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  1. momaguro

    TRADE WTT and WTB boat for a 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon with 85k miles.

    Want to trade my Cressida Wagon for a boat with cash going either way (most likely from me to you boat seller). I am asking $8k for the car but willing to admit here to fishing friends that my asking price is a bit speculative but find another Toyota with less than 100k miles for the same...
  2. momaguro

    Local SD Ho Dave available for Friday 10/4. Weather looks okay.

    Ho Dave here hoping to go fishing Friday 10/4. Wind and swell looks decent albeit predicted to have a mild dose of both. Good fishing weather! I'm a healthy 56, non tobacco smoker, 1 beer if any at all, don't get sick, have decent gear and happy to pay for fuel, bait, lunch, plus. I live...
  3. momaguro

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    I've had this rod for awhile but never used it. I finally removed the grip and found Lamiglass BT 108 2M and is 6.5' long. Anybody have info on the model and its recommendations use? I'm bad at matching gear so any help would be appreciated. David
  4. momaguro

    Bye bye sea lion.

    I am hoping this is a trend.
  5. momaguro

    T Mobile Ad pop up phone freeze

    For the last couple of days when using my Samsung S9 with T Mobile and looking at BD an ad for a chance to claim $1000 from Amazon or Walmart. Is this an ad sanctioned by BD or is there some weirdness going on? When it pops up it freezes my phone browser unless I click on it.
  6. momaguro

    WTB Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    Hey experienced boat buyers, when a boat has no title and comes with a bill of sale only what is the procedure to get it properly registered? I have some experience with cars. The last car I newly registered came without a title and was PNO for 10 years but the DMV bent me over for around $900...
  7. momaguro

    Looking for someone to go to Ensenda Sunday 3/17 or 3/18

    I need to go to Ensenda on Sunday 3/17 or Monday 3/18 for business that will take 2 hours or so and want to do some fishing if I can get someone to ride along. I am not looking to party or stop anywhere between the boarder except to pay the tolls. It could be overnight if the situation for both...
  8. momaguro

    SOLD Sold ignore

    Long shot but I am looking for someone to pick up a used tool box in Prescott AZ and bring it to San Diego. It's in a store and the guy will not ship. It is a top box that weighs about 125 pounds and is 31" wide so you would need some cargo space. I am willing to pay $100 cash or possible trade...
  9. momaguro

    Wishin I was Fishin

    Ho Dave here wishin I was fishin. I am ready to go anytime during the week and can help with boat prep if needed. Gas, bait, etc funds are never a problem. My freezer is depressingly void of seafood and reports from South of the border are looking good. My profile is the second one on the BD ho...
  10. momaguro

    Marlin Jet Head Lures and a Blunt Head Plug with Kooky Eyes

    Marlin Jet Head Lures and a Blunt Head Plug with Kooky Eyes. There is a total of 5 lures. Everything in pictures for $60.
  11. momaguro

    What is this line?

    I have a large spool of 12 strand line that is hollow but need help identifying it. What is it good for?
  12. momaguro

    Question about new looking Truline

    I saw a pair of what looked like new never used Trulines at the swapmeet. One was labeled D8L. They looked new not re-wraps. So, was there a period of time when Trulines were made again after they shut down? And if yes are they as good as the vintage ones? What is the scoop?
  13. momaguro

    The landlord came aboard

    73 year old Australian fishing solo received a visit from the landlord.
  14. momaguro

    Looking For A Clean Exterior House painter Clairemont

    Any good exterior house painters available to finish a medium size job by February 15? In order to get my VA re-fi done we need to have the front of our 1900 sqft house painted which is mostly ship lap, some stucco. The eaves and fascia need a good cleaning, scraping, sanding, primer and paint...
  15. momaguro

    Wishin to be fishin HO ready to go hunt these BFT

    For the next 3 weeks I am wide open to hunt down some of these probably once in a lifetime local giant BFT. I am in San Diego and can go up to Dana Point if required. My bio is the second one onthe BD HO list and I am ready at short notice. I can go early, stay late, bring tons O ice, and pay...
  16. momaguro

    Website issues???

    Not sure if this is a good place to ask so apologies in advance. For the last couple of weeks the BD website on my PC using Firefox is hanging up a lot and now it auto refreshes every few seconds. When I try to use the back button there are a bunch of pages listed as if I was clicking over and...
  17. momaguro

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers and have cash ready for purchase today. Ideally a Shimano Stella and Terez TZS78H but will consider other quality heavy casting rigs. I can travel anywhere in San Diego or up Dana Point. PM me your tel/text with details of equipment and I will reply ASAP.
  18. momaguro

    Just short of ass kissing

    Ahoy Captain! If your heading out of San Diego and need a tried and true ho to help with expenses, boat work, fishing, etc please contact me. I am ready to go as early as you wish to go fishing. Name: David Age: 53 Location: S.D. Pacific Beach Days Available: Prefer weekdays but sometimes...
  19. momaguro

    Looking for a rod re-wrapper in San Diego

    I'm looking for a rod re-wrapper in San Diego to re-wrap a few med-heavy ocean rods. Who is good, reasonable and reliable to finish within a month? I'm located near Mission Bay so anyone between PL and La Jolla east to La Mesa is cool. Thanks, David tel / text 858 254-0556
  20. momaguro

    Whoos going trolling? This ho wants hoo. Booh hoo hoo.

    David aka Momaguro here reaching out hopping for a chance to target Wahoo. I've got my trolling rods and tackle all ready with new HD leaders on a few popular trolling jigs. I'm available tomorrow 10/21 and Thursday 10/22 as well as the weekend anywhere out of SD or MB. I can cover fuel, ice...
  21. momaguro

    302 to San Salvador Knoll this Friday Oct 16

    Were thinking of heading south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll tomorrow and would appreciate any intel. I heard a great report from last week that included big patties holding a variety of species. Has there been anything interesting down there recently? We'll be leaving MB around 5am on...
  22. momaguro

    Fishing south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll

    Were thinking of heading south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll this Friday and would appreciate any intel. We'll be leaving MB around 5am on ch 72.
  23. momaguro

    Truline Models

    Hello Truline lovers. I just picked up a few rods that I have not been able to ID even after wearing out google. CH7 7 footer CH8 7 footer 0615-80 6' trolling rod with rollers Any help to ID them would be appreciated. Tight lines! David
  24. momaguro

    The Fishing Weatherman Chris Dunn

    What happened to The Fishing Weatherman Chris Dunn's reports? His reports were enjoyable and chock full of teaching us about the weather. His site is still up but the weekly video is from 7/15. Hopefully he is enjoying a long range trip.
  25. momaguro

    Shurflo Blaster 3.5GPM 45PSI 24VDC

    Shurflo Blaster 3.5GPM 45PSI 24VDC (not 12VDC). Model # 3901-3214. Will ship for $15 or free pick up in Pacific Beach. $75 David tel/text 858 254-0556
  26. momaguro

    Good Ho Ready To Roll

    Good ho ready to go fishing at a moments notice. I love to fish hard, work hard and enjoy the ride. My gear is in standby condition so late notice is usually doable. My boss (wife) gets back next Friday so until then BRING IT ON! David tel/text 858 254-0556
  27. momaguro

    WTB Speargun and related spear fishing gear

    I am looking for some spearfishing gear to get started with my son. We need one or two more guns and practically everything else. One good quality inshore gun and one mid handle is of interest. For wetsuits and fins I am 6' 175lbs size 11.5 foot and he is 5'10" but probably 6' soon 145lbs and...
  28. momaguro

    There Shall Be Bloody Decks! 8/20

    After the lighting and thunder subsided we picked up a scoop of big macs in Mission Bay and cleared the jetty around 11am destination 302. Seas and wind were kind allowing for a 30mph trip to the spot. 302 proper had two sporties searching around and 3-4 other boats looking for blood in the...
  29. momaguro

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 weather looking good to go out

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 is the only day I can get out of work this week and luckily the weather forecast and offshore swell models look very favorable and need I mention anything about the hot bite? My 13 yr old son recently got his cast off his arm and is in a splint so he is limited in his...
  30. momaguro

    Good ho ready to roll Wed 8/13

    Good reliable ho here hoping to join a tuna slaying party. Happy to help with supplies, gear, boat prep and of course boat fuel money. Good with gaff, knots, sharp filet knife, cleaning, etc. Please call or email if you have an opening. tel/text 858 254-0556 [email protected] David
  31. momaguro

    Penn Int'l II 30T 2-speed reel. Conversion and blueprinting by Cal's. Like new!

    Penn International II 30T reel with 2-speed conversion and blueprinting by Cal's. This reel is better than new with the upgrade and never been fished. It has been on one long range trip stored in the cabin for the duration and locally offshore twice but not used. Brand new 80lb mono was...
  32. momaguro

    Good Ho ready to roll Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

    Good reliable ho here hoping to join the tuna slaying party. Happy to help with supplies, gear and of course boat money. Please call or email if you have an opening. tel/text 858 254-0556 [email protected] David
  33. momaguro

    San Quintin Caravan Sat 2/15 Return Monday 2/17

    Hello Baja fishermen, I am thinking of driving down to San Quintin with my 13 yr old son for some freezer filling cow action and hope to find a like minded traveler we can caravan with. I can leave San Diego anytime Saturday 2/15 after 12pm and want to head back up Monday or Tuesday at the...
  34. momaguro

    Father Son teams for San Quintin, Erendira

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Hi fellow BD Baja lovers, I have Baja in my blood starting back in the early 1970s when my parents would allow me to roam the streets of TJ and bargain for contraband such as...