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  1. Landsick

    dusty wraps

    I have a rod thats half wrapped and has been sitting for some time and the wraps are all dusty. What is the best way to clean the dust off without damaging the wraps?
  2. Landsick

    The calm after the storm.

    I just recently got a skiff and have been fishing a little in the bay after work. Catchin a few here and there but not the #s some of you guys are posting. So this morning, with the nice weather i decided to give it an "honest effort." Got down to the boat a little after high tide and after a...
  3. Landsick

    1996 brewer sportfisher

    not mine but looks like a killer deal 1996 Brewer sportfisher
  4. Landsick

    Catch a bass in parker az?

    going out to Parker for turkey day and thru the weekend. Never really fished fresh water before and was wondering if you guys had any tips/secrets for me to try. all the info ive gotten so far is that i need to have every kind of crankbait, spinnerbait, jig, and worm. and try them all till...