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  1. J-HOOK

    Anyone fished the Daiwa Pacific?

    Hopping on this boat for the first time in a couple of weeks. Any reviews from you BDer's?
  2. J-HOOK


    Here comes the freakin' wind again guys:shithappens:. Might be a good weekend to tune-up the boat and watch the Lakers. Large combo swell at short duration too! Cross your fingers though, next weekend looks like the weather is shaping up!
  3. J-HOOK

    August 8-12 Vagabond Trip

    Left the dock @ 13:00 sharp and made our way to the recievers. We were loaded with excellent, large cured sardines, some good size anchovies and a few macks. Mike pointed the boat south and called us in for the meeting. Albacore numbers were weak at best so we would be paddy hopping. Put the...
  4. J-HOOK

    Shogun 5/28-5/31 Yellowfest

    Left the point at around 2 PM on Sunday after loading up on some nicely cured dines. Plan was to head down just past San Martin Island and look for paddies 30-50 miles offshore there. Norm stated weather outside was rough but starting to improve. Woke up to 4-6 ft swell and 10-15 knot wind. Not...
  5. J-HOOK

    Shogun 3-Day May31-June 3

    Any BDer's on this trip. Sounds like the chickens are on the way and the YT are already on the kelps. I don't usually go this early but I can't stand it anymore and it's a great boat. Can't wait to see what the 8-dayer prior to our trip does. Hopefully the seiners won't get all the...