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  1. Rocket Dog

    Check out how cool these pliers holders turned out!

    Cool. Are there any other images he can do?
  2. Rocket Dog

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    WTF.... I was on the fence on this post, but if guys are lazy asses, then let them take a f'n boat ride and leave the fishing to those that want to put in the work.... I'll be checking on all the rules when I go on my trip.
  3. Rocket Dog

    Tim Ekstrom always says it the Best...

    Some of you guys would make good research analysts and fact-checkers... But only if you believe the public data and graphs cited. Anyone luck, brave or dumb to jump on one of these trips. Please make sure you post pic and write up a tirp report for the rest.
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  5. Rocket Dog

    SCI rookies!

    Best of times.... Way to got unlce.
  6. Rocket Dog

    More of a biology question

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimmmmiiinnngggggg!!!!!
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    WTB 12-15 ft project boat

    You should check this one out. these are cool little boats for the bay.
  8. Rocket Dog

    fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    @marx88 now that is some country ass chit right there... good times in the water for sure... go get'em!
  9. Rocket Dog

    Bobbin Mod

  10. Rocket Dog

    Everyone Loves A Long Rod (4K Video)

    just when you thought jig sticks where for YT only.... nice..
  11. Rocket Dog

    WTB 10ft jigstick

    wow..... now that's a nice stick.
  12. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Used Avet-Raptors Reels for sale

    It's the rules to post a price when you list unless your looking for a trade, but hey since people here know this... you got your some offers and tame ones at that.
  13. Rocket Dog

    More or Bigger

    I have been on a lot of boat rides when even the rat YT were a welcome sight, but hooking a cow and landing.... that's what fishing stories are all about.....
  14. Rocket Dog

    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    Nice... you got a set? Still looking BTW :p
  15. Rocket Dog

    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    just take my money now.🤑
  16. Rocket Dog

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    Wow..local lake for me too. Though the $17 park and launch fee is a bummer.
  17. Rocket Dog

    Old School Penn

    Penn Senator Reel... Killing big game fish since 1936.. Sill have my 4/0s and 6/0s.... and I really like my X-Narrow 4/0
  18. Rocket Dog

    DW-1 Jigs

    Stopped by Bob Sands yesterday. No DW-1.... Gonna check the online guys ..
  19. Rocket Dog

    DW-1 Jigs

    Stopped by Bob Sands yesterday. No DW-1.... Gonna check the online guys ..
  20. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Penn Fathom 15LD2 NIB - PRICE DROP (AGAIN)

    Man, was in SFV at Bob Sand's yesterday, would have swooped on this if I seen it.
  21. Rocket Dog

    Kill bag VS. cooler

    Good work around for the hinges. As for the OP and bag.... Well let's say the that if it's not a pickup, then you just might have created a permanent fishing vehicle because if it leaks inside getting the smell out is vary hard to do.
  22. Rocket Dog

    For Sale PSE Brute X LEFT HAND Compound Bow

    might have to learn how to shoot lefty and take a drive to the high desert.
  23. Rocket Dog

    For Sale LB SS 2x4 Blank -reduced - $175

    2018.... but, hey you never know.
  24. Rocket Dog

    For Sale KC-3L Jigs 4.1 ounces (price reduced)

    that is really good painting on them...
  25. Rocket Dog

    DW-1 Jigs

    I don't have any what's a good set to start with getting on a boat this weekend? mostly YT C-Bass and schoolie BFT. Bob Sands seems to be the closest, but I can travel to the OC.
  26. Rocket Dog

    DW-1 Jigs

    I believe I have been catch in more jigs than fish lately.... Who up in LA has these minty things?
  27. Rocket Dog

    TIBURON 7540 thoughts

    way to sell it without posting it!!
  28. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Finally letting go..Shimano, Phenix, OG GUSA, and more.

    Good clean gear and great seller..... Thanks for the rod.
  29. Rocket Dog

    Tiburon SST

    does that 30 have the low 1:1 gear?
  30. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    surprised that this has not sold yet.....
  31. Rocket Dog

    TIBURON 7540 thoughts

    Really depends, most guys don't like the auto shift and the SST6 is the most popular...
  32. Rocket Dog

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    I bet the price was a steal.... could help myself. :starwarskid5:
  33. Rocket Dog

    Outrider puts the hurt on the bluefin 6-23

    Cool, seen your post on FB... Way to get them!
  34. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn US 113n (Baja Special) with Cortez Conversion upgrade

    with the 7 stack drag set this is a real best... 3rd inline!!
  35. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Mercury 9.9 hp pro kicker outboard

    trade for what since you didn't list a price?
  36. Rocket Dog

    For Sale CalStar Rod Glass BT Custom WRAP

    I got that, but which model number. is a 6, 7, 8, or 9ft 270, 670 6480 6470 6490????? I imagine, at wooden fence is 6ft and the rod is slightly over... so just eyeballing this on the internet pix would led be to think it's under 7ft. Any ways OP, GLWS
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    So they don't smell? Amazing work.
  38. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Brand new seeker white tiger 7X custom rod

    Now that's a nice stick.... Wraps are killer
  39. Rocket Dog

    Unicorn S/B ulua

    looks really clean. I just picked up the same colors for one I'm doing on a black blank
  40. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Truline D8 GG2 $300

    My bag of chips will be the decision maker.
  41. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Truline D8 GG2 $300

    I think my bag of chips come close to your new standard price.
  42. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Truline D8 GG2 $300

    I'll start.... $1.00 and a bag of chips.
  43. Rocket Dog

    GP 80 Terminator build

    the colors really pop.
  44. Rocket Dog

    For Sale All Rods Sold!

    What is the leghth of the Seeker 670h? If 8ft, I'll take it.
  45. Rocket Dog

    Varmac E-lite

    That's really tight and crispy looking.
  46. Rocket Dog

    Beginning rod builder

    Check out Acid Rods in San Dimas
  47. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Longer Rods for Sale

    Missed it by that much.
  48. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    I really want to know why these old glass sticks and even some of the new ones are so outrageously priced? I have searched the form, but still don't understand it. Not sure who end up with the rod, but I hope you enjoy it... cause you got some deep pockets.
  49. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    I would jump at this, but I'm not in the right place at this time. No space to keep her, no extra money to buy, fix and don't forget maintenance. Someone is going to score.
  50. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    Some times I just hate logging on to BD. That's a real sweet sled and perfect size for our waters. I had a 23c walk around and it was an amazing boat. Always wanted to up size to the 26 for the space. GLWS!! someone is going to get a really nice boat
  51. Rocket Dog

    Can we fish during the curfew?

    Heard that the fishing on Sepulveda hasn't been any good for some time now.
  52. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Stuff/things for sale

    When is the next your in LA?
  53. Rocket Dog

    Stardust 5/28

    good points on the layers. thx
  54. Rocket Dog

    For Sale More blanks!

    Where in the OC are near by and what color are the 540s?
  55. Rocket Dog

    Stardust 5/28

    I'm planning to go up there and try it out. I understand that they didn't raise the prices either.
  56. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Tiburon 30 SST

    really nice reals. if I didn't have these already... well you know. GLWS.
  57. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Tiburon 30 SST

    stock 1:9 low gear for these?
  58. Rocket Dog


    nice haul. did you have any issues crossing to go down there?
  59. Rocket Dog

    Lure making supplies

    Interested. Where are you located?
  60. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Seeker pinhead black ulua

    Just spit out my beer reading this... :rofl: Anyone PM this guy and received an answer.
  61. Rocket Dog

    5/16/2020 izor's reef, horseshoe report - underwater drone footage

    Pretty cool. I think a drone might be the next thing I might get.
  62. Rocket Dog

    General Tso's Cod

    Gonna have to try this.
  63. Rocket Dog

    In search of Tiburon SST 16/20/30 1:1.2 low gears

    Let's try this again now that everyone seems to be coming out of the Covid comm. whatcha got?
  64. Rocket Dog

    Netflix fishing shows?

    Ditto on Amozon, there is also on demand contend from the history and discovery channel which is free for subscribers....oh and don't forget " Local Knowlege" which I rate as avg...
  65. Rocket Dog

    For Sale UC Wahoo 90 Blank

    surprised this wasn't sold already.
  66. Rocket Dog

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    The precedence you would make if caught would be BD Legendary and might get you a T-shirt :finger: , but I think it would not be enough to replace your sh*t when if ya got caught.
  67. Rocket Dog

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    A boat is a hope and a dream. Not cost effective. I would add in travel entertainment as a possible source of $$ to make it work. I have own two boats 21' and 27' trailed most of the time and always cost me more that expected. I work in finance as well as wrench on my boat/gear and if given a...
  68. Rocket Dog

    SOLD 15.5 livingston warrior for sale

    Where is the boat located?
  69. Rocket Dog

    Home Built Line Winder

    Now that's something I do need.
  70. Rocket Dog

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    This has been entertaining read this morning.... and I got some stock tips...... just need to covert for some profit to by that Radon. Too bad I don't have to dry dock it because I'm too cheap to moor it. Thanks guys!!!!
  71. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Double the plastic bags, it's the same size diameter of the baring. Though Randy will hook you up.
  72. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    I'm not sure of any for the Baja's specials. Check on the site, those guys could tell you if anyone ever made plates for them.
  73. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    You should have a deriln baring spacer... a little piece of plastic washer that was included in the kit. I used it on the left side plate to adjust the spool. It should work.
  74. Rocket Dog


    Jamie, Great read... I'm interest in hearing more in the flat rod technique , oh and this was a great read.
  75. Rocket Dog

    Newell drag help...

  76. Rocket Dog

    Newell drag help...

    compare the stack side by side. It may be that the star or something is bottoming out causing the binding..... which reel is it anyways?
  77. Rocket Dog

    Newell drag help...

    Pull them bro and mic the. To check if it's too tall. I had 1 extra crinckle washer I removed and it works
  78. Rocket Dog

    A little perspective...

    Is it the accent that makes it sound better? I think the message would change a bit with a little Adam Sandler or better yet Steve Buscemi
  79. Rocket Dog

    SOLD 14’ livingston with a 2009 40 hp Yamaha $5,500

    how long is the boat on the trailer? Just thinking i can sneak it into my garage without the wife knowing.,
  80. Rocket Dog

    Stolen Boat Recovered

    Sorry to hear and hope the cooks get covid.
  81. Rocket Dog

    113HN Bridge with amounted Pawl Spings

    Tom's bridge will work perfect. I have two of them in my baja reels and you get SS dogs and Sleeve. don't forget to get new drags if you need them.
  82. Rocket Dog

    Charkbait store....

    That's nasty...... And funny. OP, do some searching and you'll see a lot.of YouTube videos with Mark. He also doesn't partiicialte in the FHS and runs his own deal at during the LB show time... Crazy deals.
  83. Rocket Dog

    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    On my old Merc the battery was too low and the pump needed hydro fluid. Have you had someone hit the switch while you pull up? If that works your hydo oil maybe low or the pump is bad. Becarful because you can burn up the pump if the oil is low.
  84. Rocket Dog

    Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    stole my line.... Good to see someone out on the water killing it.
  85. Rocket Dog

    California SF Bay Halibut, Lingcod, Sturgeon, striped reel?

    Just use what you have until you really now what you want.. yes it's a little heavy, but it's free. I would also add that the penn phatoms are the best dollars to donuts and a 25NLD is versatile, just not very shinny.
  86. Rocket Dog

    Newell 332 + Bryan Young drags...

    yup... the best upgrade vs cost... silky smooth... I have them in all my newells old school penns
  87. Rocket Dog

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Hardly the only industry riddled with nepotism or cronyism, but it is painful.
  88. Rocket Dog

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Well said. I think this has been the best example yet.
  89. Rocket Dog

    CA PC sucks! East Coast attitude rules

    Our great country has become a little less great now that "Titty :boobies: Money" is no longer accepted!!!
  90. Rocket Dog

    Lake Prado Pays Off

    get'em before it gets too hot. I'm going to take a trip down the 57/71 and check it out
  91. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Okuma T-knob

    next in line I guess.
  92. Rocket Dog

    What’s on this old Penn?

    lead line for fishing deep
  93. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Or trade United composites reaper last price drop

    Nice wrap on the rod. Those colors pop!
  94. Rocket Dog

    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    interesting points. I lean on +60lb sepectea and just tie leaders of mono and or mono to floro TS. because of what you described and the it's a lot easier to change them out if needed.
  95. Rocket Dog

    The Baits I make

  96. Rocket Dog

    Ken's Custom Reels is closed. WTF

    I spoke to them a while back when this thing first began. They are most likely there, but just have the doors closed to keep the rif raf that don't follow orders out. Try and give them a call tomorrow since mostly everyone is working modified hrs and days now.
  97. Rocket Dog

    Highly figured cherry tackle box for Robert Roncal.

    talk about the cherry on top. This box is beautiful.
  98. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Various Blanks

    It's the only way things get sold now... No more I'll take it.... So what's left?
  99. Rocket Dog

    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    o_O Greasing the drags on my penn 4/0s and 6/0s now.
  100. Rocket Dog

    For Sale TIBURON 8/50 SST REEL

    Nice... looks like it's a clean Okuma model. bump for an awesome reel.
  101. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Vintage Largo Ranger Bowen Sportsman Tackle Box

    nice.... but like everything too big to ship and too far to drive.
  102. Rocket Dog

    Question Penn 114h and setup for drop shot

    Good question. I don't really know, but made by Tiburon and is an Extra Narrow frame more than the 113HN or Yellow Tail kits. I can't wait to get a line wet once I spool it with 80 bls braid and a top shot
  103. Rocket Dog

    Question Penn 114h and setup for drop shot

    That site is pure danger to your wallet more than here... Just got a few new builds because of it.... Not a 114h, but a 113h
  104. Rocket Dog

    Chasebaits Ultimate Squid

    these the same that were at the FHS? I see some in a round fishing tank.
  105. Rocket Dog

    What does "recovery" look like for the sporties?

    THis has been an interesting read and view points.
  106. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Penn 16/0 Reel-excellent condition

    Your gonna need a bigger boat for that reel.
  107. Rocket Dog

    Fathom 25N w/spectra - pending sale $125

    No worries... we are all going neurotic :starwarskid5: around here...
  108. Rocket Dog

    Fathom 25N w/spectra - pending sale $125

    Negative on that. There is an "advance search" button right next to the general search button when the widow pops up. It opens a new window and you can select the date rage below and if you wanted chronological or by relevance. It works really good and standard..
  109. Rocket Dog

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    CatalinaYT... these are good reels for what you want and geeebee is willing to make you a deal, fresh drags, lubed and with line.... you don't need a 2-speed reel or bumping old ads for the local yellows.
  110. Rocket Dog

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    Jiggy all the way....
  111. Rocket Dog

    Fathom 25N w/spectra - pending sale $125

    ya need to use that "advance" button:p
  112. Rocket Dog

    United Composites Reaper

    Damm what the F...... that some hard wraps!
  113. Rocket Dog

    Rockfish and Bones...

    Nice work on the YAK.
  114. Rocket Dog


    hope someone got it.
  115. Rocket Dog

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    Do you get the same experience with the Atwood rope? Also though you didnt need to seal them. I have two rods that I'm working on and not rethinking my approach on this.
  116. Rocket Dog

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    I'm always impress by the stuff I read and learn in this forum.
  117. Rocket Dog

    GP900 Reaper

    Nice. Always liked the transition form the butt into the wrap then into the cord. Is cord treated?
  118. Rocket Dog


    is the trailer road worthy? in coming pm.
  119. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Wonder Winder LW 200HD

    wow #130 winder........ maybe.....
  120. Rocket Dog

    Broken hx

    The tutorials are very thorough and cover 95% of the removal and replacement of parts and uses the reel schematic. These things are not complicated and 80% get fixed by general service. There is 20% That go beyond just normal servicing. He could also post questions on there if he got stuck...
  121. Rocket Dog

    What are the capabilities of this boat?

    If no other reason to get a boat...... On land or in the sea.
  122. Rocket Dog

    The day is fast approaching...

  123. Rocket Dog

    Rapala Charge N Glow For Charging Glow Baits!

    That seems cool. I have a uv pen light that I use for A/C work... The small profile seems interesting
  124. Rocket Dog

    HAPPY EASTER From the bunny

    Happy Easter.
  125. Rocket Dog

    Budget Surf and trolling reel recommendations

    Now that's how you give advice and help.... Lots of love for helped me out of a.lot of jams!
  126. Rocket Dog

    Broken hx

    I have Avets and by looking at the part as well as how it seems to have busted off I would try to fix myself. Now had I not made a bunch of mistakes early on, I would be sending it to Avet. The shipping or the $35 service fee Plus parts is not bad. If you do try to service it. Check...
  127. Rocket Dog

    Finished wrapping my first rod!

    That's a really good job... Don't forget to let us see the other once you done !!!
  128. Rocket Dog

    In search of Tiburon SST 16/20/30 1:1.2 low gears

    The cost is not the problem. It's finding the gear for a USA model because that is what I have. Also I can service my own reels so I just really want the gear, but if someone had it installed on there own 80 series reel, then I would consider that too. Still hunting for this unicorn or white...
  129. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Seeker Pinhead 8ft 25-50 line

    Yo, you got to use that ADVANCE SEARCH and pick your date range...
  130. Rocket Dog

    For Sale AVET MXL 5.8:1 Parts

    I want to see the the "other parts" before I make an offer.
  131. Rocket Dog

    WTB The Southern Angler book by Brandon Hayward

    Pjstvko, Thank you. You made me dig out my copies of his two books. Gonna read them again.
  132. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Newell Reels ($100) Each

    I'll take the 332 if you still have it
  133. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Seeker Mexico series rod

    So you're saying there is still a chance.... never seen a MX factory rod build. I want it too.
  134. Rocket Dog

    Possible Positive Unexpected Consequences

    heard it was a few ppl eating soup.... the butterfly effect.
  135. Rocket Dog

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    Looks awsome and you're are a lot farther along than me. I'm still stuck on what colors to use...
  136. Rocket Dog

    Fishing Related Book Collection

    wow a lot of great titles was a Bbibliophile before I was a tackle ho. I'm going to look for those really old book titles.
  137. Rocket Dog

    [email protected] POP-UPS....

    ad blocker, but it wont work on my android cell.
  138. Rocket Dog

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    I've been on the tail end of some of these listings... last night to be exact..... I'm setting up notification now just to get a chance8-)
  139. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Selling Some Sticks!!!

    What's the differencebetween the two Tady rods??
  140. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Line Winder (Variable Speed)

    Did you ever spool spectra with it?
  141. Rocket Dog

    In search of Tiburon SST 16/20/30 1:1.2 low gears

    let me know what you have. also interested in drag up grade. I have checked with Tiburon and Ken's neither have them any longer.
  142. Rocket Dog

    TRADE Zzzzz

    :p wow.... I want to see more
  143. Rocket Dog

    SOLD calstar. Seeker. Blanks

    :D A-1 one time sales event
  144. Rocket Dog

    Blackout 100j

    Looks cool. did you power coat the guides?
  145. Rocket Dog

    just stay home

    One of the best thread/replys. In a while.
  146. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    I can tell you who kept the 3.5% fee. Hint, neither of these guys
  147. Rocket Dog

    Passing quarantine time with Newell’s

    Nice... Great set.
  148. Rocket Dog

    Seeker CJBF80 for Jean

    Nice. I like the tuna images on white
  149. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 216 SEA FURY!

    Nice boat... GLWS. I'd buy, but nowhere to keep her.
  150. Rocket Dog

    Jeffries CFO dies of COVID-19 Complications

    And that is the true issue with Covid-19. Its much more than just the flu.
  151. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Missed out on the 150 posted thread. Can someone pls give me some bullet points on what's going...
  152. Rocket Dog

    Whats with some of these BD ads?

    There is no free lunch... Someone always has to pick up the check...... Still I do like the "free" site. What ever works for now.
  153. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Newell s338-5 San Diego

    nice reel. with upgraded drag stack you can kill anything in so cal
  154. Rocket Dog

    For Sale thinning out

    Bummer great reel though.
  155. Rocket Dog

    For Sale thinning out

    does that tib have the 1:1 low gear?
  156. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Soldddddddd

    Bump, sorry to hear that. GLWS
  157. Rocket Dog

    Glow Kit for Yo-Yo Jigs and Flat Falls

    ugh.... I was using my phone..... Not sure why I responded to this or with this comment. disregard and my mistake.
  158. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tiburon SST 7530 or 40

    bumping ever thing today
  159. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn Baja Speical 113hn

    bumping ever thing today
  160. Rocket Dog

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    Mike - nice meeting you and thanks for taking the time to run though the steps getting me ready on the wrappr. I'll be sure to reach out in the future.
  161. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a Tiburon SST 30/80 1:1 gear USA model

    Worked 1/2 time from home today. Kinda strange and a real pain. I'll find out at end of the week if this is going to work out for me or not. Gotta ask, do you have a gear for one of your 80 series tibs? Figure since most ppl are home, they might find one while cleaning out the garage.
  162. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a Tiburon SST 30/80 1:1 gear USA model

    Already checked with Tiburon and Ken's and they are out.
  163. Rocket Dog

    WTB Long shot - Looking for a Tiburon SST 30/80 1:1 gear USA model

    I know this is a long shot, but please dig through your parts bins and let me know.. I've called Skip at Tiburon and Ken's Custom reels, both have been out for a while.. USA model only since Okuma had a different cut gear set. Thanks!!!
  164. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Penn Fathom - 25NLD2

    i'm feeling that ulua
  165. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn Baja Speical 113hn

    common someone want's Penn Baja reel.
  166. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn Baja Speical 113hn

    Thanks hope you kill many a tuna with it when all of us are able to get back in the water.
  167. Rocket Dog

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    And guess who is gets to foot the bill.
  168. Rocket Dog

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    I did not suggest tax evasion what so ever... and still stand by my statement. As you know there are a lot of things to account for in a balance sheet and income statement for filing corperate tax returns. There are also a lot of items when filing a personal federal tax return. In example w2, vs...
  169. Rocket Dog

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    Bruh, that is reported income and there are plenty of ways to work the system with a good CPA/CFO or some basic accounting.... I'm sure some of these guys with nice boats will get a check or two.
  170. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn Baja Speical 113hn

    bump.... OG fish killer
  171. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Penn Baja Speical 113hn

    So I have been cleaning the garage and I have some spare reels I'll be cleaning, lubing and greasing the drags on. First one up is a Penn Baja Special 113hn. Spooled with 80lbs of spectra. This was one of the first Baja 4/0 reels ever got. Itls an oldie but Penn's 4/0 Baja's have killed...
  172. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Swami, is the 3/0 the green frame? Double dog and SS Sleve / gear, high speed 7 stack?
  173. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Nice I've been tempted to get that EX4/0 . I've been servicing my reels too. has been a life saver.
  174. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    2nd person I've heard of using it.Hopefully this will be helpful for everyone. Though this AM news cycle DR. F(can't remember his name right now) was back pedleing the positive news on it and basically said he looks at from a science perspective and the Pres. from hope. It was not reassuring.
  175. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Wow.... Why the 3/0? Did you go all out Ala on these? I wanted to 4/0 to use my Baja parts, but the frame will not fit the side plates.
  176. Rocket Dog

    Newell Revived?

    Maybe spare parts, but who knows...
  177. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Here is a lesson from work and basically a headge for when things go to sh"t unexpectedly " Passed performance is not inditive of future performance" . They may be viruses, but they are not the same. Last note and some hopefully good news. Seems like the malariea drug might help... Some guy...
  178. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    One and the same. I have to tell you that he should bundel them both, but it may be cost prohibited for some. Though if your spending any $$$ on these old reels I wouldnt skip the clamp. It will last a a lot longer than drags and it fits my big butt rod.
  179. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    I missed out on the 300's, but have my name on the next batch. Did you get any of the other XN frames like the Penn 4/0 or 6/0?
  180. Rocket Dog

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    I seen Tommy's post on FB.. Did anyone go to San Pedro today? Looking to get out there next Saturday.
  181. Rocket Dog

    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    Thinking about getting into rod building.... I see some nice gear in my future. I also want to thank everyone here for funding my new hobby!
  182. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Thanks. It's the one Tiburon made for it. You remove the real seat foot and mount the bracket. Both are keyed slots. So it's not going anywhere.
  183. Rocket Dog

    My new built - Newell X200N Tiburon

    Just put together my new Tiburon Xtra Narrow 200 series kit and Bryan's 5-Stack drag. Gonna spool some 40lbs braid 50/50 and 30lbs Top Shot! Just check it on my cut down 10J and it fit nicely. The rod clamp is trick!
  184. Rocket Dog

    SOLD ,.,

    where Are you located?
  185. Rocket Dog

    SOLD 200$ 9'7'' Pinhead Ulua

    where was it cut from?
  186. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet Pro Ex4/02

    Sold..thanks Jim.
  187. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tiburon SST 7530 or 40

    Thanks Jim, looking forward to connect,
  188. Rocket Dog

    Yellowtail hooks?

    Gonna try this ..
  189. Rocket Dog

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Walmart still sells ammo, but only rife, and shot gun as of 1/1/2020. Is Turner's selling gun still? I thought that was shut down.
  190. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tiburon SST 7530 or 40

    Thanks Jim. I'll be reaching out shortly.
  191. Rocket Dog

    FREE Just testing the waters. To see how much these rods will be worth in 6 months?

    Right now it's worth the TP... next time the TP will be worth the boat :D
  192. Rocket Dog

    Costco Corona Shit Show

    Damm.... I needed the laugh.... I got to get food for the dog too. I'm stealing this story!
  193. Rocket Dog

    FTH II 25N SD P

    my man... I did forget about them 5lbs......
  194. Rocket Dog

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    Hate to be the guy, but there will be a lot more opportunities to do so. The job numbers are looking horrible for the next cycle among other economic indicators. Chatter now is 2nd half of 2020. That's a long time form now.
  195. Rocket Dog

    BREAKING: Gavin Newsom Issues Order For All Of California To Stay Home

    Dude that F'n Ice Cream!!! I was laughing my ass off when he got in trouble for it... then it occurred to me. How many more asswipes with a phone and FB, Ticktok, or whatever doing this sh*t... Now I double check the ice cream.:starwarskid5:
  196. Rocket Dog

    FTH II 25N SD P

    Thanks, I though something in addition to those two...
  197. Rocket Dog

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    I'm starting out as well.. got a blank and some rods I want to change out the old rusty guides.. Just looking at thread/colors. I plan on getting one of those DYI dryer kits for now and do the cardboard box thing and some type of tensioner (ala DocSki) Gook luck in your journey!
  198. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet Pro Ex4/02

    Yes it is still avaliable,
  199. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet Pro Ex4/02

    up in Glendora right near Pasadena.
  200. Rocket Dog


    Standing by when you reopen....
  201. Rocket Dog

    Time To Buy A Boat ?

    It's always the right time to buy a boat..... Now owning it.. different story..😉
  202. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet Pro Ex4/02

    Lets try this again. Still for sale. Last guy flaked Ala Craigslist.
  203. Rocket Dog

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    I wouldn't think so, but you never know and no one in history has ever known when the bottom will be in. On the flip side no one will ever know when the peak is as well.
  204. Rocket Dog

    Corona Virus and Fred Hall Long Beach

    Confirmed Steve did not shake my hand... And only gave a Penn sticker😉 He did have some really cool prototypes. Can wait until the fall when they hit the stores.
  205. Rocket Dog

    Corona Virus and Fred Hall Long Beach

    I was there.... Though I tried to not pickup too many things and if I did shake someone had I used hand sanatizer and offer it to the other person.... Bought a bunch of stuff... Spent a lot of $$$. China... Err, I mean covid virus, well I took my chances.. who knows...wouldn't suprise me though...
  206. Rocket Dog

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    The smartest advise on here. Unless it's fishing related and not about a fishing hole... I'm gonna pass on 99% of the advise on here. BTW - not to push traffic away from this amazing place, check out the boggleheads forums. High quality info... But buyer beware since that place is free too.
  207. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Ali your right. All of us lack the knowledge here, but the message is also mixed from the very top of gov't. The media and here too, exaserbate the issue as well. I like coming here because of the humor and fishing knowledge as well as the classifieds. Everyone may not be dieing in Italy, but...
  208. Rocket Dog

    WTB Seasick patches

    Hey Bud, sorry to here that. I used to get sick as a dog and just man'ed up. I did try the patch about 5 yrs ago and honestly. it made me sleepy and I slept the a good part of my 3day trip. I was able to eat and not puke, but I was not too much fun being hazy and I missed out on my troll...
  209. Rocket Dog

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    Ditto, too late sell and too early tell how this one will shake out as this is VERY DIFFERENT. The gov't is shooting the bazooka and a microscopic virus. Since your 5yrs away, I assume you had a high fixed income portfolio. If so you can "think about" taking profits and rotating into high...
  210. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Tackle Roller bag

    interested.... where are you located?
  211. Rocket Dog

    Heading home, Corona affects plans

    Thanks for the boots on the ground report Frank. This is no joke for most including me. This will be with us for a long time. The gov't will continue to lock down as weeks if not days go by until it chokes the economy and healthcare system. Stay safe...
  212. Rocket Dog

    Rosa Rock cod madness

    What was the load like?
  213. Rocket Dog

    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet-4/5/20

    yeah I wanted to know as well.
  214. Rocket Dog

    3/4 & full day setup help.

    Look for old glass rods and older Penn, Newell or a spinner . You can get stuff here or at the yard sales when they start up again.. you have time.
  215. Rocket Dog

    WTB Seasick patches

    How have you been getting them? If you go out a lot, I assume you take a lot.. just asking. I had vertigo and it's how I got them...unless it's a washing machine out there it's not that bad, sick wise for me. Also, 4 patches per box.
  216. Rocket Dog

    WTB Seasick patches

    Good to know... I all stocked up, but want are you looking for 1, 2 a box?
  217. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tiburon SST 7530 or 40

    I'm looking for the 2/0 reels STD 7530 or Wide 7540
  218. Rocket Dog

    WTB Seasick patches

    I got some and yes you need a prescription.. what are we bartering... I assume these are more pricy then TP..
  219. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    I don't agree with much of what you say, but you do make me laugh with these mems... So all in, thanks for keeping the humor going. We all need to laugh.
  220. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Not sure if you some of you guys care, but the stock market just closed right at the opening of trading because it sold off 7.5%. This is not a light or funny thing going on right now. Everything is getting discounted... EVERYTHING. Maybe the sky is not falling for some on here, but for...
  221. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tiburon SST 7530 or 40

    Seeing what's out there since I'll be home for a while. will consider other SST models TIA
  222. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 21 Arima for sale

    Bump for a nice boat.
  223. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Yeah... I hope I have enough cash to spend when the deals come out.... Who would of thought we would have to decide between buying new gear or rice & beans... Or TP!!!?
  224. Rocket Dog

    Best Cabo resort for non-fishing wife?

    Damm. Do any of these work with the kiddos as well?
  225. Rocket Dog

    Morrow Bay in March (like next week)

    Yo, I've seen post for that trip on FB like $90 bucks. If it's jammed for load.... I'm going to reconcider.tring it out.
  226. Rocket Dog

    San Diego Fred Hall new dates

    Well might have to make it down there. It might turn out to be a bigger show that LB.
  227. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    I thought this was funny for a while. I'm surprised it's still running.. wether you believe it or not, this is happening folks and it will not just blow over in a fews days. We all will know someone that will get it and we will see if it's "just like the flu" There is a difference between taking...
  228. Rocket Dog

    San Diego FH San Diego status

    Well said and Thank You for you impute as member of the community and as a vendor of the FHS.
  229. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Few Reels ready to fish

    Anything perticular that Alan did he serviced it?
  230. Rocket Dog

    Anyone hear of this virus?

  231. Rocket Dog

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    The ice!!!!!! I always avoided the snacks or any "communal food" that's not packaged.. I'm going to.looks into a shorter trip. Hopefully the big fish come back locally.
  232. Rocket Dog

    Toilet Paper Craziness in Hawaii - Again!

    Yikes..... Your on an island . Some crazy MF'ers here on the main land are losing thier minds today....
  233. Rocket Dog

    San Diego FH San Diego status

    Greedy MFs. .. Check Crazy ass lefties, check Crazy ass righties, check Sensable people losing there mind, check. Dumb ass people thinking there right, check.. Thank God BD / Ali are keeping the lights on so that we can vent on here... Do everyone a favor, click a like and buy something...
  234. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Ok guys. I got TP, sanitizer, food, batteries... etc. Willing to trade for good fishing gear and depending possible boat....
  235. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Love how this is still going.... keep it coming guys... I want to see how long this post can be until it gets shut down....
  236. Rocket Dog

    SOLD **Tiburon sst 30**

    Thanks... These are amazing reels GLWS.
  237. Rocket Dog

    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    Speaks volumes.... Beep beep boop
  238. Rocket Dog


    FYI just look for the trending post .... But in short no one knows. Plan accordingly I
  239. Rocket Dog

    SOLD **Tiburon sst 30**

    Dose it have the lower gear swap or the 1.9.1 as well?
  240. Rocket Dog

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    There is a change coming and we will survive. Life will change for some, others might only experience little impact. No one know what to expect although this is like the FLU or whatever it is infact different and will require different tactics. It will be a long time before we know if the Pres...
  241. Rocket Dog

    Coronavirus testing in SD

  242. Rocket Dog

    Nancy's Jigger

    Wow... Creative for sure, how will the ribbon hold up over time?
  243. Rocket Dog

    540 Slingers Aloha Spirit Charter Aug 7th.

    put me on the list. Just Pm'ed you.
  244. Rocket Dog

    covid-19 and sport boats

    Best one I have seen.. though I am looking at late fall trips only because I think that there will be better info and possible treatment by then.... hopefully.
  245. Rocket Dog

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    This was one of my favorite rods. the wood grain made be do a double take when I was looking at it.
  246. Rocket Dog

    Thoughts on the UC Reeper?

    I for one am not disappointed with buying one and from Jamie. Only downside is that I went to the show on Thurs and I'm missi g out on the last days discounts to add a few more blanks... Jamie look out for an incomming pm!!
  247. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Silver Makaira 20

    Damm, hell of a price. GLWS
  248. Rocket Dog

    Batson Enterprises returns to Fred Hall Long Beach!

    Late post: Thurs Fri: Big ups to Bill Baston for hosting some amazing rod builders and having a place to see the magic happen. I was able to meet and chat with some ledgendary builders like Doc Ski, and Jim Trelike as well as SD Rod builder members Einar Lohner and Eddie Liebel, who took the...
  249. Rocket Dog

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Was I was at the captains seminar on Thursday and Ray donstrated it to us. You need to pratpratic "a lot" and I would think it's hard not being on a boat. To that, there is a video of Ray doing it and I seen it on Thursday as well. Book a trip, or try to find the guy. His name was Paul, older...
  250. Rocket Dog

    Andrew Viola

    Seen the man at the captains seminar on Thurs good content form all of them.
  251. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach Long Beach show

    Met up with these guys yesterday and they had quality stuff. Picked a few items ... Now just need to make it up to the channel.islands to slay some Dinosaurs !!!
  252. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    I survived 2 days at the 2020 Fred Hall Show!!!! Sorry to all of the ppl I sneezed on while in line getting my UC Reaper Rod and to all of the guys grabbing out of the same bin of plastics as I covered my cough with my hand and put it right back on to get that right color slug, minnow, and and...
  253. Rocket Dog

    Fred Hall crowds

    How was the parking?
  254. Rocket Dog

    2020 Fred Hall LB

    Thr reels are also part of the sale?
  255. Rocket Dog

    Fred Hall crowds

    WHAT>>>> No Bongo Girls?
  256. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach CAPTAIN'S SUMMIT: Pre-Show on Thursday, March 5

    For some reason I thought read that there was a lot right next to it. Got to search for it now.
  257. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach FH Long Beach Vendor cancellation due to the Corona Virus

    Nope, but he did try to take credit and trademark it. Bush, Regan, Clinton have all used the phrase at some point in time
  258. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach CAPTAIN'S SUMMIT: Pre-Show on Thursday, March 5

    where is the best place to park for the summit?
  259. Rocket Dog

    Tiburons and Accurate

    here's a reel - Tiburon SST 16/80 - $400 in 2010... still held it's value today in 2020
  260. Rocket Dog

    TOMAHAWK post 13 BFT (70# - 90#) on their 1 1/2 day.

    Getting the gear ready..... and firing up the grill for them bellys
  261. Rocket Dog

    I care about your health

    I used glasses from an early age..... LASIK has taken the stigma away.
  262. Rocket Dog

    Super Seeker CLB804 FH2020 Build

    looks really good.
  263. Rocket Dog

    United Composites Reaper madness continues!!

    Pick up you phones if an 818# calls.... Just got it and reserved my REAPER!!!!!
  264. Rocket Dog

    40 Lbs Reel recommendations

    Sold my Gen 1 for a Gen 2....POWER!!!
  265. Rocket Dog

    FREE forget it

    now what banks are there and when do you need to leave...
  266. Rocket Dog

    I care about your health

    Clorox is one of the few things up in this market... except for today, it's a broad based sell off. Very few places to hid
  267. Rocket Dog

    I care about your health

    Well if you have been siting in cash or on the sided lines this may be a buying opportunity... thought I would not sell whatsoever.
  268. Rocket Dog

    1st Video on The Alijos by Okuma!

    Whoohoo thoses are NICEEEEE. how heavy are they?
  269. Rocket Dog

    United Composites Reaper madness continues!!

    Island Tackel in Carson too.
  270. Rocket Dog

    I care about your health

    Well, it was just announced that Sacramento had a confirmed case of person to person infection. Now we will see how contained it will be. Remember that it's never just 1. Get ready for a wild ride...
  271. Rocket Dog

    Penn Mag Tuned 10 build

    Just reread this thread and now I find myself looking for a Penn 970 Mag reel.
  272. Rocket Dog

    Okuma Alijos level drag, new reel.

    website has a price of $239.99
  273. Rocket Dog

    I care about your health

    I was surprised at the news conference yesterday afternoon. I am not surprised at the one we will have today. We will not know the real impact of this for a few months to quarters. Well boys get ready for new government stimulus... Any Mortgage lenders on here.? I'll be looking to refi my...
  274. Rocket Dog


    Put me in next line, I'll borrow the $$ if I need.
  275. Rocket Dog


    Agreed. Put me in next line, I'll borrow the $$ if I need..... f'n site on my phone
  276. Rocket Dog


    Wow.... this was a great deal!
  277. Rocket Dog


    My biggest issue is the the site is that everyone seem way quicker tompick up deals... It's almost like the live on this board.... I know little bitter..... Now tell me your secret to being 1st in line!!!!
  278. Rocket Dog

    First Two Tuna For SD Fleet Landed on the Tomahawk

    Way to go! Can't wait to get out there
  279. Rocket Dog

    Penn Mag Tuned 10 build

    Great build. How heavy is it now?
  280. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet Pro Ex4/02

    Yes, it's a beast of a reel. BUT YOU NEED IT!!! I move the drag plate down to the lower notches ala for more drag, spoiled w 80lbs white power pro. It was also serviced by Ken's 2yrs ago and put away $sold but cash is KING, will take venmo, PayPal F&F or add in the 3.5% Will ship on...
  281. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach Rod and Gun Swap Meet questions

    is there a filer for this? I might be able to make it out. If it stays open.
  282. Rocket Dog

    WTB Newell S-200 series reel

    I got you covered 220XN Tiburon frame, used a S-220-5 reel for the conversion. Fresh drags and oiled up... Just add your favorite line.
  283. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 12 ft CUI (Tady) Jigstick

    pinging him last night......
  284. Rocket Dog

    Long Beach Ed's Jigs...........finally got him to make a few!

    still have a box from the last run... I lost a lot less:p
  285. Rocket Dog

    Ever Eat Roosterfish?

    Taste like chicken
  286. Rocket Dog

    Job Opportunity at Avet

    Hmmm. I would be willing to travel.
  287. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Black Tiburon Yellow Tail Kit

    Black Tiburon Yellow Tail (narrow) frame and spool kit only for 113h Penn $125 . Will ship on your dime and cash is King, but will take pp add 3.5% if you don't want to do F&F.
  288. Rocket Dog

    WTB Penn fathom 25n/30 star drag

    Have a brand new one. Will come with box and everything.
  289. Rocket Dog

    Best (without breaking the bank) Deepwater reel

    check out the older AVET 4/02s built like a tank and would do both.
  290. Rocket Dog

    FTH II 25N SD P

    Whats the difference in the new from the old 25n? The braking system.?
  291. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Wooden Tackle Box upright

    What city are you in? Did you make the box? Thx
  292. Rocket Dog

    Rod blank paint

    I should have asked if automotive paint can be used, why not. I assume any and all painted rods have some flex agent added so that it doesn't crack.
  293. Rocket Dog

    Rod blank paint

    House of Kolor Kandy. Is it possible?
  294. Rocket Dog

    Cosmos built 30,000 rods?

    gonna have to stop by, he's by my worksite.
  295. Rocket Dog

    Yellowtail fishing in Erendira, Baja California with my UC rods

    Damm, I want to get out there. Pm me the info.
  296. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

    How many miles on it?
  297. Rocket Dog

    SOLD CUI Factory 10 ft. Blank $130. Sold

    Dammm next if it falls through.
  298. Rocket Dog

    WTB Clean Penn TRQ25NLD2

    Hijacked and hit you up.
  299. Rocket Dog

    WTB Clean Penn TRQ25NLD2

    Er....might have to ping you troutkilla
  300. Rocket Dog

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Really??? I don't know this myself, I guess CA really is the best place to live!
  301. Rocket Dog

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Well, this is really interesting and I'll add my $0.02. Is the issue really trespassing to fishing or stealing property, which is in this case are the fish? You might not have thought of it this way. Since the pond was on the course, both which are man made, there is a case here that you were...
  302. Rocket Dog

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    As a survivor myself, I hope she fully recovers.... stay strong.
  303. Rocket Dog

    For Sale SS cjb90f

    2nd in line if you choose to sell it.
  304. Rocket Dog

    SOLD .:

    Thirsty ppl
  305. Rocket Dog

    UC's newest Jig Stick

    Nice.. will they be ready for the Fred hall show and avaliabe there,?
  306. Rocket Dog

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    Yo... what contamination? They let people swim there. Is that it?
  307. Rocket Dog

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    Gonna have to get out there too
  308. Rocket Dog

    Is this BD Today?

    BDoutdoors for sale? Some big Corp looking to take in a site?
  309. Rocket Dog

    Skinny Butt VS Thiccc Butt

    So, was there less fat butts built in the last few years and where most e-glass or composites? Just trying to relearn since I've been away from fishing and collecting gear.
  310. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    Thanks for all of the help on this guys... now to learn how to wrap the bottom and figure out a mount of sorts as not to crush the blank.
  311. Rocket Dog

    Star Drags on Closeout

    got me one, thanks.
  312. Rocket Dog

    Question About Super Seekers

    I'll bite... Pm in coming.
  313. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Stainless drums smokers bbq

    Looks good. i need a new one myself.
  314. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    The wall thickness is 0.088. If it's a Calstar then is it a 100j cut down to 9'4"? lseems like it should launch a Tady 45 with no problem.
  315. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    White stripes inside is about 1/4 or a little bigger.
  316. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    Inside of the. I'm thinking it might be e-glass because I seem to recall her saying that it was in the garage for a while. My Newell 229 is too small and my 338 is just about right, but that's with nothing on the glass.
  317. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    I did take off the plug and took off the old and frayed tuna cord. Looks like it was going to get fixed, but no sticker or anything thin in the tube or underneath the cord.
  318. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    Thanks All I assumed it was, but who knows the rod was the only fishing thing for sale. Now just need to get some tuna core or something on the bottom of it to mount a reel since nothing is there.
  319. Rocket Dog

    help with long rod id

    Hey, guys I just picked this rod up at a yard sale. The wife wasn't too sure of the maker, but thought it was hawaaian. So may be an old ulua? The card was off but no stickeror anything. 9' 4" long 1.29" butt Tip is 0.22 Any help is appreciated.
  320. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet JX 6/3 G2

    reconsider shipping?
  321. Rocket Dog

    Anything new for Fred hall 2020 ?

    Looking forward to the show and wanted to know if there are any new products or? Looking to pick up a VISX16 there.
  322. Rocket Dog

    Careless dog owner and croc

    self selection... waiting for them to go in the water to rescue the dog...
  323. Rocket Dog

    For Sale blanks and partial builds...

    interested in that honey 670XH-8'6
  324. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Cool. Nice deal and good deal.. Glws.
  325. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    I'm guessing this is another scam.
  326. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Second if the deal falls through.. thanks
  327. Rocket Dog

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    I do not know them, but is this a common practice?
  328. Rocket Dog

    For Sale full flotation swim step outboard bracket

    Next weekend is better. I am around Sunday and the evening depends on what time your talking about.
  329. Rocket Dog

    Bloody Piers

    You guys have a bad smog problem up there ? I just thought it was a socal thing.
  330. Rocket Dog

    For Sale full flotation swim step outboard bracket

    You should come by to look at it. It's well built and would fit perfectly.
  331. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Black Avet JX 6/3

    Extra reel just taking up space. 65# Spectra and 100yrd if mono. Reel was serviced before being put a way.$225 will ship on your dime, PayPal +3%, Venmo or Cash located near Pasadena. Text for quicker response 626-274-9001
  332. Rocket Dog

    Summer Trips - Tuna or bust!

    Just happy to go out. Most spend $$$ on stuff they really don't need. Just a though, some don't get to go out on anything more the 1/2 day or overnight. It's still fishing, an opportunity get a fish and nothing more.
  333. Rocket Dog

    Possible Pac Queen Cancellation

    dude, been there. hopefully you can make it or turn it around.
  334. Rocket Dog

    Remove cord and Turks head.

    Watching... I got the same problem on an one jig stick.
  335. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Deleteseee

    what is the size of the butt?
  336. Rocket Dog

    SOLD 2 1/2 Day Fishing Trip Pass $500 OBO

    interested - PM 'ed
  337. Rocket Dog

    WTB Tib SST 7530 (Okuma made)

    How cac you tell I it was made by Okama or not?
  338. Rocket Dog

    For Sale SOLD/2 calstars an Avet reel

    If allthese guys don't pick up the phone, I'll take them...:drool:
  339. Rocket Dog

    For Sale full flotation swim step outboard bracket

    anyone need a this? no longer have the boat
  340. Rocket Dog

    WTB small car for new dirve

    Hey BD foks, I'm looking for a good small car for my daughter who just got her divers license. Nothing too crazy or any F350 trucks. She just need to get around without breaking my bank. please PM. willing to travel to check a good car out. Thank,
  341. Rocket Dog


    Are these classes still being offered?
  342. Rocket Dog

    WTB Alantini

    what is a Alan Tani 5/0 or 6/0?
  343. Rocket Dog

    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Great write up.ive been looking to go down there. Will check it out.
  344. Rocket Dog

    5 to 8 day rod & reel recommendation list [updated]

    This list gets my vote for the simple fact that the Penn 4/0 is still a viable choice... Senitors stlls cath fish!
  345. Rocket Dog

    Avet Pro EXW 4/02 Question

    I have one and second Alan's site. He did a write up on the reel a while ago about increasing the drags to 30# which i did along with getting the parts from avet. it's also a heave reel.
  346. Rocket Dog

    For Sale CLEAN Newell YTS

    Interested the p388 j if you still have it.
  347. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Tiburon Upgraded Newell C533-5.5 Price Drop.

    interested in the reel. is the frame standard width?
  348. Rocket Dog

    Skinny ulua

    Nice score. So what exactly is a skinny butt ulua? what is the model number?
  349. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Phenix-Sabre-SeaStar by Wade.

    Interested in the calstar 6480 and your saber 670
  350. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Seeker Hurcules 70m SOLD

    I'm interested in the rod. What guides are on it Fuji?
  351. Rocket Dog

    For Sale UC/GUSA & Calstar's

    Interested in the 800xl
  352. Rocket Dog

    For Sale Calstar/seeker super cheap

    Hmmmmm....... me thinks this be an Easter fools post.
  353. Rocket Dog

    Love restoring!!!

    Looks amazing.
  354. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 1984 Wellcraft Sportsman price drop $5500!!!!

    That's a lot of boat for the $$$ If had the space.....
  355. Rocket Dog

    SOLD Black Baja Special

    Jeff, Thanks again. It will be put to good use!
  356. Rocket Dog

    For Sale 1982 Sea Ox $4000

    Free bump for a great boat. Had a 86 23c.... Amazing boa that rides dry.
  357. Rocket Dog

    Got 1, first timer piggy

    Proper way to do it... Carnitas all day long!
  358. Rocket Dog

    For Sale full flotation swim step outboard bracket

    I had this built for my boat 4yrs ago. Still have the bracket, but not the boat. Will fit a 19-27ft grady type boat. This thing is a beast and ready to mount on your boat... I can help load it. Asking $1900 for it. In the city of Glendora. Thats by the 210 and 605 days. 76 3/4 " wide with a...
  359. Rocket Dog

    Old girl been sitting for 9 years

    yeah, kinda vague question. I have an older evinrude as well and need to get it ready for the water too.
  360. Rocket Dog

    Old girl been sitting for 9 years

    Nice - what are you changing out on your Rude to before you fire it up?
  361. Rocket Dog

    Tempo Fuel Tank

    THX... Just let me know.
  362. Rocket Dog


    what year is the motor? Is it a FITCH?
  363. Rocket Dog

    Tempo Fuel Tank

    Sent you a text. Next in line if no one has come by to pick it up... thanks
  364. Rocket Dog

    Tempo Fuel Tank

    where are you located? I am interested and in LA.
  365. Rocket Dog

    WTB tower or hoop for 30' Pursuit Express

    check out TowerFab (Tom) on here. He build be a bracket and does great work and will match the boat lines as well. I was able to see a lot of the work tower and bait tank work he was doing at his place... Stand up guy 714 200-6366
  366. Rocket Dog

    2006 Evinrude ETEC 250hp *30inch*

    does it come with any rigging or prop?
  367. Rocket Dog

    2006 250 E-TEC, SOLD

    ugh.... where did i leave that tax retrun! GLWS.
  368. Rocket Dog

    Tuna meat lesion?

    That is nasty-
  369. Rocket Dog

    Johnson/Evinrude Props/plugs

    Tony, I'll take the plugs for my 225
  370. Rocket Dog

    FREE 2000 Evinrude Ficht 225

    Ok. Let me know Pm'ed with my #
  371. Rocket Dog

    FREE 2000 Evinrude Ficht 225

    let me know if it is still avalible. I'll take it. how many hours on it by the way...thanks
  372. Rocket Dog

    SOLD retaining wall block for sale.

    interested in both... Can I come by Saturday for it? I would also be intersted in the contact as well. PM in bound.
  373. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude 225 hp two stroke

    just shot you a txt.
  374. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude 225 hp two stroke

    have you used this motor? did you download the run times? lastly, did has the software and injectors been updated? thanks
  375. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a to get an outboard Bracket build in LA

    Where are you located these days? Last place I went to was in upland - Ontario area.
  376. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a to get an outboard Bracket build in LA

    Thanks. I tried a few days ago as well as his phone on his website. No response. Tom - you around?
  377. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a to get an outboard Bracket build in LA

    I need to get a new outboard bracket built for my 23c Sea OX. Right now it has a 225hp with not enough set back. it's about 26" and I need at least 30". Any recomendations near LA. Thanks,
  378. Rocket Dog

    FS: Boat cover - for Parker 2320 SL Pilot House - SOLD

    I'll take it if the other guy doesn't
  379. Rocket Dog

    Jagd pups on the ground 5 new hunters!

    Ok Dave. Keep me on the short list. I think things are finally settling down for me to. Have a pup
  380. Rocket Dog

    For sale 2002 Yamaha F 225HP

    Is the rigging included?
  381. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a 2.5 trip June 20/21

    bump... anyone need to fill a spot?
  382. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a 2.5 trip June 20/21

    Thx. I seen that but can't leave earlier than Friday
  383. Rocket Dog

    Looking for a 2.5 trip June 20/21

    Just checking if there are any open spots since I just got some time off approved.
  384. Rocket Dog

    Hard top

    Damm next In line
  385. Rocket Dog

    Hard top

    Pm sent, interested as well.
  386. Rocket Dog

    Concrete-Wall perosn needed in LA (SGV)

    Looking to get the some concrete work done on the drive way and perhas a retaining wall as well. I'm near the 605 and 210 in LA. PM's perfered. thanks Jose
  387. Rocket Dog

    Solar systems for the home

    Gonna look I to it some more. I think my city had some wired zoning law that Inerd to check out
  388. Rocket Dog

    Solar systems for the home

    Ok. If I am understanding all this correctly, unless. I install them myself, they are not cost effective and the inverter or panel life is about 5 yrs or so. Any extended warranty is a mute point. So dammed if you do and dammed if you don't?
  389. Rocket Dog

    Solar systems for the home

    I am looking I to it right now, but still don't know if it's worth it. Any one in LA got these recently that can add insight ?
  390. Rocket Dog


    Second on the m1a1. 10 round clip and simi auto= dead pigs, but heavy. Didn't think you could run more than 3 rounds while hunting in CA. TX maybe a different story.
  391. Rocket Dog

    Cple of Radon projects in HI for $500.00 EA!

    Hey bra. How much you think that 28 would cost to ship to the mainland?
  392. Rocket Dog

    Epoxy garage floor/Mancave (pic heavy)

    damm, I just finished some work on the house and need to get the man cave up and running ASAP... so is there any solvents that will eat into the finish?
  393. Rocket Dog

    Honda 225 four stroke outboard

    Any way to finance this?
  394. Rocket Dog

    Honda 225 four stroke outboard

    Tom, What year is the motor?
  395. Rocket Dog

    Ugly gets the copper pill

    Nice piggy. Central Valley pig?
  396. Rocket Dog

    FS Seeker Black Steel 6465XH

    How long is the rod? What is it rated-at?
  397. Rocket Dog

    Airmar transducer P66

    what dose this fit? Lowrance, Fruno?
  398. Rocket Dog

    Shea McIntee (Stoked On Fishing) and Dan Hernandez (TVDan)

    Hey, it happen to me too, but I waited a bit and after he was done with the person. Dan spoke to my kids and helped us find some buck-tail jigs at Turnners' since he had ran out. He didn't have to do that what-so-ever, but chatted us up on the way there and back. my 2 cents
  399. Rocket Dog

    Towing a 25ft Cabin Cruiser....the dilemma.....

    ok, now that the U-Hal is the great IDEA! Anyone currently doing this
  400. Rocket Dog

    bass pro kayak

    Hey guys I am looking to pick a new yak and Bass Pro has a deal on them. You guys have any opioin on them? ThE cost seems resenable ?
  401. Rocket Dog

    boat fenders,buoy,magma fillet board and bilge hand pump

    is the cutting board gone? I'm in Glendora, and can come by.
  402. Rocket Dog

    My rig is finally ready to go!

    No way. You can take that thing to cedeos!
  403. Rocket Dog

    Towing a 25ft Cabin Cruiser....the dilemma.....

    I have a 6.0L Suburban 4x4 2500 that I use to two and the wife uses to cart the kids. It's been working so far.
  404. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude Ficht 225hp

    Cool. I think the new ones being offered on the bay are compatible with the new software
  405. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude Ficht 225hp

    Yes. It's a software that will let you read any error codes and history off the computer. There is a dongle that plugs to the USB and motor.. What year is yours ? How many seasons have you has it? You cans search eBay for Fitch software. A ton come up
  406. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude Ficht 225hp

    It's a 1999. How is yours running , any trouble? Do you use the software off eBay for the diagnostics?
  407. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude Ficht 225hp

  408. Rocket Dog

    Evinrude Ficht 225hp

    Hey guys, I am looking for the software and connection hookup for a old evinrude fitch series motors... Anyone have a old copy or set? Nothing is wrong with the motor at the moment. thanks
  409. Rocket Dog

    1988 22' outrage twin 90 E-Tec re-power and fuel economy help

    He'll yeah. Now I just need to find one under 5k
  410. Rocket Dog

    Kitchen and Bath high end stuff for sale

    Sent a pm request for more pics. Thx
  411. Rocket Dog

    TX Archery Hunt - Nov. 7-10

    I have to make my way out to TX.....
  412. Rocket Dog

    2006 Chrysler Pacifica 86k miles

    Selling my 2006 Pacifica since we are not using it any longer for the kids since I bought a Suburban. Has 86k mikes v6 4 door with Capt seat in the middle and can seat 6 altogether. check out the link to the CL for Pics. Located Near Pasadena. $7500...
  413. Rocket Dog


    is that a lot of hours for a 4 stroke?
  414. Rocket Dog

    Chest freezer for sale

    How big is it and how old? - - - Updated - - - How big is it and how old?
  415. Rocket Dog

    .300 weatherby magnum vanguard for sale or trade

    might be interested.... how may rounds down the pipe?
  416. Rocket Dog

    Frog Gigging?

    hate to ask, but in LA county municipale lakes, are these jumpers good to eat? I'll take from stocked lakes when the DFG swings by, but other than that, I throw everything back (from lakes)
  417. Rocket Dog

    Maple Smoked YFT

    i have a few loins left and will be trying this out..... what smoker do you have? looks killer.
  418. Rocket Dog

    Need a full float bracket made in LA area

    Hi I need to change out the bracket on the Sea Ox 23c and want to find someone in the LA/Pasadena Area who can do the work. I am looking for a 30" set back and full float. I have a 225hp outboard at the moment, but want to change over to a 4stroke Thanks Guys
  419. Rocket Dog

    Outboard Bracket

    How much was the shipping on the bracket to the west coast? Any change on giving out an "all in cost" I need to change out the bracket I have 24" set back. I need a deeper one, plus I would like to have a full float too.
  420. Rocket Dog

    Parker 2320 SL Sports Cabin

    I would jump on this if the financing wasn't such a high hurdle!!!
  421. Rocket Dog

    New enclosure....

    what's the cost and where is Juan located at?
  422. Rocket Dog


    good deal... i been looking for one.....
  423. Rocket Dog

    Hull liner for sale.

    hi, dose it fold up for transport?
  424. Rocket Dog

    Okuma MK 20IISEa Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel / SKB Big Game Belt.

    All man. Iam so itching fir a new reel... And you are real close too.
  425. Rocket Dog

    FS: Newell S 338-5

    I can take some more. What do you want to see?
  426. Rocket Dog

    FS: Newell S229-5

    Selling some reels that I don't used for an up and coming trip $125 ship in your dime paypal please add 3.5
  427. Rocket Dog

    FS: Newell S 338-5

    Cleaning out and raising some $$$ for my up a d comming fishing trip. $130 Will ship on your dime. Paypal please add 3.5
  428. Rocket Dog

    Yamaha 225 four stroke ob

    Same here......
  429. Rocket Dog

    GARELICK Side Gunwale Utility Seat (2) BRAND NEW

    next in line, these will fit my boat
  430. Rocket Dog


    wait, your swapping two boat for a larger one? The Grady and Sea Ox both look to be 24footers.
  431. Rocket Dog

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby 2013

    This a Great Event and worth the drive to MDR for some barn door Halibuts!!!!
  432. Rocket Dog


    Thanks, I think this is going to work out. Great!!!
  433. Rocket Dog

    2004 Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke outboard (N. OC) $600

    second.... will take both...626-274-9001
  434. Rocket Dog

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Prometheus God that stole fire from Zeus and gave it to man... Also chained to a rock and got his liver eaten by a vulture..... kind of reminds me of the of the life of a fisherman... we have all the tools and spend days on end trying to catch a fish only to be disappointed more office the...
  435. Rocket Dog

    Ford F150 SuperCrew 4x4 NICE!!!

    that is a long slogg from DP to the Onterio.
  436. Rocket Dog

    Grafighters, Super Seeker Cow Rods. Great Deal!!

    Next in line for on the 765M and 760H
  437. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    thank, but I rather fish'em.
  438. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

  439. Rocket Dog

    New bluefin setup

    an't no school but the old school! I have some 2 speeds and some singles, mostly penn BAJA, YTS, but a am keeping a few Newells as well
  440. Rocket Dog

    22' diesel flybridge, 6000.00!

    just seen this.... Lots of boat for the price. I would have jumped on the deal if I didn't already have the OX..... the baot is real fishy and diesel. Tom also does some sick tower work beaing so close to LA, it's worth the drive; Rocket
  441. Rocket Dog

    Penn 114h Red Side plate w/Accuframe

    Had this reel for a while now and never fished it after I get the Accuframe for it. Good condition and Drags were changed when I changed out the frame. Asking $115 + the ride updated price Rocket
  442. Rocket Dog

    flotation outboard bracket

    What's something like that cost. Pm me if you don't want to post
  443. Rocket Dog

    Suck it LeBron.........

    Here is a bump for a possible broken ankle in the future!!!!!
  444. Rocket Dog

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD 700 X4H

    sucks i have a job during the day that I sometimes can't look at BD 24/7 for deals. that said...... but me in line for it toooooooo!
  445. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    lots of pm's replied to..... next stop is Ebay..
  446. Rocket Dog

    Ruger M77 Tactical/Varmit LIKE NEW

    if it was a bigger caliber, like 308 of. I'd be on this.
  447. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    PMs replied and updated prices
  448. Rocket Dog

    fishing off childrens pool breakwall?

    you guys aee the video of some seals getting an ass whipping two nights ago? All from the new camares.. http://
  449. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    Bump. S-reels are not that bad guys lots of good fishing left in them!
  450. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    Tib Frame sold to Pacific Fisher (SPF). I'll be stripping the spectra off the 533 reel for my YTS and will adjust the price once I am done with it.
  451. Rocket Dog

    Newell 546

    Selling a few Newell's and also have a tib 533 narrow kit for it .
  452. Rocket Dog

    Newell's S-229 S-338 S-533

    Selling my Newell reels since don't used them because I got a few Avet's now. Will ship on your dime, paypal please add 3% unless your gifting. I'll make you a deal if you take all three!! S-229 5 ($130) S-338 5 ($140) S-533 5.5 No Line on reel ($OLD) Tib SOLD I also have a Tiboron 553...
  453. Rocket Dog

    20 years since I fished SoCal saltwater, gear has really changed! So I have questions

    my 2cents I used my newells (229, 335, 559) and penns (4/0, YTS tib fram) for everthing, even the fenwick glass sticks. I was in your shoes about 5yrs ago and just slowly added things. as well as slowly sold some stuff to fund it. You can find deals here some times on that, but nothing...
  454. Rocket Dog

    Raptor HXJ and JX

    Just seeing if anyone as one that they willing to sell.... Seems that I keep getting beat when they come up on the board. Thx
  455. Rocket Dog

    San Felipe property

    same question. what are the real cost of having a place down there when you are from the US? I always thought it was a great idea. and the price seems killer.
  456. Rocket Dog

    Catching Flying Fish?

    When I first started to eat sushi I tried the mackerel.... Almost blew chunks at the sushi bar. That fish can stay on a hook at the end of my line:finger:
  457. Rocket Dog

    Rare Parker 2520 XL MV DIESEL!

    About $21k too rich for my wallet.. Bump for a really nice ride.
  458. Rocket Dog

    New Half Tower on a 1988 Chaparral

    might have to pony up for one this year.
  459. Rocket Dog

    1992 Striper Diesel W/A $11,995.00

    dude, I might put mine up for sale to get your's! Bump for a nice ride.
  460. Rocket Dog

    Best electronics for inshore fishing???

    I thought the the HDS units didn't have the power to drive the tm260. 600 watts vs 1k on the 858 furno, as well as being able to run duel frequencies.
  461. Rocket Dog

    EZ Steer Outboard to Outboard Steering Bracket

    man, just started to look for one of these!!!
  462. Rocket Dog

    MLPA Volunteer Monitoring App.

    someone needs to take these guys out of the lab and have them spend some time on the water to see first hand.....
  463. Rocket Dog

    2005 Honda BF225

    Nice. How much does that puppy weigh
  464. Rocket Dog

    1990 Sea Ox Walkaround 200c

    sweet boat. look almost like my 1986 23c..... soild boats with 5 stringers insted of 3 in the GW.
  465. Rocket Dog

    Lewmar ProFish 1000 (used)

    is it vertical or horizontal?
  466. Rocket Dog

    Radar Arch with 4 rod holders

    Where is it located?
  467. Rocket Dog

    Railing and bimini

    might be interested in the bimini, what type of boat did it come off?
  468. Rocket Dog

    Lowrance & Raymarine Electronics

    I have a 50/200 w/temp ducer for that lowrace if you need it.
  469. Rocket Dog

    Looking to have a half tower/ hard top built

    who is Chingon and where is he located.
  470. Rocket Dog

    Airmar tm260 slightly used

    hey, just curious, how far apart was it from the trim tabs that you were not able to get a good picture underway. Was there too much prop wash as well? thanks
  471. Rocket Dog

    New Lowrance HST DSBL 50/200 X-ducer

    Selling myHST DSBL 50/200 X-ducer new in the box never mounted or used. I was going to use this with my HDS, but I am going a diffrent route. $130 obo. shipped... Paypal. please add the 3.5%
  472. Rocket Dog

    Airmar TM260 Ducer-New in Box

    JFK, Just shot you another PM..... didn't see all these post!
  473. Rocket Dog

    Seeker Black Steel G6470 and Quantum Boca 5950

    Is the seeker the one with the Fuji reel seat? What reel was mounted? I might be interested, where in SGV are you located in?
  474. Rocket Dog

    100lb Avet

    doesn't Alan's mod make that reel a 100lbs? I have 80 on my and when I do the changes on Alan's site, I'm going to wrap 100lbs... how much lbs are you getting on the drags? 30lbs?
  475. Rocket Dog

    Another Radon.

    that is a slick ride.
  476. Rocket Dog

    Custom Penn Reels for Sale

    get me in on the yellows, sent a pm
  477. Rocket Dog

    3 Amigos - Ocean Odyessy - San Clemente Island

    Great boat, Capt will work hard for you! We have used them for the last couple of club trip for MRDA.
  478. Rocket Dog

    Crazy Rough Seas

    20 ft seas? seems that it was much more problematic because they were in the surf zone. Still wouldn't go out in it as well!
  479. Rocket Dog

    1995 Silverado Extra Cab

    We it's time to sell the old girl because my brother got a newer duramax and since he's my fishing bub, it's what we are going to use. 1995 Silverado Extra Cab 5.7 vortec auto trans 2wd miles 265k, most of it was highway, don't let it scare you. Newer MaxAir Air Shocks In the last year I...
  480. Rocket Dog

    My Ride, Mi Sueno III

    nice sled....
  481. Rocket Dog

    LB harbor closures

    So, is this really happening?
  482. Rocket Dog


    next in line for the HX!
  483. Rocket Dog

    Report:Home guard yellows!!

    I hate living up in LA..... when you guys can run out of SD for some home guards!
  484. Rocket Dog

    Slips in LA

    Got it. Whats the problem with a small boat. Mine tapes out to 27 from bow to stren. Is it that there is less in slip fees for under 30'boat? How long did you slip you boat there?
  485. Rocket Dog

    Slips in LA

    thanks, i guess with the yatch club, its something i'd have to join.... i was trying to avoid that. Jose
  486. Rocket Dog

    Slips in LA

    I have been thinking that I much would rather pay for a slip next year over getting a new truck and the cost of gas from San Gabriel Vally to landings. I am looking at the anying off the 110 or 605 since they are the ones travel down the most. I would perfer not to be in Santa Monica since I...
  487. Rocket Dog

    Tiburon kits

    is the black a narrow spool and fram?
  488. Rocket Dog

    New fish art from the last few weeks..[pic heavy]

    That hammer head is badass!
  489. Rocket Dog


    SOCAL is sweet for me. Spiny gets my vote, although I think like a lot of others have said, catching it myself make it tase so much better.
  490. Rocket Dog

    Lobster Charters is Los Angeles Area

    I took a trip with him last year. 4 on the boat, but it's posible to get a few more. He'll do his best to put some on the boat for you guys.
  491. Rocket Dog

    Lowrance HDS-10 Gen 1 w/StructureScan! $1800

    why was the ss1 useless or under used? just wondering since it's a few bucks to have this
  492. Rocket Dog


    Is it a military only place?
  493. Rocket Dog


    Next on the out riggers, do you have bases for them and what size are they? thanks
  494. Rocket Dog

    1996 K3500 Baja Callen Special

    Does it have the Allison Transmission? How is the 4wd?
  495. Rocket Dog

    double axels, two sets of disc brakes 10,000 htich

    I don't have the mesurements, but I would have to guess it's standered with. the boat that was sitting on it was 24 sea rey cuddy and it fit perfect. I know it's not wide enough to warrent a moving permit. I'll mesure it this afternoon.
  496. Rocket Dog

    OMG- 2 FLESHlights in a Calguns classified ad

    Wtf......... All of CG is suspect! I was looking for a rife on there...... nomas
  497. Rocket Dog

    Vacuumed canning of tuna

    is it possible to get some video on it? I have the foodsaver and your right about the price of bags and the pump heating up.
  498. Rocket Dog

    double axels, two sets of disc brakes 10,000 htich

    bump..... no one needs to covert thier trailer to disc?
  499. Rocket Dog

    double axels, two sets of disc brakes 10,000 htich

    This was an old trailer that held a 24 sea rey cuddy. I would perfer to sell it all as one unit. Asking $450 for everything 10,000 hitch Flex break line, should be more then enough to reto your trailer 4 disc brakes (one set per axel) and fenders. This is a screaminmg buy! I just paid $1300...
  500. Rocket Dog

    Severe Motion/Seasickness

    I get a little green too, but I have discovered that some things trigger it more than others. Like just sitting in the galley, looking down like reading or eating real rich food on the boat. now this is bad when you are on any fishing trip. I was poping the bhoind pills and taking some ginger...
  501. Rocket Dog

    I need a good Los Angeles tackle shop

    second Baja, but I tihnk there is a closer one off the 405 and 105.... Forgot the name of it.
  502. Rocket Dog


    sick fish anyways...... I got one of your money jig from a fishing semiar held by the Marina Del Rey Angelers.........
  503. Rocket Dog

    MAW @ The Tuna Pens

    sick ride on 17 ft skiff. job well done
  504. Rocket Dog

    Border crossing

    been thinking about pulling the OX down there. You guys camp or stay at a place?
  505. Rocket Dog

    Rabbit Pellets

    So how do you perp them, if at all?
  506. Rocket Dog

    Airmar B-258 Transducer for Simrad/Lowrance

    might be interested i have two bait tanks.
  507. Rocket Dog


    offer $100 for it i can come by today and pick it up
  508. Rocket Dog

    Lowrance HDS-7 Fishfinder+GPS Chartplotter

    wpould you sell the nav card? which one is it?
  509. Rocket Dog

    looking for a 410 for my kid

    Thanks guys. You have a youth stock on it?
  510. Rocket Dog

    looking for a 410 for my kid

    willing to look at all of them, but I perfer an O/U or DB. thanks.
  511. Rocket Dog

    Sign Up for the Derby This Weekend!

    BUMP for a good bunch of guys. This is a not for porfit event, all funds will go a good cause!
  512. Rocket Dog

    Got a 45.5 lb Halibut at MDR

    If you would have got it next weekend, you could have won the Marina Del Rey Derby........ they got some great prizes!!!!
  513. Rocket Dog

    Coastal Super Tanker !!!!!!

    Congrats!:hali_olutta: I just met you on Saturday and you made no mention on about this....... Now I know I have to make it back to see if you put up my posters!
  514. Rocket Dog


    what a MoFO that is a nice baot....... if you don't mind, how much did it cost? plus fuel I guess?
  515. Rocket Dog

    Frozen Catch

    I always wondered how they fit a big fish into such a little can:waglleybooty:
  516. Rocket Dog

    Freedom 5-22-12

    Brings new meaning to bloody decks!
  517. Rocket Dog


    I second Baja, not sure if Bob is any closer to the westside since there is bad traffice on bothsides of the 405. I have not been to, But I here there is a buy off El Segundo.
  518. Rocket Dog

    Handheld VHF Radio

    I'll take it. pm sent
  519. Rocket Dog

    Avet HX 5/2 & Seeker G6460XH

    that is about a 30% discount.
  520. Rocket Dog

    Grady White Sailfish 25 1991

    bump for a nice ride it was this commet that i was wondering about. your boat is real nice and if I did't already have my 23 sea ox, I would be tring to get yours.....
  521. Rocket Dog

    Grady White Sailfish 25 1991

    Whats worng with a sea ox?
  522. Rocket Dog

    WSB Poachers

    time to were my crew socks !!!! classic case of cracker jacker..:waglleybooty:.
  523. Rocket Dog

    More Local Lings - 4/29/12

    sick. I have to move my home base out of MDR to LA for the LING LINGS!
  524. Rocket Dog

    1997 Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel 12 valve

    you got a third door? I can't remember what year they showed up
  525. Rocket Dog


    you got to post some pictures of the boat and a ball park price you paid so that everone can get a feeling for the market out there.
  526. Rocket Dog

    Anybody interested?

    dude I am in and close by to boot. set the dates
  527. Rocket Dog

    Lady Luck II Finding some yellows! 4/18/2012

    hope they make it closer to LA or Cat!
  528. Rocket Dog

    Check out this ad on Craigslist...

    Got my order in for some Blue Whale!!!
  529. Rocket Dog

    Wicked Tuna

    only think cool so far that I can see are the boats, but I don't think thay are fishing in that deep of water..
  530. Rocket Dog


  531. Rocket Dog


    next in line if he can't come by today and get it
  532. Rocket Dog

    Wide Open Yellows on the RTA

    sick post... i too will crew for you. I was out at the bay and only short rock fish came abord......
  533. Rocket Dog

    Avets, Sealines, and Torium 30

    Good for a$$ For the rest of us. Thanks for the notice and asking for a paymet.
  534. Rocket Dog

    Avets, Sealines, and Torium 30

    so, did I lose out on the JX? you never sent me your address to pick it up
  535. Rocket Dog

    Ensenada 4-3-12-Lots a Nice Lings

    I got to make it down there this year!!!!!
  536. Rocket Dog

    Buying boat with no paperworks

    I bought a jeep the same way and it was a big pain the ass that I ended up giving it away and lost $$$$
  537. Rocket Dog

    Garage Sale All Tackle

    the box is a little pricy. What are the mesurements?
  538. Rocket Dog

    Garage Sale All Tackle

    I'm in, where and when? posting pic of the wooden tackel box?
  539. Rocket Dog

    Where in LA to buy trailer tires

    Looking to get a new set, of trailer tires near lax
  540. Rocket Dog

    Humminbird 957c

    Sold pending payment
  541. Rocket Dog

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    what kind of range do you get with it?
  542. Rocket Dog

    Seats,Flying gaff,Kicker bracket, and more.

    Interested in the. Isolator. How many batteries will it manage?
  543. Rocket Dog

    Black Avet MXJ 5.8:1 and Custom Pacbay xg80l

    Yo, thank for the rod and reel. It's a nice set up. Rocket
  544. Rocket Dog

    Humminbird 957c

    bump!!!!! willing to do a part trade =avet 2 speed , baja sp with a metal star let me know
  545. Rocket Dog

    Humminbird 957c

    all pm's replyed to...
  546. Rocket Dog

    New Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine - A who's who of BD Builders!

    ok, I just got my copy for march. On what page is the artical? I can't seem to fing it.
  547. Rocket Dog

    MDR - Rockfish, Triggerfish & Lobster Season Wrap Up!

    can oyu eat them triggers? never took one out of MDR before.
  548. Rocket Dog

    The latest from Pacific Yacht Towers

    Hi Tom, Still have to make it down to you with my Sea Ox for the har top, but after seening the flip down seating I'm going to have to add to the bild. Rocket
  549. Rocket Dog

    Humminbird 957c

    I am selling my 957c finder becuase I just picked up an hds10. this is a chart plotter and fish finder that comes with the gps puck, 83/200 transducer and a manual printed. you can add two sd cards or navionics card and a sd card to record your trips and honey holes (NO CRADS COME ALONG)...
  550. Rocket Dog

    Is BD fucked up (more than usual?)

    ugh...I though the evil empire finally got is hands around this palce with the banner ads
  551. Rocket Dog

    Glacier Bay2650 S/S hardtop frame

    is this in FL or CA? can you post the deminsions?