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  1. fishinguy1031

    Best Surf Casting wieght 8oz or bigger ??

    My question to the Surf Casting Guru's, what might be a good Goto 8oz lead Surf wieght, for heavy current, I'm towing a 12 foot Penn Prevail Rod, 65lb braid, Shimano open face,small Cut bait rig, any good advice is Welcome, thanks FISHINGUY.
  2. fishinguy1031

    Lake Livingston Texas !!!

    White Bass fishing results, with friends, good day for all of us. Using lures and spoons !!!! 7/25/15
  3. fishinguy1031

    San Luis Pass, Blown out 5/9/15

    We gave it all we could, Blown Out !!! Very bad cross current, and the tide was a rising !! Did Land a 12 inch flounder, good eats for a Saturday night.
  4. fishinguy1031

    2015 Red Snapper Texas Federal Regs Season

    The Houston Chronicle, reports the 2015 Texas Federal Regs Season, if you go out on Pilot boats with SNAPPER PERMITS you can get to the Deep Reefs, past 9 miles out, 44 days starting June 1st. But if you don't have a permit, and own your own boat, you get only 10 days to go out past the 9...
  5. fishinguy1031

    2015 Red Snapper Season Texas

    Any Word on 2015 Red Snapper federal waters ????
  6. fishinguy1031


    Hi fisherman, I happend to find a MAKAIRA ROD MK-801XH 8'0 50LB class, would like to rig up with a quality reel, but not sure what target of fish to use it for, any suggestions would be great. The rod is like new still has tags and wrapping. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  7. fishinguy1031

    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Hey folks, the delivery of the new Andros 12's ll - 16 size reels have been delayed for around 2 more weeks, because of a small gear mesh problem with the Metaloid series, this is what top manufacturing engineering people do to create a top notch products. I have been in manufacturing...
  8. fishinguy1031


    Any light of the new Andros 12a-16 for the pre-order folks ???? My order has been in since November ???
  9. fishinguy1031

    fishing line prices ??????

    Well fisherman, I'm re-spooling my reels for a new season, WOW STICKER SHOCK !!!!! is it just me or is fishing line gone way up in prices, I did some shopping around but not alot of luck. I was lucky in a couple ways, with one outfit will give FREE spool with purchases of the reel, that was the...
  10. fishinguy1031


    No need to go clear to CANADA, To find Trophy size Pike, they are in Colorado back yard !!! Thanks FISHINGUY.
  11. fishinguy1031

    NEW PENN 40LDHS !!! ???

    Hey fisherman, just got my new Penn Fathom 40LDHS Wow wow wow !!!!!! This reel looks like it going to be the best choice for high speed cranking the iron on the drift. I'm really impressed on the build and fantastic line retrieve 60 inches a crank 7:1 ratio, the reel is not to big to use as a...
  12. fishinguy1031


    Has their been any word on a LATE SEASON RED SNAPPER, this year. Last year it was approved in October for 1 week in federal waters, please keep us posted for any news. Thanks FISHINGUY.
  13. fishinguy1031

    The MK 20 ,sea

    I feel this is one fantastic reel, I can fish with confidence anytime, great going OKUMA !!!!!!!!! WANT TO BUY BIGGER SIZES. OKUMA keep up the fantastic technology. Thanks FISHINGUY.,
  14. fishinguy1031


    DOES anyone on the forum know where i can get a new 14 catalog as were shown at the sport shows.,thanks FISHINGUY
  15. fishinguy1031

    rod and reel match

    what does the rest of the forum think, im going with a new seeker 100lb rail boss and Tiagra 30wlrs for a set-up for them 100 pounders tuna, think it is all go, please need opinions thanks FISHINGUY
  16. fishinguy1031


    Any SEEKER RAIL BOSS EXPERTS, whats the better fit, SHIMANO 50 TLD. or TIAGRA 30 wlsr 100 lb tuna need opinions, please thanks. FISHINGUY
  17. fishinguy1031


    Going out on 50 hour tuna gulf trip need opinion on what reel to go with SHIMANO TLD 50 or TIAGRA 30LRS need help. thanks. FISHINGUY