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    4th @ Sekiu

    Hey boys and girls.. I make it up there most 4th's and stay at a buddies cabin near Eagle Point. Who's headed that way next week/weekend?
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    Axiom cartography

    Looking for input on good cartography options for my Axiom 9. I asked earlier this year at the boat show, someone there said the 'new Lighthouse cartography was good as anything', but when I go onto the Raymarine website, it says they are rolling out sometheing new this month? I've got some...
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    Avet 30EXW Reels

    Posting for a friend. 3 Avet 30EXW 2speed reels, in silver. 8-9/10 cosmetically. Functions as they should. Not sure about braid, looks to be #100 at least. Apparently there are no clamps. $325 ea. Reels are in Olympia, WA
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    What? I can totally tow that!

    Spotted on I-5 Wednesday. Too bad I didn’t get a pic of the front; looked like the guy could barely steer. Good thing Uhaul rents to any dipshit!
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    Possible open seats / crabbing xmas eve..

    Looks like a weather window on Tuesday morning. One last shot for me this year! Would need to leave the Tacoma area at 5:30ish, assuming forecast holds. Should be back to Tacoma area by 2 PM. Usually get boat limits or very close. Supplemental bait or extra pots if you have them would be...
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    Tuna Tuesday?

    I don’t know why, but it’s a thing. Best day of the week fishing wise, and it’s looking good. Anyone running 10/1? Looking for a buddy boat and a possible crew member.
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    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    Cock 'n balls spoon thingies... Seems questionable.. I hear tell that tuna are gay, @wdlfbio you should give these a whirl.
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    Late summer shrimping

    Well... With a mixed forecast off the coast, and not really time to devote to a full weekend at Westport, I've been out doing what I could to add to the freezer. 8-17.. Took the gf and a friend of hers out. Low tide was what we were aiming for, and it was pretty far down-- almost had to put the...
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    Black Cod recipe?

    Tried and failed more than once. Anyway, caught 2 7-10lb ones yesterday, searched around a bit, but I'm looking for 'the bomb!!' sable fish recipe.
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    Odd break, Cannon dr

    Just a heads up Cannon owners, I was out shrimping last Sat, and the high-profile base that I have the Brutus pot puller broke! The two side tabs that the puller/down rigger slide over sheared off. The saving grace was the pot line was still in place around the sheave and pulleys, and I had hold...
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    Eatin’ good part 2

    Since we’re at it... The gf said ‘l want poke’ My recipe is 3 minced jalapeños, whites and seeds removed. 1 large avocado, not too ripe. Needs a little bite to it. Diced. 1 bunch of scallions, minced. 1+ pounds of cubed tuna. Obviously I’m using albacore, which I like to cut up while...
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    Outboard input

    Looking for some advice, regarding outboard motors; good, bad, ugly, etc.. Looking at moving up 4-6' and probably going to twin engines. While I know that 04' Yamaha 225's have exhaust issues, and some other year and size has a flywheel problem, I'm not sure about much else. Shit happens to...
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    Brackish water down south

    Better late than never... Went for the first few days of Mar Di Gras, as my GF goes most years and knows people. Ate some really good food, (Cochon and Muriel’s were spectacular) saw all the usual crap and got drunk, ‘cause why not, it’s n’oleans. Had a really fun time about a week before it...
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    Interesting day on the water, kind of wish I had a scale...

    Great day out of Neah Bay last Sat.. Caught and released this beauty of a Canary Rockfish near Tatoosh Thought for sure it was a decent Ling or a Cabezon the whole way up. I thought about keeping it for a few seconds, but decided to put it back. Note that I'm not long-arming this thing. It...
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    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    So while cleaning halibut last Sunday, I got to examining the carcass of my fish, and realized that there seemed to be a good piece of meat on the collar. You know that part behind the head that usually gets dumped in the bucked with all the other guts.. The checker said my fish taped out to...
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    Rods/reels/misc for sale

    I’ve got a few older items that have been sitting for a long time that could be used by someone else... 1. Abu Garcia BG 10000 CT Bought originally for oversized sturgeon at Bob’s in Kellso. Last used for tuna, 25 lb big game over 50 lb braid. VERY loud clicker. No lies, I think the handle is...
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    Something cool...

    Not sure where to put this, so I’ll start here.. I used to blow glass, but life changes and expenses put a halt to it a couple years ago. Today I had the chance to stop by the studio I first started at, and ran into a couple of guys I have not seen in several years. I asked one of them what...
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    Razor Clam Fritters

    I should add 'cooking' to my list of hobbies. I think many of you have had a sample or two.. ingredients: 1/2 sweet onion, diced 1 jalapeno, seeded, diced 1/2 small poblano or anaheim pepper, seeded, diced 2 cloves garlic, crushed or finely minced 1/3 bunch fresh cilantro, finely chopped...
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    Furuno 1621

    Good, working radar for sale. Head unit, dome, cables. Upgraded, great for smaller boats and guys looking into offshore fishing. $450 obo.
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    Westport help...

    I've only fished Westport once for halibut, and got my ass handed to me by Mother Nature based on some poor choices, in that I went out on a declining forecast and didn't stick to the plan! That said, I've never poked around out there for deep water lings, and have no clue where to go. Any...
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    Is it time yet?

    Got this bad boy last October 20th. 40.9 lbs at the dock! On a lefty reel to boot. We caught some pigs that day! Then I lost my job 10 days later and haven't been fishing since. So, is it time yet? Ps. anyone need a mate for the WTC, I'm available.. LOL
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    Big Ass Net.

    I call this thing 'the optimistic net'. I found it sticking out of the gravel on a beach near Sekiu, and it's too damn big for my boat It's a Frabil Power Catch, and the fully extended length is 9'6". $40 obo. You have to come get it in either Auburn or Tacoma. I'll make you a deal on a heavy...
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    Bloody snow....

    Anyone up for a day on the hill? Piles of snow this year! I'm suggesting crystal mt. as it's just up the road from me. Thinking Jan 1 or 2, or the following weekend.
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    Christmas gifts

    So I got laid off a few weeks ago, and I suddenly had a bunch of fee time, I decided to get back out in the shop and start working glass again. While I'm in between jobs, I could stand to make a few extra $$. Here's a sample of what I can make at the house. Most of it is smaller than 8", only...
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    Heavy Duty Shore Power

    For sale : 35' (or close to it) 6 gauge, 50 amp shore power cable. Female end needs to be replaced, and may cost you a foot or so, Marinco. Retails new for $500 and up for 25'. $250 or make offer. There are cheaper ones out there but I'd guess the insulation is shitty, etc. Here's the plug...
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    9-26 Tuna and shark..

    So like others have said, conditions were not 'ideal' on Saturday, but we got some nice tuna and an extra. Tuna virgin Wayne not only catches the first fish, he also managed a 46 lb Mako. (in between barfing) It bit a live bait and the hook landed perfectly in the inside corner of it's jaw...
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    Tuna bellies

    Saw a post awhile ago, someone was cutting Albies a little different to yield a bigger belly cut. Can't find it and wanted to give it a shot this afternoon.... Thanks!
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    Tuna Tuesday 8/25

    Anyone heading out? The 'tides' look good.....
  29. TooManyHobbies

    Help reduce halibut bycatch!! Allowable by-catch on the scale that it's happening in Alaska's fisheries is ridiculous. Big commercial entities have held the reigns for too long. Sporties everywhere lose out to a few well funded...
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    Fish taco recipe

    So I tried this a few weeks ago and then made it again last night. It's a great recipe and I only found the need to alter a couple of things to my liking.. #1.. I used scallions (green onions) instead of red onions as I think the latter can be a bit overpowering. #2.. After searing my ling cod...
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    Alloy truck rims f/s

    17 x 7.5 x 8 lug rims off 06 ford. Been sitting around collecting dust. All 4 in good shape, one even comes with a shitty flat tire! $150 for all four obo.
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    F'ing dumbasses in our govt...

    With the passing of I-594 a month ago, today West Marine pulled all the flare guns off the shelves until further notice. Got a new boat and want to get all the proper marine safety equipment? The sweeping wordage in that bill makes no exception for flare guns, power actuated nail guns, etc...
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    Lefty Filson shirt

    Worn once, and not by me. Size medium, although it fits me, and I usually wear a large.. I'm 5-10 and about 190. $50.00
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    Need a lift.

    Long story short.... I'm working 10-12 hrs a day, lost 3 employees in 2 weeks, (one going to school, one in jail, one quit zero notice) and my boat/trailer have issues that I'm trying to fix but when I get home and it's still 80+ and I'm beat, 'fuck it' comes to mind more than, ' I'm going to...
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    Charter guys need help with descent devices

    Apparently, the captain of the wind song needs a hand learning to use these nifty devices, as I saw them toss several orange fish to the gulls and albatross' on Saturday. There was another smaller charter with a trail or them behind his boat as well, but I never actually saw a fish hit the water...
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    Halibut season at LaPush

    So... After all the hoo-ha about the launch, moorage, painty-bunching, and general pissyness of several grown men.. I've finally got my schedule opened up enough to make the whole opener, and I'm hoping for a good Thursday night party. This forum has been strangely silent on such subjects...
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    Back in the hotshop

    So I was asked back at the last lead pour about making a glass shell. Made these last week, and I think they came out pretty good. The largest one with the blue on the inside lip is about 8"x3", and has 9 layers of color on it. Working on some fish this week. I'll post pics of those in a few...
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    ^%$#@&!! Weather!

    Boy,I hope some of you are going to get out and kill some longfins tomorrow!! That said, anyone heading to Sekiu this weekend? I'll be up at my buddies place on eagle pt. both days. Sea 'Scape on 68. :finger:
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    Something different to do mid-week..

    So if you get bored of fishing and like our local history/science, I highly recommend touring the Hanford site. I went last Thursday with the gf. It was interesting, informative, sad, and a little scary. I stood some 10 feet from the core of the B reactor where the first large scale plutonium...
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    Don't leave your shrimp pots outside....

    Or they might become bird cages. Found these two finches stuck in one on the way to work, but apparently they weren't the first. Two piles of bones and feathers would suggest some previous visitors. I guess the rot cord did 't work!
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    A 10-11 Shrimp

    So work is really fucking up my plans for halibut fishing / shrimping, and days I had planned to be here or there are out the window at the moment. So anyhoo, I'm going to go out next Wednesday if I can slip out of the office, and wanted to try close to home, but don't really know where to...
  42. TooManyHobbies

    Boat jack stands

    Does anyone have a line on any, some to loan, or know a place I can rent them? I'm needing to have some work done to the trailer, and the bottom paint is due for a fresh coat. Thanks.
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    Glass Balls

    So some of you have seen these, either at Vance's lead melt, or the most recent gathering down south... One of my many 'Hobbies' is glass blowing. I've been at it for awhile, and finally got a pretty good setup in my shop / garage. Sorry for the crap picture. Anyway, I've been tinkering...
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    A9 Blackies

    Got to my buddies place at the crack of 7:30, and were in the water at shilshole by 8:45. Ran up to possession.. We were done by 12:15, with a couple of sub legals, only a few shakers, and one nice wild probably around 8lbs. The ones we kept ranged from 24" to about 6lbs. Not huge but we got...
  45. TooManyHobbies

    A9 report

    Took a couple of employees out today for what could be the last trip in awhile... Fished all over, West side Possession early, hit a double right off the bat, one at 130' and one at 110'. Only landed one of the fish; the guys I took are total rookies. (but there aren't any salmon in Mexico so...
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    Hali bait

    Went to the local Asian mart at lunch today.. Picked up 5 Lbs. of big sardines @ $1.99 /lb. I've used these for the last 3 years, and they brine up pretty good and are super oily. They are bigger and cheaper than the purple label herring. I also picked up a 3 lb. box of frozen pacific...
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    Garmin Transducer

    Has been hanging on my boat since I bought it, getting some old wiring out of the way, including this. 500w 50/200 6 pin, part # 010-10272-00 Apparently fits many units. $ 60.00 new. Make offer. I'm in the Seattle area, but shipping cant be...
  48. TooManyHobbies

    Garmin Transducer

    Has been hanging on my boat since I bought it, getting some old wiring out of the way, including this. 500w 50/200 6 pin, part # 010-10272-00 Apparently fits many units. $ 60.00 new. Make offer.
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    Help Wanted

    I know this is a long way off, but I was forced to think about my summer nightmare again today. I have to have things lined up ahead of time or I will be screwed! I'm in charge of planting and building irrigation on a 28 acre wetland enhancement. It is in Tukwila about a mile south of...
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    For those of you that were at the Leadmelt and want the recipe, shoot me a PM. It's far too good to share with lurkers, 0 posters, and fucknuts who decided to go fishing alone rather than hang with 50 or so new and old friends. :finger: That and I have to keep some secrets..
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    135 hp mercury

    1988 135hp mercury oil injected 2 stroke. White, 25" shaft, SS prop. Binnacle control, cables destroyed during removal. Ran ok when removed, recent stator, rectifier and impeller replacement. New plugs too. I can only guess that the motor has 500-600hrs on it, as the boat has been a trailer...
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    Anyone interested in a truck pool to DB's lead melt? I've got an extracab ford with a canopy and can take 3 easy and 4 if your cozy :gay: I'm in Auburn. This also means I volunteer to remain relatively sober and help take 3-4 drunks morons off the road.
  53. TooManyHobbies

    Seal deterents ..

    I was looking for a crow pistol, and well.. 200, 350, or 600 BBs per minute? Does this qualify for 'non lethal' ?? Of course, if that doesn't quite do it for you, you can get this thing, that shoots a .357 round, air powered...
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    Last days of the season

    I don't get to get out and shoot nearly as many birds as I'd like, but this last weekend was like no other before.... I got an invite to hunt some spectacular private property in eastern Washington, somewhere south of Othello. The action was fast and furious. Saturday there were six of us...
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    Coconut Curried Halibut

    Here you go Laurence.. I'm sure many of you have eaten every last tasty bit of Hali you got this year, but if you were lucky enough to bonk several quality fish ( my gf and I took 8 halis and 10 lings) you probably have some left.. I like to tinker around with recipes off the web, combining...
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    MA 9 birthday gift

    After hearing all the great reports out of area 9, and FINALLY having a Saturday off, I decided to take my almost 12 year old nephew out fishing. He's never caught anything bigger than trout and perch, so needless to say he was very excited. I wanted to avoid the mess around the derby, so we...
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    La Push late season

    Going out to La Push this weekend, and maybe Sekiu if the weather sucks. Anyone else headed out? Probably going Thursday night thru Monday.
  58. TooManyHobbies

    Repower advice

    So my I hit a log and broke off a piece of the cavitation plate. Settled with insurance to put on a refurbished lower unit minus the deductible, $3200. My boat motor is the original 1988 135 hp merc two stroke (I bought it with about 400 hrs on it) and it's been pretty good, with only having...
  59. TooManyHobbies

    Neah Bay intell?

    So I'm taking the girl and heading to La Push for the 'butt opener, then onto Sekiu for Friday and Saturday (staying in a cabin near Eagle point) Probably going to fish Neah on Sunday. Is swiftsure the place to go, or are the kings farther out? I did pretty well last year out there, but it...
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    Wind River Springer

    Went to the Wind last weekend. I guess we were a day late, or in the wrong place on the wrong day, I only managed to bring home one fish in two days.. My buddy who fishes that river regularly bonked seven spingers between Monday and Thursday, a ways upriver in a hole he likes to fish. When we...
  61. TooManyHobbies

    Want to learn/trade

    I know it's a really long way out, but I've got a lot of gear to buy.... I've been on one tuna charter, and it was almost a bust. We got one (albeit big) albie. Weather was shitty. I didn't reel it in, either. I'm damned determined to get out and do it off my boat this summer. I've seen the...
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    Trailer work

    I was going to post this in the boating section of the main forum, but a search there didn't turn up much local info on this.. My trailer needs brakes. I'm not sure if this is something I can tackle myself or not, but I really don't know where to start.. It's a dual axle aluminum trailer...
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    T-Top storage

    So I recently moved and found this exceptional device buried in my storage shed, and while I no longer have a use for it, I thought someone else here must surely have a T-Top boat, and could use this charming um, bag. With white 80's Miami Vice style lettering, this unit mounts securely to...
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    Not quite..

    Not quite what I had hoped for for a first tuna trip, really. Short report :Weather sucked, and so did the killing. Long report: Been wanting to get out for a few years now, but two years ago I was busy with other stuff, (see user name) last year I dumped all my money on a boat.... (see...
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    Westport Sunday?

    Thinking about salmon out of Westport on Sunday. Weather forecast has improved a bit, but I'm a noob to the bar. The tide swing is pretty heavy, any suggestions on when / if I should go? I'm in a 21' Glass Center Console.... NOAA predictions are for 10kts wind and 5' of Swell. Su 11...
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    BD Noob

    Hey all. Been on the board for a bit, but needed a recent pic or two for a good intro, and was havin' issues getting one off my phone.. Got those 3 off Partridge bank on the 8th of May, so fishing inside was pretty damn good for my first trip out there in years, even though I didn't get...