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  1. Ryan_J

    WTB Bait Tank 30 - 40 gallon

    Looking for a deal on a 30-40 gallon bait tank. What ya got sitting in your garage collecting dust? :cheers:
  2. Ryan_J

    WTB Claw or Plow anchor 10-14 lbs

    Looking for a claw or plow style anchor. 10-14 lbs will work. Clean out your garage. What ya got?! Thanks!
  3. Ryan_J

    Cell service in or around Cat Harbor?

    It's been a while since I've fished the backside of Catalina. Is there cell service in or around Car Harbor? Thanks!
  4. Ryan_J


    Anyone have info if Nacho has squid? Asking for a friend ;)
  5. Ryan_J

    WTB Torium 14 HG new or used

    Like the title says...... what ya got?
  6. Ryan_J

    For Sale Yamaha twin 300 HPDI - 2004

    Pair of 2004 Yamaha 300 HPDI motors. 1 Good, 1 Bad. Port runs good, had been rebuilt. Compression pictures attached of Port engine when warmed up. Starboard ran good but high pressure pump died, has not been rebuilt. 1074 hours on each. Engines are off the boat and have crates ready to...
  7. Ryan_J

    WTB Saragosa 6000

    Looking to buy a Saragosa 6000. New or used in good condition. What's out there gang?! Who needs last min fireworks cash :D -Ryan
  8. Ryan_J

    WTB outboard fuel tank 12-20 gallon

    Looking for an above deck outboard fuel tank. 12-20 gallons would be ideal. Clean out those garages!!! What do ya got? Thanks gang. -Ryan_J
  9. Ryan_J

    yamaha 300 hpdi losing fuel pressure/prime

    Ok gang..... I'm putting my new to me outboards(twin '04 yami 300 hpdi) thru their paces and have done a few repairs and changed out the main fuel filters under the cowlings and the fuel/water separators for both engines/tanks too. Everything has been fine until this morning. The port engine...
  10. Ryan_J

    2004 Yami 300 hpdi's fuel filters

    BD Gang, My family just got a 2004 Jupiter 31 with twin 300 hpdi's. I understand these engines are sensitive and have been problems for some. We've run it a few times and everything was good until a few days ago. The port engine is lagging in max RPS, only getting 46-47 vs 53-5400 we were...
  11. Ryan_J

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    Don't post often enough but here it goes..... Kept reading reports that the local YFT below Catalina were showing more in the afternoon so my buddy Taylor and I decided to take a late start and not push off until 10:30 am on Sunday morning. It was nice to sleep in and the wifey was happy that...
  12. Ryan_J

    Penn Warfare 30 levelwind loads to the right

    I have a pair of Warfare 30's and one of them stacks the line more to the right of the spool. Any adjustment tips for this? Thanks gang! -Ryan_J
  13. Ryan_J

    Penn rod for Fathom 25NLD2

    Looking for a Penn rod to pair with my Fathom 25NLD2. I'm going to load it with 80 # braid and this will be my heavy tuna rig for the west coast. Dropping the flatfall or bait rig. 40-100 pound set up. Ya never know what size bluefin we'll run into these days! What do ya recommend? Thanks...
  14. Ryan_J

    WTB - Terez 7' Heavy

    Looking for a new or used Terez 7' heavy conventional rod. What ya got??!! -Ryan_J
  15. Ryan_J

    2-stroke oil conditioner?

    My BW 210 Outrage w/ 2003 Yami 200 HPDI has been sitting most of the winter and I will be getting ready to take it out sooner than later. Wondering if my 2-stroke oil tank needs any conditioner like fuel does? Will oil breakdown like fuel does if sitting too long? Thoughts?
  16. Ryan_J

    WTB - matching pair trolling rods

    Looking for a matching pair of med power rods for trolling. Primarily for when we're cruising around Catalina. Looking for 6-7 feet and 20-40lb. Want it to still be sporty on the bonito and calico. Doesn't need to be perfect condition just smooth guides and properly working reel seats. What...
  17. Ryan_J

    WTB - Shimano Tallus 8' Med or Med/Light power

    Looking for a clean Shimano Tallus in Medium or Medium Light power. Conventional. Cash burnin a hole in my pocket. -Ryan_J
  18. Ryan_J

    Need NMEA 2k to Simnet adapter kit

    Looking for a Simrad NMEA 2000 to Simnet adapter kit to connect my AP24 to my new NSS Evo2. Cant find anyone in LB or OC area with one in stock. Hoping to set it up today or tomorrow. Anyone know of shops that might have one other than West Marine? Thanks gang!!
  19. Ryan_J

    Where to buy Minn Kota Riptide in Long Beach / OC area?

    Gang - I'm wanting to pull the trigger on a Minn Kota Riptide Terrova in the near future. I need recommendations on where I can find the best deal. Are you guys buying them online of from local dealers?
  20. Ryan_J

    Minn Kota @ Fred Hall?

    Planning on getting a Minn Kota Riptide for my 21' Boston Whaler Outrage, just not sure what model and accessories to go with. I cant remember if they have a booth at Fred Hall Long Beach? Any tribal knowledge would be appreciated.
  21. Ryan_J

    PENN Fierce 4000 - uneven line lay

    I have a Fierce 4000 spinning reel that has been a great reel(especially for the price) except that it is starting to stack the line more towards the top of the spool. There is only one thrust washer and I don't know where to find another to tune the spool a little higher. Any ideas?
  22. Ryan_J

    late report 11/19 - Newport YT

    Sorry about the late report. Between work, travel and the holiday I've been slacking on the formal report :/ The Short - After getting the skunk on any type of tuna all summer I decided to go local to enjoy pulling on some bass with the chance of a yellowtail or WSB. Well........ a homeguard...
  23. Ryan_J

    less "grippy" braid for spinning reels?

    Going to load up my fleet of Stradic FJ's with fresh braid. Some of the braid I've used in the past gets very "grippy" and sticks to the spool as I try to flyline baits or let light jerk shad baits flutter down. Anyone have a particular brand/type of braid they like for spinning reels? The...
  24. Ryan_J

    New Sedona reels

    I've always liked the Sedona reels for boat reels that the kids can use when anchored up at Catalina. I want to get a couple new 2500's or 3000's. I'm a little confused on the new part #'s. Can someone help me understand what the SEC300FE, SE2500FEC and SE2500FE represent? I'm confused with...
  25. Ryan_J

    WTB - Anchor for 21' Whaler

    Had to cut my old anchor and rope a couple of weeks ago at Catalina. Looking for a new used one. What do ya got? Long Beach / OC area.
  26. Ryan_J

    WTB - Shimano Trevala MH 6'6"

    Looking for a deal on a new or used Trevala MH 6'6" Thanks guys! -Ryan_J
  27. Ryan_J

    WTB - 15P SS prop for yam 200 hpdi

    Looking for a used 15P X 15.25 SS prop for my 2003 Yamaha 200 hpdi. Currently running a 17P X 15.25 SS. Performance is ok when running a light load, get about 5000 max RPM and 34 mph. From what I read I should be getting around 5500 max rpm with this outboard. BUT......when loaded with 3...
  28. Ryan_J

    Yamaha 200 HPDI on Boston Whaler Outrage 21 - low RPM's

    I have a 2003 Yamaha 200 HPDI on my 2000 Boston Whaler 21' Outrage. I've got it out of the water and doing work on it during the "off season". Can't really call it that but I had to make a mental break to pull it out. I had the outboard serviced and it has a clean bill of health but after...
  29. Ryan_J

    Missing boat Avalon to PV

    Anybody have more info on this?....
  30. Ryan_J

    First yellow of the year for us at Catalina

    Fished the front side of the island and was able to put one on the deck. Lost 3. Yoyo and live squid were the ticket. The calico were on the chew also. Hitting the irons we were dropping for the yellers. Good luck this weekend gang!
  31. Ryan_J

    Fished Los Alimitos Bay for some light tackle sandies

    Fished the LAB for a few sandies on light tackle. All were shorts but still a great way to kill a few hours last week. Happy 2014!