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  1. Chasntuna

    Bill Poole memories

    Was in the FL tackle shop several years ago, right when Mr. Poole released his book 'Fish or Cut Bait'. I was ready to board the boat and picking up some last minute supplies and decided to grab the book. As I was settling up, the guy at the counter noticed I was from South Carolina and we...
  2. Chasntuna

    Newell Rod Clamp problem

    You might also try a "Keensert", I think they make the small stuff.
  3. Chasntuna

    Flats boats and solo skiffs inshore CA?

    I've got a microskiff (Gheenoe LT25) I use for fishing in SC and GA inshore, ain't no way I'd take it paddy hopping out west. SD harbor wouldn'tbe bad if it weren't for boat traffic. It's bad enough crossing a sound down here. 6' tides and ripping currents are pretty dicey, that's why I stay...
  4. Chasntuna

    Funny Boat Names

  5. Chasntuna

    reel size fresh/salt and rod

    Most of your inshore fishing can easily be handled with any bass tackle. I do a lot of inshore in South Carolina and use the same tackle for my bass fishing, sometimes even lighter when fishing trout and flounder where I use a 1500 size reel with 15lb braid on a 7' custom spinning rod I built...
  6. Chasntuna

    SC inshore charter recommendation

    Sorry, saw this was posted over a year ago!
  7. Chasntuna

    SC inshore charter recommendation

    Ty Jo Knot charter in Charleston. Jeff Yates is the Captain, runs a 24 Pathfinder and will always find fish. Hes an inshore redfish and trout guy, but his brother I think, is offshore.
  8. Chasntuna

    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    What an awesome gesture by John. I had a nice conversation with Mike last night, high spirits as always, we're pullin' for ya brother.
  9. Chasntuna

    Big Fish Transport

    Mike's the man when traveling across country.
  10. Chasntuna

    Shipping rod tube

    I've shipped mine UPS in the past and not even needed measurements. I'd give Mike @ Big Fish Transport a call; he's in the business of tackle logistics for us "out of towners". PM me and I've got his info.
  11. Chasntuna

    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    I second the mesh bag and pulling it behind in the prop wash, works better than oxyclean in a washing machine. At the end of the trip, give the shirts to the crew for wipes in the engine room if they want 'em.
  12. Chasntuna

    Starting 'em off

    Good on you for getting him started early. Nice Sandy too.
  13. Chasntuna

    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    Something to be aware of when choosing a rod for a youngster (or anybody for that matter) is reel placement on the rod. If it's placed correctly, it should feel comfortable and he can easily control it. This is where custom rigs can really pay off; built specifically for the angler with max...
  14. Chasntuna

    Who in your life should have the combo to your gun safe ?

    I'm calling on behalf of your wealthy Arabian Prince Uncle who has some inheritance money to send to you; all I need is your gun safe combination and address, check's in the mail.
  15. Chasntuna

    Started building rods

    KICK IT'S ASS my friend! Build some great rods, looks like you're well on your way.
  16. Chasntuna

    Ruger 10/22

    I've got a 50th anniversary design winner edition (I think it's different than the standard 50th) and as for what I paid for it ($305 OTD), I think it's a great gun. Best thing Ruger ever did to the 10-22 was put the american stock on it. F&F is fine, I think better than my late 70's model...
  17. Chasntuna

    Scope removal for storage ARGUMENT...

    He mighta been doing the same thing with his penis...hence the "ex" part of THAT relationship. That's stupid.
  18. Chasntuna

    Tool Belt and Dykes?

    I just got one of those boomerangs as a gift last week; i'll be using it on inshore / lake trips.
  19. Chasntuna

    Tool Belt and Dykes?

    Home depot or Lowes; grab one of the webbed tool belts with the 3" plastic buckle. have two rigs I carry; one is a pair of duckbill pliers wrapped in seine twine, along with a pair of crescent dykes siene wrapped that fit in a stacked leather sheath. My last few trips though, I've carried a...
  20. Chasntuna

    How do you cook your fish?

    No pics, but my favorite is good 'ol tuna salad. Let the tuna soak in some sort of asian infused concoction of soy, teriyaki, pinapple and orange juice, green onion, ginger, sesame oil, sesame seeds and minced garlic. Grill the tuna and put it in the fridge. Fork it the next day and mix with...
  21. Chasntuna

    Big Fish Transport

    I can vouch for him. SImply a guy who saw a need for guys like me / us who air travel to SD, and built a small business to support it. He is definately a stand up guy, knows fishin' and loves it.
  22. Chasntuna

    Alone in the wilderness, Dick Proenecke

    That guy was a worker. They ran the special on public TV last week. He was a pure genius with an axe and saw. To do what he did with no power is simply amazing. Truly the real deal, no joke woodsman!
  23. Chasntuna

    2015 Tundra Leveling Kit

    Anyone install their own front end leveling kit on a Tundra? Just got a '15 and want to get the front end up a little. Looking for input on the best kit and if it's a PITA or not.
  24. Chasntuna

    Alone History channel

    I'm a member of another forum and there's 2 members who are on the show; yes the producers will try to enhance it, but for the most part, I've heard it's no joke; at least moreso than the nudies in the wild and the fucked up bush people.
  25. Chasntuna

    WTT ammo

    I've got a bunch of 300 WM brass, no longer have the gun though if you're interested in that.
  26. Chasntuna

    Colt BK filing

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is #3 for them. My thought is they're too reliant on military contracts that just don't pan out and the price of their product is high compared to alot of other manufacturers with similar product. WIth that said though, it's my opinion that their guns...
  27. Chasntuna

    Shipping cost for your catch

    No - it was all handled by Rosy at FP. I can't remember what the boxes and gel packs cost but it was all lumped in with the processing. I paid the freight to SWA when it arrived here in SC.
  28. Chasntuna

    Shipping cost for your catch

    Last batch I had shipped was about .50 / lb or even less, shipped air cargo / SWA from SD to SC. I think I paid just over $100 for 4 60# boxes.
  29. Chasntuna

    A couple questions

    Dave - I did it when you were on the boat; takes the FUNK out of the clothes before the plane ride home so mama wasn't as mad when I got back.
  30. Chasntuna

    Shipping rods and reels

    club, what rods and reels do you have ready to go?
  31. Chasntuna

    Shipping rods and reels

    I travel from South Carolina to SD and will be using Mike from now on; I've fished with him and trust him, hell - he got my shit home last trip we did just to help me out. As far as rod tubes, I use the Plano Bazooka, 6 rods butt down (long rods to 8') and short rods butt up. I stuff a few...
  32. Chasntuna

    Did a CeraKote job

    Very nice. Just bought a combat commander where the guy cerokoted the whole gun black, I like your 2-tone though.
  33. Chasntuna

    Jig colors surface and yo yo iron

    I painted a 7X a few years ago in a mint-gray color and then painted some black spots with orange higlight about 1/4 round the spot. Caught a few calicos and YT on it, but I think it was just a good swimmer, nothing to do with color.
  34. Chasntuna

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    Great boat, great crew. You won't be disappointed. As Jeff stated, a good assortment of hooks, a few jigs, get lead from the boat, same for anything else you might have forgotten. There's also a good selection of gear to rent on the boat if needed.
  35. Chasntuna

    Win 94 scope mount

    How abot a forward mount scout type scope, mounted ahead of the receiver? Can also use a red dot or holographic. I think Midway or Brownells sells the rails.
  36. Chasntuna

    What are your thoughts on .22 ammo situation now ?

    Living in the Southeast, we're short on .22 ammo as well. - Boxes of rem thunderbolt are $3 / 50 if / when you can get it. - Fed Premium 325 boxes - $18 - $22 but few and far between. - Rem Viper - 100rd boxes (just picked 2 up), $9 each. - Plenty of Aguila sub sonic stuff for $4 / box. -...
  37. Chasntuna

    North Carolina Trip Question(s)

    Thanks. I'll look 'em up.
  38. Chasntuna

    North Carolina Trip Question(s)

    Looking at a late spring trip to NC and chartering a boat for a day; any recommendations?
  39. Chasntuna

    What caliber would you buy?

    .358 Norma.
  40. Chasntuna

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    I'm just sayin there seems to be some folks on here (not targeted at any one) that seem to know the situation better than the guy who's driving the boat; if that's the case, they need to apply for that guy's job because they're pretty damn good. My point is there's more to the job than what...
  41. Chasntuna

    Intrepids 10 Day Report???

    I'm thinking there's about 9 people on this thread that should pony up and get their Captains License or better yet, buy a boat and run their own gig.
  42. Chasntuna

    Gettin' a new toy

    I ordered two. Bushnell AR Optic 1-4 - got it for $99 through PSA so not out alot if it sucks. The other is a Leupold VX2 2-7; looked through this and it's amazing. Now gotta wait for the gun to show up.
  43. Chasntuna

    Gettin' a new toy

    Thanks Aggro. Whats the thought on say a 2-6x20 or something with a larger objective in the 32-40mm range?
  44. Chasntuna

    Gettin' a new toy

    I put my name on a new Ruger American Ranch in .223 / 5.56 NATO. If you haven't seen 'em, it's a compact version of the Ruger American and hosts a 16.12" heavy contour threaded barrel. I should get it after the first of the year (I hope). Plans for it are just shootin' and maybe elimate a few...
  45. Chasntuna

    After the trip

    I've fished with Noonan - that ain't no shit.. What do you expect from a guy who catches dorado with a Mini Snickers bar.. I think I even saw Noonan teaching Abaco how to rince their hooks in Gin. Dave liked merlot though; gave 'em a 'reddish' tint..
  46. Chasntuna

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    Just Sunday, I was on a 2-hour road trip with my neighbor, getting our kids to a swim meet - I talked about LR fishing almost the whole time. All he did was ask about the hurricane a few weeks ago and if it was where 'we' typically fish? Then after talking about it two hours, I couldn't stop...
  47. Chasntuna

    Trolling for tuna

    Catchy Spinner Jets. Can't go wrong with the black / purple or natural cedar plugs either.
  48. Chasntuna

    Toyota Tacoma

    Thanks to all. Been cruising around TW for a few weeks now, my mind is made up. 2015 DCLB TRD Sport. THe only thing I don't like about it is the hood scoop. Other than that, I htink Im going to order one this week.
  49. Chasntuna

    Royal Star trip Aug.16 - 23 spot open

    That's a good trip and a great group of guys.
  50. Chasntuna

    Where did the bluefin go! ????

    IF they're there to be found, the PQ will find them. Ride high - stay dry!
  51. Chasntuna

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    Thanks for disagreeing and rebutting publically - good for a healthy debate! What I stated was BFT are a "bonus" and rarely a targeted species (as most years, they don't show and / or are too elusive to warrant a worthy search) - kinda like Albacore. I might have reworded the "rarely" to "not...
  52. Chasntuna

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    BFT have always been a "bonus" when LR fishing and rarely a target species. I guess if one were to specificly target BFT, it might be a game changer. For me personally, like Hermosa Joe, I fish because I can; regardless of what the quarry is, because I love it and I'd bet there's a million...
  53. Chasntuna

    Toyota Tacoma

    There's got to be a few folks on here with gen 2 Tacos. I'm kicking around the idea of buying a new one; double cab long bed 4WD. i've heard all sorts of good things about them so my question is WHAT DON'T YOU LIKE ABOUT YOUR TACOMA?
  54. Chasntuna

    Difficult question to answer

    Ship your tackle to the boat office at the landing for arrival a few days before you do. Done this for many years, NEVER had an issue. Side-note: I carry 25-30 jigs in my SKB, the only thing I leave at home is lead.
  55. Chasntuna


    Did anyone remember that fish reproduce, the oceans are F(*&^ING HUGE and there is regulation with alot more people 'bought in' to saving the planet than there ever was? This is getting as bad as the global warming / emissions argument.
  56. Chasntuna

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    I caught an Albacore once..
  57. Chasntuna


    Noonan had it wrong - it's all Bush's fault!
  58. Chasntuna

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    Watch out for broke anti-reverse dogs breaking on reels. Had one go on a 40# YFT on an Avet JX - that shit hurts when you're loaded up and it hits your cranking thumb.. Seen a guy get pinned by a bluefin, had his left hand cupping the reel and his hand was "pinched" against the rail. He...
  59. Chasntuna

    Name your go to tackle store for longe range fishing

    Starting my LR experiences while in Phoenix, my go-to was Phoenix Fishing Supply. A small shop, but has everything you need. now that I live in SC, I still buy from PFS when I need anything. My hats off to Gowdy and Ted for keeping up shop while competing with BPS and Cabellas - stick with...
  60. Chasntuna

    Which pellet rifle?

    The wife got me one of the Ruger / Gamo break barrel rifles 2 years ago - .177, advertised 1200FPS using PBA ammo. Its zeroed at 35 yards (we have alot of thick woods here in SC), I've taked a few opossum, a fox, tree rats and some other ferrel furred critters .. I've been shooting the polymer...
  61. Chasntuna

    A Little Phoenix Dove Hunt this Morning

    Great times with the yung'uns. I hunted all around there as a years ago - favorite was just east of 99th ave ,between CFH and DV. - there were some livestock ponds back in there. I'm sure that's all developed now. Thanks for the post - good memories.
  62. Chasntuna

    Ruger's new .22

    All I can say is I'm an owner once they hit a store here. The American is now available in .22 and .22WMR. Adjustable modular stock, 18" or 22" barrel and best of all - uses the 10/22 mag and bolt action. FINALLY an affordable .22 bolt gun from Ruger.
  63. Chasntuna

    Royal Star Stateroom Advice???

    I like 7 the best, but none are 'bad'. The bow room shared with the chef is good but you'll go for a ride if you're traveling up the line and the weather is up. It's kind fo soothing actually.. If you're on the BFG trip - I envy you. Good trip, good guys.
  64. Chasntuna

    What scope do you have on your ar 15

    I don't have an AR, but have a Ruger Mini 14 Tactical with a Nikon P223; one of my favorite rigs. That scope is designed for use with AR / .223. 3-9x40 but it's a tad shorter than the typical scope and has external adjust turets, extremely clean and crisp and accurate with the mini 14.
  65. Chasntuna

    Finally got my first 1911

    Very nice.
  66. Chasntuna

    So What Did I Learn...?

    That was a great read. A reflection not only on fishin', but business and life in general. One of my biggest demons is talking myself out of a great idea.
  67. Chasntuna

    question about ammo and ruger 10-22

    I've tried the CCI Quiets and Aguila Calibri Quiets throgh my 597 - can't get either to cycle. Lever gun is in the "next to get" list.
  68. Chasntuna

    Tuna night bite

    Good question. Most of my night time experience is dropper looping for YT and on occasion, hanging a squid offshore for bluefin on albacore trips. I'm curious about it now - why not?
  69. Chasntuna

    Amazingly stupid question

    Air-freight = about .85 cents / pound. I had 200 pounds flown into Greenville, SC and if cost about $170 (4-50# boxes). (Southwest Airlines) My last trip, we had quite a bit of the smaller YFT, nice YT and dodo - I had all if it cut / processed. All processors work w/ the airlines and are...
  70. Chasntuna

    AR-15 .223/5.56 Magazine Thread

    Not legal in CA, but Palmetto State Armory just advertised 60 round mags in stock. Same with 20's and 30's. Ain't no good though if you don't have the lead to fill'em up with.
  71. Chasntuna

    Who DOESN"T use the long rod anymore to throw IRON???

    Traveling from SC to SD, I ship rods and yes - 8' sticks are no problem. I've got a Calstar 800H for jig slingin, but last year for gits and shiggles, I took an 800M, cut it to 7'6" and used it with a Newell 533. Though I wasn't as proficient as Sandslinger and his mighty Ulua, I held my own...
  72. Chasntuna

    South Carolina pro-gun

    I guess I'm glad I live in South Carolina now; the Palmetto State is very much pro 2nd ammendment. I hate hearing all the news from NY, CT, CA, CO and the many other states squashing our rights; It appears we've got some law makers here that ARE fighting the good fight. The following bills are...
  73. Chasntuna


    I don't know jack about the 25-06, but I do know here in SC, it's a popular deer round - can't quite understand why though being most shots taken are inside of 100 yards.
  74. Chasntuna

    Picked up a Ruger No.1

    I love those #1's. Brings back memories - my uncle had one in .458Win - guess he thought there'd be a cape buffalo migration to the US.
  75. Chasntuna

    Is this 9mm worth it?

    When I tool my CWP class, a student had one; would not feed or eject. Not sayin' it's a bad gun but the instructor had a classic comment: " take a $20 bill, roll it up and stiff it in the barrel. Throw the gun in the lake, then you can say you actually threw something of value away".
  76. Chasntuna

    Sig SP2022 - anyone got one?

    Hence the 1911 on my side day in and day out. God Bless the Col!
  77. Chasntuna

    Sig SP2022 - anyone got one?

    Thanks guys - I feel pretty good about it. Hope to shoot this weekend. Chad - I've got a Bianchi Evader holster (had one for a G19). Fits perfectly but its a belt holster - I'm an IWB fan. Good retention and doesn't flop. Blue Pabst - I carry a Para GI expert. I can't stand an ambi safety...
  78. Chasntuna

    Sig SP2022 - anyone got one?

    I bit on a 2022 9mm this weekend. I've been looking for a 9 for a while, just as a shooter and occasional carry (1911 is the everyday carry for me). I fondled alot of polymers - this one felt the best in my mitts. Read some good reviews, a few that knocked the trigger, but overall - I think...
  79. Chasntuna

    New fishing "Partner"

    I can't wait until my 7 and 11 year old girls get a little older..
  80. Chasntuna

    Want to buy ammo? You better not be mad!!

    What's next - a prescription of some kind of "happy pill"?
  81. Chasntuna

    Can it be done?!?!?!?

    Can it be done?? Danny Noonan - you might chime in, but if I remember, he about got limits in September in RS by using bite-sized Snickers and Milky Way (Dark) - YFT and Dorado!
  82. Chasntuna

    In the market for a .45

    RIA quality might have improved since I last looked at them, but to me, they felt sticky. I have a Para GI Expert which is very close to the stocker 1911 with the exception of the comp hammer and skeleton trigger; nothing is extended, no ambi safeties and overall - one of my favorite 1911's in...
  83. Chasntuna

    Help fight the Army of darkness

    And we thought BD had drama.. I can see the writing on the wall - many high-speed come'aparts...
  84. Chasntuna

    Gloucester in April

    Wifey, kids and I will be taking a trip to Gloucester over Spring Break - I hope to get a day on the water - can anyone chime in on what's bitin' then? What to see, where to eat, where to stay and all the other necessities are much appreciated too.
  85. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    [Q UOTE=Aggro;2971338]How's this? Ruger Security Six in .357 and .38. Cherry with less than 100 rounds through it. Basic, reliable, powerful. Nice piece! Hard to go wrong with any wheel gun especially Ruger.
  86. Chasntuna

    Best Rack

    Don't have a picture of it now, but I went to Lowes, picked up two 1" x 2" x 10' strips of oak. Jose Rod Holders (can't remember where I got them) and screwed 20 on one strip Used hole saw and cut 20 1" holes in the other strip and stapled a thin strip of poplar to the bottom (to keep the...
  87. Chasntuna

    Deposit sent for 3-day quickie

    Good for you Dave. Catch one (or 10) for me. I've been on the Nakamura 6 day, following that 3 dayer and it's a great trip - may have to do the three and stay out for another 6...Tempting!
  88. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    Whats better than 1 1911?
  89. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    Isn't that what Tackleberry used in Police Academy?:2gunsfiring_v1:
  90. Chasntuna


    I was on Royal Star late September, we fished Cedros / Benitos - as was RR3, AA, SoA and I believe Indy and Intrepid. Not sure if this is what you're looking for though - can't imagine any of them without proper docs though.
  91. Chasntuna

    Rod Shipping Info.

    Bazooka Pro and ship direct to the landing a week before your trip via UPS. I carry 12-14 rods in it up to 8'. half with butts at the bottom, half on top (ok - let's hear the 69 jokes). Pack both ends with t-shirts or sweatshirts to wear on the trip. Padlock the case and wrap shrink wrap...
  92. Chasntuna

    Bob Costas

    Well said Flytyer. Back to Costas - I'm sure he didn't make positive mention of the Texas homeowner who caught an intruder this week IN HIS HOUSE, held him at gunpoint while the guy waited in his truck for the waggon to come get 'em. Funny thing is the INTRUDER called the cops. Not a shot...
  93. Chasntuna

    Bob Costas

    The sharing of opinions is one thing; a public figure like Costas is, doing it in a non-related forum (a football game) is another is the issue, using his position and "stage" to do so, even if he was "quoting". Being with NBC, on NBC is no surprise... A moron would have figured he'd get...
  94. Chasntuna

    5 400#'s?

    It's gotta be the shorts...Hawaiian print or no 400 pounders.
  95. Chasntuna

    Stolen Deposit

    That sucks! Might chime in on the rod building board; I think most of those guys visit the LR board though. have you done a "read receipt" on your emails?
  96. Chasntuna

    Shopping for a .308

  97. Chasntuna

    Need gun dork help

    Ruger re-tooled in '05, beefed the barrells up, changed the sights slightly - they are accurate now; definately not a target gun, but for plinking, varmint hunting, home protection, you can't beat it, especially if your'e not a black rifle fan (I'm not either). If you are, check out the...
  98. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    Great point, and you are right - it's ofter assumed a "reason" will come with the answer, but not always. I've got a few of the guns listed, but my daily carry is....the 1911 (full size). Ruger GP100 .357 - got one, and love it. Don't carry it because it only holds 6 and it's tough to find an...
  99. Chasntuna

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Catamarans could be an option of you got one to sit low enough in the water and could figure a lay-out for rooms. Swap the 3500 lb diesels for lighter, more efficient turbines, figure out a bait and RSW system - it could be an option; might be looking at 140' x 35' boats. I'm sure here's a...
  100. Chasntuna

    Savage .338 Lapua Mag

    They put this rifle up against a Steyr (I think list was about $12K for the Steyr), Savage hung right in there. It says alot if they're comparing the two. I'd be on that like stink on shit for a grand.
  101. Chasntuna

    your yo-yo reel

    Newell 533 5.5. Hasn't failed me yet (sounds like it, but hasn't). There were alot of YT killed at Cedros / Benitos with it back in September.
  102. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    Good stuff! I like the 5.7 (never shot one, but hear it's a gnarly little round) and the GP100 (got one). I carry a 1911 day to day - Hard to beat a .45.
  103. Chasntuna

    The "one" pistol?

    Lobbing softballs for everyone out there - there's no sense in even putting a poll up because there's so many options: Here it goes: If you had a choice of one pistol, one caliber - what would it be? (carry, self defense, whatever - just one)
  104. Chasntuna

    .22 Bolt Gun

    Well, bypassed the .22 and went witha .22 mag, couldn't pass it up. Savage 93R22 WMR - bull barrell, OD green synthetic with a scope. $269 at Dick's. The scope was a cheap Bushnell, put on a Simmons .22 mag. I'm not a big bench shooter or the best shooter but I'll say this is sweet to...
  105. Chasntuna

    Must have item

    A GOOD pair of flip flops; Reef, Rainbow or similar. I wore a pair of Topsider leather flops and rubbed my feet raw after a day. Also - a good pocket knife.
  106. Chasntuna

    Looking for a target .22

    Savage Mark II, there are alot of variations from the stock grade to stainless twist fluted bull barrells and Boyd Stocks. can't beat the accutrigger. I just picked up a savage 93R22 WMR (same action I think, as the Mark II); basic stock but has the bull barrell - THE BEST shooting rimfire...
  107. Chasntuna

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    OK....Really? and everyone else does? This isn't about what I know (which is just as much as the next guy, maybe a little more because I just experienced using FP, fished Royal Star with Tim Ekstrom and seen thsWe three processors at the docks..or did I do that viacariously through this site...
  108. Chasntuna


    What's the 9.3 cal compare to? .375?
  109. Chasntuna

    stripper guide sizes

    Got back froma trip a few weeks back and refinishing some rods and adding a few more. refinishing: 670, GFR765ML, CJB65H and 665H adding a 700H and 775H. I've historically gone with size 20 to start (BHNLG, BNLG stock chrome ring guides). Would you go 25 as a strip guide?
  110. Chasntuna

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    I clearly know the issues, the players and who owns what. My example is my point exacty - my co was labeled when folks didn't know why. Once they knew the rest of the story, We weren't the dicks we were perceived as - we were smart, the other guys - not so; and you might have identified a...
  111. Chasntuna

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    I was once aaccused of pushing a smaller business "out", who was once considered a "friend" and partner of my business unit. I was accused of being greedy, having deper pockets, unethical practices, etc, etc. Bottom line I was the raging asshole scrooge who cost jobs; then when I explained my...
  112. Chasntuna

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    Every owner who owns a LR boat, tackle shop, landing, fish processing business, etc.. IS a "mom & pop operation". They are small business! They are the little guy - NOBODY in this fiasco is "big business". I operate a small business facility in the service industry. Yes - there is alot of...
  113. Chasntuna

    Interesting article on the UT San Diego

    By the way - While on Royal Star 4 weeks ago, not one crewman, captain or anyone else solicited or pressured me in any way, to use Fishermen's - there was a completely unbiased presentation to all 24 anglers on board as to our options for processing and Five Star was an option. The only...
  114. Chasntuna

    Interesting article on the UT San Diego

    We're all entitled to opinions. Like most media in todays world, they mostly stick up for the "underdogs" - there are tendancies of bias and result in an awful lot of sympathy and ultimately the koolaid drinkers follow. Take a minute, and as much as I hate this saying "think outside the box"...
  115. Chasntuna

    RRIII Six Day Report 9-22 to 9-28

    Excellent report, thank you. A few of us BD'rs were on Royal Star that trip - exact mirror of our trip - hell, we were a few hundred yards from you guys a few days and nights. Again - great report - can I copy / paste for mine
  116. Chasntuna

    new to Avet...line advise

    WHITE, WHITE, WHITE, WHITE and WHITE. Blue as the 6th choice. When you get into the greens / reds, it tends to turn black which is a nightmare for crew.
  117. Chasntuna

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    I'll see about putting a post together this weekend with pics. I can't compete with Tim's reporting, so I won't bother with it. Pics will tell the tale.
  118. Chasntuna

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    We had caught some Calico's on the above mentioned trip; jeff poached them, then baked in the convection oven, made a coconut curry sauce with coconut rice - it was the best I'd ever eaten (fish).
  119. Chasntuna

    Trips are good if I get home.

    Phewwwww.... I think if a jammed stapler would have occured, you'd of hit THE end-all period of being spun into a dimension of hell none of us could fathom.:rofl:
  120. Chasntuna

    Fresh or Froze

    Had Fishermans Processing handle the fish, I came home Saturday, fish arrived Tuesday AM. Rosie was very mythodical about the particular flights, who had coolers, who didn't. Fish went from SD to a Phx, caught a flight to Baltimore and stayed refrigerated overnight - down to SC the next...
  121. Chasntuna

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    Again - I think the height of a man plays into the utilization of the rod (boy if that didn't sound f'd up) We had a great discussion about this on the boat. Most guys 6' and shorter are likely to fish a longer rod easier, using the rail. I can't! by big tall mopey ass fishin' the rail is a...
  122. Chasntuna

    7ft vs 8ft rods

    Built me a shorty "whopper stopper" for last trip, slapped an AVET SX on it - THAT was not fun. I'm a big guy and the hargest thing was one handing it over everyone's head with a feisty 20# YT, glad I wasn't 3" shorter. Oh was a blast - whom I kiddin'. I travel air to SD and...
  123. Chasntuna

    Knuckle buster?

    My JX dog spur and gear blew out two weeks ago and yes - busted some knuckles. Got the fish though, Took it down when I got home and the spur and gear were both toast. That was an early model reel. I've caught lots of tuna on the LX, which is one of the real old AVET's (shark on the side) and to...
  124. Chasntuna

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    Oh come'on - you got excited when you saw Sam with the camera...
  125. Chasntuna

    Gear Love

    Dave, I have a Newell 533 & an avet jx I'll sell ya...:rofl:
  126. Chasntuna

    Spike and bleed a tuna

    I think all LR boats are doing this as they all use rsw systems now. I also highly doubt they'll allow you to spike and bleed your own, its a safety thing. Most dont want you to even unhook your own fish.
  127. Chasntuna

    Live Bait

    GOOD LUCK and bloody some decks...... I'm being hypocritical when I say post a report when you get back..
  128. Chasntuna

    Live Bait

    You'll likely be fshing for bait - good spaniards and greenbacks @ Cedros / Benitos along with lots of market squid. The boat you're on MAY have "preserved" a slammer of dines from the previous trip to cure for the next - you load up at the receivers and use one tank of primo, let the other...
  129. Chasntuna

    Excellence in Long Range Fishing

    It was indeed a great trip. We were fortunate to experience epic and literal WFO fishing that few will likely ever see, some great YT and Calico fishing, jack polling and most important - a great boat, crew and charter master. Probably the best trip I've ever been on - the people made it!
  130. Chasntuna

    How many pounds of fish have you brought home ?

    Mine was only a 7 day, but I just picked up 170# of fish at the airport. I think I had 425# or so gross. No big tuna though, 10 good yellowtail, several good grade dorado and 15 - 40# tuna (10).
  131. Chasntuna

    This rod will NEVER be stolen

    That is awesome, a masterpiece you nor he will forget.
  132. Chasntuna


    24 hours, my ass is on the Westbound plane to Da Eggo... :hali_olutta:
  133. Chasntuna

    Hurricane Kristy

    Our turn to gitz 'em. I got 2 days.
  134. Chasntuna

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    Save some for us.
  135. Chasntuna


    That'll work..Nice BFT.
  136. Chasntuna


    I'm tired of waiting and want to go NOW. Indy reports 10 BFT from 90 - 130#. Royal Star has picked up some kind of alien ET fish with long pectoral fins, not sure what they are, but they look kinda fat! Kind of funny this year, there's been more escolar and oil fish caught than...
  137. Chasntuna

    Big Hammer / Fish Trap baits

    on a 2.5 I'd definately bring them. Best thing is to ask the landing what colors are working at that time. Good Luck!
  138. Chasntuna

    Big Hammer / Fish Trap baits

    Have a few Salas / Tady's handy to; 6X's, 4/0's, 7X for surface, maybe a popper or two. I always have a tray full of both fish traps and Hammers, but rarely use them LR- not because they don't work, because I've never needed to; always had other choices tied on (salas / tady's) . When I did alot...
  139. Chasntuna

    Fresh or Froze

    Great idea!
  140. Chasntuna

    north GA trout fishing

    Man that looks great - I'm about 2 hours from there. I've ben out here 7 years and haven't gone trout fishing YET; N. GA, N, Carolina - good stuff all over. Carlos - any special licenses / stamps you need other than a non res GA license? Is it fly only or all artificial? NOt a real fanatic...
  141. Chasntuna

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    sowf, sowf of catawina iwand..
  142. Chasntuna

    Hurricane Kristy

    It doesn't look like it will go directly over the fishing grounds, but it should make for some interesting seas over the next 10 days - 2 weeks. Hopefully it'll really turn 'em on. 6 days and counting....
  143. Chasntuna

    fishin soon, reports tepid

    Alijos is a long way down (550 miles). Most boats are within 200 miles and catching good numbers. This is a good bite going on now offshore. The only thing Alijos would offer would be wahoo. Lupe is out of the picture - can't be fished. Cedros / Benitos could be an option, but again, good...
  144. Chasntuna

    Fresh or Froze

    Thanks. this is what I have done in the past, likely what ill do here. Im flying SWA and I know they have a cargo port here.
  145. Chasntuna

    Fresh or Froze

    OK - no drama with this question, not even going to mention who I'm using in two weeks to process what I hope to catch: I fly back to South Carolina the Saturday the boat gets back. 1 - do I wait for the processor to cut, bag & chill the fish then have it checked as baggage or.......... 2 -...
  146. Chasntuna

    SKB tackle boxes

    I've got the 7200, had it for about 8 years. It's got plenty of room which I have to be careful and make sure I keep it under 50# for travel. I didn't use the SKB rod holders as they were too small. I got some 2" PVC, fut to length, filed a flat edge and screwed them to the box using the...
  147. Chasntuna

    .22 Bolt Gun

    Looking at buying a .22 bolt action, just because. There's alot out there, primarily looking at Savage, Marlin or a CZ. I have a Ruger M77/22 but I want something that is more of a knock-around gun. What do you guys think?
  148. Chasntuna

    Five Star - Amazing customer service!

    Well said Steve. Not just to earn business, but evolve, change, diversify and continuously improve businesses. Look at how LR fishing as a whole has changed; all aspects of it - including processing practices. 5-star has done a great job fro alot of us.....and I'm confident they will continue...
  149. Chasntuna

    The Facts

    I've had phone conversations Tim Ekstrom, discussing an upcoming trip - a prime opportunity for him to "coerse" me into using Fishermans; it wasn' even mentioned.
  150. Chasntuna

    Cow sized bluefin on the Excel

    WOW - That's impressive. If I recall, Royal Star had a trip 12-15 years ago that got into a handfull of those giants; I think they were on their way to Cabo, had like 6 anglers on the boat riding down and hit a school of them. I can only hope I can experience that onc in my lifetime.. I'll...
  151. Chasntuna

    Rough Seas

    This has nothing to do with LR, but thought ya'll might get a kick out of seeing this. This ship is bad-as an the seas are BRUTAL. Note the size of the chopper compared to the ship. I'm not savvy enough to psot the video, here's...
  152. Chasntuna

    Long Range Weekend on LTHU

    Check out the show archives - it's like DVR for each show.
  153. Chasntuna

    60 or 80

    Duh..Options! What a concept. Thanks Steve, Jeff and all who responded - good sound advise. I've been on alot of trips over the years but this one coming up, i feel like I've never been before. 4 years is way too long to go feeshin!
  154. Chasntuna

    60 or 80

    Im on the BGF trip leaving the 22nd
  155. Chasntuna

    60 or 80

    OK - I posted a week ago whether I bring a 50 or not on a 7 day end of Sept. I put the 50 away and have the 30 ready. Now - it's loaded with 100# solid spectra and 60# mono. Should I leave the 60 on it or bump it to 80? Than you..
  156. Chasntuna

    Added expenses on 7-10 day trip!

    SHIT....I get it the night before meaning LOTS of time at FL Tackle.
  157. Chasntuna

    50 or no 50 late September

    Thanks for all the input. The 50 is put away.
  158. Chasntuna

    50 or no 50 late September

    I've never been on a trip and left rods / reels at home - I've stuffed the Bazooka Pro and my reel bag to the max. This year I think I'm outta room and need to leave SOMETHING home, but coming from SC, I can only fit 42 lbs of crap in a 35 lb bag. On my past 6-7 day trips, I've brought the 50...
  159. Chasntuna

    2012 Barking Spiders 8 Day

    Nice BFT on the SX - details? Spectra / top shot?
  160. Chasntuna

    Need reel for GFTR765M (40-100lb)

    X2 - got the same exact rig. There's few fish I'd be worried about with this set up.
  161. Chasntuna

    Which Reel for a 40/50# Set Up

    It's not on the poll, but being mostly an Avet guy, my 40 and 50# are Avet JX 2-speeds. I've caught several Alijos YFT to about 95# in this reel matched with a Seeker CJBF65XH. I'll probably get alot of flack mentioning that small of a reel, but it's plenty. Holds plenty of 65 solid spectra...
  162. Chasntuna

    Five Star Kick's Ass Again...

    I clearly understand I don't HAVE to.. The option is there,why not? If they do me dirty, I can chose my next processor. I thought Marios was great several years back until I tried 5-star; liked them better - now there's a new player. I've heard good and bad about everyone, but the great thing...
  163. Chasntuna

    Five Star Kick's Ass Again...

    I've used 5-star in the past with exceptional service and product, very easy to deal with even living in SC. HOWEVER...........I will be trying Fishermans this next trip being I'll be on Royal Star and they're tied. We'll see and I'll be sure to report.
  164. Chasntuna

    Cleaning Out Freezer

    X2. My last trip was in '09, I have about 15 lbs left and smoked some two weeks ago - nothing wrong with it at all. Sashimi - that's a risk I won't take with 3yr old fish. Good news is I get to restock in 67 days.
  165. Chasntuna

    MOTEL'S HOTEL'S ????

    Plenty of hotels, plenty of food. Check out Red Sails In on Shelter Island Drive. Also a good mex joint but don't know the name. Right across the landing is a good breakfast joint - I think it's called the Red Hen (??) it's joined up to a hotel - good breakfast though.
  166. Chasntuna

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    Dave - look forward to fishin' with ya - I'm on it too.
  167. Chasntuna

    Local 1.5 day boats, condor, prowler, etc.

    There ain't a boat that catches BFT like the PQ; Condor is a great boat too; one of the biggest in that fleet and definately has the ride to show it with the donkey cock bulb bow. Prowler / Buzz is a great boat too - hell, they're all good!
  168. Chasntuna

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    September 22 - 29 - Baja Fish Gear - Royal Star CAN'T F'N WAIT!!!
  169. Chasntuna

    Need help from a long range vet!

    sorry - didn't read the post all the way through. - either way - PFS is the schnizzle and to what Brian said, there's nothing better than the row of chairs in front of the counter to talk fishin'. If you go - thell 'em SC Brian said hey!
  170. Chasntuna

    Need help from a long range vet!

    BFB - being you're in AZ, (Phoenix area I assume), head over to Phoenix Fishing Supply (16th st and Camelback). Gowdy Toy is the owner, he and Ted are well versed in LR / Baja fishing and have all the tackle you need. It's a small local owned business, I've dealt with them for 20 years; still...
  171. Chasntuna

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    I'm not THE expert on this subject, but having dabbled in a few commercial boat repowers and talking of this particular subject with some commercial boat owners, their feet are held to the fire by USCG; this annual inspections (out of water) as well as an array of other safety features to assure...
  172. Chasntuna

    Q105: As the screws Turn

    Whew... At least they found out the hull was junk in dry-dock; ya'll coulda been on the trip you paid for and learned the hard way, that the keel was split somewhere between Alijos and Revilla at 2:30 a.m....
  173. Chasntuna

    Thinking outside the box

    Man did you just stir some memories.. I had ever magazine pic of El Zorro up in my room as a kid, that was awesome..anyone know what happened to it?
  174. Chasntuna

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    I learned my last trip, a knife I had was the deal. Im bringing 5 more next trip. Wear old shirts and throw them in a mesh bag, tow behind the boat last day To clean your scuzz off and give to the crew for engine room rags. I usually bring a bag of giveaways for the passengers (koozies...
  175. Chasntuna

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    fishermans processing... Say "no" to the old stinky pink. Fishermans, moist and full o'flavor.. Tuna...its whats for dinner. Thats a bloody deck.. Oops..we forgot the sawzall.
  176. Chasntuna


    Not to jack the speed war, but you can have 5 mains versus 1 main and the single CAN be the faster boat, depending on the engine size, torque, hull displacement, hull design, gross tonnage, props, prop shafts, transmission gear ratios, angles and about 64 other factors. Most of the LR boats can...
  177. Chasntuna

    Bag Limits

    Nice. You get off, I get on. Maybe see ya there..
  178. Chasntuna

    Bag Limits

    Nicodemus - what trip are you on?
  179. Chasntuna

    LR angler Ernie Adams Dies at Alijos Rocks

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Ernie's family, friends, fellow anglers and the RS crew. In a positive note, I think some, if not most of us agree, that IS the ultimate "one last cast".
  180. Chasntuna

    email re: Q105

    Barbies boyfriend- he wears white belts..
  181. Chasntuna

    Quote of the day.

    I'm not saying lets go kill all the stupid people, I'm saying lets get rid of all warning signs and let the problem sort itself out.
  182. Chasntuna

    email re: Q105

    So we're curious - you pitching or catching?:waglleybooty:
  183. Chasntuna

    Here is my tackle- how would you use it for a 8 day-07/10/07/18 EXCEL

    Looks to me like ya need 3 more reels according to my math.. Other than that, you're more than set!
  184. Chasntuna

    Boycott Sleazy dealers (MUDHOLE)

    Not to hijack a thread, but it parrallels the SHITTY business practices of MH. A few years back (before I found C&M), I bought a set of AFTCO rollers for a rod I was doing. Built the rod, customer fished it a season and brought it back with a broken foot. I contacted those assholes to get a...
  185. Chasntuna

    Penn Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Fathom Reel and Carnage Rod - Ends May 21st

  186. Chasntuna

    Excess fish

    Talk to the boat office or whomever is doing your processing. THey can steer you in the right direction. I've come across this too - shipping 1000 lbs across country is NOT cheap; I often elect to donate about half; starting with a few "boat fish" during the trip. Some of THE BEST sushi /...
  187. Chasntuna

    LR's AMAZING Season

    I used to do alot of the short charters/ overnighter, but always found a way to go LR. When came, it was (is) a little harder plus I live 2500with miles away now, I make the effort, only if its a 7-10 day every other year . I live about 3 hours from the coast; excellent wahoo, small...
  188. Chasntuna

    Seeker 6463xxxh

    I've got an Avet 50 ads on the rod. Looking through my stash, I found some Amtak BBLG's, not the prettiest but the look meaty. Also found a set of BLRXOG's. Which ones, or neither?
  189. Chasntuna

    Seeker 6463xxxh

    What sizes would you recommend? 25 - 20 - 16 - 16 - 12 - 12 - 12 - 12 top?
  190. Chasntuna

    Seeker 6463xxxh

    Thx zombie- ring guides are on the menu. The rollers seem to make the stick real heavy and unbalanced.. it might be the builder though..:hali_olutta:
  191. Chasntuna

    Seeker 6463xxxh

    I built one a few years back with Big Foot Wind ons and I hate it. What guides would you replace them with?
  192. Chasntuna

    Hypalon an AFTCO unibutt

    You might be able to heat the unibutt and remove it, but be careful. Other option is to cork wrap the butt over the aluminum; most of my LR rods have a cork tape wrap butt and hypalon foregeip. Not too sure on the x-wrap, I've never used it but it should work.
  193. Chasntuna

    I need some advice.

    I started wrapping my own several years ago so I could build exactly what I wanted (also built golf clubs for the same reason); always wanted that custom "whatever, hated buying production line stuff". by the time you buy the tools and supplies,plus your time, its really a wash- like changing...
  194. Chasntuna

    LR's AMAZING Season

    Simply epic. This is exactly what the fleet needs (and every boat, captain, deckhand and angler has earned it). Tough times, tough economy, its great to see it and I'm glad I get on a boat this year. Hope the chickens follow suit of the cows for the sake of the overnight boats.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  195. Chasntuna

    Chovy on light line

    I caught my first albies on a 4-day using a 7' Fenwick pacifistick and a diawa spinning reel - as a 10 year old kid, I was easily outcasting everyone else on deck with anchovie-only bait, they were using 209's, some Newells and the iconic 500's. Some many years later, my go-to albie rod (if...
  196. Chasntuna

    6 day

    :rofl: Never thought of it that way......
  197. Chasntuna

    6 day

    I've done some 6 dayers end of August, fished Guadalupe a few times, once went to Alijos in '08, then finished up on YT and Dorados around Cedros. Never had a bad trip in late August or September; hell - never had a bad trip!
  198. Chasntuna

    Jig painting

    I've got several Salas, Tady and other jigs that I'd like to repaint and rehook . I've never painted, but can't imagine its too hard. I assume an air brush and some paint is all a guy needs, but I'd like to ask the experts. Air Brush? Paint (where to get and what kind) anything else needed...
  199. Chasntuna

    SX Reel Seat screw (new style)

    Mine got gone too. I was able to find screws at a local ACE hardware independent store; Lowes / HD didn't have them. Make sure they have stainless though; if not - Avet would be the only other option (good luck getting them to respond though - I've sent mo less than 4 "contacts" over teh past...
  200. Chasntuna

    Any one fished with Baja fish gear group?

    I've never fished with them either, but will be, the end of September. I have fished with another group over several years (with great experiences) but wanting to mix it up and do something different, the BFG group was credibly recommended by several, including the capt. I like to catch big...
  201. Chasntuna

    Arizona Fishing(verde river, Oak creek)

    There is Lake Pleasant, Saguaro, Bartlett, Rooseveltvelt and the Salt River; LP is about an hour NW of downtown, some shore fishing is accessible. All others are about two hours drive. Those lakes are bass, crappie, hybrids, Bluetooth and catfish. You've also got the municipal park lakes all...
  202. Chasntuna

    5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

    Unlikely to get a shorter Lupe trip in november, or even October. Late summer, early fall is when the longer trips start. August is a great time for Lupe; 5 or 6 day. Tuna to 80 pounds, likely an offshore hit on some school YFT or BFT plus a bonus add if you hit Cedros. WELCOME!
  203. Chasntuna

    Things I'd love to see on TV

    Remember the days when Jimmy Houston caught 60lb catfish, then gave 'em a slip of the tongue, Roland drug in hundreds of 14lb largemouth, redefining the word "son" and Bill Dance kept hitting his shins on the trailer after he fell out of the boat tryin' to get away from the snake that fell in...
  204. Chasntuna

    Surface Iron

    Thanks Bill W. While we're on the jig subject - two more questions: J-hook or treble? If a guy needed to replace welded rings, can you get new ones to braze back together?
  205. Chasntuna

    Surface Iron

    Do you weld the ring back or leave it cut? I don't think I'm understanding what you're saying by "cut one side of the ring eye and bend out, bend opening back".
  206. Chasntuna

    oddest equipment/tools/hobbies you saw on a LR trip

    I have to agree whole heartedly... some, about a f$*$'d up as a football bat.
  207. Chasntuna

    Mustad's Giant Shark Hook Contest - Ending April 13, 2012

    Gator hunt or juggin' for catfish. Ooh look at dat big boy; choot'em, choot 'em...watcha waitin' fo ?
  208. Chasntuna

    Arizona Fishing(verde river, Oak creek)

    Verde and Oak creek are.good. Not a whole lot of other choices in that area. Ultralight and a.spinner is the key, fish the deeper pockets. A few.hours.NE of there, is the white mountains with some spectacular stream fishing with the same set up.
  209. Chasntuna

    Do you remember...

    Summer of 1981, I was 8 we were at Lake Powell loading my dad boat on the trailer. As I was walking down the dock, I saw a massive school of stripers. Grabbed my spinning rod and threw a silver / white Bayou Boogie; I caught 6 stripers in about 15 minutes. Dad was torqued because I was...
  210. Chasntuna

    Sedona Arizona fishing

    When I lived in AZ, I spent alot of time on the engine Verde and at Oak Creek. An ultra light spinning outfit with a few Panther Martin's will kill'em in both . Oak Creek is a trout stream, Verde is smallmouth and bluegill. Oak Creek runs right through town, make sure you stop for some beans...
  211. Chasntuna

    Trolling for tuna, wahoo, mahimahi and marlin

    100 lbs drag on the troll is pretty stout unless your fishin' logging cable. The TRX is fine though (30 or 50 size), just because it has 100 of drag doesn't mean you have to use it. Rule of thumb is apply drag pressure to equal 25 - 33% of your rated line - 100lb mono = 33lbs drag. I use the...
  212. Chasntuna

    Rig reels

    X2. Star drag (key element for that set-up), quick retrieve and it's light. Don't be surprised if you see a crewman (or most) still throwing with a Newell 533.
  213. Chasntuna

    Dropper Loop Methods

    Genius. Ill definately give this a dance in the fall..
  214. Chasntuna

    Sabre Stroker

    When I stripped the rod down several years ago and re-wrapped, I didn't pay any attention to the tag as far as line rating; I know it was a 655, not sure if it was H or XH. It does have some backbone, alot like my Calstar baja boomer Jr. I think the tip is a 10. Revised: Just mic'd the tip...
  215. Chasntuna

    Dropper Loop Methods

    Std dropper loop on 60 or 80, no swivel medium loop (16 - 18") 10/0 j hook (mackeral strips or whole live macks in the nose) and tie the hook to the loop.
  216. Chasntuna

    wtb decent scope for ruger 10/22

    Check out Hawke Optics. They have ALOT of different scopes, thought they were kind of like BSA but after I looked through one, I had to have one. Check 'em out. BTW - the BSA "sweet 22" is a good scope for the $$.
  217. Chasntuna

    Sabre Stroker

    I've got one of my dads old Sabre Stroker 5.5 Footers, assuming its probably a 655XH. I've re-wrapped it and want to put it back into service in September. I kinda want to keep it simple/ old school, possibly a dropper loop or yo-yo. What reel are you guys thinking?
  218. Chasntuna

    Spectra Capacities

    Thanks Guys. Looks like a :hali_olutta:big 'ol spool of 65.
  219. Chasntuna

    Spectra Capacities

    Is there a chart that spells out spectra capacities for different models of Avets? I'm reloading everything. SX MX JX LX
  220. Chasntuna

    JX 6/3 Clicker Button

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot.
  221. Chasntuna

    Noobie to the conventional reels

    300 yards of spectacular is alot safer than 200 yards of straight 20 mono.
  222. Chasntuna

    Noobie to the conventional reels

    Good set up. I've got an old SX, right after they became available and its on a 270. Its caught lots of paddy tails and some Amberjack on this side. It can get a little hairy though without spectra.
  223. Chasntuna

    JX 6/3 Clicker Button

    Sent an inquiry to Avet but haven't gotten a response; I have a JX 6/3 and the clicker button falls about 1/16" (loose), which effects casting. Any ideas or fixes?
  224. Chasntuna

    September 7/8 day

    Jim / Jeff - I agree. RS is the best; not that the others are "not good" by any stretch, I just prefer Royal Star and the crew. I have word from Tim the trip still has spots open so I sent a message to Tracy to put my name in. I AM AMPED UP!! It's been too long - now the aggonizing wait...
  225. Chasntuna

    September 7/8 day

    Finally getting back out to SD this summer; looking at a 7 or 8 day trip, possibly the Baja Fish Gear trip on Royal Star. Appreciate feedback on this trip or others in that time.
  226. Chasntuna

    What sort of tuna is this ?

    That's what a German marketing expert thinks is a cool way to market an engine.
  227. Chasntuna

    Remington 597

    Thanks guys. I think I'll be OK (if it ever stops raining here where I can shoot) - I got the metal mag plus two spares.
  228. Chasntuna

    Remington 597

    Even after the horror stories from Y & C, I couldn't pass up a deal on a 597. I've got a 10/22 I've had for 25 years and love it, but held the 597 and made the purchase. After $150 in gift cards, a few boxes of CCI MM's, left wally world spending 40 bucks and get a $25 rebate from Rem. I...
  229. Chasntuna

    Which .45?

    Sig P220. DA/SA and feels better than most anything out there (opinion). I personally like a hammer gun. I've heard good things of both the Taurus PT845 and FN45 which have greater cap than the Sig, but once I picked the Sig up, my mind was made up. Well worth the money!
  230. Chasntuna

    Stubby wide slot screwdrivers, where to buy?

    Depending on the sizez of the screw, i used spade drill bits; whack the tit, clean up with the grinder and epoxy a wood handle, old screw stick handle or whatever you please. Did the same thing to get the mag tube nut off my 870 shotgun.
  231. Chasntuna

    .22 mag

    What's the word on late model 22 mag's here on the deck? It's not a real popular caliber here but growing up in AZ, it was a great small critter gittr. I've read alot about the Marlins being the sheet for OTB accuracy and reliability. What do you guys think?
  232. Chasntuna

    Book: Fish or Cut Bait

    Great book; even loaned it out to some "less motivated" people to see what can be done if you put your mind and effort into it. I was another fortunate one to have Mr. Poole sign my copy at FL as I returned from a trip.
  233. Chasntuna

    Which .22LR pistol is your favorite?

    Colt Diamondback.
  234. Chasntuna

    What's you fishing sob-story?

    I got one about the same boat Bobby Baker's talkin about - I chartered a two day for some clients (we all lived in Phoenix); planned to leave the morning of the departure; The night before the skip called my phone asking where the hell was I....... We (I) missed the boat! I think I mentioned...
  235. Chasntuna

    Tropic Star Lodge Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec 16th, 2010

    I told ya you had a strike.. FOLLOW YOUR BAIT! Theres the TUNA TANGO, then theres the MARLIN MACARENA
  236. Chasntuna


    Don't settle for short-biters. EAT ME!
  237. Chasntuna


    Eat Me Lures... They taste like chicken
  238. Chasntuna

    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    Sasquatch.. Don't they eat Tutankas?
  239. Chasntuna

    Mossberg AT100 .308

    Has anyone out there bought one? THey keep catchin' my eye at under $300; I've read good things thus far and have had good luck with an old Mossy 500 scattergun.
  240. Chasntuna

    What's your favorite revolver?

    Ruger GP100 .357 4". I've had a few others (Smith and Colt, single and double) that have come and gone, but the Ruger stays with me.
  241. Chasntuna

    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    Cow, super, mega, buffalo, rhino, hippo, elephant - how 'bout 'BIG FUCKIN' FISH" -
  242. Chasntuna

    3 weeks till Christmas

    I've got two; both bass rods for a guy and his bro-in-law. Haven't seen any big water rods this year.
  243. Chasntuna

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    "Johnny Knoxville's a puss - no way he'd jump off the crows nest like you did"
  244. Chasntuna

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    It sure is shit ain't a salami, looks like a scad!
  245. Chasntuna

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    Oooooooooooh - it kinda makes you feel like your climbin' the rope in gym class....
  246. Chasntuna

    More from the 80s

    I caught my first Albacore in 1984 on the Spirit of Adventure on a Fenwick Pacificstik SPINNING ROD, The only thing my dad trusted me to cast when I was 10. It was a 4 day trip (my first "long range" trip). I caught two that trip - I even sent a picture and note to Southcoast Sportfishing...
  247. Chasntuna

    Favorite thread

    I've been using Gudebroad for several years now but am running low - need to restock. I see alot of you using Mediera - I assume you like it better, but my question is why?
  248. Chasntuna

    jaws blanks

    I' ve built two of the 6 footers, got 'em from Acid right off the dock a few months ago. One was the 20-50, other eas 30-60 (I think). Lighter one was a spinner, heavy was a cast rod w/ the fuji jigging seat, all Fuji guides. The owner has taken them out the past few weekends off Charleston...
  249. Chasntuna

    Let's see your Yellowtail!

    The pic in my Avatat - still not savvy enough to post it but it was 49-7. Dropper loop mackerel at the lupe. (I'm 6-3 and weighed 270 at the time)
  250. Chasntuna

    What size avet???

  251. Chasntuna

    Alijos - If you could take one rod only?

    SS CJBF65H (I like the softer tip / shorter rod, cause she told me she liked it that way)and Avet LX/2. 65 / 50 with a spool of blackwater #40 and #50 FC, a pack of 3/0 circle hooks, a few 6X's and some bombs - you're set for the long week with a stop at the Lupe, then Alijos, top 'er off at...
  252. Chasntuna


    Who shot J.R.? BD'rs = Passionate about fishing, tight knit group of good guys who are willing to share info, alot of experience, talk shit, most don't rely on the fishing market to feed their families - it's a hobby. LR Captain - PASSIONATE about fishing, tight knit w/ other boats (and...
  253. Chasntuna

    On 7-8 day trips terminal tackle

    Alot depends on what brand of hooks. Owner, Gamakatsu, VMC and Eagle Claw have variable sizes of say a 3/0. I've had good luck w/ EC and VMC hooks in a 2/0 size, that's comparable to an Owner 3/0. Take all sizes, they're small and light - you never know if your gonna get hog sardines, or...
  254. Chasntuna

    West Coast Jigging

    Deep jiggin tuna on the WC is not too common and the LR style of fishing often does not provide the option. Private boats may be a different story. Most of the time on a 1-2 day trip, you're drifting for Albies after they're located on the troll. On rare occasion, you may get into the BFT...
  255. Chasntuna

    Beaufort, SC

    Offshore is great this time of year. Good wahoo, Dorado, Blackfin, bottom fishin', marlin and sailfish.
  256. Chasntuna

    OOOOOOH this is really gonna hurt.

    Don't mean to cut into Acid Rods sales, but pharmacies usually have them for liquid medicines (Sorry Mark - I'm 2000 miles away). I get mine from Target Pharmacy for nuttin'.
  257. Chasntuna

    Wahoo - One Lure?

    Cheese Grater......No Shit!:notworthy
  258. Chasntuna

    Yoyo at night?

    BFT on a 2-day. On the PQ several years ago and were drifting after dinner one night - we had BFT all afternoon which followed the boat into the evening; a few of us dropped in Tady 4/0's - blue / chrome and glow - BENDO! The biggest went about 60#, we were nowhere near any structure (6000...
  259. Chasntuna

    Cork Lathes

    I'm building up some cork grip rods using rings - I've only done one before and used my drill as the lathe motor and a drier support to support the rod - any other ideas / methods out there in place of buying a lathe?
  260. Chasntuna

    FN .45

    Not really related to huntin' but do any of you shoot an FNP .45? If so - whatya think? I've got a couple 1911s abd want a double stack HiCap gun now and Glock ain't gonna happen.
  261. Chasntuna

    Pssst.. Sneak Peek - March Specials

    I got two of the 6' Jaws coming (Thanks Colleen) - 15-40 and 20-50, hopefully be here tomorrow. Thanks for the preview -
  262. Chasntuna

    Customer Service

    There's been alot of posts about customer service, good and bad. We all have experienced both and alot of us live it daily as we're in the "customer service" business - In my 10 yrs of building rods as a hobby, I've had some good dealings and some shitty ones - particularly with a company who...
  263. Chasntuna

    what adhesive for foam grips

    Golf club epoxy. 5-minute "tour van" stuff from Golfsmith. Great for grips, reel seats and gimbals - never had it fail. Never tried the 2-sided grip tape w/ mineral spirits - that'd probably work too.
  264. Chasntuna

    Chevy Transfer Case

    Anyone got an '03 - '07 1500 Chev 4X4 with a noisy transfer case? In hi and lo, there's a nasty growl when turning. Took it to the local deaer and they say it's "normal" - I've had 4x4's all my life and never heard of this being "normal".. ANyone else?
  265. Chasntuna

    How do you fly with rods?

    Bazooka Tube Shrink Wrapped and sealed tight. I take 10-12 rods from 5.5 - 8'. Pack each end with a t-shirt or two you can wear, or use as rags on the boat. I put half with with tip down, half up, wrap & pack 'em tight. Ship them a week out to the boat office via UPS - never had a problem...
  266. Chasntuna

    Rainshadow Fresh Water

    Any input good or bad on the Rainshadow Freshwater e-glass blanks? Light / heavy - durable / weak - recommend / not. I've got 4 rods to build on a tight budget (2-7' inshore and 2-6 footers). All will be spinning rods. Thanks in advance.
  267. Chasntuna


    - I'll make sure I look em up. I went a few years back, and it was a good show; not quite as big as FH or ICAST, but impressive for rod builders. Hopin' to get another "lot" of $5 Allstar blanks!
  268. Chasntuna


    I'm suspecting a few of you legends of the rod building world will be at the ICRBE next month in NC. I'm gonna shoot up there Sunday, hopfully get to meet a few of you..
  269. Chasntuna

    Anyone have an OH SH!T moment lately?

    I built a 80# class trolling rod for a prize at a billfish tournament last year. Down to the wire wrapping the night before I left, figured I'd set up the drier in my buddies office in Charleston - set it up, put finish in it and let'er rip overnite. I had the support rollers over the AFTCO...
  270. Chasntuna

    Monday Jet Ski Cape Catch

    The Midnight Sun - Captain Ryan Rogers - The Best Fishing Charters on The Chesapeake Bay and The Northern Neck of Virginia It's a 50' something.........not sure what though. The hull looks like a Donely maybe, but the structure looks different.
  271. Chasntuna

    newell equivalent to penn 3/0 with wide spoolkit

    Would that be a 338? A 533 is more like a narrow 4/0.
  272. Chasntuna

    Roller or ring guides for #60 setup?

    Rollers add alot of weight and maintenance and what I've found with the SS and the "softer" tips, you'll feel like you're casting a buggy whip. BHNLG's up to a CJBF70HX is a great combo, I think. I've even got a few old school 5 1/2 and 6' Sabre Strokers I've reqrapped with these and I fish 80...
  273. Chasntuna

    Royal Star ??? Do you like it?

    i've been on the Q, Shogun, RP and RS, as everyone above has mentioned, they're all great and never had a bad trip. I fish the RS now NOT because of a bad experience(s) on other boats, I just feel more comfortable working (and spending my money) with that operation based on the past few years...
  274. Chasntuna

    Yellowtail and yellowfin tuna recepies

    TUna: Marinade of soy, pineapple juice, minced garlic, finely chopped cilantro, serano vinegar and scallions. coat with sesame seeds and sear it on a grill or skillet to your liking. After you eat it that day, save your leftovers. Let it sit in the ice box a day, then fork it up, add mayo...
  275. Chasntuna

    Swordfishing on Discovery Channel

    I'm still questioning the 56' glass boat heading 1000 miles east to the Grand Banks - SUICIDE! Anyone want to go Bermuda in my 16' Tracker Crappie Pro??
  276. Chasntuna

    Cork tape size -1/16, 1/8, or 1/6" ?

    IMO, isn't a 655 a little stout to not use a reel seat? I've used the 1/8" stuff for all of my non-seated rods. Also have used it on the bottom section of all my rods with seats.
  277. Chasntuna


    I forgot about Fishstix - I met those guys in Hickory, NC at a Rodbuilders expo a few years back. Thanks to all and I'm sure I'll be using both.
  278. Chasntuna

    Leveling Kits

    I got a '05 Chev crew cab 1500LT , anyone have experience with the torsion leveling kits? I want a little lift, for a little bigger tire, but don't want a 6" lift and body lifts are gay! Thanks
  279. Chasntuna


    Has anyone ever had an AFTCO HD roller break at the back foot? Almost like the guide buckled under pressure and snapped the foot off at the base of the guide. Anyway....I wrapped a few rods for a friend of mine a little over a year ago, using AFTCO HD rollers. He goes out this weekend...
  280. Chasntuna

    Rod holders/milk crates?

    THe rubber holders can be found at Meltons (Jose Rod Holders). SKB makes a box with 4 holders that's clean and simple. One of the best things I've experienced is assigning tackle stations. One trip I frequent annually on the RS, the charter master actually contacts everyone several weeks...
  281. Chasntuna

    fish cleaning after trip...

    5-Star all the way. Living in SC, I have to have them fly it back typically a few days after I get back home and I'll say they're very particular about getting YOUR fish - number tags are in the boxes. I run my stash out through the year and even after a year, it's still great. Surprisingly its...
  282. Chasntuna

    Guts vs. Balls

    Guts: You're out all night with the guys and you come stumblin in the house at in the middle of the night. Yer wife meets you and the door with a broom and you ask her if she's cleaning, or riding out for the night.... Balls: You're out all night with the guys, you come home smelling of...
  283. Chasntuna

    Chili Contest Judge

    Must notta told them Mexican boys there was a contest...They'd a come up with a goat & onion and kicked their ass.....Of course they woulda needed a ride home. - Ron White
  284. Chasntuna

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    1 - Pick bite at Guadalupe, kites are up with you on the deck hangin double dines, "joe" just sees the skip throw a dine 40 yds now he thinks he can and tries...........Right over the kite line; of cours it's a short top shot. Two seconds after his bait lands - he's bendo and saws yer shit off...
  285. Chasntuna

    what blank to use for a 130lb. troller

    I'd recomment a 5.5 - 6 footer at the longest to use with a bent butt. AFTCO #2 short is the way to go if you're not going to use a chair. AFTCO Big Foot SHD's and you've got a meat stick! 6455XXH, 6460XXH or yes.........a Baja Boomer. Fat Cat hit it with the 6463XXXXH too - that'd be a...
  286. Chasntuna

    Your 2 favorite jig sticks

    8 footers do fine for me, also because I ahve to travel across the world to use them. I love the Calstar 800L, M and H - the L is a great overnite rod, the 800M I can fish 40 on a 533 and the 800H is a 533 with 50. I got a 332 on the 800L - have had 'em all for years now and I'll never part...
  287. Chasntuna

    Need tattoo pics

    I thought FORD was "flipped over reservation decoration"
  288. Chasntuna

    Who HASN'T had this happen.....

    I went to the Home Depot recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of my patented 'you're definitely going to shit yourself' road kill chili. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point...
  289. Chasntuna

    Early Retirement

    Dear Employees, Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown in the economy, Management has decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 40 years of age and above on early retirement. This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early). Persons selected to...
  290. Chasntuna

    Black Avet Reels

    No problems - IMO, I think the black ones look the best out of all.
  291. Chasntuna

    Question: Alijos in May or Guadalupe in Sept

    I think they're both great . 2 years ago we got hoo at the Lupe plus big YT and YFT, and this year (same trip in August) we were slated for lupe on a 6 day and went to Alijos for YFT and hoo - it all depends on the water and ultimately what the skip sees, you won't be disappointed with either!
  292. Chasntuna

    Rod pricing question

    I agree with the "garage special" - I'm not a Yo's or M & M but I used these same theory when I was out west and started wrapping for myself (then for others). Theres not nearly as many custom builders out here as there are on the WC, but the going rate is not lower from what I see; different...
  293. Chasntuna

    Rod pricing question

    My rule is 3 colors, no fancy wrapping but an original design (clean and flawless though) - price it at what a factory stick would run and add $50 for the lighter stuff and anything over 80# I add $100 as a base. Upgraded guides are additional - be proud of what you do; if it were easy...
  294. Chasntuna

    Best style of BBQ

    It's all good as long as it's pork or beef. FUCK CHICKEN! I'm a major fan of Hickory smoked, home made rubs and apple cider vinegar base sauce (pork butt and ribs) - that kind that makes ya pucker then beg for a beer because it feels like needles in your jaw joints.......Time to start smokin'
  295. Chasntuna

    What am I forgetting?

    I'm not a wine-o, but a good bottle o' vino, scotch or even a mason jar of "the good stuff" to pass around in the evening. Flip flops or cheap crocs (if you buy 'em cheap, you can throw them away), shampoo, advil, hand sanitizer to keep at yer box with a rag or 2. I take old t-shirts and at...
  296. Chasntuna

    Weird eating habit

    Vegies aren't food............They're what food eats! And as Ron White says " Man didn't climb to the top of the food chain to eat fuckin' carrots!" Pork Fatback.......Makes everything taste good!
  297. Chasntuna

    Your long range outfitter

    Since I started LR fishin' when I lived in Phoenix, Phoenix Fishing is top notch and I still call Gowdy for most of my needs. I can remember my Dad using them since the late 70's. I wrap my own rods and buy stuff all over the internet for components. Most everything though comes from PFS that...
  298. Chasntuna

    5 day trip help!

    Definately a 20 for the finicky stuff, if you fish the Lupe (june-july is a littel early)- you'll be fishin' 40 - 50. 2 of each is sufficient, more is always better in the 30-50 gear though, FC helps you better utilize what you have. I'd get some bigger hooks, 5/0 - 8/0, maybe 5 each just in...
  299. Chasntuna

    Whaling War or Keystone Cops?

    It's like a train can't help but watch. If ya'll saw this week, you'd agree that the Whalers had EVERY RIGHT to put everyone on the Irwin on a Lead Diet. What would "Steve" say? Then that so-called skipper played the lame game of being shot while wearing his BP vest...
  300. Chasntuna


    DID YOU KNOW............ 98% of the population yells "oh shit" before they drive into a ditch...... The other 2% (or Rednecks) say......."hold my beer, watch this shit"
  301. Chasntuna

    Whaling War or Keystone Cops?

    The best was the first show when the launched the Zodiac, got it sideways at 14 knots and rolled it. Here's your sign to GTFO!
  302. Chasntuna

    what kind of weaving is this?

    The basic colors look awesome.
  303. Chasntuna

    eva application

    Golfsmith Shafting epoxy. I use it for grips, seats, gimbals and anything else that needs to stay put. Run hot hot water over the EVA / Hypalon to get it pliable, spread the glue on the blank lightly and slide 'er on wet. Wet papertowel to clean yourself up and let 'er rest overnight - come...
  304. Chasntuna

    Trolling jigs,help???

    Black / Purple Catchy Spinner Jet in the micro size, Melton's got the AHI PUSSY jets for tuna - haven't tried 'em, but anything with that name's gotta work.
  305. Chasntuna

    surgeon knot

    Spectra will cut into the mono (1) and if it doesn't cut - it'll slip!
  306. Chasntuna

    Amtak 20-30lb jigstick blue and white fish wrap

    DO you have pics of the doamond cord wrap? That sounds killer. Thanks
  307. Chasntuna

    AVET SX Reel Clamp

    Same here - I've got an SX set up with 17 on a 7' Seeker Inshore custom with a standard issue Fuji reelseat (exposed blank) and have caught YT, Albies, Calicos, etc - YT up to about 20# with no problem. No need for the clamp.
  308. Chasntuna

    Stand-up Tuna/Chunking Outfit suggestions

    I'd look at the Avets as well - I've got several (SX through thr 50SDS) and have had no problems over the last 5 years. Definately go with the lever drag reel, especially for drift, flyline or chunk fishing. THough I'm in SC, I do all of my fishin' on the west coast, but whatever ocean, be...
  309. Chasntuna


    I've got two old LX's - both are pre-clicker models, I've got an old JX and an old SX - all bought the first year AVET came out. Other than handles, are there any upgrades out there - or ideas / tricks to quiet them up - mainly the click while reeling?
  310. Chasntuna

    GF800M Purple/Goldfish

    I'm a fan of the grip - that's a great idea - never seen the cord wrapped in with cork.
  311. Chasntuna

    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge rods

    Those'r sexxy right there........... Hats off to BE as well.
  312. Chasntuna


    Thanks guys! I like the pen idea for the true custom look- back to practicing.
  313. Chasntuna


    For you pros, do you use labels or hand-write the model, name and other stuff? I've been using Avery clear labels, even some white and inking them black with white lettering - I know there's some custom label makers but I don't sell enough to get off my wallet and buy them. Any ideas? Thanks
  314. Chasntuna

    best wahoo reel

    Avet HX, STD, narrow if you can stand to look at it, or go old school with a 533.