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  1. Makoa808

    Kaneohe - 9-27-2019

    Better than luck than I. Kids in town for just a couple days- winds down- left Kaneohe 0535 back at 1800- not a knockdown all day. At least you got some sashimi! Thanks for the post, good to know it wasn't just me and lockjaw fish.
  2. Makoa808

    Longest Catch of the Year and not proud of it!

    Mahalo for clearing the hazard and glad Hana Bata Days ok!
  3. Makoa808

    Pelagic Kaneohe

    Ono great grinds! I'm definitely down for any tournament out of Kaneohe as well!
  4. Makoa808

    Custom Boat Shirt Graphics on Oahu?

    Aloha All, Is there a goto place on Oahu for custom boat shirt graphics? Need artwork help as well and printing. I can find lots of mainland places (like canyongear) but would rather keep the $$ on the islands. Mahalo Mark
  5. Makoa808

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    zz Concur! Always have my knife and when solo or up in the tower always wearing inflatable life jacket and plbs. (My wife (also has a plb) would kill me if I was stupid and fell overboard and died for the sake of gear that costs less than one of my reels- or almost anything else on the boat!)...
  6. Makoa808

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mahalo Mike! (And pictures now upload!)
  7. Makoa808

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mahalo Pat, Darren, Marty & Don. As for pics- tried different formats, also tried creating a media album to share where I discovered the pic limit is 10MB! Even their I get same message with 5MB pics... figure the BD software or server is the issue.
  8. Windward Oahu 6-7-2019

    Windward Oahu 6-7-2019

    Solo adventure
  9. Makoa808

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Sorry guys I've drop the images to under 500KB and they still wont upload and "How to use forum" not helping any suggestions? Keep getting file too large for server to process....
  10. Makoa808

    Windward Solo Day- exhausted

    Mentally planned to spend the entire day- sunrise to sunset fishing for ahi.... Departed dock 0500, head buoy at 0525, lines wet by 0545 or so then trolled my way out Past U (0630). Plan was to head past U 5-6 miles and then head NW outside LL and then around X, J and H before returning back...
  11. Makoa808

    Ono for Mothers Day Dinner

    Mahalo Shadzda, Pat, Nick, Mike, John, Appreciate the great support we have here in the islands! Ono did a number on the lure/skirts and leader, and the marlin abraded two more leaders.... Re-riggin for the next run! Alex, So far two hookups in the last two trips this year! I'm 2 for 5...
  12. Makoa808

    Ono for Mothers Day Dinner

    Solo run hoping for something for Mother's Day. Departed MCBH Kaneohe 0500, past Sampan channel head buoy 0530. 0600 lines wet, sun is coming up. Headed out to U marked fish at 50-100ft but not able to raise- Headed toward LL nothing but a beautiful day- kept going towards X. Midway to X...
  13. Makoa808

    First Ahi Haleiwa

  14. Makoa808

    First Ahi Haleiwa

    Awesome catch Noa! Congrats!
  15. Makoa808

    Impatient or over zealous 1/20/19

    Great report as always! I learn so much from them. Tough loss on the fight.
  16. Makoa808

    Nov-Dec 2018

    Mahalo Pat for sharing! Always look forward to your reports and the realities of fishing. Also nice to know I'm not crazy for going out solo when my first mate not available. Hau'Oli Makahiki Hou!
  17. Makoa808

    18 Dec Oahu Windward side

    Aloha All, Spent about half day Tuesday windward side- rewarded with a 10lb mahi which was absolutely delicious last night! Departed K-Bay Marina at 0600, at head buoy 0630, Winds were light and swell not as big as forecast, nor did it grow much the rest of the day. Any day I can get up in the...
  18. Makoa808

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    T Buoy was actually located about 3.7miles ENE of charted location- Aku were within 100 yards of the buoy
  19. Makoa808

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    All we caught was aku, but I could have sworn on one pass there was a mahi that tried to take the aku off the hook as I reeled it in.
  20. Makoa808

    Kaneohe 15Oct

    Spent 14 hours trolling off Kaneohe last Fri-- U to LL to 30+ miles out around and back to T before I was able boat 6 4-8 lb aku and a pair of shibi I only kept because of how they were hooked, otherwise would have thrown them back. By the way T was about 3 miles east of the chart location last...
  21. Makoa808

    Radar worth it in hawaiian waters

    Night and low vis conditions it's nice to have. I like the chart overlay feature on some systems. Running in and out of Kaneohe Sampan channel in the dark its' nice to mark the unlighted channel markers. You need to use the radar in the day and good visibility in order to learn what it is...
  22. Makoa808

    Kaneohe Sandbar

    Assuming you don't have a chart plotter- You can download pdf charts for free from 19359 is East Oahu with Kaneohe Bay. Be advised chart is 2007, so not precisely accurate- but will give you a good idea of where the major coral reefs...
  23. Makoa808

    GPS Setting

    Magnetic Declination sometimes called variation (difference between True North and Magnetic North) doesn't change Latitude/Longitude position coordinates, only heading or relative bearing changes. Magnetic declination for Oahu is about 9.5 deg East from true North. "East is Least and West is...
  24. Makoa808


    Congrats on a great catch! Always great to hear about a windward catch! PS- sharing with family and friends is just as enjoyable as the catch.
  25. Makoa808

    Hurricane Olivia...

    Not wishing anything on anyone- but hope the Big Island kits the crap out of Olivia like it seems to do for many other storms. Figure we (on the other islands, especially Oahu) may owe the folks on the big island some appreciation and support.
  26. Makoa808


    Great solo catch Pat and as always great report- Mahalo!
  27. Makoa808

    Tis The Season... Lane.

    Looking like we caught a break- at least from the real heavy stuff. Hope everyone is ok!
  28. Makoa808

    Tis The Season... Lane.

    Doubled dock lines, hung a bunch of fenders, taped up cockpit hatches (so all the rain goes out the scuppers). Anything that not screwed down is inside. Took bunch of pictures in case the worst happens. Hopefully (for me) Lane says south of Oahu which should limit the wind magnitude and also...
  29. Makoa808

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    I haven't been fishing that long, but I'm not sure that I'd assume the other lures I had are "not to runs"- my favorite- center salmon has caught marlin, and ono. the the same lure I caught the ahi with caught an nice 20lb ono last time out running on the stbd corner. This was my...
  30. Makoa808

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Kelli's collar recipe
  31. Makoa808

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Mahalo Mike! Darren- I'm working on the recipe- just have to have my Capt Kelli write it down cause I don't recognize a lot of the local ingredients (also why I don't do the cooking- but I do do the eating!)
  32. Makoa808

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Darren, Fatty, oily and smooth as butter melting in the mouth! Here's a pic from last nights meal.... of course doesn't show all the "test" pieces I ate while carving it up! Firing up the grill Sat night for some out of town guests! Family, neighbors and friends all enjoying as well!
  33. Makoa808

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    Mahalo Pat- that was the "stage" my mind was in before the rigger went off! Mahalo Chuck, Don, Al, Darren- it feels great to get that monkey of my back, and I look forward to going back out not having to"prove"anything- just enjoy and fish. And catch more ah-, man that fresh shashimi is to die...
  34. Makoa808

    8-15 Kaneohe & playing hookie from work- figures

    No good comes from playing hookie from work right? First mate (wife Kelli) and I left the dock 0515, passed thru sampan channel heading out for a day on the water- 4 or 5 other boats also on the way. Passed U and kept heading out reaching MM about 0730. Nothing at MM but a couple miles East...
  35. Makoa808

    Kai'Nana had FUN.

    Way to go! Great Catch!
  36. Makoa808

    Thursday Kaneohe

    Congrats Guys, great catch!
  37. Makoa808

    July recovery... 7/29/18

    Great catch and detailed report as always Pat, Helps me a lot! Appreciate the washing machine and keeping boat in gear as you work the catch detail- pretty much what I always do windward side to avoid rolling wildly- nice to hear that's how the pros do it as well!
  38. Makoa808

    21 July Windward- ono but no ahi for me

    Aloha Shane! Docks are gorgeous and the staff is absolutely great! I couldn't believe my fortune when the call came! Crosswind at the slip takes some getting used to, a bit tricky single handed, starting to figure out the best approach. As Kaze said only gas- for fuel. think most guys truck...
  39. Makoa808

    21 July Windward- ono but no ahi for me

    Mahao Darren, Mahalo John, That's my First Mate Kelli with me. So far with my limited experience- blue/silver/black over pink/orange/salmon seems to work most often for me.
  40. Makoa808

    21 July Windward- ono but no ahi for me

    Debated on going out today- forecast was for 15-20 knot with ~5 ft wind waves, normally I'd pass but with Wasabi's success last week I was hungry for ahi. Departed dock 0515 passed the head Sampan head buoy heading 045 toward U. Ocean was as best I could tell a mixed plate of at least two...
  41. Makoa808

    Leeward 5/11

    Thanks for the report Chuck. Still a great day out on the water. Can't wait to get healthy so I can be back in the hunt.
  42. Makoa808

    Cinco de Mayo...

    Great job Pat, Mike, As always Kai Nana on it! Love the write up and the pics. I'd have been out windward- except i jacked my back moving a dock box last Fri....still home recovering.....(not as young as I used to be) Good news- I'm now next door neighbor with Surfdawg!
  43. Makoa808

    30 April-Marlin

    Nice going conor! great catch. Not sure my crew is ready for a 5 hour battle! Way to stay with it!
  44. Makoa808

    Waianae 4/29

    Nice going Chuck, I was out off Kaneohe Sunday, climbing up and down the swells- couple knockdowns, lost a mahi 10yds from the boat.. nothing to eat but as you said great day out.
  45. Makoa808

    Reel rack for 21 rods for sale

    For what it's worth- I've got one of these and it is totally awesome- solid and stable with one to all bent butt rods in place! My entire collection of rods in one place- clean and neat.
  46. Makoa808

    Westside- Sunday

    Good run, Good eating!
  47. Makoa808

    Kaneohe 2-16

    For anyone else curious about ciguatera fish poisoning I found the attachment online-
  48. Makoa808

    Banks 2-22

    Yummmm! Nice catch!
  49. Makoa808

    Global Fishing Watch Map

    Interesting- but keep in mind the report is 25 years old (1993)
  50. Makoa808

    Global Fishing Watch Map

    Just came across this in a BBC article...Don't know if this will help but its interesting- Not much activity within a days run of Hawaii.....
  51. Makoa808

    Off KBay Sat 16 Feb

    Departed MKM 0530- returned 1630- headed out towards MM (not there- or at least I haven't seen it in the last few runs) ran another 12-14 nm out then turned NW for about 15 nm to skirt a heavy rain shower. Turned back towards LL-(also not there) into the coast between Kahuku and Laie- planning...
  52. Makoa808

    Nice looking boat! How does she run!

    Nice looking boat! How does she run!
  53. Makoa808

    Kaneohe - 28Jan

    Nice going Conor, Great to have you on the windward side.
  54. Makoa808

    27 Jan Penguin Bank from Kaneohe

    Mahalo Pat, All, Shane- get that new boat yet? Miss you here as well. Yea- long day it was- chart plotter says trip was 115nm, burned 118gal gas actually better than I thought it would be! Don't know how often the trades will die down eough to allow a repeat but at least I now have a plan on...
  55. Makoa808

    27 Jan Penguin Bank from Kaneohe

    Took advantage of the extremely rare full day of no trade winds and light swell to explore Penguin Bank- heard the fishing was good down there if you know where to look. (Pretty sure everyone did judging by the number of boats over there) Departing Makani Kai Marina 0515, not yet comfortable...
  56. Makoa808

    Sunday westside Ono/shibi

    Congrats Rob Nice Ono! Makin me hungry- planning to head out from Kaneohe this weekend. PS- Was this before or after you filleted your finger?
  57. Makoa808

    Day 2 MKL weekend.

    idk- Noaa forecasting 10 knots wind and 6 ft wind waves... forecasting 19 knots and 9 ft waves at 9 sec- we'll have to see what actually shows up
  58. Makoa808

    Day 2 MKL weekend.

    Your killing it Rob, great going! My boats back in the water- will try to give you some competition from the windward side!
  59. Makoa808

    12-21-2017 East Side off Kaneohe Bay

    Aloha All and sorry for the late post, (we have the extended family party house and Christmas/New Years is always crazy busy-fun- and besides I don't have to drive home!) Left dock 0500 headed out sampan channel and out towards MM. Past MM with no action and nothing on the fishfinder... kept...
  60. Makoa808

    Stormy weather brings ono pleasure

    Great day Robert and yummy Ono!
  61. Makoa808


    Nice going Pat, and nice catch! I too spent Nov on boat TLC- SB exhaust manifold, both mufflers and hoses all the way back. First month in almost a year I did't get out. Anxious to get back out on the water- just need the windward side to lay down a bit!
  62. Makoa808

    Pair of Centek 1000229 Mufflers $400

    First mate wanted quieter boat.... so I ordered a custom set of mufflers from Centek. That leaves me with two real good shape Centek 1000229 mufflers I just remove this weekend from my Blackfin 29 combi with a pair of GM 454 V8s. (Windward Oahu) First $400 gets the pair mufflers and 30in of...
  63. Makoa808

    Towing Insurance in Hawaii?

    I've got BOATUS... came with Westmarine's gold membership I think... anyway I think when I looked into it the towing service was limited to within 30nm of Honolulu. Not sure how they measure that- by how the crow flies or more likely by actual distance over water... I like to believe most guys...
  64. Makoa808

    Sunday 10/29/17

    Nice catch Pat and crew! Just curious for now- How do you prep the marlin for the block? I've got my commercial license but have yet to register with the fisheries- getting closer- no hoist at our dock so I have to work out getting the marlin out of the boat!
  65. Makoa808

    CO buoy 14 Oct

    Great report Robert. Bummer the marlin came unhooked- but as we all know that's fishing. Still sounds like a pretty good day on the water!
  66. Makoa808

    Penguin Bank 10/8/17

    Nice Ono! Congrats!
  67. Makoa808

    October 9th- Kaneohe

    Great looking Mahi! Yumm!
  68. Makoa808

    Kaneohe 10/9/17

    Congrats nice catch! I haven't seen U in at least a month, well before Labor Day weekend anyway-
  69. Makoa808

    8 Oct Windward Oahu

    Mahalo Russel- I tried several different ways, that wasn't one of them (I cut through the skin along the blood line)- but sounds exactly the same way I have been doing marlin! The shibi skin peeled right off no problem.
  70. Makoa808

    8 Oct Windward Oahu

    Had to go- anytime winds are light on the weekend. Left the dock 0530 solo- first mate off island and several of my buds already committed on this holiday weekend. As the sun came up overcast skies clearing to the east and 8-10 swell as I made my way out toward MM. Set up lines just outside...
  71. Makoa808

    Kaena point 9/30

    Exciting Rob! Gaffing one after a 20-30min fight is tough enough- can't imagine even thinking of gaffing a free swimming marlin- think you'd be lucky if all you lost was the gaff! Glad you got out.
  72. Makoa808

    Wednesday 9/20

    Nice Pat! I can only dream about getting out in the middle of the week! A transom door is something I need to look into- muscling marlin over the gunnels is work and already getting old.
  73. Makoa808

    Friday the 15

    Nice going Rob!
  74. Makoa808

    Labor Day Weekend off Kaneohe

    Saturday: Departed dock 0430 with my wife heading out ENE of Kaneohe Bay following some recommendations from Mike (Wasabi). Score: 5 for 7 on the mahi-mahi (maybe 10lb range)- 4 banger got 3, 2 banger got 1 and a single late in the day., guessing 0 for 2 on ahi?- knockdowns but nothing hooked, 1...
  75. Makoa808

    Finally got out for a run

    Thanks Pat, actually not really that impressive since I haven't hooked that many fish in the last couple years..... still I love being out on the ocean.
  76. Makoa808

    Finally got out for a run

    Wonderful day fishing on the windward side- departed 0530 headed out ~10nm past U headed towards X looped around back past LL towards U, chased some birds a while finally turned toward China Man's Hat running with the waves- Small Mahi (10-15lb) hookup on SB rigger about 19nm out- before we...
  77. Makoa808

    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    Ouch! I do keep a bolt cutter on board in my tool box just in case of such an unfortunate incident! As for Ken, I've been privileged to speak with him in person on a couple occasions now and its clear to me he is one outstanding and humble fisherman I'm proud to know.
  78. Makoa808

    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    Mahalo Chuck! Have yet to actually incorporate the double hook for exactly that reason.
  79. Makoa808

    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    Very nice! and great eating!
  80. Makoa808

    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    Mahalo guys- will try doubling up on the hooks.
  81. Makoa808

    Looking to improve my luck with some KC Lures

    After seeing multiple posts of ahi success from Pat and others here and in the Blackfin forum, I headed down to POP to add some KC lures to my collection and ran into Ken, the man himself! Over the last several weeks I've added a half dozen KC lures from POP and Roy's. I was all rigged up and...
  82. Makoa808

    Friday 7/21/17

    Great Day Pat! I had planned to be out today but windward was little rougher than I'd hoped. Monday looking good but I'll be off island.....
  83. Makoa808

    Soon to be Hurricane Fernanda.

    Mahalo Pat, Eyes peeled, water bottles filled, extra dog food laid in for the hurricane season!
  84. Makoa808

    Navigation Hazard Leeward.

    Thanks Pat! Gotta get out and back to enjoy the catch Windward808- just a thought- 8x8 lumber goes about 14 lbs per ft so each piece of timber might be 140# or so!
  85. Makoa808

    Sunday 5/28/17

    Congrats Pat!