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  1. Montanadave

    Shimano bait rods

    2 Shimano Teramar live bait rods 140 bucks each Used them last season for 4 trips I’m going to build a couple new bait sticks for myself. Shoot me a text 509 768 7368
  2. Montanadave

    2013 Forest River Tracer Looking to go to a bigger trailer this one is great. Kristina has spoken and she would like one with double slide outs. Do you think I’m dumb enough to say she wants a bigger one? Lol And as always BD members take a...
  3. Montanadave

    Washer and dryer set

    I think $500 bucks would be fair for the set. My wife would like to get a set that matches our other appliances we got when we did our remodel. Thanks
  4. Montanadave

    Rockstar fridge

    Has a new thermostat installed. Needs light bulbs. 150 bucks Shoot me a text (509) 768 7368
  5. Montanadave

    Counter tops, and sinks

    Shoot me a text if interested (509) 768 7368
  6. Montanadave

    Murphy bed and counter top

    We decided to remove the Murphy bed out of our spare bedroom. It’s in like new condition. Shoot me a text or a call at (509) 768 7368. It’ll be the fastest to get ahold of me. I also have our old kitchen counter top. It’s made out of Silestone. I also have a Koehler Cast iron sink for it too...
  7. Montanadave

    Eide Boat loader

    Eide boat loader up for grabs. Definetly not going to work for most all of us but we may know someone who would be able to use it. $950 new they sell for around $1800 from what I've seen.
  8. Montanadave

    Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Busy today and don't have a ton of time to right a full blown kick ass report. But here's the quick cliff notes version. I got invited to fish the Deep Canyon Challenge with Bret Dickerson on his rediculous awesome 39' motion marine charter boat along with Kiley Brehm, the lovely Ashley Lewis...
  9. Montanadave

    Lovely chandeliers

    I have a pair of lovely Chandeliers up for grabs for anyone interested. You could have these priceless pieces of art if you would like. I will donate them to whoever wants. Vance may even want them for the Kelly Anne.
  10. Montanadave

    Doors and wood trim

    So we sold our home and bought a new place. My wife is taking everything oak out of the house. Let me know if anyone would be interested in the trim and doors. We are also gutting the kitchen out as well.
  11. Montanadave

    Portable air conditioner

    150 bucks takes it
  12. Montanadave

    Beer growlers

    empty growlers for y'all to fill! Come get em so I don't have to pack them!
  13. Montanadave

    Meat mixer

    100 bucks takes it. We paid $250 for it.
  14. Montanadave

    It's happening.........

  15. Montanadave

    2007 Bayliner ski boat

    My in laws are looking to sell there 2007 Bayliner Discovery 195. They are looking to get a newer bigger boat after they build their new house on Hood Canal. Told them I'd throw it up here. It's a great boat and I run it during the summer at Lake Cushman every year and know there's no mechanical...
  16. Montanadave

    Careful who you throw water balloons at....

    They just may have a lot more....:rofl:
  17. Montanadave

    Huge shout out to Hollywood!!!!

    As some of you know my wife and I have decided to sell our home in North Tacoma and looking to move to the Ollala Port Orchard area. In search of more property and space. Friday I had asked Brian to come by and sweat a fitting for me to hook up the irragation Patrick hooked me up with last...
  18. Montanadave

    Wall tent

    We have decided to sell out home and will be putting up stuff for grabs as we start going through stuff. I have a 14 x 16 wall tent with a internal frame, wood stove, oven box and hot water tank and a 7' rain fly too. The rain fly is missing one aluminum pole but anyone with any sort of...
  19. Montanadave

    Multi season

    Who else drew? I drew multi season elk.
  20. Montanadave

    Halibut gear

    Got a bunch of hooks, leaders, squid and a couple spreader bars. 40 bucks takes it all. Located in North Tacoma.
  21. Montanadave

    Can't wait for summer!!!!

  22. Montanadave

    Water Pressuriser

    Armrol RP-10 water pressure booster. It runs off 110 volts. I ordered this summer and after I went to hook it up it had a bad control board. I have a brand new one for it. It was beyond the time I could return it. I actually resolved my water problem and no longer need this. I paid 850 bucks for...
  23. Montanadave

    Hard work pays off!

    A huge shout out to Steve. You showed me something that you've had to yourself for 30 plus years. I can't say how much I appreciate it. It all started with a fishing trip on Patrick's Cold Water for ling cod. Steve and I started to have a conversation about elk hunting. We swapped hunting...
  24. Montanadave

    Whitfield advantage plus pellet stove

    I got a nice Whitfield Advantage plus pellet stove up for grabs. It's got auto ignite and can be ran off a thermostat. Would be awesome for someone's home or garage. I installed a new igniter, burn pot and a control board. I have it posted on Craigslist for 950 but will give it to you fellow...
  25. Montanadave

    Big ass kill bag

    Huge reliable kill bag. Paid $450 for it last week and used on two trips. We needed the next size down. $400 It would also work as a great place for Vance and Marlin Mike to cuddle because I'm pretty sure they'd fit together inside it.
  26. Montanadave

    Kill bag

    24" x 60" kill bag. $150 Located in Tacoma. I will be heading down to Westport Thursday mid day.
  27. Montanadave

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    Well it has come to the point where I am going to put up my baby for sale. We are going to be looking at getting a bigger boat in the future and with all the time I am spending on Charters it doesn't make much sense to have her sit. 2010 Hewescraft 220 Ocean Pro, 2012 Honda BF250 HP main...
  28. Montanadave

    Offshore Northwest Wounded Warriors Tuna Slay fest!

    Friday Captain Kerry of Offshore Northwest and I had the opportunity to take 5 wounded warriors Tuna fishing out of Westport. We iced up early and grabbed 3 scoops of fresh anchovies from the bait dock. With the beautiful sun rising at our backs, we cruised out at a quick pace with a fairly...
  29. Montanadave

    Ladies Love Tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest

    On Tuesday 7/16, I had the great pleasure of being able to take 6 awesome ladies tuna fishing with Captain Kerry. It was my first time meeting 5 of them all in person, but I knew most of them through social media via Facebook. The crew consisted of: Jean Garner (Ron's wife), Amy Spoon (Horns and...
  30. Montanadave

    Offshore Northwest has another AWESOME weekend at Westport

    Thursday night Captain Kerry and I of Offshore NW headed down to Westport again to escape the heat and head to reports of lights out salmon fishing. The wind had really picked up once we got into town and with a small craft advisory we canceled our charter for Friday. We still woke up in the...
  31. Montanadave

    Team offshore Northwest WP report 6/19 and 6/20

    Hearing of reports of lights out fishing, Captain Kerry and I felt like a kid the night before Christmas. We headed out to 290 to 300 feet of water and started working all depths and after about an hour we finally hooked into a dandy. We were at 221 feet of wire on the downrigger and caught it...
  32. Montanadave

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    Friday Captain Kerry and I headed down to fish the weekend in Wesport. We had full intentions to fish Friday but the wind had different plans for us. We decided to hang out at the dock and rig up the gear and get the boat set up for Saturday's trip. That evening we met up with Ian and Donald...
  33. Montanadave

    Opening weekend at Westport

    Friday afternoon I hooked up to the boat and rolled down to Westport for the weekend. Opening day was spent with Patrick on his awesome Coldwater boat helping with a bottom fishing trip he had scheduled. We were able to get 80 sea bass rather quickly along with some ling cod. One of which was a...
  34. Montanadave

    Penn Fathom 20 reels

    I have two penn fathom 20 right hand up for sale. I got two as a gift but I have 12 already. 175 each or 320 for the pair. No trades cash only. Pm me if interested.
  35. Montanadave

    WP 6/21 6/22 Epic

    We have been busting ass the last couple of weekends at our house in preparation for our upcoming wedding July 19th. Landscaping and full paint job. Finally said enough was enough and set the paint brush down Friday afternoon. Hooked up the boat and ran down to WP solo Friday night. Met up with...
  36. Montanadave

    Hunt special permits are out

    I figured I would throw this out on the general forum so everyone knew. Just checked on Wdfw website. No big bull or buck special tags for us. Although we did draw as a group for Kristina her pops and I for second deer antlerless for Almota. Hell ya!!!!!!!
  37. Montanadave

    Frustrated with Navionics

    I bought a Navionics Platinum 912 chip and am far from happy with it for offshore Halibut fishing. In close of the coast and Puget sound is fine. Though 90% of my fishing is offshore. It fails when you go out to the areas we all fish offshore. Shitty part is that my buddies 2007 navionics chip...
  38. Montanadave

    La Push 2014

    Started out the 2014 Halibut Season in La Push which was a little rocky as they told us we didn't have moorage when we rolled into town Wednesday night of opening week. However, after some talking and a little help making some room we were able to secure a spot for the two weeks. We had a...
  39. Montanadave

    Shrimp pots

    3 large square shrimp pots. 2 are weighted with rebar.Been stored in the garage the other 48 weeks of the year not in use. Give me a call on my cell (509) 768 7368. 60 each or 150 for all 3. I will throw in all the poly yellow non sinking rope in with them if you buy all 3. I know there's at...
  40. Montanadave

    Halibut Harpoon

    2 to 4 foot adjustable fiberglass harpoon. Like new. Comes with a tip too. I just want a longer one. Lol I just opened the gates on that one. 40 bucks. Located in North Tacoma.
  41. Montanadave


    Fished out of Kalama and had a drive by and one keeper. The wind was a pain in the ass. Heard of good bites in other areas. Grinded it out from daylight till about 3. At least got one for the BBQ tomorrow.
  42. Montanadave

    Westport Sea Bass and Ling cod

    Made a run down to Westport early this morning to get some bottom fishing in. Got 39 Sea Bass for four of us and a couple lings. Instead of grinding it out we took what we got a went back to clean fish and the boat. Ended up being an awesome day on the water and the traffic gods were with us...
  43. Montanadave

    Aluminum boat seat bases

    30.00 each or 80.00 for all three.
  44. Montanadave

    Best Map chip for Westport

    I have 2 Lowrance units an Hds 5 Nautic insight and a HDS 7 Gen 2. I already have the 913 P+ that covers Puget Sound, The Straights and up into Vancouver Island. It follows the West Coast down from the straights and stops just about LaPush. I know that the 912 map chip covers the whole...
  45. Montanadave

    Scotty electric Downrigger and 12" riser - sold

    Older 2 belt style Scotty Downrigger and a 12" aluminum riser. $320 for the Downrigger and $40 for the riser. Just had Tom service the downrigger at Sportco and its ready to go. I also just threw on some 150# power pro on it last fall. I also just threw a brand new lid on it with a new style...
  46. Montanadave

    Looking to be a boat HO out of Westport

    Looking to see if anyone has any seats they want to fill out of Westport. My main day that I have off is on Sundays. I have a year old 17' Alumaweld decked out with a Lowrance HDS7 and 5,structure scan and scotty electric downriggers but really have no desire to take it over the bar without...
  47. Montanadave

    Great day in MA11

    Slept in on Sunday and decided to go fish for a little bit after breakfast. Hit the Point defiance launch at 9:30. Dropped down right outside past the ferry dock because it was blowing like a mother everywhere else. After about a half hour had a take down and brought up a Hatchery Chinook that...