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    Bahia De Los Angeles Kayak Fishing Questions

    Assuming covid-19 allows, I am considering a fall trip to Bahia de los Angeles to fish from my kayak. I am looking at an early October trip. Any information that could be provided will be greatly appreciated. Should I stay at the Villa Vita? At this stage of my life I enjoy a shower, bed and AC...
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    Great Day On The Water, But Few Fish

    I launched and cleared SD Bay around 7:00 this morning. I cruised south for about 7 miles and started looking for paddies. There were a couple of sportboats in the general area- I do not know if they were looking for surface species or dropping down deep for rockfish. I did not find any kelp...
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    Knife Sharpening Service

    If you are not satisfied with the degree of sharpness you can achieve on your knives with a sharpening stone, you might consider calling Edgware Sharpening Service in Oceanside. The bulk of his business is mobile sharpening of scissors for hair salons, but he does sharpen knives in the afternoon...
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    Any Recent La Jolla Reports

    I am thinking of launching my Waverunner and fishing La Jolla this weekend. Does anyone have a recent fish report? Thanks, Paul
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    Best Tides To Fish San Diego Bay?

    I have fished Mission Bay many times over the years and, in my experience, fishing the incoming tide with a tidal exchange of several feet or more is by far the most productive. I am just now getting into exploring SD bay and have also done well there on the incoming tide. I usually fish on...
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    Any Pt Loma repoprts?

    I will be launching my Waverunner at Shelter Island tomorrow morning. Does anyone have a recent Pt. Loma fish report? Thanks, Paul
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    Dana Landing PWC Mechanic Now At H & H Marine...

    ....On Garnet in Pacific Beach. Anthony knows more about maintaining and rigging PWCs than anyone I know. He set me up with a second battery/battery switch on my Waverunner and did a great job. Paul
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    Any Recent Pt Loma Kelp Reports

    Well, I had a great time on Tuesday catching bass in SD Bay on my Waverunner, so I now am considering trying the Pt. Loma Kelp Beds on Monday. I have fished La Jolla extensively, but have very little experience at Pt. Loma. Why Pt. Loma? Well, it is much closer to SD Bay than La Jolla is to...
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    Any San Diego Bay Or Mission Bay Reports?

    I am thinking about launching the Waverunner and fishing one of the bays on Tuesday. If anyone has a recent report from either location I would appreciate it. Thanks, Paul
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    San Diego County Red Tide

    I have lived in the SD area for over 30 years and I do not remember ever seeing it this bad. I drove from Carlsbad to Chula Vista yesterday. The ocean water is the color of chocolate milk and the smell in some areas is quite foul. Has anyone heard of any significant fish die-offs yet. And as...
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    Comfort Food

    Wikipedia defines Comfort food as, "food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone, and may be characterized by its high caloric nature, high carbohydrate level, or simple preparation. The nostalgia may be specific to an individual, or it may apply to a specific culture". During...
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    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    I am 62 yrs old and planning to retire in 5 years. Like many people, my investment portfolio has taken a major hit recently. I would be interested in hearing from people that work in the financial industry. Should I cut my losses and dump all stock, or should I ride this out? Thanks, Paul
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    NCAA Cancels March Madness...

    ..and all other NCAA championship tournaments for winter and spring. I feel very badly for the kids who would otherwise be participating.
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    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped/White Bass Hybrids In SoCal, AZ, Or NV?

    I am becoming obsessed with catching these fish in freshwater. So far I have heard decent things about Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, Lake Pleasant (AZ), and, for the hybrids, Lake Elsinore. Which of these would offer me the best shot at some good action? I am hoping to hear from some...
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    Where To Catch Striped Bass Or Striped /White Bass Hybrids in SoCal, AZ, And NV?

    I am becoming obsessed with catching these fish in freshwater. So far I have heard decent things about Lake Havasu, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, Lake Pleasant (AZ), and, for the hybrids, Lake Elsinore. Which of these would offer me the best shot at some good action? I am hoping to hear from some...
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    Lake Elsinore Fishing?

    Is there decent fishing in the lake? I am particularly interested in catching a striped bass/white bass hybrid (aka a "wiper bass'). Any information that could be provided will be greatly appreciated. I would like to fish it from my Waverunner. Thanks, Paul
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    La Jolla Report Requested

    Has anyone been out at La Jolla recently? If so, are there any signs of surface species- yellowtail, bonito, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
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    Senor Greenberg's

    I am heading down to Cabo tomorrow. Is Senor Greenberg's sti;; open at the Puerto Paraiso location? Thanks, Paul
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    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    I am so stoked to be returning to Cabo for the first time in many years at the end of the month. I was hoping to get a recommendation for where to eat an early breakfast before heading offshore and where to order/pickup box lunches on the days we will be fishing. Gracias, Paul
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    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    Please keep all comments on the matter at hand. I really am in no way commenting on our current president, or anyone other than the individual who did the shooting. How do you shoot a big game animal and get a retroactive permit to do so...
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    Cabo San Lucas Airport Transfers?

    At the end of Jan. I will be making my first trip to CSL in about 8 years. I just wanted to get some current info on transportation from and to the airport. I will be staying at the Mar de Cortez and fishing with Renegade Mike. What can I expect to pay for a cab in each direction? What sort of...
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    San Quintin On The Kayak- Info Request

    I am thinking about taking a road trip to San Quintin with my kayak. I have taken it to San Carlos in Sonora, but have not been further south than Ensenada in Baja. Is it worth going in the winter? Or should I wait until spring? Good place to launch near the mouth of the bay? Species...
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    San Carlos Report

    Our trip started off great with an impressive come from behind win by the Washington Huskies over the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday night, 10/12. The following morning we drove down to San Carlos. Our plans to fish Monday were cancelled due to a storm, so Tuesday was the first day we were able to...
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    Requesting Recent San Carlos Fishing Reprt

    I will be driving down on Sunday from Tucson. Does anyone have a recent fishing report? Thank you, Paul
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    San Carlos On 10/14 and 10/15

    I am scheduled to fish two days with Fernando of Catch 22 Sportfishing. What should I expect, both offshore and inshore? I will fish one day inshore on my kayak. Am I likely to run into sierra inshore? Thanks, Paul
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    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    I have Global Entry, and my car is registered with the program. I am allowed to use the SENTRY lanes with this registered vehicle. May I use the SENTRY lane with a kayak strapped to the top of said vehicle? The handbook states that, "NO trailers or boats may be enrolled in the program"...
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    Average Size Of Blue Marlin Caught In San Carlos?

    I will be making to trip down to SC in mid October. I understand this is usually prime time for dorado, striped marlin, and blue marlin. Could anyone tell me the average size of the blue marlin caught in that area? Thanks, Paul
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    Mackerel Out Of Oceanside?

    Any tips on where to jig up some mackerel near the harbor? Thanks, Paul
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    Florida Did It- Maybe CA Should Follow Suit

    I am speaking about banning commercial fishing using nets. This has been credited with saving sport fishing and its huge economic impact in the state of FL. I understand this would mean that we sport...
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    Need Cheap Hotel In Ensenada

    My wife and I are looking to do a weekend in Ensenada in August. We usually stay at the Hotel Coral, but they really jack up their prices in the Summer. The place does not need to be fancy, just clean, comfortable, and not too noisy. Thanks, Paul
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    Chunking For Local Bluefin?

    Has anyone tried chunking for the bluefin we are seeing all over the place? Seems like drifting and setting up a chunk line might be worth trying. Paul
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    Renegade Mike Sortfishing

    I have not fished with Mike in many years, but I will be heading down to CSL in early 2020 and would like to get feedback from folks that have fished with Mike recently. If your comments are not positive, please PM me rather than posting for all to see. I do not see any reason to publicly bash...
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    Overnight On The New Lo-An, Departing 6/21

    I just signed up for this trip. Any other BDers going to be on board? Paul
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    Anything Happening At La Jolla

    I have to drive my wife and son to the SD airport tomorrow morning, so I was thinking about jumping on the New Seaforth PM trip after dropping them off. But the reports from yesterday (Friday) show only rockfish being caught. What's up with that? Any calicos or anything else happening? Thanks...
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    Stasis Dernatitis

    It looks like I may have this condition in my right lower leg. I would be interested in hearing from others who are living with this with regards to treatment and how it has impacted your lifestyle. Growing old really sucks. Paul
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    Question About Mexican License

    Here in the USA, a fishing license is specific to a state. Does Mexico have a similar system or will the licenses we buy here in SD allow an angler to fish anywhere in Mexico? I am going to Sonora later this year and want to make sure I am in compliance. Thanks, Paul
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    La Jolla On Easter Sunday- Seeking Buddy Boater (Or Skier)

    I plan to launch on Mission Bay and head up to La Jolla to look for yellowtail. If anyone is interested in buddy boating please PM me. Low tide is at 5:20 AM and the high is 11:38, with a good sized exchange. Paul
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    What Wet Suit?

    What wet suit should I get for wearing on my PWC? I was looking at an O'neill Reactor III, but if anyone has other suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks, Paul
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    San Quintin Info Request

    I am considering a trip to SQ for Memorial Day weekend. I have the following questions: Is the Old Mill where I should stay? Is K&M Sportfishing a good outfit? If they are booked, who else should I consider? What sort of activities are there for my non-fishing wife? Thanks, Paul
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    Any Way To Minimize Wind Noise When Driving With Kayak?

    Whenever I take drive my Toyota Highlander with my Cobra Fish N Dive strapped to the luggage rack on top, a very loud and annoying buzzing sound is generated by wind resistance when driving on a highway. I am wondering if others have experienced this and found a way to minimize this annoyance...
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    Ensenada and Hotel/Marina Coral

    My wife and I had a great time in Ensenada this last weekend. We arrived late Friday afternoon and departed for home Sunday morning after breakfast. I fished on my kayak just outside the breakwater Sat. morning. The hotel remains first rate in both facilities and service. I caught 3 calico bass...
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    Top Gun 80 and Condor- Feedback Requested

    I have done very little sportboat fishing, since I have owned boats for over 30 years. I am now boatless and looking to plan some multi-day offshore trips this summer with the San Diego fleet. Planning this is complicated by the fact that I sell air conditioning, and am not allowed to take time...
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    San Carlos Kayak Fishing

    My wife and I drove from our home in Carlsbad to Tucson and then south to San Carlos. The drive went well in each direction with no significant issues. We very much enjoyed the town of San Carlos. There were very few tourists in town, mostly snowbirds and expats from Canada and the US. I fished...
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    Louisiana Redfish In May?

    I am planning a vacation in May and am considering a trip to New Orleans and Venice. Redfish is a species I have not caught but is on my bucket list. How is the redfishing expected to be in Venice in May? Thanks, Paul
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    Need Repair For Leak In Tile Roof

    I have a very small leak in my tile roof above my garage. Licensed roofers please PM me if interested. Paul
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    Kayak Transport Rack Recommendation Request

    I have a Cobra Fish N Dive that I usually strap to my old Toyota Highlander. However, I need to use my Camry for a longer trip (the Highlander has lots of miles on it) and am looking for a rack for the Camry. The ideal rack would be easy to install and easy to load the kayak off and on by one...
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    San Carlos, Sonora Fishing Near Marina San Carlos

    I am planning to take my kayak down to San Carlos in mid January. How is the inshore fishing near Marina San Carlos? What species will likely be available at that time? What lures and techniques will be especially effective? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that...
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    Sunday Morning On Mission Bay

    I have not been able to fish much this summer, as I sell HVAC and we were busy as Hell through Sept. I decided to try fishing Mission Bay this morning despite there only being a 2 ft tidal exchange. It was a beautiful day on the bay in all ways but one- the fishing was dead. No birds working...
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    Got Ballyhoo?

    Well, they have them at Dana Landing on Mission Bay, both rigged and unrigged. I bought a dozen medium sized ballyhoo of the Baitmasters of South Florida brand. The ballyhoo are in the outside walk in freezer. Ask for help and they will take you out there and help you find what you want. Paul
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    Mission Bay On The Ski

    Launched at about 7:30 AM on 7/4. This was low tide, and the fishing picked up as the tide rose. Caught four spotties on 6 lb spinning and 8 lb baitcasting gear. 2 fish on Gulp! 3 inch New Penny shrimp and 2 on a 3/8 oz Warbait swim jig with a single curly tail plastic added. I have not fished...
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    Where to Get Mexican Insurance For Waverunner?

    Planning to trailer my waverunner down to La Salina in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for Mexican insurance on the ski? Thanks, Paul
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    Where to Get Insurance For Waverunner In Mexico?

    Planning to trailer my waverunner down to La Salina in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for Mexican insurance on the ski? Thanks, Paul
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    Marina Coral Or Puerto Salina Marina?

    I am planning an Ensenada trip for July. I will be trailering down my Waverunner to fish from, and my friend will be fishing a kayak. I have spent quite a few days kayak fishing outside the Marina Coral, and have done very well on inshore species, but I am hoping to have a good shot at...
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    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    I am considering trailering my Yamaha Waverunner to Ensenada and launching at the Marina Coral. Do I need a TIP for a weekend trip to Ensenada? Thanks, Paul
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    Buddy Boaters (Or Skiers)?

    I have only fished inshore off my ski so far- Oceanside Harbor, Barn Kelp, Mission Bay, and La Jolla. I hope to venture offshore this summer in pursuit of kelp paddy yellowtail, tuna and dorado. Buddy boating with another angler on a ski would greatly increase the fun and safety of an offshore...
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    Oceanside Tomorrow (Sunday)

    I plan to launch in Oceanside Harbor tomorrow and fish the Barn Kelp in hopes of catching some caicos. Paul
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    Pepper Park- National City Fishing Info Request

    Since La Jolla has been relatively dead the Shelter Island ramp remains closed, I was thinking of launching my Waverunner at Pepper Park. I have fished Mission Bay extensively and the area around Shelter Island but never the South Bay. What is the fishing like around Pepper Park? Spots...
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    Looking For A Recent La Jolla Report

    I am planning on checking it on my Waverunner tomorrow. The Seaforth half day boats are mostly reporting rockfish. Any recent private boaters get into any surface action? Thanks, Paul
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    Adding Waypoints In Driveway?

    My Waverunner has a Lowrance Elite-5 HDI combo. I have always been told that you should not run the fishfinder when the boat/ski is out of the water, but I want to load in some waypoints into the GPS. Can I safely add waypoints while the ski is on the trailer, or should I launch it and tie up...
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    Replacing Trebles With VMC Singles On Rapalas

    There is an excellent article about this now on BD. Has anyone tried this yet on Rapala CD's or X Raps? Ifso, did it impact the swimming action of the lure? Thanks, Paul
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    To Spray Engine With WD-40, Or Not To Spray....

    ....That is the question. A marine mechanic recently recommended I spray the 4 stroke engine on my Yamaha Waverunner with WD-40. I have always heard this can degrade the hoses, so I have used silicone instead. He dismissed my concerns and said WD-40 would be better because it will displace...
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    Mission Bay Small Bait Scoop?

    I recently installed a bait tank on my Waverunner. I plan to try it out this weekend. Does the Mission Bay bait barge sell small kayak or jetski scoops for less than the price of a normal half scoop? I know the bait barge in Oceanside harbor will do so. Thank you, Paul
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    Best Las Vegas Hotel For Boat/PWC Parking?

    My friend and I are planning a weekend trip to fish Lake Mead. We are going to take our wives and plan to stay in Las Vegas. Each of us will be towing a PWC and we are looking for ideas on where to stay. Which hotels have parking areas that would be conducive for a PWC/trailer? Thanks, Paul
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    If You Have Repair, Maintenance, Or Rigging Questions About A PWC...

    I was lucky enough to meet the fellow who does the maintenance for the rental fleet of 25 Waverunners at Dana Landing on Mission Bay today. His name is Anthony and he spent quite a while with me going over general maintenance and rigging issues. He has rigged lots of Waverunners with second...
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    Fishing Without Neutral On A PWC

    Of course, no PWC has a neutral setting. I took out my new (to me) Waverunner and cruised around Oceanside Harbor and out a little onto the Pacific today. Tossing plastics in the bay is not great with a ski moving at about 3 knots. Do you turn the engine off to drift, or do you just deal with a...
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    Islander Mothership Trips?

    Anyone done of these? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
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    Islander Accommodations?

    How are the state rooms/ bunks on this boat. My friend and I are considering a 2.5 day kayak mothership trip on her and my friend is 6 ft, 6 inches tall. He wants to make sure that he will be able to sleep fairly comfortably. Thanks, Paul
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    Flushing A Yamaha Wave Runner

    I hooked up my new (to me) Waverunner to flush the engine today. As per the manual and youtube videos, I started the engine, then turned the water on under low pressure. I could see water coming out of the jet in the craft's stern, but no water coming out of the pee hole on the port side of the...
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    Premium Coolers- Yeti, Grizzly, etc. Are They Worth It?

    Do these higher end coolers really make an appreciable difference for a days fishing? I especially would be interested in hearing from folks with experience in areas like the desert or Baja where it gets really hot. Thanks, Paul
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    Where To Get Cedar Plug Hooks?

    I do not need the cedar plugs, only the hooks. Anyone know where I can get some of these? I live in North SD County. Thanks, Paul
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    Personal Watercraft (Jetski) Recommendations?

    I am considering buying a PWC for fishing. What features should I look for, and what models are best suited for fishing? I will be looking for a used PWC. Thank you, Paul
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    SDSU vs Stanford

    They kick off at 7:30 tonight in San Diego. This is the biggest game for SDSU football in many years. I cannot remember being this excited about a college football game in San Diego in a very long time. Go Aztecs!
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    La Jolla On The Kayak Report 8/27

    I launched at La Jolla Shores this morning at 6:15. I was only able to C&R a quality calico bass on a flatfall. Back at the beach around 11:30, however, I spoke to very nice fellow that told me he and his friend just "killed it" today. He showed me three yellowtail, all of which looked to me...
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    Oceanside 1/2 Day Yellowtail- Where Are They?

    I saw that the Helgren's 1/2 day boats picked up a few yellowtail yesterday. Does anyone know where these fish are being caught? Are they inshore or under kelp paddies? Maybe Buccaneer Beach or the Golf Balls? I plan to launch my kayak early on Sunday and would greatly appreciate any...
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    San Diego State Football

    With the Chargers having moved to Los Angeles I hope that many of you former Charger fans will lend your support to the SDSU football program. Coach Brady Hoke took a moribund program and made it respectable, and now Coach Rocky Long, building on Hoke's foundation, has lifted the program to a...
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    Dana Point Info Request

    I plan to take my yak up to Dana Point tomorrow. I have launched boats there before but never a kayak. Will the bait barge there sell a kayak scoop? If so, what would be the price? How long of a paddle is it from the harbor to the point? Specific spots to try? Any helpful information will be...
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    Marking MLPA Closed Areas

    I have always wondered why the state will not mark the areas that are closed to fishing. I have had people tell me, "Just use your GPS." This assumes that all boater have a GPS system, that the system works, that the angler knows how to use it, and that said angler knows the lat. and long...
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    San Diego Bay 7/9

    I launched at Shelter Island a little before 6:30 this morning. The first sand bass was caught within five minutes. The daily totals were 1 calico, 2 sandies, and 4 spotties. All fish except one sand bass and one spottie were caught on plastics. The sand bass and spottie which were not caught...
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    Ensenada 6/27

    I left my home in Carlsbad at 4:45 yesterday morning and drove straight to Ensenada with no issues at all. However, the road has several places where construction has caused it to be only one lane in each direction. This could cause backups on a busy weekend. At the entrance to the Hotel/Marina...
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    La Jolla Newbie Questions

    Okay, for the first time in many years I am boatless, and will likely remain so for a very long time. I got out my old Cobra Fish and Dive this morning and caught a few little bass in Mission Bay, but I really want something that will pull drag. Although I am 59 yrs old, I am thinking about...
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    Kayak Fishing Ensenada

    I am thinking about a quick Ensenada trip with the kayak. I have previously fished around the Marina Coral and done very well on inshore species. Are there any places with easy launches and paddles where I would have a good shot at yellowtail? Please keep in mind that I am 59 years old. I simply...
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    With All The Talk Of Closures...?

    Is it possible that some of the long range fleet could be registered as Mexican vessels and operate out of Ensenada? And would this allow them to fish some of the areas they are in danger of being banned from? Paul
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    San Diego Soccer City

    I live in Carlsbad rather than the city of San Diego, so I will not be able to vote no on this development in Mission Valley. I think it is a very bad idea and view it as a major land grab by private developers. While the plan does include a soccer stadium, the real reason for the project is the...
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    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    Well, it had to happen eventually. I have sold my boat and will be boat less for the foreseeable future (except for my kayak). I am interested in getting a shot at the bluefin that are currently local. I like the idea of fishing out of Seaforth due to the excellent parking situation, but the...
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    Canvas Boat Cover Repair

    The canvas cover on my 24 ft center console needs repair, so I am looking for a referral to a company that does good work at a fair price. I live in Carlsbad. Thanks, Paul
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    Canvas Boat Cover Repair

    The canvas cover for my 24 ft center console has three rips and needs repair. The fellow who made the cover is no longer in business. I am looking for a company that does good work at fair prices. Any referrals will be appreciated. I live in Carlsbad and would like to use a company that is...
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    Entertainment Attorney Needed

    An independent producer has expressed interest in making a series of movies using some scripts that I have written. I am a novice in this area and am in need of representation by a lawyer that specializes in entertainment law. Any referrals or guidance that could be provided will be greatly...
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    Washington Dominates Colorado In Pac 12 Title Game

    I was very surprised at how well the Huskies handled Colorado. I was expecting a very close game. Certainly, Lifau injuring his ankle hurt the CO offense. Next stop: the playoffs! I do not know if any team in the country can beat Alabama, so I am rooting for VA Tech to beat Clemson tonight...
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    The Apple Cup...

    ...or the annual Washington/Washington State football game, to those of you not familiar with this in state rivalry. For the first time in many moons the game will have significant meaning to people outside the state of Washington, as the winner will be the Pac 12 North champion. They will kick...
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    Trailer Brakes

    The brakes on my boat trailer are badly in need of service. Can anyone recommend a place that does good work for reasonable prices? I live in Carlsbad in North San Diego County. Thanks, Paul
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    Washington Versus Southern Cal

    Another big Pac 12 game this weekend. The game will be in Seattle, where the Huskies are always tough, particularly in November. The Trojans have been playing like a completely different team since changing quarterbacks, and my Huskies remain unbeaten.
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    Big Game In SLC

    Next week my Washington Huskies will be playing Biggest T's Utah Utes in Salt lake City. The Utes are coming off an impressive win against UCLA and feature one of the most compelling stories in college football with the "retirement" and subsequent spectacular return of running back Joe Williams...
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    Puerto Los Cabos Marina?

    Around ten years ago I was fortunate enough to have been part owner of a boat which we kept in Cabo San Lucas. For years after selling that boat I have been trying to get back into the Cabo game. My financial situation has improved recently and I am considering storing my boat in the dry stack...
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    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Worked the Carlsbad Canyon this morning early until around 11:00 AM. Did not catch anything, but we did get one knockdown on a bleeding mackeral Bait-O-Matic with a mackeral bridled onto a circle hook. Water was green and around 63-64 degrees. A few birds and dolphins were in the area, but the...
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    Mako/Thresher Report For SoCal

    I am getting itchy to get out on the water and am planning to go sharking out of Oceanside on 2/7. Has anyone been out looking for sharks or heard any recent info? Thanks, Paul
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    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    After living in my house for 18 years and keeping my boat in the driveway for about 10 years, I have received a notice from the City of Carlsbad that I must move the boat by 12/17. They claim to have received a complaint, and that parking the boat in the driveway is a violation of Carlsbad City...
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    Targeting Wahoo On Wednesday

    I will be launching in Oceanside Wed. morning. I plan to start out trolling the following spread: Long rigger: chrome head Billy bait and short tinsel skirt with a squid strip Short rigger: Large Moldcraft Hooker head/trimmed outer skirt with a squid strip Short corner: Large Maurader Long...
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    Oceanside Inshore Yellowtail- Where?

    I am going to take this week off from offshore fishing and work the coastline around Oceanside. Can anyone tell me where the yellowtail are biting in this area? Thanks, Paul
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    SoCal Wahoo Rumors?

    I spoke with a fellow on the VHF Wednesday who claimed to have seen a wahoo just off his stern while fishing. Any other rumors of local wahoo? I am wiring up my trolling spread, just in case. Paul
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    Skunked Out Of Oceanside

    Headed out early Monday morning and cruised due west for 20 miles. I found an area of tuna that were actually leaping out of the water feeding but could not get them to bite. Even after they sunk out there were quite a few meter marks. Worked the area hard for a few hours. I even tried trolling...
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    Need A Plumber

    I have a leak in my main water line to the house. It appears to be leaking where the main shut off valve attaches to the line to the house. Any licensed plumbers out there? Paul
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    Oceanside West Marine Has Ballyhoo

    They now have 6 dozen frozen ballyhoo in stock. These are the Bionic Bait brand and seem to be of high quality. They had seven dozen before I went there. Paul
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    Oceanside 6/22

    I launched at about 5:00 AM with plans to cruise outside and look for the elusive bluefin. I worked the 209 area for a few hours for no fish and decided to head inshore to look for yellowtail under kelp paddies. I caught nice 20 lb yellowtail (on the scale) about 6 miles off the beach outside...
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    Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209

    I launched in Oceanside at about 5:30, and left the harbor entrance right at 6:00 this morning. I cruised out towards the 209 and trolled around until the wind began to pick up in the early PM. Found 3 paddies with no fish on them, but did see some very good meter marks under two of them...
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    Anyone Trolling Ballyhoo Locally?

    Boat maintenance and honeydoos have kept me off the water for a couple of weeks. With all of the bluefin schools moving around quickly it seems to me that this would be an ideal time to be trolling rigged ballyhoo at 6-8 knots. Anyone giving this a shot? By the way, I have a dozen quality...
  106. P

    Coronado Islands Info Requested

    Well, for the first time since Mexico started requiring the FMMs I will be fishing the islands tomorrow (Monday). A big thank you to all who provided information on how to purchase the FMMs. I would love to hear some information on where in the Coronados the yellowtail have been biting. Pukey...
  107. P

    Need To Replace Raymarine C 120 Transducer

    I have a Raymarine C 120 GPS/chartplotter/fish finder/temperature gauge. Everything works fine except the temperature reading is not accurate. I have been told that this is caused by a bad sensor, which is located within the transom mounted transducer. Any suggestions as to where to purchase a...
  108. P

    Dead Battery

    I was planning to head down to the Coronados very early today but my battery was dead, despite it being charged up yesterday. It needs to be replaced, but I think there may be a larger issue. My boat has an automatic battery isolator and I think it may not be functioning properly. This morning...
  109. P

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    I have repeatedly tried to purchase a FMM online. After I enter my personal information and hit next, the following message always comes up: "It can not continue with the process because they have lost the session data, try again." Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I want to...
  110. P

    Favorite CA Sheepshead Recipes?

    I caught a decent sheepshead over the weekend and was wondering the best way to cook it. At this point I am leaning towards pan frying it. Almost everything related to sheepshead on the internet covers the Atlantic sheepshead. How do you guys like to prepare the CA species? Thanks, Paul
  111. P

    Downrigger Trolling For Yellowtail?

    I went out briefly on Monday to search for yellowtail off Camp Pendleton before getting blown off the water. I metered fish down at about 120 ft, but the ones I found did not hit the yoyo iron. I tried both a Salas 6x in scrambled egg and a large lumo Williamson speed jig. I get tired of...
  112. P

    Slow Fishing In La Jolla On Monday

    I launched in Oceanside on Monday morning and slid up to the NW La Jolla kelp at about 8:15. I worked the area pretty hard until early in the PM targeting yellowtail. I did not find them. I did catch two small bonita and lots of mackeral for bait. The sea lions were pesky but not completely out...
  113. P

    Is It Currently Ok To Fish The Tuna Pens?

    Are Americans currently allowed to fish the tuna pens in Mexico? I didn't think so, but a guy I work with was showing video on his phone of all the yellowfin he said he recently caught there. Thanks, Paul
  114. P

    Shark Fishing Off Ventura?

    My friend who lives in Ventura recently puchased a useed Skipjack and is interested in shark fishing. We get few reports on BD from this area, so I know little about the fishing opportunities. Are there makos or threshers up there this time of year? Thanks, Paul
  115. P

    Mixing Lower Unit Oil?

    I just bought a quart of Yamalube lower unit gearcase oil for my F225, but I found I need a little more to top it off. A mechanic told me there would be no problem doing this with Quicksilver or other quality lower unit oil. Is this correct? I've always used Yamalube. West Marine in Oceanside...
  116. P

    Yamaha F225 Rained On With Cowling Off

    I was doing a little routine maitenance this AM on my outboard and left the cowling off. I went inside to make my son breakfast and soon noticed it was raining fairly hard. I ran outside and put the cowling back on, but the powerhead was pretty wet. Is this something I need to worry about? I...
  117. P

    Market Squid

    I often purchase squid at an Asian market to use as bait/chum. Have any of you noticed a difference between how well market squid gets bit vs the frozen squid sold at tackle stores? Thanks, Paul
  118. P

    Any Reports From The 181, The Ridge, and The 182?

    I am planning to launch out of Oceanside Sunday AM and head offshore. Any reports from the 181 and down the Ridge to the 182?
  119. P


    Anyone spot or hook any marlin in SoCal recently? If so, please let us know where. I did hear of one being caught out of Oceanside on the 4th of July weekend. I have no other information. Paul
  120. P

    Feedback On The Grande Needed

    I have been tasked with putting together a one day fishing trip for the office I work out of. The Grande has a couple of overnight trips this summer that would work from a scheduling perpsective. I would like to get feedback on this boat from some folks who have fished it. Thanks, Paul
  121. P

    4: 1 Gears For Penn 4/0

    Is anyone currently making these? If not, any idea where I can find the 4:1 gearing? Thanks, Paul
  122. P

    Carlsbad Canyon Shark Report 6/22

    I launched at about 6:00 this morning in Oceanside. There was a pretty good tidal exchange at about 7:00 AM, so probably should have gotten an earlier start. I headed straight to the canyon and began to search for signs of life. It initially looked bleak, but after a while I began to mark bait...
  123. P

    Remember This, San Diego Voters

    The following is taken from an online ESPN article: "Jim Steeg, a former NFL director of special events, was heavily involved in San Diego securing all three Super Bowls over a 15-year period. He said San Diego lost its ability to attract major events like the Super Bowl when civic-minded...
  124. P

    Little Hurricane At House Of Blues In San Diego

    I attended the show last night and had a great time. The band was in fine form and performed their brand of bluesy rock very well. However, the sound quality was very disappointing. The vocals were buried in the music mix, and it was almost impossible to understand the vocalists- even when they...
  125. P

    Attention Anyone Needing A Furnace Or AC: New Law Effective 7/1

    We have a law in the great state of CA called Title 24. If you live in a climate zone 8 or higher, whenever you replace your furnace or AC there are administrative charges that must be paid to the state. If you are in a climate zone 10 or higher, your ducts must be tested for leakage and sealed...
  126. P

    Catalina Island Marlin Spots

    Hey guys, I live in Carlsbad and have fished extensively offshore locally and in Baja. Despite this, I have never caught a local marlin, nor have I targeted them. Since I can easily launch in Oceanside or Dana Point, I am looking for information on marlin fishing near Catalina. I have all the...
  127. P

    Info Request- Renegade Mike Sportfishing In CSL

    I am reposting this on the Baja board.... My last trip to Cabo was about three years ago, and I am trying to put together another trip for early summer. On the last trip we fished for two days on the Renegade Mike and had a fabulous time- three striped marlin C&Red, with plenty of dorado and...
  128. P

    Renegade Mike Sportfishing In CSL

    My last trip to Cabo was about three years ago, and I am trying to put together another trip for early summer. On the last trip we fished for two days on the Renegade Mike and had a fabulous time- three striped marlin C&Red, with plenty of dorado and tuna. Great crew, captain, and boat. I was...
  129. P

    Where To Park A Car Overnight In Banning?

    On Saturday AM I will be driving to Phoenix to see the Washington/Arizona State football game. I will be meeting my friend that lives in Los Angeles in the vicinity of Banning, and we plan to leave one car overnight in the Banning area. Can anyone suggest a place to park overnight that is secure...
  130. P

    Washington vs Arizona State On 10/19

    I, along with two friends, will be driving over to Tempe to see the UW Huskies try to spoil ASU's homecoming game. We are all Husky fans, having grown up in the state of Washington. Any other BDers planning to attend the game? Paul
  131. P

    My Ford F-150 Needs Maintenance

    My 2003 Ford F-150, with about 110,000 miles is running rough and the "Service Engine Soon," light just came on. Any idea what the problem could be, or a good/reasonable place to take it for the work? I live in Carlsbad. Thanks, Paul
  132. P

    Offshore Yellowtail On The Troll?

    We all know that yellowtail tend to congregate around kelp paddies offshore. Outside of trolling past a kelp paddy, I cannot recall ever getting a yellowtail on the troll in our offshore waters. I would be interested in hearing about other anglers' experience on this. Thanks, Paul
  133. P

    San Carlos, Sonora In Early October?

    Well, after a couple of failed attempts it looks like I am finally going to make my first San Carlos trip with my brother and two brother in laws in early October. Can anyone tell me what sort of action I can expect offshore? Will it basically be a dorado, sailfish, and striped marlin game? Any...
  134. P

    Need Air Conditioning?

    I cover San Diego County, Riverside County, and South Orange County for a major home improvement company. PM me if you are interested in adding air conditioning to your home or replacing your current system. Stay cool, Pescador Paul
  135. P

    Circle Hooks For Marlin Lures?

    I have used circle hooks for some time with bait, but I understand some people are now rigging their trolling lures with them as well. I would like to hear from someone who has been doing this. How well does it work? Does the circle hook need to be placed near the end of the skirt, like you...
  136. P

    Requesting La Jolla Report

    Any surface action in La Jolla recently? I am thinking the yellowtail might be showing up soon.
  137. P

    No Makos Or Threshers In Carlsbad Canyon

    On Mother's Day I was able to launch early in Oceanside Harbor and cruise (slowly, due to fog) down towards the Carlsbad Canyon in search of a mako or thresher. Since I was alone, I trolled two lines- a bait-o-matic with a squid strip on the flatline, and a large hoochie with squid on the...
  138. P

    Ballyhoo At Dana Landing

    I went down to Dana Landing on Mission Bay the other day to purchase some ballyhoo. They are currently stocking the Baitmasters of South Florida product, and it is very choice, indeed. I bought a pack of the select size (9-10") and will be using them to ty and troll up a thresher or a mako this...
  139. P

    Rig Squid strips for trolling

    Here is asome great info from Captain Fred Archer on rigging and trolling squid strips for offshore or inshore fishing. I like to keep some meat in my trolling spread whenever possible. Scroll down to Fred's post:
  140. P

    San Carlos For Memorial Day?

    I am considering a road trip to San Carlos, Sonora around Memorial Day. I have never been there and have many questions: What is the fishing like at this time, both inshore and offshore? Will the billfish be around by then? What are the chances of hooking a blue marlin? How about stripers...
  141. P


    My house in Carlsbad needs to be tented and fumigated for the little buggars. It is 1600 sq ft, plus a two car garage, and is a single story home. I currently have two bids for about $1300 each. One of them also requests $250 for a "tile warranty," so that if they damage my roof, they will...
  142. P

    Garage Door Repair/Replacement

    I opened my garage this PM with the automatic opener, and I noticed that the bracket that attaches the door to the opener has pulled off the door. I need a repair if possible, otherwise a new door. Please PM me if you can help. I live in Carlsbad. Paul
  143. P

    Ballyhoo In Cabo San Lucas?

    Can anyone tell me if and where they currently sell ballyhoo in Cabo San Lucus? Maybe Minerva's? I'd like to have some to use on my next trip. I can take some down with me, but they typically thaw out in transit. Thanks, Paul
  144. P

    PFD For 13 Year Old In CA

    My son is now 13 yrs old and swims like a fish. We have always told him that in CA he was required by law to wear a PFD. At what age are kids not required to wear a PFD when on a boat in CA? Thanks, Paul
  145. P

    Favorite Marlin Lure?

    Another recent post about Moldcraft lures got me thinking- If you had to limit yourself to one trolling lure for blue marlin, and one for striped marlin, what would they be? here are my choices: Blue Marlin: Large Moldcraft Wide Range in purple, black, and silver Striped Marlin: Medium...
  146. P

    Further Tickets (Grateful Dead Survivors)

    My eldest brother and sister inlaw recently died in a motorcycle accident while riding back to Illinois from the Sturges rally. They were both huge Grateful Dead fans and had plans to see several concerts on the west coast with Further, the band of surviving Grateful Dead memebers. I now...
  147. P

    209 To 181 for Nada

    With all of the confusion about visa requirements to fish in Mexican waters, I decided to stay close to home and launch out of Oceanside. I bought a very poor half scoop of bait from the barge, and left the harbor at 5:30 AM. I started trolling near the 209 with good propects- whales...
  148. P

    Spring Fishing/Bats In Austin?

    I live in the San Diego area and may be visiting Austin in mid April for a family vacation. I have been to Austin on business and loved it. Questions: Can we expect to see the nightly swarm of bats from under the bridge at this time of year? I think my son would love to see that. (As would...
  149. P


    I am planning to launch out of Oceanside tomorrow and work this area. Has anyone been out there recently? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  150. P

    Anyone Remember Herter's?

    As a kid I spent hours looking through the Herter's mail order catalog, which was filled with hyperbole, all of it written by the mad genius that was George Herter. In particular, I remember one of his self published books, available only from Herter's, which was titled, "How To Live With A...
  151. P

    Prayer Request

    As some of you know from some of my other posts, one of my best friends is a seven year survivor of pancreatic cancer. A tumor was recently discovered in his lung. Treatment for this will be limited to supportive care. I ask that you pray for John and his loved ones, particularly his two...
  152. P

    Fish Cabo While On A Cruise?

    I also posted this on the Baja Board. Any information will be greatly appreciated. One of my best friends, who lives in Boise, is a seven yr survivor of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, a tumor was recently discovered in his lung. He has decided to forego any additional chemo or radiation...
  153. P

    Cabo San Lucas By Cruise Ship

    One of my best friends, who lives in Boise, is a seven yr survivor of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, a tumor was recently discovered in his lung. He has decided to forego any additional chemo or radiation therapy. His dream is to take his two sons with him to Cabo and go billfishing...
  154. P

    Article From Bloomberg Re: Stadiums

    This is a very good article from the business publication Bloomberg's with regards to public finding of stadiums. The positive economic impact cited by proponents of publically funded stadiums simply does not exist, or at least is grossly exaggerated...
  155. P

    Daytime Swordfish In SoCal

    Many of you have probably seen on TV the daytime technique for catching swordfish that has been working so well in Florida. Has anyone tried it here in SoCal? We certainly have a decent local population of these amazing fish. I have a 24 ft Pursuit center console and would be happy to host...
  156. P

    Now Is The Time

    The following is nothing more than the opinion of someone who has been fishing in the San Diego area since 1990, and who has been an uninvolved observer of the MLPA process... I believe that the recent ruling that the MLPA process was flawed creates an opportunity for the sportfishing...
  157. P

    WTB: Penn GLD 30 or Shimano TLD 25

    Single speed only. I am in the Carlsbad area. Please PM me if you have either of these reels for sale. Pescador Paul
  158. P

    San Carlos, Sonara Info Requested

    I am considering a road trip to San Carlos, Sonora in late Sept. I have never been there and have many questions: What is the fishing like at this time, both inshore and offshore? Are the billfish still around? What are the chances of hooking a blue marlin? How about stripers? What...
  159. P

    Need Air Conditioning?

    Hi all, I am now selling home HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems for the nation's largest home improvement company. If you are in need of this (and it is hot right now) or have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at any time. From our San Diego office I...
  160. P

    Replace VHF Radio Antenna?

    Well, I forgot to fold the antenna down on my boat after pulling it out of the water last weekend. The last foot or so of the antenna hit an overhead sign and broke off. I guess I need to replace the antenna. Taking the broken antenna off will be easy. My question relates to the cable which...
  161. P

    When To Troll 50 vs 80 In Cabo?

    I am addressing this question to the experienced CSL captains that frequent this board. I like to troll 50 pound tackle for striped marlin, and 80 pound for blue marlin. When do you decide to break out the 80 pound? Do you wait until there have been decent reports of blues being caught, or...
  162. P

    Cheap San Jose Hotels

    I am considering keeping a boat at the new marina in San Jose del Cabo. Can I get a recommendation for a cheap hotel within walking distance of the marina? I just need a bed, bathroom, and AC. Something similar to the Mar de Cortez in CSL would be great. Thanks, Paul
  163. P

    Volaris Air

    Can anyone tell me around how much money I would save on airfare to Los Cabos by flying Volaris out of Tijuana rather than Alaska from San Diego? I tried the Volaris web site but it is definitely not user friendly. Thanks, Paul
  164. P

    Fishing In Cabo With Renegade Mike

    We fished for two days with Mike and his stellar crew of Christian and Victor on 5/21 and 5/22. The first day we fished rough water west of the harbor for three dorado (including one nice 40 lb class bull) and six small yellowfin tuna. All fish were caught on trolled lures or ballyhoo. We...
  165. P

    Wife Needs Job

    My wife, who has a master's degree in Business Tax and a Law degree, all from USC, is looking for a position as a Tax Specialist. Please PM me if you have any leads. We live in Carlsbad. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  166. P

    Snap On Tools?

    I am looking for information with regards to the business side of this company. I seem to recall that one of the regular BDers was a franchisee. If you have any knowledge of the company, please PM me. I would love to talk to someone in the know. Thank you, Paul
  167. P

    WTB: Penn GLD 30 (Single Speed)

    I am in the North San Diego County area. Let me know if you have one for sale. Paul
  168. P

    Battery Charging

    I noticed today that the toggle switch for my bait pump, which is directly wired to my boat's starboard battery, got bumped and switched on, running my battery dead. I just hooked it up to the charger, but I do not know if it can be salvaged. It is about two years old and is a maintainence free...
  169. P

    Shimano Evair Fishing Sandals

    Has anyone ever worn these? They look kind of goofy, but I am thinking of getting a pair for fishing on my own boat and in Baja. Anyone have any deals on these at the FH show? Thanks, Paul
  170. P

    What Should Be Done Instead of Closures?

    It is obvious that almost no one at Bloody Decks thinks that the MLPA closures are a good thing or necessary, but very few people have explained what they think should be done. I would be interested in getting peoples' opinions on this. Please let me know specifically what, if anything, you...
  171. P

    Car Needs Transmission In Carlsbad

    My 2003 Saturn Vue (six cylinder engine) needs anew transmission. I am looking for recommendations on a shop nearby that does good work at reasonable prices. Thanks, Paul
  172. P

    Coldest Water Temp For Threshers?

    I took the boat out for a cruise yesterday. The area around the Carlsbad Canyon had green water with lots of bait and bird activity. The water was about 56 degrees. This got me thinking- what is the coldest temperature where it would be worth it to look for threshers? I have caught them in...
  173. P

    Where To watch Chargers Online?

    Any ideas?
  174. P

    Wish Me Luck!

    A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had recently lost my job. I want to thank the many BDers who offerred support and suggestions. A few great guys even passed my resume along to hiring managers at their companies. I have two interviews scheduled for today, one with an IT company, and...
  175. P

    I Need A Job!

    On Tuesday of this week I was told my services were no longer needed by the local IT compnay I had been with since February. They hired a new sales manager a couple of weks ago and he is cleaning out the entire dept. Our first meeting was right out of the "Glegarry Glen Ross" movie. I have a...
  176. P

    Boat Trailer Lights

    My Pacific Trailer lights are not working properly. When I turn the truck lights on, the trailer's tail lights do not come on. The left turn signal and brake light work on the trailer, but not the right. I replaced the round seven point connecter/cord that plugs into the truck, as well as the...
  177. P

    Rigging Ballyhoo

    I tried trolling some ballyhoo last week, but I did not get bit. I rigged them the standard way on a long shank hook with a pin. I removed the baits' eyes, but they still spun slightly. Any tips on how to prevent the bait from spinning? Thanks, Paul
  178. P

    Yamaha Fuel Management System

    The fuel management system on my Yamaha F225 outboard is currently not working. No matter what speed I am going, the fuel consumption reads 0.0 gph, and the totalizer is stuck at 68 gallons. I have used at least 20 gallons since this figure has moved. Note that the guage still displays numbers...
  179. P


    I went into West Marine on Point Loma and was very suprised and happy to see that they are now stocking high quality frozen ballyhoo. Here's what Capt. Fred Archer has to say about ballyhoo: FAQs Why not just troll mackeral? You can troll...
  180. P

    Saturday PM In La Jolla

    I didn't feel like getting up early or fighting the AM crowd at La Jolla on Saturday, so I launched in the early PM, figuring the fish might pop around the 4:00 tide change. The water in La Jolla was a dirty green color and 61-62 degrees. there were many terns working bait that was moving...
  181. P

    LJ Report Wanted

    If you fished La Jolla today (4/24) please let us know how you did. What are the current water conditions-color, clarity, temperature; what techniques worked for what species; etc. I am trying to decide whether to try it tomorrow. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  182. P

    Is Fish Dope Worth the $?

    I am considering subscribing to I would like some feedback from current subscribers. Have you found it beneficial, particularly ofshore? Is it worth the money? Thanks, Paul
  183. P

    What Happened To Capt. Archer's Forum?

    I was going to ask Fred a question on his forum but I cannot find it listed here. Am I missing something, or was his forum dropped? I hope Fred is doing all right. Paul
  184. P

    The NEW Shark Trollers Bible

    Hey Fred, Will there be copies of this book available at the FH show? I have family in WA state that are interested in targeting salmon sharks, and I understand there are two chapters that cover this amazing fish. Also, is there info on where to catch these ancient predators? It seems that...
  185. P

    Sales Rep For Hire

    Hey guys, I have over twenty years of succesful Pharma/Biotech/Biopharma sales experience, and have covered the geographies of SoCal, NV, and AZ. While my experience is in the industries listed, I believe that a good salesman can sell any good or service if he is properly trained and...
  186. P

    RIP Dr. Terry Tri

    Some of you may know Dr. Terry Tri, as he practiced Cardiology in San Diego for years before moving out of state. His big game fishing accomplishments were many, including being named IBT angler of the year on more than one occasion. Dr. Tri was one of the first anglers I met when I moved to...
  187. P

    Humbolt Squid On The Nine

    We got into the Humbolts last night on the Fisherman III around the middle of the Nine Mile Bank. Our first stop produced all of the squid that were caught. My son and I kept two and released one. Many others were lost. I had one squid cleaned for eating and chunked the other one up for...
  188. P

    Long Beach Harbor Water Temp?

    If anyone has been out on LB Harbor recently, what was the temperature of the water in the harbor? Thanks, paul
  189. P

    Humbolt Squid

    The Humbolts are back! I am thinking about taking my ten year old son out on one of the boats running out of Mission Bay to catch some. I love calimari, but I have no idea what to do with a three foot long squid. I have heard conflicting reports about whether they are good to eat or not...
  190. P

    How To Shop A Screenplay?

    I first posted this on the Personal Stuff board, but it actually would be more appropraite on Business Hookups" Hi guys, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have finished a screenplay. I got the idea a couple of years ago and was fooling around with it when my laptop was stolen. I had...
  191. P

    How To Shop A Screenplay?

    Hi guys, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have finished a screenplay. I got the idea a couple of years ago and was fooling around with it when my laptop was stolen. I had not backed it up. I did nothing with it until leaving my job in October, at which point I devoted my full energies...
  192. P

    Target Small Thresher Sharks?

    Hi Fred, As you know, there are often quite a few small threshers caught inshore during the Winter in SoCal. These fish are usually hooked incidentally while the angler is targeting another species. I would like to target these small threshers, but do not want to hook a big one on light...
  193. P

    Halibut Spots Out Of Oceanside?

    I plan to launch at Oceanside Harbor tomorrow AM and look for a halibut. I am clueless as to where to look for these fish, and any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am currently thinking of starting near the Golf Ball and working my way North. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  194. P

    Is The Fix In?

    When the Chargers wanted to get the public to pay for the remodeling of Jack Murphy/Quallcomm stadium, they made their only trip to the Super Bowl. When the Padres wanted to get Petco Park built, partially with taxpayer funding, they went to the World Series. Do you see a pattern here? Will...
  195. P

    Whole Squid Rig

    Hi Fred, I was perusing your book, Secrets of the West Coast Pros today in an effort to figure out how to catch more halibut. I really like your idea of slow trolling whole squid on the downrigger with circle hooks. My question is, will the whole squid rig pictured on page 25 of the book...
  196. P

    Looking For Halibut Spots Out of Oceanside

    I will be heading out Wed AM in search of a legal halibut near Oceanside. I do not know where to start and any locations to hunt for them would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me if you do not want to post where everyone else can see. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  197. P

    What Restrictions Do You Support?

    At virtually every discussion of the MLPA people suggest that closures are not needed and that "less restrictve" measures would be better. Unfortunately, people rarely actually verbalize what restrictions they would support. Ironically, many of the people claiming to support the use of less...
  198. P

    Got Tax/Bookkeeping Needs?

    Due to some recent changes in my career path my wife and I are looking to expand her tax consulting and bookkeeping business. My wife has a Masters degree in Business Taxation and a Law degree, both from USC. She has been in the tax consulting arena for over twenty years, with both businesses...
  199. P

    Got Tax/Booking Needs

    Due to some recent changes in my career path my wife and I are looking to expand her tax consulting and bookkeeping business. My wife has a Masters degree in Business Taxation and a Law degree, both from USC. She has been in the tax consulting arena for over twenty years, with both businesses...
  200. P

    Employment Attorney Needed

    I am in need of a very competent and tough employment attorney. He/she can be located in either San Diego or Orange Counties. Thanks!
  201. P

    Catalina Marlin

    I heard that the recent marlin touny out of Avalon went very well, so I am considering launching at Dana Point and heading towards Catalina to target marlin. While I have caught a good many billfish in Baja, I have yet to get one locally. Any idea what areas are producing? Any recommendations...
  202. P

    What Sort Of Bait At Oceanside Bait Barge?

    Can anyone tell me what sort of bait do they currently have at the Oceanside bait barge? Sardines, anchovies, etc? Size and quality of the bait? I will be launching there tomorrow AM (Sat.). Thanks, Pescador Paul
  203. P

    Oceanside Bait Barge

    Can anyone tell me the hours of operation for the Oceanside bait barge. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  204. P

    No Love For Bloody Decks On Channel 72

    I did only my second offshore trip of the season yesterday. While things were tough for us, we did salvage the day with two quality yellofin in the PM. As usual, there was lots of BS on channel 72. A number of anglers went out of their way to bag on Bloody Decks. One skiper said that the...
  205. P

    Angler Management Service and Repair

    Has anyone utilized this place for getting their boat serviced. The owner/operater, Bob Aronson, used to work at AA marine in Vista. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  206. P

    Sharking Tonight (7/3) Where To Go?

    I will be making a night trip to try and scare up a mako tonight. We will be launching out of Mission Bay. Anyone have any suggestions where to try? North end of the Nine? Off La Jolla? Thanks, Pescador Paul
  207. P

    Sunday AM In La Jolla

    After buying a very beat up half scoop of sardines from the MB bait barge, we cruised up to NW La Jolla and started to slow troll the leper like sardines. After only a very few minutes I hooked and caught a yellowtail- about 8 lb. After returning to the slow trol I then hooked another yeloow-...
  208. P

    Role/Position of SAC

    The Sportfishing Association of California is an undeniably very well funded, politically astute, and effective organization. What has been their role and involvment in the MLPA process? I understand that SAC represents the interests of sport boat and landing operaters, and not the local...
  209. P

    Las Islas Coronados Manana

    I will be fishing the Coronados tomorrow (Fri) and monitoring channel 72. If I see anything good I'll give a holler. Pescador Paul
  210. P

    30 Lb Trolling Rods

    I usually troll 30 pound outfits on my boat when fishing locally offshore, and I am considering having some rods custom wrapped for this. What blank would you recommend, and what size/brand/kind of roller guides, butt, etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  211. P

    Re-rig Rapalas With Single Hooks

    I have tried replacing the treble hooks on mt CD 14 and CD 18 Rapalas but could not get the lures to run straight that way. I currently remove the front hook completely and use them with the rear treble hook only. I do the same thing with X Raps. I would still prefer single hooks for all of...
  212. P

    Q105 To SCI This Weekend- Whose Going?

    My ten year old son Zak and I will be on the Qualifier 105 mothership kayak trip to SCI this weekend. Anyone else going? Pescador Paul
  213. P

    Fish Williamson Speed Jigs?

    While at West Marine to buy some other stuff for my boat, I purchased a pack of Williamson "Speed Jigs". These are Williamson's version of the Butterfly type lures. Any tips on how to fish these? I do not even know where to tie my main line to, as there are at least two places you could do...
  214. P

    Easter Thresher?

    I will be working the Carlsbad Canyon tomorrow AM in an effort to find my first thresher shark of this season. If anyone wants to chat I will be monitering channel 72. Pescador Paul
  215. P

    Trolling Berkley Gulp! Offshore?

    Has anyone here tried trolling Berkley Gulp! for offshore species? I was thinking about trolling one of the squids on a leadhead. Pescador Paul
  216. P

    Mission Bay AM 3/15

    My son Zak and I fished Mission Bay this AM for 2 sand bass, 4 spotted bay bass, and one calico bass. All fish were caught on the incoming tide between Ingraham St and Fiesta Island on 2 inch Berkley Gulp! shrimp. Pescador Paul
  217. P

    Prayer Request

    My teen age neighbor was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma. This is a great kid who is facing the challenge head on. The good news is that cure rates for this cancer are very high. Any prayers will be greatly appreciated. Pescador Paul
  218. P

    Ballyhoo At Dana Landing!

    Dana Landing on Mission Bay is now selling ballyhoo! I will be heading into town tomorrow and will be picking some up for trolling for threshers, makos, marlin, and (small ones) for tuna. I case anyone thinks that there are no ballyhoo in SoCal/Baja, I suggest you ask Fred Archer how well...
  219. P

    Tackle For Q 105 SCI Trip?

    My son and I will be on the Q 105 5/8- 5/10 trip to San Clemente Island. I have fished the kayak mostly in the bay with very light tackle. I did catch a quality yellowtail from it off Buccaneer beach a couple of years ago. Since we hope to get into some sizeable SCI yellowtail on this trip, I...
  220. P

    Flats and OIffshore Guides In The Keys

    My sister and brother in law will be in the Florida Keys in about three weeks and are interested in going fishing. They hope to spend one day working the flats and a day offshore. What species are they likely to catch at that time, and are there party boats for offshore; or will they have to...
  221. P

    Any Thresher Reports?

    I was thinking of looking for Mr T this Sunday. Does anyone have any word on these bad boys showing up in the La Jolla/Carlsbad/Newport areas? Thanks, Pescador Paul
  222. P

    I Want To Refinance My House

    I owe about $160,000 on my house in Carlsbad (purchased in 1998), with a fixed rate of 5.125% on a fiftenn year loan. Is it possible at this time to refinance to a lower rate? If you can help me out please post your contact info. Pescador Paul
  223. P

    Has AA Marine In Vista Closed Down?

    I drove by their location next to the 78 and there is a large "For Lease" sign prominenetly displayed. Did they move or did they go out of business? I got my Yamaha F225 serviced there a couple of times. Pescador Paul
  224. P

    Please Post Your Alternatives To MLPA Closures

    Okay, I have been saying it for ten years, but I guess it can't hurt to repeat myself. The, "Hell, no!" approach to the MLPA has failed miserably up and down the CA coast. We as sportsmen need to realize that the majority of Californians do not fish and are only concerned about maintaining a...
  225. P

    Sevenstrand Sonic Eal

    Hey Fred, What is your opinion on these lures? I have never run one and have no opinion on the matter. The major ongoing cost would seem to be the batteries. I have heard that makos love to bite them off. Would an EAL work well as a teaser rigged on wire? Happy holidays, Pescador Paul
  226. P

    Angler's Center To Stock Ballyhoo

    Hey Fred, Since you have been THE West Coast proponent of trolling ballyhoo for offshore species in SoCal and Baja, I thought you'd be interested to hear that Angler's Center in Newport Beach plans to stock and sell ballyhoo soon. They are currently awaiting the freezers to store the bait...
  227. P

    North County Threshers?

    I will be lanching in Oceanside Harbor Sunday AM in an effort to catch and release a thresher shark. I had heard some positive reports a couple weeks ago, but little since. Does anyne have any recent dope as to where to look? If not, I will probably start looking around the Carlsbad canyon...
  228. P

    Where To Buy Camper Shell?

    I have a 2003 Ford F150 that I want to get a camper shell for. Can anyone tell me a good place to do so? I live in Carlsbad in North SD County. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  229. P

    Circle Hooks For Thresher Trolling?

    Hey Fred, I have now used circle hooks while chumming for sharks (due to your great advice) and can report that they work great. I now am considering re-rigging my skirted trolling lures that I use when targeting threshers with circle hooks, in an effort to avoid tail hooked fish and increase...
  230. P

    Mexican Fishing License For Kids?

    I plan to go offshore out of Mission Bay tomorrow with my nine year old son to look for tuna. Since we may go south into Mexican waters, does he need a Mexican fishing license? I was told by my travel agent prior to our La Paz trip in August that kids under sixteen did not need a license...
  231. P

    Fish For Tuna On Dolphins?

    Hey Fred (and anyone else who can help me), Despite having fished ofshore in San Diego and Baja since 1990, I still am clueless when it comes to fishing for tuna that are associated with dolphins. I usually troll around the dolphins and occaisionally throw bait in front of them, but have only...
  232. P

    Rigging Dead Sardines For Trolling?

    Hey Fred, With the warm water and so many people fishing, some of the bait that has been sold recently has not lived very well in many peoples' bait tank. While I know that dead and chunked bait will often still catch fish, what about trolling with the dead sardines? Could you just stitch...
  233. P

    Mexican License In LA? (Where To Buy?)

    I am sitting at my mother in law's place in Korea Town as I type this. My wife, son, and I will be flying out to La Paz on Monday AM, and we just realized that we left our Mexican licenses at home in Carlsbad. :imdumb:Can anyone tell me where we can get some one week licenses in the LA area? We...
  234. P

    Circle Hooks When Chumming For Sharks?

    I have posted this question before, but was hoping to get Capt. Fred's opinion, since I learned all of my shark fishing techniques from him. How well do circle hooks work when drifting with chum for sharks? I have used them for many other species, but have yet to try them on makos. Pescador Paul
  235. P

    Coronados Islands Reports?

    Has anyone heard anything about what's been going on in the islands the last few days? I plan to look for some yellows this weekend. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  236. P

    Returning From Mexican Waters?

    I plan to hit the Coronados next weekend to look for some yellows. Besides needing a Mexican fishing license, what else will I need to have/do? I have heard that I will need to fill out a customs declaration form to bring fish back, but I have been unable to find such a form. Where can I...
  237. P

    Avet Rods?

    I see that Big 5 is advertising Avet rods for sale. I have not seen these before, but I know many people really like the Avet reels. Can anyone tell me what they think of the new Avet rods? Thanks, Pescador Paul
  238. P

    How To Revive And Relesase Threshers?

    Hey Fred, With so many longtails currently being caught, I am sure that many anglers would benefit from a brief posting by you about how to revive and release these great fish (including tail hooked fish). Thanks, Pescador Paul
  239. P

    Thanks Fred!

    Caught and released an estimated 170-200 lb thresher off La Jolla today that hit one of your Indians fished off the outrigger. The lure was sweetened with "bacon and eggs," a mackeral fillet and a strip of squid. The squid was bought at the 99 Ranch Market. Thanks for teaching many of us how...
  240. P

    Mr. T Madness Off La Jolla

    If you have ever wanted to catch a thresher shark NOW is the time to go trolling off La Jolla. We cruised out of Mission Bay this AM, caught a couple of mackeral at the South end of the kelp and started seriously trolling in the canyon at about 8:30 AM. There were birds, porpoises, and meatballs...
  241. P

    It's Official- I Am An Idiot!

    With the US House of Representatives passing a mortgage bailout bill (which must also pass the Senate and be signed by GWB before becoming law), I am oficially an idiot. Or at least, a sucker. I actually saved up my money and bought a modest house in a decent neighborhood with a conventional...
  242. P

    Employment Attorney Needed In SD

    Hey guys, After being made to feel like a loser and victim at work for months I have decided to be proactive and fight for my family. I am looking for a recommendation for an employment attorney in the San Diego area. He should be bright, professional, effective, and agressive in defending...
  243. P

    Bait O Matic- Where In The Pattern?

    I know many of you have had great success with these when trolling for theshers- do you fish them from a flat line, outrigger, or downrigger? Or will they work in any position? I have always run them from a flatline, but was considering the outrigger. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  244. P

    Source For Leaning Post/Bait Tank ?

    Gentlemen, I am looking to upgrade the bait system on my boat. The boat comes with a small tank that is part of the leaning post. The whole tank/leaning post is molded into the center decking. I am considering cutting this out and installing a different leaning post with a larger bait tank...
  245. P

    Skipper/Guide In Avalon

    Hey guys, I am considering taking the express over to Avalon the last weekend in February. Does anyone know the contact info for a fishing guide over there? I don't ned a big boat, probably a smaller skiff to fish inshore. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  246. P

    Night Trolling For Threshers?

    Anybody try this? It is fairly well accepted that more thresher sharks are caught trolling than chumming. It is also true that many shark species, including threshers, will actively feed at night. Besides the obvious problems of keeping the lines from being fouled with debris, are there other...
  247. P

    Launch Ramp At Lake Skinner?

    I plan to trailer my 24 ft Pursuit center console out to Lake Skinner tomorrow. I have never been there, and was hoping the ramp/water level are sufficient to launch a boat like mine. Anyone have any info? Thanks, Pescador Paul
  248. P

    Keeping A Boat In San Carlos, Sonora

    I am considering keeping my 24 ft center console on a trailer in San Carlos. Does anyone know of a storage yard that can help with launching (I would like to be able to fly down and back once the boat is there)? Are there game fish available year round? Is wind an issue there and if so, for what...
  249. P

    Cost OF Yamaha F225 200 Hr Service?

    Hey guys, I have a 2003 model year Yamaha F225 on my 24 ft Pursuit center console. In order to keep my extended warranty valid, all of the scheduled service must be done by a factory certified service center. Can anyone tell me what I should expect to pay for the 200 hr service? Please let...
  250. P

    Oceanside/Carlsbad Threshers?

    I plan to launch early from Oceanside on Black Friday to look for a thresher shark. Outside of the Carlsbad Canyon, are there any other spots in the area I should check out? I will be monitoring channel 72 if anyone else is out there. Thanks, Pescador Paul
  251. P

    Launch Ramp At Dana Point?

    Hey guys, I will be trailering my 24 ft Pursuit center console up to Dana Point on Veteran's Day to look for a thresher. I have never paunched out of Dana Point, and would welcome any info on where the ramp is located (it will likely be dark when I arrive in the area), hints on using the...
  252. P

    No Thresher For Me In Carlsbad Canyon

    I headed out of Oceanside early Sunday AM to hunt for a thresher in the Carlsbad Canyon. Once I got there the conditions looked great- dirty green water, lots of bait, dolphins feeding, and about 65 degree water. Despite working a very fishy area for several hours I did not get any shark...
  253. P

    San Carlos Info Needed

    I am considering trailering my 24 ft Pursuit center console to San Carlos on the Mexican mainland in late October or early November. It looks like this would be an easier drive than going to Santa Rosalia or other Baja Sur destinations. Any information or guidance you can give me with regards...
  254. P

    Need Custom Bait Tank/Leaning Post

    I love my 24 ft Pursuit center console, but I would like to upgrade the bait tank. It is actually molded into the decking and has a leaning post bolted onto it. Since there is little room to mount another tank, I am considering upgrading the existing tank/leaning post. Because it is part of the...
  255. P

    Mission Bay 9/2

    My eight year old son, my neighboar, his twelve year old son, and I trailered down to Mission Bay and launched at South Shores around 7:00 AM. The ramp was wide open and there was plenty of parking. We fished mostly between the Ingraham St. Bridge and Fiesta Island with plastics and 2-3 inch...
  256. P

    Circle Hooks For Sharks?

    I will be setting up a chum slick very soon in hopes of catching a mako or thresher. I will use a bonito fillet for the actual hook bait. Since I plan to release my fish, I was hoping to use a circle hook. Will this work? By the way, I have fished extensively (both trolling and chumming) for...
  257. P

    La Jolla 8/17

    I hadn't been out in a couple of weeks, so I took a vacation day yesterday to fish. Since the seas have been lumpy and the albacore have mostly stayed quite a ways offshore, I decided to check out La Jolla. After picking up one half scoop of the usual beat up sardines, I cruised up to the La...
  258. P

    Humphries Concerts On San Diego Bay

    Hey guys, My wife and I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get tickets to the Stevie Wonder concert at Humphries. Since we haven't been able to get any tickets yet, I was wondering about anchoring my 24 ft center console in the bay and attempting to watch and see the show. How visable is...
  259. P

    Need Long Beach Harbor Info

    Hey guys, I am thinking of trailering my boat up to Long Beach to fish the harbor this weekend. I have never fished this area before and would welcome any inside dope with regards to species (I am particularly fond of spotties and halibut), best tides to fish, water depth, where to launch...