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  1. Landsick

    Live Bait in the Bays

    Ya but this is the BASS club where guys fish artificial baits for BASS
  2. Landsick

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    Its all personal preference. I fish 65braid/30flouro for most of my bigger baits, straight braid on wakebaits. some guys like 30lb mono only. Just try different stuff to see what works best for your type of fishing. +3 on the rainshadow blanks. I built a 945 that I love and have thrown...
  3. Landsick


    theyre showing up more and more frequently the last few years. In past years it would be 2-5yrs between the time you would see them. they eat everything, including each other! I think it has an impact on some fish migrations, like sand bass. I dont know if theyre eating all the bass but they...
  4. Landsick

    Dragging the Mud Dana Point 11.6.12

    that thing works ok for fish up to about 2lbs any bigger and you have to use so much lead that the thing opens and the fish floats back up. good idea tho. Ive found that if you remove the bulky meat from either side of the fish, they go down much easier. :rofl: just playin, dont tell anyone...
  5. Landsick

    beefing up my rod

    fish the roosters from the beach with it
  6. Landsick

    Coventional or Spiral Wrap (Acid)

    ive also heard of guys putting the stripper guide off center the opposite way of the twist to counter act the line piling up? any thoughts?
  7. Landsick

    Coventional or Spiral Wrap (Acid)

    ok, to go one step further with the spiral wrap... do you wrap towards the handle or away? ive seen it done both ways. what is the reasoning for the way it wraps. or is it 6 of one and a half dozen of the other? im considering a spiral wrap on my rainshadow iswb945, gonna be fishing smaller...
  8. Landsick

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    drugs and hookers are illegal, fish is not
  9. Landsick

    broken guide

    go to glenns tackle on baker. bobby will do it right there for you.
  10. Landsick


    the thunderbird is running overnight trips every wednesday friday saturday and sunday. departing the night prior. $99 on weekdays and $109 on weekends with no fuel surcharge! Call daveys locker 949.673.1435 for reservations. the boat is also available for charter anytime.
  11. Landsick

    Which boat?

    on a flat calm day sure, but if the weather came up you would get your ass kicked
  12. Landsick

    TruLine 6X

    price? pics?
  13. Landsick


    weather looks good for this weekend. we cancelled tonights trip, its supposed to blow 35-45 gusts to 50 tonight with 12-14' swell at 8 sec... :eek: no thank you
  14. Landsick


    We fished Clemente. And they looked like this.
  15. Landsick


    Good having you out John! Was a great trip! "ONCE A YEAR!" :finger: :cow:
  16. Landsick

    Landed my first Spottie!
  17. Landsick

    The Wall Banger, LBC

    They upped the field from 25 to 35 teams. Eric said there was still room last weekend at spots for tots
  18. Landsick

    Spots for tots tournament!

    UPDATE: Spots for Tots, with the current unemployment and economic environment, There are more and more families that are very effected. This year the number of families that are living in their car, or extremely below the poverty level has better than quadrupled. Olive Crest has requested...
  19. Landsick

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    There's no rhyme or reason to them, sometimes a day, sometimes a few months.
  20. Landsick

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    Expendable income? Are you on glue? We work on sportboats. Bottom line is we provide a service and should be compensated for such. We cant help it if the city wants to implement a mandatory cleaning regulation. We can either follow it or not go fishing. Simple as that. When you go to a...
  21. Landsick

    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    you say this as if its something new. the squid cleaning has been mandatory for 3 or 4 years now. and is posted everywhere. maybe you should pay a little more attention before you go out. And if you are going out on a sportboat because you dont want to get your own boat dirty then you should be...
  22. Landsick


    U da man Greg. Sorry I didn't get your message till this morning. Hope you guys got em again today. Good fishin with you one more time. Good luck in florida
  23. Landsick

    Hybrid Bass Species?

    That's a resident sand bass. The ones that live here year round in the heavy structure will look like this sometimes. The lighter, harder barred ones are the migratory fish.
  24. Landsick

    SD Sportfish "How long did it take to pay this off"

    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rifle, without me, is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying...
  25. Landsick

    C E E Z session: Parkin' It !

    Eezy Peezy Crankin With Ceezy.
  26. Landsick

    seahorse or thunderbird

    Thanks for the kind words John, I think thats what a lot of people dont realize, the boat is under new ownership and has been totally remodeled, brand new bunkroom, new motors and painted top to bottom.
  27. Landsick

    Free rod wrapping bench

    shit if i had the space i would take it right away. right now i wrap rods in my living room
  28. Landsick

    Nope, don't like it, not one bit.

    the quick links on the front page were way easier, have to do some hunting to find where you want to go. i guess thats what bookmarks are for. mine is shifted left also, that and the background color are my only gripes. other than that its way better
  29. Landsick

    Dana Point 5-6-11

    anglers center has a few warbaits but selection is limited, they have all the big hammers u need. except for the smaller variety (3" and 4" have been very low on stock for quite some time) Performance tackle is probably your best bet for finding everything you need.
  30. Landsick

    seahorse or thunderbird

    Thank you, at least someone has their head on straight. YES weve been fishing over there for two months. NO we haven't caught a game fish yet. NO we are not strictly a rockfish boat. You guys really need to understand weather and conditions. When the water is 57deg, shit green and blowing 20...
  31. Landsick

    Bass Contest Winner for April is

    Just Ben Fishin Just Justin Catchin.
  32. Landsick

    Rat Rod finished

    friggin amazing, i love it. where did you get the foregrip? or did you make it? if you made it how did you do it? I saw one on G's website also, it would go perfect with my next build.
  33. Landsick

    dusty wraps

    I have a rod thats half wrapped and has been sitting for some time and the wraps are all dusty. What is the best way to clean the dust off without damaging the wraps?
  34. Landsick

    Tubesday Night 3/22

    dam. good on ya. fished yesterday daytime por nada. lotsa wind made it tough in the skiff with no t.m.
  35. Landsick


    haha no wayy i think i caught that same fish about a week ago. i know right where you are, i caught her off the shore mooring anchor. she wrapped me up but i got it back. went to bounce it and she popped off.:shithappens: nice fish
  36. Landsick

    L A P T O P ! ! !

    this is not a matter of life or death, its much more serious than that... Hope you get it fixed, so i can snatch some up this afternoon
  37. Landsick

    Big Boy with Attitude

    those things look pissed off. especially the red eye. nice baits BP.
  38. Landsick

    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    I believe we are cutting it off at 32. but i know theres not many reservations for the weekend. probably wont even be 20 ppl. at $89 you cant beat it!
  39. Landsick

    puro creatures

    Don't feel bad about the smelt. I fished the crankbait all day once and all I caught was a giant smelt. Fml
  40. Landsick

    Plenty of Room Left for Rockfish Openers!!!

    oooh oooh me me me can i go?
  41. Landsick

    Been A While

    we tinkle park? or SACC?
  42. Landsick


    how many licks does it take to get to the center?
  43. Landsick

    The calm after the storm.

    they stopped naming them a while ago which is a shame. mine is just #23 now. i would like to know what the name used to be
  44. Landsick


    hand fed calico... mmmmmmm
  45. Landsick

    Wild & True

    stacked like chord wood nicely done.
  46. Landsick

    The calm after the storm.

    dont get me wrong, the 1/4 3" is my staple "go to" bait. just hasnt been producing the bigger models. Of course there was plenty of butter in the mix. mo buttah mo bettah! badger- no photos yet but im sure youve seen it, probably even fished on one sometime in your life. its one of the old...
  47. Landsick

    The calm after the storm.

    I just recently got a skiff and have been fishing a little in the bay after work. Catchin a few here and there but not the #s some of you guys are posting. So this morning, with the nice weather i decided to give it an "honest effort." Got down to the boat a little after high tide and after a...
  48. Landsick

    War Baits ?? Fred Hall LB

    Fred Hall - Fishing Tackle, Boat & Travel Shows
  49. Landsick

    Lopaka sent me this video

    that was ah pakah, ah 21 foot pakah fesh,:rofl:
  50. Landsick

    The Number of the Beast (2/12)

    suuhweet! its been really fun in the pm lately. ive been hittin it after work, dropped the ball and didnt bring the camera. maybe tomorrow. good fishin!
  51. Landsick

    Spectra/braid line to the lure or leader

    this is news to me... enlighten us, wise one
  52. Landsick

    Sand Bass population in severe decline? Catches down 90% in 10 years, and NEW DATA

    I agree with the humbolt squid theory. To me, there seems to be a steady decrease in spawning fish in the mud since those things started showing up "on the regular." This could be because the jumbos are eating sandbass, or that because of the huge volume of the squid the bass have just...
  53. Landsick

    Rule Of Thumb

    "Rule of thumb" - In the 17th century it was legal for a man to beat his wife, as long as he used a stick no wider than his thumb. I measure the guide total length and add 1" that makes .5" either side of the guide foot
  54. Landsick

    Pure Platinum Ivory, SBK Edition

    this looks badass... what guides did you use?
  55. Landsick

    Lets see some pics!

    im blown away every time i see these doc! especially that largemouth. thanks for sharing. again. i think the tuna at the rocks is pretty classy too
  56. Landsick

    Calstar GG90J

    it might be too wide for the reel but the only way to find out is to do it. you could also leave a gap in the second layer where your reel is going to sit then cover it with shrink wrap.
  57. Landsick

    1996 brewer sportfisher

    sorry for the repost. please remove
  58. Landsick

    1996 brewer sportfisher

    not mine but looks like a killer deal 1996 Brewer sportfisher
  59. Landsick

    Fun times for a good cause

    thanks decker that makes it a lot easier
  60. Landsick

    Fun times for a good cause

    if we register at the BAC prior to the event do we still have to be at the dunes in the AM? or can we just start fishing at 630?
  61. Landsick


    Hopefully it picks up a little this week for the tourney on saturday.
  62. Landsick

    Catch a bass in parker az?

    thanks guys, much appreciated. Brian, any particular color working better than others?
  63. Landsick

    Catch a bass in parker az?

    going out to Parker for turkey day and thru the weekend. Never really fished fresh water before and was wondering if you guys had any tips/secrets for me to try. all the info ive gotten so far is that i need to have every kind of crankbait, spinnerbait, jig, and worm. and try them all till...
  64. Landsick

    Hook size questions..

    imo circle hooks are no good when fishing live squids. i use owner aki twist 5/0 - 7/0 with a slider. gives the bait a little more action than just a leadhead. i know it sounds like a big hook but compare it to the hook on your leadheads and its about the same. like mcrae said these fish have...
  65. Landsick

    Black spectra

    back hair
  66. Landsick

    OC's Make A Wish Rods Vol. II

    much better bobby. i like it
  67. Landsick

    Look what I can do...

    Looks like you need a tampon bobby. :rofl:
  68. Landsick

    stripping off old guides

    Try searching. There has been many threads on this topic
  69. Landsick

    perfect wsb rod

    Bitch please... I saw you take a handoff cuz u couldn't catch one. Hahahaha :rofl:
  70. Landsick

    perfect wsb rod

    I'm building myself a ss-cjb90f for such seabass capture. I fished a friend of mines for the last 2 years and haven't found one better. Also glass 8' 270.and 800L 900m. 90J would be good "kelp cutter" with 40# or 50# and spectra
  71. Landsick

    More fun at OC Rod Builders Class

    What's up Fred! Any covershots lately? :) u should come down its a good ol time. Any good fishin yet this year?
  72. Landsick

    Best way to strip rod

    thats what im doing in the last 2 pics in this post
  73. Landsick

    Best way to strip rod

    i used flex coat but did not paint it on with a brush. Bobby had me rub the flex coat on with my fingers, using friction to burn the flex coat onto the blank. it makes it more of a matte finish and not as thick as painting it on would. this prevents it from cracking/flaking off apparently...
  74. Landsick

    OC Rod building Class 4-7-10

    Thanks. I'm excited to see what the finished product looks like. I think the metallic copper is what really makes it pop
  75. Landsick

    Best way to strip rod

    I just finished stripping an old seeker of mine. First one I've ever done and that's how I did it. Cut the flex coat with a razor blade on the guide feet and peel as much off as you can. Try to find and end of thread and unwrap the wraps. Then carefully shave the remaining flex coat off the...
  76. Landsick

    Newport Bait Barge is back in action

    they just went bigger and better. the new barge has 8 10x10 fixed boxes and 2 large net wells, coming in around 140' its almost twice as long as the old one. the old barge was all nets and those beat the bait up quite a bit with the surge in the harbor. kudos to danny, carl, corby and all the...
  77. Landsick

    Does anyone know Gary Kawakami?

    I think pete has the Sea Venture if i remember correctly. and he is one of the nicest guys in that whole fleet. good on ya pete!
  78. Landsick

    OC Rod building Class 4-7-10

    Bobby you're the man! Thanks for all your help!