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  1. Montanadave


    Or one hell of a good time and some white claws!
  2. Montanadave

    2015 Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke

    Well shit! That was it.
  3. Montanadave

    Something wicked this way comes

    Very awesome! Congratulations!
  4. Montanadave

    This is going on my next cat...

    That’s genius! The sad part is having the two engines to rest your butt cheeks on for warmers.
  5. Montanadave

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Holy shit this is like working in a customers house while they’re watching The View! Lol Carry on.
  6. Montanadave

    From under the rock......

    There could be some Montana Dave sightings this summer.
  7. Montanadave

    From under the rock......

    Well holy shit. Slap a couple Seattle phone books on a chair and pull up a seat!
  8. Montanadave

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    Shoot me a text at (509) 768 7368. I have quite a few pipe jugs if interested.
  9. Montanadave

    2013 Forest River Tracer RV

    This trailer is awesome. Lots of room for storage. Bunks are for full size guys. How’s great too!
  10. Montanadave

    Who's that dude

    Thanks for clearing that one up Laurence.
  11. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Still up for grabs
  12. Montanadave

    Fuel tank tits up

    Don’t let him fool you!
  13. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Bump 120 each or both for 200
  14. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Guilty. Walleye fishing is the new thing. Don’t ya know. They are delicious!
  15. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Couple Thrasher bait sticks.
  16. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Miles I’ve heard there’s some nice public hot tubs by SeaTac. I think they rent by the hour. Could let you unwind before or after a trip.
  17. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Norm I do know some people. You need to get yourself a nice hot tub down there. Or you could find a nice public hot tub if needed. I guess that would work.
  18. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    Hot tub gazebo will be right about the time they finish with the house.
  19. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    They are rebuilding my house. That’s the lumber for reframing and subfloor.
  20. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    2 Shimano Teramar live bait rods 140 bucks each Used them last season for 4 trips I’m going to build a couple new bait sticks for myself. Shoot me a text 509 768 7368
  21. Montanadave

    2013 Forest River Tracer Looking to go to a bigger trailer this one is great. Kristina has spoken and she would like one with double slide outs. Do you think I’m dumb enough to say she wants a bigger one? Lol And as always BD members take a...
  22. Montanadave


    Great times brother! Can’t wait to get back over there to get some more groceries!
  23. Montanadave

    Washer and dryer set

    For you yes. But only in a thong.
  24. Montanadave

    Washer and dryer set

    Shit that’s easy. Just throw them on at 225 for 2 hours and pull them off. (Season them first in whatever you like) I’ve been using Weber’s kickin chicken and there no salt seasonings. Take franks a bottle red hot wing sauce and a stick of butter melted. Stir it in a bowl and dip the wings...
  25. Montanadave

    Washer and dryer set

    I just texted him back. If he doesn’t take them they are yours. And they do come with the pedestals
  26. Montanadave

    Washer and dryer set

    I think $500 bucks would be fair for the set. My wife would like to get a set that matches our other appliances we got when we did our remodel. Thanks
  27. Montanadave

    Go no Go

    If your looking to enjoy tuna fishing I would highly recommend going on tuna charter first. Any of the 6 pack guys are top notch and are highly skilled at what they do. You could probably pick up a trick or two from each one of them. You’ll be light years ahead once you learn to do it first...
  28. Montanadave

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    I own both. The grundens boots are super slippery on diamond plate or slick surfaces. Like scary slippery. They told me to scuff them up on concrete which helped a little. They are very comfortable but you just got to be careful when it’s slick.
  29. Montanadave

    Dad’s legacy - How to make it work?

    Brother I will be there for you to help you in anyway I can.ast Year was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to more trips on the water. So what age is appropriate for rap?
  30. Montanadave

    WTC registration opened today

    He’s way cheaper than $20 bucks.
  31. Montanadave

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    Hey don’t hate. Tuna love it!
  32. Montanadave

    What's on your Tuna playlist? You’re welcome! Lol
  33. Montanadave

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    Say what? Fly channel #47
  34. Montanadave

    Rockstar fridge

    It did. But it’s gone
  35. Montanadave

    Rockstar fridge

    Has a new thermostat installed. Needs light bulbs. 150 bucks Shoot me a text (509) 768 7368
  36. Montanadave

    Counter tops, and sinks

    Shoot me a text if interested (509) 768 7368
  37. Montanadave

    Murphy bed and counter top

    Murphy bed gone
  38. Montanadave

    Murphy bed and counter top

    We decided to remove the Murphy bed out of our spare bedroom. It’s in like new condition. Shoot me a text or a call at (509) 768 7368. It’ll be the fastest to get ahold of me. I also have our old kitchen counter top. It’s made out of Silestone. I also have a Koehler Cast iron sink for it too...
  39. Montanadave

    It’s over.....

    That was a fun ass weekend!
  40. Montanadave

    Getting sharked out...

    If you have your shit ready and have your bait hooked correctly they will power right by the Sharks. I prefer colar hooked baits. Also the way you handle your bait is key. Rod under you arm pit with plenty of line hanging out. Cradle the bait and set them over the side of the boat. Don’t set the...
  41. Montanadave


    Ain’t that some shit! Such a bunch of bull shit. Fuck the NFL. They’ll not get a dime of my money. I’d rather spend my time in the woods chasing elk and deer.
  42. Montanadave

    I'm a very lucky manhotstuff

    Happy birthday Carrie! Life is good Norm! We are all very fortunate to have so many good people around us.
  43. Montanadave

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    I'll be there with Elkfins Saturday and Lumacat Sunday! Should be a great weekend! See y'all out there!
  44. Montanadave

    ProTroll II Help Needed

    I had the Pro Troll 2 on my Hewescraft OP running a Honda 9.9 and never had a single problem. I would definetly consult their customer support. They were good to me during my install process when I had some questions.
  45. Montanadave


    Good job brotha!
  46. Montanadave

    Eide Boat loader

    That's for you to decide.
  47. Montanadave

    Eide Boat loader

    Eide boat loader up for grabs. Definetly not going to work for most all of us but we may know someone who would be able to use it. $950 new they sell for around $1800 from what I've seen.
  48. Montanadave

    Halibut Meeting

    Bunch of horse shit
  49. Montanadave

    New Reliable Kill Bag-30"x72"

    Don't take offense he's just close to the ground. Every offer seems low unless he looks up and shouts.
  50. Montanadave

    WTC Weekend 2017

    Thanks again for asking me to be part of it you guys! It's been a really good time.
  51. Montanadave

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    News to me. I was working my at my job today.
  52. Montanadave

    Team Allied Boats WTC Report

    That's a bad ass machine Bo. Very nicely done.
  53. Montanadave

    Big Thanks and Congrats to Winners

    Glad you are ok brotha! Would've loved to seen you out there as well.
  54. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    Tempting but I may have to hold out for a better offer.....
  55. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    Don't miss out on these timeless pieces of art! They are still up for grabs. Don't let this once in a lifetime chance at these beauties!
  56. Montanadave

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    It was a weird bite. Nothing on the troll. We pitch a metric shit ton of bait on a current line. We long soaked our baits so far out we almost spooled out all of our line. Every tuna we got came in that way. Yellow came out from underneath a log we seen floating on the way back in. We pitched...
  57. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    Aren't they....:gay:
  58. Montanadave

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Anytime brother! I am pretty sure when it comes time to having tenderloins out of the elk we kill we will share that too!
  59. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    I think we could work something out. PM sent
  60. Montanadave

    Doors and wood trim

    Actually was thinking about giving the mirrors to @dragginballs and @Marlin Mike as a wedding gift when they tie the knot!!!!
  61. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    I don't want shit for them lol
  62. Montanadave

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Busy today and don't have a ton of time to right a full blown kick ass report. But here's the quick cliff notes version. I got invited to fish the Deep Canyon Challenge with Bret Dickerson on his rediculous awesome 39' motion marine charter boat along with Kiley Brehm, the lovely Ashley Lewis...
  63. Montanadave

    So I'm cumming out of the closet

    We all did. Congratulations Vance. Hopefully you can go on through life easier getting that off your chest. Have you and Mikey picked a date?
  64. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    I have a pair of lovely Chandeliers up for grabs for anyone interested. You could have these priceless pieces of art if you would like. I will donate them to whoever wants. Vance may even want them for the Kelly Anne.
  65. Montanadave

    Doors and wood trim

    So we sold our home and bought a new place. My wife is taking everything oak out of the house. Let me know if anyone would be interested in the trim and doors. We are also gutting the kitchen out as well.
  66. Montanadave

    Ilwaco OTC

    Rolling into town Thursday night. I'll have coolers if you guys need to throw anything in the truck let me know.
  67. Montanadave

    Tuna Fridays

    I've had plenty of times where I've soaked a bait till I'm almost out of line and bingo. You'll end up reeling the school back to you. Last year with Patrick, Tommy, Steve, Dave, Josh, Todd and myself I had one way the hell out there when I thought I hooked a shark by the way it was coming back...
  68. Montanadave

    Where will you be burning fuel this weekend?

    Don't worry...... they will!
  69. Montanadave

    It's almost time...

    I absolutely LOVE my new 400's!!!!!
  70. Montanadave

    Four men took my virginity this weekend

    Ahhhhh shit!!!!! There's no turning back now!
  71. Montanadave

    Thursday/Friday overnighter

    I'm totally down with @dragonballs on a overnighter!
  72. Montanadave

    Portable air conditioner

    It works indoors and outdoors.
  73. Montanadave

    Raymarine installation in process

    I think your boat needs a portable air conditioner.
  74. Montanadave

    Portable air conditioner

    I'll even throw in all the growlers.....
  75. Montanadave

    Portable air conditioner

    Lol. It's a fucking air conditioner. Portable type, it doesn't have a hours meter. I have a heat pump in the house we just sold. New house has a heat pump. Trying to sell shit I don't need. Works great. If you'd like to take it for a test drive that's fine. As is no warranty. For Christ sake...
  76. Montanadave

    Portable air conditioner

    I'll look the next time I go to the storage unit
  77. Montanadave

    Portable air conditioner

    150 bucks takes it
  78. Montanadave

    Beer growlers

    Lol, delivery service is tied up with moving a metric shit ton of stuff out of our house to storage....
  79. Montanadave

    Beer growlers

    empty growlers for y'all to fill! Come get em so I don't have to pack them!
  80. Montanadave

    Meat mixer

    100 bucks takes it. We paid $250 for it.
  81. Montanadave

    It's happening.........

    You didn't bring your tickets?
  82. Montanadave

    Things not to do while fishing

    Agreed that's a pretty dumb rule....
  83. Montanadave

    Happy Birthday Drangonballs

    :cheers:Happy Birthay Vancetastic!!!!!!! Have a great one brother!!!!!
  84. Montanadave

    Secret's out

    Idaho is not a bad place.....
  85. Montanadave

    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    Definetly for sure come down to WP and attend a PSA meeting! Start networking with everyone and introduce yourself. A great group of assholes!
  86. Montanadave

    Tuna, tuna, tuna

    Maybe we can hand these out to people who get their feelers hurt. It worked for them after the last election and made them feel safe....
  87. Montanadave

    funniness of pink sea pickles...

    @Corey G has a great video
  88. Montanadave

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Steve and I just ran down after work and dropped the trailer at Darrel's for the summer. Then went by Blackbeards for a delicous beverage and pizza!!! Life is good!
  89. Montanadave

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    I will be fishing no matter what. They can piss off.
  90. Montanadave

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Blackbeards one night fo sure!!!!
  91. Montanadave

    Westport roll call this weekend

    You drink beer?
  92. Montanadave

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Did you get a new boat?
  93. Montanadave

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    Decisions, decisions...........
  94. Montanadave

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    Fuck yeah! That was one of the finest days tuna fishing I've ever had. Fishing with Patrick is always fun but when you throw together a crew like that you can't loose!!!!! Can't wait to get the crew back together again this season!
  95. Montanadave

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    Word on the street is he's hung like a pack mule.
  96. Montanadave

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    Ya careful not to splash water on Miles pee pee in Roach Harbor. He said what he does for a living. He was handing out choke holds like skittles.....
  97. Montanadave

    I hope all our trips are like this...

    I've seen one or two.
  98. Montanadave

    I hope all our trips are like this...

    Great times guys! Can wait to run her in the ocean. She will definetly kill some salmon next weekend. First blood.....
  99. Montanadave

    I'm backkkk!!

    :indabutt: bieber
  100. Montanadave

    Pelican Alaska

    Pelican is awesome! The company I work for has a really nice cabin/house/lodge there. Sounds like I'm going there again around the end of September. Cheers and enjoy!
  101. Montanadave

    I'm backkkk!!

    Welcome back! Gonna be a kick ass summer!
  102. Montanadave

    advice on running two downriggers

    I only run two downriggers. And a delta diver or two off the back at 10 to 15 pulls. Really all you need in my opinion.
  103. Montanadave

    advice on running two downriggers

    I got you Norm.... rigging herring whole is easier than you think
  104. Montanadave

    So it dawned on me......

    Looks like you were able to jump out from under the table to your booster seat!!!!! Cheers fucker! Gonna be a good summer!
  105. Montanadave


    That's fantastic brotha!!!!'
  106. Montanadave


    Dude I'm dying! Lmfao
  107. Montanadave

    TailWalker Halibut Season at a Glance

    Every trip was great this year! I was lucky enough to take this kick ass group of guys!!!
  108. Montanadave

    Anyone up for salmon wager?

    Go big or go home!
  109. Montanadave

    Anyone up for salmon wager?

    Oooooo a gentlemans bet!
  110. Montanadave

    Anyone fishing Saturday ?

    T The secret Halibut hole...
  111. Montanadave

    Need la Push Ling Cod help.

    Easy Mr Jim Beam.......
  112. Montanadave

    Anyone fishing Saturday ?

    No brainer....... Pipe jigs!
  113. Montanadave

    It's happening.........

    Yeah out of anyone I was hoping to see draw a tag it was him!
  114. Montanadave

    It's happening.........

    I drew a muzzleloader cow tag for Taneum and Kristina drew the Observatory Quality Bull permit!!!!! Someone else we know may have drew something good!
  115. Montanadave

    It's happening.........

  116. Montanadave

    pair of 2011 300 Mercury Verado available July 1st

    Buy the Coldwater and slap both of them on it!!!
  117. Montanadave

    2007 Bayliner ski boat

    My in laws are looking to sell there 2007 Bayliner Discovery 195. They are looking to get a newer bigger boat after they build their new house on Hood Canal. Told them I'd throw it up here. It's a great boat and I run it during the summer at Lake Cushman every year and know there's no mechanical...
  118. Montanadave

    Yamaha YES Warranty

    I say Yes. But I'm a 100,000 mile warranty guy too. I've never went a day without auto insurance in my life. I've also been saved by a extended warranty. Peace of mind brother!
  119. Montanadave

    Is this how you like it?

    Yeah us guys at etc. Charters are no fun!!!
  120. Montanadave

    Is this how you like it?

    That's the only way I'll step on a boat to go tuna fishing.....
  121. Montanadave

    Is this how you like it?

    Center mounted bait tank 50 gallons or so!!!!
  122. Montanadave

    Who is going Sunday?

    Couldn't of asked for a better crew for the day! One of the best days this year!!!
  123. Montanadave

    Careful who you throw water balloons at....

    They just may have a lot more....:rofl:
  124. Montanadave

    Who is going Sunday?

    We are ready!!!
  125. Montanadave

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    I'll be fishing in LaPush on the day of the open house
  126. Montanadave

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!! Here we go!
  127. Montanadave

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Tonight will be Pork loin with stubs seasoning at 225 for 4 hours!
  128. Montanadave

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Traeger Pork and Poultry seasoning generously rubbed on chicken qtrs at 225 for 1.5 to 2 hrs and turned up to 350 for 15 minutes and pull.
  129. Montanadave

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    If we become neighbors I accept that challenge!
  130. Montanadave

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Chicken off the Traeger is like the pain pills lol before you know you'll be a full on Traeger junkie!!!!! Lol
  131. Montanadave

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    What do you mean you people?
  132. Montanadave

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    As some of you know my wife and I have decided to sell our home in North Tacoma and looking to move to the Ollala Port Orchard area. In search of more property and space. Friday I had asked Brian to come by and sweat a fitting for me to hook up the irragation Patrick hooked me up with last...
  133. Montanadave

    Wall tent

    I got a picture for you
  134. Montanadave

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Traeger for this guy! Had my Texas BBQ that I refurbished for 10 plus years and no issues whatsoever. General maintenance shit like a igniter and a burn pot. Just about to pull the trigger on a new Traeger Timberline. Traeger for life.
  135. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Bump $200 bucks
  136. Montanadave

    Chevy and GMC Trucks.

    Love my new Chevy. Don't give a shit about the bullshit politics. Nicest truck I've ever owned hands down.
  137. Montanadave

    Special Permit Deadline extended!

    Nothing like waiting till the last minute!
  138. Montanadave

    Wall tent

    We have decided to sell out home and will be putting up stuff for grabs as we start going through stuff. I have a 14 x 16 wall tent with a internal frame, wood stove, oven box and hot water tank and a 7' rain fly too. The rain fly is missing one aluminum pole but anyone with any sort of...
  139. Montanadave

    Have a seat? Want a seat?

    Hence the name Hollywood.
  140. Montanadave

    Have a seat? Want a seat?

    Roger and by the way his names not asshole it's Hollywood.
  141. Montanadave

    Have a seat? Want a seat?

    Hey buddy if Kerry comes up this weekend to LaPush I'll send that halibut gear for you.
  142. Montanadave

    Have a seat? Want a seat?

    We got all of ours at Greys canyon....
  143. Montanadave

    Used Pursuit 3480 Drummon Island For Sale

    Throw a Hollywood in there and you might have a deal!
  144. Montanadave

    Used Pursuit 3480 Drummon Island For Sale

    Are you sure you didn't mean Swede ride for sure?
  145. Montanadave

    I knew there was something off with those Colorado guys...

    Holy shit! That last one was horrible.
  146. Montanadave

    I knew there was something off with those Colorado guys...

    @Elkfins its Hollywood. @Waterdog~ has left the building
  147. Montanadave

    May 21 Halibut!

    See y'all in Westport!
  148. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Thank you Billy! I owe you.
  149. Montanadave

    pouring 2 and 4 lb cod weights

    Yeah we always heat up the molds on the side of the burner while we are melting. And leave it shut for a few to let it cool.
  150. Montanadave

    Making Halibut fishing great again

    Dr Tangles is always great to have onboard!
  151. Montanadave

    Something for the notebook if you fish Westport

    Top notch people in Westport! It's nice we all have each others backs no matter what!
  152. Montanadave

    DR Balls and Pipe Jigs

    Really surprised you got rid of all those pipe jigs so fast.
  153. Montanadave

    New Lowrance 18" 3g Radar dome

    How about trading for a snapper riding lawn mower (needs works) a 12 pack of diet K and a gently used blow up doll? Pm sent
  154. Montanadave

    Bait tank wanted.

    Cheating bastards!!! Professionals
  155. Montanadave

    Bait tank wanted.

    What's Salmon?
  156. Montanadave

    Bait tank wanted.

    Center of the deck! I am spoiled and have the opportunity to fish on some very nice well equipped boats. I have also fished with bait tanks that hold very little bait not in the middle and you truly can not do the job even close to what a good bait tank in the center of the back deck will do. If...
  157. Montanadave

    2017 Area 10/11/13 Spot Prawn Season

    Definetly makes people want to go to the sporting goods store and support the local economy buying shrimp pots at around a 100 bucks a pop, leaded line, buoys, bait and $500.00 on anpot puller. :appl:
  158. Montanadave

    Good Riddance

    Same way I felt towing our trailer last weekend!
  159. Montanadave

    Shrimp "Date" announced for Area 10, 11

    Such great opportunities for everyone to get out and enjoy our resources!
  160. Montanadave

    Bait tank wanted.

    I would also suggest going out with someone who knows what they are doing. With a 50 gallon bait tank and 3 grande scoops. It'll be well worth it!!!!
  161. Montanadave

    Bait tank wanted.

    If you are just trying to see if you like tuna is not even a question. It's kind of like getting a blow job to see if you like them....
  162. Montanadave

    Good Riddance

    I'll call and give them shit!
  163. Montanadave

    Good Riddance

    Tommy the difference in driving my Dodge and my new Chevy is night and day. My Chevy has 445 hp and 910 ft pounds of torque. It drives like a car. I doubled my fuel economy over the dodge as well. Right now I'm getting 23 to 24 on the highway doing 70 mph. I bought mine from Dave Smith and saved...
  164. Montanadave

    Good Riddance

    I absolutely love my new Chevy! Tows like a dream!
  165. Montanadave

    Pair of 2011 300 HP Verado and all rigging

    If you ain't first you're last!!!
  166. Montanadave

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Is that Carl?
  167. Montanadave

    Towboat US/Vessel Assist on sale

    I believe @Elkfins has a story on that tow boat in WP.
  168. Montanadave


    First week Westport and second week will be LaPush.
  169. Montanadave

    Pipe Jigs in shallow water

    Used to. Way easier now.
  170. Montanadave

    Pipe Jigs in shallow water

    I make a 9" 1/2" pipe jig and throw a 10/0 trebble on it. I've done well fishing the rock pile in La Push and the 100' fow of water around WP. Never had a issue catching them on that's pipe jig. Many a people on my boat am doing a few members on here have done well with them on my boat.
  171. Montanadave

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Could this be love? I think we have a new bromance on our hands.....
  172. Montanadave

    Neah Bay Roll call

    No shit! Lol Before you know it elk season will be here!
  173. Montanadave

    What's new in Costa Rica?

    Do they have the delicious IPA down there?
  174. Montanadave

    PSA Ocean Anglers First meeting of 2017

    Shit man. I totally spaced it. Not having Facebook someone has to call me or something. Lol
  175. Montanadave

    Happy Bday Swede!

    Just because we are chained to the porch doesn't mean we can can't bark at the cars driving by.
  176. Montanadave

    Happy Bday Swede!

    Happy birthday fucker!
  177. Montanadave

    Ready to fish

    Looks good!
  178. Montanadave

    I have Jeff Norwoods phone

    Not this weekend. Fishing was pretty good.
  179. Montanadave

    Goatram's B-Day

    Happy birthday you cranky bastard!!!!!
  180. Montanadave


    I always have a couple Sharpies in my back pack. Just shoot me a ring if you need to borrow one.
  181. Montanadave

    Multi season

    I'm We still do Idaho. Looks like we will be busy!
  182. Montanadave

    Multi season

    You may want me to be the hunt leader and put in for a party I have 4 points
  183. Montanadave

    Shrimp bait

    All I've ever used for shrimp has been the shrimp pellets which I grind up into a dust with a food processor and the ground mackerel from Sportco. All I've ever used and never struck out.
  184. Montanadave

    Golf stuff

    What's golf?
  185. Montanadave

    Multi season

    Who else drew? I drew multi season elk.
  186. Montanadave

    Monday madness

    Is that the day he disappeared looking for ice Miles?
  187. Montanadave

    Halibut gear

    Chris has my number if he wants to do that.
  188. Montanadave

    Halibut gear

    Got a bunch of hooks, leaders, squid and a couple spreader bars. 40 bucks takes it all. Located in North Tacoma.
  189. Montanadave

    Can't wait for summer!!!!

  190. Montanadave

    Westport July 21 trip

    Shhhh Miles it's a secret. Lol
  191. Montanadave

    Hard work pays off!

    Man I can't wait wait for September. Reading that again made me smile. Can't wait for hunting season.
  192. Montanadave

    Monday madness

    Seeing how he was with the ling cod Anus it's understandable.
  193. Montanadave

    Monday madness

    Mikee always has the brownies. I had a friend of mine who goes by Dr Tangles come back to the boat one day and he asks, "Do you know a guy named Marlin Mike. He's a really nice guy. Vance made me whiskeys and comes and Marlin Mike gave me a delicious brownie!" I said, "Oh buddy just wait." Lol
  194. Montanadave

    Archery elk hunt

    I prefer East Side. I've harvested a few cows in the Nile unit and a bull in The Observatory unit with the help from Mr Elkfins. My success on cows has been early season and Thanksgiving weekend during late season. Get out there early and look for tracks. Find water for early season or where...
  195. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Lol :rofl:
  196. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Who hasn't?
  197. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Miles has tried...
  198. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    I know somebody has to have a pressure problem..... $400
  199. Montanadave

    Ocean Season

    Good luck brotha Dave!
  200. Montanadave

    I'm dying inside!

    That was a great day gentlemen! Summer can't get here soon enough! Next time we try and sink the coldwater!
  201. Montanadave

    GH bouy....ouch

    I was snorkeling yesterday with my top of and got sun burnt bad lol. Going to have my shirt on today. Everyone is safe.
  202. Montanadave

    GH bouy....ouch

    We went fishing the first day while we were down here. We got about a dozen Bottom fish and had a marlin in our spread. He hooked up twice but never stuck. It was awesome watching it. Trying to get out one more day before we go.
  203. Montanadave

    GH bouy....ouch

    Beautiful in Cabo. :720icon:
  204. Montanadave

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    It's Cabo, shirt is against the law. Don't want to have the Policia after my ass!
  205. Montanadave

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    Kristina would probably approve. She really enjoyed being on this 38' Tiara this morning, she said it would be perfect for Westport. Now we are back roughing it at the house. This place is such a dump. Not even enjoyable.
  206. Montanadave

    PSA Monroe Sportsman Show this weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Apr 7/8/9

    I'd love to see you all but we are headed to Cabo. Sorry about the lame excuse.
  207. Montanadave

    Reasons to buy a fiberglass boat, and why you don't buy a Dodge

    Back when I used to own a boat I had a 1/2 ton Dodge towing my Hewescraft Ocean Pro. It did the job but it threw that truck around and didn't feel comfortable. I switched to a Dodge Cummins 2500 and felt a lot more comfortable. Last month I got smart and bought a 2017 Chevy Z71 2500 with 445...
  208. Montanadave

    Adding another boat for Thursday thru Sunday!

    It's going to be a fun summer!
  209. Montanadave

    12/0 Treble Hooks

    Amazon had them too
  210. Montanadave

    Westport Hotel Recommendation:

    Westport inn would be my first choice. Get one of the Jacuzzi cabins.
  211. Montanadave


    Dr Tangles
  212. Montanadave

    Coho Numbers

    Can I bring a bowl?
  213. Montanadave

    Coho Numbers

  214. Montanadave

    Ladner Shrimp pots

    I switched over to them and absolutely love them. If they tear at all I just use 80 pound power pro to patch them up.
  215. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Thanks again!!! We can't wait!
  216. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    I will throw in all the valves and fittings too.
  217. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Armrol RP-10 water pressure booster. It runs off 110 volts. I ordered this summer and after I went to hook it up it had a bad control board. I have a brand new one for it. It was beyond the time I could return it. I actually resolved my water problem and no longer need this. I paid 850 bucks for...
  218. Montanadave

    anyone have ALEXA at home

    Kristinas mom and dad have one at their place. We went over there for Kristinas dads birthday the other night and I asked her if she could order us some condoms. She said sure let me see what's out there for you. She says I found you 5 cases of x large glow in the dark condoms. Would you like me...
  219. Montanadave

    Halibut - 7 days maybe?

    The one day thing is total bull shit. People plan vacation to the target two days of halibut over a 3 day fishing weekend. Oh Canada......
  220. Montanadave

    Steelhead fishing with Far Corners Darrell

    We went last weekend with Darrel and had a amazing trip too!
  221. Montanadave

    Saltwater sportsmans show

    I think I may have to roll down to that one next year fo sure.
  222. Montanadave

    WTB Lowrance transducer

    :rofl: Sorry man just the way I
  223. Montanadave

    Patrick of Tailwalker Charter to speak at Kitsap CCA Meeting Feb 22

    Norm did you take over the responsibilities as the New Unofficial Mayor of Westport?
  224. Montanadave

    WTB Lowrance transducer

    That's what I have
  225. Montanadave

    WTB Lowrance transducer

    I have one too.
  226. Montanadave

    Questions on bilge and bait tank pumps?

    Maybe Laurence doesn't need pressure and he wants to take his time rinsing.......
  227. Montanadave

    Educational Reminder- Gun Hunters

    There's some great tips in that video right there!
  228. Montanadave

    Hard work pays off!

    I'm pretty lucky. I got some great people in my life!
  229. Montanadave

    Tagged out

    Way to go! Tasty eats for sure. Any elk with a bow is a trophy! Hell any elk is a trophy any way any how.
  230. Montanadave

    Hard work pays off!

    A huge shout out to Steve. You showed me something that you've had to yourself for 30 plus years. I can't say how much I appreciate it. It all started with a fishing trip on Patrick's Cold Water for ling cod. Steve and I started to have a conversation about elk hunting. We swapped hunting...
  231. Montanadave

    Hammered a Washington Yellowtail today!!!

    I had that problem once last year. I contacted Tommy and he talked to someone and they fixed it.
  232. Montanadave


    Honest to god I hope I get the chance for that same team to fish together again! What a great day!
  233. Montanadave

    Open Seat Tuna

    Tell him Tim makes his own moonshine, that might work better than cookies.
  234. Montanadave


    Lol I accept that challenge too! Sunday we will have 60 pound top shot!!!!!! Maxed out drags!!!! It's on!!!!!
  235. Montanadave


    It's awesome to watch the video. No one yelling over or under. Everyone just knew what to do. Awesome crew! We will have to make this a annual trip! I think Pat would be down and everyone else involved.
  236. Montanadave


    That was such a great day! One for the books!
  237. Montanadave

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Yesterday was one of my top 5 trips! Outfuckingstanding!!!!!!! Can't wait to do battle with you men again!
  238. Montanadave

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Looks like it was a good year to draw The Observatory Bull tag September 10th thru the 22nd.
  239. Montanadave

    VHF help

    Vance if my memory serves me correct there was a gentlemen offering help to anyone with VHF questions and or problems.
  240. Montanadave

    What's really going on

    Lol me too
  241. Montanadave

    What's really going on

    Only time will tell...........
  242. Montanadave

    What's really going on

    Wonder if this post will get deleted??????
  243. Montanadave

    What's really going on

    The 60 plus fish he got with his group in a little over a hour spoiled him in June!!!!
  244. Montanadave

    Defiance comes thru!

    Pretty awesome how it all came together! We all have each others back and willing to help at a moments notice.
  245. Montanadave

    Epic bait stop

    Awesome day brothas!
  246. Montanadave

    Wide open

    Epic trip Jason! We put the wood to the Thrasher rods! Such a awesome group! I feel privileged to have such a great group!
  247. Montanadave

    Epic day off Ilwaco

    Epic day! One stop bait stop! Doesn't get any better. Oh I take it back, the crew made it even better. The ladies kicked some ass!
  248. Montanadave

    Upgraded rod holders

    That looks awesome! Corey G and I would love to sink some of our rods in them there holes and bloody the shit out of your deck!
  249. Montanadave

    WTB Downrigger, Pot Puller, Raymarine ES78

    I have a like new 1106 at my house. Shoot me a ring (509) 768 7368.
  250. Montanadave

    Special Permit results are up

    I drew Quality Elk Archery in Observatory. Kristina and I both drew second antlerless deer in Omak (Sept 8th thru Oct 9) modern firearm.
  251. Montanadave

    Special Permit results are up

    Way to go! Couldn't go to a better guy!
  252. Montanadave


    That is fucking hilarious! Lmfao. Are you sure MM didn't put it there that night?
  253. Montanadave

    found box of hali gear in port angeles

    I thought Marlin Mike lost a boot, not a tackle box......
  254. Montanadave

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    I thought I seen a boot behind the hungry whale where the glory hole between the two honey buckets are.
  255. Montanadave

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    Were those even boots? They were awfully low feminine looking shoes. I think he bought them from Cyndi......
  256. Montanadave

    Kelli Ann got her artwork installed.

    Looks great! It was great to see you all this weekend. I'm so happy fishing season is here!
  257. Montanadave

    Shimano 20A 2 speed

    Bump 180.00
  258. Montanadave

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Ouch! Sorry man.
  259. Montanadave

    Shimano 20A 2 speed

    LOL I will let him know for sure! I told him you gave me $45
  260. Montanadave

    Beast Mode

    Cant wait to Bloody her up! It will be a great Season!
  261. Montanadave

    Shimano 20A 2 speed

    So apparently I have two accounts. One with a misspelled profile name. OBO on the reel by the way too. Cheers!:cheers:
  262. Montanadave

    Lucky Dog is for Sale

    I seen a baby whale from that boat Jay!
  263. Montanadave

    Whitfield advantage plus pellet stove

    Depends on the stage. Stage ones they can still be burned. Stage 2 no. I've been burning with pellet stoves for years and it hasn't been a issue for us.
  264. Montanadave

    Whitfield advantage plus pellet stove

    I got a nice Whitfield Advantage plus pellet stove up for grabs. It's got auto ignite and can be ran off a thermostat. Would be awesome for someone's home or garage. I installed a new igniter, burn pot and a control board. I have it posted on Craigslist for 950 but will give it to you fellow...
  265. Montanadave

    Kelli Ann transplant complete

    Very cool! Nice to see her back on the water!
  266. Montanadave

    Struck gold on the Gold Rush

    Very nice Brotha! Glad you had a great day! Awesome you got your guy out!
  267. Montanadave

    Need Tuna

    Corey is a hell of a good fisherman! He also has a very good network. And he loves carving up tuna at the end of the day!
  268. Montanadave

    Some pretty damn great friends

    That's very cool!
  269. Montanadave

    Nailed it...BOOM

    Very nice report! Great to see you again. I love the brotherhood!
  270. Montanadave

    Good news. On engine

    Great news Vance! :cheers:
  271. Montanadave

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Being I grew up in Iowa. 19 years to be exact. I can agree with the beef. And yes Pheasant hunting was out of this world on our farms we hunted.
  272. Montanadave

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    That cat who owns that goes by Freedom on the radio. He has a Suzuki on the back. He tried racing me into the marina in LaPush a couple years ago. He also talks on the radio more than I do.
  273. Montanadave


    Oh god! You had to say that!
  274. Montanadave

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    I'm thinking a potato gun or eggs would be a great idea to keep on board. Hmmmmmmm....
  275. Montanadave

    Blown engine on the Kelli Ann

    Hope you get her done soon! Sorry you had to deal with all this.
  276. Montanadave

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Thank goodness the ocean is starting to look descent soon. We all need something to do.
  277. Montanadave

    Well fuck...... Updated

    Gotta love the brotherhood! Nice job Brothas!
  278. Montanadave

    Looking for tuna crew saturday....

    Paul how dare you put people's life's in danger encouraging them to go unsafe conditions! Lol
  279. Montanadave

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    You busted out Poop Dick! Best be careful calling someone a poop dick. Some guys will crawl out of there skin and call me to tell you to fuck yourself. Lol :rofl:
  280. Montanadave

    Look what's in my garage

    Was not what I was expecting for some reason.
  281. Montanadave

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    I've seen some dumb shot this year but that takes the cake.
  282. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    It sounds like it's sold. Sorry Vance it would've been a great place for you and Mike.
  283. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    Nobody likes me Laurence. I've just gotten used to it.
  284. Montanadave

    Salmon for soldiers

    Captain Kerry and I will be leaving by boat from Gig Harbor and will be up there sometime during the day on Friday.
  285. Montanadave

    Awesome Weather !!

    Have a fun and safe trip Andy!
  286. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    I'll measure it when I get back to Westport. It's actually Kerrys kill bag Kevin. I'm 6' tall and when I spread my arms out its longer than my wingspan. I bet it's still down at Westport. Shoot Kerry a ring Kevin I know Brian is still down there.
  287. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    You could definitely fit a elk inside of it.
  288. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    I believe so
  289. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    Huge reliable kill bag. Paid $450 for it last week and used on two trips. We needed the next size down. $400 It would also work as a great place for Vance and Marlin Mike to cuddle because I'm pretty sure they'd fit together inside it.
  290. Montanadave

    55 hour work week

    Yeah 35 and I'm good.
  291. Montanadave

    55 hour work week

    Thank god I work as little as possible. Lol
  292. Montanadave

    Dad update - bad

    Man I'm so sorry to hear Brotha. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  293. Montanadave


    Congratulations again to everyone! I had a blast hanging out with all of you!
  294. Montanadave

    New Mayor

    That's definitely a safe bet.
  295. Montanadave

    After hours auction...

    I dont recall half of the shit Mike was muttering at the bar. I do recall someone trying to get me to play tiny tennis against the kid on steroids. That was the busiest I have ever seen that pristine bar.
  296. Montanadave

    After hours auction...

    Any day you don't deal with the police is a great day! Eli you coming down this weekend?
  297. Montanadave

    After hours auction...

    I even heard he's planning on coming to the BBQ.
  298. Montanadave

    New Mayor

    Congratulations Mayor. Looking forward to see what Kevin has planned for Westport.
  299. Montanadave

    5 Aug tuna report

    I surprised Troy hasn't lit you up for sending people in harms way.
  300. Montanadave

    Kill bag

  301. Montanadave

    Kill bag

    24" x 60" kill bag. $150 Located in Tacoma. I will be heading down to Westport Thursday mid day.
  302. Montanadave

    KODAKs Chasin Tuna Thurs

    I had the same problem with my 250 Honda. I had a bad O2 sensor last summer. They installed a new ECU and it gave a different weird code and kept alarming. Ever since they changed it out it's been fine.
  303. Montanadave

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    Nothing like Vances that's for sure. Whatever it is it'll be around a while I hope. Jeez 3 different boats in 6 years.....
  304. Montanadave

    Great story

    That is so cool!
  305. Montanadave

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    Thanks guys! I'm going to be without for a bit but its all good. I'm having a great time helping Kerry out at Offshore NW.
  306. Montanadave

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    She's an awesome fishing machine. Many pounds of fish have met a quick death upon her Bloodydeck. There's some big things coming in the future.
  307. Montanadave

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    Sale pending. Wednesday is the day my first ocean boat goes to its next owner. Bigger thingson the horizon.
  308. Montanadave

    Help me pick out a hunting pack

    I have a new Sitka flash 32 pack I just bought for my last wolf hunt to Idaho. I like it as it is very quiet and holds everything I need and then some. The only complaint I have is it kinda pushes on my rifle while slinged. It'll be very sweet for bow hunting. Also I love the way it straps in...
  309. Montanadave

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    Well it has come to the point where I am going to put up my baby for sale. We are going to be looking at getting a bigger boat in the future and with all the time I am spending on Charters it doesn't make much sense to have her sit. 2010 Hewescraft 220 Ocean Pro, 2012 Honda BF250 HP main...
  310. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    It was Ranch and delicious.
  311. Montanadave

    Surplus ice maker

    Paul I hit a 28 lbs ice maker at my house. Shoot me a text tomorrow. I also got that giant slab of stainless.
  312. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    Andy I don't know what happened. I met this couple down at the trailer park one day while walking my "purse dog". Being completely not judge mental at all I talked to them. One of them poured me a cup of coffee. Really nice guys. A week later I show back up in town and we meet up again. I...
  313. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    Sounds awesome I'll bring a nice Merlot.
  314. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    Now come on. Purse dog? You'll think it's funny until I yell Game Warden. Lol
  315. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    Perhaps cowboy boots be proper? Just want to make sure I can fit all of your criteria on how to dress in Westport.
  316. Montanadave

    Offshore Northwest Wounded Warriors Tuna Slay fest!

    Friday Captain Kerry of Offshore Northwest and I had the opportunity to take 5 wounded warriors Tuna fishing out of Westport. We iced up early and grabbed 3 scoops of fresh anchovies from the bait dock. With the beautiful sun rising at our backs, we cruised out at a quick pace with a fairly...
  317. Montanadave

    Wp Tuna 7/25

    I've been trying to upload pics and even reduced the size with no luck. I messaged Jason last night.
  318. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    Ok so here's the skinny. Iowa boy born and raised until I was 19 years old. I moved out west to Phillibsburg Montana to pursue my dream of becoming a hunting guide. I learned to pack mules, ride horses and throw iron on their feet. (Ok I'm waiting for someone to throw a sheep comment my way...
  319. Montanadave


    Probably Mike and Vance taking a shower together......
  320. Montanadave

    theres a new tommy in town

    They're Keen Sandals with a toe condom. Lol. They are super awesome! Don't hate me cause you ain't me! :finger:
  321. Montanadave

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    We will be out Friday and Saturday Brotha! Brian is heading out tomorrow. We will see you this weekend!
  322. Montanadave

    frozen anchovy packs

    I'm pretty sure Crittet cove or somewhere near them has them. I bought mine while I was in Tahsis.
  323. Montanadave

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    A write in will do. Let's make this happen. Every vote counts!
  324. Montanadave

    Ladies Love Tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest

    Yeah no smiles I that trip. They were all super fun to hang out with.
  325. Montanadave

    Ladies Love Tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest

    On Tuesday 7/16, I had the great pleasure of being able to take 6 awesome ladies tuna fishing with Captain Kerry. It was my first time meeting 5 of them all in person, but I knew most of them through social media via Facebook. The crew consisted of: Jean Garner (Ron's wife), Amy Spoon (Horns and...
  326. Montanadave

    South Hood Canal Salmon July 1-5, or stick to Dungees?

    Did the 4th of July already happen? I'm confused.
  327. Montanadave

    News flash. Paul is an assman

    I figured at least you would've mentioned that hottie we seen at pirate days. You ran off to the restroom super quick for some reason after you seen her......
  328. Montanadave

    Offshore Northwest has another AWESOME weekend at Westport

    No secrets here! Glad to hear you were able to fill those punch cards! Call anytime.
  329. Montanadave

    Offshore Northwest has another AWESOME weekend at Westport

    It didn't take me to long to redeem myself. I was fired for a short time. I did reapply and got rehired fortunately.
  330. Montanadave

    Offshore Northwest has another AWESOME weekend at Westport

    Thursday night Captain Kerry and I of Offshore NW headed down to Westport again to escape the heat and head to reports of lights out salmon fishing. The wind had really picked up once we got into town and with a small craft advisory we canceled our charter for Friday. We still woke up in the...
  331. Montanadave

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    I may have seen someone wearing a shirt. Not confirmed and I know, I know pics or it didn't happen.
  332. Montanadave

    Team offshore Northwest WP report 6/19 and 6/20

    You know it Brotha! Always a good time! Great to see you guys out there suckin up that fresh whale air and slayin! Good weekend!
  333. Montanadave

    Tuna 2015

    Word on the street is Mark and crew have fish on deck........
  334. Montanadave

    Narrows Marina on fire!

    I know Old School was out on the big pond so it wasn't him. My guess is Mojo. Sorry Larry.
  335. Montanadave

    Team offshore Northwest WP report 6/19 and 6/20

    Hearing of reports of lights out fishing, Captain Kerry and I felt like a kid the night before Christmas. We headed out to 290 to 300 feet of water and started working all depths and after about an hour we finally hooked into a dandy. We were at 221 feet of wire on the downrigger and caught it...
  336. Montanadave

    Welcome to the Bright Side

    He could of had a secret weapon on board.......:-)
  337. Montanadave

    Where's the Westport reports?

    Hit us up Friday on the Vhf. We will be out Friday and Saturday. Thanks again for offering up a downrigger a couple weeks ago. It was overwhelming how many people called me. Tight lines Montana Dave
  338. Montanadave

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    Giggling is totally acceptable when tuna fishing and snowmobiling. Lol
  339. Montanadave

    Newbie Introduction

    Welcome! Nice ride and yes bait tank!!!!
  340. Montanadave

    Where's the Westport reports?

    The ocean is huge by the way so who the hell cares about secret squirrel salmon spots. If we all work as a team it makes it better for all of us! WWW. Exposure lol
  341. Montanadave

    Where's the Westport reports?

    Sunday of opening weekend 7 hit my deck and in the box. Out In 130 fow. The following Saturday 5 guys took home 1 chinook a piece on Offshore northwest boat while I ran deck. We fished last Friday and got a goose egg. I'm sure better things are to come. This weekend the weather looks much better...
  342. Montanadave


    What? Who the hell keeps bringing me shit!?!
  343. Montanadave


    I actually dropped everything. I quit my job. Took all my salmon gear off of my boat. Got all the tuna stuff on it and was en route to Westport when I see this was all some sort of joke. Seriously I'm like what the hell. You are all a bunch of assholes. Guess I'll have to wait and go in two weeks.
  344. Montanadave

    Wa hunt draw results out

    Nothing at our house. Thank goodness the wife and I have bull tags for unit 28 in Idaho.
  345. Montanadave


    Jeez can we not have fun anymore....... Lol
  346. Montanadave

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    The sea lion shipment to the North Pole really has got my attention. Not only will we get rid of nuisance sea lions but feed the endangered polar bears as well.
  347. Montanadave

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    Kevin we can all hope for a write in!
  348. Montanadave

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    Any help we can get will be greatly appreciated. Stickers, buttons, t shirts and hats! Let's make it happen!
  349. Montanadave


  350. Montanadave

    Anybody venturing deep out of WP

    You will find me out past 250 to 300 feet next weekend.
  351. Montanadave


    I actually heard a guy on a Kyak out of Newport loaded up 71 last Friday.
  352. Montanadave


    I'm down to roll out Sunday!
  353. Montanadave

    Bottom fish westport

    Rumors says there may be a few around. Seriously run north and use your sonar and gps. People aren't being assholes. You got to get to know people before you throw out questions like that. It's kinda like taking a girl on a date. You don't just whip it out and pull her pants down the day you...
  354. Montanadave

    LH Reelers

    I have a bunch of the Penn Fatham reels and I actually prefer them over the Tekota personally. I think I have 12 of them lol. They are absolutely awesome reels.
  355. Montanadave

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    Thanks Steve. You sure now how to make a fella feel good about himself.
  356. Montanadave

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    I must be some sort of miracle worker is all I can think.
  357. Montanadave

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    It was on ice for 24 hours. How could you turn that down.
  358. Montanadave

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    Anytime Vance! Your new boat is one sick ride!
  359. Montanadave


    Such a awesome group! Really happy to be a part of it. This summer is going to be a good one.
  360. Montanadave

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    Friday Captain Kerry and I headed down to fish the weekend in Wesport. We had full intentions to fish Friday but the wind had different plans for us. We decided to hang out at the dock and rig up the gear and get the boat set up for Saturday's trip. That evening we met up with Ian and Donald...
  361. Montanadave

    New Westport Brewery

    We are there Saturday and the brews and pizza were awesome!
  362. Montanadave

    Kelli Ann arrives in westport

    Very nice Vance! She'll be a bloody mess soon I'm sure! Great looking ride!
  363. Montanadave

    Opening weekend at Westport

    Thanks again for having us by! It was awesome being able to clean everything up before heading home. We all loved what you've done with your place. That secret brine is awesome!
  364. Montanadave

    Opening weekend at Westport I love their product it works awesome!
  365. Montanadave

    Opening weekend at Westport

    I've heard braid will do exactly what it did. I took it in for service this winter and told them it was acting up. I can only assume it was the spool getting so bound up by the braid it finally split. There was even a backing on it. Craziest thing I've seen on a downrigger.
  366. Montanadave

    Opening weekend at Westport

    It's actually a product called Rodwrap from down in Oregon. I love the stuff. It's been on some rods for two years. Works great!
  367. Montanadave

    Opening weekend at Westport

    Friday afternoon I hooked up to the boat and rolled down to Westport for the weekend. Opening day was spent with Patrick on his awesome Coldwater boat helping with a bottom fishing trip he had scheduled. We were able to get 80 sea bass rather quickly along with some ling cod. One of which was a...
  368. Montanadave

    Suzuki 250 HP outboard help

    That's super shity! I know Ron Garner has a guy who is a whiz on Suzuki motors. May want to hit him up! He has a lot of good things to say about his mechanic.
  369. Montanadave

    Westport opener.

    Nice work Andy!
  370. Montanadave

    1980 19' Glasply 2100

    Did you sell her?
  371. Montanadave

    bottom fish location?

    I agree with Steve. There is no reason to say that it's about measuring cock size. I have met some of the coolest people ever off this website. Almost all of us are super helpful and full of info. It's kinda like whipping it out on a first date with out buying her a few drinks. You got to buy...
  372. Montanadave

    Neah Bay Shake-Out 4/25-26

    Awesome! Looks like you had a beautiful day!
  373. Montanadave

    Bottom fish on the Goldrush, 25 April

    Looks like a beautiful day out on the big pond!
  374. Montanadave

    Anyone hitting lings before halibut season?

    We were going to go this weekend but the ocean looks like garbage. Last I checked was an 11 foot swell with 4 to 7 foot wind waves. I'm out! Lol
  375. Montanadave


    I'm gonna bet Westport will be a nuthouse this summer. The furthest I've seen the line is to the pizza joint. Could be to the grocery store this summer. Lol
  376. Montanadave

    Washington Help

    Westport, Westport, Westport! That's where I would spend my time. Also the Columbia River buoy 10 fishery is off the hook. Something about catching a 20 to 35 pound chinook in 30 feet of water is magical! Lots of different charters and guides to choose from. If you're looking to book those types...
  377. Montanadave

    1980 19' Glasply 2100

    Good luck with the sale Steve. Bump
  378. Montanadave

    Furuno FCV-582L Sounder with Airmar P66

    That's a good deal to get someone started!
  379. Montanadave

    Westport bottomfishing report for April 9th

    Awesome to hear you got some help! There are some awesome guys out there!
  380. Montanadave

    My new ride!!

    Nice looking ride! Congrats!
  381. Montanadave

    CCA and PSA, Please read.

    Amen. Thanks Ron for all you do!
  382. Montanadave

    PSA ocean anglers: Speaker/information , March 7th

    Really awesome to see everyone last night! I can see we already have a good solid group. It will only make all of us more succesful on the water. For the most part I knew most everyone but it was great to meet you all I have never met in person. Tight lines everyone! Seasons almost here.
  383. Montanadave

    NOF today... Looks like the Ocean will be the place to be this Summer!!!!!

    Very nice! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in!
  384. Montanadave

    Team Parker/Offshore Northwest plug the boat and home by 1.

    Nice work! Way to get it done! See you Friday night at fish camp. :cheers:
  385. Montanadave

    Back in the saddle again...riding a cat (pic heavy)

    Very nice ride! It will be a tuna slaying machine.
  386. Montanadave

    Penn Fathom 20 reels

    I have two penn fathom 20 right hand up for sale. I got two as a gift but I have 12 already. 175 each or 320 for the pair. No trades cash only. Pm me if interested.
  387. Montanadave

    Tequila Too Tuna

    Tuna this weekend for myself and my crew! Was going to so salmon but I'll kill tuna and catch kings on the way back.
  388. Montanadave

    OLDSCHOOL'S First Tuna Trip.

    Very nice Andy!!!!
  389. Montanadave

    Kicker Security Idea?

    Mine has a full bead welded down both sides of the kicker bracket to the transom. Good luck to anyone who tries to get the off! Sorry to hear your shit got jacked by some scum bag.
  390. Montanadave

    Westport 4th

    Nice work! Happy 4th!
  391. Montanadave

    Car issues could use a hand

    It's amazing how many people are willing to lend a hand. It's awesome. Some great people on here!
  392. Montanadave

    another spectacular day in wp two 35lb plus fish.....on duramaxs boat

    Nice work fellas! Wish I was out there this week but that thing called work has got me tied down! :finger:
  393. Montanadave

    WP 6/26

    Nice work out there!!!!! Wish I didn't have to work!
  394. Montanadave

    Westport 6/25

    I think everyone will let you slide on no picks. Fishing is incredible. I'm going to have to sit out this weekend. My boats in the shop and still got some work at the house to do in perpetration for our wedding. Tight lines Kevin and Cyndi!
  395. Montanadave

    WP 6/21 6/22 Epic

    That's sweet! Thank you!
  396. Montanadave


    Well done Gentlemen! Well done! :appl:
  397. Montanadave

    WP 6/21 6/22 Epic

    It's all about having fun and helping each other. I'd rather try to help everyone catch if I can. And get help if I need it. It's more fun for all of us if we can be successful!
  398. Montanadave

    WP 6/21 6/22 Epic

    All good Kevin. It was good to see you out on the water. I see a big boat in Chris's future. It happens to all of us. Once you go you will never turn back! It's a sickness. What an awesome weekend!
  399. Montanadave

    Kodak Finally Gets Wet

    Nice work. Good talking with you out there.
  400. Montanadave

    Learn from what happened to me!

    Glad nothing bad happened Kevin. Glad you guys were able to make it out to knock out a limit!
  401. Montanadave

    there arghhhh lots of fish in Westport

    Thanks for the numbers Sunday!
  402. Montanadave

    WP 6/21 6/22 Epic

    We have been busting ass the last couple of weekends at our house in preparation for our upcoming wedding July 19th. Landscaping and full paint job. Finally said enough was enough and set the paint brush down Friday afternoon. Hooked up the boat and ran down to WP solo Friday night. Met up with...
  403. Montanadave

    prank caller launches three coast guard searches

    Hope they catch the guy. What an idiot.
  404. Montanadave

    Westport friday thru sunday

    I'm rolling into to town Friday night. Fishing Saturday Sunday. I'll be on float 8 slot F
  405. Montanadave

    Westport salmon report, yeah it's pretty ridiculous...

    Nice report! See you boys out there this weekend!
  406. Montanadave

    Westport Charter

    Mark Coleman and his crew from All Rivers. I've fished with them and they are too notch!!!
  407. Montanadave

    Westport Red Apple is Closed

    I always got a box of delicious snacks and a cooler full of refreshments. It's very sad about them closing. Westport could be so much more. It is a great destination.
  408. Montanadave

    6/12 wp

  409. Montanadave

    Hunt special permits are out

    I figured I would throw this out on the general forum so everyone knew. Just checked on Wdfw website. No big bull or buck special tags for us. Although we did draw as a group for Kristina her pops and I for second deer antlerless for Almota. Hell ya!!!!!!!
  410. Montanadave

    Got a Couple Today in Westport

    Hopefully things will pick up here soon. Like next weekend! Nice fish and nice work!
  411. Montanadave

    Lowrance LGC-4000 with Spat Cone

    I have one on the top of my boat that is no longer in use. May be motivated to sell for the right price. Only used 4 months before I installed the Point 1.
  412. Montanadave

    Westport Saturday

    Wind sucks! It's the one thing in life I could live without. Glad I got caught up on landscaping and housework.
  413. Montanadave

    Who bought a new dodge ?

    Shit I thought you were talking about me. Lol. Cause u just got one. I thought oh shit this will be good.
  414. Montanadave

    TUNA Advice: How to Read the Water (SST/Chloro)

    Nice Tommy! Very informative! Can't wait to get out there!
  415. Montanadave

    westport bar crossing

    Doesn't sound like a kid kinda day to me. It's early in the season and fishing will be better as well as the weather. There's days it'll be glass.
  416. Montanadave

    New Diesel Truck

    I had a 2010 dodge ram 1500 that had air bags installed. I honestly felt it was not the right rig for towing my Hewescraft OP. I felt like it had to work way to hard and brakes were feeling funny trying to stop it. I just traded that truck in on a 2013 Dodge Ram 2500 cummins at Harnish...
  417. Montanadave

    How to save on gas

    I have started run ethanol free only too. I just don't want to take the risk.
  418. Montanadave

    How to save on gas

    My NMEA is hooked into my honda 250 and tied into my Lowrance unit. I have cut my fuel bill substantially by being able to monitor my fuel rate gallons per hr. 6 people on board out to the SW corner and back plus loaded with 6 halibut and 12 lings on the way back. Only burned 28 gallons and 130...
  419. Montanadave

    Westport Bar crossing Aug 26th?

    Good tip on going with a six pack boat to learn. I went out on a trip with Mark at the end of the season with Mark Coleman from All a Rivers Guide service and saltwater charters. I took along two of the regulars on my boat too. Solid dude solid crew and wide open fishing. I learned more in one...
  420. Montanadave

    Wesport Salmon question

    I can't wait for the big boys out deep! They are awesome. It can be lights out!
  421. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    I didn't hear anything. I was home pressure washing my house Saturday. But it sure is awesome how willing you are to help people out Kevin. Is there a rule on how much we can talk on the radio? LOL
  422. Montanadave

    Westport should be lights out fishing next weekend

    Makes sense! Can't wait to kill some more!
  423. Montanadave


    Good job and nice fish!
  424. Montanadave

    Westport Opening Day!!!!!

    Great way to start the season!
  425. Montanadave

    WP king opener

    Nice work. It was a grind today. Wish we would've made it out yesterday. Spent all day pressure washing my house getting it ready for paint. All good. I think we got a lot to forward to with salmon and tuna this summer. Great to see everyone out on the big pond. Tight lines! :cheers:
  426. Montanadave

    Westport Chinook opener TEAM DEFIANCE/ARSC

    Great lookin out Mark! I should of ran down and checked that area out. That area did very well for us early last year. North was slow but we managed 3. We didn't get out till after 930. Sounds like the same game as last year. 2014 should be off the hook!
  427. Montanadave

    Frustrated with Navionics

    Yeah mine was the 400 chip. Not happy about that. Navionics says they are going to check with the cartography department to consult them. I think I'm going to just download the new Lowrance nautic insight tonight and check it out. From all the people I've talked to it will be the best option.
  428. Montanadave

    Frustrated with Navionics

    Yes fish n chip is selected. I am very familiar with how to use my Lowrance HDS GEN 2 I've had HDS going on 5 years or since it first came out.
  429. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    I guess I must of got spoiled with LaPush being so nice the past couple of weeks.
  430. Montanadave

    Frustrated with Navionics

    Yeah I honestly should have done more research on my part. I tried to rely on trying to ask the people at West Marine and Cabelas to guide me in the right direction. I purchased the chart before I had better contacts to consult prior to purchasing the chip. From what I was told the Navionics...
  431. Montanadave

    Defiance 220 ex

    Max HP is my 2 cents. I have an aluminum Hewescraft OP with a 250 Honda on the back and absolutely love it. I had 6 people halibut fishing out at the SW corner and never felt like I was underpowered one bit. Even loaded with 6 halibut and 12 lings. I know it's aluminum but I say max HP I've had...
  432. Montanadave

    Frustrated with Navionics

    I bought a Navionics Platinum 912 chip and am far from happy with it for offshore Halibut fishing. In close of the coast and Puget sound is fine. Though 90% of my fishing is offshore. It fails when you go out to the areas we all fish offshore. Shitty part is that my buddies 2007 navionics chip...
  433. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    Shhhhhh don't tell anyone.
  434. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    Deep six and delta divers. Gotta love it!
  435. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    I was going to head down Sunday but the weather looks kinda shitty for a day trip. I got a couple 3, 4 day and 5 day weekends coming up this summer! Dam it I'm so ready for summer kings and tuna!!!!!
  436. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    Seen your boat down at Auburn Sports today. I thought you were just in there Kevin?
  437. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    Party on Old Schools boat this weekend? Fireball bitches? Lol
  438. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    Someone must of said something about nice ocean conditions at some point. I really want to go this weekend. Although I'm not going to get beat to hell to run for salmon. We got lots of days.
  439. Montanadave

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    That's awesome! Garrrrr the one eyed crab is closed. Arrrr.
  440. Montanadave

    La Push 2014

    Started out the 2014 Halibut Season in La Push which was a little rocky as they told us we didn't have moorage when we rolled into town Wednesday night of opening week. However, after some talking and a little help making some room we were able to secure a spot for the two weeks. We had a...
  441. Montanadave

    Salmon Season in Westport should start good

    Can't wait to put some kings on deck! See you this weekend. Tight lines!
  442. Montanadave

    NO FUEL at La Push

    Still not working. We yanked the boat to fill it. Just dumped it back in for tomorrow.
  443. Montanadave

    The brotherhood

    Great to see everyone! Should be an epic summer! :finger:
  444. Montanadave

    2hours 43minute wait to pull a boat at LaPush...WTF!

    I agree 100% that part of getting a boaters card should include training on trailering, backing up a boat trailer, etc. With my crew we are in and out in less than 5 minutes. Pull out and get out of the way. Strap up, break down etc and get out of the way. My 2 cents. See y'all Thursday...
  445. Montanadave

    2hours 43minute wait to pull a boat at LaPush...WTF!

    Gotta watch out for the poop dicks! Lol or heaven forbid call someone a poop dick.
  446. Montanadave

    Butt tuesday!

    Dam it! I should of took the f-ing day off! Good luck fuckers!!!!! :finger:
  447. Montanadave

    Butt tuesday!

    Shouldn't you be heading out there by now!?
  448. Montanadave

    DEFIANCE BOATS - *Allied Boat Project Update*

    I can't wait to see that Liberator 26'!
  449. Montanadave

    Puget sound shrimp... don't be shy.

    I bought an old food processor from the thrift store down the road from my place. I turn the pellets into a powder. Basically what everyone else says. I mix it with ground Mackerel alone. I just don't pack it super tight in the containers you want it also to be somewhat loose and on the point...
  450. Montanadave

    Shrimp pots

  451. Montanadave

    Gaff, Harpoon and Boat Hook

    What's your location?
  452. Montanadave

    Shrimp pots

    3 large square shrimp pots. 2 are weighted with rebar.Been stored in the garage the other 48 weeks of the year not in use. Give me a call on my cell (509) 768 7368. 60 each or 150 for all 3. I will throw in all the poly yellow non sinking rope in with them if you buy all 3. I know there's at...
  453. Montanadave

    WTB: Airmar P66 or better transducer option for Lowrance

    I bought an Airmar p66 transducer from hodges marine supply online. Think I spent total about 150 bucks. Hodges marine supply online is my go to spit for 80% of my electronics. They have great deals. Only downside is it takes about a week to get your stuff but worth in my opinion.
  454. Montanadave

    Halibut Harpoon

    2 to 4 foot adjustable fiberglass harpoon. Like new. Comes with a tip too. I just want a longer one. Lol I just opened the gates on that one. 40 bucks. Located in North Tacoma.
  455. Montanadave

    New Shop Coming to Westport spring 2014

    That's awesome you guys! I can't wait to check it out!
  456. Montanadave

    Westport Bottom Trip

    Good job! Looks beautiful out there!
  457. Montanadave


    Today was beautiful down there! Wish we could've made it back down.
  458. Montanadave

    Gawd! I Love My Honda!

    I hadn't touched my BF250 and my 9.9 and both started up flawlessly. They were serviced in September and not touched since. I love my 250 it's a beast.
  459. Montanadave

    How to keep my new kicker

    Mines welded to my transom!
  460. Montanadave


    Fished out of Kalama and had a drive by and one keeper. The wind was a pain in the ass. Heard of good bites in other areas. Grinded it out from daylight till about 3. At least got one for the BBQ tomorrow.
  461. Montanadave

    down rigger cable

    Braid for me. Easy to work with and doesn't poke the living shit out of your fingers. Knots are super easy to tie. Easier than having to crimp.
  462. Montanadave

    1st and hopefully last time this happens to me!

    Happened to me once on the Columbia above I5 bridge for Springers. I had my first boat which was a 16 foot Lund Laker. It didn't help that I was hung over as hell. I made a mad scramble to find the plug and was lucky enough to be able to plug it from the inside. Scared the shit out of me.
  463. Montanadave

    Maui trip..

    That's rad! Can't wait to have us plug my boat this summer!
  464. Montanadave

    Westport Sea Bass and Ling cod

    There was only one other boat around us. I only seen one other truck and trailer in the parking lot when we launched.
  465. Montanadave

    Ocean Season Setting almost done!

    Hell ya! Can't hardly wait! Thanks again for all your hard work!
  466. Montanadave

    Westport Sea Bass and Ling cod

    Lol guess the pictures loaded up duplicates. Dam I'm tired lol. Off to bed!
  467. Montanadave

    Westport Sea Bass and Ling cod

    Made a run down to Westport early this morning to get some bottom fishing in. Got 39 Sea Bass for four of us and a couple lings. Instead of grinding it out we took what we got a went back to clean fish and the boat. Ended up being an awesome day on the water and the traffic gods were with us...
  468. Montanadave

    New Salmon Stickers

    I'm in need of some. (509) 768 7368 out of Tacoma.
  469. Montanadave

    Gloomis rods

    Would you consider trade? I have a set of pink nunchaku's some Chinese throwing stars and a glass rose. Pm me if interested.
  470. Montanadave

    Aluminum boat seat bases

    I think someone is even missing an excellent opportunity at some primo scrap metal here even.
  471. Montanadave

    La Push?

    You may want to get in contact with LaPush Marina. They are going to be reconstructing the ramp soon. Make sure you don't get there to a closed launch.
  472. Montanadave

    Aluminum boat seat bases

    30.00 each or 80.00 for all three.
  473. Montanadave

    Oldschool's progress

    Lookin good Andy! Can't wait to see you out there!
  474. Montanadave

    Boat runs aground on Westport jetty

    Basically from what I've read here the main was out of gear and they couldn't get it back in gear. What I take away from that is drop your kicker as fast as you can so you can at least steer your self out of harms way. Glad no one was hurt or worse. Crazy how fast bad stuff can happen.
  475. Montanadave

    Anacortes Derby Roll Call - Did I Miss It???

    Looking to be a wet rainy weekend. We leave up there tonight.
  476. Montanadave

    ?Big Lings?

  477. Montanadave

    Proposed Ocean Salmon Seasons

    It sounds like we will have a great opportunity this summer. It will also give a great economic boost to Westport. Tight lines everyone.
  478. Montanadave


    Definitely something I need to start doing on a regular basis. Just not when it's shitty on the water.
  479. Montanadave

    Proposed Ocean Salmon Seasons

    I'm so excited! I am so dam ready!!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work Kevin!
  480. Montanadave

    Fireball and my buddy in Missoula!

    I've stood before that Judge back in the day. Lol
  481. Montanadave

    For Sale. 2002 Parker 2320 Pilothouse

    That's a a very clean ride! Good deal. Good luck on the sale!
  482. Montanadave

    You 2 fishfinder guys

    Can u display map on the iPad and sounder on the regular unit?
  483. Montanadave

    2 Scotty electric downriggers 1106

    I tried to call. Left a voicemail.
  484. Montanadave

    2 Scotty electric downriggers 1106

    I'd be interested in one if you still have one available.
  485. Montanadave

    As a boat owner, you can call me crazy!

    I start with full tanks in the truck and boat. I have all the equipment rods, reels, tackle, etc. Everyone on my crew splits all fuel equally as well as launch/moorage. Some bring bait, ice and delicious snacks. I have a kick ass group of dudes that now the drill and if I don't like someone they...
  486. Montanadave

    HewesCraft Ocean Pro 220

    Nice! Congrats!
  487. Montanadave

    HewesCraft Ocean Pro 220

    I love my Ocean Pro. It's a sweet ride. Easy to tow, easy on fuel with a 250 Honda and plenty of Power. And we put a shitload of fish in it last year. Northwest marine and sport in Pasco will take care of you. You'll get a hell of a lot better deal than Tom N Jerry's. Plus better financing.
  488. Montanadave

    La Push Update

    Has anybody heard anything?
  489. Montanadave

    Columbus Day Blood Bath (Tuna Porn)

    Sweet video! Dam it, why is it not July?!!!!?
  490. Montanadave

    transducer help

    Hodges is awesome. Best prices I've found anywhere. I've bought my Lowrance 3G radar the new Lowrance link 8 as my 2nd VHF and the shakespere VHF antenna. I've saved a few hundred bucks just on those items alone. Takes about a week to get your stuff but who cares when it's a substantial savings...
  491. Montanadave

    La Push Update

    Thanks for the update. Hope everything gets better.
  492. Montanadave

    transducer help

    I actually just installed the P66 on my boat yesterday afternoon. From what research I did it sounded like the p66 would give all I needed. Plus I picked up the transducer through Hodges Marine supply online for 130 bucks compared to 700 for the other one. I believe the 260 is about 700 bucks...
  493. Montanadave

    HewesCraft Ocean Pro 220

    I don't know how the ride is on the Raider your talking about. I've heard different things both ways. I sure love my ocean pro. Although I would really like a Northriver Seahawk 26 or 28.someday.....
  494. Montanadave

    HewesCraft Ocean Pro 220

    Check out Northwest Marine and Sport over in Pasco. I got a great deal on my 220 ocean pro from them. I have max hp on the back. It's powered with the Honda BF250. I take it everywhere. Ice been 50 miles out from Westport chasing tuna, trolled all day with the 250 and only burned 52 gallons of...
  495. Montanadave

    28' Alumaweld offshore for sale!

    That's a sweet ride. Good luck with the sale! Bump
  496. Montanadave

    28' Alumaweld offshore for sale!

    I don't think it's the same boat Rhett almost ran over the morning we were out with you. But I do remember a certain Alumaweld Pacific that almost got taco'd at the bait dock,lol.
  497. Montanadave

    Trophy 2352 w\a EFI chev

    Good luck with the sale!
  498. Montanadave

    More fun than humans should be allowed to have aboard the reel ultra

    Awesome day fishing with you guys! We will meet up again for sure out there!
  499. Montanadave

    Weak turnout for Oregon tuna, but WA takes the Mahi Mahi record

    Yep that's me. That was my first tuna trip ever. Thanks to all who hooked us up with intell!
  500. Montanadave

    Shameless boat ho thread...

    I can vouch for Corey 100%. He is a bad ass fisherman and ALWAYS has a spot on my boat. He doesn't get seasick always has cash and knows how to rig anything and everything. He's funny as hell to boot! I wish my steering wouldn't of shit out on me and wasn't getting my hydraulics bleed tomorrow...
  501. Montanadave

    24ft boat.... Ran a clinic.....

    Dam! That's amazing! Great job!
  502. Montanadave

    Westport Salmon

    Dam fine post there! Amazing day!
  503. Montanadave

    1st WA Tuna hitting docks today 7/11. Boat Mark Coleman's Reel Tight Capt. by Darrell

    Can't wait to hear the full report. It's been killing me!!!!!!
  504. Montanadave

    Fisheries to remain closed due to budget cuts and layoffs?!?!?

    They won't ever stop selling licenses. That's a guaranteed check for other areas then just fisheries/hunting.
  505. Montanadave

    Fisheries to remain closed due to budget cuts and layoffs?!?!?

    What a joke. Good luck enforcing that one.
  506. Montanadave

    Westport Salmon Mojo Style Sunday 23 June

    Awesome! It was great to meet you guys the other weekend. We're planning on going this upcoming Sunday for salmon/sea bass.
  507. Montanadave

    Westport 6/23 sunday

    Sweeeetttttt! Going back Sunday. Weather looks primo!
  508. Montanadave

    Westport 6/22-23

    Awesome!!! Good work!
  509. Montanadave


    Great post! That's awesome trying to help people out who are new or having a tough time out there on the water. This is my first year and last weekend was my first trip out of Westport to fish for ocean salmon. I have lots of experience fishing the sound and Columbia, but every place is...
  510. Montanadave

    WP kings

    Hopefully the weather stays and the Ocean stays laid down. Hoping to stay in Westport Saturday thru Tuesday! Hopefully the fishing will be as good as the weather!
  511. Montanadave

    Scotty electric Downrigger and 12" riser - sold

    It is the the thin boom. I tried to have Tom at Sportco make one of the new thicker booms fit it. He spent 2 hours trying to make one of the new bases match up.
  512. Montanadave

    Best Map chip for Westport

    I have 2 Lowrance units an Hds 5 Nautic insight and a HDS 7 Gen 2. I already have the 913 P+ that covers Puget Sound, The Straights and up into Vancouver Island. It follows the West Coast down from the straights and stops just about LaPush. I know that the 912 map chip covers the whole...
  513. Montanadave

    Scotty electric Downrigger and 12" riser - sold

    Older 2 belt style Scotty Downrigger and a 12" aluminum riser. $320 for the Downrigger and $40 for the riser. Just had Tom service the downrigger at Sportco and its ready to go. I also just threw on some 150# power pro on it last fall. I also just threw a brand new lid on it with a new style...
  514. Montanadave


    I don't know where your'e looking at going with your reels but you can go wrong with the Tekota reels. I have a pair of Tekota reels for my jigging and Columbia river rods I use and love them. But I have went to a pair of the Penn Fathom reels for my downrigger rods and after battling a few...
  515. Montanadave

    MA 11 6/28/12

    I went out last night and seen nothing. From what I've heard the morning has been good out there. I tried a few different set ups and fishing right up till dark with no love! Tons of seals out there!
  516. Montanadave

    Looking to be a boat HO out of Westport

    Looking to see if anyone has any seats they want to fill out of Westport. My main day that I have off is on Sundays. I have a year old 17' Alumaweld decked out with a Lowrance HDS7 and 5,structure scan and scotty electric downriggers but really have no desire to take it over the bar without...
  517. Montanadave

    WTF increased permit fees

    I see one of the biggest problems myself being that a lot of folks out there can not afford to take there children hunting and pass it on. I myself had paid over $500 for my girlfriend and I to fish and hunt in this state. We drew a bunch of tags and that's awesome. I was a hunting guide in...
  518. Montanadave

    Westport Salmon June 20-21

    I have a 17' boat as well and have really wanted to take it out of Westport. I know that if I keep an eye on the weather and the bar that there should be no issues. I've been jonsing to go out there and check it out!
  519. Montanadave

    Great day in MA11

    Just spots. I bought from Spinner Dave's custom designs. He has a website you can buy all sorts of cool stuff for making spinners and different stickers to tape up your flashers.
  520. Montanadave

    area 11

    I may try to hit it tonight when I get off work at 6 for a few hours. See what's going on.
  521. Montanadave

    Great day in MA11

    Slept in on Sunday and decided to go fish for a little bit after breakfast. Hit the Point defiance launch at 9:30. Dropped down right outside past the ferry dock because it was blowing like a mother everywhere else. After about a half hour had a take down and brought up a Hatchery Chinook that...
  522. Montanadave


    I trolled the Soutwest side of Vashon on Sunday and no love. Did mark some bait and fish though, not a lot by any means. Bait seemed to be concentrated in front of the girlscout camp. Jigged at Dalco for a little bit and nothing either.
  523. Montanadave

    Draw results are out

    Lucked out and got a second doe permit for Colfax. My girlfriend drew a 520 Cow tag Jan 1 thru the 16th and so did her dad. She also drew a second doe permit for Colfax. And her dad got another tag for Almota deer and an anterless permit. Looks like another good draw year.