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  1. kelppaddydaddy

    TRADE Penn Fathom 30 2 Speed for Calstar GG 270H

    Reel is in great shape looking for a trade between San Diego and Orange County - I’m in Oceanside Ca
  2. kelppaddydaddy

    TRADE WTT a Saltiga 40a for Trinidad 20a

    Newer style Saltiga seen 1 boat ride want to trade for a Trinidad 20a in very good shape. The Saltiga is the 4.9 to 1 gear ratio and I’m looking for a little more speed for surface jigs. PM with pics and I’ll do the same. Looking for a trade between San Diego and North County - Tight Lines!
  3. kelppaddydaddy

    TRADE Rock Cod Weights 3/4/5 lbs

    Have 1 each 3 - 4 - 5 lb rock cod weights and would like to trade for some 12-16-20 oz weights (about 6 of these weights in some combination). I’m in Oceanside Ca.
  4. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Price drop Calcutta Rod 81/2 ft 30-50lb

    Seeker Black Steel 6480 - older Long Beach model some wear but very fishable. $110 (sold) Shimano Calcutta 8’6’’ 30 to 50 rating - some wear but very fishable. Price drop to $100 (sold) Daiwa Proteus 7’6’’ 20 to 50 rating. I wrapped upper grip with Winn Grip. Tip needs repaired - ceramic...
  5. kelppaddydaddy

    New stiff rods!

    Is it just me? All the new rods seem to be getting stiffer, quite a bit so. If your fishing big fish or heavy yo-yo I get it. However, I’m a guy who likes a little parabolic action. Is fiberglass going away in name of lighter stiff sticks?
  6. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD UC Monster trade for Calstar GG6490H or sell $290

    Brand new with tags has ALPS reel seat, factory wrapped. Will trade for Calstar GG6490H in good condition or Sell for $290 (rod sells for $309 with ALPS Reel Seat). Located in Oceanside, Ca.
  7. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody hear about a Closure on Sardines?

    While fishing out of a local landing here in Oceanside, Ca. the Capt mentioned that there might not be live bait Sardines available in the upcoming month due to possible Closure on fishing them. Researched on line and it seems the Sardines are in bad shape and fishing closed since 2015? However...
  8. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody hear about a ban on fishing Sardines in US waters?

    Please remove - double posted
  9. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Please delete- sold - Thanks BD

    Okuma Tesoro Reel 10S - Used but in excellent condition - comes with box,clamp and screws. Pick up in Oceanside, Ca. PM for faster response - Tight Lines! (Added more pics per request)
  10. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Calstar Rods 665H/865H/970

    3 Calstar Rods for sale - BWC 665H - BWC 865H - Older Style 970 (Black and Grey Wrap) all conventional rods. 665 and 865 in very good shape rate 8 out 10. The 970 has boat rash but does have ceramic eyelets and plenty fishable rate it a 6 of 10 because of rash. Prices as follows 665 $120 - 865...
  11. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag Medium

    Shimano Medium Reel Bag - like new - $50. The last pic shows a Torium 16 and 20 in the bag, the case seems like it’s made more for low profile bass type reels - just so you know. Pick up in Oceanside, Ca. PM for faster response. Tight lines!
  12. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Penn Senator 113H2 / Price drop

    Penn Senator 113H2 used in great shape with clamp and screws, spool 3/4 filled with 80 Spectra - $65 Pick up in Oceanside, Ca. PM for faster response.
  13. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Okuma PCH Rods - used but great condition

    Used once - Okuma PCH rods C-801MH 8’ 15-40Lbs and C-801H 8’ 20-50Lbs. These are conventional rods with the tangle free guides, extremely light in weight. Both rods have reel seats. In my opinion these rods fish best toward lower end of ratings I.e., 15-40 as a 15 to 25 rod, and 20-50 as a 20 to...
  14. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Flat Falls - out of the package?

    I have gotten a setup for dropping the bigger Flat Falls this year (hoping for offshore fishing here in Southern Cal like last year). The question is - can I just pickup a bigger Shimano Flat Fall and tie straight to it? I’ve seen lots of variations I.e. changing hooks to straight trebles on...
  15. kelppaddydaddy

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    Just got a Raptor for primarily fishing 80 lb test with Flat Falls. I prefer Calstar rods because they’ve never let me down. I have a 700H but think I might need something beefier, maybe a 700XH? Or should I go shorter and what’s the advantages of rollers or does it matter? Thanks for any...
  16. kelppaddydaddy

    Andros 16 II

    Was looking at a Andros 16 and wow seemed like a lot of load on the reel when turning the handle (no matter what the drag setting), picked up a 12 and had the same feel. Don’t feel anywhere near this resistance on the Metaliods - is this normal?
  17. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Seeker Black Steel Rod 6480H

    Asking $175 firm. No shipping - located in Oceanside, Ca. This rod has never seen a boat - purchased yesterday. Honestly, I put a reel on it once and threw a few irons across the backyard, and found it a little stiff for the Tady 45’s. Retails for $259. PM for faster response. Thanks for looking...
  18. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Calstar GFGR 800M (20-40) Factory $165

    Looking to sell Calstar GFGR 800M factory wrap in very good shape (this model comes with reel seat). In Oceanside Ca, PM for faster response.
  19. kelppaddydaddy

    Seeker SHS90H Rod for throwing iron?

    If anyone out there has this stick curious about it? I was looking at this rod primarily for throwing Salas 7x’s light however, I see the Hercules Series was constructed as a vertical jig stick. So I was wondering if it would work as casting rod for Salas 7x’s and Tady 45’s or is the tip to soft?
  20. kelppaddydaddy

    SOLD Seeker Black Steel G6465H $100 - Calstar GFGR 875H (30 - 60) Excellent condition $215

    Just fished this rod a couple of times it is a factory wrap. Asking $215 firm - pickup in Oceanside, Ca only PM for faster response.
  21. kelppaddydaddy

    TLD 30 2 Speed with topless Magnum kit for 80lb?

    Looking at picking up a TLD 20 or 30 with the Magnum kit for fishing 80 to 100 lbs for trolling and flat falls - is this doable or I am pushing the internals to far? Thanks for any info!
  22. kelppaddydaddy

    Tiburon clamp for Torium 20hga reel?

    Is there by chance a tiburon clamp set-up for Torium 16/20 hga?
  23. kelppaddydaddy

    Metaliod 12 II - Ratings

    Won a Metaliod 12 II on the Searcher - Turner's outdoors raffle (lucky me). I see it has ratings up to 30 pounds of drag so I figure I can fish 50 to 60 line on this set-up - is this pushing it? Also I don't think it has double dog does it? Thanks for any info!
  24. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet MXL trade for Newell P332

    Blue Avet MXL MC version, never fished loaded with 300 yards of Toro Tamer Spectra 65 pound and 20 pound P-line topshot- trade for P Series Newell 332 or 322. Tight lines and bent rods! PM for faster response, in Oceanside. Ca
  25. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fanthom 40 2 Speed for 50lb

    Looking at either a Avet HXJ or Penn Fanthom 2 Speed for 50Lb set up. I might be comparing apples and oranges here - money is a factor making the Penn easier in that department. Just wondering if I'm giving up anything by going Penn?
  26. kelppaddydaddy

    Fury 500

    Who has fished this reel, looking for a quick review as I'm thinking on picking one up.
  27. kelppaddydaddy

    Does the drag increase on a lever drag as more line comes out?

    Is it my imagination, or does the reel drag actually increase over the initial setting when a significant (say 50 to 100 yards or more) of line comes out?
  28. kelppaddydaddy

    Super Seeker 6480H trade for Shimano Torium 16a

    Rod is gone - trade done - Thanks BD
  29. kelppaddydaddy

    Will a Avet HXJ work for the bigger BFT

    Getting ready to pick up one more Avet before I head out again on a 2 to 2.5 day style trip. I'm staying with Avet and a JX 2 Speed is the biggest reel I have so want to bump up one class. Playing with the HXJ it feels right on, but will it hold line cap and gearing and drags to handle those...
  30. kelppaddydaddy

    For Trade Calstar Rod GFGR 875H for Avet MXJ MC Blue

    Have a GFGR 875H Long Range Wahoo Special rated 30-60lbs factory wrap in excellent shape to trade for a Avet MXJ Reel MC Version in blue, black or silver in good condition . If no takers for a MXJ, would look for MXL MC.. Located in Oceanside, Ca. PM if interested and tight lines.
  31. kelppaddydaddy

    WTT Calstar GG Series 90j for GG6480

    Have a Calstar factory wrap GG series 90j in excellent condition, trade for factory wrap Calstar series GG 6480 factory wrap - located in Oceanside. PM if interested. Thanks and tight lines!
  32. kelppaddydaddy

    For Sale Calstar rod GFTR-765-M

    Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765-M rated 40-100lb all roller rod in very good shape. Asking $185, no shipping, local pickup only - Oceanside Ca. PM if interested, Thanks
  33. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fathom Lefties?

    Anyone know if Penn Fathoms, either Lever or star drags available as lefties?
  34. kelppaddydaddy

    Cedros 10 Drags

    Picked up a Cedros 10 and used it on some Coronado yellowtail, reel seems to have a touchy drag setting in that slightly bumping the star backs the drag way back. Otherwise a really solid reel - any thoughts or suggestions.
  35. kelppaddydaddy

    Aztec Overnighter Labor Day - What worked!

    Ok glad I read a report on Bloody Decks that said Tuna were getting line shy - bring the 20lb! Yellowfin just didn't want to bite the heavier lines this day. I fished both 20lb and 25lb with 20lb floro leaders to get bit. Smaller hooks too 1's or 1/0 some dropped down to 2's. This was all good...
  36. kelppaddydaddy

    Chovies off La Jolla

    Any doubt chovies are back! THE BIG BLUEOCEAN EXPLORATION Massive school of anchovies looks like oil slick Appearance of baitfish near shore off La Jolla amazes marine experts, who can’t recall seeing such a sight in more than 30 years July 08, 2014 by David Strege Massive school of...
  37. kelppaddydaddy

    Pacific Queen - 1 1/2 DAY - July 1st Ret

    Just came back from a great 1 1/2 Day on the Pacific Queen. Capt Drew Card and crew put us on the fish. Ten hours straight chasing Porpoise Schools. Steady hook-ups of between 1 to 4 yellowfin tuna on troll rotations. A few bait fish here and there. Mega Baits both on the slide and yo - yo'ed...
  38. kelppaddydaddy

    NOAA Anglers Survey?

    Anybody get one of these NOAA Surveys through the mail? I received one, never filled it out. Then they sent another one. Not sure that some of these Surveys do more harm to Anglers then good. Seems I read a article somewhere - by Capt David Bacon I think that also questioned the intent of some...
  39. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar 875 Wahoo Special trade for 800h

    Looking to trade a Calstar 875 in excellent condition for a 800h, prefer factory wrap - got the 875 thinking i would throw local iron but prefer the 800.
  40. kelppaddydaddy

    Ready for Hillary!

    Just saw the pop-up Ready for Hillary that pops up on the right side of the home page - not a fan personally. All those in favor of that spot getting removed from advertising say I!
  41. kelppaddydaddy

    For Trade Calstar Rod GG690J for Calstar 800H

    Got a like new GG690J 20-50 factory wrap rod in Oceanside, would like to trade for Calstar 800H in good shape. Will meet 1/2 way between San Diego or Orange County. Tight Lines!
  42. kelppaddydaddy

    3/4 Day on the Point Loma - Offshore

    Late report from Thursday fishing. Went out on a extended 3/4 day with my son, on the Point Loma out of Point Loma Sportfishing. Took off at 5:30 am and returned almost 8:00 pm to the docks. No tuna, but caught some nice Dorado and rat yellowtail. Those kamikaze yellowtail attacks on the paddies...
  43. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Trinidad 16 Gold for Newells

    Have a nice Trinidad 16 Gold in excellent shape will trade for a combination of Newell 220 and 332, or if you prefer a Trinidad 20 Gold. In Oceanside.
  44. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Torques

    Do the newer Penn Torque series have the same design as the older series i.e. 100-200-300, like the redesigned side plate? Why did Penn move away from the earlier models, looked like great reels?
  45. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing Channel Islands - Cisco's

    Going fishing in March out of Cisco's with a couple of buddies, haven't fished that far north and never the Channel Islands. What's the best setup - is heavy iron any good - what size weights etc? Thanks
  46. kelppaddydaddy

    Biggest fish caught on a Newell

    Just thinking back and wondering what the biggest fish some might have caught on a Newell might be - and how long you had the reel. Mine was a 25lb class yellowtail on a C 229 on 25lb test, figure the reel was about 5 years old - still fish it too! :hali_olutta:
  47. kelppaddydaddy


    For any of you still like to grab a Newell there's a few at Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego. This is about the only place locally I've seen them. Had a P220 - C338 and 533 in the case, might have more - no 332's though.
  48. kelppaddydaddy

    Favorite Reel for a Overnighter - Southern Ca

    Hey - What's your favorite lighter line (20-25lb) reel for the overnighter scene out of San Diego. For me it's my Newell 229 with 25 lb test. Catches me everything I've ran into up to 30lb tuna and yellowtail. Like my Avets and Trinidads, but damn if I don't end up fishing my Newell most of the...
  49. kelppaddydaddy

    Pacman robbed!

    Now I know why boxing fans are leaving the Sport and going to MMA - never any doubt about who wins those fights!
  50. kelppaddydaddy

    Trinidad 16 Gold for Penn FTH 30 Fanthom

    Trini is in great shape - looking for the star drag, any takers?
  51. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fanthom 25N

    Had to be the first kid on the block to get one, picking it up from a local tackle shop today. Figure on this being my go to set up with 25lb for bait on the overnighter fleet out of Southern Ca. Was wondering about the braking set-up. Is there a need to mess with the adjusting the brake for...
  52. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody throwing iron with the JX?

    Usually throw surface iron with a star drag - next trip out I'm going to try my JX on a 800h Calstar for throwing Salas surface jigs. Anybody using the JX for surface iron - how does it work out?
  53. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell P332f for Saltist 40h

    Newell is in very good shape, looking for newer Saltist (black and gold).
  54. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody fishing the Trinidad A's?

    I have fished the Trinidads for awhile, the 14 series up to the 40. I have heard very little, and seen surprisingly few of the reels on the boats. Thinking about moving into them - anyone fishing these? Thanks for any info.
  55. kelppaddydaddy

    Yellows at La Jolla

    Get them rods out boys, yellows at La Jolla are nice grade of fish 20 to 30lbs. Went out Monday. The fish are under bird schools eating both surface iron and yo yo's. San Diego out of Seaforth has hooked into them 3 or 4 days running. On occasion the 1/2 day hooked some too. Maybe this is a sign...
  56. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell P332F for Penn Fanthom 12 or 15

    Title pretty much says it all - Newell is in great shape - its the remake, 10 for 10 in looks - i'll call it a 8 for 10 in operation, only because I got a season on it and new drags wouldnt hurt. Filled about 3/4 way with 65lb power pro and topped off with new 25lb Izor. i'm in Oceanside, Ca.
  57. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet HX 2 Speed?

    Anybody got one fill me in on this reel - saw Fishermans Landing in San Diego offering this reel at $359, sounds to good to be true. I'm looking to use it as a 50 - 60 lb setup at Alijos. Again I'm not looking for opinions on this compares to something else - just will this get it done and...
  58. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet MXL Raptor vs Avet JX/LX Raptor for 50lb

    Any reason I couldn't fish a Avet Mxl Raptor for 50LB TEST AT Alijos - it's a smaller easier to handle reel then a JX/LX, figure the drag pressures a little lighter but should do for 50lb right? Or is line capacity gonna be a factor. Just fished overnighters so not really sure what to expect...
  59. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Squall 12 - $100 NIB

    Got a Penn Squall 12 - nice little reel, filled with Spectra and 15lb P-Line topshot. It's new - won it in a local tackle shop raffle. I have the 15 already and like it alot. No shipping - pick up in Oceanside, Ca. This is a deal! Price drop $90 - can't believe I'm doing this!
  60. kelppaddydaddy

    Set ups for 6 day?

    This is what I got - Avet MXJ - MXL - JX 2 speed - Trinidad 40, probably need more. Rods got Calstars 700m 700ml 700h and wahoo special 875.Figure I can use the boats trollers. Price does become a issue so keep it real Thanks! Anybody else out there thinking of doing the RP scheduled Charkbait...
  61. kelppaddydaddy

    Eclipse 1 1/2 day - Bad Timing

    Ok went on a 1 1/2 day from Seaforth on the Eclipse - fished 8-12 lb yellowtail on the paddies. Not the trip I had hoped for, with all the tuna fishing going on. Skipper had to do a whale watching trip the next morning at 9 am, so could not pull off going long (140 miles) and coming in late...
  62. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS 625 - $170 firm Oceanside

    Great reel, Pick up is in Oceanside. One small ding on top, can't get it to show in photos. Reel just fished a couple of times, caught some smaller yellowtail. Purchased reel new about a year ago new on ebay. Have reel screws, clamp and box. You pick up - first one shows up with cash is the...
  63. kelppaddydaddy


    Great weather - Great fishing, Bluefin on the chew at 170 mph out from Pt Loma. That's a long push for a 1 1/2 day, but Captain/Owner Ben wanted to put us on the fish and he did! Worked the meter, kelp and Birds for a sensational trip. Jackpot was between 2 big bluefin and 1 Albacore all over...
  64. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS551 - $125 firm

    Silver Pro Gear CS551 - Looks and operates like new. Not a scratch on it. Backed with 50lb Izor line spectra, had it about a year and used twice on some smaller yellowtails. Just don't use it much since I have become a Avet fan. Pick up would be in Oceanside Ca. Post or Pm me.
  65. kelppaddydaddy

    1 1/2 day Pacific Queen Fishermans Landing

    Went out 150 miles and found quality yellowtail under the paddies, 18 to 30 lbs. The boat also picked up 4 dorado off kelp and one lone yellowfin tuna on the troll. I batted 500 as I boated 4 of the 8 I hooked, sometimes those yellows just bulled there way back to the kelp. Nothing but positive...
  66. kelppaddydaddy

    Memorial Day Thanks

    Lots of you BD'ers are Vets - Thanks to you guys and gals! May we all remember those who gave all. To those fighting the fight today, we are behind you! America is eternally grateful! Semper Fi
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  68. kelppaddydaddy

    800m w/reel seat for 800m deckhand

    Just a shot here that maybe somebody wants to trade a 800m deckhand style (factory wrap) preferred - for a 800m factory wrap that came with reel seat. Rod is in good condition so looking for same - Thanks
  69. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Calstar 800h for Seeker Blacksteel 6480

    Looking to trade a factory wrap Calstar Graphfighter deckhand 800h (30-60lb rating) rod in very good shape, for a factory wrap Seeker Blacksteel deckhand 6480 (20-40lb rating) in good shape. I'm in Oceanside, Ca.
  70. kelppaddydaddy


    Factory wrap Calstar 800h deckhand style rod for (prefer factory wrap) Seeker black steel 6480h - pm me (rod in Oceanside}
  71. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar gg 90j rod

    Used once Factory wrap Calstar GG 90J like new - throwing in 4 sumo 7x jigs in great condition also (some never used), $175. Also will trade for Black Steel Seeker 6480. PM me - rod is in Oceanside for pick up or trades. Update: just sold to a fellow BD'er!
  72. kelppaddydaddy

    Guadalupe Rigs?

    I have pretty much just fished 3/4 day and overnighters - trying to get a 5 dayer to the Island, what can I get by with? I have a Trinidad 20/30 and 40 - would that work, and how to rig'em? Thanks for any info.
  73. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar Rod GG Series 90-J for GG 690-J

    Used once factory wrap GG Series 90-j (30-60) lb rating will trade for GG 690-j (20-50) - in Oceanside, Ca - (also willing to trade for Pro Gear CS 625)
  74. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar BWC 270C Excellent Shape - $100

    This rod is a factory wrap black west coast 270 7 foot conventional rod - great shape, you couldn't tell it from new, fished it twice for calico's. Price is firm - rod is in Oceanside. Ca. must be picked up. Accept cash or paypal. Thanks for looking and Tight Lines!
  75. kelppaddydaddy

    GFGR 800L - $140 firm

    In Oceanside GFGR 800L Factory wrap (has reel seat) excellent condition $140 firm -accept paypal or cash
  76. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Speedmaster IV

    Excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically, bought last season - fished twice, $70. In Oceanside, Ca. Will ship paypal - your cost.
  77. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell 338j

    Anybody use one of these reels for casting - is the bar a hindrence? Got a chance to get one, but want to use it for casting iron - good or bad idea, Thanks for any info.:jig:
  78. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear Fred Hall Show?

    Anybody do the Fred Hall show and notice any Pro Gear reels? I'm looking to see some in Del Mar
  79. kelppaddydaddy

    Factory Calstar 700 xlh (15-25lbs)

    OK - No love for my first posting, so I dropped it on down to $120. Like new. I live in Oceanside. (Also willing to trade for Calstar 90j:jig:)
  80. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear Alba Special 542 for Avet MXJ

    Like new Albacore Special 542, seen one trip. Trade for newer style Avet MXJ. Live in Oceanside.Ca - will drive and meet 1/2 way for a trade from San Diego or LA area.
  81. kelppaddydaddy

    Factory Calstar 700 xlh

    for sale factory wrapped Calstar Graphiter 700 xlh in like new condition -$120-Pick up in Oceanside