the resources..... Dont we all feel a little better about their blatant waste of resources and their own failure to turn in any catch numbers. >:( I wonder with a little more oversight what percentage of their boats are staying legal. "Dont mind me stealing...
  246. “biteme”

    Suzuki 9.9 kicker idle issue

    No meth needed, park it in a "secured" lot in everett
  247. “biteme”

    Area 6 closes for shrimping...

    Till tribal sees a money making opportunity there.....
  248. “biteme”

    Suzuki 9.9 kicker idle issue

    The only fix for that particular issue (and many others) is to sell (or give it away) and buy a yammie o_O
  249. “biteme”

    Tuna spot?

    anybody short on crew middle of the week and need a ho with money wed or thur? Shot in the dark. Or a charter short on customers for that matter.
  250. “biteme”

    German Shepherd Pups

    Pics sell pups way better than descriptions. Let people fall in love with em!!
  251. “biteme”

    Canadian fisherman survives sexual assault by dozens of seals

    I really hope all these responses dont mean people think this is a true story
  252. “biteme”

    Raymarines New Axiom Pro

    Whats the brotherhood price on a pro rvx 9" with thru hull ducer and the side scan?
  253. “biteme”

    Out with the old getting ready for the new

    Wheres the sweat pants????
  254. “biteme”

    Sea trial fail

    Takes 3? o_O
  255. “biteme”

    Facebook Failure

    Im not old and im not on that stupid middle school girl site. Just a way to think people care about what youre doing when they could really care less :cussing:
  256. “biteme”

    Anyone up for salmon wager?

    Speaking of....... havent seen him lately
  257. “biteme”

    Woodinville Kicker Theft Attemp

    Just watched a dude at homedepot today run "shuffle" out of a back door with saggy pants stealing stuff, parked partially in front of his car and yelled at a parking lot attendant who responded "i cant do anything" we gave the store his license number for a report, who wants to bet the cops wont...
  258. “biteme”

    27' Seasport

    Would you trade for a neon rose?
  259. “biteme”

    How do the BAMF boats in a following sea, quartering sea?

    Bamf...... sounds like a disease
  260. “biteme”

    How do the BAMF boats in a following sea, quartering sea?

    The nice thing is if they pitch too far forward going down a swell the cabin flips off over the bow and doubles the boat length. Couldnt help myself. I reaaaaally wanted to ask at the boat show if they still had the convertible model.
  261. “biteme”

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    I hate shrimp But what do you do when they invade your boat??? Kill em!!
  262. “biteme”

    Tr1 vs rear station steer??

    Personally i love the tr1 and am beyond the "honeymoon" phase. If i had outboards i would definitely be going with autopilot on the mains with the kicker tie barred together.... someday
  263. “biteme”

    Lead Pour Mini- Ferndale area

    Now that.... right there.... is dangerous, all it takes is one kanuckleheaded jackwagon to quote you and your address is forever on the interwebs
  264. “biteme”

    Victorinox Knife set

    Is that one of those carbon emitter vw's?
  265. “biteme”

    Intermittent wiper upgrade

    All right, i know people have done it, i have the afi 1 speed motors but get tired of switching on and off, whats the best solution without breaking the bank?
  266. “biteme”

    Salmon for Soldiers - Looking for Captains & Crew!

    My new job has me working that day unfortunately.... otherwise two tap could show me how to catch fish again
  267. “biteme”

    TR-1 Autopilot - FREE

    You must be thawing out from up north nook, the capn is getting all touchy, feely, soft.
  268. “biteme”


    Mustve hit a nerve :fighting0061: Just tryin to stay awake preppin for tomorrow
  269. “biteme”


    Went out to sandy point to look at the water, wasnt blowin enough to get the osprey wet, if it isnt a challenge why go :D
  270. “biteme”

    12-digit HIN # requirement

    My 98' is a 12. I wouldn't have been impressed if i had to go through that mess.
  271. “biteme”

    MA9 still open?!

    Poppin popcorn and poppin the cap on a stout :D
  272. “biteme”

    Where are the stickers?

    Sweet now get some up for sale so the rest of us can partake :D
  273. “biteme”

    Where are the stickers?

    Window cling?? Are you planning on bailing on this site? Go all in brother. I had looked for the big ones when i got the new truck, have to represent so i have an excuse for the "salutes" i will be getting, cant be my driving :D Last time i tried to get to the "shop" portion of the site i...
  274. “biteme”

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    Bummer. Waiiiiit a second...... lingcod season, shrimp season, crab season, blackmouth season, king season, coho season, pink season, halibut season...... you, my friend, are waaay overdue!!!
  275. “biteme”

    Opinions for size of Fish or Die logo

    What are the prices looking like? I would be interested in some for sure. Probably the smaller size
  276. “biteme”

    Info on 17' Fishrite in WP?

    How did we get drug into this????? :_portable
  277. “biteme”

    Have you seen this person?

    Why not "worthwater"
  278. “biteme”

    Have you seen this person?

    Looks the its getting ready to be eaten by that coldwater!
  279. “biteme”

    Time for a Pot Puller

    I love all the cheap junk that was listed, a $140 super glued together "crabbylift" will definitely make shrimping an enjoyable experience :gay:
  280. “biteme”

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    Very nice!! Sweet looking setup right there.
  281. “biteme”

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Yes. Blue motor. Ive heard soldering the ground fixes this but i havent tried yet. It starts smelling pretty toasty and hot enough you cant touch the motor
  282. “biteme”

    Time for a Pot Puller

    My bro in law had one and we hated that hunk of junk. Best one i had was a honda, now i have an ez pull and its ok but gets hot
  283. “biteme”

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Nice work guys!
  284. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

  285. “biteme”

    Diesel heater

    Might check the emergency rules...... just a thought :D
  286. “biteme”

    WTB Qcove flashers

    Im in. Distract him with a bonfire, its his kryptonite
  287. “biteme”

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Good luck andy and crew!!
  288. “biteme”

    And the Lumacat name is.....

    And that...... is how rumors start wildfires :D
  289. “biteme”

    And the Lumacat name is.....

    Wheres the kali rainbow flag? Really? Put a nauti on the back end of whats already on the boat? How about something with some thought put into it. Like what i suggested...... wait........ i didnt come up with anything :supergay:
  290. “biteme”

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    So put off fishing for a year and get our own permit? This having to ride on their permit is not working so well. Is that an option or if we dont roll over and play dead we get nothing?
  291. “biteme”

    What does it cost to add a rear helm?

    Or get morse electronics, they have a selector button that disengages the other control and wont allow it to be selected until its in neutral. And super silky smooth shift with none of that painfull crunch
  292. “biteme”

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    :nutkick: Give the man the tuna trip and put all those on the side, theres room for them all on that beast.
  293. “biteme”

    Proud Dad

    Whats a pc? Is that like the old brick style iphone?
  294. “biteme”

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    I saw one of those.... some piece of junk wbr or something like that. :D
  295. “biteme”

    Bloodydecks Apparel 25% Off

    I hear our neighbors to the north only like tribal print anyway. Eh :D
  296. “biteme”

    PA blackmouth

    Theres other ways to contribute.
  297. “biteme”

    Cat splash

    My opinion.... looks hideous, reminds me of a condo
  298. “biteme”

    Best tool/method to cut fiberglass for electrical panels etc.

    6" hole saw!!! They work awesome, kind of pricey for a one off though
  299. “biteme”

    Saltwater sportsmans show

    Did you go on the bamf and take a look around? :D
  300. “biteme”

    whats the next fishing season to open around area 7

    Anybody else hear the crickets?? I think he is gone
  301. “biteme”

    whats the next fishing season to open around area 7

    Is this going to turn in to a report? :D From the looks of the water line on your boat it sits pretty stern heavy in the water. Was curious if it just didnt have a full tank of fuel in it. Nice lines to it though. Are you guys going to start making those or was it a one off and decided you...
  302. “biteme”

    Grady Gary's Bday 3/4/2017 the big 50!

    And the guest list just tripled :D Is pendleton on the menu? barf
  303. “biteme”

    Electrical Connectors

    Just because MOST are wrong doesnt make wrong right. :D
  304. “biteme”

    Electrical Connectors

    If only it was marine grade tinned wire......
  305. “biteme”

    Post op check in

    Praying for you guys. She has a great support team with your family.
  306. “biteme”

    You are doing yourself a huge disservice!

    You making that for the crew? Looks tasty
  307. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    I think you find waay more people on those sites that are there because of issues with their trucks or are on their for info on tons of extra power upgrades thereby resulting in problems.
  308. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    I am amazed by how quiet that new 6.7 is. And tons of power. I figure some deletes are in order to improve the lifespan for sure though which will bump the noise level a bit
  309. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    We have been test driving fords. Just have to find the perfect one with the least miles for the budget. Will post pics when we find it. Otherwise it didnt happen I just wanted to make sure there werent issues i hadnt heard of with the powerstroke
  310. “biteme”

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    Purple googley eyed wild thing is the key but dont tell travis i spilled the beans
  311. “biteme”


    vance is happy with his new girlfriend.
  312. “biteme”

    Area 7 "on fire"

    Fishing Rule Change Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife February 9, 2017 Marine Area 7 salmon season to close temporarily Action: Marine Area 7 (San Juan Islands) will close to salmon fishing Feb. 11. Effective Date: Feb. 11, 2017, until further notice. Species affected: Salmon...
  313. “biteme”

    2006 Yamaha 9.9 Hi-Thrust Extra long shaft

    I dont know andy, with how many of us are 10%ers where are the 90%ers at? :D
  314. “biteme”

    2006 Yamaha 9.9 Hi-Thrust Extra long shaft

    I would keep it for when that ugly honda breaks down. How could u man???? :D
  315. “biteme”

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    Actually. If the boat was 5800 and the trailer is 2100. That would be 7900lbs which is over the stated tow rating of 7800. Catastrophic failure "might" occur :D
  316. “biteme”

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    Toyota owners :gay: They believe the hype And then......... In all seriousness I drove to virginia beach to pick up a boat that had a dry weight stated and ended up pulling over twice that weight back across the country. Electric over hydraulic will help over surge brakes but...
  317. “biteme”

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    How about a 26' osprey, if youre willing to wait for the right deal its waaaaaay better than any defiance, parker, or cold stinky aluminum. Just sayin
  318. “biteme”

    New guy

    Best for whale watching and kayaking. There arent fish here though. Go troll somewhere else :D
  319. “biteme”

    SB Food Photos

    Something left a bad taste in my mouth, was it the food or......
  320. “biteme”

    SB Food Photos

    Wonder after the sickening "tom love fest" before it started what they think now. From flat balls to "no balls" :D
  321. “biteme”

    Help! Need Tasty Tuna App recipes!!

    Heres to the cheaters NOT winning.... go falcons :cheers:
  322. “biteme”

    Some yayhoos

    Anxiously awaiting going back to "college" I have a feeling my brain will be hurting while I pack as much info in as possible.
  323. “biteme”

    Ruining your kids

    Ok, i will bite, this is what its all about, getting the kids on the water! Disclaimer..... none of these are area "x"
  324. “biteme”

    Some yayhoos

    Have to be south sound though.... theres no fish in a7 :D
  325. “biteme”

    Some yayhoos

    Wow.... blast from the past for some of you? You can find anybody on youtube these days
  326. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    That's like saying you are going to buy a bayliner trophy because it has yamaha outboard, instead of buying a oceansport because it has an outdrive. It just doesn't make any sense to buy something thats going to fall apart.
  327. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    Name the time and place man!! I need to get my equipment fix every once in a while, thats why i got it for little sidework. Just got to do what will most likely be my last grader and dozer work this last week out there.
  328. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    I dont see whats wrong with a 2018 f750 o_O :D
  329. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    Losing my company truck and my 1 ton single cab flatbed doesnt do me any good anymore. A gaggle of kiddos that want to go fishing dont fit in it. I need to be able to pull my mini ex and boat. Need something reliable for my new job as calling in with a broke down rig wont go over well. This new...
  330. “biteme”

    6.7 powerstroke or 6.7 cummins

    in a 1 ton, 2012 or newer...... i know i know this could get out of hand
  331. “biteme”

    Sails and ales boat show

    Green dot boy?
  332. “biteme”

    Sails and ales boat show

    You dont drink much do you?? :D
  333. “biteme”

    Sails and ales boat show

    Wifey youngest and i will be wandering around
  334. “biteme”

    Goat has competition.

    Soooooomebody's jeaaaaaalous :nopity:
  335. “biteme”

    Need Temporary Live Well

    May involve eating delicious brats!! Hey jay, anytime you need someone to reel again :D
  336. “biteme”

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Thats not very nice showoff!! :( Welcome aboard eh!
  337. “biteme”

    SeaSport Makeover

    Looks awesome red!
  338. “biteme”

    Boat insurance heads up

    You are right about the first part vance, i havent had any claims (knock on wood) but am confident in my coverage, now the second part of your comment??? Rilly???
  339. “biteme”

    Please be on the look out.

    Sorry to hear pat. Sad.
  340. “biteme”

    MA8-1/8-2 Report/Warning

    The one that annoys me is a pot in 100' of water with 300' of line. You can be 75 yds away and still hook the stupid thing. Lost two balls a couple weeks ago to that. Seems like laziness on the commies part
  341. “biteme”

    Accepting Applications: WTC

    Paging nosecrets :D
  342. “biteme”

    The Journey

    On the inside of YOUR what??? o_O
  343. “biteme”

    We're on the board in Roche!

    Thats not home. Nobody in their right mind wants to live there.... fish included
  344. “biteme”

    Stainless Question

    I think you need to let us know which supposed "brother" is trying to sabatoge boats!! :D
  345. “biteme”

    We're on the board in Roche!

    I am going to start a petition to keep all "foreigners" out of area 7. You guys need to fish in your own waters and leave us to our quota. :spank: :Beat_Them:slap: Nice work though! Impressive to be in the top 3 for two of the biggest derbies up here back to back. Must be the coldwater...
  346. “biteme”

    2003 Ford F-250 FX4, King Ranch Great tow rig!

    Looks like your ad got "cleaned" good luck with the sale, nice rig :hali_olutta:
  347. “biteme”

    Better then hitting a log

    Pod drive isnt it? We need to send that guy up our way to start in on the seal population
  348. “biteme”

    WTC registration

    Weather should be good? o_O Is that what we arent talking bout??
  349. “biteme”

    Bent Over by WDFW AGAIN!

    If the quota will be eaten up without an entire season in area 9 wouldnt it be better to have it during a time when the fish are bigger and weather has a potential to be better?? Wdfw might just have listened to all the complaining about area 9 timing in the past years. Maybe look for a positive...
  350. “biteme”

    Big fish, little kid.

    Those are the only fishing reports that matter. Kids reelin fish!! Awesome! Nice work. :cheers:
  351. “biteme”

    NMFA - what's it mean to you?

  352. “biteme”

    Whose Parker is Getting Stretched?

    Home built always look........ home built
  353. “biteme”

    The Journey

    I hope that bucket wasnt the red pee bucket we always used? And thats your drinking water? Yuuuuck!!!!! :D
  354. “biteme”


    Say no to funding the tribes!! I wont stop at those places after the last couple years eye opening to their tactics.
  355. “biteme”

    NOAA seeks comment on SJI no-go zone....Let's give it to them

    Done. Quick and easy people, get on it!!
  356. “biteme”

    NOAA seeks comment on SJI no-go zone....Let's give it to them

    I was at the mtg at friday harbor. What we need is fishnazzi back. There were many voices heard that night but I specifically remember his. Bad science and tree huggers are like peanut butter and jelly.
  357. “biteme”


    They have red dye gas in kali? :frehya2:
  358. “biteme”

    2017 license

    Hey howard what we need is to do a northwest bd timeshare on that!!!
  359. “biteme”

    2017 license

    I just know ranting and raving on here and 20 people not buying a license will do absolutely nothing. There are many factors at play, the main one at the forefront is tribes.... will the media touch it? Not a chance with the funding of the neverending casino commercials. There are other issues...
  360. “biteme”

    seahawks vs lions squares

    bieber Living in the past much? Theres only 13 teams that werent superbowl champions at one point.
  361. “biteme”

    seahawks vs lions squares

    Your heart wants the hawks to win but your brain says they wont??
  362. “biteme”

    2017 license

    :starwarskid5: Whole buncha swingin with nothin gettin smacked :picknose:
  363. “biteme”

    2017 license

    What he said! Way too much anger and bitterness that gets nobody anywhere
  364. “biteme”

    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    Hey jay.... its "k-nuckle buster heads" to you :D
  365. “biteme”

    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    Did someone say k-nuckel buster? :D
  366. “biteme”

    2017 license

    As has been brought up in the past if every person that wanted a halibut "tag" got one it would be a lottery system. And how many of the people that said they wanted a tag would be able to actually put one in the boat or be willing to put in the time when after 8 trips they were still skunked...
  367. “biteme”

    Passport Card = NEXUS ??

    By the time people learn it will be too late.
  368. “biteme”

    Dragonballs.... here's Guatemala at its finest!

    Nicely done. You have a talent with those videos!!
  369. “biteme”

    Petition to open North of Falcom meeting to the public

    Cant hurt to try, done But....... the next question, who is going to volunteer time to go? Thats a big commitment in travel, missed work, family, etc. Would anyone from the media touch it? Doubtful.
  370. “biteme”

    New Year's Eve party

    Hey vance thanks again for the invite for the party. You were right, it was waay better with just 10 of us there. :cheers::hali_olutta: Oops, did you want that kept quiet??
  371. “biteme”

    Passport Card = NEXUS ??

    Enough people keep doing this wrong and see how easy it will be to do it in the next few years. I fear its only a matter of time at this point.
  372. “biteme”

    2017 Halibut not good

    Until too many people go up there and they say enough is enough. Too much info doesnt help in this situation. Yes it sucks though :gay:
  373. “biteme”

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Can i smoke a cigar on the back deck while youre videotaping? Speaking of marketing.
  374. “biteme”

    What would you do?

    o_O Didnt you say you havent been out fishing fred? Let me know when the boats getting thrown out :D
  375. “biteme”

    It was time

    If it was a "centerpin" with little to no drag maybe. :D I cant believe i just posted a link to my sworn enemy.... bookface. It was the first link on a google search for nautilus "mooching reel"
  376. “biteme”

    It was time

    o_O :banned: Shes been drinking.... i swear
  377. “biteme”

    It was time

    ok so ive been wanting a new reel (of the mooching variety) so i finally pulled the trigger today. I didnt want to just match the status quo of the islander even though it has a proven track record. I wanted something that you didnt see on every other boat out there. I think i found it. These...
  378. “biteme”


    I sure hope not. I dont think he likes me :D
  379. “biteme”


    :eek: Yikes, theres a sight. Im not going to turn out like one of you nutjobs am I? Tell me its not something in the water out there. Btw happy birthday ya old fart!! :cheers:
  380. “biteme”

    Getting Ready

    When you get around to us lowly salmon guys..... :D I would volunteer to "test" out a salmon rod for you as well :food-smiley-014:
  381. “biteme”

    Getting Ready

    How about an 11'-6" salmon rod? Making anything like that? Cost?
  382. “biteme”

    Converting pull start to electric

    I think bilge pumps are meant to go INSIDE the boat and transducers outside. Kali intelligence o_O :D
  383. “biteme”

    Thieves in Bothell

    Buy a real shotgun and get a benelli fred. Or one of these :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:2gunsfiring_v1::Death_To_Above:
  384. “biteme”

    Westport crabbing

    Looks "sporty" from the water i see around the boat :D
  385. “biteme”

    Theft recovery Weldcraft 201 DV Google is your friend :D
  386. “biteme”

    Never thought this would happen

    Thats the hardest part when you have to see them crushed. Sorry to hear about this.
  387. “biteme”

    This is what you get when you hire a professional

    Kind of like taking your rig to an auto body shop and when you get it home decide to rattle can some flames on the hood. Just not right :D
  388. “biteme”

    Hopefully this was one of you

    I had to laugh at the guy on the deck hollering at the skipper of the little boat.... as if the huge ferry in front of him or the numerous horn blasts wasnt going to get his attention. Theres always one in every group.
  389. “biteme”

    Furuno radar

    How about $175 and you pay actual shipping cost.
  390. “biteme”

    The Journey

    I just have to ask goat...... does it ever end?? :D You have no lack of initiative
  391. “biteme”

    Furuno radar

    $200. Come on people.... fund a new mooching reel for me.
  392. “biteme”

    Oh Shit

  393. “biteme”

    Hopefully this was one of you

    Sucks that someone loses that much of their career because someone decides to run a boat without paying the least bit of attention to his surroundings, just like sleeping at the helm on autopilot. Not right. If youre that tired put someone else at the helm or dont go. If theres something you...
  394. “biteme”

    Hopefully this was one of you

    He, tug boat captain with a ferry captain side job, shouldve known better before the impact. But...... How many boats do they see everyday zip in and out in front of them, at some point they probably stop caring too much.
  395. “biteme”

    If anybody is looking for a re-power.......

    And in "excellent" condition!!! I would bet money they arent stolen either.... even criminals arent that stupid
  396. “biteme”

    SeaSport Makeover

    Wow! I mean..... where do you go with that kind of info. And i just volunteered to take red on my boat?? :confused:
  397. “biteme”

    SeaSport Makeover

    Let me know when youre in town and you can jump on with me red!
  398. “biteme”

    Oh by the way, they want your land and the jurisdiction over the refinery

    They will push and push..... knowing they will get everything they demand..... sick.
  399. “biteme”

    Which one of u jokers...... I might sell mine for $10 a piece :D
  400. “biteme”

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic

    Nice work gentlemen!! With sammy on board was there ever a time this wknd that you werent "celebrating"?
  401. “biteme”

    shelfishing repirt first time razor claming

    All of cali is closed to beach activities, sediment gets stirred up therefore increasing the turbidity of the sea water and killing the sea fleas that the great protected spotted barn swallow relies on for nutrients as part of a full and balanced diet. But dont come up here, there are no clams...
  402. “biteme”

    SeaSport Makeover

    Gotta be completely honest red. It just doesnt seem to fit your boat ........ As well as ........ Say......... My boat :D I will make the sacrifice and swap ya for my bravo 2 and 454. I will even cover half the transfer fees. Looks awesome!!
  403. “biteme”

    1991 Stratos 2250 WA for sale

    Sweet deal for someone. You leaving all the fish killun spots in the gps? It renders the gps useless.... you cant see past all the markers filling the screen. :D
  404. “biteme”

    16.3 Hewescraft

    Paging dr fong
  405. “biteme”

    What is Wrong with This Site Lately?

    Just went back to not auto sizing to the phone, is that an option im missing
  406. “biteme”

    1977 25 Hp Evinrude Long Shaft Tiller

    It wont fall through. I just bought it from tim for $300 on craigslist. Anybody for $400?
  407. “biteme”

    Small pilothouse, rod storage?

    In all honesty ive looked at the same. Wild bill (steve) has some nice overhead holders on the cabin ceiling in his ottercraft. I would love to do the same but the cabin is too short for them. Putting them on the sides inside the cabin in mine would be in the way of seating. The only other...
  408. “biteme”

    Small pilothouse, rod storage?

    Cheapest and most bang for your buck fred...... Hate to say it......... Buy a bigger boat :D
  409. “biteme”

    What is Wrong with This Site Lately?

    Same here :D Ooops that was my ocd (reminds me of sheldon from big bang theory) :frehya2: I figured i was missing a button that said desktop mode or something
  410. “biteme”

    Turducken day

    Sorry fred, got your hopes up. I wouldnt know where to begin on cookin that
  411. “biteme”

    Turducken day

    happy thanksgiving!! :beerbang: Drive safe if youre traveling
  412. “biteme”

    Winter boat projects.

    I might know a guy....... You know what they say, the mechanics car is always broke down.
  413. “biteme”

    NR 27'

    I saw a 26 osprey lanching from bellingham with twin 300's. he said fuel capacity is a major problem if he touches the throttles. Thats an issue for me because i would most definetly be hammering down. I have to wonder about the owner though as they were ugly evinrudes. :supergay:
  414. “biteme”

    Thru hull transducer Osprey boat

    I havent seen evidence of any core. Break out the hole saw whats the worst that can happen? :D
  415. “biteme”

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    If you ever see a 9' bullfrog, goes by the name "mr big". I would follow that guy for a while and do what he does.... every detail.
  416. “biteme”

    Controlling cabin moisture

    I use the caframo 24/7, it uses very little energy and keeps the musty smell at "bay"
  417. “biteme”

    2016 Veterans Day Free Meals and Discounts

    Good reason to support these businesses and let them know why you are supporting them! Thanks to all who served
  418. “biteme”

    21,000lb Aluminum I beam trailer build

    And the point of your post would be?? Howard built a sweet trailer, no need to take away from it by posting a "my trailer is just as good as your trailer, neiner neiner" Anybody can buy a sweet trailer, how many people take the initiative to build a sweet trailer and one that is built to...
  419. “biteme”

    Theeeeeeyre baaaack!! A7 in danger

    Uhhhmmm no thanks goat :Beat_Them
  420. “biteme”

    Theeeeeeyre baaaack!! A7 in danger

    classic part of their bookface page is the pictures of the sea fleas (kayakers) all around the whales but somehow that doesnt disturb their feeding. Might be amping up for another fight. The scary thing is the thought just went through my head with what our "comanagers" are doing lately.... is...
  421. “biteme”

    Theeeeeeyre baaaack!! A7 in danger
  422. “biteme”

    Dont let your boat sit!!

    For some reason the end of your story got cut off. I know it ended with SOB! Glad to see it worked out frank
  423. “biteme”

    Tommy liftgate

    Just picked up a 1 ton flatbed that has a nice condition tommy liftgate on it. Its the original series with a 1000 lb capacity. Pm for more details
  424. “biteme”

    Slow..But put the time in this year

    Nice work andy. Havent seen ya much this year
  425. “biteme”

    Arima Sea Chaser - Turn Key Setup - $18,500

    Does it come with a bait table? o_O (And a bump)
  426. “biteme”

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    Says a kali guy. Looks to be a pounder, might be fine for the kali lake conditions but not for these waters.
  427. “biteme”

    Show me your way of securing the boat to the trailer..

    I think you just like showing off that pic of that badass boat........ I didnt say i blamed you though :D
  428. “biteme”

    Vehicles from up north

    Anyone bought a vehicle from up north? What all is involved as far as paperwork and documents? Seems like a no brainer with exchange rates
  429. “biteme”

    Lacey area Electrician

    Check out all of the outlets wiring, unscrew the outlet cover, pull the next two screws and pull the receptacle out a little. Check the screws for tightness and pull gently on the wires. I fixed one for a friend that had the same problem. Neutral was broken off right at the receptacle. My meter...
  430. “biteme”

    Comparing deadrise between a Duckworth OS and a North River OS

    Whats spooky is i was 1.5" of gunnel from being in that same situation 3 boats back. 19' seaswirl with a 200 on a bracket.... hung a shrimp pot on the bottom with a honda pot puller, learning experience for sure.... always have a knife handy pulling pots, dont back into swells, and most...
  431. “biteme”

    NFL commercial

    Lots of expendable money and no brains to buy a cigar boat?
  432. “biteme”

    Seahawks vs. Atlanta

    What YOU went through makes the donks awesome?? And you say WE like youre a player, oh the lofty dreams of some, thinking youre part of the team because u watch it on tv.... classic
  433. “biteme”

    Seahawks vs. Atlanta

    They suck but yet won?? And the donks did what last game but are somehow still the best?? o_O Thats some kali rainbow thinking if ive ever seen it.
  434. “biteme”

    NFL commercial

    I figured it had to be somebody elses boat. I didnt catch the storyline, just saw him cut a perfectly fine boat loose, in fact my exact words were "what a jerk". More believable if it was xtaero or defiance. But i agree steve, no way a paaawkah especially with a yammie, not even a butt ugly...
  435. “biteme”

    Moclips - Typhoon Teresa 2016

    Is that pendleton?? :D
  436. “biteme”

    Erotic Boat Porn

    Crazy stuff
  437. “biteme”

    Good Deal in CALI

    With a big wheel hanging down there the prop walk makes spinning on a dime easy. The only issue is you only spin one direction. No comparison to twins obviously though.
  438. “biteme”


    How about a law saying there will be no prosecution for shooting clowns on site..... does anyone like clowns anyway? Screw the gun free zones, do something worthwhile and make places "clown free zones"
  439. “biteme”

    An awesome day!

    Proud day for dad!!
  440. “biteme”

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Or any of us who liked his post!! We might get sued!! :D
  441. “biteme”

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    You gave in to the torture room? And we thought it was the looting shooting and riots
  442. “biteme”

    BD Threads Disappearing

    I vote you go back to kali :gay:
  443. “biteme”

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Maybe not banned but denied any posting privileges?
  444. “biteme”

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    How about anyone with a defiance!! I hear they wake out boats in marinas. Except you fred.... youre good
  445. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    I hope they took the stickers off to avoid the constant "salute"
  446. “biteme”

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Thats a bummer.... all this for nothing? :D
  447. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Just putting this out there...... i hear trackerputnam is available. He can tell stories like the best of em.
  448. “biteme”

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    I second that motion. But i dont believe it will help in a dictatorship driven by advertising dollars. :argue: We could always demand our membership dues back :frehya2:
  449. “biteme”

    Deck repair

    Anger.... too much anger...... good thing i have thick skin :D
  450. “biteme”

    BD Threads Disappearing

    As of 17 min ago he was viewing threads o_O
  451. “biteme”

    Deck repair

    The checkered finish is actually quite painful on the knees when yanking camping stuff out of those holds! I could do with less aggressive
  452. “biteme”

    Deck repair

    A couple pics, definitely NOT worthy of tearing the deck out o_O
  453. “biteme”

    Oldie but always good

    Mother in law The guys mother in law comes to live with him. She's been living with him for about a week and one day he comes home to find her lying on the floor. He calls 911 and the ambulance comes and takes her to the hospital. Later he's waiting in the emergency room and the doctor comes...
  454. “biteme”

    Deck repair

    I can probably be characterized as having ocd. That being said, i need a solution to this that is fairly easy to keep clean. The deck has small cracks around the outside, probably from removing the top to replace the fuel tank. The deck also has some multi colored nasty areas that dont come...
  455. “biteme”

    M 2-2

    Nice work! Good looking fillets right there
  456. “biteme”

    Ever try one of these on a bait stop ??

    The kali boys are going to supersize that thing and get the albis back
  457. “biteme”

    WP Marina coho

    Is that pat?
  458. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Call within the next 24 hrs. 2 for the price of 3 just pay seperate shipping, handling, taxes, weld surcharge, fancy wire clam surcharge, cigar humidor surcharge ...... In all honesty i did see a pretty sweet one in one of those pics. It said osprey on the side :D
  459. “biteme”

    1 way Truck Rentals to Tow Boat

    All of this and no pic of the boat?? Come on man.... inquiring minds need pics.
  460. “biteme”

    And You Thought Tribal Fishing Was Bad

    If they dont benefit financially they wont touch it.
  461. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    Have to disagree goat. Video games arent to blame.
  462. “biteme”

    tuna run on saturday the 1st

    Hey pat. They have meds for ptsd.... they only work till you see another defiance though.
  463. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    Hey terry, skagit arms has a huge selection of holsters, thats where i found mine. Get one with leather on the back, the artificial junk tends to chafe without an undershirt under it. Galco kingtuk is a good one but pricey
  464. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    Kimber crimson carry ultra in a .45 Springfield xds .40. Even in a tshirt with the right holster they're invisible Went all day with the xds under a standard white undershirt and the wife didnt know.... its all about the right holster and the right location for your body type.
  465. “biteme”


    Shouldnt this be posted on the kali page? Nah, youre right, they all come here anyway to pester the cool kids since their page sucks.
  466. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    Guy is from turkey. Unfortunately he didnt put up a fight.... save everyone some time and money
  467. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    From the research i have done the most they can do is "tresspass" you and ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave you can be arrested for that. Not for carrying. Schools, bars, federal buildings, airports excluded of course But that is if someone knows youre carrying. The only time someone...
  468. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    This will be spun for more stringent gun laws by the liberals, if more people were carrying concealed how many would be dead? I would say 1 maybe 2, and that includes the suspect. If he had been shot before anything happened by a concealed carry individual the news would bury the story...
  469. “biteme”

    Burlington shooting

    3 words. Concealed carry permit.
  470. “biteme”

    Squid jigging from a boat question

    We need a sarcasm emoticon
  471. “biteme”

    WTB TR-1

    I may have a used throttlle controller that would work for you although it looks like the mercury 9.9/15 transfers over to yamaha
  472. “biteme”

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    Most have done the research and cant afford the new truck every two years like u or the constant ford repairs. My work truck is a chevy 1 ton, just recently did a job in renton and ran down the freeway with 31,000 gvw no problems, hardly felt it. Love the duramax. :frehya2: (Says the guy...
  473. “biteme”

    WTB TR-1

    I got mine used and had to replace several parts but calling garmin got them at a reduced cost. It has worked awesome ever since.... do it!!
  474. “biteme”

    Catamaran offshore? Pros and cons

    Or get a 22' xtaero for the same price? :D
  475. “biteme”

    You are responsible for your wake

    Wheres tracker to say it wasnt his fault and quit yelling in front of his kid. Everyone was doing it and the dock shouldve been anchored better..... and whats with those boats not tied to the dock properly :idiot:
  476. “biteme”

    Morad VHF 156HD antenna

    So the new ones are made from organic granola with a natural hemp coated wrap? I actually was looking at that on cl. Really tempted as i am hoping to upgrade to one of those and a standard horizon gx2200 in the near future. Anyone headed north that could bring it with them?? Should i be...
  477. “biteme”

    Morad VHF 156HD antenna

    I will give you $45 if you ship it to me. Theres some depreciation being a two owner antenna after all :D
  478. “biteme”

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    A 2 by 4 will wedge nicely in the surge coupler opening, jam it in there to prevent movement and back up the hill. I can snap a pic of the maneuver if needed. I wont have to mess with this monkey business when very shortly i convert to eoh
  479. “biteme”

    Road Trip for Tuna

    Frank n beans??
  480. “biteme”

    Westport 9/16 Well it finally happened

    I recognize michael in that pic... Good friend of mine
  481. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Do you want a cigar smoking boat or a fishing boat. Some things in life cost more :Smoke_Emoticon:
  482. “biteme”

    Called up to the Big Leagues

    Happy for ya nook!!
  483. “biteme”

    Road Trip for Tuna

    Where do ya live, i will be down for the salmon for soldiers and can empty your freezer a bit to make room for new inventory :frehya2: Btw, we need to get out fishing together again, maybe steve will take us :cheers:
  484. “biteme”

    Salmon for Soldiers – 9/17 Event!

    Roll call? Anyone going to be there?
  485. “biteme”

    2 seats tomorrow. Tuna. Westport

    Painful. Thats a long time looking forward to a trip for a disappointment. Shoulda booked with walker :food-smiley-014:
  486. “biteme”

    Ilwaco Wed. 14th

    Travis youre getting soft in your old age..... Nothing about his 3rd post is looking for a buddy boat?
  487. “biteme”

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Up to 99.9% chance its a beer and popcorn night. Costco big box of popcorn is on sale now
  488. “biteme”

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    I might start popping popcorn. Theres a 27% chance this will get good in the near future. And thats factual :D
  489. “biteme”

    Prop help, I think there is some cavitation going on here

    Imagine netting a fish :starwarskid5:
  490. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    That coldwater is a battle proven beast!!! Single suzuki vs twin yammies?? Hmmm o_O
  491. “biteme”

    33 lb White King in MA7

    Typically If you pull back the gill plate you can see the meat color. Its never expected so its not worth the time. 95% or more are red and you wouldnt throw one back because of meat color. The only time i check is if im splitting up catch with a crew for the day and they are filleting theirs at...
  492. “biteme”

    33 lb White King in MA7

    I fear you have taken me way too seriously. I was just messing with you. Youve got to have thick skin around this joint
  493. “biteme”

    33 lb White King in MA7

    Those things are notoriously wrong! And who is to say you arent pulling down on the fish that isnt in the pic? :D Fish always look smaller in pictures. Very nice to see a good one. I am amazed at how slow its been this year up in the juans. It is definitely nice not fishing with the normal...
  494. “biteme”

    33 lb White King in MA7

    Now that you can post pictures how about the 33 lber? o_O Nice fish
  495. “biteme”

    Westport Marina Speed Laps?

    "And we luv boat en". :hali_blablalba:
  496. “biteme”

    Fooooootball Contest here on BD

    Better start boxing up swag for the dozens of hawk votes coming in
  497. “biteme”

    Westport Marina Speed Laps?

    Probably making sure if the stern went under water youd be close by to help.
  498. “biteme”

    Tuna sunday

    Wouldnt want to fall asleep on autopilot there!! :D :picknose:
  499. “biteme”

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

    Haaawwwwwks of course
  500. “biteme”

    Scotty 2106B for a great deal

    . You must be dutch. If youre that strapped i will pitch in a dollar to help your cause.
  501. “biteme”

    MA7 Orca encounter

    Pouring gasoline on the fire. Not that long ago we were fighting to be able to fish there because of these encounters. While it is a cool story i dont think it helps our cause.
  502. “biteme”

    WTC Thursday get together

    How do you know what his finger tastes like o_O Wait..... Never mind i dont want to know :supergay:
  503. “biteme”

    1976 SeaRay 240 SRV Hardtop aka Mr. Happy :-)

    :D Do u show all your special fishing holes on test rides? Does the gps get erased or left intact??
  504. “biteme”


    Bellingham had 0 when i came in at 5 saturday and only 1 (mine) released. My advice is to explore the island
  505. “biteme”

    Follow me.

    I was going to ask if they came in kids sizes...... Now we know :D
  506. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    Someone obviously didnt see how far down hill the last bit of thread advertising was........ Might not be the best use of money trying to sell that thing around here. o_O
  507. “biteme”

    Ruin your day

    Friendly reminder, be smart guys. The illegal ones ARENT safe. Think what you want but my family knows better than to mess with them now... Leave it to the experts and avoid what the seattle hospital brandon visited called "firecracker row". The short lived fun is not worth the pain to yourself...
  508. “biteme”

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    I didnt think bilgeliner ever did anything worthy of copying. o_O
  509. “biteme”

    Bow fuel tank

    Sounds good.
  510. “biteme”

    Furuno radar

    No idea. Furuno customer service is awesome though, a person could give them a call
  511. “biteme”

    Bow fuel tank

    Looks to be by rough calcs around 13 gallons
  512. “biteme”

    Bow fuel tank

    Still available
  513. “biteme”

    Bow fuel tank

    At the front of the tank it is 8" at the bottom and 14" at the top Back of the tank is 19" at the bottom and 26" at the top. 20.5" long to the tank ends and 23.5" to the outside of the brackets. I can bring it to cherry pt this next week if you want it gabe.
  514. “biteme”

    Summer trip to wa

    Whoa!! What does a guy that knows you gotsta do for an invite? Probably dont want me knowing all your hot spots :D
  515. “biteme”

    Bow fuel tank

    No issues with it.... I just dont need it. $25
  516. “biteme”

    Furuno radar

  517. “biteme”

    Recommendations for aluminum tank fabrication What i dealt with
  518. “biteme”

    What hull would you use?

    The 23 uniflite hulls ride awesome in chop head on but are tippy like the 22-24 seasports and orcas. 28 uniflite would be the way to go, or the older bertrams... Thats my dream boat, super classy look with twin diesels for power.
  519. “biteme”

    What hull would you use?

    The heavier the hull the better, just make sure you have the power, big diesels are awesome... Uniflites are stout, salty dog
  520. “biteme”

    Recommendations for aluminum tank fabrication

    Didnt take long for xtaero to be on the level of bamf around here :D
  521. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Can i like something more than once? Now greg.... Im going to sit back, eat some popcorn, and wait for the clan of defiance to tongue lash you. Thats almost as bad as talking gunnel height of a grady :D
  522. “biteme”

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    o_OMakes me seasick watching that video. Those are big ol 1' waves rockn and rollin that light little boat. No thanks :Backstab_emoticon:
  523. “biteme”


    Just curiosity speaking.... If you jumped on someone elses boat and that magically disappeared during the trip...... What would the reaction be??? Want to come fishn?
  524. “biteme”

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    I get the feeling everyone is so excited about this news the shafting we just got by the tribes is getting glossed over. Wouldnt holding out for our own federal permit have been a better outcome in the long run? Maybe i am not thinking straight o_O
  525. “biteme”

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    Sorry to hear that brother
  526. “biteme”

    13 new holes in my boat

    They look crooked o_O
  527. “biteme”

    Found - Garmin echomap floating in Lake Washington

    If its garmin they are probably happy they were smart enough to throw it overboard!!
  528. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Its actually a little deeper.... More of a wuuuf :D
  529. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Bumpity bump bump. One female available Outgoing playful personality Ready to go home.
  530. “biteme”

    Looking for last minute people to occasionally fill seats

    How about stayingbent? He was looking :frehya2:
  531. “biteme”

    Removing seals/sea lions

    Not going to go into politics but take a look at the website at their past petitions. A little too far left for me, surprised they are endorsing this.
  532. “biteme”

    Removing seals/sea lions

    Not a fan of what moveon stands for from what i see.
  533. “biteme”

    NOF process

    Now we need more to follow suit :lux:
  534. “biteme”

    It just needed a little TLC

    That looks awesome......... From the front of the boat.
  535. “biteme”

    Almost Hali time

    Weather looks awesome! :mad:
  536. “biteme”

    Proposal to make Fish Descenders Law

    Do like kali, vote in liberals, then Sit back and watch till its too late and then hate on a state that can fish after your fishing is gone?
  537. “biteme”

    Halibut area for little kids

    We need to spread the word that it rains all the time. They hear the fishing is all closed up here and assume its kali north.
  538. “biteme”

    Neah Bay?

    We need an emoticon of a dude holding a cardboard sign for these freeloading posts :repost:
  539. “biteme”

    Westport babysitting

    Ive heard pendleton still works on gary. :D
  540. “biteme”

    Halibut area for little kids

    And i sincerely hope the 1-3 year old range would not be tagging a fish on their license. o_O
  541. “biteme”

    NOF process

  542. “biteme”

    Counting my blessings

    Glad to hear he is ok. Good reminder.
  543. “biteme”

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Im wondering what to do with my 14. Hey, they were cheap..... Dont judge me!! :pee:
  544. “biteme”

    Boat Cover Rec?

    Gilmore is really expensive but the finished product is really nice.
  545. “biteme”

    It just needed a little TLC

    Sweeet!! What did you do with the old lid. That would be perfect for mine to give me a longer one
  546. “biteme”

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    Motors work good for pot pullers (ive heard)
  547. “biteme”

    It just needed a little TLC

    You're probably going to want a top, it rains here o_O
  548. “biteme”

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    That doesn't give near the power the feds have given
  549. “biteme”

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    Its their welfare mentality... NOT their capitalism that caused this
  550. “biteme”

    2005 Dodge Ram 1500 HEMI Crew Cab

    Pretty good roi for a .10¢ raiders hat :D
  551. “biteme”

    Win Cold Weather Gear From Under Armour-BD Contest

    I dont do twizzler or book face. What is tagging someone?
  552. “biteme”

    Win Cold Weather Gear From Under Armour-BD Contest

    Gotta win one of these things
  553. “biteme”

    WTB: 2011-2012 Chevy Suburban 1500

    I have a 2007 expedition max (el). Its the replacement for the excursion. Towed the osprey from virginia. Better towing capacity than suburban by far and better passenger room in the back seat. Auto airbags for a heavy tongue. We were sold on a suburban till we looked at the expedition
  554. “biteme”

    It just needed a little TLC

    How much would you charge to ........ o_O Nice work!!
  555. “biteme”


    Nope. It didnt. Thanks again vance
  556. “biteme”


    I will take it!! Just have to get down there and pick it up
  557. “biteme”

    It just needed a little TLC

    Looks familiar to my past project. Nice work.
  558. “biteme”

    Matvey Construction

    What kind of soil? Sand will seemingly disappear into the ground. Clay will turn to mush and ooze around the catch basin as it sinks.
  559. “biteme”

    Matvey Construction

    My experience says any messing with concrete usually results in a broken slab. How big of a slab? Can you pour new?
  560. “biteme”

    Any NOF updates

    Anyone want to buy a 26' osprey? Lots of deck space for cruizin the islands and whale watching. Will include a bunch of rods, break em in half for marshmallow roasting sticks.
  561. “biteme”

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Ordered 6. Thanks for the heads up
  562. “biteme”

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    And a solution to receipt checks! :banned:
  563. “biteme”

    Securing a kayak to your boat?

    :gayfight: And theres a question why the kali boys are always here???? They feel right at home :zelfmoord
  564. “biteme”


    Is it too late for...... Two tap presidential 2016!!
  565. “biteme”

    Downrigger Booms

    I run 15's. I could do as much as the scotty performance could pull because i have a hefty cable support off the grab rail on the top of the cabin that hits 2' in from the end. Without that i wouldnt be comfortable with 10's because of the leverage imposed by that arm in case of hangups. I have...
  566. “biteme”

    Downrigger Booms

    Yes but mine are 8.5' long. If youre going standard i would just get factory booms from someone
  567. “biteme”

    Downrigger Booms

    How far do you want them out there?
  568. “biteme”

    Downrigger Booms

    His are a cheap knock off. :D
  569. “biteme”

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    With the size of that thing you can use the dash as another bunk! Is this in response to the winter derby weather the last couple years? o_O I need to figure out how to get out fishing with you again. Maybe we will catch something we can keep :D
  570. “biteme”

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Pick your battles, if this is a big one for you have fun. In my opinion life is too short, theres major problems in this world and if this is worth your time to worry about you have a good life. :Bawling_e
  571. “biteme”

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Many places have it posted that you may be searched and backpacks are to be left at the front or may be searched. Did you read all the stickers on the door before entering or ask for a copy of their store policies? If showing a receipt is that big of a deal you may want to ask for these items...
  572. “biteme”

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Bottom line... If you dont like it dont shop there. If its like our local best buy and costco there's someone at the door all the time, pretty obvious their intentions to make sure shoplifting isn't happening. If it wasnt for the jackwagons stealing stuff they wouldnt be there.
  573. “biteme”

    Do you stop when they ask to check your receipt?

    Its their right. Its their establishment. If you dont like it feel free to order things online.
  574. “biteme”

    Pacific Dream

    Maybe the sarcasm was missed
  575. “biteme”

    Pacific Dream

    That's outrageous! You could get a fully rigged 22' xtaero for the same price and be money ahead !!
  576. “biteme”


  577. “biteme”

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Its starting already. People just have to flap their jaws. Loose lips people.... Loose lips
  578. “biteme”

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    What was that about same team farva?
  579. “biteme”


    You will be forever "limp wristed"
  580. “biteme”

    Pull the Plug???

    Its easy, and way better tasting than trout.
  581. “biteme”

    How many of you jokers lost power?

    Yikes! Better have good insurance on your boats in these wind storms
  582. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    That last picture of her was the same look when she saw him oddly enough :_hot_:
  583. “biteme”

    Who's used an abel?

    Definetly! Its a quality reel that will last forever, and with any luck you can pass it down.... To me :D
  584. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    We couldnt afford the food!
  585. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    Pics of mom as a pup And a recent of the nutcase getting a belly rub. And the beast of a dad
  586. “biteme”

    Akc rottweiller male pups

    They were just born. And as an added bonus they work awesome as a kicker theft deterrent device. Looks like 4 male and 2 female $1500
  587. “biteme”

    Ma 7

    Its a good thing everyone is going out in the next couple days and using up the quota.
  588. “biteme”

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    So when and where is this northender bd get together/crab feed?
  589. “biteme”

    Redondo madness!

    What lake is that? Nice looking cutthroat!!
  590. “biteme”

    Best Vac Pack machine?

    Its going to be a road trip to where the sealer will be!
  591. “biteme”

    Abu Garcia, Shimano reels, assorted rods/combos

    Kind of like going to someones garage sale and setting up a table to sell your own goods. Probably not going to go over well. Might read the rules before you get too comfortable.
  592. “biteme”

    I pulled the trigger…

    Congrats. Nice choice!
  593. “biteme”

    R&R an outboard - not mine

    Must be slow fishing if youre talking about removing your nuts, personally i would just disconnect, not remove :_portable
  594. “biteme”

    Ma7 down to one chinook

    nuff said
  595. “biteme”

    Ocean Salmon Forecast meet today

    Any preliminary thoughts about salmon for soldiers dates having no fishing open?
  596. “biteme”

    Boat Show Report

    Anyone see whether that tin boat in the background has pretty or ugly welds?
  597. “biteme”

    Crap happens

    Glad everyone is ok. Scary for sure. Apogee youre a moron, go back to kali until you learn some class.
  598. “biteme”

    How bout them Broncos.......

    While i appreciate the score so far and the look on cams face...... What a boring game!! Ive spent the whole game hoping that after cam gets sacked his stupid little first down dance would get stuffed in his face. No such luck.
  599. “biteme”

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    and I seem to remember that same boat almost having the same outcome last wtc?
  600. “biteme”

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    check out some other boats first is my recommendation. look at a couple parkers. another one to check out would be gradys. there are deals to be had in the used market and you will end up with way more boat going slightly used.
  601. “biteme”

    MA13 report

    Seasons are based on undersize and wild "encounters". Not necessarily legal fish kept.
  602. “biteme”

    Since there is no fishing

    That was 1:40 i will never get back.
  603. “biteme”

    20 pound balls

    How fast are you trolling? Are you bucking the current a lot? Just curious as ive never felt the need for more than 15lbers unless fishing super deep.
  604. “biteme”

    Orange Pride

    And they won without flat balls!
  605. “biteme”

    Fuel Tank Rebuild @ RBW *picture heavy*

    Nice work gary. Although...... Kind of a pussy move not yanking the top off the boat. I thought you boeing guys always did things the hard way that takes the longest. :fighting0061:
  606. “biteme”

    Orange Pride

    Go broncs!! Heres to brady on his back all game! :cheers:
  607. “biteme”

    Interest Rates

    Option a If you could give me your full name, address, place of birth, mothers maiden name, ss#....... I will check your credit score and call around to local banks. Option b. My friend is a prince in iran and would happily loan 1.2 million with a small deposit of a cashiers check to the...
  608. “biteme”

    MA13 report

    All the talk of shakers and wilds kill seasons. Just the pics and a mention of no fish for dinner is more than sufficient. But thats just my opinion. Free speech :D Looks like an awesome day on the water though. Havent had many days that calm this winter. Nice that you can take advantage...
  609. “biteme”

    MA13 report

    Useful report..... I wont fish anywhere near you or use the spoon that did all the "damage" (TO OUR SEASON) thanks though.
  610. “biteme”

    Something Stinks

    They dont pussify their military like our government does.
  611. “biteme”

    Chirp or coastal ?

    Can you feed tp or a ham samwich in if you run out of paper.
  612. “biteme”

    The question . . .

    Hawks 17 Panthers 35 :D
  613. “biteme”

    Tulalips At it again.

    Im sure our buddy sarge would say the laws dont apply if their "sovereign nation" didnt write them. o_O
  614. “biteme”

    Boldt Petition

  615. “biteme”

    SJI Area 7 at 62%. ?

    Probably the trophy owners trying to feel better about themselves..... And grady pricks that are convinced they are better than everyone else..... :D
  616. “biteme”

    SJI Area 7 at 62%. ?

    The lack of reports on here has been nice so far.... People are getting bored and need to brag recently though which wont help the season at all. :deadhorse
  617. “biteme”

    SJI Area 7 at 62%. ?

    I am sure they have their percentages and some huge mathmatic equation but every fish ultimately counts against us. This season has been slow so far between fish far and few between and ridiculous winds, and yet they screw us again. Slowest resurrection derby in years but yet they figure we have...
  618. “biteme”

    SJI Area 7 at 62%. ?

    They count everything that people at the launch tell them....
  619. “biteme”

    River Runner prop saver

    $1 Hey you said "any" offer
  620. “biteme”

    Go Hawks!

    Kam reminds me of kapernick. He will have his short lived fun and then dissapear into the land of "has been"
  621. “biteme”

    Go Hawks!

    I would like to wish the kali football teams the best in the playoffs. :supergay: At least the hawks made the playoffs. :cheers:
  622. “biteme”

    A video my daughter made...

    Facebook is for little girls
  623. “biteme”

    Downrigger Ball Mold

    Shoot. Ive got a 15 you could use but i am not sure where port orcahrd is?? o_O O, never mind, its a standard downrigger ball mold. Not a downriver mold.
  624. “biteme”

    Let's talk builders

    Did you get sponsored? Their name on your boat? :D
  625. “biteme”

    Boat Trailer Tires

    Transforce ht by firestone is whats on mine. They were used and on a dual axle trailer supported the osprey (11,000lbs boat and trailer) on a straight through trip from virginia with the only stops being for fuel. I think they hold 85 psi or so...
  626. “biteme”

    How many downriggers is too many?

    Local metal distributor. Just pop out the old section and get some measurements. Off the shelf stainless tubing and then drill it so all the old hardware including the smaller tube at the end for extension fits. Scotty said they didnt make anything like it but wanted pictures when i completed my...
  627. “biteme”

    How many downriggers is too many?

    I have 8.5' booms on my side riggers. There are support cables from the top of the cabin for them. For running in I swing them forward and bungee to the bow rail, even just the weight of the booms makes me nervous bouncing with no support. Makes for a 26' swath of gear down with 4 setups...
  628. “biteme”


    I dont see a place to sign in on the new style. I have to select the old style to sign in.
  629. “biteme”

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    I think thats spelled "wahoo" jay. Where does the bait tank go?
  630. “biteme”

    Boxing Day Blackmouth

    No fish in 7. Head to 8.1
  631. “biteme”

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Congrats jay. That thing is going to be sweet!! Cant wait to see it in person. Btw what make and model thruster did you have on the osprey and did you ever wish it was bigger?
  632. “biteme”

    Aluminum jet ski

    Still not cool. Thats a half a step above a "fully loaded fishing yak" aka.... Speed bumps.
  633. “biteme”

    Putting Some Light on the Subject

    Are they meant for submarines?? Or is that the test you speak of? :rofl:
  634. “biteme”

    Anyone check sailflow for this weekend?

    Might become 1 day derbies if that garbage doesnt change
  635. “biteme”

    BD Side pot - Resurection Derby

    I will be dry docking my boat on the deck of the miss eliza. 8 downriggers and a fuel savings to boot. Gary said the goat doesnt mind
  636. “biteme”

    Putting Some Light on the Subject

    Might not light up partially submerged logs from up top.
  637. “biteme”

    Resurrection rollcall

    All right, who else will be tied up to the dock through the week for prefishing?
  638. “biteme”

    Tin to Glass!!

    Nice upgrade but i have an issue with that boat already..... I wont be able to recognize you from a mile away and know where the fish are biting. I suggest a big yellow strobe light on top so i know where u are.
  639. “biteme”

    New Style of Crab and Shrimp Pots

    Ive seen crab rip through a thick plastic bait jar. Hopefully they dont make their own escape hatch.
  640. “biteme”

    Florocarbon Leaders

    Guaranteed theres more cinnamon than anything else in there.
  641. “biteme”

    Resurrection rollcall

    On a killin spree :Death_To_Above: In a fish killin vessel :nutkick:
  642. “biteme”

    Aluminum I beam trailer R&D

    A good reason for triple axle is quite evident when you blow a tire or lose a wheel and tire going down the freeway. Theres a reason twins are better than singles on a boat.
  643. “biteme”

    Throwing Some IRON Around!

    Pics of gary in a gym or it didnt happen. You tommy of all people should know pics are required.
  644. “biteme”

    This needs a caption...

    Bayliner pro is the equivalent of super walmart. Theres nothing super about walmart and theres nothing pro about bayliner
  645. “biteme”

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    I just got some lumitec lights from redden. Spendy but sweet. Multi color/dimming/ and all from one switch
  646. “biteme”

    Well, this sucks!

    There are NO fish in a7. Please get back on topic of how great fishing is down south
  647. “biteme”

    Finding Gear thats the Rights size

    If you cut 18" off the legs on a pair you could give those to t2short. Less "waist"ful :D
  648. “biteme”

    Resurrection Derby Tickets on Sale Now

    Anybody have an idea how many tickets sold so far?
  649. “biteme”

    Delima of sell or keep?

    I would have no issue going with an osprey. Just check out the fuel tank
  650. “biteme”

    Fetha styx gone?

    It was one under warrantee, it would break first time out. I had 2, one is still alive to this day... The other one i finally gave up trying their replacements.
  651. “biteme”

    Fetha styx gone?

    I snapped plenty of the classic glas rods. I figured the kenai kwik certified pro would prove me wrong, it didnt. And we couldnt get a phone call back from them. Never buying their products again. And btw, i have never broken any other brand rods, not user error
  652. “biteme”

    Fetha styx gone?

    Lamisnaps??? I will never buy another. My kenai kwik broke in half, 4th time out. Got the money back and bought a fetha styx. And since when does an advertiser dictate the subject matter of threads??
  653. “biteme”

    I don't mean to bitch.. but.........

    But its their right to not be inspected and put everyone elses life in danger. And the coast guard that far to one side of the channel... Dont get me started.... How can they respond in a timely fashion. :smash:
  654. “biteme”

    Come fish the first annual Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Dec. 4th and 5th!

    Bellingham psa in the summer. Very affordable and kids are free tickets. We fish it every year and use it as an excuse for camping and fishing for 4 days and 3 nights in the islands.
  655. “biteme”

    Resurrection Derby Tickets on Sale Now

    Who were your ringers steve?
  656. “biteme”

    Come fish the first annual Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Dec. 4th and 5th!

    Its too bad the "gay rainbow" is gone. The last post wouldve gotten it Hey green1 questions were asked.. They were answered, not sure why thats whining
  657. “biteme”

    It now illegal to own a stove

    Speak for yourself on who you admit to voting for
  658. “biteme”

    Resurrection Derby Tickets on Sale Now

    Do it!! Do it now!!!! On a side note i may have 1 or two seats open. Prefer people i know. Pm me, i am waiting on a couple possibles.
  659. “biteme”

    Come fish the first annual Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Dec. 4th and 5th!

    Well said jay. I bought my ticket to the resurrection this am. See you there buddy!
  660. “biteme”

    Come fish the first annual Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Dec. 4th and 5th!

    From what i remember the decision to combine the anacortes and resurrection derbies had a lot to do with the winter fishery not supporting that many derbies due to quotas and the added drain on trying to get the volunteer help out of one relatively small chapter of the psa for two derbies. One...
  661. “biteme”

    Lower units

    Quick and easy, drop some of the oil yourself, black and smelly = burnt and bad news White and milky = water and better chance of cheap fix. Lower unit oil is easy to do yourself, then you know whats put in. If some sort of coverage is expected from the first shop i would take it back to them...
  662. “biteme”

    Come fish the first annual Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Dec. 4th and 5th!

    I will be in anacortes with a crew supporting the original resurrection. Before anyone is tempted to start throwing too much mud... The psa chapter that puts this on and volunteers all the time to make it happen voted for the change. If youve never volunteered time to make this derby a succes...
  663. “biteme”

    BD secret rules

    I heard weather was going to be awesome for fishing through 2018. FLAT CALM seas. Now its all my fault
  664. “biteme”

    San Juan's By Boat

    My experience says sucia, jones, stuart is anything but solitude this time of year.
  665. “biteme”

    New boat = New fish

    Shouldve bought a duckworth. They dont rot :_smack_: Couldve named it swiss cheese, swissqueso, holy roller, aleaka or.....
  666. “biteme”

    Puget Sound Coho

    I heard tracker got a grady No wait... Theres no way anyone would mount those ugly etecs on a grady.
  667. “biteme”

    Kill bags are great but not water proof ... 6 footer fits perfectly in an Outback

    Kind of hard to bet on something when everyone puts money on one side :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  668. “biteme”

    New to the forums

    Nice report. Is it a report that we caught you? First lesson, correct forums for posting. :D
  669. “biteme”

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Wouldnt have anything to do with the excessive posting of all the tuna waiting to jump into boats. That wouldnt draw in people with no clue im sure. :hali_blablalba::imdumb: