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  1. BirdnestBill

    39 more sleeps

    What color nail polish is your son bringing? :720icon:
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    20# Class Reel

    For 20#, it's my older Saltiga 20 star drag...or sometimes my 30T
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    Best beginning LR trip?

    If you can afford it, do a 5-day. As previous posts suggest, it'll be a mellowed group/pace than a shorter trip and you'll have more opportunity to experience different fishing spots/conditions. American Angler, Excel, Independence, Intrepid, Red Rooster, Royal Polaris, or Royal Star are all...
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    Experience With This Fisherman's Services Company?

    Mike's service is comprehensive, dependable, and fairly priced. A great guy to see waiting for you at the top of the landing!
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    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Silent Jim (#15) and I will be there...for providing adult supervision :cheers::hali_olutta::Smoke_Emoticon::rofl:
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    New World Record Wahoo- 182lbs!

    I can hear it now..."wind, wind, wind you wimp!"
  7. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Have a great trip y'all. Take care of your special guest so she'll return for the next trip. I'll see you clowns (I mean anglers) next year.
  8. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Those shirts came out great! "Mattfish" Earl did a great job. Have a great trip guys (and gal)!
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    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    Canvas bags could be a problem on a long range trip. Moisture finds its way into everything if you're not careful. Check out "Gill" ( and Grundens
  10. BirdnestBill

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Useful swag is nice for sure. My favorite take-away has always been a video of the trip that we all watched together after the last dinner. Wahoodad had already edited and dubbed with music and gives us all a copy to take home. Anyone who has tried to film stuff during the trip, plus edit...
  11. BirdnestBill

    Custom Rail Mount Rod Holder

    Hmmmm...hey Fishdoggary, can I borrow "your" rod rack sometime? :D:nutkick:
  12. BirdnestBill

    American Angler vs Independence

    Jump on one, then use the next trip to try the other. Do what many of us have done. Look at each trip as an opportunity to try a new boat and crew. It took me awhile but along the way I met a lot of great crews and a lot of great fishermen that I wouldn't have met if I just stuck with 1 or 2...
  13. BirdnestBill

    American Angler cuts trip short???

    I've fished on the AA many times and will continue to do so. My first 5 day was with them, flying solo, and they set a very high bar for my expectations going forward. I fish on other boats as well but Lori is absolutely THE BEST in terms of shore-side service. Some of us have watched Ray...
  14. BirdnestBill

    Merry Christmas Y'all

    Like many here, I consider my Long Range buddies (and budettes) my family...and quite often like being with you more than my real family LOL:720icon: I'm wishing you all have a great Christmas and am jealous of you who are leaving on trips tomorrow. Just keep your damn spectra away from...
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    We lost another good one......

    Here he's solving the world's problems with Wes, Bruce, and PIA Phil
  16. BirdnestBill

    We lost another good one......

    What? Another total character for sure. He had an unforgettable laugh...often my buddy hangin' out in our chairs on the stern, talking about nothing-and everything at the same time. We were out there a looong time when running toward the barn on the last trip. He, as always was covered...
  17. BirdnestBill

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Eating wahoo, cooked or raw, is extremely dangerous. Please ship all of it to me for proper disposal.
  18. BirdnestBill

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Whoever happens to stand next to me at any given time. I have yet to meet a crewmember that I didn't appreciate when I'm hooked up. That said, I'm biased toward those who are relatively stealth while helping me...I don't need a game show host to help me have a great time-just teach me...
  19. BirdnestBill

    Sashimi with Wahoo??

    Killer ceviche!
  20. BirdnestBill

    How many rigs do you bring?

    LOL LOL...drinking my booze doesn't count Dr. Tang. You know whenever you need some advice, I'm here for y'all.
  21. BirdnestBill

    How many rigs do you bring?

    Number of days on the boat = number of rods, until I get to 11+ day trips when 10 rods is enough (for me). I always have a couple extra reels in the bag for flexibility though. This doesn't include the all important 1 cigar + 1 bottle of wine/day rule. :cheers::Smoke_Emoticon:
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    New Hotline

    Just ask Brad I...I of course wasn't there but understand Mark the Hurricane will never be the same after the Gumba Lounge
  23. BirdnestBill

    New Hotline

    Sheesh...with Mr. Buzz, most of the time you get his advise even when you don't want it! Have you been next to him at the rail when he starts feeding out that spectra like it's a kite string? It's time to reel in quick when that happens. Trust me.
  24. BirdnestBill

    GF770XH rating?

    I rest my rod on Fishybuzz's shoulder as a "rail simulator". Perfect height and gives me real-time feedback. He starts whining at about 80# of pressure. :frehya2::Beat_Them Expecting retaliation from this doubt :fighting0061:
  25. BirdnestBill

    What do you do?

    I have watched Fishybuzz several times in this situation and may try it next time. :frehya2: 1). Hand your rod to the crewman at your side 2). Go to the galley and grab a Coors Light :beerbang: 3). Return to your rod and grab it right as they gaff the fish 4). Smile big for the photo as...
  26. BirdnestBill

    Indy gets a decent one

    It's been awhile since the Lower Banks were biting. Nice!
  27. BirdnestBill

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    I hope Fishy washed his hands before putting them back into the bait tank! :shake:
  28. BirdnestBill

    Beer meets fishing!

    Use that thing to open this (see videos below) Great for those travel days. Gotta get me some of that stuff!
  29. BirdnestBill

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    That's right! Mike (Big Fish Tansport) helped me on my last trip from TN for the Ray Jarvis trip...made everything so seamless. Plus you can explore new places to fish big tuna and HUGE Venice, LA
  30. BirdnestBill

    Wahoo at Cedros?

    This fall and winter will certainly be interesting, for both the short and long range trips.
  31. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 2015 The Movie

    Thanks for putting that together Gary. It captures alot of the fun we had. Can you edit out the Tequila shooters :drunkso I can share it with the family? LOL I particularly like the part where Fishy casts right over me while I'm pulling on a fish..good times!:appl:
  32. BirdnestBill

    Tor, great trip! Can I have your email and cell? [email protected] (615)522-8706 Bill

    Tor, great trip! Can I have your email and cell? [email protected] (615)522-8706 Bill
  33. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/11-7/18 - Official Report

    Thanks for the great report Connor. You were a pleasure to fish with and, more importantly, a great guy to know. Yep, the fishing was great as always. The core group was a blast like always. The thing that impressed me the most on this trip was how the new anglers seamlessly integrated with...
  34. BirdnestBill

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    Just came back from an 8-day. For me, fishing off of SoCal just isn't the same as the variety of scenery/conditions you get from doing The Ridge, Alijos, Cedros, etc. Plus you do the offshore thing on the way down and back up. We came back with limits of YFT, a whole bunch of Wahoo, limits...
  35. BirdnestBill

    Big Fish Transport

    Mike just helped me with logistics getting off an 8-day on the Intrepid. What potentially could get very complicated for long range "travelers" like me was SUPER SMOOTH thanks to Mike and Big Fish Transport. We got in at 5:30am and there he was with his pickup in front-row position. Loaded...
  36. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    On a flight right now flying to SoCal...see you tomorrow. :hali_olutta::720icon:
  37. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid 7 day

    I was in your boots several years ago, nervous about going solo, etc. My first experience was so positive that I now look forward to each trip, meeting new people, and telling the same old lies to friends I've met on previous trips. As Doug said, the Intrepid and its crew create an...
  38. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    Wouldn't black and blue be appropriate?
  39. BirdnestBill

    Excel 8 day July 16th Anyone else on this trip?

    Breathe through the nose. Take some deep breaths. Slow everything down so you don't miss a thing. :Smoke_Emoticon: While planning/prepping is part of the fun, the best part is being on the water, kickin' back with new friends, and casting those little boogers out into the water to see if...
  40. BirdnestBill

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    Andy isn't on BD so he can't say anything. I do wish he was coming with us on this trip though. He was helpful in the lab, mixing drinks for the Gumba Lounge.
  41. BirdnestBill

    How long fluoro/mono after braid?

    I try to be alert and watch what is going on around me...take my blinders off and see who's getting bit and who isn't. Ask the guy (or gal) who seems to be getting bit what they are using. Ask the crew. Spectra to mono to fluoro? Spectra to long fluoro? Spectra to short fluoro? Circle or J...
  42. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    Gary, Are the pockets important to you for a couple hooks or a couple cigars...or both?
  43. BirdnestBill

    Spangler knot

    Went from trying it a couple times, to using it on heavier # test, to now everything for flylining. I can't remember it ever failing (well...actually I can't remember anything at all), and it's super easy to tie Still use the San Diego for jigs
  44. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    Fishy and Chad ignoring poor Ray doubled-over with a nice one Hollywood with his bodyguards, and refreshments Chad offering his support for Ray
  45. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    With a young Kevin. Who is that getting bit in the background? Hollywood and Jenks. What's in the thermos?
  46. BirdnestBill

    Good news is that all my rods, reels, and tackle are at my sister's house in Costa Mesa. I just...

    Good news is that all my rods, reels, and tackle are at my sister's house in Costa Mesa. I just need to bring my duffle bags on the plane. Reels are at Ken's (Oceanside) getting serviced and I'll pick them up on the way down to SD. 2 more weeks. It's getting tough to focus on anything else but...
  47. BirdnestBill

    Going on an 8-day leaving July 11. It'll be different having to travel from Nashville...more...

    Going on an 8-day leaving July 11. It'll be different having to travel from Nashville...more work getting my stuff together. I have some stuff here, other stuff at my sister's in Costa Mesa, etc. Though hoping for a good bite, I don't really care...just looking forward to getting some salt...
  48. BirdnestBill

    Shipping cost for your catch

    Check directly with Five Star Fish Processing. They do a great job and could likely give you a pretty close estimate.
  49. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    What Fishy means is that you're on the list to stand by him with a cold Coors in your hand, ready to hand that over to him as he pulls another fish over the rail. Kind of a "stand by me" list...
  50. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    You Tube Link
  51. BirdnestBill

    Jarvis part four

    Ahhhh..the Gumba Lounge. I don't remember it well. Maybe a new color of nail polish would express that excitement?
  52. BirdnestBill

    Good or bad fishing in a El Niño year?

    Who knows? That's the fun of it. Even when things are relatively "predictable", you don't know where you're headed until you see Point Loma off the transom. For me, it's more the "how and who" than the what and where" that matters. The "how" being the attitude you are taking with you. The...
  53. BirdnestBill

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    That's the good thing about an 8-day. You can do the offshore thing 2+ days, 3+ days at the rocks/ridge, and a 1+ days at Cedros/Benitos/Navidad. That well-timed night travel between fishing holes and evenings anchored behind the islands is critical for happy hour activities.
  54. BirdnestBill

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    1-2 REI XL Camping "MultiTowels"...just wring them out like a chamois and your good to go.
  55. BirdnestBill

    Hi Mike, Just left you a voicemail. email keeps bouncing back. Returning from an Intrepid...

    Hi Mike, Just left you a voicemail. email keeps bouncing back. Returning from an Intrepid 8-day on Sunday, July 19. Can you help me in getting from watching my gear while unloading, then ferrying me and my stuff to the Airport AVIS immediately following? My email is [email protected]
  56. BirdnestBill

    Harnesses for big tuna revisited

    The best part of your tutorial Jamie was the last paragraph labeled "Important". The trick is to stay calm and know when and how to move at specific times...enjoying the moment
  57. BirdnestBill

    What's are the differences between a Calstar 770XH and a Seeker SS 1x3

    Actually, that's David's "Stealth Coors Shoulder Purse". You always wonder how he can often be pictured holding a Coors AND a freshly gaffed cow? Now you know how he does it. Available in pink or lavender...
  58. BirdnestBill

    8 Day Quiver

    The bottom half of that list is for you Fishy...fresh from the "lab"
  59. BirdnestBill

    8 Day Quiver

    1 x 80-100# for trolling/dropper loop 1 x 50-60# spinning/popper 1 x 50# bait 2 x 50# hoo/yoyo 2 x 40# bait 2 x 30# bait 1 x 15-20# chovy/calico 8 botellas de vino 1 jug of gin w/mixers 1 jug of rum w/mixers 8+ cigarros assorted hangover meds
  60. BirdnestBill

    CXViper76 Rail Rod - A game changer from UC

    I'm changing Fishy's name to "Noah"...two of everything. If he only had the boat, or boats.
  61. BirdnestBill

    Roll call... Intrepid limited load... 14 day.... Jan. 9.... westcoastfishing

    One of the best core groups I've fished with. Wish I was there. Have a great trip guys and let Gary be the DJ or there may be trouble on the "Lido Deck".
  62. BirdnestBill

    Rod touching the rail

    In order to get any type of meaningful traction with the IFGA on the subject, think about submitting a study showing the contrast between pounds of leverage used in different fighting techniques (chair, rail, etc), perhaps using the current record YFT. Data usually a rational world at...
  63. BirdnestBill

    Roll call... Intrepid limited load... 14 day.... Jan. 9.... westcoastfishing

    Have a great trip guys. It's a stellar group on this trip-during a good time of the year. Have fun on the Lido Deck!
  64. BirdnestBill

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Recovering from a food coma and reading the banter about fuel costs, I remembered this old thread and revived it to see what the trollers would pick up. I love the fleet and the rides down and back up but still feel that things can't stay the same for long... What are some realistic changes...
  65. BirdnestBill

    Has anyone fished the Success in PV?

    It's interesting watching these boats' progress as the LR industry in SD evolves.
  66. BirdnestBill

    Who is eligible for jackpots?

    IMHO If it's sponsored by a business with a rep running the charter, best to pass. If it's an individual running their own personal charter, no issues.
  67. BirdnestBill

    Which boat has the best food?

    At least a pound/day weight gain. My wife often greets me upon my return with a "what happened to you?!" If she only knew...
  68. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid first reports from the HB..

    Or those that charge the boat and come in hot. You can't reel fast enough!
  69. BirdnestBill

    Not A Report...

    Jim, there have been threads discussing whether or not one would like to know if there's a tragedy at home while they're out on a trip. Some say yes. Others say no. It's an interesting topic. In hindsight, are you glad you you knew about your friend or now would've preferred to be in the...
  70. BirdnestBill

    Most Helpful

    Well... Fishybuzz and Fishdoggary have been the most helpful finishing bottles and cigars on the Lido Deck, and Wahoodad has been the most helpful in recovering the next morning and setting-up for the day. All three have been helpful in creating lifelong memories on a bunch of trips.
  71. BirdnestBill

    I also like the AA a lot for trips 10 days or under. RR3 and Excel for the long ones

    I also like the AA a lot for trips 10 days or under. RR3 and Excel for the long ones
  72. BirdnestBill

    Will the real slim shady please stand up...

    Maybe ReelDealAngler, aka Garibaldi, might know how this is done. He seems to know everything.
  73. BirdnestBill

    What to pair with a Stella 20000? Ten day trip.

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G. I received some great input from John, Jamie, Fishy and others on what to pair my 18000 with. I've used the setup in tossing surface iron to Yellowtail, raiders to Wahoo, and poppers to big Tuna and Giant Trevally. FUN! Really versatile, super light and...
  74. BirdnestBill

    YOU DOG! Just saw your post. Have a good trip bud. Give me a full run-down when you get back!

    YOU DOG! Just saw your post. Have a good trip bud. Give me a full run-down when you get back!
  75. BirdnestBill

    Custom Rod Turnaround Time

    Best to ask Bill himself. PM him (saltydawg) or ask the same question on the rod building forum. You'll get a bunch of opinions here but better to get it "straight from the horses mouth"
  76. BirdnestBill

    Shogun vs. Dominator Thread

    They were both put on a bus and dropped in Murrietta.
  77. BirdnestBill

    Fishing fitness?

    Wow, Garibaldi knows everything about everything! :worship:He must be very impressed! :shithappens:
  78. BirdnestBill

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    I like the the rule-of-thumb to match your rod count to the length of the trip. 5 days = 5 sticks. 8 days = 8 sticks, etc...until you get past 10 day trips when the rod count usually goes down, unless your name is Jamie, or Fishybuzz, or, or, or
  79. BirdnestBill

    Looking for Suggestions on Single Speed 40 lb reel

    Saltiga 40 star drag. Great free spool. Butter-smooth drags.
  80. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis MemorialIntrepid Trip 2014; Who's On?

    Tic, toc, tic, close, yet so far away. Time to start curing the bait.
  81. BirdnestBill

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    LOL Only on BD will we find this kind of drama discussing another type of drama!:fighting0061:
  82. BirdnestBill

    "Slippery Ramp" at Pt Loma Landing Resolved

    Now someone's going to complain about skinning their knee while tying their shoe :rofl:
  83. BirdnestBill

    Cow Round Up....

    That's why we need to go all the time...
  84. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis trip on the Intrepid

    Pheww....glad I wasn't there. Oh wait, I was. And yes-we had great fishing too! Hey Justin, why does everybody have nail polish on their pinkies?
  85. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis trip on the Intrepid

    But the's PIA Phil doing?
  86. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis trip on the Intrepid

    They all just like the trip because of the nail polish...
  87. BirdnestBill

    intrepid Mar 21-April 5

    Tell the newbies, as they're pulling up YT's at The Rocks, that they're making bait. Then they'll start thinking about what's waiting for them in a couple days
  88. BirdnestBill

    Rail fishing question

    6' 4" and always use the armpit method, rather than explore the alternative. Just need to make sure your core muscles are ready for the mega squats working the fish...way more mobility than the "between the legs" method.
  89. BirdnestBill

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    I know the border patrol uses drones to monitor boats crossing or around the border. Been buzzed a couple times at night taking boats down to Cabo.
  90. BirdnestBill

    Drones for Offshore Fishing

    I just read an article about the recent video of a rare fin-back whale spotted (and filmed) by a drone off Dana Point. I read it on the internet-it must be true Got me thinking... How long will it be before somebody launches a drone off the deck to spot patties and offshore tuna? That...
  91. BirdnestBill

    Using spinning gear at the Clarion Buffer Zone - a report and opinions

    I have the same exact outfit but use it more for tossing jigs and poppers to wahoo and GT's. I can't imagine trying to get leverage on a cow with that setup (but am willing to try). That's why God invented Conventional rods/reels :hali_olutta: It's a blast throwing surface toys to big YT's...
  92. BirdnestBill

    What's your favorite thing about long range?

    The moment I know that my rods are in the rack, tackle box in its spot, stuff in the stateroom...looking back off the boat's transom and seeing Point Loma disappear. Then my attention quickly redirects forward, to the gallery's beer cooler and our boat's bow pointing south.
  93. BirdnestBill

    Wire leaders

    Try the titanium of both worlds and easy to work with.
  94. BirdnestBill


  95. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid changes

    The "ignore" button does exist...and works! Now...back to enjoying long range fishing with my friends.
  96. BirdnestBill

    HELP!...I've Run Out of Ideas!!!

    hmmm...Fishy, how about joining us for turkey feet on Christmas, hanging out for a few days until New Year's for some Tecate. You can fix all of our bikes for the next few days, then we mosie on down to the dock for our Jan 10 departure? By then, I think my wife will be glad to see us go!
  97. BirdnestBill

    HELP!...I've Run Out of Ideas!!!

    I need some help from my friends who understand the predicament I'm in. I've got the time. Have some coin saved-up. Signed-up for a bunch of trips for the upcoming year, with a January 14-day next on the list. My lovely wife is suffering from a sever case of "Long Range Fatigue Syndrome"...
  98. BirdnestBill

    Wahoo survey

    On the slide after jig stops, I just drop a bomb/jig vertically for about 30 seconds and let it angle out as the boat continues to slide...Wind like crazy. Stiff/shorter rods are in order On the anchor, it's usually casting those puppies as far as I can and let it sink until the line is at...
  99. BirdnestBill

    Help Please: Rod Recommendation and a Reel Question

    X2. I have one (uncut, approx 6' 9") with ringed guides and it checks the box for several applications: 60-80# bait, 80# dropper loop, and even 80# trolling.
  100. BirdnestBill

    9-4 thru 9-12 Excel/Gallagher 8 day And Awayyyy We Go

    Looking forward to hearing some stories about fishing with your spinners Jamie...
  101. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis MemorialIntrepid Trip 2014; Who's On?

    I guess you can't handle more of the Gumba Lounge with Gary? ...gotta pace yourself? Naaaa... See you on the trip next year Ken!
  102. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial

    We have more than our fair share of bellies on the boat Jim! Chef Kyle is making sure of that ��. Just a couple paddy stops with some galley-fare YT's so far.
  103. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    I'm bringing Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Bourne Legacy, Bucket List, and Skyfall
  104. BirdnestBill

    Which Manufacture makes the best freespooling reels

    Different answers for different weight classes. For 20-40#, I love my Daiwa Saltiga star drags (30, 30T, 40).
  105. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Tic.....Tic.....Tic.....Lets get out of here already! Only two days until we will be looking backward at Point Loma.
  106. BirdnestBill

    BX2 30N line class?

    I use my BX2-30N for 50-60# Yoyo and dropping bombs to wahoo on a Phenix 660 X2H or CS 765M For bait fishing at that weight class, I think there are better options such as an ATD 12...On a SS 1x3 or 6463 XXH
  107. BirdnestBill

    Hurricane Erick

    I wouldn't worry about the scotch Bill. That was one of the smoothest I've ever drank on last year's trip. Now the 2 1.75 liter bottles of Maker's Mark I drank.....Ask Mr Buzz about the worst hangover in long range history, the time Ray just left a 1 liter full bottle of Jack Daniels out for my...
  108. BirdnestBill

    Hurricane Erick

    Yep...can't get better than this trip with this group. I'm not worried about the storm. I'm worried about the scotch. Hoping that warm water does push in for us.
  109. BirdnestBill

    Hurricane Erick

    ​Watching Hurricane Erick the last couple days. Surfboard in one hand and tackle in another...preparing for our 8 day leaving next Saturday. :picknose: Hurricane Erick : 5 Day Forecast Map | Weather Underground Looks like it's projected to head northward up the southern Baja coast...
  110. BirdnestBill

    Rod for Mak 16

    I'm putting mine on an uncut SS 6463 XXH. SS 1x3 and CS 770XH work as well.
  111. BirdnestBill

    Which Makira

    Garibaldi...heeeeee's baaaaaaack!
  112. BirdnestBill

    That guy!

    "Ego"...isn't that one of those waffles you can put in the toaster? "Let go of my eggo!"
  113. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Are you serious? Man...I owe you one "big time" Gary. See you at "The Gumba Lounge" :hali_olutta::Smoke_Emoticon:
  114. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    I hate waiting! Anybody out there with an extra bass rig if we do a few kelp drifts?
  115. BirdnestBill

    polarized sunglasses

    Maui Jim's or Kaenons if you have the coin
  116. BirdnestBill

    Lets see the trips you booked for the 2013-2014

    Intrepid-8 day in July American Angler-5 day in September American Angler-10 day in October Intrepid -14 day in January Excel-16 day Clipperton (fly down/back) in March
  117. BirdnestBill

    Best Jig Stick reel?

    Stella 18000. :2gunsfiring_v1: :rofl:
  118. BirdnestBill

    Pitbull Clamp

    You're a funny guy Kurt. You probably already know that won't work as the normal machine head screws bump into the clamp before you can properly cinch it down .
  119. BirdnestBill

    jx 2 speed or sx raptor?

    JX more versatile across weight class and uses
  120. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    Just had lunch with SilentJim (JimAgain). Had a great time listening about previous trips and revving up for the upcoming trip. Can't wait.
  121. BirdnestBill

    Iron for Bft?

    Something heavy and shiny. Salas 6x Jr, megabaits, etc. Change out the treble hooks with a larger single.
  122. BirdnestBill

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Part Duex:

    I'm on this year...bringing my bro-in-law Andrew along. We'll sponsor "Margarita Night" on way down/back if there are any takers!
  123. BirdnestBill


    ROTFLMFAO :rofl::rofl::rofl: :nutkick: Ouch!!! That is some funny shit....... Should we open a new thread to help Jim figure out a new handle? "Bombsfromhell?:madfire:
  124. BirdnestBill


    Poor Jim...I would just change my handle and open a new account :hali_olutta: Garibaldi does it all the time :argue:
  125. BirdnestBill


    jimmy you are in cyber :rofl::rofl:
  126. BirdnestBill

    Pitbull Clamp

    X2. More difficult to mount but nothing more dependable. wondering if you can replace the Allen heads with conventional screws?
  127. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid Loftus Martin Short Report

    Tough trips like that can still be great, especially with a good group of people on the boat. Hopefully "that guy" didn't ruin the whole trip. Everybody needs to work together in isolating "the problem" early on.
  128. BirdnestBill

    2012 Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip - Intrepid "Late Report"

    That must make me one of the "unusual suspects"...looking forward to fishing with y'all!
  129. BirdnestBill

    Shimano Stella 2013 SWB: First Look

    Pre-ordered my 18k in early March and hoping to get it delivered/spooled before a July trip
  130. BirdnestBill

    Wahoo Reel

    If you're going with Accurate, look at the 600 narrow versions first. I often use a 30N and like it a lot. That said, my old Trinidad 40N is my "go-to" for bombs.
  131. BirdnestBill

    Predicament...... Dpx2 500 or 600N

    For baitfishing, I use a 500 for 40# and 600 for 50#. The 600N is a little more limited for "long soak" bait fishing (because of less line capacity) but alot of guys use them for yoyoing or casting jigs.
  132. BirdnestBill

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    There's a clip of Rodless and his new fishy on Excel's FB feed. With one of his trademark hats of course.
  133. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid Layout

    No need to worry. You have 7 assigned spots on the rod rack on the side of the boat and plenty of room towards the bow for any extras. For your tackle box, if you can't find an accessible spot, ask one of the crew to help...they'll get you situated often better than the others who boarded...
  134. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    Chad was fooling around with a Karaoke machine on a trip a couple years careful what you ask for!
  135. BirdnestBill

    Who DOESN"T use the long rod anymore to throw IRON???

    I just had a Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G (8' 2-piece) wrapped and am anxious to put it to work with a 2013 Stella 18k. No one can tell it's a 2-piece except the person who put it together.
  136. BirdnestBill

    Excel April 13th 17-day

    Don't forget your hat again at the restaurant Jim
  137. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid ... How to play music

    They play the music off of anyone's IPhones. You can buy music online using ITunes, download it onto an IPhone and you're stylin'
  138. BirdnestBill

    Looking to book a first time long range trip

    That's important input Ryan. David aka Wahoodad, gave good advice about late September/early October 10 day trip being perfect. You'll get a large variety of fish in both size and species, with a lot of time fishing and great scenery along the way. The advice to try a trip sponsored by a rod...
  139. BirdnestBill

    That Guy

    Can't wait Jenks. Have a couple tuneups beforehand to practice not being That Guy. Sometimes it just becomes second nature...thus "birdnestbill"
  140. BirdnestBill

    That Guy

    The guy that always demands for threads to be shut down! :/
  141. BirdnestBill

    Does Seeker make a Hercules 80XH?

    Hey Jim, I just went through the same thought process, talking to a lot of the "spinners" on the board, including Kil Song of "Jig N Pop". He especially is a great source of knowledge. I ended up getting a Black Hole 80G with a 2013 Stella 18000 which are both a bit overkill for schoolie tuna...
  142. BirdnestBill

    Most comfortable conventional reel...???

    Saltiga 30 or 30T. More expensive but definitely worth it. Butter-smooth drag and best-in-class free spool...can cover everything up to 30#, and can stretch to 40# on exception.
  143. BirdnestBill


    Man, things are REALLY slow around here...6 pages about Toro Tamer?
  144. BirdnestBill

    Mixed quiver for Birdsnest Bill

    There's always room for one more on the bow Gary. Plus, it will break the monotony being up there alone with Fishy...never should turn your back on the man-G&T's just mysteriously disappear from my hand!
  145. BirdnestBill

    Mixed quiver for Birdsnest Bill

    sweeeet! Can't wait to put a bend in them in a couple weeks! Another great build from Salty. Thanks Fishy, I'll see you on the bow young man. Mi casa es su casa...
  146. BirdnestBill

    Best yoyo reel?

    There's been several threads on this topic. Search is your friend
  147. BirdnestBill

    Three Rules in Negotiating Long Range Trips

    Found this while lurking around...ya I know, too much time on my hands. Had to resurrect the thread as a public service announcement...too important and funny not to share 😎
  148. BirdnestBill

    Hooker Intruders

    Anyone out there making these? Poncherello? Anyone?
  149. BirdnestBill

    Go to wahoo lure?

    Nobody makes or sells those Hooker Intruders anymore...right?
  150. BirdnestBill


    Check out Basil's website and/or call him. He's the go-to guy for this stuff
  151. BirdnestBill

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    Too late but...that Stella seals my fate!
  152. BirdnestBill

    want to get a tuna setup

    1 setup for a July 8 day = 40# bait rig. I use a Super Seeker 6470 with an Accurate BX2 500. Also consider the Makaira 10 SE and Calstar Grafighter 700MH as alternatives. They're not cheap but this will be your "go to" setup throughout an 8 day and will last a lifetime if you take care of...
  153. BirdnestBill

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    I'm on both of those trips Gary...looking forward to sharing the rail with you, Jim Again, Fishy, and the rest of the characters.
  154. BirdnestBill

    Excel to Clipperton

    Thanks Jason...that gives me an extra fiver to buy a hook, or maybe two :)
  155. BirdnestBill

    Excel to Clipperton

    The Excel just announced a trip to Clipperton next March and I'm a phone call away from jumping on this one. Limited load of 20, fly in/out...on the bucket lost-hard to pass up! Before I do this, it would be good to get some input from those who've been on these trips. I've taken the...
  156. BirdnestBill

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    Exactly! hidden agendas here!
  157. BirdnestBill

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    Intrepid 14 day Jan 10-24, 2014? I'll have my Stella 18000 and 80G ready to go by then.
  158. BirdnestBill

    Pre Order 2013 Stellas

    Nice! I was waiting for these to pop up
  159. BirdnestBill

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    15 day in April, 8 day in July, 5 day in September and working to hop onto a 14 day next January. Let's see what this season will bring us. One thing is for sure...getting to see old friends (figuratively speaking of course), and making a lot of new ones. Now where's that new spinning outfit :)
  160. BirdnestBill

    Fred Hall Long Beach Show

    Maybe that IS the kids' Mama!...or he wishes it was ��
  161. BirdnestBill

    Inside Sportfishing

    Cool segment of Bud, Marilyn, and Kevin all pulling on a nice-sized black marlin. First time I've seen Kevin on a fish...looked a little awkward with that harness riding up on his back. What, no rail? Of course, who wouldn't look out of sorts pulling on a big blackie from that small boat! :)
  162. BirdnestBill


    How about an updated version to pick up where this one left off? You have us spoiled!
  163. BirdnestBill

    Daiwa Saltiga versus new Shimano Trinidad A ?

    I've had a Saltiga 30, 30T, and 40 for a few years and have no reason to consider a change. Unmatched (IMHO) for smooth drags, excellent free spool, and reliability. Why are you considering a change? What with the Saltigas leaves you "unsatisfied"? I've upgraded a bunch of other reels for...
  164. BirdnestBill

    Time for an Upgrade

    Note to self...make sure the transom door is shut and stem the enthusiasm as I back down on a big fish!
  165. BirdnestBill

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    Fantastic pics! It's hard to find photos with that type of color/clarity.
  166. BirdnestBill

    Seeker Rods

    Graphite=light and often stiffer towards butt and flexible at tip (shuts off faster) Fiberglass=less expensive and a usually more parabolic (consistent) bend from head to toe Any reason you're specifically looking for a 6.5'? Any specific 40# use (fly line bait, surface jigs, etc)? That...
  167. BirdnestBill

    Seeker Rods

    Graphite=light and often stiffer towards butt and flexible at tip (shuts off faster) Fiberglass=less expensive and a usually more parabolic (consistent) bend from head to toe Any reason you're specifically looking for a 6.5'? Any specific 40# use (fly line bait, surface jigs, etc)? That would...
  168. BirdnestBill

    Custom Wrapped Calstar 90J

    Custom wrapped 90J deckhand. Tated 30-60#. New for $300. Perfect for tossing surface iron. Deckhand grip w/turkshead. Black guide wraps with single silver bands. Excellent condition. Located in Newport Beach. $150 OBO SOLD
  169. BirdnestBill

    Calstar GG690J

    I have a 90J, custom wrapped deckhand, perfect condition. Newport Beach
  170. BirdnestBill

    80lb setup?

    X2. I'm trying this year a Phenix PHD 660 X3H (rated 60-130, ringed guides) with exactly that in mind. Paired with a BX2 30 for trolling/dropper loop, and with an ATD 12 for bait. You can for sure do better with 2-3 specific rigs for that awkward 80-100# range but it's nice to have a more...
  171. BirdnestBill

    Spooling spectra

    x2...exactly. Nothing packs line tighter than a heavy!
  172. BirdnestBill

    Calstar Grafighter 765M & 800XH

    Factory 765M with AFTCO rollers and reel seat. Great for multiple uses, including trolling and dropper loop on 80# test. Perfect condition. $325 OBO SOLD. Custom wrapped 800 XH with titanium turbo guides. Great for tossing heavy iron to wahoos on 50# test. Perfect condition. $225 OBO...
  173. BirdnestBill

    Which BX2 narrow for 50lb and 60lb?

    BX2 30N, 80# hollow spectra with 75-100 yds of 50-60 mono topshot for yoyoing big yellows and dropping bombs to Hoo. Ya, they are bigger than the 500's and 600's but you're usually not casting, the retrieve speed is great, and it's nice to have some power in your hands when the bigger fish are...
  174. BirdnestBill

    30lb Reel?

    Saltiga 30T. Take a close look at one before buying anything else. Butter-smooth star drag, great free spool, and well made. Fill it with 40-50# solid spectra and you're good to go.
  175. BirdnestBill

    Five Day Advice

    If you like the American Angler, there's a great group on the 5 day from Sept 15-20. I've been with them a couple times. In late spring/early summer 5-days, you'll find a lot of yellowtail and a possible stab at early albacore or some bluefin. In mid summer, you'll get the yellowtail and have...
  176. BirdnestBill

    June 8-Day Gear List

    30# bait, 7-8' w/single speed reel 40# bait (2), 7' w/2-speed 40# surface iron, 8-9' w/single speed 50# bait, 7' w/2-speed 50# Yoyo, 6-6.5' w/high gear single or 2-speed 80# trolling/dropper loop, 6-6.5' w/2-speed If you have one, you might bring a lighter rig but I wouldn't buy one just for...
  177. BirdnestBill

    Calstar 700h

    Caught a 115# at Alijos Rocks on a 700H with a BX2 600
  178. BirdnestBill

    what reel for a ss-6470

    Or an Accurate BX2 500
  179. BirdnestBill

    Your Perfect Quiver For a Cow Trip

    Time to close this thread. I'm afraid of Gary's and Fishy's next post on their "outfits". Fishy's white sunglasses already had me worried.
  180. BirdnestBill

    Your Perfect Quiver For a Cow Trip

    Would that be skirts, bikinis, or pant suit outfits Fishy?
  181. BirdnestBill

    Your Perfect Quiver For a Cow Trip

    40# making bait and misc.-SS 6470 w/Penn 113HN and/or Accurate BX2-500 50# bait-SS 6470 H w/BX2-600 50# Hoo and Yoyo-Phenix PHD 660 X2H w/TN 40 N and/or BX2-30N 80-100# sardine-Phenix PHD 700 X3H w/ATD 12 (2) 100-130# sardine-SS 2x4 w/ATD 30 130# sardine-SS 6463XXXH w/ATD 30 130+# large...
  182. BirdnestBill


    Try this link
  183. BirdnestBill


    I have 65# JB to 80-100 yards Izor 50# mono top shot.
  184. BirdnestBill

    Poll: How many days per year on a sport boat?

    By now, Bill probably has his name on the door of his designated stateroom. I do know where NOT to put my tackle box when he's on the trip...right at the bottom of the stairs :)
  185. BirdnestBill

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Great insight. I wonder what will drive the operators/owners to break out of the current "mold". Those that are progressive enough to explore new approaches will be the future of the business. The others may have a tough time as the customer base, costs, and fisheries continue to change. It...
  186. BirdnestBill

    Poll: How many days per year on a sport boat?

    I wonder what the poll would reflect if I added a 50+ choice? It's promising to see so many anglers out there who spend so much time on the water and supporting the industry.
  187. BirdnestBill

    Poll: How many days per year on a sport boat?

    I rediscovered long range about four years ago, after 25+ yrs playing husband, father, and contributor to society (very debatable). Overnighters quickly turned in 5 day'rs and now pretty much 8-15 dayr's now that our "kids" are growing up. It's still hard balancing everything but there's...
  188. BirdnestBill

    your yo-yo reel

    TN40N, BX2 30N, or HXJ 5/2...(in that order) and also depending on what's easiest to grab at the time.
  189. BirdnestBill

    Good wahoo combo?

    X2. I've posted a bunch with questions on this topic and have tried the HXJ 5/2, Accurate BX2 30N, and ended up with the TN 40N...great retrieve speed. I'm a "7' + rod guy" too but learned with dropping bombs and raiders on the slide, it's more about having a relatively short rod with very...
  190. BirdnestBill

    How will LR Industry Evolve In The Future?

    Given the business evolution out of PV and ongoing issues (costs, restrictions, exclusivities, etc) of the landings and boats out of Point Loma, I wonder how the Point Loma operations will evolve over the upcoming years? How is the customer base changing and how do providers need to change...
  191. BirdnestBill

    Must have item

    All the above are true. These "sport towels" (below) were the best tip I ever got...use instead of regular towels. No more wet, skanky towels hanging around for days.
  192. BirdnestBill

    Rods-How many is too many?

    My quiver would be: 30# 7' for making bait (junker) 30# 8' for bait fishing & throwing light plastics 40# 7' bait setups (2) 40# 8' bait and/or light surface iron 40# 9' for surface iron 50# 6.5' for Yoyo, dropping bombs for Hoo, and backup for bait fishing 50# 7' for bait fishing 80# for...
  193. BirdnestBill

    BX2-30 for Trolling??

    I use a BX2-30 for trolling and dropper loop. 80# hollow backing with about 100 yds of 80# mono topshot. Works fine.
  194. BirdnestBill

    Indy's Back with Big Bluefin

    Did anyone else see the pics the Indy posted on Facebook this morning? Not just one or two big ones but a bunch. Looks like some more nice grade of YFT as well. Should be enough to keep your hopes up if you're going out soon.
  195. BirdnestBill

    Hot tip on fishing for wahoo with iron

    Can somebody post a pic of "before" and "after" bending the hook?
  196. BirdnestBill

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    That's probably Professor Bob Douglas...a great guy and a skilled craftsman.
  197. BirdnestBill

    Shimano TN 40N "Special" Gearing

    Thanks girls
  198. BirdnestBill

    Shimano TN 40N "Special" Gearing

    Were these made in only 4.9:1 or also 6.2:1? Looking at a used one for dropping bombs/raiders to Hoo's, Yoyo, etc. Thx
  199. BirdnestBill

    Need reel for GFTR765M (40-100lb)

    I have one (w/roller guides) and use it for 80#, with a BX2 30 loaded with 80# spectra and and a 80# mono topshot of around 150 yds. Nice for trolling and dropper loop.
  200. BirdnestBill

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    10 day in October 15 day in January 16 day in March
  201. BirdnestBill


    That's cool. Now we want to see the whole year.
  202. BirdnestBill

    rod for bx2-30n

    Yep. I'd pick another reel for bait but the 30N has a bigger spool and enough gearing to have a nice retrieval speed. Use mine for dropping bombs on the slide to Hoo and/or yoyo'n to bigger YT's...either on a SS 700H or CS GFTR 765L, depending on what's in the closet. Filled with 80# spectra...
  203. BirdnestBill

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    "The Professor" Bob Douglas
  204. BirdnestBill

    First timer looking to plan trip. Advice needed.

    I started on 2-3 day trips about 3 yrs ago, increasing to 5 day'rs, then 7/8 day'rs, then 10 day'rs, then finally "cow trips" of 11+. If I were to do it again, I'd start with an 8 day'r in Aug/Sept on the American Angler, Excel, Independence, Intrepid, Red Rooster, Royal Polaris, or Royal Star...
  205. BirdnestBill

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    bump ;)
  206. BirdnestBill


    Super Seeker 1x3 w/turbos, filled w/80# solid spectra-spliced to a short piece of 100 or 130# hollow for connection to 80-100# fluoro
  207. BirdnestBill

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    car is locked and loaded...headed pretty soon to the Vag for some dinner with some other Vagabonders. Tomorrow is liftoff!
  208. BirdnestBill

    Rod to match Accurate 30Narrow

    I use a BX2-30N for yoyoing big yellowtail and dropping bombs to wahoo on the slide, either on a Calstar 765L or Super Seeker 700H. I use a wide for dropper loop and trolling, mounted on a Calstar 765M. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably get something a little stouter than the 765M.
  209. BirdnestBill

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    Last year Chad was Ben Franklin. Did you see that picture of him with his Captain hat several days ago? This year he'd make a great Thurston Howell III (Gilligan's Island for those of you too young to remember).
  210. BirdnestBill

    Different picture ideas

    :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  211. BirdnestBill

    Different picture ideas

    Fishy...will you teach me crimp & glue? Nail knots?
  212. BirdnestBill

    Different picture ideas

    More the cowboy (or cowgirl) that makes the difference. They would look better riding a dine than you a cow. Sorry. Does that mean no help in teaching me spectra connections on the trip down? Sometimes the truth hurts.
  213. BirdnestBill

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    did he have a harness on or did he finally learn his lesson last year?
  214. BirdnestBill

    Different picture ideas

    no offense Choater but I like the other version much much better. I'm sure those tuna agree as well
  215. BirdnestBill

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    wharf rat! Does he sell by the ounce or dozen?
  216. BirdnestBill

    Wahoodad Intrepid Nov 12 roll call

    tic, tic, come my time on BD increases dramatically as I get closer to a trip?
  217. BirdnestBill

    What new lures are you going to try on your next 10-15 day?

    Ugly Betty comes to mind...God rest her sole. I know whose tackle box I'm going to hang around.
  218. BirdnestBill

    Nov. 12 weather report

    i can hardly wait. Bring it on! We're going south-I challenge the rain to keep up with us!
  219. BirdnestBill

    Vagabond Inn Point Loma Nov. 11

    I'll be there. I live nearby but it reduces my countdown by one day
  220. BirdnestBill

    Those are true Stand Bys!

    sweeet! Great to hear you made it on! Bring that BX2 for another try.
  221. BirdnestBill

    More Swag

    sweet! Hopefully the new owner of that 2x4 will get plenty of chances to bend it during our trip. Who's all going?
  222. BirdnestBill

    Reel bag small or Big for 6 Reels?

    I use that bag for 8 day'rs. You can actually fit 2 smaller reels in each of the 6 "holders" and put your small tools, reel parts, and much more in the internal and external pockets. The bigger ones are alot bigger and that much harder to store during the trip...only needed when you're taking...
  223. BirdnestBill

    1st Super Cow,already!

    X2. can't wait. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces on David's trip on 11/12.
  224. BirdnestBill

    25# bait rod

    CJB80F works for me. Great for paddy stops and running/gunning for albies, and small YFT's
  225. BirdnestBill

    Predictions for big fish this fall?

    With the October 10 day trips starting, some boats may start sticking their noses down there for a day to see what's up. The Intrepid just left for a 15 day'r as well. Whatever the case, there will be more and more updates on conditions down there and lots of people (including me) geeking-up...
  226. BirdnestBill

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    I originally posted this (under an old name) almost two years ago and it has been a gift that just keep giving. Two years later I have: Saltiga 30T for 30# bait Saltiga 30 for 25# bait BX2-400 for 30-40# bait (when they get a bit bigger for a 2-speed) MXJ for making bait and a backup for...
  227. BirdnestBill

    Wire Leader Help

    I switched to titanium (w/knot) last year and now am a convert.
  228. BirdnestBill

    PV for XMAS

    a long ranger thinking of PV for XMAS and for sure want to do some serious fishing while there...hopefully for some cows. 11 day'r in Nov won't be enough. Looking for advise for best charters (6 star) for an overnighter out of PV plz. Thx
  229. BirdnestBill

    Info for Tampa/St Pete's

    Soooo, I'm a left coaster who is going to spend a bunch of weekends in Tampa while working on a project there. Since I'll be missing the summer season long range fishing out of San Diego, can some of you give me a clue of what to expect for fishing near Tampa this summer and some good...
  230. BirdnestBill

    Accurate BX2-30 and BX2-50 uses

    I have a BX2 30 on a 765 M (w/80# solid & 100yds of 80# mono topshot) and use it for trolling and dropper loop. I also use a BX2 30N matched with a 765L (80# solid to 50yds of 50# mono topshot) for dropping bombs to hoo and yoyo for YT' both rigs alot
  231. BirdnestBill

    Looking for Kerrys Custom Reels

    You mean Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside perhaps?
  232. BirdnestBill

    Best rod for my JX?

    I had a Super Seeker CJBF 70 (blank for 6470) custom wrapped with an xtra long tuna cord "deck hand" grip and love it. It's my "go to" 40# bait rig and deckhands often ask to use it because they like it's balance
  233. BirdnestBill

    Music on board?

    And don't forget about Foo Fighters David!
  234. BirdnestBill

    All tackle aside...

    Take a "sports towel" (like a chamois but for camping, etc) instead of 1-2 big regular beach towels. Just wring them out after a shower and stick it back in the container. Regular beach towels can get pretty skanky after a few days.
  235. BirdnestBill

    Any one on these long range trips? San Diego

    I'm on the 11/12 Intrepid trip and look forward to meeting you...lots of great people on that trip! I'm right behind you on the 7/16 Intrepid trip as well. Leave some fish out there for us.
  236. BirdnestBill

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    any boat out of Newport...Art's Landing (Newporter?) or Davey's Locker (Fury, Westerner, Thunderbird?) in the late 60's
  237. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid May 29-June 6

    Would love to Jenks but this year it conflicts with some college campus tours with my daughter (high school senior next year)...I've already been raked over the coals by Martha. It should be a great time for some Hoo for you and the gang, ! Next year I'll be there. BB
  238. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid May 29-June 6

    I'm in...and can't wait. Haven't been out since the November Willy/Wahoodad trip and looking forward to scouting around with the Intrepid gang.
  239. BirdnestBill

    25 lb bait reel help

    I have a saltiga 30 for 25# and love it. The freespool is great (without any upgrades) and the drags are smooth as butter. I have mine filled with 40# spectra and tie a 3-4' fluoro leader (20-30#) to it...nice and simple.
  240. BirdnestBill


    Never know and really don't spend time worrying about it. For me, just being out on the water with old and new friends is worth it. I figure the more I go out, the better chance to be in one of those WFO bites!
  241. BirdnestBill

    What does your significant other think of fishing?

    Mine is a Latina from Chile and loves to eat fish. Unfortunately she gets sea sick so I must do all the hard work for the family. Work starts 5/29 on the Intrepid and I can't wait
  242. BirdnestBill

    Shimano Evair Fishing Sandals

    Bought a pair two seasons ago. They get more and more comfortable as you use them but... If you're moving up and down the rail alot (which is often the case), they're not very supportive. My feet move around inside them too much-and squeeked alot when wet. They even earned me a nickname one...
  243. BirdnestBill

    Sun Screen

    x2 When I was a kid out on the water all the time without really thinking about it, my nose, cheeks, and lips would bleed from all the peeling, etc---really stupid. My dermatologist suggested the same stuff (Neutrogena SPF 70 spray) and it works great. That, a good hat, and cool 30+ SPF...
  244. BirdnestBill


    I've switched out all my "power handles" for the smaller rubber grip, including the ATD 30's. Everyone grips differently and thankfully Accurate gives us different choices. The only way I got to this point was trying all the different options by borrowing someone elses gear...saved alot of...
  245. BirdnestBill

    Intrepid Rail Height?

    "Hoffy" (Steve Hoffman-Intrepid's dock manager) would probably give you the best answer. I'm 6'5" and have a blast fishing the rail on the Intrepid! I do alot of core strengthening and concentrate on squats, lunges, and abs. Cardio is a must.
  246. BirdnestBill

    50lb bait stick

    Fishbone's right. You'll probably use a 50# setup only if you're going longer than a 5-day I asked the same question a while ago, borrowed a bunch of different setups and finally made a choice. Bobby (BakerStreet Bobby) just wrapped a Seeker CJBF 70H for my 50# bait stick. An Accurate BX2...
  247. BirdnestBill

    This is so BD...

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Way too funny.
  248. BirdnestBill

    BX2-30N rod?????

    I use a BX2 30 (matched with a grafighter 765M) with 80# for dropper loop/trolling and the BX2 30N (matched with a Calstar grafighter 765L) with 50# for dropping wahoo bombs on the slide and yoyo for YT. If I had to do it over again , I'd probably go to a little heavier rod for the BX2 30...
  249. BirdnestBill

    What is the biggest fish can you

    I caught a 113# yft at the Rocks this year on a BX2 600 (65# izor solid, straight to 15' of 50# Premier fluror) paired with a SS 700H and thought it was a great set-up for that size of fish. It should handle most fish caught at places like Alijos, The Ridge, Lupe, etc.
  250. BirdnestBill

    Trinidad 30 for 30lbs outfit?

    Nope...unfortunately. I do know that I've never been close to being spooled.
  251. BirdnestBill

    Trinidad 30 for 30lbs outfit?

    I love my Saltiga 40, loaded full of 50# spectra and tied straight to a short Fluoro topshot. The freespool is only matched by some Newells out there but the Saltiga drag is so smooooth! Only drawback is that it's not a 2-speed. With a relatively lower gear ratio, it's a better bait reel than...
  252. BirdnestBill

    Best Accurate for Wahoo?

    After seeing a recommendation from Hoodad, I've used a BX2 30N for dropping bombs on the slide. Great retrieve and a 2-speed in case a YFT picks it up. Also doubles great for yoyo'ng for YT's For casting raiders, it's the HXJ 5/2 (non-MC) that Matt suggests
  253. BirdnestBill

    HXJ or HXJ Raptor????

    Even though my reel bag is full of Accurates, I chose an HXJ (non-MC) for exactly that purpose, spooled with 65# Izor solid spectra and a 75yd topshot of 50# izor mono. No probs with binding...yet.
  254. BirdnestBill

    BX-2 30n rod suggestions

    I've got one and use it for 50# yoyo for yellows and 50# for tossing bombs to wahoo on the slide...spooled with 65# solid spectra and a 75yd 50# mono topshot. Make sure you get yours with the lugs reversed (get in the way if you fish the bigger ones using the rail. The BX230N works great...
  255. BirdnestBill

    16 day sundry items

    Take 1 or 2 "sports towels" (swimmers/divers often use them-they're kind of like those fake chamois used for drying cars, etc) instead of usual bath towels. They're super absorbent, roll-up into a small pouch or tube, and don't get "stanky" after a few days use. I found a XL version at REI...
  256. BirdnestBill

    bx2-400 for fishing 40lb on long range?

    I have the 400, 500 and 600 and use them according to the location, fishing conditions, and type of fishing (long soak, on the slide, paddy stops, etc). I agree with spooling the 400 with 40# spectra...would be great for the slide and paddies but not for long soaks on the anchor (Alijos...
  257. BirdnestBill

    Need good advise on 50# Rod set up

    For the 50# bait set-up, consider a Super Seeker CJBF 70H rod blank, paired with an Accurate BX2 600 ree. It works great for me...caught a 113# YFT at the rocks last week with it.
  258. BirdnestBill

    single strand vs 49 strand

    I used titanium for bait leaders on a recent trip and liked it. Super lightweight and you can actually tie knots with it,
  259. BirdnestBill

    Best Sandals for Long-range?

    I used my new Keen Newport H2 sandals on my recent 10-day. They were fantastic...didn't slip nor got any blisters. The best thing about them is the draw strings that control how tight you want them...nice and snug when you're at the rail and loose when not. They do take awhile to dry but...
  260. BirdnestBill

    Roll Call..Intrepid Nov 13.. R WE THERE YET??

    I'm in! Only my second trip on the boat but know it's going to be memorable. Fishy, Hoodad, and Willy have all been very gracious in helping me prep for the trip. Just got off a 10-day yesterday, am tuned-up, and washing/packing stuff for next Saturday. It will be great meeting all you guys
  261. BirdnestBill

    Wahoo Bombs v3.0

    Just got off a 10-day on the AA and took a dozen of Jason's bombs with me...a bunch of different colors in 3, 4 and 6 oz. I caught a handfull of hoo's, one on the troll and 4 on the slide...all using Jason's bombs. All were wired and only one had a few "injuries" on the mylar skirt (after...
  262. BirdnestBill

    Balloon Fishing

    I asked the same question awhile ago and recv'd some good input...Bill
  263. BirdnestBill

    canceled trips....

    It's not just you Fishy. I for one have been watching this over the last 2-3 yrs and feel really bad going down to the docks and seeing all the boats tied-up, particularly the short-range boats during summer and long-range boats during the fall/winter. We've seen it over the last 2-3...
  264. BirdnestBill

    Which 50?

    I use a BX2 30 spooled with 100# JB Hollow to about 100 yds of 80# mono. Works great for trolling and dropper loop...never have come closed to getting spooled.
  265. BirdnestBill

    Best Sandals for Long-range?

    Thanks for all your input. Looks like a bunch of guys have the same issues...finding something comfortable/practical for standing long hours on a wet, rocking deck (hopefully chasing fish down the rail). Well, I just ordered a pair of Keen Newport H2 sandals and will report back after my...
  266. BirdnestBill

    Advice fall 10 day next year

    I'm also on that trip. Only 2 weeks! See you there.
  267. BirdnestBill

    Best Star Drag Reels

    I have a saltiga 30, 30T, and 40 and wouldn't trade them for anything...excellent free spool and super-smooth drags.
  268. BirdnestBill

    Best Sandals for Long-range?

    I've got a pair of those. Nice to wear around the deck lounging or washing down the back patio, but not supportive at all when you're chasing a fish down the rail. For some reason, when I'm scampering down the side in those, they squeek at every step (especially when wet). The deckies...
  269. BirdnestBill

    Best Sandals for Long-range?

    I'm tired of marinating my feet in xtratuf boots every day and want to get some waterproof/resistant sandals for the next least something I can alternate with the boots every now and then. Some guys use Tevas, others Keens. I'm always leery of reviews found on their websites and ask...
  270. BirdnestBill

    40# YOYO Set Up

    I use a 765L (30-80#) with 50# for both yoyo and fishing Hoo's on the great for both!
  271. BirdnestBill

    Tips for Fishing "The Chunk"?

    found this link Chunking for Giant Yellowfin Keep your ideas and stories coming as it seems more tricky than just throwing the chunk off the side...
  272. BirdnestBill

    Tips for Fishing "The Chunk"?

    Can I get some insight into fishing "the chunk" for the big ones this fall/winter? Terminal tackle? Techniques? Do's and dont's? Thx...
  273. BirdnestBill

    Which Raptor for Hoos??

    HXJ Raptor or JX Raptor? Why? Anybody know who has them in stock (SD or OC). I plan to put it on my 800XH for casting raiders and bombs.
  274. BirdnestBill

    How will this terrible season locally have an impact on LR trips this year??

    Absolutely. Both sides of the equation (owners/operators and anglers) need to focus more on the experience...I wonder if hunting has the same challenge? Most of the boats have begun to see (out of necessity) the importance of service quality in improving the "experience" for us and some have...
  275. BirdnestBill

    Fishing bait with balloons

    I need some help with understanding fishing with baloons. When does it work? What types/sizes of baloons work best? How do you rig them? How do you fish them?
  276. BirdnestBill

    How important is an 80# bait rig?

    I've got great stuff up to 50/60# and a 2x4 and SS XXXH for the big boys this winter. Seems like a pretty big gap between 50/50 and 100+. How often would I use an 80# rig on 10+ day trips and what suggestions do you have for rods/reels. I'm thinking a SS XXH with an ATD 12. What do you think?
  277. BirdnestBill

    blank for 50# baitstick

    I have two rigs: a 765L for 50# bait/yoyo, even wahoo bombs/raiders on the slide ( no need to cast a mile) and a 800XH if I need to cast bombs, raiders, etc. Three reels (BX2 600, BX 600NN, BX2 30N)bounce between the 2 sticks, depending on the them all
  278. BirdnestBill

    What Surface iron and live bait rod for a Saltiga 30T 30-40#

    I have my 30T paired with a SS CJBF80 (20-40#) and use it a lot. This setup was in my hand for probably 70% of a recent five-day this month.
  279. BirdnestBill

    Rod wrapping in OC

    Bobby (Glenn's Tackle, Baker St Costa Mesa) is definitely the guy. Has wrapped 4 rods for me.. he'll either do whatever you ask him or offer sound advice on blanks, guides, colors, etc.
  280. BirdnestBill

    Glenn's Tackle Thanks Bobby

    Bobby has wrapped a bunch of sticks for me and has helped me match the right reels to them. Like everyone says above, he goes beyond the call of duty and is fun to just go and visit. He should expand his business (as long as he doesn't forget us)!
  281. BirdnestBill

    accurate BX2-30N

    Have mine for wahoo and yoyo, backed with 80# JB hollow and waiting for any appropriate topshot...can't wait to use it
  282. BirdnestBill

    American Angler - best operation in the fleet

    X2 Every boat is known for something...I've yet to experience all the boats but until now, the AA has the best service quality in the fleet.
  283. BirdnestBill

    Saltiga 30T Line Capacity

    I know it's 40#...maybe JB solid?
  284. BirdnestBill

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    After getting all the perspectives from this and other threads, I ended up with : 20# SX 25# Saltiga 30 30# Saltiga 30T (mine) and a MXJ (guests) 40# BX2 400, BX2 500, JX 6/3 (bait), JX 6/3 MC (iron) 50/60# BX2 600 (bait), BX2 30N (yoyo, bombs, raiders, etc) 60/80...
  285. BirdnestBill

    Blank choices for wahoo rig

    What blanks should I be considering and why? Primarily for tossing raiders, bombs, etc. I have a BX2 30N to stick on it.
  286. BirdnestBill

    Which BX2 narrow for 50lb and 60lb?

    For just bombs and yoyo, I went with the BX2 30N. 47" retrieve with power to lift the YT's out of the structure and in case a YFT comes along while you're tossing bombs. Have 80# JB hollow and can put whatever topshot you want, depending on the conditions, I use a regular BX2 600 for 50/60# bait.
  287. BirdnestBill

    Yo-Yo Gear

    765L or M with a BX2 30N
  288. BirdnestBill

    on buying some tackle...

    x2...if you already know exactly what you want, online is the right route. If you're not sure and want some advice, definitely go to your local tackle store. There's a bunch in O.C.
  289. BirdnestBill

    Need Opinions-Right reel for Yoyo & Wahoo?

    Wow! I pulled up my thread this AM to see what's new and found a couple extra pages...much of which wasn't on the topic but nevertheless provided some color to the conversation. Still looking for opinions on a reel that can double for YOYO'ing yellows and cranking bombs for wahoo. 50/60#...
  290. BirdnestBill

    what do i pick....

    Thought it would be out at the FHS but wasn't.
  291. BirdnestBill

    what do i pick....

    There's a boat load of comments on this topic in other threads...some very recent. I suggest you do a search.
  292. BirdnestBill

    Anyone know where I can get a reel repair?

    Ken's in Oceanside...
  293. BirdnestBill

    Go to rod

    40# setup of my SS CJBF70 with a BX2 400 or Saltiga 30T:2gunsfiring_v1:
  294. BirdnestBill

    Saltiga 30T Line Capacity

    I have 40# Izor spectra (over 400 yards) straight to a fluoro topshot...great for picky bites at Lupe and plenty of capacity for the long soak. Great reel!
  295. BirdnestBill

    Need Opinions-Right reel for Yoyo & Wahoo?

    John, versus a BX2 600n or NN? What's the argument one way or another?
  296. BirdnestBill

    Need Opinions-Right reel for Yoyo & Wahoo?

    I'm looking for opinions on a reel choice that can serve double-duty for both yoyo and wahoo fishing, probably between 50-60# rating. Thread search landed a bunch of info on one or the other but I'm hoping to find one solution to two gaps in my stuff. I figure since the weight class is...
  297. BirdnestBill

    NIB Accurate Reels - BX2-600NN & BX600XN

    Still for sale? At what price?
  298. BirdnestBill

    Retrieval Speed Comparison

    Looks like a couple of votes for the TN 40TN Anyone have the same type of chart for Accurates?...or at least walk me through the thinking between choosing HXJ's, BX2 600N or NN, or BX2 30N? 2 speed in case a YFT sneaks into the party Thx
  299. BirdnestBill

    Retrieval Speed Comparison

    Thanks. I was hoping someone had done the homework in measuring the retrieval for different reels. AS you know, for this stuff it's all about speed of retrieval (and of course bringing the sucker in once you hook it)... especially if you happend to hook up a YFT by "mistake" or you need to...
  300. BirdnestBill

    Retrieval Speed Comparison

    I'm looking for reels for yoyo and wahoo, both requiring some serious retrieve speeds. Problem is that many manufacturers don't post this info, only gear ratios, line capacity, etc. I've done a search but can't find any useful comparisons across different reels for retrieve speeds.:imdumb...
  301. BirdnestBill

    Killing me - BX2-600 or B2-30N

    I have a BX2 600 (50/60# bait or yoyo) and a BX2 30 (light/med trolling and dropper loop) and love both. For detailed answers, I always email Ben Secrest at Accurate and get quick, common-sense answers.
  302. BirdnestBill

    best 40# surface iron reel

    I have that exact setup (JX 6/3) and like it...have heard all the comments about star versus lever drag, expecially for tossing iron. The setup you (we) have hasn't given me any problems and has brought in a bunch of big fish. What is prompting you wanting to make the switch?
  303. BirdnestBill

    Spectra 50sw question

    When I asked about the easiest, best way to tie spectra to mono on lighter (<60#) lines, our great friends on the AA backed the uni to uni knot. I've been using it ever since and never had a problem...doesn't have too bad a time going through the guides either.
  304. BirdnestBill

    40lb rod and reel for Lupe

    Super Seeker and Calstar blanks are consistently touted around town. The Super Seeker's tend to have a softer tip, providing more "shock-absorber" action needed to compensate for the loss of stretch when you go to a spectra to short flurocarbon top shot...what alot of guys are using now in...
  305. BirdnestBill

    60LB rod and reel for Lupe

    Next step-up in rigs might be what you'd use for bigger Hoo. There's alot of threads on BD talking about "best wahoo reel", "best wahoo setup", "wahoo rod", etc. Other uses sometimes requiring 60# is yoyo with a fast retrieve, 2 speed reel and rod with plenty of backbone to get the fish off...
  306. BirdnestBill

    Tackle Box / Tackle Bag suggestion please

    There's alot of good options! When I last went out to get one, I first looked around the deck of long range boats I was on and talked to the guys who used them. You'll see alot of WFO's and SKB boxes out there. I'm starting to see more OpenWater stuff as well. I have a WFO reel bag and a...
  307. BirdnestBill

    60LB rod and reel for Lupe

    60# rigs always seem to stay in the rack too much. Lupe "long soaks" usually call for 40# setups. For rods, you can consider 7-8' sticks rated (midrange) around 40#. Calstar and Super Seeker are both popular. For reels, Accurate BX2 400, 500N are great, as well as Avet JX 6/3 and Daiwa...