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  1. ryanm


    I have 5 Lobster type Hoop Nets for sale. 4 are 36 inch diameter and 1 is the 32" diameter. All 5 have both floats and 60ish feet of line. Nets are in good condition. I have done a couple repairs in the bottom where a couple pieces of net were torn on rocks. Also included is about 15 light...
  2. ryanm


    I have 5 Lobster type Hoop Nets for sale. 4 are 36 inch diameter and 1 is the 32" diameter. All 5 have both floats and 60ish feet of line. Nets are in good condition. I have done a couple repairs in the bottom where a couple pieces of net were torn on rocks. Also included is about 15 light...
  3. ryanm

    Calstar Glass 6460XXH A/R

    Calstar West Coast Series 6460XXH 40 to 100 with all aluminum roller guides. Blank, wraps and guides are in great condition. Reel seat is a little rough, some scratches and dings. Thresher Killer! $120.00
  4. ryanm

    Accurate 270 $200.00

    This Accurate Boss 270 is in perfect working condition. Great Freespool, smooth drag and 65lb Izorline Braid. It has some cosmetic "blemishes", mostly on the side plate. Asking $175.00 REDUCED
  5. ryanm

    Fuel delivery issue?

    I've been dealing with this for a while now. I have a 1997 Evinrude 130 HP Outboard. It will be running fine for miles and then act as if it is starving for fuel. Does not stall but will run at 1500 to 2000 rpm at full throttle. Then, after a few minutes of that, the engine will return to...
  6. ryanm

    Dana Point Bass and Barries

    My 1st fishing Day in 3 months!:boobies: Felt Great, but I was so excited I forgot the Camera:smoking33: We left Dana Point at about 6:30 AM and got some great anchovies at the receiver. They had a choice of dines or chovies. Headed down to San Mateo Kelp for a great bite on Calicos, with a...
  7. ryanm

    TLD 20II sale at Sports Authority

    Not a plug, don't work there. Just good info. At the Sports Authority in Fontana off Summit and the 15 Freeway they have Shinamo TLD 20 2speeds on sale. 40% off. Its over $100 off normal price! Also some Abu Garcia bait casters and some shimano spinners.
  8. ryanm

    Can you die from fishing withdrawls?

    With the weather and work, mostly work lately, I have not been fishing in 2 months and I seriously am sick to my stomach.:fighting0061: I have cleaned every reel....twice, torn down and re-wrapped two rods, painted about 100 jig heads, cleaned my tackle box with soap and water, sharpened the...
  9. ryanm

    Plastic Debris field twice the size of Texas!

    Its a long read, sort of, but eye opening. Plastic Ocean - Page1 -  MSN Lifestyle: Men
  10. ryanm

    10-2-07) The Bugs were crawlin......... rampaging midgets! Left Dana Point at 6:30, first set pulled at 7:30pm with 7 Shorties. The small guys were on a tear last night. From 7:30pm to 11:30pm, my dad and I netted 43 Lobsters for only 6 Legals. Very fun but a little frustrating:imdumb: Probably half of them...
  11. ryanm

    Charter Boat Hijacking in Florida....Wow!

    This is fucked up. Hopefully they are floating on an ice chest somewhere. Missing skipper’s cousin doubts survivor - TODAY: People -
  12. ryanm

    Catalina Bassin 9-26

    Whats up yall. (Scroll to the bottom for pics. Half Retarded) Planned a day of bassin at the island and couldn't wait till morning so My buddies Tom and Joe and I left Long Beach at 9pm last night. The ramp in Queens Way Bay is closed due to debris so we drove over to Davies in Los Al for...
  13. ryanm

    Tuesday at 181

    Hey guys, Left O'side at 6am for a run to the 181. Put the jigs in 2 miles short on a temp break from 68 to 67.5. Trolled south along the ridge until we saw some good solid marks on the sonar. Boxed the area for a half hour for nothing so I decided to try plan B. Stopped on the...
  14. ryanm

    6-17 Night bassing and squid Dana Point

    Got the urge to fish at about 3 Sunday afternoon so I picked up and jammed down to Dana Point to toss some plastics. Left Dana Point at about5 and headed up the line to fish the rocks in Laguna. Fishing was never wide open but a decent pick fishing real tight to boilers and the fish were...
  15. ryanm

    Help with out board, trouble starting

    Any help would be appreciated guys. I have a 1997 130HP 2Stroke Evinrude. It is NOT a FICHT. Turns over fine, starter spins well, batteries are good, fuel is primed and I have to turn the engine over about ten time before the engine will fire up. New spark plugs, decarbing did not...
  16. ryanm

    5-28 Solid Squirts at Dana Pt

    Left the Dana Pt Launch ramp at 6pm, construction is done by the way, and planned on fishing barries until the sun went down and then hitting the jumbo squid. Our first bird school is just a mile out side the harbor with pelicans and gulls full on crashing. Looks like the classic barracuda bite...
  17. ryanm

    Ana Capa 4-5-07

    Whats up guys. Headed up to Ana Capa Island today out of Channel Islands Harbor. Hit the water at 7am and got some bait, small but healthy dines, and made it over to the island in about a half hour. Started in the gap and got lots of nice fish on various structure spots including 3 legal...
  18. ryanm

    Help removing old finish.

    Hey Guys, I have a 10 year old Allstar Western Inshore Series Graphite Rod. It is one of my favorite Calico rods. The blank is in great shape so I want to re-wrap it but it has this blue finish on it. I guess it is some kind of paint, and it is scratched off in little places here and...
  19. ryanm

    2500 Dodge Ram...One more bit of Spam!

    Sorry Guys, I had to do it. To good not to! We have an add for Ontario Dodge coming out in the LA Times for this weekend. $12,977 off MSRP on all 2006 2500 Rams in stock. We only have one 4X4, but there are several 4x2 Diesel Mega Cabs. PM me or call 909-230-4129.....and I will...
  20. ryanm

    StupLarge discounts on Dodge Trucks, Diesel included.

    What's up guys, I have been in the auto sales industry for 10 years doing Finance. I just started working in the fleet and internet dept at Ontario Dodge. I had to let you guys know about some knew incentives on Dodge trucks. Dodge is giving a crazy rebate on all 2006 Trucks. $7000...
  21. ryanm

    Check out the Victory at Sea (webcam)

    This is the link to a webcam at San Clemente Pier. NAAAAASTY! Surfrider Foundation SoCal Beach Report Ryan
  22. ryanm

    Dana Point Bass attempt 12-21-06

    Just a short report. Thought info on conditions would help some one out. I left Dana at 10am and went up the line in to Laguna to fish the plastic. From Salt Creek to 3 arch bay the water was like looking through a window. Could see the bottom in 25 feet so I figured the bass would not go...
  23. ryanm

    Anacapa 12-7-06

    Sup y'all, Fish out of Channel Islands harbor at Anacapa today. Target was fat rockies. We left the harbor at 6 and got to Anacapa at 7am. Thick fog midchannel slowed us down a little. Started fishing in "the gap" for a bunch of small rockfish on the gulp and on dines. Weather was...
  24. ryanm

    Dana Point area 11-19

    Fished Dana Point area today. First off the ramp is under Re-construction for those who have not been there yet. There is one dock and two lanes open and that's it. Skipped live bait because we planned on fishing SWRF. Started at a spot down outside San Onofre in 250 feet for lots of little...
  25. ryanm

    Yellow Fin Attempt on 10-3

    Left Dana Point at 530 for the 267/279. Found craching fish and birds 3 miles north west on the spot. Snuck up on the first spot of fish and landed a perfect shot with a chrome and blue tady9, right in the midst of a YFT foamer with bait flying out of the water and all. I'm thinking I will make...
  26. ryanm

    Avalon Bank Marlin Hunt 9-28

    Left Los Alamitos Bay in long beach at 5:15am. Set up next to Bill's bait to catch some macks got about 15 in 30 minutes using a sabiki and dog food for chum and headed out for the Avalon Bank area. Put the jigs in 2 miles past the bank toward Catalina cuz that's were the water got over 69 deg...
  27. ryanm

    8-26:No yellows at San O but.........

    I got two of these fat bastards. Left Dana Point at 430 to avoid the rush. Got down to San Mateo Point and put out 4 rapalas. Got one knock down in 2 hours on the green cd18 and dumped it. Then set up about 2 miles below the domes, on the hook, in 80 feet with a chunk line hoping to draw in...
  28. ryanm

    Gas saver trip to San Onofre 8-22

    Decided to give the yellows at the domes a shot today rather than take a chance on running all over tracking down paddies. The decision paid off. Started trolling a spread of four diving plugs at 6am in about 90 feet right in front the power plant. Hooked up quickly to a yellow on a large...
  29. ryanm

    help with first run sx's

    I've got two sx reels. The ones with the more square frame from when they first came out. Both reels have been well maintained but after about 4 years of weekly use the bearings that support the crank shaft have exploded and made it very difficult to turn the handle. Avet sent me replacement...
  30. ryanm

    7-25 yellows and dodo.

    Fished out of Dana Point today with my buddy Pete. We left Dana at 5:30 after getting some nice dines from the receiver. Most lasted all day despite the 75 deg water. Set the GPS for the 209 and took off. At 8 Miles we found our first paddy and got bit right away on a dine which resulted in a...
  31. ryanm

    Fishing Catalina 7-11

    What's up guys. This is my first fish report posted after lurking for a while. Would have like my first post to a little more exciting but figured any post may help the next guy. Left los alamitos at 6am and flew across to avalon in flat seas. Bought squid from some squid boat I had...