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  1. skipjack

    Lobster Report Cards Due April 30

    Don't forget to mail in your lobster report cards. The deadline is April 30,2017 I read you can log in to the DFW web site and report your catch,but I just mailed mine in.
  2. skipjack


    Whats the best field of vision (5x35,12x40,10x50) on a private boat?
  3. skipjack


    Are the pac bay titanium turbos any good? The american titans are expensive. How about the fuji HB series that are on the factory wrapped 770xh?? Thanks in advance.
  4. skipjack

    Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby

    Does anyone have any info on the derby for this year?
  5. skipjack

    Rosa weekend

    After reading the local fish counts with lots of wsb,we picked up a multiday permit. Left Santa Barbara harbor about 7:30 friday night.Got to the spot at dark thirty.(9:30)Anchored up with the fleet of sport and party boats.Put out the squid lights and soon the squid showed,jigged a bunch and...
  6. skipjack

    SDS 50

    What exactly makes a 50 a SDS? Does it have different gear ratios? Skip
  7. skipjack

    recommendations San Quintin boats

    looking to charter a boat for 4/5 fishermen instead of taking one of our own down.Conact info needed,thanks Skip